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 Dragon Blast X Detective Shin Special

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Dragon Blast X Detective Shin Special Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Blast X Detective Shin Special   Dragon Blast X Detective Shin Special EmptyDecember 24th 2010, 8:00 pm

Dragon Blast X Detective Shin: Christmas Special

As always, readers, this special is non-canon and is a fun crossover between both Fanfictions "Dragon Blast" and "Detective Shin". Enjoy

On an island nine miles southwest of South City, a dreadful duo launched an attack.

Zero: South City? What kind of person names their city South City?

Ahem, a dreadful duo launched an attack.

Shin: Hey, isn't this from History of Trunks?

Is this going to be a problem with you two or do we have to cut this special?

Zero: Alright, we'll be good.
Shin: Yeah, just let us continue with the special.

Thank you. Now as we were saying. A dreadful duo launched an attack. Their names are Zero and Shin.

Zero: We're the bad guys?!
Shin: What the hell!


Zero and Shin: Sorry.

Coming to the defense of the inhabitants were earth's special forces! Neo was the first to try, and the first to die.

Shin: Father, noooooooooooooooo! Oh, wait, I killed him.

Sora was next to fall.

Zero: Fuck yes! Overrated keyblade master.
Shin: He's talking about the Sora in Dragon Blast.
Zero: Fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck.

Then Torn and Jaide.

Zero: Alas, poor Torn, I knew him.
Shin: Yeah, Mom was getting annoying.

Even Krillen was destroyed by the ruthless duo!

Zero and Shin: Who the hell is Krillen?

Two artificial beings with strength beyond normal conception have appeared out of nowhere. It's the beginning of a new era for the earth. An era...of darkness.

Zero: Wait, we're artificial?
Shin: Shhh.

Actually, guys, I was just kidding. None of that actually happened.

Zero: You mean we just waisted all that time going through this bullshit...
Shin: So you can come out and say that it was all a joke?!


Shin and Zero: FUUUUUCK YOUUU!
Shin: Spirit Gun!
Zero: Star Shot!

Shin and Zero release their respective attack which comes flying to the screen. Wait, that's me. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO....................................

Shin: I think he's gone.
Zero: Awesome.
Voice: I think I'll take over.

Hi guys, I'm your new narrator. Wait, I was the old narrator. The dead guy was just a replacement for this episode. Tough shit for him though.

Zero: Ah, someone good. Let's get this started, bro.

Very well. Zero and Shin disappear.

Zero and Shin: Wait, NO! Stop! *vanish*

As everything goes black, we start the real special. It is December 24. At Chou's house, he is playing Resident Evil 5. There is a girl over his house.

Girl: Come on, Chou. Come play.
Chou: Just a minute. I gotta beat this first.

A minute later...

Chou: Yes! High score in Mercenaries! Beat that, loldude101!
Girl: Coming?
Chou: Oh yes.

Over at Baal's house, he is playing Tekken and his eyes are saggy.

Baal: Man, I've been at this for a day. I should be able to beat Zero now.

At Zero's house...

Zero: My Tekken senses are tingling. Baal must want to fight.
Shin: You have Tekken senses?
Zero: Yes.
Shin: Too cool.
Zero: Hang on to me Shin. We're going to rocket over there.
Shin: Ok.

The two of them go outside, Shin hangs on and Zero flies off. Meanwhile, at Kai's house, Dean Mist is there with Hayden and Kai.

Dean: Let's go out drinking!
Kai: We just went out drinking.
Dean: Let's go out again!
Hayden: Didn't you have enough beer?
Kai: He never has enough, Hayden.
Hayden: Hey, Dean, could you give us some privacy?
Dean: Why?
Kai: Um....
Dean: Oh, you don't want me to see you screwing each other.
Hayden: Kick him out. Now.
Kai: With pleasure.

From an outside view of Kai's house, Dean goes flying through the roof diagonally, flying off in the distance.

Dean: Looks like Dean Mist is blasting off agaaaaain! *twinkle*

At Kimarous' house, Raisin is cooking while Juste and Kimarous watch T.V.

Juste: So, Baal killed Santa?
Kimarous: In an alternate reality, yep. Santa doesn't exist in this one.
Juste: Really? Why not?
Kimarous: Don't ask me, ask the writer.
Raisin: Hey, guys, lunch is ready.
Kimarous and Juste: Fuck yes!

Meanwhile, at Baal's house, the door has been knocked on.

Baal: I wonder who that could be. Hopefully it's Zero.

Baal opens the door to see two ugly women.

Baal: What do you want?
Woman 1: Would you be willing to blow us for five hundred dollars?
Baal: 0_o
Woman 2: Five hundred each.
Baal: I suppose so. Wait, women don't normally get blown.

The two women snicker at each other and Baal's face turns pale green. Viridian to be exact. Finally, the women voices turn to man voices as they crack up and take off costumes, revealing Zero and Shin.

Baal: You guys!
Zero: That was priceless.
Shin: He fell for it!
Baal: You're sick, you know that? Never mind that. Tekken, now!

A few minutes later, Baal is jumping up and down.

Baal: I did it, I finally won! Huh?

Baal looks next to him to see Shin with a controller in his hands and his mouth open.

Shin: Wow, you're really good Baal.
Baal: .....I thought Zero was playing.
Zero: I was going to, but then I said "I'll let Shin play".
Baal: Your turn then, Zero.

A few seconds later...

Zero: As per usual.
Shin: He always gets like this?
Zero: Yep.

Baal quickly ascends to Super Saiyan in a fit of rage.

Zero: Stop! You're not supposed to go that high in power for this special! It's too strong for the Shin characters!

