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 Dragon Soul

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   September 22nd 2014, 5:28 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 49
It’s A Trap

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey activated his Burst Mode in order to fight both Fang and Paw.  When it became apparent that he couldn’t do it alone, he revived Mara.  Just when things were looking up, Fang and Paw decided to take the kiddy gloves off.  What will become of our heroes?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening theme:

Fang and Paw are seen with slightly damaged armor.  They are walking out from the crater made from Mara’s attack.


Fang and Paw begin to power up to a very high level.  The air around them seems to be getting heavy.  Mara and Ramsey are trying to prepare themselves, but a sense off great fear comes over them.

Ramsey: (shocked look) What have we gotten into?

Mara is just standing there with a look of terror on her face.  Ramsey tries to get her to move, but there is no response.  They can only watch as their opponents power up to a very high level.  After a few minutes, Fang and Paw stand ready to fight.

Fang: (looking at our heroes) It’s time for you two to die!  Turns to Paw, ready to kick some ass!

Paw nods his.  They begin to walk over to Mara and Ramsey.  Ramsey is still trying to knock some sense into Mara.

Mara: We are dead!  What can we do against this power?
Ramsey: Snap out of it!  We have to retaliate!

Ramsey punches Mara in the face which knocks her down.  Mara gets back up and seems to have return to normal.

Ramsey: Are you finally ready to fight?
Mara: Yeah, I don’t know what came over me.  This feeling just suddenly hit me, and I couldn’t move.  Now let’s do this!

Mara and Ramsey powers up and charge at the enemies.  Fang and Paw also charge at them.  All four clash at the center of the hall.  A crater is formed that spans most of the hall.  Ramsey is trying his best to push back Fang, but his power is too great.  Mara can’t seem to land a hit on Paw.

Ramsey: You will not beat us.
Fang: You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.  We are now at 60% power, and won’t need anymore.  Let’s end this now!

Fang charges up power in his right arm and strikes Ramsey with intense force.  Ramsey is seen lying on the ground motionless and he returned to normal.  Mara sees this and rushes over to him, but Paw launches several quick strikes that send her flying over by Ramsey.  She lands next to Ramsey and she returns to normal.  They are barely able to move an inch.  Fang and Paw stand over them as Tiger walks over.

Fang: We told you that you didn’t stand a chance.  You put up a better fight than we originally thought, but you went down all the same.
Mara: What do you mean?  How did you know anything about us?
Ramsey: You did not even once try to attack the president.  What was your purpose do you have in coming here?
Tiger: You two!
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Tiger: We learn much about you from observing your fight with Lucius and Werner.
Ramsey: You were watching!  Wait! You are what we were being warned about.
Tiger: Yes!  Lucius and Werner were my men.  I didn’t think that there was anyone who could beat them.  When you defeated them, I didn’t know what to do.  I was sent here to retrieve the dragon soul and take over the planet, but now I was tasked to take you down.  Your phoenix soul is very desirable, and would make a great gift for the emperor.
Mara: I won’t let you take it or the dragon soul.  It’s my job to guard them.
Ramsey: And it’s mine to help her.

Fang and Paw each put their foot down on Mara and Ramsey respectively.  Tiger begins to laugh with Fang and Paw joining in.

Fang: You never stood a chance.  I and Paw are Tiger’s best men, while those two weaklings that you fought months ago were just some lacks we somewhat like.  Granted they were slightly more powerful than the other men, but they still nothing compared us.
Tiger: What makes you think that with those minuet powers are enough to beat the emperor’s forces?  He has vast amounts of soldiers willing to die for his right to rule the universe.  It’s true that he fears the power of the soul warriors, but your powers couldn’t even scratch him.  Just because he is a ruler, doesn’t mean that he is a weak fighter.  We the evil soul warriors are his arms and legs across the vast reaches of space.  We are tasked with going to various galaxies in order to begin the takeover of various planets.  You are but a small dent in our plans for which we will buff out.

Fang and Paw increase the pressure of their feet.  This causes Mara and Ramsey to belt out a loud cry of pain.

Mara: I can’t let you win.  The entire universe is depending on our victory.  I have done nothing, but cause the people I love trouble.  But not anymore, for I am the PHEONIX WARRIOR!
Ramsey: I will beat you for Mara’s sake, because nobody should have to take this burden on their own.  I am the SOUL GUARDIAN’S ASSISTANT, AND I WILL NOT FAIL!

Fang and Paw quickly stomp them down several times.

Tiger: You don’t just get it.  Why would we take you out now with only the United States President in view?
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Tiger: We didn’t want you to interfere with our plans so we set up this trap.
Mara: WHAT?!
Tiger: I had some of my men infiltrate the various world governments.  Then I had them force this meeting to prepare for the Olympics.  I had to get you guys here, so I had then put it in your head (pointing to Ramsey) that it would be a good idea to take your girlfriend on a trip to New York.  Finally I planted those waiters at the restaurant, so that the supposed plan to attack the UN would be “accidently” leaked.  You took every piece of the bait, and now you have been taken out.  Now we can move on to taking over this putrid planet.

Tiger and his men begin to laugh.  Mara and Ramsey can only lay there in agony while pondering their fates.  Finally Fang and Paw remove their feet from our heroes.  They fly above them, but before they leave the building they give one last look at our heroes.

Tiger: I guess I should leave you guys a present to remember us by and to thank you for being such good sports.

They each charge up an energy blast and launch it at our heroes.  The combined attacks cause a big explosion that destroys the entire UN building.  They fly off into the distance as the smoke from there attack covers the entire area.  It is now night and rescue crews are working hard to recover any survivors.  Firemen are still trying to put out fires that have sprung up around the site of the blast.  They manage to find the president who is barely clinging on to life.  A few feet away from where they found him are Mara and Ramsey who also are clinging to life.  They are all taken to the hospital for emergency care.  A few days go by and Ramsey awakens in what seems to be a hospital room.

Ramsey: Where am I?
????: You are in a special presidential hospital.
Ramsey: OH! Mr. President I didn’t see you there.

The president is lying down in a bed on the other side of the room.  He seems to be bandaged up a lot.  Ramsey turns to see Mara in another bed still sleeping.

Ramsey: I can understand why you would get such special treatment, but why are we here.
President: Because you saved my life.
Ramsey: We did?!
President: Just before the blast hit.  You guys jumped up in front of it to prevent its full power from hitting me.
Ramsey: Wow!  I guess we did.  My head still hurts so I had trouble remembering what happened after the blast was fired.  How did they even know that we saved your life?
President: As they were putting me into the ambulance, I awoke long enough to tell them about you two.  This was the second time that I averted death thanks to you guys.
Ramsey: You’re welcome.  I hope Mara wakes up soon, because we will need to start training as soon as possible.
President: You guys won’t be able to leave for some time.  You guys aren’t even close to fully recovered yet.  You should be in here for a couple of months.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it, we heal fast.
President: If that UN meeting was a trap for you two, then where and when will they launch their attack?
Ramsey: I don’t know, but it won’t be easy stopping them.  When Mara awakes, she will be very angry.  Unfortunately, it won’t just be at the enemies, but more so at herself.
President: Why?
Ramsey: It’s a long story.

Mara and Ramsey fought to the end to try and beat the tiger team.  Unfortunately, they were outclassed.  Just when things couldn’t get any worse, they revealed that the whole event was a trap to take them out before they take over the planet.  They left for dead, but they just barely survived the encounter.  Will they be able to find out the enemies’ plan before it’s too late?  Can they become strong enough to stop them?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   December 14th 2014, 8:25 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 50
Over the Limit Training

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey got their asses kicked by the tiger team.  After being continually humiliated, they were told that the attack was a trap to take them out.  Tiger did this to prevent them from interfering with their plans.  Can our heroes discover their plans?  Can our heroes even become strong enough to do anything about it?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.


We come into view of the presidential hospital room.  Ramsey is talking to the president.  From the looks of their faces, Ramsey is telling his and Mara’s stories to the president.  Ramsey finishes talking, and the president’s face has a look of confusion.  He sits in his bed as he ponders what he heard.  After a few minutes go by, he prepares to speak.

President: I honestly don’t know what to say.  If I hadn’t seen what I have seen, I wouldn’t have believed your story, but it can only be the truth.  From what I have seen, you have proven yourself trustworthy, and you have no reason to lie to me.  If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know personally.
Ramsey: Thanks.  Unfortunately, there is much for us to do, but most will be done by just the two of us.  All you need is to provide support whenever possible.
President: I will try.

A few more days go by.  A big storm is raging outside the hospital.  It’s the middle of the night.  All is quiet when a suddenly a loud scream is heard.  It’s coming from the presidential suite.  The doctors are rushing to the room.  Loud bangs are heard.  A loud voice is heard.

????: WHERE AM I?!

The voice sounds to be that of Mara.  We go into the room where the hospital staff is trying to calm Mara down, but she keeps shooting flames at them.

Doctor: Please miss calm down!  You’re at a hospital!
Mara: Where is Ramsey?!
Doctor: He was moved into another room for people who have nearly completed healing!
Doctor: I can’t do that!  You haven’t fully recovered yet!
Mara: Then I have no reason to trust you!

She begins to charge up an attack, but just then a shooting pain runs across her whole body stopping her attack.

Doctor: I told you that you weren’t fully healed.

The doctor tries to get closer to Mara.

Mara: Stay back!

She bursts out some energy pushing everyone back.  She begins charging up power again while enduring the immense pain.

Mara: You lot will regret ever trying to fool me!  BEGONE!

Mara is about to attack when she is struck down with great force.  She has gone through the bed and into the ground.  We now see that it was Ramsey who had hit her.


Mara gets up.  She is a little damaged, but for some reason she seems to be in even better shape than before.  The hospital staff are shocked that Mara seemed to be nearly healed despite the damage that she took.

Doctor: What the hell happened?  You just knocked the living hell out of her doing great harm to her, yet she has somehow recovered.
Mara: I can answer that!  That punch was imbued with the power of his Empowering Light technique.  It has the power to heal.  How long have we been in here?
Doctor: It has been one week since the attack on the UN.  The president has made a little bit of progress, but he isn’t super like you guys.
Ramsey: Now that we are both awake, I think that it’s time to go.  We have a lot of training to do, and we still need to figure out what their true target is.  Let’s go Mara.

Mara is standing by the window, and is staring out into the night.

Ramsey: MARA, LET’S GO!

Mara snaps out of her trance.  She walks towards Ramsey.

Mara: (with a depressed tone) fine.

She walks out of the room.  Ramsey looks distraught.

Doctor: What’s the matter?
Ramsey: It just like I told the president.  She is blaming herself for the failure at the UN.  Her life has been filled with her failures in recent years, and this has forced her into a deep state of depression.  Training is the only thing that keeps her mind off her failures, because they provide her with an opportunity to better herself and make up for those failures.  Thanks for all your help, but we have much to do.
Doctor: You’re welcome.

Ramsey leaves the room.  We now skip ahead one week.  We look upon Ramsey’s house.  In the backyard we can see a very large training field.  Ramsey and Mara are sparring with great intensity.  She knocks Ramsey into the ground.  He gets up and removes the field.

Mara: Why did you stop?
Ramsey: It’s time to take a break.
Mara: NO!  If we keep wasting time like this, then I will never be able to beat the tiger team!
Ramsey: Fine!  You can keep training, but I am going inside for lunch.  You know how to produce the field so you don’t need me.

He goes inside.  Mara creates the training field.

Mara: Ramsey isn’t pushing hard enough.  He has us training only at 150x the gravity of earth, but I think it’s time to really intensify my training.

We change our view to that of Ramsey in the kitchen eating a sandwich.

Ramsey: I need to keep a close eye on her so she doesn’t go too over board, but how much trouble could she possibly get into in 30 minutes.  I also can’t tell her that I have figured out that they are going to attack at the London summer Olympics in two weeks.  The president has already made all of the arrangements for security.  The plan is to pretend to be going there as a sign of peace.  The world doesn’t know the truth of the attack on the UN.  To the world we are just average people who somehow saved the presidents life.

He finishes eating his sandwich, and chugs down some lemonade.  He gets up and washes the dishes.  He then puts on his training clothes and heads for the backyard.

Ramsey: I wonder what Mara has been doing for the last half hour.

Just then a large crumbling noise is heard.

Ramsey: What the hell?!  That sounds like the ground crumbling almost as if a sink hole just has formed outside.

He rushes outside and sees a big crater.  The crater is encompassed by the training field which seems to be very odd.

Ramsey: What?!  The air looks so heavy.

He sticks his hand into the field and he immediately falls to the ground.  He struggles to pull his hand out of the field.  Only after going in to burst mode is he able to remove his hand.

Ramsey: How did the gravity get this high?  Where is Mara?

He looks into the field and at the center is Mara who is fully powered up and is barely able to stand.  After a few seconds she falls to the ground.  The force of the fall knocks her out which closes the training field.  Ramsey rushes towards Mara.  He reaches Mara and starts to heal her.

Ramsey: What the hell happened?  How did the gravity get so high?
Mara: Because I made it that high.
Ramsey: Why?
Mara: Because I need to get stronger really quick.
Ramsey: That was reckless of you.  You were obviously beyond your limits there.  At what level did you set the gravity?
Mara: 500.
Ramsey: WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!  At that level of gravity, you should be shitting out your own spine.
Mara: I don’t care!

Ramsey finishes healing Mara.  They both get up.

Ramsey: Mara I don’t want you going that hard ever again!
Ramsey: You will kill yourself if you keep this up!
Mara: I don’t care!
Ramsey: Well if you don’t care about yourself, then maybe I should stop healing you.  Then you will be shit out of luck.
Mara: Then I will teach me myself to heal myself then I won’t need you!
Ramsey: You foolish bitch!  You can’t do that!  Your powers don’t allow for such a thing!  You are the most stubborn bitch that I have ever met!

Mara flies off.

Ramsey: What have I done?  I have been trying my best to help her, and I just lost my temper.  I’m no good at helping her.  I need some help.

Mara finally awoke in the hospital.  She freaked out and tried to attack the staff, but Ramsey manages to stop her.  They leave the hospital to begin training.  While on a lunch break, Mara tries to train at 500 times earth’s gravity.  This creates a rift between Mara and Ramsey.  Mara storms off out of anger.  Ramsey is force to wallow in regret.  What will come of heroes?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
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Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul   December 24th 2014, 3:23 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 51
To Help or Not to Help

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey got into a fight over Mara’s training.  Mara decided to storm off.  Ramsey sits in regret.  He now realizes that he is going to need help.  Who could possibly help Mara and Ramsey?  Will they be able to stop the attack on the Olympics?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s mansion.  It is morning and we can see he is in the kitchen.  He is staring at his cup of coffee while consistently stirring it with a spoon.  He seems to be in deep thought.

Ramsey: What can I do?  Mara has gone off to god knows where to train in a very dangerous way.  I need advice.  I don’t know who to turn.  I need help.

Just then his phone rings.  He picks it up.

Ramsey: Hello.  Who may I ask is calling?
????: Don’t tell me you removed me from your contacts list?  I thought that we were good friends.
Ramsey: Well if it isn’t Ramsbottom.  What terrorist is causing trouble now?
Ramsbottom: You both know that I am not allowed to bother you with such things.
Ramsey: Then why have you called?
Ramsbottom: I have been asked to talk to you about your plan for the Olympics.
Ramsey: So your place or mine?
Ramsbottom: I think your place will be best.  I will be over tomorrow.
Ramsey: See you then.

He hangs up the phone.

Ramsey: I guess that I have to get back to work.

Ramsey goes about his day preparing for his meeting with Ramsbottom tomorrow and training for his fight with the tiger team.  Now it is the next day around noon.  A limo comes up to the house.  The door opens and Ramsbottom gets out of the limo.  He then gets to the door and rings the bell.  Ramsey opens the door and greets him.  He leads Ramsbottom into his office where he has set up his presentation.

Ramsey: This is what I have come up with so far.
Ramsbottom: Well you have always been very detailed.  I have to ask, what happened?
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Ramsbottom: When I talked to you yesterday, I set you up for one of your favorite jokes and you didn’t take it.
Ramsey: Well I don’t know where to begin.  We failed at the UN which put great stress on me and Mara.  Mara took it especially hard.  She pushed herself too hard and was going to seriously hurt herself.  Then when I confronted her about it, we got into an argument which caused her to storm out on me.  Now I have no idea of how to help her.  I need outside help, but I don’t know who to turn to.
Ramsbottom: Well all I can say is, why you didn’t come to me.  When did she leave?
Ramsey: She left three days ago.
Ramsbottom: Well tell me about the whole situation.

Ramsey starts telling to Ramsbottom the whole story about what is truly going on.  As this story is being told, we can see Ramsbottom’s face change to different expressions.  After about an hour or two, Ramsey finishes his story.  Ramsbottom sits in silence for a few moments.  Then he gets ready to speak.

Ramsbottom: This seems to be an issue of immense scale.  I say that you don’t just need one person’s help.  What you need is a team.  Just remember my favorite saying, “Many hands make light work.”  Now I might not have been the one to have created that saying, but I have always loved saying it.
Ramsey: Are you offering the services of CP10?
Ramsbottom: I would love to, but we can’t.
Ramsey: What do you mean?  I need help.
Ramsbottom: They are on a long term mission.  They can’t even help defend the Olympics.
Ramsey: Then I don’t know what to do.
Ramsbottom: You in all your experience, haven’t any other people that can help.  I know you better than that.  You have to know someone with the resources to help you.
Ramsey: No, I don’t.  I was hoping that your team was going to help us.
Ramsbottom: Well I guess I will have to come back when you come up with a plan.

Ramsbottom gets up and leaves.  Ramsey is seen sitting around the house pondering for several hours.  It is now night time, and Ramsey finally decides to go to sleep.  After a few hours, we take a look into Ramsey’s room where he seems to be having a nightmare.  He is continually tossing and turning.  He begins to sweat profusely.  Then he suddenly gets up screaming.

Ramsey: I DON’T WANT YOUR HELP!!!!!!!!!

Ramsey is out of breath.

Ramsey: Why did I have that dream?  Is it trying to tell me something?  I hadn’t thought about it that way, but I don’t know if I should do that.  I don’t think it would be right to ask for help in that way.  Unfortunately, I might not have any choice, but to do this.  I take care of it in the morning; now to get some sleep.

Ramsey goes back to sleep.  The following day we see Ramsey getting ready to leave his house.

Ramsey: I don’t know if I will find what I am looking for, but I have to try my best because the opening ceremonies of the Olympics are in 14 days.  That’s if I get the help once I find it.

Ramsey goes off in a regular car.  We see a montage of him searching all over Las Vegas for something.  He searches the strip, the hotels, the casinos, and the desert.  Then he seems to have found a clue to what he was looking for.  He travels across the desert for several hours.  Then we see him cross the border into California.  We see him pass a sign on the highway that says, “Death Valley National Park next right.”  He takes the exit.  He gets to the entrance to the park.  There is a park ranger siting there.

Ranger: Welcome to Death Valley National Park!  Have you been here before?
Ramsey: No, it’s my first time.
Ranger: What has brought you here today?
Ramsey: I’m a hiker, and I wanted to hike here.  I am planning to do a multi-day trip through the park.
Ranger: Well that is great.  You will just have to fill out some paperwork.
Ramsey: Ok!

Ramsey goes into the Ranger’s office and fills out some paperwork about his hiking route.  After this, he begins his hike.  A few hours later, we see that he has gotten to a very remote part of the park that is very off the beaten path.  He makes camp for the night.  He wakes up the next day, and continues to go farther into the wild area of the park.  He gets to a cave.  He goes into the cave, and after a few minutes of walking it opens up into a sort of hidden oasis.  At the center is log cabin.  Ramsey seems slightly surprise at this.  He walks up the front door and knocks.  A few seconds go by, and now we can hear someone heading towards the door to answer it.  The door opens, but the person’s face is covered by a shadow.

????: How did you find this place?
Ramsey: I am an expert tracker.  It was challenging, but it was worth it.
????: Why did you come here?  I thought you would have too much hate to even want to come out here.
Ramsey: I have been backed into a corner.  I need help and I have nowhere else to go.
????: I don’t know what we can do to help, but come in.
Ramsey: Thanks.

He enters the cabin and takes a seat.  Upon closer look, we can see that there are three other people inside the cabin.  The man who answered the door goes over to the others and briefly speaks to them.  Then they all come over to Ramsey.  Their faces are still hidden by the shadows.

Man #1: I talked to the others and they are willing to hear you out.
Ramsey: Thank you very much.
Man#2: We own you this much.
Man#3: Just be quick about it.  I don’t want you being here for too long.
Man#4: Don’t talk like that.  He has come here for help, and we owe it to him to hear him out.  We even owe him our help for what we did.  It doesn’t matter we should help him however we can.
Ramsey: I’m sure you heard about the terrorist attack on the UN.  I need to tell you that there was more to it.

He explains the whole situation.  He pauses shortly after finishing.

Ramsey: I have told you everything about the problem at hand.  If there is any way that you can help, please do so.

The four men ponder a bit.  Then man#4 who is standing by the wall turns on the lights.  We are looking at Ramsey from the view point of the four men.

Man#4: We can help you, but I think it’s only right that we tell you the whole story first.
Ramsey: Thanks a lot!  You don’t know how much relief this brings me.
Man#4: Who shall start first?
Man#2: I will!

We now turn around to look at the four men from Ramsey’s view.  Now we can see the faces of the four men.  They are the familiar faces of Agents V, W, X, and Y.

Ramsey was faced with a difficult task of trying to find a new way to help Mara.  He gets a visit from Ramsbottom.  He tells him that he should assembly a team to help him.  Ramsey spent several hours thinking about it, and he couldn’t think of anyone.  An apparently bad dream leads him to start a search that leads him to a national park.  He finds a cabin deep in the woods that has the people that he has been looking for.  It is revealed that the people he was looking for were the former elite agents of ALIENS.  What can they do to help Ramsey?  What is it that they wish to tell him?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Dragon Soul   December 24th 2014, 3:32 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 52
V, W, X, Y, Z

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey was wallowing in regret over his fight with Mara.  He was having trouble figuring out what to do when He got a visit from his old friend, Ramsbottom.  He gave Ramsey some food for thought.  After a nightmare, Ramsey started a search for something which led him to a log cabin hidden in the deepest reaches of the forest.  It was discovered that he went searching for the former elite agents of ALIENS.  What will their story reveal?  What can they do to help, and will it be enough to stop the tiger team?  Find out on the today's chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Agent V: I will start off.  You see we weren’t always murderous agents of ALIENS.  We were only victims of circumstance.
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Agent V: I mean we were all once people with promising futures ahead of us, but things happened that ended those futures.  Then we were each approached by Z to join his cause, so we helped him only because we had no other option.
Ramsey: What could have happened to you guys that would make you follow him?

The agents all take a seat.

Agent V: Let me start at the beginning.  I was once an extremely talented track runner.  I was even going to head to the Olympics.  Of course that was back when I was known as Valentine Lacy.
Ramsey: If you had such a promising career, what happened, Valentine?

Valentine takes a deep breath.

Valentine: After I qualified for nationals, I went out with friends for some pizza to celebrate.  I was walking home from the pizza shop when a drunk driver ran a red light.  He hit me and sent me flying.  I awoke two days later.  That’s when the doctors told me that I was now paralyzed from the waist down.  I went spiraling into depression after that.  With my dream gone I had no reason to live and that’s when he showed up.  He told me he could help me.  His name was Zechariah aka Agent Z.  He said that he had a magical item that could cure me.  It was called The Orb.  The Orb gave me the ability to walk again, but it also gave me super speed.
Ramsey: So this orb not only healed you, but enhanced your injury to super human levels?
Valentine: Yes, and it helped us all in this way.

Agent W gets up.

