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 Dragon Soul

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 9th 2012, 3:36 pm

This is my first try at writing.
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 9th 2012, 3:49 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 00

Narrator: This is a tale about an average person who gets the chance to do something extraordinary. But before we get to that we must explore what happened to lead up to that. Our hero is a woman named Mara. She has an average job, and an average life. One day her friends surprise her with a birthday present. That present is a week long trip to Vegas. They are to arrive the night before her birthday so that her first day as a 21 year old is in Vegas. They enjoy their first day and after dinner they decide to go to the outskirts of town.
Stay tune in to see what destiny has in store for Mara.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 10th 2012, 6:33 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 01
Be careful what you wish for

Narrator: Last time on Dragon Soul we discussed events that lead to the beginning of the tale of our hero, Mara.  No we join her and her two friends on a dessert cliff right behind their hotel.  It is night time and even with the lights of Vegas the stars are still shining brightly.  
Opening Theme:

We can clearly see three girls sitting atop the cliff.  The one in the middle is about average height and has long blonde hair.  Her eyes are a light sky blue and her lips are full and bright red.  She is wearing a bright yellow spaghetti strap dress.  She has on yellow flip flops.

??????(Girl in the middle): It’s the night sky beautiful Jennifer.
Jennifer: Yes it is.
Jennifer is the one on the right and she is the taller one of the three.  She has short black hair with a window’s peak and dark brown eyes.  She is wearing a purple strapless dress.  She has on purple flip flops.
??????(Girl in the middle): I am so glad to have friends like you guys.  Jennifer and Megan I don’t know what I would do without you.

Megan is the one on the left and is the short one of the group.  She has mid-length red hair, which she is keeping in a ponytail, and has small green eyes.  She is wearing a jean skirt with a black strapless top.  She is wearing black flip flops.

Megan: I can speak for Jennifer and I in saying we are glad to be your friends too, Mara.
Jennifer: I don’t know about you guys, but I will be heading back to the hotel to get some rest.
Megan: I will join you.  Are you coming Mara?
Mara: No.  I want to stay out here for a little bit.
Megan and Jennifer: well see you later.

Megan and Jennifer leave to head to the hotel.  We see Mara staring off into the night time sky.

Mara: I have some really good friends don’t I.  They are the only good things in my life, because the rest of my life is horrible.  I hate my job, my apartment is shitty, and All of my family is dead.  I wish that my life could change.

After this is said Mara looks up and sees a shooting star in the sky.

Mara: Look a shooting star. (closes her eyes)  I wish to have a happy life with tons of money, and a big house.

She opens her eyes after making this wish.  She looks up and to her great surprise the shooting star is heading towards her.  She moves out of the way as it speeds toward her.  It crash lands about 100 yards away.  She runs over to see what it was.  She gets to the crater that the object left and what she sees shocks her.


She climbs down the side of the crater and approaches the space pod.  Upon getting to the space pod she looks in and sees a human in side.

Mara: That isn’t possible how could a human come from outer space in a none earth made space vehicle?

The pod door opens and we get a better look at the human inside.  It is a female with long black hair and brown eyes.  She is wearing a type of battle armor that is gold and looks to be similar to that of Valkyrie armor. https://2img.net/h/i561.photobucket.com/albums/ss59/gamenews86/SUN%20Online%20armor%20sets/val_0_12.jpg.  Her helmet seems to have fallen off and is seen at her side.  In her hands is a beautiful diamond necklace and in the center diamond a dragon symbol can be seen.

Mara: Hey are you okay Ms.!
?????: Where am I?
Mara: You are on earth.  Who are you, where did you come from, how did you get here?
?????: My name is Aurora.  I am from the planet goldilocks.  I got here on this space pod.
Mara: Why did you come here to earth?
Aurora: Well I was escaping and I never intended on coming here.  I was being pursued when I got hit by a meteor and crash landed on this planet.
Mara: Who were you escaping from?
Aurora: From the empire of Darius III.
Mara: Who is he?
Aurora: He is the emperor of goldilocks.  His father was the most successful and peaceful ruler in history, but when Darius III came into power he what even more power.  He was power hungry and ruthless.  He used the army to take over the entire solar system.  The only threat to his power was the king’s special force.  They were called the soul warriors.  Their job was to keep peace and harmony in the solar system and they were the most powerful group of warriors at our disposal.  They refused to join Darius III so he hunted them down so he could steal their power and give them to warriors that would fight for him.  I am the only one who escaped.
Mara: So that means you were one of the soul warriors?
Aurora: Yes! I tried with all my might to get away and prevent my powers from falling into the wrong hands.  To prevent the powers from being given to an evil warrior if I was caught, I sealed my powers in this necklace.
Mara: Why is there a symbol of a dragon on it?
Aurora: Because that was the animal that my powers were based on.  You see each soul warrior had their powers derived from an animal that lives on our planet.
Aurora: Yes we do.  Each power mimicked the style and skills of an animal.
Mara: How many are there?
Aurora: There are seven including mine.  I don’t have much time left to talk.
Mara: What do you mean?  I can still get you to a hospital.
Aurora: It is too late for me; my injuries are too severe.  Also my pursuer won’t be too far behind.  I need you to do something for me.
Mara: What is it?

What has Mara gotten herself into?  It started as a fun birthday trip to Vegas and no it has turned into a life or death situation that will determine the fate of the universe.  She wished for excitement, meaning, and purpose, now she has it in a big way.  She met a human from another planet and has learned of an evil plot to take over the universe.  Now Aurora has a job for Mara to do.  What is this job and what will this mean for the future of our hero Mara?  Find out on the next episode of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 12th 2012, 11:53 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 02

Last time on Dragon Soul, we met our hero and her name is Mara.  She was enjoying the company of her friends and after spending some time alone, we see that she feels disappointed in her life.  She made a wish on a shooting star, but she would have never guessed that it would come true in the way it did.  An alien or should we say human came from outer space and now is about to give Mara an important job.
Opening Theme:

Aurora: I have a very important job for you to do.
Mara: What is it?
Aurora: My time is almost up and I need you to find someone who is worthy of my powers.  For when I leave this world, my power will be free to go to anyone.
Mara: I thought that you said that was to find the one who is worthy?
Aurora: I did, but it could go to anyone.  Unfortunately, only the chosen can use the power to save the universe.  If my powers fall into the wrong hands, then there will be no hope.
Mara: Why?  Are you telling me that if Darius III gets your powers, then there won’t be anyone who could stop him?
Aurora: Yes.  Also my warrior soul is the most powerful, so it still has the chance to turn things around.  If it were any of the others, then no one could stop him.
Mara: How will I be able to find out who is the one to inherit your powers?
Aurora: You must take my necklace, and as you walk around it will take the aura of everyone you come by.  It will analyze the auras and determine if that person is worthy.
Mara: I will do this, but please let me take you to a hospital?

We see Aurora breathing very shallow.  It also seems like each breathe gets harder and harder to take.  Aurora uses what little energy she has to lift her arm and hand Mara the necklace.  When she hands it over, it glows slightly and beautifully.  Mara’s eyes meet this light and she seems to look as if she could stare at it forever.  Then after this brief moment, the light goes out.

Mara: That light was beautiful.  Does that light mean that I am the chosen one?
Aurora: (in a low and strained voice) No, that light meant that you have good qualities worthy of looking after the dragon soul.
Mara: So if that wasn’t the sign, then what will be the sign?
Aurora: (low and strained) it will shine like the sun.
Mara: How will I be able to convince them once the necklace choses them?  This isn’t something that is common on earth.
Aurora: (low and strained) if they are worthy, then they will understand.
Mara: (crying) I might not have known you very long, but please don’t die on me.  You gave my life purpose and meaning, and I don’t want it to end.  You can’t…… (heavy sobbing)
Aurora: (very low and strained) please don’t worry about me, and focus on the task at hand.  I believe in you and please whatever you do don’t give up.  No matter what happens always remember that I will always be with…..

Aurora’s eyes close and all life leaves her.  Mara sits there crying with all her being.  After thirty minutes of crying she motions to get up, when she hears the sound of cars approaching.  The cars arrive and men in black suits get out of the cars.  They walk to the edge of the crater and looked down to see Mara with Aurora in her arms and the necklace around her neck.

Man in Black: Miss will you come with us now? We need to ask you some questions.
Mara: No! I need to bury my friend that I got here, because she just died of her terminal disease.
Man in Black: We know that is a lie!  That person you’re holding might be human, but we know that she isn’t from this planet.

The agents take Aurora from Mara, but not before she put up a fight.  They put Aurora in one of the cars and that car drives off.


One of the agents shoots Mara with a dart.  After this, she falls asleep and she is taken away.  You see the cars drive off with Mara in the back of one.  The cars head in the direction of the center of the desert.  After several hours of driving through the desert, they arrive at a compound.  The cars roll into the compound and they arrive at what looks to be the biggest building at the compound.  The cars pull into the garage and upon stopping the floor descends like an elevator.  After about a minute, the floor stops and we can see a huge underground room with many people running around working on computers.  They carry the unconscious body of Mara though the room to the other end.  Upon reaching the other end of the room, they go through a door to an all-white room that has a small bed.  They place her on the bed and immediately exit the room.  Outside the room we see two men walking by with Aurora.  They go into a different room and place her on a table.  The table is moved into a big walk-in fridge.  We then look in on a man standing in a room with one glass window which the room with Mara in it can be seen.

Man in Black: It seems that trouble has come to us.

Another man walks in.

Man in Black #2: Agent W has the prisoner awaken yet?
Agent W: No agent x, she is still sleeping.
Agent X: The crash happened forty-five minutes before we arrived, and that was plenty of time to talk to the alien.  She must know something, because of the death of the alien we don’t have any leads on what is going on.
Agent W: We know that danger is coming to earth and we need to know if we can do anything about it.
Agent X: Do we know anything about the necklace that the girl is wearing?
Agent W: No, we couldn’t even get it off.  Every time we tried to get it off it would stick to her as if it was a part of her body.
Agent X: We may not be able to survive an attack by an army from another planet.  This is especially true since they can easily travel to our planet.  This means that they could bring large amount of weaponry and soldiers.
Agent W: We had hoped that our last guest would help us learn more about the mysterious planet goldilocks.  We need know, are we to prepare for the worst or are we in the clear?

We see the agents pace back and forth waiting for Mara to wake up.  Occasionally we see them stop to make small talk with each other.  Also they continue contemplating the major events that have taken place and they events that are about to go down.  Their faces show the fear that they are experiencing, because they realized how helpless they have been in preventing these events from happening.  Also they realize that if and/or when something happens that they will be helpless to protect themselves.

Agent W: She is waking up.
Agent X: Now it is time to get some answers.  We will get them no matter what, because the earth is possibly in danger.  If we don’t get answer them we will be unable to properly prepare for any possible upcoming threats.

Aurora is now dead and she has turned the responsibility of protecting the dragon soul to Mara.  Before Mara could finish grieving from the death of Aurora, men in black suits arrive and kidnap her and the body of Aurora.  They have brought her to their facility and now seem to be preparing to interrogate her.  Unfortunately, Mara doesn’t have time for this, because she must go out and find the one who is worthy of the dragon soul.  Will she get away from these men and will she be able to find the person she is looking for?  Find out on the next episode of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 14th 2012, 1:01 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 03
Last time on Dragon Soul, Aurora gave Mara a very important job.  She was tasked with protecting the necklace and to go search for the one person on the planet who is worthy of receiving the powers of the dragon soul.  Then after some more talked Aurora’s injuries finally caught up to her and she died.  Before Mara could grieve, men wearing black suits came and took Aurora’s body away.  Then they kidnapped Mara and took her back to their facility.  It seems that they know more than they are letting on.  They prepare to interrogate her; so what will they do to get information out of her.  We look in at Mara sleeping on a bed in an isolated room with a window.
Opening Theme:

Mara: (sluggishly) where am I?
Mara gets out of bed and then as if she was standing outside the room, Mara hears Aurora’s voice.
Aurora: (as if from far away) Mara please never give up and never forget your mission.
Mara: Aurora is that you?  No that can’t be, she is dead.  (grabs her forehead) ugh!  Maybe I shouldn’t have had all those drinks at the club.  I wonder did that really happen or was it a dream.  (looks down at her neck) wait a minute; isn’t that the necklace that Aurora gave me.  Does this mean that the part about being abducted by strange men wearing black suits actually happened?

Two men walk into the room.  They are agents w and x.

Agent W: Good morning, did you sleeping well?
Mara: Where am I?
Agent X: You are at our base of operations.
Mara: But where is that?
Agent W: That isn’t important, and besides we will be asking you all the questions.  First question, why did that alien come to our planet?
Mara: …….
Agent W: Please answer the question!
Mara: …….
Agent X: We are not going to ask again! Why did the alien come to this planet?
Mara: (sarcastically) To gamble!
Agent W walks over to Mara and slaps her straight across the face with great force.
Agent W: Bitch! Tells us what we need to know.  If you aren’t going to tells us why the alien came to the planet, and then tells us about the necklace.
Mara: I don’t know what you are talking about.
Agent W: That necklace seems to be important, so tells us what is so special about it.
Mara: It was a gift, and nothing more.
Agent X: Who gave it to you?
Mara: I received it from my grandmother in her will.
Agent X: That is a load of crap.  There is no way that the necklace is from this planet.  No one on earth could make one like that. Also it seems to be magically glued to your neck.  With that in mind, how did you get it and what is it for?
Mara: ……
Agent X: Bitch! Answer me!
Agent W: let us get our specialist in to handle her.

They all sit in the room waiting for a few minutes.  Then the door opens, and another man wearing a black suit comes in.  There is a huge difference with this man; he is much taller than the other two and he has huge muscles.

Agent W: This is agent Z and he will be joining us for the rest of the interrogation.  Say hi agent Z
Agent Z: (grunts)
Agents W: Now tell our friend here about the necklace Mara.
Mara: ………
Agent W: Agent Z please show our guest what happens when they don’t answer us.

Agent Z walks over to Mara and punches her in the stomach.  Then he slaps across the face.

Agent W: Now are you ready to talk?
Mara: …….
Agent W: Agent Z teach her another lesson.

Agent Z walks over to Mara again and punches her a couple of time, once in the stomach, once in the ribs, and once in the face.

Agent W: Now tells us about the necklace.
Mara: Fine. It was given to me by an alien, and it is supposed to hold her powers.  I was given the task of finding someone to inherit the powers.
Agent W: thanks for the info, now give us the necklace and we will let you go.
Mara: No!  I must protect it!
Agent X: Well we will take it, because we need that power.
Mara: No!  You can just go f!!!! yourself

Agent Z walks over to Mara, and punches her so hard in the face she is knocked unconscious.

Agent W: Oh well, we can just come back later when she is ready.
Agent Z: (in a deep voice) She annoyed me and she needed to be silenced.

