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 Fighters Abroad Movie 1

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad Movie 1   February 11th 2011, 12:55 am

Fighters Abroad Movie 1: The Zetsu Civil War Part 1

Opening Theme:

Attention Fighters Abroad readers. This movie special takes place two and a half years before Fighters Abroad enters the Kingdom of Zetsu. The prologue, however, takes place sometime after Chapter 92. Knowledge up to Chapter 92 of Fighters Abroad is required to fully understand and enjoy this movie special. As most movies, this will be at least 2-3 times longer than your average long chapter, so sufficient time to read is most beneficial to fully take in this. Enjoy.

In the throne room of Zetsu we can see Rex, Celo and Derrick. They are sitting on their respective throne spots.

Rex: This kingdom. It has become torn yet again.
Celo: Indeed it has. Until we officially take charge, our hierarchy is in shambles.
Derrick: Do not worry. We won't make the same mistakes that Julius did.
Rex: Julius. What happened to him?
Celo: He used to be as honorable as you, Derrick.
Derrick: It is a shame. He has fallen into darkness.

[The Kingdom of Zetsu - Two and a Half Years Ago]

We can see an overhead view of Zetsu. The vast majority of it is grassland, but at the bottom is a small city, which we know as Umbrage. At the top is a much larger city, which we know as Tyranny. We then zoom in quickly into Umbrage. We see a large building. Inside of it are unconscious people chained to a wall. Men and women alike. Guarding them are a bunch of Zetsu knights.

Knight: Prisoners are secured.

Just then, an explosion is seen by a nearby wall. As a hole in the wall is created, the knights draw their swords. A gunshot is heard and one knight falls. The rest of the knights charge when three men burst into the room. We recognize them as Celo, Derrick and Julius. Behind them, Rex is seen shooting. The knights begin to fight, but are quickly cut down by the four warriors.

Julius: Check them under their helmets.

The four of them take off each helmet.

Derrick: I don't recognize any of them.
Celo: Neither do I.
Rex: Nope.
Julius: I don't either. I don't get it.
Celo: Who would pose as knights and abduct people?
Rex: Perhaps we should have kept one of them alive.

Just then, one of the imposter knights mutters something.

Rex: Sweet.
Derrick: Shall I?
Julius: I'll take him.

Julius grabs the barely alive imposter and holds him up against a wall.

Julius: What is it you want?
Imposter Knight: You...have no idea...do you?
Julius: Tell us!
Imposter Knight: A rebellion...it's already started. You can't stop it.
Julius: A rebellion?!
Celo: Oh no.
Derrick: What do you mean?!

The imposter whispers something to Julius and put his head down, unconscious. Julius lays him down on the floor.

Julius: Rex, give this man a swift death, please.
Rex: Sure thing.

Rex puts a bullet into the man's head, killing him instantly.

Derrick: Let's report back to the king.

The scene switches and we're taken to the Zetsu throne room. The four warriors are knelt down (Julius' helmet is off) in front the king on his throne. He is a slightly overweight, light skinned man with short brown hair and a brown beard, mustache and side burns. He is wearing a gold crown and is garbed in a royal purple tunic.

King: Report.
Julius: My liege, we found more imposters. Posing as some of our knights again.
King: Where are the hostages they took?
Julius: We secured them and are currently under treatment.
King: Good work as always, Julius.
Julius: Thank you, sir. It is my duty.
King: That is all. Dismissed.

The four warriors stand up and begin to walk away. The king also gets up and follows them out. The five of them are now in the corridor before the throne room. The king is somewhat distanced from the others, as he seems to be deep in thought.

Celo: That went well.
Rex: Yes, it certainly did.
Derrick: Good work, everyone.
Julius: ...Oh thanks, Derrick.
Rex: You lost in thought or something?
Julius: Yeah. Sorry about that.

Just then, the king walks up to them.

King: Hey, Julius. Come take a walk with me.
Julius: Yes, sir. I'll be back, guys.

Julius follows the king. They begin to walk side by side and the king puts his hand on Julius' shoulder.

King: So how goes it?
Julius: Well, sir.
King: Don't be so blazze. My name is Ganef, not sir.
Julius: It would be improper to call you by your first name. Even if I am related to you.
Ganef: The formalities are nice, but not with you. I order you to call me by my first name.
Julius: Alright then, Ganef. How have you been doing?
Ganef: I'm concerned about this issue we have on our plate.
Julius: I should then report what one of them said. I felt it inappropriate to say in public.
Ganef: What is it?
Julius: Before he died, he told of a rebellion that has started.
Ganef: What?! This is not something we need to take lightly.
Julius: I apologize. I did not want to stir up trouble with everyone else in the throne room.
Ganef: You did right. This is serious news.
Julius: What action do you need me to take?
Ganef: Always one to step in, you are. I like that. Take a couple days off.
Julius: I can't do that.
Ganef: Your family must miss you. Give them my greetings.
Julius: Yes, sir.
Ganef: ...Right. Have a good day, Julius.
Julius: You too.