Agent W: Not exactly!  We did not all get super speed.
Valentine: I meant all our conditions were cured and turned into an advantage.
Ramsey: So what happened to the rest of you?
Agent W: I guess I will go next.  I had a promising weight lifting career, but then I was hit with a genetic disease.
Ramsey: Which one?
Agent W: Distal muscular dystrophy, it doesn’t come around till your twenties.  It causes your muscles to waste away.  It isn’t life threatening, but it prevented me from moving very much anymore.  Back then I was known as Wyatt Hanes.  I also went into depression due to the fact that my dream was also stripped from me.  Zechariah approached me with The Orb.  It cured my disease, and gave me super strength.
Ramsey: Amazing!

Wyatt returned to his seat.  Agent Y gets up.

Agent Y: I will go next.  My dream was to be a hair stylist.  I was always made fun of for it.  I would always practice on my own hair.  I always pride myself on having great hair.  I even went to a beauty academy.  My name back then was Yasha Kenmore.
Ramsey: What happened?
Yasha: A week later I found out that I had a tumor at the base of my brain.  I had to receive aggressive chemo therapy.  I lost all my hair and became bed ridden.  I even went into a coma.  Then suddenly I woke up, and Zechariah was the only one there.  The Orb cured my cancer and gave me super hair and super nerves.
Ramsey: Cool!

Ramsey turns to Agent X.

Ramsey: Why have you remained quiet?
Agent X: I am not one for sappy sob stories.
Ramsey: What’s his problem?
Yasha: He is a harden warrior, but he was the first one that Zechariah recruited.
Agent X: You shut the fuck up Yasha!  I can tell my own story.
Yasha: Then do so!

Agent X nods his head and closes his eyes.  After a few seconds, he opens them.

Agent X: I was once known as Xavier Desantis.
Ramsey: Wait you are Xavier Desantis?!  They said that you were killed.
Xavier: I wasn’t.  As you already know, I was once the world’s best kendo master.  I achieved this at the young age of 14.  Then one day while driving to a match, a tractor trailer hauling dangerous chemicals crashed into us.  My parents died, but I lived.  The injuries weren’t beyond healing, but the chemicals from the truck got on my face.  It destroyed my eyes, and left me blind.  I was literally put into eternal darkness.  Then one day, HE showed up!  He promised to cure my blindness, and return me to my former glory.  I had already given up at that point.
Ramsey: Why?
Xavier: Well he approached me ten years after the accident.  Once I agreed to help him, I was not only given sight again, but the mind’s eye which allows me to have even greater sight.  The years that followed weren’t shaping up to be eventful till after the fifth year when an unidentified space ship landed outside of Las Vegas.  That’s when all this other bullshit happened.
Ramsey: So that brings us to the present.  There is just one thing that I need to know.  What did The Orb do for Zechariah?

The room falls silent.  They seem to not want to answer.

Wyatt: If nobody’s going to say it then I will.  He had it the worst.  He was born unable to grow muscle and unable to stand any level of sunlight.  He grew up unable to move and surrounded in complete darkness.  Despite this his other senses increased, and that’s when the trouble began.  He started to overhear his parents talking bad about him.  This caused him to grow a large amount of hatred for his parents.  This also made him very psychotic.  A big discovery in Central America gave his parents a ray of hope, so they took him there.
Ramsey: Wait, let me guess!  That is where they found The Orb!
Yasha: Yes!
Valentine: After he touched it, He was given it all!
Ramsey: What do you mean “it all?”
Xavier: Super strength, super speed, and super skin which he called Iron Will.  Once given this power, he proceeded to kill his parents and everyone in the area.  He called it his form of justice.  He had no honor, but we owed him a debt that required us to help his cause.  Now tell us when and where the next attack is going to happen.
Ramsey: In two weeks at the Olympic Games opening ceremony when the whole world will be watching!  How can The Orb help me?
Yasha: You just touch it.  Then you will be given great power.

Wyatt brings out The Orb.  Ramsey touches it, but nothing happens.  He sits there touching it for a while, but he remains unchanged.  He starts to get mad.

Ramsey: Why isn’t it working?
Valentine: You don’t believe.  You must believe in its power.
Xavier: Don’t believe that bullshit!  He believes plenty.  Just tell him the truth!
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Xavier: It only works for those who have something to heal and enhance.

Ramsey gets a sad look on his face.  Then a light bulb goes off in his head.

Ramsey: If I can’t get its power through touching it, then I will absorb the whole thing into my body.
Wyatt: You can’t do that, because it will kill you.

Ramsey grabs The Orb, puts it to his chest, and forces the ball of energy into his body.  Immediately his entire body is in intense pain.  Ramsey falls to the ground.  Blood starts bursting out from him as if his body can’t hold the blood in.

Ramsey: (while in pain) What’s happening?
Yasha: Zechariah tried this once.  It is trying to incorporate its energy into your body.  In the meantime, it will cause your body great pain.  If it can’t incorporate then it will kill you.  We were able to remove it from him before it killed him.  All we can do now is pray.

We learn that Ramsey came searching for the former Agent of ALIENS.  They told their tales of despair.  We learned why they decided to help a mad man when they themselves are good people.  After learning more about them, Ramsey tried to get the power of The Orb, but it didn’t work.  He forced it into his body and is now in intense pain as the energy attempts to incorporate into his body.  Will he survive?  Can he obtain the power of The Orb?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 53
London Olympics

Last time on Dragon Soul, our favorite couple had gotten into a fight.  Thinking that they needed some space, they went their separate ways to prepare for the next attack.  Ramsey sought help from the former agents of ALIENS.  He then took on the task of trying to incorporate The Orb into his body.  Mara went off to train in the artic, but ended up in a prison in another dimension.  Will their training be enough to beat the Tiger Team?  Can they stop the attack?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of London.  It seems to be in a happy uproar as people seem to be getting ready for the Olympics.  There are people arriving at the airports, and heading for various hotels.  Officials’ are being escorted to the stadium in limos and the whole city is riddled with extra security everywhere from every country.  We move along to the stadium where we see various athletes arriving and registering.  We see the security doing full checks on everyone from officials to spectators and employees to athletes.  We then see a big limo show up at the VIP entrance.  The car door opens to reveal the president of the US.  A man comes up to greet him.

Man: Hello Mr. President!  How was your flight?
President: It was fine.  Has all the preparations been made?
Man: Mostly.
President: What do you mean?
Man: Unfortunately, I was unable to get ahold of the people that you requested for your personnel guard.  They didn’t answer our calls and weren’t home.  We tried everything to locate them, but they seem to be completely off the grid.
President: Where the hell could they have gone?  Let’s just hope that they show up in time.
Man: We all do sir.  Now please come this way.
President: Ok.

The President is escorted in.  We skip ahead to dusk that day.  The spectators have now finished gathering in the stadium.  A display of the local culture begins.  We pan through the crowd and see the many kinds of people from all over the world.  There are even plenty of venders going around selling food, drinks, and souvenirs.  We change our view to the outskirts of the city where three dark figures are standing.  Behind them is a spaceship which lights up to reveal many more ships behind it.  We can now see that the three figures are the tiger team.  An army comes out of the space ship and gathers in front of the tiger team.  Tiger steps up to a podium that has been set up.  He taps the microphone to see if it’s working.  He then clears his throat.

Tiger: Welcome my men!  We are here tonight to take over this pitiful planet in the name of our emperor.  There isn’t anyone alive on this planet that can stop us.  The supposed defenders were quickly disposed of and have been rendered useless.  The fools thought that they could still protect their world leaders while they attended the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  We will march down to the stadium show them that resistance is futile.  We were chosen for this mission because the emperor trusts us.

The members of the army begin to cheer.  It takes a second for them to calm down.

Tiger: The plan is as follows.  The tiger team and I will go down to the stadium and set up the transporters.  Then we will make our presence known to the world, and on my signal you will activate the transporters and invade the city.  Now onward to victory!

The army cheers.  Tiger steps down from the podium and turns to Fang and Paw.

Tiger: Tonight we will finish our mission and get off this hell hole.  Now let’s head out, and don’t forget the transporters.
Fang: Yes sir.

Paw just nods.  They grab some equipment and fly off towards the stadium.  We change our view to the stadium.  There is a parade of the various athletes who are carrying their home nation’s flags.  They finish arriving into the stadium, and a man gets up and starts making a speech.  We look into the crowd as a woman is going around selling souvenir hats.  She moves into one of the bright lights, and we get a good look at her face.  It’s Mara in disguise.  She glances over at the stage where another man is giving a speech.  She begins making her way towards the section of the stadium near the stage.  After a few minutes, the queen gets up to the podium.  She says a few words then raises her sights towards the entrance ramp of the stadium.

Queen: I now declare these games officially open!

The crowd cheers.  An athlete, a coach, and a judge from London go onto the podium and start reciting the Olympic Oath.  They finish and the crowd begins to cheer loudly.  We see Mara smile ever so slightly with a hint of concern.  Just then the roar of the crowd gets louder as someone is seen with running into the stadium.  We can see that is a man holding the Olympic torch.  Mara suddenly looks worried and runs off.  The runner brings the flame up to the cauldron to light it.  This is immediately followed by releasing of doves.  The crowd is in uproarious cheers.  Then the cauldron explodes causing the crowd to scream loudly followed by a great silence.  They look around to see what happened.  From out of the smoke, three shadows are seen at the podium where all the VIPs are.  The smoke clears to reveal the tiger team.  The VIPs try to get away, but their way is blocked by Fang and Paw.  The security guards try to save the VIPs, but are disposed of very quickly.  Everyone stares at the group with great terror.  They attempt to run out of the stadium, but they get blocked by a series of Paw clones that are standing at all the exits.  Tiger steps up to the mic.  He taps on it to see if it is still working.  He clears his throat and takes a deep breath.

Tiger: Ladies and gentlemen!  I know that you are all probably scared and are curious as to why I am here.  You want to know what my intentions are.  You fear for your lives as you should for I am here as a conqueror.

The crowd lets out a loud cry.  They become very unruly.  The Paw clones create a powerful aura that scares everyone into calming down.

Tiger: I am so glad that you have all calmed down now.  Please listen to what I have to say before you give your reaction.  Now let’s start over.  My name is Victor Von Rage, the Captain of the Fifth Conquering Division.  I am also the holder of the Tiger Warrior Soul.  I am here on behalf of the great Emperor Darius III to conquer this planet in his name.

The crowd becomes unruly again, but is quickly quieted by the Paw's clones.

Von Rage: As you all know, there was an attack last month on the UN building in the United States.  They told you that it was some random terrorists.  They even held fakes trials to calm the general public.  They wanted to desperately hide the truth, but the truth can never be hidden forever.  We were the ones that attacked the UN.  

The world leaders are getting even more worried.

Von Rage: We used that opportunity to eliminate your planet’s so called defenders.  They stood in our way and tried so hard to stop our plans.  They thought that they could succeed because they eliminated some of my men who attacked the white house earlier this year.

The crowd gasps.

Von Rage: You may be asking yourselves, why wait?  Why would we go in such a roundabout way to conquer your planet?  Well the answer is that I wanted to have a little fun.  Plus taking out your “heroes” before the big take over, helped to make this whole process easier.  Now we also wanted to take advantage of this rare opportunity where there are so many world leaders in one place.  I will now ask that the world leaders come up to the podium to public announce in front of the whole world that they surrender unconditionally.

The president of the United States stands up.  He walks up to the podium.  He stares straight into the eyes of Von Rage.  After a few seconds of staring, he turns to the mic.  He looks around the stadium, and takes another quick look at Von Rage.

President: I know that the people of the world are in utter chaos right now, but I am here to reassure you.  You don’t have to be concerned, because we will not surrender.  We will never give in to these terrorists.  They claim that our heroes were taken out, but I am here to tell you that they aren’t.  They survived and even saved my life that day.  They will stop these men because that’s what they do.

Von Rage bursts out laughing.  He then steals the mic back.

Von Rage: I can’t believe how stupid you are.  This is why the people of this planet are so helpless.  I mean they put people in charge who are so deceitful.  They aren’t alive.  We killed them.  This man that you call commander and chief is a liar.
President: I am not!  They are alive!
Von Rage: (smirks) If you aren’t lying then where are they?
President: I don’t know.
Von Rage: You see!  Nothing, but lies!  Do any of you other leaders have anything to say?  No, well then it’s time to begin.

He signals Fang.  Fang then proceeds to send a blast into the air.  Shortly afterwards, several machines seemingly activate all around the stadium.  Soldiers start pouring into the stadium by the hundreds.  After about a minute, the entire field, all the stairs, and all the hallways as well as the entire outside of the arena are filled with soldiers.  All of the spectators can’t help, but stare in awe at the sight of the invading forces.

Von Rage: You see nothing can stop my 100,000 soldiers from destroying this entire city.  Now that your hopes have been dashed, will you world leaders surrender?

The Queen gets up and walks over to Von Rage.

Queen: England will surrender.
President: Your highness, please reconsider.  You mustn’t give into these terrorists!
Queen: You might be willing to sacrifice your people in a hopeless war, but I will not.
President: It isn’t hopeless.  We have two warriors that can stop these men with great ease.

Just then one of the other world leaders approaches them.  The person appears to be Russian.

Russian Leader: You are a crazy fool, Mr. President!  My people have always been involved in too many wars and lost too many people to risk another massacre.  I agree with the Queen.  Russia will also surrender.

He is followed by the other world leaders who also surrender one by one.  Now the only hold out is the President of the United States.  He stands tall as Von Rage stands in front of him staring him down.

Von Rage: So Mr. President, you’re the only one left?  You are the only one who doesn’t see the hopelessness of resisting our power and influence.  Just give up!

The president as a depressing look that keeps getting more depressed.  He is lost in deep thought.

Von Rage: Well, we’re waiting!
President: I guess that I have no choice!  The United States of America surren……
????: STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Von Rage: Who dares to interrupt my victory?
????: I DO!

Just then a pillar of flames shoots down in front of the stage.  Out of the fire Mara appears already clad in her phoenix warrior armor.  The president’s face turns to that of great joy.

President: I knew that she would come, but where is Ramsey?
Mara: I am more than enough to wipe this army out!
Von Rage: I guess that we will have to teach you another lesson.
Mara: Bring it on!

The London Olympics was set to be the best one yet.  Many honored guests were in attendance for this magnificent event.  Unfortunately, the tiger team arrived to declare their dominance over the planet.  With the stadium filled and surrounded by soldiers, the world leaders began to surrender one by one.  Just when the US President was about to surrender, Mara appeared to save the day.  Now the fated rematch begins.  Can Mara fend off the tiger team and an army of 100,000 soldiers?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 54
Army of One

Last time on Dragon Soul, the opening ceremonies of the London Olympics was interrupted by the tiger team.  The world leader tried to remain strong, but in the face of an army 100,000 strong they were forced to surrender.  Just when the US president was about to surrender, Mara showed up to stop the tiger team and their armies.  Can she take on so many soldiers and beat the tiger team?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We see Mara staring down Von Rage.

Von Rage: I guess it’s time to teach you another lesson.
Mara: Bring it on!

Paw and Fang stand at the ready to take her out.

Fang: I think this time I will take care of her.  It will only take a second.  I won’t go easy on her.

Fang and Mara both get ready to clash.

Von Rage: Wait!  There is no need for you to dirty your hands with such a trivial matter.  Remember we have an army of 100,000 soldiers.  They will be more than enough to beat her.
Fang: As you command!
Mara: What’s the matter Von Rage?  You don’t want to lose some of your best men, so you would rather me tire myself out on your fodder soldiers.
Von Rage: Don’t be so full of yourself!  Each one of my soldiers is far stronger than you.  Fang and Paw beat you and your boyfriend senseless and they didn’t even use their full power.
Mara: I am a new person now and won’t lose to you again.  I will kick your ass all the way back to Goldilocks.
Fang: You will regret those words very shortly.  Now men, take her out!

Fang gives a signal.  This causes all of the soldiers to mobilize and attack Mara.

Mara: Well I could use a good warm up.

A few soldiers start attacking Mara with swords.  She quickly dodges them and counters with blasts of fire.  The soldiers are easily taken down by the fire.  Some more soldiers attack with spears, but Mara counters with her speed and quickly gets in close to knock them out.  A large group charges in with their fists.  Mara dodges their attacks, but do to the great number some of their hits make contact.  They quickly knock her down and proceed to pile on top of her.  Just when they think that they have her, she covers her body in flames and blasts fire in every direction.  This pushes all the soldiers back.  As they fly away, uses her fingers as pistols to quickly fire flame bullets at them.  She follows up with several fists of flames bursting through the crowd of soldiers.  Then she starts run across the field shooting flames at everyone as she goes by.  She stops in the center of the field and surrounds herself in flames.  Afterwards she starts to spin around quickly creating a giant flame tornado.  She throws the flaming tornado at the soldiers.  She is smiling.

Mara: Is that really all you got?  I have only just gotten started!
Fang: Send in the big guns!

Just then several thousand large soldiers approach the front.  A couple hundred charge in for a direct attack while the rest cover them with energy blasts.  Mara blocks the energy blasts with flame blasts this allows the other soldiers to get in close and get a few good hits in.  Unfortunately, this seems to not have done much damage.

Mara: Please is that really what you call a good hit?
Soldier: No, I was only just warming up.

Mara and the soldier start exchanging blows.  Mara then uppercut’s the soldier’s head off.

Mara: I guess I’m the best Rock’em Sock’em robot.  I guess it’s time to kick it into high gear.

She charges up fire in the palms of her hand.  Then she puts the two together to create a huge ball of fire.

Mara: Now take this!  Inferno Fire Blast!

Mara throws the ball of fire at the soldiers which destroys a large group of them.  She bursts through the crowd while covered in fire.  As she rushes through the crowd, she kicks and punches the soldiers with her flaming fists and legs.  A big guy tries to stand in her way.

Mara: You seem stronger than the rest.
Big Soldier: I am one of Von Rage’s best men!
Mara: Does this mean that you’re stronger than Lucius and Werner?
Big Solider: All the soldiers here are equal to or stronger than Lucius.  As for me, I am part of the most elite, The Steel Crusher Force.  I am several times stronger than the average soldiers.  I am also equipped with the strongest armor available in this galaxy.  It’s made of Hydranium.  It has a melting point of 10,000 degrees Celsius, is 100 times harder diamond, and 10x more durable than Titanium.  It is completely indestructible.
Mara: I guess then I will have to try harder.  I know just the technique.

Mara begins to charge after the big soldier.  She covers her hands in intense fire, and starts fighting him.  Her attacks don’t seem to be doing a lot of damage.  This intrigues her.

Mara: So you weren’t joking when you said that your armor was strong?
Big Soldier: Yeah!  Not take this!

He quickly charges at Mara and punches her with great force in the gut.  It seems at first to have done a lot of damage, but Mara actually doesn’t look phased, however she does cough up a little blood.

Mara: I am impressed!  I thought that only the tiger team had this kind of power.  Well I mean they are much stronger, but you do get pretty close.  Now it’s time for another new technique.

Mara rises up her right hand and begins to charge energy.

Big Soldier: There is no attack that you can do that will get through my armor.
Mara: I plan to use not only my power, but the power of the sun.
Big Soldier: Well I hate to break it to you, but it is night time so there won’t be any sunlight to use.
Mara: That’s where you’re wrong!

Just we get a view of the sky which has become very clear.  As this happens, the energy in Mara’s hands begins to grow larger.  This surprises the big soldier.  He even begins to look a little worried.

Big Soldier: How can you be collecting sunlight at night?
Mara: I guess you really don’t know your science.  First off if there was no light then how can we see?
Big Soldier: The stadium lights.
Mara: You guys broke those.  I was talking about the stars and moon.  The moon reflects the light of the sum, and just like our sun the stars produce light.  It might not be as strong, but this will be more than enough to beat you.
Big Soldier: I will stop you before you can finish your attack.

The big soldier charges at Mara.  The ball of energy in her hands is giving off a lunar type light.  It finishes charging and she crushes it.  This causes the energy to expand and engulf her whole fist.  The big soldier unfortunately reaches Mara just as she is ready to launch her attack.

Mara: Say hello to Lucius and Werner for me.  LUNAR PHOENIX PUNCH!

Her fist makes contact with the big soldier’s armor which instantly shatters.  The attack hits the soldier’s skin and when full contact is made, a burst of lunar flames bursts through the soldier’s gut.  The flames also destroy a couple hundred soldiers that were behind him.  The soldier falls to the ground dead.  Mara takes a deep breath before looking over at the tiger team.

Mara: (slightly winded) So far your army hasn’t been doing such a good job of beating me.  They are too weak.  Catches her breath.  You might be lucky and they might tire me out or even be able to gang up on me, but you will lose most if not all your men.

This angers the tiger team.

Von Rage: You cocky bitch!  We will show you why you should fear us.  Go my men!  Take her out!
Fang: I will make you wish that you were never born.

Paw just gives a deadly gaze to Mara.

Mara: Bring it on!  I’ve been looking for a good workout.
Fang: Paw, I think we should both take her on, so that we can put a beating on her so bad that even her ancestors will hurt.

Paw nods.  Mara gets ready for the encounter.

Mara: (smiling) I can’t wait to test out my full power on these guys.

Mara was faced with the daunting task of fending off an army of 100,000 soldiers.  At first it seemed like an impossible task, but it quickly became know that her power shouldn’t be taken lightly.  One of their more elite soldiers tried to take them down.  Unfortunately, he was no match for Mara’s new power.  Now both Fang and Paw are bearing their fangs at our hero.  Can she beat them or will they get the best of her again?  Also even if she beats them, would she even be able to beat Von Rage?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 55
Two VS One

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara was faced with the task of taking out an army of 100,000 soldiers.  Unfortunately for the tiger team, the soldiers were proving no match against Mara.  They started to tire her out a little, but it became obvious that she would take out all the soldiers before she would go down.  Now standing before her is Fang and Paw.  Can she beat them both, or will they put her six feet under?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Mara: (smiling) I can’t wait to test out my full power on them.

Mara cracks her neck and stretches her muscles.  Her two opponents also stretch.  After everyone has gotten ready, they all charge at one another.  They collide at the center of the arena.  Mara quickly gets a few punches in on Fang and Paw.  They each come back and counter with strikes of their own.  Mara dodges Fang’s attack, but gets hit by Paw’s strike.  This knocks her back a little, and she uses this separation to launch a blast of fire at them.  They dodge it, but before Fang can counter Mara hits him in the face with a flaming kick.  He is sent flying into the ground.  Paw quickly rushes at Mara with several attacks.  Mara blocks them and counters with a wave of energy.  Paw uses his own energy attack to block it.  The two attacks collide and clash.  The energy struggle seems to be even.  Just when Mara thinks she has gained the advantage, Fang shows up and blasts her from behind.  She uses one hand to send an energy blast to block Fang’s attack, but now she is trapped between two energy blasts.  She tries to hold them both off, but they quickly over power her attack due to the fact that she can only use one hand for each.  The attacks look as if they will hit her, but she gets out of the way just before they hit.  The two energy blasts colliding cause a big explosion that sends dust everywhere.  This causes Fang and Paw to lose track of Mara.

Fang: Where did she go?

Paw scratches his head.

Fang: She couldn’t have gotten very far.

Paw nods his head.

Fang: I will destroy her.
Mara: I would like to see you try.
Fang: Don’t be such a coward.  Fight us directly!
Mara: I am!

Mara appears behind Paw.  She quickly strikes the back of his neck to knock him out, but Paw disappears in a puff of smoke.

Mara: What happened?
Fang: That was one of Paw’s clones.
Mara: Clones?
Fang: Paw here has a special set of skills.  He uses ninja techniques.

The smoke has now cleared and all of the clones that were blocking the exits now surround Mara.

