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 Jennifers Body Review

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Jennifers Body Review   May 1st 2011, 9:28 pm

I saw the movie Jennifers Body which is about Megan Fox, a high school student named Jennifer something I dun pay attention to whole names doubt anyone will, this movie basically is about Megan Fox getting sacrifice by some guys who wanna be rock stars. They sacrifice her to the Devil in exchange for fame, well that goes pretty well except she's not dead a demon gains control of her, and wreaks havoc eating boys to maintain her appearance.

Now this sounds like a strange film, but Jennifer is obviously the villain of the film. The protagonist is her best friend whom she's known since childhood known as Needy, and her boyfriend Chip. There happy together, Jennifer is the typical white ho, nothing against ho's since I'm pro ho. So anyway somehow there friends which in real life would never happen since Needy is a nerd. Ight so this is how it goes down regular plot the rock band's singer is someone whom Jennifer wants to fuck, and they think she's a virgin. Somehow I have no idea, but they sacrafice her to Satan, retarded kids, but since she's not a virgin a demon comes into her.

She starts eating the boys, and Needy begins investigating. First off it's a pretty good movie, but it is far from scary. I don't really have any complaints, it was an ok plot. I'd recommend it as a rental, nothing to see in theaters however.

For those who love sexy ass Megan Fox, you ain't see her ass, you don't see none of her good stuff, well she's all good but i mean the really good stuff. There's an interesting twist at the end, and let's just say the Rock Band get whats coming to them.

Hmm I wish more was explained about the demons, but that's alright im a simple kinda guy. Another complaint about the movie is the soundtrack. It was horrible, and yes that's partially because I disilike heavy metal but it's really because the music didn't fit. I felt that music would be more fitting in a destructive movie like Transformers or some action scene, it was playing during Jennifer's lesbian scene. BEST PART Very Happy Very Happy. But I can stand other genres of music during a movie if it fits, but it didn't fit, and even die hard metal fans have said it didn't fit.

I really have no other complaints in the movie, it had a good plot, beginning, middle, and end. So like I said it's a rental.
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Jennifers Body Review   September 30th 2011, 4:54 pm

...o_o I don't know if this is me or what but I thought that movie was utter shit.
No offense or anything.
I thought it was a waste of money T_T and I regret going to see it. I don't know why I did!
That's just me anyways. Surprised
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Jennifers Body Review
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