Baal punches Zero quickly which makes him fly back. As Zero is about to hit the wall, he yells and quickly ascends to Super Saiyan as well which stops him.

Zero: You want to play hard ball? Fine.
Baal: Hell yes.

Both fighters disappear and during this the door opens. Shin is left speechless.

Shin: What the fuck just happened?

Ok, so much for speechless. Meanwhile, Tyran and Red are hosting Kurama and they are drinking tea (not Red).

Kurama: So, you're a teacher too.
Tyran: Yes. I was a teacher, at least. The academy where I taught got burned down.
Kurama: That's unfortunate. The administrator at mine got shot.
Tyran: Haters gonna hate.
Red: I'm bored.
Tyran: Be nice to your guest, Red.
Red: He's not even from this dimmension. I'll never see him again.
Tyran: You don't know that. The writer is likely to do more Dragon Blast X Detective Shin specials.
Red: I highly doubt it.
Kurama: Uhhhhh.
Tyran: Look, now you made him feel awkward!
Red: Shut up!
Tyran: That is it. Kurama, sorry about this.

Tyran's eyes turn green and the screen goes black as we hear the sound of pain. The next morning Zero, Kai and Chou are together at Kai's house.

Zero: Merry Christmas you two.
Chou: Hey, thanks. You too man.
Kai: Heck yeah. Merry christmas!
Zero: So did you guys get a weird vibe yesterday?
Kai: I sure did. Yesterday, I thought I knew these guys from a different dimmension.
Zero: Same here. What was that about?
Chou: I have no clue what you're talking about.
Kai: Never mind. Let's eat.

Just then, the door is knocked on. Kai answers the door to see that it's Shin, Dean and Juste.

Kai: If I close my eyes and open them again, everything will be gone.

Kai does so and they are gone.

Kai: Holy shit, it worked.

A few minutes later, the door is knocked on again and Kai answers it to see Shin, Dean and Juste.

Kai: Will you guys stop?!

Kai closes his eyes and opens them and they're still there this time.

Shin: Something wrong?
Kai: ...No. Come on in.

The three of them enter.

Zero: Yo, Shin.
Shin: Hey, Zero. Merry Christmas.
Juste: Merry Christmas you guys.
Zero: Woah, Shin 2?
Shin: >_> No, that's my older brother, Juste.
Zero: Oh.
Chou: Hi guys.
Dean: So where's the beer?
Kai: ...

Another outside view is seen of Kai's house as Dean goes through the roof and almost out of sight when Kai appears above him and smashes him down into the ground.

Kai: Take that, ass hole!
Shin: Did your friend just beat the crap out of my friend?
Zero: Yeah.
Shin: It's on!

Shin goes to punch Zero but it's blocked. Zero throws Shin up through the hole that Dean made and he flies through it. Shin lands on the roof and so does Zero.

Shin: That's it! Here I go! *Click Here*

Shin concentrates with his finger until the red aura encompasses it.

Shin: Shining FINGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Zero: I thought it was spirit gun.
Shin: Oh, right. SPIRIT GUN!!!!!

Shin shoots the spirit gun at Zero. As it reaches, Zero smacks it aside with his left hand. *Theme stops* Shin is left speechless.

Shin: Fuck.

Ok, maybe not speechless...damn it Shin!

Zero: My turn.

Zero disappears. Shin looks around in confusion when Zero then appears in front of him and uppercuts him out of sight.

Zero: Not in Kai's house!

Juste: I guess we have to fight now, huh?
Chou: I guess so.

The two of them fly to the roof as well.

Chou: You can fly?
Juste: Only for the purpose of this special.
Zero: You got him, Chou?
Chou: Yep.

Zero ascends into the air to watch. Juste quickly shoots out a spirit gun without any trouble, but Chou evades it. Juste quickly rushes towards Chou and punches him in the stomach. Chou barely feels this as we can hear a chink and the words "No damage" appear above Chou's head.

Zero: Too cool.
Juste: I'm fucked, aren't I?
Chou: Mhmm.

The scene goes to slow motion as Chou punches Juste in the side of the face. After the punch has gone through, we go back to normal speed in which Juste is sent flying way out of view like the rest.

Zero: We owned them hard.
Chou: Hell yeah!
Kai: Dragon Blast is the best!

The screen goes black as the main cast of Dragon Blast appear yet again with Shin, Dean and Juste.

Zero: Not this shit again.
Shin: We have to wish the viewers a merry christmas.
Zero: Fine.

Chou: You readers out there, have a merry christmas!
Kai: Don't forget to read Dragon Blast! It's a lot better than Detective Shin.
Zero: My thoughts exactly. We're glad you could read this special so thanks and happy holidays.
Shin: While I disagree and think that Detective Shin is far better written, have a merry christmas guys!
Dean: Drink lots of beer!
Juste: Please don't. Have a happy holidays you guys.
Kimarous: Have a nice break off school or work.
Baal: Play fighting games and all sorts of awesome stuff.

Just then a bunch of Dragon Blast characters and some Detective Shin characters appear.

Sora: Hey! We want in!
Zero: Fine, come on in.
Zygon: Don't mind if I do. Hey guys.
Richter: Hi mom.
Syro: Hi dad.
Justin: Yo folks.
Neo and Jaide: Happy holidays!
Red: Have a blazing red hot super spicy christmas!
Tyran: Be good stewards with your time, people.

Every Character to ever grace either fic: Happy Holidays!

Yes, from both Detective Shin and Dragon Blast, you are wished a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!
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Dragon Blast X Detective Shin Special
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