Mara: So it will be 100 vs 1?  I guess this will be harder than it looks.

The Paw clones start charging at Mara.  She launches a flurry of attacks at them, but she has trouble hitting them.  They are easily dodging her attacks and countering her attacks.  Mara flies up to get some distance, but they quickly surround her again.  Mara quickly charges up flames all around her to create a sphere of flames.  She then expands the sphere in order to engulf the clones.  Unfortunately, this only manages to destroy a few clones.  They retaliate with energy blasts that break the sphere.  Then some go in to strike directly while others attack from afar with energy shuriken.  Mara creates mini blades of flame to deflect the energy shuriken at the clones.  This catches them by surprise and takes out half of the remaining clones.  Mara then charges flames on her finger tips, and then she proceeds to throw those flames at some clones.  She looks around and there seems to be about 25 clones left.  Mara is starting to show signs of exhaustion.

Mara: These clones are far stronger than your soldiers.
Fang: Of course they are.  They are clones of Paw who is far stronger than they are.
Mara: You guys don’t want to get your hands dirty, so you send these clones after me.  You can’t handle me yourself, so you try to weaken me.

Her words get the other two angry.

Fang: (angrily) You are going to regret those words!  Paw, finish her off!

Paw makes a signal.  Just then all the clones begin to power up.  The increase in power causes the area to start to shake.  The clones finish powering and quickly attack Mara before she can react.  Mara gets hit several times before she has enough time to make a counter attack.  She manages to destroy a couple of them, but the numbers game keeps catching up with her.  Mara gets blasted with multiple attacks which blasts her down to the ground.  The impact makes a crater.  Mara gets up and quickly blasts flames at the clones which take a bunch more out.  Now there are only five clones left.  Mara gets really pissed off.

Mara: I can’t afford to hold back for much longer.

Mara powers up.  Flames begin to swirl around her. She manipulates the flames to have them circle around her faster and faster.  They also are getting hotter and hotter.  The flames have gone from red to orange to yellow and finally to white.  She then takes aim at the clones.  The clones try to get to her, but it is too late.

Mara: Special attack, White Hot Flame Javelins!

She separates the white flames into five spears and throws them at the clones.  Four out of the five make contact, but one manages to dodge and get in close.  Unfortunately, she was ready with a sixth white flame in her hand.  She uses it to punch the clone in the gut.

Mara: White Hot Flame Punch!

She sends the clone flying several hundred yards before it is destroyed.  Mara then looks over at Fang and Paw.

Mara: Are you finally ready to fight me?
Fang: Well I guess clones aren’t going to work on you anymore.  I think it’s time to take it to the next level.

Paw nods.  They both begin to charge up a lot of power.  They follow this up by disappearing.  Mara tries to find them, but can’t.  Just then Fang appears on her side, and strikes her in the side.  Mara quickly counters with an uppercut.  Fang counters it by kneeing her in the gut.  She backs up a bit, and then uses the distance to create some momentum.  She goes to punch Fang in the face.  He tries to punch her in the face.  They each make contact on each other’s face which sends them both back.  Mara is the first one to recover.  Mara prepares to counter with a fire burst, but Paw appears and slashes her with an energy dagger.  This causes Mara to stager back.  Paw quickly follows up with several more slashes.  Mara then bursts into flames.  This confuses Paw.  Mara then blind sides Paw with a roundhouse kick to the side.  She follows this up with several punches to the chest, but he explodes into a cloud of smoke.  Paw then appears behind Mara.  He weaves some signs and touches her back.  This causes her entire body to become paralyzed.  Paw then uses this opportunity make several quick strikes all over her body.  Then he weaves more signs and hits Mara with a huge blast of energy that is sparking.  Mara is having trouble getting up.  She spits up a lot of blood.

Mara: Wow!  I can’t believe how hard this is.  I guess that I will have to use every last drop of my remaining energy to try and end this now.

Mara begins charging up all her power to its max.  Her energy begins to swirl, and creates powerful white hot flames.  The flames seemingly get absorbed into her body which causes her body to give off a bright light.

Mara: I will end this now with my new technique, White Hot Mode!

Her power seems to sky rocket.  She rushes Fang and Paw.  Mara starts pressing them very hard.  Her attacks seem to be doing a lot of damage and seem to be burning them.  She then kicks them both back quite a distance.  They actually seem somewhat happy.

Fang: Paw, I think we might actually be in for a fight where we can use our full power.

Fang and Paw being to charge up their power to the max, and with so much energy in the arena, the ground begins to crack.

Fang: Let’s end this!

All three fighters clash in the middle of the arena.  Mara is going toe to toe with both Fang and Paw for a little bit, but then the fight quickly becomes one sided.  Mara’s power up seems to have ended abruptly causing her to get completely destroyed by Fang and Paw.  Mara gets pounded into the ground.  Mara is barely conscious as Fang and Paw stand over her and power down.

Fang: I guess that I was wrong about you being able to handle our full power.  I will admit that if it was one on one then you might have stood a chance, but you weren’t that lucky.  We are going to put you out of your misery.

Fang and Paw begin to charge up an attack.  Mara coughs up some blood, and starts trying to get up.  Fang and Paw stomp down on Mara.

Fang: You just don’t know when to quit.  I told you that together we are too strong for you.
Mara: I can still beat you.  She coughs up more blood.  I will never give up no matter what.
Fang: How many times do I have to tell you?  You can’t beat both of us at the same time.  Your luck has finally run out.

They prepare to strike Mara with their attacks.  Just then they are hit with an energy blast which forces them back.  They look around to see where the attack came from.  An extremely blinding light appears in the sky.  Fang and Paw try to see what is producing the light, but the light is too strong.  After a few seconds, the light dims just enough to see a figure in the light.  It appears to be an angel.

Fang: Who the hell are you?
????: I am Mara’s guardian angel, and I have come to help her.

Mara attempted to take on both Fang and Paw at the same time.  At first, it looked as if she could do it, but then she was forced to face Paw’s clones.  After an exhausting battle against the clones, she tried to take on Fang and Paw’s full power, but even her new mode wasn’t enough to stop them both.  Just before they finished her off, an angel appears claiming to be her guardian angel.  Is this really an angel?  Is he really here to help?  Will he be able to make a difference?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 56
Guardian Angel

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara tried to take on both Fang and Paw.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as she thought.  Her 2 on 1 fight was interrupted by Paw’s clones. After she beat the clones, she unleashed a new battle mode to battle Fang and Paw, but their combine full power was too much for her.  Just when hope was lost, an angel appeared claiming to be there to help.  Who is this angel, and is he really there to help?  If so, will he be enough?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

We can see the figure of an angel inside the blinding light.

Fang: Who the hell are you?
????: I am Mara’s guardian angel, and I have come here to help her.
Fang: There is no such thing as angels.
Angel: Yes there are!  Just look at me!
Fang: Well who are you?
Angel: I already told you who I was.
Fang: I’ve had it with you!  Die!

Fang charges at the angel and Paw quickly follows suit.  They both attack the angel at the same time, but he easily blocks both their attacks.  He follows this up by punching each of them which sends them both flying into the podium.  They both get up quickly.  They are extremely pissed.  Von Rage waves them down.

Von Rage: Calm down!  I think things are about to get more interesting.

The angel walks over to Mara.  He kneels down and illuminates his hands.  He then touches Mara.  Her wounds begin to heal.  Fang and Paw are getting very anxious.  Von Rage is starting to smile.  We look back at the angel and Mara.  It seems that Mara has been fully healed, and her body is even giving off a bright glow.  She gets up and seems to be very surprised.

Fang: Why did you let him heal her?
Von Rage: Because I want to have some fun and I know he does too.
Fang: What do you mean?  Do you know who he is?
Von Rage: I do, and so do you.  I mean it can be hard to remember every person you beat up.

Fang thinks this over a bit, and then his face turns to surprise before turning to intrigue.  Mara is examining her body, and has trouble figuring out why she was healed.  She looks at the angel, but has trouble seeing who it is due to the light.

Mara: Who are you, and why have my wounds healed?
Angel: I guess that I have changed a little, but I thought that maybe you would have recognized me.

Mara looks deeply at the angel.  The light dims a little.  Then Mara’s face turns to joy.

Mara: I can’t believe it.  How did this happen to you, Ramsey?
Ramsey: I’ll explain everything later.  Now all you need to know is that I healed all your wounds, and we need to focus on taking these guys.
Mara: Right, I just got distracted!  Let’s do this!

They look at the tiger team.  The tiger team is gearing up for battle.

Fang: Maybe now we will have a decent battle.
Ramsey: Just in case you guys don't remember me, I will reintroduce myself. My name is Ramsey and I am the Angel Warrior! Now let’s rumble!
Mara: Let’s kick ass!

Paw smiles.  The four warriors charge up a large amount of energy.  The ground is cracking under the pressure of their power.  The four warriors rush at each other.  They collide at the center of the arena.  The force of the impact creates an enormous crater.  They exchange blows back and forth.  They are seen rushing all around the arena.  The force of their fighting is blowing all the soldiers away.  This creates an opening for the civilians to escape.  The seats are quickly vacated, and the only bystanders left are the world leaders.  The fight between the warriors is starting to destroy parts of the stadium.  The fighters appear at the center of the arena again.  The four are in an intense stare down.

Fang: So I was right to be excited.  Let’s take this to the next level.
Ramsey: Mara, It’s time that we take on our opponents.
Mara: I’ve been looking forward to getting my revenge on Paw for last time.
Ramsey: No!  I will take on Paw.  You will take on Fang.  After observing their fighting styles, I feel like that those match ups will be best.  You trust my judgment right?

Mara looks at Ramsey and remembers how much of a bitch she was to him.  She feels so bad for not listening to his advice during training.

Mara: I do trust you.  I will kick Fang’s ass!
Fang: You don’t even stand a chance.

Mara charges at Fang.  Ramsey goes after Paw.  Ramsey and Paw clash.  They are trading blows.  Paw weaves some signs which cause his hands to glow.  He then throws the energy in his hands at Ramsey which is electrified.  Ramsey counters with a blast of light.  The impact pushes Paw back, and then Ramsey chases after him.  We look back at the fight between Fang and Mara.  They are grappling one another.  Their test of strength is surging with great power.  Mara quickly closes in and knees Fang in the face.  He counters by letting one hand go so he could punch her in the face.  Mara lets the other hand go so she can punch him in the face back.  Fang turns to her with a smile on his face.  He then goes to kick her side, but she blocks.  She roundhouse kicks him in his side which pushes him back.

Fang: You are getting better, but you won’t beat me.
Mara: I will have to disagree with you on that.  It is time to take this to the next level.

Mara charges up her power.  She gathers powerful flames in her hands.

Mara: It is time to cook your goose, Flame Burst Attack!

She throws the flames at Fang.  He counters with an energy wave.  When the two attacks collide a big explosion is created.  This causes the two combatants to be pushed back.  Mara uses this chance to get in closes for a sneak attack, but Fang anticipated this and blocks.  The two proceed to exchange blows.  We switch over to Ramsey’s fight with Paw.  Ramsey and Paw seem to be exchanging energy attacks.  Paw is throwing energy shuriken while Ramsey is throwing energy daggers.

Ramsey: You are a very skilled ninja.  I guess even goldilocks has ninja.  I guess we need to move to the next level.

Ramsey begins to power up.  Paw does the same.  Paw weaves some signs and creates a sparking energy in his hand.  He then begins to charge at Ramsey.  Ramsey shoots energy blasts at Paw who easily dodges them.  Paw is about to reach Ramsey when he creates an energy barrier.  Paw’s attack hits the barrier causing a huge burst of energy.  It seems that it will explode, but Paw pushes his attack more.  This allows the attack to break through the barrier and pierce Ramsey.  Ramsey explodes in a flash of light.  It appears to have been a clone made of light.  Ramsey appears behind Paw with an energy charged punch.  The attack goes through Paw who disappears in a puff of smoke.  It was one of his clones.  Paw comes in with several quick hits and Ramsey counters with a few of his own.

Ramsey: This will be tons of fun!

Ramsey continues his assault on Paw.  We go back over to Mara who is still exchanging blows with Fang.  Mara hits him with a fire wrapped punch.  Fang tries to block it, but Mara quickly changes direction to land a hit on his chest.  At the same time, he knees her in the gut.  Both fighters are sent flying, but quickly recover.  They are standing several hundred feet away from each other.

Fang: You have defiantly proved your medal, but I’m afraid it’s time to end this.

Fang begins to charge up a very large blast of energy.

Mara: I also believe that it’s time to end this.

Mara begins charging up her flames.  The power that the two are producing is causing the air to seemingly crack.


The two warriors unleash their power attacks that quickly make contact.  The two attacks are struggling to overpower one another.  The clash between the techniques is causing great damage to the surrounding area.

Fang: She is stronger than I thought.  I will need to just adjust my power.

Fang outputs more energy which causes his attack to begin to overtake Mara’s.

Mara: I need to end this now before I use up all my energy, WHITE HOT MODE ACTIVATE!

Mara powers up causing all her flames to turn white.  Her energy increases a lot.  Her attack starts to push his back.  The attack have now become even.

Mara: I can’t let this go on for too much longer.  WHITE HOT MODE X2!

Mara’s power increases to an even great level.  This causes her attack to easily over power Fang’s attack.  Her attack hit’s Fang.  All we can see is the energy blast that keeps on going.

Mara: Yeah! I beat him!  Now I can focus on Von Rage. She turns to Von Rage. Hey Von Rage, get your ass down here and fight me!

Von Rage turns his attention to Mara.

Von Rage: Well I guess if you want something done right you must do it right.  Just remember that you asked for it.

We change our view to a spot near the outside of the city.  There is a smoking crater and at the center we can see Fang.  He is face down on the ground.  He starts to slowly move.  We change our view to Ramsey and Paw.  The two warriors have powered up greatly.  They are still in a heated martial arts battle.  Then Ramsey gets a major hit on Paw’s face and follows it up with a major hit to the gut.  Paw takes a few steps back due to the hits.  He looks up at Ramsey with a smile.

Paw: (gruff voice) I am so glad that a worthy opponent has finally arrived that I can test my max power on.

Ramsey: (shocked) I can’t believe it.  You actually talked!
Paw: I thought Fang made it clear, I only talk to those who are worthy opponents.  Just before you ask, if there are people present who aren’t worthy I won’t speak even to those that are worthy.  You are the third person to be deemed worthy.
Ramsey: I guess that I should feel honored.  Let’s get this over with.
Paw: As much as I would hate to kill a worthy opponent, I agree.

Mara’s guardian angel was revealed to be Ramsey.  After Ramsey healed Mara, they started mortal combat with Fang and Paw.  Fang put Mara through the ropes, but was seemingly taken out.  Paw and Ramsey were evenly matched.  This pleased Paw so much that he decided that Ramsey was worth talking to.  Mara is now challenging the head man, Von Rage.  Can Mara handle Von Rage or will he crush her?  Will Ramsey be able to beat Paw, and if so will it be in time to help Mara?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 57
Mara VS Von Rage

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey appeared as Mara’s guardian angel.  The two began their fights with Fang and Paw.  Ramsey proved to be Paw’s equal causing him to finally break his silence.  Mara seemingly beat Fang, so she challenged Von Rage to a fight.  Can Ramsey end his fight with Paw in time to help Mara?  Will Mara be able to beat Von Rage or will she be crushed?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Ramsey: I guess that I should feel honored.  Let’s get this over with.
Paw: As much as I would hate to kill a worthy opponent, I agree.

Ramsey and Paw rush at each other.  We change our view to that of the podium where Mara is staring down Von Rage.

Mara: I will make you pay for everything you have done.  It was your men who killed my friends, and now my revenge will be complete.
Von Rage: I don’t care about some petty people that my lackeys killed.  I will show you what happens when you mess with my plans.

Von Rage powers up and quickly disappears.  Mara tries to find him, but he appears behind her.  He quickly jabs her in the back and follows it up by roundhouse kicking her in the side.  She is sent flying into the seats.  She gets up and rushes at Rage.  They quickly exchange blows.  Von Rage blocks all of Mara’s attacks and counters them with a blow to the gut followed by an uppercut.  Mara counters with an elbow to the head.  Von Rage charges some energy in his hand and forces it into Mara.  She tries to counter with a fire enhanced punch, but Von Rage blocks it.

Von Rage: Is this really all you got cause if so you will never be able to beat me.
Mara: Trust me; I’ve got loads more power.

Mara charges up her power and head butts Von Rage.  She follows this up with a hard right jab.  Then she quickly charges up flames in her hand and fires it point blank at Von Rage’s face.  There is plenty of smoke everywhere.  We change our view to that of the fight between Paw and Ramsey.  Ramsey is seen holding a light energy dagger.  He starts slashing at Paw who counters with his own energy dagger.  The two warriors are slashing one another with great speed and precision.  Paw then pulls out another energy dagger and goes to slice at Ramsey’s neck, but Ramsey just barely dodges.  We see that there is a slight slice mark on his neck with a tiny bit of blood coming out.

Ramsey: You are skilled.  You almost got me there.
Paw: I don’t play games.  I always go for the kill.
Ramsey: He isn’t kidding.  Every attack was aimed at a fatal spot.  I will have to really pull out the good moves.

Ramsey starts to prepare for a counterattack.  We change our view to Mara who is still in mortal combat with Von Rage.  They have now changed to a long distance battle.  Von Rage is keeping Mara on her toes with tons of energy blasts.  Mara tries to get closer to him, but there are just too many blasts.  She sends some of her own blasts.  Mara manages to knock down all of his attacks, but this creates a very large smokescreen.  Mara tries to blow away the smoke.  Once the area is clear, Von Rage is nowhere to be found.  He tries a sneak attack, but this time she is ready and blocks.  She quickly grabs his one arm with her left hand and cocks back her right.


She quickly hits him hard with her attack.  He quickly recovers and counters with an energy wrapped punch of his own.  Mara tries to block by kneeing him, but he block her knee with his own.  His attack lands square on the face.  This forces Mara back several feet.

Von Rage: That was better, but it still isn’t enough.  I guess I should give you a taste of my power.

He charges up energy in his hands.  He then brings his wrists together causing the energy from both his hands together.  Then he puts his hands in front of him.  The energy seems to have finished charging.


He fires the blast which takes the form of a raging tiger.

Mara: Don’t have much time.  White Hot Mode X2!  Special Attack- WHITE HOT INFERNO FIRE BLAST!!!!!

Mara quickly launches her attack.  The two attacks collide causing the air to immediately begin to crack with energy.  The energy struggle is putting much strain on Mara.

Mara: White Hot Mode X3!!!!

Mara’s energy explodes towards Von Rage.  Her attack overtakes Von Rage’s attack.  The attack hits Von Rage and the blast creates a huge whole in the ground of the stadium.  Mara is breathing very heavy.

Mara: Wow that was hard, but I guess that he wasn’t as strong as he claimed to be.
Von Rage: You shouldn’t be so quick to count me out.

The smoke clears to reveal Von Rage who has only been damaged a little.

Mara: What do I have to do to beat you?
Von Rage: Based on that attack, I can say without a doubt that you can’t beat me.

Von Rage charges at Mara.  We change our view back to Ramsey and Paw.  Paw throws some smoke bombs.  He tries to sneak up on Ramsey, but he powers up causing the smoke to be pushed away.  Ramsey gets close to Paw and starts to quickly jab him several times with light energy.  Paw weaves some signs and he is replaced with one of the stadium seats.  Ramsey charges up some energy and sends out a blast that catches Paw off guard in his hiding spot.

Paw: I will have to pull out all the stops.

Paw weaves some signs.  He then creates a large amount of lightning energy in his hands.

Ramsey: I guess I should prepare my counter.

Ramsey powers up a lot of energy.


Ramsey: Ever since I started watching TV as a kid I wanted to try this move and now I can.  KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Paw’s attack looks to be a very powerful lightning attack that has formed a giant panther.  It is rushing towards Ramsey.  Ramsey’s attack looks to be a giant blueish energy beam.  The two attacks collide causing the very earth to shake.  Neither attack gives in so both attacks explode.  The smoke makes it very difficult to see what happened.  After a few seconds, the smoke begins to clear.  It seems that the only one standing is Ramsey.  He is very hurt.  He begins to glow with light energy and his wounds heal.  He searches for Mara and heads in her direction.  We look over to see that Paw is lying face down on the ground.  He is much more wounded and doesn’t seem to be moving.  Then a puff of smoke appears covering the body.  After it clears, we can see a chair in its place.  We change our view to the fight between Von Rage and Mara.  Mara is covered in white flames, but seems to have taken a lot of damage.  She rushes Von Rage.  They exchange several blows with neither side giving an inch.  A huge blast is seen at the other side of the stadium.  This causes Von Rage to lower his guard for only a moment.


Mara’s hands and legs are engulfed in bright white flames.  She then gets close to Von Rage and quickly unleashes a barrage of punches and kicks.  These leave several burned imprints of her hands and feet on his abdomen and chest.  She then cocks back her right hand which is covered in a huge white flame.


She lands the last attack square at the center of his body.  This sends him through the stands.  The white flames around Mara have turned back into regular flames.

Mara: I hope that did the trick because I don’t think that I could use white hot mode again.

Just then Ramsey shows up.

Ramsey: You look as if you have been through hell.
Mara: Yeah, but I think that it’s over.
Ramsey: No!  I can still sense Von Rage’s presence.  I will heal you before he gets back.

Ramsey heals her wounds.

Mara: Wow, I feel stronger than before.  Why is it that I feel so much stronger after I recover from injury?
Ramsey: Well the reason is….

Before he can finish the sentence, a huge burst of energy break through the ruble and Von Rage appears.  He looks to be damaged a little more, but seems to have plenty more left in him.  He also seems to be annoyed.

Von Rage: I can’t believe that there are people this strong.  I guess that I can finally start putting more power into this fight.
Ramsey: Well you are going to need it since it will be two on one.
Mara: Time to kick your ass!

Just then Mara is hit hard from behind.  She flies down into the ground.  She gets up to see who it was and it is Fang.

Mara: I killed you!
Fang: I will show you what it truly means to be in a fight.
Mara: I guess that I will have to teach him another lesson.  Can you hold the fort till I come back?
Ramsey: I won’t because I plan to beat him.

Mara rushes after Fang.  Ramsey is left alone with Von Rage.

Von Rage: I guess it’s just you and me.
Ramsey: I guess so.  I shouldn’t take you lightly.
Von Rage: No, you shouldn’t.

After defeating Fang, Mara decided to take on Von Rage, but as she soon learned it was easier said than done.  Ramsey’s battle with Paw heated up very quickly.  Their fight was a great battle between two skilled warriors.  Ramsey was able to deal a great bit of damage, and moved on to help Mara thinking he had won.  Just before a two on one fight was to begin, Fang reappeared to fight Mara once again.  Will Mara finally be able to put him down once and for all?  Can Ramsey fair better against Von Rage than Mara did?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   March 1st 2015, 3:00 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 58
Ramsey VS Von Rage

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara attempted to take on Von Rage.  She unfortunately bit off more than she could chew.  The fight between Ramsey and Paw seemingly came to a close.  Ramsey came to Mara side to have a two on one battle with Von Rage, but Fang appeared again to challenge Mara.  With those two off fighting, Ramsey now stands in front of Von Rage alone.  Can he beat Von Rage?  Will he be able to hold on until Mara gets back, and can she put Fang down for good?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Ramsey: I guess that I shouldn’t take you lightly.
Von Rage: No, you shouldn’t.

They stare down one another.  We change our view to Mara and Fang’s fight.  Fang has powered up to a level higher than anything he has shown before.  This time seems to be a very up close and gritty fight.  Fang and Mara are going fist to cuff.  Mara gets a right jab in Fang’s jaw, but he counters with an uppercut.  Mara moves back a little due to the impact.  Fang doesn’t give her any time to recover as he grapples her.  He has her in a powerful submission hold.  Mara tries to get out, but is struggling.

