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 Fighters Abroad

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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 28th 2012, 2:56 am

Chapter 126: The Escape Part I - The Plan

It is now the day before the escape. The three wake up early in the morning. After morning greetings and waking up a little bit, the three of them sit together in the middle of the cell.

Claudius: So we need a plan now to escape.
Conrad: Well it just so happens that I have one for now.
Claudius: Alright. I'm all ears.
Conrad: First, Adria, I need you to steal the key from the guard that has our specific key. Pickpocket him without him noticing.
Adria: I can do that!
Conrad: Claudius, you need to speak to Kenji directly and inform him that we'll be breaking out soon.
Claudius: Got it. And for him to discreetly let people know.
Conrad: Yes. Finally, don't overwork yourself today. We all need to be at full strength tonight in case they come.
Claudius: Right. I agree.
Conrad: There is still a large concern.
Claudius: What is it?
Conrad: The number of soldiers in this fortress would certainly overwhelm us…even as we are now.
Claudius: Yes, I must concur unfortunately.
Conrad: I have an idea, but you aren't going to like it. The presence of your group will certainly draw out a major amount of guards. If we use them as a distraction, the numbers will be no problem for you.
Claudius: …Let's do it.
Conrad: You do know that this will put them at a major risk.
Claudius: I have faith that they can handle it. They're strong. If what we heard is true about Zetsu and Kaiten, they should be well aware of what they're up against.
Adria: It's almost time for breakfast.
Claudius: Right. You know, you guys should join us when this is all over.
Adria: I'd love to!
Conrad: It's a tempting offer. I'll have my answer once we get out of here.
Claudius: Alright. We could definitely use both of your talents. And I think you would both love it with us.

The three then go to breakfast. There a few of the inmates are talking among themselves.

Prisoner: I heard we got two new inmates.
Prisoner 2: Yeah, they're over there.

The second prisoner points to where Claudius, Conrad and Adria normally sit. Near that spot are two people. The first is a young girl who looks to be in her late teens. She has this basic appearance ( http://i43.tinypic.com/ajufcl.jpg but with her hair like this only black https://2img.net/h/i294.photobucket.com/albums/mm93/Stefan-Soan/Fire%20Emblem/marisa.png ). The other is a male who looks to be a young adult with this basic appearance ( https://2img.net/h/i280.photobucket.com/albums/kk178/Shikamaru81/Anime/Guy.gif ). Claudius sees the girl and stares for a few seconds in thought.

Claudius: Her face….it looks familiar. I know I've never seen her before, but…

After the three get their food, they sit down next to the two new inmates.

Claudius: So, you guys are the new prisoners, huh?
Man: Yeah, what's it to you?
Claudius: What are your names?
Man: Why do you want to know?
Claudius: I'm just curious, that's all. I'm not going to hurt you or anything.
Man: Fine. My name is Kyoku. Introduce yourself, Hayato.
Hayato: My name is Hayato…
Claudius: Say, Hayato, you look familiar. Do you have any relatives?
Hayato: Well, I'm looking for him as we speak.
Kyoku: Are you familiar with Fighters Abroad?
Claudius: Heh.
Kyoku: What's so funny?
Claudius: I may have heard a thing or two about them.
Kyoku: Her brother is one of them.
Claudius: Hmm…X? No, definitely not. Naith? Nah, she kinda looks more like… You must mean Lei.
Hayato: Yes, that's him.
Claudius: I hate to tell you, but Lei told me that he's an only child.
Kyoku: So you do know about them….wait a second. You're that guy, Claudius, aren't you?
Claudius: Yeah, that's me. Anyway, don't dodge the question.
Hayato: Well, you see, we're only half siblings. He doesn't even know I exist.
Claudius: He doesn't, huh?
Kyoku: She was born to a different father and Lei never found out about it.
Claudius: I see. Well, he'll be here soon. I'm sure of it.
Hayato: Really?
Conrad: We've carefully calculated for their arrival. When they do, we're all getting out of here.
Adria: But keep that to yourselves. We can't let everyone know.
Kyoku: Got it.

After Adria finishes her breakfast…

Conrad: You ready?
Adria: Yeah, dad. I'll go do it now.
Claudius: Good luck.

Adria walks over to the guard that has their cell key. She bumps into him casually.

Guard: What do you want, girl?
Adria: You're a good guard right? You think you can slip me some extra food?
Guard: No! No one gets extra.
Adria: Awe! C'mon, man!
Guard: Go away!

Adria starts jumping up and down like a little child. Some of the inmates start laughing at her. Adria stomps away and then sits back down casually.

Conrad: Did you get it?
Adria: Of course I did.
Claudius: Nice show.
Conrad: The next step is at hand after breakfast. Claudius, you're up.
Claudius: Yep. I'm ready.

After breakfast, the inmates are now picking at rocks again. Claudius casually approaches Kenji.

Kenji: What can I do for you?
Claudius: Spread the word to who you can trust not to spill the beans.
Kenji: OK?
Claudius: We're breaking out soon.
Kenji: How do you plan to do that?
Claudius: You just leave that to me and my friends. You just follow suit.
Kenji: Sounds good. We'll be ready to fight if need be.
Claudius: That's all I ask of you. Thanks, Kenji.

They shake hands and Claudius goes over to chip at rocks.

Adria: So how did it go?
Claudius: Kenji is on board. The preparations are complete.
Conrad: Almost. We just need to rest a lot today. And I have to tip the guards off too.
Claudius: Right.
Adria: Sounds good to me!

After picking, they go back to their cells and rest for a while. They then go to their second meal more towards the night. They sit in the same spots.

Conrad: Are your muscles still sore at all, Claudius?
Claudius: No, I'm fine now. I gave myself a proper resting time.
Adria: I'm fine too.
Conrad: Good. I know the food isn't the greatest for our health but we at least have taken some precautions to help us counteract that.
Claudius: I, for one, can't wait to start eating good food again.
Adria: Me too!
Hayato: Are you guys really going to break out of here?
Claudius: No doubt we will.
Kyoku: We'll help any way we can.
Conrad: We would appreciate it.
Kyoku: We hate the Myjuto Forces as much as the rest of you.
Claudius: Good to hear. We'll kick their asses back to Sarzo and then out of Sarzo.

Later that night, they are sleeping again. They sleep until late that night. When they wake, they sit in the darkness whispering to each other.

Claudius: So what continent did you come from, Conrad?
Conrad: I came from Drek like you. I presume Adria did as well.
Voice: Hey, is anyone in there?
Claudius: It's X!
Conrad: Who is that?
X: Listen, my friend is here somewhere in the prison. His name is Claudius. He has long black hair.
Conrad: Yes, I recognize someone like that.
X: Is he in there with you?

Conrad pauses and looks to Claudius who can barely be seen by the light coming through the window. He shakes his head no.

Conrad: No, I'm afraid not.
X: Damn. Know where I can find him?
Conrad: Listen. It's a trap. Get out of here now.
X: What?
Conrad: They've been expecting you. You don't have much time before they figure out you're here.
X: Shit.
Conrad: Get out of here as fast as you can. If you're alone, you can hide in the forest off to the East.
X: Thanks. Tell Claudius that we're coming for him as soon as we can.
Conrad: I will, now go!

As the three of them hear the commotion with X, Conrad speaks again.

Conrad: Are you sure you're OK with this?
Claudius: Yes. We needed to tip the guards off or else there would be too much internal fighting on their terms. You know this. And I know X. He would be attached to this spot if he knew I was here.
Conrad: Very well.
Adria: Is it time to move?
Conrad: Not yet. Just an hour or two more, till we know the guards have been drawn out enough.
Claudius: Right.

The three of them rest on their beds again, although still awake.

Claudius: Please be OK, X. Just hang on. I'll be there soon!

To be concluded…
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Male Number of posts : 2077
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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   March 4th 2012, 9:11 pm

Chapter 127: The Escape Part II - The Action

The three cell mates continue to lie awake in their beds.

Claudius: You're pretty quiet over there, Adria. Something wrong?
Adria: No, not at all. It's just the calm before the storm, you know? I'm excited to get back in action.
Claudius: Yeah, you're right. I feel the same.

An hour later after those words passes. The sky is beginning to brighten but is still fairly dark. Conrad jumps down from his bunk.

Conrad: It's time.
Claudius: Heck yeah.
Adria: Yay.
Conrad: Get ready, everyone.

Claudius grabs his trench coat and puts it on again for the first time since he landed in prison.

Claudius: I'm ready.
Conrad: Open the door, Adria.
Adria: OK.

Adria takes the key she swiped earlier and opens the door. A guard notices this in the middle of the very dimly lit hallway.

Guard: Hey! Get back in your cell!
Claudius: Not this time, ass wipe.

The guard charges towards the three of them. Conrad and Adria step back and Claudius kicks forward to hurl one of the weights at the guard. It smashes him in the chest which sends him to the floor unconscious.

Claudius: Let's go.

Claudius picks up the spear he was carrying. He smashes down with it and breaks the bond of the chains to his ankle bracelets that held them.

Claudius: Alright. I'm free. Awesome.
Conrad: One more thing, Claudius.
Claudius: Yeah?
Conrad: Could you cut the weights loose from the chains? I'd like to keep the chains for something.
Claudius: Sure.
Adria: I'll let everyone out now.

Adria lets everyone out of their cell. They all pile up behind Claudius, Conrad and Adria.

Claudius: Alright. As you all know now, we're getting out of here. Most of the guards are distracted right about now. Anyway you can help would be helpful.
Kenji: Count on us!
Conrad: I hate to interrupt, but we have pressing matters.
Claudius: What's that?
Conrad: They may be executing Ralto early. We have to go save him.
Adria: Oh no!
Claudius: To the execution grounds then.

They all quickly move into the next room. Two more guards have come and hold their spears out.

Claudius: Adria, can you take one of them?
Adria: Sure.

Claudius tosses her the spear and then charges for the guard on the right. He dodges an attack from the spear and then disarms him. With the spear, he jabs it through the guard's stomach. He looks to his left to see that Adria has done the same.

Claudius: Nice job.
Adria: You too.

They move to the next room which is the room they ate their meals at. No guards are present here.

Claudius: Alright, everyone stop. Sit down where you would normally sit so we can discuss things quickly.

Everyone does so and with haste.

Claudius: Take it away, doctor.
Conrad: Right. We will make our way to the armory where we will get our weapons back. It's very close to here so it won't be much longer. We will all charge in and save a friend from execution. Here is the plan.

Meanwhile, outside, dawn is beginning to break. There is a circular area in the middle of the prison. It is an open area where there is a noose rig in the middle. There is a man who has this appearance ( http://i43.tinypic.com/11gkaaq.png with black long pants) who is standing in front of the noose with his hands tied behind his back by ropes. There are two executioner guards with battle-axes to the left and right of this man. One of them is next to a lever. The area is surrounded by guards. Jimbo stands in front of the man.

Jimbo: Ralto, you have been sentenced to hang for your crimes against the Myjuto Forces. What have you to say?
Ralto: Kill one and another will rise up. If you think killing me has any meaning in the grand scheme of things, you're wrong.
Jimbo: Stubborn till the end, huh? Very well. Ready him.

One of the executioner guards puts Ralto up against the noose. We then zoom out to see Adria and Conrad on the roof to which Ralto is facing. They are crouched down.

Conrad: Exactly as I had predicted. Are you ready, Adria?
Adria: Of course. Let's so save Uncle Ralto.

Ralto notices Adria and Conrad on the roof and closes his eyes with a smile on his face.

Jimbo: Get ready to pull.

Adria stands up and aims a composite bow ( http://fc01.deviantart.net/fs26/f/2008/042/d/c/Composite_Longbow_by_Clovenhoof.jpg ) at the executioner with the level next to him. As he goes to reach for the level, Adria releases the arrow and it hits the executioner right between where his helm and shoulder armor meet to pierce his neck. Immediately, Conrad drops two grenades below him to explode on contact and take out many guards. He then throws a smoke bomb in the middle where the noose is.

Jimbo: What?!

From the other side of the roof, Claudius jumps off and floats down with his coat to the noose platform. He lands and draws his short sword. The remaining executioner swings his battle-axe at Claudius, but he dodges it and lunges his sword into his stomach and then cuts him across the neck, killing him. He then cuts the noose and then cuts the ropes binding Ralto's hands. He picks up the axe.

Claudius: Can you use a battle-axe?
Ralto: Yes.

Claudius tosses him the axe and then charges into the fight. Ralto follows him. Meanwhile, Adria is picking off guards one by one with her bow. Conrad is crouched down in prone (Think sniper).

Conrad: That's it, Adria. Keep it up.
Adria: Is that all the demolition you have, dad?
Conrad: Yes. I didn't have many on me when we got arrested.

Through a door in the area, the crowd of inmates bursts through with spears and swords. They also go into the mix to help out.

Jimbo: This is impossible! Meanwhile Ben is out there fighting Fighters Abroad! It was all a plan!
Claudius' Voice: That's right, ass hole.

Jimbo looks behind him to see Claudius with his chain whip out. He's whirling it around.

Claudius: You use whips too, right? Let's see which one of us is better.

Jimbo pulls out two whips (Not chain whips) and starts to whip them around. As they close the distance between each other, Jimbo makes the first move. He whips at Claudius with one whip. Claudius whips back and knocks the normal whip back. Jimbo then whips with the other one, which Claudius dodges.

Claudius: Come on. I'm rusty with my whip. Is that all you got? You've had plenty of practice hitting me without resistance. What was it, twice a month?
Jimbo: Shut up you!
Claudius: Maybe it's time I pay you back.

Claudius rushes and whips directly at Jimbo. Jimbo steps back and whips both of his whips around the chain whips. He tries to pull with it.

Claudius: Oho, now you're trying to beat me in strength? Big mistake!

Claudius easily overpowers Jimbo and pulls him straight towards himself. Claudius gives Jimbo an extremely hard punch to his jaw which sends him straight to the floor.

Claudius: Looks like I almost completely shattered your jaw. You'll recover, but slowly.

Jimbo is slow to get up. He is on his hands and knees when Claudius whips him hard on the back twice. Jimbo is now bleeding on his back. He's almost whimpering at the pain he is suffering.

Claudius: Well? Is that it?
Jimbo: (Struggling to speak) You…suppose to be a good guy. This is brutality.
Claudius: Good guy? No. I'm just a mercenary.

Claudius takes out his sword and shoves it through Jimbo's back, ending his life quickly. He quickly takes it out and then looks at the battlefield. There are only a few guards left and the inmates are quickly taking them over. Ralto puts the finishing blow on the last one with the axe he was given. Dawn has now completely broken.

Adria and Conrad come down from the roof a minute later. Ralto joins them and so does Claudius. Adria immediately hugs Ralto.

Adria: Uncle Ralto! You're safe!
Ralto: Oof! I can see you haven't gotten any weaker.
Conrad: Good to see you alive.
Ralto: Likewise, Conrad. I see you developed this whole plan to save me.
Conrad: Yeah, well, I couldn't have done it without this man here.
Claudius: My name is Claudius. It's a pleasure to finally meet you.
Ralto: You helped my friends, so I am eternally grateful to you.
Claudius: We shared the same goals. Naturally we would help each other out.

After another minute, Claudius remembers about the battle still going on outside the prison.

Claudius: X! I almost forgot. I don't have much time.
Conrad: I have an idea of where he'll be. Let's go.
Voice: Wait!

Kyoku and Hayato approach Claudius.

Kyoku: Take us with you.
Hayato: Please. I want to see him.
Claudius: OK. Conrad, lead the way.

Conrad leads them to around the top of that cliff where X fights Ben.

Claudius: Thanks for your help. I'll be back soon.
Conrad: That's alright. We have our decision about Fighters Abroad.
Claudius: You refuse then?
Conrad: Come to the town of Kine and you'll have your answer. It is directly north of the prison.
Claudius: Very well. Kyoku, Hayato, please go with them for the time being.
Hayato: But…
Kyoku: Let him explain.
Claudius: I think it's best that you two meet under better circumstances if possible. Things could get dicey out there still. I don't want you involved.
Kyoku: We can hold our own, thank you very much.
Claudius: Please understand. If things were to go wrong, I don't know what I would say to Lei.
Hayato: OK.
Kyoku: Hayato?
Hayato: The battlefield is not a place for us to meet. Come on, Kyoku. Let's go to Kine as well.
Kyoku: …Alright.
Claudius: Thank you.

Conrad: So this is it then. We'll see you soon.
Claudius: Yeah. Until then.
Adria: See you soon!

With that, the five of them walk away. Claudius now focuses his attention behind him.

Claudius: Now to find X.

Suddenly, he hears a voice.

X's Voice: (Faint but the words are audible enough to make out what he says) I AM X, THE ASSASSIN! AND YOU ARE MY TARGET, WHO IS ALREADY DEAD!

Claudius smiles ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yUV9uhCAs-E ) and rushes over to the edge of the cliff. There he crouches down behind a rock and watches X fight and defeat Ben.

Claudius: That's it, buddy. That's the way to go.
X: Looks like I'll have to take you all on alone. I have no problems with that.

Claudius stands up and looks down.

Claudius: Not alone you won't!
X: Claudius!
Claudius: That was certainly something, X. You've finally done it.

Claudius immediately jumps off the cliff and spreads his long coat out. We see him floating down from a view facing towards Claudius. The screen pauses as he is in mid air, smiling at the sight of seeing his friend again. The screen fades to black. *Theme stops*


Claudius: Well, that's about it.
Lei: Well that was certainly interesting. So you said someone was looking to see me (Claudius' telling of Hayato was purposefully ambiguous unlike what we saw)?
Claudius: Yes. That is another reason we must travel to Kine. As I understand it, you also have purpose for going.
Lance: Yes. We still have the remains of Vex in an urn and we are going to bury it there. It was his hometown.
Claudius: I see. This Vex guy seemed like a good guy from what X told me on the way back here.
Lance: He was. We only knew him for a short amount of time, but I especially had grown close to him. I think it was something about him that lets him connect with anyone he meets.
X: I think you're on the money there. He will forever be a part of Fighters Abroad.
Knosse: So Kine it is.

Knosse picks up a cooked fish and starts eating it.

Lei: …Knosse. Where did you get that fish?
Knosse: I…don't know.
Claudius: Good old Knosse.

Later that night, they set up their camping set up for sleeping and lie down, staring at the stars which are out.

X: Hey, Claudius.
Claudius: Yeah?
X: Welcome back. It's good to have you back with us.
Claudius: Thanks, man. After all the shit I went through, it's good to be back.

Claudius' story has been revealed to us. We now know that Jimbo was killed by Claudius while Ben was killed by X. With all three officers in charge of the prison killed, a major piece of the Myjuto Forces has fallen. Fate now leads Fighters Abroad to the town of Kine. But wait. There was one important part of the story that Claudius never explained. The final truth of the Claudius Chronicles will be revealed next on Fighters Abroad!
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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   March 15th 2012, 10:48 pm

Chapter 128: Fated Rematch - Claudius' Growth

The group has now fallen asleep, all except for Claudius. He lies awake outside, staring at the stars. The moon is full. He gets up slowly.

Claudius: Time to go.

Claudius ventures off into the woods. He begins to navigate them, looking for something in particular.

Claudius: I'm sure I'm close.

After a little bit more traveling, he finds an opening. It is a circular open part in the forest with grass and a small pond to one side. He steps through to see the figure that stands before him. It is none other than Jiron ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MaN2wQ3yMnc ).

Jiron: So you've come.
Claudius: So then it really was you.

Claudius reaches into his coat and pulls out the letter he was sent while in prison.

Claudius: Are you the one who wrote this letter?

We take a closer look at the paper. Half of the writing is done very neatly while a good portion of it is extremely sloppy. The letter reads (In Jiron's voice):

Claudius, if you are reading this, then my reports are correct. You got yourself caught by someone as lowly as Jen, huh? You will be executed in a few months. Make use of that time to get stronger and then show me you can get out alive. THEN WE WILL HAVE OUR REMATCH! Im SuRe YoU cAn ReMeMbEr WhAt I sAiD tO yOu At ThE bAtTlLeGrOuNd! Meet me in the forest north of the prison when the moon is full. LET'S SEE HOW STRONG YOU REALLY ARE! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Claudius: No one else could have written this letter. No one but you.
Jiron: Of course. My presence here has confirmed your suspicions, has it not?
Claudius: Yes. And yes, I do remember what you said. You told me that you saw a strong potential in me and to get stronger to face you again.
Jiron: You have a good memory. Yes, and have you?
Claudius: I have. Ever since our first encounter, I've done nothing but try to get stronger!
Jiron: Oh?
Claudius: *Grin* Thanks to you, I have a goal. A benchmark to reach. When I was a mercenary, there was no one stronger than me. Then you came along and knocked me right on my cocky ass. And your words in the letter gave me some motivation to get even stronger.
Claudius: Ever since then, I've trained twice as hard as anyone in the group. I even went as far as to keep it a secret from them. It was my obsession to surpass you that kept me going.
Jiron: Surpass me?! AHAHAHAHAH! I was right about you all along then.

*Theme Stops* Jiron throws his weapons to the ground. Claudius does the same.

Jiron: Your talk is amusing, Claudius. You've improved that. But how about your fighting? Show me!
Claudius: I'm sure I won't disappoint you.

Claudius and Jiron both put up their fists in a ready stance. Jiron puts on his maniacal smile and cocks his head a little to the side. All of the sudden, Claudius rushes forth ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqrCmPga46w ). His running speed is noticeably faster than before. He punches quickly at Jiron, which he evades. Claudius throws another punch. Jiron blocks with his hand, but then Claudius does a twist kick to Jiron's stomach. Jiron stands strong and punches Claudius in the face. Claudius also stands strong through the punch. Jiron punches again, but Claudius jumps back to avoid it.

Jiron: You've gotten faster. And you're a lot stronger too.
Claudius: I'm flattered you remember all that.

Both of them throw off their long coats and behind them nearly at the same time. They both charge for each other. Jiron throws a punch, but Claudius ducks under it. He lands a hard punch to Jiron's stomach. This makes Jiron recoil a bit. He recovers quickly to evade another punch from Claudius. He grabs Claudius' arm and then punch Claudius in the stomach with his free hand and then kicks him back. This makes Claudius slide back a bit.

Jiron: Why are you so interested in me anyway?
Claudius: Isn't that obvious? You were stronger than me, faster than X, more skilled than Lei and better at weapons than Lance or Naith.
Jiron: Were? Do you really think you've passed me?
Claudius: I have! Just watch me! You're a relic of the past!

Claudius punches rapidly. Jiron blocks each punch and then karate chops him on the side of the neck. Claudius stumbles and then gets uppercutted in the gut twice very hard. Jiron then roundhouse kicks him to the ground.

Jiron: AHAHAHAH! You cocky little shit! So you got a little stronger. DO YOU REALLY THINK YOU STAND A CHANCE AGAINST SOMEONE LIKE ME?!

Claudius gets up slowly. As he is getting up, Jiron goes to kick him. Claudius surprises him by grabbing his foot. He twists his foot and then springs upwards and uppercuts Jiron in the jaw. As Jiron stumbles back, Claudius gives him an extremely hard punch in the side of the face. *Theme Stops*

Claudius: I told you! You're a relic of the past!

Claudius' punch goes through all the way and it sends Jiron crashing into the ground.

Claudius: You disappoint me. That's all the great Jiron can offer?
Jiron: ahahahahahaha. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

Jiron stands up and rubs his cheek a little.

Jiron: That's it, Claudius. This is what I was looking for.

Jiron's hand starts shaking in excitement.

Jiron: I've been waiting for this. You are far beyond the others. My eye for talent truly did not deceive me.
Claudius: I see now.
Jiron: ?
Claudius: My time in prison has gotten me too cocky. I forgot who it was that I was fighting. That was my hardest punch. I can't believe I thought that would end the fight. Especially against you.
Jiron: Is it really all that wrong? Whether you were cocky or not, you hit me with everything you had.
Claudius: Sorry, but that's just not how I normally roll. It's not my style anymore.
Jiron: You try to be a big humble hero huh?
Claudius: A hero? No. I've killed way too many innocent people to call myself that. You, on the other hand…
Jiron: What?
Claudius: You think I don't know about that?
Jiron: Oh, you mean that. So you know.
Claudius: Word spreads fast around the prison. It was only a matter of deducing things. Don't worry, I won't say anything.
Jiron: How do I know that?
Claudius: What they won't know will help them here.
Jiron: Enough.
Claudius: Fine. Now let's go at it for real here.

Claudius charges in and stops in front of Jiron. He dodge rolls to the side and sweep kicks. Jiron jumps over it and lands a punch to Claudius' stomach. Claudius stumbles back a bit but recovers. Both of them then punch forward and clash fists. They both recoil off each other and ready themselves again. Jiron charges and roundhouse kicks twice. Claudius steps back to avoid one and then does the same thing again to avoid the second kick. He throws a punch, but Jiron catches his wrist. Jiron punches Claudius away, which makes him stumble back a bit. Claudius is now starting to breath heavy.

Jiron: Had enough yet?
Claudius: No, not yet. Let's go!

Claudius runs towards Jiron and then stops in front of him. He strafes to his left and then dodge rolls to his right to avoid a right jab from Jiron. Claudius springs forward and punches Jiron in the chest, which makes him stumble back. Claudius chases for a follow up, but Jiron recovers quickly. Both of them punch each other in the face and both slide back.

Jiron: You were using some of X's moves.
Claudius: I noticed that his strategy worked against you back in the Warrior's Battleground.
Jiron: You fool. I was entertaining his style to see what he had for me. That fighting style is better used when you have speed like his.
Claudius: You're right. I definitely can't move nearly as fast as him. But it worked, didn't it?
Jiron: Hahaha. Not quite. Even now I've still been holding back.
Claudius: What?! You're lying!
Jiron: You don't want to put those words to the test. I can already see that you've had it.
Claudius: …He's right. I can't fight much longer without tiring myself out completely.

Jiron goes to pick his coat back up and then picks up his weapons. He puts his coat on and weapons away.

