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 Fighters Abroad

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   March 9th 2017, 2:23 am

Chapter 175: What War Leaves Behind

We see Lance and Deka helping Derrick along in the camps.

Derrick: That's an elaborate plan you all came up with. All to save me?
Lance: Yeah, well, we ARE getting paid for this.
Voice: Hey!

X, Claudius and Hiiro join them.

Lance: You guys look like hell. What kind of trouble did you run into?
Claudius: We'll explain later. It's really...REALLY complicated.
Hiiro: For now, we need to go see how the battle went.

At the battlefield, there are piles and piles of bodies everywhere. There are some injured being tended to. A few injured alliance soldiers are being put out of their misery. We see Rex and Celo walk up to Julius, who is lying on his stomach. They turn him over.

Celo: Julius, are you still with us?!

Julius coughs up blood.

Julius: C-Celo? Rex?
Rex: I'm here.
Julius: W-where's Derrick?

Derrick appears into frame as he stands next to Rex and Celo.

Julius: Ah...good. Then, they succeeded. *Cough*

Celo looks over to the entire Fighters Abroad group and nods.

Derrick: I'm so sorry, Julius. If I had been as strong as you, this wouldn't have happened.
Julius: It's okay. I'm happy that in the end, the four of us could share this last moment.
Derrick: Mahko and Zakrah are dead. We finally destroyed them for good.
Julius: That's good to hear. I can die in peace then. My dark rule is over. It's time for your rule of kindness and fairness. I did my part while it was necessary. Now...it's your turn.

Julius falls limp at that moment. We pan over to Fighter's Abroad.

Lance: Vex, would you be happy in this moment, or...?

Claudius puts his hand on Lance's shoulder.

Claudius: Many people lost their lives today. It's okay to feel some grief.
Adria: This is not something I ever wished I would see. I guess war isn't that glorious after all.
Conrad: Do you need to step away?
Adria: I think I'll be okay.
Lei: This is something most of us have become used to seeing, unfortunately. Still, death on this magnitude...it's chilling.

Later that day, we see Rex, Celo, Derrick and Hiiro in a tent.

Hiiro: I know this probably isn't the right time, but I have to say it anyway. We will help you with whatever funeral processions you wish to do. After that, we're withdrawing from Zetsu.
Derrick: What?
Hiiro: We've accomplished what we need to here. My superior has informed me that we no longer have any purpose here.
Celo: That is quite sudden. I can't say it's not relieving though.

Meanwhile, Fighters Abroad has gathered around, away from the battlefield.

Claudius: So that's the situation, more or less.
Lei: Jiron again. We just can't get rid of him.
Lance: Still, we got rid of Shim. That's got to mean something.
X: She was one of our biggest obstacles; make no mistake about that. This situation just doesn't sit right with me personally. Who is to say that Jiron doesn't become an even more frightening enemy than Zerin?
Knosse: I'm not sure that's even possible. You guys have never met him. You guys weren't there when...
Claudius: The way I see it, it doesn't matter who it is that is waiting for us in Sarzo. We're going to take them down either way. Chances are they will weaken each other in the process, which can't be bad for us.
Conrad: I only hope it's that simple.

Later that day, it is twilight out and we can see hundreds of mounds lined up in this field.  Behind them is a large fire. Upon closer look, we can see that they are the Neese Alliance bodies burning up. Many civilians, soldiers and Myjuto have gathered here.

Derrick: Tonight, we honor those who fell honorably for Zetsu. Their sacrifice has caused our freedom from the Neese Alliance. Among them was our Dark Knight Julius. Without him taking out the enemy balistae, our casualties would have only increased. For that, these fields will be renamed after him. For all those who lost their lives today, we commend their souls and wish them a well rest in whatever comes after this life.

That night, we see Hiiro walking around in the castle with Jun'Fei.

Hiiro: Do you understand, Jun?
Jun'Fei: Yes. Are you sure you won't be coming?
Hiiro: I can't. I have very specific orders. Good luck. Perhaps the next time we meet, it will be as equals.
Jun'Fei: Yes, sir. You are too kind.

Jun'Fei bows with one fist pressed into an open palm. He then walks away, but as he turns the corner, he bumps into someone.

Jun'Fei: It's you.

Jun'Fei continues on. As the figure turns the corner to see Hiiro, we recognize this person as Knosse.

Hiiro: Ah.
Knosse: I found you, Hiiro.
Hiiro: What's wrong?
Knosse: Why didn't you tell me that this was your plan all along?
Hiiro: I'm sorry. I wanted to. Shim's intel gathering was the best in the world. The more people knew, the more dangerous. I needed you guys to act as normal towards me anyway.
Knosse: I get it. I just thought you trusted me.
Hiiro: I do. But we are on opposite sides now, Knosse. It is a choice that you made.
Knosse: I wish I never joined Zerin in the first place. Ever since I got my memory back, it has haunted me. How many innocents alone did we alone kill?
Hiiro: I don't think about such things. For Master Jiron, those people had to die. That's all.
Knosse: Then you really are set on him. You'll go running into Sarzo against Ento and Zerin just for him?
Hiiro: I'm not going to Sarzo.
Knosse: What?
Hiiro: Over the next week, I'm pulling our troops out of Zetsu and into Tyr and the surrounding towns that were once occupied by the Neese Alliance. If things go south for Jiron, I still have a place in the Myjuto Forces. My master has given me a chance at life either way.
Knosse: Well, I am relieved at that. But why the Myjuto? Why don't you just join our side if Jiron loses?
Hiiro: Sorry, but I have my own reasons.
Knosse: You told me your heart isn't with Zerin!
Hiiro: It's not. I told you, I have my own reasons for staying there. This doesn't concern you anymore. If we meet again, Knosse, it will be as enemies. Don't forget that.
Knosse: ...I understand.
Hiiro: Before that, however, let us drink once more as friends.
Knosse: Hell yeah to that!