A little bit of time passes and Rex, Celo and Derrick are in the city of Umbrage. They are near the city entrance when they see a strange bunch enter. We get a quick glance at them and recognize the person up front. The man leading is none other than Captain Kroke. Behind him is Lance (Who looks just a tad younger), followed by a couple of pirates. They approach Rex, Celo and Derrick.

Derrick: Welcome, travelers. Do you need something?
Kroke: We need er...what was it again?
Lance: Let me handle this, Captain.
Kroke: Ya better!

Lance steps up to the three.

Lance: Our men need a place to stay. We have 30 men including all of us.
Rex: There are many inns around. The west side of the city has them.
Lance: Thank you. Captain, follow me.
Kroke: Alright. C'mon, ya lazy bums!

The Kroke Pirates walk away in the direction pointed out by Rex.

Celo: Pirates...what scum.
Rex: The one at the captain's side seemed nice. Why is he hanging with them?
Derrick: I don't know. Oh well.

A couple days pass and we look at a room with a couple small arenas. Derrick and Rex are in one of them.

Rex: Ready?
Derrick: Only if you are.

Rex and Derrick begin throwing punches at each other. Meanwhile, in another arena, Celo is fighting another swordsmen. Suddenly, a knight bursts in.

Knight: Come quickly!
Derrick: What is it?
Knight: An uprising in Umbrage!
Rex: What?!
Celo: That guy wasn't lying.
Derrick: Quickly, to the king!

We now switch scenes to Julius. He has casual clothes on and is in a house. This house is large with many expensive breakables around. He is sitting on a couch and to his left is his daughter. She is a small child with pajamas on and brown hair in pig tails. To his right is his wife. She is average height with a skirt and shirt. She has short brown hair.

Julius: Well today I have to get back to work.
Wife: *Sigh* I know. When will you be back?
Julius: I plan to be home tomorrow.
Daughter: Daddy, don't go.
Julius: *He puts his hand on her head and smiles* I'll be back, sweetie. You just wait for me.
Daughter: I will!

With that, Julius gets up. After he suits up in armor (without helmet), he goes outside. His wife and daughter follow him outside.

Julius: Alright then. I'm glad I could stay home for a couple days.
Wife: Yes. Hopefully we can do this again.
Julius: Actually, I have a confession to make. After I fulfill my current duty, I'm hanging up my helmet for good.
Wife: Really?
Julius: I'm tired of this. I want to be with my family.
Wife: I would like that.
Daughter: Bye bye daddy!
Julius: Bye sweetheart. I'll be home soon.

Julius turns around and walks away with his helmet in his hand. He eventually makes it to the throne room where his helmet is now on. King Ganef looks at him with a serious gaze.

Julius: Sir.
Ganef: Julius...we have a huge problem.
Julius: What is it, sire?
Ganef: The rebellion we spoke of. It has started.
Julius: No way.
Ganef: Rex is down in Umbrage with military force to quell everything.
Julius: I see. If Rex can not finish this, I will make sure to end this rebellion with my own two hands.

Switching over to Umbrage, many citizens have pitchforks, swords and other weapons. They are held at gun point by Rex (who has his dual pistols out) and many soldiers with rifles. Among them, we can recognize Bullseye in there with a rifle of his own. All is silent at this stand still. No one dares to utter a word or move a muscle. Finally, Rex speaks.

Rex: What is it you rebels want?
Man: We want the king's head!
Rex: Why would you want his head? He has been a good king.
Man: The Neese Alliance wants to destroy us, but he'll spare us if we kill the king.
Rex: That's ludicrous! You expect them to hold up their end of the bargain?
Man: It's the only hope we have!
Rex: The Neese Alliance won't win. We have the Dark Knight of Zetsu on our side.

Suddenly, one gunshot is heard. No one from either side has moved, but one man from each side falls down dead. The rebels begin to stir and charge forward quick.

Rex: (Hesitantly) Fire!

At Rex's order, the army fires on the rebels, taking them all down very quickly. The citizens around stir and become frightened.

Rex: ...It has begun. I wonder how many more rebels are around.
Voice: Rex!
Rex: It's Celo. What's he doing here?

Celo runs up to Rex.

Celo: It started, huh?
Rex: I'm afraid so.
Celo: Shit. Have you seen Julius around? He's suppose to be in today.
Rex: No, I haven't. Derrick is gathering soldiers as we speak though.
Celo: Alright. Things are about to get hectic.

Celo hands Rex a note.

Celo: Read this. I haven't showed anyone else yet. It's for the king.

It reads, To the King of Zetsu. We have assembled in the city of Tyr. If you are not dead within four days, we will strike and it will be your end. Your head or your country. You choose. ~Mahko, leader of the Neese Alliance

Rex: It's all true. No...this can't happen.
Celo: Before we show the king, we need to find Julius and talk it over with him.
Rex: I'm with you. And Derrick as well.
Celo: It's decided then. To the castle.

Rex commands his soldiers and they follow him and Celo back to the castle. They find Derrick with a mass army of knights gathered.

Derrick: Rex. How did things go in Umbrage?
Rex: We were forced to kill every single one of the rebels. I believe there are a lot more though.
Celo: And more importantly, you need to read this note.

Derrick reads the note.