Claudius: So that's it? You're just going to leave this battle undetermined?
Jiron: You're strong, but not strong enough to defeat the top ranked officers yet.
Claudius: Neither are you though.
Jiron: Maybe so. That isn't the point here. I'm not fighting them. You are.
Claudius: Yes, yes you're right. But what IS your point?
Jiron: HAHAHAHA! Let me tell you a little story. Just for the good fight.

Claudius picks up his coat and puts it on and his weapons away.

Claudius: What kind of story?
Jiron: A little story about myself…and the things behind what has happened recently.

What is Jiron talking about? You mean there's more to recent events than we already know? Whatever it is, Jiron knows everything and is about to tell Claudius. Next time on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 129: Chain of Events - Jiron's Second Warning

At the campsite, X has woken up. He looks over to see that Claudius is not there. He stands up and looks at the ground to see some of his footprints. They lead into the woods. He ventures off into them and goes the same way as Claudius. When he arrives at the location, he stays hidden in the woods and watches Claudius and Jiron.

X: Jiron?! What is he doing here?

Jiron: Have you ever felt pure rejection?
Claudius: …Perhaps.
Jiron: You've experienced a variation by the look of you. Perhaps by a loved one? What I speak of is complete and utter rejection. You still have a home to return to? People to return to?
Claudius: Yes.
Jiron: I have no such thing. From the time I was very little it was clear to me that my parents had no love for me. My mother was an alcoholic and was on all sort of drugs. My father…I don't even know what the hell he did.
Claudius: …

[Unknown Area - Years Ago]

Narrator Jiron: When I was only ten, I was thrown out of my house completely. It was one less mouth for them to feed to them.

Jiron, as a boy, is thrown outside a door and into an alley. He hits the wall of the alley. He has a messy hairstyle that is medium length. He has the look of innocence and yet has bruises all over his face. His arms have scars.

Narrator Jiron: I had no one to turn to. With what little money I had, I was able to get myself to a remote deserted island, where I knew there was food.

Jiron lies on the beaches of a large island. From an overhead view, we see that there are plenty of woods behind him. Jiron takes his shirt off to reveal more scars all across his back. He is also skinny, due to being almost starved. He ventures into the woods and finds a sharp piece of wood lying around.

Narrator Jiron: It was not long before I had carved my first weapon. A wooden knife. I used it to build a shelter.

Jiron now lies inside a small, poorly built shelter. It is only enough to barely cover him during the nights.

Narrator Jiron: As I lived on, I gradually learned how to build better shelters, until I naturally learned how to build a full sized apartment out of wood. Six years I lived on that wretched island. Not one person to visit. Only the animals around me and the fish in the water.
Claudius: How did you survive all those years?
Narrator Jiron: I don't know. I should have just killed myself when I was ten. I don't know why I didn't.

Jiron is now much bigger and more built. His scars have begun to fade. He is 16 years old and his hair is still kind of messy in style. A businessman comes onto the island and views Jiron's well built structure.

Narrator Jiron: He liked what he saw, and he offered me a great deal of money for it. I don't know what he saw in my building, but it gave me the chance to start a new life among the people. So that is what I did. I used the money that was given to me to rent a small apartment.

We now skip over a few years when Jiron is 18. He is working at construction. His hair is much more cleaned up now, more like his hair now.

Narrator Jiron: My experience in building helped me in construction. But my past put me in a bad spot. Again, I was rejected because of who I was…where I lived. They were unwilling to look past my uniqueness…my difference. This happened everywhere. I worked for restaurants and even entertainment. I couldn't keep a stable job because I was never accepted anywhere. Even my landlord kicked me out because my income wasn't trustworthy.
Claudius: I'm sorry to hear.
Narrator Jiron: It wasn't just the jobs. I trained at over 30 dojos. None of them would teach me beyond a certain point.

Jiron is still 18 and he is sitting indian style on a mat in front of an older man with a karate like outfit.

Jiron: But why, master?!
Master: You have too much evil in your heart, Jiron. I can not train you any further.
Jiron: It's not my fault! All my life, people have rejected me. One after another!

Behind the two of them, we see a younger Hiiro watching them.

Narrator Jiron: It was always the same thing. Truly, it wasn't my fault that I was so angry at people. But I let that go not long after. One day, I just snapped. My first victims? The ones who started everything.

Jiron is now 19 years old and his scars are completely gone. Jiron is wearing a white muscle shirt with whitish tan pants. He is carrying a thin scythe with him. He goes through the door of his house. We see a silhouette backing up inside the house.

Man: Jiron! Is that really you? It's been 9 years. We thought you were dead.
Jiron: I should have been. But it seems I've found a better purpose. Hahahahahaha!
Man: What are you going to do with that? You're not going to….
Jiron: Like an animal! Where is she?
Man: Your mother has been dead for years. She overdosed about three years ago and died.
Jiron: That's too bad. I would have loved to kill her myself.
Man: Please, don't!

Narrator Jiron: I murdered my father in cold blood right there and then. Only 19 years of age, and the blood of my father on my hands. Can you imagine, Claudius?
Claudius: …No. I can't.
Narrator Jiron: Of course you can't.

The whole town is now on fire and Jiron walks away, laughing maniacally.


Jiron: It wasn't long after when some gangsters recruited me. They got me through education and everything else.
Claudius: I see.
Jiron: That's enough about my story. There are things you must know.
Claudius: Things I must know?
Jiron: Yes. King Zerin….hahahaha…king.
Claudius: What's so funny?
Jiron: I'm surprised word hasn't gotten here yet.

[Sarzo - Throne Room - A Few Days Ago]

Nero is in front of King Zerin and is knelt down before him.

Zerin: Speak, Nero.
Nero: I have great news. We've gotten our reports from Hiiro and Jiron.
Zerin: Oh?
Nero: The final district of Neese has fallen. We are victorious.
Zerin: Then we control all three continents.

Zerin stands up and walks out of the shadow when we see his appearance for the very first time. He is a light skinned male who is wearing this type of armor ( http://th02.deviantart.net/fs19/300W/i/2007/310/c/8/Haar___Pwnsome_8D_by_PunkMonkey21.jpg ) with a dark purple cape that reaches to the ground. He has blood red eyes with split dark brown hair that reaches down to his eyebrows. He has a dark brown beard that connects to a semi-thick brown mustache. He looks to be in his early 30's. He brings his right hand out in front of him and makes a fist.

Zerin: The world…is mine. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9z8t6k3liU ) Rise, Nero.

Nero does as Zerin says. Zerin then walks straight for the door and Nero follows him. Zerin reaches the balcony quickly and looks up at the sky. It is twilight out and the sky is particularly reddish today. He looks below him now to see many soldiers lined up for speech. When Zerin raises his hand, the crowd goes dead silent.

Zerin: We have done it. Today, we celebrate the day that I have conquered the world. From now on, I am now Emperor of this world. No one shall ever stand up against me and survive! Tonight, we drink to our success! For our new empire!

The crowd of soldiers cheers with thunderous applause and cheer. Emperor Zerin now raises both of his hands in victory and the scene fades to black. *Theme stops*


Claudius: Emperor?! Then we have failed?!
Jiron: In a way, yes. Zerin, the leader of the Myjuto Forces, has won for now.
Claudius: I don't believe this.
X: That's impossible. How could they have taken over Neese so quickly?
Jiron: And now, I will tell you about certain events that have happened to your friends and you.
Claudius: I'm listening.
Jiron: While your friends were in Kaiten, there were spies of Ben that kept a close eye on X.
X: That family I was with…
Jiron: But Ben did not realize that they were my spies as well.
X: !
Jiron: Ben wanted them to kill X. But I told them specifically not to. And to get intel on him instead.
Claudius: So they listened to you.
Jiron: A soldier must always listen to the higher ranking officer, unless permitted by the Emperor himself.
X: That's why they were "Unable to kill me".
Jiron: Ben was intelligent, but he was not without fault. I had my own intelligence in his prison as well.
Claudius: What?
Jiron: That's right. I had closely monitored your progress to make sure you were kept alive until your execution date. From then, I had written three letters of instructions.
Claudius: Three? One of them was to me.
Jiron: That is correct. The letter you hold before you is the first. The second was left to my subordinate, Hiiro. It had a specific set of instructions once I left Neese.

[Neese - Myjuto Encampment]

Hiiro is sitting where Jiron sat before. A cloaked person enters the tent and goes up to Hiiro. This person takes off her hood to reveal a woman with long brown hair in a pony tail. She is light skinned and has green eyes. She looks to be in about her late 20s.

Hiiro: Officer Shim! What are you doing here?
Shim: Where is Jiron, Officer Hiiro?
Hiiro: You're looking for Jiron? I'm sorry, he perished a few days ago.
Shim: He what?!

[Ivan - Woods]

Jiron: I left Hiiro a specific set of instructions to explain my death to Shim, ranked second in the Myjuto Forces. My third letter was to Nero, ranked fourth. He is to construe information about me and coincide with Shim's report of my death.
Claudius: And you trust these two?
Jiron: Hiiro and Nero both owe me their lives. They will not fail me.
Claudius: Why are you leaving the Myjuto Forces so suddenly?
Jiron: There is nothing for me there. It's not long before they try to kill me. They don't trust me.
Claudius: But don't they need you?
Jiron: Now that they have won the war, no. But then again, you intend to show them that they do, right?
Claudius: That's right. We won't go down without a fight. With you out of our way, things will be a lot easier.
Jiron: I'm not out of your way just yet. Get stronger, and fight me again. Until then, be warned.
Claudius: Of what?
Jiron: Their top ranked officer is coming this way to see to things here. He is powerful.
Claudius: More powerful than you?
Jiron: Maybe. He is traveling with ranked five, Kyle. He has a personal vendetta against you.
Claudius: Me? Why?
Jiron: He is the older brother of former ranked six. I'm sure the name Tibi sounds familiar.
Claudius: Tibi? Are you serious?
Jiron: Yes. And he's much more powerful than she was.
Claudius: Great.
Jiron: That is all I have to tell you for now. Your friend can come out now. He really should wear a different color at night.

X comes out of the woods behind Claudius.

Claudius: X?
X: How long did you know I was here?
Jiron: From the moment you got here, I could see you hiding there.
Claudius: So you've been listening huh? How much have you heard?
X: All of it, from the looks of things.
Jiron: Farewell, Claudius. The next time we meet, I may not go so easy on you. AHAHAHAHAHA!

Jiron walks away. While he does, X takes out his daggers.

X: Wait!
Claudius: Don't. It wouldn't do us much good to team up against him like this. Besides, he saved your life at Kaiten.
X: Alright.

X puts away his daggers and Jiron goes into the woods.

X: What is that mad man up to?
Claudius: I don't know. This is not the last we've seen of him. I'm certain of that. He's plotting something.
X: We just don't know what. C'mon, Claudius. Let's get back to the camp. We have a long day tomorrow.
Claudius: Right.

The two of them go the opposite way of Jiron into the woods.

Many things have changed in just a short amount of time. King Zerin is now Emperor Zerin. Jiron is now out of the Myjuto Forces. And now the group travels for Kine to their next twist of fate. Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 130: Familiar Faces - Friends and Relatives

We switch over to the town of Jerod. Luis and Shawn are at their house, picking vegetables from their garden.

Luis: The harvest is going well this time, bro. Father is going to love this.
Shawn: Yeah. Ever since the mayor helped us out, we've done a lot better.
Luis: *Points up in the air* We'll have the best crops this year! I guarantee it!

The two of them look over to the road to see an older man around his 70s-80s walking around and looking intently for something. He is wearing a black suit with a cane and has a grey combover hair style.

Shawn: Let's see if he needs help.

The two brothers hop their fence and approach the man.

Luis: I don't recognize you. Are you a traveler?
Old Man: Yes. Do you think you can help me?
Shawn: That's what we do. We're detectives.
Old Man: I'm looking for Naoko's mansion.

Luis and Shawn look at each other and then back at the man.

Luis: We know where it is…well what's left of it.
Old Man: Good. Please direct me to it.
Shawn: It will be on your left if you keep going down this road. You can't miss it. The sign is there as well.
Old Man: Thank you for your help.

The man walks away and continues down the road.

Shawn: (Whispering) What do you think he wants with the mansion?
Luis: (Whispering) I don't know. We should tail him and find out.

Just then, Gary comes out of the house and yells for them.

Gary: Hey! Get back to work!
Luis: Damn it. Right on time, too.
Shawn: It never fails. Another time, then.

At Naoko's Mansion, Naith is now there. He is standing in front of it, looking at it. Just then, the old man comes walking along and stops when he gets a good look at Naith. Naith turns his head to see the man.

Old Man: Naoko? Is that you?
Naith: ….
Old Man: No, you must be Nathen!
Naith: Grandfather?
Naki: (Naith's grandfather, pronounced Nay-Kie) It really is you!

Naith goes to his grandfather and they hug each other.

Naki: I thought you were dead, Nathen.
Naith: Please, call me Naith. I didn't realize you were still around.
Naki: Your father wanted to believe that. He and I didn't always get along until before his death.
Naith: You saw him before he died? I haven't seen you since I was a young boy.
Naki: He saw me on a business trip about 8 years ago.
Naith: 8 years…
Naki: Where do you live now, Nathe…Naith?
Naith: I will show you. Come with me.


It is the next day for Fighters Abroad. The group is moving along a road to Kine. Claudius and Lance are conversing while the other three are hanging back, following their lead.

Claudius: Have you been to Kine before?
Lance: I don't think so. But I have been around this area before.
Claudius: Are there a lot of hot chicks around?
Lance: Plenty to go around.
Claudius: Oh hell yeah.

They both high-five. Lei rolls his eyes at them.

Lei: Is that all you can think about?
Claudius: Look, man. I had to fight the urge for a few months in prison. I'm not holding back any longer.
Lance: Is she really that good looking?
Claudius: Just you wait. The only reason I didn't go for it was because her dad was there with us.
Lance: That would have been too awkward.
Knosse: So, you say there are a bunch of babes in this area? Maybe I'll get a chance with one of them.
Lei: Am I the only sensible person here?
X: Don't forget me, Lei.
Lei: Yes, at least I have X on my side.
Knosse: Don't be such a hard ass, Lei.

A few hours pass and then the town is now before them. It is a primarily grassy terrain with small buildings. It looks to be an average town in success.

Lance: So this is Kine, Vex's hometown.
X: I guess so. C'mon, let's go in.
Lance: Right.

The group enters Kine and a fair amount are walking by. All of the sudden, a voice calls out to them.

Female Voice: Hey, guys! Over here!

They look over to see four familiar faces standing around 10 feet away from them. They are Y, Lii, Ere and Scrim.

X: Y! All of you…from the Warrior's Battleground? I can't believe it.
Lei: Brings back memories.
Claudius: Is it really them? Holy shit. Let's go see them.

The group joins the other.

Ere: Hey, guys. It's been a while.
Knosse: Yo, Ere. How's that shield work coming along?
Ere: You want to find out?
Knosse: Hell yeah.
Lii: Not now. First we have some catching up to do.
X: Oh, Lance. These guys helped us out a lot in Drek at the Warrior's Battleground.
Lance: Well met. If you don't mind, I'll go make some arrangements with the mayor.
Lei: That's a good idea.

Lance leaves promptly after tipping his hat to Y's group.

Scrim: A pirate?
Claudius: He's a good guy. Don't let his appearance fool you.
Scrim: …Hey, what happened to the other swordsman. Naith, I think his name was?
X: He's not around right now.
Lei: So how did you guys get here?
Y: We took the West route to Ivan. We ran into a lot of trouble, but managed to escape Drek in time.
X: Well it's a good thing you made it. It's good to see you all alive.
Lei: Hey, we should get going. We have to pay our respects to someone.
Claudius: Alright. I'm going to find Adria and the doc. Give Vex my regards.

X, Knosse and Lei leave to go find Lance.

Claudius: How long have you been in town?
Ere: A day. Why?
Claudius: Have you seen a short older guy with a lab coat and a much taller hot ninja chick?
Ere: Now that you mention it…yeah. I think they're staying at the inn.
Claudius: Thanks. I'm going to go scout out the inn anyway. Would you like to join me?
Scrim: Sure. We'll show you to the inn.

A little later, we are taken to a graveyard in Kine. A few people are gathered around a hole where Vex's remains inside the urn are lowered in. X, Lei, Knosse and Lance are among the people and there is a priest saying good things about Vex. Lance has Vexant stabbed into the ground. There are two white cloaked people to the right of Lance and they glance at him. He takes note and glances back. After a short ceremony, the hole is filled back up and everyone but the four leaves. One of the cloaked people touches Lance on the shoulder and whispers into his ear before leaving. There is now a gravestone for Vex.

X: We did a good thing.
Lei: Vex deserved a proper burial. It's only right we gave it to him as a member of Fighters Abroad.
Knosse: Yeah.

Lance picks Vexant up from the ground and points it towards the grave.

Lance: You entrusted me with this sword and your faith. I won't fail you, Vex.

After paying their respects, they turn and exit the graveyard. Outside it, Claudius, Adria and Conrad are waiting there for them.

X: Are these…?
Claudius: Hey, guys. There are some people I want you to meet.

The group has reached Kine successfully. They have seen familiar faces as well. And there are still more to meet in this fateful town. Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 131: The Town of Kine - Fighters Abroad Relaxes

X: Are these…?
Claudius: Hey, guys. There are some people I want you to meet.
Conrad: Hello, Fighters Abroad. I am Dr. Conrad, but you may just call me Conrad.
Adria: And I'm Adria! *Pumps her fist up in the air*
Claudius: Alright. You guys want to introduce yourselves as well?
X: My name is X. I'm an assassin, so if you piss me off, I'll kill you in your sleep.
Lance: I'm Lance. I'm a pirate, so if you mess with me, I'll steal your stuff.
Knosse: I am the great Nitsumaronozakiwo! If you're not careful, I'll blow your fuckin' brains out.
Lei: Yeah, my name is Lei. Sully my honor and you'll find yourself with a few broken bones.
Adria and Conrad: >_> <_<
Claudius: See, what did I tell you?
Conrad: That isn't at all what you told me they're like.
Claudius: Well, if you don't like it. You might want to run now. We'll give you a five second head start.
Conrad: Thanks! I'm getting out of here!

As Conrad starts to run, X dashes with great speed and intercepts him. Adria starts backing up when she bumps into Lance.

Lance: Hey, sexy. Where do you think you're going?

The five of them surround Conrad and Adria in a circle and all have an evil smile on their faces.

Adria: Dad, I think we're going to die here.
Conrad: It's alright, Adria. It was meant to be this way.

The five of them look at each other and start laughing as they back off them.

Conrad: What? That was all a joke?
Claudius: Of course. Although, I'm surprised Lei went along with our joke.
Lei: Hey, I don't ruin all of them.
Knosse: Well my name is actually Knosse. I was just messing about that too. But the rest of it wasn't a joke.
Adria: Yay! That was pretty funny, wasn't it dad?
Conrad: Yeah…real funny. I nearly had a heart attack.
Lance: I'm sure you'll get used to it soon.
Knosse: *nudges Lance* (Whispering) Dude, that girl is a total babe.
Lance: (Whispering) No kidding.
Adria: Ooh! I love secrets! What are you guys talking about?

Lance and Knosse begin backing up from Adria casually as X interjects with the two of them.

X: So anyway, we heard a lot about you guys from Claudius.
Conrad: Likewise.
Claudius: Anyway, we should be getting back to the inn. That person is waiting.
Conrad: Yes, of course. Let's head back.

Everyone goes to the inn, which is a pretty large one. Y's group is waiting outside.

Claudius: Oh, hey guys.
Lii: We have some time before it's time to eat. We figured maybe you guys wanted to hang out.
Claudius: Sounds cool with me. You guys?

The rest of the group nod their heads.

Just then, Hayato comes out of the inn. Kyoku isn't far behind her. She looks at Claudius, who nods his head to point out Lei. She approaches him.

Hayato: Uh…hi. Are you Lei?
Lei: Yes. Are you the one Claudius spoke of that wants to speak with me?
Hayato: I am. Please come with me.

Lei and Hayato go off separately. Kyoku approaches Claudius, since he doesn't know many other people present.

Knosse: Lei's gonna get some? No way.
Claudius: No, not exactly.
Kyoku: Don't talk about Hayato that way. I will cut you down if you do.
X: Well…since some of us are going off alone…Y!
Y: I'm thinking what you are. Let's go, X.

X and Y also go off on their own.

Lance: Well, that's four out of the picture.
Ere: Anyone else up for some drinks?

Meanwhile, with Lei and Hayato, they are sitting down again the side of the inn.

Lei: So…my mother had another child in Kaiten, and that child was you.
Hayato: Yes. I can understand if you don't believe me.
Lei: No, very few people could have known this. Master Toketsu told me that you existed.
Hayato: Toketsu did?
Lei: Yes. I don't see how you could possibly know this information if you weren't really her.
Hayato: Some years after our mother died, I was banished from Kaiten.
Lei: You were? But why?
Hayato: I don't know. I suspect that Master Toketsu didn't like me.
Lei: I see. It's because my father was best friends with him. And he hated mother for cheating on him.
Hayato: That explains it.
Lei: He seemed troubled about it when he mentioned you though. Come to think of it, you match the description he gave. So do you know martial arts as well?
Hayato: I studied under Master Tokumo for a little while. But I also use a sword.
Lei: I see. If Tokumo was your master, you must have some good knowledge of it.

Around the same time, X and Y are sitting around a playground with wooden swing sets.

X: So tell me, how did you get banished from your clan?
Y: It was over an affair. I was arranged to marry a certain man in my clan. And there was no love, so I refused. I had a male friend that I often looked up to for advice. And I was falsely accused of having a love affair with him.
X: And you were innocent?
Y: Of course. The friend in question was like an older brother to me.
X: Hmm…so both of us were falsely accused of something and exiled for it. In my case, I was framed for the death of two people. Did you name yourself Y?
Y: Well, no. My original name was Amy. The clan typically takes the last letter in the first name and codenames you if you have committed an offense.
X: I abandoned my old name and gave myself an X. One slash for each death I was accused of.
Y: What was it? Your original name, I mean?
X: It was Troy…Troy Falcon. But I will never go by that again…not by the name that bastard gave me.

Back with the rest of the groups, they're at a large bar. Many of them have shot glasses, and others just have water or soda. Lance and Knosse are whispering to each other while Claudius is conversing with some of the others.

Bartender: Here you go, sir (To Lance).
Lance: Thanks, mate.

Lance takes the shot glass and walks over to Adria. He puts it down next to her.

Lance: Hey there.
Adria: Oh, hi. What's up?
Lance: This is a good drink. I thought you might want to try it.
Adria: Really? OK!

Adria picks up the shot glass as Knosse snickers from behind Lance. Suddenly, Conrad puts his hand on Adria's shoulder.

Conrad: Don't drink that, Adria.
Adria: Why not?
Conrad: It's not good for you at your age.

Conrad takes the drink and drinks it himself.

Conrad: I'm watching you closely, Mr. Pirate.
Lance: Fair enough, good doctor. By the way, you'll probably pass out from that in……3….2….1…

Conrad immediately passes out as Lance catches him from falling. Later that day, everyone (including X, Y, Lei, Hayato and Kyoku) are sitting down at a massive table with food laid out for each of them. They start eating as they start talking to each other.

Claudius: So, Lance, you don't drink alcohol? What the hell is up with that?
Lance: It's a creed of mine.
Claudius: And yet you smoke…double standard, much?
Lance: Hey, I don't judge you.
Claudius: I guess you don't, haha. That's because we have similar taste in women.
Lei: Hey, Dr. Conrad, what is your purpose for fighting the Myjuto?
Conrad: Well let's just say they tried to stop my research after I refused to join them in their quest.
Lei: So they wanted you on their side?
Conrad: That's right. My best friend is in the Myjuto Forces as we speak.
Scrim: You have connections to them as well?
Lei: As well? So you do too.
Scrim: My older brother is very powerful, but he's corrupt. His name is Rio. He is incredible with the sword. Like nothing I've ever seen before.
Conrad: Rio is your brother? I have heard many things about him.
Scrim: You will need multiple top quality fighters to take him on.
Lei: So you didn't join them?
Scrim: No. Unlike my brother, I am not so easily corrupted by trivial offers. I regret nothing.

After they finish eating, Conrad speaks up.

Conrad: Hey, everyone. There's a hot spring in the back of the inn. Why don't we all head over there?

Claudius, Knosse and Lance look at each other.

Claudius, Knosse and Lance: Hot spring?!

Time skips a bit and they're all at a traditional Japanese hot spring. The men and women are separated by a large wall of bamboo.

Claudius: We gotta peak. We just gotta.
Kyoku: You will do no such thing while Hayato is with them.
Claudius: Yeah, but Adria is there. *Looks at X* And Y is there too.
X: …I'm coming with you.
Lance: Now you're talking, X.
Knosse: Hey, I want a peak too.

All of them get out of the spring and put on towels around their private area. They start to all climb up the wall. On the other side, there are a lot of young women in the hot spring. Y, Hayato and Adria are there as well. The men start to peek over. All of them instantly get a nosebleed and fall off the wall onto the concrete hard. The women look over to the wall, confused.

Y: This is nice.
Hayato: Yeah.
Adria: It has been a while. They don't have many hot springs around here.

Back at the men's side, they're back in the spring, now relaxing.

Lei: (To Lance and Claudius) Have you two ever thought about settling down with just one girl?
Claudius: As of now, I don't know. After what happened back in Sarzo, I can't do that again just yet.
Lance: I don't know if settling down is my thing. My home is the ocean. I don't know if any good woman will accept that.
Lei: Then how come you guys fool around with so many girls if you might become attached to one?
Claudius: I guess I kinda picked that up from my friend, Jushiro and also my dad. He was a big flirt in the day.
Lance: I guess it comes with the territory for me.

After the hot spring, it is now late at night. Lei checks the rest of the group in for their own rooms at the inn.

X: I'm exhausted. I think I'm gonna get some rest.
Claudius: Yeah, same. But first…
Lance: Scouting time.
Knosse: I'm going to my room as well, X. I'm tired as shit.

X, Knosse and Lei go up to their rooms. Claudius and Lance exit the inn. They come back about a half hour later, both with young women in their arms.

Claudius: G'night, Lance. Have fun.
Lance: You too.

The two of them go into their respective rooms.

