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 Fighters Abroad

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad   April 4th 2009, 7:23 pm

Chapter 1: Mercenaries

Season 1 Opening theme:

It's a twilight mood out. Around 5 o clock in the afternoon. The sun is setting and all is quiet in the metropolis known as Sarzo. As the city continues to get darker, two figures are seen entering through a gate leading into the city itself. They split up and go on two opposite sides of a street and hide behind a building.

Person 1: Any sign of them?
Person 2: Nothing.
Person 1: What are we waiting for, X? Let's go.
X: Patience, Claudius. We have to wait for the perfect opportunity.
Claudius: I'm a mercenary, not an assassin. Let's bust in and beat their asses down.
X: Trust me on this one. We don't know their numbers or strength.
Claudius: Agh...very well.

The streets remain empty. Claudius and X wait in their spots for several minutes.

Claudius: Nothing...do you think we should move on?
X: Yes. We've waited long enough.

Both come out of the shadows on each side. Claudius is wearing a red shirt and black pants. Over his red shirt he has a long black coat and red gloves ( http://www.servimg.com/image_preview.php?i=107&u=12920109 ). He has long black hair. X has a white longsleeve shirt, white long pants and bandages over his hands as if they were gloves. He has white bandage cloth that covers his chin all the way up to his nose. He has semi long black hair that is in no particular style ( http://i65.servimg.com/u/f65/14/75/97/39/x_210.png ). These two come together at the middle of the street they were at.

X: Damn, Sarzo has become so empty ever since those guys took over.
Claudius: I know. Hey, why did you come after me anyway?
X: I couldn't let you take these guys on alone. You know me.
Claudius: Yeah, I do. You worry about me a lot. Why? You're an assassin.
X: You are all I have left, Claudius.
Claudius: Oh that's right, you were exiled from your clan.
X: Yeah, but that story is for later, now we strike.
Claudius: Now you're speaking my language!

X and Claudius run side by side through the street. There are no people around or any vehicles of any sort. The entire place is desolate besides the buildings. Suddenly, a huge castle comes into view for both of them. They both stop quick and stare at the castle.

Claudius: Man...I never get tired of looking at that castle.
X: It's freaking huge, isn't it?
Claudius: Thanks for that. Otherwise I wouldn't have known the size of the castle.
X: Bitch shut up. *hits Claudius on the head*
Claudius: Didn't hurt. Yo, look theres something coming out of the castle.
X: Where? *looks*

Claudius turns around real fast and mutters something that looks like "FUCK that hurt" to himself. He then turns around again and looks to the castle again.

X: I don't see anything.
Claudius: Must have been my imagination. Well, let's head over there.
X: Is this really a good idea?
Claudius: We're on this mission. We have to try to take them down.
X: Alright. Lets go on then.

X and Claudius climb up on a rooftop and start jumping from rooftop to rooftop making their way toward the castle. They get somewhat close when a voice calls out to them.

???: Halt!
X: You hear that?
Claudius: Yeah, it's coming from the streets.
???: Who dares trespass in our territory?!
X: It's one of those guys. Let's take care of him.
Claudius: Yeah, this should be easy.
???: Don't ignore me! I know you're up there.

Claudius jumps off the rooftop. His long coat catches the wind and he floats down slowly. He touches ground and takes out a chain whip. The man he approaches has a white long sleeve jacket, white long pants, white gloves, and blond hair that is split in the front. He has a maniac demeanor about him. (Here is an idea of how his portrait looks http://i62.servimg.com/u/f62/12/92/01/09/jiron10.png )

Claudius: You can give up nice and easy, or I'm going to have to put some force into it.
???: There were two of you just now. Where is your friend?
X: I'm right here, pal.

The man looks to his left to see X about 10 feet away from him and he's leaning against a wall with a dagger ( http://www.istockphoto.com/file_thumbview_approve/4941709/2/istockphoto_4941709-vector-artistic-daggers.jpg only silver handle completely ) in his hand.

???: Who are you guys?
Claudius: You answer first.
???: Very well, I am Jiron. Ranked third in the Myjuto forces.
X: Myjuto forces?
Jiron: We are the ones that took over this metropolis. Now you answer me!
Claudius: We are mercenaries sent to destroy the Myjuto forces. Prepare to die.
Jiron: This is unfair. Two against one?
X: Did you think it was fair when you attacked those in this city? I don't think so.
Jiron: Fine then...attack me.

Jiron pulls out a scythe from his back from a sheath. This scythe is long and has a wide head unlike most scythes. Suddenly, X rushes forward to attack.

Claudius and X have begun their quest for emancipating Sarzo. Along the way they have met a mysterious fellow that has a scythe. Will X and Claudius take Jiron down? Tune in next time to Fighters Abroad!

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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 4th 2009, 8:07 pm

Chapter 2: Jiron the maniac

Previously on Fighters Abroad, X and Claudius get ready to fight Jiron. X takes the first step

X rushes forward and attempts a swift strike with his dagger. Jiron sidesteps the attack and kicks. X manages to jump back a bit to evade the kick. He then takes out another dagger from his side and rushes in again. Jiron jumps up high and swings his scythe downwards as he comes down. X defends with his daggers but gets pushed back from impact. Claudius quickly whips at Jiron and latches onto his arm. Jiron yanks his arm and Claudius flies toward him. Jiron then rushes in and punches Claudius in the stomach and then unlatches his arm. He takes a few steps back when Claudius gets up.

Claudius: So you're strong are you?
Claudius: Uh...What a weirdo
Jiron: What are you waiting for? Attack me! Attack me!

At that moment, Jiron receives a kick to the back and tumbles down.

X: Forget about me?
Claudius: Thanks for the help. This guy is strong AND fast.
X: Tell me about it.

Jiron promptly gets up. He takes out a crossbow with one hand while keeping his Scythe in the other.

Jiron: You aren't bad. Not bad for Mercenaries.
X: Quit the small talk. Show us what you've got.
Jiron: Fair enough.

Jiron shoots an arrow out of his crossbow at Claudius. Claudius quickly takes out a short sword and blocks it. X rushes in again with his daggers. He attacks with them but Jiron blocks with his scythe. Claudius then takes the opportunity to whip Jiron in the back with his whip. Jiron lets out a small "ouch" in pain and forces X away with the scythe. He then puts away his crossbow and scythe and takes out a pair of nun chucks.

Claudius: Nun chucks, Crossbows, and a scythe?! What is your style?
Jiron: I have no style. I know them all and use them.

Claudius rushes in with his sword and slashes. Jiron evades it barely and quickly rushes into Claudius. He starts beating Claudius with the nun chucks and does a flip kick backwards to his face. Claudius falls down in pain. Jiron then jumps to the side swiftly and evades an incoming attack by X.

X: Damn you to all hell!
Jiron: Blehehehehehe! Your blood screams for me to take it.
X: 0_0 You are freaky.

Jiron puts away his nun chucks and takes his scythe out again. He then licks his lips and starts walking toward X. Claudius is still on the ground badly hurt. X starts to back up.

Jiron: What's the matter? I thought you were an assassin, not a coward!
X: Urg...this is not good.

X rushes in again, but right before reaching Jiron, he jumps over him and attempts to kick him in the back. Jiron quickly turns around and grabs X's foot. He takes his foot and slams him into the ground. He then raises his scythe.

Jiron: Hahahahaha! My blood...my blood is coming to me.
???: Enough, Jiron!
Jiron: Huh? What are you doing here?

He turns around and there is a figure that is silouetted by shadow.

???: You've done your damage. Now leave them be. We have work to do.
Jiron: Fuck you! I want my blood!
???: The boss commands it!
Jiron: ...fine, but he owes me.
???: Whatever.

Jiron puts away his scythe and goes with the shadowed figure. They leave out of site. A few minutes later, Claudius gets up while holding one hand on his face.

Claudius: X? You ok?
X: (still on the ground) My pride...it's been soiled again.
Claudius: Don't be that way. He was faster than you and stronger than me.
X: *Looks to Claudius* Claudius, your face...it's bleeding terribly.
Claudius: Yeah...he got me good.
X: *gets up fast* We gotta get you medical care fast!
Claudius: What about you?
X: I'll be alright for the time being...agh. *starts limping*
Claudius: Here, take my hand.

Claudius uses his free hand and puts it on X's back to help him walk. X does the same. They start to walk out of the city.

X: What are we gonna do, Claud?
Claudius: I don't know, man. Jiron is only ranked third. I wonder how powerful the boss is.
X: 0_0 Let's not think about that for the time being.
Claudius: Hehe...agh, let me down for a sec.

Claudius falls to the ground slowly.

X: Claudius! Ah shit, you really need help fast. Hold on buddy, I'll find help outside the city!
Claudius: What about you?
X: I'll be all right. Do what you can to stop the bleeding and I'll be right back with help.
Claudius: Alright...good luck.

X dashes off slowly because he is still injured himself. Apon arival at the gate, he takes a few long breaths and leaves the city with eyes of determination.

Claudius and X have taken a massive beat down. Claudius is severely bleeding and needs help fast. Will X find help in time? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 4th 2009, 11:35 pm

Chapter 3: In Search of Help

X is running as fast as he can in his condition. He is in the outskirts of Sarzo. It's a sandy, oasis type area. Eventually, he reaches a small village by the water.

X: I hope a doctor is here.

He goes into the village. He starts looking around as people look at him suspiciously.

Village Person 1: That man, he's a heathen.
X: What? You never seen a guy like me before?
Village Person 2: That man is evil!
X: Oh for hell's sake, I am looking for a doctor here!
Little girl: He's kind of cute.
X: *blushes* You're too kind, NOW WHERE'S A FUCKING DOCTOR?!
Man: You have come looking for help, Troy?
X: Huh? Who's Troy.
Man: You.
X: You got the wrong guy...my name is X.

X walks away. He continues to look for a doctor. The man that called him Troy follows him.

Man: There is a doctor. He lives in the middle of the village.
X: Thanks..say, who are you?
Man: I am of the revume tribe. Come with me, Troy.
X: My name is not Troy! It's X! I don't know of a Revume tribe.
Man: Fine, be that way. I'll be here in the village when you're ready to talk.
X: ...

X walks away again and then hurries to the doctor in the middle of the village. He busts in the house.

X: Are you the doctor here?
Doctor: Yes.
X: My friend is severely bleeding. He needs help now.
Doctor: Where is he?
X: Right inside Sarzo.
Doctor: How much will you pay?
X: 400 silver
Doctor: Deal. I'll come with you.

The doctor comes with X to Sarzo. They go past the gate and into the city with caution. When they get there, X's face turns pale white.

X: Claudius...he's gone.
Doctor: What has happened here?
X: We were attacked, and it seems my friend has disappeared.
Doctor: No kidding. The blood is still all over the ground.
X: Shit! *he hits the ground* Claudius! I bet that Jiron came back for him.
Doctor: I don't know what to say here. I can't help you any further though.
X: Yeah, thanks. I'll stop by and give you a little something for coming with me.

The doctor leaves and X kneels down near the blood.

X: Claudius...what happened to you?

Claudius has disappeared. How will X fulfill his mission now? Don't change the channel, Fighters Abroad will be back soon!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 5th 2009, 11:19 am

Chapter 4: Hell in Sarzo

X is still on the ground feeling bad that he didn't take Claudius with him. In his mind he starts to recall the events that occured in Sarzo a week ago.

[Sarzo - 1 Week Ago]

Narrator X: It was only a week ago. I was in Sarzo taking a stroll through the shadows.

X is in the shadows of an alley. People are everywhere in the streets, busy as heck. Suddenly a scream is heard.

X: What was that?
Person 1: Oh my gosh!
Person 2: Stay away! Stay away from me!

X creeps out of the shadows to find multiple people killing citizens on the street. X takes out his daggers and gets ready to strike. Just then, a figure sees him and shoots an arrow at him. X dodges easily and then runs away for fear of being outnumbered.

Narrator X: I was a coward...maybe I could have done something. Well, maybe not if Jiron was there. Soon after that I saw many citizens running out of the city. I thought to myself "There weren't that many people, and yet the whole metropolis is in an uproar. What is going on here?" But I was afraid to look into it myself. So I went to the mercenary headquarters which was right outside Sarzo.

X goes down a secret path that leads into a small building. At the door someone behind it mutters something to X and X mutters back. The man opens up the door and X quickly goes in.

Narrator X: I wanted to find out what had happened exactly. I remember Claudius telling me that the city had been over run by tons of scrub warriors with several leaders. I was sort of puzzled since I didn't see any warriors besides a few. Several hours later the boss called Claudius in to his office. I was interested to know what was going on so I eavesdropped.

Mercenary Boss: Claudius, I've received a letter from a new client.
Claudius: A new client? In these times?
Mercenary Boss: This client wants you to take care of the problem in Sarzo.
Claudius: That's some mission. This has to be worth at least seven thousand silver.
Mercenary Boss: The letter says he'll give you Five million silver.
Claudius: Five million silver?! This guy is desperate isn't he? I'll do it.
Mercenary Boss: Very well, when will you be leaving?
Claudius: A week from now. I need to prepare.

Just then X knocks on the door and the Boss lets him in.

Claudius: X, what is it?
X: Are you really going through with this?
Claudius: Yes...it's my mission.
X: Let me go with you. You can't do this alone.
Claudius: Relax, X. After a week of preparation, this won't be too hard.
X: Mmm...Ok.

Narrator X: I still didn't like the idea of Claudius going into Sarzo alone...so a week later I followed him until we were close to Sarzo. That's when I made myself known to him.

X: Claudius, wait!
Claudius: X? You followed me all the way here?
X: Yep Smile
Claudius: You are really intent on going with me aren't you?
X: Yes, don't try to stop me. I have to go with you.
Claudius: Ok, you're on.

Narrator X: I was thrilled that Claudius gave up and let me come with him. So we finally got to Sarzo and that's where the mission began and ended quickly.

X and Claudius go past the gate into Sarzo and split up and go on opposite sides of a street.

Claudius: Any sign of them?
X: Nothing.


X: Damn it! Damn it! Damn it! Now Claudius is gone and he could be anywhere by now. Sorry, boss, but I have to find Claudius before I try to take on some of those guys.

X passes the gate of Sarzo and leaves the city.

The story of how the atrocity began has been told by X. Now he must try to find Claudius so that they can try to take on the Myjuto forces again. How will he do in his search? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 5th 2009, 4:09 pm

Chapter 5: Force your way!

Night has now completely taken over the area. X has gone back to the oasis village to pay the doctor and to rest for the night. The chief of the village allows X to stay in a hut near the market area. Soon after X settles in, a few children go into the hut to greet him.

Child 1: Hey mister, do you think that those bad guys will attack us?
X: I don't know. No one is sure why they took over Sarzo in the first place. Nobody knows why they have done what they did at all.
Child 2: If they come here, will you protect us with your little swords?
X: Oh, you mean these daggers? *He pulls them out* Yeah, I'll protect you guys until I have to go. *He pats child 2 on the head*
Child 1: You look kind of scary, but you're a nice man. I like you.
X: Thank you. You are good children. Just don't become like me and be an exiled assassin.
Child 2: What's exiled?
X: You see, my family, or clan as we would call it, kicked me out because of something I did.
Child 2: What did you do?
X: Don't worry about that, now you children go back to your parents. They may not want to see you with me.
Both Children: Bye Bye!

X waves goodbye and the children leave. After they leave, X lies down and starts to think about everything. Soon after, he falls asleep.

[In an unknown place]

Everything is black. All that is heard are male voices.

