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 Fighters Abroad

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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 13th 2010, 9:29 pm

Chapter 26: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 4

Claudius is propped up against one of the main walls to the coliseum. We now look into Claudius' mind as he is dreaming. He is in the middle of a huge city with tall buildings and such. There's a girl next to him. She is close to Claudius' height. She is light skinned and has brown hair that is put in a short ponytail that has spikes in the back. She has a black outfit that looks like this ( http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2340/2168962736_240625b2d3.jpg ) with a long Katana that rests on her back.

Claudius: What the...I'm in Sarzo?
Girl: What's the matter, Claudius?
Claudius: *looks at girl* Eep! You're...Morra!
Morra: Stop playing games with me and let's go.
Claudius: Wait a minute, I thought I broke up with you years ago.
Morra: We didn't meet years ago, sweetie. You weren't even a mercenary yet.
Claudius: What? I must be back in the past when I was like 17. I was kidding you! Haha.
Morra: *slaps Claudius on the back* I knew it! You joker. Now let's go.
Claudius: Go where?
Morra: Back to my house, remember?
Claudius: Oh shit. It just came to me what day this is. This was the day...

We now go back to the coliseum and Jiron is approaching the sleeping Claudius. He then kicks him away from the wall, making him slide along the sand a couple yards. He wakes up instantly.

Claudius: WOAH! What the...
Jiron: You are supposed to be in the ring now! Get the fuck on that ring and get this over with!
Claudius: Shit. I overslept. Though it felt like a minute.

Claudius joins the group for a second.

X: You goofball.
Claudius: You let Jiron wake me up?
X: We were going to but he beat us to it.
Claudius: I see. Well I'm off.
X: Don't lose.

Claudius enters the ring to see the impatient announcer. His opponent, Uchta, is a scrawny short, dark skinned man with a black shirt and shorts.

Claudius: This is my opponent? How did he get past the preliminary rounds much less round 1?
Announcer: It's about time. We were waiting for you.
Claudius: My apologies. Now, let's go.
Uchta: Imma beat you, boy. You is not have a chance.
Announcer: Begin!

Uchta puts his guard up in a boxer like stance. He slowly moves toward Claudius and Claudius does the same. When they reach, Claudius goes for a punch to the face, but Uchta side steps. He then quickly jabs Claudius in the face 3 times. This doesn't hurt Claudius all too much and he goes for another punch. This time, he over pursues Uchta and gets tripped by him. Claudius hits the floor hard.

Claudius: Mutha fucker!

Claudius quickly gets up to get jabbed in the face 3 more times. This time Claudius holds his face with one hand. He surprises Uchta by uncovering his hand fast and grabbing him. Claudius throws him with one hand almost to the end of the ring.

Claudius: He's elusive. He isn't that strong, but he has some good skill.

Uchta gets up and charges at Claudius. Claudius sidesteps an incoming punch and then knees Uchta in the stomach. Uchta goes down to the floor in massive pain. When he gets up, Claudius is waiting for him not too far from him. Uchta springs at Claudius and starts to rapidly punch at his stomach. Claudius back up a bit each set of punches until he is at the edge of the ring. Uchta then goes to tackle Claudius. Claudius smiles and grabs him with his arms like a bear hug and starts to crush him.

Uchta: Grr...AHHHHH
Claudius: You fell into my trap. You can't get too close to someone with this much strength without strength of your own!

Claudius turns around and drops Uchta. His face hits the ring floor but the rest of his body lands outside the ring. Claudius exits the ring and picks up Uchta.

Claudius: He'll need some good medical attention. Hahaha.
Announcer: Well, it looks like the winner is Claudius!
X: That looked like the old you in there. I kind of miss it.
Claudius: Me too. Hahahaha. *lays Uchta down on the sand*
Naith: ...Do you guys say that every time one of you wins?
Lei: You don't like it?

Naith doesn't answer and walks away.

Announcer: The next match is Mel vs Ayame!

The medical staff comes out at that time and takes away Uchta.

Jiron: So, that's how you used to be?
Claudius: Pretty much.
Jiron: We would have worked well together.
Claudius: I doubt it. You'd probably try to kill me after a while.
Jiron: You mean I would kill you after a while.
Claudius: ...No.

Claudius won his next match as well. Naith's match is coming up and it might be exciting so catch it next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 14th 2010, 10:41 pm

Chapter 27: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 5

We skip over a bit of time and Ayame manages to beat Mel after ten minutes of fighting. Naith is sitting down by himself when Jiron comes and sits next to him.

Naith: ...Why have you come?
Jiron: You know you're going to have to fight Claudius to get to me.
Naith: Yes. I am prepared.
Jiron: I can tell that you've been preparing for me as well. Waiting for that rematch.
Naith: ...
Jiron: Well hopefully you are skilled enough to make it to the finals.
Naith: He's the only one out of that group that I'm unsure of.
Jiron: That's because he's the best one. They may not know it, but he is.
Naith: Why are you talking to me?
Jiron: To tell you to not lose. This will be one hell of a show and I don't want you to miss it.

Jiron pats Naith on the back, stands up and walks away chuckling. Claudius then walks up to Naith and sits down just as Jiron did.

Claudius: What is he planning this time?
Naith: I'm not sure, but I think he wants me in the finals.
Claudius: That's odd. So how are you doing?
Naith: Alright.
Claudius: Good. I know you aren't officially part of Fighters Abroad, but I see you like one of us.
Naith: (Sarcastically) Thanks for the appreciation.
Claudius: So I noticed you never shared anything about yourself before.
Naith: I don't like to talk about it.
Claudius: Ok, that's perfectly fine. Well good luck in your match. I can see the announcer getting ready.
Announcer: The next match is Naith vs Scrim!
Naith: Hmph.

Naith and Claudius both stand up. Naith goes to the ring and enters. On the other side, a man follows suit and enters as well. He has short spiky black hair, thin black armor for his shirt and black long pants. He has a long sword in his hand (no sheath).

Scrim: You must be Naith.
Naith: What of it?
Scrim: I saw your sword play last round and it was shabby.
Naith: ...you haven't seen anything yet.
Announcer: You may begin!

Naith places his hand on the handle of his sword as he walks toward Scrim. Scrim puts up his guard with his sword and slowly moves toward Naith. Naith reaches the middle first, and before he gets too close to Scrim, he quickly takes out his sword and does a quick dash past Scrim and he moves his sword a little. Slashes appear in the air but most have hit the sword. He sheathes his sword again.

Scrim: Impressive speed but I blocked every slash.
Naith: ....
Scrim: What's the matter?
Naith: ....you missed one.

Scrim looks down to see his armor penetrated and there is a scar across his armor leaving him open to being cut. His eyes widen and Naith turns around at him.

Scrim: Impossible!
Naith: You haven't given up, have you?
Scrim: Nonsense! You're still nothing!
Naith: Good.

Scrim runs toward Naith and slashes with his sword. Naith quickly unsheathes and blocks Scrim's attack. Scrim starts to hack away at Naith's sword, but Naith's guard stays firm. Finally, Scrim swings at Naiths feet, but he jumps away. Naith then dashes to Scrim and goes on the offensive with his hacking and slashing. After a few blocked slices, he moves in and knees Scrim in the stomach and then slices him in the chest where the armor was pierced. Scrim gets on one knee and holds his chest.

Naith: It's over already?
Scrim: Ugh...I won't lose like this.

Scrim stands up and starts to hack away at Naith with his other hand covering his chest. In blind rage, Scrim is able to push Naith back and force him near the edge. He starts to swing furiously like a wild animal at Naith trying to get him out of the ring. Naith barely dodges one slice and gets away from the ring.

Naith: That was a little close for my taste.
Scrim: YOU WON'T WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scrim starts his hacking montage again and puts Naith on the defensive. This time, Naith's guard gets broken and he is pushed on the floor. Scrim then slashes downward to hit Naith, but he dodges by a side roll and quickly gets up. He then slashes at Scrim to be blocked. He then slashes three more times to hit Scrim in the arm once. With his guard down, Naith punches Scrim to the edge of the ring (They weren't far from the ring). Naith walks up to Scrim, puts his foot on him and shoves him out of the ring.

Announcer: And it looks like Naith is the winner!
Naith: Ha.

Naith exits the ring and walks by the group and sits down by the coliseum wall.

Naith: Just one more round to go and then I get to see how good my training really payed off.

Naith has moved on. Knosse is now the last to fight in this round. Will he have to verse Naith in the next round or will he lose this one? Next time with Fighters Abroad!
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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 20th 2010, 7:59 pm

Chapter 28: Warrior's Battleground Round 2 - Part 6

Announcer: And now it's time to move on to round 3!
Knosse: WAIT! I didn't get to go yet!
Announcer: Oh, woops. Forgot about you and Ere.
Knosse: Well let's just go then.
Jiron: This match doesn't concern me. Time for some measures of my own.
Announcer: Ere (pronounced air) vs Knosse! Now let's try to speed it up, guys.

We see Jiron walk toward a girl figure that is hanging around a wall. We can't see exactly what she looks like as she is shrouded in the shade. When Jiron reaches her...

???: What do you want?
Jiron: You are Ayame?
Ayame: Yes. Why?
Jiron: You realize your next opponent is Claudius, right?
Ayame: Yes...
Jiron: He will no doubt beat you. But I have something that will help you.
Ayame: Huh?
Jiron: Come with me. I'll show you what I got.

As Ayame smiles at Jiron, we switch back to the ring where Knosse is in the ring along with another man. He is average height with an average build. He has blond short hair, a white tank top and blue jeans. In his hand in a large metal circular shield.

Knosse: That shield should probably block all my bullets. Damn.
Ere: You seem a bit scared.
Knosse: K.
Announcer: Begin!

Knosse takes out his revolver and shoots twice. Both bullets bounce off the shield as predicted when Ere puts his shield in front of his body. Knosse stands still for a couple of seconds. Ere starts to walk toward Knosse's position. Knosse takes a bomb out of his satchel and throws it over Ere's head so that it lands behind him. Ere turns around and braces for the impace as the bomb's explosion is blocked by the shield.

Knosse: Gotcha!

Knosse starts to rapidly shoot his revolver at Ere's back. Ere gets hit with about ten before he falls and places his sheild right in Knosse's path while on the ground. Knosse slowly moves to Ere's position. Ere quickly gets up and charges Knosse head on with the shield in front of him. With little time to react, Knosse dives to the side to avoid Ere's charge. Knosse gets up and starts to shoot but Ere gets in his defensive stance fast enough to block him again. They stand still for a couple of seconds.

Ere: Had enough yet?
Knosse: Not quite.
Ere: You are at a clear disadvantage. So what happens when you run out of bullets and bombs?
Knosse: ...He's right. After that I only have one shot.

Ere charges once again at Knosse. To his surprise, he doesn't have enough time to react and gets rammed head on. Knosse drops his gun from the impact and hits the floor hard. As he gets up, Ere throws his shield like a frisby right at Knosse and hits him in the stomach, sending Knosse down once again. Knosse gets up after a little while of struggling. Ere runs to get his shield, but Knosse runs straight at Ere. Before they clash, Knosse moves to his left and moves his right hand in a weird way. Once they cross, Ere suddenly falls down to the floor. He covers his side as blood starts to come out. He looks back at Knosse to see a knife in his hand.

Ere: You clever bastard!
Knosse: Heh.

Knosse is now by Ere's shield. Ere moves toward it, but Knosse places a bomb right on top of the shield.

Knosse: Still want it? I'd say you only have a few seconds left to get it before it is blown sky high.

Ere runs to his shield but gets caught in the explosion before he can pick it up. Knosse starts to chuckle as though he has won.

Knosse: Looks like you fell for my trap.
Lei: That was a well played move, Knosse.
Knosse: Thanks.

All the smoke and dust has now cleared to reveal an injured Ere struggling to stand up. One eye is closed and one of his hands holds his side as he slowly gets up.

Ere: That was...a dirty move.
Knosse: Giving up?
Ere: Not...quite. The smoke gave me my cover to grab your gun.
Knosse: Oh balls. That's not good.

With Ere's free hand, he brings up Knosse's revolver and starts to shoot at him. Knosse is now getting pelted with his own bullets. With no reaction time, he falls down after being shot many times.

Ere: Haha...haha. Looks like you ran out of luck.
Knosse: I thought I had this one. I should have secured my gun first! Wait, I know!

Knosse gets up and makes a dash away from Ere. Ere starts to pelt Knosse, but he fights through the pain and dives on Ere's shield.

Knosse: Looks like you're at the disadvantage now.
Ere: ....that wasn't expected.

Ere shoots again but now Knosse is blocking the bullets. He now charges straight at Ere. Unable to move much because of previous pain, Ere can not get out of the way in time to get rammed by his own shield. Ere is now near the end of the ring as he struggles to get up. Knosse rams him again and knocks him to the edge of the ring. Knosse quickly shoves him out with his foot.

Knosse: *sigh* I won.
Announcer: And the winner is Knosse!
Naith: Looks like I'll be facing him.

Knosse walks out of the ring worn out from the fight. He gives Lei a high five, sits down where he is and falls asleep.

Claudius: He...fell asleep right there on the ground.
X: Poor guy. He has to fight Naith next.
Announcer: And that concludes round 2. Round 3 will begin in 30 minutes.

With Knosse's win, everyone has made it to the quarter finals. Knosse will have to fight Naith and X will have to fight Lei in the next round. The battles are going to get intense so don't miss them on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 21st 2010, 5:32 pm

Chapter 29: Warrior's Battleground Round 3 - Part 1

We check in to Jiron who has now come towards the center of the ring. He walks over to where Claudius is sitting down and sits next to him.

Jiron: Well, now. It seems your group will be cut down to size after this round.
Claudius: Yes, unfortunately. The winner of X and Lei will have to fight you.
Jiron: And you will have to go against either Naith or Knosse.
Claudius: You are sure I will win?
Jiron: I can't guarantee that after I now know what you are up against this round.
Claudius: What do you know?
Jiron: I won't tell you. It'll be more fun to watch you surprised.

Jiron stands up and walks away. Claudius walks over to the announcer who is currently in the ring.

Claudius: So who's going first?
Announcer: Naith vs Knosse is the first match. You fight Ayame after that match.
Claudius: I see. Thank you.

A little time passes and then the announcer signals everyone over with the piece of paper in his hand again.

Announcer: Alright, folks. The next matches will begin. Our first match is Naith vs Knosse!

Knosse, now wide awake, jumps into the ring. Naith walks into the ring and walks past Knosse and goes to the other side.

Claudius: Who do you think wins, X?
X: Naith.
Lei: I like Knosse in this match.
Claudius: I agree with X here. Ere isn't nearly as fast as Naith.
Announcer: You may begin!

A few seconds go by without either fighter moving an inch.

Naith: What's wrong?
Knosse: He's fast from what I saw. I'm sure he knows about my knife so I can't let him get too close.