Derrick: Impossible. Do they truly intend to wipe us out?
Rex: We've been on bad terms with them for a while.
Celo: We need to show this to Julius. Where is he?
Derrick: I saw him. I believe he is in the throne room now.
Rex: Alright, thanks. By the way, don't mention the contents of this note to the king yet.
Derrick: Ok, I won't.

Rex and Celo head to the throne room and Rex whispers something to Celo. They enter the throne room to see Julius. As Rex kneels down in front of the king, Celo pulls Julius aside.

Ganef: Report, Rex. What happened?
Rex: Sire, we were forced to kill about fifteen rebels. We suffered only one casualty.
Ganef: So the rebellion is real then. I was hoping this wouldn't happen.
Rex: Your orders, sir?
Ganef: We need to find the source of this rebellion and cut it off quick.

A knight suddenly bursts into the room.

Knight: Sir! Mass rebel forces have assembled in three different spots!
Ganef: How many are there?!
Knight: Thousands at each checkpoint.
Ganef: No...how could they be this large?!
Rex: Send me.
Ganef: Yes. Rex, assemble your squad and get down to one of them. Celo, get Derrick and go to the other two checkpoints.
Celo: Yes, sir.
Julius: And me?
Ganef: I need you around here. Go, everyone. For Zetsu!

Everyone quickly disperses. Rex and Celo run down the near corridor together. While running...

Rex: Did you show him the note?
Celo: I did. He's as concerned as the rest of us.
Rex: As I thought. Let's hope we all come back alive.
Celo: Yeah.

The two of them get down to where Derrick is again.

Derrick: You guys seem winded.
Celo: We need you right away.
Derrick: What is it?
Rex: Rebel forces have assembled in three spots. We need you to take one of them.
Derrick: Where are they?
Celo: Someone is coming to tell us.

A knight walks up to the three of them.

Knight: Alright, you three. The first checkpoint is between Umbrage and Tyranny. They're moving towards us at a slow rate.
Rex: That's my checkpoint. How large is their army?
Knight: The largest one of the three.
Rex: My army's long range will hold them off longest. I'm counting on one of you to finish early and come help.
Knight: The second is at the East side of Umbrage. The third is on the west side of Tyranny. They are the closest to us, obviously.
Derrick: Let me handle the ones here in Tyranny.
Celo: I'll take East Umbrage then.
Rex: It's settled then. Let's get moving quickly before they have a chance to attack any city.
Celo: Agreed. For Zetsu.
Derrick: For Zetsu.

With that, the three of them separate. They each head over to a different large building. Following Rex, he enters one of them with countless readied soldiers. Half of them have bow and arrows and the other half have spears and shields. Among them also stands Rex's elite riflemen.

Rex: The time has come! We will defend Zetsu from any harm! To arms!

Rex's faction of the army begins chanting and they follow Rex outside and away from the castle. Rex looks to his left to see that both Derrick and Celo's armies have assembled and are ready to move out as well. Both Celo and Derrick raise one fist in the air and Rex does the same.

Rex: This is it. This is my chance to prove my worth to my kingdom and my king. To victory!

End Part 1

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad Movie 1   February 11th 2011, 12:55 am

Fighters Abroad Movie 1: The Zetsu Civil War Part 2

Between Umbrage and Tyranny are a vast number of plains. There is one distinguished spot, however, where there is a hill going up towards Tyranny. It is on top of this hill that Rex's army is located. Many of the soldiers have dug bunkers to hide in. Rex stands at the top of the hill and watches as countless soldiers march towards them. By a rough estimate, we can see that Rex's men are outnumbered 30 to 1.

Rex: Get ready, men.
Bullseye: Where could they have all come from?
Rex: I suspect that the Neese Alliance has a huge hand in this.
Bullseye: That would make sense.
Rex: Get to your station, soldier.
Bullseye: Sir.

Bullseye stands next to the rest of the riflemen. Rex turns to them.

Rex: I expect each and every one of you to survive this. We are the most valuable soldiers here.
Riflemen: Yes sir!

The army moves closer and closer to the hill and finally stops. A knight steps forward.

Knight: Surrender now, Rex "Shooter" Raver!
Rex: Who are you?! There's no way a real knight of Zetsu would betray us!
Knight: Maybe not, but there's no denying that we have you outnumbered!
Rex: We will never surrender. Even if you get by us, you'll never take Zetsu!
Knight: Fine then! Prepare to fire!
Rex: Prepare to fire!

On both sides, a considerable ammount of archers ready their bows.

Knight and Rex: FIRE!

Both sides fire their arrows towards each other. Many arrows from the rebel side hit the hill and don't make it high enough.

Rex: Shields!

At Rex's command, every soldier in a bunker covers it up with their shields and any outside the bunkers hides behind shields. No one is hit on Rex's side. On the rebel side, many have fallen victim to the arrows. Both sides draw bows again and fire. The same thing occurs.

Rex: Yes! This is going great.

Knight: This isn't working. Let's charge this out. CHARGE!

Rex: Oh shit.

All archers switch to swords and charge with the other soldiers.

Rex: Riflemen and archers, come!

All the riflemen and many archers line up across the top of the hill and aim downwards.

Rex: Prepare to fire!