What is going on? It seems that these men wearing black suits don’t have Mara’s best interest in mind.  Also they now know about the secret of the necklace, and they won’t it for their own desires.  Mara has barely survived the first part of this investigation, which means she might not be able to live through the next part.  You will just have to wait, because she has been knocked out by the mysterious agent Z.  Find out next time on Dragon Soul if she lives or dies at these men’s hands, or if she can find a way to get out of here so she can find the one who is to inherit the powers of the dragon soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 14th 2012, 5:51 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 04
From Out of the Past

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara woke up in a facility, and had not remembered how it happened.  Then she remembered all that happened, and was worried about being taken by mysterious men wearing black suits.  They began to interrogate her about the alien, which we know to be named Aurora.  After many failed attempts by agents w and x to get information out of Mara, they bring in a new man named agent Z.  He is big and muscular.  Agent Z beats Mara up a bit, and she finally tells them about the power that lies in the necklace and her mission.  They tried to take it from her and after she refused agent Z knocked her out.  Now it is time to see what happens next.
Opening Theme:

We see Agent Z knocking out Mara and the agents leave.  We now see her laying her bed.  She wakes up and gets out of bed.

Mara: That really hurt; he didn’t have to hit so hard.
Aurora: You were being difficult and they felt the need to shut you up.
Mara: What! Aurora is that you?
Aurora: Yes.
Mara: I thought you were dead.
Aurora: I am.
Mara: Then how are you here?
Aurora: That is because this is a dream.  I am here to tell you something important.
Mara: What is it?
Aurora: You are doing great, but you must get out and find the one.
Mara: I am trapped, and those guys won’t let me go.
Aurora: You are the protector of the dragon soul.  You do have abilities as its protector.
Mara: What are they and how come I couldn’t use them yet?
Aurora: Because you might have a strong will, but you are denying your true self.
Mara: What do you mean?
Aurora: It would be easier to show you.

Aurora raises her arm and a light shines brightly.  It is so bright that nothing can be seen.  The light disappears and we can see that both Aurora and Mara are standing in front of a school.

Aurora: Do you know where we are?
Mara: I do, this is where I went to grade school.  I will never forget my years at Cardinal Ransom Academy.  Why have you brought me here?
Aurora: I am trying to show you that you are inspired to help me, but you forgot what you really care about.  That suppression of your memories and feelings is what is causing your lack of heart which in turn has prevented you from accessing the powers given to those who protect a warrior soul.  Now look at what is happening.

We see a bunch of little kids playing.  There are four of them.  They are all girls.  We see one has blonde hair and blue eyes.  She seems to be having an argument with a girl with black hair and dark brown eyes.  A girl with red hair and green eyes is trying to stop them from fighting.  The fourth girl has dirty blonde hair, and black eyes.

Mara: That is me and my friends on our first day of kindergarten.  I was fighting with these two girls because they pushed me down.  I was lonely until I realized that my best friend in the whole world had come to the same school.  Her name was Kai.  I haven’t thought about her in years.
Aurora: Why is that?
Mara:  Because something happened a long time ago that changed our lives forever.  After that day all four of us became friends.
Aurora: Don’t change the subject; you began to talk about something that happened.
Mara: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Aurora: Don’t lie to me.
Mara: Okay. Kai, Megan, Jennifer, and I became great friends.  We did everything together.  We played together, we went to school together, and we were the best of friends.  That was until one fateful day in high school.
Aurora: What could have happened to such a great group of friends?
Mara: It is too painful to talk about.
Aurora: You must or else you will never be able to unlock your true potential.
Mara: I can never forget that day, so can you please bring me to that day.
Aurora: Sure.

Aurora raises her arm once again and the same familiar light from before that is too bright to see anything else.  The light disappears and we see Aurora and Mara standing in front of a high school.

Aurora: Where is this place that you have made me take us?
Mara: I asked you to bring us to my high school.  It is here that the worst day of my life had happened.
Aurora: What happened that was so terrible?
Mara: This was the day that my life was ruined.  It brings me such pain to remember this day.
Aurora: Just stop dodging the subject!  Just tell me what happened!
Mara: On this day, my parents died and on this day I was betrayed by a close friend.
Aurora: Tell me more.
Mara: It will be better to show you.  Let’s go, and I will show you what went so wrong that it permanently scarred me for life.

After being knocked out by Agent Z, Mara has a dream in which Aurora appears to her.  She has brought an important message, stop suppressing your emotions and your memories or you will never be able to find the chosen one.  Then Aurora brought Mara back to her grade school where we met a friend of Mara’s that we don’t know anything about.  We saw the day that Mara and her best friend Kai met Jennifer and Megan.  Also we found out that something happened in her high school years that destroyed their friendship.  Also we found out that on the same day that this event happened, Mara’s parents died.  Find out what happens next time on Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 16th 2012, 2:40 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 05
The Tragedy

Last time on Dragon Soul, Aurora came to Mara in a dream.  She came with a message.  She stated that if Mara doesn’t stop suppressing her true self then she will never be able to access her abilities as the protector of the dragon soul.  After Mara refused to change, Aurora brought her to the day that she met her friends, Megan and Jennifer.  We also learned about a new yet old friend, Kai.  This still didn’t help, so now she is forced to re-live the most painful day in her life.
Opening Theme:

We now see Aurora and Mara observing a group of teenagers, and they seem to be the teenage Mara, Kai, Megan, Jennifer.  They seem to be just getting out of school.

Kai: Mara, have you made any plans for senior week yet?
Mara: No, I have been so busy lately.
Megan: (sarcastically) Yeah partying.
Jennifer: All you do on the weekends is blow us off and go party with the cool kids.
Kai: We don’t like you hanging out with those people.  They aren’t really your friends.  All they do is party and do drugs.
Mara: No they don’t.
Jennifer: Anyway, what are you doing this weekend?
Megan: I am going to see a movie.
Kai: I am going to the mall to shop for a dress to wear to graduation.
Jennifer: I need to do that also, so I will join you.
Mara: I am having some of the cool kids over my house Saturday evening.
Kai, Megan, Jennifer: Come on!  What haven’t you been listening to what we have been telling you?
Mara: Don’t worry about it.  My parents are going out to dinner, and we will only be using the basement.  Also after the party, I plan to stop hanging with them.

[i]Mara runs off to her house to get ready for the party.

Kai: We have to do something, about this.  I have an idea.

Few days pass, and now it is Saturday night.  We see a bunch of people going into Mara’s house.  They are all heading to the basement to enjoy Mara’s party.  They start the music, and they start to dance.  Everyone is having fun.  Then we see what looks to be the coolest kid at the party approach Mara.

Mara: Hi Joseph.
Joseph: Just call me Joe.
Mara: OK.
Joseph: Would you like to join us for some relaxing?
Mara: Sure.

We see Mara and Joe go over to a group of kids that are formed into a circle.  They seem to be using a glass type item with hoses coming out of it.

Mara: What is that?
Joe: It is a hookah.  Please try it.
Mara: Sure.

We move our view to a house down the block.  Inside we see Kai, Jennifer, and Megan.

Megan: So the plan is to set off this sink bomb, right?
Jennifer: We are doing this to get them all to leave before anything bad happens right?
Kai: Yes.  I will go in alone to make it easier to sneak in ok.
Megan and Jennifer: Right.

Kai leaves the house and walks over to Mara’s house.  She sneaks in the back door.  She brings the stink bomb and places it over near the entrance to the basement.  She quietly opens the door and throws the activated stink bomb down the steps.  It goes off with no problems.  We change our view again and we see a car pull up to the house.  A man and a woman exit the vehicle

Man: I apologize for forgetting to make a reservation honey.
Woman: Well next time you will know better.  Now let us go inside and spend the rest of the night with Mara, our daughter.

We change view again to see Kai in the kitchen.  She is notices that someone has pulled up.  She freaks and runs towards the back door.  Her shirt gets caught on the stove, and after a little tug she gets free.  She exits the house.  Mara’s parents walk in through the front door.

Woman: What is that smell?
Man: it seems to be coming from the kitchen.

Mara’s parents walk into the kitchen to see what was going on.  We now have a view of the basement.

Mara: What is that horrible smell?
Joe: Don’t worry we will light this up and begin.

Joe lights up the hookah.  As soon as he does this a huge explosive goes off, with an even bigger one going off in the kitchen.  Kai turns around.


Megan and Jennifer are seen in front of the house.

Megan: What did Kai do?

Wow!  A lot has just gone down.  We found out that Mara, during her senior year in high school, started to get in with the wrong crowd.  Kai, Megan, and Jennifer were worried about her, so they decided to ruin the party before anything bad could happen.  Kai went over to Mara’s house to set off a stink bomb, but then the house exploded with all the party guests and Mara’s parents inside.  Find out what happens next time on Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 17th 2012, 6:01 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 06
Pain and Forgiveness

Last time on Dragon Soul, we got to see Mara, Kai, Megan, and Jennifer as teenagers.  Megan, Jennifer, and Kai were worried about Mara because she had gotten in with the wrong crowd.  Mara was going to have a secret party at her house in the basement while her parents went out to dinner.  To prevent anything bad from happening to Mara, her friends made a stink bomb that was supposed to drive everyone away.  Kai went deliver the bomb, but an explosion happened when Joe used a lighter.  Now see what happens next on Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Aurora: What happened next?
Mara: Well I was in a comma for a month.  Then upon waking my friends had to tell me what happened.

The space around Aurora and Mara fast forward to a month later.  We can see Mara in a hospital bed, and we can see her friends, Megan and Jennifer, standing by her bedside.  Mara wakes up.

Mara: Where am I?
Megan: You are in the hospital.
Mara: Why am I in the hospital?

Jennifer and Megan explain the whole story.  They told her about the explosion and the death of her parents.  They also told her about their involvement in the incident.  After completing their story, Mara asks to have a few moments alone.

Mara: (sobbing) Why me?  Why me?  It is my entire fault! If I would have just listened to my friends none of this would have happened.

Mara continues crying for a little while.


Megan and Jennifer hear her saying this, and motion to enter the room.  Mara turns her head and sees them standing there.

Megan: Before you say anything we did hear what you said about Kai.
Jennifer: You shouldn't blame her, because it was an accident.  I wouldn't blame you for not speaking to any of us ever again.
Mara: No!  Kai was the one who caused the explosion and not you guys.  You are true friends, and friends to the end you will remain.  I forgive your actions, but in truth there isn’t anything to forgive.  You guys didn’t do anything wrong.  I am the one who wronged you guys.

Megan and Jennifer begin to cry, and then they hug Mara.  After an emotional few minutes, we change our view to Aurora and Mara.

Aurora: That was beautiful.
Mara: It is not over yet.  We are in the final act, and it is time for the final scene.

The space around them warps, and fast forwards another few months.  We are now in a jail’s visitor room.  The door opens and Mara walks through.  After waiting a few moments, Kai is brought in, and she is seated in front of Mara.  They have a stare down few about a minute or so.  Then they each pick up the phone.

Kai: I would never expect you to visit me.
Mara: Well I felt that it was needed.
Kai: I just want to say that it was an accident.  I didn't mean to kill your parents and destroy your house.

There is silence in the room. Kai doesn't know what to say.

Kai: I was only thinking of you.
Mara: To hell you were!  You were really thinking of yourself.  I know how jealous of me you have gotten in these past few years.  You wanted a way to bring me down to your level, so that you could be above me.  I am right aren’t I?
Kai: NO!  I would never do such a thing!
Mara: You took it too far, and now you will pay the price for it.  You are now going to spend the rest of your life in here.  On top of it all, you can spend that time contemplating the idea that you betrayed your former best friend, and that she will never forgive you for what you have done.  Now waste away you bitch, and I hope hell has fun torturing you for all eternity.
Kai: Well! I guess there is no convincing you.

Mara hangs up the phone.  Kai Hangs up her phone and walks away in disappointment.  The scene goes black, and all we can see is Aurora and Mara.

Aurora: I cannot believe my eyes.  That is the self that you have been using since that day.  You have been covering it up with smiles and laughter.  You need to forgive her.
Mara: Why the hell should I?
Aurora: Because it was an accident!  That is why.  You need to remember that she was only looking out for you, and now you need to take that thought and forgive her.  It is the reason why your true self is hidden.  The power of the protector uses your flow of energy, and like a river your energy can get blocked.  Yours is blocked by anger and guilt.  So to access your power, you must not only forgive Kai, but yourself.

Mara is quiet.  She is contemplating this for a while.

Mara: It was my fault that the situation came up, and it really was not Kai’s fault.  When I said to her that I couldn’t forgive her, I was really saying that I couldn’t forgive myself for what happened, but now I know better.  From now on, I will live life to the fullest, and stand by my friends till the end of time.
Aurora: Good then my work here is done.  Goodbye for now Mara.

Aurora’s voice seems to be drifting farther and farther away.  Then she disappears completely.

Mara: Thank you Aurora.  I hope to see you again someday.

She closes her eyes, and then opens them again.  When she opens them, we are back in the interrogation room.  We see Agents W, X, and Z, and they seem angry.

Agent W: Are you ready to give up the necklace now?
Mara: Not on your life.  I would rather die than give it to you idiots.
Agent Z: (in a deep voice) I am glad that you said that.

Now Mara has relived the most painful time in her life.  She faced her fear, anger, and guilt.  We learned that she never held any resent for Megan and Jennifer.  She blamed Kai for what happened.  Then after recovering from her injuries, she visited Kai in jail.  Aurora told Mara that she must forgive and forget in order to unblock her flow of energy, so that she could use her powers as the protector.  Now that she is awake, she is ready to face the men in black suits head on.  Find out what happens next, on the next Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 19th 2012, 7:12 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 07
New Resolve

Last time on Dragon Soul, we got to look into Mara’s past again.  This time to see what happened after her house exploded.  She was in a coma for a month.  Upon waking, she had an emotional talk with her friends, Megan and Jennifer. Later we saw her visit Kai in jail.  Aurora then explained that the guilt and anger from this event has blocked her flow of energy.  Aurora finally convinced her to forgive and forget.  Mara woke up ready to take on the men wearing black suits.
Opening Theme:

Mara: I would rather die than give the necklace to you fools.
Agent Z: (in a deep voice) I am glad to hear it.

Agent Z goes up to Mara and punches her several times all over her.  He did so with greater force then before.  After finishing, He felt happy, yet, when he looked at Mara, she showed little signs of damage.

Mara: That hurt you know.
Agent Z: Well it seems you can actually take a beating.
Agent W: Now give us the necklace.
Mara: Nope.
Agent X: Don’t mess with us!  We….
Mara: That is where I will stop you.  Before you continue, I want to tell you that I will not do anything you say until you answer my questions.  Who are you people, and what do you want with the power in the necklace?
Agent X: How dare you demand anything from us!
Agent W: Don’t worry; I think we could do her this last favor.  First off we are a secret organization that deals with alien activity.  We are called the alien landings investigation and enforcement national systems, or ALIENS, for short.  As for the powers in the necklace, we want to see what their capabilities are and to see how they can help us further our control over this country.
Mara: Well thanks for the info, and now I will repay you with some information.  The reason that the alien ended up on our planet was because of a series of events that started with her being pursued.  Now as for the pursuer, that being should be on earth soon.  Finally, you guys have two choices.  One, keep me here and try to get the necklace from me, and then the alien will come to destroy the planet unopposed.  Two, you let me go, I can find the person worthy to receive the powers, they can use those powers to save us, and then I wouldn’t have to hurt anyone.