Knosse quickly takes out his revolver and starts to shoot at Naith. Naith quickly takes out his sword and starts to swing it around in a circular motion, blocking all incoming bullets. Knosse then throws a bomb directly at Naith. To his surprise, Naith catches the bomb and runs straight at Knosse with great speed. Before he gets to him, he throws the bomb back at him, but Knosse shoots the bomb as it comes out of his hand. It explodes, catching both in the impact. When the smoke clears, both are standing in the same spot, both unharmed.

Knosse: Nice move there. I almost got you caught in the explosion too.
Naith: You think I'd let you get me like that?
Knosse: Just wait, I'll get you with one of them.

Knosse throws another bomb directly at Naith. Naith dodges this bomb and then it explodes in mid air. Naith then rushes Knosse head on and slices at him. Knosse barely jumps back to avoid the slice and starts to pelt Naith with bullets. After a few hits, Naith gets to blocking them again. Suddenly, Naith swings his sword in Knosse's direction and many bullets that got caught in the twirl are sent right back to Knosse and hit him. Naith goes in for another slice but his sword gets blocked by Knosse's knife. Knosse then goes for his own strike but Naith easily dodges it. Naith then slices at Knosse and cuts his hand (not shooting hand). Knosse recoils and pulls out two bombs at once. He throws one in front of Naith and one behind him. He shoots both quickly to explode. Naith is caught in the middle of it.

Knosse: Got him. Now he may not be able to keep up with all my attacks.

The smoke clears and Naith is standing in the same position with soot all over his hat and coat.

Naith: Well it's a good thing I wear black.
Knosse: !
Naith: What did you expect?

Knosse starts to shoot rapidly at Naith but he charges right through the bullets. They hit him but don't slow him down much. Finally, Naith gets to Knosse and slices his gun in two. He then puches Knosse back to the edge of the ring. Knosse takes out another bomb and keeps it in his hand for a bit. As Naith charges for him, he then puts it on the ground and jumps to the side. Naith doesn't fall for it, however and jumps to the side also, neither getting caught in the explosion.

Knosse: Man.
Naith: This is over.
Knosse: Never!

Knosse throws bomb after bomb as fast as he can. Naith dodges each one and rushes Knosse onces more. He slashes to get blocked by the knife again. He slashes many more times and hits Knosse. Knosse backs up in pain as he is cut a few times around the chest area. Naith finally punches Knosse out of the ring after walking up to him.

Knosse: *punches the sand* Damn!
Naith: Hmph.
Announcer: Naith is the winner! What a match!

Naith exits the ring and helps Knosse up. He then starts to chuckle.

Naith: Good match.
Knosse: I can't believe I lost this early. Ah well. Good one.
X: You did good, Knosse.
Lei: Man, I thought you would win.
Claudius: ...
X: What is it, Claudius?
Claudius: Jiron. He's sneering at me. He's got something for me...I know it.
Naith: Don't worry about him. You should worry about fighting me next round.
Claudius: Ha!

Naith has beaten Knosse in the first part of round 3. Claudius' fight is next so don't miss it on Fighters Abroad!
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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 25th 2010, 2:00 pm

Chapter 30: Warrior's Battleground Round 3 - Part 2

Announcer: The next match is Claudius vs Ayame!

Claudius nods his head at X and enters the ring. He waits for a little bit for Ayame.

Announcer: Maybe I didn't speak loud enough. CLAUDIUS VS AYAME!
Claudius: Where could she have gone?

Just then, Jiron walks over to the ring and enters.

Announcer: Uh, Jiron, what are you doing?
Jiron: Ayame had to leave on an urgent quest immediately. She told me to tell you.
Announcer: What?! So what happens now?
Jiron: I say we arrange one of the losers to fight Claudius.
Announcer: Which one?
Jiron: Nori.
Announcer: You mean that huge lady?
Jiron: Indeed.
Announcer: I see. Very well. Bring her to me.

Jiron exits the rings and goes to get Nori. Meanwhile Claudius goes up to the announcer.

Claudius: So what's the verdict?
Announcer: Since Ayame has left, you will fight Nori.
Claudius: !
X: He has to fight that huge bitch?!
Naith: ...not good.
Lei: This won't be an easy fight. Not at all.
Jiron: I have her.

Jiron and Nori walk to the ring and Nori enters.

Nori: You have me fight zis vaggot?!
Claudius: ...
Jiron: Don't worry. He'll put up a good fight.
Nori: Vell zen, I vill vight him.
Announcer: You two may begin.

Claudius charges at Nori and Nori runs at Claudius. When they meet near the center, they punch at each other and clash fists. Both retract their hands. Nori then goes for another punch, but Claudius sidesteps. He punches Nori in the stomach. She takes two steps back from the force of the punch. Claudius goes for another punch but Nori catches his hand and throws him across the ring.

X: Wow. This is going to be intense. Usually it's Claudius who throws.
Claudius: *Gets up* Man...you're strong.
Nori: You are weak!
Claudius: Not much of a complementor are you?

Claudius charges once again at Nori. When he reaches her he punches short of her chest but as Nori grabs his hand, he kicks Nori's arm and she releases his hand. Claudius now moves in close to Nori and starts to rapidly punch her in the stomach. She grabs one of his hands and tries to pull him in closer. Claudius, however, grabs Nori's hand that grabbed Claudius' hand and pulls against her. They both struggle to over power each other and remain in the same spot and position. Finally, Claudius kicks Nori's left shin and she recoils by lifting her left leg up. Claudius now takes the opportunity to throw her off balance and he throws Nori over his shoulder and launches her about 5 feet.

Naith: He just threw a 7 foot hulk over his shoulder. If I fight him, I'd better not get hit.
Jiron: This is definitely the fight I wanted to see. Glad I arranged it myself.
Nori: *getting up slowly* You...you're just like him.
Claudius: Don't compare me to that maniac. Now get up and fight!
Nori: Very vell. LETS DO ZIS!

Nori charges at Claudius with a spurt of energy. Claudius also charges. As they reach the center, they start to exchange punches. With each exchange of punches, both fighters look as though they are getting less resilient. After close to a minute of exchanging shots, they both punch at the same time. Claudius gets hit in the face but Nori gets hit in the stomach in the cross counter. They both fall down nearly at the same time. Seconds go by and neither of them are getting up. After half of a minute, they finally start to get up. Claudius reaches his feet first and promptly takes his coat off to show his crimson red muscle shirt (And also a bloody face).

Claudius: Hey, X. Hang on to this for me. *throws coat*
X: *Catches coat* Yeah, sure.
Jiron: You copy cat!
Claudius: >_<

Nori has now gotten up as well. She is breathing heavy.

Nori: You...are good.
Claudius: This is a good fight.
Nori: Ve vill end zis soon, yes?
Claudius: Yes. Now time to fight again.

Claudius rushes Nori straight on and jumps high into the air and punches Nori in the face. She stumbles backward, but recovers her footing and dodges an incoming kick by Claudius. She then punches Claudius in the face again and now he is stumbling. She catches him off guard and punches him away. He is sent back near the end of the ring. Claudius is now struggling to get up as Nori runs to Claudius. Just she reaches him, he quickly leaps at her and jump kicks her in the stomach, making her move back a bit. He then punches her three times in the chest and jump kicks her in the face, making her fall down. Nori quickly sweep kicks Claudius, catching by surprise, making him hit the floor hard. Nori gets up quickly after that and stomps on Claudius before he can get out of the way. She does this three times until the fourth time...

Knosse: Do a barrel roll!

Claudius does a barrel roll and avoids the fourth stomp. He then gets up quickly and punches Nori in the back. She turns around and kicks him in the chest. They both cross counter punch again and stumble backwards. Claudius gains footing first and quickly punches Nori in the stomach. She now seems shaken up.

Claudius: TIME TO END THIS! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdjZV0ZOmJ8 )

Claudius takes a couple seconds of a pause and then rushes to Nori quickly. He punches Nori in the stomach again and then kicks her in the side. Nori punches Claudius in the face, but he does not stumble at all. Instead, he jumps up and punches her in the face. He then kicks her away and takes her back near the end of the ring. Claudius rapidly punches Nori, which is pushing her back more and more with each punch. She is now at the edge of the ring. Nori goes for a punch but Claudius dodges with ease. He punches her once again and her guard is broken. He finally takes out his chain whip and whips her across the chest, which forces her out of the ring. Claudius retracts his whip and and takes a huge sigh of relief.

Announcer: WHAT A SPECTACULAR FIGHT! Claudius is the winner! *Theme stops*

Claudius exits the ring where X is eagerly waiting and they high five. The medical team comes on the ring and starts to treat Nori. One of the medical staff members goes up to Claudius and cleans his bloody face.

X: Laughing
Jiron: *Approaches Claudius* I knew you would do well. I set that match up purposely to see this fight.
Claudius: Oh yeah? Well just wait till it's our turn to fight.
Jiron: I'll look forward to that. *Walks away*

After a hard fought battle, Claudius wins against Nori. X, Lei and Jiron have yet to fight in round 3 so don't miss the fights on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   February 28th 2010, 5:24 pm

Chapter 31: Warrior's Battleground Round 3 - Part 3

Announcer: Now Jiron vs Ira is the next battle!
Jiron: I don't really want to fight such a weakling. Good thing I don't have to.

Jiron enters the ring and sits down with a look of great confidence.

Announcer: Uh...Ira?
Jiron: She won't come.
Announcer: Did she have to leave too?
Jiron I doubt it. She just doesn't want to face me.

Meanwhile somewhere near the coliseum is Tibi. She is stradling a dark skin woman with jeans and a grey shirt who is slightly shorter than Tibi is.

Girl: Get off me!
Tibi: Fat chance. You really want to die in the ring by Jiron's hand, Ira?
Ira: I will beat him! Now let me go!
Tibi: Can't let you do that. You see Jiron is not supposed to kill anyone yet but he would if he wanted.
Ira: I Can win!
Tibi: No. Jiron has but little equal in this world.

Ira still struggles to get up but Tibi keeps holding her down.

Tibi: If you can't get up from me, there's no way you'd get close to Jiron in a fight.

Now back to the coliseum. Jiron has waited for ten minutes now.

Announcer: Well, I think it's safe to say she isn't coming.
Jiron: Very well. Would anyone here like to sub in for her?

No one answers and everyone backs away from the ring.

Announcer: It seems you go unchallenged this round. Jiron wins by default!

Jiron exits the ring and sits down again. Claudius goes up to him.

Claudius: So, what did you do to Ira?
Jiron: Nothing.
Claudius: Oh really?
Jiron: One of my subbordinates kidnapped her so that I wouldn't kill her. Some nerve.
Claudius: How about with Ayame? I know you had a big hand in that.
Jiron: Of course. Ayame is tied up against the outer wall of the coliseum. Not sure which part.
Claudius: I see. So you wanted to test me with Nori?
Jiron: That was the idea. It seems you are a lot stronger than normal. But you aren't ready for me yet.
Claudius: We'll see.

Claudius walks away and joins the group again.

Announcer: Alright the last match of round 3. X vs Lei!

X: Well, Lei. This is it.
Lei: Yeah. Let's make this one a good one.
Claudius: Good luck you two.
Knosse: Go Lei!

Lei and X enter simultaneously. They reach the middle of the ring and go to their respective sides. They then face each other.

Claudius: Last time they fought, Lei won.
Knosse: So Lei should win this one too, right?
Claudius: X got a lot better since then. We'll see.
Announcer: You may begin!

X and Lei immediately dash toward the middle. At the center, they clash fists. Both retracts hands and clash their fists again. This time they both strafe to the side. X to his right and Lei to X's left. Lei goes for a sweep kick but X jump kicks. Lei ducks under the kick and goes for a punch. X blocks the punch and goes for a punch of his own. Lei dodges the punch and goes for a kick. X sidesteps the kick and goes for a sweep kick. Lei does a backflip to avoid the sweep kick. He charges at X and tries to hit him with his palm. X knocks Lei's hand away and punches at Lei quickly and lands the first shot to his chest. Lei quickly retaliates by kicking X away.

Knosse: This is intense.
Claudius: They are even.
Lei: So you've gotten a lot better since our first meeting.
X: A lot better. You have improved yourself.
Lei: It is my duty.

On that note, both fighters dart at each other. X gets the first shot as he starts to rapidly punch at Lei. Lei is able to guard most shots but gets hit by two of them. Lei then kicks X in the left leg which stuns him for a second and then kicks X away, sending him to the floor. Without hesitation, X gets up and charges at Lei. Before he gets to Lei, he dives straight at the floor but catches himself with his hands and flings his feet right at Lei. Lei brings his arms together to block, but X spreads his feet and grabs hold of Lei's arms. X then goes backwards which flips Lei right over X's body and sends him to the floor. Before Lei hits, he spreads himself out and breaks his fall with his hands and knees. To his surprise, however, X has gotten up off the floor and kicks Lei in the stomach (while he has made an arch by breaking his fall). Lei makes a twitch in pain and then X kicks him in the stomach again which breaks Lei's position to sending him back to the floor. Lei all of the sudden pushes off the floor which makes him slide on the floor for about a foot long. Lei then sweep kicks X, tripping him and as he falls, Lei rises and hits X in the gut with a knee strike. X hits the floor hard but manages to get up with surprising speed.

Jiron: I like this fight a lot. For once I don't know the outcome by this time.
Claudius: Man, this is one crazy battle.
Announcer: AMAZING! These two fighters are incredible! What a show!

Both fighters are breathing heavy now. They slowly move toward each other. When they reach, both let out a spurt of energy and dash at each other. They cross counter by punching each other in the face. They both fall down from the cross counter and get up quickly again. Lei then goes for a punch but X sidesteps and kicks Lei in the side. Lei stumbles but recovers. X goes for a punch but Lei blocks it and punches X in the face. X then punches Lei in the chest and Lei kicks X in the gut. They then do the exact opposite with X kicking Lei in the gut and Lei punching X in the chest. They then dash at the same time and switch positions. X goes for another punch but Lei dodges. Lei goes for a kick but X ducks under it and upercuts Lei in the jaw. Lei stumbles for a second but recovers again and grabs X's hands. He kicks X in the stomach but then jumps on his shoulders. X smiles and falls to the floor, taking Lei with him. The second X's back hits the floor, he rolls a bit backward and is able to grab hold of Lei's body with his legs. He now slams his legs to the floor which also slams Lei down. Both fighters get up after a few seconds.

X: *pant* I studied that move of yours and found out how to counter it.
Lei: Formidable. *pant*

They both rush at each other again and yet again another cross counter. Neither one stumbles this time and they keep exchanging punches. This goes on for about ten turns and then both fighters jumps back, creating distance.

X: This needs to end now.
Lei: I agree. Neither of us will be able to beat Jiron with little energy.

X and Lei both move toward the edge of the ring. They hit a corner where both are standing at the edge. At that moment they start exchanging punches again. This keeps going on and on but neither stumbles with each exchange of punch. All of the sudden both punch at the same time at each other's stomach and both fly out of the ring. They touch the sand at the exact same time. Jiron's eyes widen with surprise as he takes out a coin and flips it in the air.

