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 New Digimon Series???

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PostSubject: New Digimon Series???   August 12th 2012, 2:31 pm

According to some recent interviews and a couple of talks with the creator of the original digimon series, apparently with the latest series of digimon, Digimon Xros Wars 2 and the way how they ended it off by bringing back all the digimon masters all from season 1 to 5, Adventures to Savers/Data Squad with a fantastic way of ending off the 7th generation of digimon. Its not over, The original creator for digimon series 1 is apparently talking about making a 8th series that will be simuliar to the first 2 digimon story's and bring fourth a new generation for digimon fans and bring a whole new life into the series completely scraping any of this card swapping, human digivolving and digi xrosing concepts and making it the same way we all know to love it. If the rumors are true this would make me really happy and make me see that digimon still has a chance to survive, with that rumor there is also the rumor that suban entertainment the people who dubbed Digimon Adventures, Adventure Zero Two and Tamers. Might take the license for Xros Wars and the new series if it happens to come out again if this is true. There might still be a chance to see life in the digimon series. both for Japan, and America
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New Digimon Series???
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