All rifles get loaded and all bows get ready. As many begin climbing the hill, Rex shouts.

Rex: FIRE!

Everyone fires downwards at the chargers. Many arrows are blocked via shields but a small dent of soldiers fall. They tumble down the hill and trip up more soldiers who make a snowball effect in tripping up soldiers. After this, Rex pulls out his dual pistols and begins rapidly shooting at people. He takes down quite a bit of soldiers. Despite all this, the rebels begin making headway and are close to getting all the way up the hill.

Rex: Fall back!

The archers run full speed back, jumping over bunkers, getting to the back. Rex and the riflemen walk backwards slowly, avoiding each bunker. As the soldiers finally reach the top of the hill, Rex and the riflemen unload bullets onto them. Many of them are sent back down the hill but many charge forth. As they run forward, they are attacked from the bunker soldiers below. Many fall to this. Finally, the archers turn around from the back.

Rex: Fire at will!

The archers begin shooting at those who come up the hill. Many fall down until everything completely stops.

Rex: ...Why did they stop?

At that moment, a giant boulder is seen above Rex's faction. It strikes and takes out many soldiers.

Rex: How the FUCK did they get a catapult?!

Another boulder comes down upon the army and crushes more victims.

Rex: Everyone, to me! We need to take out the catapult!

Rex looks over the hill to see the catapult but the soldiers are lacking in number. Rex's face turns pale white.

Rex: Oh no. Everyone, quick!

As the entire army begins moving towards Rex, rebel soldiers suddenly pour out from the other three sides of the hill and rush in. All the archers from behind are instantly overtaken and wiped out. The rest of the army retreats to Rex.

Rex: Quick! Follow me! How could I have been so stupid?!

Knight: That's it. Charge right to us.

Rex and the army that hasn't been overtaken rushes down the hill. The screen then goes black. We now go right outside Tyranny to the west. Derrick's army is set up in a very linear manner. 75% of the soldiers are mixed up between having spears and swords while the other 25% is archers. Derrick is up front and behind him are some of his elite spearmen. In front of him is a marching army of rebels. By a rough estimate, their numbers are about equal to Derrick's numbers.

Derrick: Steady, men. The hour has come.

The rebel army comes close to Derrick's and stops. A knight steps forward and Derrick meets him halfway.

Derrick: You will retreat now. It is unwise to attack us.
Knight: You have no idea of our strength. Even if you defeat us, you will never defeat our central forces.
Derrick: That is where you're wrong. Your central forces are being taken care of as we speak. Your eastern forces will also fall to the Tempest Blade Celo.
Knight: And you think you, the Guardian Knight Derrick, can brag about your forces?
Derrick: I may be inferior to the Dark Knight, but you'll find I'm more than a match for you.
Knight: We'll see.

The knight draws a sword. Derrick pulls out a kwando ( http://www.superiormartialarts.com/images24/W061-T[1].jpg without the red hang off) from a sheath from his back. The knight slashes at Derrick, but he parries the attack and kicks the knight back. Derrick twirls his kwando and jabs with it. The knight manages to dodge it and then slashes again. Derrick dodges it and hits the knight on the side with the kwando which cuts him a bit. The knight stands back. The two of them then clash weapons a few times before the knight over pursues Derrick. Derrick gets behind him quickly and shoves his kwando through the knight's armor and through his back, out through his stomach. He quickly yanks the kwando out and slices his head clean off. Derrick twirls his weapon and raises it in victory. The rebel army then begins marching towards him.

Derrick: I see. So you told them to attack should he fall. No surrender for these guys.

Derrick walks backwards until the army charges right for Derrick.

Derrick: CHARGE! Quickly before I get overwhelmed!

Derrick's army charges forth. As the rebels get closer and closer to Derrick, he crashes right into the army and swings his weapon around. They all try to attack him, but he keeps them at bay. Derrick's defense begins to fail but then his army charges in and begins taking the upper hand. Derrick manages to make his way backwards and joins his army. We get a shot of the front line which is a mass battle for territory between both sides. Suddenly, we see a ton of arrows hit the rebel side and Derrick's army gains more and more ground on them.


More arrows hit and Derrick's army pushes forward even more. The rebel army begins to retreat and Derrick's army pulls back on his command.

Derrick: Let them go. We must keep bloodshed to a minimum.

All of the sudden, the rebel army stops at a good distance away. They line up again.

Derrick: Archers, prepare!

In the far distance, there is a large object moving towards them which is barely visible. A soldier comes up next to Derrick.

Soldier: What could this be?
Derrick: I'm not sure.
Soldier: Sir, I'd advise a full on attack.
Derrick: No. I think that's exactly what they want us to do. Back to your position, soldier.

The large object becomes more and more visible and it is recognized as a catapult.

Derrick: Oh no.

Before they can react, a large boulder is sent right into the crowd of soldiers.

Derrick: Spread out! Archers disperse and fire at will! Soldiers with me!

The archers do as Derrick says and disperse into very thin groups. Derrick retreats the soldiers a bit. The archers begin firing arrows on the rebel army. Another boulder comes flying towards the archers, but they all dodge. They continue firing until the army charges to them.

Derrick: Charge!

