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 Fighters Abroad Special: Easter

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad Special: Easter   April 24th 2011, 1:00 am

Fighters Abroad: Easter Special

Opening Credits:

Outside Sarzo is a field of flowers. The sun is shining brightly and the birds are chirping a melodious tone. In the middle of the field, Lei is sitting with his eyes closed. He is meditating. Suddenly, a gunshot goes off as the birds scatter and Lei opens his eyes abruptly. He looks to see Knosse in front of him.

Lei: Knosse, what are you doing?
Knosse: I came to bug you.
Lei: Seriously?
Knosse: Of course not. We got a lead.
Lei: Good.
Knosse: Aren't you coming?
Lei: Yes, as soon as I finish meditating.

A bird flies over Lei's head and a piece of bird crap lands on his head.

Lei: On second thought, I'd better go check this out.

Lei and Knosse go into Sarzo where Claudius, X, Naith and Lance wait for them.

Lei: So what's this lead?
Lance: We intercepted a blackmail letter.
Claudius: Apparently this gang is forcing a lot of third party people to commit crimes for them.
Lei: That's horrible.
X: They're clever indeed. But they made one mistake.
Naith: This letter we got tells an address for larceny drop off.
Lance: So what's the plan?
Claudius: Oh, you'll see.

Later that night, we switch scenes to a back alley. There is a box with an open top in the very back. A man enters the alley and puts a big set of jewels in the box. As he leaves, he sees a sillhouetted figure blocking his way with a scythe. The figure steps closer to reveal Jiron.

Man: W w what do you want?
Jiron: Hahahahaha. You seem distressed.

The scene zooms out to the rooftops above the alleyway where the gang is. The scream of a man is heard and then Jiron's laugh is heard.

X: Why didn't we do this ourselves?
Claudius: Jiron was begging me to help kill someone. He doesn't see a lot of action these days.
Lance: Oh well.

Jiron joins the gang with the jewels in hand. He gives half of them to Lance.

Jiron: The deed is done. I'll just take my half and go.
Claudius: Alright.

Jiron leaves with half the jewels.

Lei: So we're trying to take down a criminal organization, and instead of letting them steal, we steal it instead?
X and Claudius: Yep.
Knosse: What's the problem, Lei?
Lei: I'm not accustomed to such crimes. What about you Lance? Oh, nevermind. Pirate...
Lance: Yeah.
Lei: Naith?
Naith: Does it look like I care?
Lei: ....no.

A little later, another man walks to the box and seems confused that nothing is in it. Just then, X drops down behind him. The man turns to X and X punches him in the face. He then rams the man into the wall and holds a dagger up to his neck.

X: You're going to tell me what I need to know.
Man: I don't know anything!
X: Oh? Then what are you doing here at this time?
Man: They sent me a letter...said they were going to kill my family!
X: So they sent another third party just for pick up. Clever.
Man: Please let me go!
X: One more thing. Where are you supposed to drop the stuff off at?
Man: I'll give you the address. Just please, be careful.
X: Alright.

A minute later, X joins the gang.

X: Ok, we got our next lead.
Claudius: Good job.
Lance: Where are we going?
X: Follow me.

They do so and X leads them to a warehouse.

Lance: Do you think this could be their hideout?
Naith: Not likely.
Knosse: I doubt it as well.
X: *sigh* Let's just go in.

Lance is the first to enter. He opens a door and steps into the warehouse. In front of him is a cloaked figure standing in the shadows.

Lance: Woah! Scared the shit out of me! Hey, you there.
???: (Male voice) You are not the man who is supposed to be here.
Lance: No, I'm not. I'm here to see Whyper.
???: Whyper isn't here.
Lance: That's unfortunate. Where is he?
???: Why should I tell you?
Lance: I'm a friend.
???: How do I know you're not lying.
Lance: I guess you don't, do you?
???: I don't like your attitude.
Lance: I get that all the time.
???: You smug little...

