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 Dragon Soul

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   January 12th 2016, 1:26 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 74
Tiger VS Shark

Last time on Dragon Soul, Yasha and Xavier attempted to rescue Mara. The battle was tough. Just when they were about to free her, Gale manages to stop them. She quickly takes out Yasha, and prepared to do the same to Xavier. Just when Xavier was preparing for death, the tiger soul came to his rescue and bestowed him with it's power. Will this new power be enough to stop Gale? Will Xavier be able to defeat Gale in time to save Yasha and Mara? What is taking Ramsey so long? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Xavier: Enguard!
Gale: You might have gotten a slight power boost, but don't think that will make a difference.

Gale powers up. She charges at Xavier. He easily sees her coming and dodges. He appears behind her and goes for a slash. Gale is barely able to dodge. Gale looks a little worried.

Xavier: You seem to be frightened by my power.
Gale: Like I'd ever be scared of you. I do admit that you caught me off guard, but now let's take this up a notch.

She charges up two large water blasts and shoots them at Xavier. He cuts each of them in half with ease. Gale then takes the four blasts and directs them at Xavier. He pulls out his two other swords and uses all three to disperse the blasts. This surprises Gale.

Gale: I'm impressed. How were you able to act so quickly?
Xavier: What makes you think that I will tell you the secret of my abilities? Only an idiot would do that. Now be gone.

Before Gale can react, Xavier appears before her ready to strike.

Xavier: Tiger Hunt!

His attack hits Gale hard sending her a ways away. He then walks over to Mara.

Mara: I can't believe how powerful that you have become. You managed to beat her with great ease.
Xavier: FOOL! I only sent her away so that I could free you.

He easily cuts her chains off. He then throws her a cloak.

Xavier: Put this on.
Mara: Why?
Xavier: (blushes) Did you forget that you are naked?
Mara: Whoops!

She grabs the cloak and fastens it like a makeshift dress.

Xavier: Are you able to fight?
Mara: I can feel some of my power, but it might be a few minutes before they completely return.
Xavier: Then gives this angel seed to Yasha before it's too late.

He hands her a seed.

Mara: Right!

Mara rushes over to Yasha and gives him the seed. His injuries are healed. He gets up.

Yasha: Thanks. I didn't think that I was going to make it.
Mara: Anytime, but it was you guys who saved me.
Yasha: I managed to snatch this for you.

He hands her the dragon soul necklace.

Mara: How did you get this from her?
Yasha: My hairs are very gentle.
Mara: Cool.

She puts the necklace on. Xavier puts his swords up.

Xavier: Look alive you two. Here she comes.

Gale bursts forward and knocks Xavier back a little.

Gale: I do admit that you are strong, but there is still much to my power that I haven't used yet.
Xavier: Neither have I. You two get back while I take her on.
Gale: Do you honestly believe that you can take me on that easily?
Xavier: I don't think. I know.
Gale: Now let's put that to the test.

Gale forms powerful small water blasts on each of her fingers. She then throws them at great speed. They appear like super bullets. Xavier can't dodge so he deflects them with his swords.

Gale: Now let's see you do that again, but at a rapid fire pace.

Gale does the same attack again, but this time they are faster. She continues to fire these super bullets at Xavier. He is fending them off, but then one hits him. This causes enough damage to allow more to hit. He then gets hit by a barrage of super bullets. He seems to slightly taken aback by this. Mara and Yasha are worried.

Mara: We have to help him.
Yasha: I have already lost spectacularly to her and your powers haven't fully returned yet.
Mara: But I can't just stand here and watch.

Mara runs at Gale. She tries to land a punch. Gale easily trips her and kicks her into the rocks without even breaking her concentration of attacks on Xavier. Yasha rushes over to Mara.

Yasha: Mara! Are you ok?
Mara: Damn! My back hurts like hell.
Yasha: I told you to stay out of it.

Xavier looks to see if Mara is ok. Gale uses this chance to get up close with water surrounding her arms. The water is in the shape of two sharks, one for each arm.

Gale: Shark Combat!

She strikes Xavier hard who is unable to do anything do to the fact that he was distracted. He is sent into the rocks by a flurry of punches. He gets up and charges at Gale.

Xavier: Tiger Combat!
Gale: Right back at you. Shark Combat!

The two begin exchange blows. Xavier manges to slash up Gale's cheek. She punches him in the stomach. He counters with several slashes to her abdomen. Gale manages to block most of the damage and returns with several hits to Xavier's face. He is pushed slightly back, but he quickly goes back in for another strike. He swings and Gale goes for an axe kick. Xavier is already prepared with a rising slash that meets up with her kick. The energy from these attacks clash. The power emanating from the clash forces the two combatants back. Gale pools some water around her legs and goes back for more. This time she is moving at greater speed. Now she mixes in some kicks with her punches. Xavier manages to block some of the hits, but it quickly becomes too much. He tries to counter, but he gets knocked down.

Gale: What's the matter? I thought that you were going to beat me. You don't have to hold back because I'm a woman.
Xavier: I just wanted to get a feel for your fighting style.
Gale: Did you get a good enough look?
Xavier: I would say so. Now It's time for my counter attack.

He begins to charge up his power. An aura surrounds him.

Xavier: Tiger's Fang Strike!

He charges in. First his left sword goes for a piercing stab at her right side. Gale dodges to the left. He then brings in his right sword in a similar fashion. This forces her to the center. Now that he has her trapped, he turns his two side swords towards Gale. She tries to jump, but he brings down his middle sword. With nowhere to go, she is slashed multiple times. The attack leaves gashes all around her body. This has pissed her off.

Xavier: I guess you couldn't beat me there.
Gale: I will show you what happens when you piss me off.

She summons a large ball of water from the ocean. She breaks it into several smaller balls. She then starts moving each ball around in circles at great speed. This causes each to turn into very sharp discs which Gale sends at Xavier. He fends off some and dodges some others. Unfortunately, some manage to get through and cut up Xavier. He is bleeding, but it doesn't seem to have done much damage.

Xavier: Is that really the best that you can do?  
Gale: Don't mock me!

She repeats this process, but this time there are twice as many. She sends them all at once. They all make contact and explode on impact. There is tons of smoke. The smoke quickly clears. Xavier doesn't seem to have taken much damage. His whole body is covered in metal. Xavier seems to be surprised at this.

Xavier: What the hell is going on?
Gale: That must have been your auto defense which can only activate while you have a certain level of power. I guess that I'm going to need to damage you more before that defense will stop working.
Xavier: So as long as maintain a certain level of energy, I will be able to use this defensive power automatically?
Gale: Yeah, but only when taking big hits. I guess I'm going to need to use my secret technique.

She begins building up power.

The fight between the new tiger warrior and the shark warrior begins. Xavier is able to push back Gale enough to be able to free Mara and heal Yasha. The two seemed to be even, but It is quickly becoming apparent that Gale has the advantage. Xavier discovered an automatic defense for large amounts of damage. Now Gale plans on using a hidden technique to break through that defense all at once. What is this secret technique? Will Xavier's power be able to hold out? When will Mara's power finally return in full? Will it be in time? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   February 10th 2016, 3:44 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 75
That’s your Weakness

Last time on Dragon Soul, Xavier begun his fight with Gale. The two seemed even, but Gale seems to have a slight advantage. He managed to free Mara, but it will be a little bit before her powers fully return. He discovered an auto defense, but now Gale plans on breaking through all at once. Will his power outlast Gale's assault? Will Mara's power return in time to help? What will become of our heroes? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Gale begins building up a large amount of power.

Xavier: I won't let you finish.
Gale: I would like to see you try.

He charges in and tries to slash Gale, but before he can get close water shoots out of the ocean. It knocks him away. He is put off guard by this as he gets up.

Xavier: How were you able to do that without moving your body?
Gale: You see my friends. This is where the differences in our power and experience will come to the forefront.
Xavier: Ok, now all need to do is break your concentration and this secret technique will be stopped?
Gale: If only it was that simple.
Xavier: It's worth a shot.

He tries to get in close, but his path keeps getting blocked by water blasts. As that goes on water starts to collect above Gale's head in the form of a sphere. Mara and Yasha can only watch as Xavier struggles.

Mara: Damn it! My powers sure are taking their sweet time returning. Why is he having so much trouble?
Yasha: Really? I thought that you were better trained then this. Xavier is a close combat fighter and Gale is using water blasts to keep him far away.
Mara: Why doesn't he use energy attacks? Von Rage had plenty of energy attacks, so now that Xavier is the Tiger Warrior he should be able to do them.

Yasha hits his forehead with the palm of his hand. He then flicks Mara in the head.

Mara: What was that for?
Yasha: Xavier just became the Tiger Warrior, so he hasn't had the time to learn how to use the tiger soul's powers yet. He is only stalling and hoping for the best.

Mara looks at her hand as she makes a fist. She tries to collect energy in her hand, but is unable to. Mara is disappointed, but mostly she feels helpless. She turns her attention back to the fight. Xavier is seemingly getting closer to Gale. Water continues to build up above her head. The sphere of water has grown to the size of a Volkswagen Buggy. Xavier is surrounded by water blasts that are poised to strike. He is concentrating very hard. He is trying to use his Mind's Eye to figure out how they will strike. The blasts begin moving in. Xavier is still thinking. Then he feels something that is building up inside. It builds to the point of bursting out. He then channels this energy into his swords which now seem to be filled with energy. He does a spinning slice around him in order to take out as many blasts as possible. When he does this a swirling vortex of energy surrounds him and expands. It destroys all of the water blasts. Xavier smirks.

Xavier: I think your time is up.

He swings his right sword and a flying energy slash heads towards Gale. She is able to block it with a wall of water. We can see that the ball of water is now the size of a cruise liner.

Xavier: I guess that I should put a little more force into it.

Xavier begins to charge up a large amount of power into his swords.

Gale: I won't let you finish.

Xavier chuckles.

Gale: What's so funny?
Xavier: Didn't I just say that to you not even five minutes ago? Then again they say that imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

This angers Gale.

Gale: That's it you die now!

Several thousand water blasts come shooting out of the ocean. Xavier seems to be ready for his attack.

Xavier: Time for a new technique, Three Sword Style- Iron Tiger Flying Slash!

The whole island seems to shake with the force of this attack. The attack heads towards Gale. She tries to use the water blasts from before to block it, but they are quickly dispelled and the attack continues. Just before she is hit the ball rises into the air. There is a huge explosion.

Mara: Alright! We beat the shit out of her.
Yasha: It would seem so.

Xavier is seen panting hard.

Xavier: I really hope so because that used a lot of my power.

He looks up and his face turns to that of shock.

Xavier: Guys we have a major problem. Look up!

They look up into the sky which seems to have darkened. Their faces also turn to shock. What they see is a monstrously huge sphere of water. It seems to be the size of the whole island. They look down at the cloud of dust to see where Gale is, but they can't see a thing. Just then screams are heard from people panicking all over the island. Sirens can also be heard.

Mara: What's going on? How did she survive that attack let alone maintain concentration on that attack?
Gale: Let me answer that question.

Gale appears from out of the smoke.

Gale: You see right before the attack, I threw the ball into the air. Then I used some of the water to make a water clone to take the attack for me. I then hide myself inside the ball all the while continuing to build up more water and power. Now once it's finish, none of you will be able to stop me.
Yasha: Wait, that attack isn't finished?
Gale: No! Now let's take the final step!

Gale's eyes begin to glow again. The water begins to slowly shrink. As the water gets smaller, the power increases and can even be felt in the air.

Xavier: Screw it! Give it everything we got! We have to stop this right now!
Mara and Yasha: YEAH!

The three begin to power up, but before much progress is made, water shoots out from the ocean and knocks them all together by the rocks.

Mara: What do we do now?
Xavier: I don't know, but it's all our fault.
Mara: Don't say that.
Yasha: It's true. If we would have been there for you more, then maybe we could have prevented all this from happening.
Xavier: As your friends, we shouldn't have left you in such a bad state.
Yasha: Maybe we will do better in the next life.

This makes Mara cry. She gives them both a hug. We see that the ball has now been compressed to the size of a monster truck tire. There seems to be a small cylinder coming out of the sphere. It is about one foot in length and six millimeters in diameter.

Gale: How touching! Any last words?

Xavier stands up.

Xavier: I do! I promise you this! I won't let a single ounce of that water hit either of my friends!
Gale: Oh how noble! DIE WORMS!

She prepares to fire. Xavier takes a ready stance with his three swords and stands about tens yards away from the others.

Mara: What are you doing?!
Xavier: Mara, your weakness has always been your fear of the past and if it will repeat it's self. You respond to this by running and hiding from your problems. That is how we got here today. Also to make sure that you can always run, you hold back some of your power just in case you need to run away. I am going to show you what a person is capable of when they let go of their past and moves towards their future with everything that they got.

Mara is worried. Xavier turns to Gale.

Gale: Now that you have said your peace. Time to die! Shark Warrior Secret Technique- Poseidon's Pressurized Tsunami Minigun!

Water blasts shoot out from the cylinder at insane speeds. We can't even see what happens. All we see is Xavier quickly swinging his swords around. There is an eerie silence that last only for a few moments. Then suddenly Xavier's three swords shatter into pieces. Then Xavier then falls onto the ground. He is knocked out and is barely breathing. There are hundreds of small holes all over his body and is bleeding a lot. Yasha seems to have moved in front of Mara at the last second. Yasha also falls down and his body is also filled with tons of small holes.  

Mara: What the hell just happened?!
Gale: HAHAHAHAHA! I didn't even use half of my water. That attack used highly pressurized water to quickly pierce your friends' bodies. Xavier tried to fend them off with his swords, but they too were quickly disposed of.

Mara starts screaming out in terror.

Gale: I told you girly! Your too weak and ugly to ever beat me. Xavier even failed to stop your other friend from getting hurt.

Suddenly Xavier's words start running through Mara's head. Then she stops crying. Mara stands up.

Gale: HAHAHAHA! The little girl is mad! What can you do in your state?

Gale throws a regular water blast at Mara. It is still really powerful. Mara blows it away easily with just her fist. This surprises Gale.

Gale: What the fuck?! How can you have this much power? Your soul warrior powers shouldn't be back for another five minutes.
Mara: (furious) My friends didn't fail! They gave everything they had to stop your attack from hitting me. They showed me what it truly means to give 100%. Now I will show you what happens when I stop holding back and give it my all.

She transforms into warrior form.

Gale: DIE!

She launches a few blasts from the water sphere. This time we look at it in slow motion. Water is forced out the cylinder at great speed. It forms several bullets that head towards Mara. She encases her hands in fire and easily fends off the attacks.

Gale: How is that possible? Water beats fire!
Mara: Not always! I think that it's time that you let off some steam, Gale!

Gale prepared her ultimate attack. Xavier unlocked the ability to use energy attacks and he launched a full scale assault. However, Gale managed to fend off  his attacks and finished her preparations. The attack completely wiped out Xavier and Yasha. Xavier's words finally got through to Mara and now she is ready for battle. Will she be able to win? Can she overcome this challenge? How will Gale counter attack? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
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Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   February 11th 2016, 5:08 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 76
Water VS Flame

Last time on Dragon Soul, Gale prepared her ultimate attack. Xavier unlocked the ability to use energy attacks and he launched a full scale assault. However, Gale managed to fend off  his attacks and finished her preparations. The attack completely wiped out Xavier and Yasha. Xavier's words finally got through to Mara and now she is ready for battle. Will she be able to win? Can she overcome this challenge? How will Gale counter attack? Find out on the today's chapter of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:

Mara: I think that it's time that you let off some steam, Gale!
Gale: I don't think so!

Gale fires hundreds of the high pressure water blasts.

Mara: Phoenix Scream!!!!

A huge blast of fire bursts forth from Mara's mouth. The two attacks collide, but Mara's flames manage to outlast Gale's supply of water. Gale is noticeably angry.

Gale: How can a weakling like you beat my best attack?
Mara: Simple. Do you remember what I said to you about how I spent my days leading up to Ramsey cheating on me?
Gale: You said that you were exercising all the time. So what?

Mara just gives Gale a look. Gale then realizes what Mara was really doing.

Gale: You were training, but you couldn't even beat Von Rage by yourself. And yet a mere five months later you have made this much progress. I won't believe it. I call shenanigans!
Mara: I guess that you have learned some of our phrases since you came here.
Gale: Shut up! YOU WILL DIE NOW!

Gale begins to prepare another giant water ball.

Mara: Not so fast. Do you honestly think that I'm going to just sit here and wait?

Mara charges at Gale. Just then another Gale appears and blocks her path. The clone goes in for a right hook. Mara blocks it and returns with a left jab to the face. The clone gets up and begins to chuckle.

Mara: What's so funny?

After saying that, two more clones come out of the water.

Mara: So you are going for the numbers game? Well two can play at that.

Mara charges up power and creates two clones out of flames.

Mara: There now it's a triple battle. Music

Mara's left clone goes after the one on Mara's left and Gale's right. Mara's right clone does the opposite (Gale left/Mara's right). Mara herself goes for the one in the center. We start by focusing in on the fight between Mara's right clone and Gale's left clone.

Mara RC: Let's see which clones are tougher.
Gale LC: Let's!

RC goes in with flames in her hands. She punches several times. LC blocks most of them, but a few make it through. LC counters with a roundhouse kick. RC catches the leg and throws LC into the rocks.

Mara RC: Got you bitch! INFERNO FIRE BLAST!

RC's attack blasts LC away destroying it and the rocks, We now switch to the battle between Mara's left clone and Gale's right clone. They seem to be exchanging water and fire blasts.

Mara LC: Your water will never be able to reach me. It gets evaporated too quickly.
Gale RC: Your one to talk. My water is putting out your fires.
Mara LC: Then try to put this out. BURN BLAST!

LC launches a large blast of fire from her hands. RC counters with an equally large water blast. The two attacks cancel each other. The resulting steam allows RC to get in close and hit LC.

