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 Dragon Soul

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   March 12th 2013, 7:07 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 24
Satin’s Locks

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara had finally made it to her friends.  She decided to finish ALIENS off instead of escaping.  After meeting the strange Agent Y, Mara began her next fight.  Can she defeat him, or will his hair lock her up for good?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul
Opening Theme:

Mara is seen standing perfectly still in front of Agent Y.  His hair seems to be moving independently from him.

Agent Y: You can say that you are in one hair raising situation.

Agent Y throws Mara to the ground with his hair.  She gets up, and tries to hit him before she gets locked up.  Unfortunately, she fails, and gets caught again.

Agent Y: When will you learn that close combat with me is futile?
Mara: I will never give up!  I am guessing that your power is your fancy hair.
Agent Y: That is right.  It’s called Satin’s Locks.
Mara: I thought your power was hair not doors.
Agent Y: It is.  The locks refer to locks of hair.  It doesn’t matter what you think, because you will never beat me.

Agent Y goes in and begins to attack Mara, who unfortunately has to just sit and take the attacks.  After the attack is over, she seems relatively unharmed.

Mara: I wonder how a man who is as weak as you could be considered stronger than Agent X.
Agent Y: That’s was for the comment about my power.  I like to punish people with my own hands, but as for fighting, I like to use these hands.

Just then, his hair collects and morphs into several fists.


The hair hands immediately launch at Mara striking her quickly and fiercely.  She is hurt very badly.  She spits out a little blood.

Mara: Is that all?  Agent V’s attacks hurt more.
Agent Y: You insolent girl!  Take this!  SUPER HAIR PUNCH!

All of his hair combines into one gigantic fist.  It then slams into Mara with great force.  She is sent flying across the room.  Upon crashing she leaves a crater in the floor.  She seems to have taken heavy damage.  She doesn’t seem to be getting up.

Agent Y: That’s what you get for challenging me.
Mara: (thinking to herself) I can’t win.  If only I had brought those swords, then maybe I could cut his hair.
???: (as if from a distance) What makes you think you need swords?  There are all kinds of sword styles.
Mara: (to herself) Who was that? It sounded like Aurora.  What does she mean?  It doesn’t matter what sword style I use, because I would still need swords to use them.

Just then her arms straighten out, and they shine on one side as if it is reflecting light.  Mara’s face is of shock and discovery.
Mara: (to herself) That’s it!  I know what is must do!

She somehow manages to get up.  Agent Y looks somewhat surprised.

Agent Y: Well, you managed to get up.  That’s a feat in itself, but how will you defeat me with all those injuries?
Mara: I will win, because I will it so.

She charges in with great speed with both arms fully extended and straight.

Agent Y: Haven’t you learned yet?  As soon as you try and hit me, I will just lock you in my hair net.

She disappears into thin air.  Agent Y desperately looks for her, but to no avail.  Then Mara suddenly appears behind Agent Y.  His hair suddenly splits into a million pieces as if it were cut.  All of Agent Y’s hair is gone, and his body is now all bloody from her attack.  He falls to the ground in defeat.  He stares at Mara with an angry look on his face.

Mara: You can thank X for that.  I learned a thing or two from my fight with him.  Now it’s time to finish you off.

She picks him up and throws him in the air.  Before he could hit the ground, she strikes him with her Twin Gatling Gun Punch.  Agent Y is sent flying and crashes into a nearby wall.  The wall collapses on him, and creates a small dust cloud.  Mara has a smile on her face, and turns toward the stairway to the next floor.

Mara: That was tough, but I am going to need to save some of my energy for fighting Agent Z.

See begins to walk, but just then she is stopped and can’t move.

Mara: What’s going on?

She looks down only to see that she has been locked in Agent Y’s hair net.  She turns around and sees Agent Y standing with a full head a hair.  She also notices that he looks to be perfectly healed as if nothing happened.

Mara: How?  I defeated you and cut off all your hair.
Agent Y: It was all thanks to this.

He holds up a small bag, and he then pours something from the bag into his hand.  He holds up the object and it looks to be a bean.

Mara: How is a bean going to help you get better?
Agent Y: This is no ordinary bean.  Through our research of aliens we discovered a way to make super food.  It has the ability to not only fully heal one’s energy, but it restores the body to normal.  On top of that it makes you stronger than before.  We call it a senzu bean.
Mara: Oh shit!

He uses his hair to thrash Mara around like a rag doll.  She looks to have nearly been broken in half.  She spits out a lot of blood.

Agent Y: Had enough?
Mara: NEVER!
Agent Y: Then have it your way!  It’s time for my most powerful technique.  HYPER-SONIC HAIR TORNADO!!!!

His hair begins to swing Mara around like a lasso.  The rate of speed keeps increasing until it reaches hyper-sonic speed.  Then he releases her, and she goes flying across the room.  The impact destroys what’s left of the room.  The room now looks as if a meteor hit it.

Agent Y: That is the end of her.

Mara is completely covered in blood and bruises.  She has signs of broken bones all over her body.  A bone is protruding from her left leg.  Despite all this, she gets up.

Agent Y: How can you stand after that attack?
Mara: Because I am good.  Good always defeats evil.  For my entire life, I thought that fate was screwing me over, but then my friends helped me to turn it around.  Now you people are trying to turn it back, but I can’t let that happen.  NOT NOW NOR EVER!!!!!

Her right hand begins to glow bright with energy.  Mara looks at it, and suddenly she knows what to do.

Agent Y: What is that?
Mara: I am not fate’s bitch, but its warrior.  So when you are hit by me, then you are hit by fate so take it like a man.  HAND OF FATE!!!!

She attacks using the energy in her hand.  It creates a beam of energy that strikes Agent Y.  The resulting explosion knocks Agent Y unconscious.  She goes over and takes his bag of beans.  She eats one of the beans, and all her injuries are healed and energy restored.  She even feels a burst of new energy flowing through her.

???: Congrats on your victory Mara.

She turns around to see Agent Z standing at the door.  She gets angry and attacks him, but he runs down the stairs.

Agent Z: You are going to have to be faster if you want to catch me.
Mara: Get back here NOW!

Mara barely defeated Agent Y, but only with the help of some new techniques.  She barely gets time for a breather when Agent Z appears.  Now she chases him down.  Will she catch him?  Can she defeat him or will this spell the end for Mara?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   April 10th 2013, 4:22 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 25
Mara VS Agent Z

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara fought Agent Y.  She nearly got beaten by his super hair, but in the end she won with the help of some new techniques.  Before she gets to rest, Agent Z appears.  Can she defeat him and take down this evil organization, or are they too much to handle?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:

Mara: Get back here NOW!

Mara chases Agent Z down the stairs.  We change our view to Ramsey, who is looking at the base.  From his view we can see what looks like two girls running out of the main building.  They are heading towards the exit.

Ramsey: That must be them, but where is Mara.

We change view again to Mara, who is running down the stairs.  She reaches the next floor and Agent Z is seen running down a long hallway.  Mara tries to follow with all her might.  The hallway opens up into a very large dark room.  Mara goes to catch Agent Z, but she just goes through him.

Mara: Damn it!  It was just a hologram.
Agent Z: Don’t worry about me?  I am not far away.
Mara: Where are you?

He doesn’t respond, but spotlights shine on stairs that are in the middle of the room which seem to lead to a platform.  Then smoke begins to come from the top of the platform, and something seems to be rising up from the platform.  As this is happening this song is heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olTx00blUvM.

Mara: What’s going on?

Now we can see what looks like a throne chair is rising up from the platform, and sitting on it is Agent Z.

Mara: So that’s where you were hiding?
Agent Z: Who said I was hiding?  I came here in the biggest of ways in order to face you.  Isn’t that what you wanted?
Mara: Now get your ass down here and fight like a man!
Agent Z: You won’t live if you challenge me.
Mara: I don’t care just fight me!
Agent Z: Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

He jumps down and a crater forms at the point where he lands.  He cracks his neck and gives a big grin.
Mara: Stop playing around, and fight you bastard.

Agent Z: Ladies first.
Mara: fine with me!  I know that you’re strong so I will have to go all out from the beginning.  OMNI FIGHTER!

She begins charging up a lot of power, and the familiar yellowish gold aura forms around her.  This time she seems to be stronger than she has ever been.


She attacks Agent Z with all her power.  She manages to push him back about 50 yards.  Agent Z seems to be smoking from the attack, but is otherwise unharmed.  Mara is very shocked.

Mara: How did you do that?  That was my best attack.
Agent Z: Do you want to know my nickname among the other agents?  It’s the "Unbreakable Wall".

He opens his shirt and the skin on his chest and abs are black.

Mara: (with a look of shock on her face) What the hell is that?
Agent Z: That is my iron will technique.  It makes my skin as hard as steel.
Mara: I just make you bleed out from your limbs.  SPECIAL TECHNIQUE-SUPER SHADOW SLICER!!!

She cuts up Agent Z’s arms and legs with great speed and precision.  She turns around to see her handy work, but he isn’t hurt at all.

Mara: I thought you could only do that on you center.
Agent Z: I can use it on my entire body.  Before you ask, I can make “it” hard too.

Mara looks confused for a little bit, but then her expression changes to utter disgust.

Mara: You are a very disgusting man.  That will never happen to you with any woman.  Just for that I will hit you extra hard.
Agent Z: Oh!  I hope so!
Mara: Take this!

She charges up her omni fighter, and charges at Agent Z.  Her hand is enveloped in energy.  Agent Z goes to intercept, but Mara goes supersonic.  Her fist is at point-blank range of his abdomen.


Her attack blasts with incredible force.  Agent Z is sent flying.  After a few seconds, he gets up.  His clothes are all torn and his abdomen is smoking.  Agent Z begins to laugh.

Mara: What’s so funny?
Agent Z: That was good, and you almost got me.  Luckily, I was able to put up my iron will in time.
Mara: (annoyed look on face) What is it going to take to beat you?  I have yet to break through your defenses.
Agent Z: Well then I guess I should start attacking.

He runs towards Mara.  He fakes a right hook, and hits her with a knee to the gut.  He follows this up with an axe hand to the back of the neck.  After she hits the ground, he stomps on her head several times driving it further and further into the ground.  After about a minute, she gets up, and spits out some blood.

Mara: So you can attack?
Agent Z: Well you’re tougher than you look.  Most people aren’t able to move after that combo.
Mara: If you couldn’t tell already, I’m not like most people.  I will not back down, and I won’t ever give up.
Agent Z: Then bring it!
Mara: I will.  I was hoping not to have to do this, but you leave me no choice.

She powers up and begins attacking Agent Z.  They go back and forth exchanging blocks and blows.  They are seen almost everywhere at once.  She then breaks off and uses her omni fighter, and then continues her assault.  Agent Z seems to be having little trouble blocking her moves.  He gets in a huge left jab, and sends her flying with a right hook.

Agent Z: What?  Is that all you got?  I thought that you were going for something big?

A strange aura surrounds Mara, and then suddenly she begins to clone herself.  After she is done, there are five Maras.
Mara: (all in unison) Let’s see if you can handle multiple opponents.

The Maras charge in for their assault.  They attack him from all sides.  Agent Z seems to only have a little trouble dealing with them.  He manages to knock them all away.

Agent Z: Do you think that I am that weak as to not be able to handle a few more?  I was an elite warrior even before I got my iron will ability.  Ever since then I have done nothing, but get stronger.  Your little parlor tricks are going to work on me.  Now let me show you why.

Agent Z disappears.  He then quickly appears in front of each copy and pounds them into the ground.  He then throws them all to the center so they go back to being one person.  He picks her up from her heard and tosses her around like a rag doll.  She is very badly hurt, but manages to look up just a little.

Agent Z: See what happens when you use such simple tricks on a master.
Mara: They worked on you didn’t it?
Agent Z: of course not.  If they did, you wouldn’t have been beaten all across this room.
Mara: (from behind Agent Z) are you talking about my double over there?

The Mara on the floor disappears.

Agent Z: But how?
Mara: Skill, something in which you lack.

He tries to turn and take a swing at her.

Mara: I don’t think so.  OMNI FIGHTER TIMES 2!!!

She charges up an incredibly large amount of energy which briefly puts Agent Z off balance.  She places both her fists in his gut.


An enormous amount of energy explodes from her hands.  The energy hits its mark and also shoots up.  The pillar of energy breaks through to the surface and can be seen by Ramsey from the cliff.  Mara is left in a smoke filled room, and the stars are seen shinning above her.  Through the smoke we can see a badly hurt Agent Z, and he looks seriously pissed off.

Mara: (trying to hold back a laugh) Nice look Z.
Agent Z: (furiously) I can take being smacked around by a pretty woman such as you, and I was even having some fun.  Unfortunately, you had to ruin it by destroying my place of business.  NOW YOU MUST PAY!  LET’S TAKE THIS OUTSIDE!

Mara has finally begun her fight with the leader of ALIENS, Agent Z.  For the most part, he was toying with her despite her best efforts.  She was losing ground very quickly, so she unveiled some new techniques.  After destroying the base, she had unleashed Agent Z’s wrath, and the fight is to continue outside.  Will she be able to win, or will she be swallowed up by Agent Z’s rage?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
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Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   April 12th 2013, 10:21 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 26
Beyond Limits

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara’s fight with Agent Z began.  The fight was a seesaw of techniques and power.  Agent Z seemed to have unbreakable defense, but Mara managed to break through.  Now Agent Z is preparing to get serious.  Can she win, or will he be too much to handle?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.
Opening Theme:


Agent Z jumps up and starts wall jumping his way out of the building.  Mara then follows suit.  We change view to Ramsey on the cliff.  He is watching as a pillar of light shoots up from the base.  Then a few minutes later he sees Agent Z and Mara jumping out of the hole.

Ramsey: That was a huge blast.  The fight between them will definitely not be an easy one.  I will expect a ton of damage to the area, and that Mara will be taken to her limit.  Because I can tell from here that Agent Z is no pushover, and that he will be tough to beat.

We change our view back to Mara and Agent Z.  They are standing several hundred yards from the hole.  A powerful aura is surrounding them.  They are both preparing to go all out.

Mara: Come at me with everything you got, because anything you can dish out I can take.
Agent Z: I don’t think you can.  Prepare yourself for utter defeat.

He charges up a lot of energy, and attacks Mara.  She tries to block, but he is too fast.  He manages to get in multiple hits on her vital points.  She falls down with a loud thud.  She gets up, but very slow.  She activates her omni fighter x two, and begins her assault on Agent Z.  They go blow for blow, and block for block.  Neither side seems to be giving an inch, but Agent Z seems to have a slight advantage.  They break from each other.

Agent Z: You’re better than I thought.
Mara: You too. I hope he isn’t any stronger, because I have just about hit my limit.  Even with my omni fighter x two, he is still stronger.  I will just have to hit him with a big move, and end it before he does.
Agent Z: I think it is time to pull out the big guns.

He begins to charge power; then he rushes towards Mara.

Mara: I will never lose to the likes of you.  He’s too fast.  I’m going to have to just block and hope for the best.

Mara prepares her defenses.  The attack hits with great force and speed.  It shatters her defenses, and sends her flying.  She seems to be in great pain.

Mara: AHHHH!  I think he might have broken my arms.  From the looks of it, he enhanced the punch with his iron will. I see that you can use your iron will for offense and defense.
Agent Z: How observant.  It’s time to show you the true power of iron will.

His whole body is hardened.  He then goes over to Mara, and begins pounding her into the ground.  He follows this with tossing her in the air.  Before she hits the ground, he punches her in the gut which sends her across the base.  Next he runs over and hits her again.  He continues this process, and it now looks like he is playing catch with himself using his hands.  He hits her high into the air.  He jumps above her and slams her back into the ground.  He stands over her admiring his work.

Mara: I have to find a way to turn it around, or else it will be the end of me.  I’m sorry Ramsey, but it looks as if I will have to break our promise.

We change our view to the back yard of Ramsey’s house about 1 month early.  Mara is training using her omni fighter with Ramsey watching.

Mara: With this power up move, I will be sure to rescue my friends.  This move has the potential for unlimited power.
Ramsey: You’re wrong!  This move takes a great deal of power, and so I don’t want you to go past times 2.
Mara: K.
Ramsey: No!  I want you to promise me that until you become much stronger that you won’t go any higher than x2.
Mara: Yes, I promise.  I cross my heart and hope to die.
Ramsey: Good, now let’s get back to training.

We now come back to the present.  Mara struggles to stand.

Agent Z: Have you had enough yet, or do you want another beat down?
Mara: I can’t and will not lose to you.  I MUST WIN!

A large amount of power bursts from Mara.

Agent Z: Well that was surprising.  I thought you were done, but I guess you will need another lesson.
Mara: You’re wrong!  I will be the one teaching you the lesson.  Takes a deep breathe.  OMNI FIGHTER TIMES THREE!!!!!

She charges at Agent Z, and begins to hit him with everything she’s got.  Agent Z doesn’t have time to react, and gets beat all across the base.


He puts his right palm out, and begins to concentrate his power.  His hand becomes black and hard.  He rushes at Mara.  She tries to doge, but she can’t shake him.  He appears on her left side prepared to strike.


His attack deals an extremely heavy blow on her left leg.  She is sent flying about 100 yards.  She tries to get up, but Mara seems unable to use her left leg.

Mara: (limping around) What the hell kind of move is that?
Agent Z: I told you this is my ultimate attack.  Now stop right where you are.
Mara: Like hell I will.  I don’t have to…

Before she could finish her sentence, Agent Z attacks her right leg.  Once again she is sent flying.

Mara: AHHHHH!!! I can’t move my legs.  I’m a sitting duck, and a dead duck at that. It doesn’t matter if you break my legs, because I will still win.
Agent Z: You don’t get it.  After being hit with that move, you will never be the same again.  Now one more should do it.

He disappears, and then reappears behind Mara.  He prepares to strike her spine.

Mara: SHIT!!!!!!

Agent Z goes in for the strike, but right before it makes contact, she disappears.

Agent Z: Where did she go?  WHERE ARE YOU?

He spends a few minutes looking for her, but he can’t find her.  Just then she appears in front of him, and she seems to have activated her omni fighter x3.


The attack hits its mark.  After the attack is over, all that you can see is a big dust cloud.  As the dust settles, Agent Z is seen badly damaged and he is standing next to a floating shadow.  The shadow is revealed to be Mara.

Agent Z: (surprised) You’re flying!  How can you be flying?
Mara: Oh this was just a little something I can do as a guardian of this necklace, She points to the diamond necklace that she is wearing.
Agent Z: I must say that I am impressed, but this only makes me want it more.
Mara: I won’t let you ever have it.  Now I must finish this!

She ascends into the sky at a high rate of speed.  She stops after she goes above the clouds.  She begins to charge an extremely large amount of energy.

Mara: Forgive me, Ramsey!  OMNI FIGHTER TIMES FOUR!

Her body begins to overflow with energy.  She shoots herself down towards Agent Z.  She descends at such a high rate of speed that her body begins to catch fire.  Agent Z sees this and prepares his iron will defense.

Agent Z: It doesn’t matter how strong your attack is, because it won’t break through my ULTIMATE DEFENSE!!!
Mara: I am putting all of my hope and power into this attack; an attack in which I am going way beyond my limits in order to do.  ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE-ASTEROID IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!

Mara’s battle with Agent Z heated up as it continued outside.  Agent Z displayed the true power of his iron will technique.  This forced Mara to break her promise with Ramsey, and go beyond her limits.  Now the ultimate attack is about to collide with the ultimate defense.  Which will prevail? Find out on the next chapter, the arc one finale, of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   April 28th 2013, 9:04 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 1
Chapter 27
Wide Awake

Last time on Dragon Soul, The fight between Mara and Agent Z heated up.  Each went beyond their limits in order to beat the other.  Agent Z was able to break both of Mara’s legs; this forced Mara to use her flying ability.  Now Mara’s ultimate attack is about to collide with Agent Z’s ultimate defense.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul; the arc one finale!
Opening Theme:

Mara’s attack finally reaches Agent Z.  Upon impact an extremely large explosion can be seen.  The area is filled with smoke and nothing can be seen within the smoke.  We change our view to Ramsey.

Ramsey: What happened?  Is Mara ok?

We change our view to the battlefield, which is filled with tons of smoke.  After several minutes go by, the smoke clears.  Both Mara and Agent Z are lying on the ground, and both seem to be very badly injured.  Neither seems to be moving, but then they both make an attempt to get up.  Agent Z is the first on his feet, but Mara can only muster enough strength to sit up.  Agent Z walks over to Mara.

Agent Z: That was an impressive move.  I must give you my respects, because nobody has been able to do this to me in combat.
Mara: I don’t need any praise from you.  You’re the bitch who started this by taking my friends hostage.
Agent Z: This could have all been avoided if you would have just given use that necklace.  We know that the necklace has special powers, and that it came from space.  You got it from that alien that we picked up when we found you; didn’t you?
Mara: You know that alien does have a name and it is Aurora!
Agent Z: I don’t care!  That piece of shit alien was only good for a little research.
Agent Z: She came from another planet, and wasn’t born on this one.  That means she isn’t human, and I will make sure we exploit her remains as much as possible.
Mara: (furious) YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!!

Mara flies towards Agent Z, and tries to hit him.  Unfortunately, her attacks aren’t doing much damage and are easily dodged, because she is still hurting from the last clash of their techniques.  Agent Z catches her hands, and begins to crush them.

Agent Z: Is that all the strength that you have left?  It seems like you had to use every last bit of energy just to hurt me.  Then again that was only necessary because of my iron will technique.  I guess I will have to end you.  Then again if we capture you then maybe we can try brainwashing you again.
Agent Z: Well don’t worry, because no matter how torn apart your body is we will still can restore it.  I would hate to have to kill you and waste such a good fighter like yourself.

She tries to head-butt him, but he blocks with his iron will infused head.  She cries out in pain, but then tries to quickly quite herself.  She then bites his nose, which frees her right hand.


Agent Z easily blocks the attack which wasn’t even strong to begin with.

Agent Z: (very annoyed) That does it!  I tried to be nice and make you one of my elite warriors, but now I’m just going to kill you.  MEGATON PUNCH!

Mara is hit very hard in the face and is sent flying.  She tries to crawl away, but Agent Z puts his foot down on her.  He puts her face up, and begins to crush her rib cage with his foot.

Agent Z: This will end it, MEGATON FORCE PALM!

