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 Fighters Abroad Special: Halloween

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad Special: Halloween   October 31st 2010, 1:03 am

Fighters Abroad: Halloween Special Chapter!

Chapter Opening:

This special is non-canon, so any inconsistencies with the main stories are recognized and do not need to be pointed out. This special chapter is dedicated to the holliday of Halloween and does, in no way, reflect the main story. Please read the official story.

Warning: Some level of Fighters Abroad knowledge is needed to fully understand this special. Up to Chapter 59 read, specifically.

In view, we see an overhead view of Sarzo. The sun falls and darkness appears. The streets are empty when one appears. Many are to follow and soon the streets are now a social ground. Among these people stands six. These six are Claudius, X, Lei, Naith, Knosse and Lance. Each of them are in a costume. Claudius is dressed as Zelgius ( https://2img.net/h/i241.photobucket.com/albums/ff110/SenpaiSandy/Fire%20Emblem/Zelgius-Blink.gif ) with his hair in a braided pony tail ( Kind of like this http://blogs.gamefilia.com/files/imce/u473998/edward_elric.gif ). X is cosplaying as Ryu Hayabusa ( http://dsmedia.gamespy.com/ds/image/article/882/882968/ninja-gaiden-dragon-sword-20080619004924242_640w.jpg ). Naith is inside a huge Watermelon costume (Made of real watermelon). You can't even see him because it covers everything. Lei is in a Jackie Chan costume ( http://images.art.com/images/products/large/13019000/13019463.jpg ). Lance is cosplaying as V ( http://us.movies1.yimg.com/movies.yahoo.com/images/hv/photo/movie_pix/warner_brothers/v_for_vendetta/hugo_weaving/vendetta_portrait3.jpg ) and Knosse is in a Simon cosplay ( http://i44.tinypic.com/9ay3x4.jpg the man one on the right).

Claudius: I am stoked for this. We're gonna get shit loads of candy!
X: You bet.
Lei: The trade should be fun.
Naith: (Brooklyn accent) Ey, let's go.
Lance: Don't hurt yourself.
Knosse: Just who the hell do you think you are, Naith?

The six of them start wandering through the streets. Many people stop to look at Naith, who just looks like a moving watermelon without arms or legs or even a head. They hit a few houses and get a little candy. They stop in the middle of the street afterwards.

X: Ok, we're getting nowhere fast.
Lei: Let's split up in two groups of three.
Lance: I'll take Lei and Knosse.
Claudius: Fine. Naith and X, you're with me.
Naith: Fo'get about it, I'll get ya candy in no time.
X: Let's demolish them.
Lance: So it's a competition then?
Claudius: Let's do it.
Knosse: We'll win. Team Dai-Knosse is on the move!
Lei: Loser has to pay fifty silver each.
X: Sounds fair.
Lance: Let's get this started.

Lei, Lance and Knosse run East while X and Claudius run West. Naith moves slowly West. We now see farther into the city four more figures. We can identify them as Jiron, Tibi, Kyle and Nero. Jiron and Nero aren't in costume but Kyle and Tibi are. Kyle is dressed as Bandit Keith ( http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif) and Tibi is dressed as Mai Valentine ( http://www.myfconline.com/character_avatars/56247_129584.jpg ).

Kyle: Ready, sis?
Tibi: We're going to collect like every year.
Nero: Thanks for letting us tag along. Jiron will guarentee us a ton of candy.
Jiron: Got that right. Let's go grab some before the kids get it all.
Nero: Kids...when did I get too old for this?
Jiron: You're in your 40's right?
Nero: Yes.
Kyle: You're legit, Nero. We're all pretty old for this.
Tibi: I'm the youngest of us but I'm still too old.
Jiron: Enough talk. Time to go!
Kyle: Concured.

Back to Claudius' group, they have hit quite a few houses and have a good amount of candy already. X and Claudius have pretty much left Naith on his own.

X: You go hit that house to the left, I'll take this one.

Claudius goes to the house on the left. He knocks on the door and two loosely dressed girls answer.