??? 1: Are we ready?
??? 2: Yes, first thing in the morning, we will attack. I bet they don't suspect a thing.

[Back to the oasis village]

Time has passed. It is now morning, close to mid day. X is still sleeping as he is exhausted. Suddenly, A girl breaks into X's hut and yells.

Village person: Help! We're under attack!
X: *wakes up real fast* MY WAFFLES! Wait, what?
Village person: We're under attack! Many soldiers are about to attack our village!
X: Shit! Cowards!

X gets up as fast as he can and grabs his daggers. He rushes out and goes to the edge of the village where he sees close to 50 foot soldiers ready to attack. Leading these soldiers is a man with Silver armor covering his entire body. He has a huge sword and a big shield.

X: (calling out to the leader) What do you want with this village?!
Leader: We've come to expand our territory. Any who oppose us will be destroyed.
X: You are cowards coming here without warning!
Leader: That's what you think.
X: That's what I know. I'm an assassin.
Leader: Well that's too bad, because you will be the one being assassinated.
X: *goes into a ready stance* We'll see about that.

The leader gives the order to charge and all the soldiers start to charge at X.

X: Shit, this isn't good at all. I've gotta fight them separate or else I won't win.

The soldiers with spears ready themselves to stab X. X stays in his position getting ready. The archer soldiers in the back have their bows drawn and are ready to fire at will. The sword soldiers in the middle are backing up the spear soldiers in case of emergency. When the spear soldiers get close enough, X jumps into the middle of them and starts to attack.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhPBgTubcX4 ) He swings his daggers to one side, killing two soldiers. The other three sides go to attack at the same time and X jumps backwards to get out of the circle. The soldiers in the front end up spearing each other, killing two more. X takes a short breath and readies himself. The soldiers regroup and get ready to charge. Before they can, X rushes in fast and starts to slice through. The soldiers around him try to spear him, but he is moving too fast and cuts through a whole column of soldiers. At this point, the archers shoot at him because he has moved away from the spear soldiers. X sees this and heads for the sword soldiers. The sword soldiers attack and X manages to block three of them with his daggers. The arrows miss him completely since he has moved on. The sword soldiers quickly circle X and ready their swords. *Theme stops*

X: *Pant* This is not easy. I've never had to fight this many soldiers at once.

At that moment the leader steps into the circle and the soldiers back up, making space. He takes out his huge sword and readies it.

Leader: I guess it's time you fought me for yourself.
X: Yes, I guess it is.
Leader: Do you really think you can stop the Myjuto forces? You are one man.
X: I don't care. As long as I have breath, I will not stop fighting them. They are an abomination to society!
Leader: Then allow me to take that breath away.

X is protecting the village with his life, but it may cost him it. Will he defeat the leader and take down this squad of Myjuto? Stay tuned for Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 5th 2009, 5:03 pm

Chapter 6: Save the village

X and the leader are at a standoff. They both wait for each other to make the first move. After a little while of waiting, the leader starts to walk towards X. He then swings his sword. X evades with ease and then goes in for an attack. The leader puts up his shield and forces X away with it. X rushes in again. The leader puts his shield up again but X runs around him. He tries to catch X with his sword but misses. X then goes in for a stab to the back. His daggers collides with the armor and bounces off.

X: 0_0 My daggers won't hurt him.
Leader: What did you expect? This armor is broad and made from silver. Those daggers are worthless.
X: Damn, I can't kill him that way. What am I going to do?

The leader goes in for another attack. X side steps an incoming slash and jumps backwards. The leader then throws his shield unexpectantly at X and hits him. He falls on the ground and struggles to get back up. Just as the leader swings his sword, X does a roll on the ground to evade it and then kicks the leader in the foot. That, of course, hurts X and he starts groaning in pain. The leader then steps on X's chest and starts to press. X then takes the leaders other foot and starts to move it away from the foot that is stepping on him. This creates unbalance with the leader and he falls on top of X.

X: Guh...not the best idea.
Leader: (struggling to get up) You trapped yourself! Someone kill him now while he's under me.

A soldier with a sword walks up to X and readies his sword.

X: Damn it! Get off me you fat bastard!
Leader: Now! Cut him!

The soldier swings downward to cut but the sword gets stopped by something. All of the sudden the sword is yanked out of the soldier's hand and is sent flying. A figure is then seen in the air grabbing the sword and then lands next to the soldier.

X: Huh? What? Claudius?!

Claudius is there with his whip in hand and the yanked sword in the other. He has bandages all over his face, but everything else is normal.

Claudius: I leave you for one day and you get into trouble. Such a pain.
Leader: Soldiers, kill him!
???: Not happening!

Behind Claudius a slash is seen and a man appears quickly behind him. Three soldiers fall down from being cut. This man has an open black trench coat with a black muscle shirt under. He's wearing black pants and a black hat and gloves. In his hand he has a blade with a black handle but the blade is red. He promptly sheaths the sword in a black sheath and stands next to Claudius.

???: Claudius, you take care of freeing your friend. I'll deal with some of these soldiers.
Claudius: Right!

Claudius runs over to the leader and rolls him off X. He then helps X up and they stand back to back.

X: Thanks, buddy.
Claudius: No problem. Just returning the favor.
X: Say, who's that guy over there.
Claudius: His name is Naith. I'll explain later. Right now we gotta finish this.

The man called Naith is fighting off sword and spear soldiers together. They try to hit him but he is too fast for them and slashes them. He takes out about 6 soldiers in front of him and steps back near Claudius and X.

Naith: This may be tougher than expected.
X: The leader...I can't harm him with my daggers.
Naith: Leave him to me. You two cut through these guys enough that we can escape.
Claudius and X: Right!

The leader gets up slowly and looks at Naith.

Leader: How dare you mess with us!
Naith: Is that a threat?
Leader: You're damn right it is.
Naith: I don't like threats too much. *He pushes his hat a bit downwards* You better watch yourself.
Leader: Well let's see how you like this sword in your gut!

The leader rushes in for an attack. Naith manages to block the attack with his sword just in time. He then slices himself fast at the leader. It barely scrapes the metal and leaves a small scratch.

Leader: Ha! You can't harm me either.
Naith: I wouldn't be so sure of that.
Leader: I would.
Naith: Well you can go to hell. Let me give you a head start. Smile

Naith pulls out a gold zippo lighter and lights it. He then quickly moves in and sticks it on the leader. The leader catches on fire and burns fast. He screams in agony and then falls down, dead. Naith takes out a little cloth and wipes his zippo and then puts it away. He then sheaths his sword.

Claudius and X are cutting their way through soldiers and making their way to the archers. Claudius is using his short sword at this point. They cut through several rows and columns and rush for the archers. Claudius notices that the leader is dead and he runs to pick up his shield. The archers barely miss him. He picks up the shield and he and X run forward behind it. The arrows can not penetrate the shield and they start to retreat. When the two reach the archers, they throw the shield into the crowd of archers and then cut their way through. Soon after, Naith joins in and they kill all the archers. The remaining soldiers run away back to Sarzo.

X: We did it! *Sigh*
Claudius: Yeah! Hey, thanks for the help again, Naith.
Naith: No problem.
X: What do you mean again?
Claudius: Naith was wandering around Sarzo when he found me bleeding on the ground. He took me to a nearby building and patched me up with these bandages.
Naith: I couldn't just let you die there on the street. What was I supposed to do?
X: Thank you, Naith. We both owe you one.
Naith: Hmm...well I'll be off now.
Claudius: Where are you going?
Naith: Places. I am a wanderer you know.
X: Alright. We'll see you again, right?
Naith: Fate chooses what it will. You two take care.

With that, Naith walks away. Claudius and X go back into the village where the citizens greet them with extreem gratitude. The chief of the village gives them both medals of courage for saving their village. A little later, Claudius and X go by the beach and sit there. The sun starts to set.

Claudius: Hey, I don't think I'll need these anymore. *he takes off the bandages*
X: Not bad. You look a bit bruised, but that's it.
Claudius: So what about the mission? What are we supposed to do?
X: I'm not sure. We can't just give up though, can we?
Claudius: No, no we can't. I say we travel around a bit and gets stronger.
X: Yeah, that seems like the best choice. We'll have to get our stuff from headquarters.
Claudius: Indeed. This may be a long journey.

Claudius is back because of Naith's kindness. The village is now safe and the two decide to go on a little journey. What will happen next to them? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 7: City Departure - The Journey Begins

Right outside Sarzo, Claudius and X are moving at a steady pace to their headquarters. They go down a secret pathway and reach a small building. A man mutters something to the two and they both mutter back. The man opens up the door and they go in. Inside the building are around ten mercenaries that all greet X and Claudius right away.

Mercenary 1: Claudius! X! You're back.
Claudius: Luckily.
Mercenary 2: Yo, Claudius. What's up with your face?
Claudius: It's just a few scratches...I'm fine now.
X: That's not what you would have said yesterday.
Claudius: True, but now they're reduced to scratches.
Mercenary 3: The boss wants a word with you two.
X: This may not be good.

X and Claudius go into the boss's office where he is looking unhappy.

Boss: Why are you two back here? You didn't finish the job.
X: We did the best we could. We can't finish the job just yet.
Claudius: They're tougher than we thought.
Boss: Ey, I don't give a fuck how tough they are. You'se better collect or there'll be problems.
Claudius: *slams hands on boss's desk* You think I have much of a choice?! X and I got our asses handed to us by one guy!
Mercenary: (outside the door) Yeah, Claudius is the best! If he can't do it, no one can!
Boss: Ok, so what're you'se doin back here?
X: We're heading off to train for this.
Claudius: We can't stay here or we're dead meat.
Boss: You two are my best mercenaries here! I can't run that risk.
X: Well you have two options, boss.
Claudius: Let us go off for a while, or we both quit.
X: Either way, you lose us for a period of time. And we both know you can't stop us.
Boss: ...alright, but no funny biz, ya hear?!
Claudius: Don't worry, we'll be back and stronger than ever.
Boss: I hope you're right.

Claudius and X leave and go into their dorms for a little rest. After that, they gather what they need for the trip and meet outside the dorms.

Claudius: X, you ready?
X: Yeah. You?
Claudius: Yeah.
X: Ok, let's grab some food and then be on our way.
Claudius: Agreed.

The two go into a room where there is food lying around. A few mercenaries follow them and decide to eat with them.

Mercenary 1: You guys are nuts I tell you.
Mercenary 2: I agree. Claudius is only 19 and X is only 18.
Mercenary 3: Yeah, but they're the best in the place.
X: Yeah, we are nuts. What kind of 18 year old does this kind of shit?
Claudius: You think that's bad, X? I've been doing this since I was 16. You've only been here a few months.
Mercenary 4: Claudius is a killing machine. I remember when you were on your first mission.
Claudius: Oh, please, don't bring that up.
Mercenary 4: He used his chain whip to gag a guy out of his money and then cut his throat open with his sword.
Mercenary 1 and 2: >_> <_< Woah.
Mercenary 4: Speaking of old times, Claud, do you think you'll see your ex out there?
X: Ex? You mean like an ex girlfriend?
Claudius: Yeah. Last year I hooked up with this girl and dated her until recently. A little before I brought you here, I broke up with her.
X: Why's that?
Claudius: She tried to kill me. She hated how dishonerable I could be. She's a samurai you know.
X: Woah...cool.
Mercenary 2: Oh, yeah. I remember that bitch. You were steaming mad that day.
Claudius: Tell me about it. I almost attacked the boss.
X: You did seem a bit upset at the time you brought me here. I thought I had done something wrong.
Mercenary 3: Good times.
Mercenary 1: Yeah...but now these Myjuto people are ruining all the fun.
Claudius: I know! They drove off all the bounty, all the people, everyone in Sarzo!
X: Well you guys better take care of this place while we're gone.
Mercenary 1,2,3,4: No problem!

They continue to eat and when they are done everyone meets at the exit. Claudius and X have their stuff and are about to leave.

Boss: We'll miss having you killers around. Take care.
Mercenaries: Catcha later!
X and Claudius: See ya.

With that, X and Claudius leave the building and head for the oasis village. Once they reach it, they stop for a little bit to greet them and then move on. Past the village is a desert which the two mercenaries go right into.

X: Well, this is it.
Claudius: Yeah. Our quest to save Sarzo begins here!

Claudius and X have started their mission a second time to save Sarzo. Only this time they will take much longer in doing so. How will these two mercenaries handle the heat of the desert? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 8: The Heat of the Desert

X and Claudius are strolling through a desert. They have been going through it for hours now. However, they are carrying many jugs of water so they wouldn't die of thirst.

X: Claudius, it's almost night time.
Claudius: Yes, I'm aware. We shouldn't drink much more water for now.
X: Indeed. It's about to get real cold.
Claudius: I wonder how long this desert stretches.

An hour passes and night time hits. Both get cold and bury themselves halfway in the sand.

Claudius: I just thought of something. When morning comes, we'll be hot as hell.
X: Yeah, that's true...mine as well get out...*Falls asleep*
Claudius: Ha. Wimp getting tired at a time like this...*Falls asleep*

In the morning the sun comes up and beats hard on the two mercenaries. They wake up nearly at the same time from the extreem heat.

X: Mmm...damn it's hot.
Claudius: You're telling me. Good morning.
X: How long have you been up?
Claudius: Around five minutes. The heat woke me up too.
X: Well, we better get moving soon. What food do we have?
Claudius: Let's see. *opens a bag next to him* We have two waffles, and four eggs.
X: What happened to the chocolate?
Claudius: Hehe. I kind of ate that.
X: Bastard...ah well. You think we can fry those eggs out here?
Claudius: Definitely.

Claudius takes out a brass pan and cracks the eggs. He then places the eggs on the pan and mixes them together (to mix the whites and yoke) with a small spoon. Sure enough, the eggs start to cook and scramble.

X: Now that's improvision!

When the eggs are finished, X takes half and Claudius takes half. They promptly eat them within a minute. Afterwards, they get their stuff and start moving. They trudge over good territory for about an hour and then slow down. Another hour of slow walking before they're literally crawling in the sand.

Claudius: Bifflemackoshlema
X: Yeiobacka
Claudius: *nods head* Samilana

Somehow these two understand each other while talking gibberish and keep crawling. A few minutes later they pass out.


In a random building in Sarzo, two figures are seen. One of them is Jiron and the other one is cloaked. They are talking things over.

???: And you're sure they'res a rebellion started?
Jiron: I'm positive. I saw two mercenaries right here in Sarzo.
???: Did you take care of them?
Jiron: I gave them a thorough ass kicking, but that bitch stopped me from killing them.
???: Have some respect for your peers, Jiron.
Jiron: Fuck her! I don't care if she is ranked second. I'll fucking rape her.
???: *backs up a bit* Calm down, Jiron. I hate it when you're angry. Too scary for my taste.
Jiron: That's what I like to hear. So what, are you going to tell the boss about this rebellion?
???: I'd prefer if you do that. You can always break things to the boss.
Jiron: And what about you?
???: I'm going after the two mercenaries. Don't pull any stunts now while I'm gone.
Jiron: We'll see. Remember, in the Myjuto, it's victory or death. If you come back with a loss, I will personally kill you. *Pulls out scythe*
???: *backs up more* In that case, I won't fail. Farewell.
Jiron: For your sake, I hope not. *Cloaked man leaves* HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

[An unknown house]

An old man is pacing around inside a semi old house. This man is light skinned, has a white long beard, bald headed, and saggy eyes. He wears a blue japanese shirt with a symbol on the front with black karate pants. He looks to two beds where Claudius and X lie unconcious.