His attack is aimed at her head for a sure kill shot.  Time seems to slow down for Mara as her life flashes before her eyes.  Then right as the attack is about to hit her.  They both get engulfed in the bright light of an explosion of enormous size, https://2img.net/h/i95.photobucket.com/albums/l141/kmccaskill2/vlcsnap-00004.jpg.  Behind the explosion, you can see two shadowy figures, and the one on the left steps forward.

Left figure: It looks like we have completed the mission.  There is no way that they could have survived my attack.

The figure on the right pulls out some sort of communication device.

Right figure: Sir, we have successfully completed our second mission, and are ready to begin phase two.
Phone voice: Good work!  You have your orders so get to them.
Right figure: Yes sir!  He hangs up the device.  Let’s go!

They both disappear in the smoke of the explosion.  We change our view to Ramsey, who was thrown several feet by the explosion.

Ramsey: What was that?  Is Mara ok?  She was pinned down, and I was about to go down there to help her.

He gets into his car and drives down to the crater that was left by the explosion.  He gets out and sees the true horror of the damage.  The entire base was destroyed except for a level that was extremely deep below the surface.  Ramsey climbs down into the crater to search for Mara.

Ramsey: MARA!  MARA!  MARA!

A small sound is heard a couple of yards away.  Ramsey runs over and finds Mara lying under some debris.  He lifts the debris off of her and checks her pulse.  A smile comes onto his face when he realizes that she is still alive.  She begins to cough, and begins to breathe normally.  She wakes up.

Ramsey: Morning sleepy head.  How are you feeling?
Mara: Pain, and fatigue.  What happened?
Ramsey: You were fighting with Agent Z and then there was an explosion.  I don’t know what caused it, but it looks as if Agent Z didn’t survive.  He points over at Agent Z’s dead body a few yards away.  Can you move at all?
Mara: A little, but I can’t feel my legs.

She begins to hover slightly above the ground.

Ramsey: Maybe we should see what we can salvage from the wreckage.  There might be something useful.
Mara: Yeah they might, because Agent Z said that as long as I was alive that he could repair my body.  This was supposed to be possible no matter how damaged my body was.

They begin to search the area for anything useful.

Ramsey: Hey Mara, why is it that only you survived?
Mara: What is that supposed to mean?
Ramsey: What I mean is that you had taken more damage than him and he died while you survived.
Mara: I think it was the necklace.  When the explosion happened, I felt a strange aura surround me.  It felt peaceful, and calm.  I felt so safe, and then I passed out.

They continue to search, and they pocket everything and anything that looks useful.  Ramsey finds a weird looking book that looks as if is from ancient times.  As they search, dead bodies of ALIENS agents are spread out all over.

Ramsey: Do you think that we should bury them properly?
Mara: Whatever you want?

Ramsey finds a body hidden under some debris.  He tries to get it out, but he isn’t strong enough to lift it.

Ramsey: Mara can you come over here and help me.
Mara: Sure.

They lift up the debris.  As soon as the debris is lifted, Mara’s face becomes morbid.

Mara: (as if she is trying to hold back tears) AHHHHHH!
Ramsey: What’s the matter?
Mara: It’s happening.
Ramsey: What’s happening?
Mara: This is what happened in my dream.  She begins to cry.
Ramsey: Why are you crying?  I thought that in your dream you had died.
Mara: This can’t be happening.  Please tell me I’m not awake.  I must be having my nightmare again.
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Ramsey: You aren’t sleeping.  You are completely wide awake.
Mara begins to cry even harder.
Ramsey: What’s wrong?
Mara: (sobbing) You bitch!  In my nightmare, I thought that it was me who died, but in reality it was they who died?
Ramsey: Who?
Mara: (sobbing) They are Megan and Jennifer.  MY BEST FRIENDS ARE DEAD!!!!!

She begins to cry uncontrollably.  Ramsey can’t find any words to comfort her.  He lets her cry on his shoulder.  Just then a thunder storm rolls in and it begins to rain.  We begin to pan out, and as this happens we can hear this playing.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrlYVTFAKcc

Mara’s battle with Agent Z has finally ended, but at what cost.  After the battle, it was discovered that her friends were caught up in the explosion and died.  This brings the nightmare that Mara had been experiencing to life.  She lost all her sanity, and began to cry.  Can she recover from this emotional tragedy and continue her mission?  Who are those mysterious figures who caused the explosion, and what are their plans?  Find out this and more on the next chapter of Dragon Soul, the beginning of arc 2.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 9th 2013, 9:14 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 28
Wake Me Up

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara’s battle with Agent Z came to an end when a huge explosion engulfed them both.  The cause was two unknown figures who watched from afar.  While searching the debris for anything useful, Ramsey and Mara found the dead bodies of Jennifer and Megan.  Can Mara recover from this tragedy, or will succumb to depression?  Who were those two shadowy figures?  Find out in today’s chapter of Dragon Soul, the arc 2 premier.

Opening Theme:

It is night time, and we can see a very large crater.  There are many people with tons of stadium lights set up over the place.  They seem to be cleaning up the area.  At closer look, we can see that it is the remains of the ALIENS’ base.  We change our view to the parking lot of a hospital.  An ambulance rushes into the emergency room lot.  There are tons of people carrying a person in critical condition into the hospital.  What looks to be a family member is left to wait in the waiting room.  We see that person’s face and it is Ramsey.  He is very sad, and worried.

Ramsey: I wonder if Mara is going to be okay.  She has suffered so much in her life, and then she risked her life to save her friends.  She gave it her all only for her efforts to fail.  Her body was so damaged from the fight, and I think the only thing keeping her alive was the thought of her friends.  Now that they are gone, can she find the courage to live on?

A few hours go by and Ramsey is pacing back and forth in the waiting room.  Morning has come, and Ramsey has fallen asleep in a chair.  A doctor comes over and wakes him up.

Doctor: Ramsey, wake up.
Ramsey: Oh, I must have fallen asleep.  How is she doc?
Doctor: She has many life threatening injuries, but we were able to stabilize her.  Also we are preparing the two bodies brought in for you.  Should I call their families?
Ramsey: No!  I will call them.  I feel as if it is my duty.

We change our view.  We are on a quiet suburban block.  A car comes down the street and parks in front of a big house.  The house is white and has a large yard.  A couple gets out of the car, and they walk up to the door.  They ring the doorbell.  After a few seconds, a woman answers the door.

Woman: Hello!  How are you Dick and Jane?
Jane: Great!
Dick: Fantastic, Mary!
Mary: Why don’t you come in?

Dick and Jane proceed to walk into the house.  Mary closes the door behind them and takes their coats.  Mary leads the couple into the dining room where Joe is putting food on the table.

Dick and Jane: Happy birthday Joe!

They both give him a hug.

Joe: Thanks!  Let’s sit down to some dinner.

We change our view back to Ramsey in the hospital.  He is in Mara’s room and he is watching her sleep.  He seems troubled.

Ramsey: I don’t know what to tell their parents.  I mean, how do I tell someone that their child is dead?  He grabs hold of Mara’s hand.  Please, Mara, get better, because I could really use your help right about now.

Ramsey’s phone rings.  He leaves the room.

Ramsey: (quietly) How is the cleanup of the site going?
Phone: It is going well sir.  We found some interesting stuff that you might want to look at.
Ramsey: Well send it to my house and finish covering it up now.  We can’t afford to have anyone find that site; do you hear me?
Phone: Yes sir!

Ramsey hangs up the phone, and goes back into the room.  He sits down in a chair next to Mara’s bed.

Ramsey: It is getting really crazy out here.  I can only imagine what is going to happen when you wake up, but I am just hoping that you will wake up.  I don’t know what I would do without you.  I don’t know if I could live without you.

We change our view back to Joe’s birthday dinner.  They all seem to be enjoying a wonderful meal.

Jane: Mary this roast is divine.  It practically melts in your mouth, and it is so juicy.  What your secret?
Mary: Well…

Mary begins to talk with Jane.  We look over at Joe who is talking with Dick.

Joe: I’m telling you that if any guy wants to marry my daughter has to ask me first.
Dick: That is so old school.  If he is a good guy, and they love each other, then it wouldn’t matter.

As the evening goes on, they move into the living room.  They are seen drinking wine and having tons of fun.
Jane: So how has it been since Jennifer moved out?
Joe: Well, it has been an adjustment, but we seem to be doing okay.  Mary spends her days cleaning and going through the house.  It helps to keep her busy.  She also loves to cook, and spends tons of time on pinterest.
Mary: Joe has been my test subject for all the recipes that I’ve tried.

They all have a big laugh.  Joe begins opening up gifts.  His wife gave him a new electric razor, and Dick and Jane got him some new work shirt and a tie.

Joe: Thanks for all the gifts.  I am so happy for this evening, and for you my friends.
Dick: You’re welcome.
Jane: Yeah, as friends we always love hanging out with you.  What makes it better is that our children are friends.
Mary: Well I hope that their trip was able to cheer Mara up.  Mara had been so down in the dumps the past few months, and we had tried everything to cheer her up.
Joe: I know that she had been through a lot, but we have always been there for her.  We took her in after her parents died, and we treated her like family.  I hope that we were able to comfort her.  I wonder when Jennifer is going to call.  She always calls me on my birthday, and she hasn’t called me yet.
Jane: Do you guys know how long they were going to Vegas for?
Mary: Jennifer said for as long as needed.

After she says that, the house phone rings.  Mary goes to answer the phone.  Thinking it was Jennifer because of the Las Vegas area code, she puts it on speaker.

Mary: Hello!
Ramsey: Is this the Goff residence?
Mary: Yes.  May I ask who is calling?
Ramsey: My name is Ramsey, and I am calling about your daughter and her friends.
Mary: You mean Megan, Jennifer, and Mara.
Ramsey: I do.
Mary: well I have you on speaker and Megan’s parents are here.
Ramsey: That’s good, because that will save me a phone call.

As this is said Mara wakes up, but remains quiet to listen.

Joe: Is there something wrong?
Ramsey: Yes, there was an accident.
Jane: Are they okay?
Ramsey: Mara is in critical condition at the hospital.
Dick: What about the other two?

Mara sits up as if to hear better, and the parents move closer to the phone for the same reason.

Ramsey: I am saddened to inform you that both Megan and Jennifer have passed away.

All those listening are in shock.  The parents are crying.

Joe: You bitch, this isn’t a joke.
Ramsey: I wish that I was.  I would like it if you would come out here since you are listed as Mara’s emergency medical contact.

They immediately they hang up on Ramsey.  Ramsey hears Mara crying.

Ramsey: I didn’t know that you were awake.
Mara: Please tell me that this is a nightmare, and what you said isn’t real. Ramsey shakes his head no.  Please, Ramsey, just wake me up from this nightmare.
Ramsey:  It pains me to say this, but your friends are dead and you need to accept that fact.  I know it’s going to be hard, but I am here.  I will always be by your side.

She begins to cry again.  Ramsey holds her, and tries to comfort her.  This song can be heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jVO8sUrs-Pw.

Mara’s health took a turn for the worst after the death of her friends.  Ramsey took on the job of telling Megan and Jennifer’s parents about their deaths.  Now all are grief stricken and crying.  Can they recover from this tragedy, and will Mara recover from her injuries?  Find out on the next Chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 9th 2013, 9:21 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 29

Last time on Dragoon Soul, Mara’s condition worsened after discovering that her friends had died.  Ramsey informed Megan and Jennifer’s parents about their deaths.  Can they all recover from this, or will they be unable to cope with the loss?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s house.  A limo drives up to the front gate, and then is let in.  It goes up to the house and two couples get out.  Ramsey comes out to greet them, and walks them into his house.  They all sit down in the living room.  Ramsey pours everyone some tea.  They all begin to drink, and there is an awkward silence.

Ramsey: I hope your flight was good.  I know that these circumstances are a sad one, but I am doing everything that I can to help you in any way possible.
Joe: We thank you for that.  I want to apologize for what I said to you when you called us.
Dick: We also hate that it took this long for us to come out here.
Mary: Is Mara okay?
Ramsey: Well she has recovered enough to be released to my care.  Even after spending a month in the hospital, the doctors were unable to restore ability to walk.  She wasn’t doing the physical therapy, and her legs have only gotten worse.  I will personally try to restore it, but it could take a very long time.
Jane: Thanks.  Now tell me about the funeral services.
Ramsey: Well I plan to pay for everything, because that is the least I could do.

At that moment, an explosion is heard from the back yard.

Dick: What was that?
Ramsey: I am building a new guest house, and there was some big rocks buried under ground.  They needed to use explosives.
Joe: By the way where is Mara?
Ramsey: She is in her room resting.

We change our view to Ramsey’s backyard.  We see Mara floating around.  She is very drunk.

Mara: Where are you?  Hiccup!  I will find you?  Hiccup!

She begins blasting around the area.  We go back to the living room.

Jane: So we will have the services on this Saturday here at your home.
Ramsey: Well there were already cremated as per your request, but I thought that we should have a formal service.  Now let me show you to your rooms?

Another explosion is heard.

Mary: is everything okay?  They seem to be using a lot of dynamite.
Ramsey: (nervous) Everything’s fine.  There are many rock and they are extremely big. Please calm down Mara.  We don’t want them to know about your powers.  Right this way please!

He leads them upstairs.  Several days go by and it is the day of the funeral.  The house is being prepared for the service.  Ramsey is seen walking into Mara’s room with breakfast.

Ramsey: Morning!
Mara: Is it Morning already?  Hiccup!
Ramsey: It’s not even ten o’clock and you’re already drunk.  Why do you have to do this to yourself?
Mara: Because I want to.
Ramsey: Do you plan on stopping for the funeral?
Mara: I don’t plan on stopping until this whole thing goes away.  I mean it couldn’t really have happened, so maybe if I drink enough it will go away.
Ramsey: Please don’t drink anymore, because you start blasting everything in sight when you’re drunk.  I am trying to hide your powers from them, because we don’t want them to get involved in your mission.
Mara: Well you can fuck the mission.
Ramsey: Watch what you say!  Now eat your breakfast and get dressed.
Mara: Whatever!

She takes a drink of alcohol, but then Ramsey takes it away.  He leaves the room after finding and removing her hidden stash of booze.  As the morning wears on, we can see the transformation of Ramsey’s house into a perfect dwelling for a funeral.  We begin to see people arrive for the service.  They each take turns consoling the parents.  Ramsey is also there greeting guests.

Woman: I would like to thank you for helping the Goff and Luz families with all of this.
Ramsey: You’re welcome.  It was the least I could do for them during this tough time.
Woman: How is Mara doing?
Ramsey: She has recovered from most of her injuries, but she still can’t walk yet.  For now she is in a wheel chair.
Woman: I heard that she will be living here with you.
Ramsey: It is only temporary.  I am the best physical therapist in the U.S.  I have been known to perform miracles.  In the hands of anyone else, she would be doomed to never walk again, but with me there is a chance.  In order to help her to the best of my ability, she must receive constant treatment.  That is why she will be living with me.

Joe walks over to Ramsey.

Joe: The service will be starting soon, so we need to bring Mara out here.
Ramsey: I will get her.

Ramsey walks away towards Mara’s room.  He knocks on the door.

Ramsey: Mara, are you ready? No answer.  CRASH!  He runs in after hearing this.  Mara, is everything okay?  I heard a large sound.

He doesn't see her at first.  Then she flies in from the bathroom.  She appears to be very drunk, and completely naked.

Mara: WOOOOOOOOOO! Hiccup!  (singing) Tonight!  We are young!

She sees Ramsey and stops.  She goes over to Ramsey.

Mara: What’s up?  Do you feel a breeze in here?
Ramsey: That’s because you’re completely naked.  Also I thought you said that you were going to be sober for the funeral.
Mara: I was, but then I thought that a drink would help me to concentrate enough to get dressed.
Ramsey: Well obviously that didn’t work.  Let me help you get dressed.

He proceeds to dress Mara.  He gets her all ready for the funeral, and then he brings her to the main part of the house where everyone is waiting.  They all greet her individually, and try to comfort her in this trying time.  She begins to cry a lot.  She then gets to her seat in the front.  The service begins.  After a little bit, Ramsey gets up and goes to the podium.

Ramsey: Hello everyone!  My name is Ramsey.  I am the generous benefactor for this event.  I am also Mara’s caretaker.  Now over this past month, I have been helping Mara to recover from the accident, and in the process we have become friends.  I have also become friends with Megan and Jennifer’s parents.  I haven’t known them for long, but already we have been through much together.  I have been doing everything in my power to help them all in any way possible.  With a little help, I have put together a slideshow of pictures of Megan and Jennifer.  I felt this needed to get done, so we could all see what a great life they had and the impact they had on everyone around them.

He clicks a button, and a projector comes down.  He clicks another button, and the slideshow begins to play.  We watch everyone’s various emotions that are triggered by this.  This can be heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mwnoNVOj1Fs.  The slideshow finishes after about an hour.  Ramsey gets back on the podium.

Ramsey: I think that we can all agree that this slideshow truly honored them, their families, and their friends.  I hope that you all have enjoyed this service.  We will be serving lunch in the main dining room in just a few minutes.  I will return when we are ready.

He leaves to check on the food in the kitchen.  Everyone begins to talk amongst themselves.  Joe and Dick are comforting their crying wives.  They all go over to Mara, who is crying very hard, in order to comfort her.

Dick: Don’t worry, we will always love you.  We thought of you as our daughter, and the four of us will do anything we can to help.

Ramsey walks in.

Ramsey: Lunch is served.

Just then gun fire is heard.  A group of masked men run in.


Today was a day of mourning.  Mara, Dick, Jane, Joe, and Mary were all very saddened on this day, but Ramsey did all he could to make everyone’s day better.  Now just as they were getting ready to sit down to lunch, a group of criminals barge in.  Will they completely ruin this day, or this there hope for peace? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 16th 2013, 9:00 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 30
Hope’s Home

Last time on Dragon Soul, The day finally came for the funeral service for Megan and Jennifer.  It was a very emotional service.  They were about to sit down to lunch, when a group of robbers came in and ruined the day.  Is this day going in a downward spiral, or will they find a chance to restore peace?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We can see a group of large men rounding up everyone in the house.  They put them all into the living room.  After that, a man larger than any of the others walks into the room.  From what we can see, he seems to be the leader.  Some of his lackeys go up to him and begin to talk to him.  After that, he sends them to search the house.  The leader then walks up to the group of people, and looks around at their faces.

Leader: (deep voice) Hello everyone!  We are here to obtain the riches of this house.  The richest man in Vegas lives here, and we want everything he has.  Where are you?  Ramsey stands up.  There you are.  I wonder how a physical therapist could be so rich, but then you are the miracle worker.  People even go as far as to call you an angel from heaven.
Ramsey: I don’t ask people to call me by those names.  I do whatever I can to help people, and that is all.
Leader: I am glad to hear that, but you are still somehow very rich.  We as criminals want that.  Now we want your full obedience, or we will start killing your guests here.

Ramsey has no choice, but to do as they say.  The leader has Ramsey tied up, and placed next to him.  Some time goes by and they all seem to be getting bored.

Leader: How long does it take to find a simple safe?
Lackey: Well shouldn’t we have him tell us where it is?
Leader: Well that would be good, but we need him here for now.  You see he could try and set off an alarm, while leading us there.  That is why we are also trying to cut all power, and completely locking down this whole property.  If you guys are bored then tear up some of his house.

The lackeys seem happy.  They begin tearing down and breaking everything that they can get their hands on.  They also start shooting up all of his furniture and walls.  The next thing was destroying all the memorial stuff for Megan and Jennifer.  Then they find the big spread.

Lackey: hey boss, we found tons of food.  Why don’t we enjoy it while we wait?
Leader: Take shifts, because we don’t want anyone escaping.  We also don’t want them to see our faces when you take your masks off to eat.
Lackey: Yes sir!

The lackeys begin to take turns going into the dining room and pigging out on the food.  The leader even takes a turn.  During this time, loud sounds of eating can be heard from behind the doors of the dining room.  Eventually they finish all the food and all gather back into the living room.  Another few minutes go by when the power goes out.  This seems to make the leader happy.  Time seems to be wearing on.  The sun is beginning to set when the lackeys return from their search.

Leader: Did you find it?
Lackey: Yes and the entire property is completely locked down.
Leader: Good!  Now Ramsey, you will come with us to go make a withdrawal.

He leads Ramsey out of the room.  They go down some stairs to find a very large basement which seems to span the whole property.  They go down the hall until they reach a large door.  The leader opens the door, and pushes Ramsey into the room.  A light turns on to reveal an extremely large safe.  The Leader seems to be extremely happy.

Leader: I want you two to keep watch outside while I deal with him and this safe.
Lackeys: Yes sir!

The lackeys stand outside the door, and the leader shuts the door behind him and Ramsey.

Leader: Now I want you to open this vault now.
Ramsey: NEVER!
Leader: If you don’t, then I will radio my comrades to kill your guests.
Ramsey: How is that?  This room is completely sound proof, and blocks all forms of communication.  Also once the door is shut, then only my thumb print will open it.  Now as for your friends upstairs, they are in some real danger.  Do you know of the asteroid site just outside town?  Well it wasn’t an asteroid, and one of the people involved is upstairs.  If any of you people try and hurt the guests, then that person will kill them all.
Leader: You little shit!  They wouldn’t be defeated by any of those old farts, or that wheel chair bitch!  Now open up or I will hurt you.
Ramsey: Don’t think that I forgot about you.  See you are also in danger, because you are in here alone with me.
Leader: So?  You’re nothing but a physical therapist.

Ramsey laughs.

Ramsey: That is my current job, but in my previous job I dealt with people like you all the time.  I even know all about you.  You’re the phantom gang.  You rob rich people in their homes and then just disappear.  I spent most of my career searching for you, but then I retired from that life.
Leader: So you have heard of us?  Then you must have been FBI or CIA.  Those fools were never got anywhere near us.
Ramsey: You see I wasn’t apart from either of those.  I was a part of a special investigational unit.  Now I can get my revenge for what you did to me so many years ago.  You weren’t there last time, so I couldn’t get you.  Now you have come to me, and trust me before I left I learned everything there is to know about you.
Leader: You couldn’t know anything you little shit!

The Leader punches Ramsey, but he it doesn’t even move him an inch.  Ramsey begins to laugh.

