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 You're All I Ever Needed

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PostSubject: You're All I Ever Needed    June 7th 2011, 9:46 pm

The Suite Life on Deck Cast
Cody Stanley Martin: Cole Sprouse
Zachary "Zack" Anthony Martin: Dylan Sprouse
Bailey Pickett: Debby Ryan
London Leah Tipton: Brenda Song
Mr. Marion Mosby: Phill Lewis
Woody Fink: Matthew Timmons
Emma Tutweiller: Erin Cardillo

Special Guest Stars
Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez: Adrian R’Mante
Carey Marie Martin-Hawkhauser: Kim Rhodes
Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser: Brian Stepanek
Madeline Margaret Genevieve Miranda Catherine Fitzpatrick: Ashely Michelle Tisdale
Arwin Quentin Hawkhauser: Brian Stepanek

The Hawkhauser Family:
Alice Sadie Hawkhauser: Me
Alice's mother, Shelby Jeanne Hawkhauser: Sandra Bullock
Alice's father, Dayton Adam Hawkhauser: David Spade
Alice's older brother, Josiah Keanu Hawkhauser : Johnny Yong Bosch
Alice's older brother Dexter Emanuel Hawkhauser: Dan Kowarsky
Alice's older brother Dexter's twin Ronald Bram Hawkhauser: Ryan Kowarsky
Alice's older younger brother, Owen Gabriele Hawkhauser: Ohad Einbinder
Alice's's younger sister Laura Claire Hawkhauser: Lindsay Lohan
Alice's younger sister Bailey Irene Hawkhauser: Brandi Cyrus
Alice''s younger brother Tyler Steven Hawkhauser: Trace Cyrus
Alice's younger sister, Melanie Trista Hawkhauser: Miley Cyrus
Alice's younger sister, Melanie's twin Estelle Josephine Hawkhauser: Emily Osment
Alice''s younger brother Charles Amari Hawkhauser: Christopher Cody Cyrus
Alice's younger brother, Bennett Kaden Hawkhauser : Braison Chance Cyrus
Alice's younger sister, Lorena Samantha Hawkhauser: Liliana Mumy
Alice's younger sister, Nina Scarlett Hawkhauser: Noah Lindsay Cyrus

The Granger Family:
Estebanita Julia Ricarda Montoya de la Rosa Granger: Amber
Estebanita's mother, Terri Raines Granger: Theresa Penelope Irwin
Estebanita's father, Colby Granger: Dylan Bruno
Estebanita's younger brother, Chad Danforth Granger 19 years old: Corbin Bleu Reivers
Estebanita's younger sister, Bindi Sue Granger 10 years old: Bindi Sue Irwin
Estebanita's younger brother, Robert Clarence Granger 4 years old: Robert Clarence Irwin

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♫Sweet Girl♫

Female Number of posts : 44
Age : 35
Location : Right beside my fiancé forever
Name : Rolanda
Quote : Hakuna Matata
Registration date : 2011-06-06

