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 Fighters Abroad

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   May 21st 2011, 5:49 pm

Chapter 101: Docking at Ivan Port

The ship is now headed for the port. Lance is keeping the helm steady. The rest of the group is in black cloaks. They are sitting at a table above deck.

X: We need a gameplan like last time.
Lei: We can't just rest easy in Ivan Port like we did at Neese Harbor.
Knosse: Unfortunately.
Lei: We do need to re-stock. No later than a day can we stay, however.
X: I can agree with that.
Knosse: So we'll find an inn for a night?
X: I don't like to waste time, but we have to make sure we're prepared for whatever is out there.
Lei: Not to mention we'll be infiltrating a maximum security prison. This won't be easy.
Knosse: What about the Myjuto Forces? They might be out there waiting for us.
X: That's why we're wearing cloaks. It won't be easy finding us.
Lei: Nonetheless, we have to be careful. They have one of us, so they'll be expecting us.
X: That's also true. I wonder how strong they expect us to be.
Lei: If Jiron is there, you can bet he'll know exactly how to counter us.
X: That's not likely.
Lei: Why's that?
X: Think back. Hiiro said that he was under the command of Jiron. They were also coming from the opposite direction. I think they're still in Neese.
Knosse: That's a good point. It's also a big relief. But what if someone stronger than Jiron is there?

X and Lei remain speechless.

Knosse: It is a possibility. He's not the top ranked officer.
X: ...I can't imagine what kind of hell awaits us if that holds true.
Lei: ...We've slowed down considerably. I think we're docking.

X walks up to the helm to look. Lei's suspicions are correct as they are getting near the port and about to drop anchor.

Lance: Just in time. You three need to throw the anchor overboard.
X: Got it.

X gets Lei and Knosse and they throw the anchor overboard as asked by Lance. They dock and completely stop at the port. Lance throws on a white cloak and takes off his hat. He is the only one of the four that is not hooded.

Lance: Well, this is it.
X: I hope we're all ready. It's going to get rough out there if the Myjuto have set up here.
Knosse: I'm ready. We'll do fine.
Lei: Of course I'm ready. We'll get Claudius back.
X: Remember who we are, everyone. We are Fighters Abroad. We can not lose if we're all working at it.
Lei: Right.
Lance: Let's go then, team.
X: Lead the way, Lance.

Lance puts down a plank leading to the dock. He leads the way by exiting the ship and the other three follow him in a line. As they hit the dock, the three of them disperse and stay behind Lance in no particular style. A couple dock managers come to greet them.

Dock Staff: Welcome, traveler.
Lance: Thank you. Make sure no one touches this ship. It might be there for a while.
Dock Staff: Ok...
Lance: By the way, is there an inn where we can stay?
Dock Staff: There is. On the right side of the town. It's a bit inwards.
Lance: Thank you. Have a nice day.

Lance and the group walk past the staff and go to the right side of town. Ivan Port looks very similar to Neese Port. Behind the port is a clearly seen mountain. The group heads into the town and looks around.

Knosse: I've noticed that a lot of these ports and harbors look the same.
Lance: They're made that way on purpose. Sailors are businessmen at sea. They like to have some familiarity with the area.
Lei: Every continent is allied with each other. At least it was until Drek got taken over by the Myjuto.
Lance: But even then, those who oppose the Myjuto are at peace with every continent.
X: Times of peace weren't always very peaceful anyway. There was always mercenary and assassin work to be done.
Lei: Kinda makes you wonder what peace really is in the world.

Soon after, they find the inn. They enter and find the inn owner.

Inn Owner: Welcome. Would you like to stay here?
Lance: Yes. Do you have four separate rooms?
Inn Owner: We only have two rooms that are big enough for two each.
Lance: Hmm...I guess that'll have to do.

Lance pays the owner for the rooms and the four of them go off to the side.

X: So who rooms with who?
Lei: A game of chance should decide.
Knosse: I got it.

Knosse puts a fist behind his back.

Knosse: Lance, pick a number. Either 1, 2 or 3.
Lance: 3.
X: 1.
Lei: 2.

Knosse reveals that his hand had three fingers held up.

Knosse: Looks like you room with me, Lance.
Lance: I guess that's cool.
X: I guess that makes me and you stuck together again, Lei.
Lei: Seems so. Oh well.
X: We'll be going to the cool room now. Don't bother us, losers.
Lei: *chuckles* Yeah.

X and Lei go upstairs. Knosse and Lance look at each other.

Knosse: Are we gonna take that from them?
Lance: Like hell we are. *smiles* Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Knosse: *smiles* Oh yeah.
Both: Prank time.

The four of them have made it to Ivan. They are now staying in an inn for the night and re-stocking. But it seems that Knosse and Lance have some plans for the night. How will it go? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   May 27th 2011, 8:59 am

Chapter 102: The Prank Battle

Knosse and Lance look at each other.

Knosse: Are we gonna take that from them?
Lance: Like hell we are. *smiles* Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Knosse: *smiles* Oh yeah.
Both: Prank time.

Knosse and Lance go upstairs as well. They have the very first door that lies ahead. Lance opens it and holds the door for Knosse as they both enter their room. Their room is relatively small. There is a bed against the left wall and one against the right. In the back, there is a small window with curtains. Lance puts his stuff on the left bed and Knosse naturally puts his on the other.

Knosse: We're going to get them good.
Lance: Yeah. This should be a lot of fun.

Meanwhile, over at X and Lei's room.

X: So I was thinking...why don't we have a little fun tonight?
Lei: Woah, X. I didn't know you swing that way.
X: No no, I mean like fun in terms of pranking.
Lei: Ohhhhh. You had me scared for a second there. Yeah, let's do that.
X: We'd better go get supplies.
Lei: They'll never know what hit them.
X: Well actually I think they'll have a pretty good idea what hit them.
Lei: Yeah, true.

X and Lei exit their rooms to see Lance standing outside his door which is the next door to the right.

Lance: Where are you two going?
X: We're going to have a look around town.
Lance: Have fun. While you're at it, do you mind looking for a good restaurant to eat at soon?
Lei: Will do.

Lei and X go downstairs. Lance goes back into his room. He opens the window and sits on the sill outside. Just below him is a 15 foot drop. Lance lights a cigarette and begins smoking as he talks to Knosse looking out.

Lance: The weather is quite nice here. I forgot how good it is.
Knosse: It's amazing.
Lance: It's been a couple years. Guess I have something to be grateful to Kroke for.
Knosse: Yeah.
Lance: Why don't we go look in town for some stuff?
Knosse: Sure.
Lance: Let's go.
Knosse: I love you too, hunny.
Lance: ...huh?

Lance turns around to see Knosse sound asleep.

Knosse: Take care of the kids while I'm gone.
Lance: Hah. I was having a conversation with a sleeping guy. Great.

About an hour later, X opens the door to their room. Knosse is still sleeping while Lance is sitting on his bed.

Knosse: You ready, partner James?
Lance: Let's take em' down, Smith.

X and Lei look thoroughly confused at the two of them. Not long after, Knosse wakes up.

Knosse: Oh, everyone's here. Hey, guys. I just had the craziest dream.
Lance: I'll bet you did.
X: So are we ready to go?
Lance: Yeah. Let's go, Knosse.

Knosse uncovers his sheets to show that he isn't completely dressed. The other three begin to walk out.

Lance: We'll wait for you.

As they walk out, Knosse walks with them, completely dressed. When they shut the door and look at him, the three of them just stare at him.

Knosse: What?

The group follows Lei to a bar and grill. They head inside and sit down at a table. A waitress goes up to them.

Waitress: What will you have?
Knosse: I'll have what you're having, how does that sound?
Lance: Real smooth. She'll be dumping water all over your head in 3...2...1...
Waitress: See me after dinner.
Lance: *drops a cigarette from his mouth* Or not...
X: I'll have a ramen.
Lei: Same thing.
Lance: I'll take a hamburger.
Knosse: The caviar with beef wellington.

The three others yet again stare at him.

Knosse: What?
Waitress: I'll have your stuff out soon.
Lei: Thank you.

Time passes and dinner ends. The group stands outside the bar. It is now dark outside.

X: I guess it's time we head back.
Lance: I'll meet you back there. I want to stay in town a little longer.
Knosse: Me too.
Lei: Alright. See you soon.

They split up into their groups. Following X and Lei, they go back to the inn. They go back into their rooms.

X: The time is approaching.
Lei: Yeah.

Later that night, the four of them are in their rooms. We can see a splitscreen like effect where we can see X and Lei's room on the left and Lance and Knosse's room on the right. Both rooms are lit very dim by a candle.

Lance: You ready?
Knosse: Yes. Let's do this.
X: The time has come, Lei.
Lei: Ok.

Lei and Knosse both exit their rooms and look at each other.

Lei: Hey.
Knosse: What's up?
Lei: I was about to come ask you if you and Lance wanted to take a walk or something.
Knosse: Lance is at the bathroom. I'll go with you, though.
Lei: Alright, let's go.

As the two of them walk away, we go back to the room splitscreen. X opens his window and climbs out, while Lance exits the room. The two of them are moving quietly towards each other's door. X by window sill and Lance by the floor. Lance gets to the door and picks it with a lockpick. X opens the window and goes in. Both of them stick two cream pies on the ceilings above both beds.

X and Lance: This should drop on them in a couple hours.

After setting up a few more things, Lance and X exit each other's rooms. Lance quickly runs back to his own room. He steps into the middle of the room to be caught by a rope trap. He is instantly flung upside down and hit his head as he sees that the rope was strategically tied to the doorframe.

Lance: Hmmm...there's only one guy with one way to do this...and I think I just screwed him over too.

Following X, he is moving slowly along the sill. He gets to his window and goes to lift it up with his left hand. He can't however and sees that the window is glued shut.

X: That bastard!

X takes out one of his daggers. He cuts along the line where it was glued and cuts through the glue. He loses his balance, however and falls off onto the dock. He writhes in pain.

X: My fucking back!

As Knosse and Lei walk through the streets, they walk towards an alley. All of the sudden, Lei pushes Knosse and a big metal open bottom prison like cage drops on him.

Knosse: Oh balls.
Lei: Gotcha.

Lei begins to run away from the alley when Knosse shoots up towards Lei's direction. He hears this and stops and looks at Knosse. Just then, another open bottom prison like cage drops on Lei.

Lei: What?! You too?!
Knosse: Yes indeed.
Lei: So I guess we're stuck here?
Knosse: ...Yeah.

Back to Lance, he has freed himself from the trap.

Lance: I should see if X is back in the room.

Lance exits the room and goes to the other room. He touches the doornob and gets electrocuted from it. He instantly falls back. In the room, we can see X snickering as he hears the sound of Lance's moaning. He is holding his back with his left arm still. On the doornob, there is an electrical device attached to it.

X: Serves you right, asshole.

Back to Lei and Knosse, they are still stuck in the cages.

Lei: So you guys too, huh?
Knosse: Yeah. Anyway, I think we need to get out of here.
Lei: Yeah.

Knosse opens his cage with a lockpick.

Lei: Where did you get that lockpick?
Knosse: I...don't know.
Lei: Open up mine.
Knosse: Sorry, but you should have planned ahead like me.

Knosse runs away.


At X's room, there is a slight knock on the door.

X: What is it?
Lance: We need to talk.
X: About time.

X quickly removes the electrical device with one of his daggers. He then opens up the door and steps outside. All of the sudden a couple metal tools and objects fall down and hit X on the head. X falls down and moans in pain.

Lance: Sorry, that was the last one.
X: Alright. It looks like we both got each other.
Lance: Yeah, but I think you got screwed over worse.
X: You're damn right I did.
Lance: Truce?
X: Alright, truce.

Knosse comes running along and sees the beat up Lance and beat up X.

Knosse: You guys look like shit.
X: We've called a truce.
Knosse: Aww. And I just left Lei in our trap, too.

A couple seconds later, Lei comes in.

Lei: I got you now!
Knosse: How the hell did you get out?
Lei: Well it's a long story.

[A couple minutes ago]

Lei is grabbing the bars of the cage in anger when a mysterious figure comes behind him ( http://www.digitalbusstop.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/Ras-al-Ghul.jpg ).

Lei: How did you get in here?
Ra's: Are you so desperate to fight criminals that you lock yourself away in a corner?
Lei: ...What?
Ra's: Wait, you're not Bruce.
Lei: No...can you get me out of here?
Ra's: I guess.

Ra's Al Ghul karate chops the lock on the door and it opens. They go out and Ra's goes into the shadows in the corner and disappears.

Lei: That...was really really weird.


Knosse: Isn't he from Batman?
Lei: I don't care at this point. Let's just call it a night.
Lance: Agreed.
Lei: Oh, one more thing.

Lei palm strikes Knosse on the chest which sends him into his door, crashing into it.

Lei: That's for leaving me there and making me experience that randomness.

The four of them go to their rooms and fall asleep quickly. Some time during the night, the four cream pies drop on their faces. The four of them can't help but laugh as they realize what they had done to each other and the fun (and pain) they had doing it.

Fighters Abroad has battled against itself to prank each other. While it seems that Lance and Knosse won in the sense of brutality, they all feel silly and beat up. The group is about to leave the port the next day, however. The adventure continues next on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   June 24th 2011, 3:02 pm

Chapter 103: The Ivan Adventure Begins!

The next morning all injuries that have been sustained during the previous day have healed (Somehow). Lance is seen sitting outside on the window sill. He is smoking. He peers inside the room to see Knosse still asleep.

Lance: I hope that ship will be alright while we're gone.

Just then, the neighboring window opens up and X appears and sits on his window sill.

X: Good morning.
Lance: Hey.
X: Is Knosse up? Oh, wait, dumb question.
Lance: Haha. No, he's not up.
X: We'll give him a little bit. We'll be leaving soon.
Lance: Right. So no hard feelings about last night?
X: None. And you know what, my back feels a lot better.
Lance: Yeah. I feel like last night never even happened.
X: Strange.

A bunch of noise is heard near the inn. Lance seems almost surprised.

X: What is it?
Lance: That voice. It can't be.
X: What?
Lance: Let's go.

Lance quickly goes back into the room and out the door. X meets him out there. Lance goes quickly down the steps and X follows. Meanwhile, Lei steps outside the room with a confused face. Knosse also steps out of the room, whilst rubbing his eyes.

Lei: What was the rush for?
Knosse: (drowsy demeanor) I dunno.

Outside the inn is a group of pirates. The leader is recognizable as Captain Hook himself.

Pirates: Captain. Will we be staying in the inn tonight?
Hook: No. We'll be leaving immediately.
Voice: James "Hook" Kairo.

Hook smiles as he recognizes the voice he hears. He turns around to see Lance (with X behind him). They both draw their cutlasses.

Lance: Two pirate destinies intertwined.
Hook: The fate of all others will perish.
Lance: Though we are few in number...
Hook: We are abundant in prowess.
Lance: Lance.
Hook: James.

The two of them clash blades.

Lance and Hook: 12th Generation Kairo Brothers! Together, nothing of the sea can defeat us!

After a second of pause, both brothers smile at each other as they retract their blades and sheath them.

Lance: It's been quite a while, James.
Hook: Too long for my taste. Are you the captain of that crew you were on yet?
Lance: As a matter of fact, I am. I see your crew is doing well. The rumors are true.
Hook: Naturally. Where is your crew?
Lance: I've temporarily left them for another voyage. Hey, X. Come over here.
X: *Approaches* Uh, hi.
Lance: This is X. A part of the group I'm currently in.
Hook: You look familiar.

At that moment, Knosse and Lei show up at the scene.

Lance: The other two in the group at the moment.
Hook: I see. So you've aligned yourself with the infamous Fighters Abroad.
Lance: That's right. We're a kickass team.
X: You got that right.
Lei: More pirates?
Knosse: Could you be...Hook Kairo?
Hook: That I am.
Knosse: This is so cool. Both main Kairo brothers right in front of me!
Lei: Pleased to meet you. I'm Lei. This is Knosse. He really likes your family, that's why he's a bit shy.
Hook: Well, anyone who's a friend of one Kairo is a friend to all of us.
Knosse: Wooh!
Lance: So what brings you to Ivan?
Hook: We're actually leaving Ivan.
Lance: Really? So soon?
Hook: Yes, it is quite urgent. I must speak with you privately for a few minutes.
Lance: Sure.

The two of them go aside privately.

Lance: What is it?
Hook: I've decided to ally myself with the Myjuto Forces.
Lance: You did what?!
Hook: Times have changed, brother. We have to side with the stronger people.
Lance: ...
Hook: I know you don't like this because you're in Fighters Abroad.
Lance: We're not common pirates, James. What would Father say if he saw you hanging with them?
Hook: ...He'd probably be disappointed. But we have to be on their good side if we want to survive.
Lance: I understand how you feel. I was faced with a similar situation. I picked Fighters Abroad though.
Hook: I fear for your survival.
Lance: Hey, it's me. You couldn't have forgotten the time that we single handedly took down four ships simultaneously.
Hook: No, I remember still. Those were some of the best times.
Lance: I hope you come to your senses soon, brother. I would hate to have to fight you.
Hook: Yeah.
Both: Because we both know I'd kick your hairy ass. Hahahaha!
Lance: Don't forget our track record. It's 54-40 in my favor.
Hook: Like hell it is! It's 44-43 in my favor.
Lance: You're delusional, bro.
Hook: You're one to talk.
Lance: Ok, whatever you say.
Hook: Alright. It's time that I go. Be careful out here in Ivan. It's rough.
Lance: Yeah. You watch your back in Myjuto. There's a man in the ranks that will undoubtedly turn on you if you're not careful. His name is Jiron.
Hook: Is he powerful?
Lance: I've never met the man, but I've heard too many stories. He's not one to take lightly.
Hook: Thanks for the advice. I'll keep that in mind.

The two of them join the rest of the two groups. They're all laughing.

Lei: So then I said "Knosse, where did you get that spear?"
Pirate: Ahaha!
Hook: We're leaving. Let's go.

Lance and the rest of the group walk Hook's crew to their ship. They say their goodbyes to the pirates until only Hook remains. He has his hand on Lance's shoulder and Lance is doing the same.

Lance: Farewell. Hopefully we'll meet again soon.
Hook: Yes. Oh, and by the way. I'd like you to join us soon. Next time we cross paths. Change sides.
Lance: We'll see.
Hook: Goodbye, Lance.
Lance: See you later, James.

The two brothers turn and walk away from each other. As the ship sets sail, the group walks back to the inn.

X: That was a cool greeting between the two of you.
Lance: We set it up ourselves. We do it now everytime we meet.
Knosse: You guys are the best.
Lei: What were the odds that you were going to meet here?
Lance: The thought hadn't crossed my mind. Although, I remember that he set off for Ivan last I saw him.

The group makes it back to the inn. After a bit of time, they pack their bags and head off for the same restaurant they ate at the day before. They sit at a table and begin to eat.

Lei: So looks like we're off after this, huh?
X: Yeah. Lance, where is our first stop?
Lance: The city of Kaiten is. The official city of Martial Arts.
Lei: Say what now?
Knosse: Awesome!
Lei: I'm liking this continent already.
Lance: I had the opportunity of traveling that way and they're good people.
X: Alright. It's settled. We can't avoid this city.
Lance: I must warn you. We'll be encountering a lot of mountains and forests. The walks won't be like the other two continents.
X: Should give us some good excercise, right?
Knosse: Maybe we should just stay in Kaiten hehe.
Lei: Don't be such a baby. We'll actually get some training in along the way.

After they eat lunch, they head out to the edge of the port. A large mountain is before them.

Knosse: Yeah, we're screwed.
Lance: Be on guard at all times. Mountain bandits are rampant in this continent.
Lei: They camp out and kill the tired travelers. Bastards.
X: Alright, team. Let's head out.
Lance, Knosse, Lei: Right.

The four of them step outside the port and begin walking towards the mountain. Lance begins to hear his younger brother's words in his head.

Hook: Oh, and by the way. I'd like you to join us soon. Next time we cross paths. Change sides.
Lance: Change sides? How could I? On the other hand, I don't want to kill James either. Father, what do I do?

Lance and his brother have crossed paths. But unfortunately, Hook is on the Myjuto's side. On another note, the group is about to cross a mountain to get to the city of Kaiten. There is more to come next on Fighters Abroad!
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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   July 15th 2011, 4:38 pm

Chapter 104: The City of Kaiten

We see a zoomed out picture of a big mountain. It is grassy with a bit of frost at the top. Along the mountain is a trail that wraps around. Zooming in on the mountain trail is Fighters Abroad moving along. They are in the middle of the mountain height wise. They are still traveling up. In front is Lance followed by Knosse, X and Lei in that order.

Knosse: How much longer till we reach the top of this trail?
Lance: It isn't much farther. Pretty soon we'll be going down.
X: Calm yourself, Knosse. Enjoy the view while you walk.

Knosse looks out at forests from a higher view and sees the port in the horizon.

Knosse: Wow. That is pretty awesome.
Lei: It's not every day you get to see that kind of view. At least from where we come from.
X: Very true. We don't get any mountains in Drek. Maybe one or two somewhere.
Lance: All three continents bring something different. It's nice.

The group reaches the apex of the trail. There is an opening in the mountain for travelers to sit.

Lance: Why don't we take a short break here?
Lei: Alright.
Knosse: Yes!

The four of them sit in the opening. It is a box shape opening that is smoothly done. The four of them sit on a side of the wall. X sits on the far wall (think a 3D open box. If the open part is the trail, then X is opposite side of that). Lance and Lei sit on the left wall and Knosse sits on the right.

Lei: X, how's the arm?
X: It's still pretty bad. I think it's getting slightly better though.
Lance: Don't push yourself too hard. The better rested you are the faster it will heal.
X: I know.
Knosse: Did you hear something? More travelers?

Footsteps are heard near. Five poorly kept men appear around the opening. They have rotten teeth, poor clothes, etc. They block the entrance. Lance begins to get up but Lei puts his hand on his shoulder to stop him.

Lance: Lei?
Lei: I'll take care of this. Leave it all to me.

Lei stands up as Lance sits down. He faces the five men.

Lei: Mountain bandits, huh?
Bandit 1: Tough guy eh? Give us all ya money and we won't hurt ya.
Lei: On the contrary, if you don't leave us alone, you'll regret it.
Bandit 2: Stupid kid thinks he can take us all at once. Let's show em'.

Lei places his left palm out in front and his right near his face. The bandits rush for him all at once. Lei quickly does a spin kick which connects with the first bandit on the right, knocking him down. He quickly gets back in position and blocks a punch from one of the middle bandits. He quickly palm strikes the one on the far left which knocks him away. The other three bandits try to grab Lei's arms but Lei falls back and lands on his hands. He then kicks outwards and takes out the one on the left and right by their legs. He quickly gets up. Just then, the last bandit pulls a longsword from under his clothes and slashes. Lei is caught off guard, but dodges it mostly except for getting a small cut on his cheek. Lei quickly palm strikes this bandit and then drop kicks him in the face. In kicking him, Lei pushes off and backflips, landing on his feet. The bandit goes flying out of the opening and falls off the mountain trail.

Knosse: Nice!
Lei: Thanks. Haha.

The rest of the bandits get up and run away clumsily. Lei wipes the side of his face with his sleeve. He sits back down next to Lance.

Lei: We should go soon.
Lance: Yes. We can rest again in Kaiten.

After a couple more minutes of sitting, they stand up and get back on the trail.

Lance: From here we'll be going downhill. This trail leads right into Kaiten.
X: Right. Let's go.

Thus, they head down the mountain. Along the way, they spot the city. From their perspective, it seems to be well built. As they reach the bottom of the trail, they are led into a small bit of forest to their left and right which the path cuts right through. Through the small forest area is a huge stone wall that opens up where the path ends. The group stops right before passing through the wall.

Lance: This is it.

The four of them pass through the wall and begin walking on very smooth cement like streets. They look around to see that the stone wall sits about 40 feet high and encompasses the entire city. The entire area has a very Japanese like feel to it. The buildings mainly look like this ( http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/c/c9/Kinkaku3402CBcropped.jpg/240px-Kinkaku3402CBcropped.jpg ). The buildings are well spread apart and the entire place seems organized almost. There is no one present, however.

Lei: I wonder where they all went.
Lance: They should be inside about this time. It is their traditional tea time.
Knosse: This place looks awesome.
Lei: We should walk around the city and look around.
X: Agreed.
Lance: Alright.

The four of them walk through the city, sight seeing. Eventually, a man comes out of his house as they pass by. He has this outfit ( http://www.e-budostore.com/images_hakama/hakama-m02-7743.jpg the pants are Hakama, so they do split apart and are not like a skirt). This man also has asian toned skin and medium length black hair. The group stops and looks at him.

Man: Travelers?
Lance: Yes. We have come to stay for a night.
Man: Hmmm...you. Lance?
Lance: ...Baki? Is that you?
Baki: It's been years. Good to see you. Come on in.
Lei: You know him?
Lance: He's a good guy. Let's go.

Baki opens up the door and lets them into his house. It is a traditional Japanese style flat room with sliding doors around. They sit down on the floor.