Announcer: W w what just happened?
Claudius: They ringed out at the exact same time.
Knosse: But who won?
Jiron: Lei touched almost a milisecond before X.
Announcer: How can you tell?
Jiron: My eyes do not lie. Lei's left hand touched just before X's heel did.
Announcer: Wow. Well I guess X will move on.
Claudius: Can you really tell?
Jiron: (in a lower voice) They hit the ground at the exact same time. See that? *points to coin in sand*
Claudius: Yeah...?
Jiron: Heads was X, tails was Lei. It landed on heads.
Knosse: So you lied to get a winner?
Jiron: I don't care which one fights me. It's the same result either way.
X: *gets up* I...won?
Lei: *gets up* No way. We definitely tied.
X: I'll say. Jiron must be lying for some reason.
Announcer: We will begin the semi finals in exactly one hour from now.

X and Lei go up to Jiron as he chuckles.

Jiron: That was a good fight. The best here by far.
X: Why did you say that I won?
Jiron: See that coin? That determined who won.
Lei: Damn. So I lost to a coin?
Jiron: It doesn't matter as I already said. The only worth place in this tournament is first.
X: So you figure that you would win against either of us since place doesn't matter?
Jiron: Yep.
Lei: Bastard.
X: I don't know about you, Lei, but I need a long break.
Lei: I'm with you there. Good fight. Good thing you don't get prize money for third.

So Lei and X tied in their fight, however it is X who will fight Jiron in the semi-finals. Does he even stand a chance? Don't miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 32: Warrior's Battleground Semi-finals - Part 1

An hour passes by quickly. Claudius and X are talking while Lei and Knosse are talking. Jiron and Naith seem to have a conversation of their own.

Jiron: This is it, Naith. Your final challenge before me.
Naith: Don't underestimate me, Jiron.
Jiron: You have to give Claudius a thorough beating before I get worried.
Naith: Don't think I can do it?
Jiron: Hard to say.

X: So, Claudius. We both have tough opponents ahead of us.
Claudius: You got the shit end though. Naith at least seems beatable.
X: Jiron is still a man. I know I can win.
Claudius: I guess. Well anyway let's hope that it's us two in the finals.

Lei: Looks like we got knocked out the same round.
Knosse: Well you didn't get knocked out legitimately.
Lei: I know. So who are you rooting for?
Knosse: Claudius or Naith.
Lei: I hope X wins so that it means that I tied with the champ.
Announcer: Alright will the final four make their way to the ring please?

X, Claudius, Naith and Jiron all go to the ring as instructed.

Announcer: Alright, let's begin the semi-finals. The first match is Jiron vs X. Good luck you two.

Both X and Jiron enter the ring. They face each other and Jiron smirks.

X: You're going down.
Jiron: Don't think so. I could take down Claudius and Naith teamed with you.
X: Don't be so sure. You have no clue how powerful we've gotten.
Jiron: Fool. You think I sit and do nothing in my free time? I train like the rest of you!
Announcer: Begin!

X immediately rushes at Jiron with great speed. Jiron places his arms in an x across his chest to block. When X reaches Jiron, he jumps to the side without attacking. He then dashes behind Jiron and kicks at him. Jiron places his arm to block but X's shot falls short and he does a dodge roll behind him and sweep kicks Jiron in the back of the shin which gets him to start to lose balance. X stands up and punches Jiron in the back and then dashes to the front of him and punches him in the face. As Jiron's face is turned away, X punches Jiron in the gut three times and then uppercuts him in the jaw when his head comes back. Jiron is pushed back and grits his teeth.

Jiron: Impressive. You've made a full recovery from your fight with Lei.
X: What's the matter? Can't predict my moves?
Jiron: You are getting a lot better at this. Too bad it won't be enough.
X: We'll see.

X charges at Jiron head on and as he reaches him, he jumps up on top of Jiron's head. He then jumps behind Jiron and Jiron turns around. X sidesteps and dashes to the back of Jiron but he turns around quickly and punches X square in the face. This sends him flying across the ring. After a second of delay, X pushes himself up. He quickly charges at Jiron again and starts to rapidly punch. Jiron is able to dodge every single punch he tries to land. He then grabs X's hand and throws him over his shoulder and slams him down to the floor hard. X quickly sweep kicks at Jiron but he creates enough distance between them to dodge the kick. X gets up and starts to rapidly punch again. This time, Jiron blocks each punch until X brings out his daggers and slices both of Jiron's arms. X then jumps back a little.

Jiron: And here I thought you were going to fight fair.
X: I'm an assassin. Don't expect any less.
Claudius: I don't believe it. He is putting up a great fight.
Naith: I take it you two talked strategy over.
Claudius: Yes. There was no way we couldn't have strategy against this monster.
Naith: Good.

Jiron flings his arms in X's direction which sends some blood right in his eyes. While X is temporarily blinded, Jiron takes out his nunchucks and starts to wack X with them. X re-gains sight and blocks the nunchucks with one of his daggers. He then slashes with the other but Jiron backs up to dodge it. X charges in and starts to slash rapidly with his daggers. Jiron quickly dodges each one and wacks X in the side of the head with his nunchucks. X stumbles a bit and Jiron punches X away near the end of the ring. X gets up as fast as he can and rushes to Jiron again.

Jiron: Persistent little bastard.

X slices at Jiron yet again but his time he catches them between his hands (his nunchucks put away). He quickly kicks X away and walks toward him. X throws one of his daggers and Jiron catches it by ducking under it and grabbing the handle before it goes by. He throws the dagger right back at X and he catches it the same way. Jiron now charges at X and goes for a punch, surprisingly enough, X is able to dodge it and kicks Jiron in the stomach. He then slices Jiron four times across his chest. Jiron covers his chest with one of his hands. X then charges and yells out "X attack!" while dashing past Jiron with incredible speed. As X puts away his daggers, a large x of blood appears across Jiron's chest.

Claudius: I don't believe it. Way to go X!
X: A direct hit. Now to wait for him to go down.

Jiron remains still for quite some time and then turns to X with a smile.

Jiron: I must commend you for damaging me this much. I guess I toyed a little too much with you.
X: ! There's no way he's not on the floor much less conscious. That attack has always killed.
Jiron: Now it's time to finish this match. You fought well.

Jiron runs straight at X and starts to rapidly punch. X is able to dodge a few and then is put on the defensive. After a few punches, his guard is shattered and Jiron punches X in the gut. X hunches over in pain and Jiron kicks him in the face which sends him to the end of the ring. X struggles to get up while blood runs down his face. Just as he is able to get on his feet, Jiron is waiting for him.

Jiron: And this is where it all ends. Good match.

Jiron punches X in the chest hard which sends him flying way out of the ring by Claudius' feet. He hits the sand hard and Claudius kneels down immediately to check on X.

Announcer: The winner is Jiron! Good fight you two.
X: Ha...almost got him. Now it's up to you, buddy.
Claudius: I know. Just rest for now, X.

X has been defeated after a valiant effort against Jiron. Now all that's left is Claudius vs Naith before the finals. Who will face Jiron for the finals? Next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 33: Warrior's Battleground Semi-finals - Part 2

X takes a sigh as the medical team comes to him and puts him on a stretcher. A few staff members go up to Jiron and clean his wounds. Ignoring both of these actions, the announcer suddenly speaks which startles everyone.

Announcer: Alright now the last fight of the semi finals. Naith vs Claudius!

Naith and Claudius glance at each other once before entering the ring both with serious faces. Naith walks a little further to get on the other side of the ring. When both get to their respective positions, they face each other.

Announcer: You may begin!
Naith: This is it.
Claudius: Right. From when we first fought together, I knew you had some serious skill. Back then, I knew you to be better than both X and I. Now, however, I have made my 180 and back. You see, not even X knows the extent of how much better I got.

Naith: I see. Come at me then.

We now see X being put down on a table that lies on the upper part of the coliseum. This upper part consists of many openings that act as open windows separated by columns of wall (as seen here http://i45.tinypic.com/jaw0i0.jpg ). X lies on a table that is right next to one of these openings so he is visible from inside the coliseum. X turns his head to see the fight.

Claudius and Naith both run toward each other. As they reach each other, Naith quickly brings out his sword and slices upwards with it. Claudius is able to block it by bringing out his sword at the same time. Claudius pushes Naith back and slashes at him. Naith parries the slash and moves back. Both fighters stand still for a second and then clash swords quickly and then clash them again. Naith then puts Claudius on the defensive by slashing at him. After a few blocks, Naith hits the handle the right way and knocks it out of Claudius' hand. Immediately, Claudius dodges an incoming slice and punches Naith in the face which sends him almost to the floor. It turns Naith around and sends him on one knee. Naith quickly turns around and dashes quickly for Claudius. He slices, but Claudius jumps backwards to dodge it.

Naith: So I see you can see my movements.
Claudius: You're as fast as X. I've been training with him for a long time now.
Naith: Hmm...
Claudius: But you already knew it wasn't going to be this easy.
Naith: Indeed.

Naith quickly goes for another quick dash and slash. Claudius quickly brings out his whip and whips the sword back at Naith who is able to control it in time.

Naith: Don't think I forgot about that Whip for a second.
Claudius: I wouldn't doubt it.

Both fighters charge at each other. Naith takes the opportunity to slash many times. Claudius whirls his whip in a circular motion which blocks all the attacks and parries them effectively. Claudius then whips at Naith who places his sword up to block. Surprisingly, the whip wraps around the sword. Naith, looking a little surprised, pulls against the whip and starts to struggle to get his sword free. Claudius quickly yanks the sword up into the air away from Naith and whips at Naith. He barely dodges. Claudius starts to whip constantly at Naith who keeps barely dodging. After many dodges, Naith gets slammed on the side of the neck by one of the strikes. He drops to the floor and grabs his neck.

Naith: What was that?
Claudius: I noticed you do that a lot. So I short handed those first whips on purpose.
Naith: You made me miscalculate how far that whip goes. Clever.
Claudius: You still can't predict how far I will put it.
Naith: The real fight started once you brought out that whip, huh?
Claudius: You bet.

Claudius goes to whip Naith, but he jumps over Claudius and runs away. He finds that his sword had dropped there and picks it up.

Claudius: Alright. Now the fun can begin again.
Naith: Yes.

Naith slices air a few times as a warm up and then quickly dashes toward Claudius. Both lunge their weapons at each other and they recoil off each other. Claudius whips again, but Naith sidesteps and slashes three times at Claudius. This time, he is hit right in the side of the chest as a small cut appears in that area. Claudius immediately attacks again and spins around with his whip like a tornado and heads toward Naith. Naith brings his sword up to his face and begins to focus deeply on Claudius's tornado spin. After ten seconds of focusing and backing up slightly, he yells "NOW!" and slices downwards at him. He hits the whip directly and slows down the tornado motion significantly. Naith moves his sword up to find that his sword has been caught by the whip again. He looks at Claudius who pulls Naith right at him and spin kicks him in the face. Naith stumbles backwards when Claudius dashes right out of his spin and punches Naith in the stomach hard. With Naith hunched over, Claudius whips upward to hit Naith in the chest which sends him stumbling backwards again. Claudius then whips across Naith's chest and sends him backwards to the floor on his back and completely knocking his hat off. Claudius picks up his short sword which was right at his feet.

Lei: It looks like this fight is just about over.
Knosse: Claudius is really good.
Claudius: I don't think you're ready to give up, Naith. You're better than that.
Naith: ...you're right.

Naith sits up and puts his hat back on. He stands up slowly and brushes dust off his trench coat. He then smirks at Claudius.

Naith: I can't believe how good you've gotten.
Claudius: A year with Master Hirai taught me a lot.
Naith: Clearly. There seems no end to your tricks. Or your strength.
Claudius: Your speed is nothing to overlook though, Naith. It's hard to keep up even with all my training.
Naith: It seems we've come to an end with this fight. It's time to finish this.
Claudius: Right.

Naith is about to charge, when he stumbles a bit and gets on one knee.

Naith: Ha! Got me a little better than I thought.
Claudius: Yeah, well...huh?!

Claudius notices something out of the corner of his eye. He sees X in the window looking at him and to his left about ten window openings away is Tibi looking right at him with an evil smile as she then looks in X's direction.

Claudius: Shit! X! I knew something was going on with her.
Naith: Listen, Claudius. That girl is Jiron's henchman. There's no doubt she'll try to kill X.

Claudius looks back and forth between Tibi and Naith. After a few looks, he finally turns to Naith.

Claudius: *sigh* Well, it was nice while it lasted. Naith, the rest is up to you.
Naith: What do you mean?

Without answering, Claudius quickly turns around and exits the stage in a fast pace and runs toward the place where Tibi is. Naith sits down in pain as he watches Claudius run off.

Naith: We'll finish another time, I guess.
Announcer: Huh? I thought Claudius was going to win this and now he runs off. Well, Naith, I guess you're in the finals.
Naith: Heh. I guess so.
Lei: Claudius! He's out of range. I can't tell what he's doing.
Knosse: Let's ask Naith.

Lei and Knosse quickly run to Naith, who is still in the same spot. They help him off the ring and sit down right outside it.

Lei: Naith, what has happened?
Naith: Jiron's plan. It has started.
Knosse: What do you mean?
Naith: Claudius is going to fight Tibi for the second time. She wants him dead.
Lei: Alright. We're going to help, Knosse.
Knosse: Right. Naith, you take care of Jiron, will you?
Naith: Ha! If that bozo of an announcer gives me time, sure.

Lei and Knosse immediately run off in the coliseum exit's direction. As they get near it, they both stop in surprise.

Lei: What the...
Knosse: Oh balls.

They see a huge army of Myjuto soldiers outside. Their numbers are inumerable.

Lei: Looks like we're in for the fight of our lives.
Knosse: Tell me about it.

Both run out of the coliseum in the army's direction. We now Check with Tibi who has reached the room where X lies. The many medical people get in front of him and block her path to him.

Tibi: Out of my way.
Staff 1: No way. This room is off limits.
Tibi: That's nice, but this man is my target.

All ten members run to Tibi to attack but she brings out her kunai knives and starts to stab them. She eventually stabs each one until they are all dead. She now walks toward X who can barely move. Suddenly Tibi turns around to see Ira a few feet behind her.

Ira: Stop right there!
Tibi: I thought you would have learned by now.

Ira charges at Tibi and punches at her. She dodges and kicks Ira away. Ira charges once again, but this time, Tibi tackles her and throws her to the floor. She straddles her yet again and holds her down and stabs her in the chest. Ira immediately stops struggling as she seems lifeless. Tibi stands up and as she begins to walk, she is suddenly pushed by a great force against the wall hard. Tibi gets up fast and looks at the assailent.

Tibi: Didn't expect you so fast.
Claudius: Thank Ira for stalling that little bit of time for me to get to you.

Tibi quickly charges at Claudius, who remains motionless. As she reaches him, he quickly grabs her by the neck and throws her out of the coliseum by throwing her out one of the openings (other side of where the ring is located so outside the entire coliseum since the openings go both ways). He looks to see Tibi spread herself out and then landing on her feet like a cat outside the coliseum. Claudius then turns to X.