Upon saying this, Agent Z gets very angry and unleashes a fury of punches on Mara.  Both Agents W and X try to stop him, but they cannot.  Finally, Agent Z stops.  Mara looks beat up, but it is not too bad.

Agent Z: Now you made me angry!

Mara breaks out of her chair.

Agent W: Don’t do this in here.
Agent X: How could she escape from those bindings?  They were unbreakable.
Agent Z: Enough talk! Let’s fight!

Agent Z charges Mara and goes for a big punch.  Mara blocks with everything she has, but she is still knocked back.  Then he follows up with a knee to the gut.  Mara stumbles a little and brushes off some blood from her mouth.

Mara: That was good.  Now it is my turn.

Mara unleashes a fury of punches at Agent Z.  Agent Z blocks all of the punches, and he elbows her in the face.  While this is happening, she knees him in the gut, and after that, she roundhouse kicks him to the ribs.  He bends over and grabs his abdomen in pain.

Mara: (surprised) how the hell did I do that?  Since when can I do those moves?  Well I guess this is the power of the protector.

Agent Z stands up and runs towards Mara.  He goes for a punch to the head, but it gets blocked.  He tries to kick her while she is blocking his punches, but she stops it with her knee.  They back off from each other, and begin to pant.  

Agent Z: You are good.  Where did you learn to fight like that?
Mara: I wasn’t taught how to fight.  It just came to me now.
Agent Z: That is impossible.  I spent many years training just so I could join ALIENS, and then I spent many years more training just to get as high up as I am.  Now die!

Agent Z goes to kick Mara and then as she dodges it, he punches her in the gut.  Then he grabs her and head-butts her.  After that, he throws her across the room at the wall.  He rams into her, and throws her on the floor.  She stands up and brushes off herself.

Mara: That hurt a lot.  You really have been working hard.  I guess that I will have to work harder to win this fight.
Agent Z: Don’t think you can win this fight.  I am a true fighter, and you are just a little girl, who is way over her head.
Mara: I will not lose!

Mara starts to get really mad.  She starts to yell real loud, and then the air in the room gets really thick.  A white aura starts to form around her.  After that, she charges at Agent Z and punches him in the gut.  Then she knees him in the chin and hammers his head into the ground.  Next she elbow drops him in the spine.  He gets up slowly, and goes to trip her.  She falls to the ground; he picks her up and stretches her across his shoulders.  She screams out in pain, and it gets so loud that the other agents have to cover their ears.  A tear is seen coming from her eye.

Mara: (crying) I can’t give up! I MUST GET OUT OF HERE!

Mara’s cry is heard all across the facility.  Then a light is comes from out of the necklace.

Agent Z: What is going on?

The light engulfs everyone.  Then the light disappears and Mara is gone.

Agent Z: Where did she go?

Mara wakes up from her dream and continues with the interrogation.  This time she has a new resolve, and she decides to pick a fight with Agent Z.  During the fight, she displayed skills that she never had before.  The fight was back and forth, but Agent Z took complete control.  He was about to break her in half when the necklace glowed and she disappeared.  See what happens next time on Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 23rd 2012, 8:04 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 08
The Truth

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara woke up from her dream.  She fought Agent Z, and then she disappeared in a flash of light.  Find out what happens next on today's chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We see a room with a bunch of people, and a bright light shines.  When the light goes out, there is one less person.  We can now see that they are the agents from ALIENS.

Agent Z: Where did she go?

Now we change view to the crater on the cliff.  It is still hot from the space pod’s impact.  A bright light shines out from nowhere, and Mara appears from it.

Mara: How did I get here?

She looks around for a bit, and then she gets up.

Mara: This crater seems bigger during the day.  I must get back to the room, because my friends must be worried sick.  How can I get out of this crater?

She closes her eyes, and she thinks for a moment.  Then as if she had always known, she begins to swell her energy inside of her.  Next, she focuses it down, and she begins to float.

Mara: How am I doing this?  I am doing what I think I am doing?  Well there is only one way to find out.

She pushes herself up with her energy and she floats higher and higher.

Mara: Wow this is great!  I wonder what other powers I have now.  It doesn’t matter; I have to get back to my friends.  Then I have to start looking for the person worthy of the dragon soul.

She flies off towards town in a haphazard manner.  This is due to the fact that she hasn’t had any proper flight training.  She approaches what looks to be a hotel.  She lands on top of it, and then she goes inside.  She takes the elevator down, and after she gets off she heads down the hall.  She stops at a door with the number 13 on it.  She swipes a card and the door opens.

Mara: Good.  It sounds like they are still asleep.

Mara quietly walks to her room to get changed.  Unfortunately when she opens the door, her friends are standing there; they look very angry and worried.

Mara: Hey guys! How are you? I thought you guys were asleep.
Megan: Where have you been?
Jennifer: Did you pass out on the cliff, and then get lost when you woke up?
Mara: what do you mean?  I just passed out and woke up this morning.
Megan: That is a lie, because we checked there yesterday.
Mara: What do you mean? We were on the cliff last night.
Jennifer: No we weren’t.  That was two nights ago.
Mara: What!  Really!

Mara sits down on her bed and thinks for a few moments.  She signals them to wait outside for a little bit.  As soon as they leave, she lies back on her bed, and she has a troubled look on her face.

Mara: What I am I going to do?  I cannot really tell them the truth.  I don’t want to get them involved.  I don’t want them to get hurt.  But on the other hand, I will need their help in finding the person who is worthy of the dragon soul.

Mara continues to argue with herself for an hour.  She stands up and starts to pace back and forth.

Mara: I can’t tell them the truth.  I will just lie to them to protect them.

Mara leaves the room, and her friends are waiting outside.  They seem to be anxious to hear what she has to say.

Megan: So tell us, where were you?
Mara: Sorry for making you wait so long.  I needed time to think back through some hazy memories.  I mean come on, I was drunk that night.
Jennifer: Okay, now tell us.
Mara: From what I could remember, I walked from the cliff and further into the desert.  I remember walking into a cave and passing out.  Then I woke up in that cave this morning.
Megan: Okay if that is true, and then show us the cave.
Mara: Why would you need to see the cave?
Jennifer: Because we know you, and we know that you’re lying.
Mara: That is absurd.  What reason do would I have for lying to you guys?
Megan: I thought we agreed to never hide anything from each other.  We agreed after the incident at your house with Kai, so please tells us the truth.

Mara freezes up for a second.  She is shocked to see her friends act this way.  She remembers the extreme that they went to the last time she didn’t do what they asked of her.  She cries a little.

Mara: (crying) I didn’t want to tell you the truth because I didn’t want you guys to get hurt.
Megan: Don’t worry about it.  We are friends and you can tell us anything.  It is only through the truth that we, as your friends, can help you through it.

Mara wipes her eyes dry.  She gains her composer and begins to tell them everything that happened.  After she finishes, her friends laugh for they think she is still lying.

Jennifer: Come on, I know you were drunk and you are probably still hung over, but please don’t make up any more stories.
Megan: Yeah, like there are aliens and necklaces with powers.
Mara: Then what is this?

She shows them the necklace.

Megan: That is something you r must have bought at a gift shop.

Mara gets really angry, and storms off to the balcony.  She goes onto the balcony, and then she jumps off.  Her friends run over to her thinking she is dead.  Upon getting to the balcony, Mara flies past them several times.  Their mouths drop down in shock.

Megan and Jennifer: SO SHE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH!  We must help her, because as her friends it is our duty to do so.
Mara: I am glad!  Now let the search begin!

Mara was forced to tell the truth to her friends.  After some disbelief, her friends decided to join her in finding the one who is worthy of the dragon soul.  Find out what is in store for our hero and her friends, on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 28th 2012, 12:38 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 09
The Search Begins

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara escaped from the agents of ALIENS.  Upon coming back to her hotel, her friends questioned her.  Now with her friends at her side it is time to begin the search on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Megan: How will we go about searching for this person?
Mara: Well, we need to use my necklace.  The necklace analyzes people’s auras and determines if they are worthy.  So the only thing we can do is walk around.  Also the ALIENS agents will be looking for me, so we are going to hide our search in the seemingly harmless fun of Vegas.
Jennifer: Well we only have four days left, so let us make these days count.

Jennifer, Megan, and Mara get dressed to go out on the town.  They leave the hotel and start their search a restaurant, where they are enjoying breakfast.  Jennifer is seen eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes with bacon, toast, and topped with strawberries and whipped cream.  She puts on the pancakes maple syrup, and digs in with gusto.  Mara is seen eating an omelet, it seems to be filled with spinach and feta cheese and is served with a side of whole wheat toast.  Megan’s plate is empty because she has already finished her meal of steak and eggs.

Mara: Megan, you are such a pig.
Megan: I get hungry when I worry, and you made me worry a lot.
Jennifer: Has the necklace found anyone yet?
Mara: No, the necklace will glow as bright as the sun when it does find someone.
Megan: I did notice a strange group of men who came in during the meal.  They are sitting over there.

They all turn to see what see saw.  We see three men sitting at a table eating breakfast.  They are all wearing Hawaiian shirts and jean shorts.  They seem to be glaring over at the girls’ table every so often.

Mara: They must be ALIENS agents.  Let us get out of here.

They pay the bill and leave the restaurant.  Next they go to see a hypnotist.  The curtain rises and a man wearing a tall hat is seen.

?????: I am the amazing Fernando.

The crowd cheers and Fernando starts his show.

Mara: I haven’t seen a peep out of the necklace.  Have you guys seen any one suspicious?
Megan: No.  How about you Jennifer?

She doesn’t answer, because she is watching the show.  The man is hypnotizing his assistant.  Megan tries to get Jennifer’s attention, but it doesn’t seem to work.  After the trick is over, the magician sends a signal to his assistant.

Fernando: For my next trick, I will need a volunteer.

People raise their hands in an attempt to get picked.  After making them wait a little, He picks a girl in the back.

Fernando: What is your name Miss?
?????: My name is Lucy.
Fernando: Okay Lucy, I am going to hypnotize you.
Lucy: Ok.
Fernando: First I want you to close your eyes. (she closes her eyes) Now I want you to only listen to the sound of my voice.  You are getting sleepy.

He continues with his words, and he makes her think that she is a chicken.  Then he has her making out with herself.  Next he makes her pretend that she is a kid again.  Finally he snaps her out of it and lets her go back to her seat.

Fernando: Wasn’t Lucy such a great sport?

The crowd claps and then Fernando signals for his last trick.

Fernando: For this last trick I will need a new volunteer.

He picks a man sitting in the front.

Fernando: Your name sir?

The man is tall, muscular, and is wearing cargo shorts and a button down black shirt.

?????: My name is Zander.

Megan and Jennifer look over to Mara to see if she is having a good time, but Mara has a look of shock on her face.

Megan: What is wrong, Mara?
Mara: I will never forget that face.
Jennifer: Who is it?
Mara: That is Agent Z, it was hard to recognize him in those cloths and without his black glasses.  We need to get out of here.

They get up to leave, when Fernando stops them.

Fernando: It looks like we have two more volunteers.

Fernando is pointing at Megan and Jennifer.  Megan and Jennifer go up on stage, while Mara watches in despair.

Fernando: This trick will involve questions, so my assistant will take the volunteers in the back and inform them about what is going on.

Megan, Jennifer, and Agent Z are lead into the back.  While this happening, Fernando is talking to the audience.  Then a noise is heard and the assistant comes out running.

Assistant: The man took the two girls!
Mara: WHAT! I have to hurry.

What started as a day of fun that was intended to disguise their search for the one who is worthy of the dragon soul is now a race to save Megan and Jennifer from Agent Z.  Find out what happens next time on Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 2nd 2012, 9:49 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 10
Find Agent Z

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and her friends went around town to begin their search.  They were followed the entire day, and to top it off Megan and Jennifer have been kidnapped.  Now find out what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Assistant: The man took the two girls.
Mara: I have to hurry and save them.

The crowd is in an uproar, and they are all running out scared.  Mara runs onto the stage and heads into the back.  She sees the back door has been knocked down.  She runs through and upon reaching outside she sees her friends being put into a truck.  The truck drives away, and Mara chases after it.  Unfortunately, she can’t catch up on foot so she takes to the air in search of the truck.  Then Mara spots the truck going towards the interstate, and it leads towards the outskirts of town.

Mara: Where are they going?  I guess they plan to take her to their base, where they held me and Aurora.  I need to speed up, but I am still not use to flying yet.

Mara still tries to catch up, but the truck is getting farther and farther away.  The sun is beginning to go down, and Mara sees the ALIENS compound is starting to come into view.  The truck enters the compound, and Mara lands on a cliff near the entrance.  She sneaks around to the back of the compound.  She sneaks into the back and she starts to make her way through the compound.  Then she comes to a big building, it was the one she was held in.  She not knowing that goes in through a side door.  She climbs down the stairs, and after a while she reaches the bottom.  She carefully opens the door, keeping an eye out for any agents.  She looks around in the room and nobody is there.

Mara: Where is everybody? Last time I was here the place was filled with agents.

Mara turns around, and an agent is standing there.  He attacks her, but she dodges.  She then punches him in the face and he falls down.  He struggles to get up, and he opens up a hidden panel on the wall.  He pushes the button that has been revealed.  When he pushes it, an alarm is sounded.

Mara: Shit! I have to get out of here.

But before she makes a move a bunch of agents show up.  They start to attack her.  She dodges some of the attacks, but she gets hit by a lot of them.  She goes and starts to rapidly punch the agents, and many of them go down.  Then in the background, you can see one of the agents go to the other side of the room.  He goes and reveals another panel, and under this one is a switch.  He pulls the switch, and a big cage falls on Mara.  She tries to escape, but she can’t get out.  Then another man walks in, but he is different.  The other agents seem to be happy with him around, and he seems to be their superior.

????: Well, well.  It is nice to see that you have come to us this time.  You have saved us the trouble of finding you.
Mara: And who might you be?
????: I am Agent V.
Mara: (sarcastically) Well nice to meet you Agent V.  Not!  Now let me out of here1
Agent V: I don’t think so.  You see we still need that necklace of yours.

Agent V goes to grab the necklace, but Mara steps back.  Then he snaps hi fingers, and then the cage starts to electrocute her.


She is rolling around in pain.  Then she tries to stand, but has some difficulty.  Then she holds out her hands to try and grab the bars.

Mara: (while in severe pain) I need to break out!

She is getting angry, and her aura begins to show again.  Unfortunately, Agent V increases the voltage, and her aura goes down again.  She focuses on raising her aura so she can reach the bars.  She focuses so hard that her aura begins to collect in her hands.  Then with an angry yell she unleashes her aura.  The aura shoots out from her hands in a beam, and the cage is completely destroyed.

Mara: How did I do that?
Agent V: What was that?  It doesn’t matter.  We cannot let her escape.

He tells the agents to go and subdue her.

Mara: I don’t know what that was, but I will try it again.

She aims her arms at the agents and focuses her aura.  Then she unleashes it on them, and the beam blows them all away.  When the smoke clears only Agent V and Mara are standing.