Fang: What happened to all that power that you were so proud of?
Mara: Oh, I’m just getting started!
Fang: You must be slow if after all the fighting that you have done tonight, you are still not ready to use your full power.
Mara: Or I could be holding back.

Mara powers up and quickly breaks the hold.  She then elbows Fang in the gut.  She follows this up with a double axe hammer which sends Fang flying towards the ground.  He quickly recovers and charges at Mara.  We change our view back Ramsey and Von Rage who are still staring down one another.

Von Rage: You seem hesitant to start this fight.
Ramsey: I have just been trying to formulate a plan.
Von Rage: There is no amount of preparations or plans that can help you now.
Ramsey: I don’t know about that.

Ramsey begins to charge up light energy.  He then makes several light daggers and throws them at Von Rage.  Von Rage easily waves them off, but to his surprise they explode.  Ramsey takes this opportunity to get in real close.  He then makes some quick jabs and a couple kicks.  Von Rage seems to be relatively unharmed.

Ramsey: You are much better than I thought.
Von Rage: I told you not to underestimate me.

Von Rage goes to punch Ramsey, but he easily blocks it.

Ramsey: You shouldn’t underestimate me either.

The two warriors strike a grin.  We change our view to the other fight.  Mara and Fang are in an intense battle of strength.  They are grappling one another and neither is giving an inch.  Mara and Fang exchange knee strikes.  Mara then head butts him.  This knocks him back.  Mara then rushes in, but Fang punches her in the face.  Mara then grabs his arm and throws him at the ground.  She quickly gets ahead of him to hit him back up, but he disappears.  Fang sneaks up on Mara.  He grabs her and flies straight into the air.  He then flies superfast towards the ground and just before they make impact he forces her into the ground.  The ground crumbles from the impact.

Fang: That’s what you get for messing with me.

Mara is seen getting up with little trouble and only a little damage.  She starts to stretch.

Mara: Thanks for that!  I had a really bad knot in my neck, and you were able to work it out.
Fang: (angry) I am not playing around anymore.
Mara: I seem to remember that early tonight you said that you weren’t going to go easy on me.  What happened to that?
Fang: I am going to make you regret that you ever crossed me!

Fang begins to charge up a lot of energy.  We move back to the fight between Ramsey and Von Rage.  The two combatants are seen going fists to cuffs.  Each time the two make contact the earth seems to shake.  Their fight is going all over the stadium.  Pieces of the stadium are being blown away.  Then we see Von Rage knee Ramsey in the gut.  He follows this up by elbowing Ramsey in the back of the head while simultaneously kneeing him in the chin.  This makes Ramsey disoriented.  Von Rage then grabs Ramsey and power bombs him into the ground from 50 km in the sky.  Ramsey gets up, but is starting to show signs of damage.

Ramsey: That was a good one.  I will definitely be feeling that one in the morning.
Von Rage: You are much more resilient than I first thought.  That attack should have crushed all your bones.
Ramsey: It would have if I hadn’t started healing myself before the impact.
Von Rage: I guess then I will have to try harder.

Von Rage starts to really buff up his muscles.  His body is seen to have grown much fur.  His teeth and nails have become longer and razor sharp.  This surprises Ramsey.

Von Rage: Not many people have forced me to dip into my soul warrior powers this much.  Now prepare to die!

Von Rage bursts forward with great speed.  Ramsey has trouble keeping track of him.  Then Von Rage appears behind him and slashes him with his claws.  Ramsey tries to grab him, but he gets away.  Von Rage dashes around Ramsey slashing him several times.  Ramsey is bleeding all over.  His wounds start to heal, but they aren’t healing as quickly as before.

Von Rage: You seem to be getting a little sluggish.
Ramsey: I see that your power is great, and that you have fantastic speed.  Unfortunately you forgot one important detail.
Von Rage: And what would that be?
Ramsey: I am the angel warrior and I specialize in the element of light.
Von Rage: What makes that so special?
Ramsey: This!

Ramsey disappears in a flash of light.  He makes several major hits before Von Rage even knows what hit him.

Von Rage: So you can move at the speed of light?
Ramsey: Not yet.  I only just got my powers so it will take some time to perfect it.  In the meantime, my speed is immense.
Von Rage: This will be more fun than I thought.

The two begin to clash once again, but this time with even greater speed and ferocity.  We change our view to the other fight between Mara and Fang.  Fang’s body has grown to be twice as big and three times as muscular.

Mara: What in the world happened?
Fang: This is my power.  I have now released about 85% of my power.  Now DIE!

Fang bursts forth with great force.  Mara tries to block, but his power easily breaks through her defense.  He keeps pushing her back until he smashes her into the side of the stadium.  Mara is pressed into the wall.  She can’t break free of the wall.

Fang: Now for my best move, CRUSHING LION IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Fang’s body moves towards Mara with even greater speed and force.  She tries to escape, but is still stuck.  Fang’s body is moving with such force that his body has become super-heated.

Mara: I have to get out of the way, WHITE HOT MODE!

Mara’s body is engulfed in white flames.  She breaks out from the wall just before Fang hits her.  She looks happy.

Mara: That’s what you get for being reckless.  Now you will crash into the wall.

Just as Fang is about to hit the wall, he stops dead in his tracks.  Mara, who has moved several hundred yards away, is shocked that he was able to stop in time.

Mara: How could you stop yourself so easy when you were moving so fast?
Fang: I applied the force of the attack to the ground in a diagonal manner which allowed me to stop.  Now let’s get back to work, CRUSHING LION IMPACT!

Fang restarts his assault on Mara.

Mara: I guess I should pull out all the stops as well.

She begins to charge up energy.


Mara’s power sky rockets, but then suddenly she feels a sharp pain in her arms.

Mara: Damn it all!  Even after Ramsey healed me, the toll from using this technique is still building up.  I have to end this quick.  I will show you that I can compete with your power.
Fang: Don’t fool yourself!

Mara’s whole body gets covered in intense white flames.  She then charges at Fang.  The two warriors collide causing a great explosion.  The blast is so big that even Von Rage and Ramsey are having trouble combating the wind that was created.  The two warriors were blown away to either side of the stadium.  Ramsey rushes over to Mara to heal her.  Fang, who is very hurt, gets up and goes over to Von Rage.  Von Rage seems to be very mad.

Von Rage: How could you let that weakling of a girl do this to you?
Fang: She is much tougher than she looks.

We see Ramsey who has nearly finished healing Mara.

Ramsey: Why do you have to be so reckless?  That move could have killed you.
Mara: Yeah, but it didn’t.
Ramsey: I think that you need to be more careful.  After this, I won’t have enough energy to heal either of us again.  I would also think that it’s best to fight these guys together as a team.  Two on two seems much better than one on one.  This way we can watch each other’s back.
????: You forgot about me!

Just then Paw shows up next to the other members of the tiger team.

Mara: He can talk.
Ramsey: He can do a lot more than that.
Mara: So it’s a handicap match then?
Ramsey: It looks like our teamwork will be tested on a whole new level.
Mara: You can say that again.

Ramsey came face to face with the head of the tiger team.  After a brief stare down, the two warriors make contact and destruction ensues.  Meanwhile, Mara faced off again with Fang.  The two fighters brought out the best in each other which created a very heated battle.  Now standing before our heroes are all three members of the tiger team ready to pounce.  Can Mara and Ramsey’s teamwork be enough to tackle the task of taking out the tiger team?  Will our heroes survive this ordeal or is this the final act?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   March 8th 2015, 1:57 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 59

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey faced off against Von Rage.  The two high class warriors showed off their immense power and skills to one another.  At the other end of the stadium, Mara was in round 2 of her fight with Fang.  The battle was one that was too hot for any mere human.  Just when things couldn’t get any worse, Paw returned.  Now the 3 on 2 fight is about to begin.  Which team’s teamwork will win the day?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Ramsey: I guess our teamwork will be tested on a whole new level.
Mara: You can say that again.

Mara and Ramsey begin to prepare for the fight.  Fang and Paw are also preparing for the fight.  Von Rage looks at all the fighters.

Von Rage: Fang, Paw, I am giving you two one more chance.  I want both of you to work together to wipe them out.
Both: Yes sir.
Von Rage: I will just be sitting on my chair.

Von Rage moves the stage with all the world leaders on it to the top of the stadium.  Out of nowhere a metal throne appears on the stage and Von Rage sits in it.  He sits in his throne like a king who is watching a gladiatorial bout.

Von Rage: What are you waiting for?  Start the fight!
Fang: With pleasure!
Paw: I couldn’t be happier to do so!
Fang: Hey Paw, let’s show them what happens when we work together.
Paw: Let’s start off big!

Paw weaves some signs and his hands become encased in lightning.  Meanwhile Fang has turned into his more muscular form.


Paw unleashes his lightning panther strike attack on Fang’s crushing lion impact.  The two attacks combine and are now heading towards our heroes.  Mara and Ramsey try to get out of the way, but he is too quick.  They only have enough time to put up a defense.  They both put up an elemental wall.  Unfortunately, the attack easily blew through their defense.  The attack blows a huge hole in the ground.  The rim of the hole is electrified.

Fang: That was our best attack.  There is no way they could have survived.
Paw: That’s why I’m the brains and you aren’t.  All you did was make a big hole in the ground.  Oh and you destroyed some clones.
Fang: What are you talking about?
Paw: They can create clones made of light and flames.

Just then a beam of light and a pillar of flames are seen heading towards Fang and Paw.  The tiger duo is blasted with the attacks.  Mara and Ramsey appear to attack them before they can recover.  The tiger duo counters with some strikes.  They follow it up with some energy blasts of their own.  The two sides seem to be evenly matched.  We look up at Von Rage who seems to be getting very angry.

Von Rage: It looks like I can’t trust my two top men to handle them alone.  They haven’t faced anyone so equally matched with them before.  Their too rattled to handle this.  I guess I should give them some help.

Von Rage picks up a microphone.

Von Rage: Since it seems that this cannot be settled by my two top men, so I am ordering that all soldiers attack Mara and Ramsey.  Anyone who does not follow these orders or questions them will be eliminated by me personally.

The tiger duo doesn’t seem to be happy with this, but continue with the assault.  The remaining soldiers mobilize and begin attacking our heroes.  Mara and Ramsey are trying to fight off the entire army.  Unfortunately there are some difficulties.  The regular soldiers aren’t putting up much of a fight, but Fang and Paw are sneaking in attacks.  The damage is starting to become too much.  Our heroes counter by launching a massive energy attack that takes out a large amount of the soldiers.  There seems to only be about 1,000 soldiers left.  The tiger duo hit our heroes with powerful attacks.  The situation seems to be getting dim for our heroes.  Fang and Paw stand above our heroes who are slowing getting off the ground.

Fang: Not so hot are you now.  Now we are the ones on top.
Paw: This time we will make sure you stay down.

Mara and Ramsey get up.  They seem to be hurt badly, but with tons of energy left.

Ramsey: No matter the odds I will never surrender.
Mara: I will keep fighting till the last cell is wiped out.
Fang: You are outnumbered, out gunned, and completely out matched.
Paw: Now men, let’s end this once and for all!

The tiger duo and the remaining soldiers move in on our heroes.  Ramsey turns to Mara.

Ramsey: This looks like the end for us.  I love you so much.
Mara: I love you too.
Ramsey: Now let’s go out with a bang.
Mara: There is no better way to go.

They turn back to the horde of enemies that are closing in on them.  Just then several bunches of soldiers are taken out by mysterious attacks.  This confuses everyone.

Fang: What happened?
Mara: Where did those attacks come from?

Just then a large shadow appears in the middle of the army.

Paw: Who is that?
Ramsey: I didn’t think that they were going to make it.

We look over at the shadow.  We can now see that it’s the former ALIENS agents.  Mara sees them and is shocked.

Mara: Great, now even more people have shown up to kill us.
Xavier: I guess that it is a shock to see us, but we are here to help.
Mara: Why should I believe you?
Ramsey: Because it was thanks to them that I got this power.  Also I asked them to come.
Yasha: We would have been here sooner, but we had to take a commercial flight here.  Plus we had to land somewhere else due to the state of the emergency that London is in now.
Valentine: Also the others aren’t as fast as I am.
Wyatt: Mara, for now just trust that we are here to help.  We might not be strong enough to deal with the tiger team, but we are more than capable of dealing with the small fry.
Xavier: Just focus on the tiger team!
Mara: Fine!

The four warriors manage to push back the army which leaves the tiger duo alone with our heroes.

Paw: Let’s end this with one last team attack.
Fang: This time we will use 100% of our power.

They begin to prepare the primal fusion impact.

Ramsey: This time we will use our own team move.
Mara: Yes!

Mara goes into her white hot mode x3 while Ramsey begins to charge up light energy.


Their attacks are blasting forward with great power.  The two beam attacks swirl around one another to become one large attack.


The tiger duo’s attack collides with our heroes attack.  Both sides are giving it their all.

Ramsey: Give it your all!

Everyone bursts out their absolute max power.  Our heroes’ attack over powers the tiger duo’s attack.  Time seems to slow down as we see the tiger duo get completely vaporized by Mara and Ramsey’s attack.  Our heroes are seen to be very tired, but happy at their victory.

Mara: Finally we beat them, and they are gone for good.
Ramsey: We can’t celebrate just yet because we still have to beat Von Rage.

Von Rage stands up.  He flies down to our heroes.

Von Rage: You two have really tested my patience.  It’s time to show you why you can’t win.

He takes a couple of steps forward.

Von Rage: As you must now know every soul warrior has mastery over one element.  Mine is metal.

Von Rage makes some moves.  Then a large amount of metal is pulled from the stadium.  He uses it to form a giant metal cage with spikes pointing outward and pointing inward to defend against outside and inside attacks.

Von Rage: You fools have done it now.  You want to make the hunter your prey.  I don’t plan to hold back.
Ramsey: We won’t either!

Our heroes power up.  Von Rage unleashes a large amount of power that shakes our heroes to their core.

Von Rage: Well then hunters, it’s time to play the game! Music

Von Rage begins to smile.  We slowly pan out as the scene fades.

Mara and Ramsey went head on into a fight with the tiger duo.  Our heroes quickly gained the upper hand.  Von Rage ordered the remaining soldiers to help the tiger duo.  With the numbers game against them, our heroes’ defeat seemed assured.  Just when hope was lost, the former agents of ALIENS showed up to lend a hand.  With their help, our heroes have finally put down the tiger duo.  Now they are primed for an all-out match to the death inside a metal cage with Von Rage.  Can our heroes survive?  Can they save the day?  Who will emerge victorious from this final battle between three soul warriors?  Find out on the  next chapter of Dragon Soul!

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   March 15th 2015, 11:55 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 60
Steel Cage Death Match Part 1!

Last time on Dragon Soul, Our heroes took the lead in the fight against the tiger duo.  Unfortunately, the remaining soldiers joined in which forced our heroes into a corner.  Just when the battle was thought to be lost, the former agents of ALIENS arrived to even the odds.  Now with the tiger duo out of the way, Mara and Ramsey are preparing the final bout with Von Rage.  Can our heroes conquer the mighty beast or will this metal cage be their coffin?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul.

Opening Theme:

Von Rage: It’s time to play the game!

Von Rage charges up a massive amount of energy and goes into his more primal state.  There seems to be a difference in his look this time.  He seems to have a more metallic look to his fangs and claws.  He rushes at Ramsey.  He creates energy daggers.  The two warriors get into a heated battle of slashes.  Mara stands back and prepares several flame attacks.  Ramsey forces Von Rage back, and Mara uses this chance to fire several large fire blasts at Von Rage.  He slashes the blasts into pieces.  Von Rage then goes after Mara.  The two clash fists to claws.  Mara strikes Von Rage in the chest, but he takes little damage due to his armor.  Ramsey sneaks up behind Von Rage and blasts him with light energy.  Von Rage defends by manipulating his armor create a big shield.  Mara uses this chance to land several fiery punches on his unprotected front.  This sends him flying towards the cage wall, but he quickly recovers before hitting the wall.

Ramsey: I knew you were good, but this might be much more difficult than I first thought.
Mara: It feels like I’m hitting a wall when I strike him.
Von Rage: That’s because of my metal.  I have used my power to fuse my bones with metal.  Also to support these new bones, my blood has become 35% liquid metal.  So in short I am never without metal!
Ramsey: That’s insane!
Mara: That is very useful.  I guess that means that I should turn up the heat.

Mara starts to swirl her flames around her arms.  She puts her arms together causing the flames to get bigger.

Mara: FIRE SPIN!!!!!!

She shoots the swirling flames at Van Rage who blocks with his armor shield.  Mara keeps pressing Von Rage with her attack.  This gives Ramsey a chance to prepare a big attack.  He creates a large bow and arrow made of light.  We see that Von Rage is having trouble keeping his metal wall up due to all the heat from Mara’s attack.  Ramsey positions himself next to Mara.

Ramsey: It is time to show you why we make such a good team.  SPECIAL ATTACK- HEAVEN’S ARROW!!!

He shoots his light arrow through the middle of Mara’s attack.  Von Rage can only stand there and watch as the attack heads towards him.  If he tries to move out of the way, Mara’s flames will burst through what remains of his shield which will leave him wide open for Ramsey’s attack.  If he stays put, then Ramsey’s attack will break through and hit him for sure and allow Mara’s attack get through his defense and also hit him.  Either way, Von Rage is forced to take both attacks.  A huge explosion ensues from the two attacks hitting Von Rage.  Mara and Ramsey seem to be very tired.  As the smoke begins to clear, we see the shadowy outline of Von Rage’s body.

Mara: It doesn’t seem that we could destroy his whole body.
Ramsey: Did you really think that it would be that easy?
Mara: No, but that did have to really hurt.
Von Rage: Don’t put yourselves on such a high pedestal!

The smoke clears and Von Rage is seen to have only taken a little damage.  He is also seen holding a very large sword.

Mara: Where did that come from?
Von Rage: I pulled it out from my body.
Ramsey: How?
Von Rage: I used my powers to turn it to liquid metal and absorbed it into my body so I could call upon it at any time.
Ramsey: But our attacks couldn’t have been blocked so easy.
Von Rage: That’s because this isn’t a normal sword.  It’s a demon sword from a faraway planet.  It was forged from metal only found in hell and was infused with the power of the great demon Inasha.  It’s called, “Satan’s Fang, Rigormortis”!  It’s time to show you some of its powers.

He holds the sword up with one hand and swings it.  This creates a large wave of energy that seems to scar the very air.  Mara and Ramsey dodge it.  Mara tries to hit him with a blast before he can counter, but he swings the sword at her attack.  This causes her attack to be sent back with the added power of his previous attack.  Mara gets blasted into the cage.  The spikes dig deep into her back.  She falls to the ground and seems to have trouble getting up.  We see that her back is very bloody and from some of the holes we can see broken pieces of bones.

Ramsey: Mara!!!!!
Von Rage: You’re next!

Ramsey charges in.  Von Rage charges some power and the blade turns red.  He swings the sword and sends the blast at Ramsey.  He puts up a barrier to block the attack, but the blast easily breaks through the barrier.  Ramsey takes much damage from the attack and nearly hits the cage.  Mara finally manages to get up and goes to Ramsey’s side.

Ramsey: Are you ok?
Mara: No, I think he might have broken my back.  I’m using my energy to allow me to move my lower half.
Ramsey: We are quickly running low on energy.  We need to end this fast.  We need to combine our energy together for one final attack.

Just then, Von Rage swings his red form sword.  Ramsey and Mara combine their energy to form a very strong barrier that manages to block the attack.  Von Rage changes his sword to be diamond coated and swings it again.  This time diamond shrapnel flies out that passes through their barrier and slices through their bodies.  They both crash to the ground.  Von Rage walks up to them.  We can see them in a pool of their own blood.  They are struggling to get up.

Von Rage: You are finished.  You’re out of energy and out of options.
Ramsey: We won’t give up.
Mara: We don’t know how to give up.
Von Rage: You two have lost too much energy and have taken on too much damage to do anything.  Also there is no way for your friends to help you due to this cage.

Von Rage prepares to swing his sword one last time.  Just as he is about to strike, he is stopped in his tracks.  He struggles to move.

Von Rage: Why can’t I move?
Yasha: Because I’m holding you down.
Von Rage: How can you hold me down from the outside of the cage?
Yasha: I fed my thin hairs through the cage and I wrapped them around your body to prevent it from moving.
Von Rage: It won’t hold forever!
Yasha: I only need to stall for time.
Von Rage: For what?
Yasha: For this!

Mara and Ramsey began the fight of their lives inside a steel cage with Von Rage.  Now our heroes are in dire straits.  Just when all hope was lost; our heroes were saved by Yasha.  What is he stalling for?  Will it be of any use?  What will become of our heroes?  Find out on the arc 3 finale of Dragon Soul!

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Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   March 23rd 2015, 12:09 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 3
Chapter 61
Steel Cage Death Match Part 2!

Last time on Dragon Soul, Our heroes went toe to toe with Von Rage.  The battle turned into a complete blood bath.  Our heroes quickly fell at the hands of Von Rage.  Just as he was about to finish them, Yasha used his hair to hold down Von Rage.  What is he stalling for?  Can it make a difference, or are our heroes doomed?  Find out on the arc 3 finale of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Von Rage: It won’t hold forever!
Yasha: I only need to stall for time.
Von Rage: For what?
Yasha: For this!

We see some of his hairs near Mara and Ramsey.  They seem to be giving them some seeds.  They feed them to Mara and Ramsey.

Von Rage: What are those for?
Yasha: You’ll see.

Mara and Ramsey swallow the seeds.  Then their bodies begin to glow.  All their wounds start to heal.  They stand up as their bodies finish healing.

Von Rage: How did they get healed?  What did you give them?
Yasha: I gave them angel seeds.  They are very hard to grow, but once eaten they completely heal all wounds and restore all energy.
Von Rage: You bastard!

Von Rage bursts out with anger and breaks Yasha’s hold.

Von Rage: I will make you pay for interfering with my fight.
Ramsey: Not if we have anything to say about it.
Mara: Now we will make you pay for everything that you and your men have done.

All three warriors power up to great levels.  The only thing keeping the remaining stadium from being destroyed from the overwhelming power of these warriors is the cage.  They all start clashing with one another.  The blows inflicted on one another seem to nearly break the air around them.  Even the cage is starting to crack under the pressure of their attacks.  The damage being inflicted on both sides is massive.

Von Rage: You guys finally seem to be showing show back bone.  I guess I will have to use my absolute max power.

He begins to charge up his power.

Ramsey: I guess we will do the same.

Ramsey charges up his power to its max.  Mara does the same by entering white hot mode x3.

Von Rage: You will all regret standing in my way.
Ramsey: That’s funny because I was about to say the same thing.

Ramsey charges in at Von Rage.  He kicks Von Rage in the gut.  Von Rage counters with his sword.  Ramsey manages to dodge all of the sword swings.  Mara is standing back trying to dodge the sword’s blasts all the while trying to prepare an energy blast attack.

Mara: It’s time to meet your maker Von Rage.  SEPCIAL ATTACK-MAX POWER PHOENIX BURNER!!!!!!!

Mara’s blast rages towards Von Rage.  He tries to send the blast back with his sword again, but he is unable to.  The blast forces him into the cage.  Von Rage is seen to have taken much damage this time.  Von Rage is extremely angry.  He reabsorbs the sword and brings out his claws.

Ramsey: What your sword can’t cut it so you think your claws are better?
Von Rage: I have used my powers to incorporate the demon swords into my claws.  Now take my multiple demon attacks.