Old man: These two should be waking up soon. Fate tells me so.

About twenty minutes later, X wakes up and sees the old man looking straight at him.

Old man: Your clothes...you are an assassin?
X: Waa...where am I?
Old man: From the Revume clan, no?
X: How did you...
Old man: I've visited once or twice maybe.
X: I'm no longer a part of that clan, sorry to say. I've been exiled.
Old man: Sorry to hear. They were so nice.

Claudius wakes up from hearing the two talk.

Claudius: Could you guys keep it dow...woah! *he falls off his bed*
X: Hey, you're awake.
Claudius: I am now. *Gets up and touches head in pain*
Old man: You...a mercenary perhaps?
Claudius: You're good Smile
X: How do you know so much about the two of us?
Old man: I know you not, if that's what you're wondering. I do, however, have a lot of experience.
Claudius: I'm confused.
Old man: Let me introduce myself. I am Hirai, martial arts master.

X and Claudius have ended up in a mysterious place where this martial arts master has saved them from the desert. Meanwhile Jiron and the cloaked man talked of the mercenaries' rebellion. What is Hirai's motive? You don't want to miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 9: Enter Hirai, Martial arts master

Claudius: So you're a martial arts man, so what?
Hirai: What do you two know about it?
X: I've never studied it.
Claudius: I'm a mercenary. No time for such things.
Hirai: Come with me then.

Claudius and X shrug their shoulders and follow Hirai outside of his house. Outside is a large plain with nothing but grassland.

X: Where are we?
Hirai: We are outside the village of Honson. Somewhat near the desert that I found you two in.
Claudius: So you carried us all the way here?
Hirai: No no no. I had a bunch of villagers do that.
X: Well thank you for brining us to your house. We may have died out there.
Hirai: The pleasure is mine. Now let's see what you two have got in you.
Claudius: You want us...to fight you?!
Hirai: Yes yes. You won't defeat me, I promise.

X and Claudius look at each other in confusion. Claudius slowly takes out his chain whip. He reluctantly swings it at Hirai. Hirai side steps with ease.

Hirai: You attack without precision, young one.
Claudius: What was that?!

Claudius goes in for a fast strike with the whip but Hirai ducks under the horizontal slash.

Hirai: Attack with a purpose, not to just attack.
Claudius: Grrr

Claudius gets angry and starts whipping like crazy at Hirai. He keeps avoiding the whip every time. Finally, Claudius gets bored of whipping and stops.

Claudius: How on earth did you...
Hirai: It is as I told you. Without precision, you won't hit a man like me.
X: My turn?
Hirai: Yes. Let's see what you've got.

X quickly takes out his daggers and goes in for a fast strike. Hirai barely avoids it but does it with ease.

X: Impossible. You can't be faster than me.
Hirai: I'm not. You lack the precision as well.
X: What do you mean by precision? I can attack accurately if that's what you mean.
Hirai: A stationary target you may be able to handle. But those with good eyes will avoid your every attack.
Claudius: This guy is a wack job, but he's good.
Hirai: Hahaha, yes. Now it's my turn to attack.
X: Oh shit...run!

Hirai goes for Claudius first. He starts punching him in the stomach but with little value. Claudius stands almost unshaken. He picks up Hirai and throws him up high in the air.

Claudius: Light as a feather. I may not have that kind of precision, but I can get him off me easy.
X: Watch out, Claud!
Claudius: Huh?

Hirai hits Claudius in the air right on the forehead and knocks him down. Hirai then readies himself to go after X.

X: Good move. Too bad that won't work on me. I'm too fast for that kind of thing.
Hirai: Your overconfidence is your weakness!

Hirai runs straight for X. Just before he gets to him, he turns to the side and starts to run away. X seems confused at first but then Hirai does a sideways flip kick. X sees it fast and dodges. X backs up a few steps and trips over a ninja star.

Hirai: You have a good eye when you focus on one thing, but you didn't notice me throw the ninja star behind you as I flipped. To defeat your opponent, you must see anything and everything.
X: No way. How could I have missed that?
Hirai: This ends today's lesson. You ought to learn from that.

All of the sudden, Claudius comes out of no where and elbows Hirai, blowing him back five feet.

Claudius: You are good, but never let your guard down Smile
Hirai: *rubs head* You act like I'm the enemy. Good, your training can begin.
X and Claudius: T T Training?!
Hirai: Well, yes. It was fate that brought you two to me. You will train under me for a while.
X: Hmm...this might work.
Claudius: Agreed. We could use all the help we can get.
Hirai: What do you mean?
X: We are on a mission to liberate Sarzo.
Hirai: Sarzo?! Jumpin Jehosephats! You need a lot of training before you take them on.
Claudius: Well Sarzo won't free itself. So we're doing it for five million silver.
Hirai: That's a good price. That's a great price. Hell, I'd be able to live off that for the rest of my life with that.
X: Let's go inside and talk about this.

The three go inside to have a meal. Throughout the day, X and Claudius tell Hirai their mission in full detail. The next day, Hirai wakes the two mercenaries by pouring water on them.

Hirai: Wakey wakey ahahaha.
Claudius: What the hell?
X: What was that for?
Hirai: You have a long way to go till you're ready. Let's get started now!

Hirai has taken Claudius and X as students. How will their training go? Don't miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 10: Training with Hirai - Day 1

Hirai: Before you start your training, you must go fetch the food for the day.
X: What do you mean?
Hirai: Every day, in the morning, you will go to the village and get the food that we need for today.
Claudius: You want us to be your shoppers?
Hirai: Yes, in turn for training you two.
X: I guess it's only fair. Let's go, Claudius.
Claudius: Mine as well.

Claudius and X leave the house and walk about ten minutes before reaching the village, Honson. It's a sandy town, similar to the Oasis village only no ocean. They enter Honson and take a quick look around.

X: Uh, excuse me. Do any of you know where we can find a market?
Villager: Who are these guys? They look suspicious.
Claudius: Sorry, but we're not looking for any trouble. Will someone point us in the right direction?
Villager: Who are you guys?
X: We're brothers. Our dad sent us to get food for the three of us.
Villager: You don't look like brothers.
Claudius: My brother here got caught in a house fire and burned his mouth. Note his cloth.
Villager: Oh, I'm so sorry. The market is that way. *points to it*
X: Thanks. We'll be going now.

The two start to walk to the market and along the way they high five each other. Once they reach the market, Claudius starts to look worried.

X: What's wrong?
Claudius: Uh, what are we supposed to buy?
X: <_> Oh shit, we forgot to ask about that. Hey, wait a moment what's that on your whip?
Claudius: Huh? It's a piece of paper. *he takes the piece of paper*

The paper reads To my trainees, did you think I would let you guys go without a list of what to buy now did you? Here is your food list for the day.

-12 eggs
-2 bushels of barly
-3 flasks of milk
-1 Cast iron plate


Claudius: Straight forward. But a cast iron plate?
X: That stuff is rare. Ah well, let's go get that stuff done.

X and Claudius grab the 12 eggs, 2 bushels of barly and 3 flasks of milk. They could not, however, find the cast iron plate. So they left the market and stood outside a building pondering.

Claudius: What should we do here, X?
X: Well, we can't go back to Hirai without a cast iron plate.
Claudius: But there aren't any around.
X: Ah, true.
Claudius: Let's keep looking. Maybe we'll find something.

The two mercenaries go looking for a cast iron plate from place to place. They can't find a single place that has it though. After hours of searching, they drop the other stuff off at Hirai's house and go back to Honson to search even more for the plate. After hours of more pointless searching, night time hits as the sun sets.

X: Shit! No plate!
Claudius: And I'm quite hungry.
X: So what do we do now?
Claudius: I don't know. What can we do?
???: Uh, excuse me.
X and Claudius: Huh?

The owner of the market walks up to X and Claudius quite amused.

Market Owner: You said you wanted a cast iron plate right?
X: Yeah. Why?
Market Owner: Well, here you go.

The Market owner pulls out a cast iron plate, completely new and spotless. Claudius and X fall to the ground. After a few moments of twitching on the ground, they get themselves up.

Claudius: But...why?
Market Owner: I think you better ask that master of yours. He is a tricky one.
X and Claudius: 0_0 That bastard.

They take the plate and hurry back to Hirai's house. When they get back, Hirai is sitting down at the dinner table with food out. Fire immediately appears in both X and Claudius' eyes as they storm over to him.

Hirai: Yepperz.
Claudius: But why?!
Hirai: You passed your first day of training.
X and Claudius: Whaa???
Hirai: You learned the first two rules of what you need to accomplish. Self Discipline and Obedience.
X: So you told the market owner not to give us the cast iron plate unless we stayed and searched?
Hirai: That's correct.
X and Claudius: Bastard.
Hirai: Now that you have completed your task, come and eat.
Claudius: Damn right we will.

X and Claudius eat like maniacs out of hunger. Hirai even seems a bit surprised. After dinner is finished, they clean up and get ready to go to bed. Claudius and X sleep on seperate matresses in the same room about 8 yards distance apart. They both fall asleep quite fast, but Claudius wakes up a few minutes later.

Claudius: Yo, X.
X: *wakes up* What is it?
Claudius: Some day huh? We learned a few things.
X: Yeah, everything turned out just fine.
Claudius: Yeah.......I still can't believe he made us go through all that shit!

Hirai has passed them for day 1, but the training is sure to be harder down the road. Will they be able to cope with it? Just you wait till next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 11: Training with Hirai - Day 2

Early the next morning, Hirai sneaks into the mercenaries' room. He smacks X with his walking stick. X springs up out of bed and pulls out his daggers. He notices that it's only Hirai and puts his daggers away.

X: What the hell was that?!
Hirai: You must be ready for anything.
X: I was sleeping you old bastard.
Hirai: I realize that, hence you weren't ready. Good thing your friend isn't up yet. I can get him too.
X: Claudius is a heavy sleeper. That's not fair.
Hirai: That's his fault.

Hirai creeps over to Claudius and raises his stick. Claudius quickly sits up and whips the stick out of Hirai's hand before it can come down. Claudius then jumps up out of his bed with an evil grin on his face.

X: What just happened?
Claudius: You guys woke me up already but I wanted to go back to sleep until Hirai mentioned me.
Hirai: How was I supposed to know you were already awake?
Claudius: That's your fault. Smile
Hirai: I suppose. Well, it's time you two go get the food for the day. Then we will begin today's lesson.
X: Got it.

X and Claudius get their shopping for the day done. Once they return, they eat breakfast with Hirai and get ready for the day's lesson. Afterwards, Hirai leads the two out to a field of distinct flowers. They are mainly purple and blue.

Hirai: Your second lesson is precision. Something I noticed from you two is that you lack it.
X: Ok...so what are we doing here?
Hirai: These flowers you see here will only cut if hit with precise accuracy. Even under the greatest pressure.
Claudius: Let's see this then.

Claudius picks up a blue flower. He throws it up in mid air and pulls out his short sword. He concentrates on the flower as it drops within range. He quickly slices right at the flower, but the blade recoils, leaving the flower unharmed and still falling.

Claudius: 0_0 No way.
Hirai: Now you see. You sliced at random, without precision. Your blade simply recoiled off the flower.
X: Are these things magical or something?
Hirai: One would think. Others would call it a wonder of the world. Most do not believe in magic.
X: Do you?
Hirai: I can not say for sure. I think it exists, but I haven't the conclusive evidence.
Claudius: Magic is a bunch of fairy tales. These flowers are just one of those freak things of life.
Hirai: Very well then. You two will not move on until you can at least cut through one flower. I'll be waiting.

Looking confident, X steps up to one of the flowers and picks it up. He tosses it up just as Claudius did. As it falls, X jumps in the air and cross slashes with his daggers. All he manages to do is move the flower with the daggers as he lands with the flower still falling behind him. Looking angry, he turns around and rushes toward the flower and starts to slash uncontrollably at it. Each time the daggers recoil. When the flower hits the ground, X stomps on it, but it remains unharmed as he lifts his foot up.

X: What the fuck!
Claudius: My thoughts exactly.
Hirai: Hehehehe. This is too fun to watch.
X: Hey, Claud, why don't we attack it at once?
Claudius: Bad idea. Look how small these things are. But what the hell, let's try it.

Claudius picks up another flower and tosses it between the two of them. As it drops, they move in. X jumps in the air again and smashes the flower downwards with his daggers as Claudius slashes upwards in a jump. They both hit the flower at the same time and meet blades. All three blades recoil, however, and they fall down on the ground due to lack of balance.

X: Yeah, you're right. Bad idea.
Claudius: >_< Well, what now?
X: I guess it's time to practice our "precision".

Hours go by with the two of them practicing on flowers, but with no avail. Neither of them manage to cut any flowers.

Claudius: Alright, I'm finished with this. I'll pick up later.
X: Yeah, me too.
Hirai: Let's go back then and eat dinner. *Sigh*

They get back, tired and angry. Eating dinner changes the mood a little, however. Afterwards, X and Claudius sit around talking to each other.

Claudius: I wonder how the mercenaries are doing.
X: I'm sure they're alright, provided the Myjuto forces haven't found them.
Claudius: Speaking of them, you think they will come out this far?
X: Yes. After seeing Jiron, they seem ruthless. Let's hope he isn't the weakest of them.
Claudius: There's no way he can be. That guy was insane.
X: At least fifty times better than the commander that attacked the Oasis Village.
Claudius: And one hundred times scarier.
Hirai: *walks over to them* This Jiron. He is very dangerous.
X: You know of him?
Hirai: Yes. A few years ago, he used to organize crime all by himself a few towns away from here.
Claudius: <_> Dang.
Hirai: I've seen him but once. His scythe is three times as thick as a normal scythe, yet he swings it like a dagger.
Claudius: That's the same Jiron alright.
Hirai: Never in my life have I seen such impossible gifts in one person.


Right at the gate of Sarzo are two cloaked figures. The first one has a male voice and the second, a female voice.

???1: I've spoken with Jiron a few days ago. He knows I'm going after those mercenaries.
???2: Will he tell the boss?
???1: Yes, I asked him to do so. I have to get out of here soon though, before the boss terminates my mission.
???2: You're all in for this mission, aren't you?
???1: Indeed. As long as they are alive, they are a threat. I don't understand why you had to stop Jiron from killing them.
???2: It was my duty as second in command. Don't you question me either, subbordinate.
???1: Don't tell me what to question. You could have been killed if Jiron was in the mood you know.
???2: Please. That mongrel would do nothing to me.
???1: Don't underestimate him, Shim. He's more dangerous than you know.
Shim: Go now, before I get the boss.
???1: Very well, I'm off.

The first cloaked figure jumps over the gate of Sarzo and makes his way.

[Hirai's house]

It is now night time and the two mercenaries are sitting upright on their respective beds. Both look quite fired up.

X: Hey, Claud, you still awake?
Claudius: Yeah, I'm as awake as you are. I assume you're thinking about the flowers?
X: Yeah, you too?
Claudius: Yeah. I can't get that shit out of my head.
X: Let's go back now and finish the job.
Claudius: Agreed. Hirai or not, we can do it.

The two sneak out of the house and go over to the field of flowers. The moon is full and lights up the field quite nicely. The moonlight causes the flowers to start to glow.

X: Wow, this is awesome.
Claudius: Yeah. You ready for this?
X: Definitely.

After an hour of full determination, Claudius manages to cut through a flower.