Mara LC: It will take more than that to beat me.
Gale RC: Then try this on for size. Shark Combat!
Mara LC: Phoenix Combat!

The two warriors' limbs become engulfed in their respective elements. They collide and begin exchanging kicks and punches. After about a minute, the two put all their power into their right fists.


The attacks make contact with each other. The force of the collision causes both clones to disappear. We switch over to the fight between Mara and Gal's center clone. They are staring each down.

Mara: Are you going to do anything?
Gale CC: You know what my job is so don't patronize me.
Mara: Fine, but I'm not going to go easy on you. White Hot Mode X5!

Mara's power increases greatly. She rushes in, but CC creates a big wave to use as a wall to block Mara. Mara tries to break through, but CC keeps adding more water. Mara RC shows up to help.

Mara RC: Let's do a combo.
Mara: Let's!
Mara RC: White Hot Mode X5! Inferno Fire Blast!
Mara: Burn Blast!

The two attacks combine and easily breakthrough the water wall. After the steam clears, we can see CC on the ground. She seems to have taken some damage, but not enough to make it disappear. It gets up and starts laughing. *Music Stops*

Gale CC: I can't believe you had this much power, but it's all for not.
Mara RC: Why would that be?
Gale CC: Look up.

We see that Gale has finished collecting all the water that she needs. She is beginning to compress the water.

Mara: We got to stop that attack. Last time it started at 55,000 PSI moving at Mach 3, and that was when he was half full.
Mara RC: Got it!
Gale CC: Not so fast!

CC rushes in and blasts RC at point blank range. This destroys RC.

Mara: Damn! White Hot Mode X10! Flare Blitz!

She speed blitzes CC. The attack forces CC into the ground and makes a big crater.

Mara: That should do it.
Gale CC: Not quite.
Mara: But how? A clone can't take that much damage.
Gale CC: That because I'm the original. When the water wall was blocking your view, I switched with the clone.
Mara: Then I will go for the real clone.

She tries to get to the clone, but the real Gale gets in front on her and kicks her back to the ground.

Gale: I won't make it that easy for you.
Clone: It's ready master.
Gale: Good job.

The clone hands it over to Gale. Then the clone disappears. Mara is looking up from the ground.

Gale: It's time to end this here and now.
Mara: I agree. It's finally time to use my secret technique!

Mara begins charging up tons of power and flames.

Gale: I'm impressed. This will be the last clash.

Gale begins to power up even more.

The battle between flames and water has begun. Mara has maintained an advantage the whole fight until Gale starts charging up her ultimate attack again. Gale makes clones to slow down Mara. She manages to defeat the clones, but not in time. Staring down the barrel of her enemy's attack, Mara prepares her ultimate attack. What is this ultimate attack? Will it be enough to overcome Gale's ultimate attack at full power? Find out next time on the arc 4 finale of Dragon Soul!
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
Location : Gourmet World
Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
Registration date : 2010-09-13

PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   March 3rd 2016, 1:05 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 4
Chapter 77
Soul Connection

Last time on Dragon Soul, the battle between flames and water has begun. Mara has maintained an advantage the whole fight until Gale starts charging up her ultimate attack again. Gale makes clones to slow down Mara. She manages to defeat the clones, but not in time. Staring down the barrel of her enemy's attack, Mara prepares her ultimate attack. What is this ultimate attack? Will it be enough to overcome Gale's ultimate attack at full power? Find out today on the arc 4 finale of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Gale: This will be the last clash.

Gale begins powering up even more. As she powers up, we can see the sun has almost completely set. We switch over to Ramsey's group. Based on the landscape, they are flying over Florida.

Wyatt: What's the matter Ramsey? You seem to have slowed down.
Ramsey: I think that flying at such great speeds all over the world for the past few days with little to no sleep has really drained me.
Valentine: How long till we get there?
Ramsey: Based on my current speed, I would put our arrival time at close to midnight.

At this time there is a slight burst of wind. It sends a shiver down their spines.

Valentine: Why did it get so cold all of a sudden?

Ramsey looks down at Valentine.

Ramsey: I don't know, but it can't be natural. The temperature feels like it just dropped 60 degrees.
Wyatt: Hey guys! I'm not the smartest one out there, but I don't think the sun sets in the south.
Both: What are you talking about?

They both look south. Their faces become stunned.

Ramsey: How?!
Valentine: That's coming from where Mara is at!

We get to see what they are looking at, and it appears to be a large source of light. It gets brighter and brighter until the sky becomes as bright as mid-day. Then the light disappears and darkness falls once again.

Wyatt: We have to hurry!
Ramsey: I can't fly any faster. I'm running out of power and might have to land so that I can rest.
Valentine: No, keep going! We will transfer you our energy to help fuel you for a little longer.

The two begin to concentrate. We see power flowing out from Wyatt and Valentine and head into Ramsey.

Ramsey: Thanks! Now Let's go!

We go back 15 minutes in time. Mara is continuing to charge up her attack. Her body has begun to heat up from all the flames. Gale has nearly finished compressing the water ball. Just then a gust of wind goes over the island. A chill seems to come over Gale.

Gale: What the hell is going on? I know that it's December, but we are too close to the equator for it to be this cold.

Just then another gust of cold wind goes over the island. This time we see frost beginning to form all over the island. A third gust of wind hits. This time Gale is able to notice that the gust of wind seems to be coming from Mara.

Gale: What are you doing? What kind of technique is this?
Mara: Why would I tell you? You're my enemy. It would be stupid of me to explain how my powers work to you. That would just open me up for a counter attack.
Gale: Fine! Then I will just have to take extra precautions!

Gale finished compressing the water ball down like before, but then she continues to compress it even more.

Gale: I will take my technique to it's at most peak of power. With this, you will surely die.
Mara: Maybe now this will be a real challenge.

Mara's body begins to emit large amounts of light. She appears to be a small star. This sequence of powering up goes on for ten minutes. Gale seems to be getting exhausted from compressing all that water into such a small space. Meanwhile, Mara's body has become so bright that it's nearly impossible to look in her direction.

Gale: There! I have done it! This is the highest level of compression that I am capable of.

We see that the ball of water has become the size of a softball. However, Gale seems to be breathing heavy.

Gale: I will show you what it means to fear me. I will release all this power at once. Shark Warrior Ultimate Secret Technique- Poseidon's Tsunami Trident Cannon!

The water blasts out with even greater speed and power than before. Time slows down as we see the attack approach Mara. She just stares at it.

Mara: I didn't that I would be able to use this technique since it has a long charge up time, but you have given me all the time I needed.

Despite the brightness emanating from Mara's body, her eyes still seem to glow brighter than the rest of her body. Music . There is a burst of very hot air.

Mara: Phoenix Warrior Ultimate Secret Technique- STARBUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mara manages to get of her attack off just as Gale's attack is about to hit her. The two attacks seem to be even, but Mara's attack isn't able to push back Gale's attack which is still right in front of Mara.

Mara: It was fun fighting you, but now It's time to end this. FULL POWER!!!!!!!!

She bursts forth with immense power which easily over powers Gale's attack. Gale only has a few seconds to think to herself before she is blasted. She then smiles. And with that Gale is blasted with the attack.  *Music Stop* This is how Mara's attack would have gone . After the attack is over Mara becomes very exhausted and begins to breathe heavily. As the smoke clears, we can see the barely alive and mangled body of Gale. Mara walks over to her.

Mara: Any last words?
Gale: I admit that I have failed my Emperor, but if you think that power of yours will be enough to stop us then you are gravely mistaken. The Emperor and his forces are much more powerful then you could ever imagine.

Mara shakes her head and begins the warrior soul capture ritual.

Mara: Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao, Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao....

As she concentrates her energy, the shark warrior soul begins to come out of Gale. As it does, we can see the light of life leave her. The warrior soul's energy is compressed into a sapphire armband . She puts it on her arm as she walks over to Yasha and Xavier. At this point her energy is so low, she transforms back to normal. She uses what little first aid knowledge that she has to bandage them up. She also uses her guardian powers to slightly heal them, but only enough to stabilize them. After that, the exhaustion takes over and she falls unconscious. She is suddenly awakened by the sound of someone's voice.

????: Mara, Are you okay? What happened?

She manages to open her eyes all the way and see that it is Valentine.

Mara: What took you so long?
Valentine: We were a little low on power so it took awhile.

Wyatt walks over.

Wyatt: What went on here?
Mara: It's a long story. How did you guys even get here?

They both point to Ramsey who is healing both Yasha and Xavier who are now coming to consciousness. Mara sees Ramsey and turns back to Wyatt and Valentine with a look of disdain.

Mara: I notice that it's still dark out. What time is it?
Wyatt: According to my watch it's now five minutes to midnight. Now let's get you onto your feet.

They help Mara to her feet. Then they all walk over to the others.

Mara: I see that you guys are as reckless as ever.
Xavier: I told you that as your friend that it was our duty to protect you at all costs.
Yasha: We wouldn't change anything even if we had to do it a million more times.
Xavier: Now that we are all together again, Ramsey isn't there something that you wanted to say to Mara?

He looks at the group and then to Mara. He has a look of hesitation.

Mara: I don't care what it is. I don't want to hear it!
Wyatt: MARA! Please stop being so idiotic and just listen to what he has to say!
Mara: Fine, but one step out of line and I'm out of here.

Ramsey slowly approaches Mara.

Ramsey: Mara, I know that our relationship is a rocky one. It has been from the very beginning. It was especially hard over the last few months. I also know that I wasn't giving you the attention that you needed. I thought that you needed space so I gave it to you. In the meantime, I tried to come up with a way to make you feel better while also conveying how much I cared for you. Unfortunately, this only created a rift between us, and then you stumbled onto one of my meetups with someone who was helping me do something for you. It did look bad out of context, but I assure you that I wasn't cheating on you.

At hearing those words, Mara  punches Ramsey very hard in the stomach. This causes him to go down on one knee while clenching his stomach in pain. He looks back up at Mara.

Mara: (sarcastically) Continue!
Ramsey: I deserved that. Mara, I have never ever thought of cheating on you. You are the most beautiful and kind woman that I have ever met. It's true that I once loved another, but because I didn't do what was necessary I lost her. Now there is a chance that I will lose you too. I promise you that I will always love you now and forever. Ever long after our bodies are gone. That s why?

Music, He pulls out a box.

Ramsey: Mara Calabrese, Will you marry me?

He opens the box to reveal a ring with a flame colored diamond. Mara stands there in shock. She is speechless and there is silence for a full minute.

Xavier: Are you going to give him an answer or not?
Yasha: Yeah, that diamond wasn't easy to get. It's a rare Phoenix flame diamond.
Ramsey: So will you do me the honor of being my wife?

Mara stands there for a few seconds before she breaks out in tears. She then hugs Ramsey.

Mara: (heavy sobbing) You damn idoit of course I will. I thought that you didn't love me, but in reality you were just getting ready to show me the ultimate form of love and commitment. This is the best thing that you could have ever done for me.

The two embrace one another. The others are all smiling and cheering them on. The scene seems to spin around and around as we continue to watch the couple embrace. As this happens, we can see flashes of various moments in Mara and Ramsey's relationship. Some are happy while others are sad, but the general tone of the group is upbeat and positive. Ramsey's watch begins to beep.

Ramsey: Well look at the time. Merry Christmas my love!
Mara: Merry Christmas to you too!

The two share a very passionate kiss as we begin to pan out. We look up at the beautiful night sky which is full of stars. Just then a shooting star dances across the sky which is followed by the scene fading to black.

The battle between Mara and Gale heated up. Both combatants used all their power to launch their most powerful ultimate techniques. The clash started even, but Mara quickly overpowered Gale. Mara managed to get the shark soul and stabilize Yasha and Xavier before she fell unconscious. Upon waking up, she was confronted by Wyatt, Valentine, and Ramsey. Begrudgingly she listen to Ramsey's words in which he proposed to her. Now our heroes have a wedding to plan. Find out what happens next in the fifth arc of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 78
Engagement Party

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey's relationship took a major hit due to some misunderstandings. This lead Mara to run away and encounter Gale, the Shark warrior. After Xavier as the new Tiger warrior failed to win, Mara was forced to let go of her fears of loss and to fight with all of her power. Upon defeating Gale and capturing the Shark soul, Ramsey proposed to Mara. Now our heroes have a wedding to plan. Find out what happens today on the Arc 5 premiere of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We open on a cold and slightly breezy January morning. The sun is shining bright through the window in Mara's room. She seems to be packing a bag for a weekend trip. We can clearly see that she is wearing the engagement ring on her left hand. After a minute, she brings her bag down to the living room. The air is filled with the smell of freshly cooked breakfast meats, pancakes, and coffee. She walks into the kitchen and Ramsey is frantically cooking breakfast while doing some work on the computer.

Mara: Wow the food smells great "Bearsey".

She goes and kisses him on the cheek. Ramsey barely acknowledges it. He seems wrapped up in his work. She gently knocks on his head like a door.

Mara: Hello is anyone in there?

Ramsey snaps out of it.

Ramsey: I'm sorry, "Tigara". I've just had the most busy morning ever.
Mara: What's wrong?
Ramsey: I'm still trying to quell our sudden internet fame.
Mara: I told you, that this isn't like any of the other incidents. There are too many pictures and videos out there. Our fan base has grown to be way too large at too great a speed to snuff out. All we can do now is to just keep the whole truth from the public. As long as they don't learn our true identities, then we will be fine. We live in the internet age where any small thing can explode in popularity.

She goes in closer.

Mara: Now let's sit down and eat breakfast. We have to leave soon.
Ramsey: I know, but first before we have breakfast let's have a little dessert.

He turns around and plants a kiss on Mara's lips. The two begin making out. This goes on for five minutes before they stop to eat breakfast. While eating, they engage in some conversions about wedding details. It quickly becomes one sided as Mara keeps prattling on about all the things that she wants for the wedding. Ramsey just looks at her in confusion as he eats his food.

Ramsey: Damn it, I never knew that there were so many things that went into planning a wedding. I never got to propose to Emma so I never got to learn about this part. I hope that I can do this. I'm not very good at this kind of stuff.

He looks at Mara who is still lost in her rant about flowers and dresses. Ramsey just smiles and nods. After finishing their breakfast, they load up the car and head out. As they leave, several large tractor trailers arrive at the mansion. Mara and Ramsey head to the airport where Ramsey's private jet is waiting for them. They get on and the pilot helps them with their bags. They take off and a short amount of time goes by before Mara becomes quiet. She appears to be nervous.

Ramsey: What's the matter?
Mara: I'm worried what they are going to say about our engagement. I know that we sent them a card telling them, but we the only response that we got was for us to come over for the weekend. I'm worried that they don't approve.
Ramsey: Why wouldn't they approve? They love you like your real parents. I know that like any parents that they are excited for us.
Mara: But they knew you as my physical therapist, so you don't think that you suddenly becoming my fiance wouldn't seem just a little bit strange.
Ramsey: Maybe to some people, but one can find their soulmate at any time under any circumstances. I think that they will understand and be very happy so don't worry my "Tigara".

He holds Mara's hand and gently taps it to calm her down.

Mara: Thanks "Bearsey"!

They kiss and Mara seems to completely calm down. After about an hour, they land. Once they are off the plane, a car is there waiting for them. The car takes them to a very humble suburban cul-de-sac. They stop at the house at the end of the street. It's at this point that Mara begins to squeeze Ramsey's hand hard. They get out and walk up to the door. Ramsey is about to knock when Mara stops him.

Mara: Wait! Maybe we shouldn't do this.
Mara: Because our lives aren't the most normal. It isn't very safe for us to let our guard down so much. I think we should just go back home and get married at one of those places on the strip.
Ramsey: Don't worry about it. I am here to protect you and your family. Besides we need normal things like this to prevent us from going crazy. Now just trust me.
Mara: Fine.

Mara begins squeezing his hand even harder. This is noticeably crushing his hand which is causing him much pain, but he just ignores it. He goes to knock on the door again, but it just flings open. Standing there are Jane and Mary. They are crying, but they seem to be tears of joy.

Mary: It's about time that you guys got here.
Jane: Come on where's our hug?

Mara lets go of Ramsey's hand and rushes in to give them a big hug. Ramsey briefly turns around with a face of great pain. He looks at his mangled hand with sadness and begins to heal it.

????: So it's been awhile Ramsey. How's it going?
????: I don't remember you being this shy before.

He turns to see Joe and Dick. He extends his left hand for a handshake while keeping his right hand hidden as it is still healing.

Ramsey: Sorry about that I was just answering a text from a coworker.

He shakes each of their hands.

Joe: Based on how busy a miracle worker like you must be, it's surprising that you had time to come out here for the whole weekend.
Ramsey: Yeah, I have accumulated a lot of vacation time.
Dick: Well come on in. Everyone's been dying to meet you.
Ramsey: (confused) Everyone?

He walks into the home and there are dozens of people standing throughout the house. Ramsey is lead all throughout the crowd of people. He takes the time to meet and talk with everyone of them. Meanwhile, Mara is on the couch in the livingroom talking with her "parents".

Mary: So I know that you guys have only been engaged for two weeks, but do you have a date in mind?
Mara: Yes, we are planning on having it on June 9th.
Jane: Wait, isn't that a little soon!
Dick: I agree, maybe you guys should shoot for a fall wedding instead.
Mara: We both discussed it, and that's what we agreed on.  
Joe: What about finding a venue to have the ceremony and the reception? Also you are going to need caterers, photographers, and a DJ. Are you sure that you will be able to find all that on such short notice?

Mara giggles slightly.

Mara: Don't worry about any of it. We are having everything at Ramsey's mansion. He also has the hookup for everything else that we need. He even has a guy that will make my dress as well as the bridesmaid dresses. Also he is willing to make tuxedos for the groomsmen.
Dick: It all sounds very expensive.
Mara: I told you not to worry. Ramsey has gotten everything covered. We just need to plan what we want and it will be done.
Jane: Speaking of bridesmaids and groomsmen, have you given those any thought?