Von Rage quickly swings his claws which creates multiple demonic bursts.  Mara and Ramsey use energy blasts to deflect them.  This enrages Von Rage.  He holds out his claws and charges forward.  He seemingly disappears and soon after slashes start appearing from nowhere striking our heroes.  They are able to block, but they are still taking much damage.  They counter with elemental punches and kicks.  The three warriors collide in the center.  The power of the attacks forces all the warriors into the cage.  The warriors are bloody all over and are seen to be very tired.

Von Rage: (pissed) I won’t be beaten by the likes of your two little weaklings.  It’s time for my secret technique!

He begins to charge up a massive amount of energy.

Mara: This level of power is insane.  We don’t even compare.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it.  We just have to work together.  Prepare your best technique and don’t hold a single drop back.

Ramsey charges up his remaining power.  Mara enters her white hot mode x3.  Von Rage has his hands together with his claws pointed forward.  Each claw seems to be a different design.

Von Rage: This technique will combine all the tiger warrior’s powers with all the swords powers.  ULTIMATE SECRET TECHNIQUE- WRATH OF THE DEMONIC TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ramsey: Mara, quickly we need to stand side by side and combine our energy.

Mara does as he said.  Their combined power becomes massive.

Ramsey: HEAVEN’S JUDGMENT!!!!!!!!
Mara: PHOENIX BURNER!!!!!!!!!!

Their attacks blast forward with great power.  Their attacks swirl together to create an even bigger attack.  Our heroes’ attack collides with Von Rage’s attack.  They seem to be even, but Von Rage’s attack breaks through.

Von Rage: That was your last chance.  NOW DIE!!!!!!!
Ramsey: I am out of ideas.
Mara: I think our attack will be stronger if they start out as one attack.

They stand even closer together.  They put their hands together.

Ramsey: First, Heaven’s Judgment.
Mara: I will risk everything for this.  WHITE HOT MODE X4!  Now, Phoenix Burner.

Von Rage’s attack has nearly reached our heroes.

Ramsey: Now for our ultimate tag team move.
Mara: This has all our power and emotion.
Both: HEAVEN’S BURNING JUDGMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They manage to launch their attack just as Von Rage’s attack gets within inches of them.  The two attacks collide and seem to be even.  Soon after, our heroes output even more power.  Now their attack pushes back Von Rage’s.  The two attacks are clashing at the center.  Neither attack seems to be giving way.

Von Rage: You fools can’t keep this up for long.  Just give up now.
Both: Never!!!!!!!!
Ramsey: Now, Mara, let’s give it our all.  Don’t leave a single drop left!
Mara: Right!

They push out all their remaining energy.  Their attack begins to slowly overtake Von Rage’s.  It is quickly becoming clear that Von Rage will lose this bout.  Von Rage is beginning to sweat bullets.

Von Rage: No, No, No!  I can’t lose to you!  I AM THE TIGER WARRIOR!
Ramsey: You have done so many evil things.
Mara: You have killed so many innocent people.
Ramsey: You have caused much fear.
Mara: You have racked up a very large bill and it’s about time that you pay the check.
Von Rage: NOOOOOO!!!!!!

Their attack finally breaks through and hits Von Rage.  It pushes him into the cage.  The energy bursts through as his body is pushed deeper into the cage.  Then a huge explosion ensues that destroys the entire cage.  Everyone is pushed back from this attack.  The smoke clears.  Von Rage is lying on the ground.  He is extremely wounded, and seems to be taking his last breaths.  Mara and Ramsey are slowly walking towards Von Rage due to their injuries from that last attack.  They stand over his body as he stares at them with great rage.

Von Rage: I have lost.  I have failed my emperor.
Mara: Don’t worry; you can apologize to him when we send him to join you in hell.
Ramsey: But before you go, I need something from you.

Ramsey holds out his hands and performs some movements.  He then releases some energy.  This energy seems to be draining something from Von Rage.  He then starts to chant something.

Ramsey: Jiu-mo-gwai-gwaai-faai-di-zau, Jiu-mo-gwai-gwaai-faai-di-zau, Jiu-mo-gwai-gwaai-faai-di-zau.
Mara: What are you doing?
Ramsey: I’m removing the tiger soul from him.
Mara: We can do that.
Ramsey: Yes, it is one of our skills.

A ball of energy comes out from Von Rage.  It floats up into Ramsey’s hands and compresses into a physical form.  It takes on the form of a silver bracelet.  Ramsey puts it in his pocket.

Von Rage: You fool!  You think that it’s over!  I was only the beginning!  More will come and each will be more powerful than the last!

After saying this, Von Rage dies.  Mara looks worried.

Mara: He’s right.  If we had this much trouble with him, then how will we handle the others?
Ramsey: Don’t worry freedom will prevail!

Ramsey and Mara head up to the world leaders.

President: We can’t thank you enough for what you did for not only us, but for the world.
Ramsey: Don’t thank us yet!  The job isn’t over yet! Music

We change our view to be looking at Ramsey from the point of view of the world leaders.  We can see that behind him the flags of the various countries have somehow remained standing.  They are seen waving behind Ramsey as the sun starts to rise.

Ramsey: Don’t worry because just like the morning sun we will rise to the occasion.  Also just like the flags that are waving freely in the wind behind me, we will stand tall for freedom.

After he says this, we begin to pan out.  We see the whole stadium which has been heavily damaged, but somehow still remains.  We look at the various people around the stadium who are looking at the flags behind Ramsey as the sun rises completely into the sky.  We can see the joy on everyone’s faces as the reality of the victory sets in.  We can see that one of the cameras was still sending out signals to TVs all over the world.  We get to see people from all over the world cheer at their victory.  Then we cut back to the flags with the sun in the background which slowly fades to black.

Our heroes have been through the fight of their lives.  Only now can they truly understand the difficulty on their mission.  After a grueling battle to the death, our heroes have reclaimed their first warrior soul from enemy hands.  The world rejoices as the news of our heroes’ victory reaches them.  Unfortunately before Von Rage died, he left a message that there are many more to come and that they will be much more powerful.  Ramsey reassures Mara that everything will be ok.  What adventures lie ahead for our heroes?  Find out on the next arc of Dragon Soul!

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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 62
The Angel Warrior

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey were saved by Yasha.  Thanks to his quick thinking, they were able to turn the tables in their favor.  Our heroes put Von Rage in his place.  They were able to recover the tiger warrior soul.  Before Von Rage died, he warned them of the coming warriors that are far stronger than he.  What adventures lie ahead for our heroes?  Will they be able to handle the new threats?  Find out on the Arc 4 premiere of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of a news report on a screen.

Reporter: It has been one week since the terrorist attack on the Olympic Games.  The governments of the world have made a statement about the incident.  They have stated that they are 100% confident that they have eliminated the threat and that the terrorists are gone.  They have also stated that the supposed alien sightings were false, and that they were created by hallucinogenic gas that the terrorists used.  They are still in the process of investigating how they were able to pull such an elaborate plan off.  We will bring you more details as they come out.

We pan out to see that it was being shown in a video on YouTube.  There is a man in the video.

Man: I can’t believe that they are trying to feed us that bull shit!  They can try to claim that the people who were there were poisoned, but how can they account for the people watching at home.  Yesterday, they tried to tell us that the terrorists took hold of the camera signals and put on some movie.  Their explanations seem to be getting more and more ridiculous.  I know what I saw, and it looked like something out of a movie or comic book.  We were saved by incredible heroes.  Nobody knows who they are, but the internet community has dubbed them the S warriors.  This is due to the fact that we have heard from people who were there when the footage cut for a while, and they have stated that the heroes have mentioned something about soul warriors.  So we short handed it to s warriors.  I can only hope that they are watching this and can hear me say how much we appreciate their help.

We pan out more to see a computer screen.  Then we see that Ramsey is the one watching the video.  He is contemplating.

Ramsey: I am glad that we are appreciated, but I can’t let our secret get out.  Even though we look different a connection might be made.  So I am going need to have this video taken down.

Just then we hear a beep.

Ramsey: Oh good the file’s ready.

Ramsey takes a data stick out of the computer.  He gets up and walks into the living room.  We change our view to that of the backyard.  Mara is seen training very hard.  Her body is very beaten up.  She seems to be very determined.  She is battling with some fire clones of herself.  They all collide and explode causing great damage.  Mara is seen to be having trouble getting up.  She seems to be very disappointed.

Mara: I can’t believe how weak I am.  If Ramsey and the others hadn’t shown up, I would have died.  I can’t keep depending on others to keep healing me till I win.
Ramsey: Don’t get so upset!
Mara: Why!  I fucked up big time.  I spent nearly 6 months training with powerful warriors from all across the dimensions and I still wasn’t strong enough to beat the tiger team alone.  I am not living up to the mission that Aurora entrusted to me.
Ramsey: She never expected you to do it alone.  That is why you were given an assistant.
Mara: I don’t even know how healing my body so many times even helped us win.  We were totally outmatched, but somehow we won.
Ramsey: I can explain that.  I have been analyzing the DNA of our bodies in comparison to the way they were before.  I noticed that in our DNA is a code for a strengthening mechanism.

Mara looks confused.

Mara: What does that mean?
Ramsey: It seems that when the cells in our body are damaged and recover, they are strengthened as well as repaired.
Mara: So what does that do for us?
Ramsey: It means that after recovering from injuries we get stronger, and the more damage that is recovered the greater the increase.
Mara: So that is how we were able to beat the tiger team?
Ramsey: That’s right.  Now let’s go inside.  I’ve got a new presentation to show you.

They go into the living room.  Ramsey inserts the data stick into the projector and turns it on.  Then a hologram of Aurora appears.

Mara: What’s going on?  How did you do this?
Ramsey: I was able to make an AI program based on her.  I know that we only met once in a vision, but I was able to learn a lot from that encounter.  Now she will be the one to present all our information.
Mara: Great!

They both turn their attention to the hologram.

Aurora: Hello!  I welcome you to this informational video.  This is the archived records of all the currently known info on the Angel warrior.  The angel soul was broken into two pieces many millions of years ago when the angel warrior was attacked by demons while on their way to get help.  Apparently it was to help the humans who got stranded on earth.  After the battle, the two pieces were thrown into two different parts of the universe.  One of the pieces apparently made it to earth several thousand years later.  It crashed and was buried deep underground.  The other piece drifted into deep space for millions of years.  This was until it got attached to an asteroid that made its way to earth.  Before it reached earth, the asteroid was broken up into pieces and fell down to earth as a meteor shower.  The piece of the angel soul had landed near a small village that was suffering from disease.  It miraculously healed everyone’s illness.  There was one woman who was with child and both were sure to die.  The fragment infused it’s self into the woman and her child.

This creates a look of surprise in Mara.

Aurora: The woman and child lived a long and happy life.  The fragment was then passed on through the DNA of that child’s descendants.  Eventually, the other piece was discovered by ancient people in South America.  It was revered as an object belonging to a god.  A war broke out over the object causing the entire population of many nations to be wiped out.  It was unearthed in the late 1900s.  The piece then fell into the hands of Agent Z of ALIENS.  The other piece through the family line came to be in the hands of Ramsey who was the first to unlock its powers.  The powers of both were very unstable until recently when the two pieces were finally brought back together in the body of Ramsey.  Now that is all that is known about the angel soul at this time thank you and have a nice day.

The hologram shuts off.  Mara is pondering the info.

Mara: So that’s what happened to the soul warrior that tried to get help for the phoenix warrior.
Ramsey: You see it was destiny that we would be together.

Mara looks sad and depressed.

Ramsey: What’s the matter?
Mara: So it’s true that I was always destined for great pain and suffering.
Ramsey: Don’t think that way!
Mara: But it’s true!  My life has been nothing, but loss and failure.  I’ve got to go and train.
Ramsey: Don’t shut me out!  I love you!
Mara: I love you too, but there are some things that only I can do.

They kiss very passionately.  Mara then goes into the backyard to train some more.  Ramsey is left pondering what to do now.

Ramsey: I don’t know how to make her feel better.  No matter what I do she just drowns herself in her training.  I’m just going to need to do some more research into this matter.  I don’t want to be ill prepared when the next soul warrior attacks.

Ramsey goes into his office.  We change our view to that of deep space.  We can see a spaceship moving away from a very large green planet.  We get a look into the ship.  We are in what looks to be the bridge.  The room is very dark.  We can see a person sitting in a chair in the middle of the room.  There are some grunts working on computers.  Then we hear a beeping sound.

Grunt: Sir, we have an incoming message from headquarters.  Shall I put it on the main monitor?

The captain nods.  The main screen turns on and we see a shadowy figure appear on it.

Captain: (deep voice) What do I owe this pleasure?
Figure: Von Rage has fallen!
Captain: I knew that his rage would get the best of him one day.  Who did him in?
Figure: Our sources have informed me that he was taken out by warriors from earth.
Captain: How can that be?  They are too weak to defend against even our weakest soldiers, so how could they take on a soul warrior?
Figure: They apparently have gotten a hold of some secret warrior souls.

Even though we can’t see the captain’s body, we can tell that there has been a change in the captain.  The captain now seems to be intrigued.

Captain: Now my interest has been peaked.  I have always wanted a good challenge.
Figure: I expect that you won’t fail like Von Rage.
Captain: I never fail to deliver on time.
Figure: You better not.

The screen turns off.

Captain: Men, please set a course for earth!
Grunt: Yes, sir!

Our heroes have become cult celebrities.  Unfortunately, Mara still is hung up on her weakness.  Ramsey tries to cheer her up, but to no avail.  He then presents some new information about the angel warrior.  This only serves to make Mara even more depressed about her fate.  Despite having grown closer as a couple, their relationship as partners couldn’t be any more in trouble.  Just when things couldn’t get any worse, we see the spaceship of another evil soul warrior, and they are heading straight for earth.  Find out what lies ahead for our heroes on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 63
First Anniversary

Last time on Dragon Soul, our heroes learned some new info about the angel warrior.  After learning about the angel warrior’s past, Mara became more depressed about her and Ramsey’s fate.  The two went their separate ways to prepare for the future.  Just then, we got a glimpse at the mysterious evil soul warrior who is now on their way to earth.  Find out what happens next on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We open up on Ramsey’s mansion one rainy gloomy September morning.  We see a black limo arrive at the mansion.  Mara and Ramsey walk out of the house.  They can be seen wearing black dress clothes.  They get into the limo and leave.  After several minutes, they arrive at the airport.  We see them get on Ramsey’s private jet.  The plane takes off heading east.  We look into the plane.  Mara and Ramsey are sitting across from each other.  Mara is very sad and looks as if she is about to cry.  Ramsey looks worried and stares at Mara with great concern.  A steward walks by with some mimosas.

Steward: Would either of you care for some mimosas?
Ramsey: Yes, please.

Ramsey grabs one.  The steward turns to Mara.  She seems distant and doesn’t notice the steward.  He tries to signal her again.

Ramsey: Mara!
Mara: What?
Ramsey: Mimosa?
Mara: Ok.

Mara takes one and downs it.  She then places it back on the tray and continues to stare off into the distance.

Ramsey: Mara, can you please talk to me?

Mara doesn’t respond.

Ramsey: MARA!
Mara: What?
Ramsey: What’s the matter?
Mara: I guess that I thought that I would be different.  I thought that I would be ready for this day, but I guess that isn’t the case.

Mara gets up and goes into the back room.  We can hear the slight sound of crying.  Ramsey looks distraught.

Ramsey: What am I going to do?  Mara just seems to keep getting deeper and deeper into sorrow.  If I can’t pull her out, then it will only be a matter of time before madness sets in.  She has even started to drink again.  The only good thing is that she is too busy training to be a heavy drinker.

Some time passes and the plane lands.  They get off the plane and get into another black limo.  They take a short drive to a cemetery.  They step out of the car and waiting for them are the parents of Megan and Jennifer.

Ramsey: Dick, Jane, Mary and Joe, it’s nice to see you again.
Joe: I’m glad that you can be here.
Dick: Yeah, I don’t know if Mara would be able to handle this without you.
Ramsey: I feel honored, but even with me here she seems to be in great despair.
Joe: We don’t blame you.  She has developed a very hard exterior which she never lets anybody get through.
Dick: I just hope that she will be alright.
Ramsey: I have done everything that I can to make her as strong as possible in this past year, but even with all my knowledge I don’t know if it was enough.

Ramsey, Dick, and Joe are all standing next to one another watching Mary and Jane comfort Mara.  Mara has started to ball out crying.  They are hugging her and they are wiping her tears with tissues.  The group walks down the path to a pair of huge tombstones.  They seem to be made of the most exquisite marble.  They all stand in front of them in silence for a few moments.  Then Ramsey steps forward and turns to face the others.

Ramsey: Mara has asked me to speak on her behalf.  Now it was unfortunate that I was unable to meet these fine young women, but from what she has told me, it would have been such a pleasure to have known them.  They were the rocks that kept her grounded after her parents died.  They were there all along the way.  It was unfortunate that fate choose to take them from us.  We may want to rack our brains as to what we could have done differently, but the hard truth is that fate will always get in our way.  We might try to believe that our paths will change, but they can’t.  The road may be tough, but…

Mara runs off in tears.

Ramsey: What happened?  Did I say something wrong?
Jane: I guess she hasn’t completely gotten over their deaths.
Mary: She seems to be very broken.

Ramsey looks worried.

Joe: I think that you should go after her.
Dick: She needs you now more than ever.

Ramsey runs after Mara.  She is huddled up in the fetal position under a tree.  Ramsey slowly approaches her.  He then sits down next to her.

Ramsey: I don’t know what to do anymore.  Everything that I say either does nothing to help you or makes it worse.  I spend days preparing that speech and you just ran away.  What about my words upset you?

Mara just sits there and continues to cry.

Ramsey: Mara, you know that I love you very much, but unless you talk to me I can’t help you.  If something that I said upset you because of something that happened in the past, then you can’t blame me.  If there is something that you haven’t told me, then please tell me.  I want to know more about you.  I thought that I knew everything about you, but it seems that you still have some secrets.

Mara just sits there.  Ramsey gets up and walks away.  A few hours go by and he returns with a blanket and some food.  He wraps the blanket around her, and leaves the food with her.  He then comes back and sets up a canopy.

Ramsey: Mara, I can make this place as comfortable as possible, but you’ll have to talk to me eventually.  Just what are you hiding from me.

Mara just continues to ignore him.  Ramsey sits down next to her and curls up under the blanket with her.  We change our view to that of deep space.  We see that a giant spaceship is moving quickly through space.  We get a chance to see into the ship.  We get to see into the bridge.  The captain is noticeable not there.  The ship seems to be running on auto pilot, but there are still two grunts manning the ship’s computers.

Grunt 1: I can’t believe that we have had to go this far out of our way.
Grunt 2: Yeah!  I like the system of planets that we were conquering.
Grunt 1: It has been very boring being in this ship for so long.
Grunt 2: This ship is big, but even the biggest spaces get dull after a while.  We can’t even stop at planets to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.

Just then the door opens.  A man walks in and he appears to be a higher ranking official.

Official: What’s with all this complaining?  Just because we’re on autopilot, doesn’t mean that you can slack off.
Grunt 1: We just want to stop at a planet to get some fresh air.
Official: Stop complaining!  We are on a tight schedule, and we don’t have time to make a stop.
Grunt 2: But sir, this air is getting too stale.  It can only be recycled so many times.
Official: I don’t care!  What I want you to do is…

Just then the door opens and the captain walks in.  We still can’t see what he looks like due to the dark lighting.  He walks over to his chair and sits down.

Official: Sir!  I didn’t realize that you were going to be dropping by today!
Captain: I couldn’t sleep due to all this stale air.  I can’t take this anymore.  It will still take us another few months to get there I won’t stand for breathing the same air for several months.  I want you to stop at the nearest planet with air and make it quick!

The official looks worried.

Official: Yes, sir!  You two get on it now!
Both Grunts: Yes sir!
Grunt 1: (quietly)I told him so.
Grunt 2: (quietly)Yeah you did.
Official: Cut the chatter and do what you were told!
Both Grunts: Yes sir!

They put in some commands and the ship changes direction.

Our heroes have traveled to Mara’s hometown for a memorial service for Jennifer and Megan.  Mara was being very distant, and upon arrival Mara broke down in tears.  The parents of Mara’s friends tried to console her, but to no avail.  Ramsey was saying a few words, when Mara stormed off in tears.  He tried to find out what she was hiding, but she wouldn’t talk.  We see that the new threat is getting closer by the day.  Will Mara and Ramsey be ready in time?  Can Ramsey get through to Mara?  What is she hiding from Ramsey?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 64
Mara’s Past

Last time on Dragon Soul, It was the one year anniversary of Megan and Jennifer’s death. It hit Mara very hard. Ramsey was tasked with saying a few words at a service, but before he finished she stormed off in tears. Ramsey tried to get her to open up, but she wouldn’t say anything. On top of all that, the next major threat is getting closer. Will they be ready in time? What is the secret that Mara is hiding? Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of the cemetery. The sun is beginning to rise and we can see a canopy that is set up near a tree. Standing in front of the canopy is Ramsey. He has set up a kitchen. He is making tons of food. On the other side of the canopy, there is a table set up. On the table is just about every breakfast item that one could find on menus from all over the world. It seems to be enough to feed a small village. Ramsey is whistling a tune as he finishes the pancakes and coffee. He places them on the table and walks over to Mara. He shakes her lightly.

Ramsey: Time to wake up.

Mara groans and puts the blanket over her head.

Ramsey: I made breakfast.
Mara: Not hungry.

Just then her stomach starts to growl which makes her blush.

Ramsey: I guess your stomach says otherwise.
Mara: Fine, I will just have a little nibble.

They sit down at the table. Ramsey seems to be enjoying his food while Mara is scarfing her food down. They quickly finish all the food in a matter of minutes. Mara sits back in her chair and rubs her belly.

Mara: Wow that was some really good food.
Ramsey: So you’re talking now?

Mara becomes sad again. She tries to look away.

Ramsey: You need to talk to me. I know that there is something that you aren’t telling me.

Mara is still ignoring Ramsey.

Ramsey: You forget that I am a trained special ops agent. I have many skills at my disposal. My training allows me to see that you are hiding something.

Mara remains quiet.

Ramsey: Fine, I will tell you something about myself. The angel soul gave me many abilities, and one of these was enhanced intelligence. This not only made me smarter, but allowed me to learn at a super human rate. I got doctorates in 12 subjects as well as master’s degrees in another 9. I got them in less time than most kids spend getting one associate degree. My knowledge has granted me many benefits in life, but even with all my skills and knowledge I still don’t know what is bothering you.

Mara remains silent.

Ramsey: MARA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mara: Fine! You want to know so badly. Death has made me this way.
Ramsey: I know that the loss of your friends has taken a toll on you, but you shouldn’t let it get to you.
Mara: You idiot, they weren’t the only ones.
Ramsey: I know that your parents’ death also dealt a huge blow to you, but I thought that you have gotten over that.
Mara: There were many more.
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Mara: I think we should go home first.

We skip ahead a few days. Mara and Ramsey are sitting in the living room.

Ramsey: We are home now, but why didn’t want to say it in front of the others?
Mara: Because I don’t want them to know. I am only telling you because you are my partner and the love of my life.
Ramsey: I love you too.

Mara and Ramsey kiss.

Ramsey: So you mentioned that there were others.
Mara: You see my parents weren’t the first people to die that I cared for.
Ramsey: So who else died?
Mara: Maybe I should start with my real name.
Ramsey: Mara isn’t your real name?
Mara: No, my real name is Victoria Mariah Florentine.

Ramsey looks shocked.

Ramsey: Wait, you are a member of the Florentine Family.
Mara: Yes.
Ramsey: They were the biggest shipping company ever. I knew that they were based in Italy and were planning on opening offices in the US, but before that they were bought out. My father once told me about them. He says they went off the grid after that almost overnight. What happened?
Mara: I happened!
Ramsey: What!?
Mara: See shortly after I was born, I was given a nickname. I was called the miracle child. This was because I survived a horrible accident that killed many others.