X: Hey. Nice timing.
Claudius: Always.
X: You had the win. You could have won and then come for me.
Claudius: A petty victory that costs my friend's life? Come on now.
X: I would have done something to survive. Now go. Kick that bitch's ass.
Voice: C...claud...ius

Claudius turns his head to see a dying Ira.

Claudius: Thank you for saving my friends life.
Ira: Get....her......*closes her eyes and dies*
Claudius: Rest in peace. I will get her.

Claudius runs and jumps out the opening and spreads his coat out so it catches the wind and makes him float down to the sand. He lands on his feet softly and looks at Tibi sternly.

Claudius: Get ready. Here comes round two!

With Claudius being distracted by Tibi, Naith now moves on to the final round against Jiron. Round 2 between Claudius and Tibi is coming up and round 2 between Naith and Jiron so don't miss these two spectacular fights on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 34: Warriors Battleground Halted! A Two Pointed Battle

Claudius runs and jumps out the opening and spreads his coat out so it catches the wind and makes him float down to the sand. He lands on his feet softly and looks at Tibi sternly.

Claudius: Get ready. Here comes round two!

We check with Naith who is sitting against one of the walls of the coliseum. Jiron then sits next to him.

Jiron: Good show.
Naith: Why are you here?
Jiron: You think I should be with the army that Tibi assembled?
Naith: Aren't you the leader?
Jiron: Nope. The boss told Tibi she was of this operation.
Naith: So you are just in the tournament then.
Jiron: Right. And here we are, about to face off. You better get well soon.
Naith: I'll be fine. Good enough to win this.
Jiron: Good boy. Now I'll be leaving to give you more time to heal. Wouldn't want a bad fight, would we?

Jiron walks away and goes to the announcer. Meanwhile, Lei and Knosse are outside the coliseum in the midst of inumerable Myjuto soldiers. All of them carry spears with them.

Lei: Knosse. How many bombs do you have on you?
Knosse: 20 at the moment.
Lei: Good. You're gonna have to be the heavy attacker. Stick close to me so I can protect you while fending off all incoming soldiers. They can't all attack at once, right? So if we stick close quarters, I think we have a shot of holding off until we get some help from Claudius, Naith and X.

Knosse: Right. So how do we start?
Lei: I want you to throw a bomb directly behind the second row of soldiers. Judging by the explosion range of those bombs, which I studied during your fight with Naith mind you, you'll get a ton of them at once and then we charge. You charge in shooting to your left and right behind me while I charge straight in. Now!

Knosse immediately throws a bomb just as Lei directed. It blows up in five rows and puts a huge hole in the defense line. Lei charges into the hole while Knosse charges close behind him and shoots as directed. They breach through the hole and behind to fight their way into the army's rows. They quickly seal up the hole with more soldiers and completely surround Lei and Knosse. Lei sees two incoming spears from either side and ducks so that the two pikemen kill each other by accident. Lei grabs these two spears and throws them at two different pikemen. Both spears go through the pikemen, killing them and the one behind. Meanwhile, Knosse is shooting frantically at anyone who gets too close to him which keeps the pikemen at bay. After loads of shooting, many soldiers die off and new ones come replace them.

Lei: Knosse! Place a bomb between us!
Knosse: Are you nuts?!
Lei: *punches soldier* Trust me!

Knosse does as directed and Lei quickly steals two more spears and yells "This way!" while charging forward with the spears. Knosse steals two spears of his own from dead soldiers and charges behind Lei with his spears placed outward so that Lei covers the front and Knosse covers the side. Many soldiers begin to pursue Lei and Knosse, but the bomb goes off which kills loads of soldiers. After some charging, both reach the other side of the army, escaping them. They both turn around and throw their spears, which kills 4 soldiers. On that note, they both run away, in the direction away from the coliseum. The soldiers begin to all move after the two. With better speed, Lei and Knosse manage to lose them by taking cover in a dark cave.

Knosse: *pant* That...was...nuts!
Lei: *pant* Man, I can't believe we're still alive after that.
Knosse: *Pant* You seemed so confident in your plan though.
Lei: Yeah...it worked huh?
Knosse: Yeah. Hey, theres a light deeper into this cave.
Lei: Let's check it out.

We now check in with Claudius and Tibi who charge at each other. Tibi goes for a punch to Claudius' face and hits directly. Claudius recoils and then goes for his own punch. Tibi is able to dodge the punch and kicks Claudius in the stomach which pushes him back a little.

Tibi: What do you think of me now?
Claudius: You're not the same.
Tibi: Well duh! I was messing around in the tournament.
Claudius: I see. To be fair I wasn't going serious anyway.
Tibi: Show me.

Tibi quickly goes for another punch, but this time Claudius grabs Tibi's hand and begins to crush it. In pain, Tibi drops to the sand. A few seconds later, however, she looks up and latches onto Claudius' legs with her own. She grips them tightly as if to trip Claudius. Before Claudius stumbles, he punches Tibi in the face with his free hand but ends up getting tripped after from the latch. Claudius falls on his back and releases his grip on Tibi's semi crushed hand. Tibi unlatches her legs and quickly gets on top of Claudius in the same straddling position when she stabbed Ira and goes to stab Claudius. Claudius grabs her forearm and stops her arm immediately before it can get close to him. Claudius uses his free hand to push Tibi to the side off him and she rolls in the sand before getting up quickly. Claudius does the same. Tibi takes out her other kunai and holds them like X normally holds his daggers.

Claudius: That's one of the worst possible fighting styles you can use against me.

Without heeding his warning, Tibi charges at Claudius and begins to slice at him. Claudius is able to predict and dodge every single slice until he brings out his whip with his left hand and cross whips as if backhanding with a whip. Tibi is pushed back and stunned for a second as Claudius twirls his whip.

Tibi: What the...?
Claudius: Never saw my whip before? *puts it away*
Tibi: Now that you mention, I did see that when you fighting that swordsman.
Claudius: This whip will be the end of you if you're not careful, miss.
Tibi: Jiron never told me anything about him having a whip. I wonder what else he didn't tell me.
Claudius: What are you waiting for? I thought you wanted revenge on me.
Tibi: I'm following orders to eliminate you mercenaries.
Claudius: I see. Then you've been bound to the fate of a Myjuto.
Tibi: Yes.
Claudius: Then you must also know. The fate of a Myjuto...IS DEATH!

Claudius immediately dashes for Tibi. Tibi puts up her guard. We now switch scenes back to the Warriors Battleground where Naith is slicing at nothing with his katana as a warm up. Jiron is sitting in his position on the ring already. The announcer yawns and stretches for a second and then speaks up.

Announcer: We've come a long way, folks, and there's one battle left to be had. So let us begin the final round. The final match is Jiron vs Naith!

Jiron patiently awaits Naith's arival in the ring. Naith walks to the ring slowly. He enters the ring and faces Jiron, who is still sitting. We now look at X who is still lying on the table and is looking at the ring where Naith and Jiron are.

X: Kick his ass, Naith. Kick his fucking ass!

The Warriors Battleground has become a huge battleground in literal terms. Lei and Knosse takes on an entire unit of the Myjuto army while Claudius fights Tibi for real now. Meanwhile Naith and Jiron are at it for the championship of the Warriors Battleground. Things are getting exciting so don't miss the next chapters of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 35: Warrior's Battleground Final Round

Announcer: Congratulations to both of you for making it to the finals. Unfortunately, only one of you will be glorified as the champ today. So let's make this round count with a good fight.

Jiron: Are you ready, Naith? *takes off coat and places at the edge of ring*
Naith: Yes.
Jiron: Good. Go all out if you truly want to win.
Naith: Hmph.
Announcer: READY, SET, BEGIN!

With that, the finals start as Naith's face takes on a serious demeanor. Naith yells out something that no one can figure out as he dashes with great speed toward Jiron. Jiron begins to move toward Naith when he is met by countless slices from Naith. In the blink of an eye, a lot has already happened. We now see in slow motion that Naith sliced five times while Jiron anticipated every single slice and dodged them. Jiron then goes to punch Naith, but he dodges and slices once again at Jiron and hits him in the side. Without flinching from the cut, Jiron takes out his scythe and swings it at Naith. Naith dodges and goes for another slash. Jiron blocks it with his scythe and pushes Naith back. He then swings his scythe at Naith and when Naith blocks, he is sent to the floor from the impact of the scythe. Naith quickly gets up and charges at Jiron once again. This time, his slash totally misses Jiron as he anticipated and punches Naith in the face which turns him around and he covers his face.

Jiron: It would be unwise to keep your back to me.
Naith: *Turns around* You don't strike me as one to cheap shot someone you think you can beat.
Jiron: Usually but don't take that lightly or I will hit you with your back turned to me.
Naith: I'll keep that in mind.

Naith uncovers his face with his hand and quickly charges at Jiron again. The scene switches to Lei and Knosse who are following a light in a cave. They reach the source of the fire and see a few familiar faces.

Lei: You guys.
Knosse: Hello.

In front of them are Y, Lii, Scrim and Ere. They are all sitting around a camp fire.

Lii: Are you being pursued by the army?
Knosse: Well we kind of attacked them.
Y: They were a little scary, so we hid in here.
Ere: So you guys attacked them and ran away?
Lei: Pretty much. We need help fighting them until Claudius, X and Naith can help.
Scrim: I will help.
Ere: You'll need my shield work.
Y: And my daggers.
Lii: I can always help you, Lei.
Knosse: Awesome!
Lei: Alright then. It's time to plan out some battle strategy then.
Ere: Where do you want me?
Lei: You definitely need to be up front. Scrim should be behind fending off pursuers.
Scrim: Understood.
Lei: Knosse, you are in the middle shooting whichever side needs help.
Knosse: Cool.
Y: What about me?
Lei: Well you should stick to a side that Knosse isn't shooting at. In other words you can move around.
Y: Got it.
Lii: Then it seems both of us are covering the sides.
Lei: Correct. You will cover the right side and I will cover the left. Now listen carefully everyone. We are going to have to move in synch when I say and hold a position also when I say. I'm sorry you have to take orders from me but that's just how it has to be.

Knosse: Alright. Let's go!

We switch back to the battle between Naith and Jiron. Naith is gritting his teeth as Jiron stands with a confident smile on his face (His scythe put away). Jiron walks toward Naith as he holds a defensive position. When Jiron reaches Naith, he gets real close and Naith slices many times. Jiron gets cut four times but endures the pain and punches Naith in the gut. He then punches Naith in the face which sends him to the floor. Naith gets up and rushes Jiron and slices rapidly. Jiron gets caught off guard and starts getting slashed all over. After so many slashes, Naith lunges his sword at Jiron but he catches it. He pulls the sword toward himself and punches Naith in the face again which sends him to the floor again. Jiron's chest has tons of slash marks of blood all over. Naith gets up and his forehead is bleeding.

Naith: How...?
Jiron: Every single dojo or fighting class I've been to has asked me the same thing.
Naith: ?
Jiron: Except they asked how I could be so cruel as well. HAHAHAHAHA!
Naith: He's the only one I know that could be laughing with all those slash marks on his chest.

Jiron assumes a stance much like Lei's fighting stance.

Naith: What is this? You are using Lei's style?
Jiron: Didn't I mention I learned many ways of fighting?

As Naith quickly rushes to Jiron, he goes for a sweep kick but Naith is able to barely dodge. Jiron starts to punch and kick rapidly at Naith, who is barely keeping up with the movements. Finally, he gets hit to the stomach by Jiron's palm. Naith stumbles back and Jiron takes the opportunity to steal away Naith's Katana. With that, he assumes the exact same defensive position Naith had held before.

Naith: Showing off with my sword?
Jiron: I could use your sword, Claudius' whip, X's daggers, Knosse's guns, anything.

Jiron tosses Naith his sword and he catches it. Jiron then pulls out his scythe.

Jiron: But this...this is my personal favorite. Slicing people to bits with my scythe.
Naith: That's enough. I think it's time you die.

Naith begins to dash and slash at Jiron but he dodges every slash Naith makes. Naith then over pursues Jiron and gets a hard punch to the stomach. Naith stumbles as Jiron raises his scythe. He swings at him and cuts across Naith's stomach slightly. This makes Naith hunch over in pain. Jiron then uppercuts Naith in the face which sends him off the ground a foot into the air and brings him down hard on the floor. Naith struggles just to sit up as Jiron puts his scythe away and walks right up to Naith. *Click Here*

Naith: You're...good.
Jiron: This match is over.

Jiron leans back and punches Naith head on which sends him blasting out of the ring and making him slide along the sand a little. As Naith comes to a stop, he punches the sand in anger.

Announcer: Wow! What a fight! The winner of the Warrior's Battleground is Jiron!!!!!
X: (Still on the table) Shit.
Naith: Damn. *Punches sand again*

*theme stops* We now switch to Claudius and Tibi. Claudius is breathing a little heavy as Tibi hasn't broken much of a sweat.

Claudius: This could be a long battle. I was never good at those.
Tibi: I see you're still not recovered from your battles with Nori and Naith.
Claudius: No matter. I'll still win.

Jiron is the winner of the Warrior's Battleground. Now it's up to Claudius to win against Tibi to put an end to her plans. It's also up to Lei, Knosse, Y, Ere, Scrim and Lii to fight off the army long enough for them to be called for a retreat. The two pointed battle continues next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 36: A Two Front Battle at the Battleground

Claudius: This could be a long battle. I was never good at those.
Tibi: I see you're still not recovered from your battles with Nori and Naith.
Claudius: No matter. I'll still win.

Claudius and Tibi resume their fighting as they start to attack each other while dodging each other's hit. Tibi moves in close to Claudius but gets knocked away by Claudius' whip. Claudius then goes on the offensive and begins to rapidly hack at Tibi while she dodges each one barely. Tibi moves close to Claudius once again and this time stabs him in the side. Claudius takes a step back and whips her away which sends her to the ground. Tibi gets up and charges at Claudius who is holding his side with one hand. Claudius manages to avoid another stab by jumping back and whips at Tibi who also jumps back to avoid it.

Tibi: How does that wound feel?
Claudius: Grr...bitch!
Tibi: Heeheehee. Pretty soon you will be too weak to overpower me and that's when you lose.
Claudius: By then you'll be defeated.
Tibi: We'll see.

We now see Lei, Knosse, Y, Ere, Scrim and Lii. They are out of the cave and already in their formation. In front of them, the army is waiting them.

Knosse: I assume you want me to throw a bomb to open them up again?
Lei: Yes. Get ready.

The army is in a resonating march as they get closer and closer to the current group. Everyone has drawn their weapons (minus Lii and Lei). As the front line is in firing range, Lei shouts.

Lei: NOW!
Knosse: Right.

