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 EA has given up on WiiU.

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PostSubject: EA has given up on WiiU.   May 17th 2013, 8:47 pm

Just seen this posted on the 2K forums.


EA Engineer: Wii U Is "Crap", Nintendo Is "Walking Dead"
On Twitter, an Electronic Arts software engineer didn't sugarcoat his views on the Wii U – a console that EA has now ceased to develop games for.
While Electronic Arts tried to be publically diplomatic about the news that it has no games in development for the Wii U, EA senior software engineer and architect Bob Summerwill made his scathing opinion of the console known via Twitter.
IGN spotted the tweets, which have now been deleted - but had enough foresight to capture screengrabs of the tweets before Summerwill took them down. You can see the original tweets on IGN's story.
In the series of tweets, Summerwill didn't mince words, saying: "The Wii U is crap. Less powerful than an XBOX360. Poor online/store. Weird tablet. Nintendo are walking dead at this point."
He also said the company should consider exiting the console business altogether, writing, "Nintendo are operating like it's 1990. They should have "done a Sega" and offered Mario/Zelda as PS4/Durango exclusives...Instead they make this awful console...Just stop it! Just make great games."
He also said that Nintendo platforms have been traditionally poor for third-party publishers - something that we've heard said many times for many years by many people in the publishing industry.

Credit: IGN.com



Like EA or not, they are a major publisher. And to have them stop developing for WiiU already is a huge blow. What's worse is that any 3rd party Nintendo does have, might follow EA. EA was the company publishing PS2 games in 2012, so we can say they squeeze every last dime from a console. So for them to halt production for a console and call it "crap" publicly. I imagine that's a huge blow to your reputation.

What do you guys think of EA's opinion on WiiU? And think it'll have a negative effect on Nintendo?
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PostSubject: Re: EA has given up on WiiU.   May 18th 2013, 10:43 pm

I wouldn't blame EA, I blame Nintendo for releasing this abomination to the public. Nintendo had the same mentality as Sony did with PS3. They think just because the Wii was a success, they think they could say "we can do hardcore" and think the name will just sell itself. Fuck that, the damn thing can't even use Frostbite 4 (or 3, I don't remember it was called) yet A FUCKING ANDROID CAN! That proves Nintendo can't advance worth shit. N64 still used cartridges, GameCube has no online, Wii wasn't HD, and now Wii u can't even use other company's engines (much worse then in the past)

Trust me, EA wasn't even the 1st to give up on the Wii u and many more will go to. No ads + no 3rd party support + no games = Wii U's death and last place this generation

Oh and if Xbox rumors I keep hearing are true, this might be the 1st console generation with a decide winner without even being released (aka PS4)
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Prince Doebler
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PostSubject: Re: EA has given up on WiiU.   May 19th 2013, 5:21 pm

Empirewild wrote:
the damn thing can't even use Frostbite 4 (or 3, I don't remember it was called) yet A FUCKING ANDROID CAN!

You honestly believe that shit? If EA can program it on iOS/Android, it sure as hell can run it on the Wii U. Two reasons Frostbite isn't on the Wii U:
1) Nintendo refused to let EA have Origin on the console. In fact, they pretty much told EA to go fuck themselves.
2) It's all about the money. They don't see a profit in the console yet.

This whole gong show hearkens back to what happened with Valve and the PS3. They had been heard blasting the console left and right when it first came out. PS3 came out on top, and even though Valve apologized, they still had eggs on their faces. Once the install base gets bigger (and it will, in spite of naysayers and contrarians may say), EA will be backpedaling on their comments, faster than Lance Armstrong on his denials of doping.
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PostSubject: Re: EA has given up on WiiU.   

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EA has given up on WiiU.
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