Claudius: Alright!
X: Nice, what did you do?
Claudius: Hit the weak spot. It's only a milimeter wide. Slice downwards around the lowest pedal.
X: Ok, here it goes.

X cuts just as Claudius directed and it works. He cuts through also.

Voice: You two did it. I would expect no less though.

X and Claudius turn around to see Hirai with a bright smile.

X: Hirai. I guess you found us out, eh?
Hirai: I knew you'd come here. Appliance of the first lesson taught me this.
Claudius: Damn, you're good.
Hirai: You two have done enough today. You learned how to precisely cut something. Hit its weak spot. If you can hit something as small as a millimeter wide weak spot, you will be able to hit any weak spot. Don't forget this and never stop working on precision. It is one of the keys to great fighting. Now you two get back to bed. We have a long day tomorrow.

X and Claudius have gotten through 2 days of training with success. The third day awaits them now. What is in store for them now? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   June 7th 2009, 11:45 pm

Chapter 12: Training with Hirai - Day 3

Early the next morning, Hirai wakes X and Claudius up. The day before, they got more food than usual for this days breakfast. They eat breakfast early and conversation sparks.

X: So what are we doing today?
Hirai: We're spending the day in Honson. There's someone I want you to meet.
Claudius: Who is he?
Hirai: You'll see. He will help with your training though.

After breakfast, the three of them go to Honson. They pass the market but don't buy anything yet. A few people that are around the market daily say hello to X and Claudius and the rest of them seem to know Hirai and wave. They reach a dojo that has a large double red door for the entrance.

X: A dojo. I like where this is going.
Claudius: I never really trained at a dojo before. You used to have them back at your home right, X?
X: Yeah. We used to train there every day.
Hirai: Ok, let's go in.

Hirai opens the double doors with X and Claudius following. The inside looks like your typical dojo. Inside it, there are many people in white gi's following a man's movements. This man is standing around 5"6. He has long black hair in a pony tail, A red long Gi that hangs off around waist with green circles on them, green long pants with white patterns on them, black shoes and a yellowish-orange kung fu belt. The man stops his movements and looks at Hirai.

???: Master Hirai...it's been a while.
Hirai: Hello, Lei Feing.
Lei: Class dismissed! *People walk away* Come, sit.

Lei pulls out a small mat and a large mat and lays them on the floor. He sits on the small mat and Hirai sits on the large one. X and Claudius sit on opposite sides of Hirai.

Lei: Who are these two you have brought?
X: My name is X.
Claudius: I'm Claudius.
Hirai: These are my two new students. They are a bit older than you are.
Lei: I see that. I'm 16, but these two look around 20.
Hirai: Actually Claudius is 19 and X is 18.
Claudius: You're 16 and are a master of a dojo? That's an attainment all right.
Lei: Thank you. Hirai trained me 3 years ago and a year ago I became the master of this dojo.
X: Crazy. So are you better than Hirai?
Hirai: He is. Why don't you try fighting him?
X: Now you're talkin! What do say, Lei?
Lei: I'm up for it. You can't fight with those daggers though.
X: Awe Sad

Lei and X go to the middle of the room and prepare to fight. They face off and bow.

Lei: Let's go.
X: Your loss.

X rushes straight at Lei. He punches but Lei grabs his hand and twists it. He then flips X over his shoulder. He goes to attack with his palm, but X does a leg sweep and catches Lei off balance. He then uppercuts fast into Lei's stomach. Lei recoils and does a flip backward to avoid another punch from X.

Lei: So you're not useless without your daggers.
X: I'm an assassin. I use whatever is closest to me.
Lei: While I admit you are faster than me, you have nothing on me.
X: We'll see about that.

Lei and X charge at each other. They collide fists. X punches with his other hand but Lei sidsteps it and rolls behind him. He grabs X's shoulders from behind, jumps up and sticks his feet on his back and pushes, sending X flying and Lei does a backflip and lands. X lands about 10 feet away from being thrusted. Battered, X struggles to get up.

Claudius: I have to hand it to Lei, he's very good.
Hirai: Yes, he is. He hasn't gone all out yet.
Claudius: What?!
X: I've had enough of this. Come and get me, Lei.

Lei rushes to X and punches. X grabs the punch to Lei's surprise. He takes hold of it and jumps over Lei, putting him in a hold. Lei starts to grunt in pain as X starts to look confident. After 10 seconds of grunting, Lei does a split and slides under X's legs and thrusts his held arm forward, flipping him. This time, X doesn't get up.

X: Good move. You win. Agh.
Claudius: That was quite impressive. I guess it's my turn. *He gets up*
Lei: I suppose so.

X gets up and sits by Hirai. Claudius cracks his knuckles and neck and gets ready as well as Lei. They both bow and rush at each other. Lei gets the first opportunity and punches Claudius in the chest. He slides back a bit but seems almost unharmed. He quickly smiles and grabs Lei with one hand and throws him about 11 feet far.

X: 0_0 Have you been lifting in secret?
Claudius: Maybe. Smile

Lei gets up and brushes some dust off his shirt and pants. He then looks serious and starts flipping. Claudius can't follow his moves and gets flip kicked. He falls down but gets back up after a few seconds. Lei immediately kicks him in the stomach and then punches him 5 times and then kicks him to the ground. Claudius stays down for 10 seconds and while he's getting up, Lei puts his foot on his chest and starts to push him down. Claudius smiles and brings out his whip and whips Lei's leg, causing him to trip. He then picks up Lei and throws him into a wall.

Claudius: I...win *Pant*
Hirai: No, you cheated...he won.
Claudius: Be ready for anything. He didn't see it coming so it was his fault.
X: He's a mercenary. He can't help but think like that, Hirai.
Hirai: I see.
Lei: *Gets up* Well, that was unexpected. Good match though. Maybe you'll beat me fair and square one day.
Claudius: Heh *puts away whip*

X, Claudius and Hirai go to the market afterwards and get their food. They spend the rest of their time normally.

X and Claudius have met a Kung fu master, Lei Feing. He is younger than both of them, but is more skilled. Will they learn anything from them? Stick around for more of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 13: A Week of Routine and Story Telling

The following account explains the entire week of X and Claudius after the day they meet Lei Feing.

Sunday - X and Claudius start their training by working out. Claudius lifts weights while X runs with weights on. Each going to their own strengths and weaknesses. Hirai makes note of this.

Monday - Hirai prompts another training excercise. This time he has X and Claudius spar five times. After the sparring, they do their weights routine. Hirai makes note of everything.

Tuesday - Early in the morning, they all sit at the eating table and begin to tell stories.

Claudius: Hirai. I think it's about time you tell us a story about yourself.
Hirai: Very well. I'll give you a good story of when I was in my prime.
X: Cool.

[80 Years ago - Honson]

Honson's entire look is composed of wood. There is no metal to be found anywhere. In a house, lies a woman being mugged by a ruffian with a scar on his face and a large wooden spear.

Ruffian: You must have something!
Woman: I sayeth to you, I have nothing.
Ruffian: You will pay with your body then!

The man grabs the woman. She is holding steady but the man is starting to overpower her. The door is suddenly thrust open and a short, young man with medium length brown hair that is split in the front, and is clad in a white gi, walks in with a Bo Staff.

Man: Let her go!
Ruffian: Not until this woman pays.
Man: What hath she done to thou?
Ruffian: I but merely wanteth something from her. Be gone!
Man: That is enough. Release her or suffer.

The man raises his staff. The ruffian runs toward him with his fist clenched. The man heaves the staff into his stomache and then hits him on the head, knocking him out.

Woman: Thank thee oh so much. I am forever thy debt. May I be blessed with thy name?
Man: It's Hirai.

Hirai turns around and walks out of the house. Neighboring villagers run up to him with bright faces.

Villager1: Hirai! Thou saveth the day again!
Villager2 and 3: Hirai! Hirai! Hirai! Hirai!
Villager4, 5, 6, 7: Hirai! Hirai! Hirai!
Hirai: Thanks be to all ye, good people. My staff will always be there for the unjust!

A few days later, Hirai is meditating in his house, which is in the middle of Honson at the moment. Voices call out to him frantically and he quickly goes outside to see what's wrong. A man tells him that his daughter has been kidnapped and is being held ransom unless they brought Hirai.

Hirai: It must be that brigand that tried to take that woman.
Man: Will you aid thy humble servent?
Hirai: Surely. I will be off.

Hirai takes his staff and runs to the spot where the daughter was being held. There five bandits are there along with the ruffian that Hirai defeated.

Hirai: Craven cowards!
Bandit Leader: You came.
Bandit 1: We got a score to settle.
Bandit 2: Thou ruffed up our guy.
Bandit 3: Thou will pay!
Bandit 4: None escapeth our judgement!
Ruffian: Uh...Hi.
Hirai: Fine, let's danceth!

The four regular bandits charge at Hirai with long wooden spears. Hirai spins his staff around and wacks the first spear away. He then shoves the staff into the bandit's stomach. The other three rush right at him at the same time, thinking his defenses were down. Hirai quickly blocks all three spears at once and releases his staff. He spins past the spears and punches the middle bandit in the gut and then uppercuts him in the jaw. The other two bandits jump at him from both sides with their spears. Hirai jumps in the air and jumps off one of the spears and flip kicks backwards, sending one of the bandits down. He lands on the other's spear and jumps over him. He trips the bandit and kicks him in the back, breaking it.

Bandit Leader: Hmph! They were weak. But I am the best fighter in the world.
Hirai: That is yet to be proven.
Bandit Leader: Come then!

They both go at each other with their fists. The bandit leader starts to punch at him, but he dodges each one. Hirai then goes on the attack by rapidly kicking the leader in the stomach. The bandit pulls out a wooden knife and slashes. Hirai dodges and jumps so high that he lands on a building. He throws the knife at Hirai, but Hirai catches it in mid air.

Bandit Leader: What...what are you?
Hirai: One with no honor can never understand MY WAY!

Hirai leaps off the building and stabs the leader.

[Present day]

Claudius: Woaaah. So that was 80 years ago? What the fuck? How old ARE you?
X: I thought you were in the 70s.
Hirai: I was 23 when that happened. So that makes me 103 years old.

X and Claudius look at each other in shock and then look at Hirai.

X: Impossible. No one has ever lived that long.
Hirai: I guess that makes me the oldest man ever.
Claudius: Yet you still can fight? This is outrageous.
Hirai: That bandit leader. He had a son that he said would kill me. When that time came, I defeated him as well. But there is another. The bandit's grandson. He is far stronger than any of his ancestors.
X: What?
Hirai: That grandson, is Jiron. That man that you fought in Sarzo.
Claudius and X: 0_0
Hirai: It is a shock.
Claudius: We have to get you out of here then!
Hirai: Do not fear. Jiron does not favor his father. He has no motivation for killing me.
X: That's a relief. We can't have you dying on us just like that.
Hirai: Now, it's your turns for stories.

They both tell their stories to Hirai. X tells of how he was in an assassin clan called the Revume tribe. One from his tribe killed the woman he loved and for that he repayed the price. Unfortunately, everyone saw it that the man and the girl got together and X was jealous. He was banished from the clan for treason. Claudius tells the story of how he started to become a mercenary at the age of 16. He became the best mercenary. He left once to date a Samurai. She then tried to kill him but was unsuccessful. After he became a mercenary again...

[1 year ago - The Revume Clan's hideout]

Claudius is standing outside the Revume Clan's hideout. He's on his way back to Sarzo to become a mercenary again. Just as he starts to walk away, a voice calls to him.

???: Wait!
Claudius: What is it?
???: Where are you going?
Claudius: I'm going back to Sarzo to become a mercenary like I once was.
???: Take me with you, please. I have no where to go.

Claudius turns around and sees a man in Revume clothes with a white hood covering his face.

Claudius: Isn't this your clan?
???: I've just been exiled. My name is X.
Claudius: X? What a name. If it makes you feel better, you can call me C.
X: That won't be necessary. What is your name?
Claudius: It's Claudius. Come with me if you wish to become a mercenary. Other than that, I have no use for you.
X: Thank you. I won't disappoint!


Claudius: That is how we first met each other. Little did I know that we would become best friends.
X: I knew it. I saw right past that dark side of yours.
Claudius: Ah...I'm not nearly as dark as I used to be.
Hirai: I don't believe you are really dark. A mercenary is not your type.
Claudius: What did you say?!
Hirai: No, you are meant to be a Hero. Same to you, X.
X: I've been an assassin mostly all my life. How can I change?
Hirai: You will understand when the time comes. You aren't just killers. You are fighters abroad.

Wednesday and Thursday - They spend the day training with Lei Feing.

Friday and Saturday - They rest.

A lot has been revealed. A lot about Hirai, Claudius and X. Where to go from there? Only time can tell on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 14: The Trouble Begins

It is now Sunday morning. X and Claudius are out in the field of flowers working on their precision. Hirai is smiling out of achievement.

Hirai: I don't know what it is. Lei was a great trainee, but these guys...they're starting to treat me as their father rather than their master. Lei had such a respect for me and treated me as a master. Rightfully so, but these boys are acting like they're my own. I'm not sure whether to like it or not.

After a few hours of precision training, they all go back home to rest and eat lunch.


Everything is peaceful in Honson. The villagers are doing their normal routine. But suddenly the cloaked man from Sarzo walks into the city. A villager (woman) walks up to him.

Villager: Hello, sir. What brings you to Honson.
???: I'm looking for two mercenaries.
Villager: You won't find any here. We're a peaceful town.
???: Oh really? I've gathered information that mercenaries have been making a living here this past week.
Villager: This man is looking for Hirai's trainees? What do I say?
???: Speak!
Villager: I...don't know.
???: You would cover for them? Fine then.

The man walks closer to the villager and when he reaches shoulder to shoulder, the villager makes a gasp and falls down, dead. The cloaked man walks further into the city as the villagers all rush to the dead woman.

[Hirai's house]

Back at Hirai's house, X and Claudius are telling more stories.

Claudius: So I latched my whip around his neck, and cut his throat. Getting the money was easy from there.
X: And you were only 16?!
Hirai: I don't see you doing such a thing now.
Claudius: I was so ruthless all that time. If I hadn't softened up, I would have killed my ex girlfriend.
Hirai: You managed to defeat a Samurai? That is an excellent feat.
Claudius: She was a weak Samurai. She was also dumb. All she had to do was dump me.
X: My girl was a lot better than that. *clenches fist*

A voice calls out from outside and someone knocks on Hirai's door. Hirai answers the door to see a man breathing heavily.

Hirai: What is it? What has happened?
Man: This cloaked man. He's killing villagers! He says he's looking for two mercenaries.

Claudius and X look at each other and then both stand up.

X: It was only a matter of time before the Myjuto found us.
Claudius: We can't let him hurt the villagers. It's probably Jiron.
X: *sigh* Unfortunately, that is probably true. Let's go!
Hirai: Remember what I've taught you. Do not fail me.
X and Claudius: We wont!

They both run out the door, almost bumping into the man. They start running almost at full speed to Honson. Meanwhile at Honson, the cloaked man has a few villagers lined up for death row and a few children.

???: Where are they? Huh? Anyone? Fine, next.

He pulls out a long sword and shoves his sword through a man's back, killing him. Everyone gasps.

Random Villager: Please, stop this!
???: All you have to do is tell me where they are. Is that simple enough for you people?!
Black Villager: What do you mean you people?!
???: Shut up!

The cloaked man picks up a small child (girl) by the shirt. She starts crying as he puts his sword up to her neck.

???: Are you seriously going to let this little girl die for them?