Lance: These are my friends.
X: My name is X. Thank you for inviting us in.
Knosse: I'm Knosse. What's happenin', man?
Lei: I am Lei. It is an honor.
Baki: Lei, huh? You look like one of us and yet you're a traveler as well?
Lei: I come from Drek. I was under Master Hirai of Honson.
Baki: Master Hirai, huh? Come with me.
Lance: Baki?
Baki: Master Toketsu would like to see you again, Lance.
Lance: Hah. Certainly. Hopefully I'll recognize him right away this time. They all look so similar in this damned town.
Baki: Hunny! I'll be back soon!
Lei: You have a wife?
Baki: Yes. She is washing up right now, so we don't want to disturb her.

Baki leads them out of his house. He then takes them through the streets where more people have begun to roam the streets. As they pass the group and Baki, they put their hands together and give a short head bow to them. Lei and Lance do the same back, while X and Knosse do not.

Lei: Bow your heads too, you two. It's respect in these kinds of places. Master Hirai taught me this.

Eventually Knosse and X do this too until they reach a larger building. Baki knocks on a double door and it opens quickly. They go in to see a large hall with pillars on the side and two flights of steps. Most everything is painted red. Between each pillar is a man with the same garb as Baki. They go up the two flights of steps. In front of them is a man sitting on a large seat. He is in the same type of garb and has short black hair. He has a handle bar mustache and a goatee that hangs off the chin a bit. He seems to be in his mid 50's. Baki and the group do their respect bow from before.

Baki: Master Toketsu.
Toketsu: Lance...it is you, isn't it?
Lance: It has been a while, Master Toketsu.
Toketsu: You are not with the same group. What happened?
Lance: Captain Kroke...is no longer living. I've temporarily left that crew.
Toketsu: And you've allied yourself with these men, huh?

Toketsu notices Lei and smiles.

Toketsu: And who might you be?
Baki: Sensei, he is Master Hirai's student.
Toketsu: Oh?

Toketsu's face lights up at these words.

Lei: Master Toketsu...you know of my master?
Toketsu: Hirai-Sensei was a good friend of my father, the last head sensei of Kaiten.
X: (Whispering to Knosse) So this place is run by the main master. Sounds a lot like the Revume.
Lei: This is most fortunate to have come across Kaiten, then.
Toketsu: Master Hirai...he sent me a letter recently. He told me about you. He says you are Yashamaru's son?

Lei's eyes widen in surprise as he looks at Toketsu.

Lei: You knew my father as well?!
Toketsu: Oh yes. He may have never told you, boy. Your father was born and raised here in Kaiten. He was my good friend.

Wow, it looks like a lot has been revealed in such short time. If what Toketsu is saying is the truth, then Lei has roots in Kaiten. It seems Hirai also studied here in this city. Stories will be told and more will be revealed next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 105: Yashamaru and Toketsu - The Troubled Martial Artists

About a half minute has passed with Lei's new discovery.

Lei: So my father was really born here, huh?
Toketsu: Yes. I would have you all sit and hear stories.
Lei: That would be incredible. You guys in?
Lance: Of course.
X: A chance to hear more about your background? I'm with Lance.
Knosse: Hell yes!
Toketsu: Very well. Come closer.

The group goes up the second flight of steps and sits on a large mat in front of Toketsu.

Toketsu: Your father was one of our best fighters alongside me.

[Kaiten - 20 Years Ago]

We are taken back into the throne room. Sitting on the mat are two men with the Kaiten garb. The one on the left (when facing them he would be on the right) is recognized as a younger Toketsu. His goatee is considerably smaller and does not hang off his chin. The one on the right has medium length black hair that goes down to his shoulders ( http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20110512172445/streetfighter/images/c/cc/Ken_V.jpg that style only black). He has the same asian toned skin. He has a particularly peaceful demeanor as he is easy on the eyes (Which are black). On the throne is a man with white short hair and a white goatee similar to the current Toketsu's. He is also wearing the traditional outfit.

Toketsu: (voice is younger) Father, we've come to report success. We've taken out the target.
Toketsu's Father: Good work. Yashamaru, I hope you kept my son in line.
Yashamaru: Yes, Fenn-Sensei. Hahaha.
Toketsu: Hey! I'm not as reckless as you say.
Fenn: You can not deny it, my son. You have no restraint in your fighting despite all that I taught you.
Toketsu: Rrrrrr....*grits teeth*

Yashamaru puts his hand on Toketsu's shoulder.

Yashamaru: Actually, he remained calm and collected the entire time, Master.
Fenn: Oh?
Yashamaru: If it weren't for him, the mission may not have gone so smoothly.
Fenn: *Sigh* I suppose I owe you an apology then, Toketsu. Forgive me. I'm proud of you.
Narrator Toketsu: My father was correct about me. I was very reckless back in the old days. Yashamaru had to often save my hide when we were in trouble.
X: That sounds all too familiar. Claudius...

Yashamaru and Toketsu leave the building and begin to roam the streets.

Toketsu: Thanks for covering for me. Again.
Yashamaru: That's what friends are for. Just please promise me you'll be more careful next time.
Toketsu: Yes, I will. How goes things with Yaira?
Yashamaru: Well. After our next date, that's it.
Toketsu: That's it? You mean you're going to leave her?
Yashamaru: No. I'm going to ask her to marry me.
Toketsu: Really now? Congratulations.
Yashamaru: Thank you.
Narrator Toketsu: It wasn't long after when he did ask your mother to marry him.
Lei: My mother...
Narrator Toketsu: Sometime after he got married, Yashamaru began to settle down instead of fight.

We skip over around two years. Yashamaru and Toketsu are sitting in a house on the floor. Both are drinking tea.

Toketsu: So what did you want to talk to me about?
Yashamaru: This is very important, Toketsu. It entails both good news and bad news.
Toketsu: What is it?
Yashamaru: Yaira...she's pregnant.
Toketsu: That's wonderful! What bad news could come out of that?
Yashamaru: I'm moving us to Drek.
Toketsu: What?! Why?!
Yashamaru: This place is dangerous. I can't run the risk of something bad happening.
Toketsu: I don't understand.
Yashamaru: My father died in battle here. I'm beginning to get old. I need to be there for my child.
Toketsu: I see...
Yashamaru: I'm sorry. Yaira does not want to leave either. It's for the best, however.
Toketsu: (With a saddened tone) No, you're right. I'll go talk to Yaira for you.
Yashamaru: Thank you.


Lei: My father moved to Honson to protect me...
Toketsu: The choice he made was the correct one. Although it did ensure one thing.
Lei: I think I understand. That's why my mother left, isn't it?
Toketsu: That is correct. When you were born, your mother felt regret for leaving Kaiten.
Lei: Does that mean she's here?

Toketsu shakes his head without a word.

Lei: What happened to her?
Toketsu: Many years ago, she was killed here in Kaiten. It was an unfortunate accident.
Lei: ...Serves her right. She abandoned me and my father.
Toketsu: You shouldn't hold so much contempt for her. But who am I kidding? I never liked her from the start. That's why I...
Lei: How can I not? I'm sure you understand my feelings.
Toketsu: I do.

[Kaiten - 15 Years Ago]

(Take note that this is being narrated through Toketsu's mind at the moment and is not being told) It is a rainy day. Inside of a house we see a women with long black hair on the floor lying in a pool of her own blood. Standing above her is a masked man with a knife in his hand. He quickly exits the house to be stopped by none other than Toketsu.

Murderer: What are you doing here?
Toketsu: Shouldn't it be obvious by now? I'm here to defeat you and send justice upon you.
Murderer: You snake! You're the one who hired me in the first place! I see now. No witnesses, nothing leading back to you. Clever.
Toketsu: Hahaha. You are observant. You see, I don't trust people. Especially not murderers.
Murderer: You are just as bad as me!
Toketsu: Maybe so.
Murderer: You wouldn't kill me. We signed a contract! What about your honor?
Toketsu: Well, my father always told me I get too reckless.

Toketsu quickly rushes for the murderer as the screen goes black and a scream is heard. Just an hour later, Toketsu and Fenn are standing over the dead body of the murderer with a couple other villagers.

Fenn: So this was the murderer of Yaira.
Toketsu: Yes. I saw him coming out of the house with a bloody knife. I was able to steal his knife away and kill him first with the Sekiha Hako.
Fenn: My son, that was quite reckless of you.
Toketsu: Yes, sir. I know. I'm sorry.
Fenn: It's quite alright. You saved the city from any more harm.
Toketsu: I knew you'd see it my way. Thank you, Father.


Lei: Master Toketsu? Are you OK?
Toketsu: *shakes head* Yes. I'm sorry, I was getting a bit nostalgic. There's no way I can tell him about that. Even if he resents Yaira.
Lei: It seems the two of you were very good friends.
Toketsu: Indeed we were. Yes, because of him and my father, I began to realize how blind I was. When my father died, I lost the urge to be reckless. All of the sudden I wanted to be a lot like him. Well, not completely but you get the point.
Lance: I never knew you to be reckless, Master Toketsu.
Toketsu: I've come a long way. Tell me, how fares your father, Lei?
Lei: He is living in a village near where we originally moved to.

[Honson - 1 Year After Orzu's Defeat]

In Honson, there is a house that is similar looking to that of Kaiten's structure. Inside are Lei and an older Yashamaru sitting across from each other meditating. Suddenly, flames begin to appear at the ceiling. Both open their eyes immediately and look up.

Lei: Oh no!
Yashamaru: Lei, grab everything important that you can and get out!
Lei: Right!

Both do this and Lei kicks down their door. The two of them rush out together to see Honson in flames. The two of them run outside of town quickly, dodging any kind of flames.

Lei: I gotta go check on Master Hirai. Go somewhere safe.
Yashamaru: I'll be here waiting. Come back safe.
Lei: I will.

Lei rushes through the town and sees Claudius and X fighting Jiron from the side.

Lei: I have to help.

Later, after the incident at an unknown time, Lei is seen returning to Yashamaru.

Lei: I'm back.
Yashamaru: I knew you would be. I've given it some thought and I'm going to Hawk Village which is close by. Are you coming?
Lei: No, I'm afraid not. I'm going on a journey with my two new friends to get even stronger.
Yashamaru: I see. Then I wish you well, my son. Come back to me stronger than I ever was.
Lei: I will. I'll eliminate the threat of the Myjuto Forces too! Just you wait.


Toketsu: Well, it's good to know he's alive and well.
Lei: Yes.
Toketsu: I have good news for you, my friend. You remember the letter sent to me by Master Hirai?
Lei: I do recall.
Toketsu: It said something else besides describing you.

We hear this part of the letter read in Hirai's voice. If Lei happens to come to Kaiten, I want you to teach him the Sekiha Hako. Yashamaru always wanted him to learn the technique but he was too young at the time. I'm counting on you, Toketsu.

Lei: The Sekiha Hako?
Toketsu: It is the secret technique created by Master Fenn, my father. It is a punch that not even armor can defend against. No, this punch is impenetrable by any means. To learn it, you must go through intense training and technique polishing. It will require you a week to learn it. Are you up for it?

Lei: I don't know...we can't linger around very long.
X: We'll stay. Don't worry about it, Lei.
Lei: X?
X: We have to proceed with caution. The Myjuto could attack us anywhere. This technique would greatly help you and our group essentially.
Lance: I have to agree with X.
Knosse: Well you know my answer, Lei.
Lei: Alright then. Master Toketsu, please teach me the ways of Kaiten and the Sekiha Hako.
Toketsu: *Smiles* Great.

Just then, a warrior bursts in.

Warrior: There's trouble, sir!
Toketsu: Is it them again?
Warrior: Yes. They're demanding our unconditional surrender again!
Toketsu: Let me meditate for a moment. For now, blockade their entrance!
Warrior: Yes, Sensei.

The warrior leaves and the group also leaves without saying much to go see what's going on.

Toketsu: Master Hirai...you ask so much of me.

Toketsu pulls out the letter sent by Master Hirai and reads the final part of it. Oh, and by the way about Yaira. You may not want to tell Lei about it, but you must tell Yashamaru. I know you only told me, but it's time you let it go. He deserves to know who was behind his ex-wife's murder. My regards, Hirai

Toketsu: Maybe he's right. I need to get all these secrets out of my system one way or another.

There is more to Toketsu than we thought. It seems he has a very dark side to him that he wants to let go of. We've learned a lot about Lei's background and birth. And now Lei is to learn Kaiten's secret technique, the Sekiha Hako. And there seems to be trouble outside. What is out there trying to capture Kaiten? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 106: The Measuring Bar of the Sekiha Hako

Outside in Kaiten there are a bunch of Kaiten warriors lined up at one of the openings leading outside the city. They are barricading the entrance. Following the group, they are moving their way towards the front. X is missing out of the group, however.

Lance: What could be going on?
Lei: Beats me.
Knosse: Hey, where's X at?
Voice: Up here.

The three of them look up to see X had climbed up onto a nearby building.

Lance: How the heck did you get up there in your condition?
X: I'm good like that.

X helps the rest of them up and they see over the people blocking. Standing in front of the warriors is none other than a fully armored Myjuto soldier.

Soldier: You will surrender now or we will use force.
Warrior: You will not enter our home. Not on our watch.
Soldier: Be prepared then. Soldiers!

The noise of weapons readying is heard.

X: So they're here trying to take over Kaiten too, huh?
Lei: Not if we have anything to say about it.
X: Wait. We can't just escalate war in this city.
Lei: We can't just sit here and let them take over.
Lance: Don't worry. If they attack, we'll be right with you to defend it. I understand how you feel.
Knosse: Your roots lie in this city right? Well then they're friends of us.
Lei: Thanks guys.

Soldier: Get ready.

The soldier points a spear at the warrior that was in front of him talking. He remains still, however.

Voice: Wait.

Just then, Toketsu walks near the entrance. Another man walks behind him. He is about 6'0 in height. He has medium length black hair (similar to Yashamaru's style). He has a headband on that covers the top of his head ( like this http://bestuff.com/images/images_of_stuff/210x600/genma-41350.jpg?1173603402 ). Unlike the others, he has light skin. He seems to be in his 20's.

Warrior: Master...
Toketsu: Let this man in and this man only.
Warrior: But Master...
Toketsu: I am going to negotiate. Let him in now.

The warrior steps aside and lets the one soldier through. He then barricades the entrance again. The soldier steps up to Toketsu.

Toketsu: Now then. Name your terms.
Soldier: You will submit under our authority unconditionally.
Toketsu: Where is your leader?
Soldier: We are under the orders of Officer Morio, ranked tenth in the Myjuto Forces.
Toketsu: Very well.

Toketsu takes a step back from the soldier and puts his hands together. He bows his head for a second and then puts his left fist out in front.

Soldier: Oh, you want to fight, old man?
Toketsu: That would be the idea.

Suddenly, the man from behind Toketsu steps up next to him.

Man: Let me take him.
Toketsu: Oh, Tokumo. Can't you let an old man have some fun?
Tokumo: Alright fine.

As Tokumo steps back, Toketsu brings his hands out in front of him. He slowly rises them up as he brings his left leg up slowly. All of the sudden, he stomps down and pushes his hands downwards. He closes his eyes as he brings his hands up.

Soldier: Enough fooling around!

The soldier charges for Toketsu. He opens his eyes and brings his right hand back. He side steps an incoming stab and lunges his hand forward into the soldier's armored chest. Nothing happens for a full second, but afterwards the soldier blows back into the stone wall. He hits the ground hard. Fighters Abroad is stunned.

Knosse: Woah! What the hell was that?
Lei: Was that the Sekiha Hako?
X: Looks like it. Holy shit. It's almost like his punch bypassed the armor.
Lance: Incredible.

The soldier is slow to get up.

Toketsu: Tell this Morio that this city will never fall to the likes of you while I'm around. On my honor.
Soldier: You'll regret this!

The soldier uses the wall as support as he slowly walks to the entrance.

Toketsu: Let him go. He's not worth it.

The warriors get out of his way as he goes through the gate.

Soldier: We retreat and await more orders from Officer Morio!

From the group's perspective, they see a soldier helping the other walk away and hear footsteps marching away. In due time, the marching fades away. A few minutes later, Toketsu and Tokumo are seen walking back deeper into the city. The group follows them and eventually walks with them.

Lei: So the Myjuto Forces are trying to take over this city?
Toketsu: Yes. They've been trying for months now. Every time they've failed.
Lance: How aggressive have they been?
Toketsu: This is the least aggressive I've seen them in while. Usually they attack.
Knosse: But that move you did. Was that the Sicky ha move?
Toketsu: The Sekiha Hako, yes. In time, Lei, you'll learn this too.
Tokumo: Master...
Toketsu: Yes, I know. You guys, come with me.

Toketsu and Tokumo lead the group to a large dojo which is currently empty. This looks somewhat like Lei's dojo looked like.

Toketsu: It's time for you to test your skills, Lei. We'll see where you're at.
Lei: Will I be fighting you, Master Toketsu?
Toketsu: Hardly. Tokumo...
Tokumo: I understand.
X: You're having your lackey fight Lei?
Toketsu: That "lackey" happens to be my son and the Head Sensei in training.
X: Sorry...

Lei and Tokumo square off in the middle of the dojo. Tokumo assumes the same fighting position as Toketsu did earlier. Lei takes his normal position.

Tokumo: You may come at me whenever you're ready.
Lei: Alright. You asked for it.

Lei moves slowly towards Tokumo. As he gets closer, he begins to become slightly jittery as Tokumo remains completely still. Finally, Lei punches forth. Tokumo bursts out of his still state and grabs Lei's arm. Lei flips over Tokumo and pulls. Tokumo back kicks the back of Lei's left leg and then throws him over his shoulder. Lei sweep kicks his way up. Tokumo backflips out of range to avoid it. Tokumo begins to take small steps towards Lei in his fighting stance. Tokumo punches for Lei. Lei blocks, but Tokumo's fist falls short. He opens up his hand and spin kicks. Lei blocks high to block the kick. He then palm strikes his leg away and palm strikes Tokumo in the chest which sends him sliding back a bit.

X: He's good.
Lance: Yes. He's keeping up with Lei quite well for now.

Lei charges and prepares to attack. Just before he reaches Tokumo, he back flip kicks. Tokumo leans back a bit to barely avoid it. As Lei lands, Tokumo suddenly charges with great speed and palm strikes Lei in the chest which sends him sliding back. Lei regains his footing and takes a battle stance. Tokumo charges again with impressive speed and punches. Lei grabs the fist with his hand. Tokumo quickly puts out two fingers with his other hand and strikes Lei's arm (the one that has Tokumo's fist grabbed) in four different places and then retreats by jumping back a bit. Lei charges and goes to punch but he recoils his hand in pain.

Lei: What on earth?
Tokumo: Your left arm is now useless.

X: What the heck happened?
Toketsu: Tokumo attacked four key pressure points in Lei's arm with his two fingers.
Lance: He can do that? Those attacks were so fast. How could he have pinpointed them?
Toketsu: You see, my son is a fighting prodigy. I trained the boy, but not even I can defeat him.

Lei: Fine. If I can't use my left arm, then I'll use everything else to win.
Tokumo: That's the spirit.

Lei begins to spin kick like a tornado. When he reaches Tokumo, he suddenly breaks it to punch with his right arm. Tokumo blocks it. Just then, Lei lunges forth a fast punch from his left arm. Tokumo dodges it and karate chops Lei in the side of the face and then spin kicks him in the side which sends him to the floor.

Tokumo: Don't think for a second that I counted out that arm of yours just because you couldn't make a complete punch with it.
Lei: Damn. He saw right through it. I wanted to make him think I couldn't punch but truth is I can only do a short punch with it.
Tokumo: Ready to continue?
Lei: Yeah.

Lei stands up and readies himself.

Lei: You're good. Really good.
Tokumo: You're not bad, but your form is unrefined.
Lei: I'll show you unrefined.

Lei charges for Tokumo. Tokumo takes a defensive stance. When they meet, Lei begins to rapidly palm strike with his right arm. Tokumo blocks each one and gives Lei a hard punch in the gut. Just then, Lei gives Tokumo a hard uppercut to his jaw. Tokumo flips back from it and lands on his feet. Lei quickly rushes to the stunned Tokumo and palm strikes him in the chest. Tokumo gets hit but grabs his arm and twists it. He then elbows Lei in the cheek and then knees him in the stomach. Tokumo then palm strikes Lei in the chest twice quickly and then one hard punch to the stomach which sends Lei to the floor again.

Tokumo: That's game.
Lei: Agh. I can still fight.
Tokumo: You lack the necessary limbs to do so. Go heal.
Toketsu: That's enough. Tokumo, well done.
Tokumo: Thank you, Father. With your permission, I'll take my leave.
Toketsu: Yes. You may go.

Tokumo extends his hand and helps Lei up. They both bow in respect and Tokumo promptly leaves afterwards.

X: Woah. You weren't kidding, man.
Knosse: That guy was awesome.
Lei: You taught him well, Master Toketsu. What did he mean by unrefined?
Toketsu: You will learn in time. For now, get some rest. You'll need it since your training starts tomorrow.

So the Myjuto Forces are attacking Kaiten too. They've held their ground well, however. We also have seen the Sekiha Hako in practice and have seen the fighting prodigy, Tokumo. It seems Lei has rigorous training to become "more refined" as a martial artist. What training awaits Lei? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 107: The Training Begins - A New Routine

The next day, Lei awakens in a sleeping bag type of bedding that is on a wooden floor. He gets up and gets ready. When he exits the room, Tokumo is seen walking towards a flight of steps that go down. He turns around.

Tokumo: Good morning.
Lei: Morning.
Tokumo: Did you sleep well?
Lei: Yeah, thanks.
Tokumo: I know it wasn't much to offer, but that's all we could spare at the moment.
Lei: It was fine. I'm grateful for the hospitality.
Tokumo: Come, breakfast awaits.

Lei follows Tokumo down the steps and into a large room with a large table. There sits Toketsu and a women with light skin and long black hair. She is wearing a grey robe.

Lei: I see. So that's why Tokumo doesn't have the same skin type as his father.

Tokumo sits next to Toketsu and Lei sits next to him. Spread out on the table is white rice and noodles.

Toketsu: Good morning.
Lei: Good morning, Master. And to you, ma'am.
Toketsu: Let me introduce my wife. Her name is Hana (Pronounce Honna).
Hana: I never got the chance to welcome you to our home. You look a lot like your father.
Lei: Thank you. It is an honor to have him as a father.
Toketsu: It's hard to believe you're all grown up already. I still remember when Yaira was pregnant with you.
Lei: Well I'm only 17. Actually, I'll be 18 in a couple of days.
Hana: Tokumo, will you be seeing her again today?
Tokumo: Yes. I promise I will not shirk my duties, however.
Lei: You have a girlfriend, Tokumo?
Tokumo: Indeed.
Toketsu: Tokumo is usually lusted after by the women of this city. It's a good thing you didn't inherent all my looks.

Tokumo facepalms in slight embarrassment.

Lei: Hahaha wow.
Hana: You know he's just kidding, Tokumo.
Toketsu: Indeed. But my son will have much more support as Head Sensei than I will ever have.
Tokumo: You shouldn't say that.
Toketsu: I say this because you are genuinely strong, son. No one else can do the Sekiha style.
Lei: Sekiha style? Are you saying there's a whole style based on that attack?
Toketsu: Yes, developed by Tokumo himself.
Tokumo: It uses the energy of the Sekiha Hako and channels it into every punch and kick I pull off.
Lei: Holy...I'm glad you didn't use that against me.
Toketsu: I've tried to learn it myself, but it's impossible.
Lei: Is he really that good? How is it even possible for him to be that strong?

Just then, Jiron's figure flashes in Lei's mind.

Lei: OK, maybe it's not that unbelievable when thinking about that guy.
Toketsu: Come, let's eat the food that Hana has prepared for us.

After breakfast, Toketsu, Tokumo and Lei go outside.

Toketsu: Are you ready for your training, Lei?
Lei: Definitely.
Toketsu: Then I want you to run around the interior of this city once. Start here and end here. When you're finished, come to my dojo.
Lei: Yes, Sensei.

Lei begins to jog forward along the wall of the city. Tokumo starts to chuckle.

Tokumo: Nice, dad.
Toketsu: I have to start him off somewhere I guess.

Just then about five young women walk by Tokumo and Toketsu. They all wave at Tokumo.

Women: (Together) Hey, Tokumo!
Tokumo: What's up, ladies?

The women snicker out of excitement and eventually pass by. Toketsu laughs.

Toketsu: I'm actually sort of jealous. That never happened to me when I was your age.
Tokumo: That's because you don't have the style.
Toketsu: What did you just say?
Tokumo: ...Sorry, Master.
Toketsu: That's right. I won't have you as cocky as I used to be. Hell no.
Tokumo: I'll be more careful. I have to go now. See you at the dojo.
Toketsu: Yes.

In a bit of time, Toketsu reaches his dojo and enters. There are people sparring in the middle. Toketsu looks to his left to see X sitting there indian style.