Mara is quiet for a moment. Then she looks at both Jane and Mary.

Mara: Well I was hoping that you two would be my maids of honor.
Both women: Of course!

Mara turns to Joe and Dick.

Mara: Also I was hoping that both of you could walk me down the aisle.
Both men: We were worried that you would never ask.
Mara: I love you guys so much. I do wish that Megan, Jennifer, and my parents could be here.

As she says this, the mood dampens. Mara begins to cry a little, but before long her "parents" comfort her.

Dick: Don't worry about it.
Jane: You are like a daughter to all of us and we would do anything for you.
Mary: Besides it's what Megan and Jennifer would have wanted.
Joe: Now let's stop with all this sour talk and enjoy this party. There are still some people that you need to see, and I think Ramsey might be a little bit over his head.

Mara looks over to Ramsey who is surrounded by guests. She laughs and walks over to him.

Mara: Need a little help?
Ramsey: Maybe a little.
Mara: What's our plan commander?
Ramsey: Divide and conquer!

They proceed to talk to all the guests. They spend the majority of the time answering all their questions about the wedding, their history as a couple, and their plans for the future. They try to answer as best they can of course they leave out all the bits about their Double life. Night falls as we pan out, then the scene fades to black.

Mara and Ramsey prepared to leave to meet the "parents" for the first time since they got engaged. Unfortunately for our heroes, their lives have become very complicated due to their sudden internet fame. Despite some worries, they managed to arrive to their engagement party where they were faced with many guests who had many questions. Can our heroes handle the pressures of planning a wedding? What kind of festivities will they turn out to be? Find out in the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 79
A New Partnership

Last time on Dragon Soul, our couple was faced with a sudden burst of internet popularity that stemmed from their fight with Gale. Unfortunately, they had to first deal with the post engagement meeting of the "parents". At first they were overwhelmed with the amount of people that came to the party, but after some encouragement from Mara's "parents" they were able to divide and conquer. What problems will they come across as they plan this big shindig? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

It's a cold morning with a bit of light snow on the ground. A car comes up to the mansion. Wyatt, Valentine, Yasha, and Xavier step out of the car. They walk up to the door and knock. The door opens and Ramsey is there to greet them.

Ramsey: Welcome everyone! I'm so glad that you finally made it.
Yasha: It took longer then we thought to clean everything out.
Xavier: I hope that our associates haven't been too much of a bother.
Ramsey: No. Now come in to the dinning room. I have breakfast prepared if you like.
Wyatt: Don't mind if we do.
Valentine: Thanks.

The group goes into the dining room where a big spread has been put out. They sit down, but there seems to be a missing Mara.

Yasha: So where's Mara?
Ramsey: She'll be just a few minutes. She's out back in the training room getting a morning workout. In fact, She should be coming in just about now.

As he says this, Mara walks in. She is wearing her basic workout clothes, which includes yoga pants, sneakers and a sports bra.

Mara: Hey everyone. It's nice to see you all.

She goes and gives each one of them a hug.

Mara: Sorry for the smell, as you can tell I just came from a workout.
Xavier: That's fine. Exercise is always a good thing.
Mara: Let me go get a shower then we can all eat and talk.
Yasha: Hun, you don't need to do that. Eat first then you can get a shower.
Mara: I mean if you guys don't mind.

They all nod. Mara joins them at the table. They begin eating, and about five minutes later the conversation begins.

Wyatt: So how has the wedding plans been going?
Mara: Their moving along great.
Ramsey: Well I think it's going a little bit too quickly. I can hardly keep up with her.
Valentine: That does tend to happen. Now Mara I've finished the concept art for your dress. Would you like to see it?
Mara: Not right in front of Ramsey. It's bad luck for the groom to see the dress before the wedding. You can show me later.
Valentine: Sure.

They go back to being mostly quiet until towards the end of the meal.

Xavier: So let's discuss what we came here to discuss.

Everyone gets a little more serious. Ramsey gets up and prepares to speak.

Ramsey: Now I know that when we first came into contact with one another we were enemies, but due to various circumstances, our paths keep on crossing time and again. Time and again we are forced to combine our resources, so I thought why not permanently pool our resources. Today we are here to officially combined all our resources under one roof. It's taken some time, but your facilities have been successfully moved to this property. You will all also be moving into the mansion so as to stay close to us and your tech. Also as a part of this, we will be sharing any and all info on our resources.

Everyone looks at each other then back at Ramsey.

Ramsey: I have shared many things with you all, but now that we all have gathered I thinks it's time to show you the town.

At this statement, everyone but Mara becomes confused.

Xavier: What do you mean by the "town"?
Wyatt: Is it some sort of training ground?
Ramsey: No. It's the town that I founded on this plot of land that I own.
Yasha: How much land do you own?
Ramsey: In total, I own 50 square miles of land.
Valentine: That's enormous.
Ramsey: That's what I thought as well, so I decided to use some of it to start a town.
Xavier: I haven't heard of any town nearby.
Ramsey: That's because it's still new and is very small. The town itself only takes up about half the land.

Ramsey sits back down.

Ramsey: I wanted to make sure that I did as much good as I could with all the land and money that I had.
Xavier: Mara, did you know about this?
Mara: Of course, I have even been there several times.
Yasha: I'm curious, what would a man like yourself name a town?

Ramsey closes his eyes briefly as if to look back on a memory. He then reopens them.

Ramsey: It wasn't easy to come up with something, but then I remember something that Emma once said to me. She mentioned about a city name that a friend from college told her about. He was making up a bunch of names for cities to use in his D&D games. I think that he is a voice actor now. Anyway, I thought that in honor of her I would use that name.

Yasha: And that would be?
Ramsey: Just come with me and I will show you.

They all get up and begin heading out. Mara pulls Valentine aside.

Mara: Can you come with me to my room? I really want to see the dress design.
Valentine: Sure.  

They walk up towards Mara's room. The others travel by car towards the far end of the property. It takes them about 15 minutes to get there. It's just as Ramsey said. The town is very small, but it seems to be full of life. After a few minutes, they arrive at the town square. They get out and Ramsey stands in front of the group.

Ramsey: I present you the town square at which is the perfect center of town.
Xavier: Are you going to tell us the name?
Ramsey: The town sign is behind you.

The group turns around. As they do, Ramsey speaks again.

Ramsey: I present you the small town of Emon.

They gaze at the unusually large sign that says, " Welcome to Emon!". We switch over to Mara and Valentine. Valentine is sitting on a chair in her room. He seems to be waiting. Mara comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body and another one wrapped around her head.

Mara: Sorry for the wait, but I really needed a shower. I just couldn't stand being so sweaty for much longer.
Valentine: That's fine.
Mara: So show me.

Mara sits down on her bed. Valentine gets up and pulls out a tablet.

Valentine: I made the design on this tablet, and used a virtual model to simulate what it would look on someone with your measurements.

He sits down on the bed next to Mara. He turns the tablet so she could see it. He pulls up the design and Mara is immediately ecstatic about the design.

Mara: Thank you so much. It looks amazing.
Valentine: I'm glad that you liked it. I also have the designs for your bridesmaid dresses.

He shows them to her.

Mara: These are also really amazing. If we weren't spending so much time trying to save the world, I would tell you to do this kind of stuff for a living.
Valentine: Thanks. I really appreciate that. Can I just say one more thing?
Mara: What?
Valentine: You must tell me what kind of body wash that you use because you are absolutely glowing.
Mara: I just use your basic lavender scented body wash. It's nothing special.
Valentine: But you're just glowing so much.
Mara: Thanks. You look dashing yourself.
Valentine: No, I mean that you are REALLY GLOWING!
Mara: What?!

Mara looks down to see a very bright light, however it appears to be coming from behind her. She turns and see that the source of the light is the sapphire armband that's sitting on her bed. She then turns back to Valentine.

Mara: Is this the first time that you have gotten this close to the armband?
Valentine: I think so. What does this mean?
Mara: It means that the Shark Soul has chosen you as it's next host.

She picks it up and hands it to Valentine.

Mara: Valentine, do you accept the powers of the Shark Soul and the responsibilities that come with it?
Valentine: I do.
Mara: Then let the power flow through you and become the Shark Warrior.

Valentine holds the armband close to his body and the light grows until it completely envelops him. After a moment, the light fades. Valentine now has a very shark like appearance, https://i.ytimg.com/vi/lkwex6ZOoeQ/hqdefault.jpg . He is also wearing shark like armor, http://static1.e926.net/data/5d/a7/5da7aca5126b635caf87aff0d85ace16.jpg except it's ocean blue. He just stands there enamored by this whole situation.

Mara: Welcome to the club.

The former agents of ALIENS have come to officially join forces with Mara and Ramsey. Ramsey then informs them that he has used some of his land to start a town called Amon. While showing Mara the dress designs for the wedding, The shark soul responded to Valentine being so close, and chose him as it's new host. What will become of our newest soul warrior? What does this mean for the others? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   August 22nd 2016, 4:46 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 80
One Crazy Night

Last time on Dragon Soul, our band of heroes finally decided to make their partnership official and move in together so as to operate under one roof. Ramsey informed  them of a town that he made using part of his land called Amon. Later it was discovered that the shark soul had chosen Valentine to be it's next host. What will become of our newest soul warrior? What does this mean for the others? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

The sun shines brightly as it begins to rise on this fairly warm May morning. We see our heroes all groggy while eating their breakfast. The only one who isn't groggy is Ramsey who as usual is upbeat and very energized.

Ramsey: I told you guys to not stay up so late last night training.
Mara: I know, but I wanted to get in as much as possible because we won't be able to train while my "parents" are here.
Ramsey: Which reminds me, I want everyone to be fully ready before they get here. There are tons of things to do. A lot of the guest will be arriving soon at the airport, and I have cars waiting for them. By my estimation, they should arrive at the mansion in two hours.
Yasha: My boy, Ramsey, I would love to know how you do it? You do so much stuff, yet you always have energy. You work harder then anyone of us.
Ramsey: I have had a lot of practice plus my natural healing allows me to need less rest then most people. That is because my energy and stamina recover much faster.
Xavier: You know if you spent more time training, then you could probably be the strongest among us.
Ramsey: That isn't necessarily the truth. Now everyone please finish eating so that we can finish getting the house ready for our guests.

They all finish their breakfasts. They then all go off to their rooms to get ready for the day. About two hours go by and just as Ramsey predicted the cars arrive with the guests. The group goes out to meet them and helps them bring in their bags. After the guests have some time to settle in, they all gather in the backyard where some festivities are being held. Dick and Joe are with Ramsey who is manning the grill.

Joe: I must say that this place of yours is magnificent.
Ramsey: Thanks.
Dick: So are you ready for the bachelor party tonight?
Ramsey: I don't know. I never was a party kind of guy.
Joe: Don't worry we got everything all plan out so all that you have to do is enjoy.
Dick: Yeah. We were really crazy party people back in college.
????: You can't be planning on having fun without me are you Ramsey?

They turn to see Ramsbottom walking towards them. Ramsey goes over and gives him a big hug.

Ramsey: I didn't think that you would be able to make it due to work.
Ramsbottom: Well I made some time for today and tomorrow, then I will return for the big day.
Ramsey: I'm glade to hear it.
Ramsbottom: I guess that means Mara will be having her bachelorette party tonight.
Joe: Yup our wives are leading that escapade.
Dick: Now let's eat. I'm starving!
All: Agreed!

Everyone digs into the very large spread. The party goes till dusk. It's at this time that the bachelor and bachelorette groups get themselves ready and head out. They both start the night in similar but separate fashion. They each partake in some of the traditional activities one would do during these type of events. These include going to dancing, drinking, and strippers. We focus in on Ramsey's group which includes Dick, Joe, Ramsbottom, Xavier, Wyatt, Yasha, and Valentine. They are headed into a casino. They start with black jack.

Ramsey: I am really good at this one. Looks at his cards. I bet $100.

Each follows suit until we get to Xavier.

Xavier: I'll see your $100 and raise you $50.
Ramsey: Then I'll see your $50 and raise it another $100.
Dick: I don't think that's worth it so I'm out.

The others do the same. Now It's a one on one card battle between Ramsey and Xavier. They stare each other down.

Xavier: Fine, then I'll raise it again by $750. I think that $1,000 is a much better and more round number.
Ramsey: Don't get so cocky. I see that and raise it to $5,000. What do you think of that?
Xavier: I say that your on!
Ramsey: Bring it on!

They now give each other the death stare. They continue to go back and forth continually raising the bet higher and higher. All the while they insult each other. What started as a simple gambling game has now turned into a contest to out do the other. In their minds it has become a battle of pride, and has even gotten to the point where they each begin to imagine this as a real fight to the death. In their heads, we even get to see the two warriors fighting it out. The others are just looking on with some being embarrassed while others are concerned.

Dick: Hey you two. This was suppose to be fun.
Joe: Yeah you don't have to take it that far.
Ramsey: Don't worry about it. I'm ending this now.

As he says that, in their head battle Ramsey has prepared his ultimate attack.

Head Ramsey: Ultimate Attack- Judgement Blast!
Ramsey: I'll raise it to $1,000,000,000!

Everyone is shocked. In their head battle, Xavier is blow away.

Xavier: I guess that I must concede defeat.
Ramsey: Yes! I win!
Joe: Why does that matter? You're already filthy rich.
Ramsey: It's the... Hiccup, the principle of the thing.
Ramsbottm: I don't think that I have ever seen him drunk before. I think that I like drunk Ramsey.

We switch over to Mara's group which includes Jane, Mary, and a handful of other girls. They are currently at a strip club, and seem to be drinking a lot.

Mara: YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Shake that ass gentlemen!

She has three male strippers dancing around her. One of the girls walks over to them.

Girl 1: Hey stop hogging all the good ones!
Mara: Hey this is my bachelorette party so I get special treatment!

Just then another one comes up.

Girl 2: She's right. If she wants those guys she should get them. There are plenty more.
Girl 1: You shut your trap.

It's at this point that Girl 1 falls over and passes out.

Girl 2: Ha! She couldn't hold her alcohol.

At this point, she also passes out and falls onto the floor. Jane and Mary stumble over to Mara.

Jane: Hey I think that it's time to go. Everyone else is passed out drunk.
Mara: Why?
Mary: I mean, we were crazy party girls in our heyday, but we can't go as far as we use to.
Mara: Then I will stay here.
Jane: Why?
Mara: Well isn't it obvious!

She looks at the now five male strippers who are performing for her.

Mary: Come on! You're getting ready to get married soon. You can't be fawning over these men anymore.
Mara: Maybe I want to.
Jane: What reason would you have for...

Before she can finish her sentence, even more male strippers come over and completely surround her.


The male strippers walk away. Mara just sits there pouting while drinking some more alcohol.

Jane: What's wrong? This isn't you.
Mary: You can tell us anything.

She just sits there and ponders for a moment. Then she puts her drink down and turns to Mary and Jane.

Mara: To tell you the truth I'm nervous. I think that I might be having some doubts about marrying Ramsey.
Mary: Oh good heavens!
Jane: My word.

The two women hug Mara. It's at this time that we can notice that there is a very dark corner of the club. It seems as if the lights in that area were broken. We look even closer to try and see what's in the darkness. At first glance there is nothing, but then a big pair of piercing red eyes open up. Then a light chuckle is heard as the figure smilies reveal a set of impressively sharp teeth, before the figure disappears.

As our heroes continue to get ready for the fast approaching wedding day, they take some time for a little fun. Ramsey's group goes to do some gambling where he and Xavier went into a crazy raising war. Meanwhile Mara's group spent much time at the strip club where they got to enjoy the company of many men as well as much alcohol. Mara started to get out of hand, and that is when she reveals that she is getting cold feet. Then there appeared to be a shady figure hiding in a darkened part of the club. Who was the shady figure? Why does Mara have cold feet? Can Mary and Jane help her? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 81

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara and Ramsey had their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Ramsey got into a raising war with Xavier which he won. Mara however was going a little too crazy with the male strippers. It was then that she revealed that she was having doubts about the wedding. Also it was revealed that there was a shady figure watching the group from the shadows. What does this figure want? Why does Mara have doubts? Can Mary and Jane help her? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:  
Mary, Jane, and Mara are hugging in the middle of a strip club. After a few minutes, they let go.

Mary: You know it's very natural for people to get a little cold feet before their wedding.
Mara: But I don't have the best track record when it comes to good things happening to me.
Jane: That may be true, but you can't let that fear prevent you from enjoying the good things in life.

Mara gets up.

Mara: You guys just don't understand!

She picks up her drink and finishes it. Then she proceeds to exit the club. Mary and Jane go after Mara, but as soon as they go outside she seems to have completely disappeared.

Mary: Where did she go?
Jane: I don't know. It's like she just up and vanished.

They try looking for her for an hour before they give up and get a cab back to the mansion. The sun rises the next day. Everyone is up eating breakfast except for Mara who is nowhere to be found.

Yasha: You ladies must have had one crazy night. Mara's still in her bed asleep.
Mary: (nervously) Yeah.
Yasha: What's wrong?
Jane: Nothing. She just had a little too much to drink last night and still has a very bad hangover.
Valentine: I have something for that.
Ramsey: Maybe I should go see how's she is feeling. Maybe there is something that I can do.
Both: No!

This takes Ramsey aback.

Ramsey: What's wrong?
Jane: Nothing. We just feel that she just needs to sleep it off.
Ramsey: Ok, but just remember to not let her drink so much next time. She has a problem with control when it comes to drinking alcohol.
Mary: We'll keep that in mind.

Everyone returns to eating their breakfast. Xavier stares at them intently. It seems that he thinks that something is up. The day continues on with some more activities as well as some finalization of some wedding details. Mara doesn't come down till dinner time.

Ramsey: Well it's about time that you came down. How are we feeling?