Mara: Now that I have defeated your men tell me where my friends are.
Agent V: They are with Agent Z, but I will not allow you to get to him.
Mara: I will go through you if I have to.
Agent V: It isn’t a question of if you have to, but you must go through me.  I am an elite agent, and I will not waver.
Mara: If you’re an elite agent, then tell me how many others are there?
Agent V: Well there are four.  There are Agents V, W, X, and Y.
Mara: What about Agent Z? I fought him and he seems to be better then all of you.
Agent V: That is because he is our leader.
Mara: Why did you have to kidnap my friends? You obviously had me surrounded in town.  Why didn’t you just nab me then?
Agent V: Because we didn’t want you to try and get away, especially now that you are beginning to use the powers of the necklace.  We needed an easy way to get you to come to us.  Now come with me, or I will have your friends killed.

Mara pauses for a moment to think about her choices.  On one hand, she could sacrifice herself to save her friends by giving in to their demands.  On the other hand, she could try to force her way through, and risk her friends getting hurt.  She contemplates her choices for a long time.

Mara: I have made my decision.
Agent V: Well?
Mara: I will go with you quietly, but only if you promise to free my friends.
Agent V: Sure.

Agent V goes over to Mara to put her in cuffs, but when he gets to her, she attacks him.

Mara: Like I would really surrender to you, shitheads.
Agent V: That was a big mistake!

Mara followed a truck carrying her friends to the ALIENS compound.  After escaping from a cage and fighting off some minor agents, she finally makes her move to begin fighting with Agent V.  Now can she defeat Agent V and find her friends, before they are killed.  Find out next time on Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 3rd 2012, 7:23 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 11
Flashes of V

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara chased after her friends who had been captured by Agent Z.  The chased had led her to the ALIENS compound.  Now she is preparing to fight Agent V.  Find out how it turns out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Agent V: That was a big mistake.  Now I am going to have to kill you.
Mara: I would to see you try.  Come at me with all you got.
Agent V: You can’t handle my all, but I will kill you.

Agent V charges Mara, and she charges at him.  They slam into each other, and then he grabs her by the leg.  Then he pulls her back, and he punches her in the gut.  She quickly counters with a sweeping kick which knocks him to the ground.  Next she slams her leg down on his chest.  He gets up and seems to be out of breath.

Agent V: (panting) That was impressive, but it is time to stop playing around. (catches his breath) You only winded me, so don’t get any ideas in your head about beating me.  You didn’t even hurt me that much.
Mara: Well I am just getting started.

Mara attacks with a fury of blows, but Agent V blocks them all.

Mara: What speed!  I couldn’t even land a single hit.
Agent V: That is because I am an elite agent.  Each of the elite agents has special skills.  Mine is speed.

Agent V runs towards Mara, and before she could intercept him, he disappears.  He then reappears behind her, and punches her in the spine.  She falls to the ground, and has trouble getting back up.  While she is down, he runs over to her and does a running knee to the face.  After that we can see that her face is covered in blood.

Mara: I will make you pay for that.
Agent V: Now who are you talking to?  I am right here and you can’t even touch me.
Mara: We’ll see about that.

Mara charges at Agent V.  She tries to fake a punch, and then go for a kick.  He grabs her fist, and manages to block her kick.  He then elbows her in the chest, and follows up with an uppercut.  This causes her to be sent flying backwards, but she manages to stop herself before hitting the wall.  She then proceeds to fly around the room in order to move faster.  Unfortunately, He is still too fast for her, and he manages to use his speed to jump really high.  He grabs her, and begins to let loose a series of punches and kicks.  She falls to the ground, and many bruises can be seen all over her.

Mara: (writhing in pain) I need to do some damage to him, but he is too fast.  I will try to shoot at him, because maybe that will work.

Mara begins to focus her aura in her hands, and she fires them at Agent V.  He has no trouble dodging them, but then suddenly one of the blasts hit him.  He is seen holding his arm, which is bleeding.

Agent V: Good shot, but then again it was only beginner’s luck.
Mara: It won’t be beginner’s luck when I keep hitting you.

She begins to blast again, and this time with more power and speed.  Agent V is dodging them well, but he then gets hit in the stomach.  He has to stop to ascertain his injuries.  Mara takes this opportunity to run in for a clothesline, and this is done with great force.  In fact it seems to have nearly knocked his head off, but he still gets up.  He starts attacking again, but he seems to be hurt.  Now he is slower, and Mara takes advantage of this.  She does so by rapidly punching and kicking him.  He now can barely doge any of them.

Mara: How do you like that?  You are losing give up now, or be defeated.
Agent V: I will not surrender to the likes of you.  Now is time for my full power.
Mara: What does he mean full power?

Agent V’s body begins to vibrate at incredible speed, and then he disappears.  Next thing she knows, a bunch of flashes is seen going back and forth across her whole body.  Then he reappears, and upon this happening many cuts appear across Mara.  Blood is seen coming out of every part of her body.  She falls to the ground in pain, but he won’t let her get a moment’s rest.  He goes over to her and knees her in the face.  He follows up with a roundhouse kick to the shoulder.  He then picks her up, and throws her into the air.  As she falls, he is punching her extremely fast, and when she reaches the ground, he does a pile driver into her stomach.

Agent V: Now do you understand how power I am, and how useless it is to keep fighting?
Mara: That last attack might have hurt, but it was because you have been hitting the same spot.
Agent V: What do you mean?
Mara: What I mean is that you might be fast, but you are weak.  Not a single blow that you have dealt to me has been major.  These injuries will heal quickly.  The injuries that I will inflict on you will not only be everlasting, but you will not live to see them heal one bit.
Agent V: Come at me, BITCH!

They both start punching at each other with great fury.  They both land many hits on each other, but neither seems to be wavering from their desire to kill the other one.  Mara uppercuts Agent V, and then she knees him several times in the gut.  Next she throws him up in the air.  She goes to the other side of the room, and begins to run towards where he is falling.  Before he can hit the ground, she spears him in the ribs, and they both go through the wall.  The entire wall collapses on them.  The smoke clears, and Mara is seen getting up out of the ruble.

Mara: That is how you get it done.
The necklace glows, and Mara’s injuries seem to heal a little.
Mara: Great! Now I can move on in search of my friends.

She takes the hallway that is through the door on the other side of the room.  She heads left, and she follows it for a while.  Then it opens up into a large room.  This room seems to be a body builder’s weight room.http://nicktumminello.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/weight-room.jpg

Mara: Who would train in here?
????: That would be me.
Mara: Nice to see you again, Agent W.
Agent W: You might have gotten pass Agent V, but I will not go down so easily.
Mara: Let’s get this over with.
Agent W: You can’t beat me on my home turf.

Mara had trouble fighting the speedy Agent V, but in the end she managed to win.  Now she has to face Agent W, so what skill does he have.  Find out how she fairs against him on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 5th 2012, 10:56 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 12
Iron Man W

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara battled with Agent V.  She had some trouble dealing with his speed, but she came out on top.  Now she prepares to fight Agent W.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Agent W: You can’t beat me on my home turf.
Mara: Just because you train in here doesn’t mean that it will give you any advantage.  Now taste the power that defeated Agent V.

Mara focuses her aura in her hands and fires at Agent W.  He crosses his arms in front of his chest and blocked the shot.

Agent W: Is that the best you can do?
Mara: No, I was just testing you.  If he could block that with ease then I am in trouble.  Take this!

Mara charges Agent W, and goes for a left hook.  Unfortunately he blocks it, but then she goes to kick him.  He manages to block this as well.  He then throws her back.

Agent W: If this is the best that you can do, then you are not worth my time.  Now I will finish this before I get bored.

He charges at her, and punches her in the gut.  Then he chops the back of her neck.  She falls to the ground, but thankfully she gets back up.

Mara: That was a strong blow; I need to be more careful.

Mara sends a fury of blows his way, but he just blocks them with his arms crossed.  He sees an opening and punches her in the face.  He follows this up with a knee to the jaw. Again she goes down, but this time it takes a little longer to get back up.  Her face is bleeding in several places.

Mara: Based on this fight so far, your skill must be physical strength.
Agent W: Aren’t you the intelligent one.  You are so smart that I should give you a cookie.  Would you like a cookie little girl?
Mara: Don’t mock me with that childish shit.
Agent W: If you want me to treat you more seriously, then fight better.
Mara: I will!

Mara charges at Agent W, and she goes for a left hook again.  This time when he goes to block it, she changes it to a right jab.  She follows this with a left uppercut and an elbow to the ribs.  He seems to not have been affected that much by her attacks.  She goes for a kick, but really goes in for a punch.  He stops both, and tosses her in the air.  She air breaks, but he uses his immense strength to jump up to her.  He is slightly above her, and he pounds her in the back with his hands.  While she is falling, he is falling right behind her ready to knee her in the back as they land.  She hits the ground hard, and is pushed further into the ground by Agent W’s knee.  She spits blood out of her mouth.

Agent W: That is why you are just a kid.  Now stay down like a good little girl, and I won’t have to hurt you.
Mara: (Out of breath) You will not defeat me, and I will never give up no matter what.  You may have injured me, but I can still fight.
Agent W: When will today’s generation learn, that you can never beat your elders.  We are more powerful and more experienced.
Mara: I already told you that no matter what you say, THAT I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!.

Mara attacks with a fury of blows.  Her speed is amazing, and she his hitting him many times.  After this, she does a sweeping kick to make him fall to the ground, but his legs were too strong to push down.  He grabs her by the head and lifts her up.  Then he begins punching her all over while he holds her up.  He stops and then switches to kicks.  After a while, he gets bored of this and decides to deal a finishing knee to the stomach.  When he does this, bones are heard breaking and shattering.  He throws her against the wall and she falls to the ground with a loud thud.

Agent W: Now this battle is over, and you are finished.

He begins walking away, when Mara struggles her way to her feet.

Mara: (struggling to speak) Wait up!  I am not done with you.  This battle is far from over.
Agent W: Just because you have the necklace doesn’t mean you’re protected.  We don’t need you alive to get the necklace, but we would preferred it if you were alive.  We still need more information from you.
Mara: If you still need information from me, then why would you kill me.
Agent W: That is none of your business.  Now be a good little girl and do as we say.
Mara: NEVER!  Now face my wrath!

Mara charges her aura, and focuses it in her hands.  Then she fires it at Agent W, but he just blocks it with the palm of his hand.  Mara looks disappointed, but she continues to fire over and over again.  He just keeps blocking with his one hand.  Then she charges up a huge blast for a while.  She fires it, but it dissipates before it gets too far.

Mara: Why did it do that?
Agent W: That is your body telling you that it is too tired to fight.  Now you can’t go against your body, so just give up.
Mara: I don’t care what happens; I will win.  If my body gives out then I will still go on, and I will keep fighting until I am dead.
Agent W: Well If that is what you think, then who am I to stop you.  Oh yeah, I am the one who will be deliver your death.  Now your wish is my command, and I promise that it will be very painful.

He picks her up, and bear hugs her.  More bones can be heard crushing, and her screams become ear shattering.  Then he jumps in the air, and falls with great force.  Next he slams her into the ground; a big crater is made.  He gets up and picks one of the heavy weights.  He uses it to pound her several times, and blood is seen flying everywhere.

Agent W: (panting) That…should…be…enough. (catches his breath) I guess we will have to just take the necklace from her cold dead body.
Mara: (in a low strained voice) Who’s cold and dead?
Agent W: (surprised) You are still alive!  Well I guess the power of the necklace must be strong to have kept you alive for this long.  Oh well, I guess we can still use you even with all of your injuries. (he pulls out a cell phone) I need a pick up team here right now.  Yeah she is still alive, but she has bad injuries.  That means I will need a medic team as well.
Mara: (in a low painful voice) I need to get out of here.  Please Aurora help me!

Mara’s cry seems to have been heard, because her necklace glows.  She disappears again in this bright light.  Agent W runs over to the crater and sees that it is empty.

Agent W: I can’t believe she got away again.  It doesn’t matter, because she will come back.  We have her friends. (pulls out his phone) She got away again.  Put the prisoners in the special holding cells.  Prepare the compound for her return.  We must be ready, because we can’t let her get away again.  The boss will not accept failure a third time.
Agent Z: That is true, and if it happens again I will hold you responsible for it.
Agent W: Uh, yes sir.  I didn’t know that you were here.
Agent Z: Well I am always near the action.  We cannot wait too much longer, or our plan will fail.  Now get back to the lab, and continue with the experiment.  We cannot forget about it; it is as crucial to our plans as getting that necklace.

The fight with Agent W was disastrous.  Mara was on the brink of death when the light appeared again to save her.  Agent Z appeared to get a hold on the situation.  What are the plans of ALIENS and what are they doing in their lab?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 9th 2012, 1:05 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 13

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara fought Agent W who had great strength.  Unfortunately, she was badly injured, but she still managed to get away with the help of her necklace.  Where did she go, and what is ALIENS planning?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Agent Z: Agent W go back to the lab.  That experiment is as important to our plans as that necklace.
Agent W: Yes sir.

Agent W leaves the room.  We see Agent Z walking to what seems to be his office.  He sits down in his chair and begins looking through some papers.  Then a person comes in with more papers.  He is tall and skinny.  His skin is pale, and his hair is red.  Finally, his hair is long and is kept in a ponytail.

????: Sir the report on Agent V’s fight with the girl.
Agent Z: Good work Agent Y.  I can always count on you.  How is Agent V doing?
Agent Y: He had sustained many injuries.  Our medic team is taking care of him now, but he will be out of commission for a while.
Agent Z: Well at least he is still alive.  I want you to go and make the necessary preparations for her return.  For as long as we have her friends, She will be itching to return.
Agent Y: Yes sir.

We change our view to another room.  In this room there are many desks with one big desk at the front of the room.  There are men sitting at these small desks.  The room seems to have been set up like a classroom.  A few minutes go by and someone walks in.  He is Agent X.  This time you can see him very clearly.  He has short, crew cut, brown hair and tan skin.  He is average height and doesn’t seem to be very muscular, but he is seen carrying a sword.  He walks up to the big desk and puts his sword on the table.  He begins to write on the board.  He writes his name in all capital letters, AGENT X.

Agent X: Good morning new recruits.  My name is Agent X, and I will be your instructor today.  This class is ALIENS 101, and those who don’t know that means this is a beginner’s course.
The students: Yes sir!
Agent X: Now today’s lesson we will begin with a little history.  Now the organization was started about 20 years ago by our leader Agent Z.  He started this organization to investigate alien activity.  Unfortunately, he was ridiculed by his peers.  With no support, his organization was on the brink of failure.  Then as fate would have it, an alien ship crash landed.

One of the students raised his hand.

Agent X: Yes, your name is?
????: My name is Bob.  My question is ALIENS stands for alien landing investigation and enforcement national service, so what was our original purpose.
Agent X: Well our leader wanted to track alien landings.  He wanted to do this so he could find any aliens and study them.  He wanted to learn all he can from them so he could help advance our society.  Unfortunately, people didn’t want to believe his theories.  Now he still wants to do this, but now in order to show everyone how beneficial aliens can be, he plans to use alien knowledge to take over the world.
Bob: Thanks.
Agent X: Now to continue, an alien ship crash landed on earth.  Upon being examined, it was discovered to be a medical/scientific research ship.  In it was the information to help advance humans as a species.  It held ways to alter human DNA.  It could be used to help use be more resistant to disease, and be more powerful.  It could even give us skills that were never possible for one to achieve.