Toketsu: Oh, you're with Lei's group, right?
X: Yes, Master Toketsu. I, too, was a student of Master Hirai for a year.
Toketsu: Is that right? Well then you're welcome here any time.
X: I'm just here to observe the way of Kaiten's martial arts.
Toketsu: Very good. I hope the house you're staying at is good.
X: Yes. The family is very warm and hospitable.
Toketsu: Good. Have you seen the others?
X: Not yet.

Outside, we see Lance and Knosse following Baki around the city. He is giving them a tour.

Baki: So here is our market.
Lance: It's very organized.
Knosse: I'm hungry.
Baki: Did you eat breakfast at the house you're staying at?
Knosse: Yeah, but I'm hungry again.
Baki: How about you, Lance?
Lance: I had enough. Your wife cooks very well.
Baki: Heh yeah. I'm spoiled for her cooking.
Knosse: Alright, well I'm going to get something at the market. You guys go on ahead.
Lance: Do you need money?
Knosse: Me, need money? Please, Lance! I still have a fortune from Neese Harbor.
Lance: Ah, I forgot. I wasn't in Fighters Abroad just yet.

Knosse walks towards the market. Baki and Lance begin to walk further into the city.

Baki: Sorry we couldn't hold more. We could only hold one person and my wife is familiar with you.
Lance: Don't worry about it. That was the same thing with every host. We're all staying in separate places.
Baki: Really?
Lance: Yes. I met Knosse's host family and they're very nice. Same with X's. Lei is staying with Master Toketsu.
Baki: Is it weird?
Lance: Not really. We all stayed in our separate apartments in Zetsu.
Baki: Zetsu, you say? Big news just hit around the area about it.
Lance: I'm curious.
Baki: Apparently the king of Zetsu was overthrown and put in prison. Word is the king barely survived the attack.
Lance: What?!

Lance stops immediately and so does Baki.

Lance: That's impossible. He was dead. I checked his pulse!

Lance grits his teeth and clenches his fist.

Baki: Are you saying that you were involved in that?
Lance: That bastard...he's still alive?! Vex, forgive me! I did not finish the job I set out to do!

Lance reaches behind him and grasps Vex's sword.

Baki: What happened out there, exactly?

Lance takes a deep breath and then calms down.

Lance: Let's keep walking. I'll tell you all about it.

Some time passes and Lei is seen entering the dojo. He is panting heavily and is sweating.

Toketsu: Well, it looks like you finished the first assignment.
Lei: *pant* Yeah.
Toketsu: Grab some water and then we'll start your actual training.

Lei looks to his left to see a pitcher of water and many cups. He pours water into a cup and drinks it. Afterwards he stands next to Toketsu.

Toketsu: Alright. The first thing required is balance. Balance of mind and body. I had you run for a while for two reasons. The first was for conditioning. The second was because you won't always be at full strength when you need to use the Sekiha Hako.
Lei: I see. So I must be prepared to perform the Sekiha Hako in poor condition.
Toketsu: Exactly. Hmm, I wonder where your friend went.
Lei: Who?
Toketsu: That X fellow was here earlier, but he slipped out when I wasn't looking it seems.
Lei: That's just how X is. I've gotten used to it.

Toketsu takes a stance with his feet evenly spread apart and his arms at his side. He takes a deep breath with his eyes closed.

Toketsu: First, you must take balance with your body. I'm sure you know how to do this.
Lei: Yes.

Lei mimics the stance that Toketsu does and takes a deep breath. Toketsu looks and then closes his eyes again.

Toketsu: Good. Master Hirai taught you well. The second part is the tough part.
Lei: Balanced mind, huh?
Toketsu: In your fight with Tokumo, I could see that your thoughts were all over the place.
Lei: I don't understand.
Toketsu: You can tell in the way people fight where their thoughts are. Tokumo saw it too.
Lei: He did? Is that what made him read me so well?
Toketsu: No, but it told him that you are unrefined as a martial artist.
Lei: So that's what he meant.
Toketsu: Yes. When you become balanced in the mind, your moves will become more refined naturally.
Lei: How do I accomplish this?
Toketsu: I will teach you, but it will require patience. Are you ready?
Lei: Yes.

The screen fades to black. Later that night, Lei is seen walking along the streets when he sees Lance leaning against Baki's house with a cigarette in his mouth.

Lei: Lance...
Lance: Hey. How's the training going?
Lei: Good. But it's rough.
Lance: I can see that. I heard some disturbing news today.
Lei: What is it?
Lance: Julius is alive. He somehow survived our fight.
Lei: He did? Damn.
Lance: It's a shame. I would have finished him off right then and there if I had known.
Lei: Where is he now?
Lance: He's in prison. I hope they don't execute him any time soon. Next time I head there, I want to do it myself.
Lei: Alright, well I have to get going. I don't want to worry Master Toketsu.
Lance: OK. Tell him I said hi.

Lei walks away slowly after that. When he reaches the house, Tokumo is outside sitting against it.

Tokumo: You're back.
Lei: Yeah. What are you doing out here?
Tokumo: Just been thinking. I'm sure you know how much rides on me in this city.
Lei: I have an idea.
Tokumo: It's not just the sensei part. Being the strongest in the city makes everyone rely on me.
Lei: I'm sure.
Tokumo: In battles we've had, they have looked to me to stop everything. Like some super hero.
Lei: At least you have support, though.
Tokumo: It's almost like they expect me to be perfect. The ladies especially look to me for that.
Lei: You need to find strong people you can trust then. That will take a lot of the load off.
Tokumo: This is true. Not everyone knows about my Sekiha style, you know. If they did, well you know.
Lei: Yeah. Well, I'd better be going to bed. Good night.
Tokumo: Sleep well. I'll see you in the morning.

The training has started for Lei and the rest of the group is now getting into a new routine. Word has finally spread to Lance about Julius' survival. This disheartens and angers him. What is next to come in this chain of events? More is to come on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 108: Assault on Kaiten! Protect the City

One week has gone by. We focus in on Tokumo, who is in Toketsu’s dojo. He is facing off against four Kaiten warriors. Three men and one woman (who is at the top left). They have him surrounded in a box like formation.

Tokumo: Here is the lesson of the day. Teamwork. You have me boxed in, but do you have the team skills necessary to take me down? Begin.

As soon as Tokumo says “begin”, the man on the top right rushes in and goes for a palm strike. Tokumo easily grabs his hand and palm strikes him away. The other two men quickly follow up and try to punch Tokumo from behind. Tokumo moves his right arm behind him and blocks both punches. He then back kicks the one on the left in the shin and then the right. They both drop to their knees. Tokumo then does a 360 rotation spin while using his hand to chop both of them on the sides of their faces. He turns to the woman who is guarding.

Tokumo: Why do you not attack?
Woman: My team mates are down. There’s no way I can win.
Tokumo: Well said. There was no real opening for you and you recognized that.
Woman: Yes.
Tokumo: It seems you’re the best fighter of the four of you.
Man 1: What?! You haven’t even seen her fight!
Tokumo: What should I care? At this point you’re all weak. But this girl has a good head on her shoulders. You must work as a team!
Man 2: We did!
Tokumo: Yeah, right. The first one. You may have tried to act like you were creating an opening but you weren’t. Your eyes didn’t even consult with your team. In fact, none of you did.
Woman: We were too focused on you…
Tokumo: Normally that is a good thing, but you can’t take your eyes off your team. Not for a second. At the same time, you must focus on your enemy.

Just then, the two men from behind grab his legs. Tokumo is not phased by this. Suddenly, the woman rushes forward and goes for a palm strike.

Tokumo: Good.

Tokumo blocks the strike and kicks with his left foot. The man grabbing that leg goes flying off towards the remaining man, which he dodges. The woman begins to rapidly punch. Tokumo is able to evade each one and then sweeps with his right leg. The man attached trips the woman onto himself which makes him detach from Tokumo. Tokumo then does a back flip to create distance.

Tokumo: That was much better. You there. You gonna attack again?
Man 1: No. You’re way too good for me to fight alone.
Tokumo: And thus ends today’s lesson. You four will be squad members from now on. Practice teamwork. Dismissed!

A minute later, Lei enters the dojo.

Tokumo: Hello, Lei. Here for today’s training?
Lei: Yeah. Where is Master Toketsu?
Tokumo: I gave him the day off. You’ll be training with me today.
Lei: Decided to give me the harder trainer today, huh?
Tokumo: Well, do you want to get even better or not?
Lei: I guess you’re right.

All of a sudden, the area rumbles a bit as an outside noise is heard.

Lei: What was that?!
Tokumo: They’re back again. Damn!
Lei: What do you want me to do?
Tokumo: Report to the gate and wait for orders.
Lei: Where are you going?
Tokumo: I’m going to get my father and protect him.

Tokumo quickly runs out of the dojo and Lei follows suit. We switch over to Lance and Knosse who are running through the streets.

Knosse: Where are we going?
Lance: We have to get X.
Knosse: He’s in no condition to fight.
Lance: I know. That’s why he needs to be near us. I don’t trust random warriors to protect him.
Knosse: Makes sense.

They go to a house and Lance knocks on the door. When the door opens, a young girl with long black hair stands there.

Lance: Hi, there. Is our friend available?
Girl: I’m afraid not. Come inside and see.

Lance and Knosse go inside and they are led to a room where X is sleeping in a typical floor mat and pillow.

Girl: Just a couple minutes ago, he just blacked out while standing up.
Lance: He blacked out?
Girl: This isn’t the first time either. He’s fainted every day since he’s been here.
Knosse: What?
Lance: What on earth is going on with you, X? This is just like that time on the ship. What is causing him to faint so much? Is it his arm?
Knosse: What are we going to do, Lance?
Lance: There isn’t anything we can do for him. C’mon, let’s go fight.
Knosse: Now you’re talking!
Lance: I’m sorry, but could you keep an eye on him? I’d advise staying inside since I think there’s more trouble.
Girl: Yes. I will.
Lance: Thanks. C’mon, Knosse.
Knosse: Right.

Over by the gate, we see that a large portion of the wall has been shattered from a catapult. Past the gate are hoards of Myjuto soldiers. They are all stopped with their spears forward. On the other side are many Kaiten warriors. In the back is Lei. Not long after, he is joined by Tokumo and Toketsu.

Toketsu: I can’t believe they finally breached us.
Tokumo: Stay strong, father. I won’t let them win.
Toketsu: I know you won’t.

Suddenly, a soldier pushes through the rest of the Myjuto soldiers. This one has a different appearance. He has thicker armor and his helm is very detailed as if to signify a leader. He steps on a large piece of rock that was broken from the wall. This man begins to speak with a deep voice.

Soldier: Listen, Kaiten. I am Morio, ranked tenth in the Myjuto Forces. You will surrender now or we will overrun you and destroy you!

Near the warriors is the rock which penetrated the wall. Tokumo quickly jumps on the boulder and speaks to Morio.

Tokumo: You finally show your face. It’s about time we spoke to the one behind all these attacks. And now I say to you. As the next in line to become the Head Sensei, I will not let you take this city! You will surrender.

The Kaiten warriors begin to murmur among themselves, the majority saying “It’s Master Tokumo! We can’t lose!”

Morio: Don’t be foolish. You can not defeat us! You are outnumbered.
Tokumo: You are outmatched.
Morio: That remains to be seen.
Tokumo: Then attack. While I’m standing, there is no way you can win.
Morio: I see. Then you’re the famous guy who held off twenty of my soldiers by himself without any trouble.
Tokumo: I counted thirty.
Morio: Why you…
Tokumo: Warriors, you have pledged yourself to Kaiten. Don’t let those pledges be in vain. Attack now!
Morio: What?!

Suddenly, the front line of warriors rushes forward and attacks the soldiers. Tokumo jumps back and goes over to Lei.

Tokumo: Lei, I’m counting on you to protect my father.
Lei: Alright.
Toketsu: What are you doing, Tokumo?
Tokumo: I’m going to show these monsters what happens when you mess with our city.

Without another word, Tokumo rushes for the front lines.

Lei: What are your orders, Master?
Toketsu: We will help as well. I’m not so old I can’t fight.
Lei: Very well. Let’s go.

Just then, another chunk of the wall busts open as the rubble flies right for the warriors. Many of them are crushed by the huge chunks of rock and the catapult boulder. Now that the opening is made even wider, more soldiers burst in and begin to fight on the front lines.

Lei: This isn’t looking good.
Toketsu: I agree. Don’t die on me, Tokumo.

Looking over at Tokumo, he is in the front lines. A soldier lunges his spear at him, but he blocks it by hitting it by the hilt. He then palm strikes the soldier and he is sent flying and knocking into many soldiers. He punches another soldier to the left and it has the same effect. He then double palm strikes two soldiers which makes a bunch of them pile up once they are sent flying into many more.

Back towards Lei and Toketsu, soldiers begin to rush towards them. Lei evades an incoming spear lunge. He punches the soldier in the wrist which disarms him of his spear. Lei lunges the spear into the soldier and then kicks him away. He twirls his new lance and awaits another soldier.

Meanwhile, Knosse and Lance are jogging through the streets again.

Knosse: Sounds like things are heating up real bad.
Lance: I know. We have to conserve our energy for this, though. This could be a long fight.
Knosse: Yeah. I just hope we’re not too late to help out.

The Myjuto Forces have attacked again. This time, they’ve breached the wall and are attacking full force. Tokumo’s sekiha style is doing a number on the enemies, but they still are great in number with bloodlust. Morio presses on his attack next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 109: Assault on Kaiten! Lei's Resolve

The sky begins to darken. Twilight approaches. The battle rages on as the Kaiten warriors begin to diminish in number in comparison to the Myjuto. Tokumo has fallen back and now shouts orders to the remaining warriors. Lei is in the middle of the action with Toketsu right behind him.

Toketsu: Lei, fall back. I'll take over!
Lei: I got this! Don't worry!

Just then he pierces a soldier with the stolen spear he had. Another soldier comes up and tries to whack him on the head like a staff. Lei blocks it with the spear and struggles to push him back. Just then, Lei is pushed out of the way as Knosse is seen stabbing the soldier in the neck with his knife.

Lei: That was cool and all, but did you have to push me?
Knosse: No, I just felt like it.
Lei: Where's Lance?
Knosse: He's fighting elsewhere. Don't worry about him.
Lei: Alright.
Knosse: Is that the leader? *points*

Coming closer to Lei and Knosse is Morio. He has a longsword drawn.

Knosse: Oh...shit.
Lei: Morio. Knosse, we have to take him out.
Knosse: Right. Let's take him together.
Morio: You two...you think you can take me on?
Knosse: You have no idea who you're fucking with.
Morio: I know full well, Fighters Abroad.
Knosse: ...Touché.
Lei: How do you know who we are?
Morio: You think you were safe inside these walls? We have spies in this city, you know.
Lei: What?!
Toketsu: Impossible!
Morio: Nothing impossible about it, old man.
Toketsu: Stand back, you two. This is my fight.
Lei: It's ours as well. Let us assist you.
Morio: Time to die!
Knosse: Shit! Here he comes!

Morio rushes for the three of them. Knosse immediately begins shooting at Morio, but the bullets bounce right off his thick armor.

Knosse: Damn!

Morio swings his sword at them. Knosse dodge rolls to his right, Lei rolls to the left and Toketsu jumps back a bit. Morio swings his sword at Lei, but it is blocked from the spear. Lei goes to jab with the spear, but the tip breaks on the armor. Morio then swings his sword again and splits the spear in half. Suddenly, Knosse grabs Morio from behind and holds his arms around Morio's neck.

Knosse: Now! Use the sicky ha...

Just then, Morio punches back with his fist and smashes Knosse in the face. Knosse seems dazed.

Knosse: Hey, who took my nose? Hehe.

Knosse falls back and lies on the ground, still dazed.

Knosse: Don't worry. He may be able to take my nose, but he'll never be able to take away my humor.

Morio steps on Knosse crotch with his steel boots.

Morio: Now...for...

Suddenly, Toketsu is seen lunging at him with a palm strike. Morio dodges it and cuts across Toketsu's back with his sword. Toketsu falls down face first.

Lei: Damn! He almost got him too. Just a bit longer and it would have worked.
Morio: Did you think that would work? I know that move and what it can do.
Lei: ...You're well informed, aren't you?
Morio: Now you're the only one left. How do you expect to beat me like that?
Lei: I've got no choice. I have to avoid him until I see some kind of opening.

Morio begins to swing rapidly at Lei. He is able to dodge fairly easy. Finally, Morio oversteps one slash and Lei gets behind Morio. He grabs him by the waist and does a supplex on Morio. Morio gets smashed down on his helmet. He recovers quickly and gets on his feet.

Morio: Good move, but I barely felt it.
Lei: This is just the beginning.

Morio begins his offensive assault again. This time, Morio punches with his offhand and uppercuts Lei. He is sent to the ground, but gets up quickly and readies himself. Morio quickly grabs Lei and headbutts him. He then punches Lei in the stomach twice and throws him away, landing behind Knosse.

Knosse: No...Lei. You gotta beat this bastard.
Morio: I've had just enough of your mouth.

Knosse stands up and reaches into his satchel.

Knosse: Take this, you whitewashing son of a bitch!

Knosse throws down a bomb at Morio's feet. When the smoke clears, the armor is merely scratched up. Morio quickly slashes horizontally at Knosse and cuts him across the stomach. Knosse hunches over in pain.

Morio: And now for you to die!

Morio lunges his sword forward and a splatter of blood is seen in the air.

Morio: ...So...you will die instead.

In front of Knosse is Lei with Morio's sword lunged into the side of his front torso. Lei's head is down. Knosse looks up and sees Lei.

Knosse: Lei...no!
Morio: Tell me. Why would you sacrifice yourself for another?
Lei: It's...not something you'd understand.

Lei lifts his head up to show him bleeding at the mouth and with blood on his forehead.

Lei: My friends, my honor, my father and my master...are worth sacrificing for. THEY'RE EVERYTHING TO ME! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNGVbm0nzUI )

Lei grabs the sword with his left hand. He grips it tightly.

Morio: What are you doing?!
Lei: I'm ending this fight in one hit!
Morio: No!

With his right hand, Lei brings it up and then pushes it down as he stomps once on the ground. Morio tries to pull away but can't. He punches Lei in the face twice with his left hand, but Lei keeps his grip. ( Skip here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lNGVbm0nzUI&feature=player_detailpage#t=147s )


Lei thrusts forth his hand in a punch and connects with the stomach of Morio.

Morio: NOOO!

Morio is instantly blown back about fifteen yards and that part of the armor cracks. Morio hits the ground hard and is slow to get up. Toketsu looks up at Lei and Knosse holds Lei as he falls back into his arms. *Theme stops*

Toketsu: He...did it. The Sekiha Hako...
Knosse: Lei...
Lei: It's alright, Knosse. I can stand.

Lei stands back up straight while having Knosse as support. Morio stands up as well, but he is very shaky in his walk.

Morio: No...I will not be defeated!
Voice: Nice job, Lei. I'll take over from here!

Lei and Knosse look over to see Lance step in front of both of them.

Lei: Lance...
Lance: Sit tight, Lei. I'll finish this guy.
Morio: Grrrrr....
Lance: I've put this off far too long. It's time I finally use it.

Lance reaches behind him and pulls out Vex's sword.

Lance: My cutlass won't cut your armor, but this should do the trick just fine.

Lance charges at Morio. He is unable to charge back and thus limps.

Morio: No!

Lance cuts with Vex's sword in a diagonal manner. It cuts right through the armor and a big slash of blood appears on Morio as he drops to his knees in defeat.

Lance: Your leader is defeated!

Some soldiers take notice during the battle.

Soldier: Officer Morio has fallen! Retreat!

The soldiers retreat as the word spreads and finally they all leave. The remaining Kaiten warriors shout in victory. As they do, Tokumo walks up to Morio and forces him to stand on his feet.

Tokumo: You caused many casualties today for Kaiten. I can't hit you hard enough!
Morio: You will...all die from our might. You can't win.
Tokumo: Just answer me this. You are behind every single attack made on this city, correct?
Morio: Yes...all those miserable lives taken from your people...all my doing.
Tokumo: I see. Then I require one more thing of you.
Morio: ...What is it, punk?
Tokumo: Your life!

Tokumo reaches his hand back and then thrusts it right into Morio's stomach area. The armor around the attack completely shatters and Tokumo's hand partially goes into his stomach. The whole city watches as Morio is sent back from the Sekiha style and finally lands on the rubble from the wall, dead.

Tokumo: The deed is done. Our city is safe!

The city cheers yet again. The screen then goes black. Some hours later, Lei is seen on an opperating table where there is a medical person attending to him. X, Lance and Knosse are sitting in the room waiting.

Medical Person: He's going to be OK. We've stopped the blood. He should probably rest for a little while.
Knosse: *sigh* Great.
X: That's a relief.
Lance: Certainly.
X: So he really did it, huh? The Sekiha Hako?
Knosse: Yeah, you totally missed it. It was so badass! But no, you had to be all unconscious.
X: You saw that?
Lance: Yes, we came to get you when the lady there told us everything.
Lei: Hey guys.
Lance: You're up.
Lei: Yeah, somehow.
Knosse: Good to have you back.
Lance: Knosse, we should go get some food for us to eat here.
Knosse: Right, let's go.

The two of them leave quickly. X walks up to the table where Lei lies on.

X: I'm sure you already know this, but Master would be very proud of you.
Lei: Thanks, I know. It's a shame he wasn't there to see me do it.
X: It's a shame I wasn't there either. I think Claudius would have wanted to be there too.
Lei: Yeah, true. Seems like so long ago when it was just the three of us.
X: I know. I also know I can count on you even more to help us save Claudius.
Lei: I'll do my best.
X: Oh, and Lei...
Lei: What is it?
X: I'm very proud of you as well.
Lei: Thanks. That really means a lot. Master, I did it. I wish you could see me now.

Lei has surpassed his former self and learned the Sekiha Hako! His drive to learn has pushed him to new heights. It is now only a matter of time before they leave Kaiten and get closer to the Myjuto prison. But that will have to wait. For we will go check back with an old friend of ours to see how he's doing. Next time on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 110: Naith's Past - Friendship, Family and Happiness

We now go back to Naith at the workshop. He is inside the house, sitting down with Nataley.

Naith: What's up for today?
Nataley: Nothing. I'm completely free today.
Naith: Alright. I'm going to go practice downstairs.
Nataley: OK. I'll be down soon to bring you something.
Naith: Thanks.

Naith heads down into the blacksmith area.

Naith: This time, for sure.

Naith pulls out his zippo and unsheaths his sword. He lights his sword on fire and takes a battle stance. He begins to swing around as if cutting down an enemy. After about a minute, the fire begins to lose control from the blade.

Naith: No!

Fire catches onto the blacksmith tools and soon makes a large blaze. Naith is entranced as he stares at the fire.

Naith: It's just like then...

[8 Years Ago]

We are taken to a moderately rural town. There is a tall and large corn field and two people are running through it. Far behind them is one more person giving chase. As we zoom up closer, we can positively identify the two people as Luis and Shawn.

Shawn: *pant* We're almost through the fields.
Luis: He won't get us. He never will.

Eventually, the two of them push their way through the corn fields. They look ahead to see Naith standing in front of them. He is wearing the same type of outfit except without the hat and everything is more of a royal blue color. He is practicing with his sword.

Luis: Nathen! Just in time! *Pant*
Nathen: Let me guess. You two are in trouble again.
Shawn: Well...yeah.
Nathen: *Sigh* What is it with the two of you always getting into this kind of trouble?
Luis: Never mind that. Can we hide with you again?
Nathen: I suppose. Go to the usual spot.

Luis and Shawn run behind Nathen where a mansion is seen. To the side of the mansion is a large wheelbarrel of hay which they jump into and hide. Right on queue, an older man is seen exiting the corn fields towards Nathen. He has receding white hair and a farmer outfit on. Nathen immediately sheaths his sword.

Nathen: Can I help you?
Farmer: You must have seen those two nasty kids again. Where did they go?
Nathen: I'm sorry, do you mean Luis and Shawn?
Luis: (Whispering) He's not going to rat us out, is he?
Farmer: Yeah, them! Where did they go?
Nathen: Sorry, didn't see them.
Farmer: But surely they came this way.
Nathen: They probably cut to the left or right. I can't help you. What was the damage this time?
Farmer: They stole some of my hard earned crops! Those lousy bastards!
Nathen: Oh really? You saw them do it?
Farmer: No, but they had a suspicious look on em'.
Nathen: I see. I'll be sure to smack them one for you if I see them.
Farmer: I swear you're hiding them. One of these days I'll catch you.
Nathen: I don't believe you're in any situation to threaten a noble, sir.
Farmer: ...
Nathen: I suggest you leave now, before I declare you as a tresspasser.
Farmer: ...Fine. Cheeky brat.

The farmer walks away. After he's out of sight, the brothers pop up out of the hay and go to Nathen.

Shawn: Thanks, man. We owe you one.
Nathen: I'm pretty sure you owe me more than by now.
Luis: Heh.

Luis points straight up into the air with his index finger.