Mara just gives him an evil look and then continues into the kitchen.

Ramsey: Wow that bad. Well I guess that she still needs some more rest.
Mary: Maybe we should go check on her.
Jane: I agree.

Mary and Jane get up and go into the kitchen. Xavier stares at them as they do so.

Xavier: I know that they are hiding something. I just can't figure out what. I just hope that she didn't accidentally used her powers while drunk last night.

Mary and Jane find Mara resting her head down on the table.

Mara: Groans.
Jane: You feeling any better. You had a lot to drink last night.
Mara: Groans.
Mary: Come on, you shouldn't be sitting around. You should walk around for a little bit to get the blood flowing.

Mara puts her head up and looks at Mary and Jane.

Mara: Did I say anything weird last night while I was drunk?
Mary: No.
Jane: Nope.
Mara: I'm glad that you want to spare my feelings, but I remember what I said. I'm sorry for all that, but I didn't mean any of it.

Jane and Mary look at one another then they turn back to Mara. They take her by the hand.

Mary: Hun, we know all too well that when people get drunk that they tend to reveal their deepest darkest secrets.
Jane: We will say it again. Everyone gets nervous about their weddings.
Mara: But what you guys don't understand is that my life has been riddled with tragedies. Not only am I worried that something might go wrong with the day itself, but I'm concerned that I'm rushing things and that he might not be the one.
Jane: I too  thought that about Dick, but then one day, while we were hiking, he nearly fell off a cliff. I managed to rescue him, but the whole time all I could think about was how devastated I would be if I had lost him. I just thought that if he had died there that I wasn't sure if I could have gone on living.
Mary: Something similar happened to Joe. He was caught in the crossfire of a gang fight. He was in surgery for hours that day to remove all the bullets.

Mara sits back down and ponders what she just heard.

Mara: I'm glad that you shared those stories, but based on my personal experience I still have doubts. I have nearly lost Ramsey before, but due to all the tragedies in my life that have be fallen those I love I can't bring myself to let my guard down. I want to put all my power into preventing anything bad from happening to him, but I still feel off. It's almost as if there's something that's missing to help bring our hearts together.

She gets up.

Mara: Thank you for everything, but I'm just going to need some time to myself.

Then she walks away. Mary and Jane just sit there pondering on what to do next. It's then that Xavier walks in.

Xavier: I see that you ladies are having some trouble with Mara.
Jane: Wait did you hear any of that?
Xavier: I heard it all.
Mary: Please don't tell Ramsey. It might ruin everything.

Xavier walks in a little more and leans back on the counter.

Xavier: It's not my place to say anything to Ramsey. However I will give you ladies some advice.
Jane: You want to help us?
Xavier: I don't know you ladies very much, but Mara is my friend and I know just how stubborn she can be. My recommendation is to pull no punches and go all in.

He then walks away. Mary and Jane are left alone in the kitchen.

Mary: He's right, maybe it's time that we give it to her.
Jane: I agree. Good thing that I brought it with me.

Just then the sound of thunder is heard outside. They look out the window to see that it's pouring rain out.

Mary: Wow when it rains here it rains hard. Maybe we should wait till tomorrow.
Jane: Ok.

We pan out as they begin to leave the kitchen. We get a look at the mansion in the midst of all the rain, thunder, and lightning. It's almost haunting, but at the same time it's majestic. We get a view of the place from the road. Lightning flashes again, and a mysterious hooded figure appears at the front gates. The hood is keeping the face hidden in darkness. Another flash of light only manages to reveal the mouth which has the same teeth as the one from the other night. A hand comes out from the cloak and we can see that it's covered in fur and has claws. Then with another flash of light the figure disappears.

Mara wasn't feeling so good after her night of drinking. This lead her to sleep most of the day while everyone else was getting more things done for the wedding. Mary and Jane tried to help her on her own, but failed. Xavier, who overheard everything, decided to give the ladies some advice. Now they prepare to give something to Mara in the morning that they think will help. Will this thing be able to help her? Can Mara get passed this mental block? And what does this mysterious figure want? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 82
The Girls' Message

Last time on Dragon Soul, Mara slept in to recover from a night of drinking. Mary and Jane being concerned tried to speak to her again to help, but to no  avail. Xavier found out about this dilemma and gave them some advice. Now they plan to give her something that they feel is their best shot at helping her. Then the mysterious figure showed up at the front gate. What does it want? What is it's plan, and can Mara remove her doubts before this seemingly new threat makes it's move? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:
Mara has gone to bed for the night. We can hear the loud bangs of the thunder and see the flashes of light from the lightning. The rain is pouring down with intense force. Just then during a flash of light, we can briefly see the figure appear in her bedroom window before it disappears again.Mara starts to toss and turn. We enter into to her mind to see what she is dreaming about. When looking around, it just appears to be the backyard during the day. Then several people come in carrying many decorations. They seem to be setting up for something. Ramsey comes out the back yard with Valentine and Yasha.

Ramsey: Ok everyone, we need to make sure that everything is perfect. I will not have me and Mara's special day ruined by badly set up decorations.
Valentine: Hey you! The flowers go over there.
Man: Yes sir.
Yasha: Make sure that the cloth is draping over the columns, but don't let them touch the ground.
Woman: Yes sir!

The setup only takes about an hour.

Yasha: alright they are just about done, so we need to get into our tuxes.
Ramsey: But there are still a few more things that need to be set up.
Valentine: We don't got time. Just let them finish.
Yasha: Not only do I need to get dressed, but I have got to do Mara's hair.
Ramsey: Fine! Let's go!

They go and get dressed. An hour passes and everybody is in their places. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen all walk down the aisle. We see that Mara is waiting inside with Dick and Joe. She is wearing a simple white wedding dress. She is visibly nervous.

Dick: Everything ok?
Mara: No, I'm too nervous. Maybe we should do this another time.
Joe: Don't worry about it. Everything is going to be fine.
Mara: You're right. This is my wedding day and I should be happy.
Dick: That's the spirit.

Dick and Joe each take one of Mara's arms. Music

Joe: I guess that it's time.

Mara takes a deep breath.

Mara: Let's do this!

The trio steps out of the doors. Everyone rises as Mara, Dick, and Joe walk down the aisle. There are people cheering, and some are crying. Jane and Mary can barely keep themselves composed. Time seems to slow down as Mara looks around to see all the people that have come for this special day. This causes a tear to come to her eye.

Mara: I can't believe it. I made it to my wedding day. I thought that this would never happen.

She turns her head to face the altar. She stares at Ramsey who in turn stares at her.

Mara: I must be the most luckiest girl in the world to have found such a wonderful man. He has been through so much with me.  Now not only is he committing to spending the rest of his life with me, but he plans to continue to help me in this perilous journey that I have been sent on.

They make it to the altar. Dick and Joe each give Mara a kiss on the cheek. Music Stop

Minister: Who may I ask give this girl for marriage?
Dick and Joe: We do!

They let go of Mara and she grabs Ramsey's hand. Then Dick and Joe go off to the side. The couple turns to the minister. The ceremony goes on without a hitch. Then we reach the vows.

Minister: Do you Ramsey Brice Steele take this woman to be your loftly wedded wife... till death do you part?
Ramsey: I do!
Minister: Do you Mara Calabrese take this man to be your loftly wedded husband... till death do you part?

Mara tries to say "I do", but no sound comes out of her mouth. She looks around for help, but everyone else has moved on with the ceremony as if nothing's wrong. This becomes even more strange when everyone else loses all sound. Mara's frantically trying to get someone's attention, but it doesn't work. Then the sunny day becomes dark as cloud begin to cover the sun. Before Mara can react a large wolf shaped shadow appears on the ground and she begins to fall through. Nobody seems to  notice anything that's going on. Mara just keeps falling deeper and deeper into the dark abyss. She tries to get out and call for help, but she just keeps falling and there is still no sound. She finally reaches a bottom. She looks up and there is no sign of the hole that she fell in just darkness.


She turns to see where the laughter was coming from, but all she sees is a very large dark shadow in the shape of a wolf whose mouth grows in size to swallow her whole. It closes it's mouth. It's at this time that Mara wakes up in a cold sweat. The storm is stilling raging outside. Also for the first time in a while Mara feels very hot, and goes to the thermostat to turn the a/c up. Then she sits back on her bed. She is a little shaken up, but she eventually manages to get back to sleep. Morning comes, but the storm still rages on. Everyone makes their way down for breakfast. This time Mara makes it to breakfast. Mary and Jane stand up and they appear to be holding something.

Mary: Excuse me, but we have something that we would like to give you Mara.

They hand a small package to Mara.

Mara: What is it?
Jane: Just open it.

Mara removes the wrapping, and opens the box. Inside appears to be a DVD.

Mara: What's on the DVD?
Mary: Just watch it.

Xavier brings in a monitor and a DVD player. Mara pops in the DVD. It takes a second to start. The first thing that appears is a sign that says,"to Mara our friend". The sign is removed and reveals Megan and Jennifer. The shock causes Mara to pause the DVD.

Mara: What the fuck is this?
Jane: This was something that they made before they took you to Vegas.
Mary: They felt that based on the state that you were in that one day you would need this.

Mara starts to get all teary eyed.

Jane: You could say that they might have somehow knew that they wouldn't be here for you in this time of need.
Mary: It's as if they are speaking to you from beyond the grave.

Mara just nods and restarts the video.

Megan: Hello! You're probably very surprised to see us.
Jennifer: We are making this just in case we can't be there to support you in your time of need. Now we know that times are tough.
Megan: We also know that you have had many hardships over your lifetime, but we are here for you. Whether it be in person or in spirit, we wanted to make sure that you know how much that we love you.
Jennifer: If for some reason we can't be there, then first off we forgive you. Whatever the cause, we don't blame you for it and you shouldn't blame yourself either.  

Mara starts crying even more.

Megan: You are the best friend that we could ever have. Also what happened with Kai wasn't your fault either. I'm sure you will be able to forgive her one day and she will forgive you. Then we could all be friends again.

Mara cries even harder. At this point she can barely see the screen.

Jennifer: We wanted to also tell you that despite everything that has happened you still deserve happiness.
Megan: So if you are doubting whether you deserve it or not.
Jennifer: Or if you're  worried about your man getting hurt by your so called curse.
Megan: Then STOP!
Jennifer: Stop dwelling on those things, because if you only focus on the negative then you will never find happiness. You always told us that you wish that you could rid yourself of this "curse". Well we're here to tell you that if you stop dwelling on what could happen and just let yourself be happy then one day the "curse" will be gone forever.

Mara is now crying so bad that she can't see the screen at all and can barely hear them.

Megan: So congrats on the wedding!
Jennifer: He's a lucky man!

The video ends there. Mara has sunk back into her chair. She is barely able to sit upright due to all the crying. Dick, Jane, Mary, Joe, and Ramsey all go over and hug Mara. A few seconds pass before Mara begins to calm down. They all let go.


Everyone cheers. It's at this moment that the storm stops and the sun comes out. A ray of light peeks through the window and lands on Mara.

The mysterious figure appeared at Mara's window before disappearing again. Mara then began having nightmares about her wedding day. She was beginning to fall deeper into despair again. It was at this time that Mary and Jane gave her a DVD that Megan and Jennifer made before the Vegas trip. Now Mara is more motivated than ever to move forward with life. What will this new attitude do for our heroes? What does this mysterious figure want? How will the wedding go? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 83
Media Circus

Last time on Dragon Soul, The mysterious figure briefly appeared at Mara's window. Then Mara started having horrific nightmares about the wedding day. To help her, Mary and Jane gave her a DVD that Megan and Jennifer recorded before the Vegas trip. Now Mara is ready to take the next big step in her life. What fortunes and misfortunes will come the way of our hero? What does the mysterious figure want? Find out on today's chapter of  Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

It's a bright June morning, and the mansion is abuzz with excitement as people are prepping the place for the upcoming wedding. Mara and Ramsey are the dining room drinking some coffee.

Ramsey: You ready?
Mara: I think so. I still can't believe that tonight is the rehearsal dinner and that tomorrow is the big day.
Ramsey: Me neither. After I lost Emma, I didn't think that I would find some else that I could love. Thankfully I was wrong.

Xavier walks into the kitchen.

Xavier: I have secured the perimeter. There are no signs of the media anywhere.
Ramsey: Good, I wouldn't want them to cause us any trouble.
Mara: I still can't believe that someone was able to get a clear picture of you proposing to me. It's a miracle that my image is distorted because if not then we might have been in even more trouble.

Valentine comes running in.

Ramsey: What's wrong?
Valentine: You gotta see this. Your wedding is world news.
Everyone: What!?

They look at a video from the internet which goes into details about certain things about the wedding. It even shows that reporters have found Amon and are now crawling all over it searching for any more details.  

Xavier: I will slice them all in two.
Ramsey: Stop! I will handle this!

He picks up the phone and walks out into the yard.

Mara: I can't believe that they just won't leave us alone. We just want to get married in peace.
Valentine: That's the unfortunate truth. People love hearing gossip about celebrities, and right now you guys are the hottest thing on the market right now. I mean they are working on toys, games, movies, and even tv shows based on you guys. They even have Japanese manga and anime depicting you guys. Granted they don't know enough about you guys yet, but this all seems a little bit strange.
Mara: What do you mean?
Valentine: Doesn't seem a little bit strange that for months they didn't have anything concrete on you guys, but then all of a sudden they start spewing facts about you guys left and right. At this rate, everything about you guys will be public in no time at all.
Xavier: We won't let that happen. Now Mara, don't you have some errands to do before the rehearsal?
Mara: Oh god, I almost forgot!

Mara runs off. At this time, Ramsey comes back into the kitchen.

Ramsey: Where's Mara?
Valentine: She went to do her errands for the day.
Ramsey: Ok Gentlemen, let's put the finishing touches on this shindig.

A few hours go by. Mara is driving back to the mansion, but is stopped at the gate by a crowd of paparazzi. She honks her horn at them.

Mara: Excuse me, but I need to get in.
Paparazzi 1: Hey can you tell me anything about the miracle worker Ramsey?
Mara: I'm not going to tell you anything.
Paparazzi 2: Tell me about the Phoenix warrior. What's she like?
Mara: Pardon?
Paparazzi 2: Yeah isn't Ramsey marrying her tomorrow?
Mara: No he is not, so can you guys please move so I can go in?

The crowd doesn't move.

Paparazzi 3: If your going to the mansion, then you must know something about the couple. We have pictures and video of Ramsey proposing to the Phoenix warrior.

He shows Mara the videos and pictures that he has on his devices. This angers her.

Mara: You guys are such savages! Can you just leave these people alone? They are just like anyone of you guys. They want to have a nice and peaceful wedding day.

Now several paparazzi start shoving them devices in her face. This makes her so angry that she takes them all and crushes them. This startles them due to the pure speed at which she did this. This causes them to finally move out of the way. Mara is finally able to go through the gate. We can see the crowd begin to reform as the gate begins to close. As that happens, we can see the mysterious figure amongst the crowd. Mara arrives back at the house, and after putting her stuff away goes to the living room to sit down and put her feet up. Then after a few minutes, Yasha walks in.

Yasha: What's wrong sugarpie?
Mara: Those damn paparazzi are now at the front gate. They tried to question me.
Yasha: Did they recognize you?
Mara: No, they did have pictures and videos of that night, but I destroyed their equipment. They just wouldn't stop shoving them in my face.
Yasha: You didn't reveal yourself did you?
Mara: Of course not. However there was something off about those pictures and videos.
Yasha: How so?
Mara: They couldn't tell, but I could. Ramsey was as clear as day, but I was always fuzzy. It looked as if my energy was distorting my image as the videos and pictures were taken.
Yasha: How is that strange?
Mara: Because at that time I had no energy left, so it would have been impossible for there to be any of my energy to distort my image in the first place.

Yasha is puzzled at this statement.

Yasha: So are you saying that there is someone else out there like us that is getting this info out?
Mara: Possibly, but it doesn't explain why they would only want to put Ramsey under the spotlight and not anyone else. You guys were in those pictures and videos, but you guys were also distorted in the same way.  
Yasha: Maybe it's someone that Ramsey crossed during his time in CP9.
Mara: Possibly, but wouldn't ruining all our lives hurt Ramsey more than just hurting his?
Yasha: You got me there.

Wyatt walk in.

Wyatt: What are you guys doing just here? The rehearsal is in an hour.
Mara: Fuck! I need to get ready.

She runs off to get dressed. An hour goes by and everyone gathers into the backyard. They run through the ceremony several times. Then as the sun begins to set, everyone heads over towards another section of the property where tables and chair have been set up for the rehearsal dinner. They all sit down and enjoy a delicious spread.

Jane: Mara, I have a question.
Mara: Ask away.
Jane: What's this all about Ramsey supposively marrying that warrior girl?

Mara spits out the booze that she was drinking, and Ramsey nearly chokes on his food. Mara turns to Jane and notices that Mary, Dick, and Joe are also waiting for the answer. They didn't seem to think much of Mara and Ramsey's reaction to the question.

Mara: Well you know how the tabloids are these days. They make up crazy stories just to sell copies.
Mary: But they have proof.
Ramsey: The only discernible person in their so called proof is me. They have know way of knowing if the woman in the picture was the Phoenix warrior or not.
Mara: He's right. Someone could have just taken a picture of our proposal and sent it to the tabloids saying that it was of the Phoenix warrior.
Joe: I guess that's possible, but then why don't you guys just say that to them. Then they might stop reporting these lies.
Dick: I can do it you want.
Ramsey: No, because they wouldn't believe it. They are desperate to get more info on those people. They would harass you about info on them. Let's just enjoy the rest on this meal.

They go back to the meal. Around the end of the meal, Ramsey stands up. He is holding up a glass of champagne.