A few hours later, it is past midnight. One of the white cloaked men is walking around the streets of Kine. He is stopped, as he sees Lance in front of him, smoking.

Cloaked Man: So you've come.
Lance: Yeah. What is it you want from me?

The man throws his cloak off and aside to reveal that it is Ento in front of him. He has a black vest type of shirt that is a tank top and has a V shaped opening around the neck. He has black baggy combat type of pants and black shoes. Lance immediately becomes shocked at his appearance.

Lance: You…you look…why do you look like him?!

Fighters Abroad has had their fun in Kine and the group has met Adria and Conrad. Lei is now acquainted with his half sister as well. But now this is a strange turn of events. Ento is also in Kine, and he has called out Lance for a reason. Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 132: Who Do You Fight For?

Lance: You…you look…why do you look like him?!
Ento: You must have been familiar with Vex then.
Lance: That's right.
Ento: I heard reports that he had come in close proximity with your group in Zetsu.
Lance: How do you know that?
Ento: I am Ento, ranked first in the Myjuto Forces.
Lance: What?! First?
Ento: Yes. I am directly under the emperor.
Lance: And what is your relation to Vex?
Ento: Vex was my twin brother.
Lance: A twin brother?! He never mentioned…ah!

[Zetsu - Months Ago]

Lance and Vex are sitting together at a table, eating inside the coliseum.

Vex: You know, now that I think of it, I did have another brother I never told you about.
Lance: Really?
Vex: Yes. But unfortunately, we only met once. Something happened at birth and we were separated.
Lance: A twin then? Wow.
Vex: Since I don't have anymore family left, I want to find him and connect with him more.
Lance: That sounds nice.


Lance: He did speak of another, albeit briefly. So you're him.
Ento: That's right. I must thank you. You gave my brother a proper burial in his hometown.
Lance: It is what he requested.
Ento: Good.
Lance: But why then? Why are you with them?
Ento: You see, my other brother needs me.
Lance: Another brother?
Ento: He is unrelated to Vex. My older brother who's family adopted me. He is the leader of the Myjuto Forces and the Emperor of the world.
Lance: I see. Well in that case, I have no choice but to fight.
Ento: There's no reason for that. And I am unarmed. I'm not prepared to fight.
Lance: You're the first, right? I can't afford to hold back.
Ento: You are wise then.

Lance draws Vexant and points it towards Ento.

Lance: Prepare yourself.
Ento: That was his sword, was it not?
Lance: That's right. Forgive me, but I can't let this man go, even if he is your brother.

The two of them stand about 10 feet apart and square off. Lance draws the sword back with his right hand, and a second later, his hand is stopped. Ento is now standing right next to Lance with his right hand gripping Lance's sword wrist. Lance stands in complete shock.

Lance: What the…I've never seen anyone move that fast. Not even X!

Lance goes to punch with his free hand, but he is quickly kicked away by a very fast kick from Ento. Lance falls to the ground and the sword drops into Ento's hand.

Ento: Seeing as it was his, it's only right that his twin brother wield it.
Lance: Vexant, no!
Ento: Vexant, that is its name? It's a good name. I will take good care of it.

Lance stands up quickly and draws his cutlass. He puts his hat back on, which had fallen off. Ento swings Vexant around a few times to get the feel of it.

Lance: This isn't good. He has the superior weapon in his hands and his speed is unreal. I have to strike now while he isn't quite used to the blade!

Lance quickly charges and slashes a few times. Ento blocks each one and then makes a quick swing of his own. Lance jumps back to avoid it and then throws up his sword momentarily. In that moment, he pulls out his axes and throws them up high in the air. He catches his sword and then goes on the offensive again. He slices in many directions to try to penetrate his defenses. It is in vain, however, because Ento blocks every attack.

Lance then takes an opportune moment of a sword clash to shove both swords down and force them to the ground. He then drops his sword and crosses his hands. He catches his axes and then horizontally cross slashes with them. Ento is able to avoid this as well though. Ento then quickly twist kicks Lance in the stomach and then grabs Lance by the neck. He then choke slams Lance into the ground and then picks up Vexant again.

Ento: You are very skilled. You are easily officer material. But unfortunately you aren't facing just any officer. There is no one as powerful as me in the ranks.

Lance sits up, still disoriented from that last attack.

Lance: He's got me here. From a glance, it looks like he's just really fast. But that's not it. From the start, he set psychological barriers on me by showing off his speed and then keeping it dormant. And he's incredibly skilled to have dodged all my attacks. And to top it off, his strength is far above average. He even respects his opponents' skills. He has no weaknesses.

Ento: You and I shouldn't be fighting like this.
Lance: Yeah? And why is that?
Ento: We share a common link in my late twin brother. It would pain him to see us fighting.
Lance: …He has a point.
Ento: You should join us.
Lance: Huh?
Ento: If I'm not mistaken, you already have a brother in our forces. That Captain Hook fellow. It would benefit you most to join our side.
Lance: …
Ento: I will give you time to think it over. Do not attempt to fight us. My companion and I will take all of your group down by ourselves.
Lance: That's right. You were with someone earlier. Tell me, what is the top ranked officer doing here in Kine?
Ento: I will gladly reveal that information to you if you agree to join us.

Ento picks up his cloak and puts it back on. He puts Vexant on his back.

Ento: 24 hours from now. Meet me again out here like this. Come alone, and have your answer by then.

Ento walks away until he is out of sight. Lance lies back in defeat and pounds his fist on the ground.

Lance: Damn it all! What do I do?

As the screen fades to black, we transition to the morning. All of the group is awake except for Lance. The four of them sit at a table together, eating breakfast.

Lei: Where's Lance at? It's unlike him to be sleeping at this time.
Claudius: He came back with me and we got to our rooms at the same time. I don't know what could have happened, but I suspect something off about him.
X: What do you mean, Claudius?
Claudius: The girl that came out of his room was talking to the girl that was with me.
Knosse: You had another one?
Claudius: Yeah, that's not the point, anyway…she said something interesting.
Lei: What?
Claudius: She said "I think there was something wrong with him when I woke up. He looked as if he got into a fight.".
X: A fight?
Lei: We'll have to get the truth out of him later.

Just then, Y's group comes along and stands around them.

X: Oh, hey guys.
Y: Hey there.
Lei: Is there something you want?
Ere: We were wondering if you were up for a little fun.

We switch over to outside a little bit later. Both groups are faced off against each other.

Lii: We'll play this like a team royale.
Lei: So we'll all fight at once, huh?
Knosse: Sounds like fun.
Claudius: I warn you though, our team tactics are pretty spectacular.
Scrim: Same goes for us.

Both groups get into a huddle.

Y: Alright, guys. Remember what we discussed. Go for X. He's the leader and the most powerful.
Ere: Right.

Claudius: What do we got, Lei?
Lei: We'll play defensively for the most part. Knosse, I want you behind us giving us cover fire. X, you can be as aggressive as you want. Claudius and I will be enough to defend him.
X: Got it. This should be a breeze.

After the huddles, they both line up side by side. And when the right moment strikes, they get into their formations. Lei and Claudius stand side by side with Knosse standing between them but behind. X stands a bit off to the side to wait out how the other group reacts. Y's group rushes forward together. Knosse begins firing, but Ere blocks the bullets with his shield and the rest of the group rallies behind him. X rushes Ere and jumps on his shield and uses it as a footstool to flip jump behind the group. Scrim and Lii turn around and challenge him. Y rushes for Lei and attacks with a punch. Ere rushes Claudius.

Ere goes to bash him with the shield. Claudius jumps back to avoid it. Claudius then charges forward and rams the shield with his palm and rams it right into Ere.

Claudius: You should get a smaller shield for fights like this.

Ere regains his composure and throws his shield at Claudius. Claudius smacks it away before it gains momentum. He then punches Ere in the stomach which sends him to the ground. Meanwhile, Y is on the offensive, punching and kicking rapidly. Lei is blocking each attack. Lei then crosses his arms in front of his chest to brace for impact as Y kicks that spot. He slides back a little bit. Y chases and goes for a roundhouse. Lei ducks under it and then kicks her in the stomach and then a quick sweep kick to send her to the ground.

At the same time, Scrim is attacking with a wooden sword and Lii is attacking as well. X is avoiding every attack barely, using his speed to his advantage. He then back flips over both of them and the two of them begin coming under fire from Knosse. Scrim then receives a kick from X which takes him out of the game. Knosse stops the fire as Lii begins attacking again. He does a sweep kick, which X hops over. X then punches, which Lii blocks. X then spin kicks which makes Lii slide back. X charges with great speed and then spring jump punches Lii in the gut which knocks him to the ground.

Knosse: Looks like we win.
X: That's the second time you guys lost to us haha.
Scrim: Yeah, don't remind us.

They help Y's group up.

Ere: Well, it looks like you guys got a lot better.
Voice: Hey.

Lance joins the group.

X: Hey, Lance.
Lei: You sure slept late. No one is usually up later than Knosse.
Lance: I'll explain later. First, we have to scout some things out.

[Unknown Room]

Ento is sitting against a wall with his cloak on but the hood off. Sitting against the opposite wall is Kyle with his hood off as well.

Kyle: Do you think he was with them?
Ento: I don't know. That would mean that he would have escaped the prison.
Kyle: And do you think Lance will join us?
Ento: …Maybe. He's smart, and I would expect him to make a smart choice.
Kyle: If he's smart, then he should join us.
Ento: Ah, but sometimes the smart are also foolish.

Ento revealed his motives to Lance. He has also taken Vex's sword. Lance is offered the chance to switch sides. Will he take the offer? These are troubling times for the group. Stay tuned to Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 133: Lance's Decision - Backtracking?

Claudius, X, Lei, Lance and Knosse are outside of Kine. They are prone on the top of a cliff.

Lei: Alright. Let's slowly peak over the cliff.

The five of them crawl up to the edge of the cliff to pop their heads over it and look below. Below them is a huge field that is occupied by an encampment.

Lance: That has to be them.
Claudius: You are sure that it was Ento that you were fighting?
Lance: I'm positive. The level of skill that I saw in Hiiro was very high. But there was a whole new level of fighting when I fought Ento.
Claudius: I've heard about him from Conrad. It is said that he has never been even scratched in battle.
X: Never been touched?
Lance: That sounds accurate enough. I couldn't even lay a finger on him myself. And what's more, he took Vexant. But I haven't told them about the offer yet…
Lei: How are we going to get past them?
Knosse: Are we even going to get past them?
Claudius: …What do you think X?
X: Even with someone of my skill, if this Ento is there, there's no doubt we'll be caught.
Claudius: That means we have to either go around or go back.
Lance: Go back? You mean back the way we came?
Claudius: Yes, that's precisely what I'm saying.
Lei: That would be taking a long way back to Drek, that's for sure.
Claudius: Think about it this way. As it stands, we're still not strong enough to fight them head on. And besides, we've made a lot of friends, haven't we?
Lei: I see. So you suggest we train longer and call for help when we get to Sarzo.
Lance: That's a good idea.
X: That is what we originally set out to do, right Claudius?
Claudius: Right. That's what makes this decision more rational.
X: Yes.

The group heads back into Kine and go look for everyone else. They're all waiting around the inn.

Scrim: Welcome back. Where were you guys?
Knosse: We had to check some things out.
X: We're leaving soon.
Hayato: !
Claudius: If any of you has any type of business with us, now is the time. It is unknown as to when we will next see each other.

Claudius takes Conrad and Adria aside while X and Y go off again. Same with Lei and Hayato, except Kyoku follows them this time. The rest of them hang around.

Claudius: Have you come to a decision?
Conrad: We have.
Adria: We'll come with you.
Conrad: If you'll have us, we'd like to join Fighters Abroad.
Claudius: *Smiles* Of course. We all agreed to let you two join if you were up for it. Welcome to the team.
Adria: Yay!
Claudius: I must warn you though. We have to move quickly once we get out of Kine. Things could get dicey.
Conrad: Don't worry. I have a hidden shelter around here.
Claudius: You do?
Conrad: Yes. I need to go there to get the rest of my supplies anyway. We can all take refuge there for the time being.

Back at the main group of people…

Ere: So, you guys are really leaving then?
Lance: Yeah, seems like it.
Knosse: It doesn't seem like we can help it.
Scrim: Have you considered merging groups with us? We can all travel together.
Lance: It's not an ideal situation, as good as that sounds. We can't travel in a huge group. Eight would have to be the largest we can move with without complicating things too much.
Lii: He's right, Scrim. These guys are infamous, unlike us. And remember what happened when we traveled heavy.
Scrim: Don't remind me.
Knosse: What happened?
Scrim: We once had more members. They…they were killed on our way to Ivan.
Ere: We were ambushed by a few Myjuto officers.
Scrim: One of them was my brother, Rio. He had his partner, Elvan with him and a few soldiers to back them up.
Lance: And you couldn't handle them?
Scrim: I told you, my brother's sword work is the best. He single handedly killed 5 of us. We could only barely manage to get away.

After a little while, the others regroup. They all eat together and then stand outside except Lance. Adria and Conrad are now standing with the rest of the group and the others are standing opposite of each other. It is mid day now.

Y: So this is it, huh?
X: Yeah. When the time comes, will you all fight by our side at Sarzo?
Y: We will fight.
X: When all this is over, I want to take you out again. Is that alright with you?
Y: It is. I would like that as well.
Lei: Farewell, Hayato.
Hayato: Brother…
Lei: We will see each other again. When the time is right, we will fight side by side.
Hayato: Yes.
Claudius: Farewell…..
Scrim: What is it?
Claudius: Well, I don't know what to call your group.
Scrim: Our group does have a name. We call ourselves Blood and Agony.
Knosse: Are you kidding me? That sounds so depressing.
Ere: It stuck with us since we've been through a lot.

Everyone gives their goodbyes to Fighters Abroad.

Claudius: Goodbye, Blood and Agony.
Blood and Agony (+ Hayato and Kyoku): Farewell!

The group turns around and walks away together. As they leave town, Lei speaks up.

Lei: Claudius, where is Lance?

We skip over to midnight again. We see both Ento and Kyle walking towards the spot where Ento and Lance met. They are both cloaked.

Kyle: What do you think will happen?
Ento: Just be patient and we'll find out soon enough.

They reach the spot and they see a figure that is in the shadows waiting for them.

Ento: So you've decided then.

The figure comes out of the shadows to reveal a citizen (male) of Kine.

Ento: What? Who are you?
Man: I was instructed to give you this.

The man hands Ento a letter. Ento reads through it.

Ento: Bah!

Back at Fighters Abroad, they are jogging through the fields. Just then, a shadowed figure appears running next to them and it is revealed to be Lance.

Claudius: You sure took your time.
Lance: Sorry. It wasn't easy catching up to you guys like this and finding you at the same time. We should be safe for now.

The group stops and Conrad and Knosse start panting.

Conrad: Man, that was rough.
Claudius: Hey, I did warn you about this.

Over with Ento and Kyle, we see the contents of the letter.


Your offer is appreciated, but I must formally decline. I belong with Fighters Abroad and so did Vex. Your brother did not share the same ideals that you do. He wouldn't want me to join the Myjuto Forces. As for my brother, he has much to learn when it comes to picking and choosing sides. Know that I will gain Vexant back from you. With all affection a pirate can give,

Lance, Twelfth Generation Kairo

Kyle has read the letter as well.

Kyle: They're making a break for it as we speak it seems.
Ento: That is likely the case. He knew we wouldn't let him leave alive if he wouldn't join.
Kyle: Do you think they are heading for the prison?
Ento: It's possible. We have to go that way anyway. Our orders dictate as much.
Kyle: Yes, I know. Shall I summon the army?
Ento: No, we won't be able to move well with this many people this late with them all as tired as they probably are.
Kyle: Then a delayed march?
Ento: Yes, that sounds good. Damn you, Lance. You would have been under my protection if you had agreed to come with us.

Lance has decided to stay with Fighters Abroad. His loyalty has been proven. Two more members have been added to the group. Adria, the ninja and Conrad, the genius. The chase is now on as the Myjuto Forces push back our group to backtrack through the continents. Thus with that, the Chronicles of Claudius come to a close on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 134: Developments in Kine and Jerod

We go back to Jerod, or rather, Naith’s workshop outside of it. Naith and Naki (his grandfather as a quick reminder) are sitting down at the table and are being served tea by Nataley.

Naki: You look just like your father when he was your age. That is why I originally mistook you for him.
Naith: I see. I hardly recognized you myself. It has been so long. But it is very good to see you again.
Naki: Yes. And I have come back to give you a proposition.
Naith: You have?
Naki: Well, initially I came to visit their graves, but when I saw you I remembered a promise I gave to Naoko.
Naith: What is this promise?

[Unknown Place in Neese – 8 Years Ago]

Naki (A little younger looking) and Naoko are sitting down, having tea much like in the present.

Naki: So, your boy has grown to be a fine man, huh?
Naoko: You have no idea. He will soon learn the business and eventually take over for me.
Naki: Is that right?
Naoko: But with that said, I’ll need your help when the time comes.
Naki: What do you need my help for? I groomed you to be a fine businessman.
Naoko: If he is truly going to take over, he will need guidance from you as well.
Naki: Very well. I give you my word that when it’s time, I will help.


Naith: So you want me to become a businessman now.
Naki: You technically hold the rights to re-open that company. Although it is off the grid, it is still able to be reborn.
Naith: I want to accept…
Naki: But…?
Naith: There are things I still have to do. It’s not time for me to put down my sword yet.
Naki: The sword?
Naith: I will explain. You came to visit them, right? I will take you soon.
Naki: Thank you.

Now, we move over to the village of Kine. Blood and Agony members are still there in the village. It is the next day after Fighters Abroad left.

Scrim: Y, do you suppose we should get moving soon?
Y: Yes. We’ll leave after dinner.
Hayato: Where are you guys going?
Y: We haven’t decided yet.
Kyoku: What do you mean by that?
Ere: Generally speaking, we go where we want.
Lii: We’re supposed to be fighting these Myjuto Forces, but we’re not strong enough yet. So we travel to random villages and train along the way while having some fun.

Hayato and Kyoku stay with the group through lunch and then later they go to the hot springs.

Y: You know, Hayato, I like you guys.
Hayato: Thank you…
Y: I wouldn’t be opposed to you two joining us, provided you both show us your skills.

Scrim: So what’s your relationship with the girl, Kyoku?
Kyoku: It’s somewhat complicated, in that I’ve been her only solid friend ever since she left her city. The two of us have been in search of a strike team for quite a while, but to no avail.
Ere: Is that right? What is your team for?
Kyoku: To fight the Myjuto Forces, but more specifically it was designed to be able to fight alongside her brother.
Lii: You mean Lei.
Scrim: Well, Kyoku, I think you may have found the team you’re looking for.
Kyoku: Are you offering for us to join?
Scrim: Maybe. That will depend.
Kyoku: Depend on what?

Scrim smiles and doesn’t answer. The scene quickly changes back to Jerod. This time, Luis and Shawn are seen resting inside their house after working the fields.

Luis: Well, that was tiring.
Shawn: I’ll say.
Luis: At least we’re done working for the day and we take the rest of the day off.

Just then, a female voice is heard from outside the house. She is yelling “DETECTIVES!”. Shawn facepalms and Luis sighs. A few seconds later, they answer the door and Luis has a black detective hat on ( http://www.costumekingdom.com/images/Product/medium/costume-hats-black-felt-detective-hat-18520.jpg ). Shawn has a double take at this. This is a frontal view of the brothers so we don’t see the woman.

Luis: What’s the problem, mam?
Woman: We have a problem!
Shawn: Yes, hence why you came over here screaming for us. That’s why he asked what the problem was.
Woman: My neighbor, Mr. Jennings, was murdered!
Luis: Mr. Jennings? We’ll be there right away.
Shawn: Just stay calm, mam. We’ll ask you a few questions after we have thoroughly inspected the scene.

As Luis and Shawn leave, Shawn nudges Luis.

Shawn: What’s up with the hat? Where did you get that thing anyway?
Luis: I got it yesterday, to look more detectivy.
Shawn: I think you mean detective-like.
Luis: I know what I said.
Shawn: Well, why didn’t you get me one?
Luis: I did. Here.

Luis takes off the hat to show that it was a double and there was Luis’ hat under it all along. He puts the hat we initially saw on Shawn’s head (They’re identical).

Shawn: Fuck yeah. Now we’re both more detectivy!

Back with Naith, he and Naki have just left the graveyard where Naith’s parents are buried.

Naki: Thank you, Naith.
Naith: You’re welcome. What will you do now?
Naki: I have to get going. There’s something I want to give you.

Naki reaches into his pocket and pulls out a diamond ring.

Naith: This is…
Naki: Yes, this is for that special somebody. When the time is right, give it to her and tell her exactly how you feel.
Naith: Thank you.

The two of them hug and Naki goes on his way. As Naith walks away, Nataley approaches him.

Naith: Nataley, you followed us?
Nataley: I wanted to go into town while you guys were visiting them. Something bad went down here.
Naith: What do you mean?
Nataley: A murder.
Naith: Let’s go check it out.

Naith and Nataley go to the site where there is police tape everywhere around a field and Luis and Shawn are investigating inside the perimeter of the tape. Shawn notices Naith and approaches them.

Shawn: Hello, you two.
Naith: What happened here?
Shawn: Looks like homicide.
Naith: …
Shawn: What is it?
Naith: Nice hats.
Luis: (From afar) Told you he would like them!
Nataley: Do you know who could have possibly done this?
Shawn: That’s what Luis is looking into now.
Luis: Bro! Naith! Come ‘ere a second.

They go towards the body. It’s a middle aged light skinned man with farmer clothes. He has been pierced right at the heart.

Luis: Naith, I know you’re excellent with the sword. Almost as excellent as I am, but let’s not go there.
Naith: Get to the point.
Luis: Look at this wound. This man was killed in one clean stroke to the heart. I don’t know about you, but I’d say this was no ordinary swordsman.
Shawn: This is definitely a wound from a katana.
Naith: How do you know that?
Shawn: We’re detectives, remember? We’ve come across this kind of stuff before.
Naith: Well, you’re definitely right there, Luis. He most certainly was not an amateur.
Luis: That’s somewhat troubling.
Shawn: We received a report two days ago of a murder just like this just outside of Jerod.
Naith: So that’s what you meant by homicide.
Luis: And get this: Guess who was spotted in the neighboring town?
Naith: Who?
Luis: Gen of the Blades
Naith: Gen?! You can’t mean the wielder of the Shiryu blade?
Luis: The very same Gen.
Shawn: The Shiryu…the sword that signifies the strongest swordsman in the world, and this man may have been the killer.
Naith: You can’t be serious.
Shawn: It’s a possibility.
Luis: In any case, as much as I hate to admit it, we might need your help. If it’s Gen we’re dealing with, I don’t think we can take him on by ourselves without your help.

Naith grabs his sheathed sword with his right arm and his arm shakes a little in excitement. He then smiles.

Naith: You bet I’m in. This is just the opportunity I have been waiting for. If I defeat Gen here and now, I will be in possession of the Shiryu and will be considered the best swordsman.
Luis: Bro, he’s making that face again.
Shawn: I know. It’s kinda scary.

Once again, we switch back to Kine. In the middle of the town, Kyoku and Hayato have their swords drawn. They’re breathing heavy. Faced off against Hayato is Y and Scrim is facing Kyoku.

Hayato: I had no idea you guys were so tough, not after seeing yesterday.
Y: You mean you saw that? Man that was embarrassing.
Scrim: Both of us have some ways to go before we’re at their level. But you’ve got talent. What do you think, Y?
Y: I say they pass. Lii, Ere?
Lii: Yes.
Ere: Definitely.
Scrim: Well, welcome to Blood and Agony.
Hayato: We did it, Kyoku.
Kyoku: Yes. We’ve finally gathered a team, one way or another.
Ere: There’s still the matter of where we’re heading.
Hayato: If it’s okay, I have an idea.

After she makes her suggestion…

Kyoku: Are you sure about this?
Hayato: Positive.
Y: Let’s go there, then.
Scrim: Alright.

After they eat dinner they stand at the edge of Kine, about to leave.

Y: Is everyone ready?

The group all nods their heads.

Y: Good. As always, let us look on this village once more, as it may be our last time.

They all turn and face the village for about ten seconds and then turn back and start walking outside Kine.

Some new developments have occurred. Hayato and Kyoku are now a part of Blood and Agony. And Naith has a new path set before him. Just as his grandfather bids him farewell for now, he is beset by the opportunity of a lifetime. He has a shot at the title of the best swordsman in the world. Is Gen behind the murder? All will be revealed in good time. But for now, we will return back to our Fighters Abroad next time!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   December 29th 2012, 1:50 am

Chapter 135: Problems Within the Group – Rehabilitation?

It is about mid-day and we go to the plains that the group has been traveling on. Right now, they’re just walking, following Conrad and Adria.

Lei: So, Conrad. How did you come to find this place?
Conrad: Well, we were traveling and then made it. And now it’s done.
Lei: What the…
Knosse: You skipped the whole story.
Claudius: He does that…a lot.
Adria: They built that house over time with help from the closest friends. I was only a child when they built it. It’s a lab that doubles as a safe haven in times like this.
Lance: Now that makes more sense.
Conrad: We’re nearly there.
Lei: How do you even locate this place? All this terrain looks the same.
Conrad: Calculations. I have the coordinates memorized from every neighboring city or town.
Knosse: Wow, that’s smart as shit.
Adria: There. I can see it ahead.

They start to see a building in far sight. They eventually come up to it. It’s a small single story building, built with wood.

Conrad: It sure has been a while.
Adria: Yeah. We’re home!
X: Thank goodness.

Claudius turns to his left when X speaks for the first time in a while. X’s eyes roll back to white and he instantly passes out. Claudius catches his fall.

Claudius: What the-
Lei: This again? No, this is different.
Lance: He’s breathing heavy. Something’s not right.
Knosse: You think?
Conrad: Let’s get him inside quickly.

Inside, X is now lying on a stone table. His torso is off, and his body is shown red and the muscles look tightened and strained. When we zoom out a bit, we see that there are a lot of scientific items around the room (i.e test tubes and chemicals). Claudius and Conrad are standing around him.