Luis: And the record moves up to 20 to 0 in our favor!
Shawn: Hell yeah!
Nathen: What is wrong with you guys anyway? Stealing from an old man.
Shawn: You really think we just heartlessly stole from him?

Nathan crosses his arms and looks at them with indifference.

Shawn: I'll take that as yes.
Luis: Listen, Nathen. We received intel that he has been very dishonest with his earnings and harvesting.
Nathen: How so?
Shawn: You know the pact all farmers have to sign? We share our crops equally among each other. This guy has been hogging most of his and taking what he can.
Nathen: How do you know?
Luis: We did a bit of snooping as usual.
Nathen: *facepalm* So you were tresspassing too. You guys should be detectives or something.
Luis: Look, you know our father works his ass off to meet the pact qualifications just so we can eat.
Shawn: We have no other choice.
Nathen: I understand. Let's head back to your house.
Shawn: Right.

The three of them begin to walk along a dirt road. We get a good look of the scenery where everything seems to be well grown and well kept.

Luis: Hey, where's Nataley?
Nathen: I heard she had to help around the house so I'm not expecting her for a little while.
Shawn: Hey, Nathen. What do you think happened to the rest of our classmates?
Nathen: They left town and moved. After most of them got killed by those two thugs.
Luis: What a shame that was. To think we were the only three that could fight them off.
Girl Voice: Hey!

In front of them, a younger Nataley calls out to them. They stop until she joins them.

Nathen: Hey.
Shawn: What's up, Nataley?
Nataley: Not much. What's up with you guys?
Luis: We're just heading back to our house.
Nataley: Oh, cool. Can I come along?
Luis: Cool people only.
Shawn: Yes, you can come along.
Nataley: Yay!
Nathen: *Glare* Luis?
Luis: What?
Nathen: ...Nothing.

They make to the house which is fairly small. In the back, we can see a couple acres of land for growing crops. Standing outside is a women with long blond hair and blue eyes. She has wearing a white shirt and skirt.

Shawn: Hey, mom. We're back.
Nathen: Hello, Mrs. Kent. Fine day.
Lumina: Please, call me Lumina. Hello, Nataley.
Nataley: Good afternoon.
Luis: Where is father?
Lumina: He's inside taking a break. The poor man.
Shawn: Ah. Brother, let's not bother him right now.
Luis: Right. I have something else in mind.

Luis walks over to the side of the house. He comes back with three wooden practice swords.

Nathen: This again?
Luis: *Points up in the air* This time we'll win for sure!
Shawn: I guess it's worth another shot. You up for this?
Nathen: There's no avoiding it, is there?

Luis throws Shawn one of the swords and then Nathen one as well. Luis and Shawn stand next to each other across from Nathen. Luis points his sword at him.

Luis: You've never beaten us as a team. What makes you think you will win this time?
Nataley: You liar, Luis! You two have never beaten Nathen!
Luis: Shut up, Nataley!
Nathen: That's enough. I'll speak with my sword unlike you, Luis.

Luis and Shawn nod at each other and both charge for Nathen. Luis attacks first. He slashes downwards but Nathan dashes to his right to avoid it. Nathen slashes at Luis, but he blocks it. Shawn then bursts forward and lunges his sword. Nathen shoves his sword foward and jumps back to avoid it. Nathen then charges for Shawn and slashes. Shawn blocks it, but Nathen dashes behind Shawn and hits him in the back, causing him to fall down. He points his sword at Luis.

Nathen: One down, one to go.
Luis: Do you really think you stand a chance?
Nathen: Yes. Let me show you.
Luis: Oh shit. Here he comes.

Nathen runs towards Luis with great speed and attacks. Luis blocks and then shoves Nathen away. Luis then goes on the offensive by rapidly slashing. Nathen is able to block each slash and then lunges the sword right into Luis' stomach.

Luis: Lucky shot.

Nathen whacks him in the back of the neck with the sword which makes him fall as well.

Nataley: Nice work, Nathen.
Nathen: Thanks. As always.
Luis: Bro, I think we shouldn't have gone so easy on him.
Nataley: He has the biggest case of denial ever.
Shawn: It's time we go inside. We should see if father wants any help.
Luis: Right.

Both brothers stand up.

Nathen: Why don't you and your family come over for dinner tonight?
Shawn: That would be wonderful. How about you come in for a second?
Nathen: Alright. Nataley, I'll be right out.
Nataley: I'll be out here.

Nathen is led inside by Luis and Shawn while Nataley sits next to Lumina. Inside, Gary is seen sitting on a couch.

Gary: Ah, Nathen. Welcome.
Nathen: Hello, Mr. Kent. I'd like to invite you and your family over for dinner tonight.
Gary: It would be an honor. We'll be there.
Nathen: Great.
Gary: You know, we owe so much to your family. I know I don't show it to your father, but I can thank him enough.
Nathen: My father likes to protect close friends. He considers it a joy.
Gary: It's such an honor.
Nathen: We'll see you at dinner.
Luis: See ya, Naith.
Nathen: Huh?
Luis: I dunno. Just a nickname I came up with on the spot. Sounds kind of catchy.
Nathen: Naith, huh? Hah.
Shawn: See you later.
Nathen: Bye.

Outside, Nataley is talking to Lumina.

Lumina: I realize those two have been causing trouble lately.
Nataley: Uh...kinda.
Lumina: Trust me when I say they're good kids. They're young, but they'll grow out of it. One way or another.
Nataley: Mrs. Lumina...
Lumina: They have yet to really experience how harsh this world can be. When they do, it will change them.

Lumina begins to cough violently. Nataley puts her hand on her shoulder. Lumina clenches her hand that she coughed into.

Nataley: Are you OK?
Lumina: Yes. It has passed.

Nathen walks outside and looks at Nataley.

Nathen: Ready?
Nataley: Yes. Goodbye, Mrs. Lumina!
Lumina: Take care now.

As Nathen and Nataley walk away, Lumina opens her hand to show that she had coughed up blood.

Nataley: What did they do this time?
Nathen: They stole from farmer Jedah again.
Nataley: They did? What did he do to deserve that?
Nathen: It's a long story.

Not long after, they reach the mansion. Nathen opens it and lets Nataley in first. Inside is a fairly big room with that is very organized. There is a big red carpet in the middle of tiled floor. On both sides of the carpet are two collumns of 3 vases each on a stand. In front of them is a big flight of stairs with rooms to the left and right of the stairs. Walking down the stairs are two people. The first is a man in a black suit and black top hat. He poses a resemblance to Nathen in face. The second is a women with a yellow sun dress on and long black hair. She too poses some resemblance to Nathen in facial complexion. They both look to be in their late 30's, early 40s.

Nathen: Father, Mother.
Father: Welcome home. Hello, Nataley.
Nataley: Hello, sir...ma'am.
Mother: Good to see you again.
Nathen: I hope you don't mind, but I invited the Kents over for dinner tonight.
Father: Not at all. We told you that you could do it whenever you wanted and we meant it.
Nathen: Thank you.

Later on, everyone is seen in a large banquet hall. They are all sitting at a huge table with a lot of food prepared.

Luis: Wow. Look at all this food!
Shawn: Wait for the hosts, dumb ass. Remember our manners class?
Luis: We had a manners class?
Shawn: *Facepalm* Just wait.
Gary: Naoko (Father), Tetra (Mother), thank you again for having us over.
Lumina: Yes, you know we appreciate it very much.
Tetra: We know you all work so hard and get so little out of the pact. We love to help.
Naoko: That's right.
Luis: We'd get more out of the pact if Jedah wouldn't be so dishonest about his crops.
Shawn: We'll have his hyde for that.
Nathen: How do you plan to do that?
Luis: *Points in the air* Nothing can stop the Kent brothers!
Shawn: Except maybe Nathen with his sword, but besides him nothing.
Gary: Mind your mouth at the table, boys.
Naoko: Hahaha. Your boys are turning out quite well, Gary.
Luis: Chew on that, dad.
Tetra: Alright, let's eat.

After dinner ends, Luis and Shawn pull Nathen aside in another room.

Nathen: What is it?
Luis: Do you think Nataley likes me?
Shawn: You fucking idiot, you treat her horrible!
Luis: I do?
Shawn: Anyway, that's not what we wanted to talk to you about.
Nathen: What did you want to say?
Shawn: It's about our mother.
Luis: She won't admit it, but she's very sick. We don't know where else to go for help.
Shawn: Your parents have the best medical staff around. I'm sure they can do something.
Nathen: I'll bring it up and see what I can do.
Shawn: Thanks a lot. You're the best.
Luis: I knew we could count on you.
Nathen: Certainly.

The three of them join the rest of them who are in foyer.

Gary: Luis, Shawn, it's time to go.
Both: Right.
Luis: See you later, everyone.
Shawn: Bye.
Nathen: Goodbye.

Gary, Lumina, Shawn and Luis leave. Nathen looks at Lumina especially as she walks out, now knowing the truth about her illness. Little did Nathen know that it would be the last time he would see her alive.

It seems Naith has an interesting past to him. He once lived in a mansion with a stable friendship with Luis and Shawn and two loving parents. But one incident would destroy all this in one fell swoop and haunt Naith to this current day. What is this secret that Naith has carried with him for the past 8 years? Next time on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 111: Naith's Past - Loneliness, Sorrow and Regret

Nathen wakes up the next morning inside his room. It is fairly large for a bedroom and the walls are painted a dark blue color. His bed is a king size. After he gets himself ready, he goes into the dining hall where food is laid out for him for breakfast.

Naoko: I trust you'll be attending the ball today?
Nathen: If that is what you wish.
Naoko: It is. You're an adult now. You need to learn all about the formalities of it.
Tetra: You're favored by the town anyway. The other nobles would love to see you.
Nathen: Then I will attend. I assume I'll need to take a lady with me?
Naoko: That is for the better. There are plenty of fine women in the noble class that I'm sure would kill to go with you.
Nathen: If it's alright with you, I'd rather take Nataley.
Tetra: Of course. That is perfectly fine.
Nathen: Good. I don't think I would be comfortable bringing another for my first ball.

A few hours later, we see Nataley walking along a path, she passes the Kents' house. She sees that in the back Luis and Shawn are picking turnips. Shawn turns his head and sees Nataley. He and Luis then go up to a barbed wire fence where Nataley meets them.

Shawn: Hey, what's up?
Nataley: Not much. Just going to Nathen's house right now.
Luis: Oh yeah? *Smirk* What for?
Nataley: We're going to a ball.
Luis: What?!
Shawn: He didn't even invite us?
Nataley: You're supposed to take a woman to a ball, not just friends.
Luis: Shawn, are you thinking what I'm thinking?
Shawn: Oh, I'm thinking what you're thinking.
Luis and Shawn: (At the same time. Red is Luis and Blue is Shawn) Let's go mess with Farmer Jedah! Let's go crash the party!
Nataley: ...
Shawn: Say what now?
Luis: Yeah, that works too.
Gary's Voice: You will do no such thing!
Luis and Shawn: Uh oh...

The two brothers turn around to see Gary behind them. He has an angry face.

Gary: Slacking off, are you?
Shawn: Uh, nooo. We were asking for gardening advice from Nataley.
Luis: Yeah!
Gary: You dumb asses, I was listening to the entire conversation. Fact is you two aren't well behaved enough to go to something so sophisticated.
Shawn: Sorry, Nataley. We have to get back to work. Let us know how the ball was.
Luis: *Points in the air* Don't worry about us! We'll destroy the walls of tyranny in our home!
Nataley: Alright. Heehee. See you two later.

Some time passes and Nathen and Nataley are in a large room with many adults in suits/dresses conversing. Nathen is in a black suit outfit with a blue bowtie. He is wearing a top hat over his bandana. Nataley is wearing a sparking blue sun dress. The two of them walk farther into the room. A lot of people notice the two of them and begin to whisper among themselves. We do not see who is talking but we can hear voices as we see Nathen and Nataley looking around.

Voice 1 (Man): Hey, look, it's Naoko's son.
Voice 2 (Woman): I heard he is the finest upcoming young man in the whole town.
Voice 3 (Man): The lady he's with. Isn't she middle class?
Voice 4 (Woman): That's the lady he picked over my gorgeous daughter.
Voice 1 (Man): Oh, can it, would you? I'm sure he had his reasons.

Nataley: Wow. Look at all the people dressed up. I feel rich just being here.
Nathen: It's certainly theatrical, I'll give them that.

Suddenly, a man comes up to the two of them. He has slicked back black hair with a curly mustache. He is slightly overweight.

Man: Ah, Nathen. Welcome.
Nathen: Hmm, I believe we met before, sir. OK, who is this guy?
Man: Mr. Hahn...I work for your father.
Nathen: Right, right. Still drawing a blank, buddy. Do you know where I can find the host?
Mr. Hahn: The host is the mayor. He is over there *Points*
Nathen: Thank you. Well met, Mr. Hahn.

Nathen and Nataley walk away from Mr. Hahn and walk towards the mayor.

Nataley: That blank look on your face told everything. You didn't even know who he was.
Nathen: I've met pretty much everyone here at least once. It's hard to remember them all.
Nataley: So we're going to introduce ourselves again to the mayor?
Nathen: It's proper to greet your host upon entry to formal things like this.
Nataley: Look at you, being all proper.
Nathen: What are you trying to say?
Nataley: Hehe, nothing.
Nathen: I'm not sure I care for that tone.

The two of them make their way to the mayor, who has his black hair split in the middle. Surprisingly, he looks to be around 25.

Nathen: Mr. Mayor. Thank you for inviting us to your ball.
Nataley: Yes, you have my gratitude as well.
Mayor: Hmm...Nathen is it? Naoko's son? Hah. Haven't seen you in a few years.

The mayor holds out his hand for Nathen to shake. They shake hands and Nataley does the same thing.

Mayor: Tell me. Is there something I can do for you? Consider it a favor.
Nathen: Truly?
Mayor: Of course. I've heard all about you and how you're a bright young man. Go ahead. Ask away.
Nathen: ...Well I can think of one thing off the top of my head. In the farmer's pact, it seems someone has been lying.
Mayor: Is that right? Who would that be?
Nathen: It is farmer Jedah.
Mayor: Jedah? He produces the largest amount of crops each year. You're saying he's holding back?
Nathen: Yes. If you would seek out Luis and Shawn Kent, I think they can show you.
Mayor: Luis and Shawn...they wouldn't happen to be the Luis and Shawn that have been causing trouble?
Nathen: ...Uh...
Mayor: Haha. I'm just kidding. I'll seek them out and deal with it immediately.
Nataley: You will? That's wonderful, Mr. Mayor!
Mayor: I didn't make that pact for nothing, you know. The town will flourish under it, provided we keep a good level of integrity.
Nathen: I see.
Mayor: Well, I have other matters to attend to. Others to greet. Good seeing you again.

The mayor walks away.

Nataley: Wow. He's really nice, and really young for a mayor.
Nathen: He was elected very early because he's a genius. They say his IQ blew away the former mayor's.
Nataley: Maybe you'll be the next mayor, eh Nathen?
Nathen: You think so?
Nataley: Maybe.

The two of them notice that people are beginning to dance.

Nataley: They're dancing.
Nathen: Shall we?
Nataley: I'd be delighted.

Nathen takes Nataley's hand and they begin dancing among the crowd. They are doing a slow dance. Meanwhile, at a nearby window, we see a pair of binoculars. The scene then switches to outside to see Luis and Shawn peering in. Luis currently has the binoculars.

Luis: Dude, that lucky bastard.
Shawn: I can barely see it. Let me see.
Luis: No way, bro. This is too entertaining.

Shawn punches Luis on the side and Luis gives him the binoculars.

Luis: Fine...fucking baby.
Shawn: Shut it, would you? *Looks through* Dude, that lucky bastard.
Luis: You know what they say, Shawn? What people do after shit like this?
Shawn: What do they say?
Luis: They say people go all the way with their partners.
Shawn: Where the hell did you hear that?
Luis: Don't question my sources, man.
Male Voice: Hey! What are you two boys doing?!
Luis: Shit, the guards. Let's scram.
Shawn: Let's break to the left and go through a secret exit near there.
Luis: How the hell do you know there's a secret exit?
Shawn: Don't question my sources, man.
Luis: Touché.
Male Voice: Did you hear me?! What are you two doing with those binoculars?!
Luis: Time to go. Lead the way, bro.
Shawn: I'm with you there.

Back inside the building, the dancing has temporarily stopped.

Nataley: That was great, Nathen. Thank you.
Nathen: The pleasure was mine. Hey, let's go get some punch.
Nataley: Sure.

The two of them walk over to the punch bowl and get some. After drinking, Naoko pulls Nathen aside.

Nathen: What is it, father?
Naoko: I need to say this to you. Seeing you here has made me realize something.
Nathen: Yes?
Naoko: I'm starting to get old, and within the next couple years, I need someone to know how to take over. Starting tomorrow, I'm going to teach you how to run the company.
Nathen: That sounds good. I look forward to it.
Naoko: That's my boy. I'm so proud to have you as my son.

Naoko puts his hand on Nathen's shoulder and then joins Tetra who isn't far away. Tetra waves to Nathen and he smiles back.

Tetra: How did it go?
Naoko: He's eager to learn. That boy...he has a bright future ahead of him.

Or so he thought. The screen fades to black and the scenery changes. It is twilight, about 7:45 PM. Everyone is now home and Nataley has left. Nathen is seen walking down a flight of steps with a candle in his hand. He has his regular attire on. He reaches a basement which has candles all around it, all lit. In the middle is a table. On it lies two items. The first is his sheathed katana and the second is his golden zippo. He picks up both and unsheaths his katana.

Nathen: It should be ready. The modifications have been made. Time to do this.

Nathen lights his zippo and lights his blade on fire. The blade begins to crackle as he swings his sword around. But all of the sudden the fire explodes out of control. Nathen lets go of the blade from the explosion and the floor catches fire. The fire quickly surrounds him and catches each candle lit. The fire speads extremely quickly until Nathen is caught in the middle of a sea of fire.

Nathen: DAMN IT!

Nathen quickly picks up his sword, which has burned out. He heads for the stairs and cuts through the fire quickly to give him a quick opportunity to get through. Nathen jumps through onto the stairs as he scrambles up. The fire has more than caught up with him, though as it passes him and spreads further. The door in front of Nathen is covered in fire. He quickly slashes a few times and charges through. He rolls once after bursting through. When he gets to his feet, he is in the foyer and everything is covered in fire.


Part of the foyer collapses where the stairs are. The ceiling falls on top. Nathen is shocked by what he sees when he sees the dead bodies of his parents. They are crushed under the rubble of the collapse. Another small explosion takes place near there and it snaps Nathen out of a trance. He turns around to the door and smashes through it and does another roll. He gets outside his property and turns to his mansion. The entire house is now on fire. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQy5ABqhMy8 ) He stands there helplessly, watching everything he had ever owned burn to ashes.

Nathen: ....

Nathen is left speechless at the sight of everything that has just taken place in front of his eyes. He looks to the sky and grips his fists in anger.

Nathen: It's...all my fault.

Nataley is running along the path towards the house, seeing the fire. She spots Nathen. Nathen notices her. Unable to face her, he turns and runs away, carrying nothing but his lighter and katana. The screen fades to black *Theme stops*.


Naith continues in his trance as everything that had flashed before his mind had only occurred within 20 seconds of actual time. Nataley comes down, hearing the crackling of fire.

Nataley: Naith! What are you doing?!
Naith: ....
Nataley: Naith?! Naith! NATHEN!!
Naith: Huh?!

Naith snaps out of his trance and turns to Nataley. He suddenly realizes the situation and runs upstairs. Fortunately, there is a big bucket of water available that they have been using to drink from. Naith quickly carries it down and splashes out the fire from the equipment.

Nataley: *Sigh* Good. But we'll need to replace that water, unfortunately.
Naith: ...Nataley. I think it's time.
Nataley: Time for what?
Naith: ...

Without saying anything, Naith turns and walks up the stairs. He grabs his hat and takes off away from the workshop with incredible speed.

Nataley: Naith...what is wrong with you?

Naith: It's time...time I face everything!

We have now learned the tragedy that Naith had to go through. But we're not done yet. Naith still has to face "everything". The conclusion of Naith's story is next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 112: Don't Hold Back, Naith - The Resolution of the Past

Naith is continuing to run in this sandy area. His face is somewhat of an angry one. Finally, after a while, he reaches a town. He looks around as he can see that it is his hometown. The scenery looks pretty much the same as it did eight years ago.

Naith: This is it...Jerod (Pronounced Jer-'Odd) ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bfwq1G1Jrfo )

He enters the town and begins to walk along the path. It isn't long before his old property comes into view. As he takes a look, the rubble of the house still remains. There is a wooden sign stuck in the ground of his property. It reads Naoko's Mansion as if it were some sight to see in the Smithsonian. Naith stares long and hard at the remains of what once used to be his home. Naith takes a brief sigh and keeps walking along the path. As he sees each part of town, memories begin to inundate his thoughts. Memories of when he was a kid. He stops walking on the path at a certain spot and begins walking on the grass. After a bit of straight walking, he reaches a metal fence. Behind it is a large graveyard. Naith opens a nearby gate and heads into the graveyard. He takes a quick glance around, knowing he would have to spend time looking for the right graves.

Naith travels far into the graveyard and as he does his hand begins to shake. He was about to see something that he had put off for eight restless years. As he reaches the more elegant graves, he finally spots them. *Theme stops* Two gravestones together with both of his parents' names on them. Naith stands in front of them. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEZNywlt_gM )

Naith: Father...I've been a coward. I've been avoiding this for eight years. I know you didn't raise me like that. So I've come to face you and accept the truth. The one who killed you...was me. Mother, what can I even say? I returned all your kindness by destroying everything you had and even you. Forgive me.

Naith stands there silent for almost half an hour when footsteps are heard. The footsteps eventually stop as Naith looks to his right. A couple meters away, he sees Luis and Shawn in front of a gravestone. They pay their respects to it and then look to Naith.

Luis: I see you finally showed up.
Shawn: Looks like we picked a good day to pay our respects to mother.
Naith: ...Lumina...Luis, Shawn. I'm sorry.
Luis: For what?
Naith: If it weren't for me, your mother might have still...
Shawn: Don't, Naith. Don't apologize before you understand the full story.
Naith: Full story?
Luis:  After you left, the mayor paid us a visit. Through his authority, we were able to get that Jedah.
Shawn: With him proven guilty, we were given medals for our work. It wasn't long before we became detectives.
Luis: The mayor gave us a favor that we could ask for. We had him gather the best medical people he could find.
Naith: !
Luis: That's right. Not even they could cure mother. At the funeral, it hit us both.
Shawn: We had been immature, causing pain for other families. We didn't want it to happen again.
Naith: So instead of causing mischief in the town, you prevented it. *Theme Stops*
Shawn: Exactly. Now, it's your turn. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tuCnGQOdABU )
Naith: What?
Luis: We investigated your house. It wasn't hard to figure out what had happened, not with our inside knowledge of the family.
Naith: So you know then that it was I that was the cause of all of it.
Luis: Hah. That look in your eyes. I see you still haven't properly grieved their deaths.
Naith: !
Luis: You're starting to let go, but you're holding back. This isn't a fight against some petty bandit. This is a fight against you. You can't afford to hold back now.
Naith: Luis...thank you.

Naith turns towards his parents' graves once more. He tips his hat slightly downwards and looks up into the sky as he once did eight years ago.

Shawn: (Whispering) Let's give him some space.
Luis: (Whispering) Right.

Both brothers leave. As they do, we can see a tear drop fall to the ground from Naith.

Naith: I promised myself...I wouldn't shed a single tear until I had faced you. Now I know that I won't hold back any longer.

Hours pass as Naith stands there remembering every single thing that he could remember about them and grieving over it. After all these hours a voice is heard. *Theme stops*

Girl Voice: Naith!

Naith turns around to see Nataley. She is standing outside the graveyard. He bows his head one last time to the graves and walks away slowly. He exits the graveyard.

Naith: Nataley. Forgive me. This was something I needed to do.
Nataley: I know. I figured you'd be here. It was the fire, wasn't it?
Naith: It's finally time I stopped running away, Nataley. At last, I was able to face my parents and move on.
Nataley: That's so wonderful! You have no idea how happy that makes me. I have something to tell you as well.
Naith: What is it?
Nataley: When I found you there in the desert, 8 years ago...

[Desert - Eight Years Ago]

Nataley is walking through the desert near Naith's workshop. She sees Naith lying in the sand.

Nataley: Nathen!
Naith: ...

Naith rolls over to Nataley. His eyes seem almost lifeless as he stares at her very blankly.

Nataley: Nathen...what's happened to you?
Naith: I no longer deserve such a name.
Nataley: ...You're bleeding!

She looks over as Naith is bleeding around his stomach.

Naith: I couldn't bring myself to go all the way it seems.
Nataley: You tried to kill yourself?! Oh, Nathen.
Naith: I told you, that is no longer my name. I'm now known as...Naith.
Nataley: Naith?


Nataley: I couldn't stand to see you like that. But now, it's finally over.
Naith: Yeah.
Nataley: What are you going to do now?
Naith: For now, let's go home.
Nataley: Right.

