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 Marvel: The New Age

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PostSubject: Re: Marvel: The New Age   May 18th 2011, 12:25 am

It had been two days since he’d last heard from Parker and Nico had become concerned. As he sat at his dining room table eating a plate of human brain. But his appetite wasn’t all there. Sighing, he got up and put it in the freezer. He commanded all of his undead into their usual immobile states before grabbing his trench coat and leaving the house. It was a cold morning, the wind blowing hard against his face, but he ignored it, his cold insides squirming the more and more he thought about Parker. Their relationship was nothing more then a cover up for him, as well as a convenient pair of strong arms among other parts of his anatomy. They went out all the time and spent a great deal of time together, but it was all scripted for Nico. But lately he’d begun to wonder.

He paused as he came up a large hole in the middle of the sidewalk with what appeared to be bits of dried magma. The police had roped it off sometime ago. Nico hadn’t left his house at all over the last two days or paid attention to the news. Did this have something to do with Parker? He’d never suspected he might be a mutant as well. Nico’s pace increased dramatically, allowing him to reach Parker’s home in three minutes. He banged on the door, harder then intended, and stepped back. It flew open and a wide eyes Reese London looked outside. He blinked a couple of times as his gaze focused on the black clad youth on his doorstep. “Oh, Nico was it? “

Parker’s parents loved their son if not his life style. Nico had barely met the two three times and he doubted Parker spoke about him much “Yes, hello Mr. London, is Parker home. I haven’t heard from him a few days “

Reese’s expression fell further, if that was even possible “I was afraid of that. He hasn’t been home in two days and we’ve heard nothing. We’ve called his phone and gotten no calls. The police left not to long ago “

Nico just stared, at the back of his mind he wondered why he hadn’t been informed. Parker was his boyfriend, or had they just not felt he had a right to know.

Before his anger could grow, Tabitha London peeked out behind, a much shorter person then her son and husband. Upon seeing Nico she dove around Reese and grabbed the boy by his shoulders.

“Please, please tell me my little boy is with you!! Oh, lord please let him come home “

Nico could only stand there and stare at her. Tabitha’s sharp fingernails digging into his shoulders. Finally, Reese restrained his wife and dragged her back into the house. Slamming the door in Nico’s face without saying another word. He felt so odd, he wasn’t used to this kind of emotion, he didn’t know how to react. But as he came back to the damaged street, he saw some people loitering around. He marched across the street right over to them “Did any of you see what made that hole? “

It was five of them, all of them appeared to be gang members, but he labeled the biggest and best-dressed one as their leader. The leader was taking a drag on a cigarette, he blew smoke right in Nico’s face before answering

“Heh, like we told those fucking pigs that asked us before, we aint see shit! “

Nico coughed a little as the smoke hit his face, this got a round of laughs from the gangsters “Hmm, your lying, now tell me what you know or else “

The leader walked up to Nico so that they were chest to chest “Or what you little faggot?! “

Nico’s expression shifted, a psychotic grin split his face “Or else my little darlings will have to feast on you “the next moment five figures rushed down the alley and leaped on the gang members. Nico’s zombie’s had attacked so suddenly that the gangsters didn’t have time to react before they were on them. Nico just stood back and watched as they were massacred, making sure to keep the leader alive

“Now lets try this again, did you see what made that hole? “

The leader babbled for a minute before Nico backhanded him “ I-I didn’t see anything, but one of my boys mentioned seeing something, a guy was fighting with someone and made that hole opened up and spewed lava, then he got knocked out and taken away with three other people. Two dudes and a chick, I swear that’s all I know, now please let me go! “

Nico slit the mans throat with a knife and reanimated his body, walking deeper into the alley “I don’t know whose done it, but they will pay for taking what’s mine! “


Lilith was pacing back and forth, impatiently twirling her finger through a strand of her hair. Parker’s unconscious body laid spread out on a metal table. Franklin had injected him with a serum to keep him out of it for a while.