X and Claudius are approaching Honson. The village is literally in their site. They can faintly see the cloaked man.

Claudius: X, I have an idea. Let's hope my aim has improved over the days.

Back to the cloaked man...

???: I'm growing impatient! You have ten seconds before this girl dies!

Suddenly an short sword zips right by him and cuts the part of the shirt that he had the girl by. As she falls, a figure quickly catches her and zips off. The cloaked man looks around for a few seconds and gets kicked from a figure in mid air. He falls to the ground, but gets up fast. X is seen with the girl in his arms while Claudius is picking up the short sword.

Claudius: We're here, Jiron.
???: Jiron? Oh no. Jiron is still in Sarzo.
X: Then show yourself, infidel!
???: Certainly.

The cloaked man takes off his whole cloak instantly to reveal a shirtless man with one shoulder armor piece, light blue hair that is spiked back, and light blue pants.

???: *Smiles* Pleased to meet you, my name is Orzu. Ranked sixth in the Myjuto Forces.

Orzu, the swordsman, has been revealed and it looks like a brawl is about to be undergone. Only one way to find out what happens next. Stick around for more Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 15: X vs Orzu

Orzu: *Smiles* Pleased to meet you, my name is Orzu. Ranked sixth in the Myjuto Forces.
X: I knew it!
Claudius: Yeah, so did I.
Random Villager: Guys, this man was killing citizens. You must kill him!
Claudius: Alright! We'll take this guy down.
Orzu: If you dare.

Orzu takes his sword and makes a mad dash away. X and Claudius yell "Coward!" as they chase him. X easily catches up to him, jumps over him and grabs his hands. He then pulls back and tosses Orzu right behind him. Suddenly, Claudius trips and starts to hold his foot.

Orzu: Hehe *gets up* I got your friend.
X: Huh?

X looks back to see Claudius' foot bleeding with a shuriken stuck in it. He starts to dash to Claudius, when Orzu runs toward X with sword in hand.

X: Sorry, Claudius. I'll deal with you in a second.

X turns around and sees Orzu very close to him and dodges an incoming slice. He pulls out his daggers and charges. Orzu readies his sword and swings where he anticipates the daggers to hit. Surely enough, his sword meets the dagger and he starts to push X back. He takes the opportunity to punch X in the stomach and then thrust him to the ground with his sword. He goes to stab X on the ground, but he side rolls on the ground and kicks Orzu in the leg. Orzu bends over a bit in pain and X grabs hold of his head with his feet. He brings Orzu's head straight down and punches him in the face. While still in pain, X springs on his hands and back flip kicks Orzu in the face.

Orzu: *Begins to bleed and puts his hand on his face* Agh! My face! *takes hand off* You will pay for that!
X: Really now? Let's see the fee.
Orzu: It will be your life!

Orzu takes some blood from his face and throws it at X. The wind catches it and it does nothing. In anger, he charges right at X. X blocks an incoming slash. Orzu pushes X back off him and rushes in again. This time, Orzu drags his sword on the sand and flings it up into X's eyes. Caught by surprise, X recoils with his hand over his eyes. Orzu takes the opportunity to punch X in the gut. He swings his sword directly at X. X barely notices with one eye and jumps backward to barely dodge.

X: Agh. I can barely see.
Claudius: X! Hang in there!
X: I don't ....

X is stabbed in the side by Orzu. Orzu laughs maniacally as he punches X away again. X struggles to get up. Orzu charges again. X throws one of his daggers at Orzu, but it's blocked.

X: Damn that sword.
Orzu: Hehehehehe.

Orzu reaches X and kicks him in the stomach. X is hunched over on the ground now and Orzu grabs him with one hand. With the other he repeatedly punches X in the stomach. X throws up blood all over Orzu.

Orzu: Why you...!

Orzu brings his sword up and readies to kill. He brings it down fast but his hand stops movement.

Orzu: What the...?
Claudius: No more. That's it! It's time for you to go down.

Claudius is bent over, not putting a lot of weight on his bad foot. His hand is up with his chain whip wrapped around Orzu's sword hand (The hand that grabbed X).

X has failed to defeat Orzu. It's now up to Claudius to finish the job. Will he be able to defeat Orzu? Keep reading Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 16: Claudius vs Orzu

Claudius' whip is wrapped around Orzu's wrist which has his sword in it.

Orzu: Do you have some sort of death wish?
Claudius: Well...yes.
Orzu: Then why don't you just kill yourself?
Claudius: Oh no no no. You have it all wrong.
Orzu: ...?
Claudius: I wish that you would just die. But it looks like that priviledge rests on my shoulders.

Claudius yanks hard on his whip and brings Orzu with it. He launches Orzu off the ground and he lands 10 feet behind Claudius. X looks up briefly and begins to smile.

Claudius: Rest, X. I will handle this guy.
X: Kick...ass.

X plants his face in the sand, without caring about it getting all over his face. Claudius turns now to Orzu, who is getting up gradually. Claudius bends down and rips off a piece of cloth from X's coverage. He quickly bandages up his cut foot and begins to walk toward Orzu. He also draws his sword. Orzu has now gotten up completely and has no sword on him (it was dropped during launch). Claudius dashes at him and starts slashing. Orzu is barely dodging each slash. He catches Claudius overstepping and punches the sword out of his hand. Orzu then punches Claudius in the stomach. Claudius doesn't seem affected too much and punches Orzu in the stomach as a retaliation. Orzu hunches over in pain and Claudius punches him on the side of the face, sending him to the ground.

Claudius: That should settle your ass down.
Orzu: Agh...I can barely feel my face.
Claudius: As you can see, while I may not be as fast as my comrade, I'm stronger.
Orzu: This isn't over yet.

Orzu grabs a bunch of sand and throws it directly at Claudius. Claudius takes his trench coat and covers his face. He easily brushes the sand aside. When he looks, Orzu is behind him running to his sword.

Claudius: Shit. Bad idea. Man, this guy can take a lot of hits.

Orzu grabs his sword. Claudius does the same with his. They both dash toward each other and clash swords. They continue to slash and clash swords. Due to Claudius' strength advantage, Orzu's long sword does not overpower Claudius' shorter sword. During this clash, Orzu notices a weak spot in Claudius' stance due to an injured foot. He catches Claudius off guard and slashes a part of his left shin (same leg as bad foot). Claudius is sent down to put a hand on his shin. Orzu slashes downward for the killing stroke, but Claudius raises his sword in time with his right hand. He manages to fend Orzu off and send him back a bit. Claudius struggles to get up. He puts his right foot forward, putting most of the weight on that one. He keeps his left leg back, without much pressure. Blood starts to drip out his shin.

Orzu: Persistant, aren't we?
Claudius: Just like you, I can take a lot of hits as well.
Orzu: You're on your last limb. You won't last much longer.
Claudius: We will see. He's pretty much right. I don't have too much more in me. I have to find a weak spot and hit it fast before he murders me. Oh wait!

[Training Day 2 - Flower Field]

X and Claudius are seen cutting their respective flower.

Hirai: You two have done enough today. You learned how to precisely cut something. Hit its weak spot. If you can hit something as small as a millimeter wide weak spot, you will be able to hit any weak spot. Don't forget this and never stop working on precision. It is one of the keys to great fighting.


Claudius: That's it. Precision is key here. If I can find a weak spot, I must be able to hit it.

Orzu runs in and slashes at Claudius. Claudius blocks quickly. He then goes on the offensive with his attacks. He then starts to slash unmercifuly at Orzu. He keeps this up for a whole minute and then shoves Orzu back.

Claudius: I only have one shot at this. I think I found it, though. It's going to take me all I have to get this.
Orzu: What are you mumbling about?
Claudius: Come on! Let's go!
Orzu: Fine by me.

Orzu runs toward Claudius again. Claudius thinks to himself Now!. He grabs his trench coat, takes it off and throws it as a partition between the two fighters. He then puts all his weight on both of his feet and dashes. Orzu raises his sword to slash the coat aside, but Claudius leaps low right below his coat and slashes twice around the groin area. He lands less than a foot behind Orzu. Orzu's eyes are filled with shock as he looks down to his waist to see it all cut up. Claudius, out of energy, stays on the ground.

Claudius: Did I...get him?
Orzu: You...how did you? *Falls down* I can't...feel my legs. How is this possible?
Claudius: *turns his head* I think I paralyzed him from the waist down. I won.
Orzu: I gotta get out of here!

Orzu starts crawling away from where Claudius (who is somewhat close to X) lies. He sees a figure walking toward him, though, and stops.

Orzu: A...person?
???: Looks like you underestimated those two huh?
Orzu: Who...Who are you?! Please help me!
???: Help you?

The figure walks into sight's range.

Claudius: Lei...
Lei: Yes. You've done well.

Claudius has barely come out with a victory, and with a price. He is badly injured as well as X. Now that Lei is here, things seem in control. What will happen to Orzu? Find out next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 17: Orzu's Plan

X, Claudius and Orzu are on the ground, all unable to get up. Lei is standing in front of Orzu now.

Orzu: You must let me go! If you don't, he will kill me!
Lei: Claudius is in no shape to go kill you.
Orzu: Jiron. That maniac will stop at nothing to find me once he hears of my failure.
Lei: What is the difference?
Orzu: You don't get it. Jiron will torture someone until they are screaming death on themselves.
Lei: Is that right?
Orzu: Yes. You must let me go or else I will be tortured.
Lei: You probably deserve it. Accept your fate.

Not long after, X gets up and sees what has transpired.

X: Lei. You beat him?
Lei: Not I, but your friend over there.
X: Claudius? *looks to the side to see him on the ground* Is he alright?
Lei: He just passed out like you did.
Orzu: Hmm...an Assassin. Perfect.

More time passes as Lei interrogates Orzu and finds out that Orzu was sent to kill X and Claudius because they posed a small threat to the Myjuto Forces. He needed to kill them so that the Myjuto Forces would be unopposed. During this time, Claudius awakens.

Claudius: One thing is still not clear. Why did the Myjuto Forces take over Sarzo in the first place?
Orzu: Are you that naive?
Claudius: What did you just say?!
Orzu: Sarzo is the largest and most successful city in the world. There is a specific reason for this.
X: What is that?
Orzu: Its resources. You may not realize it, but there is an abundance of resources underground in Sarzo. Its government has kept those resources a secret from the people. Our boss saw that and so we took over Sarzo to use those resources.
Lei: So you're looking to control the world with money, power and fear.
Orzu: Precisely. Isn't that so original?
Lei: No, not really. Almost every villain wants domination of the world or wants to destroy it.
Orzu: Nuh uh.
Lei: Ya huh. Do you even watch TV?
Claudius: What's TV?
Lei: ...I don't know. That word just came to my mind.
X: TV...what the fuck?
Orzu: Perhaps the author of this fic knows more than we do.
Claudius: Fic?
Orzu: I don't know. That came to my mind just now.
X: It's a disease. Only Claudius and I are main characters, so we're unharmed.
Claudius: Main characters? What?
X: OH NO! It's spread to me too!
Claudius: Wait for it...........nope nothin.
X: Awe, how come it doesn't work for you?
Claudius: Because the author made me....>_< shit.

A minute goes by and they are back to normal.

Orzu: You know, X. You aren't an assassin at all.
X: What?!
Orzu: You're just a weakling hero.
X: Shut your mouth!
Orzu: You fail at being an assassin. You can't kill anyone.
X: Shut up!

X punches Orzu and he gets sent into the sand face first. He resurfaces and starts to laugh.

Orzu: The truth hurts, doesn't it? I bet you can't even kill me.
X: Don't tempt me.
Claudius: Don't do it, X. He isn't worth it.
Lei: Yeah.
Orzu: Just a little more. I fucking DARE you to kill me.
X: Don't...I'll do it if you don't stop.
Orzu: No you wont. No wonder you got kicked out of your clan.

X's eyes open up wide. Orzu smiles even more and starts to laugh at him even more. X clenches his fist and starts to run to Orzu. Orzu doesn't phase and keeps laughing. X quicklly takes out both his daggers (He had picked them up after awakening) and gets ready to strike. Orzu stops laughing and stares at X with a huge smile on his face as X goes through Orzu with his daggers. When X reaches the other side of Orzu, an X of blood is shown across Orzu's face. As he falls, he laughs maniacally. He says out loud "Thanks, X. I owe you one." and dies after falling back into the sand.

Claudius: X...
X: I'm an assassin! NO ONE FORGET IT! I may be soft and all, but I WILL kill people.
Lei: Calm down, X. We get your point.
X: *Sigh* Ok. That made me feel better. I haven't killed anyone in a while.
Claudius: I suppose it's ok. He wanted to die anyway.
Lei: Do you think Jiron will come looking for him?
X: Yeah. It would be best to not leave him here.
Claudius: We'll bury him right here.
Lei: Sounds good.

After burying Orzu, Lei goes back to the dojo while X and Claudius go back to Hirai's house to tell of what happened.

Orzu is dead. The first ranked Myjuto to go down. It seems the two mercenaries pose a threat after all. But don't relax yet, readers, Jiron is still on the loose and could pop up at any time. Mwahahahahaha!!!!!!!!

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Chapter 18: Destruction and Destiny

One year has passed since Orzu's defeat. Claudius and X have been training with Hirai for the year's duration. They also trained a bit on the side with Lei one day out of each week. Claudius and X have just finished their morning shopping and are eating breakfast with Hirai.

Hirai: You know, it's been a whole year since you defeated that Myjuto fellow.
X: Yes. It's been a short year of intense training.
Claudius: What is on your mind?
Hirai: It's time, boys.
X: Time for what?
Hirai: Time that you move on. You both have passed my training.
Claudius: But, master...
Hirai: You can not stay here forevor. You won't get good enough to defeat Jiron that way.
Claudius: We can defeat him now!
Hirai: Possibly. If you both gang up on him now you have a good shot.
X: Then let's beat him up!
Hirai: Fool! If you were to get separated and fight one on one, you'd be killed.

As the day progresses, Hirai leaves and the two mercenaries sit and talk for a while. Around twilight, a man busts the door down while panting.

Man: Guys! Honson!
X: Slow down. What's going on?
Man: Honson is on fire! You've got to come quick!
Claudius: He found us.
X: You don't think...
Claudius: It has to be. Let's go kick his ass.
X: Alright.

X and Claudius run as fast as they can toward Honson. They start to see flames as Honson starts to be in sight.

Claudius: This is not good. I hope master is safe.

When they reach Honson, Hirai is seen in the middle of the burning village. They quickly run around the fire and go to Hirai.

X: Master!
Claudius: Wake up! You can't leave us yet!

Hirai opens his eyes and sees the two mercenaries. Claudius looks down to see a scar across his master's chest.

Claudius: Your chest...
Hirai: That man...he is...more powerful than I thought. I've never seen such power in one person.
X: Master...that's enough. We're going to get you home.
Hirai: Beware...you must survive.

Hirai's eyes close. X puts two fingers on Hirai's neck.

X: He still has a pulse. He's just unconscious.
Claudius: We can't stay in here! We'll all die at this rate!

X and Claudius' eyes widen in fear as they hear the maniacal laughter behind them. They both look behind. They see nothing but flames at first, but then a figure starts to appear within the flames.

Voice: Thought you could avoid me after killing my colleague did you?
X and Claudius: Oh no...

While still laughing, the figure becomes more and more clear. They both recognize him as Jiron as he walks through the fire laughing with his eyes widened. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALSra59hjpE )

Claudius: ...Did you just see that?!
X: He walked right through the fire like it was nothing!
Claudius: X, put master outside Honson. I'll hold him off till then.
X: Right.