Ramsey’s face turns to worry.

Mara: It happened a week after I was born. My aunt and uncle were taking me and my older brother around town to give my parents a break. We took the local subway. Shortly after we got on, there was a technical issue the train barreled out of control. It crashed into one of the stations. All the people involved died instantly accept me. I was miraculously only injured a little.
Ramsey: I am so sad to hear about that, but it still doesn’t explain you attitude. You are treating it like it was your fault, but it was an accident.

Mara looks down at the ground for a few seconds then she looks back at Ramsey. She looks even sadder.

Mara: I am not done. That was the first incident. About a year later, we were attending a memorial service for the victims. I was being driven home by my grandparents when their car was hit by a drunk driver. The drunk driver and my grandparents all died, and once again I came out with little injury.
Ramsey: That does seem odd.
Mara: It gets worse.
Ramsey: How?

Mara takes a deep breathe.

Mara: There were several other incidents that occurred over the next few months. They were all accidents that slowly killed off every member of my family except my parents. I was in some of them. All of the ones that I was in left me relatively unharmed. These events lead the media to re-nickname me the devil’s child. People started to come to our house and vandalize it. We were harassed so much that we had to sell the company and use the money to change our names and move to a remote location. This led us to move into the same town as Megan and Jennifer so that I could befriend them.

Ramsey looks to be very depressed and a little angry.

Ramsey: I can’t believe it.
Mara: Well I didn’t believe it at first when my parents told me. In fact after they told me, I went down a very dark path that eventually led to their deaths. I am a horrible person. My birth spelled the doom for anybody that I ever cared for. I am destined to be unhappy and alone forever.

Mara breaks down in tears. Ramsey tries to comfort her. Mara just starts crying even harder.

Ramsey: I have to do something. She seems to be falling deeper and deeper into depression. Her life has been nothing but pain and suffering. She has become so isolated on an emotional level that even though she has been surrounded by people who cared for her, she can’t make any lasting connections. I need to show her that she isn’t always be destined for pain. I think I know what I must do, but it will take some time to get it ready. I just hope that she can hold on till it’s ready.

We pan out as we see Ramsey and Mara embracing one another. Everything fades to black. We change our view to that of a large planet that seems to be heavily covered in jungle. There is an array of wildlife. We see what looks to be an unnatural clearing. There is a huge spaceship, and there seems to be tons of soldiers standing around. We look at the exit ramp. A set of guards comes down. A person seems to be walking down. We can’t see what they look like because a soldier is blocking our view. It seems that this person is the captain.

Captain: How long till all the air is refreshed?
Soldier: It will take a few days.
Captain: Why so long?
Solider: We are not only trying to refresh the ship’s air supply, but we are taking the time to build bigger air stores in order to have enough air to last all the way to earth.
Captain: I want you to send some men on one of the fighter ships. I don’t want our enemy getting too comfortable with peace.
Soldier: Yes, Sir!

Ramsey tried everything to get Mara to open up about what was bothering her. He was finally able to break through her tough exterior. She revealed her dark past. Her family was stricken with a series of bad luck that led to the extinction of her family. She blames herself for everything and descends into a deep depressive state. We also see that the threat is coming sooner rather than later. What dangers are coming for our heroes? What has Ramsey planned to get Mara out of her funk? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 65
Mara Unnoticed

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara finally opened up about her past.  It was riddled with death and despair.  Mara broke down in tears.  Ramsey tried to comfort her.  He figured out a way to cheer her up, but it will take some time before it is ready.  We see that the new evil soul warrior is sending some forces ahead.  What do they have in store for our heroes?  What will Ramsey do to break Mara out of her funk?  Find out on today’s chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s mansion.  We can see the autumn leaves falling.  Ramsey is seen decorating the house for Halloween.

Ramsey: It’s been a month since her breakdown, and she still just keeps herself cooped up in the training vault and trains.  She only comes out to sleep and eat.  I still don’t have it ready yet.  I am guessing that I should go check on her.

We change our view to that of space.  We can see the earth from the viewpoint of the moon.  We pan out a little to see several ships passing by the moon.  They seem to be heading towards earth.  We take a look in the head ship.  The leader of this battalion seems to be transmitting something to the other ships.

Leader: Alright men!  We have closed in on earth.  Our fearless leader will be here in a few months.  We need to make sure the enemy is wiped out by that time.
Men: Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!

We change our view to that of the training vault.  Suddenly it bursts into flames.  The entire vault has been destroyed.  Ramsey comes running out of the house.  We see Mara walking away from the wreckage.  She seems to be very injured.  Ramsey runs up to the fire.  He seems to be distraught.  He runs past Mara and heads over to the flames.  Ramsey uses his energy to cut a perimeter around the fire.  Mara is seen having trouble moving around.

Mara: Hey, Ramsey! I need your help right now.  I’m injured.

Ramsey ignores her and continues to deal with the fire.  He creates a giant box made of light.  The box is air tight which suffocates the flames.  After about a minute, the flames have completely gone out.  After he dissipates the box, he turns around and sees the injured Mara.  He then walks passed her and heads back to the house.

Mara: Hello, I’m injured over here!  I need you to heal me!

Ramsey ignores her and goes into the house.  We see him pick up his phone.  He seems to be calling some people to make repairs.  Mara hobbles into the living room.  She looks angry.

Mara: What the hell Ramsey?

Ramsey turns around and looks at Mara.

Ramsey: I will be with you in a moment.  I got to make another call in order to fix the mess you made.
Mara: How come you didn’t heal me before you came in?  I’m very hurt.
Ramsey: What you didn’t see the angel seeds in the garden?
Mara: But the garden is so far.
Ramsey: Well if you would have gone there first it wouldn’t have been so far.

Ramsey goes back to making phone calls.  Mara is very angry.  She storms out of the room.  She is seen in the backyard.  She slowly makes her way across the property.  We pan out a little to see that the garden is far away, and is just past the spot where Mara was training before.  We pan out more to see what looks to be a small town past the garden.  There are a variety of different buildings.  Mara finally gets to the garden and gets some angel seeds.  After healing, she flies back to the mansion.  She walks into the kitchen. Ramsey is sitting at the table reading the Guide to Souls.  The lighting from outside suggests that it is about dinner time.

Mara: What’s for dinner?

Ramsey doesn’t respond.

Mara: Hello!

Ramsey is startled and puts the book down.

Ramsey: Yes?
Mara: Dinner?
Ramsey: Oh no thanks, I already ate.
Mara: But what about me?
Ramsey: There is plenty in the fridge.  You can make yourself something.
Mara: But I am very tired and was hoping you would have made dinner already.
Ramsey: Well I have been very busy.  Also thanks to your incident, I have more stuff to do.
Mara: You still could have made me something very quickly.
Ramsey: Well now that you’re here just make it yourself.  I have to go out to meet some people.  If you are that lazy, then there are some leftovers in the fridge.

This surprises Mara.

Mara: Since when do either of us leave leftovers.
Ramsey: I make more food then you realize.  We always have leftovers, but I always manage to incorporate them into the next day’s meals.
Mara: Fine then, just go!

Mara goes over to the fridge and pulls out containers of food.  Ramsey gets up and leaves.  Mara microwaves the leftovers.  We change our view to Ramsey who is seen driving into town.  He goes to the hospital.  A doctor is seen meeting with him.

Ramsey: So how is the patient?
Doctor: She is in critical condition.  We tried to do surgery, but she nearly died from it.  We can’t keep her going for much longer.
Ramsey: I will do what I can.

Ramsey gets suited up and goes into the OR.  There are doctors and nurses everywhere.  They all stop when they see Ramsey.

Ramsey: Ok, I will take over from here.  I ask that everyone else please leave the room as this process isn’t safe.

Normally, this wouldn’t be an order that they would follow, but it seems that because they know who he is that they listen.  Ramsey is left alone as he uses his angel warrior powers to heal her injuries.  He seems to be having trouble.

Ramsey: I thought that I had better control over my healing powers, but I guess it still needs some work.

After a few minutes, he finishes.  He then signals the hospital staff to return.  They are all amazed at his work.

Doctor: It’s a miracle!
Nurse: She will live!
Doctor: How did you do it?
Ramsey: That is a secret, and as for my payment.  I expect the usual.
Doctor: Of course! Your involvement with her recovery will most certainly be kept a secret.
Ramsey: That’s all I ever ask.

Ramsey leaves as the various staff members thank him.  We change our view back to Mara who is angrily eating her food.

Mara: I can’t believe that he ignored me.  What could be so important that he couldn’t make me dinner?

After finishing her meal, she thinks even more about what Ramsey could be doing.  She then gets depressed.

Mara: What if he is starting to get bored with me and is seeing another woman.  Maybe he is actually gay and is going to a gay bar.  I don’t know what he is doing, but I feel like it was my fault.  Am I not pretty enough?  Am I not smart enough?  Am I not strong enough?  Or is he trying to avoid the curse that plagues everyone I love and is close to me.

Mara goes over to the cabinet and pulls out a bottle of Jack Daniels.

Mara: I guess one drink couldn't hurt.

We change our view to Ramsey who is just getting home.  He walks in only to see that Mara is passed out drunk on the kitchen fool with about ten bottles of alcohol surrounding her.  Ramsey shakes his head is disapproval.

Ramsey: I thought that see had gotten over this problem, but I guess alcohol will always have a grip on her as long as she is in this funk.  I have to make sure that the preparations go perfectly so that she can get better.  I can only hope that she holds out.

Ramsey cleans up the kitchen.  He then carries Mara up to her room.  He puts her into her pajamas and lays her down in her bed to sleep.  Just before he leaves, he heals her from her approaching hangover and finishes with a kiss to the forehead.  He leaves the room and heads off to bed himself.

It has been a month since Mara revealed her secret to Ramsey.  She has done nothing but eat, sleep, and train.  Also thanks to a misunderstanding, Mara believes that Ramsey doesn't want her anymore, but she couldn’t be anymore wrong.  We also get to see that the enemy is only days away.  Will they be ready in time?  Can Ramsey help Mara get over the large hurtle that is her past?  And will she ever realize that it was all a misunderstanding?  Find Out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Mara’s Worst Nightmare

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara continued to wallow in her funk.  She was spending all her time either eating, sleeping, or training.  After an explosion destroyed the training vault, Mara went to Ramsey for some comfort, but he was distracted by a client that he was going to see.  This made Mara feel unloved and unwanted.  Can Mara and Ramsey's relationship recover from this misunderstanding? Will they be ready for when the nearby enemy arrives?  Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey's Mansion at night.  Ramsey is seen on the computer.  He seems to be doing some sort of research.  He seems to be very focused and concerned about what he is doing.  Just then we hear a slight noise.  He briefly stops to listen for what it was, but nothing happens.  He then returns to the computer.  We change our view to that of Mara.  She is in bed asleep.  From the slight light of the moon, we can see that she is sweating and looks to be in distress.  She lets out a cry.

Mara: No!  Please No!

She starts to heavily toss and turn.  She begins to sweat profusely.  Mara's body is beginning to smoke.  Then it bursts into flames as she transforms into her warrior mode.  She then screams out very loudly.

Mara: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mara's entire room bursts into flames.  We switch to Ramsey.  He has fallen asleep at the computer.  We can hear the very loud sounds coming from Mara's room, but he does not wake up.  We take a closer look at Ramsey to see that he has headphones in.  There is a Mp3 player on the desk which the headphones are connected to.  We can see that he was listening to heavy metal music.  It is playing so loud that we can even hear it through the headphones.  We switch back to Mara who has woken up.  She sees that the room has been set ablaze.

Mara: Why the fuck is my room on fire, and where is Ramsey?

Mara gets out of bed.  She then uses her flame control to put the fires out.  We switch back to Ramsey.  He seems to have woken up.  Just then he smells something.

Ramsey: What's burning?  I wonder if Mara has gone to bed yet.

He gets up.  He walks up to Mara's room.  When he gets there he sees Mara's room is all charred up and she is in warrior form.

Ramsey: What the fuck is wrong with you?  I told you no training in the house!
Mara: What the fuck's wrong with me?!  What the fuck's wrong with YOU?!
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Mara: You didn't hear me screaming!
Ramsey: No, wait were we attacked?
Mara: No, I was having a really bad nightmare, and I guess it caused me to burst into flames.
Ramsey: Ok, well I have plenty of extra rooms that you can use.  I can call a repair man in the morning.
Mara: What about the nightmare?
Ramsey: It's just a dream get over it.

This upsets Mara and she storms off.  Ramsey is left puzzled.

Ramsey: What's her problem? That's what my drill instructors always told me.  Oh well, I guess I should get some sleep too.

It is now morning.  We can see that Ramsey is already up and is in the kitchen making phone calls while he makes breakfast.  We head up to the bathroom where Mara is seen taking a shower.

Mara: I can't believe how insensitive he was about my nightmare.  He is supposed to be the one who comforts me in times like this.  I just hope this isn't like last time.

Mara finishes her shower.  She wraps herself in a towel and walks back to her temporary room.  She passes her burnt room on the way.  She stops and looks at the now burned closet with great sadness.

Mara: Great how can I go for my morning run without any clothes?  All of them were burned up except for the pajamas that I was wearing to bed last night.  Maybe I can borrow some clothes from Ramsey.

She enters the guest room that she slept in last night.  She goes over to the closet to she if there is anything for her to wear.  There is some clothes, but as one would expect they are men's clothing.  She goes through all the clothes, but can't find any woman's clothes.  

Mara: Jesus Christ!  I think that I will have to borrow everything except underwear.  Thank god some of my underwear was being washed or I would have to wear Ramsey's boxers.

She gets dressed.  Mara then heads downstairs to the kitchen and grabs a water bottle.  She looks to see if Ramsey even notices her, but he is very busy on the phone.  Disappointed, Mara heads out.  She goes to the main road and starts jogging lightly.  After about five minutes, she begins to increase her speed.  Eventually, she reaches her max as she quickly runs all the way to Las Vegas and back several times.  After about 30 minutes, she stops in town for a break.  She sits down on a bench and takes a drink from her water bottle.  As she is sitting there, a little boy comes running by.  He trips in front of Mara, and she quickly gets up to catch the boy.

Boy: Thanks, MR.!

The boy looks up at Mara, and sees the mistake that he had made.

Boy: Sorry!

The boy proceeds to run off.

Mara: That was weird.

Mara's stomach starts to growl.

Mara: I guess it's time for breakfast.

She starts walking towards the strip.  She keeps walking until she finds a place to eat.  She is sitting at her table looking at the menu when her waitress comes to her table.  The waitress is one of those old lady waitresses that might have been childhood friends with FDR and probably should have retired long ago.

Waitress: What  will it be?

Mara is distracted by all the choices.  The waitress gets impatient.

Waitress: Sir, I don't have all day.  Can you please order?

Mara hears this and puts her menu down.  The waitress looks at Mara and apologizes for her mistake.  Mara then puts in her massive order.  The food comes and she starts woofing it down.  As she eats, one thought keeps passing her mind.

Mara: I know that I am wearing some of Ramsey's clothes, but I'm still a very beautiful woman.  I wouldn't think that guys clothes would be able to hide my figure that much.  Maybe it's just that they don't know any better. I mean one was a little boy and another was just some old lady.  Also I'm wearing sweatpants, a t-shirt, and a hoodie, but who cares they are just some strangers.
She just finishes her food, and pays her bill.  She walks back outside.  It is very cloudy out, and then it begins to rain.  Mara pulls the hood over her head and slowly starts walking down the street.  She sees a very attractive man standing at a bus stop.  He seems to be stretching.  Mara stops next to him, and also begins to stretch.

Man: I guess my run wasn't the only one that this rain ruined.
Mara: I can't believe that he talked to me.  He is so good looking.  Maybe not as much as Ramsey, but he seems to be more interested in me than Ramsey has been lately.
Man: Hey dude!  Are you alright?  You seem to be spacing out there.

After hearing this, Mara gets really offended.

Mara: Dude, what's your problem?  Can't you tell the difference between a male and a female?
Man: Take a chill pill you crazy bitch!  It was an honest mistake.  I mean you are wearing men's clothing.  Your hair is covered by the hood, and that hoodie is so bulky that you can't even tell that you have tits.  I mean from where I'm standing you look like a very buff man.
Mara: Excuse me!  I will kick you ass up and down the entire strip and then some.
Man: Whatever bitch!

Mara gets even angrier and punches him in the face.  He is sent through the bus stop into some nearby bushes.  Mara quickly puts her hood back on and runs off before any sees her.  She finally makes it back home.  She walks in all soaked from head to toe.  She takes off the hoodie and the sweatpants leaving only a t-shirt and shorts on.  Mara walks into the kitchen to see that Ramsey seems to be lost in thought.  Mara not noticing his lack of focus begins to talk to him.

Mara: I can't believe it.  People were mistaking me for a guy.  I have never been so angry about what other people have said about my looks before.  I mean the nerve of some people.  They just....

She continues to rant.  We see that Ramsey isn't hearing a single word of what she is saying.  He is still lost in thought.  We now take a look into the theater of Ramsey's mind.  He is sitting in chair at a round table where two other Ramsey's are also sitting.  They seem to be having one intense discussion.

Ramsey #1: I think that we should do it now, before she gets to far gone.
Ramsey #2: I disagree.  I think that we should take her on a nice location and do it there.
Ramsey #3: No we should make her a beautiful meal outside and do it there.
Ramsey #1: Why should we put so much planning into it?  It would be better if she is caught off guard.  Doing either of your suggestions could tip her off to our plan.
Ramsey #3: But if we don't plan it, then she might not want to do it.
Ramsey #2: No I think she would be up for it either way, but planning might things go smoother.

Just then another Ramsey runs in out of breath.

Ramsey #1: What's wrong?
Ramsey #4: Sorry to interrupt, but Mara is trying to talk to us.

All the other Ramseys become very worried.  We change our view back to the kitchen.

Mara: Hello!  Is anyone in there, Ramsey?

Ramsey finally snaps out of it.

Ramsey: Sorry about that.  What was your question?
Mara: I said what do you think about what that man said about my looks?
Ramsey: Oh! I think that my answer is obvious.  I totally agree with what he said.

Mara's face turns to anger, but you can also see some tears running down her face.


She slaps him across the face and runs up to her room.  Ramsey is left puzzled at what happened.

Ramsey: What did I say?  I thought that she was complaining about some guy hitting on her.  He puts his hand on his face.  I don't know what happened, but did she really have to hit so hard?

We change our view to that of the desert.  It looks to be the area where Aurora crash landed.  We see a spaceship land in the crater.  The leader steps out.

Leader: Men, turn on the camouflage, and contact the central command.  Tell them that we have finally arrived at earth.
Soldier: Yes sir!

We pan out.  Just then the ship seemingly disappears.

Mara has begun having nightmares.  These seem to plague her mind heavily.  On top of all that, Mara and Ramsey continue to have misunderstandings that cause Mara to think the worst of Ramsey.  Meanwhile, he is occupied by the planning of his strategy to cheer her up and keeping his house in one piece.  We also see that the next set of enemies have now arrived on earth.  What is Mara having nightmares about? Can Ramsey fix the misunderstandings between himself and Mara?  And will it be in time to stop this new threat?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   November 2nd 2015, 12:17 am

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 67
The Nightmare

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara started having nightmares that are causing her much distress.  To make matters worse, she and Ramsey had even more misunderstandings that are driving a wedge between them.  Just when things couldn't get any worse a new threat has arrived on earth.  Can they be stopped, or will the distance between our heroes be their downfall?  Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

It has been a few days since the last misunderstanding.  We come into view of the mansion at night.  Ramsey is at his computer asleep.  We look at the screen to see a website about a rare gem.  The view changes to that of Mara who has fallen asleep in the new training vault.  She seems peacefully until she screams out in terror.  She is sweating a lot, and continues to scream out.

Mara: NOOOO!!!!!!!!!!

We see that the nightmare is having a profound effect on her.  We now peer into her mind to see what troubles her.  The scenery is that of tropical island that now seems to be a battlefield.  Mara and Ramsey are seen fighting an army of alien soldiers.

Ramsey: Mara, be careful.  There are way too many of them.
Mara: Right!

Mara fires a blast of flames at the army.  Meanwhile, Ramsey is rapidly firing blasts of light.  Just then two large beasts appear.  They seem to be humanoid, but with animalistic characteristics.  One seems to be that of a shark, and the other seems to be that of a wolf.  The shark goes for Ramsey while the wolf goes for Mara.  The shark quickly strikes at Ramsey with its fist, but Ramsey is able to dodge it.  It follows this up with a water blast from its mouth.  This time Ramsey is barely able to dodge, and the attack grazes his arm.

Ramsey: You are a strong one.  I think that I should go all out from here on out or I might get into trouble.

He begins to power up.  We switch over to Mara who is fighting the wolf.  The wolf is slashing at her with its claws which seem to be engulfed in shadows.  Mara dodges and fires a powerful fire burst at the wolf.  She follows this up with a Phoenix punch.  Unfortunately, it turns to shadows to dodge her attack.  The wolf seems to be very angry.  One could say that it looks to have a very insane hatred for Mara.

Mara: I don't know what you have against me, but I would like to get back to my vacation.

Mara begins to power up.  Just then Ramsey is seen crashing into the ground in front of them.

Mara: Ramsey, what happened?
Ramsey: That shark is stronger then I first thought.  How are you fairing?
Mara: Not much better.  The wolf has some sort of shadow power.
Ramsey: The shark can manipulate water.
Mara: Let's finish them off together.
Ramsey: Let's!

They rush in and the duo start attacking the monsters with melee attacks infused with their respective elements.  The beasts respond with their own attacks.  The shark is able to do some major damage to Mara's arm.  This distracts Ramsey long enough for the wolf to get in an attack.  It pierces Ramsey abdomen with a shadow punch.  This leaves Ramsey very hurt.  The beasts now have them both on the ropes.  Mara and Ramsey are knocked together.

Mara: What can we do?
Ramsey: I don't know, but I think that I have had enough.
Mara: Enough of what?
Ramsey: Of you and all these problems that you have,  Ever since I met you, there has been nothing, but trouble.  All I wanted was to live in peace.
Mara: But I thought that you loved me!
Ramsey: No love is worth this!  I'm out of hear!

Ramsey flys off leaving Mara alone to fight the beasts.

Mara: Ramsey, don't leave me!

Mara is in tears as she watches Ramsey fly off.  The beasts take this time to launch a big combined attack at Mara.  She turns to the attack with tears in her eyes.  She is seen giving up as the attack obliterates her.  Just them Mara wakes up.  She is covered in sweat and the area around her is scorched.  She is also breathing very hard.

Mara: I can do it anymore.  These nightmares just won't stop.  I need to talk to someone, but I don't think that it should be Ramsey.  Whatever shall I do.

Mara gets up and heads to the house.  She walks by Ramsey.  She is puzzled by the work that he seems to be doing.  After looking around his desk, she notices that he has his cell phone in his hand.  Mara takes it and looks at it.  She finds some suspicious texts from a woman.  She then looks through his call history, and makes a startling discovery.

Mara: I can't believe that he has been talking to another woman.  I think I know what I must do now.

Mara goes into her room and starts packing a bag.  She gets dressed in street clothes, and heads out the front door.  She turns around to get one last look at the house.

Mara: Maybe I will return one day.

She then flies off into the distance.  It's now morning and Ramsey is seen waking up.

Ramsey: Damn it, I really got to stop falling asleep at the computer.  It won't be good for my back.

He starts looking around for something.

Ramsey: Where's my phone?  Oh there it is!

The phone is seen to be on the floor.

Ramsey: How did you get here?

He picks up his phone, and suddenly becomes distraught.