Ramsey: I would like to thank everyone for coming tonight. I just have a few words. I once was a lonely child who grew up in the military. Then I found love, and I couldn't be anymore happy, but then it was taken from me. I became cold and thought that I would never be able to find love again. Then I met Mara. I wouldn't call it love at first sight, but before long I realized how incomplete I would be without her. There were some bumps in the road, but here we are on the verge of making the ultimate commitment and sign of love for another. Raises his glass. This is for a bright future and a successful day tomorrow. Here, Here!
Everyone: Here, Here!

They all are cheering and smiling. Ramsey gives Mara a kiss. Then we pan out to the outside of the pavilion, and standing right outside looking in at Mara and Ramsey is the mysterious figure.

The media has mysteriously started obtaining info on the man who proposed to the Phoenix warrior. This lead them to Amon and Ramsey's mansion. They tried hassling info out of Mara, but she just got angry and destroyed their equipment. Mara was then able to discern that there seems to be some sort of outside force that was purposefully leaking all the info, yet strangely putting the focus on Ramsey. Now the big day has come for our heroes. What joys and surprises will this day bring? What does the mysterious figure want? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Soul   September 19th 2016, 1:12 pm

Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 84
Speak Now!

Last time on Dragon Soul, someone obtained info on Mara and Ramsey's engagement and began leaking it to the media. This caused them to find their way to Amon and eventually to Ramsey's front gate where they tried to hassle info out of Mara. Mara seems to have found proof that of said person who seems to be trying to ruin their lives, yet they only seem to be shining a light on Ramsey. Now with the wedding only hours away, what joys and surprises will come about? What does the mysterious figure have planned for this day? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening theme:

The morning sun shines brightly on the mansion as people are slowly beginning to wake up. Everyone is whipped into a frenzy trying to get dress. Ramsey is running around doing some last minutes things while Yasha is doing Mara's hair and nails.

Jane: Yasha, you are so good. Would you mind doing mine next?
Mary: Mine too.
Yasha: Don't worry. I am here to do all your hair and nails.

As he does that, Xavier is seen with a large security force setting up a perimeter to prevent any paparazzi from getting in. Wyatt is helping the caterers bring their stuff in while also checking to make sure that none of them are working for the paparazzi or have a means of recording the event. Valentine is setting up some of his equipment to get video and pictures of the ceremony and reception. After a couple hours of prep, the clock strikes noon and the guests start arriving. They taken to their seats. Ramsey is on the stage waiting nervously. Ramsbottom approaches him.

Ramsbottom: I've never seen you this nervous before.
Ramsey: Well I've never met anyone like Mara before. I have been working round the clock to make sure that everything is perfect for this day.
Ramsbottom: You do realize that there is no such thing as perfect.
Ramsey: I know, but I can try.
Ramsbottom: Good luck! If you need me, then I'll be right here.
Ramsey: Thanks.

Ramsbottom goes back inside. Once all the guests finish sitting down, Ramsey signals to start the procession. First a little girl comes down the aisle throwing flower petals everywhere. She is followed by a little boy who is carrying the wedding rings. Next up is the bridal party. The first pair is Jane and Ramsbottom. The second is Mary and Xavier. They are followed by Valentine/Bridesmaid, then Wyatt/Bridesmaid, and pulling up the rear is Yasha/Bridesmaid. Mara is waiting inside patiently with Dick and Joe. She seems to be a little bit nervous.

Joe: What's the matter?
Mara: I'm worried that something will go wrong.
Dick: Don't worry about it. Everyone gets a little nervous. It's only natural.
Mara: I know, but I've had nightmares about this day going so wrong in so many ways.
Joe: Trust us. Nothing will go wrong. The paparazzi have been barred from the property, and Ramsey himself has made sure that everything else is perfect.
Mara: You're right. I just wanted to be sure.

They each grab hold of one of Mara's arms. It's at this point that the bridal party is in position. The minister motions everyone to stand. Then he tells the band to start playing. *Music*  With everyone standing, Mara then steps out with Dick and Joe flanking her on either side it's at this point that we get a clear look at her dress. As she walks down the aisle she gets to look around and see all the people that have come. Some people are smiling while others are crying tears of joy. Mara then turns her attention to the bridal party. The men all look at her with a sense of pride. The women are smiling, but holding back tears. Mary and Jane have some tears rolling down their cheeks. Now her eyes go towards Ramsey and their eyes meet. Ramsey looks awe struck at Mara's beauty. They finally reach the altar about a minute later. Music stops.

Minister: Who gives this woman to be wed?
Dick and Joe: We do.

They let go of Mara's hands and then Ramsey takes her hand. Dick and Joe take a seat in the front row. Mara and Ramsey turn towards the minister.

Minister: Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today in the presence of these witnesses, to join Mara Calabrese and Ramsey Steele in matrimony commended to be honorable among all; and therefore is not to be entered into lightly but reverently, passionately, lovingly and solemnly. Into this, these two persons present now come to be joined.  

Everyone claps. The minister signals the beginning of a prayer.

Minister: Oh Lord! May you grant your ever abundant graces upon this couple as they prepare to enter the holy sacrament of holy matrimony. May their lives be ever bless with love and happiness. Bless that they will be able to nurture that love and be able to spread that love to friends, family, and one day children. For this I ask your blessing. Amen!
Everyone: Amen!
Minister: Marriage is a major commitment. These two feel that their love is so strong that there is no other way to properly express it. Marriage is all about working together. You must work as a team, which sometimes means having to make compromises for one another. This is meant to be an eternal bond that is unbreakable like a circle. The other purpose of marriage is to procreate or in other words have kids. As a couple, it's their duty to have kids in order to leave a lineage. They will have to nurture and raise them to be stronger than themselves so that they can make the next generation even stronger and more knowledgeable than the previous. This is a journey. Sometimes others will join you and sometimes even help you, but you must remember that if either of you falter then the whole ship would sink to the bottom with any and all passengers.

The crowd briefly cheers.

Minister: Now Mara and Ramsey will exchange vows.
Ramsey: I, Ramsey Steele, take you Mara Calabrese, to be my wife, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.
Mara: I, Mara Calabrese, take you Ramsey Steele, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better or for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish; from this day forward until death do us part.
Minister: Now the exchange of the rings.

The ring bearer brings up the rings. Mara and Ramsey each take one. The Minister motions them to begin.

Ramsey: I, Ramsey, give you, Mara, this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you.

He places the ring onto Mara's left ring finger.

Mara: I, Mara, give you, Ramsey, this ring as an eternal symbol of my love and commitment to you.

There is a brief cheer once again.

Minister: Now that they have exchanged their vows and presented each other with a ring. They have made their commitment know to you all. Now if any person can show just cause why they may not be joined together, then let them speak now or forever hold their peace.

Everyone looks around, but nobody is getting up or saying anything.

Minister: Then by the power...
????: Wait! I object!

Everyone turns to see who it is. Mara's face immediately turns to shock. Music

????: What's the matter Mara? Does the cat have your tongue?

Everyone turns back to Mara who is still standing there in shock.

Ramsey: Who are you and what do you want?
????: HAHAHA!

Ramsey turns back to Mara who now looks to be afraid.

Ramsey: Mara, what's wrong? Who's that?
Mara: It... It... It can't be! You're...You're... You're suppose to be dead!

This surprises Ramsey. Wyatt, Valentine, Yasha, and Xavier get into defensive positions.

Ramsey: What do you mean that she is suppose to be dead?

Mara doesn't even acknowledge him.

Mara: How?
????: How you may ask? Well that my friend is a tale for another day.
Ramsey: Hey you! What do you want?
????: Who me? I have come here for one simple thing.
Ramsey: I'm guessing that it has something to do with breaking up this wedding.
????: Well of course, but it's so much more than that. I have come here for her.

The woman points to Mara. It's at this point that we can see that she is wearing black high heeled boots that go up to the knees. She is wearing black jeans that have been ripped and are now short shorts. She also has on black fishnet stockings. The belt is black with silver spikes. The shirt appears to be a black t-shirt with a skull that shows a lot of midriff. She tops it all off with a black jacket with spikes. Her head is half shaved while the other has black hair that has been put into corn rows. Her whole body is covered in tattoos and piercings. However we can't see her face.

Ramsey: Well you can't have her!

At this, Ramsey, Wyatt, Valentine, Xavier, and Yasha all stand in front of Mara.

????: You guys are insane if you think that you can prevent me from destroying her happiness and getting my revenge.

She waves her hand and a burst of dark wind blows, knocking all the men down. This leaves just her and Mara standing and Mara is still too shocked to do anything.

????: Now Mara, it's time that I get my revenge!

Jane and Mary step forth.

Mary: Why are you doing this?
Jane: What has Mara ever done to you?
????: Plenty my dears, but I am certainly surprised that more people don't know about it. She ruined my life and I will make her pay for doing so. But where are my manners? I must introduce myself.

We turn to look at her from Mara's perspective. It's now clear who she is.

????: I am Mara's former best friend! The lone wolf of darkness, the Dark Wolf Warrior Kai Kozlov!

The day of the wedding has come. Everything seemed to be going well. Just as Mara and Ramsey were about to be declared husband and wife, they were interrupted by an unwelcome guest. This person opposed the marriage. She revealed herself to be Mara's old friend Kai, and she has come for revenge. What does she have in store for our heroes? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 85
Kai, the Lone Wolf of Darkness

Last time on Dragon Soul, the day of the wedding has come. Everything seemed to be going well. Just as Mara and Ramsey were about to be declared husband and wife, they were interrupted by an unwelcome guest. This person opposed the marriage. She revealed herself to be Mara's old friend Kai, and she has come for revenge. What does she have in store for our heroes? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:

Kai: I am the Lone Wolf of Darkness!

Everyone looks shocked. The men get back up and get into a defensive position. Before they could try and stand in front of Mara again, she waves them off. Mary and Jane seem incredibly shocked. They look at Mara who is still just staring at Kai. They then turn to Kai.

Mary: What happened to you? You were in jail!
Jane: We had heard that there was an explosion that killed everyone in the prison. In fact, it was a few days before Megan and Jennifer died.
Kai: That was unfortunate, but I guess Mara ruins the lives of everyone she meets.
Mary: But how did you....
Kai: Shut it! This is between me and her. It's true that I was saddened by the deaths of Megan and Jennifer, but that was because I didn't get the chance to kill them myself.

Mara is enraged by this statement. Before she can do anything, Kai holds up her hand as to signal her to stop.

Kai: I wouldn't do that. You wouldn't want your little secret getting out.
Mara: They are my family. I don't care if they find out.
Kai: They aren't who I was referring to.

She then points to the group of people with cameras and mics who are recording this.

Ramsey: The paparazzi! How did they get in here?
Kai: I took care of your guard dogs before letting myself in. I guess that these vultures decided to take advantage of the situation and let themselves in.
Ramsbottom: Damn you! Those were my men.

He runs at Kai. She just punches him in the gut and then kicks him to Ramsey.

Kai: You weaklings should know your place. Now Mara what will you do? Are you just going to sit there like a good girl and die? Or do you plan on fighting me and reveal your little secret?

Kai then gathers dark energy into her hand and shoots it into the distance which causes a big explosion. Mary and Jane look at the two girls with much concern. Mara just stands there in anger.

Jane: You can't fight her. Did you just see what she did? She would kill you!
Mary: Maybe that hero that they are always talking about on the news will come to help us.

Mara grits her teeth and Kai begins to laugh.

Kai: Maybe they are right. Maybe that wimpy scaredy cat of a hero will show up to save you.
Ramsey: Don't listen to her! She is just trying to get under your skin! We will find a way to resolve this without fighting.
Mara: NO! She is right! This cannot be resolved with words alone. I just don't know what to do.
Ramsey: What's wrong?
Mara: You see my love, I don't want to reveal my secret cause then the whole world will be knocking on our door, but if I don't fight her all those people that I care about will get hurt.

Suddenly there is a burst of dark energy.

Kai: If you won't show yours, then I will show you mine.

Her power begins to swell as her body begins to transform into a humanoid wolf with black fur. Her outfit changes into some miniscule black armor. It doesn't really change too much. Her boots and shorts have become armored while her jacket and top are replaced with armored breast coverings and armored shoulder pads that have wolf faces protruding. Her entire outfit remains black. She then let's out a howl. She begins to collect dark energy in her hands.

Kai: Shadow Ball!

The attack heads towards Mary and Jane. Dick and Joe run to try and get them out of the way, but they only manage to get caught up in the blast as well. As the smoke clears, Kai begins to smile cause through the smoke we can see that Mara had blocked the attack. Her dress is ruined. Her "parents" just sit there in awe as they were just saved by their "daughter".

Mara: I'm sorry about all this. I should have told you sooner, but I was afraid of this very thing. I didn't want my enemies targeting you guys, but it's too late. So please stand back.

After saying that, Mara activates her Phoenix Warrior powers. Most of the people are shocked by this, and the paparazzi are going nuts over this scoop.

Mara: Now please leave before you guys get caught up in the fight.
Kai: Sorry, but I can't let that happen. You see, these people are my hostages.
Mara: Do you honestly believe that you could fight me and my friends all the while keeping these people here by yourself?
Kai: Who said that I was alone?

Just then four large masses of dark energy shoot out from the ground. Out from these pillars of energy come four clones of Kai.

Mara: So you can create clones as well?

Mara makes four flame clones. They then go after the shadow clones, but they each get taken out in one hit.

Mara: How?
Kai: Your clone technique is a weak imitation of my true technique. Yours causes your power to be split up between each clone, while mine doesn't. This means that each clone is as strong as I am normally.
Ramsey: Then we will fight them.

Ramsey and the others step forward. They all power up and prepare for battle. The guests are in awe at the sight of their abilities, and even more shocked by the warrior transformations of Ramsey, Xavier, and Valentine.

Valentine: Now let's show her what happens when you mess with us.
Xavier: Don't get so over confident. We have no idea what she is capable of in battle.
Ramsey: Now let's try not to get hurt out there, and please try to get the people out of the way.

They all nod. Then they each go after a clone except for Wyatt and Yasha who decide to tag team one of the clones. We switch over to Mara and Kai who are having an intense staredown.

Kai: I hope that your friends are up to the task. You shouldn't be taking my power so lightly.
Mara: I trust in my friends. Now it's time to make you pay for interrupting my big day.

Mara powers up and covers her whole body in flames. Kai smirks.

Kai: I just hope that you can hold my attention and keep me entertained.

Kai powers up and covers her whole body in shadows. She charges in and Mara follows suit. The two warriors then begin to exchange blows. We pan over to Ramsey's fight. He and the clone are trying to blast each other.

Ramsey: She wasn't kidding. This clone does feel just as strong as when she first transformed.
Clone 1: Don't space out or you might just die. Shadow Ball!

The attack lands square on Ramsey's chest, but he just shrugs it off. He then prepares for his counter attack.

Ramsey: Heaven's Judgment!

The blast heads towards the clone, but it just dodges by sinking back into the ground. The two appear to be excited. We switch over Xavier's fight. The clone appears to have created two swords from shadow. The two are engaged in a fierce sword battle.

Clone 2: Twin Shadow Slash!
Xavier: Primal Slash!

Xavier's attack cuts through the other attack and manages to land on the clone. However the clone seems to be barely affected by it. These two warriors smile as they prepare to clash again. We change our view to Valentine's fight. The two are apparently locked in a very fast pace battle.

Clone 3: Shadow Fist!
Valentine: Shark Fist!

They each get hit in the face and are sent flying, but then they quickly return to clash once again. Finally, we get to see Yasha and Wyatt's fight. They seem to be having much trouble.

Clone 4: Just because you are fighting me two on one doesn't mean that you are stronger.
Wyatt: We will beat you, Megaton Force Palm!
Yasha: Don't underestimate us, Giant Hair Fists!

The clone manages to easily stop both of their attacks. The clone smiles while the other two appear to be worried. We then refocus in on Mara's fight with Kai. They are still exchanging blows. Mara is kneed in the stomach, but she manages to counter by grabbing Kai's arm and throwing her. Kai then charges at Mara with a powerful attack prepared.

Kai: Shadow Wolf Claw Strike!
Mara: Phoenix Punch!

The two attacks collide causing a huge burst of power.

Mara: Can't you just let it go. It's not too late for you to back down and apologize.

Kai is angered by this statement.

Kai: Never! You don't understand what I've been through to get here! Now Die!

Two clash again. It seems as if at this time, Kai seems to be thinking back on the troubled life that she had once she got to prison. We see her mind go back to that first day in prison. We see a younger Kai in an orange jumpsuit and handcuffs being escorted to a cell. Once inside the guard locks it. Before the guard leaves, he turns to address Kai.

Guard: Welcome to prison, you degenerate!

The fight is on! Mara was reluctant at first to fight Kai and reveal her secret, but when Kai went after Mara's "parents" she had no choice. Kai created clones to keep the guests from leaving. Now her allies are locked in combat and the backyard has become a battlefield full of mines. Can our heroes defeat Kai and her clones? Will they be able to save the guests? What happened to Kai in prison that made her go down this dark path? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 86
Kai’s Imprisonment

Last time on Dragon Soul, the fight is on! Mara was reluctant at first to fight Kai and reveal her secret, but when Kai went after Mara's "parents" she had no choice. Kai created clones to keep the guests from leaving. Now her allies are locked in combat and the backyard has become a battlefield full of mines. Can our heroes defeat Kai and her clones? Will they be able to save the guests? What happened to Kai in prison that made her go down this dark path? Find out on the today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

Guard: Welcome to prison you degenerate!
Kai: Hey, I'm no degenerate. I just made one little mistake.
Guard: I don't care.

The guard walks away. Kai sits down on her bed and begins to cry.

????: Hey!

Kai looks up to see who is talking, but she sees nobody.

????: I'm in the next cell over.

Kai gets up and goes to the bars. She sees that the woman who was talking to her is in the cell to her left.

Kai: (still sobbing a little) What do you want?
Woman: First off, hi. My name is Angie.
Kai: What do you want?
Angie: Wow, you're a rude one. Well I guess that's understandable give the situation that your in. As for what I want, I don't want anything other than to give you a little advice.