The cloaked figure walks towards Lance slowly. All of the sudden, the entire gang drops down from above and surrounds this cloaked man.

X: Don't move, or we'll kill you.
???: Hmph. So you're them. The ones we tried to kill at Christmas.
Knosse: That's right! And we're here to fuck you in the ass...well not literally.
???: Killing me won't do any good.
Claudius: Who said we were going to kill you?
???: You all are fools for thinking you can defeat us!
Naith: If we're such fools, why are you taking every step in hiding from us?
???: ...
Naith: I say you're afraid of us.

After Naith's words, the cloaked man throws a smoke bomb down to the ground and the entire area is filled with smoke. When the smoke clears, the man is gone and so is Lance and Lei.

Claudius: Guys?! Where did they go?
X: I don't know, but we have to go after him.

Above the rooftops, the man is hopping from roof to roof. After a while of doing it, he looks back to see Lei giving chase. Lei gains more ground on him as time passes and finally, the man stops after jumping on a flat roof. He turns around and pulls out a sword. Lei is stuck in mid air and gets cut on the foot. He falls down all the way into a garbage dumpster. The man laughs and turns around and is stopped. In front of him is Lance with his sword pointed at him.

???: Persistent son of a bitch.
Lance: I knew you would fall for my bait.
???: You sent him as a decoy?
Lance: Hardly. I made my own bait out of him.
???: That's pretty cold, even for me.
Lance: You're about to be even more cold after I kill you.
???: Fine, let's dance.

The two of them clash swords. They struggle against each other, but Lance shoves the man back a bit.

Lance: State your codename.
???: Seeing as you'll die here...I am Hacker. One of three swordsmen in the group.
Lance: There's you and Cutter, right? Who's the third?
Hacker: Slasher. The best of them. It's too bad, you won't see them.
Lance: My friend, that would be you.

The two resume clashing their swords. After a couple clashes, Lance kicks Hacker back. Hacker slides back a bit and then charges. He slashes for Lance, but he dodges and punches Hacker in the stomach. Lance then takes a step back and stabs him in the stomach and then cuts him by the throat. Hacker dies almost instantly from this. Lei climbs up after a few seconds later.

Lei: I see you took care of him.
Lance: Yeah, that's right. He didn't stand a ghost of a chance.

About a half minute later, the rest of the gang shows up.

X: He's dead...good work.
Claudius: Please tell me you got some info out of him.
Lance: I did, if only a little. That was Hacker. There's another swordsman names Slasher that is far stronger than this guy was.
Claudius: And that's all?
Lance: Pretty much. I don't think he was going to tell us much more anyway.
Naith: He was probably trained not to say much.
X: So the trail is cold again. Shit.
Knosse: Oh balls. Hey, let's go. It's late and today is Easter.
Lei: Yeah, I'm with Knosse.
Claudius: Alright then. Let's meet back up in the morning and eat our chocolate together.

The next morning X is reading the paper in digust. It reads In today's news, the Easter Bunny has been murdered. Forensic scientists are saying that he died by a single shot to the back of the head. Two people were reported dead this morning as well, one whom is missing. The article goes on but X stops.

X: What the fuck?! First Santa and now the Easter Bunny? Why are they killing these holliday people?

X opens the curtains to his window inside his room and steps back in shock as he sees outside. There is a dead body strung up by a rope against his window.

X: Those bastards. They won't get away with this. But now I know they know where Claudius and I are. That isn't good.

X knocks on Claudius' door across the hall.

Claudius: *muffled sound*
X: Get up, dude. It's really important.

After about five minutes of waiting, Claudius comes out with Street Fighter pajamas on. X takes him to his room and points to the window.

Claudius: What the hell, X. It's not Halloween yet.
X: It's not me. They did it.
Claudius: You serious?
X: Yeah! They also killed the Easter bunny!
Claudius: ...He was my favorite holliday person. Those bastards! They won't get away with this!
X: That's exactly what I said. Only without the exclamations.