A different student raises his hand.

Agent X: Well how many times will you have to repeat this course, Robert.
Robert: It doesn’t matter, but isn’t this the research what gave the elite agents their powers.
Agent X: I was getting to that, please don’t get ahead of me.  As I was saying, each person would be affected differently by this research.  The boss plus four others volunteered to be treated.  Each of them became what we call elite humans.  Their powers included increased healing capabilities ( which allows for longer youth), tougher bodies, and a special skill.  Each special skill was different for each person, but that is enough for today’s lecture.  Now it is time for today’s assignment.

We change our view at this point to a room with lots of computers and tanks.  With a closer look, you can see that it is a laboratory.  There are several people working, but at the center near the biggest tank we can see Agent W.  He is looking at the computer that is in front of the tank.  We can see some form of creature in the tank.  Our view changes as we get a look at all of the tanks.  Then we stop at one, and in this one we can see what looks to be a human female.  As we get a closer look, we can see that it is Aurora’s body.  One of the workers is working at the computer in front of her tank.

Agent X: What is the progress on the experiment, Agent U?
Agent U: We are 75% completed.
Agent X: Excellent!

The view is changed again.  This time we see what looks to be a dungeon.  There is one big cell, and in it are two people.  They are Megan and Jennifer.  There are only two guards keeping watch.  One is black skinned with short black hair, and the other seems to be older with grayish black hair and is white skinned.

????: I cannot believe with our field records that we got stuck watching a couple of kids.  I mean even you had to do this K.
Agent K: Well, J, you are still a rookie.
Agent J: Really K!  I have been working with you for several years now and you still call me a rookie.  That still doesn’t answer my question.
Agent K: If you really want to know, it is because of our record that allows us to be trusted with such a mission.  Now kid sit back and enjoy.

Agent K puts a tape in a radio.  After he pushes play, Elvis can be heard.

Megan: If you are going to play music, at least play something good.
Agent K: The king is good music; now be quiet or I will have Agent J here shoot you with his special gun.
Agent J: I still don’t know why I have been given this again.

Agent J is holding a very small gun.  It looks like this, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_0TdtycCxOI8/TRqpJBqBkeI/AAAAAAAACIA/CImKyJxfYHs/s1600/MIB.jpeg.

Jennifer: (sarcastically) Megan stop it, because we don’t want to anger the guards.  They might shoot us.
Agent J: Great now even the prisoners are making fun of the gun.

We change view now to Agent Z’s office.  He is working on his computer.  Agent Y walks in.

Agent Y: Sir I am here to deliver a progress report.
Agent Z: Go on.
Agent Y: First, the new aura detectors have been placed around the compound, and are 75% operational.  Second, The experiment is said to be completed and ready for testing tomorrow at noon.  Finally, the prisoners have been put in their special cell.
Agent Z: Good work.  Now my plans are almost complete, and my ultimate weapon is nearly ready.  Now no one can stop me.

We got to spend a day in the ALIENS’s compound.  We learned how and why this organization was formed.  Now we know more about ALIENS and what will be in store for Mara upon her return.  What is this ultimate weapon Agent Z is talking about?  Will Mara be able to rescue her friends and defeat ALIENS?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 12th 2012, 5:57 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 14
Moving Forward

Last time on Dragon Soul, we learned a little bit about ALIENS’s past.  We learned that they are making so kind of powerful weapon, and have prepared themselves for Mara’s return.  Find what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We are looking at the outside of a hospital.  It is Las Vegas General Hospital.  We see an ambulance rush into the emergency parking lot.  They seem to be bringing in a person who is in critical condition.  They take the person into the hospital, while one of them fills out paper work at the desk.  One of the nurses approaches him.

Nurse: So what happened here?  It looks like a bad car accident.
EMT: It wasn’t.  She was found like that.
Nurse: Where?
EMT: On a cliff in a big hole, but thankfully she was found by some hikers.
Nurse: What happened to her?
EMT: Well just from the initial examination, she may have broken every bone in her body.  Some of the fractures have protruded from the skin and are bleeding very badly.  Also on top of external bleeding, she has massive internal bleeding.
Nurse: Do you think that she will make it?
EMT: Well in personal opinion, she won’t last long, but we can try.

A few hours pass, and in our view appears an ICU room.  We can see this girl, and she has many things attached to her.  A nurse walks in to check the machines, and then a doctor walks in.

Doctor: Nurse, how are her vitals?
Nurse: That is the weird part sir, her vitals are normal.  Someone in her condition shouldn’t be as well as she is.
Doctor: I thought you were supposed to remove all clothing and jewelry.  What is that necklace doing on her?
Nurse: Well sir it won’t come off.  We tried everything, but it won’t budge.
Doctor: Someone above must be helping her if she is getting better at this rate.  Even so she probably won’t wake up for another week, but please keep an eye on her.
Nurse: Do we know her name yet?
Doctor: Yes.  The police have found the hotel room that she was staying in.  Her name is Mara.

Two days go by, and like as if it was a miracle Mara wakes up.  The nurse rushes to get the doctor.

Mara: (in a slight daze) Where am I?

The doctor and nurse rush in.  He goes over to check on her.

Doctor: How are you today?
Mara: (still in a slight daze): I don’t know.  Where am I?
Doctor: You are at the Las Vegas General Hospital.
Mara: how long was I out?
Doctor: Only two days, but don’t worry about that just get some rest.  You have been severely injured.

Mara goes back to sleep.  She wakes up several hours later in another room.  She looks around the room, and sees that she doesn’t have as many machines attached to her.  Also there is a nurse changing one of her medicines.

Nurse: Glad to see you are awake.  You have been moved to a regular room.  It really is a miracle that you have come as far as you have in this short amount of time.
Mara: Thanks.

The nurse leaves the room.  Mara is left sitting there thinking to herself.  Then she remembers everything that happened.

Mara: I cannot believe that I got out of there alive.  I need to get stronger or I will not be able to save my friends.  I should leave now, but what would that do.  I would just get beat again.  At the same time I can’t just sit here and do nothing.  I need to keep moving forward.

On the next day, We see Mara is in a wheel chair.  She goes for a short ride around.  She comes by a patient activity center.  She goes in, and sees lots of people doing stuff.  They are talking and playing games.  She goes over to the window, and looks out at the view.

Mara: Every day that I am in here is another day that my friends are in danger.
????: Well someone seems to be gloomy.  You should try to interact with the other patients, and then maybe you will feel better.
She turns around to see a tall man.  He is tan skinned with short brown hair.  He also has a goatee that looks like this, http://www.shavingstuff.com/images/iron-man-site-tony-stark.jpg, but it is brown.  He is wearing long black pants, with white sneakers, and a blue tank top.

Mara: Who are you?
????: My name is Ramsey, and I am a volunteer for the hospital.  I go around and help cheer people up.  I also help with rehab.  My normal job is a personnel trainer.  What is your name?
Mara: My name is Mara.
Ramsey: Would you like to talk?
Mara: No!  I am not in the mood to talk.  I have a lot on my mind.
Ramsey: Well maybe I should tell you more about me first.  I am twenty-three years old, and I am the youngest of three boys.  I also have two sisters.  One is older and the other is younger.  My mom is a third grade teacher, and my dad is a tax accountant.  Now that I have told you more about me, please tell me a little about you.

Mara doesn’t answer him, but she instead just keeps looking out the window.  A few more days go by and everyday Ramsey tries to get Mara to talk to him.  Then one day late at night she is in the center, when he walks in.  They are the only ones in the room.

Ramsey: Please Mara! I just want you to talk to me.
Mara: I will only talk to you if you promise me two things.
Ramsey: Sure, what are they?
Mara: One, I want this to be between us.  Two, I don’t want you to laugh, or disbelieve me when I talk to you.
Ramsey: (raises his left hand and puts his right hand on his heart) I swear.

Mara begins to tell him about herself.  She tells him about her childhood, and pretty much everything up to the beginning of this trip.

Ramsey: Wow! I have never heard such a sad life.  I didn’t hear you say anything unbelievable.
Mara: Well, my story isn’t over yet.

Mara goes on to tell him about everything that has happened since she got into Vegas.  After this he gets up and walks around.  He has a look of disbelief on his face.

Ramsey: Okay, I know I said that I would believe everything you said, but I just don’t.
Mara: Well most people don’t.  I am wearing the necklace from the story.
Ramsey: How is that proof?  If your story is real, then fire your aura.
Mara: I don’t remember how.  I was in a rage, and I was desperate.  Also ever since I woke up in the hospital, I can’t remember how to do any of the stuff I did while I fought the elite agents.
Ramsey: Well isn’t that convenient.  You were probably dreamt it all up.
Mara: No I didn’t, and I can prove it.

She closes her eyes and focuses hard.  Then she begins to float out of her wheelchair.  She hovers for a bit, then she comes down again.

Mara: That was all I could muster.

Ramsey is in shock at the sight of this.  He begins pacing around the room, and he is talking to himself.  Then he stops, because he seems to have come to a decision.

Ramsey: Maybe what you said is true, and if so maybe I will help train you.  If you are lying to me, I will never be able to trust you again.
Mara: That seems fair.  When can we start?
Ramsey: As soon as you are released from the hospital.
Mara: Good.

Mara woke up on the hospital, with many great injuries.  She was thought to be dying, now she has almost recovered.  Even still, she is unhappy and worried about her friends.  Then a man named Ramsey came to cheer her up.  After much disbelief, he has offered to train her.  What will his training be like, and will it be enough to help her save her friends? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 14th 2012, 5:44 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 15
The Eve of Training

Last time on Dragon Soul, we saw Mara's trip to the ER.  She came to the ER in a very bad condition.  It was thought that she would die.  Mara made a miraculous recovery.  As she was getting better she met a man named Ramsey.  Now he is going to train her.  Find out how she does in today’s Chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

A few days have gone by, and Mara has been released from the hospital.  We see her getting into Ramsey’s car.  They drive away, and go to his house.  It is very big, and looks to be a mansion.  It looks like this, http://hookedonhouses.net/wp-content/uploads/2011/03/American-Idol-mansion-in-Beverly-Hills-2011.jpg.  They get out of the car.

Mara: Wow!  This is your place.
Ramsey: Yes.  My parents were rich.
Mara: How could your parents be rich with their jobs?
Ramsey: Well my dad worked at some really big companies, so he got it good.  Then they retired and left me this house.
Mara: Why didn’t they give it to one of your siblings?
Ramsey: Because I was the only one who didn’t have my own place.  I technically rent it, but someday I will own it.  Anyway, let me give you a tour of the place.

He spends the next few hours giving her the tour.  After it is over, he shows her the bedroom that she will be using while she stays here.  It looks like this, http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_98BzaJvEPHs/TJG86KhxPlI/AAAAAAAAA6c/ctBHTJQJefQ/s1600/Master+Bedroom+Suite+Mediterranean+Style.jpg

Ramsey: This will be your room.  It used to be my parents room.  I never use it though.
Mara: It looks amazing.
Ramsey: Well my parents were big fans of Mediterranean architecture.  I am sure you would like to freshen up after staying in a hospital for many days.  Dinner will be served at six o’clock.

He leaves the room, and goes downstairs.  Mara gets herself ready for dinner.  She takes a shower, and spends much time debating on what to wear.  After much debating, she finishes getting dressed, and goes downstairs for dinner.  We change view, and are watching Ramsey in the kitchen cooking dinner.  He puts the food on the table, and stands there awaiting Mara’s arrival.  Few minutes go by, then he can hear her footsteps.  She walks into the room and his mouth drops open at the sight of her beauty.  She has her long blonde hair styled up like this, http://www.womenshairstylesonline.com/Hair/Gallery/Blonde_Formal_Hairstyle_14004.jpg.  She is wearing a short black purple party dress and it looks like this, http://www.womenshairstylesonline.com/Hair/Gallery/Blonde_Formal_Hairstyle_14004.jpg.  Finally, we can see that she is wearing purple high heel boots that look like this, http://ladiespassions.com/albums/userpics/10003/Carvela_Sizzle_Purple_Boots_High_Heel-shoe.jpg.

Ramsey: You look fantastic tonight.
Mara: Thank you.  The food looks good.  What did you make?
Ramsey: This meal was specially made to help your body prepare for training tomorrow.  I made whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce, sweet Italian sausage, meatballs, salad with a light vinaigrette, and garlic bread.  This meal has plenty of vitamins and minerals so eat up there is plenty.
Mara: Thank you.

They begin to eat their meal.  He pours her some wine, and they enjoy some nice conversation.  As the night goes on they begin to have a really great time, so much so that they are even laughing.  The night seems like it will never end.  Then the meal is done, and they have sorbet for dessert.  They continue to have a great time.  Finally, they finish everything and they get up from the table.  She helps him do the dishes, while doing that they begin to joke around.  She throws suds at him and he splashes water on her.  They finish cleaning up, and then they sit down in the living room.  They sit on the couch, and enjoy more wine.

Mara: Thanks for the meal; it was great.
Ramsey: You are welcome, but really it wasn’t a problem.  I was glad to do it.
Mara: I know, but still I want to thank you.  What kind of training am I going to do?
Ramsey: Well that is a secret, but I can tell you that I will have to see what you can do first.  That way I know where you are and what you can do to move forward.
Mara: Well I have to work hard and fast, because my friends are in danger.  I don’t want them to get hurt.
Ramsey: If they wanted to hurt them, they would have already, so stop worrying and enjoy the evening.  Now I believe that we need more wine.

He gets up and goes into the kitchen.  Mara is left alone in the living room.

Mara: Wow, this night has been great.  I am enjoying having some fun, but I still need to focus on my training.  My friends are very important to me, and I could stand it if anything were to happen to them.

Ramsey walks back with two bottles of wine.

Ramsey: I am out of white wine, but I brought a blush and a red.  Which one would you prefer?
Mara: The blush is fine.

They finish off the night by watching a movie.  It was a comedy.  After it was over, they went to their rooms to get ready for bed.  Ramsey is the first one asleep.  We look in at Mara’s room.  She is sitting on her bed thinking.

Mara: Ramsey might be able to train my physical body, but how can I improve my powers?  If only Aurora was here, then she would be able to tell me.

Mara sits there and thinks for a little bit, then she remembered something.

Mara: She did say that she will always be with me.  Maybe if I meditate, then I could possibly reach her spirit.

Mara begins to meditate.  She tries for a little bit, and then she stops.

Mara: Why does meditating have to be so boring?  Let me try again.

Mara tries to meditate again, and this time so seems to be more focused.  She does this for an hour, and just when it seemed useless Mara gets a response.  She begins to hear Aurora’s voice, but it seems far away.

Aurora: (from a distance) Beware!  Beware!
Mara: What should I beware of?  Are you talking about the elite agents?
Aurora: (from a distance) Beware!  Beware!
Mara: Aurora, please tell me what to beware.  Tell me what is……

Before see can finish her sentence, see seems to have been sent to someplace else.  She seems to be in the desert, and she can see two people fighting.  She can’t make them out, then a huge blast comes out of nowhere.  It hits the two people, and it leaves a big crater.  She turns around to see who did it, and all see can see are two shadows.  The shadows are about to attack her when the scene goes black.  She is back in her room, and she is sweating.