Kai wipes the tears off her face.

Kai: Why would a criminal like you want to help me?
Angie: Well hun, we are both criminals which is why we are both here. Also I'm just like you.
Kai: How so?
Angie: I was sent here after making a dumb mistake with some friends from college.
Kai: What happened?
Angie: Let's just say that laws were broken and people ended up dead.
Kai: I'm so sorry.
Angie: Don't be. That was twenty years ago. Now I don't know all the details, but I know that you have done something of that sorts. I don't need to know the details, but please just listen to me. First, I recommend that you stop crying, because that will only make you a target. Second, toughen up, because the other inmates here aren't as nice as I am.

Kai nods and wipes some more tears from her face. She finally stops crying.

Angie: That's a good girl. Now what's your name?
Kai: I'm Kai Kozlov.
Angie: Such a beautiful name and so unique. Don't worry about anything, Kai. I can help you adjust.
Kai: Thanks, Angie.

We skip ahead a few months. Kai and Angie are in the mess hall eating lunch.

Angie: It took some time, but I think that you are finally getting use to life in prison.
Kai: I guess, but that was only because you have been helping me. You're like my big sister.

Angie blushes at this statement.

Angie: Thanks. Don't forget that we have laundry duty after lunch.
Kai: Alright.

They quickly finish their meal, and then head for the laundry room. They are many piles of dirty clothes. Kai is noticeable bothered by something.

Angie: What's the matter?
Kai: Nothing.
Angie: I know you better than that. What's wrong? Did someone hurt you because I'll shank them.
Kai: No. I had a visitor yesterday.
Angie: Really! Did your parents finally come to see you?
Kai: No. It was my friend, Mara.

Angie is surprised by this.

Angie: Really, but I thought she was the one whose parents you....
Kai: Please don't remind me.
Angie: Why would she visit you when not even your own family would visit?
Kai: She wanted to know why I did what I did.
Angie: What did you say?
Kai: I tried to tell her that it was an accident, but she refused to listen. She told me that she could never forgive me.

Kai becomes all depressed.

Angie: Hey now. Don't beat yourself up for it. If I have learned anything in my time here is that time heals all wounds.
Kai: That's not true.
Angie: It is. About five years ago, the families of my friends that were killed due to my actions actually visited me. They came to forgive me, so that maybe I could have so semblance of peace during my stay here. So trust me when I say that it will happen, just not right now.
Kai: Thanks.
Angie: Damn it! We are going to need another laundry bin for all these clothes. I think there was another one down the hall. I will be back in a minute.

She walks out the door and heads down the hall. Kai just continues to put clothes into the bin. Then the door opens.

Kai: Wow that was quick.

When she turns around, it's not her friend that she sees. There are three really burly women standing by the door. They appear to have hostile intent.

Kai: Can I help you?
Woman 1: Yes you can.
Kai: Cool. So what do you need help with?
Woman 2: You see we have a problem, and we think that you might be the only one capable of helping us.
Kai: I'm glad that I can be so helpful, but what is your problem?
Woman 3: You see, we have been in this hell hole for a long time. We are starting get this itch, and no matter what we do it just won't go away.
Kai: Then I think that you should go see a doctor.
Woman 1: But this isn't some simple medical condition that a doctor can cure.
Woman 2: Yeah it’s a different kind of itch.

It's at this point that Woman 2 pulls out a strap on. Kai then gets very scared.

Kai: How did you get one of those in here?
Woman 3: We have our ways. Now hold still.

Kai tries to run away, but she is quickly caught. They use some of the dirty clothes to bound and gag her.

Woman 1: Now the only question that remains is who will get to fuck her first.
????:Let me do that!
Woman 2: That's right. The boss should always get first pick.

Kai looks at the shadows for a glimpse of their leader. Her face becomes horrified when she sees that it is Angie. Angie approaches Kai.

Angie: You're probably wondering why I'm doing this. Well you see it's how I get my kicks. Every few months I go and find a newbie that's vulnerable. Then I pretend to be their friend in order to gain their trust. Once they have some time to get use to a fairly calm prison life, I shatter that reality. Trust me, I know this sounds harsh, but it's for your own good. Now tie her to those pipes so she can stand.

The others comply and prepare Kai for what was to happen. Then Angie approaches ready to do the deed.

Angie: Just remember Kai, that you just need to relax. Just sit back and enjoy yourself. It will be painful at first, but then it will begin to feel good real soon.

She gets in even closer.

Angie: You can trust me, I'm your friend.

Angie cracks an evil looking smile before she begins to rape Kai. We pan out to the hall where we can hear Kai's screams despite her being gaged.

In the middle of the fight between Kai and Mara, Kai thinks back to her time at prison. Upon arriving, she quickly made a friend who helped her to adjust to her new life in prison. Unfortunately, Angie was revealed to be a despicable person who likes to prey on weak newcomers. Now we begin to see why she hated her time in prison. What else could have happen to drive her towards the darkness? What kind of deal did she make with Mara's enemies? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 87
Kai’s Revenge

Last time on Dragon Soul, in the middle of the fight between Kai and Mara, Kai thinks back to her time at prison. Upon arriving, she quickly made a friend who helped her to adjust to her new life in prison. Unfortunately, Angie was revealed to be a despicable person who likes to prey on weak newcomers. Now we begin to see why she hated her time in prison. What else could have happen to drive her towards the darkness? What kind of deal did she make with Mara's enemies? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:

We pick up one year later. Kai is seen walking into the prison library. She appears to be nervous and is sneaking around. She goes to a pitcular shelf against the wall. Kai pulls a book down and we can see that hiding behind it is a secret compartment. She opens it and pulls out a dairy. She then sits down and proceeds to write in it. Kai appears to cry as she writes. Then the tears overwell her and she is forced to stop writing.

Kai: What am I going to do? Keeping this journal is the only thing that has kept me sane this past year. It has been nothing, but torture. Angie and her gang have been raping me on a daily basis. I tried telling the guards, but they couldn't give two shits about me.
Woman 1: So this is where you having been hiding?

Kai tries to quickly hide her journal in her clothes.

Kai: What do you want? You guys already had your way with me earlier.
Woman 1: You see Angie has gotten bored with this routine.
Kai: Does this mean that she will finally leave me alone?
Woman 1: Heavens no! Now she wants it more times a day.

Kai immedately tries to run, but she is quickly surrounded by Angie's other lackeys.

Woman 2: Now you will be coming with us.

Kai tries to scream for help, but they cover her mouth. Then Angie walks in.

Angie: You know what ladies, I think we need to spice things up a bit. Let's do it right here and now.
Woman 3: Great idea.

Kai thrashes about and manages to get free.

Kai: Get away from me!
Angie: Get her!
Women: Yes!

They try to grab her again. Kai manages to escape, but not before dropping her journal. Angie sees this and picks it up. She reads it and gets angry.

Angie: What load of bullshit is this?
Kai: Give that back!
Angie: How about no. I got a better idea.

She pulls out a lighter and sets it on fire.

Kai: NO!

Kai rushes towards Angie. Her goons try to stop Kai, but she manages to get by them. She goes to grab the journal in a frenzied panic and manages to wrestle it from Angie as the two fall to the ground. She puts the flames out, but then she notices that there seems to be an uneasy silence to the group. She looks at the goons who are in shock. Confused, Kai looks at Angie and her face turns to horror. Apparently in her panic, she had accidentally stabbed Angie in the throat with her pen and killed her. The goons go after Kai, but as they are about to retaliate something stops them. It was Kai. From the look in her eyes, one could tell that this whole situation had caused a major change in Kai. It's almost as if she were a dam that has been collecting water (anger) for the past year. This incident has caused the dam to break which is releasing all the pent up rage at once. We pan over to a different section of the library where all that we can hear are horrid screams of the goons. This causes the guards to finally act. They arrive to a horrific scene.

Guard 1: What the fuck happened here!?
Guard 2: How did this happen!?

We see that the area is covered in blood and guts. It appears that the snapped Kai brutally murdered all the goons and tore Angie and the goons' bodies up. The guards grab Kai and put her in cuffs. As they pull her away, they stop to ask her one question.

Guard 1: Why?
Kai: Because they were on my list.

She points them to her book. They open it and it's mostly ruined with the exception of one page. It's a list with various names on it. It has Angie and the goons' names as well as her parents, Dick, Joe, Mary, Jane, Megan, Jennifer, and finally at the top is Mara. This causes the guards to pull her away faster. They put her in a straight jacket and through her into isolation. She remains in there for the next year and a half without incident. Then one day she gets a pair of visitors. One is a tall gentleman with short orange hair, brown eyes, and a light complexion. The other man is shorter with long black hair in a ponytail, blue eyes, and very tan skin. They are sitting in a room with a table and three chairs which is obviously being heavily watched.

Kai: Who the fuck are you guys? They told me that you were my lawyers, but I tried to tell them that I was defended by one shitty public defender. Also I have been in here for three years, so if your hear to reopen my case to try and get me free then you're shit out of luck. About a year and half ago I murdered some fellow inmates, and now my sentence has gone from 20 years to a life sentence. So there is nothing that you guys can do so leave!

The two men just sit there for a second. Just then the short one clicks a button on his watch and suddenly there is an emp burst. All the power goes out. The big one takes his chair and forcefully jams the door with it. Then he pulls out a device that lights up the room so they can see. They have definitely made a statement and caught Kai's attention.

Kai: So what could you pieces of shit want with me?
Tall man: You can start by addressing us by our names. I'm Werner, and he is Lucius.
Kai: And I should care why?

Werner gets angry and goes to hit Kai, but is stopped by Lucius.

Lucius: Now let's not fight. Please let our honored guest out of her bindings.
Werner: Yes sir.

He quickly removes Kai restrains.

Kai: Thanks for that, but why do all this for me? What do you want from me?
Lucius: We have been tasked to retrieve something for our emperor. We were looking for it when we stumbled upon you.
Kai: I don't know where you guys are from, but I can't really do much to help you.
Lucius: You don't get it we work for Victor Von Rage in the army of the Glorious emperor Darius the third of Goldilocks.

Kai just begins to laugh.

Kai: Are you serious? Let me guess, you two are two out of the three bears.

They seemed to be confused by this statement.

Kai: What? You guys have never read Goldilocks and the three bears?
Werner: We are referring to the planet, Goldilocks.
Kai: So what are you guys aliens or something?
Lucius: I guess from your perspective, yes.
Kai: Cool, but how would I be able to help you?
Lucius: Because you seem to have been chosen by this.

He pulls out a black ring .

Kai: Wow that appears to be made of pure obsidian. What did you mean that I was choosen by this ring?
Lucius: You are correct about it being made of pure obsidian. As for your question, just watch.

He hands her the ring. Upon receiving it, the ring begins to give off a bright black light. This freaks her out and she drops it. Werner picks it up and hands it to Lucius.

Kai: What was that?
Lucius: This ring contians the wolf warrior soul. That light indicates that you are compatable with its power. We are willing to give you this power to help us, but for a price.
Kai: And what would that be?
Lucius: You will pledge your loyalty to the emperor and will assist in any way possible in completing his goal to rule the whole universe.
Kai: Why the fuck would I agree to that? I mean what is it that you are trying to get that you would need me.
Lucius: The emperor seeks the final warrior soul. It's called the dragon soul.
Kai: But you guys seem plenty capable of that on your own.
Lucius: It would seem that way, but the emperor wants all the warriors souls to be given to his supporters that are worthy. You are the first person to be deemed worthy.
Kai: That's all well and good, but I don't see any reason why I would want any of this.
Lucius: Oh really.

He pulls out a piece of paper. It appears to be her "hit list".

Kai: How did you get this?
Lucius: It doesn't matter. Only a few names have been crossed out, and with this power you could get the rest of them.
Kai: So I would make quick work of them and then would have to spend the rest of my life working for some pompous asshole.
Lucius: Oh, there's one more thing that I forgot to mention. The one who currently holds the dragon soul and is trying to rise up against the emperor is the person who is number one on your list, Mara.

Kai's expression changes.

Kai: I'm in!
Werner: That was quick.
Lucius: Well when a girl has made up her mind, it becomes set and can't be changed. Now we have a deal.
Kai: You bet your ass we do.

They shakes hands. Then we skip to the moment when the prison blows up. Kai is seen at the center in her warrior form. She disappears and then we move ahead to earlier today. Kai is sitting on a cliff that overlooks the mansion. She is looking at her list. In addition to the previously crossed out names, Megan, Jennifer, and Kai's parents' names have been crossed out. Also Ramsey, Xavier, Wyatt, Valentine, and Yasha's names were added. She then puts it into her pocket and heads out to the mansion with an evil smile.

Kai continued to be raped over the course of the next year. To keep her sanity, she kept a journal, but then one day she was found out by Angie and her goons. The proceeding incident resulted in Kai killing them all. Then some time later she was approached by Lucius and Weiner. She agreed to their terms and went on a rampage. Now she prepares to finish crossing off all the names on her list. What does she have planned for our heroes? Will she be able to cross all the names off of her list? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 88
Tough Battles

Last time on Dragon Soul, Kai continued to be raped over the course of the next year. To keep her sanity, she kept a journal, but then one day she was found out by Angie and her goons. The proceeding incident resulted in Kai killing them all. Then some time later she was approached by Lucius and Weiner. She agreed to their terms and went on a rampage. Now she prepares to finish crossing off all the names on her list. What does she have planned for our heroes? Will she be able to cross all the names off of her list? Find out on today's chapter of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:

Mara and Kai continue to clash. Mara punches Kai in the gut. She tries to follow this up with a knee to the face, but Kai blocks it and punches Mara in the face. This causes Mara to stagger a little giving Kai time to kick her which sends her flying. Kai follows, but just as she catches up, Mara recovers. The two lock arms in a battle of pure strength. Neither seems to be giving an inch.

Kai: You are much stronger than I first thought.
Mara: I would thank you for the compliment, if you hadn't been here to ruin my big day and kill everyone.
Kai: It's still no threat to me.
Mara: That is where you are wrong. I am only just beginning.

Mara pushes herself away and then there is a burst of white flame. Then she disappears. She reappears behind Kai and strikes her back. This pounds her into the ground. Kai quickly gets up to strike Mara, but she has disappeared again. She tries to sneak up again from behind. Unfortunately, Kai is ready this time and catches Mara.

Kai: This power really is good, and that speed did catch me off guard for a little bit, but it's still not good enough.

Kai slams Mara into the ground. She then procceeds to punch Mara continuosly which pushes her further and further into the ground.

Kai: What? Are you done already?
Mara: Just warming up a little. I didn't want to start hot and completely destroy you.
Kai: If that's so then let me assure you that I can handle it.

Kai powers up even further, and she begins to slam Mara back and forth on the ground. After the third hit, Mara's power bursts and she escapes. She follows this up by kneeing Kai's chin, and then punches her in the face which sends her flying. She lands on the altar and completely destroys it and leaves a crater.

Mara: Now stay down you bitch.
Kai: It will take more than that to beat me.

Kai is seen walking out of the crater. She seems to only be slightly hurt and she spits out a little blood.

Kai: Time to take this to the next level. Shadow Wolf Claw Strike!
Mara: That looks powerful. Let's see if you can handle this. White Hot Mode x10: Phoenix Punch!

Mara charges at Kai. The two attacks collide and cause a big explosion. We see the other combatants have to pause in order to hold their ground and not get blow away. The guests however are blown back. Some appear to get injured, but nothing serious. The two warriors are relatively fine and they appear to be standing in a large crater that was created from the clash.

Kai: Good on you. I guess I can stop holding back on you.
Mara: Me too.
Kai: Twin Shadow Wolf Claw Strike!
Mara: White Hot Mode x15: Phoenix Combat!

The two warriors clash with even greater ferocity. They both seem to be having trouble landing a blow as they both seem to be more than capable of blocking each other's attacks.

Kai: This is getting interesting.
Mara: Well I'm not going to let that happen.

We switch over to Ramsey's fight. They seem to be even, but Ramsey is slightly more tired.

Ramsey: You're really good. Time to take this to the next level.

Ramsey disappears briefly then reappears right in front of a defenseless clone and blasts her. The clone is heavily damaged, but it still manages to recover and retaliate with a point blank blast as well. This causes Ramsey to let go, and the clone uses this time to get some distance.

Ramsey: That was a good shot.
Clone 1: Thanks, but we can't let this drag on too much longer.
Ramsey: I agree.

The two begin charging up more powerful blasts. The focus now shifts over to Xavier's fight. He and the clone appear to have many cuts on their bodies.

Xavier: I am very surprised that you have done so much damage to me with those lackluster swords skills. In fact, I can tell that this is your first time fighting with swords.
Clone 2: Yes, but my strength and speed more than make up for that.
Xavier: We will just have to test that theory. Three Swords Style: Wild Tiger Hunter!

Xavier goes in with a powerful sword technique. The clone tries to counter it with an attack, but Xavier's attack rips through it and heavily damages her. However, she uses this chance to use some shadows to bind him up.

Clone 2: Got you now! You know what they say, if you live by the sword, you will die by the sword.

She goes in for a strike. The focus shifts again to Valentine's fight. The two are continuing to clash at great speeds.

Valentine: You are fast. I'll give you that. However I'm not going at full speed. It's time to shift into the next gear.
Clone 3: Sounds like fun.

Valentine disappears from sight. The clone appears to have trouble finding him. Just then he appears behind her and goes in for a shark fist, but it appears that all he hit was an after image. He is then suddenly struck from behind.

Clone 3: Why are you so flustered? I thought that speed was your thing. I only used my full speed for just an instant, and you couldn't even keep up.
Valentine: That did catch me off guard, but the race ain't over yet. Let's see you dodge this.

He rushes quickly at the clone. The clone disappears. The clone manages to speed blitz Valentine and knock him to the ground. He quickly gets up and goes in for a quick follow up strike. The clone goes to block, but is somehow hit from behind. This opens him to be hit in the front. It's at this point that we see that there are two Valentines.