Claudius: He looks horrible.
Conrad: I don’t know what he’s been through, but whatever it was nearly killed him.
Claudius: Was this his secret training? Just what type of regiment did he put himself through?
Conrad: It’s a wonder how he lasted this long before fully collapsing like this. He probably temporarily blacked out a few times, I’d say.
Claudius: Will he be okay?
Conrad: I think so. I have a few sedatives on hand that should put his muscles at rest temporarily.
Claudius: Sedatives? You mean drugs? Like hash and all that?
Conrad: Yeah.
Claudius: Nice.
Conrad: Obviously, I’m not going to have him smoke it. I have a way of medically injecting it into his muscles.
Claudius: I’ve never heard of such a thing.
Conrad: There are a lot of things in here that you will never hear from anyone else. Get Ralto in here, so that he can give me a hand.
Claudius: Right.

Claudius opens a nearby door and Ralto is standing there already.

Claudius: The doc wants you.
Ralto: All right.
Claudius: So this is where you went. I was wondering where you had disappeared to in Kine.
Ralto: Yeah, I went straight here from the prison after escorting them to Kine.

Ralto goes into the room as Claudius walks past him. When he passes the current corridor, the rest of the group sitting down at a wooden table meets him. They are having tea.

Knosse: How is he?
Claudius: He should be fine after some rest.
Adria: Good. Sit and have some tea.

After about an hour, Conrad approaches the rest of the group, with Ralto trailing behind.

Conrad: Adria, you can get started on lunch if you wish.
Adria: Right.

Adria starts to prepare food.

Conrad: Claudius, I would like to check you out too, if you don’t mind.
Claudius: Sorry, doc. I’m not into that kind of stuff.
Conrad: Funny. You know what I mean. Now take off your shirt.
Claudius: That still sounds wrong, you know.

Claudius takes off his shirt and we see a big pseudo-scar on his back.

Conrad: As I thought. From the prison, yeah?
Claudius: Yeah.
Conrad: You purposely hid it, but I ascertained that.
Lei: So that Jimbo guy really took his day out on you, huh?
Conrad: Not only that, but the nutrients in the food weren’t very good. There’s only so long you can trick your body into becoming stronger with slop like that. Adria, you’re spilling it.

Looking at Adria, she is staring at Claudius’s body with her mouth open (Not that you can see it, but it’s clear because the outline of her jaw is stretching down). She’s pouring water into a pot, which is starting to overflow.

Adria: Oopsy, sorry!

A few minutes pass, and they sit there almost silent.

Knosse: Okay, I’m bored. Let’s play some poker.
Lance: Do you have the cards?
Knosse: Right here.

Knosse throws a brand new pack down on the table.

Lei: Where the hell did you get those?
Knosse: Harus. You know, the place where Lance won all that money. And with that weird merchant.
Lei: Don’t remind me. Let’s just play.
Lance: What type of poker are we playing?
Claudius: Poker? What do you mean, Lance?
Lance: *Sigh* Look, there is Five Card Draw and Texas Hold’em for starters.
Knosse: What’s the one that starts with two cards?
Lance: Hold’em.
Knosse: One more thing. What the fuck is a Texas?
Lance: *Shrug*

A few minutes into the game goes by. A few hands have been played and Lance has won every single one of them.

Lance: I’ll be taking this money.
Knosse: Shit! You’re cheating! That is the default response to anyone who is losing these days, but you must be cheating!
Lei: Never trust a pirate.
Lance: Hey, just because I’m a pirate, doesn’t mean…
Claudius: So what kind of cards are you hiding?
Lance: Are you even listening?
Conrad: Actually, the probability of him having those hands is…
Claudius: Never tell me the odds.
Lei: Why don’t you join us, Conrad?
Knosse: Hell no! He’ll calculate everything and fuck our shit up.
Conrad: That’s a crude way of putting it, but yes.

Around twenty minutes go by and they’re on another hand.

Lance: Raise 20 silver.
Claudius: Call.
Knosse: Fold.
Lei: Fold.
Claudius: Let’s see. I have a full house. What do you have?
Lance: Royal Flush.
Claudius: Daaaaamn. That’s rare.
Lance: Next hand, I’m the dealer.
Adria: Food’s ready.
Knosse: Sweet!
Adria: Two large fish each. Come and get it. There’s also soup for everyone!

Everyone takes turns getting his or her food.

Claudius: If you’ll excuse me, I’ll take X his food and I think I’ll eat with him if he is up.
Lei: Right.

Claudius takes a plate of fish and a bowl of soup into the room where X is. His eyes are wide open, but he is lying down still.

Claudius: So you’re up.
X: Yeah.
Claudius: I brought you food.
X: Thanks. Can you help me sit up?
Claudius: Sure.

Claudius helps prop X up against the wall with his pillow behind his head.

Claudius: I’ll be right back.

Claudius leaves briefly and comes back with his own food. He sits upright on another stone table only a few feet from the other. They begin eating.

X: I guess you can see the kind of stress I put on my body.
Claudius: I can. You really overworked yourself this time.
X: Sorry.
Claudius: You and me both. The doc wants to have a look at me too.
X: That sounds kind of wrong.
Claudius: Yeah, I know. Heh.

As they go off onto their own conversation, Conrad and Adria lurk a little bit outside the door.

Conrad: I saw that face earlier.
Adria: What face?
Conrad: You know, the one you looked at Claudius with.
Adria: Oh…
Conrad: I know that face by now. Don’t get too attached to him.
Adria: Why not?
Conrad: He’s a mercenary first and foremost.
Adria: He saved our lives. Without him, we would have never broken out and Uncle Ralto would be dead.
Conrad: I know, I know. We owe him a debt that will never be repaid. But you must understand something. People will use other people to get what they want and disguise it as helping people.
Adria: Yeah? I’m sure you know all about that.
Conrad: …
Adria: I’m sorry. That was insensitive. I know you’ve been through a lot.
Conrad: No, it’s okay. You’re right.
Adria: But just because she left doesn’t mean…
Conrad: I know. What I’m telling you is to be cautious. I don’t want you to go through what I did.
Adria: I get that…but…
Conrad: That’s enough. We will speak on this issue later. I have some work to do.
Adria: Right…

Conrad enters the room, around when Claudius and X are on their last few bites of fish.

Conrad: Good, you’re up.
X: Yeah. Claudius explained everything to me.
Conrad: Right. Well, Claudius, I’d like you to lie down so that I can give you a shot of sedative as well.
Claudius: Can I smoke it?
Conrad: No.

Just then, the door is knocked on.

Conrad: What is it?
Lance’s Voice: (Muffled) Did someone say something about smoking something?
Conrad: Oh, go away!

There seem to be a few issues with X and Claudius health-wise. Thanks to one of their new additions, they are on the road to a good recovery. It continues next on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 29th 2013, 1:45 pm

Chapter 136: The Most Important Battle Skill?

Claudius wakes up the next morning. He tries to move, but he grunts in pain and finds himself unable to move much.

Claudius: I guess this is the side effect of letting my body finally relax.

He looks over to his left to X, who is also awake.

Claudius: Can you move?
X: Not really.
Claudius: Me neither.
X: This drug thing has really kicked in.
Claudius: Yeah.
X: Claudius?
Claudius: Yeah?
X: I’ve been thinking a lot. The Myjuto…just who are these people?
Claudius: What do you mean?
X: Not all of them have been bad. We knew someone in Zetsu who was courteous and even friendly to us even knowing who we were. Hiiro.
Claudius: I know what you mean. Jen, as bad as she seemed, treated me well while I was her prisoner and then Tina was also nice.
X: So why then…are they helping this mad man Zerin?
Claudius: Everyone has had their own troubles and ordeals. We could have just as easily turned out as Myjuto officers.
X: True. It just sucks that we have to fight against some of these people.

Just then, Conrad opens the door slowly and peers in. When he sees that both of them are awake, he opens the door more casually and enters.

Conrad: Good morning.
X: Yo.
Conrad: How are you two?
X: We’re both not able to move much.
Conrad: As expected. When you recover from this, you will be in good shape.
Claudius: Good.

Adria promptly comes in with two cups of coffee. She trips, however, and the cups conveniently fly towards each of them. X forces himself up and takes out his daggers and throws them both. The tips go through the handle’s oval shaped opening and pin the mugs against the wall. Surprisingly, only a little coffee has been spilled.

Claudius: That was incredible, X.
X: Thanks AGH!

He immediately falls over due to the pain of forcing himself up. He falls off the slate-made bed and hits the floor near Claudius.

Claudius: Hang on, I’ll get you.

Claudius reaches his arm out and extends his body over the bed and then falls off himself by accident. Both of them now lie on the floor in pain. Conrad facepalms as Adria starts giggling.

Conrad: What am I going to do with you two? Furthermore, when did you get your daggers back?
X: You never took them. Master Hirai taught us to always be ready, right?
Claudius: Yeah.

The next day, they are both able to sit up.

Claudius: Much better.
X: Let’s see if we can stand.
Claudius: Right.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group is enjoying breakfast.

Lance: Realistically, we need to get moving within the next two days.
Lei: Yes. We don’t know what could be waiting for us if we wait any longer.

A door opens slowly and they all look over to see X and Claudius walking slowly towards them, supporting each other’s steps. They all grin.

Claudius: Where’s our damn breakfast?
X: We’re starving here.

Later on in the day, both are walking on their own power.

X: Ready to start training, Claudius?
Claudius: Ready, bro.
Conrad: No no no! You can’t do that yet!
Claudius: How about this. If you can defeat us individually, we won’t train. Then we know we’re not ready. Let me remind you about how X threw those daggers yesterday.
Conrad: ...Damn fine, do what you want.

The next day, the two of them seem perfectly normal. During lunch, they’re all eating some sort of soup.

Lei: So in conclusion, technique is the most important thing in a battle for sure.
X: Technique is nice, but if you have no strength or speed behind it, you won’t get very far at our level.
Claudius: I concur. Power is the most important thing here.
Lance: I’m going to have to agree with Lei.

Suddenly, Conrad slams a kitchen knife onto the table.

Conrad: Let’s have a little contest then. Strength and Speed vs Technique and Intuition.
Lance: I like where this is going.
Knosse: Now you’re thinking like one of us, Conrad!
Conrad: The teams would be X, Claudius, Ralto and Adria vs myself, Lei, Knosse and Lance.

A few minutes after eating, they all head outside into the grass field. They stand opposite each other and begin their formation. Team Strength and Speed is on the left. They are lined up side by side with Adria, Claudius, Ralto and X in that order. On the right is Team Technique and Intuition. They have a bit of a different formation. Lei and Lance are in the front and Knosse is between them and slightly behind them. Conrad is behind Knosse.

Claudius: Are you ready to fight?
Lei: Yes.
Claudius: Then let’s start on the count of 3. Together, Lei.
Lei: Right.
Lei and Claudius: 3…2…1…GO! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsddt1QXgt0 )

Knosse immediately starts shooting as Lei and Lance sidestep to give him a bit of room. Adria and X step more inwards as Claudius steps a step ahead of the team. He takes out his whip and whirls it around in front of him to block all the bullets. Adria and X rush forward towards Lei and Lance as the bullets stop. A concussive bomb intercepts them, however, and blows them both back. This time, Claudius and Ralto rush and make it to Lei and Lance.

Claudius throws a punch, which Lance promptly side steps. He tries a sweep kick, but Claudius slides his foot into the kick to stop it. He then punches straight for Lance, who is forced to block it head on with his arms. He takes a tough punch and slides back. Meanwhile, Ralto is on the offensive with his punches towards Lei. Lei is able to dodge all of them and then lands a kick to Ralto’s stomach. Just as he is going to go for another kick, he sees X rushing at him very quickly. When X springs forth, Lei ducks down and blocks low expecting his usual jumping punch or kick. However, X ends up jumping over Lei with a flip.

Lei: Damn!

As he is momentarily distracted, Ralto kicks him in the gut. He hunches over in pain for a moment but recovers in order to block an incoming punch. He karate chops his hand away and then palm strikes him in the stomach and then drop kicks Ralto to the ground.

Lei: One down.

At this time, X has made it to Knosse. He avoids a few bullets and then runs straight past him. Conrad drops a flash bang and runs away. X is temporarily stunned by then but continues his pursuit of Conrad.

Lance, at this point, is avoiding both Adria and Claudius’ attacks. He takes out one axe and hacks at them at the same time. His axe is met by Claudius’ sword and it gets blocked. Lei interrupts the clash and Claudius and Lance separate. Claudius sheaths his sword quickly and dodges a kick from Lei.

Meanwhile, Conrad is making no headway trying to run from X.

X: C’mon, man. Run like the cops are chasing you!

X catches up quickly and jump kicks Conrad to the ground.

X: Now your annoying little explosives are out of the way.

Adria and Lance are fighting hand to hand, blocking each other’s strikes. Suddenly, Adria lands a quick strike to his stomach and then jumps up. She grabs Lance’s upper body with her legs and then backflips to slam him straight down to the ground.

Lance: So that’s why she was on that team…

At this time, Lei is fighting hand to hand with Claudius. He steps on Claudius’ foot and then goes for a punch up high. Before he can land it, Claudius makes a swift kick with his other foot, which sends Lei sliding backwards.

Knosse: Lei now!

Lei dives out of the way as Knosse throws a bomb right at Claudius and Adria (and X who returned to the area in that particular moment). It kicks up a lot of dust. Lei stands up and brushes himself off a little. Suddenly, X bursts forth at top speed out of the smoke and blitzes Knosse. He punches Knosse and sends him to the ground. He faces off against Lei. When the dust and smoke clear, we see Claudius and Adria on the ground with a lot of bullets around them.

X: As I thought, the shrapnel bomb. Lucky for you guys they didn’t know about that yet. I guess it’s just me and you, Lei.
Lei: That’s right.

As the two fighters meet, they begin to exchange hits and block each other’s. Eventually they land a punch on each other’s cheek and both fall to the ground at the same time. *Theme Stops*

X: So who won?
Lei: Please tell me we’re not going to decide this on a coin flip again.
X: I guess it’s a tie…again.
Claudius: So I guess what we’ve proved is that it’s essential for everything when working as a team.
Conrad: Right. And it looks like this team has a great balance of everything. We can really work with the team.
Knosse: We already know that, dumbass. We've been fighting for well over a year together.
Ralto: What did you say?! Show some respect!
Knosse: Sorry, it's hard to take him seriously watching him run like a bitch from X.
Conrad: Hehe sorry about that.

Claudius and Lance join in on laughing at Knosse's words.

Lance: Furthermore, Adria, I had no idea you were that fast or strong.
Adria: Heh. How's your head?
Lance: It'll manage. I certainly wasn't ready for that, though. Next time I will be.
X: Why don't we head inside?
Conrad: Yes. I have a little work to do myself before we leave tomorrow.

Claudius and X have recovered well. With a team spar, they get a bit of training in. But what is Conrad planning? The adventure continues once again next!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 19th 2013, 2:28 pm

Summer Special Announcement!

Claudius and X are enjoying a nice day at da beach at St. Maarten. They are both sipping some martinis while on beach chairs ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y24xm_7WZFQ ).

X: This is the life.
Claudius: I’ll say.
X: Hey, weren’t we supposed to be doing something right now?
Claudius: Can’t think of anything…wait. *Music stops abruptly with this sound effect: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1aDlN6TJ6w *
X: We were at Conrad’s house just last chapter. How did we get here?
Claudius: Not sure.

Just then, Knosse and Lei join them and sit on beach chairs on opposite sides (i.e Lei is to the left of Claudius, Knosse is to the right of X).

Claudius: Do you guys know why we’re here?
Lei: Nope.
Knosse: Negative.
X: How about you, Conrad?

Conrad and Adria pull up chairs and sit on opposite ends as well.

Conrad: …Science!
Adria: Say, where did Lance head off to?

Just then, they look out to sea to see something moving towards them. They eventually see the Flying Dutchman ( http://www.scenicreflections.com/files/Flying_Dutchman,_Pirates_of_the_Caribbean_Wallpaper_y5473.jpg ). At the helm of the ship, we see Lance directing. The crew consists of Vex, Kroke, Tibi, Orzu, Morio, Ben and Jimbo.

Lance: There must always be a captain of the Dutchman.
Claudius: Well would you look at that? All these dead people we haven’t seen in a while.

The ship docks and they set foot on the sand.

Lei: I thought the captain of the Dutchman couldn’t set foot on land.
Lance: Fuck logic. Now let’s relax. *Music resumes*
Knosse: Now all we need is a cameo from…
Naith: Yo.

Knosse gets startled and turns around to see Naith.

Knosse: Finally, you’re here. Where have you been you lazy basta…

Knosse gets interrupted as Naith takes out his sword and slices right in front of him. A cut appears on Knosse’s nose and he hunches over in pain.

X: We really need to get back to the main plot.
Claudius: If only it were our choice. *Shakes head*

Okay okay, I get it. Let’s go back to the plot where I proceed to kill you all off in the next couple of chapters.

All: Wait, don’t!!!!!!

Just kidding.

The summer is in its final act! Fighters Abroad returns, coming soon!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 21st 2013, 12:53 am

Chapter 137: Back There?

The next day, we see Claudius and X sitting outside early in the morning. They’re both sipping coffee.

X: So we’re leaving today.
Claudius: Yes. It’s for the best.
X: I know. Where to though? I’ll consult Lance.
Claudius: No need. I have a good idea of where to go.
X: Where is that?
Claudius: Back to the prison.
X: Back there? Are you serious?
Claudius: They have some supplies that probably haven’t been raided quite yet. Most of the prisoners were in a rush just to get out of there. We’re low on our own supplies.
X: That’s a good point. We need them before we can get back to a place like Kaiten where we can get some more.
Claudius: Only thing is that it might be dangerous. But we have to take our chances.

A few minutes later, they have joined everyone else to eat breakfast. Conrad looks quite tired.

Adria: What is it, dad? You don’t look very good.
Conrad: Oh, don’t worry about me. Just wait till after we eat.
Lance: You upgraded our weapons, didn’t you?
Conrad: How did you know?
Lance: It wasn’t hard to figure out…

[Last Night]

Conrad: Can I see your weapons?
Knosse: Why?
Conrad: It’s a secret.


Conrad: That obvious, huh? Well, I wasn’t going to just steal them in the middle of the night. I think X would have killed me by mistake.
X: Or on purpose, heh.

After they eat, we see them outside, in a circular formation. Conrad is in the middle with a large bag. He opens the bag and pulls out Claudius’ whip. He tosses it to Claudius.

Claudius: It looks the same…wait. What is this button on the side?
Conrad: Press that button and whip away from the group.
Claudius: Right.

Claudius turns and presses the button. While holding the button he whips downward over his shoulder and it extends three times as far as normal.

Claudius: Woah. I can see that you linked two chains to this. Are…these the chains that were on me in the prison?
Conrad: Yes. You have a good memory. You can extend it twice or three times as far as you could before.
Claudius: Thank you.
Conrad: Next, I took the liberty of sharpening both X’s daggers and Lance’s axes.

He hands X and Lances weapons to them.

Conrad: I found a method of reinforcing weaponry that increases its killing power. Of course, I also did standard sharpening, including your sword, Lance. You have used those weapons quite a bit.

Next, Conrad twirls Knosse’s guns around a few times and then unloads them to show the bullets.

Knosse: What’s up with the bullets?
Conrad: These bullets will penetrate a lot deeper into opponents. I also increased the velocity in which your guns fire.
Knosse: Velocity? You mean my gun shoots faster?
Conrad: Yes.
Knosse: Bitchin’.
Conrad: Ralto was responsible for this last one. Here, Lei.
Lei: Hmm?

Conrad throws Lei a pair of black leather gloves with a large metal strip that spans from where the knuckles are to the back of the hand.

Lei: With these, I can block most weapons with the back of my hand. I can even punch harder too. I’ll have to thank him later.
Lance: We can’t thank you enough for all this.
Conrad: No. Claudius saved my life, and I owe him my life. This is the least I could do besides join you guys. Now that we’re all re-equipped, are we ready to go?
Adria: We aren’t going anywhere until you’ve had some rest.
Claudius: That’s right. As soon as you’ve had some decent sleep, we’ll go.
Conrad: Well, alright then.

When Conrad goes to sleep, the rest of the group is sitting at the table, speaking.

Lance: I’m a bit apprehensive about going back there. But I guess we have no choice.
Lei: Agreed. We’ll just have to hope we don’t run into any trouble on the way.
Adria: Claudius, X, are you okay to leave?
Claudius: I feel fine.
X: So do I. That stuff really did the trick.
Ralto: Good. In large doses, it apparently does horrible things to someone, so don’t get used to it.
X: Noted.

After they’ve finished talking, Lance goes outside to smoke. Lei follows not far behind.

Lei: How about you? Are you doing alright?
Lance: Why do you ask?
Lei: You’ve seemed restless since we left Kine.
Lance: It’s Ento.
Lei: It was shocking to hear that Vex had a twin brother. And he is the highest ranking officer in the Myjuto Forces.
Lance: It’s not just that. But his power, it’s unreal. Fighting must run in that family, only Ento is on a totally different level from Vex.
Lei: If he’s as strong as you say, then we must be careful.

A few hours pass and Conrad has awakened. He packs up and is ready to leave. The entire group except for Adria, Conrad and Ralto are outside.

Ralto: So this is it.
Conrad: Yeah. You’re sure you can’t come with us?
Ralto: I’m getting too old for this shit. Maybe we’ll meet again in Sarzo.
Adria: Uncle Ralto…

They say their goodbyes and then leave the house, packed and ready.

Adria: We’re ready.
Claudius: You’re sure?
Conrad: Positive.
Claudius: Let’s head out then.

They begin the walk towards the prison. Meanwhile, we shift focus to Naith who is in his workshop. He is sharpening his blade in the basement and Nataley is behind him.

Nataley: What’s wrong? You actually seem excited about this.
Naith: Do you know who Gen of the Blades is?
Nataley: I don’t.
Naith: All aspiring swordsmen do. He is a legend. Of all the swordsmen who have held the Shiryu, Gen has had it the second longest, only surpassed by the man who forged the sword. And he passed down the blade when he died of old age. It wasn’t forcibly taken from him.
Nataley: And you’re going after this man if he is behind the murder?
Naith: …I met him once.

[5 Years Ago]

Narrator Naith: When I was a wanderer, I stumbled across a village that had been destroyed by bandits.

We see a younger Naith walk into a burnt down village. There is a bandit running towards him frantically.

Bandit: ‘Outta my way, asshole!

Naith immediately slashes through the bandit and kills him. When he sheaths his sword, he travels deeper into the village and sees a huge pile of corpses that number over 50 bodies. Behind that pile, we see a swordsman with his blade sheathed. He has a dark purple Chinese outfit (similar to this http://img.costumecraze.com/images/vendors/rubies/56282-Super-Deluxe-Samurai-Warrior-large.jpg but all dark purple) with a black belt. He has black hair that is slicked back into a Chinese style pony-tail (but he has a full head of hair). He is light skinned and looks to be in his early 30s.

Naith: Did this man do all this?

When Naith travels closer to this man, he sees that most of the villagers are behind him and with a closer look, the corpses are all bandits.

Villager: He did it! Gen of the Blades has protected us!
Naith: This is Gen?!

Naith walks a little closer and Gen spots him. He approaches Naith.

Gen: You are a swordsman?
Naith: …*Shakes head once*
Gen: I see. You cut through that bandit pretty cleanly earlier. You have potential, kid.

Gen pats him on the shoulder and then walks away. Some of the villagers follow him, but Naith stands still.


Naith: If he is behind things here, then I will have an uphill battle in front of me. But if I win, I will have finally mastered the sword to the utmost and I will have possession of the Shiryu.
Nataley: I see. Come back to me safely then. If things get too hot, get out of there.
Naith: …You have my word.

Back with Fighters Abroad, they have reached the outside of the prison. Everything is how they left it.

Claudius: Are we all ready?

Everyone gives a nod.

X: Let’s go then.

They travel through the many layers of the outside. They finally make it to the front and open the door to get inside the prison.

Claudius: The kitchen is close. Let’s head there.

They make their way to the kitchen. Claudius opens the double doors and they head inside. Claudius is startled when he sees that someone is already in the room. Lei and Knosse look at each other with surprise. Meanwhile, Lance grits his teeth and starts shaking at the man he sees.

Ento: Well, look who we have here.

To be continued…

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Chapter 138: Assault! The Strongest Myjuto?

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl0fVQRcP4o )

Ento: Well, look who we have here.
Lei: His face looks almost identical to Vex. And on his back, that is Vexant. Lance, is this…
Lance: Yes, this is Ento.
Ento: Good to see you too, Lance. That was quite rude of you to run and not greet me again. Oh..? *Looks at Knosse* I see you’re still alive. I did hear that you had joined up with Fighters Abroad, but I didn’t believe it. Come to think of it, I did see you at my brother’s service.
Knosse: Ento…where did I hear that name? AH!

We quickly flashback to when Knosse and Hiiro spoke in Zetsu.

Hiiro: I'm surprised to see you alive after all that happened.
Knosse: What is that supposed to mean?
Hiiro: You really don't remember? Man, Ento must have really went all out on you.

Ento: Don’t you recognize my face, Knosse?
Knosse: I was…a Myjuto officer?
Ento: You don’t remember, huh? Yes, until you betrayed us. Here I thought I’d killed you. I guess I’ll finish the job today.
X: Not on my watch!
Claudius: X, don’t rush things.
X: Don’t worry about me. I’m not as reckless as I used to be.
Ento: I was surprised to see this prison overtaken so easily. Ben and Jimbo were weak, but effective soldiers.

Ento throws off his cloak.

Ento: Well, it has been an interesting conversation. You have made it quite far, but the buck stops here, Fighters Abroad. *Theme stops*
Lei: Here he comes!

Everyone readies their weapons. Adria pulls out a kunai ( http://static.giantbomb.com/uploads/original/6/66259/1181582-kunai2.jpg ) and Lance pulls out his axes. Lei puts on his gloves. Claudius readies his chain whip and Conrad has a grenade of some sort in his hand. Knosse twirls his guns and points them at Ento and X has his knives at the ready.

Claudius: Fighters Abroad, we must defeat this man. If we work together, we will be taking out the highest ranking officer and we’ll deal a major blow to their forces.
Ento: True, but that’s IF you can defeat me!