Knosse throws a bomb just as he did the last time to get into the line. The bomb explodes and everybody charges into the line and pick a stationary spot somewhere within the line. Looking at Ere, he is swinging his shield around like a maniac, fending off any incoming soldiers. Scrim is slicing and dicing any incoming soldiers. He does this by slicing in an x manner and also by twirling his sword around to disarm spears from soldiers and then taking them out with one long slash. Y is switching sides from time to time while kicking, punching and slicing with her daggers while Knosse shoots in whatever direction Y isn't at. All of the group keeps this up for a good two minutes when Lei shouts yet again.

Lei: Knosse! Bomb!
Knosse: Alright!

Knosse places a bomb at his feet and the group charges through a couple rows of soldiers and begin their stationary tactics again. The bomb explodes which takes out a few rows of soldiers in that area. All of the sudden in synch the entire group pushes through the soldiers and reaches the other side and runs toward the coliseum. They all place their back to the wall as everyone circles around Knosse with Scrim in the front, Ere and Y on the sides and Lii and Lei on both sides of Scrim.

Scrim: This may not be good.
Ere: It's alright. At least we have one less flank to worry about.
Lei: Bomb count?
Knosse: 16.
Lei: Good. That should be enough. Can I have one?
Knosse: Sure.
Lei: Thanks and can you give one to Lii too?
Lii: What's going on here?
Lei: I'll throw one to the left, you throw to the right and Knosse throws up the middle.
Ere: I see. You're buying some breathing time.
Lei: Yes.

Lei, Knosse and Lii all throw their bombs in their respective directions which explodes and takes out many soldiers.

Lei: Alright. Get ready for some action.

Back to Claudius and Tibi, they are currently both standing still, both somewhat out of breath and Claudius still holding his side. Tibi quickly rushes Claudius and attacks with her daggers. Claudius latches his whip around Tibi's hands and starts to yank her towards himself. She kicks Claudius in his hurt side enough times for him to release his grip on his whip and drops it but Tibi also drops her daggers in the struggle to get free. Claudius quickly punches Tibi in the stomach which knocks her away against the coliseum wall. She quickly recovers and runs to Claudius. He tries to punch again but Tibi dodges and makes a punch of her own to Claudius' face. Claudius stumbles for a second when Tibi jump kicks at Claudius. Claudius notices her fast enough and ducks under her. They both stop for a second.

Tibi: This has gone on long enough. I doubt you can overpower me anymore.
Claudius: I wouldn't put that up to the test if I were you.
Tibi: Just watch!

Tibi runs up to Claudius and jumps on his arms and bounces onto his shoulders where she latches her legs around his throat just like she did earlier in the tournament. She begins to lean back greatly and stretches over to where Claudius' back is. Claudius immediately begins to try to unlatch Tibi but struggles to do so.

Claudius: I've fought too long. I'm drained of most of my energy.
Tibi: It's over!

She pulls tighter but doesn't gain any ground as Claudius begins to unwrap her legs from his throat. Suddenly, Claudius dives backwards in a weird way which sends Tibi on her head and Claudius' back side lands on Tibi's ass as her legs are still wrapped. They begin to unwrap as Claudius rolls backward off Tibi quickly after landing and completely unlatches Tibi and slams her down to the ground hard. Still grabbing one of her legs, he throws her over his shoulder and slams her down the other way hard. He then lifts her up again and swings her and releases her which sends her flying into the coliseum wall which makes a crack in it. As Tibi regains herself, she struggles to get up and as she gets up, Claudius quickly punches her in the face and her head hits the wall again. She now sits on her butt, panting in exhaust.

Tibi: You are something *pant* Mr. Claudius.
Claudius: *pant* Why was it me that you were after?
Tibi: I was told that you were the weakest of the group. I see that was a mistake.
???: That was no mistake. Tibi...

Tibi looks over and her eyes widen as she reaches over with her hand.

Tibi: Help *pant* me. *pant*

It seems Tibi is on her last leg in the fight between her and Claudius. But now someone has come and Tibi seeks aid from this figure. Who is this person? The army is also about to attack the current group led by Lei. This epic battle is coming to a close so stay tuned to Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 37: Warning of the West

Tibi: You are something *pant* Mr. Claudius.
Claudius: *pant* Why was it me that you were after?
Tibi: I was told that you were the weakest of the group. I see that was a mistake.
???: That was no mistake. Tibi...

Tibi looks over and her eyes widen as she reaches over with her hand.

Tibi: Help *pant* me. *pant*

The angle switches and we see Jiron smiling at Tibi and Naith is right behind him. Claudius quickly picks up his whip and aims it at Jiron.

Claudius: Don't you dare help her.
Jiron: That was not my intent.
Tibi: ! Jiron! I need your help. *Pant*
Jiron: How was fighting Claudius just now?
Tibi: ...He's unusually good.
Jiron: So you see now. You see, Claudius isn't the worst but actually the best of the group.
Tibi: You lied then...why?
Jiron: You are a bitch, Tibi. You always think yourself better than I. So I set you up.
Tibi: ! You...I'm going to report you to the boss.
Jiron: Oh? I don't think you have the right anymore to see him.
Tibi: What?!
Jiron: You couldn't have forgotten our code already have you? Failure means death.

At that note, while still screaming, Tibi lunges herself at Jiron. Jiron stops her almost instantly and punches her in the stomach. Tibi hunches over and coughs up blood. Jiron knees her in the stomach and she coughs up even more blood. Now with Tibi still hunched over, Jiron takes out his scythe. In an instant, he sweeps his scythe and cuts her head clean off. Blood squirts out of Tibi's lifeless and headless body and it gets on Jiron's face which he then wipes off and licks.

Jiron: Tastes good. Officer Tibi, ranked sixth in the Myjuto Forces, defeated by Claudius in combat.
Claudius: Hmm...
Jiron: Killed by Jiron, ranked third in the Myjuto Forces after failure to complete mission.
Claudius: That's pretty heartless.
Jiron: I do pride myself in my awesomeness. You know that's two ranked six officers you've defeated.
Claudius: Hmm, where did Naith go?
Jiron: He must have went with X to help out the rest of the group fighting off my army.
Claudius: X too?
Jiron: Didn't notice him jump out the window?
Claudius: I guess not. So what now?
Jiron: You've caught me in a good mood. You are spared for the time being.
Claudius: I'd better go help the rest of the team then.
Jiron: Hold on a minute. There is something we must discuss man to man instead of good against evil.
Claudius: What is it?
Jiron: The boss has become increasingly impatient with your group's resistance. He is coming after you.
Claudius: Why are you telling me this?
Jiron: This entire continent will be stormed by force. Your only escape route is to go East to the nearby continent with great haste.
Claudius: I don't understand. You warn me for what reason?
Jiron: You guys are a lot of fun. And you, I see some good potential in you. Get stronger and then come face me one on one.
Claudius: You got it. You know, this is a totally different side from you. I can see you are good inside.
Jiron: Go, help your team. I will not stand in your way.
Claudius: *puts hands together* Thank you.

Claudius quickly runs past Jiron in the direction of the army and Fighters Abroad.

Jiron: Ha...good side. Please!

We now switch back to Lei and company.

Lei: Alright. Get ready for some action.
Scrim: This is going to be tight. All or nothing.
Ere: Yeah.

The army now sprints to the group where they attack head on. In their respective positions, each member of the group begins to fend off soldiers. This goes on for a couple minutes when a dent appears in the middle lines of the army.

Lei: What's going on?
Lii: They're not retreating, I don't think.
Knosse: No! It's help!

Heading towards the group are X and Naith cutting straight through soldiers. They reach the group and X gets next to Y while Scrim steps up next to Naith as they take the front lines together.

X: Just like old times, Naith.
Naith: Indeed.
Y: Hey there.
X: Hey, hotness. Looks like I made it just in time.
Y: I heard you got hurt. You alright?
X: Just fine.
Scrim: How are you feeling, Naith?
Naith: I'm fine. Although I lost in the final round.
Scrim: To that Jiron guy?
Naith: Yeah.

Suddenly, after a minute of fending off, a voice is heard from the top of the coliseum.

X: What the...*looks up* Heh...

The man is shown to be Claudius at the top and he jumps off with his sword tied to the end of his whip. He lands in the very front and begins to whirl around his chain sword combo. This proves very effective taking out many soldiers at once with each swing.

X: Nice timing, bro.
Claudius: Thought you might need a little help.
X: Where is Tibi?
Claudius: She's dead. I'll explain later. Let's charge this out.
Naith: Yes, that seems like a good idea.
Lei: Welcome back, Claudius.

Ere moves up next to Naith who is beside Claudius with Scrim on the other side of him. X, Y, Lei, and Lii line up in that order next to Scrim. They all charge together and begin to take out soldier by soldier or just trample over them. Soon, they reach the other end of the army and escape the lines and turn around.

???: That is enough. Army, halt!

The army all turns to see Jiron with his hand up.

Jiron: Officer Tibi has fallen. Now you listen to my commands. You will cease this attack and retreat. You all did well. Go back to Sarzo and report to your respective barracks. This group does not concern any of you. Go, now!

The army does as Jiron commands and all retreat. After all units have retreated, Jiron approaches the group.

Jiron: That should do it. Farewell.
X: Just like that?
Jiron: I've explained myself once. Just like that.

With that, Jiron walks away in the direction that the army retreated with the prize money from the Warrior's Battleground in his hand.

X: What did he mean by that?
Claudius: He and I had a little talk. I'll fill you all in on the details a little later but we must hurry while we have the chance.
Lei: What is it?
Claudius: We must move East as fast as we can. Drek, this continent, will be stormed by the Myjuto Forces. Neese, the continent directly East of this one, is where we must go.

X: Sounds like a plan.
Lei: Ok.
Knosse: Cool.
Naith: I'm actually headed there. You don't mind if I tag along for a little bit, do you?
Claudius: No. We'd be honored.
Naith: Very well then.
Lei: You guys (talking to Y, Ere, Scrim and Lii) should get out of here too.
Y: Lii, Scrim and I will leave as soon as possible.
Ere: Hey, can I travel with you guys?
Scrim: Sure.
Ere: Cool.
X: Sorry, Y. But I have to go. I'll be back for you.
Y: And I too, will be back for you. Ciao.

With that, the two groups separate and go their own way. Meanwhile a young lady with black long hair and a green kimono is tied up against a part of the outside wall of the coliseum. She has just gotten her mouth free of bondage.


And thus the long day at the Warrior's Battlground has ended. Fighters Abroad now travels East from Drek to Neese to escape the Myjuto oppression. As one story ends, another begins in the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 38: Eastward Bound

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U41ZCRnnVOI ) Drek, the first of three continents. It is mostly sandy terrain with some cities and grass land. At the heart of Drek lies Sarzo, the largest city in the entire world. You all know this as the metropolis of Sarzo and the current residence of the Myjuto Forces and the mercenary group that Claudius and X are a part of. Neese is the second continent. Its terrain is mostly made up of small cities and towns that serve as harbors. Many bodies of water are located within this continent. The third continent is known as Ivan. It is mountainous terrain almost across the board. Very few harbors dwell in this continent. Each continent is separated by a large ocean. Neese is in between both Drek and Ivan, Drek being West and Ivan being East. It is the ocean between Drek and Neese that our Fighters Abroad will have to cross to be safe from the incoming onslaught of the Myjuto Forces!

*Theme stops* The group "Fighters Abroad" is now moving in a desert with Naith along with them. As they move through the desert, Jiron's warning is still ringing through Claudius' ears as he begins to picture everything that had just transpired.

Jiron: The boss has become increasingly impatient with your group's resistance. He is coming after you. This entire continent will be stormed by force. Your only escape route is to go East to the nearby continent with great haste.

Claudius: I can't believe that this continent is going to be taken over by the Myjuto Forces.
X: I know. I wish there were a way to stop this.
Lei: It's an impossible approach for now. We can't even defeat Jiron, one officer.
Knosse: So where are we going right now?
Lei: To Hirai's house to warn him.
Knosse: Hirai?
X: Lei, Claudius and my teacher.
Knosse: Cool.
Naith: I want to meet him.
Claudius: You will when we get there. We're just about at Honson now.

After a little bit of walking, they reach the burned down Honson. They make their way to Hirai's house and Lei knocks on the door. No one answers and he knocks two more times. After no answer, Lei, X and Claudius walk in.

Lei: Master?
X: Hirai? You home?
Claudius: Look, there's a note at his dinner table.

They go pick up the note and X reads it. Hey, boys. I've moved to Neese for the time being. Since Honson has burned down I had little food here so I had to relocate. Come visit me sometime. I've gone to the city of Uwey. (Pronounced You-way)Hirai.

Claudius: So he's already gone to Neese.
X: Good thing for him.
Lei: What a coincidence.
Claudius: That settles it then. Let's go to Neese immediately.


We see a very large throne room made of stone with a concrete floor and a big red carpet that leads to a throne. On the throne is a shaded figure that we can not see except the sillouette. Near the throne is Jiron standing and facing towards the figure with two white cloaked figures to the left and right of the figure. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RugISpOyFNc )

Figure: (Male voice) So Tibi failed, is that it?
Jiron: Yes, sir. She was defeated by Claudius. I put her out of her misery.
Cloak 1: (Male voice) How can we know you are not just lying?
Jiron: You dare question me?
Cloak 2: (Female voice) Do not forget that the two of us are higher ranked than you. Show some respect.
Jiron: Don't you lecture me. I don't answer to you. Anyway, I'm telling the truth.
Cloak 2: Why you...
Figure: Stop. There is merit to what Jiron says. Although you are very sloppy, Jiron.
Jiron: Huh?
Figure: Officer Tibi had a spy. He reported back what happened.
Jiron: Impossible.
Figure: You are a crafty one. You set her up to fail by having her fight Claudius.
Cloak 1: Is this true, Jiron?
Jiron: Yes. I suppose I made one tiny mistake in covering it up.
Figure: While you did not break our laws, your actions can be considered treason. Don't do this to me again. If you act like this again, these two will kill you.
Cloak 1: I'll enjoy that day.
Cloak 2: Oh yes. Seeing you dead will make my day.
Jiron: I'd take you both. You better hope that day doesn't come. For your sake.

Jiron immediately turns around and walks away, opening a large red door and exiting the room.

Figure: That man is going to get us all killed if we're not careful. *Theme stops*

Jiron reaches a balcony where another cloaked figure is standing with countless Myjuto Soldiers filling the streets below.

Jiron: Is it time?
Cloak 3: Yes.

The cloaked person takes off his hood to reveal a light skinned man in his late 40's and short brown hair.

Jiron: Nero, ranked fourth in the Myjuto Forces, huh?
Nero: I do believe we've only met twice, Jiron.
Jiron: I remember you. You're that guy.
Nero: >_< Yes. It seems the boss has called me to send this army into battle.
Jiron: I see. Where is Kyle?
Nero: He is at the city gates, ready to lead the army.
Jiron: Excellent. You may commence with your job.
Nero: Under who's authority?
Jiron: Mine.
Nero: Very well. Attention soldiers!

All the soldiers turn over to Nero and listen attentively as Nero's voice resounds through the city.