Before the rebel army can attack the archers, Derrick's army intercepts them and begins to advance again. Meanwhile, the archer spread off to the sides and fire from the sides. Another boulder comes down and takes out a good section of both sides of the army.

Derrick: So they don't care about their casualties. I'd better take out that catapult.

Derrick pulls two of his spearmen aside and they escape the fighting. They run past everything with the help of the archers covering them. The three of them run all the way to the catapult to see six men manning it with one last boulder mounted.

Derrick: That catapult is done!

Four of the six men begin running towards Derrick. One goes to one spearmen and the other goes to the other. Derrick closes his eyes and begins to focus as he twirls his kwando around slowly. As the four men approach, he quickly spins his weapon and dash attacks. He stops and puts his kwando back into his sheath as all four men drop down dead. He looks over to see the other two men have been killed by Derrick's spearmen.

Spearmen: Great work, sir.
Derrick: Thanks. Now let's finish this battle.

The three of them charge back to the battlefield to see that the rebel army has diminished down to about 40 men fighting. When they are suddenly hit from behind by Derrick and the spearmen, the 40 fall apart and get quickly overtaken until one false knight remains. Derrick approaches him after the knight drops his sword.

Derrick: Your rebel army has failed.
Knight: You will not stop this rebellion. Our forces will crush you!
Derrick: Zetsu will prevail. Now tell me. Were you helped by the Neese Alliance?
Knight: Of course. Who do you think started this thing? I myself am from Tyr.
Derrick: Oh?
Knight: Tyr, Neese Harbor, Uwey, Satar and most of Western Neese are against you.
Derrick: Then we will crush them all! Give this man a swift death. Mission complete.

The screen goes black. We now see more plains with Celo's army lined against a much smaller army. Celo's army is mainly swordsmen with a bit of archers. A false knight steps forth.

Knight: You think you can defeat us?!
Celo: You don't seem to be able to count well! Our army is far superior to yours! Leave while you can!
Knight: Get ready men!
Celo: What madness drives these men to their death? Something is wrong.
Knight: Charge!
Celo: Archers! Fire once and then we charge!

The screen goes black again. We go back to Rex's faction. His army has severely diminished to less than 100 men and is in the middle of battle. They are surrounded by tons of soldiers. Rex has his sword out and continues to fight of soldiers.

Rex: It's only a matter of time. Damn it! Where did we go wrong?!

Suddenly, a horn sounds. Everyone stops and looks over to the hill.

Rex: The horn of Zetsu! Derrick? Celo?

A line of cavaliers appear at the top of the hill. The spot in the middle is left open and we see Julius riding up to that spot on his horse ( http://www-cache.daz3d.com/store/item_file/4011/image_medium.jpg ).

Rex: Julius!

Julius: Hold on, Rex. I'm coming.

Knight: Dark Knight of Zetsu! He's come to their aid! No matter!

Rex: Men! Quick, break for Julius!

Suddenly, all efforts are concentrated in one spot and the men overpower the small sect of soldiers that blocked them from the hill.

Knight: Fire the catapult at them!

The men manning the catapult get ready to launch it, but all of the sudden it collapses as a grenade explodes a part of the base which caves in on a couple soldiers. We see that this was Rex's doing. As the men rush up the hill, Rex walks backwards with his pistols out now. He is shooting constantly at anyone who gives chase. Finally, what little men are left make it up the hill to Julius. Many of them collapse out of exhaust.

Julius: One of your scouts made it to the castle, asking for back up.
Rex: You really saved us. Thanks.
Julius: Thank me after we win this fight. Let your men rest. They'll join us when they can.
Rex: Alright. I'll still fight with you guys.

Rex looks back to see about 300 cavaliers.

Rex: This isn't bad, Julius, but we need more.
Julius: We might. This is all we could spare for backup.
Rex: Alright. We'll make due with what we have.

Knight: Prepare to charge! Don't let the horses intimidate you!

Julius: Would you like to start us off?
Rex: Of course.

Rex throws two grenades into the crowd and starts shooting like crazy. The grenades explode, taking out a good amount of people.

Julius: Charge!
Knight: Charge!

The two sides charge. Rex stays behind and stops shooting. He pulls out his sword and waits as the cavaliers pass him. The armies clash and we see Julius' faction gaining the upper hand. The cavaliers spread out and begin moving throughout the army. Rex stays behind, guarding his men. After a while of fighting, Julius' army begins diminishing from the sheer size of the rebel army. Julius is forced to pull back. Both stop again.

Julius: You were right, Rex. This is a tough battle.

Knight: Hahahaha! Let's take them down, men!

Another horn sounds as men are seen from the other side of the rebel army.

Knight: WHAT?!

Zooming on the other side, Celo and his army has arrived.

Celo: I see them. Their numbers are few, but it looks like we made it on time.

Sanjuku walks next to Celo.

Sanjuku: Sir, your orders?
Celo: Leave none alive. We have to help Rex.
Sanjuku: I see cavaliers too. It looks like Julius came.
Celo: You're right. From the looks of it, Rex's army got wiped out. I just hope Rex is alright.
Sanjuku: Yes.
Celo: All men! CHARGE!