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Qie69s6dJ8 ) Ento charges at break neck speed towards the group. This astounds everyone all at once. Knosse starts off by shooting a few rounds. Ento dodges all of them and makes it to the front. He encounters Lei first and stops. Lei throws the first jab, but Ento very quickly knocks his hand straight up and with his free hand, palm strikes Lei to the ground. At this time, Adria is in the air above Ento ready to strike with the Kunai. Ento turns around and grabs her by the throat and turns her around to stop Claudius from whipping at him. He throws her with one arm at Claudius and he catches her.

Ento immediately turns his attention at Knosse, who starts shooting at him again. Ento dodges his bullets with ease and then catches the last bullet. This shocks Knosse and Conrad.

Conrad: That’s impossible!

Just as he says that, Ento dashes in front of Conrad and elbows him away. Conrad’s grenade drops and it turns out to be a flash bang. This temporarily blinds Ento when Claudius strikes with his whip. Ento somehow catches the whip though and throws it away. He then dodges an incoming jump kick from X. Ento has now regained his sight and then rushes towards Knosse and then punches him square in the face, sending him to the floor. He then turns around and dodges a hack from Lance’s axes. He grabs Lance’s arm and kicks him away.

Lance: Damn!

Ento rushes straight for Claudius next. He dodges a whip and then throws a punch. Claudius is able to block it and then throw a punch of his own. Ento diverts the punch with two fingers and spins around Claudius and then elbows him in the back of the neck, sending him also to the floor. Just then, his eyes widen a bit as he notices X coming at him with full speed. He grabs X’s hand when he tries to slash Ento.

Ento: I heard that you were fast, but you exceeded my expectations. But, unfortunately for you, you’re not as fast as me and it’s not enough to defeat me.

Ento uppercuts X and sends him into a table.  Ento then turns quickly and spreads his arms out tauntingly. We see all of Fighters Abroad getting up slowly. *Theme Stops*

Ento: Not bad. Your teamwork is quite good, but it’s not enough. The flash bang was a good tactic, but I could still hear all of your attacks.
Claudius: We’re not done yet!
Knosse: Uh…guys? Has anyone else noticed that he hasn’t even drawn his weapon yet?!
Lance: This man is on another level. He has no weaknesses.
X: Even so, we can defeat him if we all work together.
Ento: A wishful thought. You still have yet to even scratch me.

Knosse gives a quick nod to the rest of the group (who is now surrounding Ento) and they get down quickly while he throws down a shrapnel bomb towards Ento.  They promptly stand up right after. When the smoke clears, he is nowhere in sight, until Adria spots him behind Conrad with his hand on his shoulder.

Conrad: When did you…?
Ento: The shrapnel bomb, huh? That was too obvious a move, Knosse, with everyone getting down so quickly.
Knosse: How the holy fuck do you know about my shrapnel bomb?!
Ento: I was on the same team as you, remember? Well, I suppose you don’t.
Knosse: I invented that bomb in Zetsu. That’s not possible.
Ento: Really, now? I see. That’s quite an interesting thought. Even when you forgot your past, you still re-invented that bomb.

Abruptly, as soon as Ento finishes that sentence, he chops Conrad in the back of the neck with his hand and knocks him out instantly.

Adria: Dad!

Adria pulls out her bow and quickly aims and fires an arrow. Ento catches the arrow before it reaches his face.

Ento: An archer, huh? Not bad.

He crushes the arrow in two with his hand and waits as he sees X rushing at him quickly. X starts to rapidly punch at him, but each one is dodged. The last three hits are blocked and then Ento kicks him away. X lands on his feet and slides back. Claudius steps up and stops X’s backwards momentum.

Claudius: Let’s do this, X.
X: Yeah.

X charges again and Claudius follows behind. X runs low to the ground and Claudius whips forward and extends it straight towards Ento. Ento ducks under it, and right on queue, X does a sliding kick right towards him while Claudius keeps whirling around his whip. Ento does a quick dodge roll to his left to be met with Lei ready to uppercut him. At the same time, Claudius’ short sword sticks in the wall on the other side of him. Claudius has stopped whirling his whip around at this point. With all his horizontal options cut off, Lance rushes straight at him with his cutlass, cutting off his last means of escape. Ento also notices Knosse with two bombs in his hand ready to throw at wherever he dodges and Adria also has her bow drawn.

Ento: Impressive.

Everything moves in slow motion towards him, nowhere to dodge. Suddenly, we see his hand move towards his back with slow motion and then real time kicks in as he draws Vexant and makes a huge slash arc. This knocks Claudius’ sword out of the wall and parries both Lance and Lei and knocks them back an inch or two. He then slashes forward to cut through an arrow that was heading his way.

Ento: Making me draw my weapon…that was some teamwork there. Instinctively following each other’s lead and cutting off all my options. Now I see how you have gotten so far. But you may regret making me draw this blade.

Ento turns and quickly dashes and slashes at Lei’s torso and cuts him pretty deep. Ento kicks him down and then twirls the sword to block incoming bullets and an arrow. He heads towards Knosse and Adria next and cuts across Adria’s chest, which sends her to the floor. He quickly turns around and parries a whip and then steps on the whip and slashes Claudius as well. He dodges a kick from X and does the very same to him as well. Lance attacks from the back, but he hears this and does a 180 degree slash and cuts him horizontally. Lance drops to his knees. Ento swings the sword to get rid of the blood and then puts it back on his back. Knosse is the only one standing at this point.

Knosse: Oh balls.
Ento: I saved you for last, traitor.

Ento dashes right for him and then begins rapidly punching him in the torso and the face and then ends with a hard kick straight to the jaw. Knosse is instantly knocked out. Ento now turns to Lance.

Ento: I see you’re the only one conscious enough. You can still join us, you know. I won’t take last time personally if you give up this foolish group and come with me now.
Lance: Heh. I could never do that, sorry. Even if I were to achieve my dream, it wouldn’t feel right if it were under a dictator like your Zerin.
Ento: Very well. You leave me no choice. I will kill you all right here and now. Hmm…Kyle has taken his time. I wonder if he’s alright.

Just then, the wall next to Ento busts open and a figure flies through it. We then see that it is Kyle. He gets up and dusts himself off.

Ento: What is it?
Kyle: …He’s good.
Ento: Who?
???: So you’re still standing after taking a hit from my Sekiha Hako. Even I have to admit, that’s impressive.
Lance: Is that…?

When the other figure walks through the hole in the wall, we see it to be Tokumo from Kaiten.

Lance: Tokumo.
Tokumo: Lance, did this man do all this?
Ento: The Sekiha Hako…Kaiten, right?
Tokumo: You’re quite familiar with…no wait. I recognize your face. You’re the yes man to that despicable Zerin.
Ento: How dare you.
Tokumo: Well then, it looks like we’re in luck. We get to take out two of these big wigs.
Ento: We?
Tokumo: The entire Kaiten army is outside, waiting for my signal.
Ento: You’re bluffing.

Just then, we hear some chanting from outside. It sounds like and entire army.

Ento: Why have you brought all these people?
Tokumo: We were going to get a little payback for all those times that Morio attacked us. But it looks like we’re a little late. However, this will do just fine.
Kyle: What will we do?
Ento: …We’re leaving.
Kyle: Right. Let’s go then.
Tokumo: Not so fast.
Lance: Tokumo, don’t!
Tokumo: What? Why?

With that, they quickly escape the room.

Lance: Not even you could take on Ento, let alone both of them.
Tokumo: He must have been tough if he took you all on. I didn’t even see a scratch on him.
Lance: In any case, thanks for that save. Without you, we would be dead.
Tokumo: Right, don’t thank me yet. Let’s tend to your injuries. Does anyone know the layout to this place?
Claudius: I do.

Claudius lifts his head and pushes himself into a sitting position.

Claudius: Shit. That was rough. There are the cell blocks nearby. We’ll rest there.

Fighters Abroad was helpless against Ento, even together. Thanks to a timely arrival from Tokumo and the Kaiten army, they are safe for the time being. The group must recover now and move on. Next time!
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Chapter 139: Back to Kaiten

[Desert Area]

We see Knosse and Hiiro standing next to each other. Knosse is wearing the Myjuto cloak.

Hiiro: So you’re really leaving then.
Knosse: I have to.
Hiiro: But why now?! After we killed so many people?!
Knosse: I know. I am responsible for just as many deaths as you are. But how can you stay in this organization after all this?
Hiiro: I have an obligation to a certain man.
Knosse: Suit yourself then.

Knosse throws off his cloaks and gives it to Hiiro.

Knosse: Goodbye, partner.
Hiiro: …Farewell.

Some time skips over and Knosse is in the middle of the desert. Ento is standing in front of him.

Ento: Thought you could escape from me, did you?
Knosse: You found out already. Man, you’re good.
Ento: If you leave the Myjuto Forces now, I am forced to kill you.
Knosse: I know. Well get this over with then.

Just as Ento charges for Knosse, the scene switches as Knosse wakes up in present time. He checks his surroundings to see that he’s in a prison cell.

Lei: So you’re awake?
Knosse: Yeah…
Lei: How are you feeling?
Knosse: …Lei?
Lei: Yeah?
Knosse: I remember everything now.
Lei: About your past?
Knosse: I killed so many innocent people. I am no better than Ento or any of those Myjuto officers.
Lei: So what Hiiro told you was the truth.
Knosse: Hiiro was my partner when we attacked Sarzo.
Lei: So then, why did you join in the first place?
Knosse: Back then, I was just a lowly mercenary looking for work wherever I went. I needed the money, and I thought I heard the voice of reason calling out to me.
Lei: What does that mean, exactly?
Knosse: I’m not sure. That Zerin, I could tell there was truth to what he told me. I knew his intentions were evil, but I didn’t care.
Lei: And what did he say to you?
Knosse: He said, “I can see you are struggling to live. Come with me then. I am planning to shake the world as we know it and turn it upside down. Lead it into a new age.” I’ll never forget those words…well now that I regained my memory.
Lei: I see.
Knosse: Do you resent me? For killing all those people?
Lei: Your loyalties have not changed now that you know the truth?
Knosse: No.
Lei: Then I do not resent you. You may have been different in the past, but you are who you are now. You are no longer a Myjuto. You are one of us.

Knosse’s eyes widen and he looks straight up at the ceiling (he’s on the top bunk).

Knosse: Thank you.
Lei: So does this mean you know what your last name is?
Knosse: Yeah, but I hated it anyway. I have a new last name in mind.
Lei: What’s that?
Knosse: Heh. Are you sure you want to know?
Lei: Oh no…don’t tell me it’s…

Knosse hops off the bunk and points right at Lei.

Knosse: From now on, my full name is Knosse Nitsumaronozakiwo.
Lei: Great…
Knosse: The great Nitsumaronozakiwo returns!

We switch over to Claudius’ cell, which has Conrad and Adria in it (the same cell they were in before). Everyone is awake.

Claudius: Just like old times.
Conrad: I didn’t think I’d have to see this cell again so soon.
Adria: It’s just the way we left it too.
Claudius: You were right, Conrad. About Ento. I’ve never seen someone fight like that before.
Conrad: Our teamwork was perfect. What went wrong? I can’t figure it out.
Adria: We did everything we could. He was just too strong.
Claudius: Is it really possible that we still have a long way to go? We’re some of the most skilled fighters in the world. But to take us all on at once? This is too frustrating.

The next room that is focused on has X and Lance in it. They are both awake as well.

X: How do we find a counter for someone so powerful without any weaknesses?
Lance: We’ll have to think long and hard about that.
X: He was faster than me. He punched almost as hard as Claudius. He moved and attacked with more precision than Lei and you. He timed everything perfect. He had a strategic mind and even kept an open mind about our power and teamwork.
Lance: I gathered most of that when I fought him by myself.
X: But still, we made him draw his weapon. That counts for something. He might have been in trouble without Vexant.
Lance: It’s clear that we need to develop even an even more impenetrable team strategy.
X: And we’re missing one person too.

In due time, Tokumo comes into that cell.

Tokumo: How are you two doing?
X: We’re doing better. Thanks.
Lance: We owe our lives to you.
Tokumo: Don’t mention it. You helped protect my father when Morio attacked. It’s the least I can do. Still, that one was quite strong. I hit him with my Sekiha Hako and he stood right up. Maybe if he hadn’t blocked it would have been worse.
Lance: You should have seen the guy we fought.
Tokumo: Clearly we’re up against people on the next level of combat. Well, the rest of your group is okay. I just got done visiting them. We should move soon. Can you both stand?
X: Yeah.
Lance: Yes.
Tokumo: Good.

The three of them leave the cell and the group meets in the middle.

Claudius: Are we all ready?

The rest of them nod or give a thumbs up.

Claudius: Good. Let’s take what we can food and supply wise. As soon as we’ve eaten, we’re leaving.
X: Where to?
Tokumo: To Kaiten. You need a safe haven just in case they come back. We have a scouting team waiting outside that can help fight back.
Lance: Wait, scouting team? I thought you said you had the entire army. And we heard it.
Tokumo: Oh that? I lied. We had drums and used the open area echo to our advantage. We had a contingency plan if I were to get caught in a battle inside, which ended up happening. Of course, the real army wasn’t far away, until we called them off a few hours ago.

They go to the kitchen and raid it of whatever they can carry minus what they needed to make a meal for them (including Tokumo).

Tokumo: There seems to be plenty of food for us to come back for. The scouting team will take the rest of this and bring it home to Kaiten.

After they’ve eaten, they head outside where the scouting team goes in and does as Tokumo instructs. After finishing, they head out. As they start to cross the layers of the outside, they hear footsteps. A lot of footsteps.

Tokumo: That’s not good…
Lance: It must be the army. They must have fallen behind Ento and Kyle.
X: We have to get out of here now!

They make their way across the sand and run as fast as they can to the forest. The army is on the other side, coming pretty close to the prison, about in their line of sight. They barely make it to the forest before they’re spotted. They take a sigh of relief.

Knosse: That was close.
Claudius: C’mon. We don’t have time to waste.

They move through the forest. Not long after, Ento and Kyle return to the prison. A soldier greets them.

Soldier: Welcome back, sir!
Ento: Thanks. What’s the status?
Soldier: Sir, all the food is gone and some of the supplies as well.
Ento: I see.
Kyle: I was surprised to hear that the prison failed so miserably to protect themselves from an attack.
Ento: Ben was overconfident. Clearly the attack was planned well in order to start a prison riot. I don’t know how they were able to communicate with the inmates, but it was perfect.
Soldier: Was it Fighters Abroad, sir?
Ento: Yes, I’m sure of it.
Kyle: He doesn’t want to tell the army that we crossed paths.
Ento: Clearly they are clever as well. We got tricked, Kyle.
Kyle: I’m aware. There was never any army. Kaiten is in league with them.
Ento: Yes. I know you’re supposed to go back to Drek now, but I have a task for you. It won’t take long.
Kyle: What is it?
Ento: Get only the best soldiers from this army and gather them up.
Kyle: It will be done.

After a little while, Fighters Abroad and the scouting team make it to a mountain trail. This one is a little different from the one the group initially traveled on to get to Claudius.

Lei: Tokumo, is this route fast?
Tokumo: It’s the fastest safe way of travel. It’s a little tricky to find though, and hence why Kaiten soldiers have been forced to remember the location.
Lei: I see. Would have saved us some time if we had found it.
Knosse: Yeah. But oh well.
Claudius: X, how are you feeling?
X: Fine. I don’t feel like I’m going to black out this time.
Claudius: Good.

In about half the time it took to get before, they get back to the outside of Kaiten. But they notice a camp set up at night about a mile away from the city.

Tokumo: Who could be…

Tokumo signals for the scouting team to wait and he goes alone. He goes over to the campfire where there are two people sitting there. He is in shock as he sees the person in front of him.

Tokumo: Hayato! Is that you?
Hayato: Master Tokumo…
Lei: Did he just say…?

Blood and Agony decided to travel to Kaiten? But wasn’t Hayato banished?!
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Chapter 140: Rectify

Tokumo approaches Hayato and Kyoku and Lei does as well.

Lei: Hayato. What are you doing here?
Tokumo: Lei, you know about her?
Lei: I do.
Kyoku: So this guy is one of those people? I see.

Kyoku abruptly draws his sword and slashes right for Tokumo. Tokumo claps his hands together to stop the blade at just the right time. Kyoku struggles and his face seems very disgruntled. Hayato puts her hand on Kyoku’s shoulder.

Kyoku: You…but why?
Hayato: Tokumo-sensei is not to blame. He was very kind to me.
Kyoku: I see. I apologize. You are quite skilled to stop my blade on such short notice.
Tokumo: What my father did was unforgivable, I know. But it’s good that you’re here
Hayato: What do you mean?
Tokumo: My father has changed a lot since you last met him. I will speak with him.
Hayato: You really mean it?!
Tokumo: Of course.
Lei: That would be great.

X approaches.

X: I noticed something odd. Why is your camp so big for just the two of you?
Kyoku: I guess you don’t know yet.
Y’s Voice: Is that X’s voice?!

Y exits one of the small tents.

X: Fate has brought us together once again.
Y: Yes, indeed.
Scrim’s Voice: Would you keep it down? We are trying to sleep in here.
Y: Sorry. (in a lower tone) Hayato and Kyoku joined our group not long after you left. But that said, it’s a surprise to see that you guys fell behind. What kept you?
X: We ran into a lot of trouble, let’s just say.
Y: Myjuto trouble, by chance?
X: Yeah.
Y: It wasn’t that Jiron fellow, was it? I still remember how insane he was from the Warrior’s Battleground.
Lei: No, it was someone much different, and more deadly.
Y: You can’t mean that.
X: We went up against the number one and he single handedly destroyed our entire group without so much as a scratch.
Hayato: That can’t be true.
Lei: I’m afraid it is. If it weren’t for Kaiten’s forces showing up when they did, we’d all be dead.
Tokumo: I hate to cut this conversation short, but my men need to get back. We will be leaving now.
X: We will stay behind for the night and set up camp with these people.
Claudius: *approaches* Yes, and we will see you in the morning. Thank you again for all your help.
Tokumo: Sure thing. Good night.

Tokumo puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles quietly to signal the scouting team to follow him away. The rest of the group joins the campfire and begin to speak quietly of whoever is still awake from Blood and Agony.

Y: I see. We’ll avoid him if we see a matching description.
Claudius: In any case, we have to look ahead. Where do we go from here? While I was a prisoner, I had no idea where we were because I was blindfolded or below deck.
Lance: If we simply backtrack, Ivan Port isn’t too far from Kaiten. However, Ento may be expecting that. So I think our safest bet is to travel north. Unfortunately, I don’t know the terrain very well up there.
Claudius: That’s okay. We can get directions once we’re in the next village. And you said that Ento is expecting us to head for Ivan Port as quickly as possible? That gives me an idea.
X: What’s that?
Claudius: Heh, I won’t say anything yet. Besides, it’s contingent upon a few things that are uncertain. But if my hunch is right, we can avoid Ento altogether.
Knosse: I hope you’re right. We don’t need to deal with that bullshit again.

After a night of sleep, Fighters Abroad heads for Kaiten early in the morning. Ere has gone with them as a representative of the group. They make it to Kaiten and see Baki (the man who housed Lance) out and about.

Lance: Baki. Hello, again.
Baki: Ah, welcome back.
Lance: We need to speak with Master Toketsu right away, if possible. Tokumo should be expecting us.
Baki: Certainly. I’ll do what I can.

In almost no time at all, they have gained an audience with Toketsu. Tokumo is there as well.

Toketsu: Welcome back to Kaiten, all of you. I see there are more of you now than before.
Lei: Master, we were successful in rescuing Claudius, this is him *points*. He picked up two friends who have also joined our group. And this man here is from the group that has Hayato in it.
Ere: Pleased to meet you. My name is Ere.
Toketsu: Tokumo informed me of the situation this morning. So you did meet her, Lei.
Lei: I did.
Toketsu: And…do you wish the best for her?
Lei: Yes.
Toketsu: And you believe that letting her back into Kaiten is the best?
Lei: Yes.

Toketsu takes a long pause, about ten seconds of silence.

Toketsu: She will be allowed back in then.
Lei: Really?
Toketsu: Remember this and remember it always. You may not always get the chance to rectify your mistakes. What is important is when you get a chance that you put your heart into doing so. And, Lei, since Hayato is still underaged she technically falls under Yashamaru’s jurisdiction. But because he is not even on the same continent, that jurisdiction falls to you.
Lei: Thank you, Master! I would like her to stay within the safety of these walls. At least until the Myjuto have been eliminated.
Toketsu: You have my word, it will be done.

Lei takes a sigh of relief.

Tokumo: Bring her here then, Ere.
Ere: Yes, I will do so.
Toketsu: Tell me, Fighters Abroad. What do you plan to do now?
Claudius: We are going to travel north. We need to make ourselves scarce.
Toketsu: Why don’t you stay in this city until everything blows over?
Claudius: We can’t do that. I’m afraid Kaiten has a Myjuto spy. We can’t risk staying long.
Tokumo: What did you just say?
Lei: Claudius? What is the meaning of this?
X: The family that hosted me the last time we were here.
Toketsu: We will deal with them.
X: With your permission, I would like to speak to them myself first before you do anything. I need to get something off my chest.
Toketsu: Very well.

They leave not long after. We see X knock on the spy house. They answer and let X in.

X: I just have something to say. Thank you for not killing me.
Family: !!!
X: Yes, I know. Ben and Jiron both employed you for their own agendas. And I know it was only duty to listen to the higher-ranking officer. But I am still grateful that you saved my life. So thank you. Ben is gone now. I killed him. And Jiron has gone rogue, so you are not bound by any more obligations. For your best interests, you would do well to submit to Kaiten’s authority and work for them and them only. You guys are good people. I know. Thanks again.

X leaves, leaving the family speechless. Meanwhile, Hayato has made it to Kaiten and she is with Toketsu alone. Hayato has her head bowed.

Hayato: Thank you for considering me, Master.

Toketsu stands up and walks over to her.

Toketsu: Hold your head up, child.

As she lifts her head up, Toketsu bows his head.

Toketsu: Please forgive me. I am despicable for leaving someone as young as you out on the streets. All over a stupid grudge I held against your mother.
Hayato: It’s okay. Thanks to that I learned many great things and I made some great friends.
Toketsu: Thank you.

It’s about mid-day now and the group (except for X and Claudius) are having lunch at a restaurant.

Lance: I was quite surprised to hear about the spy.
Lei: What’s more surprising is that only X and Claudius knew. They seemed to know something we didn’t. But how?
Knosse: Come to think of it, they were the ones that told us about Emperor Zerin. Did you know about this, Conrad?
Conrad: We didn’t.
Adria: We have no idea about any spy business either.
Lance: I wonder what else we don’t know. Did Claudius seem secretive about anything in prison?
Adria: I don’t think so…well…there was something.
Lei: What?
Adria: I saw him read a letter at least a few times a week, but he wouldn’t show any of us it.
Conrad: We figured it was from one of you.
Lance: Nothing to our knowledge was sent to him. And I doubt something from us would filter through the Myjuto guards.
Knosse: Then what? What else are they hiding?

At the same time, X and Claudius are in the dojo, casually practicing hand-to-hand combat.

X: It looks like they’re a bit frustrated at us.
Claudius: Yeah. You could see the look all over their faces.
X: It’s our fault too. For keeping everything to ourselves.
Claudius: I know. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that it was just the two of us at one point, but here we are acting like it still is that way. Ah!
X: Now that sounds quite familiar.
Claudius: Yes.

Claudius: So what's on your mind?
X: Claudius. Do you remember why all this has happened?
Claudius: Yes. Don't worry. I know. I'm hired to do this job.
X: Feels like so long ago when this began.
Claudius: Well, it's been over a year.
X: Yeah. We've met so many awesome people since then.
Claudius: It's easy to forget that it was just the two of us a year ago.

Reference: Chapter 50

Claudius: I guess we never did finish that conversation.
X: No. But that conversation was going to end a different way. We’re different now.
Claudius: That’s right. We’ll apologize at dinner. Sound good?
X: Yeah.

They stop practicing and then sit to spectate a lesson from Tokumo. At the end of the class…

Tokumo: As you can see, teamwork is paramount. Let’s end with a demonstration. How about you two, Claudius and X?
Claudius: Us?
Tokumo: Yes. Both of you will spar with me.
X: Big mistake, Tokumo.
Tokumo: Is it? *smirk* Come show me then.
Claudius: Oh we will.

Claudius and X stand side by side and Tokumo is faced opposite of them. Claudius’ coat is off.

Claudius: We might be different, but we’re still the same kickass team.
X: Damn straight.

They quickly bump fists and charge at Tokumo simultaneously. Tokumo stands still until they get close and then puts up his guard. Just as they reach Tokumo, they split up and jump on opposite ends of him. X makes the first attack by kicking high. Tokumo ducks low and gets ready for a counterattack when Claudius follows up with a low kick. Tokumo is forced to dodge roll away. Claudius follows up again and chases after him. He goes for an overhead punch, but Tokumo blocks it. This starts pushing Tokumo back a little. Just as he is ready to counter, X is seen performing a sliding kick. Once again, Tokumo dodges.

Tokumo: You’re covering each other’s attacks, making all of them safe. Smart. Let’s see how you take my offense.

Tokumo is the one who goes on the offense this time. He goes for Claudius first and starts to attack. Claudius blocks the hits and then goes for a palm strike of his own. Tokumo blocks by pushing two fingers into a pressure point and then strikes Claudius in the chest. Claudius grabs his arm, however.

Tokumo: !

Before Tokumo can react any further, X sweep kicks Tokumo’s legs. As his legs lose balance, Claudius lifts him straight off the ground and slams him onto the floor.

Claudius: Your technique is incredible. You went for a pressure point, didn’t you? I felt that one, but it seems you underestimated my strength.
Tokumo: Clearly.

Tokumo gets up.

Tokumo: That is enough for now. Take note of what happened, class. Their teamwork was perfect and I couldn’t do much to them. Of course, neither of us were going all out, were we?
X: Of course not.
Tokumo: That’s what I thought. Class dismissed.