The next morning, Naith and Nataley are eating breakfast together.

Nataley: So what's up for today?
Naith: It's time we visit some old friends.
Nataley: Great. I'll go get ready.

Some time passes and the two of them are back in Jerod. They walk up to Gary's house and knock on the door. Gary answers.

Gary: Well, look who it is. Come on in!
Naith: Thank you.

The two of them go into the house. It looks fairly similar to the look eight years ago.

Gary: What can I do for you two?
Nataley: We're looking for Luis and Shawn.
Gary: Ah. The detectives are out back.

Just then, the two brothers come in, sweating.

Luis: Hah. Nothing like a hard day's work.
Shawn: Stop lying. You know you wanted to skip out on town again today.
Luis: Yeah...kinda...oh hey, Naith. And who else is that I see? Nataley, in MY house?! *Points in the air* Welcome to my humble abode!
Nataley: Hahaha, hey, Shawn.

Luis curls up in a ball in a corner.

Shawn: What brings you two here?
Naith: I was wondering if you guys wanted to hang out...like old times.
Shawn: You hear that, bro? Luis? Ah, he's still in shock. He'll get over it soon enough.
Naith: What do you say?
Shawn: Let's do it.

Luis springs out of the corner.

Luis: But first!

Luis runs out of the house via the front door quickly. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZfMFyrJ2kA )

Nataley: Huh?
Shawn: I see...good thinking, bro.

Shawn runs out too. Naith and Nataley shrug their shoulders and walk outside to see that Luis is holding the three wooden swords.

Naith: You mean you still have those?
Luis: Oh, I kept them in top condition for this moment.
Shawn: Think you can take on two detectives at one time?
Naith: I guess we'll have to see, won't we?

Luis throws one of the swords to Naith and he catches it. Naith swings it around a couple times and readies himself as Nataley steps back.

Luis: I'd like to remind you that you've never beaten the two of us together.
Nataley: *Facepalm* Some things never change.
Naith/Luis/Shawn: GO!

Naith dashes forward and the screen pauses with a front view of Naith as he dashes. We can see that he has a clear smile on his face as he charges foward both battle and his life. *Theme plays through credits*

All's well that ends well, they say. This certainly seems to be the case with Naith. We've seen his shocking story and now know the reason behind who he is. With some positive words from his friends, he is encouraged to move past his despair and craft a better future for himself. It is now time to go back to our Fighters Abroad to see how they're holding up. As they take their leave from Kaiten, they get closer and closer to the Myjuto prison. Next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 113: Taking Leave of Kaiten

We are taken to a field of grass with a dirt path. Walking along it is Fighters Abroad. Nobody has said a word in hours, but they continue to follow Lance's lead. Looking at Lei, he looks as if he had heard some urgent news. His mind takes him back to Kaiten.

[Kaiten - A few hours ago]

The group is in the throne room where Toketsu is sitting on his chair and Tokumo stands up next to him.

Toketsu: Are you sure you must leave now?
Lei: Yes, I'm afraid we can't stay any longer. We have to go save our friend.
Toketsu: I see. I hope you understand that I can't spare any men. That last attack put a huge hole in both the city and our reserves.
Lance: That's quite alright.
X: This is something we intend to do ourselves.
Knosse: That's right.
Tokumo: Well you are more equipped now than before you entered the city, correct?
Lei: Yes. Thanks to you two.

A few minutes later, they begin to leave.

Toketsu: Hold a moment. Lei, I wish to speak with you for just a minute.
Lei: Alright. I'll be out in a minute, guys.
Lance: OK. We'll be outside.

Lei approaches the throne.

Toketsu: There is something you should know. It's about your mother.
Lei: What? My mother?
Toketsu: You see, while she was in Kaiten, she re-married.
Lei: ....
Toketsu: And not only that, but she had another child under this man.
Lei: What?!
Toketsu: Yes, you have a half sister.

Lei stands there shocked, unable to speak words.

Tokumo: Unfortunately, she isn't here anymore.
Lei: Where is she?
Toketsu: We don't know. We lost all communications with her when she left.
Lei: I understand.
Toketsu: I thought you deserved to know.
Tokumo: Your sister was under my division of trainees. So she falls under my responsibility.
Lei: It's alright. No use fretting over a half relative I have never met. But I'm interested now.

After a minute or so more of describing Lei's half sister...

Lei: Thank you, for everything. I am in your debt.
Toketsu: Just do me one favor then. Survive long enough to tell your father to come visit sometime.
Lei: Will do. Farewell.

Lei exits the room.

Toketsu: Our situation is becoming pretty bad. Can I count on you to scout ahead?
Tokumo: Yes. I will leave in two days after preparing.


As the group continues to walk along the dirt path, Lei contemplates everything that had occured hours ago.

Lance: I think it's a good idea to camp here for the night. It's getting close.
Lei: Right.
X: How far are we from the next city?
Lance: We're about half way there. We will need to supply there again before charging into the prison without supplies.
X: Great.

Just as X says that, his eyes turn white and he collapses on the ground, unconscious.

Lei: X!
Lance: It's alright. He's quite used to this by now.
Knosse: I guess it's a good thing we decided to camp here.

Later that night, the group is sitting down with X still unconscious.

Lance: That arm is still putting quite a toll on him.
Lei: It's certainly taking longer than normal for it to heal.
Knosse: Let's ditch him.
Lei: What?
Knosse: I'm just kidding. But do you think we can get Claudius back without him?
Lance: Probably not. I think he'll have to fight with the injury.
Lei: We'll need every one of us for this. He's sure to be well guarded.
Lance: Well we're one city away. We have to expect the worst.

The next morning, X wakes up first and waits for the rest to wake up. They get prepared and continue on.

X: Sorry about yesterday.
Lance: It's alright. We know about Kaiten too.
X: You talked to her, huh?
Lance: Yes. You were unconscious when we did. What's wrong?
X: Sorry, I can't talk about it now. I hope you understand.
Lance: Not really, but oh well.
Lei: Could it be that he's blacking out from depression? That doesn't seem likely, but...
X: So how again do you know where the prison is located?
Lance: When I was traveling through the area, we noticed a large active prison. It has to be the same one. There is no other one around.
X: I see. That makes sense then.
Lei: X, will you be OK fighting in your condition?
X: Whether I'll be OK or not doesn't matter. I will fight.
Knosse: Wouldn't you just get in our way though?
X: I promise I won't. I know Claudius would fight for me with both arms broken if he had to.
Lance: And what about the blacking out?
X: It won't be a problem. Trust me.
Lei: I think we'd have much better odds if we had Tokumo or Naith with us.
Knosse: Speaking of, what ever happened to that guy?
Lei: He left back in Neese, remember?
Knosse: Sorry, he's so quiet it was hard to tell he was even here.

[Naith's Workshop]

Nataley: What's wrong?
Naith: I have a feeling someone's insulting me behind my back, and I don't like it.
Nataley: It's probably just your imagination...or Luis.

[Sarzo - Throne Room]

In the throne room sits King Zerin and cloaked Nero is knelt down in front of him.

Nero: Sir, we just received word that Officer Ento and Officer Kyle have made it to Ivan at the predicted arrival time.
Zerin: Excellent. With my best officer there, things will go much more smoothly.
Nero: We've also received disquieting news.
Zerin: Out with it.
Nero: Officer Morio has been killed in Kaiten and the invasion was a failure.
Zerin: That is bad news indeed. However, Morio was hardly better than his armor was worth.
Nero: I agree. Most of our higher ups are much more skilled.
Zerin: But it seems your calculations were slightly off.
Nero: Indeed. I figured that Morio would die, but they would win in the end. Unless...
Zerin: Unless?
Nero: Unless there was an outside interference that fought on the side of Kaiten.
Zerin: Like Fighters Abroad?
Nero: Yes, precisely. However, there was one warrior in Kaiten that was known to be incredibly talented. So we can't just assume...
Zerin: We have to assume the worst. But if it is them and they are heading towards the prison, they will be stopped by Kyle and Ento.
Nero: That would be a most fortunate occurrence for us.
Zerin: What news from Shim?
Nero: Nothing yet. But we have one quick report from Jiron.
Zerin: Speak.
Nero: He claims that Zetsu could be tricky to take, but he says that he can do it.
Zerin: Arrogant as ever, I see. He must not. For now, we will ally ourselves with them and keep them under strong surveilance.
Nero: I will relay the message, sir.
Zerin: Very good. You may leave now.

[Back to Fighters Abroad]

Lance: We're almost there. To the city of Harus (Pronounced Hah-roose)

Leaving Kaiten, Lei discovers that he has a half sister. This news shocks Lei. Moving on, the group will have to re-supply in Harus to finally make their move to save Claudius. Next time!
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Chapter 114: Harus, the City of Jewels

The group finds themselves at the end of the dirt path. It leads right into a big sandstone based village with sandstone streets.

Lance: This is Harus. It is known as the "City of Jewels".
Knosse: So there are a lot of gems here?
Lance: It's a huge market for them. You can often use them as currency here.
X: We might strike lucky finding some lying around.
Lance: Not likely.
Lei: Let's go.

The four of them enter the city and begin looking around. Knosse spots a vender at a little stand that is attached to the building next to it. There is food behind this man. He is a mildly dark skinned man with a white turban and brown robe.

Knosse: Food, guys. Let's go!
Lei: We just got here...ah what the heck. I'm hungry.

The four of them go up to the stand.

Vender: Welcome. May I interest you in some hot food?
Knosse: I'll have one of those turkey legs.
Lei: Yeah, me too.
Lance: Same thing.
X: Nah, not feeling it.
Knosse, Lei, Lance: *Glare*
X: OK, fine. A turkey leg, please.

They get the food and pay for it. They eat as they walk along the path.

X: You know what, this is pretty damn good.
Knosse: Eh, kind of dry to me.
X: >_< Don't blame me.

Suddenly, they see another vender up ahead like the last one. It has some weapons mounted in the back. When they reach the stand, they notice that the man looks the exact same, except he has one of those fake mustache and glasses on ( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_8pOOojZSe74/TKsk41CjiWI/AAAAAAAAB8k/K8smlUTRARQ/s400/nose-moustache-glasses.jpg ).

Vender: Welcome. May I interest you in some weaponry?
X: Say, aren't you that guy we saw earlier at the food shop?
Vender: I have no idea what you speak of.
Lance: What a weirdo. These weapons suck anyway.
Knosse: Let's go to the next vender.

The group continues farther into the city when they see another vender. This one has jewelry around it. When they walk up to the stand, the guy there looks the exact same except his turban is black.

Vender: Welcome. May I interest you in some jewels?
Lance: Enough of this shit. Let's go back to that food stand to go confirm if this guy is bullshitting us or not.
Vender: Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom. Will be right back.

The vender runs into the building attached to the stand. X looks at the rest of the group.

X: I'm on it. He won't beat me.

X takes off at full speed through the streets. He gets close to the food stand when all of the sudden, he trips over a stone in the middle of the street. X falls face first and lies there for a few seconds. He then sits up.

X: Damn it. I might still have time.

X gets up and runs to the stand. There, the food guy is standing there with his normal look.

Vender: Welcome back!
X: Son of a...hey. Why are you sweating so much?
Vender: It's a hot day, sir.
X: Yeah, but you're in the shade with this stand. You're definitely the same guy!
Vender: ...?
X: I'm out of here.

X runs back to the group, where the vender has not come back yet.

Lei: Any luck?
X: No. That bastard beat me there since I tripped and fell.
Lance: Whatever. Let's just stock up and go stay at an inn.

The group finds an inn and enters. When they enter, they see a guy that again looks the same way except he has a black turban and the fake mustache and glasses.

Inn Keeper: Welcome. May I interest you in some rooms?
Knosse: Should we do it? I mean, this guy is creepy as hell.
X: *Sigh* It's the only inn in the city. We have to.
Lei: Yeah, we should probably take it.
Lance: What is available, sir inn keeper?
Inn Keeper: Four rooms. 30 silver each night each room.
Lei: Woah, seriously? That's crazy cheap compared to what we've seen.
Lance: We'll take them.

They pay for the rooms and get the keys. The rooms are standard wood floors, small room and a stardard bed. When they enter their rooms, we follow Lance. He places the supplies against the back wall next to the window. He sits on his bed and yawns. He takes off his hat and lies down.

Lance: I might as well have some fun while I'm here. After a quick nap.

A bit later that day, Lance exits his room and sees the door next to him open. He peers in to see the other three sitting there talking.

Lei: Ah, Lance. Where have you been?
Lance: Sleeping.
X: You want to come join us? We are about to go eat something.
Lance: I'll pass, but thanks.
Knosse: Why not?
Lance: I'm gonna go out and explore the place *Smiles*.
Lei: Alright. See you soon then, I guess.

Lance walks outside the inn. He begins to walk around the city when a building in particular catches his eye. He smiles as he goes into it. He sees poker tables and other gambling tables around.

Lance: Oh hell yes. But damn, looks like all the poker games are full.

An attendant in a suit comes up to him.

Attendant: Would you like to play some Liar's Dice, sir?
Lance: Liar's Dice?
Attendant: Oh yes. It's a very simple game. Come with me.
Lance: Alright...

Back to the rest of the group, they are in a restaurant eating burgers.

Knosse: I wonder why Lance didn't want to join us for dinner.
X: I'm sure he's off having fun somewhere.


Man's Voice: I bet there are 4 fives.
Lance's Voice: Bullshit.
Man's Voice: Damn, looks like you win again.

Lei: So we're leaving tomorrow pretty early, aren't we?
X: I think so. We've used enough time as it is in Zetsu and Kaiten.
Knosse: You know, this city isn't so bad once you get past that creepy vender.
X: Yeah.

Early the next morning, X knocks on Lance's door.

Lance: (Muffled) W-what?
X: We need to leave soon.
Lance: Just give me a little bit.
Girls Voice: Who's that?
Lance: Don't worry about it, baby.
X: Again?

About an hour later, Lance opens the door and a girl walks out. She is slightly dark skinned (A bit darker than tan) with a white dancer's outfit on. X peers into the room and sees stacked gold in the back of the room.

X: What the...how did you get that much gold?
Lance: I destroyed everyone at the casino last night. I was there for hours until earlier today just before the sun came out.
X: Holy shit. And that woman?
Lance: She couldn't pay me for losing so much...so I gave her an alternative.

X looks to his right to see Lei and Knosse walking away to exit the inn.

X: You're crazy, Lance. All these women are bad for you.

As soon as Knosse and Lei are out of sight, he looks back to Lance.

X: (Whispering) Nice shit, man. *Fist bump*

The two of them walk outside to catch some fresh air when X finds a small saphire right next to his foot. He picks it up.

X: What did I tell you? Suck it, Lance!

The group has spent a night in Harus, the last city standing between them and Claudius. Now that they are stocked up, it's time to travel to the prison and attempt the rescue of Claudius. Next on Fighters Abroad!

If you want to know how Liar's Dice works, watch this video ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtKWNDgsC_g ).
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Chapter 115: Alliances in Myjuto

[Sarzo - Castle]

In a lounge room, there are multiple cloaked Myjuto soldiers, three to be exact. One of them we recognize as Nero with his hood off.

Nero: Rio, Elvan, welcome.
Rio: (Male voice) What do you call us here for?
Elvan: (Male voice) Yes. Do tell.
Nero: Well, Ento and Kyle are in Ivan and Jiron is gone. I need new people to hang with.
Elvan: So we're replacements, huh?
Nero: Yeah, kinda.
Rio: Oh well. We might as well. It's boring in the castle.
Elvan: Agreed. Promotions haven't done anything for us.
Nero: That's right. Since Tibi's death, you're now ranked sixth and eighth respectively, right?
Rio: Correct. I'm the new sixth and he is the newer eighth. I got jumped over Hiiro for whatever reason.
Nero: The ranking system is getting weird. Orzu wasn't nearly as strong as some of his subbordinates.
Elvan: I hear that. How did he make it so far?
Nero: I don't know. And then King Zerin started bringing in people and ranking them randomly.
Rio: You mean like Tibi? Everyone was pretty pissed when a new person took over for Orzu.
Nero: It was because of Kyle. Although he was opposed to her joining the Myjuto.
Rio: You know the scoop, huh?
Nero: I was there. She was something. I think Ento had a crush on her too.
Elvan: Too? Aren't you like 40 something?
Nero: Guilty as charged, I guess. Then again, Conrad and I always went for the younger ones.
Elvan: Conrad? Who's that?
Nero: An old friend who studied with me. Anyway, Zerin also looked like he had something for her.
Rio: Even the king? Goodness.
Nero: I remember being in the room when Shim talked to them about lusting after women. Haha.
Rio: She's out, spying on Jiron right?
Nero: How the hell do you know that?
Rio: Word gets out fast.
Nero: Shit. Well I'm not worried about that situation.
Elvan: So what else should we know about the forces?
Nero: Jen is sailing around Ivan and Neese. Jiron is handling things in Neese and Hiiro is with him. That's about it.
Rio: And that group they call "Fighters Abroad"?
Nero: Jiron has been in close proximity with them. His knowledge is the best we have.
Rio: How strong are they?
Nero: Jiron says that they are close to matching some of the higher ups in our forces.
Elvan: That isn't possible.
Nero: He says that the leader, Claudius, would be able to almost match Kyle.
Rio: Even Kyle? The man who single handedly took out Sarzo's main police force?
Nero: Yes. It's hard to believe. If not for my intelligence, Kyle would surely be ranked fourth.
Elvan: The good news is that both Kyle and Ento will be heading to the prison. There's no way Claudius can take out either of them.
Nero: Yes. Especially Ento. I've fought Jiron before...but I've never fought anybody with that kind of speed. Ento is invincible.
Elvan: Yeah, well you didn't have to fight Ento upon entering. Rio here did.
Rio: It's why I was put so low at first. No one has ever matched my sword, but him...I couldn't even hit him. And his punches were like steel.
Nero: Jiron as well. I don't know who's more frightening.
Elvan: Well I had to fight Shim. She's no pushover either. Another speed demon.
Nero: I've never fought her, but I've heard that her speed rivals even Ento's.
Rio: Three invincible warriors at the top...all following this king. What's so special about Zerin?
Nero: This is just a rumor I've heard. But out of all the warriors in the Myjuto Forces...

In the throne room we see the silhouetted king. We can see a smile from him however (through his white teeth).

Nero's Voice: King Zerin...is the most powerful of them all.

[Ivan - Mountain]

Near the peak of a mountain trail, there are 3 dead bandits and one remaining that is charging for the group. He charges for Lance when all of the sudden X interrupts him with a kick. The bandit flies off the side of the mountain.

Lance: Nice one.
X: Thanks.
Knosse: How much longer?
Lance: We're nearly there. From here on, we aren't following the road much.
Lei: Say what?
Lance: The prison is in the middle of a ring of mountains. And the ring of mountains is backed up by more mountains. I suppose when I said we're nearly there, I meant in miles. In truth, it will take us a full day to scale the mountains and then camp right on the outside of the ring.
Knosse: Shit.
Lance: If we get any closer, we run the risk of being spotted. I don't know how tight security is now.
X: No doubt if they've taken Claudius there, it must be tight as all hell.
Lance: Take caution as we head off the trail. We have no idea what they might have set up.
Lei: Well then let's rest for a few minutes here.
X: Yeah, I agree with Lei.
Lance: Knosse? Oh I already know your answer.
X: It's settled then.

After a few minutes of resting, the group gets ready and heads off the trail and starts to climb down the mountain very slowly.

[Sarzo - Castle]

Nero is now alone in the lounge room. He has a letter in his hands and he is reading it with some reading glasses on.

Nero: What on earth are you doing out there?

Just then, Rio walks in.

Rio: Hey, Nero. What's that you got there?
Nero: Oh, it's nothing important? What's up?
Rio: Elvan and I wanted to know if you wanted to come train with us.
Nero: Yeah, sure. I'll be there in just a minute after I'm finished reading this.
Rio: OK. See you then.

Rio walks out of the room. As Nero finishes reading the letter, he crumples it in his fist and grits his teeth.

Nero: Just what is going through that asylum bound head of yours, Jiron? Even after all these years, I still can't figure you out.

Two more Myjuto officers have revealed themselves to us. Rio, ranked sixth and Elvan, ranked eighth. They have allied themselves with Nero for the time being. Meanwhile, the group is finally nearing the prison. It's not far until they make their assault on the Myjuto prison. The struggle continues next time on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 28th 2011, 4:06 am

Chapter 116: Operation: Claudius Retrieval Start

We get a good aerial view of the Myjuto Prison. It is a rectangular shaped large building that is made out of very thick metal. On the four corners of the building at the top are sentry towers with guards posted on each one. Surrounding the building is a thick metal wall that is also rectangular in shape. Surrounding the wall is a circular shaped moat of water that is a few feet in width. Surrounding that is a large circular load of sand. And finally surrounding that is a forest that is also circular around everything. Behind the forest is the ring of mountains. Here is a diagram ( http://i45.servimg.com/u/f45/14/75/97/39/prison10.png here is the diagram. Note: Not drawn to scale. And here is the color coded key http://i45.servimg.com/u/f45/14/75/97/39/prison11.png ). At the base of one of those mountains, facing the forest is the group camped out.

Lance: We got a pretty good view of the prison coming down, but we'll have to go more in detail.
X: What do you suggest?
Lance: I'm not sure.
Lei: We might be able to pull off recon if one person goes.
Lance: It's possible. We'd definitely get spotted if more than one of us went.
X: I'll go.
Knosse: No way! You're in no condition.
X: That may be, but I'm the fastest here and lightest on my feet. You saw how tight that prison is.
Lance: As much as I hate to admit it, he's right.
Lei: Yeah. There's no way we can get past all that right away.
X: If I run fast enough on a possible blind spot, I might be able to get in.
Lance: Getting in isn't the problem. Getting out is.
X: What do you mean?
Lance: You can use my paraglider to get in from the mountains.
X: Right. I totally forgot.
Lei: You might need to distract the sentries on one side. I'd say the old pebble trick should do.
Lance: From there, it's tricky business. You'll need to close the paraglider until you are out of their line of sight and then open it again to ensure a safe landing.
X: Sounds dangerous. But I'm ready.
Knosse: You'll need to get a good idea of where everything is so we're not fucking around in there.
Lance: Let's go have another look.

The group travels a bit of ways up the mountain and Lance gives X his binoculars.

X: There seems to be around 3 guards on each sentry. It's hard to see from this distance.
Lei: That won't be too much of a problem if that's the case.
X: Alright. I'm going.
Knosse: Wait. You can at least go under the cover of night.
X: Good point. Fine then.

Night falls in a matter of hours. As the group stands at the same position on the mountain, they can see that torches are lit around the prison. X's broken arm is in a normal cast now and not in a sling.

X: This will do.
Knosse: You be careful out there.
Lei: Yeah, if there's too much trouble, get out of there.
Lance: Bear in mind, you need to pay attention very well to the detail of the layout and what is where.
X: Got it.

They travel up to the top of the mountain where X stands at the peak. His left arm is already inside the strap of the paraglider.

Lance: Be careful.
X: Don't worry. My friend's life is at stake here. I won't fail.

Without saying another word, X leaps off the top of the mountain and begins to paraglide towards the prison. As he nears it, he veers off to the right just a bit. He eventually reaches the top of the prison, just above the sentries and to the right of the actual prison building. He throws a couple small rocks down towards the building, this immediately stops the paragliding process and X begins falling at a fast pace. Sure enough, the guards at the sentries look where the sound occured and X goes right past their detection. Immediately after X exits their line of sight, he grabs the second strap of the paraglider again and floats down softly. He touches down on solid dirt type of ground. He is on a narrow path that leads to two fences on either side. X moves forward and hops over the fence in front of him. He travels a bit more on this narrow path and eventually reaches the back of the prison.

X: This looks promising.

The back of the prison has a lot of broken rocks and dirt piles everywhere. On the back of the prison, there are a few slots that have bars on them. X leans up against the first one and begins to speak.

X: Hey, is anyone in there?
Male Voice: Who is that?
X: Listen, my friend is here somewhere in the prison. His name is Claudius. He has long black hair.
Male Voice: Yes, I recognize someone like that.
X: Is he in there with you?
Male Voice: ...No, I'm afraid not.
X: Damn. Know where I can find him?
Male Voice: Listen. It's a trap. Get out of here now.
X: What?
Male Voice: They've been expecting you. You don't have much time before they figure out you're here.
X: Shit.
Male Voice: Get out of here as fast as you can. If you're alone, you can hide in the forest off to the East.
X: Thanks. Tell Claudius that we're coming for him as soon as we can.
Male Voice: I will, now go!

X immediately gets up and starts walking when the area gets brighter all of the sudden as torches are lit. Tons of Myjuto soldiers are now surrounding X.

X: No...no way! Shit!

From the crowd steps in closer to X another soldier. This one doesn't have any armor on but he is around 6"4 and is particularly bulky. He is a light skinned man with short black hair and a medium thick mustache. He is wearing a tattered brown tank top and long tattered brown pants and brown combat boots. This man speaks.