Leader: What’s so funny?
Ramsey: That was the weakest punch ever.  I could have easily dodged it, and quite easily hit you first.
Leader: Then why didn’t you, or are you bluffing?
Ramsey: You see I am a gentleman, and gentlemen always let ladies go first.  Now it is my turn.

Ramsey breaks free from the ropes, and then disappears.  Next thing you know the leader gets all slashed up.  All of his clothes are torn to pieces.  The leader is revealed to be a very attractive woman.  She goes onto the ground and tries to cover herself.

Leader: How the hell did you do that, and how did you know that I am a woman?
Ramsey: That’s a secret.  He grabs her by the throat and holds her to the wall.  It was thanks to your gang that I lost everything.  I have spent many years wanting to kill you and all your people.
Leader: Then why don’t you just do it.
Ramsey: Because I realized that killing won’t undo what you did, so I want you all to suffer for the rest of your lives.  Plus being here alone with you, I can have some fun while teaching you what it’s like to be utterly helpless.
Leader: Bitch you better not!

A huge perverted grin can be seen on Ramsey’s face.  He begins to fondle her boobs while giggling like a little boy.  He even manages to get in a kiss and ass grab.  The entire time, the leader is blushing, and keeps trying to escape.  Unfortunately before she gets very far, Ramsey would talk her and continue fondling her.  After he is done, he knocks her out and ties her up.  He leaves the room and takes out the two guarding the door.  They were also women.  He ties them up and puts them in the vault room.  He goes back upstairs and one by one lures the others away from the crowd and captures them.  After he has captured all of them, he restores the power.  Thirty minutes later the cops arrive and take the criminals away.

Ramsey: I am very sorry for what has happened today, and now I wish everyone a safe trip home.

Everyone except him and Mara leave.  He goes into Mara’s room to find her with a knife in her hand.  She tries to stab herself, but Ramsey stops her in time.

Mara: I don’t want to live anymore.  Everywhere I go nothing but tragedy happens.  Both my parents and my friends are dead because of my actions, and now because of me your home was invaded.  I have n where to go, because I don’t want anyone to get hurt.
Ramsey: If you killed yourself, who would continue your mission?
Mara: Fuck the mission!  I have nothing left to live for, and I am all alone.

Ramsey slaps her across the face.

Ramsey: I don’t want to hear you say that ever again.  How can you end your life and damn this planet to a horrible fate?  You are being very selfish.
Mara: It’s my life and I can do with it what I please.

He grabs her and holds her against the wall.

Ramsey: Get a hold of yourself!  You have much to live for.  Just think of all the people who care about you who are still alive.  Think about what you have lost, and what you still have.  Yeah, it’s true you have lost much, but you still have much more left to live for.  Megan and Jennifer’s parents raised you after your parents died, and now they consider you their daughter.  They just lost Megan and Jennifer, so how do you think they would feel if you died too.  You have a very big responsibility now.  You must live not only for yourself, but for the loved ones that you have lost.  You must be a great daughter for the Goff and Luz families who are now without daughters to call their own.  If you look around, you will realize that you aren’t alone in life or in your mission, because I am with you.  FOR AS LONG AS I AM ALIVE, YOU WILL NEVER BE ALONE, YOU WILL ALWAYS HAVE A PLACE TO CALL HOME, AND HOPE WILL NEVER BE OUT OF YOUR REACH!

After hearing this Mara, begins to cry tears of joy.  They begin to embrace each other, and this can be heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OTg1n95--KE.

Megan and Jennifer’s funeral was rudely interrupted by criminals.  Thanks to Ramsey, they were subdued.  Just when all was clear, Ramsey catches Mara trying to kill herself.  He convinces her not to, and now she can finally begin healing her physical and emotional wounds.  Find out what happens next on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 23rd 2013, 9:47 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 31
The Book

Last time on Dragon Soul, the funeral was being held hostage in order to rob Ramsey of all his money.  He eventually was able to defeat and capture them all.  The day finished off with Ramsey convincing Mara to not kill herself.  Find out what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

It has been a few weeks since the funeral.  Mara and Ramsey are seen decorating the house for Halloween.  It is a cool fall day with a slight breeze that gently blows the leaves around the property.  The sun is beginning to set and the sky is a beautiful rainbow of fall colors, http://mw2.google.com/mw-panoramio/photos/medium/43063411.jpg.  They stop and sit on the porch in order to enjoy this beautiful site.  They are seen drinking hot cider.

Mara: This is such a beautiful sunset.
Ramsey: It sure is!  You know that they say spirits come around the living during this time of the year.
Mara: I’ve heard.
Ramsey: You have recovered so well.  Even though I have been digging through all that stuff we found, I still haven’t found a way to restore your legs yet.
Mara: That’s okay!  Tomorrow is Halloween, and after that we will go back to training.  I need to get stronger so I can defeat the enemies that are sure to come.
Ramsey: Yeah, I wanted to talk to you about that.
Mara: What is it?

He pulls out a very ancient looking book, and hands it to Mara.

Mara: What is this?
Ramsey: It is some ancient text that we found in the ruble.  It seems to give off a strange aura which is similar to yours.  That is why I thought that you should give it a look.

She tries to open the book, but it won’t budge an inch.  After a couple of tries, she gives up and begins to examine the cover of the book.

Mara: I don’t know how useful it can be if I can’t open it.  Do you know how to open it?
Ramsey: No.  It must be useful, or those guys wouldn't have kept it.
Mara: What a sec?  Something is happening to the book.
Ramsey: What is it?
Mara: I touched the jewel that was on the front, and like magic I can read the title.
Ramsey: What is it called?
Mara: It says “Guide to the Souls”.  What do you think it means?
Ramsey: I don’t know, but what do you think will happen when we both touch the jewel?
Mara: I don’t know, but let’s try it.

Mara and Ramsey get closer together.  Then they both reach for the jewel with great caution.  After a few seconds, they finally are both touching the jewel.  Nothing happens, so they press on it thinking it might help.  In doing this, their fingertips touch, and the book suddenly begins to glow brightly.  Both Mara and Ramsey are very worried and afraid.  The light engulfs them, and they disappear.  They open their eyes to see that they seem to be in space looking down on earth.  Then they begin to fly off at great speed, and they stop at some unknown far away planet.

Mara: Where are we?
Ramsey: I don’t know, but more importantly how did we get here?
????: The book brought you here.
Mara: Who’s here?
Ramsey: Show yourself!
????: I am here.

They turn around to see a woman veiled in white.

Mara: How are you?
????: Have you forgotten my voice already, Mara?
Mara: Wait, are you Aurora?
????: Yes I am.
Ramsey: So this is the famous Aurora.  You look different from what Mara described.
Aurora: That is because I wanted to test her memory.
Mara: Where are we, Aurora?
Aurora: This is my home world, Goldilocks.
Ramsey: Why did the book bring us here?
Aurora: That is because the time for Mara’s knighting.
Mara: What do you mean?
Aurora: Every guardian must go on a pilgrimage, and obtain an assistant.

They look at each other.

Mara: So if the battle against ALIENS was my pilgrimage, then would that make Ramsey my assistant?
Aurora: Yes!
Ramsey: So what encompasses the duties of our positions?
Aurora: The guardian of souls must help maintain balance in the universe.  This means that all of the warrior souls must be on the side of good.  You can defeat the evil warriors and use your powers to capture the souls.  Next you must find someone who is worthy of that soul, and give it to that person.  You will also guide the warriors in their quest to defeat evil.  Now the guardian’s assistant must help in all of those duties.  Also you have the added job of the soul warrior trainer, and you will also have the ability to capture warrior souls.
Mara: Wow!  That is a lot to take in all at once.  It could take years to obtain all the warrior souls, and then find a good person to give them to.
Ramsey: Yeah I know!  I even have to train them all so that they can defeat all evil.  Where are the other warrior souls, and what powers do they have?

Aurora ponders for a moment.

Aurora: The remaining warrior souls are with the agents of evil that fight for Darius III, and as for their powers, well you must figure that out on your own.  For this is all a part of the journey.  As you encounter them, the book will reveal its secrets to you.
Ramsey: How can we capture them without the help of any of the other warriors?
Aurora: That is why the guardian has the fighting powers, and the assistant has the training powers.  Once you start capturing and finding proper warriors, then your power will keep increasing.  You must have all the warriors on your side, or else you won’t be able to defeat Darius III.  You must work quickly, because it won’t be long before he tries to expand his empire while he has control.  The bigger his empire gets the harder it will be to get to him, and he might even reach earth someday.  Now I have said everything that I have come to say.  I must be on my way.
Ramsey: Bye!
Mara: Thanks for everything!  Will we ever see you again?
Aurora: Who knows?  Anything can happen in the game that is life.

Aurora waves as she fades away.  Ramsey and Mara pause a moment to reflect on what just happened, then they are sent back to earth.  We can see Ramsey’s house when a bright light comes out of nowhere and lands on the porch.  It disappears, and leaves behind Mara and Ramsey.  They remain silent for a little bit still reflecting on the current events.

Mara: So I guess that I have gotten you further into this.
Ramsey: Well I had a feeling we were destined to meet, and now I know why.  We should get started as soon as possible, and we should continue to look into the mysterious explosion at the base.
Mara: I agree!  All of this saving the world talk is making me hungry.  Let’s go in and eat some dinner.
Ramsey: I am also famished.  What are you in the mood for?
Mara: Surprise me!

They go into the house.  We change our view to the desert.  We can see two shadowy figures.  The one on the left is standing up while the other is sitting on a boulder.  They seem to be overlooking Las Vegas.

Left Figure: This city is so lively.  I think it will be the perfect place to do our training.  Don’t you think so?
Right Figure: Yes, it is.  I just hope we can learn to blend in quick, or our next mission will be nearly impossible to complete.

They both begin to smile.  Then they fly off towards town.  As we look up at the sky, you can see that it is very cloudy and very ominous.

Mara and Ramsey were preparing for Halloween when they got to go on an unscheduled trip to Goldilocks.  Aurora appeared to them, and explained their mission.  They were also informed of the book’s importance.  We saw the two shadowy figures, which attacked the base, preparing to enter Las Vegas.  Why are they trying to blend in?  What is their mission, and can Mara and Ramsey stop them?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 30th 2013, 8:48 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 32
Guardian Training

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey got an unexpected visit from Aurora.  They were informed of their mission and of the book’s importance.  Then we saw the two figures, which attacked the base, preparing to enter Las Vegas.  What are their sinister goals, and Will Mara be ready in time?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s house.  Mara and Ramsey are eating breakfast.  From the dining room, you can see the back yard filled with leaves that have fallen.  They are quietly eating, and seem to be avoiding each other.  Ramsey is seen also reading the book.  He puts the book down, and looks at Mara.

Ramsey: Are you ready for today?
Mara: I guess!  I don’t know how much training I can do without the use of my legs.
Ramsey: This book informs me of all types of training.  I sure you can still do them.
Mara: What type of training powers do you get?
Ramsey: Well according to the book, I can generate a training field which I can manipulate at will.  It also says that I have healing powers that can restore your energy so that you can train longer.
Mara: Then, we will train 24/7 so that I won’t be beaten.
Ramsey: Hold on Mara!  The healing power restores energy, but it can’t heal injuries.  That means if you hurt yourself, I won’t be able to help.  Even if your energy is restored, an injured body will be drained quickly of energy.
Mara: Well then I guess that I should try not to hurt myself.

They finish eating breakfast.  Afterwards they go outside to begin training.  Ramsey and Mara are across from each other.  Mara is wearing her weighted training clothes while Ramsey is at the ready with the book.

Mara: Let’s do this.

Mara begins to float out of her wheel chair and goes out onto the lawn.

Ramsey: It’s now or never.

Ramsey raises his arm, and begins to concentrate his energy into his hand.  A red aura surrounds his hand.


The ball of energy shoots from Ramsey’s hand, and heads towards Mara.  It engulfs her while getting bigger.  Upon finishing, the field is as large as a football field.  Nothing else seems to be happening.

Mara: What’s the matter?  Nothing’s happening.
Ramsey: Hold on!  That was just to generate the field.  Now I must manipulate it to create the training environment.  Let’s try this first.

Ramsey raises his hand.  It begins to glow.  Then as if a switch was flipped, the inside of the field reaches a temperature of 100 degrees F.

Mara: Whoa!  It just got really hot in here.
Ramsey: That’s the point!  Your body has more stress on it when you are in a temperature extreme which reminds me.

His hand glows again.  Then the air suddenly becomes very dry.  You can see that Mara is already sweating.

Mara: This is very harsh.  It truly is perfect for training.
Ramsey: This is for your warm up.  Now begin with the warm up exercises that we discussed.
Mara: OK!

She starts by walking around the field on her hands.  She does several laps, and after that she begins to move faster and faster with each lap.  Mara continues this for an hour, and follows this up with some flying exercises.  Now she is doing handstand pushups.  She does this for an hour straight, and then takes a break outside the field.

Mara: Training in that harsh environment really helps to increase the results of my training.
Ramsey: Yeah, it does.  There are still many things that I can do with that field.
Mara: Like what?
Ramsey: Well that’s going to be a surprise.
Mara: Come on!  You can tell me.

Mara tries the puppy dog eyes on Ramsey.  Unfortunately, He seems unaffected by it.  Realizing her failure, she then tries to appeal to manhood.  She nearly breaks him, but he creates a training field around them.  Then out of nowhere, a rock flies towards Mara.  She manages to barely dodge in time.

Mara: Where did that come from?

She has little time to talk as more and more rocks continue to fly towards her.  She is so focused on dodging that she fails to notice Ramsey leaving the field.  After Ramsey leaves the field, the rocks disappear.

Mara: How was that happening?  Was that something else that you can do with your field?
Ramsey: Yeah, now let’s try a combo.

Ramsey raises his glowing hand, and now the field is hot and dry again.  Next the rocks come back and this time they are moving faster.  They spend the rest of the day doing this exercise.  Night has fallen, and they are now eating dining.

Mara: That was some serious training today.  I hope you weren’t going easy on me.
Ramsey: Well as with all proper training there are steps, and a method to my madness.  Trust me when I say that for being the first day I didn’t go easy on you.  I can also guarantee that stage two will be much harder.

They finish dinner, and enjoy the rest of the evening.  Now the next day has come.  It is very early, and Mara is eating her breakfast.  Ramsey comes down and begins eating.

Ramsey: I hope you slept well, because today is the beginning of the second stage.
Mara: I had a great night’s sleep.  Well stage one was only one day, so stage two is probably nothing.  I will breeze through today and move on to stage three tomorrow.
Ramsey: (with an evil grin) I wouldn’t be too sure of yourself if I was you.
Mara: So then tell me what’s today’s training?
Ramsey: It will do wonders to increase your skills.  I will test your limits on particular skills, and then force them to grow.
Mara: But that doesn’t tell me what I will be doing.
Ramsey: That’s because it must be a surprise.  Don’t try your tricks, or we will have a repeat of yesterday.

Mara tries to do a strip tease, but a rock immediately hits her in the head.

Mara: You’re no fun.
Ramsey: I am a very fun person, but you need to take your training seriously if you want to survive this war that you have now been dragged into.
Mara: Fine!

Ramsey goes over to Mara and gives her a pat on the back.

Ramsey: Don’t worry about it.  You can trust me right?
Mara: Yeah, I know.
Ramsey: Well then good luck in your training today.

Ramsey begins walking towards the backyard.  Mara decides to get up and follow.  She gets up and also heads to the backyard.  We see that a thread from her clothes is stuck to the chair, but Mara fails to notice.  She floats a few feet, when the thread is pulled, and all her clothes fall apart.  Mara is now floating in the dining room naked.  She notices and tries to cover herself.

Mara: How did this happen? I mean even my underwear came apart.  Did Ramsey do this?

Mara goes to her room to put some clothes on, and then goes outside.

Ramsey: What took you so long?
Mara: SHUT UP!

He smiles, and then he creates the field.  Mara does her warm up exercises with ease.  She takes a break after completing them.

Mara: I didn’t notice anything different today about the field.
Ramsey: We haven’t gotten there yet.  Now that you have completed your warm ups, we will do a quick review of stage one. Then we will move on to stage two.

Mara goes back into the field, and begins dodging rocks that are flying at her.  Ramsey gives her the signal that they will begin stage two.  She sees rocks flying at her, but this time they are moving twice as fast as normal.  She tries to dodge, but she for some reason can only move at half speed.  She gets pummeled by all the rocks.  She seems to be very hurt.

Mara: What the hell was that all about?  Why was I suddenly moving so slowly?  How were those rocks moving so fast?
Ramsey: Stage two is why.  In stage two, I will activate the speed limiters.  This allows me to increase or decrease the max speed that an object can move.  I doubled the limit of the rocks, and halved yours.  This will mean you will have to train harder to dodge.  This stage is meant to heavily increase your speed.  We will keep doing this until your true max speed is ten times faster.
Mara: Why me?

Mara’s training as the guardian of the warrior souls has begun.  Ramsey, her guardian’s assistant, is putting her through some of the toughest training of her life.  Can she pass this training?  Will she be able to complete her mission, and what dangers will she face in the future?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 7th 2013, 4:26 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 33
Blending In

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey began his new training of Mara.  He is trying to put Mara through hell and back.  Her training has definitely has gone to the next level.  Will she be able to complete her training, and stop the evil that she is tasked with defeating?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Las Vegas.  It is morning, and the sun is just beginning to rise.  It is a chilly December day with a little coating of snow on the ground.  There are two men walking into the local mall.  We follow them as they walk through the mall.  They stop in front of a clothing store.  They go in, and get ready for their shift.  Upon removing their winter clothes, they are revealed to be the two mysterious people who attacked Mara.  The one has short orange hair, brown eyes and a light complexion.  He is slightly taller than the other guy.  The other guy has long black hair which is in a ponytail, blues eyes, and has very tan skin.  They are both wearing the store’s uniform shirt with jeans, and black sneakers.  The taller one finishes getting ready and walks over to the shorter one.

????: Lucius, what’s taking you so long to get ready?  We have to open the store in ten minutes.
Lucius: Werner, can you please stop trying to boss me around?  You might be the manager, but I am your superior on this mission.
Werner: I’m sorry, but I like the idea of bossing you around.
Lucius: Also don’t get so enthusiastic with this job, because we are only doing this in order to blend into this planet.  Once we have mastered this, we will move on to our real objective.  Now go open the store.

Werner goes and opens up the store.  They and the other employees work hard to make every customer happy with the store.  We look and find Lucius helping a customer.

Lucius: Sir is there anything that I can help you with?
Man: I am looking for a nice sweater to get my wife for Christmas.
Lucius: Well our sweaters are located over there.  Let me show you.
Man: Thanks!

We change our view to Werner who is ringing up a customer at the register.

Werner: Did you find everything that you were looking for Miss?
Lady: Yes and I really loved your selection.
Werner: I am glad to hear that.  Will that be cash or credit?
Lady: Credit.

We have a look around the store which is very busy due to the holiday season.  Lucius is over in the dress clothes helping a woman.

Lucius: Tell me what does your boyfriend’s favorite tie look like?
Lady: I have a picture.

She shows him the picture.

Lucius: Well I think we have a great suit jacket and shirt that will go with that tie perfectly.
Lady: Great thanks, you’re such a big help.
Lucius: You’re welcome.

It now seems to be lunch time, and we see Lucius and Werner in the break room.  They are enjoying their lunch.

Werner: What are having today?
Lucius: A Reuben, a bag of chips, and a root beer.  What about you?
Werner: A salad with ranch dressing and an iced tea.

They continue eating for a little.  There are other employees eating their lunch.  After some time, Lucius and Werner are alone.

Werner: So when are we set to strike our first target?
Lucius: According to my sources, February is the best time to strike.  That gives us two more months to get ready.
Werner: Can we go there a little early so that we can do some site seeing?

Werner’s face looks like an excited child.  Lucius hits his palm on his forehead.

Lucius: Fine!
Werner: YEAH!

They finish their lunch and return to work.  The day continues as normal.  Then late in the afternoon, a very interesting person walks into the store.  It is Ramsey, and he seems to be alone.  He goes over into the women’s department, and is looking at sports bras.  Lucius goes over to assist him.

Lucius: Excuse me sir, can I help you?
Ramsey: Yes, I am looking for a good sports bra for a patience of mine.
Lucius: Wait a minute, you’re Ramsey right?
Ramsey: Why yes!  Do I know you?
Lucius: No, but I have heard a lot about you from the people who come into the store.  I have only just recently moved here, and I kept hearing about the miracle worker who works at the hospital.  So your patience needs a sports bra?
Ramsey: Yeah, she was a marathon runner and had gotten injured in a car accident.  She is now on the recovery, and she is working very hard.  To reward her hard work, I wanted to give her some decent sports bras to train in.
Lucius: Just give me her measurements and I will be able to lead you in the right direction.

He helps Ramsey pick out some bras.  Ramsey buys a few pairs, and then leaves.  A few more hours go by, and it is now time to close up for the night.  Werner locks up, and they both start heading home.  We see them walking down the streets of Vegas.  Flurries of snow begin to fall as the sun goes down.  Werner stops in front of a bar.

Lucius: What’s the matter now?
Werner: Well it has been a long day, and I thought we could grab a couple of cold ones.
Lucius: Fine, but I’m not carrying your ass if you get drunk again.
Werner: Don’t worry, because I think that I am getting the hang of this drinking.

They go into the bar which has little people in it.  They sit at the far end of the bar, and order beers.  A very attractive woman walks up to Lucius.

Woman: Hey there hot stuff.  How’s about you come join me for a dance?
Lucius: I don’t think so.  I am not that type of person.
Werner: What my friend is trying to say is that he is a stick in the mud and doesn’t know how to dance.  He pushes Lucius towards the woman.  Please miss; show my friend a good time.
Lucius: (whispering to Werner) I will get you for this later.

Lucius goes off with the woman and dances.  Werner goes around and tries to pike up chicks, but to no avail.  He returns to the bar where Lucius and the woman are sitting.

Woman: Stay here, because I will be right back.  I just need to use the bathroom.
Lucius: (sarcastically) Sure!

She goes off to the bathroom.