Later that evening, they are all at the same restaurant that the others were in for lunch. X and Claudius are standing up in front of them.

Claudius: Listen, I know we haven’t been completely honest with you.
X: And we’re ready to apologize. It was wrong of us to keep some important info to ourselves.
Lei: I hope this means that you’ll tell us everything then.
Lance: Yeah. Everyone has their secrets, but not if it involves the group.
Claudius: Yes, of course.

They tell the group everything about Jiron and what they encountered in that forest.

Lei: I see. I had no idea.
Knosse: Jiron…what is he doing?
X: That we don’t know. Not yet at least.
Conrad: While we’re on the subject of revealing secrets…I’d like to hear your potential plan, Claudius. I respect your sentiments, but I do believe it would benefit us to know.
Claudius: Alright, doc.

A minute later…

Knosse: That. Is. GENIUS!
Conrad: Even I have to admit, that is very underhanded.
Lance: I can see why you didn’t want to share it with us. It does pose a very questionable circumstance.
Adria: If that’s all, then let’s get drunk!
Lei: What?!
Adria: Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood. I didn’t mean it.

They all start laughing at Adria’s silliness.

Lance: Besides, Adria. This is a dry town. No liquor.

It seems that Toketsu’s words have been taken to heart. With the air cleared, it’s time to move on. The next stage of the journey begins next time on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 141: Leaving Kaiten – Lei’s Commitments

It is nighttime and we see Blood and Agony (including Hayato and Kyoku) bowed before Toketsu. Tokumo and his mother are also there.

Toketsu: You may raise your heads. Welcome to Kaiten.
Scrim: Thank you.
Toketsu: While Hayato is here, you are welcome to stay as long as you like.
Y: We appreciate your kindness. But what exactly do you mean?
Toketsu: I spoke with Hayato’s brother earlier today. Because she is not an adult yet, she falls under his jurisdiction. He felt it was best if she stays in Kaiten.
Hayato: Why didn’t he say anything to me?
Tokumo: I’m sure he planned to. They seemed like they had their own matters to attend to.
Kyoku: We will decide Hayato’s fate, with all due respect.
Toketsu: You may take that up with Lei. I hear they leave tomorrow.
Hayato: I will talk to him.

Later that night, Blood and Agony approaches Fighters Abroad. They begin to converse when Hayato pulls Lei aside.

Lei: Is something wrong?
Hayato: I heard from Master Toketsu that you want me to stay here.
Lei: Ah, I was going to tell you tonight. But I guess he beat me to it. So what do you want to do?
Hayato: I’m not sure yet.
Lei: Well, yes, I would rather that you stay in Kaiten. But I won’t be around much longer and you will be the one to make that choice. I haven’t even known you that long, so I don’t feel it’s my right to assume authority over you.
Hayato: Lei…
Lei: However, that will change when this is all over. I would like you to come to Drek when all is done so you can meet my father, Master Hirai and the rebuilt Honson.
Hayato: Come again?
Lei: Oh, the town that I had my dojo at was burned down by a Myjuto. But I plan to rebuild it.
Hayato: Oh, well then I would love to.

Meanwhile, back at the main group…

Claudius: So, Ere. Have you taken my advice into consideration? About the shield?
Ere: Yes. I have a new idea for a shield that will be very interesting. I’ll have it crafted by the next time we meet.
Scrim: This is the first I’m hearing of this.
Ere: That’s because it’s still in the brainstorming stage.
Knosse: I’ll look forward to fighting it. But there’s no way you’ll take down the great Nitsumaronozakiwo just by getting a new shield.
Y: What the hell is a…a…oh nevermind.
Claudius: Is that your new last name, Knosse? How the hell did you think of that?
X: It was his “stage name” in Zetsu.
Claudius: You mean, like prostitution?
Lance: Something like that.
Knosse: Not cool! We all had concealed names when we participated.
Claudius: Oh, you mean like my Kirk the Bulldozer? Haha.
Knosse: Speaking of prostitution, if anyone was doing that, it was you Lance. Claudius, he was banging the same chick every day and then left her in Zetsu.
Lance: Tonka had her own charms.
Claudius: Tonka? Like the toy trucks? Sounds pretty masculine to me. Did she have a six-inch surprise waiting for you every night?
Lance: Hell no!
Adria: Dad! They’re talking so dirty!
Conrad: Ignore it, Adria.
Scrim: So the real face of Fighters Abroad is revealed.
X: Don’t get the wrong idea, Scrim. It’s just those three.
Knosse: Oh really? How about your bromance with Claudius? C’mon, man. We said no more secrets.
Claudius: Bromance is perfectly acceptable and is completely straight.
Lance: That’s fine, if it were only bromance. Just admit it, guys.
Claudius: You’re not the best judge of a relationship if you’re pulling out of a truck’s tailpipes.
Lance: Alright, that was good.
X: Hahaha. Seriously though, Claudius. This chick fought by putting heavy weights around her legs and kicked as hard as she could.
Claudius: She didn’t kick any of you in the nuts, did she?
Lance: Almost. I had to fight her twice and I almost lost the second time.
Claudius: I’d love to hear more about Zetsu later.

And so the group tells the story of their time in Zetsu to both Blood and Agony, Adria, Conrad and Claudius when Lei and Hayato return.

Claudius: Come to think of it, Jiron did mention something about Hiiro when he talked about faking his death.
X: Jiron was Hiiro’s commanding officer.
Claudius: He also apparently owes his life to Jiron. I wonder.
Lance: The Myjuto situation becomes more complicated by the minute.
Ere: There’s also Scrim’s brother who is in that group.
Scrim: Rio…
Lance: I know how you feel, Scrim. My brother also stupidly joined them.
Scrim: What do you plan to do if you face him in combat?
Lance: I’m going to kick his ass and force him back to our side. Something every older brother should do when his little brother screws up big time.
Scrim: I see. I’m afraid I’m not strong enough to take on my older brother. Not yet at least. His sword work is flawless.
X: Sword work huh? I wonder how he’s doing?

Fade to black. The next morning comes and Fighters Abroad is ready to go. They have eaten and are prepared to leave when Toketsu stops them.

Toketsu: You were just going to slip out quietly, huh?
Lei: We didn’t want to, but we’ve stayed long enough. I’m sorry.
Toketsu: No need to apologize. I understand your predicament. That’s why I’m here.

Hayato and Tokumo appear as well.

Tokumo: We anticipated this, so we prepared ahead of time as well.
X: You’re good.
Lei: So then, will you stay in Kaiten?
Hayato: I…I want to. But I haven’t said anything to the group.
Lei: I see. Good luck then. I will see you again. Count on it.
Hayato: Yes. I will. Be safe.
Toketsu: Lei. Do not forget your training. Our martial arts have stood for generations. If you stick to it, it will be kind to you in return.
Lei: Yes, Master Toketsu. I will never forget my time here. *bows*

With that, they all say farewell and leave Kaiten.

Tokumo: Do you think they can do it? Take down the Myjuto Forces?
Toketsu: One can only hope, son.

As the group continues to travel out of Kaiten, they are stopped by two individuals. These two men are sporting a suit outfit.

Man 1: Well, if it isn’t Lei Feing.
Man 2: We haven’t seen your face in a long time.
Lei: SHAC, huh?
Knosse: SHAC? Where have I heard that before?
Man 1: You haven’t given a report in over two years, Lei. What happened to you?
Lei: I sent a letter of resignation, but I don’t know if the boss got it.
Man 2: We don’t accept resignations. You know that.
Lei: (Annoyed) Well that’s too damn bad, isn’t it?
X: Lei?
Lei: So what are you going to do? I’m fighting the Myjuto like I was asked. But I’m doing it my own way, and without your corruption. I stopped caring for bribes a long time ago.
Man 2: You bastard! How dare you badmouth us!
Man 1: Calm yourself. Lei, how can you say that about us? We were like family to you, weren’t we?
Lei: I was young and immature. I appreciate my time there, but I’ve moved on and so should you. SHAC is not the answer to defeating the Myjuto Forces.

The second man becomes seriously irritated by Lei’s words and reaches into his suit to pull out a gun, but Knosse immediately puts his revolver to the man’s head.

Knosse: Don’t even try it, fancy ass.
Adria: Lei, what are you going to do about these two?
Lei: Leave them be. Just know this, if you pursue me any further, it will be the end of the Support and Help Across the Continents organization.

The man retracts his hand without reaching for his gun and Knosse holsters his. The group then leaves them standing there.

Knosse: So that was SHAC. I remember you telling us about them a long time ago.
Lei: They truly believed what they were doing was good. And for a while, they did a lot of good across Drek. But when things became tight, they resorted to much more desperate and dark measures. We still do that here in Fighters Abroad, but not to the same extent.
Claudius: I guess it’s a good thing SHAC didn’t touch Sarzo. Or else there would have been trouble with the mercenaries. And you and I might have had to fight each other.
Lance: Not to interrupt, but this is important. Do you guys see that mountain up there?
Conrad: Yes?
Lance: We have to go that way, and try to find a path around the mountain. It’s going to get pretty cold if we go up high, so be careful.
Claudius: Right. Let’s go then.

Meanwhile, back at Kaiten, Toketsu and Tokumo are at the dojo watching some of the younger trainees spar.

Toketsu: Ah sh- Dang it!
Tokumo: What’s wrong?
Toketsu: I forgot to give Lei something.

He pulls out a sealed letter addressed to Yashamaru.

Tokumo: You seriously forgot to give him something that important?
Toketsu: Do me a favor and hold onto this and give it to a courier when they get back tomorrow.

Tokumo takes the letter.

Tokumo: Sure thing.

Outside Kaiten (the side where they came back from), a figure is seen walking towards the gate. It is shown to be Ento. Kyle then walks up next to him. Behind him are about 15 soldiers without helms but heavy armor. They’re all wielding broad swords.

Ento: It’s a magnificent city, Kyle. It really is. I’ve visited this place before with Zerin and we even learned some of their martial arts style. It’s just a shame that it must fall today.

A surprise visit to Kaiten?! What will be the city’s fate?
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Chapter 142: Traversing the Mountain

Fighters Abroad is in front of a mountain that has plenty of snow on it. The group begins to feel chilly.

Claudius: You weren’t kidding, Lance. It’s already starting to get cold and we haven’t even gone up to the mountain yet.
Lance: Yeah, this might be problematic.
Conrad: Then let’s warm ourselves up. I have an idea.
Adria: What’s that, Dad?
Conrad: Let’s do a little training exercise to work on our teamwork.
X: Right. What is it?
Conrad: X and Claudius, I’ll have you demonstrate the concept first. Since you work together the best it seems.

Conrad has X and Claudius stand side by side (Claudius on the right, X on the left). Conrad then ties Claudius’ left leg and X’s right leg together.

X: Ah, the old three legged racing?
Claudius: We’ve done this before.
Conrad: Good. Then show us how you would fight like that.
Claudius: Right.

They show off a few kicks, leaning off each other and then doing a kick with their combined legs.

Conrad: Very good. Now that we understand, you may undo the rope.
X: ?

X undoes the rope.

Conrad: Alright, now you will be tied to Adria.
X: Why?
Conrad: You already know how to fight with Claudius.
X: I see. You want us to learn how to effectively team up with each other.
Conrad: Precisely. Lei and Lance, you will be together. And that leaves Knosse with Claudius.
Knosse: Bitchin’.

They all get in their groups and get tied together.

Adria: What about you, Dad?
Conrad: I’m terrible in hand to hand combat compared to all of you. I’ll just have to gel with you all in battle my own way.
Lei: Then let’s get this started.

The three groups move towards each other slowly. Lance makes the first move by punching towards Knosse. Claudius reaches out his hand to block his punch and Knosse then steps on Lance’s foot. Before Claudius can land a solid kick to Lance, Lei intercepts with his free foot. X and Adria then make their move as they kick Lei and Lance (from behind) in the middle where they are tied up. They fall forward a little, but manage to keep their balance. Claudius then goes for a punch, but Lance notices and jerks Lei away. Lei also notices and is able to cooperate with the momentum Lance gives him. X and Adria then approach Claudius and then X punches forth. Knosse returns the favor to Claudius by blocking the punch.

Before Claudius can retaliate, Adria twist kicks Knosse in the stomach, which sends him back to yank Claudius back a bit. Claudius stands strong, however and pulls Knosse back. He lifts Knosse straight into the air and kicks with his tied foot simultaneously. Knosse kicks with the momentum and ends up dealing a strong kick to both Adria and X, which sends them stumbling back. When Knosse touches ground, they give chase and Claudius uses Knosse’s weight to deliver a finishing kick that sends them to the ground. Just as that happens, Lance goes for a punch at Knosse. Knosse is able to block in time, however. He holds on to Lance’s fist long enough to let Claudius swing by and deliver a kick to Lei’s side. While they are off balance, Knosse trips Lance up a bit and they both push Lei and Lance down to the ground. Claudius and Knosse high five in victory.

Conrad: Looks like Claudius and Knosse win.
Knosse: Fuckin’ right, Claudius!
Claudius: Now that was teamwork, eh?
Conrad: You all did exceptionally well. This may not take as long as I thought.
X: Our teamwork was the weakest, clearly.
Adria: Yes.
Lance: Lei, we were the most balanced team. But maybe that ended up working against us.
Lei: That is what I was thinking. Claudius’s strength killed all of us when all Knosse had to do was play off that and block and be smart.
Lance: We had nothing to work off. Just two balanced fighters in speed and strength.
Conrad: That can have its strengths though. It’s easier to cover each other’s backs. It just so happens that this exercise is not like that.
X: Adria, next time, I’ll play off your strength and you play off my speed more.
Adria: Right.
Claudius: I see. We’re all learning very quickly. What a great training exercise, Conrad.
Conrad: Thank you. I am glad this is working. Let’s switch. Knosse with Adria, Lance with Claudius, Lei with X.

They go through that round with Lei and X winning. The next round was Adria and Claudius vs X and Lance vs Knosse and Lei. Claudius and Adria won that round. Finally, Claudius and Lei vs X and Knosse vs Lance and Adria where Lance and Adria won.

Conrad: That’ll be enough for today.
Lei: I was surprised, Knosse. How did we lose when we worked together?
Knosse: Boobs. That’s all.
Lei: What? That doesn’t make sense.
Knosse: Boobs man.
Claudius: Tough break, X.
X: Looks like I suck at teamwork. I’ll work on it.
Lance: In any case, let’s get moving.

They begin to travel onto the foot of the mountain and start moving into the snow as they go through a barely visible trail.

X: S-s-shit it’s cold!
Adria: W-w-what were we thinking?

Claudius throws his trench coat over Adria’s back and they keep moving.

Claudius: J-just keep moving, guys. How are you holding up, doc?
Conrad: F-f-f-fine, just let me concentrate.

They keep going up the mountain where the trail becomes completely invisible due to how deep the snow is. They are now stepping almost knee deep in snow.

X: Lance!
Lance: We’re almost at the peak of this trail! Just keep moving!

Just then, a crackling is heard above them.

Lei: What was that?
Lance: Oh no. Move as fast as you can!

They trudge through the snow as fast as they can when an avalanche starts rolling down towards them, picking up momentum.

Claudius: X! Adria! Jump up near me.

They do as Claudius directs. Claudius catches them with one hand each and then launches them up into the air as high as he can. He then launches Lance into the air next. The three of them stick their weapons into the side of the mountain as deep as they can put them. Conrad jumps up and grabs onto Adria’s foot, Lei on Lance’s foot and Claudius wraps his chain around X’s torso. Knosse holds on to Claudius. The avalanche hits and covers them completely in snow. X, Lance and Adria lose their weapons grip as they get dislodged and they fall down. Fortunately the avalanche passes fast enough that they don’t tumble over the edge of the trail they were on. They’re all lying down a few feet deep in snow. They get up slowly.

X: What the shit was that?
Lei: Quick thinking, Claudius. We could have been dead right now.
Claudius: We’re not out of this yet. We have to get out of here without f-freezing to death.

They make it to the peak of the trail.

Lance: It’s all downhill from here.
Adria: Great! I-I’m…

Just as she says that, she trips over a rock that she couldn’t see because of the snow. She falls right over the edge and onto a long downhill slope.

Conrad: Adria!
Knosse: You know, she has the right idea.
Lei: Knosse!
Knosse: You want to stay here any longer? Don’t think so.

Knosse dives down and starts to slide down on his stomach.

Knosse: Yahoo!
Claudius: C’mon. We should all get out of here.

They all follow suit and slide down at a rapid rate. Once they get to the bottom, they face plant into a few inches of snow.  They move past that and lie down on the grass that ensues. They start laughing.

Adria: That was fun! And now we’re out of that snow!
Claudius: Compared to that, it feels much warmer down here.

They feel the sun beat down on them and take a sigh of relief.

X: That’s nice.

After a few minutes, they move on again until they reach a village.

Back to Kaiten, we see a blood bath at the gate. So many of Kaiten’s fighters are strewn all over the ground. Among them, we see that Baki has died. None of the elite soldiers have been killed from the Myjuto team. Another wave of Kaiten fighters attacks the group but get quickly cut down, except one of them flies back with broken armor. Tokumo and Toketsu step up to fight. They’re both visibly pissed.

Tokumo: Even Baki…That’s enough!
Toketsu: Tokumo. Show them no mercy!
Tokumo: As if they deserve such a thing!

The fifteen soldiers step up, including the one with broken armor.

Ento: Destroy them.

They surround the two of them. One soldier attacks, but is palm stricken twice by Tokumo, killing him while breaking his armor. Toketsu charges up his Sekiha Hako and hits another one. Tokumo turns his attention to the one that has broken armor and quickly ends him with a Sekiha strike. He gets sent flying towards Ento and Kyle (who both have their weapons drawn. Kyle has a large battle-axe drawn http://previewcf.turbosquid.com/Preview/2014/07/06__13_24_34/REN_BattleAxe.jpg2922e8e1-05ef-47c3-92f9-e340d141736eLarge.jpg except the pole is much longer). They promptly dodge. In due time, all of the soldiers have been defeated without a scratch on either Tokumo or Toketsu.

Ento: So this is the top of Kaiten’s military power, huh?
Toketsu: I remember your face. We fought together! Why would you attack us? Because we didn’t follow that crazed Zerin?
Kyle: Do not slander the Emperor!
Ento: Kaiten had its chance. But you were too arrogant. We may have been comrades once, but that was then. If anything, it’s you who made enemies of us.
Tokumo: Don’t be ridiculous!
Toketsu: I’m sorry you feel that way. But it ends here, it seems. Tokumo, if we take out a hero of Ivan, we might be in some trouble but it will work out for the better. Do not hesitate.
Tokumo: I can’t hold back. He’s fired me up too much for that.
Kyle: A hero of Ivan?
Ento: An old moniker, if you will. I’ll tell you about it later. For now, we have a job to do.

Just then, Blood and Agony joins Toketsu and Tokumo.

Toketsu: You guys…
Hayato: Are you all sure about this?
Y: Let’s do this.
Tokumo: Kyoku, is my mother safe?
Kyoku: Yes.
Tokumo: Good. That puts my heart at ease.
Toketsu: And mine as well. Come, Ento!

The inevitable clash has gone for the worst for Kaiten. Most of its military has been wiped out, leaving only its masters to defend its keep. Can they do the improbable and defend their lives? You don’t want to miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 143: Kaiten’s Fall

Blood and Agony are all on the ground, badly injured.  Tokumo is having trouble standing and his bandanna has been cut off with blood running down his head. Toketsu lies at Ento’s feet, with a saddened and yet bruised face. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nl0fVQRcP4o )

Kyle: Tokumo, was it? I will remember your name and your skills. You have fought bravely and put up quite the fight. But I’m afraid this is the end.
Tokumo: Damn. DAMN!

Tokumo lunges forward and attacks Ento. He dodges and then goes for a kick. Tokumo blocks the kick and then lands a Sekiha strike to Kyle’s stomach surprisingly. This sends him flying and crashing into a nearby building.

Ento: You still had that much power left, eh? You still alive, Kyle?
Kyle: Yes.
Tokumo: You…that’s twice you’ve survived a hit from my Sekiha Hako.
Ento: I will admit you are quite skilled. Too good for this city.
Tokumo: Don’t act like you know a thing about us!

Tokumo punches for Ento, but he grabs his wrist and then lands a strong kick to Tokumo’s stomach. This sends him crashing down to the ground.  *Theme stops*

Toketsu: Tokumo, that’s enough.
Tokumo: Father...!
Toketsu: You must get out of here now.
Tokumo: I’m not going anywhere without you!
Toketsu: Son, I’m finished here. They need you now more than ever.
Ento: Still the chatty one, old man? I’ll end that quickly.
Kyle: Wait. Let the warriors have his last words.
Ento: …Fine.
Toketsu: Do you still have the letter, Tokumo?
Tokumo: Yeah.
Toketsu: You make sure that gets delivered to Yashamaru. Please.
Tokumo: I will.
Toketsu: When I’m gone, you will be the leader of Kaiten’s people. The city may have fallen, but its strength is with its people.  Never forget that.

Tears begin to fall from Tokumo’s eyes.

Tokumo: Dad…I love you.
Toketsu: I know. Goodbye, son.

After that, Ento shoves Vexant into Toketsu’s back, ending his life. Tokumo winces as he watches his father’s eyes become lifeless.

Hayato: Tokumo! We have to go now!
Tokumo: …Yes.

Blood and Agony gets up along with Tokumo and they begin to run.

Ento: Do you think I’ll let you get away?!

Ento charges after them. He is about to slice at Scrim when his attack is intercepted by a shield. Ere pushes him back and holds up his shield. The rest of the group keeps running, unknowing of this. Suddenly, Y notices that Ere is missing.

Y: Ere…he didn’t…
Scrim: Ere…
Kyle: You sacrificed yourself to let them get away. Very admirable. I will honor your sacrifice.

Kyle walks up to him and swings his battle-axe straight down. It cleaves straight through the shield and cuts it in two. A line of blood runs down the middle of Ere starting from his head and he drops to his knees.

Ere: Looks like I won’t get to make that special shield after all…

Ere falls flat onto the ground and dies.

Ento: A meaningless sacrifice, I can still catch them! Don’t underestimate my speed!

Just as Ento is about to run, Kyle puts his hand in front of him to stop him.

Ento: Kyle! You’ve been awfully disrespectful today.
Kyle: Forgive me. They have made their sacrifice. We must honor it. It would sully our honor to give chase now. Besides, their spirit is broken. You have made your point.
Ento: Tch!

Ento swings Vexant to the side to fling off blood and then he puts it back onto his back. Kyle does the same.

Ento: Very well. You will stay the night with us and then you will head back to Sarzo. Thank you for your help and company.
Kyle: Understood.

We switch back to Tokumo and Blood and Agony. They have made it to a camp that is seemingly out in the middle of nowhere.  ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fRaWZji_Co ) The camp is mostly full of women and some children. A few adult men and a few older men.

Tokumo: So few survived. Damn that Ento!

Tokumo’s mother runs up and embraces him. After a few seconds, she looks Tokumo in the eyes and can tell by his expression that her husband was no longer among the living. She begins sobbing while Tokumo embraces her back.

Hayato: Master Toketsu…Ere…
Scrim: I can’t believe he’s gone.
Y: He sacrificed himself for us. What a guy.
Lii: He knew…not everyone would be able to get away. We all knew. He was the one with the courage to be that guy.
Scrim: Ere, you will forever be etched in our memories. Because of you, we can continue living. Thank you.

The entire camp begins to feel the despair and the tension and anguish can be felt. Tokumo lets go of his mother for the moment and he stands in front of the camp. They all look to him. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i25ruADN6hE )

Tokumo: Everyone, please listen. Many lives have been lost today and our city has fallen. We will properly grieve for every life that has been lost. And yes, my father is dead. Master Toketsu is no more. That means that your lives are now on my shoulders. My father told me something before he died. He said that Kaiten’s strength is with its people. I will never forget these words and I will live by them. I am only one man and my power is limited. I ask you all to lend me your strength as we move through these troubled times. What say you?

A dead silence occurs for a second and then some of their faces begin to smile. They begin to cheer for Tokumo.

Tokumo: I am glad. We will be migrating away from Ivan. It is not safe for us here anymore.

Tokumo looks at the letter for Lei’s father.

Tokumo: We are going to Drek. There we will live until a time that we can rebuild our beloved city.

*Theme stops* We switch back over to Fighters Abroad. Claudius has his trench coat back on. They have stepped into the village when they notice something quite different. Every villager is dark skinned.

Knosse: Are you kidding me?

The villagers notice the group immediately. A few poorly dressed individuals go up to them. Their pants are sagging down very low, revealing a bit of their undergarments.

Ruffian 1: Yo crackahs what is you doin’ here?
Ruffian 2: Dis black turf dawgs.
Lei: We mean no harm. We’re merely travelers.
Ruffian 1: Yo Lamar, you hear this Asian mo’fuckah?
Lamar: I hear dis bitch ass yellow skin.
X: Fuck these guys. Let’s kill them.
???: Fighters Abroad?

They turn to see a familiar face. It’s Kirk from Zetsu.

Lei: Kirk? Is that you?
Kirk: To think I’d run into you coming into my home village.
Lamar: Kirk? Wassup mah nigga?!

Lamar and Kirk do a handshake. They high five fingers and then fist pound and open their hands while retreating them exaggeratingly.

Knosse: What the fuck was that, Kirk?
Kirk: That’s our formal greeting here. Observe.

He points to the middle of the village where two more villagers meet up. One of them says “Hey yo wassup mah nigga?!” and then they do the identical handshake.

Lance: I see. Very interesting.
Knosse: (To the first Ruffian) Ey yo wassup mah nigga?
Ruffian 1: Ey yo you fuckin’ racist, mothahfuckah!
Knosse: What did I do?!
Lamar: Only niggas can use the word nigga, you feel me?
Knosse: No, I’m not going to feel you. I’m straight, “dawg”.
Kirk: ANYWAY, come with me. We need to discuss some things if you’re going to be staying here.
X: Much appreciated, Kirk.

They begin to walk along the village. Some more villagers give the group a weird look, but don’t pay much mind because they’re with Kirk.