X picks up Hirai and starts to run away from the town. Claudius faces Jiron and pulls out his whip.

Claudius: It's been a long time since we last fought. This time will be different.
Jiron: Let me guess. You have been training under that pathetic Hirai.
Claudius: ...Urg
Jiron: I swatted that bug away easily. What do you take me for, anyway?
Claudius: A dead man.

Claudius rushes to Jiron and whips at him. Jiron catches the whip in his hand.

Jiron: Didn't we already go through this? BAHAHAHA!

Jiron yanks the chain and brings Claudius to him. He then punches Claudius in the face, sending him to the ground.

Jiron: Bring back memories? This time I'll kill you, though.
Claudius: Don't count on it! *Theme stops*

Claudius gets up quickly and unsheathes his sword and slashes almost simultaneously. Jiron is a bit surprised by this and gets slashed across the chest. Jiron leans his head down and licks some of the blood off his shirt.

Claudius: That's sick.
Jiron: It's tasty. I wonder how your blood will taste.

Jiron pulls out his scythe in an instant and slices at Claudius. Claudius jumps back in time, but is still hit on the arm. Some of the blood is on Jiron's scythe. He then licks it off his scythe.

Jiron: Your blood tells me that you are still weak. *sheaths his scythe*
Claudius: Grr...I don't believe this guy. After all that training...

Jiron pulls out his nunchucks and flings them backwards. A sound is heard as someone hits the floor.

Claudius: Lei!
Lei: Well, that was unexpected.
Jiron: I could see you standing on that building for nearly a minute.
Lei: ...
Jiron: And your assassin friend can come out too. He is behind the building to my right.

X jumps out from behind said building and throws one of his daggers. Jiron catches it between two fingers.

X: Damn...
Lei: Who is this guy?
Claudius: A very powerful guy that is going to kill us if we don't do something!
Lei: Well that sums it up for me. Let's all take him together.

Lei does a flip off the building and goes in for a kick. Jiron sidesteps and is about to punch Lei when X slashes Jiron in the side and then Claudius grabs him. He throws Jiron into the air and into the fire.

Lei: Did we win?
X: No. He'll be back.
Lei: From inside the fire?
Claudius: Yeah.
Jiron: So then you know that it's hopeless!!!

Three darts come out from the fire. They all manage to barely dodge them. All of the sudden, the patch of fire splits and Jiron's arm is seen put out as if he moved the fire with his hand.

X: What the...
Jiron: Didn't you know? I learned Pyrotechniques. I can manipulate a good amount of fire however I please.

Jiron swings his arm into the fire and out comes a fire ball. It shoots directly for Claudius. He ducks just in time and the ball explodes behind him.

Lei: I think it's time to attack again.
X: Yeah.

All three go after Jiron. Jiron moves to the side and goes into the fire. The fighters stop and look around for him. All of the sudden, he bursts out of the flames and yells "Reaper's Delight!". He swings his scythe once and dashes right past the three fighters. At the same time, a big slash mark appears across each of their chests and they fall down.

Jiron: Hahahahaha! Not even the three of you can take me on.
X: The difference between him and Orzu are huge. I don't believe this.
Jiron: Orzu was weak. Not deserving of rank six.
Claudius: So the jumps are pretty significant huh? So how powerful is the second and first?
Jiron: That is none of your concearn. Seeing as you will die right here, right now.
X: No, we will live on. We'll beat you one day.

X quickly stands up and throws a spherical item on the ground near Jiron. Smoke comes out on contact. When it clears, X, Claudius and Lei are gone.

Jiron: They have escaped me again. But I'll get them. *Sheaths Scythe*

X, Claudius and Lei are running outside the town. X has Hirai on his back. They head back to his house and lay Hirai on his bed.

Lei: We need to treat his cut immediately. His is a lot worse than ours.
X: Agreed. Here...

X rips off a part of his bandaged cloth on his face and sticks it on his chest.

Lei: That should suffice for now. Now, we wait.

A few hours later, Hirai starts to mumble. Lei immediately rushes to him.

Hirai: Lei.
Lei: Everything is going to be ok, master.
Hirai: Where are X and Claudius?
X: We're here too, master.
Hirai: Good. Listen to me Lei. You must go with those two boys.
Lei: What?
Hirai: They need you. The whole world is in danger if Sarzo stays occupied by the Myjuto.
Lei: I guess I can't argue there. Besides, my dojo is burned down and my students have all fled.
X: Cool, so you'll come with us?
Lei: I suppose.
Claudius: Awesome.
Hirai: You guys should leave soon. Don't worry about me. I will recover soon.
Claudius: Alright then. X, let's go pack.
X: Yeah...What about you, Lei?
Lei: I don't have much on me. Most of it got burned down.
X: I see.

X and Claudius go into their room and begin to pack their things. They start to recall all the great moments they had with Hirai during their training. They begin to discuss those moments for a little while. After they are done packing, they leave the room to see Hirai sitting down.

Clauduis: Master, you're up.
Hirai: Yes, though this scar may never heal.
X: That man is a monster.
Hirai: I thought I could take him. I tried my hardest. I'm just not nearly what I used to be.

[Honson - Hours ago]

Hirai is knelt down panting in exhaust while Jiron is laughing at him with scythe in hand.

Jiron: Why have you come, old man?
Hirai: I want to know one thing *Pant*...are you doing this because of your grandfather and father?
Jiron: Hahaha. So you remember my grandfather, huh? I wasn't nearly born at that time so I never knew him. My father used to tell me that he was a powerful warrior. But my father was different. He was weak.
Hirai: So you come on behalf of your grandfather?
Jiron: No. My grandfather was also weak. I come on my own accord.
Hirai: Where is your father now?
Jiron: He's dead.
Hirai: Mmm...
Jiron: I sliced him up reeeeal good. BAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Hirai: You monster! Die now!

Hirai charges extremely fast at Jiron. He tries to go for a punch but Jiron slashes his scythe in an instant and sends Hirai flying.


Hirai: I just can't believe how strong he is. His grandfather couldn't even be a shadow of him.
Claudius: Do you think you could have taken him in your prime?
Hirai: I was a lot more powerful than all of you at that time, but he would beat me. I would put up a good fight though.
X: Woah.
Hirai: Listen to me. You must stop that man. But you need strengthen your group.
Claudius: I see. So then we'll search for recruits and then go fight the Myjuto Forces.
Lei: Sounds good.
X: Yeah. Let's do it.

The four go outside. Hirai leans against his house for support. X, Claudius and Lei all turn around and face Hirai.

Hirai: This is it. Your real journey begins now. I'm counting on you three.

Lei, X and Claudius simultaneous say "Goodbye" and nod in a bittersweet tone. They turn around and walk away. Hirai watches them fade into the distance.

Hirai: Those boys are going to be heroes. I know it.

After a bit of walking, Honson has ceased it's burning as the group passes by it. In the midst is a familiar figure to X and Claudius.

Claudius: Naith!

Naith turns around and sees the group and walks over to them.

Naith: We meet again.
X: Nice to see you.
Naith: Yes. Did you encounter that Jiron?
Claudius: Yeah. You know him?
Naith: I fought him in this town. The result was its destruction.

So now X, Claudius and Lei have left and Naith has popped up again. What destiny awaits these people? It's all coming soon on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 19: The Warrior's Battleground

Naith: We meet again.
X: Nice to see you.
Naith: Yes. Did you encounter that Jiron?
Claudius: Yeah. You know him?
Naith: I fought him in this town. The result was its destruction.
Lei: What do you mean?
Naith: ...

[Honson - Noon]

Jiron is in the middle of town, slashing random people with his scythe. Naith then comes up to him.

Naith: Why are you hurting these innocent people?
Jiron: What is your concearn with these people?
Naith: Picking on the weak is intolerable. Stop this now, or face me.
Jiron: Oh, and who do you think you are?
Naith: I am but a wanderer. Yet don't underestimate me.
Jiron: Well, maybe you can put up a challenge to me. Bahaha!

Slightly irritated by his words, Naith charges, unsheathing his sword and slashing in an instant. Jiron places his scythe right in the sword's way and reflects the slash. He then quickly swings his scythe at Naith. Naith jumps back and avoids the hit.

Naith: Hmph! I've never seen someone swing a scythe that big that fast. Oh well...

Naith charges again and begins to rapidly slice at Jiron. Jiron is able to block each hit with the scythe. He then shoves forward, pushing Naith back a little.

Jiron: Is this the best you can do? *Sheaths scythe*
Naith: You haven't seen anything yet.
Jiron: Until you show me something, I will not pull out my scythe again.

Naith goes to slash Jiron again, but Jiron sidesteps. He then punches Naith in the face, sending him to the ground. Naith gets up quickly and begins to move around Jiron quickly. Jiron stands still while he waits. Suddenly, Naith's sword grazes Jiron's shirt but he manages to avoid the full hit. Jiron then punches Naith in the stomach, then kicks him away. Naith falls to the ground again. After a few seconds, he gets up.

Jiron: You're going to have to use that zippo in order to defeat me.
Naith: What?
Jiron: I saw it as you were moving around me. Gold sticks out quite well.
Naith: Fine. If you want me to use it, then I will!

Naith pulls out his zippo and lights his blade on fire. He goes to attack Jiron, but he grabs Naith's hand that is holding the sword. With Jiron's other hand, he waves it across the fire on Naith's blade. His hand catches on fire and he pulls away.

Naith: Fool!
Jiron: Quite the opposite, HAHAHAHA!

Jiron pulls out his scythe and touches it with his fiery hand. The blade catches on fire.

Naith: Damn. He mimic'd me.

Jiron starts to slash nearby buildings, making them catch on fire. Soon, the entire area is on fire, and Naith is forced to retreat.


Naith: He tricked me into using my lighter so that he could burn the town.
X: Damn him!
Naith: He was skilled. He was definitely trained in more arts than one.
Lei: Well that doesn't matter now. Honson is gone. We must now focus on the future.
Naith: Yes. Here, take this.

Naith hands Claudius a piece of paper with a picture of a stadium on it.

Claudius: The Warrior's Battleground?
Naith: It's a challenge to see who the greatest warrior is. I can surmise he will be there.
X: Sounds like fun. Let's all enter.
Naith: I agree. I was going to enter anyway.
Claudius: Will you come with us till the challenge begins?
Naith: Sorry, can't do that. But I'll see you there.

Naith pushes his hat slightly down and salutes to the group. He then walks away.

Lei: Well, we better get ready for this. Only problem is, where will we stay for now?
X: I know just the place.
Claudius: You can't mean the Mercenary HQ?
X: Yeah.
Claudius: I was thinking that too. That's our best bet.

[1 week later]

X, Claudius and Lei are at the stadium known as the Warrior's Battleground. They are wearing white cloaks to avoid contact with Jiron. They walk in to see many fierce looking warriors. The area is sandy with a black marble circle ring in the middle.

Claudius: Any sign of Jiron?
Lei: I don't see him.
X: I don't hear his maniacal laugh.
Claudius: Good. I don't see Naith anywhere yet either.

A light skinned man with a T shirt, black jeans, goggles and yellow fingerless gloves walks up to the group. His face is somewhat darkened because of some stuff on his face.

???: So, you guys are a weird lookin' bunch.
Lei: Who are you?
???: Call me Knosse (Pronouced Nois).
X: You're pretty weird looking yourself.
Knosse: You think you guys got the guts to take all these guys on?
Claudius: What do you mean?
Knosse: To get a clear bracket, we have to go through preliminary rounds.
Lei: What are these preliminary rounds?
Knosse: Every man for himself. Once enough people are out of the picture, then we start.
Claudius: So, you came for a truce. Is that it?
Knosse: Oh balls, you read me like a book.
Lei: That works for us. We need another guy on the inside anyway.
X: So what are your skills, Knosse?
Knosse: I shoot. Pow! Before they can get to me. Cool, huh?
Lei: Nice.
Announcer: Would all contestants please join us in the middle of the stadium? Thank you.
Claudius: Time to rock and roll.

The Warrior's Battleground is starting and the newly formed group has formed an alliance with Knosse. How will the preliminary round go? Find out in the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 20: The Preliminary Round

All the fighters (close to 100 fighters) walk to the middle of the stadium onto the ring where the announcer is.

Announcer: Alright guys. The preliminary round is simple. If you are 1 of 32 players to stay in the ring, you move on. No weapons.
Claudius: Woah woah. We're starting already?
Announcer: Yes. When I say go, you can start fighting.

The announcer quickly runs out of the ring and yells go. Everyone is reluctant to attack at first, but then after a few seconds of awkward silence, violence randomly bursts out. X is in the middle of two big thug like guys ganging up on him.

X: Ah shit. How did I get myself into this already? No problem.

X dashes at one of them and starts to rapidly punch at him. The guy tries to retaliate but misses and hits the other guy. X then goes after the hit guy and pushes him out of the ring. He then goes for the first guy and then punches him in the nose. The man falls down and X kicks him out of the ring.

X: Alright!

Over by Claudius is a small guy with a bald head and a yellow jumpsuit. He is semi-dark skinned.

Claudius: So you decide to take me on, huh?
Man: Ya ya ya. You go down down.
Claudius: Alright then. Let's do this.

The man starts to move very quickly around Claudius as to confuse him. Suddenly, he kicks Claudius in the back. He barely moves and turns around and goes to punch the man. He is able to avoid the punch, however.

Claudius: So you're a fast and elusive little runt.

The man starts to rapidly punch at Claudius but it does little effect. Claudius picks him up by the collar and throws him out of the ring with ease.

Claudius: You're also weak and indecisive.

By Lei are three thugs all facing him.

Thug 1: So, you're that guy from SHAC, huh?
Lei: That is one of my occupations on the side, yes. What business do you have with them?
Thug 2: You guys locked away our brother.
Thug 3: Let's get him!

Suddenly, a gun is pointed to the second thug's head.

Knosse: I think you'd better rethink ganging up on my friend.
Lei: Psst, Knosse. No weapons allowed.
Knosse: Really?
Lei: Yeah.
Knosse: Oh balls. *puts gun away* Well I'm screwed.
Lei: Knosse, duck!

Knosse ducks as Lei leaps off the ground and kicks the thug near Knosse out of the ring. He then hand signals for the other two thugs to come after him. They both charge at Lei, so he ducks and sweep kicks them both to the floor. Knosse then drags them to the edge of the ring and shoves them out with his foot.

Knosse: Nice teamwork, huh?
Lei: >_>

Another fighter lurks up to Lei and starts to laugh.

Knosse: Look out!
Lei: Hmm?

Lei turns around to see a large man throwing a punch at him. With no time to react he guards. But before the punch can get to Lei, he sent to the floor. Naith is seen in front of Lei now.

Naith: Looks like you needed some help.
Knosse: Cool hat. Can I try it on?
Naith: No, but thank you.
Knosse: Awee.
Lei: Thanks for the help, Naith. Knosse, you know what to do.

Knosse drags the fighter and shoves him out as he did with the thugs.

Knosse: Wooh, we're a team.
Naith: You want to stay in this battle?
Lei: Yeah.
Knosse: Absolutely.
Naith: Come with me.

Claudius and X have managed to find each other and are ganging up on incoming fighters.

Claudius: I wonder how the others are doing.
X: I'm sure they're fine. *punches incoming fighter away* This is pretty fun.
Claudius: Tell me about it. I think we're almost cut down to 32 though.