Man: Give up quietly, and we won't tear you to shreds right here and now.
X: Who are you and how did you figure out our plan?
Man: I am Ben, ranked ninth of the Myjuto Forces. And it wasn't difficult, actually.
X: What am I going to do? I can't fight all these guys at once.
Ben: It seems as though you are in no condition to fight all of us. Please give up quietly.
X: It is regretable, but I guess I have no choice.
Ben: You're a smart man.

X quickly takes out a smoke bomb and throws it on the ground. Looking into the smoke, X turns and jumps up and uses one of the soldiers' heads as a footstool. He jumps off his head and then pushes off the building to land on the outside wall. He then consequently jumps down to escape the prison. As the smoke clears, Ben clenches his fist.

Ben: The target has escaped! Find him! He couldn't have gone that far!

Meanwhile, X is crossing the small moat. Just as he gets out of the water, he notices that soldiers have begun to vault over the wall. On the other side, Ben has set up a system of soldiers helping others over the wall.

X: Damn. I thought I'd have more time.

X runs away at full speed past the sand and makes it into the forest.

X: I don't have any time to warn the others. And I can't bring the trouble there either. Damn damn damn!

Trouble has struck in the prison already! It seems the Myjuto Forces were more cunning than the group had given them credit for. X is now in grave danger and Claudius' rescue hangs in the balance. How will this new twist play out for our group? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 117: Operation: Claudius Retrieval Jeopardized

X is running through the forest. It is a pretty thick one, as it almost seems like a jungle.

X: I have to act fast. I doubt there's anyone who can catch me at full speed, but how long can I keep this up?

X cuts to his left quickly. Not long after, many soldiers come by that area.

Soldier 1: Find him!

As the soldiers clear out of the area and move farther into the forest, we see that X is hiding above the trees. The leaves are great in number and thick enough to hide X from anyone below. The branches up top are also strong enough to support X's weight laying down between them.

X: This will do for now.

As he continues to lay there, he passes out from exhaustion. Back with the rest of the group, Lei and Knosse are resting. Lance is at the top of the mountain with his binoculars. From his view, we can see another guard go on top of each of the sentries. The guards immediately leave their posts.

Lance: Uh oh. Looks like something is happening. And I bet X is the cause of it.

Lance hurries down the mountain.

Lance: Guys! We have trouble.

Knosse and Lei wake up fairly quickly and look at Lance.

Lance: I think they know we're here.
Lei: What? Seriously?
Knosse: Damn it, X.
Lance: How could I have been so careless? They must have been waiting for us.
Lei: Do you know for sure that they know where we are?
Lance: Not yet. It's only a matter of time I think. We have to assume the worst and act as if they have X.
Knosse: Then we don't have a lot of time till they find us as well.
Lei: If we are going to fight them, we can't fight them out in the open like this. We need to keep them in the forest.
Lance: That sounds like a solid plan for now.
Lei: We are better off hiding our traces for now. Until they find us, they'll wear themselves out more and more just looking while we can conserve our energy merely walking or resting momentarily.
Knosse: Nice thinking, Lei.

The three of them take their stuff and travel into the forest.

Lance: As long as we keep in the forest, we can fight them more on our terms.

Some time passes and many footsteps are heard coming towards them. They are each hiding behind a tree. Soldiers begin to run past the three of them. Once a lot of soldiers have passed, Knosse throws a bomb out to a bunch of more passing soldiers. The bomb explodes and the explosion churns up dust and dirt from the ground. The three immediately go into the cover of the dust and smoke and fighting noises are heard. After a few seconds, a soldier flies out of the dust and hits the ground hard.

Soldier 1: I can't see them! Someone get a torch lit!
Soldier 2: You idiot! We'll burn the forest!

Another bomb goes off near where the two soldier were talking. We see Lance rush into this cover of smoke with his axes out. He hacks at one soldier, killing him. Another soldier rushes into the dust and smoke and also gets slashed by the axes. A few more rush in and Lance holds both axes out and does a spin attack, cutting multiple soldiers at once.

Meanwhile, Knosse and Lei are fighting next to each other, facing opposite directions. Knosse dodges an incoming spear and steals it away. He shoves the spear into the soldier's torso and then pulls it out. Lei does something similar and both block more spears. The one attacking Knosse gets cut, as Lance rejoins them. Suddenly, everything stops as soldiers are now surrounding the three of them. The three of them go back to back to back. All of the sudden, multiple rifles are pulled out as many of them get pointed at them.

Lance: Shit.
Knosse: I have an idea.
Lei: You do?
Knosse: (whispering) After I bump you two, count to three and get down fast.
Lance: ...alright.
Soldier: Prepare to fire.

Knosse bumps the two of them. Lance and Lei silently count to three and get down at the same time. At that moment, Knosse pulls out his flamethrower from his back and fires it off in a circle. The fire catches the majority of the surrounding guards and many of the trees.

Knosse: C'mon, let's get out of here!

Knosse extends his hands to help both of them up quickly and the three of them run together towards the exit of the forest. They jump through a wall of fire and roll on the grass outside the forest. After escaping the range of fire, they get up and dust off their pants. When they look ahead of them, they stand in shock. In front of them is another batallion of soldiers.

Lance: No way. That first batallion was just a distraction.
Lei: Whoever is in charge here knows what he's doing.

One soldier steps forth and speaks.

Soldier Leader: By orders of Ben and Jimbo, ranked 9th and 10th respectively, you will stand down and not resist arrest.
Knosse: Like hell that's going to happen.
Lance: That's right. You'd just kill us.
Soldier Leader: I have been instructed to tell you that you will be shown mercy if you give up.
Lance: Before we give our answer, I want to know how this was all thought out.
Soldier Leader: We received a letter from a higher up that expected you to come. Our leader, Ben, devised everything from there.
Lei: I see. In other words, we underestimated the intelligence of our enemy.
Soldier Leader: What say you now?
Lei: There's no way we're surrendering. From what you told us, your leader is a cold and calculating person. There's too much risk leaving us alive.
Lance: He's right. Well, I suppose there's no more point in holding back.

Lance draws Vex's Sword and holds it out.

Lance: Vexant (Referring to the sword), with you by my side I feel like I can cut through any enemy.
Lei: (Whispering) Knosse, has your flamethrower cooled down properly?
Knosse: (Whispering) Yeah. I hear you. Use it while they're bunched up.

Knosse immediately shoots off the flamethrower. It catches the soldier leader, but the rest of the batallion takes a few steps back to avoid it. The leader falls down dead.

Knosse: Well that didn't work as well as I thought. And now they know I have it.
Lei: Lance, we need to stay together and protect Knosse.
Lance: Sounds good. We need him for bombs and the flamethrower.

As dawn approaches, the soldiers charge all at once for the three of them. Knosse immediately takes out two bombs and explodes them in the front of the crowd. When they explode, it is shown that they are both shrapnel bombs. The explosion takes out quite a few of the soldiers while the bullets take out two or three extras while injuring quite a few.

At that moment, the three of them charge in. Knosse throws two more bombs, but these off to the side to the edges of the crowd of soldiers. Lance cuts through two soldiers at once and Lei charges up his Sekiha Hako. A soldier goes to attack him but Knosse pushes him away and shoots a few times to keep him away. After a few seconds, Lei uses the Sekiha Hako on a nearby soldier and the impact causes a few soldiers to get taken out.

Lance: We need to get in the middle! Follow me!

Lance cuts through a soldier and moves the three of them inward into the crowd. Once they have reached the middle, they keep defending off soldiers.

Lance: Lei! Get a spear! You'll need it for support!

Lei disarms a soldier and stabs him with a spear.

Lei: Got one!
Lance: Knosse!
Knosse: On it!

Lance and Lei get down again and Knosse fires off the flamethrower in all directions. He gets the majority of the soldiers, but they are also caught in a sea of fire. The three of them crash through the crowd and make it out. However, they are each caught on fire by their shirts and pants. They are at the edge of the sand and run through the sand area and jump into the water just in time. As they surface from the water, they breath very heavy.

Knosse: Shit...man that was close.
Lei: A little too close for my taste.
Lance: Let's not do that again.

The remaining bunch (Around six) of soldiers run away back towards the prison. Lei, Lance and Knosse climb back onto the sand. When they do, they all lie flat on their backs and begin laughing as they still are breathing heavy.

Lance: Now we just gotta go find X. *Sigh*
Lei: We're in no condition to do that now.
Knosse: I agree with him. Let's rest for a couple minutes.
Lance: Yeah haha.

The sun is now rising over the prison in the horizon and the three of them stare at it.

Lei: Well there goes our cover of night.
Lance: With any luck, we decimated most of them so our only problem is if another batallion finds us in our current condition.
Lei: Yeah. I'm just worried about X. X, where are you?

Though very exhausted, the three of them have put a dent in the forces of the prison. However, X is still alone and being pursued meanwhile. Next on Fighters Abroad!

Happy Hollidays from the cast of Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 118: Out of His Shadow, Into His Destiny

Not much time has passed since the sun has risen and X is still sleeping on top of the trees. Below, Ben is walking with a few soldiers. He comes to where X's tracks stop.

Soldier: Sir, we've looked for him all night. This is where his tracks stop.
Ben: And please tell me where you have searched.
Soldier: This entire forest. How could he suddenly stop his own tracks? Is he that good?
Ben: No. I refuse to believe that. The answer should be fairly obvious with half a mind.
Soldier: Sir?
Ben: The trees, you idiot!
Soldier: But sir, the branches are too spread apart and there was no sign of any cracks in them.
Ben: Then only one possibility remains. Take a look up.

The two of them look up to show the thick leaves up top.

Soldier: You can't mean...
Ben: Yes. He's been hiding up there. Look. The tracks stop here. When we had him at the prison, he had almost nothing on him. There is no sign of any track altering.
Soldier: Well done, sir.
Ben: It's time to smoke him out.

As these men are talking, X begins to wake from the noise.

X: Huh? Voices? That can't be good.

Ben draws a one sided axe and begins hacking away at the tree. X peers with his head while not moving his body, as he feels the vibration of the chopping. Finally the tree becomes too unstable and X is forced to move. He quickly jumps down and lands on a branch about halfway to the ground. He looks at Ben.

Ben: Found you.
X: Damn it. You're a lot smarter than I gave you credit for.
Ben: Will you fight now?
X: Shit. One way or another I might have to fight them. I have to take my chances.

X jumps down from the branch away from Ben and begins running away again.

Ben: Run all you want. You're heading into a trap.

Ben and his few soldiers begin chasing X again. X runs for quite a bit of time until he makes it through the forest. But on the other side of the forest, X finds himself at the base of a large cliff that makes an upside down U shape. Lined up at the rocks are around 30 soldiers with spears out.

X: Shit! Another trap!

In less than a minute, Ben and his 4 soldiers exit the forest and enclose the last open area for X.

Ben: Ready to give up now?
X: No. One way or another I'll make it out of here.
Ben: You really think you can do this in your position and condition?
X: It's not a matter of whether I think I can do this or not.
Ben: Admirable, but stupid. And what happens if you black out again?
X: What?! You know about that?
Ben: As I said, we knew you were coming. We had a few spies in Kaiten keeping tabs on you specifically.
X: Me? No, you can't be saying that family were spies.
Ben: Precisely.
X: That makes no sense. I blacked out so many times there. Why didn't they kill me?
Ben: It's strange. They reported that they were unable to kill you. It was a rather ambiguous letter.
X: Huh...
Ben: I already know that arm has been bugging you more than you are willing to admit. That it has been causing your black outs.
X: Really, now?

X smiles at Ben. Ben is taken back by it a bit.

Ben: What's so funny?
X: You're not the only one who thinks that. Even the rest of my group thinks the same thing.
Ben: You mean, it was something else?
X: The first time I passed out because of a rare sea sickness. That was on a ship. But in Kaiten, it was a completely different thing.
Ben: Explain.
X: I never blacked out because of my arm. The reason is because since a certain dream, I've been training three times harder than I ever have trained in my life.
Ben: Training?!
X: I've been training in secret. In Kaiten, even on the journey to here. I would wake up hours earlier than everyone else and nearly kill myself training.
Ben: It doesn't matter. All my data indicates that you are not strong enough to fight me here and now.

X looks at his bad arm an then looks at Ben.

X: In truth, my arm has been fairly mobile for a while now. But I haven't extensively tested it yet.

X begins unwrapping the bandages of his cast and then only the cast part remains. He begins to move his arm around and then punches forward with it. He smiles at Ben.

Ben: That isn't good. He can move his other arm. No matter. I still have the upper hand.
X: You know, for a smart officer, you're not very bright. The moment I moved this arm, you should have ran.
Ben: You're very over confident.
X: I wonder...which one of us is over confident?

X now begins to hear Claudius' voice in his head from the dream.

Claudius' Voice: Get your head out of your past, X. You can't keep this up. Truth is, I needed you more than you know. It's our unbreakable friendship that keeps me training harder and harder.
X: That's right.
Claudius' Voice: When next we meet, I hope you've become your own person and come out of my shadow.
X: I will, Claudius. Just watch me.
Ben: He's mine, men. Do not interfere unless I say so.

Ben draws his axe again. X grits his teeth and looks towards Ben with a serious look in his eyes.

Ben: Any last words before you die?
X: Just a few.
Ben: Then say them.
X: Until now, I have been in the shadow of Claudius. I have always followed his lead and only tried to copy him. But no more. I am my own person now. I AM X, THE ASSASSIN! AND YOU ARE MY TARGET, WHO IS ALREADY DEAD! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CTUynM7mW24 )

Immediately after these words, X charges forward with more speed than he has ever ran with. Ben is surprised by X's speed and reactionally swings his axe. X ducks under the swing and punches Ben hard in the stomach with his right (casted) arm. X then quickly kicks into Ben's stomach with his right leg and then round house kicks with his left. X then jumps up and gives Ben two quick punches in the face, one with each hand and then kicks off his face. Ben stumbles back.

Ben: What is this?!
X: Your destruction!

X charges again and quickly punches six times to Ben's chest. Ben punches X in the face and then swings his axe. X uses his left hand to smack the axe away by the hilt and then crosses his arms and putting his hands to his sides. He then pulls out both daggers and cross slashes Ben with them, getting a critical hit on his torso. X then jumps back a foot and then dashes forward and attacks through Ben. As he reaches the other side of him, an X of blood appears across Ben's torso and he falls down to his knees.

Ben: I must have...miscalculated somewhere.

With that Ben falls down dead and X readies himself to the rest of the soldiers that are ready to attack *Theme stops*.

X: Looks like I'll have to take you all on alone. I have no problems with that.
Male Voice: Not alone you wont!

X is surprised by the voice he hears and looks to the top of the cliff to see a familiar face. Standing at the top of the cliff is none other than Claudius himself. He has his normal outfit on and is smiling at X.

X: Claudius!
Claudius: That was certainly something, X. You've finally done it.

Claudius immediately jumps off the cliff and spreads his long coat out. He falls slowly as his coat catches the wind. He lands somewhat hard next to X and draws his short sword.

Soldier: A prisoner has escaped!
X: How the hell did you get out?
Claudius: We'll talk later. First, let's clear the area. I'd prefer to talk without all these guys eavesdropping.
X: I'm all for it.
Soldier: Don't worry, men. We outnumber them 34 to 2. We can take them!
Claudius: 34 soldiers, huh? This isn't anywhere near fair.
X: I agree. They'd need at least 50 to make this interesting.
Claudius: Ready, buddy?
X: Ready. Just don't go soft on me.
Claudius: Please. Don't forget who you are talking to.

The two of them charge away from the cliff where the four soldiers are ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUV9uhCAs-E ). The four soldiers charge as well and attack with their spears. Claudius knocks two of the spears out of their hands with his sword and slashes through them both. X dodges the other two and quickly cuts through them with his daggers. The rest of the guards start running towards them.

Claudius: Ready for THAT attack?
X: Haven't gone for a spin in a while. Let's do it.

X jumps high into the air forward and spreads himself out. Claudius throws his sword up and whips out the whip. The whip latches onto X's legs and Claudius begins whirling X around in a circular motion. X catches Claudius' sword in mid air and Claudius begins to whirl around X by the soldiers. They are completely helpless from this tactic and X cuts through a large majority of them with each revolution. When only around ten remain, Claudius throws X straight towards them by unlatching the whip and launching him that way. X cuts through several of the soldiers and then his feet hit the cliff. X backflips off the cliff and lands on his feet. He throws both of his daggers to kill two more soldiers. Now only one remains and he is sandwiched between X and Claudius. Claudius walks towards the soldier, but he is cut from behind from X.

Claudius: *Theme stops* That was easy enough. You feeling alright?
X: Just a little dizzy. It's been a while since we tried that attack.

Without saying another word, the two of them walk towards each other and hug each other for a second or two.

X: It's been a while. I missed you.
Claudius: Yeah. It's been a hard couple of months. But thanks to you, I was finally able to escape.
X: What do you mean?
Claudius: You guys drew most of the guards away from the prison. I wouldn't have been able to escape otherwise.
X: I see. You'll have to tell me about it.
Claudius: I will. It is important that you all hear of my adventures in prison.
X: Let's head back. I hope the others are OK. Agh.

X holds his right arm in slight pain.

Claudius: You might have overdid it with your arm back there.
X: Yeah, it's still healing. I could feel the pain even as I was fighting.

The two of them walk back through the forest while talking about the group's trip to the prison. When they make it through the forest, they see Knosse, Lance and Lei still lying down near the water. Lei is the first to notice Claudius and X and nudges the other two. A look of excitement appears on their faces as they stand up together.

Lei: Claudius! Welcome back!
Knosse: You're back already? Awesome.
Lance: Yo, I guess you can see I joined.
Claudius: Great to see all of you. From the looks of it, you guys really cleaned up around here.

The group looks around where there are countless dead soldiers and most of the area burned up.

Lance: Ah, it was nothing.
Claudius: We should probably get out of here while we can.
Lei: Why is that?
Claudius: I'll explain later. Things are going to get hot around here soon.
X: Where are we off to next?
Claudius: We should go to the town of Kine.
Lance: I know where that is, incidentally. And we have to go there anyway. For Vex.
Claudius: Alright. I'll lead us out of this prison area and you can take it from there, Lance.

Claudius leads them behind the prison and into the north section of the forest.

Claudius: You know, I really did miss you guys a lot. But I'm finally out of that dump, so let's get the hell out of here.

X has stepped up and become a stronger person physically and mentally. And now Claudius has returned to the group once again. There are now stories to tell of Claudius' time in the Myjuto Prison. Next time on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 119: Claudius Chronicles - Turn Back the Clock

Claudius is seen stepping outside the forest and the rest follow. It is near night time. Outside the forest is a small area of plains surrounded by more forest.

Claudius: Alright. We're out of the territory technically.
X: You think we should camp here?
Lance: I think that would be best.
Lei: Alright. Let's do that then.

The group sets up a dim camp fire and sit around it.

X: So tell us your story, Claudius. What happened during that time.
Claudius: Yeah. I wanted you all to hear this.
Knosse: It's probably boring as hell.
Claudius: Haha. I'll try to make it interesting for you, Knosse, but I won't make shit up.

[Months Ago - Jen's Ship]

Claudius is in the brig of Jen's ship with Tina sitting there, keeping watch.

Narrator Claudius: I had previously bargained myself for your freedom, as you probably know. True to my word, once the ships got far enough away from Neese Harbor, I gave myself up. So they locked me away till we reached Ivan.

Claudius: Tina, where are we headed?
Tina: There is a main prison that we have. It's in the middle of Ivan.
Claudius: Ivan? Isn't that a little inconvenient?
Tina: The security there is very good. It's not easy to escape, no matter what.
Claudius: There has to be some high ranking officer there then.
Tina: There is Ben, ranked ninth and Jimbo, ranked 11th.
Claudius: Jimbo? What the hell kind of name is that?
Tina: Hehe.
Claudius: Anyway, that's not too high. In case you haven't heard, I've taken down two ranked six's.
Tina: Yes. I heard that you were the one that took out Officer Tibi. Someone Jen envied.
Claudius: So in a sense, I did her a favor. She's not the only one, I suppose.
Tina: You did more bad than good in our eyes. Especially to the higher ups.
Claudius: I see. I'll do more damage next time.

Narrator Claudius: While I was in Jen's custody, I was treated fairly well in comparison. Even though I wasn't the one who actually killed Tibi, she didn't need to know that hah.

A few days pass. Jen walks up to the brig and sits in a chair next to it.

Jen: It's been a few days. I wonder if you plan on answering my questions now.
Claudius: What would that be?
Jen: I've read your reports. You're a mercenary, right? Why would you do all this for the rest of them?
Claudius: That's a good point. Maybe a few years ago I wouldn't have done this. Maybe I've gone soft. That's all.
Jen: I see.
Claudius: Don't worry. There's always room for you too. *Wink*
Jen: Ugh. Don't repulse me, boy. You got close enough to me the last time.
Claudius: Unfortunately, I wasn't of sound mind when that happened. I missed all the fun.
Jen: I remember. Now tell me. That group of yours. Where are they?
Claudius: Is that a serious question?
Jen: Yes. I have treated you well. In return, I would like to know the location.
Claudius: The longer I'm in your custody, the less I know. Last I knew, they headed back to Drek.
Jen: Drek?
Claudius: Right. I was the only one there at Neese Harbor.
Jen: You're lying. Why would you sell out your friends so easily?
Claudius: Friends? Hah. Those sons of bitches betrayed me and left me for dead off the cost of Neese Harbor. I barely made it to the harbor alive.

Claudius punches the floor and his face turns very angry.

Claudius: Damn! I wish I could get my hands on them! As far as I'm concerned, they deserve to die at the hands of the Myjuto Forces.
Jen: Calm down. It is only a matter of time before we find them. For your sake, I hope you live longer than they do.
Claudius: So then…they plan to kill me after all.
Jen: As far as I've heard, yes.
Claudius: Then why did they want me alive? This doesn't make sense.
Jen: I don't know.
Claudius: Last I checked, Jiron is in Drek. Without my help, they'll never defeat him.
Jen: Interesting. So you've had encounters with Jiron and survived. That's a rarity.
Claudius: It wasn't by any skill. There was a time where he could have finished us off and chose not to.
Jen: I wonder why.
Claudius: I think he wants to toy with us more. I won't let him next time.
Jen: You speak as if you're already out of custody.
Claudius: You speak as if such low ranked officers can keep me locked up.
Jen: Don't underestimate the prison and staff. Ben is a strong analyst. He knows that he and Jimbo couldn't take you 2 on 1 without first crippling you.
Claudius: I see.
Jen: And Jimbo is a hard slave driver. He will not give you an easy time.
Claudius: I'll keep that in mind.

Narrator Claudius: Sorry for badmouthing you guys, but it was a good cover for you I figured.
X: That's alright. It was for us, right? You didn't really mean what you said.
Knosse: Yeah. It's not like we're children.

More days have passed. Claudius notices that the ship has stopped moving. Jen promptly enters the room.

Jen: We have docked as you may have noticed. It's time.
Claudius: Right.
Jen: Let's go.

Jen unlocks the cell and takes Claudius outside. There, many soldiers are armed and ready to attack.

Jen: Stand down. He won't be a problem.

Jen leads Claudius off the ship and onto land. The land is just a beach with no surrounding city.

Claudius: Where are we?
Jen: It's a secret Myjuto rendezvous place for ships. We don't have to go by Ivan Port.
Claudius: Interesting. I underestimated your navigations skills.
Jen: Indeed you have. Now, Tina, blindfold him.
Tina: Right away.

Tina puts a blindfold over Claudius' eyes. She then connects a chain to his handcuffs.

Jen: We can't have you tracking down this place just in case you do escape.
Claudius: Clever. Looks like you don't trust the prison either.
Jen: Bah. Let's go, men.

Jen leads the walk on the beach and Tina follows behind, leading Claudius with the chain. Surrounding them are soldiers on all sides in a box like formation. They travel like this for a few days until they reach the prison area. They break formation and Tina and Jen lead Claudius to the front gate. They are let in and taken inside the prison. The inside is a metal interior with metal doors and the likes. They stop in a narrow corridor and someone opens up the door in front of them. Out steps a 5'7 tall man who is about average sized. He has light skin and is bald. He is wearing the traditional Myjuto Cloak, but the hood is ripped off (Signs of tear where the hood would be indicate so).

Jen: Jimbo, ranked 11th in the Myjuto Forces. Greetings.
Jimbo: And you are?
Jen: Jen, ranked 12th.
Jimbo: I see. And this is Claudius?
Jen: That is correct.
Jimbo: You may hand him over.
Jen: Very well. Go on, Tina.

Tina hands Jimbo the chain. Jimbo looks at Claudius.

Jimbo: What do you have to say for yourself?
Claudius: Did your parents hate you to name you Jimbo?
Jimbo: Pshh. Typical criminal scum. So, Jen. Would you or your assistant like to stay in my quarters tonight? I give special services to women like you.
Jen: Bah. Men. No, I think we've stayed long enough. Come, Tina.
Tina: Right.

Jen and Tina walk the opposite direction and exit the room.