Werner: Having fun, Lucius?
Lucius: I will kill you.
Werner: Don’t be such a party pooper.  That girl really likes you, and if you play your cards right you may get lucky.
Lucius: (disgusted) With that earth trash?  Are you insane?
Werner: What’s wrong with her?
Lucius: She’s an earthling.
Werner: Your point is?  She is a woman, and is a human being.  She’s attractive, and obviously wants you.  This is your best chance.  If you can’t get an earthling woman who doesn’t know who you are, then how do you expect to get a woman from our home world who does know who you are?  I mean we might not be one of the soul warriors, but we are pretty famous none the less.  You never have any fun, and all you care about is the mission.  You even had a shot with that chick we met back in September.
Lucius: I am not here to pleasure myself with earth women.
Werner: No, but this is what a normal earth man would do.  You’re always about the mission.  Well the mission is to blend, and hooking up with that girl is blending.  Here she comes; now go get some.
Lucius: Fine, but you now owe me two.
Werner: Whatever!

Lucius leaves the bar with the woman.  Werner just continues to drink.

We have finally, had a chance to meet the evil figures that attacked Mara at the base.  They had started to blend in by getting jobs, and a place to live.  During this day, a fateful meeting between enemies occurred.  When will the two sides clash?  Which side will prevail?  Find out on the next Chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 14th 2013, 9:00 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 34
Bitter Work

Last time on Dragon Soul, we got to meet Megan and Jennifer’s killers.  They were attempting to blend into the community.  Ramsey, not knowing who they were, got their assistance in buying clothes for Mara.  What is their plan, and why is February the best time to strike?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s house.  It is snowing, and the entire estate is blanketed with beautiful white snow.  We see Mara and Ramsey enjoying breakfast in the dining room.

Ramsey: I hope you’re ready for today.
Mara: Why wouldn’t I be?  Today we finally start stage three of my training.  It has taken me several months, but it was all worth it.
Ramsey: To commemorate the occasion, I made you brand new training clothes.  I put them in your room, so put them on after you’re done eating.
Mara: Right!

They finish breakfast, and Mara goes to her room to change.  Ramsey goes outside to prepare his field.  We see Mara go into her closet.  She opens the secret compartment where her training clothes are.  The new clothes look the same as the old ones.

Mara: What the hell?  These are just my old ones.  It doesn’t matter, because I needed new ones anyway.

She shortly realizes their difference.

Mara: Shit!  These weight ten times as much as my old ones.  I guess we really need to step up my game a whole lot.

She finishes getting dressed, and goes outside.  Ramsey has his training field already step up.

Mara: Please tell me you’ve warmed up the field.
Ramsey: No, because you will never be able to pick the conditions for your battles.  You must be ready to handle any type of weather.  Now begin with your warm up exercises.
Mara: Let’s do this.

She performs her warm ups, and then continues with review the previous stages of training.

Mara: That was way too easy.  I hope this so called stage three isn’t as easy as the first two.
Ramsey: Now don’t get ahead of yourself.  That is what you said before stage two, and it took you months before you completed it.  This stage will make the others look like a joke.  Now stand in the center of the field.
Mara: (childlike) You know that I can’t use my legs.
Ramsey: (slightly frustrated) You know what I mean.

Mara goes to the center of the field.  Ramsey prepares himself.

Ramsey: I suggest being at full power or you might not like what happens.
Mara: Whatever.

Mara goes full power.  Then Ramsey’s hands begin to glow.  The field shows signs of changing, but nothing seems to be different at first.  Next thing Mara knows, she suddenly feels a great force pushing her down.  She tries to remain in the air, but she is forced to the ground.  Mara tries with all her might to get up, but the force is strong.  It takes everything she has to prevent herself from being crushed.

Mara: What the hell is this?  I can’t get up.  I feel like I weight several tons.
Ramsey: Well to be exact, you now weight ten times more.
Mara: What are you making my body heavier?
Ramsey: No!
Mara: What did you do?
Ramsey: I call it gravity manipulation.  I increased the gravity in the field to ten times that of the gravity of earth.
Mara: How does this help?
Ramsey: It takes more power to live under this gravity than earth’s normal gravity.  This will help you to drastically increase your power.  We won’t stop this until you’ve master ten times gravity.
Mara: It might take me months just to sit up.  Can I take off these training clothes?
Ramsey: Sure, but I have also made the field as cold as the artic.  If you want to freeze to death then go right ahead, but if not then get to work.
Mara: You know I hate you right.
Ramsey: No you don’t.  You really love me.

He puts on a big grin.  Mara looks angry, and tries to sit up.  A few weeks go by, and see Mara once again in the backyard training.  Ramsey is cheering her on as she tries to sit up and touch her toes.

Ramsey: You can do it!
Mara: I will do it!
Ramsey: Go, Go, Go!

She tries with all her might and finally manages to touch her toes.  After that, she lays down on the ground resting.

Mara: (breathing hard) That was really hard.  It took me way too long to get this far.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it.  The more you do this the easier the training will be.
Mara: (breathing hard) I hope you’re right.
Ramsey: Now you need to do that without trouble.

Mara continues this exercise for the next few days.  After about a week, Mara is finally able to perform the exercise in ten times gravity with ease.

Ramsey: That is great Mara.  This helped to strengthen your core.  Your arms also got a major workout.
Mara: It was tough, but I did it.
Ramsey: Now for the next exercise.  You must try and do a handstand.  This will help you to train your arms.  They need some serious bulking up.  Unfortunately, we can only train from your waist up.
Mara: I thought that you said that you were looking into it.  You did get the research from what was left of the labs at the base.
Ramsey: Yeah, but it has been very hard.  For it to work, I would need to be able to recreate the energy in his attack.  Without that, I can’t properly diagnose what it did to your legs.
Mara: Well maybe you should leave me to my training and go do more research.
Ramsey: What does that mean?
Mara: What I mean is that you are always training me, and I hardly see you doing your supposed research.
Ramsey: How dare you?  I have been doing everything that I can to help you, and this is the thanks I get.
Mara: All you do is train me, and joke around!  You can’t even come close to understanding what I have been through!  I have been to hell and back!  I appreciate the help with training me, but all I ask is that you actually research my condition!
Ramsey: You little shit!  You have no sense of decency!  All you do is ask things of me and complain, and now you have the stones to call me a liar!
Mara: It isn’t lying if it’s true!
Ramsey: If that’s the way you feel, then maybe I should stop all my research!  Then you will have no hope of ever walking again!
Mara: Fine stop!  It’s not like you were doing any research anyway.

They both look as if they will kill each other.

Ramsey: Good, because now I can finally get some sleep.
Mara: What the hell does that mean?
Ramsey: You are so naïve.  I haven’t slept in months, because I was doing research to heal your legs.  If you would have stopped to notice, you have only seen me these last few months at meals and during your training.  I haven’t even taken as much as a nap since after the funeral.
Mara: (shocked) That can’t be true.  That would mean that you have been awake for nearly four months straight.  There is no way that you could survive that long without sleep.
Ramsey: Well let’s just say that I have been trained well.  I can survive much longer than anyone on this planet without sleep.
Mara: (beginning to cry) I feel like such an asshole.  I have been doing nothing, but complaining to you when all you have done is help me.

Ramsey holds her in his embrace.

Ramsey: Don’t worry about it.  I forgive you.

Mara’s training has reached a new level.  Ramsey is pushing her to her limit with the gravity training.  They had an argument, but like good friends they made up.  Will Mara be able to complete her training?  Can see be ready in time to stop the plot that is unknowingly coming to fruition?  Find out what happens on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 21st 2013, 11:15 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 35
Plan into Motion

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara’s training was taken to the next level.  Ramsey was using gravity manipulation to intensify her training.  Nothing came without a little fight between friends.  Now will she be ready to stop the plan of Lucius and Werner?  Will she even stand a chance?  Find out on the today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s house.  Once again it is lightly snowing.  Mara is outside training while Ramsey is watching.  Mara seems to be moving with great ease through the field despite the heavy gravity.  Ramsey seems very pleased.  Mara stops and floats in the center of the field.  Ramsey starts to clap.

Ramsey: Wonderful!  That was wonderful, Mara!
Mara: Thanks!
Ramsey: I can’t believe it.  I thought that you might have stopped you training after we had that fight.  I was wrong, because it only inspired you even more.  Now one week later, you have completely mastered ten times gravity.
Mara: It wasn’t easy, but once I got strong enough to move around a little it got easier and easier.
Ramsey: You know this deserves a reward.
Mara: What kind of reward?
Ramsey: Well I have to go to D.C. this weekend for business, and I thought that it would be nice to bring you along.  We can make it into a little vacation.

Upon hearing this, Mara gets a bad feeling in the back of her mind.  She can’t make any sense of it, so she ignores it.

Mara: It sounds great.  I’ll go start packing.

Mara goes into the house to pack her things.  We change our view to town at the clothing shop in the mall.  We can see Lucius and Werner closing up for the day.  They begin their walk home.

Lucius: Are you all packed?
Werner: Yeah, but are you?
Lucius: I am.  Now let’s hurry home, because we have an early flight tomorrow.
Werner: I can’t wait to see what the capital is like.  Do you think we will get to meet the president?
Lucius: (evil look) If everything goes according to plan, we might even get to shake his hand.

They make it back to their apartment, and get ready to depart for D.C. tomorrow.  We change our view to the airport.  We see Mara and Ramsey arrive.  They go in and get checked in.  Ramsey is wheeling Mara around in a wheel chair.  They get through customs, and then head for the gate.  Back at the entrance, we see Werner and Lucius arrive.

Lucius: I should have known that you would make me late.
Werner: Sorry, but it takes time for looks this good.
Lucius: Just get a move on!

They rush through everything, and they barely make it to the gate in time.  We see Mara and Ramsey already in the plane.  They have been seated in first class.  We see Werner and Lucius get into the plane, and are seated in coach.  They close the door of the plane, and then after some time, the plane takes off.  The plane lands in D.C., and Mara is seen leaving the plane with Ramsey first.  Werner and Lucius are last to get off.  Mara and Ramsey head to a five star hotel while Werner and Lucius go to a motel.  It is now evening, and Ramsey has gotten reservations at the hotel’s restaurant.  They are enjoying a wonderful meal.

Ramsey: How is your steak?
Mara: Great!  I have never been to a five star restaurant before.
Ramsey: Well eat to your heart’s content.
Mara: I’ll take you up on that offer.

We change view to see Werner and Lucius eating at a fast food restaurant.

Werner: Can we eat at a better restaurant?
Lucius: No!  We don’t have a lot of money.  Besides, we aren’t here to eat food.  We are here to enact our plan.
Werner: You’re no fun.

We change our view to Mara and Ramsey as they go to see their room.  They walk into to see one king size bed.  They look at each other.

Mara: So how do we do this?
Ramsey: I thought that I asked for a room with two king size beds and not one.

They go down to the lobby.  Ramsey is arguing with the lady at the desk.  Ramsey goes back over to Mara.

Ramsey: It seems that they made a mistake, but they are all booked.  We will just have to sleep in the same bed.
Mara: (insinuatingly) Well if you’re okay with that then I am.

Ramsey blushes, and takes Mara back to the room.  We change our view to Werner and Lucius.  They arrive at the motel to check in.

Lady: I’m sorry, but all our rooms with two or more beds are taken.
Lucius: Then what are you going to do?
Lady: Well we do have one room available.
Lucius: We’ll take it.

They go to the room to discover it has only one twin size bed.  Werner gives a funny look to Lucius.

Lucius: If you say anything, then I will kill you.

It is now the next day.  Mara and Ramsey wake up while looking into each other’s eyes.

Ramsey: Morning.  Did you sleep well?
Mara: Yes.  I even felt strangely extra comfortable.

They stare at each other for a little bit.  Then they both jump out of bed out of confused emotions.

Ramsey: (confused) You have crazy bed head.
Mara: (confused) Yeah I know.

There is an award silence.  After a few seconds, they prepare for the day.  We go check on Werner and Lucius.  They are unknowingly cuddling in their sleep.  They both wake up at the same time, and they are staring at each other.  Lucius raises his hand, and fills it with energy.

Werner: (yawning) Good morning.
Lucius: I SAID MOVE!

Werner finally sees the attack, and jumps out of the bed.

Lucius: If you tell anybody, I will kill you.
Werner: (frighten) I swear!

We see Mara in the hotel spa.  She is getting a manicure and a pedicure.  She is also getting a facial.  This is being done by three very good looking men.

Man #1: Are you enjoying your time at the hotel?
Mara: Yeah.  Can you put on the TV?  My soap is on.
Man #2: Sure.

He turns on the TV.  A man and a woman appear on the screen.  Mara watches the show while feeling more and more relaxed.

Man #3: So are you here by yourself/
Mara: No.  I’m here with a friend.
Man #2: She didn’t want to join you.
Mara: Oh no!  My friend is a guy.
Mara: He isn’t my boyfriend, and we aren’t even together.
Man #1: Whatever so where is your friend?
Mara: He is at a government building on business.

Just then one of the men shouts and points everyone to the TV.  There is a breaking news story.

Newscaster: I am here live at the pentagon where there was a huge explosion.  There seem to be many people hurt, and others may be dead.  We will update you as we learn more.  Wait a minute, we are receiving a transmission.

A dark figure appears on the screen.

????: I hope you all liked our display of might.  We demand that the president of this nation surrender to us, or there will be more bloodshed.  Don’t forget to have a happy Valentine’s Day.

At last, we see the evil plot in motion.  It seems that Werner and Lucius are planning on a takeover of the U.S.  Is Ramsey okay?  Will Mara be able to stop this plot, or will she be the one defeated?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   July 28th 2013, 8:56 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 36

Last time on Dragon Soul, we saw the various people caught up in this war traveling to the nation’s capital.  They all had different experiences.  Then while Mara was relaxing at the spa, Werner and Lucius set their plan into motion.  They started by blowing up the pentagon on a busy day.  Will Mara be able to stop them in time?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We see Mara in her hotel room.  She is rushing to get dressed.  She is putting on her battle outfit.

Mara: I have to hurry.  Ramsey might be hurt, and I can’t afford to lose him.

She suddenly gets a pain in her heart.

Mara: What is this pain?  It’s aching for some reason.  It seems to increase the more I worry about Ramsey.  Wait do I have feelings for him?  I can’t think about that now, because I must go find him.  I must also stop whoever is trying to take over this country.

She flies out the window, and heads towards the pentagon.  There are tons of people trying to rescue the people inside.  What remains of the building is on fire, and is getting ready to collapse on the people.

Mara: What should I do?  I can’t sense Ramsey here, but these people are in trouble.  I can’t reveal my powers to anyone.

She rips off a piece of her shirt, and wraps it around her face like a mask.  She flies into the fire to search for people.  Mara finds several people, and rushes them out of the building.  After about thirty minutes, she gets the last person out.  She tries to rest, but then she hears something.  It sounds like a voice.

????: There is still one more.  A woman is unconscious, and the building is about to fall on her.
Mara: Who was that?  I have a bad feeling that the voice is right.

She goes back into the building, and begins searching for the person.  Ten minutes go by and she can’t find anyone, but then she senses a faint life force.  It is located under some debris.  Mara lifts up the debris, and finds a pregnant woman.  She grabs the woman and tries to get her out, but the building begins to collapse.  Mara has no choice, but to blast her way out.  The people outside see the explosion, and get scared.  They are worried that there was another attack.  Mara flies out of the building and lands on the lawn.

Mara: Hey are you alright?

Mara tries to wake her up, but with no success.  She reads her energy, and finds out that she is injured.  The woman is bleeding internally, and the baby is about to die.

Mara: What do I do?

Mara focuses her energy, and starts giving it to the woman in order to heal her.  It begins to work.  The baby’s life force is about to go when Mara releases all her energy to the woman.  Then the woman and her baby become fully healed.  Mara falls onto the ground and tries to rest up a little.  A few minutes go by, and the woman wakes up.  Mara helps the woman to her feet.

Woman: Did you save me?
Mara: (trying to disguise her voice) I only did what a proper citizen would do.  It looks as if your friends are here.  I shall be on my way.

Mara flies off into the distance.

Woman: Thank you whoever you were.

Mara is flying around trying to sense out Ramsey.  She finally finds him walking out of the supreme court building.  She tackles him, and gives him a big hug.

Ramsey: What’s this for?
Mara: I was so worried.
Ramsey: Why?
Mara: You said that you would be at a government building, and you didn’t tell me.  Then when the attack on the pentagon happened, I was worried that you might have been hurt in the attack.
Ramsey: WAIT, WHAT?
Mara: I was in the spa watching my soaps when it was interrupted by the news.  It said an unexplainable explosion had destroyed most of the pentagon.  I just came from rescuing people.
Ramsey: Are you okay?
Mara: Yes, but there is more.  They got some video of the explosion, and it looked exactly the same as the one at the base.  To make matters worse, the people behind it all came onto the TV and demanded that the president surrenders to them.  If he doesn’t, then more attacks on populated areas will happen.
Ramsey: Do we know where they are?
Mara: No.  I tried to sense them out, but I had no luck finding them.
Ramsey: That’s because you don’t know what to look for.  Let’s go back to the hotel.
Mara: We don’t have time.
Ramsey: Trust me.

Mara picks up Ramsey, and they head to the hotel.  They come through the window.  Ramsey goes into his bag and pulls out a device.  It is attached to a laptop.

Mara: What is that?
Ramsey: It is an energy simulator.  I had been trying to use it to recreate Agent Z’s attack, but it won’t work without an energy signature.  I was able to get one for the blast at the base.  If it was the same people, then it will allow you to find them.

Ramsey turns on the device.  It begins to emit a small burst of energy.  Mara takes time to fully sense the energy that is being emitted.  Then she begins searching for energy like it all around the capital.  It takes a few minutes, but she gets a lock on them.

Mara: I got them.  They are on top of the white house.  We got to hurry.

They quickly leave for the white house.  They get there, and there is tons of security all around the building.

Ramsey: We will never get in.
Mara: They aren’t going to be in a place that those people would think to check.

Just then another transmission is heard.

????: We are starting to get impatience.  We will give the president one more hour before our next attack.

Everyone begins to panic.  We see the president inside the white house, and he is talking with his advisors.  Mara and Ramsey are trying to decide what to do.

Ramsey: How can we stop them?
Mara: I am just going to have to go and kick their asses.  Now let’s go.

She picks him up, and they discreetly fly over the gates and onto the building.  They search for the enemies’ location.  Then they come across them near the flag at the center.

Mara: So here’s where you are?

They turn around, and we see that it’s Werner and Lucius.

Lucius: Who are you, and how did you find us?

Ramsey catches up to Mara.

Werner: Hey Lucius, isn’t that Ramsey the miracle worker?  You know that guy that came into our store once to buy bras.
Lucius: You’re right which means that his patience must be this woman in front of us.  So tell us why are you here?
Mara: To stop your evil plans.
Lucius: What makes you think that you can stop us?  You’re just an ordinary pair of citizens.
Mara: That’s where you’re wrong.

Mara takes off her mask.  Werner and Lucius are in shock.

Mara: I am the guardian of the warrior souls, and Ramsey is my assistant.
Lucius: How did you survive the blast?
Werner: We used a lot of energy in that attack.
Mara: Don’t worry about that, because you won’t live long enough to contemplate your failure.

Lucius gets real angry.  Werner stops him.

Werner: Lucius, please don’t waste your energy on this weakling.  I will take her.
Lucius: Fine, but make sure she dies this time.
Werner: You got it boss.  Now let’s do this.
Mara: Bring it on!

Mara went to find Ramsey, and ended up saving the victims of the attack.  With Ramsey’s help, she was able to track the culprits down.  Now with one hour before they attack another building, Mara prepares to square off with Werner.  Can she defeat him, and if so will she have enough to defeat Lucius afterwards?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   August 4th 2013, 9:31 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 37
Mara VS Werner

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara rescued the victims of the pentagon attack while searching for Ramsey.  After finding him, he helped her to find the culprits.  Now with one hour before the next attack, Mara gets ready to fight Werner.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We are in view of the front of the white house.  There are tons of security personnel surrounding the whole property.  We take a closer look at the top where the flag pole is.  On top, we can see Mara and Ramsey staring down Werner and Lucius.  Werner is holding back Lucius.

Werner: Sir, it would be a waste for you to fight this weakling.  Let me take her on.
Lucius: Fine, but make it quick and make sure you finish the job this time.
Mara: So Werner is the name of my first victim.
Werner: Don’t think your little power can compare to ours.  I will dispose of you in five minutes.
Mara: I’d love to see you try.
Werner: I won’t hold back.
Mara: I wouldn’t expect anything less.

Werner begins his power up.  His nearly throws Ramsey off the roof.  Werner charges at Mara, and an exchange of blows begins.  They seem to be evenly matched.  Werner then doges one of Mara’s punches, and follows up with a knee to the gut.  He then grabs her and throws her down through the ceiling of the building.  They land in the oval office.  All the people are in shock at what they are seeing.

Security Officer: Hurry we need to get the president out of here.

Werner stands up.

Werner: I wouldn’t do that if I were you.  He must stay here to surrender to me and my comrades.

Mara hits him from behind.

Mara: Not on my watch.

Werner grabs Mara and charges them both through the many walls of the white house.  He then slams her into the ground.  Werner starts punching her while she’s down.  He finishes with an elbow drop to the heart.  Mara is on the ground in a small crater.

Werner: I told her that she wasn’t worth the master’s time.
Mara: You were saying.

He turns around to see Mara behind him.  She appears to be unharmed, except some of her clothes are slightly torn.

Werner: So you have gotten stronger since then.  That last attack would have destroyed you several months ago, but you aren’t the only one who has gotten stronger.

He begins to power up again, and this time to a much higher level.

Werner: Now how does this feels?  Are you afraid of me yet?
Mara: Why are you talking so much?  I thought that you were going to defeat me in five minutes.  It has already been two.
Werner: (mad) You insolent fool.  You can’t fathom the true depths of our power.
Mara: You have yet to show me an impressive move.
Werner: (mad) I will make you eat those words.

Werner starts furiously attacking Mara.  Mara easily blocks all his moves.  She tricks him into going through a few walls.


Werner immediately stops as if out of fear.

Werner: Lucius, I almost had her.
Lucius: You can’t beat her even though she’s weaker, because you are letting your anger get the better of you.  You almost made a few mistakes that could have gotten you killed.
Werner: You’re right.  Takes a deep breathe.  Now that was very clever of you to use my anger against me, but now that I’m calm that won’t happen again.  I will win this fight, and then I will kill you and your boyfriend.
Mara: First of all, he isn’t my boyfriend.  Second, I didn’t know that we were fighting, because I thought that we were dancing.
Werner: I told you that I wouldn’t let my anger get the better of me.  Now I think that it’s time to get serious.
Mara: It’s about time.