Nero: The time has come soldiers! We will take Drek by force just as we have taken Sarzo! Wipe out everyone who opposes us! You will be led by Kyle, ranked fifth in the Myjuto Forces. He will be your guide, so listen to him. FIGHT NOW FOR THE MYJUTO FORCES!!!!
All Soldiers: MYJUTO!

At that the army turns around and begins to march away from Nero and Jiron and towards the gates.

Jiron: So it begins. Let's hope those guys get out of Drek in time. They are mine to take down, no one else's.

[Hours later, Unknown place]

We now see Fighters Abroad traveling through grassland.

Naith: We aren't far now. Drek Harbor is just ahead.
Claudius: Good. Let's get out of here as soon as possible.

The conquest of Drek has begun by decree of the Myjuto Boss through Nero. Heeding Jiron's words, Fighters Abroad is moving East to get out of Drek and into Neese. Will they be able to get out of Drek? The new adventure of Fighters Abroad continues, next!

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Chapter 39: The Festival

The group has now gone over a grassy hill. They now see, in their horizon, a harbor with a couple different ships moving to and from places in the ocean. There are many different but small buildings along the harbor which are all spaced apart.

Claudius: There it is. Drek Harbor. Let's go find a ship willing to take us to Neese.

They all move together into the Harbor and begin to look around. They find a place with a couple of ships lying around.

Lei: Excuse me, sir.
Man: What is it?
Lei: Would you mind telling me where we can get transportation to Neese?
Man: Ah, there is no transportation around these parts.
X: How do you get to Neese, Naith?
Naith: That isn't important right now. Are you sure there is no transportation?
Man: Well, there is one way. But you may not like it.
Claudius: What is it?
Man: Pirates. But they bargain for a high price.
Knosse: Pirates? Oh balls.
Claudius: Where can we find the pirates?

The man points in the direction of a bar. Claudius says "thank you" and they head in the bar's direction. When they reach the bar, they all stop.

Naith: I don't particularly like pirates.
X: You can stay outside if you'd like.
Naith: Just call me if things get rough in there.
Claudius: Will do. Lei and Knosse. You guys should stay outside as well.
Lei: What is your reasoning?
Claudius: X and I have plenty of dealings with pirates. Mercenaries are close relatives.
X: We don't want anyone getting in our way.
Lei: Fine.
Knosse: Ok.

X and Claudius enter the bar. Inside looks like your typical bar with mostly wooden appliances. Most of the people inside are rather scruffy looking with bandanas and some even have eye patches. X and Claudius walk to the middle of the bar.

X: Who has the guts to take a trip to Neese on the sea?!
Claudius: Who will it be?!

Many pirates turn to the two and one walks up to them. He is an older pirate with white facial hair all over.

Pirate: Avast! Ya landlubbers want to go on the sea?
Claudius: Yes. We need transportation to Neese.
Pirate: Where's yer booty?
X: We don't have much silver on us. Name your price.
Pirate: 5,000 Silver.
Claudius: Alright. We'll be back with the money.
X: (Whispering) We will?
Claudius: (Whispering) Yes. Don't worry.
Pirate: Ya better not be fibbin er I'll stick you.

X and Claudius walk out. X seems a bit confused.

X: How are we going to get the money?
Claudius: I saw "it" on the way to here.
X: "It"?
Claudius: A festival full of prize winning games.
Naith: How much do we need?
X: 5,000 Silver.
Lei: Seems a bit pricy. Think we scrap that much?
Claudius: Oh yes. These festivals usually carry loads of Silver.
Knosse: Cool. Let's go then.

The group follows Claudius as he leads them to the festival. All around are a bunch of people and different obstacle stuff.

Lei: Which one should we try first?
X: That one over there. *Points to his left*
Naith: The obstacle course? Sounds like me and you, X.
X: Precisely.

The group walks over to the obstacle course. There a man is at the entrance.

Man: Well hello folks. Ready to try the obstacle course? If you beat the high score, you get 1,000 silver.
X: Cool. I'm in.
Naith: So am I.
Man: Two are supposed to go at a time so I guess this is convenient.

The man leads the group through a gate and they see the course (There are 2 of each obstacles so that 2 can go at a time). The first obstacle is four small tires hanging from a tree. The second obstacle is a 20 foot wall with a rope in the middle and the obstacle is mirrored on the other side so the climber can climb down. After that, there is a canyon with a small log bridging it. Then the finish line is just ahead.

Man: The fastest time is 1:02. Let's see if either of you can beat it.

X takes the right side and Naith takes the left. They both smile confidently.

Man: On your mark, get set, GO!

On his "go", they both take off in a mad dash. In almost no time, they reach the tires and dive straight through them without even touching a tire. They get up simultaneously and proceed to the climb. They jump on the wall and rapidly climb. The man begins to sweat. In 10 seconds, X and Naith manage to get above the wall and jump down without climbing. They land on their feet and easily dash across the log. They both cross the finish line at the exact same time as the man's jaw drops to the ground.

Claudius: What time did they get?
Man: .....:33.
Lei: Wow. They smashed the record.
Knosse: way to go, guys!

X and Naith high five each other as they return to the group and take their 1,000 silver. They exit the course and then move to a different area that says, "test your strength".

Naith: Your turn, Claudius.
Claudius: Yeah.

Claudius walks up to a reinforced wood contraption that is shaped like a hand. Attached to it is metal vibrater. Next to it is another man.

Man: Want to test your strength?
Claudius: I suppose.
Man: All you have to do is punch that hand next to me. That vibrater will tell me how powerful the punch was.
Claudius: Easy enough.

Claudius pulls back and then punches the hand hard. The hand splits into many pieces as Claudius drives his fist into it. The man's eyes pop out of his socket.

X: There you go, Claudius.
Claudius: Has anyone ever broke that before?
Man: .....No. Here.

Claudius takes his 1,000 Silver and returns to the group. They then make their way to another game that reads "Target".

Knosse: I think this is my area.
Man: Hello, sir. Hit all 10 targets in the alloted time and you get 1,000 silver.
Knosse: How long do I have?
Man: 8 seconds.

In front of Knosse, 10 feet away, are small targets lined up. The man tries to hand Knosse a gun but he pushed his hand away and pulls out his revolver. He quickly shoots all 10 bullets in 4 seconds. The man falls on his head.

Knosse: 1,000 Silver please.
Man: Yeah, sure...
Lei: Nice job, Knosse.

Knosse takes his silver and returns to the group. In a different direction is a kung fu looking man in a small ring with a sign that reads "Defeat me and get 1,000 silver". The group walks over to the man.

Kung Fu Man: Who will take me on?
Claudius: I'm sure all of us can take you on. Lei, I think you should demonstrate.
Lei: Certainly.

Lei walks into the small ring and takes his fighting stance.

Kung Fu Man: I hope you know I studied under the Hero of Honson, Hirai.
Lei: Bullshit. Me and two others behind me are his lone students.
Kung Fu Man: W W what?
Lei: Let's go.

Kung Fu Man punches at Lei and he easily dodges. Lei gives the Kung Fu Man five punches to the stomach and then hits him on the side of the head with his palm which sends him out of the tiny ring. Kung Fu Man starts crying.

Lei: You're pathetic. Do not defame my master with your very presence. You are not his student.
X: You worthless piece of junk!
Claudius: We are the students of Hirai. You are nothing before us.

Lei takes the silver from the man and they regroup in the middle of the festival.

Claudius: So that makes 4,000 Silver. We need to win 1 more.
X: Hey, look over there. There's an egg toss game.
Claudius: That should be fun.

The group goes over to the egg toss where there are five pairs of people with every pair having one egg.

Claudius: X, me and you.
X: Hell no. You're terrible at this game.
Claudius: *picks up an egg* No way. I have the best care with an egg.

Claudius crushes the egg in his hand by accident and the contents of the egg splatter all over his hand.

Claudius: Hehe...ok I'll sit.
Lei: Knosse, you up for this?
Knosse: Sure.
X: I guess you're with me, Naith.
Naith: Cool.

Naith and X line up as the previous people are. Lei and Knosse do the same. The man that ran the obstacle course before now comes up and signals for the start. Partners toss their eggs back and forth for a few minutes and then the first pair breaks their egg. After more minutes, more fall until it's Lei and Knosse vs Naith and X for the 1,000 Silver.

Lei: Hey, nomatter who wins, we still get the silver.
X: Yeah. But I'm not about to back down.
Naith: Let's bury them.
Knosse: We can win, Lei.

Five more minutes go and neither has dropped their egg. Finally, X overthrows his egg and Naith fails to catch it, breaking on the ground.

Lei: Yeah, we won!
Knosse: Woohoo.

Lei and Knosse take the 1,000 Silver and regroup with Claudius who has already regrouped with X and Naith.

Claudius: Good job, guys. This festival was fun while it lasted, but now it's time to get out of here.

The group heads back to the bar. When they arrive, all the money is put together into a cloth bag and Claudius takes it into the bar with X standing next to him. They approach the pirate from before.

Claudius: Here's your money. Now take us to Neese.

The pirate takes the money and opens it. He begins to count it carefully. After counting, he closes the bag and looks at the two mercenaries.

Pirate: Ye have enough money. Ye have a deal. Arrrr.
X: Great. When do we leave?
Pirate: Two hours. You can call me Captain Kroke.
Claudius: Alright. Captain Kroke, thank you in advanced for taking us.
Kroke: Arrrrr.

X and Claudius have found their group transportation to Neese. Captain Kroke will take them across the ocean to get to Neese. Are they home free just yet? Next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 40: Escape the Harbor!

We see X, Lei, Knosse and Naith near a large wood ship with a bunch of pirates going in and out of it via planks. They are carrying supplies for the trip.

X: Looks like these guys are pretty good.
Lei: They have sufficient material to get by on the sea.
Naith: Don't put your trust in them just yet, however.
Knosse: Well they are pirates. You can't expect them to be trustworthy.
Lei: Say, X. Where is Claudius at?
X: He's drinking with Captain Kroke at the bar.

We now check in the bar where Claudius and Kroke are sitting on opposite sides of a table with shot glasses spread out all over the table. Everyone has gathered around the table and two men are holding a keg of very strong rum each.

Claudius: You ready for this?
Kroke: Aye. No one has ever beatin' me at a drinkin' contest.
Pirate: I did once.
Kroke: Ye cheated there. Now let's begin!
Claudius: Awesome.

The men pour each a shot of rum. Both Claudius and Kroke drink the first shot with ease. After a few minutes, both men have gone through thirty shot glasses.

Kroke: Heeeeheeee, think ye can hold yer liquor much longer?
Claudius: (Stammering) Whaaaaat dooo youuu mean? I'm ffffiiiiine.
Kroke: Yer losin' it.

All of the sudden a pirate storms into the bar and pushes through the crowd to get to Kroke.

Pirate: Captain, there be trouble.
Kroke: Speak up, lad. What is it?
Pirate: Some landlubbers want to commandeer our ship.
Kroke: WHAT?! We'll not be having this now!
Claudius: Whaaaat's the mattter?
Kroke: I'll be back for ya.

Kroke quickly gets up and stumbles a bit but regains focus and storms out of the bar. All eyes are now on Claudius who is struggling to get out of his chair.

Claudius: I gotta heeeeelp.

Claudius gets up and starts to walk forward when he stumbles and walks backwards and trips over his chair, which makes him hit the floor hard.

Claudius: I think I'lllll take a nap.

With that, Claudius falls asleep on the hard wooden floor. Outside, X, Lei, Knosse and Naith are hiding behind a few wooden crates as they peer over the top. They see many soldiers with rifles and a woman who has long red hair, light skin, white long pants and a white marine-like top. Fifteen of Kroke's pirates are blockading them from the ship.

Woman: By the order of the ruler of Drek, we will take your ship.
Pirate 1: No one rules Drek, ye landlubber!
Woman: Allow me to introduce myself. I am Jen, ranked 12th in the Myjuto Forces.
X: Myjuto, huh?
Lei: She's only rank twelve. We should be able to take her no sweat.
Naith: Just wait. She may have some trick.

Just then, Kroke finds his way to Jen.

Jen: Are you the captain of this crew?
Kroke: Aye.
Jen: You will allow us your ship by order of the Myjuto Forces.
Kroke: Ey, boys. This one's quite a catch.
Pirate 2: Yeah.
Pirate 3: She'll be a lot of fun.
Knosse: Are they thinking what I think they're thinking?
Naith: Rape.
Knosse: Be a little more subtile for the younger viewers.
Naith: What?
Knosse: Nothing.
Jen: How dare you! Men, attack!

With that, Jen's soldiers crouch down and aim their rifles at Kroke and his crew.

Lei: Knosse!
Knosse: Way ahead of you!

Knosse quickly throws a bomb near the soldiers. They quickly spot the bomb and scatter. The explosion separates them into groups but smoke covers them so they aren't very visible.

X: Captain! Let's get on the ship and leave!
Kroke: Aye! Get yer men on board and I'll get mine.
X: Let's go, guys.
Kroke: Avast! We get on the ship and set sail!

Both Kroke's crew and the group quickly retreats to the ship. They get to the top and a few pirates grab some rifles and turn around and aim downward off the ship. Some soldiers begin to storm the planks to get on the ship. Both sides begin to fire their rifles at each other. A couple soldiers go down on the first set of firing.

Knosse: I'd better go help.

Knosse takes point a little to the left of the plank, where he shoots from the side. Kroke puts his hand on X's shoulder.

Kroke: We have to set sail now.
X: I agree. I'll have Knosse throw a bomb and we'll set sail.
Kroke: The anchors are up so whenever yer ready.
X: Yeah, then let's....hold up. We're forgetting something important. I can't seem to figure it out though.
Kroke: No time for thinkin'!
X: I suppose you're right. Knosse! Get ready to throw a bomb!
Knosse: Roger.

All of the sudden, the soldiers retreat but Jen quickly storms the plank and fires a triple barrel shotgun that blows all of the pirates on the plank back. She quickly points her shotgun at more of the pirates.

Jen: Now, we will be commanding this ship.
Kroke: What kind of gun is that?
X: A shotgun. A special kind, I guess.
Naith: It's powerful.
X: I can't help but think that we really are forgetting something.
Jen: Fine, you all will die...huh?

Jen looks at her legs to see a pair of arms around them. She looks behind her to see Claudius lying flat on the plank with his arms around her legs. He stumbles up and puts his arms around her.

Jen: What?! Who are you?!
Claudius: Mommmmmy!
Jen: Who is this drunken idiot?!
Claudius: Heyyyyy, dontttt talk to your brotherrr like that.
Jen: First mom then sister?
Claudius: MAN yoouuu smell goooooood!

Claudius pushes forward which makes her fall and he lands on top of her.

X: THAT'S what I forgot.
Kroke: Aye. I forgot about him.
Claudius: But weee were just starting to hit it offfff.
Jen: Men, get this guy off me!

The soldiers rush to get her but Claudius voluntarily gets off. Jen gets up and smacks him in the face.

