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PostSubject: Re: Anime < Manga   August 27th 2014, 2:05 pm

Strider Zero wrote:
Srylanna wrote:
Zulkuss wrote:
Strider Zero wrote:
Zulkuss wrote:
Srylanna wrote:
Zulkuss wrote:
Srylanna wrote:
@Zulkuss "Sakura is such a bitch because RtN." ahaha

Ke? Seriously? And even why? (Yes, I didn't watched it yet and don't know if I want to)

Apparently because she was bitching to Naruto about her parents and Naruto has no parents so it makes her an insensitive bitch (Nevermind that in canon, she learnt that lesson rather early and that be one of the rare things she has to thank Sasuke for.). You know NH shippers of MF. Anything to degrade Sakura.

They are more #Hinatafans than NH shippers, but yeah, it's basically the same. Heh, Kishi and his famous lack of consistency.

#Hinatafans could have its own thread with a compilation of stupid quotes.

And we could fill a separate one for #Tsunadefans with quotes from Breaktheice alone.

From one fucking thread alone.

Sometimes we could have one just based on one post.


True, true.
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Anime < Manga
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