Ramsey: Oh no!

He runs up to Mara's room to see that she has left.

Ramsey: Where did she go?  I hope she hasn't figured out what I was planning cause then it would all be ruined.

We change our view to Mara.  She is seen flying over some rural roads.  She lands near the beginning of what looks to be a forest.

Mara: I just hope that this is the right thing to do.

She proceeds to walk into the forest.  She continues to walk for hours.  Night quickly approaches, and she decides to make camp.

Mara: I should probably get some sleep, but it most likely would result in more nightmares.  I think that I will just sit here till morning.  I could fly there, but it's hard to see anything with all these trees in the way.

Mara just sits there watching the fire she made.  Morning finally arrives, and Mara looks very tired.  She gets up and continues to walk deeper into the forest.  Several more hours go by, and she looks to be lost at this point.  She also seems to be having trouble staying awake.

Mara: I can't sleep, or the nightmares will return.  Then again rushing out to the wilderness without food or water was probably not a very good idea.

Just then Mara stops and falls to her knees.  The lack of food, water, and sleep has finally caught up to Mara.  Her vision becomes blurred as her consciousness fades.  As she falls down, she can faintly see what looks to be a human.

Mara: Is that you Ramsey?

She faints and is about to hit the ground when the figure catches her.  It then picks her up and carries her off.  Mara is seen floating in darkness as images of the various nightmares pass by her.

Mara: Go away!  I can't take these nightmares anymore!

Ramsey appears in the darkness.

Mara: Ramsey please help me!
Ramsey: No!  You're not worth it!

He begins walking away.  Mara tries to chase after him, but she can't seem to get any closer.


Just then Mara wakes up.  She seems to be in bed.  She tries to get a feel for her surroundings, but it is too dark.  From what she can gather, it is night time.  Mara makes a small flame in her hand to get a better look at her surroundings.  It seems to be a bedroom in a cabin.  Just then she hears the sound of someone coming.  She pretends to still be asleep.  The door opens.  It's hard to see who it is because of the darkness of the room.  There is a small light in the hallway.  From the silhouette, we can gather that the figure is a large muscular man.  Just then voice from down the hall is heard.

Voice: Why are you going into her room?
Man: I thought that I heard the sounds of her moving around in here.
Voice: Well just try not to wake her up.
Man: I'm just going to quickly check on her.

The man walks towards Mara.  He looks down at her to see that she is sleeping.

Man: (whispering) I'm so glad.  She looks to finally be sleeping soundly.

He goes to pat her on the head.  Mara, thinking that this is some sort of attack, grabs the man's arm.  She then puts him into a submission hold.  The man struggles to get out of the hold.  The two are going around the room knocking into things as the struggle continues.  Then the other person comes into the room.

Voice: what are you doing?

He turns on the light.  This reveals that he is Valentine, and that the man that she has in a hold is Wyatt.

Mara: Agent V!  Agent W!  Where am I?
Wyatt: Can you let me go first?
Mara: Oh sorry about that.

She lets go of Wyatt.

Mara: So where am I?
Valentine: Well first off this is our secret cabin.  Wyatt here found you in the woods and brought you here.  You were physically exhausted and deprived of food and water.
Wyatt: I thought quickly and brought you here.
Mara: Wait, who's Wyatt?
Wyatt: That's my real name.
Valentine: And mine is Valentine.  I am guessing that you came looking for us.
Mara: Yes.  I wanted to talk to you guys.

Mara looks really intense.

We finally got to see one of the nightmares that have been plaguing Mara.  They are filled with despair and death.  She runs off in the middle of the night in search of the former ALIENS agents.  Her nightmares have predicted the future in the past, so what can they mean?  Why has she sought out the ALIENS' agents?  Can they help her?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 68
Thanks and Advice

Last time on Dragon Soul,  We finally got to see one of the nightmares that have been plaguing Mara.  She then decides to go looking for the former ALIENS agents.  Unfortunately, she faints before getting there, but is saved by Wyatt.  Why has she sought out these people?  Can they help her? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Mara is intensely staring at Wyatt and Valentine.  Just then Mara's stomach growls.

Valentine: Well before we do any of that, why don't I go make you something to eat?
Mara: (blushing) Sure why not.

Valentine goes off to the kitchen.

Wyatt: Well while you are waiting for the food, why not go get a shower?  I wanted to clean you up, but Valentine said that would be rude.
Mara: Well he was right in saying so, and I think that I will take a shower.  I think my B.O. is starting to kill some of your house plants.

Just then the flowers in the pot next to Mara wilt.  Then both Mara and Wyatt have a good laugh.  Mara goes off to the shower while Wyatt heads to the dining room to set the table.  Mara is seen really enjoying the hot shower.

Mara: I hope that talking to them is the right thing.  Ramsey is the love of my life, but how can I talk to Ramsey about Ramsey?  It just doesn't make any sense.

She take a deep breath and winces at the stench of her B.O.  She even briefly loses her balance and nearly hits her head on the shower wall.

Mara: Man I really do stink.  Nothing that soap can't take care of.

She grabs the soap and begins to lather her whole body with it.  We now move to the kitchen where Valentine is seen preparing a huge meal.  Wyatt is seen coming into the kitchen to grab some silverware.  After a few minutes, they all sit down to a huge spread.

Mara: Wow this meal is huge!
Valentine: Well when Ramsey was here, he ate a lot, and he told me that you eat even more than he does.  Now dig in!

Wyatt and Valentine put their hands together.

Both: Itadakimasu!

Mara is confused by this, but she copies them.  Then they all start plowing through all the food.  Once about half of the food is gone, Valentine and Wyatt slow down, but Mara just keeps going.

Wyatt: So what did you want to talk to us about?

Mara swallows her food and drinks a little water to wash it down.  She then begins to look sad, but with a sort of smile.

Mara: Well first and foremost, I want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart.  Without you guys, the earth would have been laid to waste.
Valentine: Well it's the least we could do since you helped to free us from Z's hold over us.
Wyatt: Yeah.
Mara: But you guys have more than paid us back, but I still need your help.
Wyatt: What could we weaklings do to help you further.  I mean we were barely able to keep those foot soldiers from going after you and Ramsey.
Mara: Well I need some advice.
Valentine: What kind of advice?
Mara: Relationship advice.

Wyatt and Valentine give each other a worried look.

Valentine: We will try our best, but you have come at a really bad time for that.
Mara: Why?
Wyatt: Yasha is much better at giving relationship advice than either of us.
Valentine: So what's wrong with you and Ramsey?
Mara: Well, I think Ramsey might be losing interest in me.
Wyatt: What would make you think that?
Mara: He has been ignoring me lately, and he even agreed with some random stranger that said that I look like a dude.
Valentine: Well being that you are a warrior that has great power and doesn't wear your Phoenix armor in public, it can happen.

Mara looks sad.

Wyatt: I think that you're hot, but I've seen your training clothes and they do look manly.
Mara: They do?
Wyatt: Yes.  What I think you should do is design a more feminine training outfit.  That way if a regular person sees you then they won't mistake you for a guy.
Valentine: Plus it might help to stimulate Ramsey's cannoli.

Mara is shocked by this comment.  She becomes embarrassed by it and begins to blush.  We then see a thought bubble appear.  In it we can see Mara walking by Ramsey with a very sexy outfit on.  Ramsey gets excited and his crouch bugles to the point of exploding.  This causes the thought bubble to explode and make Mara blush even more.

Mara: Is there anything else you guys can tell me?
Wyatt: Well, Xavier once told me that the best way to truly get a feel for a person's emotional state is through combat.  So how about it?  Do you want to spar with me?
Mara: I guess, but I don't think that I should use my warrior soul.  I might accidently kill you if I use it.
Valentine: Then it's settled!  After dinner, we will have a match between Mara and Wyatt.

They proceed to finish their meal.  Once the dishes are done, they walk into the basement.  This puzzles Mara.

Mara: This space is too small.
Valentine: Oh this isn't where you guys will be fighting.  This is!

He pushes a button.  Then the whole room begins to move down like an elevator.  We can see through the window that underneath the cabin is a giant underground facility.

Mara: How the hell did you guys build all this underneath the forest.
Wyatt: Well it's all thanks to the alien technology that our organization had acquired over the years.

After about a minute, the room stops.  The door opens to reveal a gigantic battle arena.

Mara: Wow! This arena is the shit!
Valentine: Well I am glad that you liked it.  We just recently finished repairing it after Ramsey had destroyed most of it.

Mara and Wyatt head out to the center of the arena while Valentine sits on the sideline.

Valentine: Ok you two, I want a nice clean fight, and for the love of god please try not to blow this whole place up.
Mara: Are you sure about this?
Wyatt: I have gotten much stronger since our last fight.  My strength has even grown since the battle against the tiger team.
Mara: Don't get cocky!  I will be the judge of that!

Just then Mara cracks a smile.  This makes both Wyatt and Valentine happy.

Valentine: I think that is the first time that I have seen her genuinely smile since she got here.

Mara and Wyatt begin to power up.  Wyatt charges at Mara.  He goes for a punch to the head, but she easily dodges.  She follows this up with a gut punch.  This causes Wyatt to stagger back.

Mara: You can stop holding back.  I might be in a funk, but I can still kick your ass.
Wyatt: Fine!  Let's take this to the next level.

He powers up and enters his powered up state.  His muscles have grown big.

Mara: Impressive, but let's see how far these muscles of yours have come.

Mara powers up and attacks Wyatt.  This time Wyatt blocks with left hand then punches her with his right.  He then knees her in the gut.  She headbutts him to break free, but his grip doesn't loosen.  Wyatt then hits her into the air.  He jumps up and knock her back down with a double ax hand.   He then follows her to the ground where he plants his foot into her back as she lands.  The ground around them is crushed.  He goes in for another kick, but Mara's energy bursts out sending Wyatt back.  This allows her to get up.  She quickly approaches him.  Wyatt is elbowed in the gut which is followed up by a jaw busting uppercut.  This disorients him.  Mara just stands there with a smile on her face.

Mara: You have gotten stronger, but I would only put you on Werner's level.  Now show me the strength that you used during the games.
Wyatt: You're right!  I have been holding back, but that was because I didn't think that you would be this strong out of your warrior form.  It's time for 100% power.

He releases all his power which causes his muscles grow to be huge.  His whole body has gotten 50% bigger.

Mara: I am impressed, but let's see what you can do with this power.
Wyatt: Let me show you!  Special Technique- MEGATON FORCE PALM!!!!!!!

His hand bursts forward with great power.  Mara is able to dodge his hand, but the area of effect is big enough to still hit Mara's side.  This sends her flying into the wall.  She gets up, but is very surprised.

Mara: How did you do that? That was one of Z's techniques.
Wyatt: He taught it to me, but I only just mastered it enough to be able to use it in battle.
Mara: Well color me impressed.  Now let me show you how much farther you have to go.  Now don't judge, it has been awhile since I used this technique so please forgive the rust.  OMNI-FIGHTER TIMES TEN!!!!!!!!!

Her power increase surprises Wyatt.

Wyatt: Wow, that power is amazing and you aren't evening using your warrior soul.  I guess then I should use my power up technique. He takes a deep breath.  LIMITER REMOVAL!!!!

His body and power grows to an immense size.

Wyatt: Now, CRUSHER FIST!!!!!!!!

We change our view to that of Ramsey's mansion.  He seems to be on his cell phone.

Ramsey: So Yasha, were you able to get it?
Yasha: Yes.  I will take it back to base for now.  You can come and pick it up next time you visit.
Ramsey: Actually you can bring it here.
Yasha: But I thought that you didn't want her to find out about this.
Ramsey: Well she is currently not here.  She went to blow off some steam at your place which is all part of my plan.
Yasha: But only Valentine and Wyatt are there.  What can they do that will help her?
Ramsey: They will help her do something that she hasn't done in a while.
Yasha: That would be?
Ramsey: To have some fun.

We briefly switch back to the sparring match.  Mara and Wyatt are locked in combat.  We look at her face to see a big smile on her face.  We go back to Ramsey.

Yasha: Well I guess that they could do that, but just be careful.
Ramsey: Why?
Yasha: They might be strong fighters and be tons of fun, but they suck when it comes to advice.  I mean they have their moments from time to time, but they tend to give bad advice.
Ramsey: Well then quickly bring it to me, so that you can return to base to help out.
Yasha: Will do.

Ramsey Hangs up the phone.

Ramsey: Everything is going according to plan.  Let's just hope it stays that way.

Mara found the agents.  We find out that she sought them out to thank them and to get some relationship advice.  Wyatt suggests that they spar to help figure out what to do.  The match brings a surprising smile to her face which all falls in line with Ramsey's plan.  Yasha has obtained something for Ramsey and is now on his way to deliver it to him.  Will Ramsey's plan work?  What did Yasha get for Ramsey? Did Ramsey jinx it with what he said?  Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter  69
Heart Shattered

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara revealed that she went searching for the agents to thank them and get some relationship advice.  Wyatt challenged Mara to a fight as a means to help her work out her issues.  This brought a smile to her face which was revealed to be apart of Ramsey's plan.  Also Yasha is on his way with an item that he acquired for Ramsey.  What is it? Can it help?  Will Ramsey's plan succeed, or did he jinx it?  Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!


We see the battle arena that Mara and Wyatt were fighting in has managed to survive their battle. Both fighters are back to base level. Wyatt is visibly injured while only Mara's clothes seem to be damaged. Valentine is in shock.

Valentine: So that is the power that you wield?
Mara: Well, you have to remember that I wasn't even using my warrior soul. I would have to say that at your max that your were slightly stronger than Lucius.
Wyatt: Well I could never have predicted that I would be so out of your league.
Mara: So did you get a good feel for my emotional state?
Wyatt: I think that I need to discuss these results with Valentine. For now let's go back upstairs.

They all go back to the cabin's main floor. It is now the afternoon. The group is sitting around the living room.

Mara: So what is your assessment doctors?
Wyatt: Well I can really see the distrust that you have for Ramsey, but with it there is tons of love. I think that you should stay for a little bit. It will give you a break from him.
Mara: Well I can't stay too long.  I need to be with Ramsey just in case we get attacked by the enemy.
Valentine: I understand, but you need to give us time to make your new training outfit. Speaking of which, do you have an extra set because I want to use it as the base for your new one.
Mara: I do and in fact I have two extra sets of everything including boots. But since when did you become a clothes designer?
Valentine: My parents were fashion designers, and I got a few tips from Yasha.

Mara hands Valentine her extra sets of training clothes.

Valentine: Good now with these I will be able to make you two sets to take home with you.
Mara: So what do I do in the meantime?
Wyatt: Well first let's eat lunch, then how about we train? I could really use it. I don't want to be a burden the next time the enemy strikes.
Mara: Alright, but I won't be going easy on you.

We skip ahead two weeks. Mara and Wyatt are walking out of the basement. They both seem to be tired with Wyatt seeming to be even more tired.

Mara: That was a great training session. You have improved so much in these past two weeks.
Wyatt: Well that was all thanks to your harsh training.

Valentine walks into the room.

Valentine: I finally did it! Mara, I have finally finished your new training clothes.
Mara: Great! I want to try it on.

Mara takes the clothes from Valentine and goes to her room to change. After about ten minutes, she comes out. The outfit appears to be far more feminine than her previous one. It has a skirt with a pair of yoga style short-shorts underneath. Her top appears to be a karate gi that is just low cut enough to show the right amount of cleveage. It also has a belt like piece of cloth around the waist that is tied off at the side. On her hands are fingerless gloves. On her feet are combat boots with two inch heels. The outfit even seems to come with a special bra that has the athletic support of a sports bra, but also the cleveage boost of a push-up bra. Finally, the whole outfit has a flame color scheme.

Mara: This outfit is amazing!

She runs over to Valentine and gives him a big hug. From the look on Valentine's face, the hug seems to be too rough.

Mara: You are amazing!
Valentine: (strained) I'm glad that you like it, but can you let go before you crush all the bones in my body?

Mara immediately lets go of Valentine.

Mara: I'm sorry, but I am just so happy. You guys have been such a big help. I just hope that I will be able to get through to Ramsey.
Valentine: Don't worry you will.
Wyatt: If you have any doubts about the things he is doing outside of the house, then just secretly follow him.
Valentine: Wyatt! You know that we can trust Ramsey. Besides secretly following someone you love can only lead to trouble.
Mara: No, he is right Valentine. If I don't do anything then there will only be trouble, but if I do follow him then there will also be trouble. It's a catch 22.

She hugs them each goodbye. Then she grabs her things and begins her flight back home. We change views to that of Ramsey. He is seen getting ready to go out.

Ramsey: Ok, I have the item that Yasha got for me. We see him pull a small box out of  a backpack. Now I hope that she will be able to do what she said.

He looks at his watch.

Ramsey: Damn I have to leave now or I will be late.

Ramsey rushes out of the house. We can see that there is a light blinking on the house phone. We change back to Mara who is now over the skies of the Nevada desert.

Mara: I think that I sort of missed this dry air. I guess since I became the Phoenix warrior I am more comfortable in warmer climates.

Just then Mara stops.

Mara: What was that? I just sensed an ominous presence.
????: I guess we could sneak up on someone as skilled as you.
Mara: Show yourself!

A man appears out of nowhere. He seemed to have been hiding using some sort of cloaking device.

????: I guess that our cloaking technology can't block our energy.
Mara: Who are you?
????: My name is Lao. I am one of the top men in service to my master.
Mara: So let me guess, you work for one of those dark soul warriors.
Lao: Yes, my master is a soul warrior.
Mara: Which one?
Lao: Like I'd ever tell you, but since you won't survive to meet my master then I will. My master is the Shark Warrior.
Mara: Interesting, but I highly doubt that you can take me on alone.
Lao: Well I guess that you aren't as good as you thought.
Mara: What does that mean?
Lao: I never said that I was alone.

Just then many soldiers deactivate their cloaking devices. Mara is now surrounded by about a thousand men. She doesn't look worried.

Mara: Do you honestly believe that this will help you? I was able to beat Von Rage and his men.
Lao: Yes, but with the help of your boyfriend Ramsey. He isn't here to help you now, so there is no way for you to win.
Mara: We'll see about that!
Lao: Now men, attack!

The army goes to attack Mara all at once. She blows them all away with the power of her warrior transformation.

Mara: If that's the best you got, then I won't even break a sweat.
Lao: Let's test that theory.

The soldiers head back to Mara. We change the scene to that of Ramsey. He is driving his car into town. He seems to be stuck in traffic.

Ramsey: Damn! I knew that I should have flown there. I will definitely be late with all this traffic, but I can't just leave my car here.

He starts hitting his head on the steering wheel for his stupidity. We go back to Mara. She seems to be winded as well as signs of damage. About half of the soldiers have been taken out.

Mara: You guys are tougher than you look. I guess that I will have to take it up a notch. I wonder where Ramsey is. I am close enough that he should be sensing this, so why hasn't he shown up yet. Maybe our relationship is in more trouble than I first thought. White Hot Mode X4!

Mara's power skyrockets. She proceeds to blow all the soldiers away. Lao now seems worried.

Mara: I thought that you were going to beat me.
Lao: I guess that your better than I thought. Don't worry, I will return and next time we won't go easy on you.

He and the remaining soldiers cloak themselves and run off. Mara returns to her base form. She seems to be very winded.

Mara: That was more challenging than I thought, but I still wonder why Ramsey didn't show up.

Mara then flies back home. She walks in the front door and notices that Ramsey isn't home. She then walks over to the house phone. There seems to be a missed call and they seem to have left a message. Mara plays the message.

Woman: Hi, Ramsey. I'm calling to tell you that I'm going to be a little late to our rendezvous. I can't wait for it. See you then cutie!

Mara just stands there in shock. She quickly runs out the front door, and heads to town. She searches for Ramsey's energy and finds it at a mall. Mara heads into the mall. After a few minutes, she finds him at the food court. He is sitting with a beautiful woman. She hides her energy and gets closer. She can barely make out what they are saying.

Woman: So what did you bring me?
Ramsey: I brought you something very special.

He pulls out the box and hands it to her. She goes to open, but Ramsey stops her.

Ramsey: Don't open it here. Wait until you go home.
Woman: Oh that sounds so sexy! Well let's get something to eat for lunch.
Ramsey: I guess I can eat.

Mara is furious at the site of this.

Mara: (softly) I can't believe him. I go off for two weeks and he has moved on to someone else. That bastard!

She can't contain her anger any longer and storms off. At that same moment, Ramsey senses Mara nearby. He turns to see that she is walking away.

Ramsey: Shit! She saw us! I got to go!

Ramsey runs off after her, but she has already left the mall. He tries to sense where she went, but she is hiding her power.

Ramsey: Damn it! Now what do I do?

Ramsey messed up big time. He seemingly got caught cheating on Mara with some random woman. Mara now has stormed off to parts unknown. All this when she just got her new outfit to appeal to Ramsey. Mara also was left to fight the enemy all alone. What does Ramsey have to say for himself? What sort of enemy is this shark warrior? Where did Mara go? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   December 15th 2015, 3:24 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 70
Kindred Spirit

Last time on Dragon Soul! Mara got her new training outfit, and was finally ready to head home. In mid-flight, Mara was attacked by the enemy. After fending them off alone, Mara went searching for Ramsey. Then she caught him in the act of cheating on her with a random woman. What was Ramsey thinking? Where did Mara go? Will this be their downfall when the shark warrior shows up? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Mara has made it back to the mansion. She quickly packs some stuff in a bag, and flies off again while keeping her energy hidden. Shortly after, Ramsey makes it to the mansion. He frantically searches the whole property for her but to no avail.

Ramsey: Damn! It looks like she packed a lot of stuff and left. If only she wasn't hiding her energy then I could find her. How did she know that I was at the mall.

He checks the house phone and finds the message.

Ramsey: She must have listened to this message and thinking that I was cheating on her, so she followed me. She never followed me before. Where did this sense of distrust come from, and who would put such an idea in her head?

Then an idea pops in his head and an angry look comes over his face. He grabs some of his stuff and flies off. After a few minutes, he arrives at the familiar cabin in the woods. He busts the door down. In the living room, we can see Wyatt doing some pushups.

Wyatt: What the hell man?!
Ramsey: Where is she?
Wyatt: Who?
Ramsey: Mara!
Wyatt: She left like 2 hours ago to go back home.
Ramsey: She did, but then she left again. So again, where is she?!

Just then Valentine walks into the room.

Valentine: What's going on?
Ramsey: Mara ran off again so I thought that she would come here.
Wyatt: But you didn't have to be so forceful.

Ramsey's face turns to sadness.

Ramsey: I'm just worried because something happened.
????: Jesus, I give you your item and not even 3 hours later you are crying about how you fucked it up.

Everyone turns to the door. Yasha is standing there.

Yasha: What happened?
Ramsey: She came home and found a message on my phone that was suspicious. After following me to my meeting with the specialist, she stormed off. It seemed as if she thought that I was cheating on her.

Yasha turns to Wyatt and Valentine and he is giving them a death stare.

Yasha: What did you two idots do this time?
Wyatt: Well she came to us for advice about her relationship with Ramsey.
Valentine: I made her a new training outfit to help make her more physically appealing to Ramsey. Then...

He turns to Wyatt.

Wyatt: Then I sort of told her that instead of just sitting around that maybe next time Ramsey goes out to follow him.

Ramsey rushes over to Wyatt and punches him into the floor.

Ramsey: You idiot! Now she thinks that I cheated on her and she has gone into hiding. You ruined my perfect plan to cheer her up.
Valentine: By cheating on her!
Ramsey: I wasn't cheating on her I was...

We pan out. A few minutes go by and we return to inside the cabin.

Ramsey: And that is what I was really doing.
Wyatt: I'm sorry! We didn't know.
Ramsey: It's too late now. We have to find her.
Yasha: I will go get Xavier. He is the best at tracking.
Ramsey: Good and we will go search all the possible places that she would go.