Celo unsheathes his sword and charges quickly. His army also charges quickly and crashes into the rebel army. They begin to gain ground on the rebel army.

Rex: It's Celo's army! They came!
Julius: What about Derrick?
Rex: He'd have come from the other side. Let's hope he's alright.
Julius: It's time to charge again. Are your men ready?
Rex: We are. We'll charge first.
Julius: Alright. Let's do this.

Rex beckons for his men and they charge. As soon as Rex's army crashes into the rebel army, Julius' cavaliers charge in. They begin to make headway from their side. After a while of fighting, Celo's group has made tons of ground and Julius and Rex's group has gained a little ground.


Celo's group pushes forward and diminishes the rebel army significantly.

Rex: Julius! Help them out! We'll be ok for a bit! We need to sweep the middle!
Julius: Alright. Men, charge with me!

Julius' men and him charge forward into the sea of rebels. They get into the middle of Rex's faction and Celo's faction and turn sideways, cleaning out the middle of rebels. They clear out from the sides.


Celo's army overtakes the rebel army and makes great headway towards Rex's faction. The knight leading escapes the fight and begins running away when he is kicked down from Rex.

Rex: Where do you think you're going?
Knight: Noooo!

Celo also joins Rex.

Celo: You're alive, Rex. Good to know.
Rex: Yeah. Good to see you kicking too.
Celo: So is this the leader?
Rex: Yeah. Let's take care of him.
Celo: Ok.

Celo pulls the knight up and he stands. Rex stands behind the knight and Celo stands in front of the knight. They both draw their swords and stab through the knight, killing him. They clash swords and sheath them.

Celo: We did it.
Rex: We sure did. Thanks for your help.

We see as the rebel army gets completely obliterated by Celo's army and the remains of Rex's army. Julius joins Rex and Celo.

Julius: That was one of the toughest battles I've ever encountered.
Rex: You're telling me. Man.
Celo: I see a lot of your men lost their lives, Rex. It's unfortunate.
Rex: Yes. We'll have to report all these casualties to the king.

Just then, we can see a man running from the hill. We recognize that it's Derrick. He joins the three.

Julius: Ah, Derrick. Welcome.
Derrick: (out of breath) Bad...news.
Rex: What is it?
Derrick: The king........he's gone!
Julius: What?!
Derrick: He vanished!
Celo: What are we going to do?
Derrick: There's a prisoner that apparently knows everything. We haven't been able to get him to talk.
Julius: I'm going. I'll get that answer out of him! Derrick, you're in charge of my cavaliers.

Julius hops on his horse and rides away swiftly. He gets back to the castle. He gets off his horse and quickly goes into the castle without even putting his horse in a stable or tying it up. He goes into the prison and sees a chained up man on the back wall. He is being punched from two knights.

Julius: Enough. Speak, now!
Man: *Cough* Eat me.

Julius punches the man in the face with his gauntlet garbed fist. He does this a couple times until he yells out.

Julius: Good answer.
Man: You're...too late.
Julius: What could you mean by that?!
Man: The king...he sold this kingdom out. The Neese Alliance will own this entire territory you call home.
Julius: Madness!
Man: No. If he refused, they would have taken it by force.
Julius: ...That man. He was right.
Man: What?
Julius: Let this man go. I'm leaving.

End Part 2
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad Movie 1   February 11th 2011, 12:55 am

Fighters Abroad Movie 1: The Zetsu Civil War Part 3

We stay around the castle but we see that Rex, Celo and Derrick have come back with their armies (Derrick with Julius' army). Rex joins the few that survived in their barracks. Among them is Bullseye, whom Rex approaches.

Rex: Bullseye, is it?
Bullseye: Yeah, that's me.
Rex: I'm glad you made it. I've seen you in combat and you're pretty good.
Bullseye: Thanks. It's a shame, all those who died.
Rex: I know. They did not die in vain at the very least. Without them, we wouldn't have survived.
Bullseye: I guess. War is too dependent on others I think. I'm thinking about going freelance.
Rex: I did that when I was a bit younger. I was almost like a vigilante.
Bullseye: I see. And you're much younger than I.
Rex: I noticed. That scar on your left eye...
Bullseye: It came from a blind side today. I got cut, but luckily they missed my actual eye.
Rex: Yes. That would have been problematic.

Just then, Derrick and Celo join Rex. Bullseye promptly leaves.

Celo: Rex, have you seen Julius?
Rex: Nope. Where do you think he could be?
Derrick: Let's check the prison area.
Celo: Ah, right. Good memory, Derrick.

The three of them walk to the prison cells together. There, they approach the two knights.

Celo: Guards, have you seen Julius?
Knight: Yes. He was just here. He left the castle not long ago.
Celo: What on earth is he doing?

We switch scenes to a set of plains. There are two knights escorting the king, who are all on horses.

Ganef: We're almost out of Zetsu. I'll go alone once I get out there. Don't worry about me.
Knight 1: We really shouldn't, your highness.
Ganef: That's an order.
Knights: ...
Knight 2: Wait, did you hear that sound?
Knight 1: A...horse.
Ganef: ...A horse?

The noise gets louder and louder until it is shown to be Julius riding with great speed behind them. He quickly gets in front of them and draws his sword. Everyone stops.