Claudius: Trick or trea-holy shit!
Girl 1: Oh my. Look at this hottie!
Girl 2: Come on in!
Claudius: *Looks at X* Sucker.

The girls pull him in. X sees this and his eyes widen.

X: That piece of shit deserted me!

X knocks on the door of the house to the right.

X: Trick or treat! Hot girls, hot girls, hot girls.

A loosely dressed man answers the door. He stares at X.

X: 0_0
Man: oooh, why don't you come in?
X: I think I'll go shit in a hole instead.

X leaves without any candy from the man.

Taking a look at the second group, Lei has a map of the city and the three of them are strategizing on the houses to hit.

Lei: If we take the northeast route, we can curve around and hit the wealthier houses.
Lance: Perfect.
Knosse: We got this.

The three of them work together, sweeping through blocks with ease through strategical planning.

And now to Jiron's group. The four of them go to houses together. They reach one in particular.

Kyle and Tibi: Trick or Treat!
Man: Fuck off! Do you see any decorations?

Jiron takes out his scythe and quickly severs the man's head.

Nero: Jiron...you can't just kill every person that insults us.
Tibi: That's like four, already.
Kyle: And we've only been out for ten minutes.
Jiron: So what? Look how much candy we get for that?
Nero: ...He has a point, guys.
Jiron: This is what Halloween is all about.

Just then, screaming occurs and gets louder and louder as people begin to discover dead bodies killed by Jiron.

Jiron: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I haven't had this much fun in a long time!

[Honson - Hirai's House]

Hirai is giving out candy to a bunch of kids.

Hirai: You all make that candy last now.
Kid 1: Save it, old man.
Hirai: I don't think you know who you're talking to.
Kid 2: Old man, old man!
Hirai: I'll have you know I'm the hero of this damned village.
Kid 3: Old man cursed!
Hirai: You win. I'll go get you more candy.
Kids: YAY!

Hirai walks back into his house and comes out with his old bo staff.

Hirai: Here's your candy!

Hirai starts wacking the kids with the staff, driving them off.

Hirai: Damn kids.

Less than an hour later, his door is knocked on and he answers. Two officers are there.

Hirai: How can I help you, officers?
Officer 1: We got a report that you were abusing children.
Hirai: ...
Officer 2: You're going to have to come with us.
Hirai: These ungrateful bastards. You have no thankfulness towards me, none of you.
Officer 1: Thanksgiving is next month. We'll thank you then.
Hirai: Very well. You can thank me for this too.

Hirai whacks the officers on the head, knocking both of them out.

Time has passed and Claudius is walking alone in the streets. He spots four figures and goes up to them. They are none other than Jiron, Tibi, Kyle and Nero.

Jiron and Claudius: You!
Nero: Oh, here we go again.
Kyle: This is going to be good.
Tibi: You said it.
Jiron: You've been a pain for a while.
Claudius: It's time we settle this like real men.

One minute later...

Claudius: You have any two's?
Jiron: Go fish. HAHAHAHAHAH!
Claudius: Damn!

The two of them are sitting on the street with cards in their hands and cards strewn between them. Claudius throws down his cards.

Jiron: Sore loser.
Claudius: I'll get you next time.
Jiron: Let's go.
Claudius: Oh, the real fight you mean? Yeah.

The two of them randomly break into fighting as they stand up. Claudius punches Jiron in the face and then Jiron punches Claudius in the stomach. They both recoil off each other and then stand firm. Jiron breaks the standoff by punching again. Claudius dodges the punch and throws Jiron over his shoulder to the ground. Jiron sweeps quickly which trips Claudius and makes him hit the ground too. They both push off each other on the ground and get up. Claudius is now the one that goes for Jiron but he gets punched in the gut and then smashed back down into the ground. Claudius gets up and uppercuts Jiron in the jaw but Jiron retaliates with a punch to Claudius' face. Claudius stumbles but then punches at Jiron. Jiron catches the fist and they both struggle.

Just then, a car flies by and nearly hits the two of them. They stand up, drawing Sword and Scythe respectively.

Claudius: That car nearly hit us.
Jiron: What's a car?
Claudius: ...I'm not sure.