Werner powers up a third time.  He then starts charging up energy in his hands.  Werner begins to throw blasts of energy at Mara.  Mara doges a few, but the others hit her.  She seems to have taken some damage.

Mara: That was good.  Now that you have shown me yours, I will show you mine.

Mara begins charging energy in her hands.  She does the same thing as Werner, and throws energy blasts at him.  Werner easily doges all the attacks, and he begins to laugh.

Werner: (laughing) Was that supposed to be an energy attack?  I see new borns who had better aim, and were more powerful.
Mara: I just wanted to make sure that you were awake, because you were moving so slow that I thought that you had fallen asleep.

Werner is beginning to get mad again.

Werner: it looks as if you passed my initial tests, and are worthy of my true powers.
Mara: That is a bunch of bullshit!  Every time that you attack and it fails, you tell me that you weren’t using your full power.  Then you power up to a higher level.  What I think is that you are just weak.  I think that you might even be trying to compensate for something.

Werner realizes what she is talking about, and gets really furious.

Werner: (furious) THAT IS IT!  I WILL END YOUR LIFE NOW!
Mara: Good because it has already been four minutes, and I think death is getting impatient.

Werner charges up a lot of energy.  His muscles get really big.  He then charges at Mara once again.  This time Mara has trouble dodging the attacks.  She gets hit very hard, and is sent flying through what remains of the white house.  Mara gets up, but she seems to have taken some damage.

Werner: How was that?
Mara: It was good, but as you see it still isn’t enough.
Werner: I knew that.  I was just warming up.
Mara: Is that what that was, because I was under the impression that you were trying to kill me.
Werner: Don’t worry, because I still plan to.

Werner starts throwing his energy at Mara.  Mara tries to dodge, but once again a few still manage to hit her.

Mara: That actually hurt.  I think is actually getting serious.

Werner begins a grappling contest with Mara.  They seem to be even, but Mara is starting to lose ground.

Mara: Can’t you just admit that I am strong?
Werner: Why would I do that?

Mara begins to overpower Werner.

Mara: Because from where I’m standing, you are beginning to be overpowered by me.  That means that I’m stronger than you.
Werner: Who said that you were stronger than me?
Mara: Well I am pushing you back.

Werner smirks.  He then opens his mouth to launch a powerful energy attack from his mouth.  There isn’t anything visible in front of Werner do to all the smoke from the blast.  The smoke clears, and Mara is nowhere to be found.

Werner: You see that Lucius.  I completely vaporized her.  Not even a trace is left of her.
Lucius: That is why you are weak.
Werner: what do you mean?
Lucius: Just look behind you.

He turns around to see Mara.

Werner: How?  I mean you haven’t even been able to fight back, yet you managed to dodge my best attack at point blank range while we were power grappling.
Mara: That was because I wanted to see this supposed great power that could defeat me in five minutes.  Unfortunately for you, the five minutes are up.  Now it’s time for me to strike, and unlike you I can back up the claim that I can defeat my opponent in five minutes.
Werner: You’re lying.
Mara: Am I?

Mara’s fight with Werner has begun.  It seemed that Werner had Mara on the ropes, but it was only an illusion.  Mara was barely affected by Werner’s attacks.  Now she plans on fighting for real.  What kinds of powers did she gain after her training?  Can it be enough to not only defeat Werner, but also Lucius?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   August 11th 2013, 9:19 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 38
Results of Training

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara began her fight with Werner.  For the entire fight, Werner was believed to have the upper hand, but it was only a ruse.  Mara was just toying with him, and now she is ready for the real fight.  Find out what happens on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We see Werner trying to hit Mara, but he can’t even land a clean hit.

Werner: How can you call this a fight?  You’re a weakling who is only good at dodging.
Mara: Who said that I was weak?  I just wanted to see the power that could defeat me in five minutes.  Unfortunately for you, your five minutes are up, and now it’s time for me to fight for real.
Werner: What do you mean?  There is no way that you would even stand a chance against me unless you went all out.  We saw your power at the base before we attacked, and it wasn’t anything special.
Mara: True.  I wasn’t very strong then, but I have gotten much stronger since then.
Werner: I have yet to see you stand your ground and fight for real so don’t complain when I say that you’re weak.
Mara: I guess that I will need to change that.

Mara begins to power up.  All of her muscles increase in size.  Her energy seems to be going wild, yet Mara is calm and composed.

Mara: Now fall by my hands!
Werner: Bring it weakling!

Mara and Werner charge at each other.  They exchange blows with neither side giving an inch.  Mara gets in a hard right hook, and Werner is taken aback.

Werner: That was a good punch.  I must give credit where credit is due, but it still isn’t enough.
Mara: I am only getting started.

They charge once again at each other and continue to exchange blows.  This time however all of Werner’s attacks are being dodged.  Mara then gets her many punches in on Werner.  He is surprised at Mara’s speed.

Werner: Your speed is astounding, but it seems to come at a price.
Mara: What would that be?
Werner: Power!  You may have been able to dodge my attacks and got in many hits, but they were weak.  I bet that you are all speed and no power.
Mara: If that’s the case, then why aren’t you attacking me?
Werner: I will show you real power.

Werner begins charging loads of power.  His body is glowing from the power.

Werner: I have powered up to 50% of my total power.  This should be more than enough to beat you.  You have only been fighting me at best 10% of my power.  Now die!

Werner goes in to attack Mara.  It is too fast to dodge.  Mara prepares to block the attack.

Werner: You’re a fool if you think that you can block this attack, SPECIAL ATTACK-JUGGERNAUT SLAM!

He slams into Mara, seemingly crushing her.  A huge cloud of smoke is covering the area.

Lucius: (laughing) That’s what she gets for challenging the power of the Empire!  Points to Ramsey. You will be next.
Ramsey: What makes you think that it’s over?
Lucius: She was hit with his best attack, and at 50% power which is ten times greater than anything that she can output.
Ramsey: Of what you have seen.
Lucius: What do you mean?
Ramsey: You have been claiming that your guy at 50% is ten times stronger than Mara, but in reality it would only be twice as strong as what she has been using.
Lucius: Still she has easily been using at least 90% of her power.
Ramsey: Wrong!  She has only been using 10% of her power.
Lucius: That has to be a lie.
Ramsey: Well then see for yourself.

The smoke begins to clear, and we can see Werner.  He seems to have been stopped right before hitting the ground.  We now see that Mara had stopped him with one hand.  She doesn’t seem hurt, or tired at all.

Lucius: Werner, get out of there now and let me take over.
Werner: Never!  I must defeat her.
Mara: You are a fool.  I stopped your best attack.
Werner: That is true at this level of power, but not at full power.

Werner begins powering up to the max.  His body is twice as big as normal, and his energy is off the charts.  Ramsey is nearly blow away by the wind of Werner’s power.

Ramsey: So this is his maximum power?  Mara, go show him what your made of!
Mara: I am glad to.

She begins to power up.  Her muscles bulge, and her energy creates a huge wind.
Mara: I have now powered up to 40% of my power.  This should be equal to yours now.  Let us fight to the end

Werner: I will not be defeated by you.

They clash, and a huge creator forms where ever they clash.  Soon the grounds of the white house begin to look like the surface of the moon.

Mara: You are very skilled.
Werner: Don’t talk down to me you bitch!  I am stronger than you will ever be!
Mara: Than prove it!
Werner: You want proof, I’ll give you proof.

Werner puts both of his hands above his head.

Mara: What are you giving up already?

He puts his left hand over his right to form an x, and they lay on his forehead.


He pushes his hands forward and a very large blast is shot at Mara.

Mara: Well I guess that one good attack deserves another.  SPECIAL ATTACK-HAND OF FATE!!!

The two attacks clash.  Neither attack is wavering.  The combined energy is about to explode.

Mara: I will say that this was a good fight, but it must come to an end.  I must save some of my energy for the other guy.  OMNI FIGHTER TIMES FIVE!!!!

Mara’s attack suddenly gets much stronger as Mara bursts with more power.  The attack easily over takes Werner’s and he is hit with great force.

Mara: Now for Lucius.
Werner: I wouldn’t be so hasty.

Mara turns around to see Werner still standing, but he is very hurt.

Lucius: Werner, stop before you are killed.
Werner: I can beat her!!!!

He charges at Mara.


Two attacks seemingly hit.  Both fighters are standing facing away from their opponent.  Nothing seems to be happening, and then suddenly slashes appear on Werner.  He falls to the ground, and we can see that all of his limbs were cut off and cauterized all at once except for his right arm.

Mara: Now live on in shame.
Werner: I will defeat you.  Lucius help me!

He puts out his only remaining hand, and Lucius grabs it.

Lucius: (evil smile) Of course I will.

He throws him into the air and then blasts him into dust.  Everyone is shocked at what they just saw.

Mara’s battle with Werner is over.  She proved to be far stronger than Werner could hope to be.  When he asked for help, his was brutally murdered by his comrade who seems to be much stronger the he.  How strong is Lucius?  Can Mara defeat this ruthless killer?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   August 18th 2013, 10:01 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 39
Wonder and Awe

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara continued her battle with Werner.  They seemed to be equal, but Mara showed that she was much more powerful.  When looking to Lucius for help, Werner got murdered by his so called ally.  How strong is Lucius, and will Mara be able to defeat him?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We see Lucius grab Werner’s hand.

Lucius: Sure, I will help you.

He picks Werner up and throws him into the air.  He then blasts Werner to dust.  Everyone is shocked at this site except Lucius.

Mara: Why the hell would you do that to your friend?
Lucius: We were assigned to a mission together, and he was my subordinate.  That was the full extent of our relationship.
Mara: But you didn’t have to kill him.  He was still alive.
Lucius: He was handicapped, and was unable to fight.  In our line of work, if you can’t fight then you’re dead.
Mara: That is only going to add another person’s blood on your hands.
Lucius: Why should I care?
Mara: Because all that blood will weigh you down and I will then be able to take you down for all your sins.
Lucius: I’d love to see you try.  I’m nowhere as weak as that fool.  Now show me your power.
Mara: I’m glad to.

Mara powers up and begins her assault on Lucius.  He easily dodges all of her attacks, and then he disappears from her sight.

Mara: Where did you go?

He appears behind Mara, and he begins his attack.  She takes many blows to the back, and he finishes up with a knee and elbow combo.  This sends Mara flying into the ground which leaves a huge crater.  Lucius flies in at Mara, and kicks her further into the ground.  He steps back from Mara.

Lucius: Is that the best you got?  What happened to that strength that defeated Werner?
Mara: I guess you are stronger than Werner.  That means that I can get serious.  She begins charging power.  OMNI FIGHTER TIMES FIVE!

Mara charges at Lucius.  She is too fast for him and begins to knock him around the property.  She follows this up by kicking him into the air.  She flies above him and slams him down.  She follows right behind him as he falls.  Mara places both of her knees into his back and adds more force to the impact.  There is smoke everywhere, and Mara is seen jumping out of the smoke.

Mara: Well I guess I was wrong.  You were even weaker than Werner.
Ramsey: Good job, but make sure he is dead.  You don’t want to be hit from behind because you were careless.
Mara: Everything is good.  I’m sure he is dead; because there is no way that he could have survived that attack combo.
Lucius: You should have listened to your friend.

Mara turns around to see the smoke clearing, and revealing that Lucius is unharmed.  Mara is shocked, but at the same time excited.

Mara: That’s impressive.  Then again, part of me wanted you to survive so that I could fight some more.
Lucius: That is one wish that I can grant.

Lucius quickly powers up, and begins clashes fists with Mara.  Ramsey tries to keep up, but they are just too fast.  They can be seen jumping around all over, and trying time and again to hit one another.  Then we see Lucius knee Mara in the gut.  Before she can recover, grabs her head and starts pounding her face.  He throws her into the ground, and continues to force her down for several more yards.  He follows this up by throwing her into the air, and begins blasting her.  Mara is taking energy blasts all over her body as she falls to the ground.  He stops and waits.  Mara gets up, and she looks very hurt.

Mara: Where the hell were you hiding this energy?
Lucius: I told you that I wasn’t as weak as that fool.  Now is that all the power that you possess?
Mara: No!
Lucius: Good then you might provide me with a good challenge.  Now show me your true and fullest power.
Mara: Well if you ask for it.  Don’t say that I didn’t warn you.

Mara begins to concentrate.  He body begins to grow as it powers up.


Mara’s power sends Ramsey flying while Lucius has trouble standing still.  He even falls down onto one knee, but he still manages to hold his ground.

Mara: How’s that?
Lucius: I’m truly impressed.  Now let’s see if it will be enough.
Mara: Trust me when I say that you will regret this.

They charge at each other, and begin exchanging blows.  Both sides seem to be taking damage, but neither side seems to make any attempts to dodge or block.  They each get a big hit in at the same time on the face.  This knocks them both back.

Lucius: I have to admit that this has been the best fight that I have ever had.
Mara: If you weren’t my sworn enemy, I might actually take that as a compliment.  I would also say that you have a lot of skill, and that you have been a worthy opponent.
Lucius: This fight has been good, but we mustn’t drag it out for too much longer.
Mara: I agree!

They both power up again, and continue their clashing of fists.  Mara begins to get the upper hand, and knock Lucius back.  She slams him into the ground, and begins pounding his face further into the ground.  She then picks him up, and throws him.  She follows him, and punches him along the way.  Before they get to the fence, she punches him so that he goes flying in the other direction.  She repeats this for a little bit.  Lucius reaches the center of the property, and Mara elbows him down into the ground.  She flies up, and then she proceeds to launch many energy blasts at him.  The resulting explosion completely engulfs Lucius.  After the explosion is over, Mara continues to attack with energy blasts which completely engulf Lucius once again.  Lucius is left smoldering in a crater.  Mara is seen back to normal, and is very tired.

Mara: (breathing heavily) That had to take him out.  I don’t know if I could fight him more if he got back up.  Hey Ramsey, where are you?
Ramsey: I’m over here.

Mara goes over to where Ramsey’s voice was coming from.  She helps him to get up, and dusts him off.

Mara: You ok?
Ramsey: Sure.  It will take much more than that to kill me.  Now are you sure he is dead?
Mara: Yes!  He is smoldering in a crater behind me.
Ramsey: I just hope that I won’t get the ….  MARA, WATCH OUT!

He tackles Mara to the ground.  Afterwards, a thin yet powerfully piercing energy blast flies over them.

Mara: What was that about?
Ramsey: He isn’t dead.
Mara: What!?

They turn around to see Lucius standing.  He seems only slightly hurt.

Lucius: I couldn’t believe that a weakling like you could actually hurt me.
Mara: (shocked) Are you serious?  What is it going to take to beat him?
Lucius: That is your problem, Mara.  You have no foresight.  You fight even though you can’t possibly win.  You need to learn when to fight and when to just sit there in wonder and awe of your opponent’s power.  You have been a worthy opponent.  I have never been forced to use more than 75% of my power before.  You should consider it an honor.
Mara: You have to be kidding me.  We were fighting on equal ground, and you were only using 75% of you power.  It doesn’t matter, because I will still find a way to win.

Mara charges at Lucius with everything that she has left.

Lucius: I guess that you will have to learn this the hard way

Lucius powers up to 100% of his power.  Ramsey is belted over in fear of his power.  Mara tries to hit Lucius, but he easily dodges.  She tries to find him, but he appears out of nowhere and begins a crushing assault on Mara.  She is beaten within an inch of her life.  Mara is barely alive.

Lucius: Thanks for the fight, but I must end it now.  You have done some damage to me, and I commend you on this accomplishment.  He charges up an energy blast in his hand.  This should be enough to kill you.  Good bye and good luck in the afterlife.

He throws the energy blast at Mara.

Ramsey: NOOOO!!!!!!

Lucius has proven to be extremely powerful.  He has forced Mara to go all out, yet it still was nothing compared to his power.  Now Lucius has thrown an energy blast that will guarantee that Mara will die.  Will she be able to survive the blast?  If so how will she beat Lucius, and if not who could step up to stop him?  Find out on the next chapter Of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   August 25th 2013, 8:52 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 40
Breaking the Seals

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara fought with Lucius.  They seemed to have been on a level playing field, but Lucius wasn’t using his full power.  Mara is now staring death in the face.  Will she be able to recover from this, and defeat Lucius?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We see Mara lying on the ground.  She is very badly hurt, and Lucius is seen standing a few feet from her.  He has a small energy blast charged up in his hand.

Lucius: You have been a worthy opponent, but this fight must come to an end. This blast should be more than enough to kill you.  I wish you luck in the afterlife.

He throws the blast at Mara.

Ramsey: NOOOOO!!!!

The blast makes impact, and a huge explosion can be seen.  A cloud of dust and smoke envelops the area.

Lucius: Goodbye Mara.  I wish that we could have fought some more.  Unfortunately, I must be on my way.
Ramsey: Not so fast!  I’m still here to fight you!
Lucius: You are not a fighter, so it will be pointless for me to fight you.
Ramsey: Who said that I wasn’t a fighter?

Lucius is looking around for Ramsey, but he is nowhere to be found.

Lucius: Where are you?  You can’t hide from me forever.
Ramsey: I’m not hiding.  I have been in front of you the whole time.

Lucius looks in front of him to only see the smoke from his attack.

Lucius: There is no way that you could be there.  You’re a normal human and could not possibly have survived that attack.
Ramsey: I never said that I was normal.

The smoke clears to reveal Ramsey standing in front of the injured Mara.  He seemed to have blocked the attack.  His one nice business attire has been torn to shreds.  His pants have be ripped up on both sides, and his dress shirt has been completely blown off with the under shirt being very torn.  His gold watch has been cracked, yet the two gold bracelets that he is wearing are only dusty.  Lucius has a shocked look on his face.

Lucius: But how!?
Ramsey: You see I haven’t always been a physical therapist.  I used to work for the government.  I worked in a special secret investigation and tactical unit.  I learn many different ways to fight while in that unit, so I think that you might find me a worthy opponent.
Lucius: Color me intrigued.  Let me see these so called fighting styles that you have learned.
Ramsey: I have learned what the government has deemed the seven powers.  Nobody in the history of the unit has had such immense power.  Now let’s begin the demonstration.  He begins to concentrate his power.  SHAVE!

Ramsey disappears, and Lucius tries to no avail to find him.

Lucius: Damn he’s fast!

Ramsey appears behind him.  Lucius turns around in order to stop him, but Ramsey has already set up his attack.


Ramsey uses his finger to piece Lucius’s body leaving bullet shaped holes in his chest.  Lucius quickly steps back to tend to his wounds.  He bandages up the wounds, and gives an angry glare at Ramsey.

Lucius: How did you do that?
Ramsey: That is a secret.  My seven powers are mine alone to know and use.  Now that I have let you bandage your wounds, I will continue with my demonstration.  SHAVE!

Ramsey disappears once again.  Lucius tries to find him, but is unable to.  Ramsey appears behind Lucius again, but several feet away.

Lucius: I won’t let you get the drop on me this time.
Ramsey: Really?  TEMPEST KICK!

Ramsey kicks his foot in the air and a blade of air is sent at Lucius who tries to dodge.  Lucius manages to only get slightly cut on the side.  Then Ramsey disappears again.  Lucius finds Ramsey this time, and goes in to strike.

Lucius: Your moves have been good, but I see you now.

Lucius goes in for a flurry of blows, but Ramsey’s body has become limp and seems to be moving like paper in the wind.

Lucius: Why can’t I hit you?
Ramsey: You want to hit me, and then maybe I should let you.

Ramsey stops moving and prepares to stand his ground.  Lucius goes in for a big attack.

Lucius: Take this!!!!
Ramsey: IRON BODY!

Lucius’s attack hits the mark, but Ramsey doesn’t even move an inch.  Lucius pulls back his hand, and is nursing it.

Lucius: What the hell happened?  It was like I was punching a steel wall.
Ramsey: That’s just how special my powers are.
Lucius: Let’s see how you handle multiple opponents at once.  MULTIPLY!

Lucius is split into seven copies.

Lucius: (all in unison) Now die by our hands!

Ramsey is attacked by seven Lucius clones.  He tries to dodge, but he none of his powers seem to be helping him.

Lucius: (all in unison) Now see how useless your powers are when you are surrounded.

Ramsey jumps into the air to avoid the attacks.  Lucius tries to hit him, but then Ramsey starts jumping off the very air itself.  Upon escaping he launches a flurry of Tempest kicks.  He defeats all the copies leaving just the original behind.  Ramsey uses his shave to get close to Lucius.  He puts his two fists together in front of Lucius around his abdomen.


A giant shockwave is sent from Ramsey’s fists into Lucius’s body.  Lucius is sent flying back.  Ramsey is very tired, and happy.  Unfortunately, Lucius gets up, and his body even has an indent from the attack.  Lucius is furious.


He begins to charge energy in his right hand.  The energy begins to enflame.  Ramsey sees this and begins his attack.

Ramsey: I won’t let you…

Before he can finish his sentence, he is hit in the chest by a thin piercing beam.

Lucius: Death Beam!  Don’t worry I miss your heart on purpose!  NOW DIE RAMSEY, THE ANGEL OF LIFE!  ULTIMATE TECHNIQUE-INFERNO FIRE BLAST!!!!!!!

At this moment Mara wakes up.  She sees the attack heading towards Ramsey.

Mara: (lowly struggling) NO!

The attack hits completely engulfing the entire area.  As the smoke clears, we can see Lucius standing tall.  Then we see Ramsey on the ground, and he looks very hurt.

Lucius: (laughing) That’s what you get Ramsey for challenging me.  Something catches his eye.  What the hell?

Ramsey is waking up.

Ramsey: How did I survive that attack?  I should have died.  Just then a great look of shock and sadness comes over him.  NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The smoke clears to reveal Mara.  It seems as if she had taken most of the attack.  She turns her head and smiles at Ramsey before collapsing.  Theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmzZrj-cLSc.  Ramsey goes over to Mara.

Ramsey: (crying) What did you do?
Mara: (faint) I wanted to protect you even if it cost me my life.
Ramsey: (crying) Don’t say that.  You are going to live.
Mara: (faint) I am not as foolish as to think that I will live.
Ramsey: (crying) You just can’t go, because…

Mara puts her finger over his mouth

Mara: (faint) Don’t worry, because I already know and I feel the same way.  Good by…..