Jen: You pervert!
Claudius: That's itttt. We're through!

Claudius takes out his whip and whips Jen across the face which sends her off the plank onto the dock. All the soldiers huddle around her and help her.

Lei: X, now is our chance.
X: Right.

Kroke's crew removes the plank and cuts the last rope that connects the ship to the dock and starts to drift away. X takes Claudius by the hand and pulls him away from the edge of the ship.

X: Good job, buddy.
Claudius: That you, Tim?
X: No, you drunk fuck. Go get some rest.
Claudius: Ooook.

Two pirates take Claudius below deck.

Lei: Was it really ok to call him a fuck?
X: He won't remember it. Don't worry.
Kroke: Hahaha. Yer friend had some good timin'.
X: He's always like that.

Some three hours later Claudius wakes up in a cabin.

Claudius: Hmm? Where...oh yeah.

Claudius goes above deck where X is sitting down by himself with an empty chair next to him. Lei, Knosse and Naith are talking nearby. Claudius sits in the chair next to X.

X: Welcome back.
Claudius: Thanks. I guess I lost the drinking contest.
X: Yeah, I suppose so.
Claudius: Awe man.
X: We got bigger things on our hands. For one, you nearly raped a Myjuto officer.
Claudius: Oh shit, really?
X: Yeah.
Claudius: Was she hot?
X: You bet.
Claudius: Haha. I'll finish the job next time, maybe. Oh, that reminds me.

Claudius punches X in the face which sends him off his chair and onto the floor hard. The rest of the group looks at X.

X: What was that for?
Claudius: What do you think?! For calling me a drunk fuck!

[Drek Harbor]

Jen: So those guys were the mercenaries we've been searching for? Interesting.
Soldier: So what do we do?
Jen: What do you think? We're going after them.

Fighters Abroad and Kroke's crew have escaped Drek Harbor but not before making more enemies. Their journey to Neese has begun so stay tuned for next chapters!

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Chapter 41: A Day at Sea

Season 2 opening:

Still focused on Jen and her soldiers, they are at the dock reviewing.

Jen: That man who was drunk. Was he the man who defeated Orzu and Tibi?
Soldier 1: Yes, ma'am. The chain whip confirms it.
Soldier 2: Claudius. He has the most detail in Jiron's reports of them.
Jen: Yes, I read them all. But why are they exiting Drek? I thought they were trying to defeat us.
Soldier 3: Beats me. But we are going after them, right?
Jen: We are. Didn't you pay attention to when I said "What do you think? We're going after them."?

Now back to Fighters Abroad where they are all above deck sitting around.

X: So what do we do once we get to Neese?
Claudius: I'm not sure.
Lei: We must get more strength on our side.
X: Yes, that does make sense. Perhaps Captain Kroke will join us.
Knosse: That would be cool.
Claudius: So we gather people for Fighters Abroad over in Neese?
Lei: Yes. We are going back to Drek eventually.
Claudius: Good point.
Naith: I wonder if the Captain will join.

Just then a couple pirates approach the group.

Pirate: Captain wants to see you.
Claudius: Thank you. Alright, let's go, guys.

The group goes up to the front of the ship where Kroke is gripping the wheel.

Kroke: If yer gonna be on my ship, yer gonna have to work.
X: Work?
Kroke: Cleanin', Cookin', Fishin' er whatever else.
Claudius: Sounds easy. We'll split the jobs up.
X: Well I'm pretty decent at cooking.
Naith: I'll fish.
Claudius: I'll fish as well.
Lei: I will go with X for cooking.
Knosse: But wait! That means that I have to clean!
Lei: Yep.
Knosse: That's no fair!
X: Sorry, but it seems that's your job.

Claudius and Naith walk away in one direction and X and Lei go in another one, leaving Knosse still next to the Captain.

Knosse: Oh balls. Why me?
Kroke: Get to work!
Knosse: (Startled) Y Yes, sir!

With that, Knosse hangs his head low and walks away, sulking. Over by where Claudius and Naith went, there are pirates handing large nets. Around five men on each net.

Fisherman 1: Argh, this be one big catch.
Claudius: Step aside.
Fisherman 2: What are ye...

Claudius scatters the pirates and grabs the net which is half under water. He pulls hard with both hands and flings the net out of the water onto the deck. The net is filled with fish.

Fisherman 3: How did he...
Fisherman 4: Ya be a strong one, lad.
Claudius: I suppose so. Cmon, Naith, let's get to work.
Naith: Sure.
Fisherman 1: Do ya laddies know how ta fish?
Naith: I've seen people fish like this before.
Claudius: Well, no, but I can pull nets in like you just saw.
Fisherman 2: Arrr, ya two work together. The one in the hat does the fishin' and the other yanks the net.
Naith: Ok.
Claudius: Cool.
Fisherman 3: We also need someone ta cut the fish.
Naith: I'll take care of it.

The fishermen give Claudius and Naith a net and Naith casts the net out into the water. They wait around ten minutes and then Claudius grasps the net.

Claudius: Now?
Naith: Yeah.

Claudius hauls the net with a great amount of strength. The net comes out of the water and flies up. The net breaks during his yank and the fish fly straight up into the air.

Claudius: Whoops.
Fisherman 1: What ya be doing?!
Claudius: *turns to fisherman* Hehe, sorry.

All of the sudden, all the fish that was released falls right on top of Claudius along with the water that went with it. Surprised by this, Claudius falls down.

Claudius: Fuck!

Naith helps Claudius up and they get a new net. They repeat the same process and wait around ten minutes again. Claudius grabs the net and slowly reels it in this time. When it gets to the deck, the net has no fish in it.

Claudius: Double fuck!

The third time, Claudius goes to pull the net but can't seem to pull it.

Claudius: What the...
Naith: You can't reel it in?
Claudius: No, it must be stuck or something.

All of the sudden a whale around twice the size of the ship pops up in front of Claudius. He just stares at it though.

Claudius: *turns to Naith* Hey, Naith. A whale. Look.

The whale opens its mouth and swallows Claudius whole. Naith takes out his sword and begins slashing at the whale's mouth and makes marks across its mouth. The whale groans and goes underwater.

Naith: That...isn't good.

At the same time, X and Lei are in the kitchen alone as the other pirates have taken a break.

Lei: Alright, X, you cut the vegetables and I'll chop up the meat.
X: Since when did you become a cooking strategist too?
Lei: Heh.

Lei begins to chop some chicken into small pieces with his fists (In a karate chop manner). X cuts with one of his daggers. He cuts all different kinds of vegetables. Once they are done, they throw all of it into a pot.

Lei: The captain will love our soup.
X: Definitely.
Lei: So now we just need to let it sit.

Just then, Naith walks in.

Naith: We have a problem.
X: What is it?
Naith: Claudius got swallowed by a whale.
X: *Facepalm* What an idiot.
Lei: That is a problem. What are we supposed to do?
X: All we can do is wait, I suppose.

During all this, Knosse is cleaning a disgusting bathroom with all kinds of dirty stuff on the walls.

Knosse: What do these guys do, shit on the walls?!

He begins to mop the floor when Naith, X and Lei come in.

Knosse: What is it?
X: Claudius got swallowed by a whale.
Knosse: And you want me to...?
Lei: Do nothing.
Knosse: Ok, well it beats this job.

The four of them sit out on the deck looking at the sea for a while. It's now night time.

Lei: Ah shit, the soup!
X: I almost forgot.

The four of them go into the kitchen.

X: It's done.
Lei: *tastes* Wow. This is awesome. The captain will definitely love this!

Just a minute later...

Kroke: This be shit! The worst stew I've ever tasted!
X: *looks at Lei* Well, this sucks.
Lei: *looks at X* Not exactly. That just means more for us.

A pirate hands Knosse the mop he was using earlier.

Pirate: Back to work!
Knosse: Grrr...

Off in the whale's stomach is Claudius. He is just sitting there with a broken piece of net in his hand.

Claudius: Think think think. AH! That's what I wanted to say. Triple fuck! Now time to get out of here.

Back to the crew, they are all staring out at sea again (Including Knosse who is docking his duties). After a minute they start to see a figure in the water.

X: I think that's Claudius.
Knosse: Or it's a random fish.
X: No, it definitely is Claudius. CLAUDIUS! Ok that's a random fish.
Knosse: >_<
Lei: No wait, there he is, over there. *points*
Naith: Yeah, that's him.
Claudius: (From a distance) HEY GUYS!
X: Get over here you idiot!
Lei: He sure is taking his time.

When Claudius reaches the ship, they start to reel him in but notice his hand is still in the water.

X: What are you doing?
Claudius: I got some cargo.

They reel him in but not without loads of trouble. Grabbed in his hand is half of the whale that swallowed him.

Claudius: We got tons of meat now.
Naith: Nice fishing.
Lei: Hey, let's go eat that soup.
X: Yeah.

The five of them go where Kroke was eating the soup to see him pouring the entire thing overboard.

Kroke: What? This be terrible food.

The group goes back to where they were in deep thought.

Claudius: So, does anyone else noticed that we all got screwed ove....

At that moment, the entire group slips and hits the deck hard.

Concluding a day at sea, our main characters are having quite the struggle against life itself, aren't they? Well that's too bad, because there's more to come on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 42: Pirate Fight

The next day arrives too quickly for Fighters Abroad. Everyone is in their respective position whether cooking, fishing or cleaning. One of Kroke's pirates has taken the helm and is navigating it. Kroke is below deck in a room with tons of food and rum in it. Joining him is a pirate with blue long hair sitting at the same table as him.

Kroke: Day three this be.
Pirate: A few more days and we'll be at Neese.
Kroke: Aye. An' I'll be needin yer help when we get there.
Pirate: Yes, captain.

Zooming in on the fishing area, Claudius has just hauled up a net full of fish. He gives Naith a high five and looks over to a pirate that has binoculars on.

Claudius: What is it?
Pirate: There be something in the distance.
Naith: Can you tell what it is?
Pirate: Nay.
Claudius: Wait, I see something now forming.
Naith: I see it too.
Pirate: That be...a pirate ship!
Claudius: Shit! You, pirate. You get Captain Kroke immediately!
Pirate: Right.
Claudius: I'll get X and Lei. Naith, can you get Knosse?
Naith: Sure.

Both the pirate and Claudius scatter quickly and run away. Naith, however, briskly walks away toward the bathroom. He opens it to see Knosse sitting on the toilet with a large newspaper covering all private parts.

Knosse: Woah! *lifts head above paper* Naith! What are you doing?
Naith: Where did you get a newspaper out here in the sea?
Knosse: I...don't know.
Naith: Anyway, finish up in here, we have an incoming pirate ship.
Knosse: Oh balls. I'll be out soon.

Meanwhile, Claudius storms into the kitchen to find X and Lei cooking.

Claudius: Guys! Pirate ship!
X: What about the ship?
Claudius: There's one coming!
Lei: Well that's not good.
Claudius: What do you mean? It's time for some action. *grin*

X, Lei and Claudius exit the kitchen and get to the main deck where Naith is standing.

Claudius: Where's Knosse?
Naith: He'll be here. Don't worry.
Lei: Who's getting the captain?
Naith: He's being informed by one of his mates.
Lei: In any case, it's best not to engage another ship right now.

All of the sudden, Kroke, the blue-haired pirate and the pirate with binoculars comes out onto the deck.

Kroke: Turn the rudder! Hoist the sails! We're gonna blow them away!
Lei: *facepalm*
Claudius: Now that's my kind of captain.
Kroke: Claudius!
Claudius: *turns to Kroke* Yes, Captain?
Kroke: Go with this man. *points to blue-haired pirate*
Claudius: Alright.
Pirate: This way.

Claudius follows him below deck. At this time, Knosse gets out of the bathroom and joins the group.

Kroke: Ah, cleaning boy. Just the landlubber I need.
Knosse: >_<
Kroke: Get with me boys over yonder and get ready to shoot.
Knosse: Finally! *twirls revolver* Woohoo!

Knosse quickly runs to where some pirates have stationed themselves against the side of the ship.

Kroke: You three. Yer with me.
Lei: For what, may I ask?
Kroke: We're gonna overrun the bastards.
X: Just us four?

Just then some fifteen pirates join Kroke, X, Lei and Naith.

Naith: Good odds. What is Claudius doing?
Kroke: Cargo and cannons.

Below deck...

Pirate: Claudius, is it?
Claudius: Yes.
Pirate: We're going to load the cargo and fire the cannons. After that, it is our job to defend the ship from stowaways.
Claudius: Got it. Hey, you seem a bit more refined than the rest of these guys.
Pirate: I make it my job to be the best, friend.
Claudius: Good to know you're on my side.

Now to Knosse's position...

Knosse: I hope you're good at shooting.
Pirate 1: Better than yar.
Pirate 2: I be better too.
Pirate 3: Yah!
Knosse: Why don't we have a contest then? Most shootdowns wins. No cheating.
Pirate 1: Sure.
Pirate 2: Ok.
Pirate 3: Aye.
Knosse: Great. Every pirate you shoot off their rope while trying to swing to this ship is one point. After that, every takedown by shooting is one point.

Pirates: Aye.
Knosse: May the best sharpshooter win.

Back to Kroke's crew...

X: I'm ready.
Lei: Same.
Naith: *clenches sheathed sword* Bring it on.
Kroke: Good. Avast, mates! The time has come to take this here ship in front of us!
Random Pirate: Uh, Captain? Who's steering the ship?
Kroke: ........shit, I guess me. *runs away*
X: I guess it's up to me to lead the attack then.
Lei: No, it's not.
X: Yes it is. Listen guys, I'm leading the attack.

The ship begins to turn as Kroke steers it. Both ships get closer and closer to each other until they are meeting side by side. A pirate comes out from the other ship and speaks up.

Opposite Pirate: Surrender yer ship! This be the Bancho pirates yer messin with.
X: These are Kroke's pirates. You don't fuck with us!
Bancho Leader: Die then! Ready the cannons!

Just then, Kroke's cannons fire and take out the Bancho cannons.

Bancho Leader: What?!
X: Claudius. Nice work.
Lei: Well, Mr. attacker?
X: Right, attack!
Bancho Leader: So be it.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_699MF8Shwc ) With that a ton of Bancho pirates begin to grab ropes and start to swing over. On that cue, Knosse and the sharpshooters start shooting at them. Half of them go down and three get onto deck. They are quickly overtaken by X, Lei and Naith (who unsheathes his sword and slices). They all grab ropes and swing over to the Bancho side. They throw the ropes back and the rest of the pirates begin to swing over as well. One Bancho pirate manages to get onto Kroke's deck and heads for the shooters. He is suddenly struck from behind and falls down dead. Claudius is seen behind him with his short sword in his left hand and the blue-haired pirate behind him.

Knosse: Thanks, but I had him.
Claudius: Oh well. Listen, you and the other shooters worry about the other side. My new friend and I will cover you guys.
Knosse: Got it. Concentrate your fire on the enemy ship!

Meanwhile, Lei is back to back with Naith who are surrounded by pirates with long swords.