They all split up. We change our view to that of Mara. It seems to be morning where she is. She is just getting out of bed. Once the lights in the room are turned on, we can see that she is staying in a hotel. She looks broken up inside. She gets up and goes to the balcony. Despite the sunny sky, she is still as sad as can be. We can see that the hotel seems to be near an ocean. There are beaches that seem to go for miles in both directions and a crystal clear ocean that goes on to beyond the horizon.

Mara: (sarcastically) Oh joy. Another beautiful day in paradise.

She goes back in and takes a shower. We then see her go down to the hotel pool. She lays down on one of the chairs. She puts on a sun hat and sunglasses. Then she just sits there looking all depressed. The time goes by as we see her order multiple drinks throughout the day. We change back over to Ramsey. He is in some unknown location.

Ramsey: I can't believe that we haven't found her. It's been a whole month. Christmas is only a few days away.

Just then his phone rings.

Ramsey: Hello.
Woman: I'm sorry to bother you while you are busy, but it's ready.
Ramsey: Good, I will be there soon to pick it up.

He hangs up.

Ramsey: Well if we do find her then I can give it to her and see what happens.

We change back to Mara who is still staying at the hotel. She seems to have passed out drunk by the pool. A woman walks up to her and wakes her up.

Woman: Hello, are you ok?
Mara: Yeah.
Woman: What happened?
Mara: I guess that I had one too many drinks. *hiccup*
Woman: Well that's seems to be an understatement. I have seen this many times before.
Mara: Do you work here?
Woman: No, but I do travel a lot. So tell me about him?
Mara: Wait, how did you know I was having guy problems?
Woman: Only a guy could do this to a beautiful girl like you.

Mara looks slightly embarrassed, but she is also somewhat happy at this compliment.

Mara: Well...

Mara tells the story about Ramsey and how they were once in love and how they drifted apart.

Mara: And that is how it all went down.
Woman: Well he is a total jerk. He made a big mistake cheating on you with that bimbo. I can't believe that everywhere I go there are always men that treat women like objects.
Mara: I know, but I thought that he was different.
Woman: That's how they all begin.
Mara: Has that ever happened to you? If you don't mind me asking?
Woman: I don't mind. Yes. I thought that he was the love of my life. We did everything together, and we had so much in common. Even our views were similar, so one day I thought that it would be ok to let my guard down. We had a very intense night of love making. It was the best night of my life, but then it all came crashing down. After that, we quickly became distant. Then out of nowhere he broke up with me. Later on I found out that he goes from woman to woman making them fall in love with him so he can fuck them. I was devastated, but to make matters worse I found out that he found his next victim while he was still with me. He even went as far as going out on dates with her. We had apparently broken up two nights before he fucked her.

There is an awkward silence.

Mara: I'm so sorry for making you relive that pain.
Woman: It's ok. It may be hard and I might get sad when I think about it, but I have moved on.
Mara: How did you get over it?
Woman: I pretty much did what are doing. I went on a drinking binge, and then eventually over time the pain went away. Of course I don't recommend that you spend all your time drinking. You got to have tons of fun. Now how about we go do something together.
Mara: Sure. By the way what's your name? Mine is Mara.
Woman: My name is Gale. Nice to meet you Mara.
Mara: Likewise.
Gale: We are just a couple of kindred spirits.

Mara seems to have run off to a tropical location. Meanwhile Ramsey and the others go out looking for her. A month goes by and there is no sign of her. Mara however has gone back to the bottle. In doing so, she meets a woman by the name of Gale who also has been mistreated by a man. What will become of our heroine? Will the others ever find her? What does this all mean for the protection of Earth? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 71
That’s What Friends are for!

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey confronted  Wyatt and Valentine about their time with Mara. Now the three of them plus Yasha and Xavier are on the search for Mara. She however is having fun drinking away her problems on a tropical beach. Here she met a new friend named Gale who has also been wronged by a man. What will become of Mara? Will the others find her? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening theme:

Mara and Gale walk down to the beach. They are wearing life vests.

Mara: Do you think that this is a good idea?
Gale: Trust me, plenty of people have gone wakeboarding before. You are going to have so much fun.
Mara: If you say so! I don't know how fun this will be since I can fly. I guess that I should just let it happen. If I just blindly give in then maybe I will be able to forget.

Mara has a sad look on her face.

Gale: Mara, what did I say about thinking of your ex?
Mara: I'm sorry, but I can't help it.
Gale: Now let's go have some fun.
Mara: Ok!

They get on their boards and head off. We change view to Ramsey who is currently back at his home. He is sitting in the kitchen looking all depressed.

Ramsey: I can't believe it. It's the first Christmas eve since Mara and I became a couple, but she is nowhere to be found. I guess that I'm not as skilled at all things as I thought. In all my years, I have learned many things, but I'm too confused. I just want to know what to do.
????: You get up off your ass and go to her. You must make her understand what your true feelings are.

Ramsey turns and finds Xavier.

Xavier: I thought that you were stronger than this.
Ramsey: I can't go to her. I don't know where she is.
Xavier: I can't be sure, but I do have a lead.
Ramsey: Well don't wait! Tell me!
Xavier: In her emotional state, she can't control her abilities correctly. She might be able to hide her energy from us, but the natural heat that her body gives off is still higher than most humans can handle. I used some satellites to do scans of the planet in search of abnormalities in temperature. I have found two possible locations that she could be at. The first is Hawaii. The other is the Caribbean.
Ramsey: We could split up to check them, but which one should I go to.
Xavier: Here's the plan. You, Wyatt, and Valentine will go to Hawaii. Yasha and I will go to the Caribbean using your private plane.
Ramsey: Right! Let's do this!

Reinvigorated, Ramsey runs out of the house. Xavier follows shortly after. We head back to Mara. Her and Gale seem to have finished wakeboarding.

Gale: I told you would have fun.
Mara: I wasn't expecting it to be this fun, because when I dated Ramsey he would take me to so many amazing location in his private jet. I figured that flying so much would desensitize me to these types of things.
Gale: It's about lunch time, why don't we go get some food?
Mara: Sure!

They go back to the hotel. After getting changed, they go to a local cafe.

Mara: So how did you get the funds to travel as much as you have?
Gale: Well my father is a business owner. I use his private jet to get around. Now if I had to guess, you took some of Ramsey's money when you left him.
Mara: You would be correct. I feel bad about it, but he does deserve it.

Mara stops eating and has a look of sadness on her face.

Gale: Hey cheer up! He can't hurt you anymore. Besides if you have anymore problems with him, then I will be there to help you. I mean that's what friends are for.
Mara: Thanks.

Mara begins crying. Gale gets up and goes over to Mara to hug her.

Gale: Don't cry. It may be hard now, but time will heal all wounds.

Mara wipes her tears.

Mara: You're right and thanks for everything. Hey I have an idea for something that we could do.
Gale: What?
Mara: How about we get into some trouble?
Gale: I'm listening.

They start whispering to each other their plans. We change over to Xavier and Yasha who are in the air.

Xavier: I still can't believe this mess.
Yasha: Well if those idiots hadn't opened their mouths, then maybe we wouldn't be in this situation.
Xavier: No, Ramsey should have cleared things up sooner rather than using others to solve his problems for him.
Yasha: If he wanted our help, then he should have asked us directly instead of using all this misdirection.
Xavier: We could sit here all day and contemplate what could have been done differently, but all we can do now is find Mara. We need to help them solve this problem before it gets in the way of their job as earth's protectors.
Yasha: Yeah, we are friends and should do what's best for them because that's what friends are for.

We change our view to that of Ramsey's group. They have arrived at Hawaii.

Ramsey: Let's work quickly! Use these heat sensors to weed her out.
Valentine: Right!
Wyatt: Sir yes sir!

They split up in search of Mara. We go back to Mara and Gale. They are on the beach near some rocks away from most other people.

Gale: Are you sure that you want to do this?
Mara: Of course! I need this release. I have always tried to do things by the rules of others, but this time I want to do it my way. However you don't have to do it with me.
Gale: What kind of friend would I be if I let you do this all alone?
Mara: Ok so let's go skinny dipping in the ocean.

The pair get undressed. Mara even takes off the dragon soul necklace, and the tiger soul bracelet. The girls then go into the ocean. The water feels refreshing on their bare skin.

Gale: I have a question.
Mara: What?
Gale: Where did you get such fabulous jewelry? I have seen many in my day, but none as beautiful as yours.
Mara: They were gifts from my ex.
Gale: Well since you don't want anything to do with him, then how about I take them off your hands? That way you won't have to look at them and be reminded of your pain.
Mara: NO!

Gale is taken aback by Mara. Music

Gale: Why? I thought that you hated your ex.
Mara: I do, but they are very special to me.
Gale: But as your friend, it is my duty to help you in your time of need.
Mara: I'm sorry, but I can't let anyone have them. I would hope as my friend that you would understand that.
Gale: You're right. As your friend, I should respect and support your decisions.
Mara: That's right.

Mara and Gale hug once again.  

Gale: I should do at least that for you because that's what friends are for.
Mara: Yeah they sure are.
Gale: However, my mission requires that I get all the warrior souls from the enemy.
Mara: What?!

Just then Gale moves her hand and the water wraps around Mara entrapping her. Gale goes to shore bringing the caged Mara along. She then grabs the necklace and bracelet.

Mara: What's going on here?
Gale: I was sent here to retrieve the warriors souls that are in your possession.
Mara: Who are you?
Gale: I told you who I was already.
Mara: I want to know who you really are.
Gale: I guess that you haven't put it together yet, but that is to be expected of the helpless prey. Prey don't usually know anything about the predator that captures them. I tend to be more ruthless than this, but when a shark smells blood in the water they will do anything to get it's food.

Mara's face turns to surprise.

Mara: You!
Gale: I see that you have figured it out. I am Gale Fisher, and I'm the menacing shark warrior in the service to the great emperor Darius III.

Mara was only trying to have some fun in order to forget about Ramsey. Meanwhile, the others go searching for her. Just when she thought that things couldn't get any worse, the person who she thought was her friend turns out to be the enemy. Gale has captured Mara, and has obtained the necklace and bracelet that hold the dragon soul and tiger soul respectfully. What are Gale's plans? What will become of Mara? Will the others find her in time to save her and stop Gale's plans? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   December 25th 2015, 2:52 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 72
Gale Fisher, the Shark Warrior

Last time on Dragon Soul, Ramsey and the others went searching after Mara using heat sensing technology. Meanwhile, Mara continued to enjoy her time with her new friend Gale. However she turned out to be the shark warrior. Now Mara has been captured and Gale now holds the tiger and dragon souls. What will she do to Mara? What does Gale plan for the others? Will they arrive in time to save her? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Gale: I'm Gale Fisher, and I'm the Shark warrior.
Mara: How did you find me?
Gale: My men used cloaking devices to keep tabs on you. Then when I arrived they just lead me right to you.
Mara: How were you able to hide your energy from me?
Gale: Well first off, I didn't. You have just been so distracted by your meaningless relationship that your senses were out of whack. Plus you have been constantly drunk for the past month and a half.

Mara looks slightly embarrassed because it was true.

Mara: Why not just attack me? Why do this roundabout way?
Gale: You see I love to eliminate my prey, but my favorite thing is when I take them out without them even seeing it coming. Also I didn't feel like dealing with such weaklings. All it required was to get you to let your guard down. Even in your right mind, you wouldn't have been able to find me out.
Mara: Why is that?
Gale: Because I'm of an advanced race of humanoid chameleons known as Camels. Now unlike the chameleons your use to, we don't just change color to blend in we can change any part of our body. To understand it better, one could say that we are shapeshifters that specialize in blending into any race on any planet.  

Just then Gale transforms into her real form. It's as she says. She appears to be some sort of humanoid looking chameleon.

Gale: Ah, that feels so much better to be in my own skin.
Mara: Now that you have captured me and have obtained both the tiger and dragon souls, what will you do?
Gale: That I will not tell you. I think that it's time to sleep.

She squeezes her hand and the water around Mara starts to fill her lungs. Mara tries to break free, but the lack of oxygen makes it hard. Eventually, Mara passes out, and then Gale frees her. She picks her up and chains her to the rocks with some sort of special chains.

Gale: Those are soul chains. They nullify any and all soul warrior powers so even with all that power of yours, you won't be able to break free. I would remove the Phoenix soul now, but I can't remove it without killing you. I can't do that because you are too valuable alive.

We change our view to Ramsey's group. They are frantically searching all over Hawaii for Mara.

Ramsey: Damn, there is still no sign of her.

Just then Wyatt runs up to Ramsey.

Wyatt: Valentine just called. He says that he thinks he has found her.
Ramsey: Great!

Ramsey picks up Wyatt and they fly off to Valentine's location. We head over to Xavier and Yasha. They seem to be walking through the city of an island.

Xavier: There are so many islands, how can we find her?

Just then Yasha's sensor beeps.

Yasha: I have a reading. It seems to be coming from the beach area.
Xavier: Let's move quick before she gets away.

They start running. We head back to Ramsey's group. They seem to have convened on the beach.

Ramsey: Where is she?
Valentine: I am getting very high heat signatures from around those rocks.
Ramsey: Well what are we waiting for?

They start running. We go back to Xavier and Yasha. They have made it to the beach.

Xavier: Where to now?
Yasha: It seems to be coming from those rocks over there.

They run towards the rocks. We head over to Gale and Mara. Gale seems to have sensed something.

Gale: I didn't expect that your friends would be here so soon. I haven't even officially laid the trap and yet here they are. Once they come around those rocks I will blast them out of existence.

We have a split screen type view as both groups are about to come around the rocks. Gale sees some figures come around the rocks. Immediately she blasts them. The explosion even destroys some of the rocks. There is a lot of smoke from the explosion, so she can't see if she got them or who they were. The smoke begins to clear. We get a first person view of the other group. After going around the rocks, all they see is some lava coming out of a cave and going into the ocean. We change back to Gale. The smoke is almost clear enough to see through. A figure appears. Gale can't make it out due to it's weird shape.

Gale: It doesn't matter which ones showed up. There is no way that they could have survived that attack.

The smoke clears a little more and we see a ball of thin strings that are attached to metal rods.

Gale: What the fuck is that?

The smoke finally completely clears and we can see that it is Yasha and Xavier. They seemed to have blocked the blast with their combined strength. We change over to Ramsey's group. Ramsey seems to have sensed something.

Valentine: What is it?
Ramsey: I sensed something. It seems that there was a huge burst of energy coming from Xavier and Yasha's location. She must be there.
Wyatt: Then what's wrong?
Ramsey: Something doesn't feel right. We have to hurry up.

Ramsey grabs them and they speed off to the Caribbean. We change our view to that of the others. Yasha and Xavier seem to have been barely able to block that attack.

Yasha: I knew you guys were strong, but I didn't think that you would be that strong.
Xavier: What did you expect? Von Rage was really strong, and that attack seemed to be on par with his attacks.
Gale: So you two must be friends of Mara?
Yasha: Where is she?
Gale: She is right here.

She points to the naked woman hanging from the rocks.

Yasha: MARA!!!
Xavier: That bitch didn't even give her the dignity of being clothed. Yasha, it looks like it's time to fight.
Yasha: Do you think that we have a chance?
Xavier: I will say this, I hope that Ramsey gets here fast.  

The two power up to their max from the start. Our view changes to that of Ramsey's group who are in mid flight. Ramsey senses the power that Yasha and Xavier are emitting. Then Ramsey can feel an overwhelming power surge from someone that is near Xavier and Yasha. This power seems to be very sinister. It worries him.

Wyatt: What's wrong now?
Ramsey: I have to fly faster so hold on.
Valentine: Why?
Ramsey: I can't confirm this, but I think that a dark soul warrior has just shown up to confront Xavier and Yasha.
Wyatt: What are their chances?
Ramsey: We better get there soon.

Now Wyatt and Valentine have worried looks on their faces. We change back to the others. Gale seems to have powered up.

Gale: You fools should  be able to provide me with some entertainment to me for a few minutes. Let me introduce myself, I am Gale Fisher and I'm the Shark Warrior!

Xavier and Yasha prepare themselves for battle.

Gale turned out to be a dark soul warrior. She has knocked Mara out and has bind her in chains that block her powers. Ramsey's group discovered that Mara wasn't in Hawaii. Unfortunately for Xavier and Yasha, she was in the Caribbean. Now they are about to square off with Gale. Can they survive this fight? Will they be able to rescue Mara? Will Ramsey's group get there in time? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 73

Last time on Dragon Soul, Gale knock Mara out and put her in special power canceling chains. Her friends tried searching for her in both Hawaii and the Caribbean. Unfortunately, Xavier and Yasha were the ones to find her. Now they face a life and death battle against a dark soul warrior while Ramsey's group rushes to get to them from Hawaii. Will they make it in time? Can Xavier and Yasha stand up to Gale? What will become of our heroine, Mara? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!


Xavier and Yasha prepare themselves for battle.

Yasha: So what's the plan?
Xavier: Pull out all the stops and try not to die.
Yasha: Oh!
Gale: Isn't that cute. You boys are strategizing. Trust me when I say that nothing that you can come up with will help you. Let me show you boys a good time.

Gale raises her hand and a large amount of water comes to her side.

Xavier: I guess your element is water.
Gale: Good guess, Gonzo!

Xavier and Yasha seem confused with that statement.

Gale: Come on, you guys have never heard of the greatest literary detective Gonzo Talon.

They both shake their heads no.

Gale: You uncultured swine, but seriously what fucking other element could a shark have?
Yasha: Enough talk! Xavier, get in position.

Xavier moves to behind Yasha, but to his side.

Yasha: Let's start this off with a bang.

Yasha's hair wraps around some of the rocks that are on either side of Xavier. Xavier then pushes back on the hairs.

Yasha: Take this!

Yasha's hairs sling shot Xavier towards Gale. He gets his swords into position.

Xavier: Special tag team move- Jet Demon Slash!

Xavier is moving towards Gale with great speed. Gale prepares the water.

Gale: Special attack- Shark Swarm!

She throws the water so hard that it moves as fast as a bullet. It separates into separate balls of water that take on the form of sharks. The two attacks collide. Xavier is able to destroy some of them, but some still remain. He gets blasted into Yasha who catches him with his hairs, but before they could react Gale blasts them with a very large burst of water that is in the shape of a giant shark.

Gale: Take this, King Shark!

The blast sends the two far back. The two get up but they are very hurt. They look behind them and see that there are people nearby.

Xavier: We have to push back. If not, then these innocent people will get involved.
Yasha: I agree, but she's too strong.
Xavier: I'm going in cover me.
Yasha: Fine.

Xavier rushes in with Yasha following behind. Gale sends many water blasts at them, but Yasha is able to deflect them with his hairs. Once Xavier gets in close enough, his eyes begin to glow.

Xavier: Mind's Eye, Activate!
Gale: Trust me when I say fighting me at close range won't be any easier.

Gale creates water gauntlets and prepares for Xavier's strikes. Xavier goes in with a left first, but Gale dodges. She follows this up with a left fake, but Xavier saw it coming and was able to block with his left and right swords. He then tries to strike with his mouth sword, but Gale blocks it with her free hand. The two push hard, but neither is giving an inch. Just as Gale prepares to output more force, Xavier pulls an unexpected move and knees her in the stomach. This give him the opening that he wanted.

Xavier: Special Technique- Three Swords Style- Shear Fang Slash!

He quickly and powerfully cuts Gale up. This knocks her down.

Xavier: Get up, I know that wasn't enough to beat you.

Gale gets up.

Gale: I guess that it's all business today. Now let me show you the true power of the shark warrior. Special attack- Jaws!

She gathers water in each of her hands which together take the form of a giant shark's mouth. Then with great speed the mouth attempts to close and cleave Xavier in half. Just as it's about to close, they are stopped by Yasha's hairs. Some are then used to remove Xavier from the area.

Yasha: My turn. Special Attack- Beautiful Berserker Barrage!

Several hair fists are sent at Gale who is still being held by some of Yasha's hairs. She gets pounded by Yasha's attack. He let's go of her at the end of his attack in order to send her flying back over to the rocks. Meanwhile, Xavier has made it to Mara. He has removed her from the rocks, and is trying to wake her up.

Xavier: Wake up Mara!

He slaps her repeatedly. It seems to have worked because Mara's eyes begin to open.

Mara: What happened? Is that you Xavier?
Xavier: Yes, we have come to save you. Why are you naked?
Mara: Long story, please get these chains off me. They are blocking my powers.

Xavier pulls out his swords. He is about to cut them when Gale comes flying in. She gets up and sees Xavier. She grabs him by the neck and push him up against the rocks. Yasha tries to help, but she gets him too. She proceeds to choke the two men while Mara watches in horror.

Mara: Please stop it!
Gale: You see girly, I can't do that. They have been causing to much of a problem and I no long feel like humoring them. I will use some of my real strength to kill them while you watch.
Mara: No! They are my friends! They are the only ones who care about me.
Gale: You see that's the difference between you and me. I don't care what others think of me, and I don't need anyone else. Also unlike you, I am truly beautiful and sexy. You're just some ugly sow with semi-decent curves.

These words made Mara feel bad.

Mara: But I am beautiful.
Gale: then why did Ramsey cheat on you?
Mara: I don't know.
Gale: It's because he doesn't find you attractive. You are ugly and nobody will ever love you or find you attractive.
Mara: NOOOOO!!!! I DON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!

Gale continues to taunt Mara whose screams of despair only get louder. Just then Xavier manages to get his hands on Gale's hand. He is able to slightly pull her hand from his neck.

Xavier: That's a lie. There are plenty of people who love and care for her. She is a very attractive woman.

Yasha is then able to use his hairs to do the same.

Yasha: She is the most beautiful woman that I have ever met. Any girl would die to have a body like hers. You are the truly ugly one.

That statement pisses off Gale. She puts all her might into crushing Yasha's neck and forces him through the rocks. Yasha seems to be alive, but just barely.

Gale: Now it's your turn!

She prepares to do the same to Xavier. She even puts her other hand on his neck.

Gale: Time to die! You should have run when you had the chance.
Mara: NOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Xavier: (strained) A scar on the back of a swordsman is the greatest shame. I would rather die than run away from a fight.

He closes his eyes and prepares for death. Just as Gale is about to kill him. A bright light bursts forth. The blinding light causes Gale to let go of Xavier who is barely able to stand.

Gale: What is this light? Where is it coming from? Who is responsible for this?

The light seems to be draw towards Xavier. His pain starts to go away.

Xavier: Is this what death feels like?

The light completely envelopes him. Then the light just disappears leaving behind only a cloud of dust.

Gale: What happened?!

As the dust begins to clear, we can see a very large armored person. They appear to have been clad in black armor that looks like a tiger

Gale: Who is that?
????: What is this? This power surging through my body.
Mara: Is that you Xavier?
Xavier: Yes. What happened?
Mara: It seems that the tiger soul has chosen you as its new host.
Gale: That can't be! I won't believe it! How could someone as weak as you become a soul warrior?
Xavier: I am not weak. You are the weak one. You only depend on yourself where as I cherish the friends that I have made. You belittle others to make yourself feel more powerful, but it only shows you how weak you are. Now that I have this power, I will show you the error of your ways.

He prepares his swords. Gale prepares herself.

Xavier: Enguard!

Xavier and Yasha attempted to fend off Gale while they waited for Ramsey. Then when they tried to set Mara free, Yasha gets badly wounded. Just when Xavier is about to be killed by Gale, the tiger soul intervenes and bestows it's power to Xavier. Now he prepares to fight Gale in order to show her the error of her ways and to save everyone. Will Xavier be able to win with these new powers? Does Gale have a plan for defeating him? When will Ramsey arrive? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
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