Mara’s hand falls, and her life is gone.  End theme.  Ramsey is stilling hold her while crying his eyes out.

Lucius: (laughing) Finally!  She’s dead!  Now for you!

Ramsey looks up at Lucius with an enraging look.  Lucius is puzzled, but he isn’t impressed.  Then he suddenly feels a huge burst of energy coming from Ramsey.

Lucius: Where is this power coming from?

As he says this, his body begins to grow larger and increase in power.  The bracelets, which he was wearing, shatter into many pieces, and the transformation seems to accelerate.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GLQs0OrHiPY.

Mara was about to die from Lucius’s attack, but she was saved by Ramsey.  He fought Lucius while revealing that he has incredible powers to fight with.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough, and Lucius got the better of him.  He was saved by Mara at the cost of her life.  Now Ramsey’s anger has started a transformation in Ramsey.  What powers will this transformation bring, and will it be able to defeat Lucius?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   September 1st 2013, 6:25 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 41
Ramsey, The Angel of Death

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara was about to get killed by Lucius’s attack, but was saved by Ramsey.  He reveals that he had unusual powers that he could use to fight Lucius, and protect Mara.  Unfortunately, he was unable to prevent Lucius from killing Mara.  Now his anger has triggered a transformation.  What is this transformation, and will the Angel of Death be able to beat Lucius?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of the battle between Ramsey and Lucius.  Ramsey is angry at Lucius for killing Mara, and it seems to have triggered a transformation in Ramsey.  His body is getting larger, and his skin is turning dark blue.  His bracelets have been shattered, and his power seems to be increasing by the second.  Lucius’s face has a look of intrigue and slight fear.  Ramsey’s transformation seems to have stopped, and he now looks like a big blue hulking beast. http://images3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130106070260/onepiece/images/e/ef/Nightmare_Luffy.png

Lucius: So this is your true nature?  You might even be a challenge for me.
Ramsey: (deep voice) Ramsey smash!
Lucius: You even sound different.  I just hope that the angel of death can live up to his name.

Lucius charges at Ramsey.  He attacks with a flurry of blows, but Ramsey just sits there and takes it.  Ramsey is smiling.  He punches Lucius, and Lucius is sent flying.  Lucius manages to recover, but he seems to have taken damage.  He goes in for another attack.  This time Ramsey blocks it, and he grabs Lucius.  He tries to crush him, and then smashes him into the ground.  He starts to jump up and down on top of Lucius.  Lucius gets angry and powers his way out.

Lucius: You are a strong one, but it still won’t be enough.
Ramsey: (deep voice) I will kill you!  Shave!

Ramsey disappears.  Lucius is surprised at his inability to find him.  Ramsey appears behind Lucius.

Ramsey: (deep voice) FINGER PISTOL TIMES TEN!

Ramsey uses all his fingers to quickly pierce Lucius’s chest.  Lucius is taken aback.  He seems to be very hurt.  Lucius attacks out of anger, but Ramsey dodges using his paper arts technique.

Lucius: I won’t let you beat me!  You are strong, but I haven’t been using all my power.

He powers up.

Ramsey: (deep voice) Tiny man thinks he can beat me.  Well to that I say ha!  I am the angel of death, and death always wins in the end.  I won’t forgive you for killing Mara.  Now die!!!  TEMPST KICK RAPID FIRE!!!!

Ramsey’s flurry of kicks head toward Lucius, but Lucius uses his bare hands to crush each one of them.  Lucius goes in for his attack.  Ramsey blocks the first attack, and they begin to clash.  Both sides seem to be equal in both speed and power.  Ramsey isn’t trying to block any of Lucius’s attacks.  They each get in a good right hook on each other’s face.  This knocks both of the fighters back.

Lucius: I can’t believe that even at this level that we are equal.  You are much better than I would have ever guessed.  You are almost as strong as Mara which is saying something because I needed to use all my power to end her quickly.
Ramsey: (deep voice) I won’t let you win.  I must end you now!  SHAVE!!!

He disappears.

Lucius: Don’t think that this will work on me again.

Lucius puts out his hand, and he takes a deep breath.  He swings his arm, and he manages to hit Ramsey square on the face.

Ramsey: (deep voice) How did you see me?  I was going extremely fast.  It won’t make a difference, because I’m still stronger.  Now take this!!!  MOONWALK!!!

He jumps into the air.  He is seen jumping quickly all around the area.  He then starts throwing out his tempest kicks.

Ramsey: (deep voice) SEPICAL ATTACK- TEMPEST HURRICANE!!!!!!!

Lucius is surrounded completely by tempest kicks.  All of them make impact.  This makes a huge crater that is filled with tons of smoke.  Ramsey has a big grin on his face.

Ramsey: (deep voice) That is what happens when you mess with me.  I told you that I was stronger.  Now that you’re dead, Mara can rest in peace.
Lucius: I wouldn’t say that.
Ramsey: (deep voice) How could you have survived that attack?

The smoke clears, and we see that Lucius is still standing.  He does seem to have taken a little damage, but not enough to make a difference.

Lucius: I am much stronger than you will ever be.  I will now power up to 75% of my power.  Once I do that, you will never be able to catch up to me.
Ramsey: (deep voice) I won’t let that happen!!!!

He begins to power up.  Ramsey charges in to stop him before he is done.  He frantically attacks Lucius, but he is unfazed.  His aura pushes Ramsey back.  Ramsey starts using his tempest kicks, but the aura keeps destroying them.

Ramsey: (deep voice) What should I do?  All my attacks have failed me.

Lucius finishes powering up.

Lucius: I will now show you how futile it is to fight me.

Lucius charges in and starts pounding Ramsey into the ground.  He then tosses Ramsey across the property.  Before Ramsey can land, Lucius punches him into the air.  Lucius jumps up and smashes Ramsey down.  He then kicks Ramsey down just as he hits the ground.  He jumps back and prepares an energy blast.

Lucius: I hope you enjoyed this fight, but it is time to end it.  SPECIAL ATTACK- INFERNO FIRE BLAST!!!!

The attack quickly heads towards Ramsey.  He wakes up, and uses his shave and moonwalk to escape.  He is seems very tired.

Ramsey: (deep voice) I can’t let you win.  I will have to put everything that I have into one more attack.

Ramsey begins charging up all his energy.  Lucius is also preparing for an attack.

Ramsey: (deep voice) SPECIAL ATTACK- SUPER SIX KING PISTOL!!!!!!!

The two attacks collide causing a huge explosion.  The entire property is now just a huge crater.  The exceptions are the spots that the two fighters were standing.  Mara’s body was protected by Ramsey.  Ramsey seems very exhausted, and can barely stand up.  Lucius seems to have also taken some damage, but he is still very strong with much more energy to spare.

Lucius: That truly was impressive, because if that had hit me I might have been the one on ground in pain.  I have already wasted so much energy fighting Mara and then you.  If you maybe had a little more power between the both of you, then maybe you could have won.  Unfortunately, I am not that weak, and I am ready to strike.  I will kill you, and remove both of your bodies from this world.  I am going to erase both of you from this world.
Ramsey: (deep voice) I won’t allow you to win!

He stands up and clears his throat.  After that, his body returns to normal.  He gets into a defensive stance.

Ramsey: I may not have enough energy left to fight as the angel of death, but I can still try my best to protect Mara’s body.  I won’t let it be destroyed.
Lucius: You’re such a fool.  You have already failed!  She is dead, and there is no way for her to come back.  With that in mind, it is blatantly obvious that her body is now useless.  So why risk your life to protect it?
Ramsey: Because the least I can do is give her a proper burial.  In order to do that, I need her body intact, so I will do anything to protect it.
Lucius: Well then I will have to destroy you both.
Ramsey: Why so adamant about destroying her body when she is already dead?
Lucius: Because anyone who stands against the Emperor doesn’t even deserve to have anything left of them to be remembered.  After I am done here, I plan to eliminate anyone who has ever met her and you as well.  I will then succeed in completely erasing you both from history itself.
Ramsey: You can’t stop me because even if I die someone will come to stop you.  Good will always defeat evil.  You want to erase us from history, but we will still be together in the afterlife.
Lucius: If you love being with her so much, then I will kill you in the same manner.  He powers up to his max and prepares to attack.  SPECIAL ATTACK- INFERNO FIRE BLAST!!!!!!

Lucius’s attack heads towards Ramsey and Mara with great speed and power.  Stands directly in front of Mara’s body, and closes his eyes in preparation for the death that he assured will come.  His life flashes before his eyes, and right before the attack hits he puts on a great big smile.

Ramsey: Death, I welcome you!

The attack hits with great force completely destroying anything in the area.  Lucius stands laughing and admiring his dirty work.  The area is filled with tons of smoke, but it is also engulfed in a raging fire.

Lucius: I am so happy that this fight is over.  I may have lost my lackey, but in the end I managed to eliminate the last remaining threat to my master’s plans.  I have never seen such a big flame leftover from my attack.  I guess I have really out done myself this time.

Just then a bright light begins to shine out from the fire.  The fire begins to bend and take shape around the light.

Lucius: What’s that light?  It seems to be controlling the fire.  The fire is taking on a life of its own, but what is it forming?

The fire seems to be forming into some sort of creature.  The transformation stops, and the fire is now formed into a humongous dragon.  The dragon is seen standing in front of more flames, but on the side you can see Ramsey who is unconscious.  Lucius is stunned at this sight.


The dragon lets out a loud roar.  It then prepares to speak.


Ramsey’s failure to protect Mara resulted in her death.  This made Ramsey snap, and he transformed into the angel of death.  This hulking form seemed to have been on par with Lucius, but even it wasn’t enough to defeat Lucius.  Just when all hope was lost a flame dragon appeared out from the flames of Lucius’s attack.  What does this mean for our heroes, and can this dragon defeat Lucius?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   September 8th 2013, 10:14 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 42

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara’s death had pushed Ramsey over the edge.  This induced a transformation into a hulking beast known as the angel of death.  This beast fought with Lucius, but it wasn’t strong enough to defeat him.  Just as Lucius was enjoying his victory, a dragon of flame appeared ready to fight Lucius.  What is Salamandra capable of, and will it be enough to stop Lucius?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of the white house which is now a battlefield.  We can see police trying to get people away from the ensuing battle.  They have set up a barricade several blocks away from the battle to prevent anyone from getting closer.  The people are sitting in shock as they watch the battle from afar.  We look over to where the newscasters are trying to cover the battle.

Newscaster: As you can see police have barricaded the area.  They won’t let anyone get any closer for fear of innocent people getting caught up in the attack on the white house.  No information has been given about who is behind it.  My sources tell me it is most likely the same people who attacked the pentagon.

A huge explosion is seen coming from the white house.  The people watching are now in a panic.

Newscaster: The white house has just been completely decimated by some sort of explosion.  I don’t know how much longer we will be able to stay this close.  Hey, get a close up of that.

The camera man zooms in on an image of a woman standing in front of a man.  The woman falls to the ground.  The man gets ready to attack the woman when another man steps in to fight this man.  The camera man points his camera back at the newscaster.

Newscaster: It looks to be an all-out war over there.  It seems that both sides have lost soldiers, but there are only one person left standing on each side.  Now is seems as if the woman has gotten up again to protect her comrade, but she falls again.  Her comrade now seems to be growing in size.  Make sure you get this.

The camera is moves to view the man growing into a hulking monster.  This monster begins to fight the other man.  The two unleash powerful attacks leaving a crater in their wake.  The camera turns to the newscaster again.

Newscaster: The monster seems to have been defeated, but he stills stands in between his comrade and the enemy.  A huge fire bomb is thrown at this man.  Both he and his comrade are engulfed in flames.  They are surely both dead.  Wait, what is that?

The camera catches the flames forming into a giant dragon.  Everyone is freaking out at the sight of a flaming dragon.  They hear a loud roar followed by a few words.

Newscaster: It seems if the flames have taken on a life of their own.  Now let’s see what happens next.

We change our view to the crater where Lucius and Salamandra are preparing to square off.

Lucius: So you are the Guardian of the Dragon Warrior?  Who called you here?
Salamandra: The dragon soul sensed that it was in danger, so it called me here.  My job is to protect the Dragon Warrior.
Lucius: Last time I checked the Dragon Soul had not been given to anyone.  Aurora has died and the Dragon Soul is held in a necklace which is worn by that girl whom I had just killed.
Salamandra: I know that.  I have been sent to protect the guardians of the warrior souls.
Lucius: Well it’s too late.  I have already killed them both.
Salamandra: That’s a lie.  I arrived just before your attack hit.  The attack dissipated upon my arrival.  I came just in time to save them.  Now I will let them rest while I fight you.
Lucius: You have been misinformed.  Mara has been dead for several minutes now.  You did however save Ramsey’s life, and prevented my attack from destroying her body.  Unfortunately your flames seem to have done the job for me.  I will finish them off even if I have to go through you to do it.

At this moment, Ramsey wakes up.  He sees a big flaming dragon staring down Lucius.  He turns his head to Mara’s body only to see a raging flame.  He tries to find her body inside the flames, but with no luck.  He stands up, and Salamandra sees him.

Salamandra: Good to see that you’re awake.  Are you able to keep fighting?
Ramsey: What did you do?
Salamandra: What do you mean?
Ramsey: I was willing to give my life to save her body, but now you seem to have knocked me out of the way.  Also you yourself have destroyed her body.  What do you have to say?
Salamandra: I did what I had to do.  Now you either help me defeat him or get out of my way.

Salamandra charges at Lucius.  He tries to bite him in half, but Lucius dodges.  Lucius launches an energy blast at Salamandra.  The dragon just shrugs it off.  The dragon blasts Lucius with a pillar of fire from his mouth.  Lucius is hit hard, and is having trouble getting up.

Lucius: I underestimated your power, but then again you are a dragon made of flames.  I tried to hold back because I had already wasted so much energy fighting those two.  If I don’t use up the rest of my power, then I will lose.  Now let’s see whose flame is stronger.

Lucius powers up with all he has left.  He then begins charging up his inferno fire blast attack.  Salamandra prepares to fire his pillar of flames again.  Both fighters launch their attacks.  Neither flame seems to be over powering the other.  This results in an explosion.  Surprisingly Salamandra was hurt by the attack.  Lucius is beginning to show signs of exhaustion from his many battles today.

Salamandra: I guess we will have to get up close and personal.
Lucius: How do you plan on doing so?
Ramsey: Hey dragon you still didn’t answer me.  Why did you destroy Mara’s body if you are here to help us?
Salamandra: All will be revealed in time.  Now stand back, because this fight is heading to the next level.

Salamandra begins to transform.  He is compressed and reshaped into that of a flame dragon/human hybrid.  The dragon seems to have entered some sort of fighting form.

Ramsey: What did you do?
Salamandra: I have activated my battle mode.  This will allow me to fight Lucius more effectively.  Now time to show you my power.

He flies towards Lucius.  They clash with great power.  They go blow for blow with neither side giving an inch.  Ramsey can only watch as the two titans fight with all they have.  He begins to cry.

Ramsey: Why me?  Why is it that I am forced to always watch my loved ones die?  Why is it that no matter how hard I work I can’t protect the ones I love on my own?  I have always needed someone else to fight for me.  I feel so weak even though I am so strong.

He continues to watch the fight between Lucius and Salamandra.  Salamandra seems to be getting the upper hand.  He is finally knocking Lucius around, and he shows no signs of turning things around.  Salamandra blasts Lucius into the ground, and proceeds to launch many flame blasts at him.  This pushes Lucius further and further into the ground.  He stops to see if he was dead, but Lucius flies out of the smoke and begins clashing with Salamandra again.  Lucius now seems to have Salamandra on the defensive.

Lucius: What’s the matter?  Is that all you have?
Salamandra: Not even close.
Lucius: I hope so, because at this point you aren’t even as strong as Ramsey without his transformation.  You were stronger for a little, but I guess you have little stamina.
Salamandra: I won’t let you get the better of me.  I must complete my mission.
Lucius: It feels like you are burning through all you energy just to keep up with me.  If that’s true, then how long can you keep this up?
Salamandra: Long enough!

Lucius hits Salamandra in the face.  He then follows up with a furry of blows all over his body.  Salamandra recovers and moves in for a heavy hit attack.  He is stopped by Lucius who seems to have dealt a critical hit to the chest.  Salamandra is sent flying and lands in front of the raging fire.

Ramsey: Get up!  You said that you were here to help.  You aren’t doing much, so get up!
Lucius: Stop your whining, because you’re next.  After I kill this fool, I will finish you off.  This dragon of flames has been a real challenge.  This is of course due to me being weakened by my fights with you and Mara.  He turned out to be weaker than both of you, but do to my lack of energy I might not be able to finish him off.  His flame body requires a powerful energy attack to finish you off.  Unfortunately, my best attack is a flame attack which isn’t very effective against him.
Ramsey: That means he will have the time to recover and defeat you, Lucius.

Salamandra is trying to stand up, but he can only get onto one knee.  He seems to be almost out of energy.  He knows that Lucius can’t finish him off, so he is trying to recover as much energy as possible.

Lucius: Don’t worry!  I have been working on a new flame attack, and I have been dying to try it out.  He begins charging up his flame power.  SECRET TECHNIQUE- TERRAFORCE!!!!!

A large ball of flames heads towards Salamandra.

Ramsey: NO!!!!

Ramsey tries to save him, but he suddenly feels a strange energy come over him.  We see Salamandra say something to Ramsey, but we can’t hear what it was.  The attack then hits its mark seemingly killing both Salamandra and Ramsey.  Lucius seems to be very happy, but also very tired.  He is about to leave when he notices something strange with his attack.

Lucius: What’s the matter?  The attack should have exploded by now.  Wait it looks like it’s getting smaller.  Was my attack stopped?

The attack begins to shrink.  From behind the attack, we can see both Salamandra and Ramsey perfectly safe. A flame phoenix seems to be blocking the attack.

Lucius: What is it this time?  Is it another weakling called by the Dragon Soul?  Hold on!  I think that I see someone in the flames.

It is as he said.  A shadow of a person is seen inside of the phoenix.  He then sees the dragon and Ramsey behind it.  He is very confused as to who it is.

Ramsey: Salamandra, are you ok?
Salamandra: Yes, it is done.  My mission wasn’t to defeat him, but to stall for her.
Ramsey: What do you mean her?
Salamandra: Just watch.

The flame phoenix begins to disappear revealing a woman.  She has long red hair with streaks of yellow and orange.  Her eyes are bright red, and her hands are a mix between human hands and bird talons.  She has beautifully colorful wings on her back.  Her clothes are all torn up as if she has been through a great battle.

Ramsey: Who is that?
Salamandra: I am surprised that you don’t recognize her.  Then again she has changed a lot.
Ramsey: You can’t mean.
Salamandra: Yes!  That is Mara!  She has been reborn into the ultimate warrior of flame.  She is the Phoenix Warrior!!!

Salamandra appeared to save Ramsey and Mara.  He fought with Lucius.  Ramsey hated the dragon for destroying Mara’s body.  After a quick fight, Salamandra was defeated.  Lucius used a new technique to finish them off, but was stopped by a mysterious woman.  She is revealed to be Mara who has become the Phoenix Warrior.  How has this miracle happened?  Is it really Mara, and if so will she be the one to finally bring Lucius down?  Find out on the next chapter, the arc 2 finale, of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   September 29th 2013, 10:19 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 2
Chapter 43
Phoenix Rite

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey was angered by the appearance of a Dragon who supposedly destroyed Mara’s body.  The dragon however came to fight Lucius.  Unfortunately, he was no help and was defeated.  Just when they were about to be killed, they were saved by a mysterious woman.  She was revealed to be Mara who has now become the Phoenix Warrior.  Will she finally be able to bring down Lucius, or is he unstoppable?  Find out on today’s chapter, the arc 2 finale, of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of what was once the site of the white house.  Lucius is standing in front of Ramsey and Salamandra.  He seems mad, because his attack was stopped by a mysterious woman who seems to be a hybrid of a human and a phoenix.

Ramsey: She can’t be!
Salamandra: Yes it is!  She is Mara, and she has been reborn as the ultimate warrior of flame.  She is the Phoenix Warrior!

Lucius turns his head towards Salamandra and Ramsey.

Lucius: What?!  That can’t be!  There are only 7 warrior souls, and six of them are held by empire soldiers.
Salamandra: That’s because this one was thought to have been lost.  It happened very long ago.  Nobody remembers this warrior soul, but a few of us still remember.  Don’t worry about history, because now you will be history.
Lucius: No way will I be intimidated by this piece of trash.  I beat her once I can do it again.

He charges toward Mara with great speed, but when he gets to her she disappears.  He can’t find her anywhere.  She appears in front of Salamandra.

Mara: Thank you for your help.
Salamandra: I would do anything for a soul warrior.

Lucius jumps between them.

Lucius: I won’t be ignored!

Both Mara and Salamandra dodge his attack.  Mara appears next to Salamandra again.

Mara: I apologize, but I must take care of this annoying simpleton.
Salamandra: I don’t mind waiting.

Mara goes over to Lucius and they begin clashing.  Ramsey goes over to Salamandra to help him, because he is still injured.

Ramsey: You shouldn’t move so much, because you are very hurt.
Salamandra: Don’t worry.  Mara will stop him, and everything will be okay.
Ramsey: How?
Salamandra: Just trust in me, and trust in Mara.

Ramsey nods his head.  We change our view to Lucius and Mara who are exchanging blows.  Lucius is trying all his might to defeat Mara.  Unfortunately, it is becoming very obvious that Mara isn’t even trying.  She seems to let him think that they are equal.  Everyone can see this is the case except for Lucius.

Lucius: Why didn’t you just stay dead?  No matter how many times you come back, I will still kill you!!!
Mara: You’re a fool to think that.

Lucius begins attacking with more ferocity, and Mara continues to match him blow for blow.  Mara lets him get the upper hand, but Lucius still fails to see his weakness.  Lucius starts pounding her into the ground, and tries to blow her up with many energy attacks.  After this, he begins to laugh at his dirty work.

Lucius: (laughing) I told you that I couldn’t be defeated!  He turns to Ramsey and Salamandra.  Now that she is once again dead, I can finally end you both and end this fight.

He launches an attack.  Salamandra dodges, but Ramsey can’t get away in time.  He still takes some damage and is knocked out.  Lucius begins focusing on Salamandra thinking that he is the only one left.  Just as Lucius was about to end it, laughter is heard coming from the smoke of Lucius’s last attack.  He has a worried look on his face.