Jimbo: Hah. Women always play hard to get.
Claudius: Yeah, I know what you mean.
Jimbo: Don't patronize me, boy.

Jimbo takes Claudius through the door.

Jimbo: Welcome to hell, prisoner.

To be continued…

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 1st 2012, 9:21 pm

Chapter 120: New Allies?

The current room is dim. Claudius is now tied up against the wall, hanging by his arms and legs spread out. His shirt is off. Jimbo is standing in front of him with a whip in his hand. He begins whipping Claudius across the torso.

Jimbo: Now, you're going to tell me what I want to know.
Claudius: …
Jimbo: Where is the rest of your group?
Claudius: How should I know? I haven't seen them in a while.
Jimbo: Don't play dumb!

Jimbo keeps on whipping Claudius. A guard walks up to Jimbo.

Jimbo: Guard! Get me Morio and Ben!
Guard: Yes sir.

The guard leaves the room. Jimbo proceeds to whip Claudius more.

Ben's Voice: That's enough, Jimbo.

Jimbo turns around to see Ben and Morio standing before him.

Jimbo: That was unexpectedly quick.
Morio: We were on our way here.
Ben: We came to check out this Claudius guy.
Morio: As usual, you're being far too cruel for your own good.
Jimbo: Be quiet, Morio.
Morio: Do not forget your rank. You are 11th while I am 10th.
Jimbo: But who is in charge of the prison, huh?
Ben: Actually, that would be me. You answer directly to me.
Jimbo: Fine then. What do you want?
Ben: We have things to discuss. Put him in his cell and let's be off.
Jimbo: Alright.

Jimbo takes Claudius down from the wall and leads him by a chain. They get into a large dark room with many typical looking cells. He unlocks one of the cells near the end of the room and then shoves Claudius in. Claudius hits the floor.

Jimbo: Now here is where you'll stay until your execution. Oh and here's your shirt.

Jimbo throws his red shirt through the bars and it lands on Claudius' back. Jimbo then walks away from the cell.

Claudius: What a jackass.

Claudius stands up and looks around the cell. It's very dark so not much is seen. On his right is a bunk bed with mediocre mats. To his left is pitch black but signs of another bed are there. All of the sudden, from the back of the cell, a high pitched girl scream is heard.

Claudius: Wait, what? A girl? Come out and let me see you.

From the black steps out a tall girl, standing around 5"10 with a slim build. Her face has this appearance ( http://i41.tinypic.com/fu1ait.png ignore the torso part, just the head). She is wearing this outfit ( http://www.3wishes.com/images/ninjastar-d.jpg ). ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nYJRsaJBZn4 ) She starts jumping up and down cheerfully while Claudius' mouth opens wide.

Girl: New cellmate! New cellmate!
Claudius: I think I just hit the jackpot! She's SMOKING! Uh, hi there.
Girl: You gotta see our new cellmate!
Claudius: Huh?
Man's Voice: Be quiet, Adria. I'm coming.

Another person comes out of the darkness. He is a short man, standing at 5"3 and average build. He is a light skinned man with short brown hair and glasses. He is wearing a white shirt and black pants. Over his shirt is a white lab coat. He looks to be in his mid 40s.

Claudius: You mean I'm not alone with this chick? Damn it. He must have been all over this one.
Adria: Dad, what are you doing? WE HAVE A NEW CELLMATE!
Man: I heard you the first five times. And yes, I counted.
Claudius: Dad? That's a relief. But then again, it would be too awkward to make a move on her.
Man: I am Dr. Conrad. But you can call me Conrad.
Claudius: Uh, nice to meet you.
Conrad: The noisy girl is my daughter…well adopted daughter but the technicalities don't matter.
Adria: I'm Adria! Welcome to our cell!
Claudius: Thanks. But what are you guys doing here in this prison?
Conrad: *Theme stops* I can explain. Care to sit down?
Claudius: Alright.

Claudius puts his shirt back on. He then sits down on the larger bed to the left with Adria and Conrad.

Conrad: If I'm not mistaken, you're a part of that group Fighters Abroad.
Claudius: Yes. How did you know?
Conrad: Rumors spread quickly around here.
Adria: Dad, did you see how buff he is? His muscles are even bigger than Ralto's!
Conrad: Yes, I did see. You must be very strong to have reached that constitution.
Claudius: It's always been my redeeming trait.
Conrad: Anyway, let's move on and explain why we're here. The two of us and a very close friend of mine began helping out people around here. And the Myjuto found out. And here we are.
Claudius: What the hell? You just cut to the end without explaining anything.
Adria: Hahaha. It's a bad habit of his.
Conrad: We went on missions to help citizens being oppressed by the Myjuto Forces.
Claudius: I see. So they found out and got you guys. Where is that third guy you mentioned?
Conrad: Ralto…the muscle of our group. He's in another cell. He is to be executed in a few months.
Claudius: I'm sorry. Apparently that is how it is for me too.
Conrad: I see. We'll just have to break you two out by then.
Claudius: We'll see. Anyway, you mentioned that you're a doctor. What type of doctor?
Adria: My dad's a genius!
Conrad: I'm a scientist. One of two great scientists in the world.
Claudius: Wait what? You mean there are only two great ones and you're one of them?
Conrad: That's right.
Claudius: Who is the other?
Conrad: An old friend of mine. We studied science together and researched many things together. This man is presumably in Sarzo right now.
Claudius: Wait, you mean…
Conrad: Yes. He is ranked fourth in the Myjuto Forces. Nero.
Claudius: Nero…never heard of him.
Conrad: Just how much do you know about the Myjuto Forces?
Claudius: A good amount. We've defeated a lot of them.
Conrad: Well then allow me to tell you the high ranking officers names.
Adria: Uncle Nero…why?
Conrad: Remember these names well. First ranked is Ento. It is said that he has never been touched in battle before. Second is Shim, the speed demon. Third is Jiron. If at all possible, avoid this man.
Claudius: Too late for that. We have encountered Jiron on multiple occasions.
Conrad: And you survived? You must be skilled. Fourth is Nero as I mentioned.
Claudius: So he's a genius like you. But what about battle?
Conrad: This is a rumor, but he apparently can use magic.
Claudius: Magic?! Are you kidding me?
Conrad: I've never seen him use it, and I certainly don't think it's possible. But beware of him.
Claudius: I will. Maybe he is using some sort of science.
Conrad: That is the same conclusion I came to. Fifth is Kyle. His strength is known throughout the forces. It is said that he single handedly took out the Sarzo police force.
Claudius: Wow.
Conrad: Sixth is Rio. His blade prowess knows no equal. Seventh is Hiiro, the staff warrior who is incredibly skilled. Eighth is Elvan, the bow master.
Adria: No way is he the best! That belongs to me!
Claudius: You are an archer?
Adria: Yep! I also use kunai. I'm a ninja.
Claudius: A ninja? You'll have to show me some moves later. Hell yeah hehe. And I already know about Ben, Morio and Jimbo. And then there's Jen being 12th.
Conrad: Yes, exactly.
Claudius: You seem to know a lot about the Myjuto Forces.
Conrad: With Nero being a very close friend of mine, it was easy to find out a lot about the group.
Adria: Will we have to kill Uncle Nero?
Conrad: I don't know, Adria. We have to believe he'll make the right choice when the time comes.

Claudius stands up and stretches a bit.

Claudius: Let's see what you two got. Both of you can come at me.
Conrad: I don't really fight unless I have some of my explosives with me.
Adria: Alright. I'll fight you.
Claudius: Excellent. If she's a ninja, she'll be nimble but she's probably not very strong.

Adria stands up and immediately does a front flip. She lands on Claudius' shoulders and uses her legs to bring him to the floor with a back flip supplex.

Claudius: Shit that hurt. I guess she's a lot stronger than she looks. Then again, she is as tall as me. Damn!

Claudius stands up again and gets ready. Adria does a spinning roundhouse kick to Claudius' face, but he blocks it with one hand.

Claudius: I see. So all your power is in your legs. You're strong for a girl.

Claudius steps back and awaits the next attack. Adria begins to kick again and again, while Claudius dodges each kick. Adria then puts her right hand on her left side and motions as if she were about to pull out a kunai.

Claudius: What?!

Suddenly Adria jump kicks high in the air. Claudius quickly dodges it and then puts his fist up to her face as she hits the ground.

Claudius: That was a nice trick, and you would have gotten away with it too. It took me a moment to remember that we're in a cell and there's no way you'd have a weapon on you now.
Adria: Awwww!
Claudius: *Retracts fist* I like your fighting style. You're also pretty fast. It's too bad I can figure out your next move while you normally kick.
Conrad: Looks like you got soundly beaten, Adria. Hahaha.
Adria: Maaaaan! I want to be strong like you!
Claudius: It takes a lot of training. Anyway, I think I'm going to get some rest. Which bed is the one I'll be sleeping on?
Conrad: This big one is Adria's, and I'm on the top bunk, so you're the bottom one.
Claudius: Alright. Thanks. It was nice to meet both of you. We'll talk more later.
Conrad: Yeah.

To be continued…
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Chapter 121: The Will to Survive

Claudius wakes up early in the morning (His coat is not on). The room is a lot lighter as the sunlight shines through the small open window with a few vertical bars blocking escape.

Claudius: Where…Where the hell am I?

Claudius bumps his head on the top bunk and then rubs his head.

Claudius: Oh, that's right. I'm in prison.

He looks over to Adria's bed, where she is sleeping very peacefully.

Claudius: She sleeps very soundly. I would have never guessed. Maybe she used too much energy greeting me yesterday. And then that doctor is above me. I wonder…can I trust them? They seem like good people.

Claudius rests in his bed for another hour until Conrad wakes up. He drops down off the bunk and sees Claudius awake.

Claudius: Good morning. What's up, doc?
Conrad: Good morning.

Just then, a guard barges into the cell very violently with two large ball and chains. At the end of them are ankle bracelets.

Guard: Long hair…come here.
Claudius: Sure.

Claudius goes up to the guard and he clips on the ankle bracelets. He then locks them with one key. The guard leaves without saying another word and slams the door shut.

Claudius: That was sudden. I guess they don't want me running around at full strength.
Conrad: Makes sense. To them, you're a top priority criminal.

Claudius walks around with the ball and chains attached. His movement is restricted a bit but not completely.

Conrad: How is it?
Claudius: Did they really think this would work? It only slows me down a little bit.
Conrad: Would make things harder for you when we all escape here.
Claudius: Escape…yeah. Like that's happening.
Conrad: What's wrong? You do plan on escaping, right?
Claudius: I don't know. I don't know if I have the guts anymore. Have I gone soft?
Conrad: I see. That's unfortunate.
Claudius: …Yo. How the hell is she still sleeping? That guard wasn't exactly quiet.
Conrad: Way to change the subject. She's a very heavy sleeper.
Claudius: Such a strange girl.

Adria immediately begins snoring pretty loudly. Claudius' face turns confused.

Claudius: Wow…
Conrad: I guess you can say she's always been a strange one. Ever since I found her.
Claudius: Found her?
Conrad: When she was very little, she had been taken from her home from bandits. They were killed in a skirmish though and Nero and I found her.
Claudius: Really?
Conrad: I took her in when she was there all by herself. I knew her family must have been far away. The only thing left to her was her name tag. It seems her original family named her Adria.
Claudius: It's a good name. And she seems like a good girl. You must be proud.
Conrad: I am. I'm just glad she didn't end up in another cell.
Claudius: Are there other women here besides her?
Conrad: Yes. The Myjuto don't seem to discriminate when it comes to prisoners.
Claudius: Don't you think they fear over population?
Conrad: As far as Ben is concerned, I bet he believes children will only weaken their will to fight back.
Claudius: That's harsh. That Ben guy. I heard he's a very calculating leader from Jen.
Conrad: He's smart tactically, yes. Makes me want to go up against him in wit.

Just then, Adria begins to wake up.

Conrad: She's waking. On good timing too. It's almost time to move out.
Claudius: Move out? I see. You'll have to walk me through the routine here so I can adjust.
Conrad: Don't worry. We'll help you out.
Adria: Goooooood morning!!
Claudius: Did it suddenly get brighter in here? Or is it me? Hahaha.

Not long after, the three of them are let out of their cells and head down the corridor into another room. There a bunch of other prisoners are in line for food and there are tables in the middle of the room. The three of them get in the back of the line, Adria, Conrad and then Claudius in that order. The guy that gets behind Claudius bumps into him and Claudius turns around and looks. This guy is a pretty tall guy with scars on his face and bald headed.

Prisoner: Let me in front of you, new chick. No, wait. You're a man.
Claudius: Just don't make that mistake again.
Prisoner: I was about to say "You're pretty ripped for a chick" hahaha.
Claudius: Yeah, I bet.

As the three of them get food, another prisoner walks up to Adria. This guy is also pretty tall and has long hair and has more of a rough complexion.

Prisoner: Hey, you. Give me your food.
Adria: No way you meanie!
Prisoner: Don't make me take it from you.

Claudius puts his food down on the table closest to them and steps between Adria and the thug.

Claudius: Back off, pal.
Prisoner: Hah. The new guy thinks he can push me around huh? Let me tell you something. 'Round here we have a system. You work your way to the top.
Claudius: Like hell if I care about your dumb system.
Prisoner: Don't fuck with us, new guy.

Claudius immediately gives the thug a hard punch right in the face. This sends him off his feet and to the ground hard out cold.

Claudius: So…am I at the top yet?
Adria: Wow! That was aweeeeesome!
Claudius: C'mon, guys. Let's just eat.

Claudius sits down where he put his food and Conrad and Adria sit across the table from him. They begin eating when a smaller prisoner with short hair sits next to Claudius.

Prisoner: Hey, that was pretty cool how you knocked out Greg in one shot like that. Most of us hate that asshole.
Claudius: Is that right? Well you're welcome.
Prisoner: I'm Crey.
Claudius: Claudius.
Crey: Just make sure you watch yourself. Be sure to get on Kenji's good side.
Claudius: Who's Kenji?
Crey: He's the top dog around here.
Claudius: I'll keep that in mind. *Smiles*
Conrad: What's that look for?
Claudius: If I'm going to be here for a while, I might as well earn some respect.
Conrad: So you're planning on taking out Kenji in a fight, huh?
Claudius: I've not traveled the continents fighting the toughest just to be intimidated by some mindless criminal.

After breakfast, the prisoners are all led outside in the back. There are countless amount of giant rocks piled up with pickaxes lying around. Ben is out there waiting for them.

Ben: Since we have a new prisoner here, I'll explain things once again. Just in case some of you have forgotten why you do this. You see, stone is a very important resource to us. But in large heaps, we can't use it. So you're going to make them smaller. Simple enough. Now get to work.

Claudius takes Conrad and Adria off to the side where they aren't as well noticed.

Claudius: Don't worry. I'll be able to do enough work to make it look like you did something.
Adria: Really? You're awesome!
Conrad: *sigh* You're a lifesaver. Before Ralto got transferred out into solitary, he did something similar.
Claudius: Right. Well just make it believable for me.
Conrad: Will do.

As the three of them get to work on the rocks, a couple other prisoners are looking over their way.

Prisoner 1: That's the new guy who knocked out Greg.
Prisoner 2: It seems he has allied himself with the old man and the girl.
Prisoner 3: He looks like a good guy. Helping them out like that.
Prisoner 1: Think we should tell Kenji about him?
Prisoner 3: Yeah. Sounds like a plan.

Some time later, Jimbo walks over to Claudius after everyone stops picking away.

Jimbo: Hey, scum. How you getting along with the inmates?
Claudius: Good. I think we're family already.
Jimbo: That's good. Because you're not getting out of here alive.
Claudius: Oh yeah?

Claudius motions towards Jimbo quickly and makes him flinch (Like this http://msfstat.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/11/mark-sanchez-flinch1.gif ).

Jimbo: Oh you dick. I'll get you back for that one.

Jimbo reluctantly walks away without retaliation.

Conrad: Hahahaha well done.
Adria: Wow! What a pussy!
Claudius: Adria…not so loud. You're going to get us in trouble. But that was funny.

Later on, they are back in their cell. They are sitting down on their respective beds (Except Conrad is sitting against the frame of Claudius' bunk). All of a sudden, the cell opens and the guard throws an envelope like a shruriken at Claudius. He catches it.

Claudius: A letter?
Guard: For you.
Claudius: From who?
Guard: Hell if I know. But I was instructed to give it to you.
Claudius: Could it be? X?!

The guard leaves and shuts the door as Claudius opens the envelope and pulls out a letter. He reads the letter intensely and grips the paper tightly. After he is finished reading it, he holds it close and then puts it back in the envelope. He sticks it on his bed and turns to his cellmates.

Conrad: What's wrong?
Claudius: I'll do it.
Conrad: What?
Claudius: I'll help you escape. We'll form an alliance and get out of this place.
Adria: All right!
Claudius: As of now, you two are honorary Fighters Abroad members until we leave here.
Conrad: Excellent.
Claudius: In order for us to grow closer and gain a good level of trust, I'll tell you my story.
Conrad: Really?
Claudius: You told me a lot about yourselves already. I can see you trust me already. To be honest, I still have my doubts. So allow me to tell you who I am, so you know who it is that you're helping.
Adria: Sounds good to me. Let's hear him, dad.
Conrad: Yes.
Claudius: Alright then. Be prepared. What I have to say is both happy and sad. But it's all true.

To be continued…
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Chapter 122: Ex Mercenary and In Love

Claudius: Alright then. Be prepared. What I have to say is both happy and sad. But it's all true.
Narrator Claudius: So I told them a bit about my past.

(Note that not everything you see is being told by Claudius. Mainly the important details are what is being narrated.)

[Sarzo - About 4 Years Ago]

A younger Claudius is walking through the streets of Sarzo. He is wearing this outfit ( http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif?t=1324111133 ) and his hair is slightly shorter than it is now. He is carrying a standard black backpack ( http://www.sausalitoferry.com/images/stories/Blog-Japanese-Erasers/old_blog/b7525205f656af66089cc4db417ae284.jpg ). Another guy with the same outfit and backpack walks up next to him. He has short brown hair and is light skinned.

Claudius: Oh, hey, Jushiro.
Jushiro: What's up, Claudius? You do your homework for Ms. T's class?
Claudius: Yeah. You?
Jushiro: Yeah. She's a total babe, man. I always do her homework.
Claudius: I know what you mean. She has to be at least a D cup bust.
Jushiro: It's too bad you're already hooked up. You could totally score with her.
Claudius: Wouldn't that be a little too weird for both of us?
Jushiro: Yeah, you're right. But we're almost graduated, so it will be cool after that.
Claudius: What do you mean "It WILL be"?
Jushiro: Oh, you know what I mean.

Both laugh together. They enter a building (Which is their school) and begin walking through the halls. The halls are wooden with smooth stone lockers. A bunch of girls in a standard Japanese skirt uniform begin looking Claudius' way as he passes through the halls.

Girl 1: Oh my gawd, it's Claudius.
Girl 2: I think he's staring right at me!
Girl 3: Like, no way. He's checking me out.
Girl 4: What the hell is wrong with you three?

Claudius: Don't.
Jushiro: But I haven't said anything yet.
Claudius: You were about to.
Jushiro: Am I that obvious?
Claudius: Yes.

Claudius looks behind him and sees another guy running up to him and Jushiro. He has a short bowl cut hairstyle and glasses.

Guy: Strato!
Claudius: Why do you always call me by my last name? It's Claudius.
Jushiro: What's your problem this time, Adam?
Adam: I will not let you have my girl! Prepare to fight!
Claudius: Okay.

Adam takes off his glasses and charges at Claudius. He throws a punch, but Claudius casually sidesteps. He then grabs Adam by the back of the head and slams his face down into the floor. He then crouches down.

Claudius: You dumb ass. I already have a girlfriend. I'm not going to steal your girl. Hope you're still conscious. Don't be late for class.
Jushiro: Nice one. I think you really got to him this time.
Claudius: *Sigh* Let's go, Jushiro. We don't want to be late either.

Claudius and Jushiro walk a little farther down the halls and then enter a standard looking classroom. A good mix of guys and girls are in the room already.  Claudius sits down in middle of the second row of desks. Jushiro sits two desks to the right of him by the window (The desks are set up 5 wide and 5 long). Not long after, a woman walks in the room. She is a fairly tall woman who is about average build and light skinned. She has long blackish blue hair and is noticeably busty. She's wearing a cleavage revealing dress shirt and a short skirt.

Ms. T: Alright, everyone. Sit down. It's time to start. I hope everyone did their homework.

Everyone stops talking and sits down. She begins to go on in a lecture about literature. Claudius leans his head against his hand and tries to pay attention as he gets tired. Suddenly, his mind wanders.

Claudius: Is it time yet? I know I'm still in high school, but I'm almost out. Can I even make the kind of commitment now?

Claudius' mind wanders more and he doesn't notice the teacher walk up to him until she is inches away. She leans over to him, revealing more of her chest area.

Ms. T: Is my class boring? Do you need a nap, Mr. Strato?
Claudius: Uh no, Ms. T. It's a good class, really!
Ms. T: (Whispering) You naughty boy. I see now. You're staring at my breasts.
Claudius: What? No! I wasn't!

The teacher winks at Claudius and turns around. Claudius' nose starts to bleed. He looks over to see Jushiro holding back from laughing at him. He brushes it aside and wipes his nose of the blood. After class, Claudius and Jushiro are walking out of school and walk through the streets.

Claudius: Man, that was really weird earlier. I thought for a second that she was going to get me in big trouble.
Jushiro: That was hilarious, man. Her boobs were right in your face.
Claudius: Yeah. And she thought I was staring at them. Well…I kinda was. But what do you expect when they're right there in front of my face like that?
Jushiro: I know. But still, that's a pretty lucky view.
Claudius: Yeah, haha. Listen, Jushiro. I gotta go meet Morra. See you later.
Jushiro: See you tomorrow.

The two of them walk their separate ways. Claudius makes his way through the city until he reaches a small playground. There is a bench there where Morra is sitting. She is wearing a blue casual top and light blue skirt. She sees Claudius and stands up. They hug for a few seconds.

Claudius: Hey, baby. You weren't here long, were you?
Morra: No. How was school?
Claudius: It's school.
Morra: Aww that's no fun. You never tell me anything about school.
Claudius: What's there to tell? I went to class, learned virtually nothing, checked out some girls, beat up some guy…
Morra: Wait, you checked out girls?!
Claudius: Hahaha. I'm just kidding. I was seeing if you were actually paying attention or just asking for manners.
Morra: Haha you're funny.
Claudius: You had practice today, right? How was that?
Morra: I got to spar with a few today. My technique is getting good. I'll be a full fledged samurai soon.
Claudius: Sounds good. You could always spar with me if you want. I'm not the best with swords, but I know how to fight.
Morra: I remember. While I was still a trainee you saved me right here in this playground.
Claudius: Yeah. I got a girlfriend out of saving you and I got paid for it since it was my mercenary target.
Morra: Hey, you ready to go?
Claudius: Yep. Let's go.

Claudius and Morra leave the playground and go through the market district where there are many shops set up. Morra takes Claudius by the hand and drags him into a clothing store.

Claudius: Need new clothes huh? That's cool with me.
Morra: Thanks. You're the best.
Claudius: I know.

Morra takes Claudius over to the women's section and grabs a whole bunch of clothes. She goes into the dressing room.

Claudius: Hey, can I come in? Hehe.
Morra: Keep your pants on. I'll just be a minute.
Claudius: Right…whatever a minute is to you haha.

Claudius wanders off over to the men's section to look. There is a special in the front. He sees a rare heavy long black trench coat hanging in the front on sale.

Claudius: Woah. Look at this thing. So cool. I'm buying it.

Morra comes out of the dressing room after about ten minutes. She sees Claudius with a box.

Morra: Nothing I really liked. Sorry. Say, what do you have there?
Claudius: I bought myself a trench coat. Fits perfectly too. So this trip wasn't a total loss.
Morra: Well I'm glad you found something. I think my butt is getting bigger…things aren't always fitting right.
Claudius: Don't be discouraged. It looks nicer now.
Morra: Wow…you're a real pervert you know?
Claudius: Hey, shut up. You ready to go to dinner?
Morra: Dinner?
Claudius: Yeah, why not?
Morra: Sure. As long as you're paying.
Claudius: Don't I always pay for it?
Morra: Good point.

Later that night, Claudius is walking home alone.

Adria: WAIT! You totally skipped the most romantic part!
Narrator Claudius: Yeah, it was a nice dinner and it was romantic and stuff.
Adria: Tell me all the juicy details!
Narrator Claudius: No, I'd rather not. You'll understand soon enough.
Adria: Oh whatever! Just continue already.

Claudius walk through a door and goes inside a wood based interior.

Claudius: I'm home.

He takes off his shoes and goes through a hallway and then turns left into a room. Inside are a few couches and seats. There is also a fireplace and attached is the kitchen. Sitting on the couches are two people. The first is a man who has a similar face to Claudius only in his 40's. He has shoulder length black hair and is wearing black dress clothes. The second is a woman who looks to be in her late 20s. She has long black hair and is wearing a black dress.