Julius: Well, it looks like you didn't move quite fast enough.
Ganef: Julius. How did you find me?
Julius: I'm no idiot. There's no way you would go through Zetsu. You'd be spotted. Where else but the back door?
Ganef: I assure you, I'm quite safe.
Julius: Not for long.
Ganef: ...
Knight 1: Sir, your orders?
Julius: Stand down, knights.
Ganef: I'm sorry, but since when did you become king?
Julius: Since when did you become a traitor?!
Ganef: What makes you think I'm a traitor?
Julius: Everything makes sense now to me. Why this senseless rebellion has taken place.
Ganef: Do explain.
Julius: It started as a prisoner whispered something to me days ago.

[Days Ago]

We are taken back to when Julius held the false knight against the wall (In the beginning of Part 1). The prisoner whispers in Julius' ear.

False Knight: (Whispering) Your king will sell out his own kingdom instead of death. Just watch.


Julius: I have thought about those words for quite some time. Why would he say this? I realized after seeing what Rex was faced with today, why. Their forces are huge, aren't they? Instead of watching you losing, you sold out the Kingdom of Zetsu.

Ganef: ...Julius.
Julius: My fears were confirmed not very long ago. Your inside man cracked under my pressure.
Ganef: So you know everything then. I'm sorry.
Julius: Me too. Prepare yourself, former king of Zetsu!
Ganef: Knights, protect me.
Julius: Stand down, if you want to keep your heads.

The knights do as Julius says out of fear. Julius makes his horse rush quickly and he punches Ganef right off his horse. Julius then dismounts and approaches Ganef. He grabs him and raises his sword to him.

Ganef: Are you willing to kill your own cousin, Julius?
Julius: ...Yes.
Ganef: You...really are the Dark Knight of Zetsu.
Julius: Die now!
Ganef: Wait! I have information for you.
Julius: Speak!
Ganef: The rebellion isn't over. The West side of umbrage. I can imagine Celo didn't have a tough time in East Umbrage. They broke off and as we speak, they attack.

Julius: West Umbrage?! No, it can't be.
Ganef: Yes. There is still time.
Julius: Alright then. Tell me one last thing.
Ganef: Yes?
Julius: You haven't officially sold Zetsu yet, have you?
Ganef: No. That's where I was going.
Julius: Excellent. You've been a good family member to me, Ganef. And for that, you will die swiftly.
Ganef: Wait, no!

Julius brings his sword down, cutting Ganef's head off. He turns to his knights.

Julius: Knights, ride back to my army stable. Give the order to ready the troops. Right away. I'll be there soon. Oh, and don't you dare mention anything you just saw.

The knights quickly ride away. Julius takes his time to bury the former king of Zetsu and he pays his respects to him.

We skip over a bit of time. Julius has made it back to the castle. His cavaliers have been mustered. Celo is out there as well.

Julius: Celo, hello.
Celo: Julius, what is going on?
Julius: I'll explain when I get back. Don't spread this, but the king is dead. It's unfortunate.
Celo: Truly? That is unfortunate. I will inform Rex and Derrick.
Julius: Good. Make sure you three keep quiet. I will be back to help handle everything.

With that, Julius leads his cavaliers quickly out of the castle area. They ride all the way to West Umbrage. They can see many houses broken and many dead civilians. Ahead of them is an army a little smaller than Julius' army.

Julius: Alright, men! Let's crush them quickly!

A false knight steps forward.

Knight: You're too late.
Julius: You're still here. That means that I'm not.
Knight: Don't be stupid.
Julius: I've had enough of this. Charge, now!

Julius and his cavaliers charge head on. The rebel army readies themselves but Julius' army plows right through them. They try to hold their ground but get quickly overtaken by the cavaliers. After a while, everyone gets eliminated.

Julius: Men, ride back to your barracks! I will be back soon!

The cavaliers ride off. Julius quickly rides in the opposite direction, through West Umbrage. He reaches his property when he sees 15 rebel soldiers outside of his house. Julius dismounts his horse and runs towards them. They turn to him and he stops about ten feet away. No one says a word, but everyone draws their weapons. Just then, a familiar swordsmen steps up next to Julius.

Julius: Who are you?
Naith: It seems you could use some help.
Julius: I could use it, yes.
Naith: Then let's take care of business.
Julius: Right.

Naith draws his katana. The soldiers charge for both of them. Julius and Naith quickly slash their swords which takes out two soldiers. The two go back to back and begin to fend off the surrounding rebel soldiers. After cutting down four more, they separate. Julius cuts down four and Naith slashes through five. They both sheath their swords. Julius looks to his house and suddenly runs over to it. He stops outside the door and looks down. There his wife and daughter lay, dead ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZUxHGR6ziz0 ). They have both been pierced with spears. Julius kneels down and takes his helmet off. He holds both soul-less bodies close to him as he puts his head down. Naith walks up to him.

Naith: ...I'm sorry. This was his family then. I can sympathise.