The next day, we go to the throne room where Derrick, Celo and Rex are. Hiiro is present and so are X, Lance and Lei.

Derrick: I see. That does make sense.
Hiiro: Any trace of the Neese Alliance must be eradicated. Mahko and Zakrah were long time enemies of the emperor, so this isn't just about you. Leave it to us.
Lance: What about you? What will you personally be doing in the meantime?
Hiiro: I will be here for a short while, making sure that our exodus goes smoothly. After that, I will be awaiting the outcome.
Rex: Outcome? Of what?
Lei: That's not something you need to worry about for now.
X: This is to happen fast then?
Hiiro: Shim's intelligence network is not entirely lost. Jiron will be trying to beat that relay of information. Jun'Fei left last night. They should be at Sarzo within a week.
X: We will most likely be here for a while. We'll have to talk this over again with the rest of the group. I assume you'll let us know what you find out?
Hiiro: Yes.
Lei: Things certainly have gotten complicated.
Celo: Well, you are all certainly welcome here as long as you would like to stay.

X, Lei and Lance leave the castle and begin to walk the streets. As they do, the nomads greet them, walking alongside their horses.

Lance: Well, hello there, maiden.
Clarine: Hello, Lance.
Zouk: X, Lance, it has been some time.
X: Yes. I heard you helped Lei defeat SHAC. Thank you for your help.
Zouk: Our pleasure.
Lei: If you would, we are going to meet up with the rest of our group.
Rian: Oh, does that mean I get to see my man Naith?
X: No.
Rian: Aww!
Natalie: Let it go, Rian. There are tons of hot guys around.
Rian: Not this talk again.

They find the rest of the group sitting down in an open area with many tables and chairs. They are all eating pulled pork sandwiches.

Claudius: You didn't tell me about this part, X. This is incredible.
Clarine: Oh my!
Zouk: What is it, sister?

Claudius looks at Clarine, who appears to be staring at him. Lance looks back and forth between them.

Claudius: How old?
Lance: Hey.
Claudius: Oh, my bad, Lance.
Lance: Wait, why did that fluster me?
Clarine: Lance, who is that?
Lance: That's Claudius, the guy we were looking for the first time we met.
Zouk: Oh!
Natalie: I can see why you were looking for him.
Rian: Natalie!
Claudius: Hmm, on second thought, that one is far too delicate, Lance.
Zouk: What did you just say?
Claudius: Are you her brother?
Zouk: Yes, what of it?
Claudius: Keep her safe.
Conrad: I don't understand. Where did that come from?
Claudius: You wouldn't get it.

Lance sits down next to Claudius and they both observe Clarine, who looks at both of them, blushing.

Lance: Hmm, yeah, I can see what you're getting at. (Whispering) She's too precious to defile.
Claudius: (Whispering) Indeed. Men like us need to show restraint somewhere, right? This is a step in the right direction for us.
Adria: Hey! What are you whispering about?! I bet they're talking about something dirty!
Conrad: *Facepalm* Oh boy.
Natalie: Hey, what about me?
Claudius: So, you guys met in Neese, right?
Natalie: They always ignore me...
Lei: We met in Tyr, not far from here and not long after you were captured.
Zouk: You've definitely added some numbers to your group since then.
Adria: Hi again!
Zouk: *Points to Adria* That girl is scary in her own right. You three could learn from her.

The nomad girls begin pouting.

X: Knosse, you've been unusually quiet.
Knosse: Hmm? Ah, I'm just tired...and hung over.
Lei: He has been different though, ever since he regained his memories.

We now go to the field where all the fallen have been buried. We can see Derrick standing by himself, staring at one particular grave. He is silent before this mound. Eventually, Celo and Rex find him. They also stay there in silence for a while.

Derrick: You know, I always thought I would be the first one to go. Julius always seemed invincible. The first time I saw him vulnerable was when his family was killed. And then when he was imprisoned, it was the same.
Celo: He carried so many burdens with him. They eventually caught up to him, I think.
Rex: We won't end up like that, right?
Derrick: I certainly hope not. I think he wanted that for us.

They remain silent for a while again. The sun is going down at this point.

Celo: Are you ready?
Derrick: Yes.

They begin walking away.

Derrick: Farewell, friend. I won't fail you again. Zetsu will flourish once again!

The war has left scars in Zetsu. As Fighters Abroad plans their next plan of action, they have decided to take some time off. More developments in Zetsu, next time on Fighters Abroad!
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