A female voice is heard from across the hall where Claudius' room is.

X: Who's in there?
Claudius: Uh hehe no one.

Out walks Tibi half dressed with the blankets covering her.

Tibi: Where is the shower in this place?
X: You didn't. Kyle's going to kill you if he finds out.
Claudius: Well then he won't find out.
X: *facepalm*
Claudius: I'll show you the shower.
X: No wait. I'll do it.
Claudius: ...You serious, bro?
X: (Whispering) You had your turn, bitch.

X walks up to Tibi.

X: Right this way.

Tibi punches X in the face which sends him right back to Claudius.

Tibi: Pervert!
Claudius: Hahaha. Too bad.

A couple hours later, everyone else shows up. They all gather in X's room (the body gone from the window).

Lance: So they struck again. Damn it.
Lei: Well we all got our chocolate at least.
Claudius: Yeah, but no more after this year.
Naith: It was Gunner again.
Knosse: The same faggot who killed the cat elf from Christmas.
X: Gunner. We learned his name a month ago, right? That trail went cold too.
Lance: What do heroes usually do?
Knosse: Sit around and talk about nothing for hours.

Hours later...

Lance: So there was a white officer, he was like a white police dude. He knows I'm Lance Kairo, right? So he says "Hey! You there! Hey! You there, you there!".
Knosse: That was amazing. You should turn that into a rap song.
Claudius: Fuck that. Who would want to listen to something like that?

A couple minutes later...

X: Ok, so now that we have talked about nothing for a couple hours, it's time to go do something.

The gang goes out to the scene of the crime. The Easter Bunny's figure is shown on the ground by tape. A couple guards are around and so are a couple civilians.

Naith: (To a guard) Do we know the whereabouts of who did this?
Guard: No, unfortunately. No evidence was left behind. Even the bullet was surgically removed.
X: Damn.
Claudius: Hey, wait a minute. We didn't eat our chocolate yet.
Lei: True.
X: Is this really the time?
Lei: This is the only time.
Claudius: Yeah.
Knosse: Hey! Look up in the sky!
Naith: It's a bird.
Knosse: It's a plane.
Lance: No, Naith is right. It's a bird.

This bird is carrying a piece of paper on its talons.

Claudius: Hey, what's that piece of paper?
X: How the hell should we know?
Claudius: Good point. Knosse...
Knosse: I'll get it.

Knosse shoots the bird, which makes it drop the paper. Naith catches it as it comes down.

Guard: ...Should we arrest him?
Guard 2: No, remember last time we arrested one of them? We got in deep shit for it.
Claudius: Naith, what does it say?
Naith: ...143 Talon Street Strip Club.
Claudius: My kind of place.
Lance: Me too. Let's go!

They go outside a building where there is a posted note on it.

X: Hey look, there's a note.
Claudius: Fucking figures. The club is closed for Easter.
Lance: I know. I was looking forward to some of that too.
Lei: Focus, guys. The note...
Claudius and Lance: Right.

Knosse grabs the note and reads it aloud. It reads, You will pay for what you have done to Hacker. You think this will go unpunished?! We've been taking it easy on your group. But now you will all suffer!

Lance: They didn't take too well to losing one of their members. As expected.
X: They've killed so many people, and they don't think that is their punishment?
Claudius: Don't worry about it. They'll all die in time. If it's a war they want, then they don't know who they're messing with.
Naith: They can try to kill us. They will suffer the same fate as their friend if they want to try.
Knosse: Yeah, I think I'll sleep at Mercenary HQ for now. I don't feel getting killed in my sleep.
Lance: Only one thing to do now.
Lei: Eat chocolate!
Claudius: Hell yeah!

The scene fades to black.

Well, it seems Fighters Abroad has inflicted a casualty upon the crime organization. People everywhere are dying because of this crazed war between two gangs. The story continues next special of Fighters Abroad!

Have a blessed Easter everyone!

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Fighters Abroad Special: Easter
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