X looks to his right to see Naith coming toward him with Lei and Knosse behind him. They bunch with X and Claudius as they converge.

Claudius: Good to see you made it, Naith.
Naith: Same to you. Now, let's charge all together.
X: Alright.
Lei: Knosse can place all knocked out fighters out of the ring for us.
Knosse: Glad to help.
Claudius: Alright. Charge!

All 5 of them charge at the same time to the middle of the ring. Many fighters take note and back off them. Those that don't have time to react get trampled or pushed away. After they are finished charging, Knosse starts to sweep the KO'd like a mop and places them all outside the ring.

Announcer: 0_0...well there's 35 left. 3 more of you have to go.

A patch of 5 fighters begin to fight over the positions and three eventually go out.

Announcer: Alright! We have our next round contestants!

Claudius: Nice work, guys. We all made it.
Knosse: WOOOH!
Naith: Too easy.
X: Can't wait for the next round.
Lei: I have to admit, that charge was pretty fun.

So X, Claudius, Naith, Lei and Knosse have all made the preliminary round cuts. It's on to round 1 now so who will make it past that round? The next upcoming chapters are exciting so don't miss them on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 21: Warrior's Battleground Round 1 - Part 1

An hour has passed since the preliminary rounds. The announcer goes to the ring with paper in hand.

Announcer: Will our remaining 32 please come to the ring?

All the fighters do as the announcer says and then he holds up the piece of paper.

Announcer: I will announce the first match.

X is standing next to a taller guy in a similar white cloak to that which the group was originally wearing.

X: So, how far do you think you'll go?
Man: I'm going all the way. That's for sure.
X: Have you heard about those Myjuto ass holes? I wonder if any of them are here in this contest.
Announcer: The first match is Jiron vs Mask man!
Man: Well, that's me.
X: Good luck, Mask Man.
Man: Heh.

A shirtless man with white shorts a blue mask walks into the ring. He has boxing gloves on him. X stares for a second and then turns to the man, who starts to laugh. He throws his cloak aside to reveal Jiron.

Jiron: Those Myjuto ass holes are taking the this tournament. See you in the ring.

Jiron salutes X and walks to the ring. Then, Mask Man taunts him with his gloves.

Mask Man: You aint look so tough!
Jiron: *takes out scythe and smiles*
Mask Man: Eep! Eurhm, announcer? I think I just shit myself. C C C C Can I go now?
Announcer: (Speaking extreemly fast) Readysetgo!
Mask Man: Oh man...

Jiron walks closer and closer as Mask Man creeps back in terror.

Mask Man: You're that, Myjuto fellow. Man, what did I get myself into?

Mask Man is now at the edge of the ring and Jiron is in attacking range. Mask Man quickly steps out of the ring.

Mask Man: I GIVE UP!!!!!
Jiron: Fuck you.

Jiron jumps out of the ring and swings his scythe directly at him. He hits Mask Man right where the neck meets the chest and slices that part wide open. The man falls down dead in an instant as blood and a vein come bursting out of the sliced area.

Jiron: Sorry, it slipped.
Claudius: That bastard!
Naith: He was helpless. What a worthless act of violence.
Announcer: 0_0 Wellllll let's get on with the next match. Naith vs Tyrocopter!
Naith: Cool. My turn.

Naith walks into the ring. He then sees a deformed looking man with metal on the upper half of his arms including his hands. He is semi-dark skinned and is bald. He has a white tattered shirt and white tattered pants.

Naith: What the...
Tyrocopter: ...
Naith: You don't speak?
Tyrocopter: ...
Naith: I see.
Announce: Ready, set, Go!

Tyrocopter charges at Naith. Not moving very fast, Naith takes out his sword and has plenty of time to react. When he gets close enough, Naith dashes and slashes at the same time. They cross and turn to each other.

Naith: He blocked my blade with his arm. I see how he operates now.

Tyrocopter goes on the offensive and start to punch constantly at Naith. Naith is able to avoid all hits.

Naith: Better not get hit by any of these punches. They could be pretty strong.

Naith slashes at Tyro's legs and hits. Tyro barely feels anything and goes to attack again. Naith jumps backwards and starts to think.

Naith: So he has also lost all feeling. I guess I have to knock him out of the ring.

Tyro runs to Naith and starts to punch rapidly again. He surprisingly hits Naith with one in the stomach and Naith is pushed back a bit. He puts one hand over his stomach in slight pain and then readies himself again. He quickly dashes to Tyro and starts to slash rapidly. Tyro can not keep up with the slashes so he punches Naith again, this time sending him back a bit further. Slash marks appear all over Tyro, but he remains standing. Naith charges at Tyro again and punches him away, bringing him to the end of the ring. Before he can move away from the edge, Naith gets to him first and shoves him with the handle of his sword, pushing Tyro out of the ring.

Announcer: The winner is Naith!
Naith: Ha. Good match.

Tyro goes back into the ring and growls at Naith, looking to fight more. But some staff guards come to the ring quickly and try to restrain him. He fends them off and starts to foam at the mouth. Naith backs off, letting the guards handle it. They are failing to restrain him, though.

Guard 1: Sir, get off the ring!
Guard 2: It's no use, he's totally gone insane.
Guard 3: Get him off the ring and hold him down!
Guard 4: He won't budge.
Jiron: Allow me.

Jiron pushes two of the guards aside and the other two back off. Jiron punches Tyro hard, which sends him flying way out of the ring. He gets sent back so far that he is close to the wall now. Jiron walks to where he landed.

Knosse: Woah. What a punch!

When Jiron reaches Tyro, he is very slow to get up but is still foaming at the mouth.

Jiron: So, you do have some feeling down there. You just need enough pressure.

Jiron picks him up by the neck and shoves him against the wall. He chokes Tyro to the point of fainting and then lets go. He then promptly walks over to the rest of the fighters and the guards.

Jiron: He's unconscious. Go put him in an asylum where he belongs.
Claudius: Maybe we should put you there next.
Jiron: True, I am as crazy and insane as he. Only I have control over it and he apparently doesn't.
X: You're insane.
Jiron: Isn't that what I just said?
Lei: Prepare yourself, for one of us will beat you and win this tournament today.
Jiron: Not happening. Dream on, though. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Jiron walks away as the guards go take Tyro away.

X: That's the first time he's done that laugh today.
Lei: You think he's more on the down low today?
Claudius: Naw, he probably just got his laughs out in his mirror this morning.
Knosse: Down low? He just sliced open a defenseless fighter and fucked up that crazy dude!
Lei: Point taken.
Announcer: Uh...we'll take a few minutes before the next matches begin.

So Naith and Jiron advance to the next round. Claudius, X, Lei and Knosse have yet to fight. How will their fights go! Only one way to find out. Stay tuned to Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   January 22nd 2010, 12:05 am

Chapter 22: Warrior's Battleground Round 1 - Part 2

Last time we saw Jiron easily defeat his first opponent. Naith won his match without much difficulty as well. The group and Naith are hanging around one part of the coliseum wall.

Lei: I hope we don't have to fight each other real early.
X: Not likely, but maybe.
Knosse: I just want to fight now.
Claudius: Hmm...
X: What is it?
Claudius: Jiron is acting strange. He seems friendly to us in a way.
X: I noticed that.

Jiron is walking past a young girl. She is leaning on the wall. (other side of wall that the group is at) As he walks past her, she gets off the wall and stands up straight. She is a light skin girl with long blond hair that is in long pig tails. She has a light blue vest and is wearing a light blue t shirt and matching capri pants. She is about 5"9.

Girl: You weren't suppose to kill anyone yet.
Jiron: You know I don't tolerate those kind of cowards.
Girl: The boss told you specifically not to kill anyone till I gave the order to.
Jiron: In case you forgot, I am in charge of you and this operation.
Girl: But he told me that I was in charge.
Jiron: He told you that to keep you in line. You are a wild fire like me.
Girl: Don't put me in your class.
Jiron: I won't. You can not be raised near my class.
Girl: Ugh...Jiron, would you just stick to the plan and not kill anymore people for now?
Jiron: ...I will try. And don't forget your part.
Girl: Yes yes of course.
Jiron: And don't try to run away. I will kill you in an instant if you either fail or run.

Naith: He was talking to that girl just now.
Claudius: She might be in the Myjuto Force.
Lei: Keep your guard up.
Announcer: All the remaining round 1 fighters please come to the ring at this time.
Knosse: Fighting time.

X, Claudius, Lei and Knosse go to the ring. Naith walks over near the ring to where Jiron is.

Naith: What are you up to?
Jiron: We meet again, wanderer.
Naith: Tell me. What does that girl have to do with you?
Jiron: If you must know, I am having fun with her. My boss trusts her more than me, and so...
Naith: You want to kill her?
Jiron: Oh, you'll see. Just keep quiet and let's have fun.
Naith: Hmph.

Naith walks away and goes back to the wall that he was at beforehand and sits down. X is now in the ring.

Announcer: X, you verse Kanye.
X: ...Kanye? Where is he?
???: I'm right here muthafuckah!

This guy ( http://floortwo.files.wordpress.com/2007/12/kanye-west-spin.jpg ) walks on the ring.

X: This is going to be too easy.
Kanye: Hey, um X I'm happy for you an imma let you finish, but I am the greatest fighter of all time!
X: What the fuck?
Knosse: I wish I could stick one of my guns right up his ass and pull the trigger.
Announcer: Ready, set, go!

Kanye walks to X in a "gansta" manner. X throws one of his daggers right into his chest. Kanye falls down, lifeless.

Claudius: I was wondering what happened to the assassin I once knew.
X: That guy was annoying. He wasn't even in long and he still bugged me.
Announcer: Well, the winner is X.

A few medical attendents take Kanye away. X walks out of the ring and then looks at Jiron.

X: You're next.
Jiron: Just wondering, were you the one that killed Orzu?
X: That's right. I killed your buddy, and I'll kill you too.
Jiron: Don't count on it, assassin.
Claudius: (whispering to X) Uh, don't forget that he's a lot stronger than both of us combined.
X: Heh, oh yeah.
Announcer: Ok, the next match is Lei vs Ur.

Lei walks into the ring where a cloaked man is waiting for him.

Lei: Let's have a good match.
Announcer: Ready, set, go!

Lei bows in respect. The cloaked man dashes to Lei. Lei flips over the man and goes to kick at the man. He kicks him, but it feels like he has just kicked air.

Lei: What the hell?

The man goes on the offensive and starts to attack Lei. Suddenly gets pushed back by a kick.

Lei: I can't see where he is going to attack because of that cloak. And why did it feel like I kicked air?

Lei runs to the man and punching straight through the cloak. It rips in half, revealing a man that is only about 3 feet tall. He quickly kicks the little man out of the rings.

Announcer: Lei is the winner. What a crafty trick by Ur though. Next matches will be simultaneous to speed this round up. Claudius vs Tibi and Knosse vs Yu.
Claudius: Well, Knosse. Looks like we gotta do our matches at the same time. Good luck.
Knosse: You too, new friend.

Knosse and Claudius walk into the ring and part ways. The girl that was talking to Jiron steps into the ring and goes up to Claudius. Another generic looking white man with a white t shirt and blue jeans walks up to Knosse.

Tibi: Hello there.
Claudius: What business do you have with Jiron?
Tibi: Oh, is that the hunk's name? I was only admiring his muscles. Like yours.
Claudius: Huh? *blushes*
Tibi: I hope it isn't too much trouble to fight me.
Claudius: No, no trouble, miss.
Yu: Well, Knosse. We'd better get this match over with.
Knosse: Yes.
Announcer: Ready, set, go!

Tibi and Claudius remain still for the time being. Yu has charged Knosse head on with fists only. Knosse pulls out a 10mm revolver and starts shooting at Yu. Yu gets hit with a few bullets but keeps moving on and then punches Knosse in the face, knocking him down. Knosse gets back up and wipes his face. He then starts to shoot again. This time with more bullets. Yu starts to step back in pain, then Knosse throws a small bomb at Yu, exploding on contact. Claudius and Tibi look at the explosion and decide to start fighting. Tibi pulls out two kunai knives and goes after Claudius. Claudius takes out his short sword and blocks Tibi's incoming strike. He pushes Tibi off and then slashes at her. She is able to block the slash but gets pushed back.

Tibi: Wow. You are strong.
Claudius: You said that. Your charm is wearing out, miss.
Tibi: Oh come on now.
Claudius: I was with a much better looking woman than you for a time.
Tibi: Fine then.

Tibi runs up to Claudius. He puts up his guard, but then Tibi jumps on his arm and then lands on the back of his shoulders and starts to choke him with her legs.

Tibi: How do you like that?
Claudius: Heh...I like it.
Tibi: What?!

Claudius unwraps her legs with ease and then keeps her in the air and knees her in the stomach.

Claudius: It was fun while that lasted. You want a kiss good night?
Tibi: Sure.

Tibi kisses him on the cheek, hoping he would succumb to her charm. He then throws her out of the ring by Jiron's feet.

Claudius: You can have her. She's not my type.
Jiron: Ha!
X: Alright, Claudius!
Naith: I wonder. Did Claudius just ruin the plan, or was it all according to it?

Over by Knosse, he is staring into the smoke where the bomb exploded. Suddenly, Yu rushes forward, having blood all over him. Knosse starts to pelt him with his revolver and then Yu falls down. Knosse drags him and places him outside the ring.

Announcer: Alright. The winners are Claudius and Knosse!

Tibi gets up and brushes dirt off her capris. She turns to Jiron.

Tibi: That definitely worked out well.
Jiron: Yes. You did excellent in there.
Tibi: He's got strength. I'll give him that.
Jiron: Don't credit him too much before your round 2 with him. Now go. I'll hold the fort.
Tibi: Alright. I'll be back.

Tibi walks away toward the entrance of the coliseum.

Everyone in the group has made it to round 2. What is this plan that Tibi and Jiron speak of? What will occur in round 2? You'll have to catch the next few chapters of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 23: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 1

The group is now watching the remaining battles in round 1 as they relax.

X: You know. We're gonna have to fight each other eventually if we keep this up.
Lei: You're right. And we're going to have to fight Jiron eventually.
Claudius: Maybe we can wear him out in time for the finals and one of us beats him.
Naith: It's worth a shot.
Knosse: Coolness. So, Lei. What was that SHAC thing you mentioned earlier to those bandits?
Lei: I'll explain later. It's a long story.
Claudius: So why are you here, Knosse?
Knosse: I got bored.
X: Fair enough.
Announcer: Will...that group over there please come to the ring?
Claudius: "That group?" Man, we should really get a name for our group.

They all huddle (besides Naith who just walks to the ring). After huddling, they join Naith at the ring.

Announcer: Thanks for coming, guys.
X: We have a name for our "group" now.
Announcer: Oh?
Claudius: You can call us........"Fighters Abroad". You were right after all, Master Hirai.
Announcer: Cool. Now excuse me as I call the other contestants. *Walks away*
Lei: Fighters Abroad...Hirai would always use that term. Expecially when referring to you two.
X: That's where we got it from, naturally.
Claudius: Right. Now, let's own under our new group name.

The rest of the contestants are now at the ring. The announcer then steps into the ring and holds up a piece of paper.

Announcer: Alright, folks. Our second round will cut down our 16 to only 8 contestants. Let's see who makes it. The matches are...Lei vs Lii, Y vs X, Jiron vs nori, Ush vs Ira, Claudius vs Uchta, Mel vs Ayame, Naith vs Scrim, and Ere vs Knosse. We'll start with the first match. Lei vs Lii.