“For the love of Gaia’s tit where is that asshole!!” Lilith exploded in anger “It’s been two bloody days and yet he’s still not here! “

“Well to those of us that indulge in activities other then lying on our back, it couldn’t be helped “

Julian walked into the room, dressed in a black suit and over coat. His shoes squeaking against the hard floor. He took his coat off and set it on a hook “ I had a piano recital, a tennis match, three ten page papers, and a book signing to see to, I could have been here yesterday, but I just didn’t want to “

Walking past Lilith as if she didn’t exist he strode over to Parker and inspected him. A fine young man indeed. He pressed his hand to the other boy’s forehead and focused. He probed through Parker’s mind for a few minutes before stepping back. “Interesting, very interesting. He has a large amount of untapped power at his disposal “

“So it’s just as the boss said. He’s definitely worth keeping “Franklin had been in another part of the abandoned warehouse turned secret headquarters. Dissecting a hobo he’d found sleeping outside. “So now what? “

Julian stroked parker’s forehead “I would think that would be obvious Franklin, I the black king shall knight him as one of us “

Lilith rolled her eyes “Your brainwashing him to join us, well since your gonna be messing around in his head how about you change his…..feelings around for certain genders “

Julian turned away “I must decline that. I’ve taken a liking to this young man, why should I give such a treasure to such trash? “

Lilith ground her teeth, she loathed Julian. Ever since he’d joined them he’d gone out of his way to point out their differences in social status. He knew more about her then anyone due to his power and certainly wasn’t above poking fun at her for it. But she was tired of his mouthing off. A vine sprouted out of her arm with thorns poking out of it. She whipped it around her head and lashed it at Julian, but it didn’t seem to do anything to him.

“I’d expect nothing less from someone so in lacking manners, behaving like a vulgar savage “

Lilith froze as the world began to warp around her. Rose petals started falling all around her in a gentle shower, but soon it turned into a wild hurricane that engulfed her entire body. She screamed as razor sharp petals sliced her body apart. She blinked and she was standing in the room, Julian’s back was still turned towards her as he worked on Parker. Franklin had left to get back to his experiment. Her entire body was shaking and covered in a cold sweat.

She turned abruptly and left. She didn’t stop walking till she’d left the building and was a few blocks away. She stopped to sag against a wall, tears streaming down her eyes. “That bastard, the Black King “

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Marvel: The New Age   May 18th 2011, 12:29 am

"Ten seconds later, the trance breaks."

Xias: Well?
Hero: Alright. I can do this now.

"Hero ascends towards Jay."

Hero: Alright, dick weed. Here I come.

"Hero focuses all his powers into his hands and a white aura appears around his hands. Suddenly, he turns Super Hero and then ascends even further to a second state."

Hero: This is it for you.

"Hero shoots the blast which completely overtakes Jay's body three fold. When the blast clears, Hero takes a sigh of relief."

Hero: It's over. Finally.

"Hero flies back to the rest of the group."

Xias: You did it.
Hero: With your help, yes.
Xias: Will we be able to count on you?
Hero: Yes. As long as I live.
Xias: And us too.

Xias and Hero shake hands.
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Top of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Marvel: The New Age   May 18th 2011, 12:58 am

Jay emerges out of nowhere


Jay-"Shit, you did good. But not better then me!"

Cody-"Oh hell no!"

Cody runs after him and stabs him in the guts

Jay-"I see darkness.....DaRKness!"

Jay is falls down with blood all over, realizing his fate.

Jay-"I SEE ALL IN HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Jay is now dead.

Cody-"It's all over..."

Cody-"Thank you Hero and whatever you are."

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Top of the Ring
Top of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 1545
Age : 22
Location : Hyrule Castle
Name : Cody
Quote : I stil breath on this planet..........for now
Registration date : 2010-07-16

PostSubject: Re: Marvel: The New Age   May 18th 2011, 1:06 am

Cody-"Now that it's over what now?"

Baby-"Uh Cody, I need to tell you something?"


Baby whisper something

Cody-"Holy shit!"

Baby-"I know right."

Cody-"I'm.....going to be a dad?"


Cody and Baby cheers in joy.
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PostSubject: Re: Marvel: The New Age   

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Marvel: The New Age
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