Cassius: (Claudius' dad, pronounced kass-ee-us) Welcome home.
Lydia: (Claudius' mother) How was the date with Morra?
Claudius: Good.
Cassius: Come sit down, Claudius. There is something we want to discuss with you. It's about Morra.
Claudius: Alright.

Claudius sits down between them.

Cassius: We need to know. Do you plan to marry her?
Claudius: …Why are you asking?
Lydia: We're just concerned.
Claudius: …Yes, I do. I plan to ask her after I graduate high school.
Cassius: I see.
Claudius: Let me guess. I'm too young, right?
Lydia: No, that's not it.
Cassius: We support your decision 100%. That's why I want to give you this.

Cassius pulls out a small jewelry box and opens it to show a diamond ring.

Claudius: A diamond ring? I don't know what to say.
Cassius: It was your grandfather's. Before he died, he instructed me to give it to you when you were ready.
Claudius: Grandpa…father…mother…thank you.

Cassius hands Claudius the box.

Lydia: Now, with that said…
Claudius: Oh, here it comes.
Cassius: No, you need to hear this. Go on, Lydia.
Lydia: You are young yet. You need to know that it's not easy being married. There are a lot of responsibilities.
Claudius: I know. I see that with the two of you. Can I count on your help?
Cassius: Of course.
Claudius: Thanks. I know I'll need it.


Claudius: That was that day.
Conrad: What is the significance of that particular day?
Claudius: It wasn't so much the day itself. It was more of what happened the next day.

To be continued…

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 14th 2012, 4:04 pm

Chapter 123: Ex Mercenary and Without Love

Note that Claudius is also explaining all of this to Lance directly as well as inside the story to Adria and Conrad. Lance is the only remaining member of the group that does not know this story. Also, Happy Valentines day. I swear I didn't perfectly time these past two relevant chapters to the holiday on purpose. But I'll certainly take the irony of the situation and make the best of it.

Both flashbacks now break and Claudius is back at the campfire for now.

Claudius: As I told Adria and Conrad, I'll now continue the story with you, Lance. Are you following so far?
Lance: I am. So, this teacher. Was she really all that hot?
Claudius: Yeah, definitely. I'll get back to her later.

[Myjuto Prison - Months ago[Sarzo - About 4 Years Ago - The Next Day]] (If this makes any sense)

The next day, Claudius wakes up inside his room. He has a pretty plain room with white walls and a king sized bed next to a window. A lot of his clothes are strewn across the floor, and not much is on his wooden dresser.

Claudius: Morning already? Ah shit, school today.

Claudius gets ready and takes a turkey sandwich with him to go while he walks to school. He eats it quickly on the go. As he takes the last couple of bites, Jushiro walks up next to him right on queue.

Jushiro: Morning, Claudius.
Claudius: Hey, Jushiro.
Jushiro: Ready for another fulfilling day at school?
Claudius: Haha yeah. Whatever that means.
Jushiro: Our grades will be posted on the wall today. You ready to see who's are better?
Claudius: Yeah. I'm confident I'll be somewhere in the top 15.
Jushiro: Same here.

Conrad: You and your friend seemed to have a pretty strong friendship.
Narrator Claudius: Jushiro was always a pretty good friend. I haven't seen him in a long time though.
Adria: Aww.
Narrator Claudius: Ever since the attack on Sarzo, I haven't seen him. I don't know if he's even alive.

Claudius and Jushiro enter school and go up to the wall where the grades are posted.

Claudius: Alright. Let's see…hah. Sixth place in the class.
Jushiro: Not bad, man. No one would have expected a guy to get as high as sixth.
Claudius: Where did you rank?

Jushiro points over to his name, which is ranked at fourth.

Claudius: Shit. Looks like you beat me.
Jushiro: The top three girls must have had crazy high scores to be able to beat mine.
Clauidus: I'll say. Mine were pretty damn high too.

Just then, Ms. T comes around to the class.

Ms. T: Alright, people. Get in the classroom so we can start.

After school that day, Claudius approaches the teacher in the room.

Claudius: Uh, Ms. T? May I talk to you for a moment?
Ms. T: Sure, Claudius. What is it?
Claudius: I couldn't help but notice you winking to me yesterday. I'd like to ask your intentions of doing so.
Ms. T: Why? Do you think I was trying to be provocative?
Claudius: Not at all…
Ms. T: Because you'd be right.
Claudius: Oh…well I'm in a relationship already. I'm sorry.
Ms. T: Really?
Claudius: And besides…wouldn't it be awkward for a teacher and student getting together?
Ms. T: Yes. But you're almost finished.
Claudius: Nevertheless…
Ms. T: No, I understand now. However, should things go wrong, I'll be here.
Claudius: Thanks.
Ms. T: You're a very attractive young man. I respect that you're in a relationship though.
Claudius: Right. I think I should go now. See you on Monday.
Ms. T: Yeah.

Claudius leaves the room where Jushiro is waiting for him. They begin walking away.

Jushiro: So how was it?
Claudius: I gotta say…that was really really weird.
Jushiro: Did you lose your shit in there?
Claudius: No, surprisingly. She took it pretty well and so did I.
Jushiro: So she really was attracted to you.
Claudius: Yeah.
Jushiro: Man, you're one lucky bastard.
Claudius: Hey, I worked pretty hard to maintain these looks. You could probably get a few girls yourself if you stopped acting like such a pervert.
Jushiro: I guess you're right.

Claudius goes over to a locker and opens it. He pulls out his trench coat box and opens it. He throws on the trench coat.

Jushiro: Sweet new coat.
Claudius: Thanks. I bought it while shopping with Morra yesterday. You ready?
Jushiro: Yeah.

The two of them leave the school and begin walking along the streets for a while until they reach a wide open abandoned street. Morra stands in front of the two of them in her samurai outfit.

Claudius: Hey there. Is there a reason you called me out here?
Morra: There is.

Morra draws her katana and points it at Claudius.

Claudius: I see. You wanted to spar, huh?
Morra: No. Not spar. I want your head, Claudius.
Claudius: What?!
Jushiro: What's going on, Claudius?
Claudius: I have no idea. Morra, what is going on?!
Morra: You dishonorable cretan. I have no need to explain myself to the likes of you.
Claudius: Jushiro, I have no idea what's gotten into her, but you want to stand back.
Jushiro: You're not going to fight her, are you?
Claudius: I don't know. I'm really confused right now. Please, stay back. I don't want you to get hurt.

Jushiro does as instructed and stays well behind Claudius. Claudius begins to walk towards Morra nervously.

Claudius: Listen, Morra. We can talk about this. I can't help if you don't tell me what's wrong.
Morra: Die, you filth!

Morra charges at Claudius full speed and slices at him. Claudius evades the strike and then another. Claudius grabs her hands and looks straight at her.

Claudius: What's the matter? This isn't like you.

Morra kicks Claudius in the nuts, which makes him recoil back in massive pain. She raises her blade and then brings it down. Suddenly, the sword flies out of her hand and it is shown that Claudius reached into his coat and brought out his chain whip. She steps back and grabs her sword from the ground.

Morra: You've had it all this time?! What's the matter? Never trusted me?!
Claudius: Of course I did. But an abandoned area like this could be dangerous. Of course I'd bring a little insurance. I didn't think it would have to be from you. Wait…is that what this is about?
Morra: …
Claudius: There's another man, isn't there?

Morra looks away, refusing to answer.

Claudius: I see. To cover up your own guilt, you want to kill me.

Morra charges at Claudius in anger and slashes at him rapidly. Claudius is able to avoid each attack. He then latches his whip down onto one of Morra's ankles and then trips her to the ground with it. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Ph_ZCQEu1s this plays fairly softly in the background )

Claudius: You've made up your mind then? This is really what you want?

Morra begins sobbing at his question.

Claudius: Right. Then I guess it's best to say what's on my mind now before I walk away. You knew that I was popular with the ladies when we first starting dating. And yet, this entire time, I haven't been unfaithful by any means. I treated you like no other man will. Hell, I was going to ask you to marry me after I had graduated high school.

Morra's face turns shocked.

Claudius: Yeah, that's right. I don't know where you got all your ideas, but it was stupid of you to follow them. Well, what's done is done. I won't kill you here, though by all rights I should. If we meet again, God help us both. Goodbye.

Claudius turns around and starts to walk away. Jushiro looks very upset, as he can see the facial expression on Claudius' face.

Claudius: Jushiro…why does it always rain in moments like these?

Jushiro looks at the clear skies.

Jushiro: I don't know. Perhaps it's the sky's way of showing their sympathy.

As Claudius continues to walk away, a gust of wind blows in the opposite direction. From Morra's point of view, Claudius' trench coat begins fluttering in the wind as he walks away from her, like a Superhero. The screen then fades to black slowly.

Narrator Claudius: My parents were right when they warned me. In hindsight, I was far too young and so was she. I haven't seen Morra since. But I heard that she moved out of Sarzo with that other guy. I couldn't sleep for two days straight. I luckily had the help of both my parents and my friends. *Theme stops*

[Myjuto Prison]

Adria: That's awful! How could anyone do something like that?
Claudius: I don't know. It's not as if I ever got a fully straight answer out of her.
Conrad: I'm sorry.
Claudius: You don't have to be. As I told her, what's done is done.

Lance: That's really messed up, man. But I have a question.
Narrator Claudius: Shoot.
Lance: That teacher again…
Narrator Claudius: Right. I told you I'd get back to her. Yeah, after I graduated, I took her up on her offer. We did it right on her desk at her classroom.
Lance: Woah. That's awesome.
Narrator Claudius: Let me tell you, Lance. That was some of the hottest sex ever.
Lance: Sounds amazing. I gotta try this.
Narrator Claudius: You owe it to yourself once in your life to go do something like that.
Lei: Leave it up to these two to turn a compelling sob story into a story about sex.
X: Tell me about it. Hey, Claudius. It wasn't long after all that, was it?
Narrator Claudius: No, it wasn't.
Knosse: What are you talking about?
Narrator Claudius: It wasn't long after I graduated that I met X for the first time.

To be continued…
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Chapter 124: A Mercenary Once Again - A Mercenary To Be

[Sarzo - About 3 Years Ago]

Months have passed since the incident with Morra. It is sometime in the morning. We see Ms. T walking up to the house where Claudius lives. She's wearing a revealing skirt and shirt combo again. She knocks on the door and Lydia answers.

Lydia: Ah, you're Ms. Travis. Hello.
Ms. T: Just call me Jennifer.
Lydia: You were one of Claudius' teachers, right? What brings you here?
Jennifer: I'm here to see your son.

Lydia turns around to see Cassius looking out to see who it is.

Lydia: Dear, can you get Claudius?
Cassius: Yeah, sure.

Cassius goes to the kitchen where Claudius has just finished up a cup of tea. He has his current outfit (Trench coat, red muscle shirt, etc) on now.

Cassius: So that's the one you've been going with, huh?
Claudius: Yeah.
Cassius: You're banging your former teacher?
Claudius: Yep.
Cassius: I'm disappointed in you. Why the hell didn't you tell me earlier? She's a total babe.
Claudius: *Smiles* I didn't want you drooling all over her and embarrassing me.
Cassius: Point taken. She's waiting for you. You'd better go.

Claudius stands up and walks past his father. As he does, they high five. He goes outside where Jennifer is waiting.

Jennifer: Hey.
Claudius: Looking good, Jenny.
Jennifer: Was I too early?
Claudius: Nah. They were bound to see you eventually anyway.
Jennifer: I guess you're right. Let's go.

Meanwhile, inside the house…

Lydia: Did you see her? She's dressed very inappropriately!
Cassius: I know, she must have been at least D cup.
Lydia: *Glare*
Cassius: Sorry. Well at least we know where Claudius gets his taste from.
Lydia: Still, she's at least 10 years older than him. That might not turn out well long term.
Cassius: Do you really think he's looking for long term out of her?
Lydia: *Sigh* I guess you're right. Not after what happened with Morra.

After some time, Claudius and Jennifer are sitting together at a diner type of restaurant. They're both sipping coffee while talking.

Claudius: There's something I need to talk to you about.
Jennifer: What is it, Claudius?
Claudius: Yesterday, I saw my old mercenary boss. He really wanted me to go back.
Jennifer: Really? So are you going to do it?
Claudius: I'm not sure. I need time alone to think. That's why I'm leaving Sarzo for a little while.
Jennifer: What do you mean?
Claudius: I'm going to travel around the area for a little bit. I know it sounds odd, but I think it will help. With that said, I won't be able to see you until I return.
Jennifer: I see…
Claudius: I'm sorry. We'll do a lot together once I come back.
Jennifer: How did you get into the whole mercenary business?
Claudius: My dad was a mercenary in the earlier years of my life. Getting in was easy once I was old enough.
Jennifer: And you enjoyed it?
Claudius: There was a certain satisfaction, yes. That's the reason I'm considering in the first place.

The screen fades to black. The next morning, Claudius exits his room and there both of his parents are there standing in the hall.

Claudius: Good morning.
Cassius: So, you're really leaving today, huh?
Claudius: Yes. I'm sorry, this is something I have to do.
Cassius: No, it's alright. You've been through a lot these past months. Just be careful.

From inside Claudius' room, sleep talking is heard. Lydia puts her hands on her hips.

Lydia: She's in there, isn't she?
Claudius: Haha…well funny you mention that…

Inside Claudius' room, we see Jennifer huddled under the covers. We hear Claudius yelling "OW" in pain repeatedly. A few hours later, Claudius is outside with his backpack. His parents and Jennifer are there with him.

Claudius: Alright, well I guess this is it. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but I'll be back soon.
Lydia: Be careful.
Claudius: I will.

Claudius turns and walks away. Eventually he is out of sight.

Cassius: He's all grown up now.

Lydia immediately turns to Jennifer and looks at her with a somewhat evil look.

Jennifer: Uh…can I help you?
Lydia: I want to know what you've been putting him up to.
Jennifer: Nothing. Well OK, I was the one that initially came on to him. But that's it, I swear.
Cassius: Lydia, that's enough. So tell me, Jennifer…what size…

Lydia punches him in the face.

Lydia: You're just as bad, if not worse, than him!

Claudius has now been traveling in a small desert area. It is a day later. He sees a fortress like village ahead. It's a white village with a white outer wall. When he reaches the village, he is greeted by a man in Revume clothes and a white hood.

Claudius: Woah. Nice outfit.
Man: Have you business with the Revume clan?
Claudius: Clan? Clan of what? I'm just a traveler.
Man: Right. This way.

The man leads Claudius inside the village. The ground is all sand, but the buildings are built with stone. As they walk by the scenery, a lot of people are seen fighting each other hand to hand. They are all wearing similar clothes.

Claudius: I see. So you guys fight. Mercenaries by chance?
Man: Not exactly.

The man leads Claudius inside a large building. Sitting in the back of the room that ensues is Roy. He is on a big seat and has two guards at his sides.

Roy: I see we have a visitor. Have you called for our assistance?
Claudius: No, I'm merely a traveler. However, I am interested in what you do.
Roy: We are assassins. We strive to kill those would cross certain boundaries.
Claudius: Certain boundaries…?
Roy: When someone wants a person dead, we check the reason for their warrant. Then we decide whether it is worth our while.
Claudius: So it is almost like a mercenary.
Roy: You have the look of a fighter. Are you a mercenary?
Claudius: Yeah…well it's complicated.
Roy: Would you like to test your strength against one of our own?
Claudius: Sure thing.
Roy: Alright. Get Troy out here.
Guard 1: Yes, sir.
Roy: My name is Roy Falcon. You will fight my son. He's average for one of us at best, but maybe he'll do.
Claudius: Alright then.

The guard brings X (Still Troy) into the room. He is hooded though.

Troy: You called, father?
Roy: Spar with this man in hand to hand.
Troy: Yes, father.

The two fighters face each other in the middle of the room.

Roy: Begin.

Troy immediately rushes for Claudius. He throws a punch, which is blocked by Claudius. Troy quickly does a sweep kick, which trips Claudius up. He hits the floor, but recovers quickly.

Claudius: You're a fast one, aren't you?

Claudius puts up his guard and blocks two more kicks from Troy. He then dodges a punch and then punches him in the stomach. He then kicks Troy to the ground which takes off his hood.

Troy: Wow…what pure strength.
Claudius: Read for more?
Troy: Sure.

Troy stands up and readies himself. Claudius throws a punch, but Troy dodges it and quickly punches Claudius twice in the stomach. He then tries to follow up with another one, but Claudius grabs his arm. He then punches Troy in the stomach twice himself, but harder punches. He then uppercuts him which sends him to the floor.

Roy: That's enough.

Troy lies on the floor until Claudius helps him up.

Claudius: You're pretty good.
Troy: Yourself as well. You punch like iron.

Later on, Claudius is sitting at a table with a lot of food spread out. Roy and Troy are both sitting there as well as a few other Revume members.

Roy: So tell me, traveler. What brings you all the way out here?
Claudius: I needed to get away for a while. I need to decide whether to become a mercenary again or not.
Roy: Well, do you like it?
Claudius: Well yeah, I do.
Roy: Then why not do it?
Claudius: It's dangerous work. I could endanger my family.
Roy: Then you make yourself strong enough to protect both yourself and your family.
Claudius: Right…
Roy: You have plenty of potential. With some refined skills, you could be a deadly fighter.
Claudius: You think so?
Troy: You definitely do.
Claudius: I see…hmmm….

Claudius eats and then is showed to a guest room. The next day, Claudius walks outside. A bunch of people are bunched up talking. They see Claudius and look at him.

Claudius: Can I help you with something?
Man: There's trouble today. One of our own members has committed a horrible act of crime.
Claudius: Really? That's unfortunate.
Man: It may not be safe for you here.
Claudius: Alright. I was planning on leaving soon anyway. Please send my regards to Mr. Roy.

Claudius gets his stuff together and leaves the village. He travels for about ten seconds before he hears a voice.

???: Wait!
Claudius: What is it?
???: Where are you going?
Claudius: I'm going back to Sarzo to become a mercenary like I once was.
???: Take me with you, please. I have nowhere to go.

Claudius turns around and sees X with his hood covering his face.

Claudius: Isn't this your clan?
X: I've just been exiled. My name is X.
Claudius: X? What a name. If it makes you feel better, you can call me C.
X: That won't be necessary. What is your name?
Claudius: It's Claudius. Come with me if you wish to become a mercenary. Other than that, I have no use for you.
X: Thank you. I won't disappoint!

X follows Claudius for a little bit, when he stops.

Claudius: You sound familiar. Have we met? Take off your hood and let me see your face.

X takes off the hood. His face has bruise marks on it.

Claudius: Wait, it's you. Roy's son. I thought your name was…
X: I don't want a name given to me by that bastard.
Claudius: I see. So then it was you they were talking about. What exactly did you do?
X: I didn't do anything wrong. I'll tell you about it on the way back.

Narrator Claudius: (To the group) Well, you know the rest.
Lance: Yeah. X Has filled us in on the rest.
X: Right.

[Myjuto Prison]

Claudius: Well, that's about it.
Adria: So this X, who is he?
Claudius: He's my best friend now. And I guess you can he leads Fighters Abroad in my absence.
Conrad: Interesting. So you did become a mercenary after all.
Claudius: Right. It wasn't long before I got back in the business and had X watching my back. Well, now you know a lot more about me. Now it's time to train!

To be continued…

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Chapter 125: Bulking Up for Escape

Claudius wakes up the next day around the same time Conrad and Adria do. After exchanging pleasantries, they get down to business.

Claudius: Alright. First, I need to work up the strength to move well enough in these chains.
Conrad: You already do. You need to get bigger weights. Make sure they know you can move well and they'll be sure to give you a heavier weight.
Claudius: Right. I'll do that. But first, my morning exercise.

Claudius puts his feet high up on the canopy that holds the bunk bed together. He then hangs off the side of the bed with Adria latched onto his torso. Claudius then starts to do sit ups in that position.

Conrad: I'm impressed you can do sit ups competently with Adria on your back.
Adria: Not even Ralto could do this!
Claudius: You're yelling in my ear, Adria. Please be quiet.
Conrad: It's true though. You're even stronger than he is.
Claudius: I don't need patronization. I'm not where I need to be yet.

After the sit ups, it is time for breakfast. Claudius begins running around the room until he stopped by a guard.

Claudius: You see that? That's what I think about your stupid leg weights.
Guard: Very well. I'll arrange for heavier ones to be put on.
Claudius: Wait no! Please don't! I didn't mean it like that!!!

During breakfast, another man sits next to Claudius. He has medium length brown hair and a mustache. He is pretty tall, around 6'0 and is pretty well built.

Man: Hey, you're the new guy right?
Claudius: Yeah.
Man: I'm Kenji. I run the show around here. You see, my second in command has a bone to pick with you. He thinks you've been acting too cocky.
Claudius: That right? So he wants to fight, huh? Tell him he's on. I haven't had a good fight in a while.
Kenji: Excellent. I look forward to seeing your skills.

After breakfast, Claudius is taken over to a guard who puts on much heavier leg weights. Outside, everyone is huddled in a very large circle. Inside the circle is a tall man at around 6'2 and very built. He has short black hair and looks to be in his late 20s.

Kenji: You ready, Tenno?
Tenno: Yeah. Where is that coward?!

Just then, some people begin to get pushed through as Claudius appears in the circle ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=097cwlSGeNo ).

Tenno: So you finally showed your face around here!
Claudius: I was getting new leg weights. Deal with it. I heard you have a problem with me.
Tenno: I do, punk. And I'm going to beat you into submission!
Claudius: Just try it. I'm not exactly used to these weights but they'll be a nice handicap for you.

Tenno gets enraged and goes for a punch. Claudius blocks it with his hand and pushes him back.

Claudius: I expected you to be a lot stronger.
Tenno: You cocky bastard!

Tenno charges and punches twice. Claudius dodges both punches and then lands a punch of his own to Tenno's face. This sends him to the ground hard.

Claudius: Done already?

Tenno is slow to get up. He gets up and then readies himself. At this point, Claudius is just smiling as he is just toying with him. Claudius gives Tenno one more punch on the side of the face, which makes Tenno slide back a little bit but knocks him unconscious almost instantly. After a few seconds, he naturally falls over.

Claudius: Listen up, everyone. I am Claudius, leader of Fighters Abroad. Don't underestimate us! *Theme stops*

Kenji walks into the middle, clapping.

Kenji: Very nice, Claudius. You can be my second in command if you want.
Claudius: No thanks.
Kenji: What?
Claudius: I just want to be respected and for my friends to be left alone.
Kenji: Very well. Everyone, listen. None of you are to lay a finger on Claudius or his two cell mates.
Claudius: Thank you, Kenji.

After that, Claudius, Adria and Conrad are back in their cell.

Adria: What's next?
Claudius: Leg lifts. I won't need your help here. But I will for my push ups.

Claudius wraps the chains around his ankles and lies on the floor. He then begins to do leg lifts with the new weights.

Conrad: How do the new weights feel?
Claudius: Much better. This will also increase my speed once we're out of here.

After that exercise, Adria sits on Claudius' back as he does clap push ups (Clap once you push up and land back on your hands). This scene now fades into a few months later where Claudius is doing these push ups much easier and faster. He is shown doing each exercise with more efficiency and speed. His figure is now a little bit more built than before. Now, the three of them are on their respective beds after a workout. It is mid day.

Claudius: I really need a nap. Just a few hours.

Claudius falls asleep fairly quickly. He is put into a completely white area. He looks around to see nothing and walks straight for about a minute until he sees a figure coming toward him.

Claudius: Well, if it isn't good old X…just the man I needed to see.

Claudius and X meet up.

Claudius: Hey there.
X: It's been a while. How are you?
Claudius: Well, considering I'm in prison, not amazing. You don't look so great yourself *Points to X's arm*
X: It got broken during a big fight. I'm still kicking myself for it.
Claudius: Is that right? Tell me everything. I'm interested in hearing.

Later on in the dream…

Claudius: That's the X I know. When next we meet, I hope you've become your own person and come out of my shadow.
X: Yeah. Me too.

The two of them begin fading.

Claudius: Looks like our time is up.
X: Yeah.
Claudius: It's been great, buddy.
X: Definitely. We're coming for you, Claudius. Sit tight. For once, I'm going to save you!
Claudius: I can't wait. See you soon.

The two of them high five and clasp hands. In due time, the two of them fade away.

We then switch back to real time as Claudius wakes up. He just stays there, staring at the bottom of the top bunk.

Claudius: Sounds like they've been through a lot since I've been gone. Is what all I heard really true?

X: Wait…you mean you had the same dream?
Narrator Claudius: Yeah, looks like it.
Knosse: That is sooooo weird. How did that even happen?
Lance: I guess their dreams connected somehow. That is really weird though.
X: All that I told you in that dream was really true.
Narrator Claudius: Puzzling indeed. I really appreciated that dream though.
X: So did I. It helped me get out of a depression I was developing.

Claudius: It's almost time. I'm almost ready. And then, I'm coming for you.

To be continued…
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Fighters Abroad
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