The smoke begins to clear.  It reveals Mara who is in perfect condition.  She begins cracking her neck.  Then she begins doing some stretches.

Mara: Nice shot!  That one really got the blood flowing.  Can you throw me another?  Sorry about this, but the body’s rather new.
Lucius: The only thing this has done is make you twice as foolish!
Mara: (sarcastically) Did you think that one up yourself?
Lucius: I will make you pay for that!

Lucius has become very furious.  He begins attacking Mara in a very wild manner.  This time Mara just does nothing but dodges his attacks.  Lucius is getting more upset.


Mara just smiles and continues to dodge.  Lucius stops attacking for a second to take a breather.  He seems to be getting very tired.

Mara: What’s the matter getting tired already?  I mean I hope that I wasn’t moving too fast for you.
Lucius: (angry and breathing hard) I HATE YOU!  I WILL END THIS NOW!

He begins focusing his flame energy into his hands.  He then begins holding the energy above his head.


He launches the attack at Mara.  Salamandra is watching in terror as he tends to Ramsey’s wounds.  Mara just stands there.  She puts out her hand and stops the attack dead in its tracks.  Then she throws it back at Lucius, but only slightly more to his upper right.  Lucius is unable to move due to exhaustion.  The attack just misses him and goes into space where it dissipates.  Lucius stands in terror and anger.  Mara smiles at her show of power.  Lucius stands and prepares for his final strike.

Mara: That attack was very powerful.  Unfortunately for you, your energy has been drained.  With this new power of mine, we would have been on equal ground.  In that case, it would have been a fight with no clear winner.  There is just one problem; you have been fighting for too long.  You fought me at my full strength, and then you fought Ramsey twice.  Each time your energy was drained and you had taken a lot of damage.  Now we aren’t even on the same level, and this fight can only end in your demise.

Lucius is very angry at what Mara is saying.  He tries to ignore it.  He mounts another attack.  Mara just shakes her head in disappointment.

Mara: You are a great fighter, but you made two mistakes.  First, you killed my friends.  Then, you thought that you could kill me and Ramsey.  Now it is time to pay for all your sins.  Mara forms her right hand into a fist.  SPECIAL ATTACK- PHOENIX PUNCH!!!!

Lucius is now directly in front of Mara.  Before he can land a blow, Mara’s fist of flames hits him.  The flames turn into a phoenix as the attack goes through Lucius.  Mara pulls her fist out from his chest, and he falls onto the ground.  Lucius is on the ground, and he is barely breathing.

Lucius: (struggled breathing) I can’t believe it.  I was beaten by an earthling.  He spits out some blood.  I guess my time is up.

Lucius begins to laugh.

Mara: I guess you find some humor in your death.
Lucius: No!  I am laughing at your death!
Mara: But I’m not dying.
Lucius: You will when he comes!

After he says this, Lucius dies.  Mara stands there pondering his last words.  She goes over to Salamandra and an unconscious Ramsey.

Mara: Are you two okay?
Salamandra: We are okay.  Ramsey was just knocked out.
Mara: Now can you explain to me how this happened?
Salamandra: All I know is that the phoenix soul must have been lying dormant in your DNA.  It’s possible that when the phoenix soul disappeared that it could have ended up here on earth, and passed its powers onto an earthling.  Then that earthling passed it on through their DNA to you.
Mara: It must have been dormant for a very long time, because I think having super powers would be very noticeable.  I guess that I should power down.

She powers down, and her body returns to normal.  Her wings disappear, the hands turn back to a human’s hands, and her eyes and hair return to their normal colors.  Ramsey wakes up, and sees Mara talking to Salamandra.  He is overcome with great joy and sadness.  He begins to cry.  Mara sees this and goes over to Ramsey.

Ramsey: (crying) It wasn’t a dream!  I thought that I had lost you for good, but you truly did come back!
Mara: (also crying) I did!  I was worried that I wouldn’t ever see you again.

They begin to embrace each other.

Both: (in a soft voice) I love you!

They both kiss, and the scene begins to fade away.  This song can be heard, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ss0kFNUP4P4.

The battle against Werner and Lucius was long and hard.  Werner was quickly defeated, but Lucius proved to be a huge hurtle to overcome.  Thankfully after the defeat of all who fought him, a renewed Mara had appeared to stop Lucius.  He was swiftly dealt with, but not before delivering a cryptic message.  Over joyed by their reunion, Mara and Ramsey proclaimed their love for each other, and they kissed.  What did Lucius’s last words mean?  What lays in store for our heroes?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul, the arc 3 premium.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   January 1st 2014, 2:13 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 44
The Phoenix Warrior

On the last Dragon Soul, Mara awakened her powers as the Phoenix warrior.  She was finally able to defeat Lucius.  Unfortunately, Lucius didn’t die without leaving Mara and Ramsey a cryptic message.  They shared a kiss after finally deciding to reveal their love for each other.  Ramsey had a tough time recovering from the battle.  He shared his painful life story with Mara.  Now they are stronger as friends, as partners, and as a couple.  Find out what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.  The arc 3 premier!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s mansion.  Ramsey is outside in the backyard.  He is sitting in a lawn chair, and is preparing the training field.  Mara comes outside, and she is wearing what looks like new training clothes.

Mara: Is the field ready yet?
Ramsey: Yes.  We will try to work on going beyond ten times gravity.  We will work in intervals of ten.  I have also made new training clothes which are even heavier.
Mara: Great!  I want to train as hard as I can to become stronger.  I also want to test out my new powers and legs.

Mara begins her training with warm ups.  Then she begins working out her legs.  She seems to be having a little fun, but is acting really serious.  She spends the entire morning working solely on her legs.  The entire time she has a face of great determination.  They take a break to enjoy some lunch on the back porch.  They seem to be enjoying the beautiful weather.

Ramsey: This has to be the nicest weather that I have ever seen on the first day of spring.

Mara doesn’t respond.  She seems to be very distant and isn’t talking much.  Ramsey seems a bit worried.

Ramsey: What’s the matter?
Mara: What do you mean?
Ramsey: You haven’t talked much to me ever since the battle at the white house.  I’m glad that you are taking your training more seriously, but I’m starting to get worried.  Is there anything that you want to discuss with me?

Mara is quiet for a few seconds.

Mara: I’m just so depressed.  My life has been filled with so much death and destruction.  Whenever I start to build up myself, something happens to knock me down.  I trained so hard, and I had almost lost you.
Ramsey: Well you have been a very complicated person ever since the day I had met you.  You have always been sad and depressed.  I have told you everything about me, but it seems like you haven’t told me everything.
Mara: I’m just not that comfortable talking to you about these things.  I know that we confessed our love to each other, but I’m worried that if I get too close that you will die.
Ramsey: I promise never to leave you alone.  Now tell me anything that you already know about your warrior spirit.
Mara: Well I’m based on a phoenix which explains the fire based powers.  I can activate my battle form at will.  This makes my hair longer and flame colored.  Also my hands morph into a cross between bird talons and human hands.  I grow huge phoenix wings, and my eyes turn red.  I am able to turn my battle form off at will as well.
Ramsey: That is great!  Is there anything else?
Mara: Not really, but I am curious as to how the phoenix soul got in me in the first place.
Ramsey: I have been trying to look in to it.  I have almost completed the translation of that part in the book.  I should complete it this afternoon.
Mara: Good!

They finish their lunch.  Mara goes back to her normal training while Ramsey goes inside to do some research in the book.  Mara is seen outside finishing up her afternoon warm ups.

Mara: Now it’s time to begin training with my new powers.

Mara begins her transformation.  Fire begins to surround her as she transforms into her battle form.

Mara: I can’t believe this.  A year ago I was a normal girl with normal friends.  Now I am basically a super hero, but the burden of my past still haunts me.  I must get back to work.

Mara begins by doing some basic tests with her powers.  Then she practices with her flames.  We change our view to Ramey who is in the house.  He is trying to use the book to find out more info on the phoenix warrior.

Ramsey: This has to be the most challenging book that I have ever read.  It even seems to be alive.  It translates itself, but it doesn’t do it on a consistent basis.  I have learned more from this book than what most people learn in a lifetime.

He is peering over the book very closely with his special equipment.  A few hours go by, and Ramsey looks very exhausted.  He also has a shocked look on his face.

Ramsey: I cannot believe this.  That was one incredible story, and it now all makes sense.

We change our view back to Mara.  She is very tired from her training, and the back yard is in ruins.  It looks like it has been ravaged by a forest fire.

Mara: I can’t even imagine that fire could do this.  An evil look comes over her face.  Now nobody can stop me.  I guess I should head inside for dinner.

Mara closes the training field, and she puts out all of the fires.  She goes into the house, and heads for her room.  She gets undressed and takes a shower.  She finishes and is relaxing in her room in a towel.  She looks slightly sad as she stares at her naked body in the mirror.

Mara: I hate this body of mine.  Most girls only have to worry about their looks, a nice job, and getting a man who will take care of them.  I have all those things, but I am not happy.  I am extremely attractive, and I have a man that I love who will lovingly take care of me, but it isn’t enough.  I can’t even enjoy it, because if I let him get close then I might lose him.  She begins to cry.  I can’t let any one get close, or help me.  I don’t want anyone else get hurt by being with me.

She stops her crying, and gets dressed.  After collecting her thoughts, she heads downstairs for dinner.  Ramsey is seen bringing in the last dish.  He smiles at her.  He then signals her to sit down.  He helps her into her seat.  Ramsey gives her a kiss on the cheek which startles Mara.  Ramsey then light some candles, pours them both wine, and puts on romantic music.  They begin eating, but Mara still seems sad.  Ramsey tries to cheer her up, but it doesn’t work.  He’s beginning to get worried.

Ramsey: What’s on your mind?  I have tried everything to cheer you up, and all you do is train and sulk!  So tell me what’s wrong?
Mara: I can’t do this anymore.
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Mara: I don’t want you fighting anymore.  In fact I don’t want you within a thousand miles of any fights that I get into.
Ramsey: I can’t do that.  I am your assistant, and it’s my job to help you fight.  I am very strong, and I can…

Ramsey becomes silent.

Mara: I have become very strong.  You are strong.  We both have super human strength, but it isn’t enough.  I learned from our last battle that only I can complete this mission.  I must do this alone.  You don’t have the potential to be strong enough to handle yourself in a fight against the soul warriors, because only a soul warrior can fight a soul warrior.  I won’t be able to protect you during one of those battles.
Ramsey: You’re right!  I am weak.  I have done everything to become stronger but I have reached my limits.  I may not be strong enough to help you on the battlefield directly, but I can help you to prepare for your fights.  I don’t want you to keep me distant, because if I can’t help you then I would never be able to forgive myself if anything happens to you.

Ramsey goes over to Mara they embrace each other.  After a tearful embrace, they go back to their seats.

Mara: So did you find out anything about the phoenix soul?
Ramsey: Yes, and I put everything onto this disc.  I will play it for you now.

Ramsey puts the disc into a projector.  A hologram of Ramsey appears.

Hologram Ramsey: I am making this video to archive the following info.  This video is on the phoenix warrior soul.  The phoenix warrior is a part of a set of warriors known as the soul warriors.  It seems that they are the guardians of the human race.  Humans used to live on a planet called Turlock.  One day there was an attack on the planet by demons.  The soul warriors couldn’t hold them back, so they evacuated the planet.  The soul warriors were guarding the transports when an asteroid field came their way.  One of the ships was hit off course.  The phoenix warrior and another soul warrior followed them in order to lead them back to the others.  The ship however crashed landed on earth.  The phoenix warrior stayed to guard the people while the other warrior went to get help.  Unfortunately, he never returned.  The phoenix warrior helped the people to settle on this planet.  He decided to pass on his powers through his DNA, so that his children could have the power to protect the human race.  The power can only be used by one of his direct descendants when in great danger.  The phoenix warrior is a master of fire, and a powerful aerial combat master.  That is all the book has on the phoenix warrior at this time.

Mara remains silent as she ponders what she just heard.  Ramsey seems confused himself.  They finish their meal as they think on the matters at hand.  They finish the meal, and clean up.  Then they go into the living room to sit on the couch.  After a few seconds Mara finally speaks.

Mara: That was surely an interesting story.  I can’t believe that one warrior didn’t return.  Does the book say which one was it?
Ramsey: It doesn’t like to give me a complete story.  It has always given me partials.  I guess that it only wants to reveal info as we move on in our journey.
Mara: What does that mean?
Ramsey: It means that if you want to find out more then we will have to complete more of our mission.  Now we should go to bed.  You have more training to do tomorrow.
Mara: I can’t go to bed without dessert.

Mara goes in to kiss Ramsey.  He is hesitant at first, but he then begins kissing her back.  The scene fads out as they continue to make out.

Mara has begun training with her new powers.  Unfortunately, she has had to come to a very important decision to keep Ramsey away from the fighting.  After some harsh words, they made up.  Ramsey showed her everything that he has learned about the phoenix warrior.  Now they must work harder and harder to be ready to face the enemies that are sure to come.  Find out what happens on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   January 19th 2014, 1:49 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 45
4 Month Anniversary

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara began her training as the phoenix warrior.  She was forced to throw the truth at Ramsey, but not even that could break their team up.  Now Mara has learned the history of the phoenix warrior, and is preparing herself for the next enemy that is sure to come.  Find out what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Mara is seen in the backyard training very hard.  She demonstrates some of her abilities of fire.  She shoots fire out of her hands, and then she manipulates it with her will.  It forms into a dragon that dances around the backyard.  Then she turns it into a flock of birds that fly away.  Ramsey comes out from the house.  Mara notices this and she smiles a little.  Now she tries to impress him by launching a huge cone of fire from her fists.

Mara: Did you like that?
Ramsey: Did you enjoy destroying my backyard again?

She turns around to see that the backyard has been burned to a crisp.  All the foliage is gone, and there are craters all over the backyard.  She turns back to Ramsey with a look of embarrassment.

Mara: (embarrassed) Sorry about that!  I will make it up to you.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it!  I can easily get it fixed.  Now I have dinner on the table, so let’s go inside.

They go into the house.  Ramsey and Mara sit down to a wonderful meal.  Ramsey is pulling out all the stops to make this meal as romantic as possible.  There are candles, romantic music, and plenty of flowers.  He also has pleasant smelling incense and wine.  He is all dressed up nice.

Mara: What is this for?
Ramsey: Well today is our four month anniversary.
Mara: (shocked look) FUCK!

She disappears in an instant.  She goes to her room to get dolled up.  She comes back down.  She is wearing a modest pink dress that has a bow on the front around the waist which is slightly to the left.   It has a sparkle flower design on the chest area.  She has her hair back in a bun with a gorgeous brooch in the hair.  Mara is sporting a lovely pair of matching flat dress shoes.  Ramsey is standing in awe at her beauty.

Mara: Stop it! She blushes.  I’m not hot.  I am just an average girl in terms of looks.  I don’t deserve your praise.
Ramsey: No!  You deserve only the best.

They sit down to dinner.  They have a picture perfect meal.  After they finish their meal, they go into the living room.  They put on a romantic movie.  Ramsey got chocolate covered strawberries which they feed to each other.  They finish the night off by embracing each other on the couch in front of the fireplace.

Mara: This has been the best night ever.
Ramsey: Well this is only the beginning.
Mara: What does that mean?
Ramsey: I have planned for us to go on a trip to New York.
Mara: That is great, but why?
Ramsey: Well you deserve it.  Plus it’s our anniversary.  You had a rough life, and you didn’t have much time for traveling.  I want to be able to help make up for all those lost years.
Mara: I appreciate that.

They finish up, and go to bed.  A few days go by, and the day finally arrives for them to leave on the trip.  Mara comes down from her room with her bags.  Ramsey is waiting outside by a limo.

Ramsey: What took you so long?
Mara: Hey!  A girl needs her things.
Ramsey: Let’s go!

They put their stuff in the limo, and head off to the airport.  They arrive at the airport, and they take a private plane to New York.  The attendants serve champagne and caviar.  A few hours go by and they land at the New York international airport.  Mara and Ramsey are seen getting off the plane, and get into a limo.  Their stuff is brought to the car.  The limo takes them to a big fancy hotel.  They are led by the staff to their room.  After the staff leaves, they settle into the room.  Evening comes on this first day in New York.  Mara and Ramsey are getting dressed up to go out to dinner.

Mara: I hope you can afford me.  Ever since I became the guardian, my appetite has grown greatly.  Every day it seems to increase, and it even made leaps and bounds when I became the phoenix warrior.
Ramsey: I have more money than what we could spend in ten life times.
Mara: Good!  Now where are we going?
Ramsey: We are going to the famous Delmonico’s.
Mara: What!?  Are you kidding me!?  That place has the best and most expensive steak in the United States!  Are we really going there?
Ramsey: Yes!  You only deserve the best.

They get up, and finish getting ready for their evening.  They are seen leaving the hotel in a fancy limo.  They arrive at the restaurant, and Mara notices that they are the only customers at the restaurant.

Mara: How come there are not any other customers?
Ramsey: I rented the whole restaurant just for us.  I also paid for a ton of food, so let’s sit down and enjoy the food.

They sit down at their table which has been set up in the middle of the restaurant.  The waiters start bringing out the food.  Mara’s mouth is beginning to drool.  Ramsey wipes her mouth, and gives her a kiss.

Ramsey: Now my love let us enjoy all this wonderful meal.
Mara: You don’t have to tell me twice.  I might not look it, but I am a food eating champion.
Ramsey: Really?
Mara: Yeah I have won every eating competition out there.  People were amazed at how I could eat so much and remain so skinny.
Ramsey: What was your secret?
Mara: Exercise and a very fast metabolism.
Ramsey: Well this isn't an eating contest, so please take the time to enjoy the food.

He looks over at Mara, and a look of surprise comes on his face.  Mara has already finished twenty plates of food.  The waiters are having trouble keeping up with her demands.

Ramsey: Mara, please slow down!  You need to give the cooks and waiters a chance to keep up.
Mara: (with food in her mouth) I know, but this food is so good that I can’t help myself.
Ramsey: Just try for me.

She swallows the food she was eating.

Mara: You have no room to talk.  You have eaten almost as much food as me.
Ramsey: I have, but I gave the workers here a chance to keep up with me.  Now please slow down.
Mara: Ok.
Ramsey: Good!  Now there will be more food for me.
Mara: What!?  You little snake.  You think that you could eat more food than me.  I’ll take that as a challenge.

They proceed to have a contest to see who could eat more food.  A few hours later, they finish eating.

Mara: Wow!  I didn’t think that anyone could out eat me.
Ramsey: Thanks!

We pan out a little to see the entire restaurant.  All the cooks fall over in exhaustion.  Most of the waiters have left, and are outside passed out.  Only two waiters remain to serve them their dessert.  The two waiters are standing by the entrance of the kitchen.

Waiter 1: I can’t believe this.  They completely obliterated ten days’ worth of inventory.  This has been a week of strange people.
Waiter 2: You can say that again.  That group early in the week knocked out five days’ worth, and then told us that they were going to another restaurant.  They said something about an attack on some building.

Upon saying this Ramsey gets up.  He rushes over to the waiter, and grabs him by the collar.

Ramsey: What did you just say?
Waiter 2: I said some guys were here, and that they were going to attack a building.
Ramsey: Why didn’t you tell someone?
Waiter 2: Because they said it was part of a movie that they were shooting.  It’s about terrorists that hold up a UN meeting for money.  Then some guy and his partner swoop in and save the day.
Waiter 1: Didn’t they say that the lead was a girl and her boyfriend?
Waiter 2: Yeah, and that they find out that the terrorists were actually aliens who plan on conquering the planet.
Ramsey: You fool!  Didn’t it cross your mind that they could have been lying to you?  There is a UN meeting tomorrow!
Both: What have we done!?

He runs over to Mara and grabs her hand as he rushes for the door.  Mara is still trying to finish her dessert while being dragged by Ramsey.

Mara and Ramsey were taking a little time off from training to enjoy their 4 month anniversary.  Ramsey had pulled out all the stops, and even surprised Mara with a trip to New York City.  Mara was so excited for the trip.  They were enjoying a feast when Ramsey over heard some of the waiters talking about some people who claim to be planning an attack on the UN during the meeting.  Who are these people, and what are their true goals?  Will they succeed, or Will Ramsey and Mara be able to foil their plans?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   February 18th 2014, 2:06 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 46
Attack on the UN

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey celebrated their four month anniversary.  Ramsey surprised Mara with a trip to New York City.  While out at dinner, they heard of a plot to attack the UN during the next meeting.  Now Ramsey and Mara are rushing to stop the attack.  Why is the UN meeting being targeted?  What are their plans?  Will Mara and Ramsey be able to stop them?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We are coming into view of the city of New York.  We close in on a restaurant where a man dragging a woman is seen leaving the building.  We get a closer look, and we see that they are Mara and Ramsey.  Mara is seen trying to eat a dessert.  Ramsey drags her back to the hotel.  They get to the front of the hotel, and Ramsey is giving a dirty look at Mara who is still eating her dessert.

Mara: (with some food in her mouth) what’s that look for?
Ramsey: We are in a rush and you’re still eating!
Mara: This was very expensive, and I don’t like to waste money or food.  Also I fight better when I have filled my belly.
Ramsey: We need to quickly get changed, and head out.
Mara: Just let me finish this first.

Ramsey gives her another dirty look.  She quickly finishes her food, and they rush to get changed into battle gear.  They leave the hotel and head towards the nearest police station.  They walk in to the station, and there is only one officer at the main desk.  The officer notices them, and he stops reading his paper.

Officer: How can I help the two of you?
Ramsey: We are here to report a possible crime.
Mara: We heard of some people who are planning to commit a crime.
Officer: Where did you hear this information?
Ramsey: We were at dinner, and our waiters told us about these people who were talking about weird stuff.
Officer: What kind of weird stuff?
Mara: They were planning a terrorist attack on the UN during their meeting tomorrow.
Officer: (mad) Hey Now!  You don’t joke about stuff like that!
Mara: We aren’t joking!  Why would we joke about this?
Officer: We don’t take kindly to these types of pranks.
Mara: We are telling the truth!
Officer: I am placing both of you under arrest!

The officer comes over to Mara with a pair of cuffs.  Ramsey steps in front of the officer.

Ramsey: Don’t you touch her!
Officer: Then I will start with you.
Ramsey: That won’t be needed.