Clone 3: Impressive! You used a clone of your own to keep my attention while the real you snuck up from behind.
Valentine: Combine speed with numbers and then you get an unbeatable combo.
Clone 3: That is a really good combo, but that would require that our speeds to at least be close.

Before Valentine can respond his clone is destroyed and he is knocked off his feet.

Clone 3: Try this deadly combo, Speed and Power!

The clone quickly bashes Valentine into the ground. Then she jumps on top of him and proceeds to repeatedly hit him with great power and speed. Now we move over to the two on one fight between Clone 4, Wyatt, and Yasha. Clone 4 has barely taken any damage, while Wyatt and Yasha are heavily damaged.

Clone 4: I told you that you two never stood a chance. Without a warrior soul, you will never have the power to even do so much as actual damage. Just give up.
Wyatt and Yasha: Never!

Yasha digs his hairs into the ground. Wyatt then rushes at Yasha at full strength. Yasha catches him and is pushed back. It seems that Yasha has made himself a big slingshot, which shoots Wyatt at the clone with great speed. The clone blocks , but the increased speed is being helped by an increase in power. This manages to knock the clone off it's feet. Yasha then shoots himself forward.

Yasha: We will beat you.

Yasha manages to knock into the clone as it's falling down which sends her away. The clone quickly recovers and takes to the air.

Clone 4: Let's see you get me now.

She begins to blast them from afar.

Wyatt: What are we going to do now?
Yasha: I got an idea, but it will take some time to get ready. I will need you to distract her for a few minutes.
Wyatt: I'll try.

Wyatt uses his strength to jump high into the air. He is able to reach the clone and knock her towards the ground away from Yasha. Yasha seems to be juggling energy in his hair.

Yasha: If this doesn't work, then we're screwed big time.

Now that we are back from the past, we see that the fights are beginning to heat up. The battles are tough, and the results are varying. Some are even while others are going in Kai's favor. Yasha is preparing one final technique to try and turn the battle in their favor. Will this technique be able to make a difference? Can our heroes come out of this battle with a win? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 89

Now we are back from the past, we see that the fights are beginning to heat up. The battles are tough, and the results are varying. Some are even while others are going in Kai's favor. Yasha is preparing one final technique to try and turn the battle in their favor. Will this technique be able to make a difference? Can our heroes come out of this battle with a win? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:

The battles rage on. Ramsey and Clone 1 are charging very large energy attacks.

Ramsey: Heaven's Judgment!
Clone 1: Void Wave!

The two powerful blasts collide. There is a sonic boom created from the impact of the two blasts. The two blasts seem to be even. Ramsey seems to be struggling more to up keep this level of power.

Clone 1: Having a little trouble there?
Ramsey: I'm fine. I can do this all day.
Clone 1: Cool! Well then let's take it up a notch.

She puts more power into her attack and it begins to slowly overtake Ramsey's. However he is still keeping it somewhat at bay.

Clone 1: It looks like you won't be able to keep up for much longer. You should just give up.
Ramsey: I will never give up because....

We switch over to Xavier's fight. Clone 2 is about to land a strike on Xavier who is struggling to break free of the shadow bindings. Just before it lands, many swords pop out from all over Xavier's body. This breaks the bindings while also blocking the strike. The clone manages to pull her attack back enough to minimize the damage to herself.

Clone 2: That was clever of you. I never thought that you could do such a thing with your powers. Now let's end this! I'm going all out.

She creates two very large shadow swords.

Clone 2: Twin Void Slash!
Xavier: I guess that I have no choice.

Liquid metal comes out from his body in six places and becomes four limbs and two heads each of which is holding a sword.

Xavier: Ultimate Attack: Nine Swords Technique: Asura: Silver Mist!

The two clash blades with great force. A shock wave shoots out from there clash. Neither seems to be budging an inch.

Clone 2: You can't keep this up forever.
Xavier: Watch me!
Clone 2: You should just give up!
Xavier: Never! I will not back down because....

We switch over to Valentine's fight. He is currently being pounded into the ground. Suddenly there is a burst of water that pushes the clone off. He then runs off.

Clone 3: Your being a coward. I can't believe that you would run away and leave your friends to die.
Valentine: I'm not running away.

He quickly turns back and starts charging at the Clone.

Valentine: I was gaining some distance for this.  

His whole body become covered in water. He spreads his fists out and two giant water sharks are created around each fist.

Valentine: Ultimate Attack: Giant Jet Gatling Shark Fists!
Clone 3: This should be fun.

She creates a large wolf head on each fist.

Clone 3: Giant Jet Gatling Wolf Fists!

The two attacks collide with such speed and power that the ground begins breaking around them. The two sides continue to press on with their attacks, but Valentine is beginning to falter.

Clone 3: Don't slack now. We are just about to reach the finish line. Then again maybe you should just give up. You are going to die either way.
Valentine: I can't give up now because....

We switch over to Wyatt and Valentine's fight. Valentine is still juggling energy in his hair. The energy is being passed back and forth between two large hair fists. Meanwhile Wyatt has bulked up considerably and is pounding the Clone into the ground in order to keep her from flying away. A burst of power knocks Wyatt away.

Clone 4: I do admit that actually hurt slightly, but it ain't going to be enough.
Yasha: It's ready!

We see that his hair is holding a large amount of power. Wyatt begins to bulk up so much that his body turns slightly red and steam begins to pour from his body.

Valentine: Ultimate Attack: Super Hair Shot!
Wyatt: Ultimate Attack: Gigaton Force Palm!
Clone 3: Void Ball!

The three attacks collide with immense force. The force of the collision nearly shatters the entire area. Wyatt and Yasha seem to be faulting.

Clone 3: If you give up, I can make your deaths quick and painless.
Wyatt: We will never give up.  
Yasha: Yeah, because.....  

At this point we see a split screen of all five warriors that are fighting the clones.

The Five: We vowed to protect everyone on this planet, especially Mara! She is our friend and we will never let anything bad happen to her! Now face our fury!  

Each of our heroes explode with power. The focus now returns to Mara vs Kai. They appear to be in a deadlock. They both push off each other for some distance and then they take to the sky.  

Kai: I'm surprised that you lasted this long.  
Mara: Same.  
Kai: Time for me to show you a glimpse at my full power.  
Mara: Full power it is! White Hot Mode x20: Flare Blitz!!!!  
Kai: From the darkest depths of oblivion, Void Force!!!!!!!!!!!  

The two overwhelming attacks collide causing a massive shock wave. Everyone is pushed back by this powerful force. They all stand in awe at the power that the two are emitting. There is explosion that sends the two combatants flying into the ground. Kai is the first to recover.  

Kai: I have to admit that was one powerful attack, but you barely survived that exchange.

Mara slowly gets up. She appears to barely be able to stand.

Mara: How? That was everything that I had. How can you be this strong?  
Kai: Like I said earlier, I put my body through the most intense training ever. Also your luck seems to have run out.

After she says that, there are several massive explosions all over the battlefield. We see each of Mara's friends fly towards Mara. They all appear to have lost their respective fights.
Kai: You see. You guys never stood a chance. I am the best there is. I have been working very hard to get my revenge. I use to spend all my days wondering what I could do to make you forgive me, but then something happened that showed me the errors of my ways. From that day on, I vowed to kill you and everyone that you loved. Now it's time to end this now.

She turns around. Mara notices that she now seems to be targeting her "parents".  

Kai: Shadow Slicer!  

The flying dark blade of energy heads towards them. However Mara rushes to their side.The attack cause smoke to go everywhere. Mara seems to have just barely made it in time block the attack. Kai just laughs.  

Mara: What's so funny?  
Kai: Take a look for yourself.

Mara turns around and is horrified at the sight. It appears that despite her best efforts, the attack somehow made it past her. All four of her "parents" have been beheaded and now lay dead on the ground. Mara immediately goes into shock and begins to cry.  

Kai: You see there were actually two dark blades. The second hid in the shadow of the first. Just before you could block the attack the second's speed increased greatly. This allowed it to reach "your parents" while you were distracted by the other blade.

Mara is just a complete mess of emotions.

Kai: Now's my chance! Ultimate technique: Void Force Fist!

Kai goes in for the kill on the defenseless Mara. The attack causes a big explosion. However as the smoke clears we see that Mara seemingly was unharmed by the attack. Mara's face becomes even more horrified. The smoke clears, and we see that the attack was blocked by Ramsey's body which was impaled by the attack.  

Mara: What the fuck are you doing!?
Ramsey: (smirks) Till death do us part!
Kai: Now that was stupid. Oh well, I was going to kill him anyway.  

She removes her fist from Ramsey's body. Ramsey stands there for a second before falling down. As he falls, he gives Mara a loving look. Mara rushes over to him.
Mara: RAMSEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

She shakes him, but there seems to be no response. Music
Mara: (sobbing) Ramsey! You... You can't leave me!  I can't lose you like this! I won't accept this! Just No! NO!  NOOOOOO!!!!!!!

Mara is balling her eyes out. Just then she snaps and  becomes very angry. She turns to Kai.
Mara: You BITCH! You will pay for this! YOU WILL PAY!!!!!  

Just then there is an explosion of power from Mara. She appears to be struggling to keep this power in control, as her body begins to transform. The whole earth appears to be shaking in fear. The sky becomes black as night. A storm brews causing a rain of lighting on the battlefield. Pillars of flame shoot out of the ground. One shoots up from underneath Mara. Then her whole body becomes engulfed in flames. The flames are so intense that we can't even she her. Then the flames burst out to reveal Mara transformed. Mara barely even looks like herself. She appears to be some sort of primal bird person with red and orange feathers covering her whole body. Giant rainbow color wings adorn her back. Her eyes don't have any pupils. The energy that she is emitting is causing the temperature in the area to triple. The ground begins to break apart as the energy continues to rise. A bolt of lightning hits Mara, but it does nothing. It just courses through her body and into the ground. This savage beast that was once  Mara turns to Kai with a look of pure primal rage. And it lets out a piercing primal bird screech.

The battle between the two sides continued. Kai began to showcase her true power, and easily disposed of our heroes. She managed to kill Mara's parents which caused Mara to go into shock. Kai attempted to kill Mara, but was stopped by Ramsey who sacrificed himself. This caused Mara to go into a state of unbridled rage and transform into some primal beast. What is this transformation? Will it be enough to beat Kai? Will they be able to save Ramsey's life? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 90
Wrath of the Phoenix

The battle between the two sides continued. Kai began to showcase her true power, and easily disposed of our heroes before revealing that she is the strongest out of all the dark soul warriors. She managed to kill Mara's parents which caused Mara to go into shock. Kai attempted to kill Mara, but was stopped by Ramsey who sacrificed himself. This caused Mara to go into a state of unbridled rage and transform into some primal beast. What is this transformation? Will it be enough to beat Kai? Will they be able to save Ramsey's life? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!

Opening Theme:
Mara lets out a primal bird screech! The screech creates a shock wave that pushes everyone back except Kai and her clones. She then just sits there staring down Kai.

Kai: I don't care what power you use. It will never be enough. Now let's continue with the slaughter.

The clones go after Mara's friends and the remaining guests. Then suddenly Mara disappears. She then systematically one shots each clone with great speed and precision. Mara appears before the real Kai. Kai is caught off guard while Mara just stands there with a look of pure bloodlust.

Kai: So you beat my clones. So what? They were running low on power anyway. This doesn't prove......

Kai is cut off as Mara quickly rushes in and punches her in the gut. Kai is hit so hard that she is sent flying into the house. After a few seconds, she starts to get up, but begins to punk her guts out. A little blood comes out as well. Finally, she fully gets to her feet and she has a smile on her face.

Kai: Now that is a hit. You even made me lose my lunch. Now I think that I can truly have some fun. It's time for my true 100% full power.

Kai begins to power up and she quickly reaches her peak. The others are in awe at the massive level of power that is on display. The two charge at one another. We switch over to the others. They are slowly gathering together. They gather around Ramsey.

Yasha: God damn it. We got our asses handed to us.
Wyatt: I know, but where did Mara get all that power.
Valentine: It's like she is some sort of super warrior.
Xavier: No! She's become a monster. If I had to give it a name, I would have to call her a Savage Warrior!

Xavier kneels down and starts to check Ramsey.

Wyatt: Why even bother? We know that he is dead.
Valentine: We should just leave him here and focus on saving anyone that we can with what little power that we have left.
Yasha: No, we need to first confirm his death. If there is a chance that he is still alive, we must help him. So what's the verdict doc?

Xavier checks Ramsey's vital signs. His face quickly becomes shocked, and a tear begins to fall down his cheek. We then switch back to the fight. The two combatants seem to be evenly matched. They are clashing all over the property. The grounds are being torn asunder and the house is blown to bits. Even some of the guest are getting caught up in the fight. They are being vaporized left and right.

Kai: I thought that you were going to stop me from killing everyone here, but you seem to be doing it for me.

Mara doesn't respond. She just continues her assault.

Kai: Not talking to me now. What are we all business now?

Mara just blasts her in the face.

Kai: Well fighting's more fun anyway!

They exchange a series of very brutal blows. Kai seems to be gaining some ground. She knocks Mara a little bit back. This allows her to go in with a Shadow Fist. Unfortunately, Mara catches it. She then throws her to the ground and proceeds to fire many blasts at her which creates a large plume of smoke. Kai manages to get away and sneak up on Mara. Kai grapples Mara and attempts to choke her out. Mara just flexes her muscles and breaks the hold. She follows it up by elbowing her in the gut several times before knocking her back to the ground with a double axe handle. This time she crashes into the garden that was once used for growing the angel seeds. It is completely wiped off the map. This makes Kai angry.

Kai: That's it! Take my fury! Void Cannon!!!!!!

A large black energy blast fires from Kai. Mara tries to block it and is hit dead on. There is a massive explosion. Kai just stands there and laughs.

Kai: I admit that you have gotten very strong, but even you couldn’t have survived that blast. You should have just dodged.

Her face turns sour when the smoke begins to clear,. In the smoke, we can see Mara still standing. She appears to be unfazed by Kai's attack. Mara just seems even more pissed off. Flames engulf both of her arms. She cocks them back, and then she proceeds to extremely rapidly punch the air in front of her. At first this confuses Kai, but then out of nowhere dozens of giant phoenix flame fists appear before her. They are too fast for her to dodge and she gets pummeled by them all. This last for several seconds as Kai is pounded further and further into the ground. Once the attack ends, we see that Kai is left smoking at the bottom of what seems to be a several hundred feet deep crater with fist marks branded into various parts of her body.

Kai: (quietly labored) Damn that hurt a lot. That will sting in the morning. She has gotten really powerful. I don't think that I have ever felt so alive. However I will need to end this quick before things get out of hand.

She gets up and flies back up to Mara.

Kai: I do admit that I am having fun, but it's time that we bring this to a close.

Kai begins to gather a large amount of power. Then suddenly Kai feels a chill. Confused at the sudden drop in temperature, A bright light begins to emanate from Mara. She seems to be charging up her Star Buster. They both seem to have collected an equal amount of power.

Kai: Take this! This is the true power of the darkness! VOID BUSTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The attack releases and is more massive than any other attack that she has done by leaps and bounds. Mara counters with her Star Buster which is just as massive. The two attacks clash in midair. The result shock wave levels the entire property as well as rip many layers of dirt and rock from the ground. The entire property appears to be a wasteland that has two big bright lights flashing in the center. The two attacks seem to be even, but Kai's starts to gain the upper hand. It gets most of the way towards Mara, before Mara explodes with rage and outputs an even greater amount of power. Mara's attack quickly and easily pushes back Kai's attack. It overtakes it and quickly approaches Kai.

Kai: This can't be! How can she be stronger!? I am invincible!

Kai gets blasted by the attack. The result explosion results in a smoke cloud that takes several minutes to clear. Mara slowly approaches the ground. It's there that we see a barely conscious Kai laying on the ground. She appears to have returned to her base form. Mara stands over her still with much blood lust in her pupiless eyes.

Kai: (extremely labored) I guess that you’re here to finish me off. Well let's get this over with. I don't want to look at your wretched face anymore.

Some how she manages to gather enough strength to spit into Mara's face. This gets Mara even more mad. She grabs Kai by the throat and picks her up. She then slams her into the ground and proceeds to drag her through the ground. This is followed up by Kai being thrown into the air. Mara gets ahead of Kai and punches her in the gut all the way to the ground. She then starts pounding her over and over again. Blood is spewing everywhere. Then in a shocking twist she stops to laugh. It sounds very guttural. At this point, Kai seems to be at death's door.

Kai: (extremely labored) Stop wasting my time and end it. I don't like looking at your ugly mug.

She tries to spit at Mara again, but she just coughs up blood. Mara gets even more mad. She jumps back to gain some distance. She then begins to charge up a large amount of power. We switch view to Ramsbottom who is watching the fight in horror. He is greatly hurt.

Ramsbottom: I can't believe that she could be capable of so much death and destruction.

He begins to remember the time he first got  the call from Ramsey about loving Mara. He was sitting at his desk doing work as usual when the call comes.

Ramsbottom: Hello.
Ramsey: Yo, Ramsbottom! What's up?
Ramsbottom: Not much, but you didn't call to ask about me. You need something from me right?
Ramsey: No. It's not like that. I have some amazing news! I am going to propose to my girlfriend.

Ramsbottom, who was taking a drink of some coffee, nearly chokes at the mention of this news. He takes a few moments to compose himself.

Ramsbottom: You are going to propose to her! Are you really sure about this?
Ramsey: I couldn't be more sure.
Ramsbottom: Don't you remember what happened the last time that you let down your guard for a girl?
Ramsey: I know, but I have a feeling about this one. She is so amazing. She's kind and sweet. Mara is shy, but that's only because of her rough past. I just know that we can be together forever. She is so incredibly strong. She is one tough fighter, yet she wouldn't hurt a fly.

