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 Zelda hack makes MSNBC news.

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Prince Doebler
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PostSubject: Zelda hack makes MSNBC news.   March 19th 2013, 11:02 am

Or PMSNBC news, as most people like to call them. IT'S FUNNY, CUZ IT'S A GIRL IN THE GAME AND A GIRL WHO HACKED THE ROM!!! *gets shot*


EDIT: As difficult as it might be to mess with the NES's color palettes, I'd be more intrigued if it were more than a simple re-skin.
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Strider Zero
Strider Zero

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PostSubject: Re: Zelda hack makes MSNBC news.   March 19th 2013, 2:32 pm

The reskin plus text edit is probably child's play compared to the stuff that people have done to Fire Emblem. But yeah, it would be cool if the hacker(s) made the game different in some ways.
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Zelda hack makes MSNBC news.
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