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 Fighters Abroad Special: Christmas

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad Special: Christmas   December 24th 2010, 2:01 am

Fighters Abroad: Christmas Special

Opening Credits:

Previously, a quarter of the city has been murdered. It is now two months later. It is December 22. Newspapers have been spread through the whole city. But no one could have expected just what was printed on it. We follow X, who has picked up the newspaper.

X: ...No way.

This breaking news, Santa Clause has been found dead in his workshop this morning. Earlier, an elf found him lying face down in his office, which was totally destroyed. Police found a knife lunged in Santa's head. And signs of major bruises were found all over his body. Our primary suspects are two men in Sarzo. They will be arrested by this morning.

X: I wonder who could have done this. I'd better go tell Claudius about this since he doesn't get the paper.

X goes to Claudius' room in the mercenary HQ. As he knocks on the door, a couple guards go near him. More follow after.

X: Uh, can I help you?

Just then, Claudius opens the door and lets X in, shutting the door on the guards.

X: Did you hear about...
Claudius: Shhh. They're after me.
X: Why?
Claudius: They think I did it.
X: Did you?
Claudius: Of course not. Listen, we're going to get out of this. Take this.

Claudius gives X a piece of paper.

X: This is...an address.
Claudius: Visit this address. He can help us.
X: Who?

Claudius' door is knocked on.

Guard: Come out, Claudius. You're under arrest.
Claudius: It's up to you, X.

Claudius puts his hand on X's shoulder and opens the door. They put cuffs on him as he willingly goes with the guards.

X: Shit. He seemed so calm, though.

A couple guards rush into Claudius' room.

X: What is it?
Guard: You have to leave. We are going to perform a search on his room.
X: Very well. If you mess with anything worth value, you'll regret it.

X leaves the room and goes to the boss.

X: Boss, Claudius...
Boss: I know. Youse tink I'm stupid or somethin'?
X: We're going to get him out. Don't worry.
Boss: Youse better.

X leaves Mercenary HQ and goes into the city. He finds Lei, Lance and Knosse hanging out at a restaurant.

X: Guys, we have a problem.
Lance: What is it?
X: Claudius has been arrested.
Lei: What?
Knosse: They didn't arrest him for murdering Santa, did they?
X: They did.
Lei: What are we going to do?
X: Go to the detention center. I have something to do for Claudius.
Lance: Ok. C'mon, guys.
Knosse: Alright.

The three of them leave. X looks at the piece of paper and goes to a big building. He goes to the address and knocks on the door. The door opens and a man begins speaking from the other side.

Man: Welcome.
X: I need help.

Just then, Nero also goes up to this man.

X: Nero? What are you doing here?

Over at the detention center, we see Claudius in it and next to him is none other than Jiron.

Claudius: So they blame us for killing Santa Clause.
Jiron: Apparently. I wonder how they plan to prove this.

Immediately after this, Naith enters the visiting area.

Claudius: Naith.
Naith: I heard that you got arrested.
Claudius: You know I didn't do anything right?
Naith: Not you. Jiron seems like the type, though.
Jiron: Well that is true.
Claudius: There's one problem with that.
Jiron: We were hanging around each other last night when the supposed murder happened.
Naith: So if one of you goes down, the other does too.

Not long after, Kyle and Tibi enter as well.

Kyle: You too, Claudius?
Tibi: This isn't good.
Jiron: Hey guys. I'm guessing Nero told you what happened.
Kye: Yes.
Jiron: Don't worry. I gave Nero an address that will make sure we get out scott free.

Claudius looks at him weird.

Jiron: What?
Claudius: I gave X an address with the same intention.
Jiron: I guess we're in this together then.
Claudius: As much as I hate to say it, you're right.

Knosse, Lei and Lance enter a minute after. All of them converse until X and Nero show up together.

Claudius and Jiron: Well?
X and Nero: We're covered.
Claudius: Where is he?
X: He's busy. But don't worry.
Claudius: Alright. I know we'll be ok.

To continue the story, please click here.

Two mornings later, Fighters Abroad (and Naith) is gathered together inside Mercenary HQ. They're in a big room with lots of food.

Claudius: Merry Christmas!
X: Thanks, Claudius. You too.
Knosse: Food time!
Lei: I'm with him.
Lance: Let's dig in, then.
Naith: Sure.

The six of them start taking food and they put it on their plates. They begin eating.

X: It's a good thing we got you acquited.
Claudius: Yeah. That wouldn't have been good if I had been proven guilty.
Naith: It's over. Let's just focus on now.
Lei: He's right, X. Let's enjoy what we have now.

After they finish eating, they exchange present and afterwards they sit down together and talk.

X: Hey, I'm going to get the newspaper. *He leaves*
Lance: So, I was thinking we should go to Ivan for vacation.
Claudius: That sounds good to me.
Lei: We definitely need a break. I'm in.
Knosse: I'm always up for it.
Naith: I'll go too.
Lance: So I have a couple questions for you, Claudius.
Claudius: Shoot.
Naith: Lance and I were talking this over. First is what you two were doing the night before.
Claudius: Of course. You see...

[A building in Sarzo - Days ago]

Claudius: Got any fives?
Jiron: Go fish HAHAHAHAHA!
Claudius: I swear, one of these days I'm going to catch you in the act of cheating!
Jiron: Is that all?
Claudius: No, now I'm going to beat the crap out of you.
Jiron: Will you now?


Lei: You were playing Go Fish?!
Claudius: Well, yeah. We had a score to settle from Halloween.
Naith: On to the next question.
Lance: Are those gloves yours?
Claudius: Yes. I had bought them for a mercenary job. I never got them back, though. Same thing with Jiron's knife.
Lei: So how did this organization get their hands on your gloves and Jiron's knife?
Claudius: That is beyond me. They wanted something for me.

Just then, X bursts back in with a serious face.

Claudius: What is it, X?
X: ...They've struck again.

X shows Claudius the paper. The front page reads...

Breaking news. The morning of Christmas eve, an elf was found dead on the streets of Sarzo. He has some features of an animal. This elf had testified in court just a day earlier. He was found shot with a single bullet in his head. Police have zero suspects and are continuing to search. Who could have done this?

X: We have a job to do.
Lance: Looks like that vacation will have to go on hold.
Claudius: For our fellow man, we'll stop this mass chaos.
Naith: They will not get past my blade if I find them.
Knosse: Those bastards are ruining my christmas. It's on!
Lei: They have no honor. They will fall before us.
Claudius: Everyone in. To victory.

The six of them put their hands in and raise them.

All: Fighters Abroad!!!

It seems this crime syndicate has struck again. Fighters Abroad is now on the job to stop this group. Will they be successful? Next special of Fighters Abroad!

Merry Christmas, to all of you readers!

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Fighters Abroad Special: Christmas
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