It's at this point that we return to the present. Ramsbottom can see the massive amount of energy that Mara is collecting. The flames appear to be pitch black.

Ramsbottom: Those don't look like her normal flames. They look like they come from the darkest pits of hell.

We focus in on Mara as the black flames prepare to strike. The amount of power seems to dwarf her last energy attack. The flames wrap around her arm. It nearly tears her apart. The entire area becomes darker and dark energy seems to be spewing from the clouds and the ground. She releases the energy from the palm of her hand. The flames shoot out with immense force. They coalesce into a giant black phoenix. Everyone in the area that is still alive can only watch in horror as Mara prepares to vaporize Kai.

The battle between Mara and Kai intensifies as Mara transforms into a Savage Beast of a warrior. The two combatants start out even. Unfortunately, Mara gets angrier and angier which causes her to quickly overtake Kai. The others can only watch in horror as she savagely beats Kai to a bloody pulp. Now Mara prepares to finish her off with black flames from the deepest parts of hell. What will become of  our heroes? Find out on the next chapter of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 91
Raging Fire

Last time on Dragon Soul, the battle between Mara and Kai intensifies as Mara transforms into a Savage Beast of a warrior. The two combatants start out even. Unfortunately, Mara gets angrier and angier which causes her to quickly overtake Kai. The others can only watch in horror as she savagely beats Kai to a bloody pulp. Now Mara prepares to finish her off with black flames from the deepest parts of hell. What will become of  our heroes? Find out on the today's chapter of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:  

Everyone is watching as a giant black flame phoenix approaches Kai. The attack is scorching the entire area. Then something even more surprising happens. A tear begins to come out from Mara's eye. She begins to remember all the people that she has lost over the years. We see a very young Mara with her mom and dad. They seem to be celebrating Mara's birthday.

Mom: Blow out the candles honey!
Dad: And don't forget to make a wish!

Little Mara blows out the candles.

Dad: What did you wish for?
Mara: I can't tell you that, or it won't come true. I wished that our family would be this happy forever.

Now she is remembering a time when she was having a sleepover with her friends. In the room are preteen Mara, Megan, Jennifer, and Kai. Megan and Jennifer are doing each others nails. Kai is braiding Mara's hair.

Megan: So Mara, a little birdy told me that you held hands with Bobby Fisher after school the other day.

Mara blushes.

Mara: Kai, I told you to keep it a secret.
Kai: I just couldn't help myself. You two looked so cute together.
Jennifer: Maybe you should ask him out.

Mara blushes heavily and covers her face.

Mara: You idoit! I don't like him like that. It's just that I was about to fall cause I tripped and he grabbed my hand.  

Megan and Jennifer start making kissing faces at her. Mara then throws a pillow at them. Kai just sits there and laughs. We move forward in time. It appears to be some sort of gathering or party. Mara and her friends are all gathered at Mara's house. Mara's friends' family also seem to be there.

Mary: Mara, Joe and I are so glad that you all will get to go to the same high school together.
Jane: I am so glad that the four of you have remained such good friends for all this time. I can see you guys being best friends forever.
Mara: Well that's the plan.

Time moves forward again. Mara is sitting up in a hospital bed. She looks so depressed. The news is playing on the TV. There is a  barely touched meal on a table to the side. This goes on for a few minutes. Then a man walks in with a big grin on his face. It appears to be Ramsey.

Ramsey: So how is my favorite patient doing?

Mara just sits there and sulks.

Ramsey: No wonder your sad, it so stuffy in here.

He walks to the window to open it, but he slips and falls. Mara chuckles a little and then busts out with laughter.

Ramsey: That's my girl. I knew that there was a beautiful smile hiding in there.
Mara: You are so silly. I could tell that you fell on purpose.
Ramsey: I didn't fall on purpose.
Mara: Sure! Let's go with that. Either way, it still was funny. You always know how to cheer me up.
Ramsey: I just hate to see you so sad. Out of all the patients that I have treated, you are my favorite. There is just something so special about you. I don't know what, but I just get this urge to help you however I can.
Mara: Thanks!
Ramsey: Now come give me a hug.

Ramsey walks over to her bed and the two hug. We finally return to present day, and Mara has many tears flowing from her eyes. She gets even more mad and puts more power into her "Phoenix of the Darkness Flame" attack. The attack is a mere few inches away from Kai. Then out of nowhere the attack changes direction and goes straight up into the sky. It illuminates the sky despite it being made of black flames. After a few seconds, the attack explodes causing all the clouds in a several mile radius to be blown away. The light of the sun begins to return. Everyone is shocked at this site. Mara still stands there angry, but she seems unable to do anything. The smoke clears and the sun begins to shine on Kai who is still just laying on the ground. However there seems to be a person standing in front of Kai.

Mara: Bird Screech!

The person is revealed to be Ramsey. He seems to have stepped in to stop the attack from hitting Kai. He still has a gaping hole in his abdomen.

Ramsey: Mara! You have to stop this violence! She has had enough!
Mara: Bird Screech!

Ramsey starts walking towards Mara. The others try to rush to him in order to stop him.

Yasha: Ramsey, stop! She'll kill you!
Ramsey: No! She will not! If she was capable of it then she wouldn't have diverted her last attack. Now let me handle this!

They continue forward  a bit before they are stopped by Xavier.

Wyatt: Why did you stop us?
Xavier: Because he's right. At this point, he is the only one that can snap her out of this.

They all turn to Ramsey and nod. Ramsey nods in return. He then continues to approach Mara. All she does is continuing to screech at him angrily. After about a minute of tense slow moving, Ramsey is now directly in front of Mara. She screams in his face. This disorients him for a second.  

Ramsey: Mara, please stop. I know that your mad, but if you let this anger and hatred consume you, then you might end up killing us all.

She screams in his face again. Ramsey tries to touch her shoulder, but Mara pulls back.

Ramsey: Don't worry. I am here to help you.

He tries again, but this time she knocks his hand away. This causes his hand to be severely injured. The others go to step forward, but Ramsey motions them to stop.

Ramsey: I'm not going to hurt you. I am just here for you. You of all people should know that nothing hurts me more than seeing you in pain.

He tries again with his other hand. She only pulls back a little. Ramsey steps forward and this time she lets him touch her shoulder. He then pulls her in and hugs her. They embrace and Ramsey begins to cry.

Ramsey: (sobbing) I know that it hurts so much to lose the ones you love, but you can't give up on life. There are still people who love you. If you continue down this path, you will end up truly losing everything. It's okay. We are all here for you and we will all share your pain. We will overcome this together. Now just come back to us PLEASE MARA!!!!

Mara seems to be freaking out a little before she begins to calm down. Soon after she begins to power down. Her appearance returns to normal. Then she finally snaps out of her trance. She quickly looks around and sees the joy on everyone's faces. She also sees all the destruction which causes her to start crying.

Mara: (sobbing) What have I done!?
Ramsey: Don't worry everything is fine. I've got you.
Mara: (sobbing) But Mary, Dick, Jane, Joe, and all the others. They are all dead, and it's all my fault.

It's at this point she just completely breaks down. The others come in and join in the hugging. Eventually Ramsbottom also makes his way over to the group. He also joins in on the group hug. This goes on for a few minutes before they let go. Ramsey wipes away Mara's tears.

Mara: How did you survive the attack?
Ramsey: I knew exactly what would happen if I got in the way of that attack, so I started to heal myself beforehand.
Mara: But I thought that you were dead.
Ramsey: No. The force of the attack knocked me out. If you would have calmly assessed the situation and check my vitals, then you would have known that I was alive.
Xavier: That was the first thing that I did. After I realized that he was alive, I gave him our last angel seed. If I hadn't gotten to him when I did, then he might have died. His healing only extended his life a little, but thankfully it was enough.
Mara: I don't know how I could thank you guys so much. Now what should we do about her?
Yasha: We should imprison her.
Ramsey: We can't.
Mara: Why?
Ramsey: Remember she is evil, and that means that we will have to remove her warrior soul. Unfortunately in her state, to remove it would mean certain death.
Mara: I mean you are right, but I just wish there was some way that we could just try to get through to her. Letting her die is the easy way out for her. She should live in order to make up for her crimes.
Valentine: Hey guys!
Mara: What!?
Wyatt: Look!

They all turn around. Kai has completely disappeared. They all start spreading out to search for her. We change views to a spaceship that is flying out into space. When we go into the ship, we see an extremely injured Kai is laying on a table. There appears to be a large male figure standing next to him. We can't see his face. Kai begins to wake up enough to get a feel for her surroundings. She finally notices the man. She just rolls her eyes and then tries to go back to sleep.

Man: That is no way to treat the man who saved your life.
Kai: I didn't need your help.
Man: Oh really because that's not the way it looked to me. This is what happens when you jump the gun.
Kai: I couldn't pass up this chance.
Man: And how did that turn out?

Kai doesn't answer.

Man: Don't worry about it. Just sit here and recover. You are very lucky that you didn't mess up my plan. Trust me when I say that the Ice Age has come for them.

Just then there is a chill in the air, and ice begins to cover the whole ship. The man just starts to laugh.

The battle between Mara and Kai has come to an end. Thanks to Mara's power up, she beat the living hell out of Kai. Just when she was about to finish the job, Ramsey steps in to stop her. He manages to calm her down and snap her out of her rage. After some consoling, they discussed what has to be done with Kai. Unfortunately, while they were distracted, Kai got away. Who is the mysterious man who saved Kai? What will happen to our heroes next? Find out next time on the Arc 5 finale of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
Arc 5
Chapter 92
Fight On!

The battle between Mara and Kai has come to an end. Thanks to Mara's power up, she beat the living hell out of Kai. Just when she was about to finish the job, Ramsey steps in to stop her. He manages to calm her down and snap her out of her rage. After some consoling, they discussed what has to be done with Kai. Unfortunately, while they were distracted, Kai got away. Who is the mysterious man who saved Kai? What will happen to our heroes next? Find out today on the Arc 5 finale of Dragon Soul!  

Opening Theme:
After about an hour of searching the gang gives up the search and returns to Mara and Ramsey. Ramsey is lying on the ground while Mara keeps watch.

Mara: No luck?
Xavier: No. I can't see how she could have gotten away in her condition.
Wyatt: How are you feeling Ramsey?
Ramsey: Better, but it will still be some time before this hole in my abdomen regenerates. Plus given everything else that has happen, I am so sorry Mara, but it looks that we will have to postpone our wedding.
Mara: That's fine. You need to recover and we have tons of things to do. But where are we going to stay in the meantime?
Yasha: Thankfully the underground base was unaffected by your battle.
Valentine: There is plenty of room, and we even have some equipment that can speed up Ramsey's recovery.
Mara: Alright. Let's get to work.

Everyone gets up and begins to head to the entrance to the underground base. They head down to the lab, and place Ramsey in a healing pod that is similar to the one that Mara was in back at the ALIENS base. The group then begins to relax in a common room.

Mara: I am so glad that you guys are here. I don't know what would have happened if you weren't here.
Yasha: Don't worry about it sugar. We're here for you.
Xavier: Tell me Mara. What was that?
Mara: I don't know. I was just so angry. I was also saddened at my weakness. I felt helpless at Kai's overwhelming power. Then out of nowhere all those emotions combined and unlocked some sort of hidden power from within me. Before I could even form another thought, I was completely overwhelmed by the power and consumed by it's rage. It was like some sort of savage beast was breaking out of it's cage.
Wyatt: That sounds about right. After you transformed, you became a very savage warrior.
Valentine: That's what we will call it. That's your new power up technique, "Savage Warrior".

Mara agrees, but she becomes sad again.

Mara: It's definitely powerful, but I don't know if I can't ever use that power again.
Yasha: Why?
Mara: It's uncontrollable. I mean to be able to reproduce such power I would have to use a x50 White Hot Mode.
Xavier: It's that strong!?
Mara: Yeah.  
Yasha: Well let's stop with all this nonsense for now. I think that we could all use some rest.

Everyone goes to bed. We skip ahead a few days. Everyone except Ramsey is gathered at a cemetery. They are all wearing black. There is a priest standing in the front.

Priest: We are gathered here to say goodbye to all those victims of a horrific tragedy. Life is......

He continues to talk for several minutes. Then he tells everyone to place their roses on the coffins. Mara is just a wreck. They begin to leave when Ramsbottom shows up.

Xavier: Hello.
Yasha: I'm glad that you could make it.
Ramsbottom: I am too. How you holding up, Mara?
Mara: (sobbing) Do I look fine? I just had to bury all those who have any connections to my past.
Xavier: But don't forget that you have us now.

Mara wipes away her tears.

Mara: Your right, but I just can't help myself. If your looking for Ramsey, He is still recovering.
Valentine: He won't be at 100% for a long time, but he's alive and that's what matters.
Ramsbottom: Well that's good. I'm sorry to say that I have also come here on official business.
Xavier: What would that be?
Ramsbottom: Not here. Let's talk somewhere in private.
Wyatt: Follow us.

They head back to their base. They all convene in a conference room.

Xavier: So what's your business with us?
Ramsbottom: We tried all that we could, but all of your identities have gone out to the public. Also one of the paparazzi survived the attack and released their footage of the battle. Now the world is up in arms. They are still grateful for all that you have done, but now they fear what you can do.
Mara: What!?
Yasha: I agree that we are strong, but we won't hurt anyone. We only protect the people from our enemies.
Ramsbottom: I know that, but a lot of your battles cause collateral damage. The people of the world want you guys to answer for that damage.
Wyatt: But it's not our fault.
Ramsbottom: I know that this situation isn't favorable, but what I am here to tell you all is that the UN has decided to take action. Over the next few months they will be meeting to discuss a way to handle this situation. They ask that till they can come up with a solution that you don't take any actions what so ever. You all will be placed under heavy surveillance, and you will have limited range of movement. They want you to remain on the property at all times with one exception. They acknowledge your repair needs and have granted you the freedom to travel to Amon whenever you like to get whatever you need, but that is the only off property place that you can go.

An angry Mara stands up.

Mara: This is bull shit! We aren't criminals! We are heroes!
Ramsbottom: I know and I am sorry, but this is how it has to be. It has already gone into effect. I was just sent to inform you. I will be taking my leave now.

Ramsbottom leaves and everyone is left in shock. We skip ahead a few months. There is snow on the ground, and most of the property seems to have been rebuilt. There is a big white tent like structure set up outside. We peer in and see that the inside has been set up for a wedding. Ramsbottom is on the altar with Ramsey. To Ramsey's side is Wyatt. On the other side of Ramsbottom is Yasha. The guests in attendance appear to be various members of the media. Inside the house Xavier is waiting near the door. After a few seconds Mara joins him. She is wearing a simple white dress.

Xavier: Are you ready?
Mara: As ready as I can be. I just hope that Kai doesn't come back.
Xavier: Don't worry. We have 100 times the security as last time. Plus I think that she would still need to be recovering after the beating you gave her. Don't let those thoughts ruin your day. It's your wedding day and it's also Christmas day so let's just enjoy ourselves.
Mara: I just want to thank you for walking me down the aisle.
Xavier: Don't mention it. Now let's go.

The music starts, and they begin to walk down the aisle. Everyone is overjoyed at the sight of Mara. Everyone is taking tons of pictures. After about a minute, they get to the altar. Xavier gives her to Ramsey to be married. The two love birds just stare at one another lovingly. Ramsbottom officiates the ceremony. It is a beautiful ceremony and it goes on uninterrupted. Then they move onto the reception. Mara and Ramsey have their first dance. During this Mara begins to cry.

Ramsey: What's wrong Mara?
Mara: I never thought that I would make it to this day after everything that has happened.

Ramsey wipes away her tears.

Ramsey: "We" were always going make it to this day one way or another. We are destined to be together. Remember that Aurora told us so.
Mara: I guess that your right.
Ramsey: Now let's have some fun.

Ramsey gives her a big kiss. After a few more minutes, the dance ends and, then the party really begins. Everyone has much food, fun, and drink. The party goes on all day long. Many good times were had. As the sun begins to set. Mara steps outside onto the balcony.  Ramsey shortly joins her. Music Stops

Ramsey: What's the matter now? I thought that I cleared everything up for you earlier.
Mara: There is still something that bothers me. I know that we are all destined to be together as a team, but I don't know if I can keep on fighting like this. If the emperor's forces don't kill us then the exhaustion of all this fighting just might do the job for them.
Ramsey: That could really happen, but if we give up then he will win. He will conquer the whole universe, and in the process billions or even trillions of people could die. It might not seem as if what we are doing will make a difference, but even a tiny match can light a fire that causes an explosion. So we must fight on. We will all continue to fight to the end no matter what.

Mara puts her head down in sadness.

Ramsey: Come on cheer up.
Mara: (crying) but what about all those innocent people that I killed?
Ramsey: I know that it's hard for you, and I understand what your going through. So as your husband I will remain by your side to help you get through this. Besides this isn't a magically fairy tale where the heroes save the day without any casualties. I don't think such a story even exists.
Mara: I guess that your right.
Ramsey: Aren't I always?
Mara: Hey now, I didn't say that. I just said that you were right this time. Remember what Ramsbottom said early, "Happy wife, Happy life."
Ramsey: I guess that your right.

They kiss.

Mara: Now my loving husband, Let's fight on till our last breath.
Ramsey: Yes, ma'am.
Mara: That's Mrs. Steele to you.

Ramsey just nods and they kiss again. music  

Much has happened over the past few hours, but Kai has been defeated. She managed to get away, but she will be recovering for a long time. After burying the dead, the group was told that the UN will be meeting to discuss what to do with them. This upset them, but they had to focus on rebuilding and recovering from their fight with Kai. Thankfully after all the detours, Mara and Ramsey finally get married. Mara has some doubts, but her new husband is there to make her feel better. What adventures await our heroes? Find out on the next arc of Dragon Soul!
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Dragon Soul
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