Naith walks away, giving Julius his alone time. Back to Julius, he is crying over both of his dead family members. He looks to the ground and notices a piece of paper. It has a poorly drawn sketch of a knight in black on it. Above it is the word "Daddy". Julius' eyes widen and he puts his head up while tears run down his face. He lets out a big yell in pure agony. He puts both his wife and daughter down and he gets on his knees. Julius begins to pound the ground uncontrollably with his gauntlet garbed fist with his head down. The screen goes black *Theme stops*.

The next day, we see the outside of Julius' house. The soldiers' bodies are still there, but Julius and his dead family are not. We can see Derrick walking up to the house, scanning the dead bodies as he walks past them. Derrick knocks on the door twice, but no answer. After waiting a minute, Derrick opens the door and walks in. He is surprised at what he sees. Everything is in shambles. All Julius' expensive pottery is broken, everything is either toppled over, broken in half or in pieces. In the back wall, Julius is slumped against it. He has his armor on without his helmet.

Derrick: Julius!

Derrick runs over to Julius. When he reaches, he puts his head up to see Derrick.

Julius: D...Derrick.
Derrick: What happened here?! We got tipped off by a mysterious man in a black hat that you were here.
Julius: They're gone.
Derrick: Who...oh no.
Julius: Those barbaric monsters. They took everything from me.
Derrick: Did...you do all this mess?
Julius: ...
Derrick: I thought so. Come with me, Julius. We can talk this over.
Julius: D...Derrick...
Derrick: That's right. We're best friends, we can get over this.

Not long after, Julius and Derrick are standing outside in the back of the house. It is a bit of flat land. They are standing in front of two graves.

Derrick: What now?
Julius: You'll see at the announcement today.
Derrick: What announcement?
Julius: The public announcement that the king is dead that I'm going to make.
Derrick: Interesting. I'll await it.

Later that day, Derrick and Julius enter the castle together. Julius has his helmet back on. Knights welcome them back as they walk towards the throne room. They enter to see Celo and Rex waiting for them.

Rex: You're back.
Julius: ...
Derrick: I'll explain later. Call the city.
Celo: Will do.

A little later, Julius is alone sitting right inside a balcony.

Julius: It's time. I knew this moment was coming for a while. Once I step into this, I can't step out.

Rex, Celo and Derrick join Julius.

Derrick: Are you ready?
Julius: Yes.
Rex: Go get them.
Celo: Yeah.
Julius: Thanks, guys.

Julius steps outside onto a balcony and a huge crowd of Tyranny citizens are below him. Celo, Derrick and Rex stand behind him. As Julius raises his hands, the crowd goes dead silent.

Julius: My dear citizen friends. I have dark news. Ganef, the King of Zetsu, is dead.

The crowd begins to loudly murmur among themselves. Julius raises his hands and they go dead silent again after a couple seconds.

Julius: As a result, there must be a new king in the land of Zetsu. I am here to tell you that I will step up and take over. I will try my best to fill Ganef's shoes and make sure Zetsu is a flourishing and safe place!
Celo: Behold! Your new king!

The crowd cheers for Julius. They then get on their knees and bow with respect towards him and Julius raises his sword in the air. Rex, Celo and Derrick also raise their weapons (Rex his sword and Derrick his spear).

Julius: For Zetsu!
Crowd: For Zetsu!

The crowd cheers more and begins to chant "King Julius" over and over. Julius turns to his three friends. They all nod in agreement. The screen goes black yet again.

[Unknown Place]

Two men are seen in a small wooden room. The first has long blackish blue hair and a black suit. The second is a man with long blond hair, a red muscle shirt, tan pants and a viking helmet.

Man 1: The fires of rebellion have caused a great amount of damage to Zetsu. We are now ready to strike.
Man 2: I agree, Mahko. We must strike quickly.
Man 1: Then it's settled, Zakrah. Two days from now, Zetsu's fall begins.

We now go to the throne room. Julius is on his throne and the other three are around him.

Knight: Sir, two knights have been found dead.
Julius: What was the cause of death?
Knight: Poison, sir.
Julius: Unfortunate souls.

Rex: What is our next plan of action?
Julius: No doubt they'll attack while they think we're weak.
Celo: Well we are weak compared to a mere couple days ago.
Julius: We won't fall. We'll stand and fight on their soil. Ready the army.

[Throne Room - Two and a Half Years Later]

Rex: He was right when he said that we wouldn't fall.
Celo: We kicked the Neese Alliance out of existence.
Derrick: It's a shame we couldn't catch either leader though. They both escaped somehow.
Rex: Those were the days though. It wasn't long after we defeated the Neese Alliance when Julius became corrupt.
Derrick: ...Julius. He was my best friend in those days. The death of his family really hit him hard.
Celo: Well that is over. It's time we move forward. We have to run this country now.

In the prison cell, Julius is slumped against the wall much like two and a half years ago.

Julius: Those fools. They don't realize. The Neese Alliance is forming again. I have seen it and tried to keep it under control. With me out of the picture, they have nothing standing in their way from forming a mass army. Then we're all doomed. Then they'll be back for me. They'll be back for the Dark Knight of Zetsu!

Julius and the rest of Zetsu has a dark chapter in its history. This chapter is, fortunately over, but Julius forsees worse trouble. Only time can tell whether he has predicted right or not.


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