The car turns around and heads straight towards Jiron and Claudius. They both split apart from their struggle and side step, Claudius to to the left and Jiron to the right. They swing their weapons and as the car misses them, it splits open, revealing a drunk driver. Just then, another car smashes head on into the drunk driver's car, flipping it upside down and nearly killing the drunk driver. Out pops Knosse.

Knosse: What's up, guys?
Claudius: Knosse, how did you find us and where did you get that car?
Knosse: I....don't know.

The drunk driver crawls away but gets stopped by Tibi. She stabs the man, rendering him unconscious.

Jiron: I think I'm in love.
Tibi: He's not dead. Just unconscious.
Jiron: Ok, forget I said anything.
Tibi: >_<
Jiron: What?
Kyle: I wouldn't want you with her anyway.
Nero: Jiron, just finish that guy before you burst into flames.

Jiron takes out his crossbow and shoots him in the neck, killing him.

Kyle: (Whispering to Tibi) Does he laugh like that everytime he kills someone?
Tibi: (Whispering) Yes.

Claudius and Knosse head back to the rendezvous spot where X is waiting for them. Lei and Lance are there as well.

Lance: Time for a candy count.

Claudius dumps out a small amount of candy.

X: What the hell, man? It was those chicks that messed you up.

X shows a good amount of candy from his bag.

Lei: Is that it? Hah. Check this.

Lei shows as much as X and Lance shows more. Knosse shows slightly less than Lei and X.

Lei: Looks like we won.
X: 3 on 2 is no fair.
Claudius: Wait, where the hell is Naith?

Suddenly, Naith slowly joins.

Claudius: There you are.
Naith: Eyyyy.

Just then, Jiron's group joins them.

Claudius: Oh no, they followed us.
Nero: We came to exchange candy with you guys.
Jiron: I want that watermelon!
Kyle and X: Wait, Jiron, no!

Jiron slices up the watermelon. Naith rolls out of it and more candy than the rest of the group combined.

Claudius and X: 0_0 Naith, how did you...
Naith: Well it goes like this.

[Ten minutes ago]

Naith is at a huge house. A man answers.

Naith: Yo, give me all your fuckin' candy!
Man: Oh, an italian watermelon, huh? I love those. I have a lot of left overs.

The man takes a big tub of candy and dumps it in the watermelon with Naith.


X: Looks like we win.
Lance: ...yeah.
Lei: Damn.
Knosse: Oh balls.
Claudius: Awesome job, Naith.
Naith: Fo'get about it.

All ten of them eat the huge watermelon. Later that night, the entire group is in an unknown house with candy spread across the floor.

Nero: So how should we do this?
Lei: Let's take an equal amount of candy first and then exchange.
Claudius: That's a good idea.

They do so. They begin exchanging candy now.

Jiron: Anyone like almond joy?
Knosse: Yeah. I'll take it. Take a licorice.
Jiron: Thanks, HAHAHAHA!
Kyle: You didn't kill anyone, Jiron.
Jiron: I know, but I'm oh so very happy right now.
Nero: Heh. I wonder if he's a spawn of the devil himself.
Claudius: Hey, X. I like Hersheys better than Reeses. Let's trade.
X: Sure.
Lance: Kyle, is it? I'll trade you my skittles for your M&Ms.
Kyle: Alright.
Tibi: Hey, I'll give you all my M&M's for your two reeses.
Lance: Deal.
Lei: Anyone have air heads they don't want?
Naith: I do. Here.
Lei: Thanks. Take some chocolate.
Nero: Here, Knosse. Have some of my candy. I shouldn't have that much at my age.
Knosse: Sweet.

Hirai busts in just then.

Hirai: Don't forget about me! I wanna be in the ending.
Claudius: *sigh* Ok, master. You can be in the ending.

Suddenly, everyone in the room turns towards the camera.

Everyone: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween to everyone. Eat lots of candy, but don't get sick off it. From ALL the characters in Fighters Abroad and from me, Happy Halloween!


Ending Credits:

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Fighters Abroad Special: Halloween
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