Mara: What was that all about? Who were those people fighting, and what were those things that were attacking?

Mara was finally able to leave the hospital.  Ramsey took her to stay at his house, where they enjoyed a fun evening together.  Before going to bed, Mara tried to contact Aurora’s spirit.  What was her vision trying to tell her?  What sort of danger is she in for?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 18th 2012, 3:05 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 16
The Tests of Skill

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara got out of the hospital.  Mara is staying with Ramsey, but before training began they enjoyed a nice evening together.  Mara had an ominous vision.  What does it mean, and Will her training be successful?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s house, and it is morning.  We see both Mara and Ramsey awaken in their rooms.  Ramsey is the first one done.  He goes down stairs to make breakfast for them both.  Mara comes down in tight training clothes.

Ramsey: Why would someone like you bring clothes like that on vacation?
Mara: Because my friends and I were going to jog in the mornings before breakfast, but that never happened as you can see.
Ramsey: Well it doesn’t matter, but please sit down and enjoy your breakfast.  You need a lot of energy today, because today I will test your skills to see where you stand.  Then I will be able to make a proper training regimen for you.
Mara: Thanks!

They start eating their breakfast.  More enjoyable conversation is seen between them.  After the meal is over, they clean up and go outside to begin the tests.

Ramsey: Before we begin, you will need to warm up so that you can get the best results.

Mara does some warm up exercises with Ramsey.

Ramsey: Good, now the first test will be a test of speed.  I want you to see how fast you can run around my property.  You will start at the front door, where I will be timing you.
Mara: I got it, but how big is your property?
Ramsey: Well since you are running the perimeter, then it will be about five miles.

Mara has a disappointed look on her face.  They get into position.

Ramsey: Ready, Set, Go!

Mara begins to run , while Ramsey starts the timer.  She is running very fast.  We pan out our view in order to see her entire run from above.  We can see that she is moving very fast.  Then we look back at Ramsey.  He is whistling while he waits, then he see her coming.  She makes it to the finish line, and he stops the timer.  He has a surprised look on his face.

Mara: (panting) How was my time?
Ramsey:(in shock) Two and a half minutes!  That is really fast for anyone normal.
Mara: Well I am pretty sure that Agent V is still much faster.  There does seem to be some form of improvement from my fights.
Ramsey: You’re saying that even though you haven’t been fighting for several days that you still improved.
Mara: Yeah.
Ramsey: That’s weird, but we can’t linger on that.  We need to move on to the next test.  Follow me.

He leads her back into the house.  They go into the heart of the house.  After walking for a little bit, they reach a door.  They go in, and inside is a weight room.

Mara: Amazing.  This is the second biggest one that I have seen.
Ramsey: Really!  I always thought that I had the biggest.

Mara snickers a little.

Ramsey: What is the matter?
Mara:(holding back a laugh) Oh it is nothing.
Ramsey: Ok.  Now this will be the test of strength.  There will be a couple of tests because we need to assess each of your muscle groups.
Mara: Sure!

They begin to test her strength.  A training montage is shown of them working on various machines and lifting various sizes of weights.  This song can be heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhlPAj38rHc.  This goes on for a couple of hours.  After they finish, they look tired and very sweaty.
Ramsey: Good work!  I can see that you are truly strong.  Also that means that the agent that beat you must be insanely strong to have beaten you.

Mara: He was no pushover, if that’s what you mean.  I have never been to a gym to train before this.
Ramsey: You did well for your first time.  Now we will take a break for lunch.  After lunch, we will finish up your skill tests.
Mara: I will take a shower first, because I hate to be this smelly for too long.

Mara goes and takes a shower, while Ramsey makes lunch.  After enjoying lunch, they have a short afternoon nap.  Then we see them standing by the pool.

Ramsey: Now your next test will be endurance.  Your first endurance test will be to swim as many laps in the pool as you can without stopping, touching the walls, or touching the bottom of the pool.
Mara’s mouth drops open.
Mara: Are you kidding me?
Ramsey: I thought that you wanted to save your friends.
Mara: I do.
Ramsey: Well then you better get to it.

Mara goes into the pool and begins swimming.  Ramsey pulls up a lounge chair and a TV.  He sits there watching movies and eating popcorn.

Mara: How come you’re just sitting on your butt watching TV?
Ramsey: More swimming and less talking.

Mara grunts and then she goes quiet for a while.  Three hours pass by, and finally she gets too tried to continue.

Mara: (panting) I’m done!
Ramsey: Seriously! (sighs) I was almost done my movie.
Mara: (panting) I just swam for three hours straight, and your complaining about not finishing your movie.
Ramsey: Yes!

Mara storms off to her room, and she looks pissed off.

Ramsey: What? I was only joking about the movie, (in a low voice) somewhat.  Don’t forget to come down for dinner.  Also if you think that today was hard then just wait till tomorrow!

She turns around and gives him the finger.  Then she continues to her room.

Ramsey: I think she might be mad with me.  Oh well!  I guess I should make it up to her at dinner.  I hope that she will be able to handle the training, because if she is already complaining then she might not survive.

Mara spent the day testing her skills.  It started as fun, but she was more than disappointed when it turned serious.  Will she be able to continue training, or will she wimp out?  Can she save her friends or will she be unable to do anything?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 21st 2012, 6:15 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 17
Ramsey’s Training

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara had her tests of skill.  She was happy at first, but Ramsey’s sense of humor got her mad.  Will she be able to suck it up and put 100% into her training?  Can she get strong enough to save her friends? Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We come into view of Mara’s room.  It is still dark out.  We look over at her clock, and it says 5:59 AM.  Then it changes to 6:00 AM.  When this happens, a very loud and annoying horn is sounded.  Ramsey walks in with a big drum and is banging it.  Mara wakes up from a dead sleep, and is extremely confused.

Ramsey: Yes, it is six o’clock in the morning.
Mara: Why did you wake me so early?
Ramsey: We need as many hours in the day as possible to train.  Now get dressed and be downstairs in ten minutes.

He leaves the room.  Mara gets up, and quickly gets dressed for training.  She goes down stairs to see the dining room empty, then she goes into the kitchen.  She sees Ramsey using a blender.

Mara: What’s going on?  Where is breakfast?

Ramsey pours the contents of the blender into a cup.

Ramsey: This is your breakfast.

He hands her the cup.

Mara: What is it?
Ramsey: It is a nutritious breakfast smoothie.  This will proved you with enough energy to begin your day of training.  Now drink up, because we need to get started.

She drinks the smoothie.

Mara: What will I have to do first?
Ramsey: Well for your morning training, you will have to perform twenty laps around the property.
Mara: Rough much!

Mara begins her run.  Ramsey is sitting on the porch reading the paper.  An hour goes by, and Mara finally finishes her laps.

Ramsey: How come you didn’t run the laps?
Mara: It is too early in the morning to run.
Ramsey: Well if you don’t run then you won’t get the best results.  Next you must run as fast as you can from here to the crater and back.
Mara: Are you kidding me?
Ramsey: No, now get to it.

She goes off to run.  Ramsey goes back to reading the paper.  We follow Mara as she does her run.  Two minutes later, she reaches the crater.

Mara: I have made it.  It was a shorter run than I thought.  What’s going on over there?

We change our view to see what she was looking at.  There are several larges tents set up, and dust is coming up.  She walks over to the site.  As she gets closer, we can see several people working.  She reaches the tents, and it seems to be filled with a ton of bones.

Mara: I guess they are looking for dinosaur bones.
????: And you would be correct.

She turns around, and sees an average sized man.  He has black spiked hair, and a little bit of facial hair on his chin.  He has on a black t-shirt.  He looks like this, http://images.wikia.com/galaxyofchaos/images/b/bf/Tommy_Oliver.jpg

Mara: Who are you?
????: My name is Dr. Oliver.  What brings you out here?
Mara: I was on my morning run.  What made you guys come here?
Dr. Oliver: Well some people were investigating the meteorite crash, and while taking samples they found a dinosaur bone.  They immediately called me to investigate.  You seemed troubled.  Is there anything that I can help you with?
Mara: Well, I am training very hard.  I am doing this to save my friends, but I don’t know if I can handle do it.  I don’t think that I have the drive to do it.
Dr. Oliver: It may not look it, but I do have some experience dealing with bad guys.  No matter how bad the situation is, good will always defeat evil.
Mara: Thanks, but I have to get back to my run.  It was nice meeting you.
Dr. Oliver: It was nice meeting you too.

Mara runs off back towards Ramsey’s mansion.  She reaches the front of the house and Ramsey has just finished reading the paper.

Ramsey: What took you so long?
Mara: I was admiring the scenery.
Ramsey: Well now it is time for more training.  Your next training exercise will be done out back.

He leads her out back, and there is a bunch of very large rocks.

Ramsey: You will be lifting these rocks.  I need them moved from here to the other end of the property.

Mara grunts and begins to move the rocks.  Ramsey goes into the pool and lies on a float.  He is seen sipping a drink from a glass which has a little umbrella in it.  A few hours go by, and she goes over to Ramsey.

Mara: (panting) I am done.
Ramsey: Where did you move them to?
Mara: To the end of the property like you told me.
Ramey: I didn’t mean the west side, but the east side.

She seems to have gotten seriously mad.  She looks as if she is going to kill him.  She is about to do something when Ramsey says something.

Ramsey: Remember the harder you work the better chance you have of saving your friends.

Mara stops in her tracks and goes to move the rocks.

Mara’s training has begun.  She is having trouble dealing with the tough training.  She was going to take her anger out on Ramsey when she remembered what she is fighting for.  Will she be able to get stronger?  Can she save her friends, and will she be able to overcome the fierce elite agents of ALIENS?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   September 7th 2012, 9:34 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 18
Getting Serious

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara had a loud wake up call.  Her training started bright and early.  After building up some frustration, she nearly freaked out, but she remembered her friends.  Now everyone is getting ready for the destined clashed.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We look in on Ramsey’s mansion.  We can see Mara training in the weight room.  She is by the punching bags, and she is going at it very hard.  Ramsey walks in and stands there watching her.  Mara starts punching faster and faster until the punching bag falls off the chain.  She goes over to a bench and sits down.

Ramsey: You went at it a little hard today.
Mara: I need to get stronger.  I know we have been working on my technique, but now only my technique keeps getting better.  I need to find a way to make my strength training harder, so I can get much stronger.
Ramsey: I thought that you may feel that way so I have a surprise for you.

We now change our view to the ALIENS’s headquarters.  Agent Z is in his office and he seems to be on his computer.  A person knocks on the door.

Agent Z: Come in.

The man walks in.

Agent Z: How is the progress coming, Agent E?
Agent E: Well the sensors are now fully operational, and are ready for testing.  Should I send for one of the elites?
Agent Z: No.  I want you to tell Agent U that I want the experiment to test the sensors.
Agent E: But boss, we still haven’t gain full control of it.  If we let it out, it might go on a rampage.
Agent Z: I said do it now!
Agent E: Yes sir!

Agent E quickly runs from the room.  Agent Z just sits there with a big grin on his face.

Agent Z: That girl will never see what’s coming until it is too late.

After hearing him give an evil laugh, we change our view again.  We can see Ramsey leading Mara into Mara’s room.

Mara: Why are we here?
Ramsey: Because your surprise is in here.

He points at her closet.  She opens the closet, and all you see are her various pieces of clothing.

Mara: There is nothing in here but my clothing.
Ramsey: Just watch.

He presses the light switch, and the back wall goes up.  After it goes up, he goes over and turns a light on.  When the light goes on, we can see clothes.  There are sleeveless shirts, under shirts, pants, wristbands, and boots.  They look like this, http://i.imgur.com/uw9M4.jpg, but fitted for a woman.

Mara: So you got me training clothes?
Ramsey: Yes, now you can truly get serious.
Mara: I got training clothes already, so what makes these so special.
Ramsey: Put them on and find out.  I will be waiting in the backyard for when you are ready.

Ramsey leaves the room.  Mara begins to get changed.  We change our view to be back at the ALIENS’s base.  We are looking at the outside of the base, which looks like it was attacked.  Agent Z is seen walking around the rubble; then Agent U runs up to him.

Agent U: I warned you that the experiment wasn’t fully under our control.
Agent Z: Why wasn’t it?
Agent U: Because of the powerfully unstable DNA that you had me give it.  If you and the elites hadn’t acted when you did the whole base could have been destroyed.
Agent Z: Well the important thing is that you get those sensors up and running by the morning, because who knows when she will come for her friends.
Agent U: Yes sir.  I will get me and my team on it right away.

Agent U runs off leaving Agent Z alone.

Agent Z: The Alpha project seems to be more than what I could have ever hoped for.

He grins and he walks back into the base.  We change our view to the back yard of Ramsey’s mansion.  He is outside sitting on a lounge chair.  Mara struggles her way to him, wearing the new clothes.

Ramsey: What took you so long?
Mara: Well this clothes weight a ton.
Ramsey: That is the point.  They are weighted clothes, and they are designed to help you get stronger.  I guarantee if you can walk around normally in them then you will get stronger.  So for now on you must wear those at all times, because if you do you will get much, much stronger.
Mara: Good, because I will need to get very strong if I want to rescue my friends.  Now what shall we do first?
Ramsey: I want you to run as fast as you can once around the property.  You must repeat this training until you can do it in a minute.
Mara: Okay.  I am off.

She begins to run, but all she is doing is walking.  It looks as if it takes all of her strength to move.  Ramsey is still in his chair, and he is holding back a laugh.  She moves about ten feet away, and then he lets out a big laugh.  She turns her head around.  She has a very angry look on her face.

Mara: Shut up or I will rip you in half!
Ramsey: (sarcastically) Well someone seems grumpy.  Maybe I should start calling you grumpy like the dwarf.

Mara gives him an even angrier look.  It is to the point that she is about to explode.  Ramsey stops laughing immediately.

Ramsey: Don’t you have a sense of humor Mara, or did that necklace take it away?
Mara: Don’t test me right now, because I need to concentrate.  I must get stronger, SO BACK OFF BITCH!
Ramsey: Whatever!

Mara turns back around, and continues to make it around the property.  Ramsey just kicks back in his chair and drinks an iced tea with a lemon wedge.

Mara is finally able to boost her strength training.  With the new clothes, she can get truly serious.  At the same time, the people at ALIENS are also getting more serious.  How long before Mara will be ready to fight the elites?  What is the Alpha project?  Can she win, or will Agent Z prevail?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   November 24th 2012, 1:18 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 19
The Return

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara wanted to get more serious in her training.  Thanks to Ramsey, she was able to get some weighted clothing to help her in her training.  ALIENS was testing their new security system using the Alpha project, and it ended badly.  What is the Alpha project, and will Mara be able to handle it?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

It is night time, and we are looking at the outside of Ramsey’s mansion.  We hear Mara screaming from her room.  Ramsey runs into her room, and he goes over to her to comfort her.  She is sweating a lot, and is breathing heavy.  After a few seconds, she calms down a little.

