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 Spy Kids 4

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PostSubject: Spy Kids 4   November 26th 2011, 10:45 pm

For old time's sake, I decided to watch this latest one. I expected it to suck really badly. But honestly it wasn't bad. Looking past a few really bad puns, it was a decent film for its demographic. The casting was amazing. They got a lot of the old cast, including the original two spy kids. Alexa Vega is hot as hell now. And the new casting was great as well. The new kids did an OK job as the new generation. For kids, they were pretty good. Jessica Alba did a fairly decent role, even though she's a piss poor actress for the most part. Joel McHale and Jeremy Piven were also great (Community and Entourage represent?).

But my favorite of the new casting was Ricky Gervais. As if this guy wasn't already epic enough, he was the best part of this movie, playing the role of a talking dog. His character kept me entertained the entire time since he was with the kids constantly making fun of them and cracking jokes.

They also fit in some important and good morals for kids about wasting time and cherishing it. Looking back at the age I am now, I miss those childhood days so I can identify with the main villain.

All in all, it was pretty good for the type of movie it was. I enjoyed it.
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Spy Kids 4
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