PostSubject: Re: You're All I Ever Needed    June 7th 2011, 9:47 pm

Chapter 1
Not The Same Without Them

Zack and Cody are sitting on the deck of the S.S. Tipton. Cody sighs.
“What’s your problem?” Zack asked.
“I miss our mother.” Cody answered.
“Yeah I do and it’s weird that we haven’t heard anything from her in awhile.” Zack said.
Bailey walks over to Zack and Cody.
“What are you two talking about?” Bailey asked.
“We miss our mother and we haven’t heard anything from her in long time.” Zack answered.
“What’s your mother’s name?” Bailey asked.
“Her name is Carey Marie Martin and she’s the resident singer back at the Tipton Hotel in Boston.” Cody answered.
~Meanwhile back at the Tipton in Boston~
Carey is sitting in the lobby looking all sad. Arwin comes over and sits next to Carey.
“What’s wrong my dear?” Arwin asked.
“I miss Zack and Cody so much.” Carey answered.
“You should go see them.” Arwin said.
“I don’t want to leave here especially you.” Carey replied.
Arwin smiles.
“I’ll come with you.” Arwin said.
“That’s sweet of you Arwin but if you did than the boys will find out about us.” Carey replied.
“Don’t you think it’s time they did?” Arwin asked.
“Yeah I do but I just don’t how they will take it.” Carey answered.
“I have a feeling that they will take it pretty well even though they couldn’t come to our wedding.” Arwin said.
“We did try to get Mr. Moseby to let them come to the wedding but he won’t.” Carey replied.
Arwin looks up at notices his sister Alice and her best friend Estebanita standing a few inches away. Arwin gets to his feet and goes over to them.
“What are you two doing here?” Arwin asked.
“I wanted to come see you and Estebanita begged to come with me.” Alice answered.
Carey walks over to them. Carey looks at Arwin than at Alice and Estebanita.
“Who are these girls?” Carey asked.
“This is my younger sister Alice Hawkhauser and her best friend Estebanita Julia Ricarda Montoya de la Rosa Granger.” Alena answered.
“It’s nice to meet you both.” Carey said.
“Who are you anyway?” Estebanita asked.
“She’s my wife.” Arwin answered.
Alena smiles a little. Estebanita looks around than stops Esteban and falls madly in love with him.
“Who’s that gorgeous guy over by the doors?” Estebanita asked.
“That’s Esteban the bellhop here at The Tipton.” Carey answered.
Esteban notices them and walks over. Estebanita smiles a little.
“Hi there, I’m Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya de la Rosa Ramirez.” Esteban said.
“Hi I’m Arwin’s younger sister Alena Sadie Hawkhauser and this is my best friend Estebanita.” Alena replied.
Esteban looks at Estebanita and smiles a little.
“Your name is beautiful just like you.” Esteban said.
Estebanita smiles.
“Thanks.” Estebanita replied.
Carey sighs. Alena looks at her.
“What’s wrong?” Alena asked.
“I miss my sons.” Carey answered.
“Where are they?” Estebanita asked.
“They are attending Seven Seas High School on The S.S. Tipton.” Carey answered.
“What are their names?” Alice asked.
“Their names are Zachary Anthony Martin and Cody Stanley Martin.” Carey answered.
“Oh wow.” Alice said.
Alice sighs.
“What’s wrong sis?” Arwin asked.
“I just wish that I had someone that loves me the way Carey loves you.” Alena answered.
“You’ll find someone when the time is right.” Arwin said.
Esteban smiles a little just his best friend Emilio Pilar comes into the Tipton. Esteban walks over to Emilio.
“Hi Emilio.” Esteban said.
“Hola Esteban.” Emilio replied.
Esteban smiles.
“How have you been?” Esteban asked.
“I’ve been good.” Emilio answered.
“Are the rest of your family here with you?” Esteban asked.
“Yes they are.” Emilio answered.
Emilio’s family walks over.
“It’s nice to see again.” Emilo’s mother said.
Estebanita, Arwin, Carey and Alice walk over to them.
“How are these people?” Arwin asked.
“This is my best Emilio and his family.” Esteban answered.
“What is your whole name?” Arwin asked.
“My whole name is Emilio Mateo Ivan Pilar.” Emilio answered.
“I’m Emilio’s older brother Juan Justino Iago Pilar.” Juan said.
“My name is Marisol Irene Isabelle Pilar.” The lady standing beside Juan replied.
“We are there parents, my name is Julian Javier Isadore Pilar and this is my wife Isabella Damita Pilar.” The man standing beside Marisol said.
Alice sighs. Juan looks at Alice and falls madly in love with her and Alice looks at Juan than instantly falls for him. Alice goes to leave.
“Where are you going?” Juan asked.
“Anyway but here.” Alice answered.
“Could you at least tell me your name before you go away?” Juan asked.
“My name is Alice Sadie Hawkhauser.” Alena answered.
“That’s such a beautiful name.” Juan said.
“She’s my younger sister and my name is Arwin Quintin Hawkhauser.” Arwin replied.
Carey smiles.
“I’m Arwin’s wife Carey Marie Martin-Hawkhauser.” Carey replied.
Juan smiles a little. Alena walks off. Juan sighs. Emilio looks at Esteban than takes him out of earshot.
“What are you doing?” Esteban asked.
“I wanted to know if you notice the way my brother was looking at Alice.” Emilio answered.
“Yeah I did notice.” Esteban said.
“We should get them together because it’s obvious that she likes him too.” Emilio replied.
“How do you plan to get them together?” Esteban asked.
“I haven’t quite figured that part out yet.” Emilio answered.
Juan runs after Alice.
“We might not have to because Juan might do it on his own.” Esteban said.
Juan catches up to Alice.
“Why did you leave?” Juan asked.
“I can stand to see my brother so happy because I want he has but I don’t have a boyfriend.” Alica answered.
“You don’t have one?” Juan asked.
“No I don’t but I really wish that I did.” Alice answered.
“What kind of a guy are looking for?” Juan asked.
“I want someone that will listen to my problems, comfort me when I need and protect from anything or anybody.” Alice answered.
“Well you’re in luck because I can do all that and loads more.” Juan said.
Alice smiles.
“I also don't want to rush into anything because I’ve done that in past it only lead to heartbreak for me.” Alice replied.
“We can take it slow.” Juan said.
“Thanks I appreciate that.” Alice replied.
Juan sighs.
“Would get angry if I kissed you?” Juan asked.
“No I won’t.” Alice answered.
Juan wraps his arms around Alice and kisses her. A few minutes later Juan breaks the kiss and Alice doesn’t say anything.
“What’s wrong my bello bebé?” Juan asked.
“You just a really good kisser and I don’t know what bello bebé means.” Alice answered.
“It means beautiful babe.” Juan said.
“Oh I like the way that sounds.” Alice replied.
Juan takes Alice’s hand and they walk back over to the others. Carey sighs. Arwin looks at Carey.
“What’s wrong darling?” Arwin asked.
“It’s just not same with Zack and Cody here.” Carey answered.
Arwin looks at Alice, Juan, Estebanita and Esteban.
“Would you four like to come on the S.S. Tipton with us?” Arwin asked.
“I loved too but Juan, Estebanita and I aren’t employees here at the Tipton.” Alice answered.
Esteban smiles.
“I’ll take care of Estebanita’s ticket with my employee discount.” Esteban said.
Estebanita smiles and hugs Esteban.
“That’s so sweet of you do for me.” Estebanita said.
“I’d anything for beautiful girl like you.” Esteban replied.
Estebanita kisses Esteban on the cheek. Alice sighs.
“How am I going to get on?” Alice asked.
“I’ll use my employee discount to get you and Juan on.” Arwin answered.
Alice smiles than hugs Arwin.
“You are truly the best brother in the world.” Alice said.
They all go the suites to get ready. A few hours pass and now it’s night time. Arwin and Carey are sleeping each other’s embrace. Estebanita is her bed dreaming about Esteban and Esteban is his bed dreaming of Estebanita. Juan is his bed dreaming of Alice and Alice is her bed dreaming of Juan.
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You're All I Ever Needed
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