Ramsey: It’s ok, it was just a dream.  Was it the same dream again?
Mara: (breathing heavy) Yeah, it was.
Ramsey: It was a dream, and isn’t real.
Mara: It felt so real.  I felt as if the blast was hitting me.
Ramsey: I don’t know what else to say.  You have been having this dream almost every night for the past three months.  We aren’t going to let this stop you from your training.  Now get back to sleep because we have training in the morning.
Mara: Okay.

Ramsey leaves the room, and Mara goes back to sleep.  We switch our view to the base of ALIENS, and looks like the agents are still making preparations for the return of Mara.  We see Agent Z walk out of the front, and he is followed by a man in a white lab coat.

Agent Z: Is he ready to return to work?
Man: Yes, he is, but first we need to run some tests to see how much he lost in the fight.
Agent Z: Get it done now!
Man: Yes sir!

The man walked back into the base.  Agent Z just stands there with a big grin on his face.  After some time, we look in at Mara’s room.  It is morning, and she gets up at of bed.  She gets dressed, and goes downstairs.  Ramsey is in the dining room with a big spread on the table.

Mara: What’s all this for?
Ramsey: This is for you on your big day.  It’s not every day that you invade a secret organization’s base of operations.
Mara: I know, but all I can think about are my friends.  They have been trapped with those evil men for too long.  I cannot believe that I let my friends sit in that base for these past three months.
Ramsey: It is not like you were on vacation.  You were training to save them.  Now eat your breakfast, because we are heading out soon.

Mara and Ramsey eat their food.  After that they get in a car and drive off.  They spend several hours driving, when they reach the outskirts of the ALIENS compound.  They get into a scouting position.

Ramsey: It doesn't look very well guarded.

We look over to see what Ramsey meant.   There are only three guards on the outside of the compound, and they all seem to be focused around the main entrance.

Mara: That is only for show.  They want me to think that it will be easy, so that I will let down my guard when I go in.  Give me the scope.

Ramsey hands her the scope, and she gets a closer look at the guards.  Then the three guards go into the building, and the compound is seemingly unguarded.

Mara: I want you to stay here, and watch from afar while I sneak in.
Ramsey: Be careful, you hear me!
Mara: I will!

Mara slowly walks down towards the compound.  She jumps over one of the side gates, and continues towards the main building.  She gets close and waits in hiding for a little bit to survey the area up close.

Mara: This is too easy, but I can’t let my guard down for even a second.  I can’t predict when the enemy will strike.

We switch our view to the inside the main building.  We are looking at Mara from someone else’s point of view as if they were watching her.  Then we switch back to Mara’s viewpoint.  She decides to slowly and carefully move towards the main building.  Just then a flash of light heads towards Mara, and she moves out of the way just in time.  She turns to see what it was and a person is seen standing behind her.  Mara looks surprised at the sight of him, because it is Agent V.

Mara: It’s you!
Agent V: Nice to see you again.  You should have killed me when you have a chance, because now I am going to kill you.

Agent V immediately goes supersonic, and heads towards Mara.  Mara easily doges his attack, and counterattacks with lightning speed.  Agent V is knocked back.

Agent V: I see that you didn't waste these three months since our last fight.
Mara: My speed isn't the only thing I have improved.  Time for my special attack, GATLING GUN PUNCH!

She punches him with such speed that it appears to hit him 100 times in one second with only her right hand.  Agent V is thrown back into one of the buildings.  He gets up and he seems to be smoking from the impact of Mara’s attack.

Agent V: Well I guess it is time for my full power.

He begins charging power, and then he disappears.  Mara is searching frantically for him, but he is nowhere to be found.

Agent V: Instant Punch!

Then out of nowhere Agent V appears in front of Mara with his fist in her gut.  She flies back, and crashes into a truck.  She gets up slowly, and seems to have taken little damage.

Agent V: What!
Mara: I have gotten much stronger since our last fight.  Now prepare for defeat!  GATLING GUN PUNCH TIMES TWO!

This time Mara uses both of her fists and Agent V gets hit 200 times in one second before getting sent flying.  He seemingly crashes very far away from the compound.

Mara: Now it is time to move on and find my friends.

She goes into the main building.  The inside looks just like a normal warehouse, but she presses onward.  She reaches the back of the building and finds an elevator.  She goes in and takes it to the bottom floor.  We switch our view to what seems to be Agent V’s office.  He is looking into his computer monitor.  It looks like a grid map of the compound, and there are multiple blinking dots on the screen.  One is gold and is heading down towards the others.

Agent Z: I have you now.  You have fallen into my trap and cannot escape.

He gives an evil laugh.  Then there is a knock on the door.

Agent Z: Come in.

A man carrying an ancient looking book walks in.

Man: Sir I have brought you the book as you asked.
Agent Z: Good, because I didn't want her to find it.  For if she did it could spell disaster for us.  We might not have been able to translate it yet.  She might be able to, but I don’t want to find out what will happen if she does.  Now leave.
Man: Yes sir!

The man leaves the room.  Agent Z has a concerned look on his face as he stares at the book.  Then he looks back at the monitor with a smile.

What is that book that Agent Z doesn't want Mara to see?  What kind of trap is she walking into?  Will she defeat ALIENS and save her friends, or will she fail and lose her friends forever?  Find out on the Next Chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   December 25th 2012, 2:43 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 20
The Rematch

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara was having nightmares and screaming in her sleep.  Then she packed up and traveled with Ramsey to the base of ALIENS.  Mara had infiltrated the base and ran into Agent V.  After a brief fight, Mara quickly defeated Agent V and moved on.  Now it looks as if she is walking into a trap.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We come into view of Agent Z’s office; he is staring at his computer.  There are blinking dots.  He smiles as one descends towards another.  We change our view back to Mara in the elevator.  The elevator finally stops and the doors open.  She walks out into the hallway.  The hallway is dark and there seems to be empty.  Mara goes down the hallway and comes to a fork.  We change our view back to Agent Z’s computer screen.  Here we see that a dot has reached a fork.  On the right seems to be a room with many dots, and a passage which leads to the room on the left.  This room has one dot in it that seems bigger than the ones in the other room.  We come back to Mara.

Mara: Heads, I go left and tails, I go right.

She flips a coin and catches it.

Mara: Heads!  I guess I’m going left.

She walks down the left path.  Then she comes to a large dark room.  Mara can barely make out some gym equipment.  She feels around on the wall for a light switch.  She finds it and turns the lights on.

Mara: now that is better. (Turns her head to look at the room) SHIT!

She is seen with a look of shock on her face.  This was because staring at her from the middle of the room was Agent W.

Agent W: Since you came in from that door, I guess you went left.
Mara: Yeah I did!  That must mean that if I went right I still would have ended up here.
Agent W: You would be correct.
Mara: Well, I guess you aren't going to just let me go by.
Agent W: NO!
Mara: I guess you leave me no choice.  It’s rematch time!
Agent W: Bring it!

Agent W seems to be charging power.  Then all of his muscles begin to grow to enormous size.  Mara responses by powering up as well and her muscles grow as well.  They only grow half as big as Agent W’s.  They then both charge at each other.


They clash with such force that some of the equipment goes flying across the room.  Now they are locked in a power struggle and neither is giving an inch.

Agent W: You have gotten much stronger in these past three months.  Unfortunately, it might not be enough, because I have yet to reveal my full power.

His eyes begin to glow and his muscles grow bigger.  Then he over powers Mara and slams her into the ground.  This makes a crater in the ground.  He then tosses her across the room.  She crashes into much of the equipment on her way to the wall.  After a couple of seconds, she gets up and charges at him.  He picks up a very large set of weights and swings at her like a baseball player.  He was about to hit her, when Mara quickly stops it with both of her hands.  She backs up, and we can see that her hands are smoking from the impact.

Mara: That hurt very much, but I am not out yet.  Now it’s my turn.

She picks up her own very large set of weights and prepares to attacks.  Next she takes a swing at Agent W, but he blocks it with his weights.   They begin to trade blows with the weights, but the other person always seems to parry the other’s attack.  They almost seem to be having a sword fight, but with very large weights.

Agent W: You are good.  I didn't think you could keep up with me, but now it is time to end it.
Mara: I was wondering when you were going to get serious.
Agent W: I am being serious.  Now take this!

Agent W charges up some power and goes in for a huge swing.  Mara sees this and also goes for a huge swing.  The two weight sets clash with tremendous force.  As soon as they hit one another, both weight sets shatter.  Then both Mara and Agent W are sent flying.  A lot of smoke is created from this.  A few minutes go by and finally the smoke clears up.  Upon looking at the two, they both seem to be damaged only slightly.

Agent W: I should congratulate you!
Mara: On what?
Agent W: You are so strong and skilled that I have no choice but to use my absolute full power.
Mara: FUCK!  You haven’t been using your full power.

Agent W‘s whole body begins to glow with a strange aura.  Next, all of the muscles on his body begin to triple in size.  He is now what looks to be a small giant.  He grabs Mara and begins to crush her.

Mara: AHHHH!
Agent W: HAHAHA!

Mara is beginning to look purple, and you hear a few bones cracking.

Mara: (struggling to speak) I cannot lose.  I MUST WIN!

Mara charges up a lot of power, and her muscles begin to grow.  She manages to remove one of her arms and pokes him in his eyes.  He backs up in pain, and he releases his grip on Mara.  She takes this opportunity to get a little distance between her and Agent W.  She grabs her sides in pain.

Mara: Now let’s finish this.

Mara charges up even more power and goes in for an attack.  She punches him a couple of times in the gut.  She follows it up with a couple of knees and a head-butt.  She goes in for some more punches, but Agent W catches both of her hands.  He tries to crush them, and Mara screams in pain.  She breaks free by kicking him in the balls.  She picks up some weights and she flings them at him like frisbee.  He blocks most of them, but a couple hit him in the chest and another few in the head.  She picks up the weight bar and starts to hit him with it like a quarter staff.  After a few hits, He catches the bar and he tosses Mara off it.  He quickly and powerfully throws it at her.  Unfortunately, she couldn't doge it and the metal bar goes through her left leg.


She pulls it out, while continuing to scream loudly.  Blood is now pouring out of her leg.  She rips off a piece of her shirt and wraps it around the wound.  After she bandaged up the wound, she slowly gets up.

Agent W: You should give up, because with a wound like that you will not last much longer.
Mara: I will never give up on this fight, because my friends’ lives are at stake.  My friends depend on me and I will not let them down.
Agent W: You insolent fool!  You can never beat me!  I was supposed to capture you alive, but I don’t care about that anymore.  I WILL KILL YOU HERE AND NOW!

Agent W goes in for an enormous punch.  Mara tries to doge it, but she gets slammed by the punch into the wall.  You hear more crunching in her abdomen, and some in her chest.  She is seen to be very hurt, and she falls onto the ground with a loud thud.

Agent W: you did well, but it is over.
Mara: (struggling to speak) It is far from over.  I will not quit to an inferior opponent.
Agent W: Who are you calling inferior?
Mara: You asshole!
Agent W: You can’t even stand, and you think that you can win.
Mara: I still have one last technique to show you.

Mara begins to charge power, and a yellowish gold aura begins to surround her.

Mara: OMNI FIGHTER!!!!!!!!!

She charges at him with tremendous speed and power.  She hits him with a flurry of blows all over his body.  He is sent flying into the wall and smashes into the other room.  We look in and see that he took out a bunch of agents who were waiting in there.  No one is moving, not even an inch.

Mara: I finally beat him.

She sighs with relief.

Mara: Now downward towards my friends.

She limps over to the elevator and takes it down to the next floor.  She gets off and finds a medical room, where she properly cleans and bandages her leg.  After taking some medicine, She gets up and continues to the next room.  Upon reaching the next room, she sees a big room with no people in it.  On the walls of the room are various swords.  The sound of an elevator opening is heard.  She turns around to see an empty elevator, but then out of nowhere a flash of light goes by her.  Then cuts appear all around her body.  She takes a look at what happened and standing behind her is a man.  He has short, crew cut, brown hair and tan skin. He is average height and doesn't seem to be very muscular.  He has a sword in each hand and one that he is holding in his mouth.  Also he seems to have a red bandanna tied around his upper left arm.  He removes the one from his mouth and prepares to speak.

????: Welcome back Mara.  I know you had some much fun the last time that we met.
Mara: Agent X!  I was wondering who they were going to send next.
Agent X: Yeah well at least this time I get to play with you.

He takes the bandanna off and puts it on his head.  Then he puts his third sword back into his mouth and goes to attack Mara.

Agent X: (slightly muffled) Prepare to die Mara!

Mara came to find her friends and found Agent W.  After an explosive rematch, Mara comes out victorious, but not without receiving some major injuries.  She was able to find some medical supplies, but was force to continue on.  To make matters worse she ran into Agent X, who brought his three swords.  Will Mara be able to defeat Agent X even though she is badly injured, or will she be sliced thinly and served on rye?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 21
Agent X, The Sword Master

On the last chapter of Dragon Soul, Mara had her long awaited rematch with Agent W. The match was a fierce and long battle.  Both took some heavy damage, and many injuries.  Just when victory was thought to be lost, Mara pulled out a secret technique and won the battle.  Now she has come face to face with Agent X and his swords.  Will she be able to win, or will she be sliced and diced?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We come into view of a large room, and the walls are covered with various kinds of swords.  In the middle of the room, Mara and Agent X are staring at each other.  They are getting ready to fight.  Agent X wraps his red bandanna around his head, and places one of his swords in his mouth.  He now is wielding three swords.  He charges at Mara.

Agent X: (slightly muffled) NOW IT’S TIME TO DIE!

Mara prepares for the attack.  Agent X goes in for his attack, but Mara is ready to doge.  Then out of nowhere Agent X changes direction completely and hits Mara in the area where she went to doge.

Mara: How did you know I was going to go to that spot?   There was no way to know ahead of time my moves.
Agent X: That’s what you think.  All you need to know is that I am going to kill you.

Agent X goes in for another series of slashing attacks.  Mara uses her speed and manages to doge most of the attacks.  She is beginning to look all cut up, with her clothes being all torn up.  She goes in for some punches and lands a few, but even the ones she gets in don’t do much damage.

Mara: I can’t get in many hits, and I am having trouble dodging his attacks.  If I am not careful, I might get sliced up.  I must even up the playing field.

Mara goes over and picks up two swords off the wall.  They seem to be curved, and very old.  They both look like this, http://cdn.obsidianportal.com/images/483766/curveblade2.jpg.

Mara: These should do fine.

She goes in for some swings of her own, but Agent X parries them all.  He then slices Mara some more, and now she is bloody.  She falls to the ground, but she uses one of the swords to stop herself.  She gets back up, and brings to charge power.  After that, she goes in for a flurry of slashes, and Agent X responds with his own series of slashes.  Hey go back and forth all across the room.  The room is getting more and more scars from all the sword attacks.  They take a brief moment to stop and catch their breath.  Mara is much more winded than Agent X is.