Ramsey pulls out his wallet and opens it.  In the wallet is a picture id that has a presidential seal.  The officer stops.  He looks at the id, and then he puts the cuffs away.

Officer: I am so sorry I didn’t know.  How can I help?
Ramsey: I need you to get the Chief of Police and the Mayor here as soon as possible.
Officer: I’m on it!

He runs into the back.

Mara: What the hell did you so him?
Ramsey: It was my CP9 badge.  It has the seal of the president.  It gives me the same authority as any high ranking official in the country.
Mara: Well I’m glad that you were here.
Ramsey: Thank you.

An hour goes by and now we see Mara and Ramsey in the back room of the police station.  In the room with them are the mayor and the chief of police.  They have the blueprints to the UN building laid out across a large table.

Mayor: So Ramsey you’re telling me that we can’t just cancel the meeting?
Ramsey: Because that’s what they want.  This meeting is extremely important to prevent more war in the Middle East.  So we will just have to increase security which is where you will come in police chief.
Police Chief: I will be calling in extra cops from all over New York.  No unapproved people will get anywhere near this meeting.  Now what was your plan, Ramsey?
Ramsey: Well I have had much experience with these types of missions, so here is what we are going to do.

We pan out as Ramsey lays out his plan.  Morning comes quickly especially for those who have been up all night getting ready for the UN meeting.  The UN building is surrounded by thousands of police officers with plenty of guns.  They are escorting the cars of the diplomats to the building.  Each and every car and person is being checked for any possible threat.  We look to the inside of the building where all the diplomats are being seated.  On the main stage, we see people preparing for the arrival of the president of the US.  Sitting by the stage is Ramsey and Mara.  They are dressed up nice.  Everyone has now been seated.  All the people of the media are waiting on the edge of his seats for what the president has to say.  A few minutes go by and everyone is then asked to stand.  The president walks onto the stage.  All the cameras are focused on the president.  He taps on the microphone to see if it’s on.  He then clears his throat.

President: I would like to welcome everyone to this meeting.  I apologize for all the extra security, but this meeting is really important.  I didn’t want anybody with evil intensions to ruin this meeting.  We are here today to discuss the Middle East.  Now we have had our troops in the Middle East for a few years now, and we were looking to pull out.  Unfortunately, they are still too unstable, and we fear that another terrorist organization might take over if we leave now.  At the same time, we don’t want to seem like dictators.  I just hope that we can bring all this to an end peacefully.

Everyone stands up, and claps.  The entire room is cheering.  After a few seconds, they stop cheering and sit back down.  The President gets ready to continue his speech.

President: Now I have a great idea on how to achieve this peaceful end.

Just then an explosion is heard coming from outside.  Everyone is panicking.  Ramsey and Mara go over to the President to protect him.

President: What is going on?  I thought that they cleared the building.  They said that there weren’t any bombs.
Ramsey: I just got word that it wasn’t a bomb, but some sort of weapon.  It was fired at the barricade outside.  It looks as if it wasn’t an internal attack that was planned, but an external attack.  They are trying to get in.
Mara: Don’t worry about it, Mr. President.  We have your emergency escape route already planned out.  Now come with us.
President: I am in your very capable hands.

They help the president up, and then they start heading towards the back of the building.  Another explosion is heard.  This time it seems much closer.  We change our view to the front steps of the building.  There are tons of cops shooting at a dust cloud.  There are shadowy figures in the dust clouds which seem to be walking towards the building.

Police officer: Stop or we will be forced to use extreme force.
????: There is nothing that you can do to stop us.  Now perish!

A weapon seems to be fired which destroys the remaining defenses of the building.  The shadowy figures head into the building.  We go back to Mara and Ramsey who are in the back of the building.  They are still leading the president out of the building.

Ramsey: Don’t worry Mr. President, we are almost out.
President: I thank you so much for all your help.  This will make the second time that you guys saved my life.
Mara: It’s no problem.
Ramsey: Mara, turn left here.
Mara: Ok.

They go around the corner.  They have reached a secret underground super train.  Just then an explosion destroys the wall.  The explosion also destroys the train.  Mara and Ramsey are standing between the dust cloud and the president.

Ramsey: Who’s there?

There is no response.

Mara: It doesn’t matter what weapons you have, because you will never get the president!

There is still no response.  No we can see some shadows in the dust cloud.  They fire their weapon.  Ramsey goes in to block.

Ramsey: IRON BODY!

The attack hits Ramsey which causes a huge explosion.  This sends Ramsey, Mara, and the president through the wall behind them.  Another blast sends them back into the meeting hall. The president’s clothes are slightly dirty, but Ramsey’s and Mara’s fancy clothes have been ripped to pieces.  This reveals their battle clothes which they had been wearing underneath.

Mara: Ramsey, I didn’t think that there was any weapon that could get through your iron body technique.
Ramsey: There isn’t one from EARTH!
Mara: Then who are they?
????: Let me answer that question.

The shadowy figures step out from the dust cloud.  There are two people.  They are human in appearance, and seem to both be male.  The one is really tall and he is wearing white armor that has a tiger design.  The other is really short, and is wearing similar armor except it is black.  They seem to be standing on either side of a third person.  The third person walks out.  He is taller than both men.  He is wearing armor with shoulder spikes.  He looks to be a human tiger hybrid similar to this, http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20121022091941/tekken/en/images/e/ee/Armor_King_TTT2.jpg

????: Hello, I am the tiger warrior, this is my tiger team, and we have come for you.

Mara and Ramsey were shocked to discover a plan to attack the UN building.  They did everything to prevent the attack, but neither of them could predict who would be behind the attack.  Now they are faced with the tiger team who are led by the Tiger Warrior.  Was this the prediction that Lucius had for our heroes?  Can they defeat them, or will the tiger have its meal?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   June 10th 2014, 12:37 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 47
The Tiger Team

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey and Mara helped to protect the UN meeting.  All seemed well until they were attacked by the Tiger Warrior and his Tiger team.  Now Ramsey and Mara are preparing for the fight of their lives.  What are their capabilities?  Can our heroes win?  Will the tiger get his meal?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We see a tiger human hybrid stepping out from a dust cloud.  Two armored soldiers are standing on either side of him.

????: Hello, I’m the tiger warrior, this is my tiger team, and we’re here for you!

Mara and Ramey stand in awe at the sight of these men.

Ramsey: So it begins!
Mara: I guess they felt it was time to send in the big guns.  So do we have the pleasure of learning your name?
Tiger warrior: Well I don’t just give my name to anyone.  Just call me the tiger warrior.
Ramsey: what about your two comrades?
Tiger warrior: You can just call them my fang and paw.  The tall one is fang and the short one is paw.  That’s enough talking!  Time to die!

Fang stops him.

Fang: (deep voice) Sir!  You shouldn’t sully your hands with these weaklings.  Let us handle them.
Tiger warrior: You’re right, but please be quick about it because we got lots to do.
Fang: Understood!  I’ll take the guy you take the girl, Paw!

Paw just nods his head.  Fang and Paw position themselves in front of their opponents and begin powering up for battle.  Mara and Ramsey do the same.

Ramsey: Don’t underestimate them, Mara!  We can’t afford to lose!
Mara: I know that.  Now it’s time to fight.

Mara charges at Paw.  They exchange fists with neither landing a hit.  Ramsey goes over to Fang.  They begin to fight fist to cuff all across the hall.  At first Ramsey and Fang seem to be even, but then Fang starts to overtake Ramsey.  Ramsey tries dodging with his paper arts, but Fang is too fast.  He then distances himself from Fang with moonwalk.  He launches a few tempest kicks, but Fang brushes them off with his hands.

Fang: Is that the best that you can do?  I heard that you gave Lucius a run for his money.
Ramsey: I’m only just warming up.  You can’t handle my full power.  This guy has a lot of power, and unless I use that form I might not be able to beat him.  Are you ready because I’m coming at you with everything I got?
Fang: I’m always ready.  I just hope that you are worth my time and effort.

We change our view to the other side of the room where Mara is engaging Paw.  Mara is unleashing a fury of punches and kicks, and it seems that Paw is using all he has to dodge.  Then he slips up and Mara gets a kick in to the leg which allows her to hit Paw a few more times.  Paw is knocked back.  He seems angry yet happy.  She goes in again and he continues to dodge.  Now Paw seems bored.

Mara: What’s the matter?  I thought that we were having fun?

Paw does not answer her, but just keeps dodging with a stoic look on his face.  Just then Ramsey and Fang’s fight spills over into theirs.  Fang notices Mara’s attempt to talk to Paw.

Fang: Don’t waste your breath, weakling!  Paw only talks to worthy opponents!
Mara: Then I will just have to make him talk.

Fang goes in for a hit on Mara, but then Ramsey strikes Fang sending him flying.

Ramsey: Don’t you dare forget me and don’t touch my woman!

Ramsey goes chasing after Fang unto the other side of the room.  Mara stands there staring down Paw.

Mara: If you won’t talk because you think I’m weak, then I will just have to turn up the heat.  I just hope you can handle my power.

Mara activates her phoenix soul.  This causes her to transform into her battle mode.  She sports the familiar long red hair with streaks of yellow and orange, red eyes, human/bird hybrid hands, and beautiful phoenix wings.  Her clothes seem to have been changed by the flames.  She is now sporting a golden armor that has a phoenix inspired design, http://i2.minus.com/ixNCzF1LATjo7.png . Mara now seems ready to fight, but Paw doesn’t seem to have any change in expression.

Mara: Do you like my armor? I thought that my training clothes don’t really suit me when I get serious.

No response.

Mara: I will show you a pain that you have never experienced before.  You will learn to fear me.  My flames will burn you alive.

Mara produces flames in her hands and throws them at Paw, but he dodges them with ease.  She then starts to fire multiple fire attacks.  We now switch our view to Ramsey who is still in a tough hand-to-hand fight with Fang.  They both get a good hit in on the cheek pushing each other away.  They both seem happy.

Fang: I didn’t think you could put up such a good fight.  Unfortunately, it still isn’t enough.
Ramsey: Well I didn’t want the fight to end so quickly, so I haven’t been using my full power.  I think that it times to kick it up a notch.

Ramsey bends his knees so that his legs form an upside down field goal post. He then bends down so he can put his right fist on the ground.  He then looks up at Fang.

Ramsey: After this, my attacks will be at their max.

He focuses his energy and a burst of aura shoots out.  His skin becomes surrounded by a red aura.  Ramsey’s power seems to have increased a lot.

Ramsey: This form allows me to focus all my energy and use it to its max.  I call it stage two.
Fang: It looks fancy, but does it actually do anything.
Ramsey: I guess I will have to put it into action, Special attack- Super Six King Pistol!

Ramsey gets up close and hits Fang hard with his technique.  Fang is sent flying into the wall.  The wall collapses and Fang doesn’t seem to be getting up.  This makes Ramsey very happy.

Ramsey: I should have guessed that he was just faking it.  He was all bark and no bite.

We switch back to Mara’s fight with Paw.  The area is scorched from all of Mara’s attacks.  Paw seems to have taken a little damage, but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.  Mara seems to be preparing for her next attack.

Mara:  You can really take the heat, but once I go all out that will change quickly.

Mara powers up again.  After this, she engages Paw in a fist to cuff fight.  Paw dodges all of Mara’s attacks, and jumps back.  Mara then quickly throws several fire blasts at him.  Paw blocks them with his bare hands.  Paw finally seems ready to strike back.

Mara: I feel honored that you feel that I am strong enough that you feel the need to actually attack.

There is no response from Paw.  He makes some weird signs with his hands and then he puts two fingers by his mouth.  After this a giant ball of fire shoots out at Mara.

Mara: You really think that you can hurt me with a fireball.

Mara easily blocks the fireball.  When the fireball dissipates, Paw is nowhere to be found.  Mara searches frantically for him.  Just then he appears before her and hits her with great force.  This sends her flying across the room to the area where Ramsey and Fang were fighting.  Ramsey is surprised to see her in such a state.  Paw comes over to them.

Ramsey: I can’t believe that you are having so much trouble with this guy.
Mara: He’s a tricky one.  How goes your fight?
Ramsey: I just beat Fang.

Just then a faint laugh is heard from Paw.

Mara: Wow! That is the first time that he has even made a noise.  Now let us double team him.
Ramsey: We have to hurry because my stage two won’t last much longer.

Mara and Ramsey engage Paw with great force.  Paw seems to be over whelmed, but he starts to keep up with both of them.  He then strikes back knocking both of them down.  Ramsey gets up first.

Ramsey: I will take you out with the move that beat Fang.  Special attack- Super Six King Pistol!

Ramsey is heading for Paw with great speed, but just then he gets blindsided by something.  He looks up to see Fang alive and well.  Mara gets up and sees what has happened.

Mara: I thought you beat him.
Ramsey: I thought I did.
Fang: I admit that you knocked the wind out of me, but that was only because I didn’t think you could get anywhere near that level of power.  Maybe we should show you what real power is.

Fang and Paw rush in and beat the living hell out of both Mara and Ramsey.   They have taken a lot of damage, but somehow they get up.

Fang: Look at these fools.
Mara: We aren’t fools.  We will win no matter what!

Mara Summons whatever strength that she had left and goes to attack them.  Fang jabs Mara which knocks her down and powers down back to her base form.  Fang and Paw then turn their attention to Ramsey.

Fang: Just one more weakling left to go.
Ramsey: We are not weak.
Fang: Then prove it!
Ramsey: I guess that I have no choice, but to use my secret technique, Burst Mode.

Mara and Ramsey were faced with the daunting task of facing the Tiger warrior’s team.  Paw and Fang seemed to be on the same level as Mara and Ramsey.  Then they showed that their power far exceeded them.  Mara and Ramsey were beaten very badly, and now Ramsey has been forced to use his secret technique, Burst Mode.  Will this be able to stop them, or will it still not be enough to beat the Tiger team.  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 48
Ramsey, Burst Mode

Last time on Dragon Soul, Our heroes were approached by the evil tiger warrior and his tiger team.  Mara faced off against the tall brooding Fang.  Ramsey came face to face with the ever quiet Paw.  They each fought hard battles, but they each couldn’t beat their opponent.  Mara was taken down, which forced Ramsey to unleash his secret technique, Burst Mode.  Will Ramsey be able to stop the tiger team?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Ramsey: I have no choice, but to use Burst Mode.

Ramsey sits down and begins to meditate.  Energy begins to swirl around him like this, http://img3.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130404175239/powerlisting/images/c/c2/Leondardo_Meditation.png .

Fang: What is he up to?  It doesn’t matter because it won’t help.  (Turns to Paw) Let’s crush his hopes now.

Paw nods his head.  They rush at Ramsey.  Before they get to him, Ramsey slams his fist into the ground which causes rock to push up and cover him up.  Then from inside we can see Ramsey take one hand and put it on the rock.

Ramsey: Iron body!

The energy from his Iron body enters the rock and spreads throughout it.  Fang and Paw try breaking through it, but they seem to be unable to do so.  Fang and Paw are surprised by this, but they keep on hammering it.  Ramsey is still meditating with one hand on the rocks.

Ramsey: This will take longer than usual, but it is the only way to use it.  I can’t afford to lose control of it.  I just wish that I would have discovered this power sooner.

We change our view to that of Ramsey’s mansion two months ago.  He is seen walking out into his backyard where Mara is training.  She is seen practicing her control of fire.  Ramsey brings Mara something to drink.

Mara: Thanks a lot.  I have been really trying hard to gain full control over my fire.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it, you will get it eventually.
Mara: What are your plans today?
Ramsey: I got some work to do in my vault.  I will be back in time for dinner so there is no need to come get me.
Mara: Whatever!

Mara goes back to training.  Ramsey is seen walking through his backyard to the secret entrance to his underground vault.  After a few minutes, he reaches the vault.  He enters the code, and proceeds to enter the vault holding room.  He then closes the door behind him and enters another code.  The screen changes to read, “unlock from inside only.”  He then takes off his shirt and proceeds to train.  We see a montage of his various training activities.  After about an hour, he takes a quick break.

Ramsey: I need to take my training to the next level, because I feel so useless in this fight.  I couldn’t help Mara at all in her fight against Lucius.  Sure I weakened him, but she still would have beaten him with her phoenix soul.  I need to learn a way to control my other half.  Mara even gave it cute little name to shorten it.  She didn't like calling it the angel of death, so she wants me to start referring to it as nightmare mode.  It is much easier to say.  Unfortunately unless I can control it, I won’t be of much help to her.  Ramsbottom once told me that the best way to control one’s power is to calm one’s mind.  Maybe if I meditate something will happen.
He tries to meditate for a little bit, but he gets too impatient.  He gets up and continues to train.  After some rough training he bends down to rest quickly taking this pose, http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2010/113/f/1/One_Piece_Luffy_2nd_Gear_by_ValeforHo.jpg .

Ramsey: (breathing slightly heavy) I need to try and focus my mind or I won’t be able to control my nightmare mode.

He brings concentrating while maintaining his resting pose.  After a few seconds, energy starts to build up and a red aura begins to surround Ramsey.  He then stands up and feels a great sense of power with the red aura surrounding him.

Ramsey: What is this great power?  It is surrounding me and empowering me.  Let’s take it for a spin.

Ramsey sprints around the room with great speed.  He seemingly warps around the room.  He then punches the ground to test his strength.  A huge crater is formed from the impact, and an earthquake ensues due to the raw power of the punch.  Ramsey stands there in awe as the red aura begins to disappear.

Ramsey: I wonder what I should call this power.  How about second gear?  No that sounds like something an idiot would come up with.  I know how about stage two.  I like the sound of that.

He goes on practicing with his stage two.  We skip ahead a few days and Ramsey is in the vault meditating.

Ramsey: Now that I have mastered stage two, the next step is to learn how to go into nightmare mode on my own.

He concentrates and after a few minutes he begins to transform.  Unfortunately he quickly loses control and begins destroying everything.  Luckily the room is strong enough not to collapse under this great force, but the impacts cause earthquakes all over Vegas.  Ramsey keeps trying this for days on end.  Just when all hope is lost, one day he thinks of his love for Mara while trying to transform, and something happens.  He doesn't lose control, and his darkness turns to light.  He transforms, but due to all the light all we can see is a silhouette.  Later that day we see Ramsey, having return to normal, resting, and he seems very exhausted.

Ramsey: This is a whole new level of power.  I think I can finally help Mara in her fight against Emperor Darius III.  I just need a name.  It has to show how my power will burst onto the scene.  That’s it!  I will call it burst mode.

We change our view back to present day.  Fang and Paw are starting to make cracks in the rock.  On the inside, Ramsey is emitting a strong light, but we can see that he has started to transform.

Ramsey: Thanks to Mara, I have learned to control the darkness and turn it into light.  It is time!  Activate, BURST MODE!

Just then Fang and Paw finish breaking through the rock.  A strong light bursts through.  We can’t see a thing, but then the light begins to disappear.  Once the light clears, Ramsey is revealed to have seriously bulked up, and his hair is blonde and spikey.  He looks like this, http://images2.fanpop.com/image/photos/10500000/Broly-broly-the-legendary-super-saiyan-10516612-600-765.jpg .  Fang and Paw actually look impressed at his power.

Fang: So that’s what you were trying to do.  This might actually be fun.
Ramsey: You will fall before my power.  My six powers techniques have now been dwarfed by my new techniques.

He concentrates his energy and focuses it downwards.  He lifts off the ground and begins flying around.  He then disappears and strikes very quickly at both Fang and Paw.  They are taken by surprise and get sent flying.  Ramsey is seen smiling.

Ramsey: I told you that you can’t beat me.  Now face the wrath of my new technique, WARP FIST.  
He instantly moves at such a high speed that he seemingly appears in front of both Fang and Paw at the same time and hits them with immense force sending them deep into the ground.  A few minutes later, they get up.

Ramsey: Have you had enough?
Fang: Never!  You only caught us off guard.  Paw, let’s show him what we can do as a team.

They rush at Ramsey with more speed and force then they have ever shown before.  Ramsey seems to be keeping up.  They hit him hard.  This knocks him down, but he quickly recovers.

Ramsey: Special technique- ULTIMATE BURST FIST!

Ramsey’s fists light up and he charges at Fang and Paw.  Paw and Fang react with their own fist attacks.  The three forces collide causing a huge crater.  Each is pushed back, and Ramsey ends up next to Mara who still is out.

Ramsey: You guys are strong.  I don’t think that I could beat you on my own.
Fang: Unfortunately, there isn’t anybody around to help you.
Ramsey: Yes there is, points at Mara.  You can’t have forgotten her have you?
Fang: She is useless.  She has been beaten.  What help can she be just sitting there?
Ramsey: You will see.  He raises his hand, and it begins to glow brightly, special technique- Empowering Light.

The light covers Mara.  It heals her all her wounds.  She awakes to see Ramsey helping her.  She stands up and senses that all her power has been restored.  Mara’s power then climbs to an even higher level than before.  She then transforms into her battle mode.

Mara: Ramsey, how did you do this?
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it!  I healed you so that we could take them down together.
Mara: Understood!
Fang: Don’t think that she will make a difference.  We are still much stronger.

Mara and Ramsey smirk, and then they rush at Fang and Paw.  Mara engages Paw and Ramsey engages Fang.  The four seem to be evenly matched.  Mara bombards Paw with huge bursts of flames.  Ramsey is keeping Fang busy with a flurry of punches and kicks.

Mara: Special technique- GLORIOUS BURST!

A giant shining ball of fire is sent flying towards Paw.  Paw tries to stop it, but gets completely engulfed in the attack.

Ramsey: Special technique- ULTIMATE BURST FIST!

Ramsey hits Fang square in the chest sending through the wall.  Mara and Ramsey look at each other with a huge smile on their faces.

Mara: Now we can move onto the leader.
Tiger: Don’t think it’s over yet.

Just then a colossal amount of energy is seen bursting out from where Fang and Paw were laying.  They are seen standing up with their armor slightly damaged and their faces all dirty.  They look pissed off.


Ramsey was left alone to fight Fang and Paw when Mara was beaten.  He was forced to activate his controlled nightmare mode, known as Burst mode.  He took them by surprise, but he quickly realized that he couldn’t do it alone.  Mara and Ramsey seemingly beat Fang and Paw, but then they revealed that they hadn’t even been trying.  Will our heroes be able to overcome this challenge or will they be dust in the window?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
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