Conrad: So only people of the darker colored persuasion can say that n word, huh? How bizarre.
Adria: I don’t get it! Why the double standard?
Kirk: Sorry, it’s just how they are. Pay no mind.
Claudius: So you helped out the group in Zetsu, huh?
Kirk: That’s right.
Lei: Come to think of it, don’t you live in Zetsu?
Kirk: I do, but I was born here. I have a home here as well.

They look over to see two ruffians with hoods beating someone in a body bag with some baseball bats. X readies his daggers.

Kirk: Don’t.
X: Why not?
Kirk: Leave this to the brothers.
Lance: The brothers?
Kirk: Ah, that’s just what we call each other. Chances are the guy did something to upset our brotherhood.

They stop in a marketplace. Surprisingly, there seem to be a lot of watermelons around the food area.

X: We need to stop here, Kirk. Do you mind?
Kirk: Not at all.
Lance: We need to buy some coats. It gets pretty cold around here and we’re not quite used to it.
Kirk: Right.

They go around the marketplace, buying a few supplies and a little food. X pulls Adria aside in a clothing and fabric store.

Adria: Is there something you needed?
X: You can sew, can’t you?
Adria: Yeah, why?
X: I have a favor to ask of you. Just tell me whatever you need to make it.

Later on, they’ve bought everything they needed to. They head back to Kirk who leads them to his house. He opens the door and yells in.

Kirk: Ma! You here?!

They hear frantic footsteps and they see an older woman who is rather obese and has what seems like a curly wig on.

Kirk’s Mom: Dear lawdy, it’s Kirk! Come hug yo mamma!

He does.

Kirk: We have guests, Ma.
Kirk’s Mom: Oh? Well let them in!

Kirk lets them all in.

Kirk’s Mom: Well, look what the good Lord has brought us. Some white folk!
Claudius: Thank you for inviting us in, ma’am.
Kirk’s Mom: Oh no need to be formal, come sit on in, I’m makin’ dinnah.
Kirk: I can’t wait.

They all sit on some couches. Kirk goes to help his mother in the kitchen.

Adria: Your friend seems nice.
Lei: Kirk is a good man. He was one of the few who came to our aid when we stormed the Zetsu castle.
Claudius: Man, I wish I was there. That seemed like the heist of the ages…oh. I’m sorry, Lance.
Lance: It’s alright. The heist itself was very carefully planned out. It’s just a shame that we did everything perfectly but still lost Vex in the process.
Kirk: (From the kitchen) Damn shame that was. Vex was one of a million.
Kirk’s Mom: You met these nice people in Zetsu, huh?
Kirk: That’s right.

After a little while, dinner is ready. Spread out on the table is a huge amount of food. They have homemade macaroni and cheese, fried chicken and sliced watermelon. Their cups are all filled with kool-aid.

Knosse: This all smells incredible.
Lei: I’ve never seen cooking quite like this.
Kirk: This is what we call soul food. You’ve never lived till you’ve tasted my ma’s soul cooking.
Kirk’s Mom: Well don’t just sit there. Dig in!

They begin to taste the food and their faces all light up.

Claudius: This is amazing.
Lance: Superb.
X: I’m baffled at how good this is.
Adria: This is splendid, ma’am!
Conrad: Adria, don’t shout at the table.
Kirk’s Mom: There’s plenty for everyone.
Conrad: Say, we’ve never learned the name of this village yet. What is it called?
Kirk: Ah, you’re right. Welcome to Martin Luther King Village.

Kaiten has fallen. Its master has been killed alongside most of their military power. Even a member of Blood and Agony falls to the Myjuto officers. Tokumo has taken over and is on a mission to get him and his people to Drek…and to deliver a mysterious letter to Yashamaru. On the other hand, Fighters Abroad has walked into a strange village. What does this village have in store for them?

Note: If anyone has been offended by the second half of this chapter, I apologize in advance. This is all in good spirits, I assure you. I promise you, there will be a nice payoff to all of this.

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Chapter 144: Pride

After everyone has finished eating, Adria and Lei help Kirk and his mother with the dishes.

Knosse: I’m stuffed. That was so good.
Claudius: I’ll say. It’s been so long since I had any home cooking like that.
Conrad: Yeah, after this I never want to go back to prison food.

After everything is cleaned up, Kirk approaches the group.

Kirk: Come with me. Some festivities are going to begin before night falls.
Lei: Festivities?
Kirk: You’ll see.

They leave the house and go into the middle of town.  There is a crowd of people formed into a circle. In the middle are two people having a rap battle.

Claudius: What is this strange thing they’re doing?
Kirk: It’s called rapping. It’s a form of music.
Knosse: Music? Hah no.
Kirk: It is.
Knosse: There is no singing, no instruments or anything like that. It’s not music. Just some guy making strange noises with his mouth and someone speaking to it.
Kirk: Give it some time, I’m sure you’ll come around.
Lei: Knosse, that’s enough. We need to respect their culture.
Rapper 1: Yo homie Imma kick it like Bruce Lee cuz imma kung fu rapper OG.

We see Lei annoyed by this.

Lei: How dare he mock martial arts. Let’s kick his ass, Knosse.
Claudius: Now wait just a minute, guys.
Lei: Sorry, I guess I lost it for a second there.
Claudius: That’s unlike you, Lei.
Lei: There are a few things I get aggravated over.

Just then, some gunshots are heard near the crowd. They start to scatter and run. Once the area has cleared mostly, a voice yells out.

Voice: Everyone stop!

The civilians look at what has happened. There is a villager woman taken hostage by a bandit (he is light skinned). He has a curved knife up to her neck. There is a bandit on each side of this man, both with guns. There is also one man standing on the building just behind the one taking the woman hostage. He has a loaded crossbow.

Bandit: If you value the lives of your fellow villagers, you will hand over more money.
Villager: (Male) We gave y’all crackahs shit last time.
Bandit: Well, we ran out. So we need more, you see?

Meanwhile, Fighters Abroad and Kirk are hiding behind a building not far from the scene, peaking over to see it.

Lei: Judging by what they’re talking about, this isn’t the first time they’ve robbed the village.
Lance: Well, shall we lend a hand?
Kirk: No. Leave this to the brothers. We can’t endanger the lives of our brothers and sisters. One of our lives to us is more important than food or money. Not that you would understand that.
Claudius: That’s where you’re wrong, Kirk. X, Adria, can you handle this?

X and Adria nod their heads and scatter quickly. Claudius takes a step forward.

Claudius: My brothers traveled continents, risking their lives to save me. *Turns his face to Kirk* Can you say the same about your brothers? We understand your predicament quite well. That’s why we won’t let anything bad happen to that woman. Now then, Lei…
Lei: You would be best securing the hostage as soon as Adria and X strike. Knosse, you can take out the remaining guard.
Claudius: I thought as much. Let’s do this then.
Kirk: Please, this is our problem. Let us handle it.
Claudius: We are mercenaries, we will do as we please. If you intend to stop us, you will have to get past Lei and Lance here. Doc, can you follow behind me to make sure the hostage isn’t injured?
Conrad: Yes.
Claudius: Good. Lance and Lei, make sure no one interferes.  It’s show time.

Claudius steps out in the open and gets ready. An older gentleman has a bag of money and starts to walk towards the bandit that has the hostage.

Claudius: Shit. Hurry up, guys.

Just then, he sees an arrow hit the bandit right where the spine meets the neck and the bandit drops to his knees. At that exact moment, X stabs the one on the left from behind and takes him out. Also at that moment, Claudius starts running towards the hostage. The bandit on the building turns to receive an arrow straight to the heart. The bandit on the right aims his gun at Claudius, but gets shot in the side of the head multiple times. Claudius grabs the woman and jumps back to avoid the dead bandit’s body falling from the building. He puts her down. Conrad goes to see if she sustained any injuries. The villagers begin to pile back up in the middle and look at the group, who regroups.

Villager: The white folk saved her!

They start to cheer and holler. Some embrace the hostage.

Kirk: I apologize. I guess I let my pride get in the way.
X: Don’t worry about it, Kirk. We know you meant well.
Kirk: Still, something seems different about you guys from Zetsu. Something happened recently, didn’t it? Something that angered you.
X: You’re not wrong about that.

Night falls and pretty much everyone has gone back to his or her homes. Fighters Abroad is taking a stroll outside though.

Lance: This village is unique. I’ll give it that.
X: They have a lot of pride in their skin color and their village.
Knosse: I don’t get why. It’s just skin color. What difference does it make?
Claudius: I wonder if something happened that made them so distant to white people. But at least they seemed happy that we helped them out.
Conrad: Lei, have you had any problems with racial bigotry?
Lei: No, I haven’t. My skin color is also rare, but I suppose they are respected because most of them are in Kaiten.

Just then a teenaged male villager goes up to them.

Villager: You the homies that killed those white mothahfuckas. Wassup?
Adria: What are you doing out so late, kid?
Villager: Yo guys a white chick.
Voices: White chick?

A few other male teens appear.

X: Not bad, you hid yourselves quite well. Oh shit. I’m sorry.
Claudius: Hey, do you guys want to answer a few questions for us?
Villager: What you want?
Claudius: We’d like to know if something happened between you and some white people.
Villager: It was real bad dawg. We was slaves until five years ago.
Lei: Slaves? You have to be kidding me.
Villager: Fo’ real homie. Then those bandit mo’fuckahs keep taking our money and shit.
Adria: Poor kids…
X: Are there more bandits than the ones we killed today?
Villager: Yeah.
Conrad: If that’s the case, they’ll be here when they find out their comrades have been killed. We’d better stick around till then.
Villager: Word. Y’all cool white people. And you Asian mo’fuckah, you tight too.
Lei: Why do people keep calling me that? I have no idea what this Asian is.
Villager: You want to smoke a blunt with us?
Claudius: A blunt? You mean like the illegal shit?
Lei: Sorry, but we…
Lance: I’m in.
Knosse: Me too.
Claudius: Alright, well you two have fun.  
X: Hold on, Claudius. Let’s stick around. This ought to be fun tow atch.
Claudius: True.
Adria: Ooh ooh I want to try a blunt!
Conrad: Never.
Adria: Aww!!

The teens, Lance and Knosse sit in a circle and one of them rolls up the blunt and lights it. They pass it around with each puff they take. After a few rounds, Knosse is looking around with his eyes wide open.

Lance: You alright?
Knosse: Lance, I can see EVERYTHING.
Lance: That means it’s working.

After a few more rounds, everyone except Lance has passed out.

Lance: Lightweights.

He picks Knosse up but he starts to wobble a little. Claudius takes Knosse from him.

Claudius: You’re not looking too good yourself, buddy.
Lance: It’s been a long time since I quit the good shit. I’m just not used to it anymore.
Adria: It’s getting late, guys. We should set up camp.
Claudius: Yeah. Let’s go.

They set up camp just outside the village.

X: Slavery, huh? I can’t even imagine.
Claudius: That man said it ended five years ago. Did they free themselves, I wonder?
Conrad: No use worrying about it now. It’s all in the past. Let’s get some sleep so that we can be ready for tomorrow.

We go back over to the Kaiten escapees. It’s still nighttime and we see Tokumo sneaking around some rocks. When we see his point of view, we see that he is looking out at Ivan Port. He sees some Myjuto soldiers walking around.

Tokumo: It’s just as I feared. They’re guarding the port. We won’t be able to escape this way.

He leaves the area and then returns to a campsite. A few of the remaining Kaiten warriors approach him.

Warrior: Master Tokumo, what news?
Tokumo: We can’t go this way. We’re going to have to go directly to Drek from Ivan Harbor and travel across the continent.
Warrior: Master, doesn’t this mean that we will have to come dangerously close to Sarzo.
Tokumo: I won’t leave you all near Sarzo. But I will be going alone to a certain village. I have something to deliver. I just need to send a letter to Master Hirai to learn of Yashamaru’s location.
Warrior: What about Lei, sir?
Tokumo: Fighters Abroad could be heading into a lot of danger. We can’t risk looking blindly for them. I’m going again.
Warrior: Master!
Tokumo: Don’t worry. I will come back. I promise.

Tokumo leaves again. He makes his way to Ivan Port and sneaks around the buildings. He slips a letter addressed to Hirai under the door of the building marked “Courier”. He then gets out as quickly and quietly as possible.

The next morning comes for Fighters Abroad. They wake up and get ready.

Claudius: Fighters Abroad, ready yourselves for battle!

To be continued…
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Chapter 145: Loyalty

Once everyone has readied themselves completely, Lance steps up.

Lance: How about we make this more interesting?
X: What do you have in mind?
Lance: If we fight the bandits all together, we would crush them, no doubt. And we wouldn’t be empowering this village in any way. How about we work on our pair tactics again by splitting up and aiding them?
Claudius: I’m down for that. Anyone against it?

No one speaks up.

Claudius: Great. Now let’s just figure out who will be with who.
X: I’ll go with Lance.
Lei: I’ll take Claudius, I guess.
Claudius: I guess that leaves Knosse and Adria together.
Adria: Two long ranged fighters, huh? This could be fun.
Conrad: And I think I’ll join those two for some bomb coverage.
Claudius: Sounds good.
Lei: If we’re going to go through with this, we’ll have to map out what areas we’ll cover. If there are three teams, we will have to cover a relatively large area.
Conrad: Well, from my knowledge it seemed to be rectangular shaped. Which means we should do this linearly.
Lei: If that’s the case, then Claudius and I will take the middle. We’ll be the stability of this operation. Depending on which side they come from, we’ll also be alerting one of the teams to change positions. You’ll pick off as many as you can. If there are a lot of them, they’ll leak to the center where we’ll take care of them.
Conrad: That seems fundamentally sound, Lei.
X: We’ll take the west section then.
Adria: Great. We’ll take the east.
Claudius: Any last words for us, Lei?
Lei: I believe I covered everything. But if by chance they’re too much for us, we’ll take them together. Adria, Knosse and Conrad, you’ll want to stay on the rooftops regardless.
Adria: Got it!
Claudius: If that’s all, then let’s get to it.

They enter the village and reach the middle where a few villagers are walking by. They nod at each other and Knosse and X fist bump with Claudius. Their respective teams leave to their areas.

Claudius: It’s quiet so far.
Lei: We could have misjudged these bandits.
Claudius: I don’t think so. All bandits have something in common if they’re even to be considered as such.
Lei: Looting. And most bandits usually have a temper if they don’t get their way. We heard from Vex that bandits are very prevalent on this continent. So there is a good chance that there are a lot of them coming.
Claudius: Good. I’ve been itching to kill. How about you?
Lei: Normally, no. That’s not what kind of man I am.
Claudius: I know that. But this is not a normal situation we’ve been put into, is it?

Lei puts on his new gloves.

Lei: No, it isn’t. Until now, we’ve never fought a battle where the outcome was completely and utterly hopeless. We’ve trained so hard, to not even lay a scratch on that man. I’ve never been more frustrated with the limits of my own abilities.
Claudius: Well spoken. My thoughts exactly. It’s okay to let all that anger and frustration out into these lowly bandits.
Lei: Yeah.

Meanwhile, Adria, Knosse and Conrad are on a rooftop just at the edge of the village. They’re sitting down. They see a few figures heading towards them.

Conrad: That looks like it could be them.

The few figures begin to increase in number and become a large amount in no time.

Adria: There are so many. That’s definitely them.

They immediately get into prone position, except Adria, who turns around and shoots an arrow in the general direction of Claudius and Lei. It lands not far from them.

Claudius: From that side, huh?
Lei: Looks like it’s show time.

Claudius takes the arrow and throws it in X and Lance’s general direction. It lands on a rooftop near them.

X: Let’s go.

Back at the east side, the bandits reach the buildings when a huge explosion goes off that takes out a whole lot of them.

Conrad: !
Adria: Looks like the reaction between your mines and Knosse’s bombs had more impact than you calculated?
Conrad: You know my facial reactions too well.
Adria: Well, you don’t make that face too often. Let’s go, Knosse.
Knosse: Yeah.

They start picking off bandits from the roof. Eventually, they notice them and they start to form around the building to try to get up there. But they’re interrupted when X kicks one of them off the building.

X: Looks like I made it just in time. Eh, Lance?

X looks around with Lance nowhere in sight until a couple seconds later when he is seen panting making it next to him.

Lance: Slow down next time, yeah?
X: Sorry.

A bunch of bandits pile up in the corridor that is blocked by Lance and X. Meanwhile the rest of the bandits pile up into the other corridors to get into the center of the village.

Lance: Looks like this is all we’re good for in this fight.
X: Yeah. The rest is up to them.

Lance takes out his axes and twirls them a few times. X flips his daggers once and crosses his arms. Meanwhile, some of the bandits have managed to seep through to Claudius and Lei.

Claudius: So few of you? They seem to have done their job well.

They quickly take out the few bandits. They still hear footsteps coming their way, but then they hear a noise coming from the west side.

Claudius: What?!
Lei: Did I just hear fighting on the OTHER side?
Claudius: Shit. A second wave! But that means…

As the bandits make their way into the village from the west side, they’re met by a militia of the villagers with bats, machetes and other miscellaneous weapons.

Villager: Niggas won’t get through us!

The clashing begins between the two sides. Bodies begin to fall on both sides quickly. But it doesn’t look like the villagers are being killed. They’re being crippled, and seemingly purposely. For each crippled villager, another stops to bring him or her out of the front lines. This strategy begins to overwhelm the villagers and put them at a severe disadvantage. Eventually, they are completely overrun and they get trampled over. The group of bandits stops as one flies back. They see Kirk in front of them with his boxing gloves on.

Kirk: You will go no further!

Some of the villagers get their second wind if they haven’t been crippled. They stand up and ready their weapons.

Bandit: They’re relentless.
Kirk: Don’t lose hope! We can stop them here!

Kirk begins punching and knocking out some bandits left and right. The rest of the villagers that stood up charge into the crowd of bandits. They are able to take out a few more before they eventually sustain worse injuries and are unable to fight. Even Kirk has a cut on his chest.

Bandit: We’ve beaten these monkeys. Let’s go take our money now.

Just then, that bandit receives an arrow through the head, killing him. Kirk looks back to see the entire Fighters Abroad team unharmed.

Bandit: The entire east strike team was beaten? By just that many people?!
Lei: Rest easy, Kirk. You did well to hold them off. We’ll take things from here.
Kirk: Right…

Kirk steps back as the bandits regroup themselves. There are about 25 left.

Claudius: Adria, X, Lance, let’s charge. We’ll adjust our speed to Lance’s. Knosse, Lei and Conrad, you clean up after us.
Lei: Got it.

The bandits charge towards Fighters Abroad, when only Claudius, X, Lance and Adria charge back. They each take out their blades and all make a dash attack at the same speed through the crowd. As soon as that happens, most of them fall and Conrad and Knosse follow up by combining explosives to take out all of the remaining except one. Lei charges this one and uses his metal gloves to beat the shit out of him.

Claudius: Well, that takes care of that.

Shortly after that, the villagers are being tended to by their doctors. Kirk is lending a hand where possible. Fighters Abroad are conversing just outside the area.

X: So it seems like everything will be okay. They only suffered one fatality.
Claudius: The bandits used cheap tactics, but that ended up being in our favor.
Lei: All’s well that ends well, I suppose.
Adria: The culture here is weird, we definitely saw that. But it’s more than that. They’re more than ruffians. They have true loyalty to each other. I like that.
Conrad: Adria…
Lance: She’s right. The bandits played to that and overpowered them.
Knosse: Just like us, right?
Lei: Knosse?
Knosse: We stick together the same way. But unlike them, we cover each other’s weaknesses. Now we just have to get individually stronger so that we can do that even better.
Claudius: You’re being unusually deep, Knosse. How are you managing?
Knosse: I…don’t know.
Claudius: Stick together, huh? Almost.

Switch over to Naith, who is walking in Jerod. He arrives at the Kent’s house. He knocks on the door.

Luis’ voice: What’s the password?
Naith: You’re not going to make me do this, are you?
Shawn’s voice: You gotta do it, bro.
Naith: ….dirty panties.
Luis’ voice: *Imitates a buzzer sound* Wrong!
Shawn’s voice: We changed the password this morning, you dirty little pervert.
Naith: Try this. If you don’t open the door this minute, I’m going to cut you both along with the door.

A few seconds later, the door opens, with both of them with their detective hats on. They have their hands on them and they’re tipped downwards to cover their faces.

Shawn: Detectives, at your service.
Luis: What seems to be the problem, citizen?
Naith: You ready to go?
Luis: Let’s do this.

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   December 15th 2013, 9:42 pm

Chapter 146: The Hunt for Gen

Naith is being led by Luis and Shawn at the moment. They are walking through Jerod. Luis and Shawn have a rather serious face on at the moment.

Naith: Where are we going?
Luis: Where we always go before a big job.

The scene switches and they are at the graveyard by their mother’s grave. Their hats are off.

Naith: So you come here.
Shawn: We pay our respects just in case this is our last.  As detectives, we put our lives on the line and make ourselves a target. So we try not to make light of being alive in this profession.
Naith: I see.

Naith goes to his parents’ graves and does the same thing for a few minutes. After that, they leave the graveyard.

Luis: How was that? Do you feel more determined to accomplish your mission?
Naith: Yes.
Luis: Good. Now then, Shawn. What do we know so far?
Shawn: When we looked at the body, it was clear that the murder was done very skillfully. And then that coincides with sightings of Gen in nearby towns.
Naith: So how do we find out where he’s at?
Luis: We need proof that it was him first. We can knock out two things at once with the method we came up with.
Shawn: We have the names of the towns that spotted him. If we can determine the time at which Gen passed through them, we can find a pattern and we will be able to predict where he will appear next.
Naith: Sounds simple enough. I assume you also want to see if something happened in their towns as well.
Shawn: Yes.
Naith: How many towns do you have on the list?
Luis: Four. We’ll split up and then meet on the last town. They’re relatively close together.
Naith: Got it. Do we have a map?
Shawn: Right here.

Shawn unfolds a map of the region. There is a ring of towns just outside Jerod. Shawn points to the four relevant towns.

Shawn: Naith, we’re going to need you to go the farthest since you can travel the fastest.
Naith: No problem.
Luis: Make sure you get as much information as possible regarding Gen’s sighting and any murders since then.
Naith: Right. I’ll be going now.

Naith leaves quickly.

Luis: I guess we’d better get going too.
Shawn: Yeah.
Luis: Shawn, if you run into trouble, get out of there.
Shawn: Ditto.
Luis: Hah.

They leave as well. Meanwhile, we switch scenes to a town inside the ring. We follow a white cloaked man, whose face is not shown because of the hood. He walks into a bar and orders a drink. When he takes off the hood, we see his face. He is a light skinned man who looks to be in his late 20s. He has long black hair that is in a braided ponytail in the back and his hair is parted in the middle in the front of his hair. All of the sudden, this man hears some gossip behind him.

Man 1: Did you hear? Gen of the Blades has been around this area lately. I heard he’s heading this way.
Man 2: Seriously? I want his autograph.

The once cloaked man now looks back at the people. He seems a bit surprised by what he hears.

???: So he’s coming here, is he? He must want to pay me a visit.
Man 1: Are you interested in challenging Gen, traveler?
???: What makes you say that?
Man 1: The sword sticking out of your cloak.

We can faintly see a hilt sticking up just at his neckline.

???: You have good eyes. But I do not think I want to challenge him.
Man 2: Smart choice.

The man turns back to the bar and sees that his drink is sitting on the table in front of him. He smiles as he picks it up.

Moving forward in time, Naith has found himself in the town he was supposed to travel to.

Naith: Alright. This is the place. Now, where to look?

He heads into the middle of town where there are plenty of people around. He begins to ask random people within the area.

Naith: Excuse me…
Girl: Creeper! Get away from me!

The girl runs away.

Naith: What the hell? Excuse me.
Man: Waddaya want?
Naith: Do you know anything about Gen of the Blades?
Man: No, go away.
Naith: These people are so rude.

After a while of asking, a man approaches him.

Man: I heard you talking about Gen.
Naith: Did you see him here?
Man: I did. He seemed to be in a grumpy mood, but he signed my ass. Wanna see?
Naith: No. How long ago was it?
Man: About eight days ago.
Naith: Thanks.

Naith begins to walk away.  The man follows him though.

Naith: What is it?
Man: Hey, I think I’ve seen a wanted poster for your description.
Naith: What?
Man: You traveled with Fighters Abroad? That’s so cool. Can you sign my ass too?

Naith partially draws his sword and the man backs off. He walks away.

Naith: A wanted poster for me now, huh?

He makes his way to the local authorities.

Sheriff: What can I do for you sonny?
Naith: I’m interested if anything has happened recently in the last ten days.
Sheriff: What do you mean?
Naith: I’m talking about murder.
Sheriff: How do you know about that?
Naith: Please, tell me what you know.  It’s likely this person isn’t in town anymore.
Sheriff: Alright.

After the info has been given out, Naith stands outside.

Naith: There’s no mistaking the evidence. I have to get to that last town. I wonder how Luis is doing? Most likely, he’s…

Luis is inside a building with his arm around two loosely dressed women.

Luis: This town is quite nice. I could get used to it. Say, do you get many tourists?
Woman 1: Sure, we get plenty who want to…you know.
Luis: I do. But I was wondering if you saw a man in particular. Goes by the name of Gen.
Woman 2: Oh, Shirley just saw him four days ago. She’s into those silver foxes, if you know what I mean.
Luis: Uhuh…so I hate to ask more questions, but did anything strange happen around that time?
Woman 1: Strange? Well, unfortunately we lost one of our girls. The police are still looking into the murder.
Luis: Right…enough of the questions. Hehehe. I wonder how Shawn’s doing. Knowing that guy, he’s probably…

Shawn is seen inside a restaurant stuffing his face with loads of food. After he’s done, the waitress gives him the bill.

Shawn: I was wondering if you could help me *wink* .
Waitress: Sorry, I’m taken.
Shawn: That’s unfortunate, but it’s not exactly what I meant. You see, I’m investigating something.
Waitress: So, you’re a detective?
Shawn: Something like that. Have any famous travelers come by recently.
Waitress: Well, we had a few. A few famous theater actors from Ivan yesterday, there was a Myjuto officer that passed by about ten days ago and Gen of the Blades I’d say six days ago.
Shawn: I see. So, have there been any crimes within that time?
Waitress: Well…there was one.
Shawn: Go on…

A day passes, and Shawn is seen arriving at another town. He spots Luis leaning against a nearby building with his eyes closed.