Lei: Alright! I get to go first.

Lei walks in the ring and a man with an orange outfit similar to Lei's walks in as well. He has short black hair and asian toned skin.

Lei: You are Lii?
Lii: Yes. You are Lei?
Lei: Yes. I see you are using the same type of clothing as me.
Lii: We must both be kung fu users, no?
Lei: Oh, this ought to be fun.
Announcer: You may begin!

Lei and Lii take a bow and then get in a similar stance. They begin to slowly move toward each other. When they get close enough to each other, Lei goes for a punch and Lii goes for a kick. The punch and kick meet and they both retract. Lii goes for a sweeping kick, but Lei does a front flip and bounces off Lii's head and pushes off to land behind him. Lii turns around and goes for a punch but Lei blocks it with his elbow and then goes for a punch with his other arm. Lii is able to block it with his hand. They both push off each other and then rush toward each other. Lei starts to rapidly punch but gets blocked by Lii. Lii then starts to rapidly punch but gets blocked by Lei. They both then rapidly punch at each other. Each fist collides with each other. Finally, Lei gets through and gets a punch to Lii in the face. Lii is pushed back and consequently covers his face with one hand.

Lii: You, you're young, but this good.
Lei: How old are you?
Lii: 25. And you, I can presume are 16 or 17.
Lei: That is correct. Who did you train under?
Lii: Master Fu-Wei.
Lei: Master Hirai.
Lii: The hero of Honson?!
Lei: The same one. My two friends among our fighters abroad group trained under him as well.
Lii: I see. Master Hirai was known to be one of the best masters ever. I am honored to fight his student.
Lei: I'm sure this Master Fu-Wei was also great to you. This is a good fight.
Lii: *uncovers his face* Yes, he was. Now let's continue our fight.

Lii runs over to where Lei is and then flips over him. He then tries to kick him in the back but Lei turns around and grabs his foot. Lei then punches the grabbed leg where the knee meets the lower leg (the bottom part) and almost cracks that spot. He then lets go of Lii and then punches him in the stomach, sending him down to the floor. Lii quickly gets back up and then goes on the attack again. He rapidly punches at Lei and gets a few through to his chest. Lei's guard breaks and he begins to succumb to rapid punches from Lii. At the end of his punches, Lii kicks Lei away. Lei lands somewhat close to being out of the ring. Lei gets up quickly and moves away from the end of the ring. Lii charges at Lei once again, but Lei is the one that attacks. He gets low and then hits Lii's chest with his palm, stunning Lii for a second. Lei then dashes behind Lii and does a 180 degree turn and kicks Lii in the back of the head. Lii hits the floor face first. When Lii gets up, a bit of blood is flowing from his forehead.

Lei: You fight well, Lii. We should train together one day.
Lii: Yes. This has been one great fight. I will never forget it.
Lei: Well, now it's time to end this. I look forward to fighting you again.

Lei gets into a different fighting stance and smiles at Lii. He then quickly dashes toward Lii. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=SQOLjdYbUt8#t=29s ) Lii tries to defend himself, but Lei moves quickly behind Lii and punches him in the back. He then starts to move all around Lii, punching and kicking wherever he is. He then punches Lii away, sending him near the end of the ring. He dashes to Lii, but Lii starts to go on the offensive. He starts to rapidly punch, but to no avail. Lei is blocking every punch easily. He then punches Lii back to the edge of the ring. He runs up to Lii and grabs his shoulders. He then jumps up and puts his legs on Lii's chest and pushes off, making Lii go flying out of the ring, and Lei to flip backward right back into a standing position.

Lei: Good match. *bows*
Announcer: Well, that was certainly the best match we've seen so far. The winner is Lei!
Knosse: Way to go, Lei!

Lei steps off the ring and gives Knosse a high five. He then gives X and Claudius high fives.

X, Claudius, Lei, Knosse: FIGHTERS ABROAD OWNS THIS MATCH! *Theme plays through credits*

Lei has won the first match of round 2. The rest are yet to come, so don't miss them on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 24: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 2

Lei: I think you're up next, X.
X: Cool. I wonder who this Y person is.
Knosse: Just kick his ass. Simple.
X: Yeah, you're right.
Announcer: Our next match is X vs Y!
Claudius: You got this one.

Claudius puts his hand on X's shoulder for a second and gives him the "you better not lose" look. X then walks to the ring and when he sees his opponent, his face turns bright red. Y is a girl that is about his height. She has long brown hair, brown eyes, a white outfit like this ( http://www.justmanga.com/jmcover/ffadctifa.jpg ) with a white mouth cover (think what covers a Ninja's mouth).

X: *Blush* Um...hi.
Y: Hello. I'm Y. Nice to meet you.

Y's face also is red from seeing X.

Claudius: Of all the places to find someone like this...
Knosse: Maybe they'll have a kid and name it Z.
X: So, your name is Y?
Y: Well, not really. That's my exiled name.
X: 0_0 X is my exiled name. *turns around* Claudius, remember when we talked about that perfect girl?
Claudius: *Crosses arms* Yes...?
X: I think this is it!
Claudius: You just met the bitch! Get to know her first, but you have to win this round before that!
X: Oh shit. I forgot about the match.
Y: *Turns around* Hey, Lii. Remember when you told me to wait for the perfect guy?
Lii: Yes...?
Y: I think this is it!
Lii: You can think about that AFTER you beat him!
Announcer: Ah...young love...I mean BEGIN!

X and Y don't move at first, reluctant to attack each other. Jiron walks over to Claudius.

Jiron: Looks like your friend has caught lust at the wrong time.
Claudius: I fucking know! Of all the times and places!
Jiron: *sigh* I hate to see boring fights. Hey, you two!
X: *turns around* Jiron? What do you want?
Jiron: If you two are both so infatuated with each other, why don't you treat this like training each other?
X: Wow...I never thought of it that way.
Y: Hmm...hee that sounds cool. How bout it, mister?
X: This sounds fun. After this tournament, what say we go out somewhere?
Y: Awesome. Now let's train!
Claudius: Wow...thanks.
Jiron: Bah.

Jiron walks away. Looking at the ring, X and Y both charge at each other. X goes in for a punch but it is blocked by Y. Y then sweep kicks X and trips him. As X hits the floor, he quickly rolls backwards and stands up.

Y: Quick recovery.
X: Lei showed me that one. Thanks, Lei. Thanks.

X now rolls forward and jumps out of the roll, surprisingly to Y, and gives Y a hard punch to the chest. Y tumbles backwards and lay on the floor. X waits as she gets up after a few seconds. Y quickly charges at X and he puts up his guard. Y grabs X's hand and tries to pull toward her. X resists and pulls towards himself. X wins the power struggle and Y is pulled right into X. X then punches her in the chest again and then goes behind her and kicks her the opposite way. Y is now nearing the ring. She gets up quickly and pulls out two daggers. X's mouth drops to the floor. (the bandages covering his mouth stretch with it.) X also pulls out his daggers, and Y looks a bit surprised.

Y: So we both have the same weapons too?
X: Apparently.
Claudius: Oh you have to be kidding me.
Lei: This is very similar to when I fought Lii. I saw Y talk to him as well.
Knosse: Wait, so they're a group like us? I wonder if they have a guy with guns.
Claudius: Or a guy with a chain whip.
Knosse: You have a chain whip?
Claudius: I'm surprised I haven't showed you yet. I haven't had a use for it this tournament.
Knosse: Nice. So, who out of you three are the best.
Lei: X is the fastest, I'm the most skilled.
Claudius: I'm the strongest.
Knosse: So do you mind if I join your Fighters Abroad?
Claudius: You haven't already? Ah, that's right. I forgot. Fine by me.
Lei: Yeah. I'm ok with it. I'm sure X won't have a problem.
Knosse: Cool. And now I'm the most accurate of the group.

Looking at the fight, X and Y are constantly clashing their daggers. They are moving quickly along the ring and they can not seem to get through to each other. Suddenly, X ducks under a stab and kicks out Y's legs from under her, making her trip. She consequently falls on X.

X: Where was I in this position before? Oh yeah, when that fat dude was on top of me.

Y straddles X and starts to punch him in the chest. After a few punches from Y, X is able to get her off and kicks her, making her slide along the ring. She gets up quickly (note that they both dropped their daggers.) and once again charges at X. X also charges at Y. They both meet in the center of the ring and start to clash fists. X is able to overpower Y and gets through. He gives her a shove to make her slide back, before she can move forward, X punches her back farther. She is now at the edge of the ring. She gets on the defensive as X starts to punch to push her back. To no avail, as X finally pushes her out and she lands on her butt in the soft sand outside the ring. X quickly jumps out of the ring and helps her up.

Y: That was good. I didn't expect to meet an assassin as good as myself. No, even better.
X: I didn't expect to meet such a beautiful one.
Announcer: The winner is, X!
Claudius: Alright!

Meanwhile X is over with Y and Lii.

X: So you two work together?
Y: Yes. We are part of a group similar to yours.
Lii: There are five more of us
X: Where are they?
Y: Not too far from here. They're camping while we're in this tournament.
X: I see. Oh man, I think Jiron's match is next.
Y: That guy is scary.
X: Yeah, well why don't you hang around Fighters Abroad till this tournament is over?
Lii: That sounds good.

X, Y and Lii walk over to the rest of the group.

Claudius: Fuckin right, X!
X: Haha. Now you better not lose either when your match comes up.

X and Claudius high five in victory.

X has won a match and a girl. He killed two birds with one stone! How come I'm not so lucky? Well I am just a lowly narrator. Oh well, get ready for the next fights on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 12th 2010, 7:28 pm

Chapter 25: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 3

Jiron walks up near the group with his scythe out.

Jiron: It seems my match is up next. Would you like me to kill this one, too?
Claudius: What kind of question is that?
Jiron: I see. You're way too soft to be a real mercenary.
Announcer: The next match is Jiron vs Nori!

Jiron walks into the ring and awaits his opponent. Claudius puts his right arm on his left with a sad look on his face.

Claudius: I...wasn't always like this.
Lei: You weren't?
Claudius: No. I used to be almost heartless at one point. Many events changed me, though.
Knosse: Probably for the better.
Claudius: Yeah...maybe.
X: Don't sweat that stuff, Claudius. You are who you are. That man will never understand.

As Jiron patiently waits, a woman that looks to be 7 foot tall walks into the ring. She has huge muscles. She wears a white tank top shirt and white shorts. She has red hair (real life red hair, not literally red hair) that is split into pig tails. She is light skinned but has a very cruel demeanor about her.

Jiron: ...
X: Uh...What?
Claudius: This is...
Lei: An outrage to society!
Knosse: She's definitely a lesbo.
Naith: Hmph. Disgrace.
Nori: Vell look at my opponent. Zis is laughable.
Jiron: ...Scuse me?
Nori: I vill fuck you like my girlfriend.
Knosse: Just as I thought.
Nori: I vill break you little boy.
Jiron: I had no idea that mere cattle participated in this.
Nori: Vat vas dat?!
Jiron: I hate people like you. Think you're powerful just because you're huge? *puts away scythe*
Claudius: This should be fun to watch.
Announcer: You may begin!

Nori walks toward Jiron slowly. Jiron unbuttons his long white coat and takes it off to reveal a grey muscle shirt. His arms and stomach are revealed to be muscular for his size.

X: Wow. He's ripped!
Claudius: Not as ripped as Nori, but oh well.
Jiron: Here.

Jiron throws his coat aside to Claudius and he catches it.

Claudius: Holy shit. This coat is ten times heavier than mine.

Claudius puts on Jiron's coat on top of his own coat.

Claudius: Dude, this coat is amazing. I want one of these.
Jiron: It's one of a kind. You are lucky to be wearing it.
Nori: Don't ignore me!

Nori is now close to Jiron. He turns his attention to her and gets his fists in a ready position. They are now within arm's distance from each other. Nori goes to punch Jiron, however, he matches with a punch of his own. Their fists clash. Nori takes a step in surprise and Jiron remains with a confident smile.

Nori: Zis is not possible. You should have gone out of ring, on ass.
Jiron: This is the first of many surprises you will undergo.

Nori's face turns to an angry face and she flails her right arm at Jiron. Jiron grabs her arm and then punches her in the stomach, sending her tumbling across the ring. Many thumps are heard as vibrations occur.

Claudius: Woah. There's some massive power in that ring between the two of them.

Nori gets up and scratches her head. She then starts to run at Jiron. Vibrations are felt through the entire coliseum. Jiron walks to the very middle and just as Nori gets to him...

Jiron: Hold on one second.
Nori: *stops* Vat is it?!
Jiron: You can take one free shot on me.
Nori: You insult me?!
Jiron: You know you'll never hit me with your terrible speed. Unlike me, you have are destitute of it.

Nori grits her teeth in anger as her right arm starts to pulsate. She brings back her arm as far as she can and punches Jiron with all her might. To Jiron's surprise, he is sent across the entire ring and is sent out.

Jiron: What the...

Before Jiron is able to hit the ground, he takes out his scythe (His sheath was still on his back) and shoves it in the sand, keeping himself up. He is easily able to fling himself back into the ring via his Scythe being an anchor. He leaves his scythe in the sand where it sticks. Claudius, being near the scythe, picks it up.

Claudius: Holy shit. This scythe is heavy even for me.
Knosse: Let me see.

Claudius slowly hands Knosse the scythe. As he lets go, the scythe pulls Knosse to the ground. It falls on top of him.

Knosse: Oh balls. This sucks.

Claudius takes the scythe off Knosse and holds it.

Claudius: I guess I'm the only one here besides Jiron that can use this.

He swings the scythe with difficulty, only able to make it move at a decent speed.

X: How does he move the scythe that fast? You swing it a little past normally and it's still slow.

Looking at Jiron, he is laughing like a maniac as he walks toward Nori.

Jiron: You have some sheer power in you. That punch almost won you the match.
Nori: I don't believe it.
Jiron: What did I say before? There are still more surprises for you.
Nori: I vill finish you now!
Jiron: Sorry, but I don't think so.

Nori goes to punch Jiron, but he moves in real close to Nori and punches her in the gut. This temporarily stuns her, he then upercuts her, sending her tumbling backward. With a great amount of speed, Jiron gets behind her and kicks her the other way. He repeats this process three times until she collapses on the ring floor. She suddenly coughs up blood.

Nori: Vat.......are you?
Jiron: I'm stronger than you. I'm also significantly faster. You were finished before this fight started.
Nori: I give. I can't beat you. Not after you went through my strongest punch.
Announcer: Nori has given in! The winner is Jiron!

Jiron exits the ring toward where Claudius is. Claudius throws Jiron's coat at him and he catches it and puts it on.

Claudius: Well done. For a second I thought that you might lose in there.
Jiron: Ha! I suppose I was a bit to nice to her.
Claudius: *Hands scythe to Jiron* Wait till it's my turn to fight you, Jiron. I'm a better match.
Jiron: Indeed you are.

Jiron walks away on that note and Claudius joins up with the rest of the group.

X: I just realized something, guys. Next round, I go against Lei.
Lei: It seems that way. And Naith will fight Knosse if they both advance.
Knosse: W w what?! *looks at Naith* Oh not him.
Announcer: Next match is Ush vs Ira!
X: Ah, well at least we can relax. Though you're next, Claudius.
Claudius: I know. Oh well, I guess it won't hurt to take a quick nap.

Jiron has stunned everyone with his amazing skills yet again. Claudius' match is not too far away so don't miss it on Fighters Abroad!
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