Agent X: You are good for your first time wielding swords.
Mara: How can you tell?
Agent X: I am a sword master, and I can just tell this by looking at the way you handle your swords.  You have some natural talent, but you are very far away from reaching my skill level.  Let me show you an example of what I am talking about.  THREE SWORDS-STYLE TECHNIQUE: TRI-HORN STRIKE.

Agent X positions his swords and charges at Mara.  Then he disappears, Mara tries to find him, but she can’t.  As if out of nowhere, Agent X appears behind her.  Next cuts appear all over Mara.  She collapses onto the floor with a loud thud.  A pool of blood is beginning to appear from under Mara.

Agent X: That is exactly why I am better.  Before fighting me, you beat two other elite agents, but Agent V and W were weak compared to me.  W had super strength and V had super speed, but you need both to be a true sword master.

Mara struggles to get up.

Mara: (thinks) How can I beat someone with such power, speed, and skill?  (to Agent X) I will beat you, so prepare for defeat.
Agent X: I would love to see you try.
Mara: I will.

She begins to charge up for a long period of time.  After this, her body has become very muscular.  Power is just emanating from Mara’s body.

Agent X: I am somewhat impressed, but will it be enough?
Mara: Well, I guess it is time to find out.  Here we go, MAXIMUM POWER DUAL SLASH!

Mara swings down hard with both of her swords, but Agent X blocks it with his sword in the mouth.  Then without a moment’s notice, he does a cross slash across her abdomen.  As she steps back, Agent X slashes her diagonally across the front of her body with the third sword.  Blood is seen splattering all over the room.  Mara is on the floor cringing in pain, and her swords have been thrown several yards away.

Mara: (coughs up some blood) What am I going to do?  I can’t land any good hits, and I (coughs up some more blood) can’t doge any of his attacks.
Agent X: You can give up.
Mara: (coughs up more blood) I will never give up!
Agent X: Well you don’t look so good.
Mara: You don’t need to worry about me, because (coughs up more blood) you should only be worried about your fate.  I will win no matter what it takes.

While she is talking to Agent X, she slowly moves towards her swords.  Once she reaches them, she slips one of them in her pants in the back.

Agent X: Stop stalling, and just surrender.
Mara: Do I have to repeat myself?
Agent X: I do want to hear any more of your crap.  Now just die already!
Mara: You know I was about to the same about you.  AHHHHH!

She picks up the second sword and swings it at Agent X.  He quickly blocks it.  There is now a struggle of power between them.  Mara then pulls out the second sword and swings at Agent X.  As if he knew it was coming, Agent X uses his third sword to knock Mara’s sword out of her hand.  He then performs a special technique.

Agent X: Three Swords-Style special technique, DRAGON TWISTER!

He spins around, and a swirl of slicing energy swirls around both of them.  Mara is sent flying in the air, all the while she is being sliced over and over again.  She lands a couple of yards away.

Agent X: (shaking his head from left to right in disapproval) Now you shouldn’t be trying things like that, or you might not live to regret it.

Mara seems to be using all of her strength to get up.  Her clothes are all torn up, and blood is splattered all over her.

Mara: (coughs up some blood) How did you know that I was going to do that?  No matter what I do, you always seem to be ready for it.  What is your secret?
Agent X: Why should I tell you?
Mara: All of the other elite agents had inhuman capabilities, and I have yet to figure out yours.  I don’t think I can win until I figure it out.
Agent X: Well if you must know, I have a power that I like to call the mind’s eye.  It allows me to sense out the people around me.  It helps me to know where they are within a certain area.  This also allows me to read their movements, and predict what they will do next.
Mara: (with a look of shock on her face) WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?  If you will always know what I am going to do then how can I win?
Agent X: Now that’s what I was hoping for.  I was wondering how long it would take to get that look of hopelessness on your face.
Mara: (thinking to herself) I can’t beat him.  I tried playing on the same playing field, and I lost.  If I try to fight without swords, I might die, but then again I am going to die if I don’t do something soon.  My only choice is to go all out with the skill set that I have mastered and hope for the best.

She gets up.

Agent X: What do you think you are doing?
Mara: I am going to win.  IT IS TIME TO END THIS!  OMNI FIGHTER!

She charges up a massive amount of power.


Both techniques clash with one another in a brilliant flash of power and light.  The entire building seems to shake in fear of the clashing powers.  Next a big explosion results from the impact.  The room is filled with tons of smoke.  About a minute goes by before the smoke starts to clear.  When the smoke clears, Mara and Agent X are seen still standing.  Mara then falls to the ground.  Agent X falls down to one knee.

Agent X: You were a great opponent, but this match goes to me.  If only you weren't tired from your battle with Agent W, because then we could have had a proper battle.  You were able to damage me this much, so I wonder what your truly capable of.

Mara faced the toughest opponent yet, Agent X.  She had trouble dealing with his three swords.  Unfortunately, she was unable to over come the swords and was defeated by Agent X.  Is she done for, or will she be able to get back up and finish her mission to save her friends?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   March 4th 2013, 1:51 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 22
The Nightmare Returns

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara battled Agent X the sword master.  He defeated her, and she was captured.  Will she be able to complete her mission?  Find out in today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

We come into view of a large room that is very heavily damaged.  Agent X is seen standing next to Mara who is unconscious.  She seems to have been very badly cut all over her body, and all her clothes are ripped to pieces.  We change our view to outside of the base on a nearby cliff.  On the cliff, Ramsey is seen looking out at the base with some binoculars.  He puts them down, and has an impatient worried look on his face.

Ramsey: I hope she is all right.  She has been in there for several hours.  It is already morning.  Let’s see what is happening in the world today.

He pulls out his phone and goes onto his Facebook.  He begins to look through his news feed.  He stops to read a news story.

Ramsey: Let’s see what this is about.  It looks like a prison riot went bad and the whole prison exploded.  What a shame… for the guards, but as for those criminals they deserved it.  Oh look!  Someone posted a funny cat video.  The cat is soooo cute!

We change our view back to Mara.  Now is seems to be outside during sunset.  Strangely enough she looks perfect as if nothing happened.

Mara: Where am I? I look to be outside, but I thought that I was just fighting Agent X.

A loud noise is heard.

Mara: What was that?

She turns around and a very muscular Agent Z is seen rushing towards her.  She tries to doge, but he easily knocks her down.  Now she suddenly looks like as if she has been through one hellish fight.  Her sleeves are gone, her shirt has almost completely ripped off, and almost three quarters of her pants have been ripped off.  She tries to get up, but she can’t even more a muscle.

Mara: Why can’t I move?  That punch didn’t even hurt.

She tries again to get up, but before she can Agent Z presses his foot on her abdomen so she can’t get up.

Agent Z: It is time to end this.

Mara: (thinking to herself) This is starting to look familiar.

Agent Z goes in for a finishing move.  Right before it hits, a blinding light envelops them both and a large explosion is heard.  After the smoke clears, a large crater is seen where the base was.  Mara is very bloody, but she now manages to get up.

Mara: Not again!  For the love of God, please let this not be that dream again.

She walks towards the center of the crater.  A lot of debris is scattered all over the place.  She seems to be draw towards a particular pile.

Mara: No, No, NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO!

We now see what she was yelling about.  On the ground, protruding from the pile is a charred hand.  She removes the debris from atop the body.  The body is very badly burned, but looks like a woman around her early twenties.  She seems to have a diamond necklace around her neck.


She screams in agony.  Then the scene dissipates.  She opens her eyes, and see seems to be in a large tank.  It looks like this,http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110908202736/dragonball/images/b/b6/RejuvenationTank.png.  She is surrounded by a strange liquid, and attached to her mouth is a breathing apparatus.  She is completely naked.  She looks around and sees that she is in some sort of lab.  Before she can figure out her next move a man wearing a white lab coat walks in.  She immediately closes her eyes, and begins to listen to what the man is saying to the device in his hands.

Man: Sir, she still hasn't regained consciousness.

Voice from Device: Well then maybe you should increase the dosage of synthetic DNA.

Man: Yes sir!

Device: When will the formula be ready?

Man: Well sir, in order to properly control her mind we need her to fully recover before giving her the serum.

Device: Very well then.  I will be expecting your next report in one hour.

Man: Yes sir!

The man hangs up the device and goes to work on a nearby computer.  Mara opens her eyes just a crack and looks again around the room.  On a table next to the man are some tools and some syringes with large needles.  Next to them are Mara’s clothes which seem to be brand new and not dirty or ripped.

Mara: (thinking to herself) What am I going to do?  If I don’t get out of here than those ALIENS guys will turn me into their slave.

She powers up.  The man notices that she is awake.  Before he could do anything, she breaks open the tank and falls onto the floor.

Man: I have to call for backup, before she escapes.

He reaches for the device, but Mara grabs him by the throat and holds him against the wall.

Mara: Where am I?

Man: (struggling to speak) You are in my lab at the ALIENS base, just below where you were fighting Agent X.

Mara: How long have I been in that tank and what were you doing to me?

Man: You have been in there for 8 hours.  I was using a synthetic fluid made of your DNA, so that you can be perfectly healed.  Then we were going to take over your mind and use you to do our bidding.  We even recreated the clothes that you were wearing.

Mara: Where are the jail cells?

Man: They are on the floor below us.  Now please don’t kill me!

Mara lets the man down, but then she knocks him out.

Mara: Thanks for the info.

She grabs the clothes on the table and gets dressed.

Mara: Thanks for the clothes man, and for healing all my injuries.  Now I must go and find my friends.

She runs out of the lab and takes the stairs down to the next level.  We change our view to Agent Z’s office.  On his computer, he is watching the video of Mara’s escape from the lab.

Agent Z: Well she is a strong one.  She wasn't supposed to be fully healed until late today.  I can’t wait to fight her myself.  Maybe this book will help me to better understand more about her.

He has his hand on an ancient looking book and gives a hardy evil laugh.

Mara nearly died from her battle with Agent X.  While knock out, the nightmare that was plaguing her returned.  Now she must rescue her friends, before she is captured again.  Will she succeed?  Will she be turned into one of ALIENS’ slaves?  What is the ancient book that Agent Z is holding?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   March 8th 2013, 12:59 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 23
A Hair Raising Situation

Last time on Dragon Soul, the nightmare that has been plaguing Mara for the past few months returns.  She awakes to find herself in a tank in a lab.  She breaks out after hearing of a plan to brainwash her into the slave of ALIENS.  Will she be able to save her friends?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Mara is seen running from a lab, and heads towards the staircase.  She dashes down them.  When she gets to the bottom, Mara sees a long hallway of jail cells.


There is no response.  Mara runs down the hallway, and she reaches a big circular room.  She is completely surrounded by jail cells.


We change our view to a cell down one of the halls.  It is very cold, dark, and wet.  The air is thick and heavy with despair.  A faint noise is heard from afar.  Then someone walks out of the shadows of the cell.  It is Megan.

Megan: Jennifer did you hear something.
Jennifer: No.  She walks out from the shadows.  Why do you get excited over every little noise that you hear?
Megan: Because it might be Mara coming to rescue us.
Jennifer: We have been waiting here for three months.  If she was coming for us, then she would have come already.  Just face it she isn’t coming.

Just as she was finished saying that, Mara’s voice is hear coming from a distance.


Megan and Jennifer look at each other.

Megan: MARA, WE’RE OVER HERE!  I told you that she was coming.

Mara runs down the hall and finds the cell where Megan and Jennifer are being held.

Mara: I am so glad to have finally found you!  Shouldn’t there be guards watching you?
Megan: A few hours ago, most of all the guards left.  The two, who were left, just went to the bathroom like two minutes ago.  For a while they were tense, then they got calm about eight hours ago.
Mara: That was probably due to me.  I was fighting my way down here, and then I got captured about eight hours ago.  I just recently escaped again.
Megan: I never lost hope that you were coming, but she (points to Jennifer) lost hope.
Jennifer: You can patronize me later, let’s get out of here!
Mara: Stand back!

Mara focuses her energy, and then she punches the bars.  The bars shatter into tiny pieces.  She leads then back to the circular room, and then onwards to the staircase.  Megan and Jennifer run up the stairs, but Mara stops at the base of the stairs.  Megan and Jennifer notice that Mara isn’t following, so they stop.  They turn around and see that she is still at the bottom.

Jennifer: Why have you stopped?
Mara: Cause I’m not going with you?
Megan: What do you mean?  Why?  You came all this way to free us and you have.  Now all that’s left is to escape.
Mara: You’re wrong!
Jennifer: How is she wrong?
Mara: I must go down and finish the job.  I must completely defeat ALIENS, or they will return.  I don’t want them hurting you guys ever again!
Mara and Jennifer: We understand.
Mara: Thanks guys.  You must keep going up, while I go down and finish them off.

Mara gives them a thumbs up.  Both Megan and Jennifer do the same.  Then they all go their separate ways.  Mara goes through the dungeon and finds the stairs down.  She reaches the next floor.  Mara looks around and sees a lot of salon chairs.  It is one giant hair salon.  After some investigating, she notices a large stage in the back of the room.  On the stage a performance is going on.  There are tons of flashing lights and smoke.  She gets a closer look, and she sees a man dancing.  He is tall and skin with pale skin, and he has very long red hair which he is keeping in a ponytail.  He is wearing some sort of stage outfit with makeup.  Now music is heard playing and he begins to sing along.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_FreDrOFd0

Mara: (to herself) What’s up with this guy?

After the song is over, the man gestures to shine a spot light at Mara.  She has a look of surprise on her.

???: (in a gay man’s voice) Oh my God!  I didn’t know that there was an audience.
Mara: Who are you, and how did you know that I was here?
???: My name is Agent Y.  I was able to feel your presence.
Mara: That means you’re stronger than Agent X, but you don’t look all that tough.  As for the feeling me part, you must have the same power as he did.
Agent Y: No!  Each of the elite agents has their own fighting style, and their own special power.
Mara: Then what’s yours?
Agent Y: You will just have to fight me and find out.
Mara: Have it your way.

She charges up power, and proceeds to charge at Agent Y.  She is about to hit him, when she gets deflected.  She is annoyed, because she didn’t even see anything hit her.  She tries again, and she is deflected again.
Agent Y: if you’re this is all you got, then how were you able to beat Agent X?

Mara: (to herself) This guy must be strong, but I can’t figure out what he is doing. (to Agent Y) If it’s a fight you want then fight me.
Agent Y: A gentleman always lets the ladies go first.
Mara: fine then!  Here I come!  OMNI FIGHTER!

The familiar yellowish gold aura shines around her.


She goes in with her best technique, but this time she is stopped a few feet from Agent Y.  She struggles with all her might, but she can’t get free.

Mara: What’s going on?  Why can’t I move?
Agent Y: That is because you have walked into my net.
Mara: Where?  I don’t see any net around!

Just then Agent Y’s hair begins to move on its own.  This reveals extremely thin hair strands wrapped all around her.

Mara: What are these?
Agent Y: See those are my strands of hair, and this is my HAIR NET!
Mara: How will I ever break free?
Agent Y: You can’t!  You can never escape my hair.  You can say that you are in one hair raising situation.  Evil laugh

What will Mara do? She just freed not only herself, but her friends.  Now she is trapped in Agent Y’s hair net.  Will she be able to break free or is this the end of our hero, Mara?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
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