Shawn: Bro!
Luis: *opens eyes* Yo, bro.
Shawn: Have you seen Naith yet?
Luis: I just got here, so no. Maybe he hasn’t gotten here yet.
Shawn: Hah. He’s probably slacking off still. He probably hooked up with some prostitutes.
Luis: And I bet he spent a large amount of time stuffing his face and hitting on the waitress.
Naith’s voice: That’s you guys!

They look up and see Naith descending upon them with his sword pointed at them. They dodge out of the way as Naith’s sword sticks into the ground.

Luis: What the hell, you weren’t going to actually stab us?
Naith: With you badmouthing me behind my back, maybe.

He twirls his sword and sheaths it.

Shawn: Anyway, let’s get to work on this town.
Naith: You’re too slow. I already did that.
Luis: And?
Naith: It seems Gen was here just a day ago. Where I was before it was Nine days ago. Shawn?
Shawn: Seven.
Luis: He was where I was Five days ago. And he visited Jerod three days ago.  And let me guess, there was a murder in all of these towns.

Shawn and Naith both nod their heads yes.

Luis: That’s what I thought. Shawn, let’s have a look at that map again.

When Shawn reveals the map again, they look at it closely.

Shawn: It looks like a pattern. Based on this data, he’s going to end up there *points to one of the towns*. And in just a day. He’s sure traveling slow.
Naith: That is to our advantage. We have to catch him before he makes it there.

Off in the desert the next day, we see three tattered cloaked men. One of them we recognize as an older Gen. The other two are seemingly following him. There is a slight sandstorm blowing the winds around and making visibility limited. They see a town in sight though.

Gen: We’re here. Wait…

They see three figures slowly come into view, who we recognize as Naith, Shawn and Luis. They are between them and the town.

Gen: What do you want?
Luis: Did you think you would be able to get away from detectives like us?
Shawn: It’s over, Gen of the Blades. …Luis, it’s really Gen. Holy fuck.

Both of them back up slightly in fear. Naith steps forward, however. He is smiling.

Gen: And what’s your deal?
Naith: Do you remember me?
Gen: Kid, I’ve seen and killed so many. I can’t remember faces well anymore. So no.
Naith: That’s okay. Once I have the Shiryu from you, you will be forced to remember my face. Draw your blade.
Gen: A challenge then?  I accept!

To be continued…
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   December 17th 2013, 12:15 am

Chapter 147: The Best Swordsman?

Naith: Do you remember me?
Gen: Kid, I’ve seen and killed so many. I can’t remember faces well anymore. So no.
Naith: That’s okay. Once I have the Shiryu from you, you will be forced to remember my face. Draw your blade.
Gen: A challenge then?  I accept!

Gen takes out a guardless Katana ( http://i42.tinypic.com/i4g11x.jpg ) that has a red hilt. It has distinct markings on the blade. Naith draws his sword.

Naith: That is not the Shiryu.
Gen: The Shiryu is not worth using on someone like you. Personally, though, I like this type of blade better. I see you have a similar type of blade. It looks well made. But is it?
Naith: It’s perfectly made. My blacksmith is the best.
Gen: Really? Sounds like you’re fond of this blacksmith.
Naith: Are you taunting me now?
Gen: Looks like you can keep your cool under pressure from me. Not bad.
Naith: He’s testing me even before we clash?
Gen: Your eyes, your posture. You’re ready for battle. You can come at me whenever you like.

Gen throws his cloak aside to reveal his normal outfit. He stands at the ready after swinging his sword once. Naith inches towards Gen slowly while on his guard. Luis, Shawn and Gen’s two followers watch with great anticipation.

Naith: This is it. If I make this first slash, there’s no going back.

Naith’s gaze relaxes for a moment and this catches Gen by slight surprise.

Naith: No, there has never been going back.

Naith immediately slashes forward to initiate the battle. Gen blocks and pushes off Naith’s slash to create some distance.

Gen: So be it then.

Gen charges forward and lunges his blade at Naith. Naith chops downwards to block and then slides his blade forward to go for a lunge of his own. Gen sidesteps, but Naith dashes forward quickly and makes a big slash arc. Gen takes a slash mark on his side, just barely avoiding any bad damage.

Gen: Fast!

Just as that goes through his mind, Naith is already on the attack again. They clash blades over and over, with Naith on the offensive. Gen then suddenly goes on the offensive with some powerful strikes. He then changes stances and then rapidly lunges forward multiple at Naith’s face. He is able to avoid each strike and then slashes at Gen’s mid-section, forcing him to back off.

Gen: Not bad.
Naith: Am I worth using the Shiryu on now?
Gen: Take a look around, boy. Do you see it anywhere?
Naith: What?!
Gen: It’s in this town. I have come to get it.
Naith: What’s the Shiryu doing in this town without its master?
Gen: That’s none of your business, unless you become its owner.
Naith: I will, just watch me!

Naith charges again and slashes. Gen dodges with precise timing and lands a slash to Naith’s side. Naith grits his teeth in pain but stands strong through it. He blocks another slash from Gen and then goes for a stab. Gen blocks with the flat side of his blade and steps back. They then clash blades again and push against each other. Naith slides his blade down near the hilt, trying to take advantage of there being no guard on Gen’s Katana. Gen understands Naith’s move, however and slides his blade with Naith’s and pushes it aside. Gen goes for a stab and Naith matches it with his own stab. The tips of the Katanas collide and then the blades slide to being parallel to each other. They both move their blades forward to stab the other. Naith is able to step aside in time, but Gen gets grazed on the shoulder by Naith’s blade. They both jump back.

Luis: Look at that, bro.
Shawn: I see. He’s keeping up with Gen of the Blades.
Naith: His strikes are extremely precise and his timing is perfect, but he’s a lot slower than I am. I might be able to pull this off.
Gen: Where did you receive your training?
Naith: I’ve learned from everyone I could. I’ve studied some of your sword work as well as other strong swordsmen that I’ve met.
Gen: With no master?
Naith: My father taught me the basics, but that’s it.
Gen: I see. You have talent. I would even go as far as to call you a genius.
Naith: Thank you.
Gen: But that does not mean you will win this fight. Like you, I had no true master.
Naith charges again and slashes towards where he injured Gen. Gen blocks and then they clash blades a few times. Gen all of the sudden goes on the offensive and then cuts a piece of Naith’s clothing, just barely missing him. Naith then slashes at Gen, but he jumps back twice.

Gen: You may be a genius, but you are nowhere near me.

Gen is the one charging this time. He seems rather frantic to fight now.

Naith: You’re wrong.

Just as Gen gets close to Naith, he quickly dashes and slashes past him. Gen stops dead in his tracks as Naith twirls his sword and slowly sheathes it. As he sheaths the sword, we see a large slash mark across Gen’s chest and he falls to his knees. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS4xOZWmJR4 )

Gen: I…have lost?
Naith: Something is wrong.

Naith goes up to Gen and looks at him straight in the eyes.

Naith: You were holding back, why?
Gen: …I was not holding back, kid.
Naith: No way. Well, then tell me where the Shiryu is.
Gen: …I don’t have it.
Naith: I know you don’t. You told me you left it in this city.

Gen looks at Naith with a saddened look.

Naith: No. Are you no longer the master of the Shiryu?!
Gen: It appears you are too late.

Naith grabs Gen by the shirt and holds him up.

Naith: Who took it?!
Gen: …He goes by Rio. He works for the Myjuto Forces.
Naith: !

Just then, we see Gen’s two followers with blades drawn behind Naith. They are about to bring them down on him when Luis and Shawn stab them from behind and get them away.  Naith doesn’t even seem to have focused on them.

Naith: Wait a minute. When you said you came to this town to get the Shiryu, you couldn’t have meant…
Luis: Naith! Someone’s coming! *Theme stops*

Naith turns his head to see someone coming from the town. When the sandstorm reveals his face, we see the man we previously saw at the bar with the braided ponytail.

???: I thought I saw fighting out here. And here you are, Gen.
Gen: Rio…
Naith: This is Rio?

Naith lets go of Gen and turns his attention to Rio.

Rio: You followed me all the way here. I’m impressed by your tracking skills, Gen of the Fools. You tried to get your precious blade back, but it looks like you got beaten again by someone else.
Gen: …
Rio: Look at you now. You used to be such a prestigious swordsman. But you’ve become nothing but a petty murderer who has lost all his touch from one loss. You don’t deserve to use the Shiryu.

Just then, he sees Naith charging at him quickly. He goes for a quick strike, but he is blocked by a blade that Rio quickly pulls out.  It looks like this ( http://www.medievalcollectables.com/images/Product/large/MC-FM-453.png ) but with more of a chrome finish on the blade.

Naith: The Shiryu…
Rio: Did my words bother you, swordsman?
Naith: You have no respect at all.
Rio: You’re wrong. It’s because I respect what Gen used to be that I say all this. I came here in hopes of fighting him again, but if you’re stronger then you’ll do just fine.

Both swordsmen take a few steps back.

Gen: I don’t understand. You both came out of nowhere and bested me. How have I gone uncontested for so long before now?
Rio: You don’t get it, do you? This generation of fighters is the strongest this world has ever seen. There are even stronger fighters than me in the Myjuto Forces.

Rio holds the Shiryu forward with his right hand in an awkward looking stance. Naith puts up his guard.

Naith: What type of style…

Rio doesn’t even give Naith time to finish his inquiry and attacks. He quickly puts Naith on the defensive. His slashes are all in unorthodox movements and slash arcs and they’re all quick strikes.

Naith: What is this sword work? I can’t read it properly!
Rio: You move well. It’s no wonder you beat a slower old man.

Naith dodges a slash instead of blocking this one and then goes for a very quick slash. Rio effortlessly dodges this one and then grins at Naith.

Rio: Predictable.

At the same time as these words, he slices upwards to cut Naith’s torso deep, just missing his neck. Naith stumbles back as everything seems to go hazy for him. He begins to fall back, when all of the sudden he is caught by Luis and Shawn. He looks at those two briefly and then looks at Rio.

Naith: (struggling) You’re…not right handed, are you?
Rio: So you figured it out. The truth is that my style can be unorthodox, but it becomes even more so when I use my bad hand.
Gen: That means you were holding back against him…

Gen grasps his chest as his wound worsens.

Naith: Damn it.

To be concluded…
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   December 24th 2013, 1:58 am

Chapter 148: Where…Are We?

Naith’s consciousness starts to fade as his cut is very deep.

Rio: You avoided at just the last second to stop my slash from being fatal. Not bad. Out of respect for your victory over Gen today and surviving my attack, I will let you live. I don’t like killing needlessly.

Rio sheaths the Shiryu.

Rio: But letting him live won’t stop his bleeding. The rest is up to you whether or not you can survive.

Rio walks away. Luis and Shawn are doing their best to bandage Naith up with the first aid that they have.

Naith: The Shiryu…I have to…
Shawn: Don’t worry about any of that right now.

They temporarily bandage his wound and they both start to carry him over towards the town. They look back at Gen, who is still on his knees.

Luis: Consider yourself lucky right now.

They leave Gen and get Naith to the town. The next we see is Naith on a bed and more properly bandaged. He has just woken up to see Luis and Shawn.

Luis: (lighthearted) You’re awake? Good, I guess you’re not dead then.
Shawn: Good morning.
Naith: Ho-how long have I been asleep?
Shawn: Just through the day and night, so it’s the next day.
Naith: *Grunts in pain* What…oh, that’s right. I screwed up big time. I beat Gen and felt invincible and got envious for the Shiryu.
Luis: Looks that way.
Naith: What happened to Gen?
Luis: He got away, it seems.
Naith: Sorry.
Shawn: Don’t apologize. Rio was a Myjuto, so he was also a threat.
Naith: A Myjuto…it seems I can never get away from that.

Just then, someone knocks on the door.

Shawn: ? Someone is here?

Luis opens the door and takes a step back in surprise.

Luis: What the fuck are YOU doing here?

Naith lifts his head up and sees Gen at the door.

Naith: Why are you…?
Gen: Will you let me in?
Luis: I’ll have you know that Naith is no match for my bro and I together!
Gen: Cut the bullshit and let me in.
Luis: Okay…

Luis lets him in.

Gen: How are your wounds?
Naith: Still pretty bad. Looks like you’re not doing too bad.
Gen: No thanks to you. *chuckle*
Naith: Why have you come?
Gen: Do you still want the Shiryu?
Naith: !
Gen: It’s okay if you aren’t after that.
Naith: What are you trying to say?
Gen: I am old and I no longer have the strength to defeat that man. But my skills are still here. They would be better suited for someone that has a chance at getting the Shiryu. I will train you to be able to take it.
Naith: Why are you doing this all of the sudden?
Gen: That blacksmith you talked about. Is it…a woman?
Naith: …Yes.
Gen: You had a certain look in your eye when you spoke of her. Let me tell you something. Even though I held that blade for so long, I could not protect the ones I cared about with it. I’ve already lost everyone. But you may be able to.

Gen unsheaths his sword and twirls it a few times. He puts it up against his hand and cuts it just a little and keeps the blood in his hand.

Gen: Will you accept?

He puts the sword up to Naith’s hand. After a few moments, Naith sticks his hand on the sword and he does the same thing. They then clasp their bloody hands.

Luis: You know, that’s not exactly sanitary.
Gen: From now on, you are my student.
Naith: Right.
Gen: But first, I still haven’t learned of your name.
Naith: It’s Naith.

The screen fades to black with their handshake. We now switch over to Fighters Abroad. They are on the outskirts of a city.

X: Do you think that village will be alright?
Lance: I’m sure Kirk can handle things from here.
Claudius: Good. Then let’s head into this city with no regrets of leaving quickly.

They look beyond the opening to see into the city, which appears to be urban and wealthy (by their standards) by the upscale architecture. As soon as they step foot into the city, a strange wind hits them and they look at each other in confusion. Something did not feel right with any of them.

X: Where…are we? ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cD5jO1H_llU )
Claudius: By the looks on everyone’s faces, we all felt that. Something is not right in this city. I can feel it just from standing here.
Knosse: This is creepy.
Conrad: Nothing seems off about this city though by its look. Nothing smells off and no strange noises. Then…what is this phenomenon?
Adria: I’m scared, but I don’t know why.
Lei: C’mon, let’s keep moving. There’s no use fretting over it yet.
Lance: …”yet”.

They keep walking into the city, with the same feeling. Nothing feels odd about the citizens. Most of them seem normal, but oddly, most of them are women or children ranging from teenager and younger.

Claudius: Have these people been in some kind of war? Did you notice it? There are hardly any men here.

They continue walking until they reach a fountain. They see three statues by the fountain. When they get there, Knosse steps back.

Knosse: Guys.
Lei: What is it, Knosse?
Knosse: Those statues. It’s him.

Knosse’s breath starts to run short. They look at the statues and they recognize the man on the left. It is none other than Ento. On the right is Shim and in the middle is Zerin.

Lance: That’s Ento on the right! No…then are you saying that’s…!
Knosse: That’s him. Zerin!
Claudius: Why do they have his statue here? Could it be that…?
Lei: You are about to say that the lack of men around here means that the men are in the Myjuto Forces, and these are their families, right?
X: !
Lance: It does seem strange. Where did all the soldiers come from? There have been countless Myjuto soldiers. It makes sense when you think of it like this.
Conrad: But this city can’t have supplied all of the soldiers. They must have come from elsewhere too.
Adria: Now we know why this place is off. Do you think this was his hometown?
Claudius: There’s a strong possibility.
Lance: We have to get out of sight ASAP.
X: Do we still have cloaks?
Lei: Yes. But only enough for all of us except one.
Claudius: Damn.
Adria: I’m the least known of the group I think. I’ll do it.
Conrad: Are you sure?
Adria: Positive, Dad.  

They get out of the open area, but as we zoom back a little, we see that they were being watched by a shadowy figure. They throw their cloaks (mix of white and black) on and head back out into the open a different way.

Lei: Where to now?
Knosse: I’m hungry.
X: I’m with Knosse this time. Let’s get some food. It’s not like the food here is evil.
Lance: True.

They head off to a pub. They sit down in a corner table with their cloaks still on. A waiter comes up to them.

Waiter: May I ask why your friends have cloaks on?
Adria: (Whispering) We’re being followed and so we need to be as conspicuous as possible. As long as we’re like this, we won’t cause any trouble to your pub.
Waiter: Well, alright. Just no causing trouble, ya hear?
Adria: That’s clear.

*Theme stops* They eat at the pub and begin discussing. They’re all talking very quietly.

Claudius: Looks like no one recognizes you, Adria.
Adria: Yep!
Conrad: Adria, shh.
Adria: Sorry.
Lance: What do we do now?
X: I say we explore this place.
Lei: The more we can learn about our enemy here the better.
Claudius: I’m with Lei.
Conrad: So it’s settled.
Knosse: I still don’t feel right, but yeah.

After they pay, they head off to explore. As they reach the edge of the city, they notice something. There is a castle off in the distance that is guarded by a tall fence that surrounds all sides. The only entrance is guarded by two Myjuto guards.

X: I see. So there is still some Myjuto presence here. As we feared.
Knosse: I say we pay them a visit and beat the crap out of them.
Adria: !
Claudius: What is it?

Adria turns around and draws her bow. She puts an arrow on it and gets ready to fire.

Adria: Who’s there?

Where Adria is pointing with her arrow, we see the shadowy figure again. It slowly creeps out to reveal itself.

What lies behind the shadow?! And what affect will it have on the group?!

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Chapter 149: The Three Heroes

Adria: Who’s there?

Where Adria is pointing with her arrow, we see the shadowy figure again. It slowly creeps out to reveal itself. When it does, we see an old woman in her 60s presumptively. When Adria notices her, she loosens the grip on her draw and then lowers her bow.

Woman: You are Fighters Abroad, aren’t you?
X: How would you know?
Woman: I saw you before you put those cloaks on.
Claudius: Damn. What if we are?
Woman: Do not fret. I will not cause you any trouble.
Claudius: We would have a hard time believing that if we were Fighters Abroad. After all, this is the birth place of the Myjuto Forces. Am I right?
Woman: Well, yes. You are. Why don’t I show you around, since you are just simple travelers. *Wink*
Lei: That would be good, ma’am. (Whispering) Let’s play along for now.
Lance: (Whispering) I’m with Lei.
Claudius: Right. Thank you.

She takes them out into the middle of town.

Woman: You’ve been here, but this is the center of commerce. We have a lot of excellent ingredients and materials, as I’m sure you’re aware.
Conrad: But I bet it wasn’t always like this.
Woman: No. The three heroes of Ivan originated here. They’ve kept this place protected and well supplied.
Knosse: Heroes? Really?
Woman: I would call them ex-heroes after what they’ve done.
Lance: Are you saying you disagree with what the Myjuto Forces are doing?
Woman: That is what I am saying.

A few young people pass them and they tip their hats to the lady.

Teen Male: Afternoon, ma’am.

After they pass, the group keeps on moving.

Woman: We have also been blessed by some wonderful technology from a scientist, since he works for Zerin.
Conrad: Hmph.
Adria: Is she talking about Uncle Nero, dad?
Conrad: Yeah. I knew I saw some of his gadgets around.

They pass a few more people while they are walking around. They also exchange quick pleasantries with her.

Lei: You seem quite popular in this city.
Woman: The young people are taught well how to respect their elders.
Claudius: Yeah, but it seems like more than that.

They then pass by a very ugly piece of the city. At the wall is what looks like an old public torture place with dried and old blood all over the wall and various torture devices. The woman looks past this and seemingly avoids making eye contact with it. They keep walking.

Lei: What’s up with that?

They stop at a house.

Woman: Now, this is my house. Won’t you all come inside?

They cautiously do. X has his daggers at the ready. When they head inside, it’s a small but cozy environment. There are multiple couches that face a fireplace. They all sit down except Claudius. He notices a picture frame that is turned upside down. He peeks under it and then puts it down gently. The woman sees this and approaches him.

Claudius: (very soft) I see. I’m sorry.
Woman: So you figured it out.
Claudius: You’re their mother, huh? Ento and Zerin.
Woman: My name is Helena. And yes, I brought Zerin into this world.

The group (with their hoods off) shows surprise in their eyes.

Lance: And you adopted Ento, right?
Helena: You know about that?
Lance: We met his twin brother…and him.
Helena: Is…Ento dead?
X: No. We failed miserably against him.
Helena: I see.
Lei: Earlier you said that you disagree with Zerin’s actions. Did you mean it?
Helena: I did. My son has turned his back on his humanity.

[Sarzo – Throne Room]

We see Zerin sitting on the throne, bored a little.

Zerin: Things just aren’t the same without Ento and Shim around. I wanted to go to Ivan with him too. Maybe see Mother as well.

He gets up and exits the throne room. As he walks by, all the soldiers bow to him whomever he passes. He heads into the lounge room where there are two Myjutos. The first we recognize as Nero. The second has dirty blond hair that is long and straight that goes past his shoulders. He has blue eyes. They are both surprised that Zerin enters and they immediate lower their heads.

Zerin: Nero, Elvan, at ease.

They lift their heads.

Elvan: What brings your majesty here?
Zerin: I got bored in there by myself so I wanted to see what was going on in here.
Nero: We were just talking about Rio, sir.
Zerin: Rio left about a week ago, yes? Said something about going after the Shiryu.
Elvan: Yes sir. He sent a report that he engaged Gen of the Blades in combat and defeated him. He will be heading back here soon.
Zerin: Good. I want to see the Shiryu with my own eyes. *Smirks* Maybe I’ll challenge Rio for it. …Nah. Say, Elvan, Nero. How good are you at hand-to-hand combat?
Elvan: I specialize in archery, so I’m not very good.
Nero: Me neither.
Zerin: Would you like to learn how to improve? We need to improve the strength of all our officers.
Nero: That would be wonderful, sir.
Elvan: If you would, Emperor.
Zerin: Good. Call all available officers and their units to come to the training room.

Zerin heads to the training room by himself and waits for about 20 minutes. The room is mostly filled except for the arena and a small space around where Zerin is.

Zerin: And now we’ll begin a quick demonstration before we get to training. Officer Elvan, if you would step up.

Elvan does so and they both get into the arena.

Zerin: Right. Now come straight at me and attack.

Elvan does as he asks. He runs towards Zerin and punches at him. Zerin moves fluidly and swiftly around the punch and ends up back to back with Elvan.

Elvan: ! Fast! Even with all that armor on.
Zerin: My movements there weren’t just fast. They were precise. Every move you make should be precise and fluid in battle. Most importantly in close combat. Officer Ento, Officer Shim and I were all taught this very early in our training. We mastered it before many arts. Even if you’re fast, if your movements are clumsy you waste so much of your speed. Thank you, Elvan.
Elvan: You’re welcome, your majesty.
Zerin: In order to increase your precision, you will train in some martial arts. Watch closely.

[About a week ago]

We switch scenes to Neese outside Zetsu. We go to the encampment that was set up by Jiron and Hiiro. Except now Shim is in charge of the encampment.

Hiiro: What do you plan to do now, Officer Shim?
Shim: My orders were to keep tabs on Jiron, but he escaped my reconnaissance briefly. His movements seemed deliberate. And then he goes off and dies in an accident.
Hiiro: Is that true?
Shim: I’m sure you know all about it, Hiiro.
Hiiro: ?!
Shim: I already know about your debt to him. But you’re a good soldier, so I won’t do anything to you. As long as your allegiance still lies with us.
Hiiro: Of course.
Shim: Well, I sidetracked a little, but back to the main point. I already know that Jiron is alive. A little accident like that isn’t enough to kill a man like that. And it all seems too fishy. So I’m going after him. Now that he is no longer a Myjuto, I have nothing standing in my way from killing him.
Hiiro: Do you have a grudge against him, ma’am?
Shim: He killed Tibi. And we even had to lie to Kyle to keep him focused on his mission. I hate lying, especially to him.
Hiiro: I see.
Shim: Hiiro, I leave you in charge of Zetsu here. We will side with them for now.
Hiiro: Side…with them?
Shim: War is brewing. The Neese Alliance has regained its strength and is ready to attack Zetsu again. If they succeed, they will be gunning for us next.
Hiiro: You know all this…how?
Shim: Collecting information is a specialty of mine, Hiiro. And you’re lucky that Jiron is smart enough not to tell you anything about where he’s going or what he’s doing. Otherwise I’d be using my specialty on you.
Hiiro: I understand.
Shim: Right. Well, I leave Zetsu in your capable hands. Farewell.

Shim puts on her hood and jogs away from the encampment.

Hiiro: *Smirk* You’re right, he didn’t tell me anything. Well, almost. Hah. It seems he’s even one step ahead of you.


Back to Fighters Abroad, they are still sitting down talking to Helena.

Lance: There’s something I still don’t get. How was Zerin able to get so many soldiers on his side? It has never made sense to me.
Lei: I think we’ve all been wondering that. Can you tell us why?
Helena: Zerin was born with what people would call a defect. There was a radiation accident while I was still pregnant with him, and he was born with crimson red eyes. But because people didn’t understand it, they viewed him as a devil child. And for that, he was shunned in this very city. But despite that, he came back for us all and saved us from the Foundation of Ivan.
Lance: The Foundation of Ivan?! You mean the rumors are true?
Claudius: Lance?
Lance: Rumors spread that there was an oppressive faction that ruled Ivan with an iron fist. For a while, there were strict laws about how to enter and exit the continent. But we were all told that there were pollution problems in Ivan and they needed to contain it.
Helena: That was all a lie forged by the Foundation.
Knosse: That’s such a stupid name.
Helena: The Foundation took over most of Ivan. This city was part of their desolation. That torture place you probably noticed…it was used on our own people. My husband…he perished there at their hands.
X: That sounds rough.
Helena: If you are willing to listen, I will tell you the story. It’s a little long, but it is worth hearing. You need to know the man you have been fighting against.

The group looks around and they all come to an agreement.

Claudius: We will listen, if you will tell us.

Stay tuned for Movie 2 – The Origin of the Myjuto Forces!
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Fighters Abroad
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