Naith: This won't be a problem for me. You?
Lei: I'll be fine. We've both faced worse.
Naith: Agreed.

The pirates begin to close in on them when Naith dashes forward and blocks five incoming swords. He backs up and dashes past the pirates while slicing, taking out three of them. The other two are quickly out matched by Naith and get skewered. On Lei's side, he dodges one slice and kicks him in the side which sends him into two other pirates and flips forward and does a split kick in the air which kicks the two remaining standing pirates in the head and knocks them down.

Lei: Yeah, that wasn't hard.
Naith: Kind of disappointing.
Lei: I know what you mean. Hey, look. The leader is right up there by the helm.
Naith: Let's take care of him.

*Theme stops* Below the Bancho deck are a couple of pirates who are pushing new cannons to their spots. All of the sudden the first one groans and falls down. The second one goes up to him and checks his pulse and then also makes a groaning noise when his mouth gets covered by a figure's hand. He eventually falls down as well. Suddenly the figure appears in the light to reveal X.

X: I love my job.

*Theme starts again* Back on Kroke's deck, Knosse and the other three shooters are quickly picking off many Bancho pirates from the other side as the other pirates overrun them.

Claudius: Hey, it looks like there won't be any more pirates coming to us. I'm going in.
Pirate: You want me to defend the deck by myself?
Claudius: You're good. You can do it.
Pirate: There aren't any ropes nearby.
Claudius: I've got a way.

Claudius runs to the mast and begins to climb up a rope ladder to the lookout area. He reaches the top fairly quickly. He notices a support beam ahead of him (which is out of reach normally). He pulls out his whip and latches onto the beam.

Claudius: Here goes nothing.
Pirate: Oh, I see.
Knosse: What is he doing?

Claudius walks to the edge of the lookout area and then runs to the other side and jumps off. He swings from the beam and goes up high in the air as he unlatches his whip. He is now way above the Bancho ship and begins to fall toward it.

Claudius: This may hurt.

Claudius' coat falls off him and floats back to Kroke's ship. He curls up almost into a ball when he hits the deck hard and goes right through it. Over by X, he is walking back to get above deck when Claudius comes bursting through the top and goes through the wood floor as well into the ocean.

X: Was that...Claudius? *looks at the hole* I'd better get out of here.

The hole made by Claudius is making the ship take on water. X quickly gets above deck and sees Naith and Lei on the other side. Checking on them, they are in front of the Bancho leader and one other pirate.

Bancho Leader: Yer good, but I'll not die here! You, get them!

The other Bancho pirate takes out two long swords.

Naith: I'll take him. You take the leader.
Lei: Alright.

Naith takes out his katana and signals his challenge to the swordsman. He charges at Naith as he backs up to give Lei and the leader space. Lei quickly charges at the leader.

Back to the sword fight, Naith is now stationary and blocks an incoming slice. The pirate uses his other sword to slash at Naith but his dodges it and kicks the pirate in the stomach which pushes him back. The sword pirate charges again and they both begin to clash blades over and over until Naith slices fast four times and cuts away one of the blades. The pirate begins to slash mindlessly and Naith dodges easily until he stabs the pirate in the stomach and the pirate falls down, dead.

The leader pulls out a gun and shoots Lei in the hand. Lei recoils a bit but then rushes him. The leader shoots again but Lei dodges and kicks the gun out of his hand. Lei then proceeds to kick him ten times and then punches him in the face which sends him off deck and into the ocean. X then calls over to them both from the middle of the deck in the middle of the fighting. *Theme stops*

X: Naith, Lei! We gotta go! The ship is gonna sink!
Lei: Alright! Let's go, Naith.
Naith: Right.

The three of them regroup and begin to fend off pirates fighting any of Kroke's pirates and telling them to get back on their ship. The Kroke pirates all swing back in due time and then X, Lei and Naith follow suit. The ship is now halfway under water when everybody gets back to their ship. In just a minute the ship sinks entirely, leaving many of the alive Banchos to sink. Just then, Claudius calls out to them from the ocean.

Claudius: Hey, guys! Looks like I got put in here again.
X: I'll help you up, Claudius. Come on over.

Claudius gets to the ship and throws his whip to X who pulls Claudius up with it.

Claudius: Thanks, man. Hey, look, I picked up some treasure when it sank.
X: Nice job sinking the ship. You were on a roll today.
Claudius: Heh, yeah.

Just then, the Bancho leader climbs up onto the ship, bruised from Lei's attacks. He starts to pant as he gets up.

Bancho Leader: This isn't over...

At that moment, Knosse sticks one of the pirate guns to his head.

Knosse: And now it is.
X: Nice, Knosse.

Knosse pulls the trigger and blows a bullet right through his head. He falls into the ocean again, dead.

Knosse: And that makes twenty takedowns.
Pirate 1: Damn. I had 12.
Pirate 2: 13.
Pirate 3: 10.
Knosse: I win!
Kroke: Good job all of ya.
Claudius: No problem. That was fun.

The group has experienced their first pirate fight at sea. What other dangers wait for them though? Keep tuned to Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 43: Docking at Neese

A week has passed since the pirate fight. Claudius and Kroke are below deck sitting at a wood table conversing.

Claudius: So we're almost there, huh?
Kroke: Aye.
Claudius: Thank you again for taking us here. Now I'd give you a small piece of advice?
Kroke: What is it?
Claudius: Don't go back to Drek for some time. The Myjuto Forces are taking over the entire continent.
Kroke: Alright.

With that, Claudius gets up and goes above deck. There Lei is sitting by the edge of the ship.

Lei: What's the word?
Claudius: We'll be at Neese shortly.
Lei: Good. I wonder where Hirai moved to.
Claudius: Yeah. I hope he's okay.
Lei: Knowing him he probably pulled the old man card and found a cheap place to stay.
Claudius: Haha. Yeah that sounds like him alright. So how have you been holding up?
Lei: About as well as everyone else, I'd say. These aren't the best times.
Claudius: Right. As long as you're ok, then we're set.
Lei: Yeah, I'm fine.
Claudius: Good. I'm going to check up on everyone else.

Claudius walks over to the other side of the ship where Naith is.

Claudius: Hey, Naith. How are you doing?
Naith: Fine.
Claudius: That's good. I'm just making sure we're all in a stable condition. Things could be hectic over there.
Naith: Why do you suppose that?
Claudius: Most of us have never been in Neese before. Finding our way could prove difficult.
Naith: Yes. Until we part ways, I can help navigate.
Claudius: I appreciate it. By the way, we're docking soon, so be ready.

Claudius takes his leave and goes over to the kitchen where X and Knosse are eating together.

Claudius: After you're finish eating, get ready since we are landing very soon.
Knosse: Sweet.
X: Thanks. Hey, we should have a team meeting before we land.
Claudius: That's a good idea. So how are you two doing?
Knosse: Good. I'm ready to kick some ass.
X: I'm doing ok. I've actually been waiting to get off this boat for a while now.
Claudius: Oh yeah, you get sea sick often don't you?
X: Yep. It's a sad thing.
Claudius: Right. Well when you're done eating and have gotten ready, meet me below deck.
Knosse and X: Right.

[Sarzo - Throne Room]

We see the three figures that were seen earlier when Jiron was talking to them.

Cloak 1: (Male voice) Word has it that we've taken over half of Drek now.
Figure: Good. We are making good progress.
Cloak 2: (Female voice) Sir, what of Jiron?
Figure: What about him?
Cloak 2: I fear he may become a huge liability for us.
Figure: Very well. I want you to keep tabs on him. If he is to betray us, bring him down.
Cloak 2: Thank you, sir.
Figure: Shim, be careful.
Shim: Please, I am your second best soldier. I won't fail.
Cloak 1: You'd better not.

With that Shim leaves with her cloak still on.

Figure: Do you know the difference between you and her?
Cloak 1: Yes, sir. I am faster and stronger than her.
Figure: And the difference between her and Jiron?
Cloak 1: It's...hard to gague. From what I've seen, Shim is quicker and more skilled.
Figure: Strength wise?
Cloak 1: Jiron has the advantage there.
Figure: Let's hope Shim is able to overcome that.
Cloak 1: Sir, with all due respect, Jiron is still on our side.
Figure: I'm not so sure anymore. I have a feeling he is using the Myjuto Forces.
Cloak 1: If Shim is to fail and dies by Jiron's hand, I will personally see to it that he dies.
Figure: Good.

[Kroke's Ship - Below Deck]

All of Fighters Abroad including Naith is sitting at a wooden table below deck.

Claudius: Thanks for coming, guys. I think we have a few things to discuss. X, you can lead.
X: Very well. When we get on land, we need to search the harbor for a few things. Hirai is one. We need to find out where he is living. Also, we might want to stay in that harbor if it has good food and resources. We need to hide for all intents and purposes. Meanwhile, we must take down any Myjuto Forces that may come our way. This won't be easy.

Lei: I agree. We're going to have to get jobs to support ourselves and such.
Claudius: Well I can do any kind of cargo work. I can make big silver off that.
Naith: I can fish like we have been doing on the ship.
X: Lei, we can probably get a job as cooks.
Lei: Sounds like fun.
Knosse: Well I'm certainly NOT cleaning. How about I just take care of whatever place we are staying at?
Claudius: That's a good idea. We do need at least one person to stay.
X: One more thing. This alone won't do us much good. If we ever want to go back to Drek, we will have to find Myjuto bases here and take them down.

Claudius: That could blow our cover, but it's worth a try. We need new looks if we are to hang around like this.
Lei: I'm sure we can fix that quickly.
Knosse: All X has to do is take off his bandages and put on some normal clothes and he's good.
X: ...I don't like showing all that to the public.
Claudius: We'll find something for you, don't worry. I think you should look real sharp, Knosse.
Knosse: You mean like put business clothes on or something?
Claudius: Yeah, haha.
Knosse: Ah what the hell.
X: Claudius, you need to stay away from your chain whip and your trench coat.
Claudius: I know. I'll have to rely on my sword. And I'm not too good with it.
Naith: I'll spar with you to help.
Claudius: Thanks, Naith. And by the way, you don't have to change your appearance.
Naith: Cool.
Knosse: Why not?
Claudius: He isn't wanted like we are. As far as they know, he's still just wandering around.
X: True. So we're pretty much set with that. Let's see, anything else?
Lei: I think most of what we need will come to mind while we are on our feet.
Claudius: Wait, we need to split up into two groups, remember?
X: Oh right. Let's see. Naith and I should be apart.
Claudius: The two fastest split up, right. That leaves uneven groups still.
X: I know. That's why I want you with me, Claudius. You seem to be the best of us at the moment.
Claudius: So then Lei and Knosse are with Naith?
X: Right. The two of us have handled plenty together. Also Lei and Knosse work very well together.
Naith: But even so, that group needs at least one sword. Good thinking.
Claudius: Great. So then I suggest our meeting spot be where the ship docks.
X: Agreed.
Lei: Definitely.
X: Alright, guys. Get your gear. It's time to start a new adventure. Hands in.

Everyone including Naith stands up and puts one hand in the middle and raise it up on three.


With that, everyone scatters and grabs their stuff that was off to the side of the table that they were sitting at. At different times, they go above until only X and Claudius remain.

X: Here we go. You ready?
Claudius: Yes. You go on ahead. I have a few matters I have to take care of before we leave the ship.
X: Will you be on time to get off?
Claudius: I will. Just don't leave without me if I'm a little late.
X: Alright. See you then.
Claudius: *salutes* Right.

X goes above deck while Claudius remains behind. He sits down on one of the seats and waits for about a minute before the door opens.

Above deck, the rest of Fighters Abroad waits near the edge of the ship. After a bit of time passes, a pirate who is up in the look out area yells.

Pirate: Land ho!
X: We did it, guys. We made it to Neese safe and sound.
Lei: Yeah. Now comes another test for us.
Knosse: We must survive so that we can ram revenge right down the Myjuto's throats.
Naith: These guys are quite determined to defeat them. I wonder if it is possible.

Five minutes pass and the ship reaches Nesse Harbor. There is a large dock that could hold up to twenty ships at one time. Beyond the dock area are a bunch of buildings and independent vendors infesting the street.

Lei: Do it now, guys.

X, Lei and Knosse pull out large black cloaks from their bags and quickly cover themselves with them.

Knosse: It was nice of Kroke to lend us these cloaks.
Lei: I know. Free of charge too.

The ship's anchor falls and thus it docks. Not long after, Claudius, who is also cloaked, goes next to X.

Claudius: Alright. I'm ready.
X: Good.
Knosse: Naith, how about you lead our group?
Naith: Because I've encountered the area before?
Knosse: Right.
Lei: Good call, Knosse.
Naith: Ok. Sounds good.
X: Shouldn't we say good bye to Kroke before we leave?
Claudius I already took care of that.
X: Oh, great. I had a feeling you were doing something important. But I wonder if it was more than he let on.

One of the pirates sets up the plank and exits the ship. Claudius, X, Naith, Knosse and Lei all exit right after in that respective order. When they all exit, they head past the docking area right to where the first building is. X positions himself to the left and Lei and Knosse position themselves to the right. Claudius and Naith stand side by side and turn to each other.

Claudius: (Quietly) Thirty minutes. We meet back here then.
Naith: (Quietly) Got it. Good luck.
Claudius: You too.

The two of them nod at each other, turn around and both yell.

Claudius/Naith: GO!

With that, the two groups separate. Claudius and X go left while Naith's group goes right. They both dash quickly and start running.

It seems our heroes have docked safely in Neese. Now the search is on for many things. Will they find what they are looking for? Next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 44: Food and Shelter

Previously on Fighters Abroad...

Claudius: (Quietly) Thirty minutes. We meet back here then.
Naith: (Quietly) Got it. Good luck.
Claudius: You too.

The two of them nod at each other, turn around and both yell.

Claudius/Naith: GO!

With that, the two groups separate. Claudius and X go left while Naith's group goes right. They both dash quickly and start running.

The search continues, today on Fighters Abroad!

Naith: GO!

Naith takes off in his respective direction and Lei and Knosse follow behind him as best they can. After around ten seconds of straight running, Naith slows down to a halt and waits for Lei and Knosse to catch up.

Naith: You really should get faster.
Lei: It's not that easy, you know.
Knosse: So is this where we are looking first?
Naith: Yes. Now that we are at a reasonable distance from the others, let's begin.

The three of them begin by going into an alleyway between two big buildings. They weave between buildings searching for something...anything. Lei calls out Hirai's name a few times in between but no answer. They continue this process for approximately ten minutes and then stop.

Knosse: So, what now?
Lei: We need to go into the main part. Only problem is, we're cloaked and mysterious looking.
Naith: You can follow me. I have an idea.

Naith leads Lei and Knosse into the main part of the Right Wing of Neese Harbor. They are now surrounded by individual venders that are selling different trade items (i.e Fur, clothes, spices). The three walk up to one of the venders.

Vender: Hello. Would you like to buy some of my fine robes?
Naith: Sorry, but no. My two brothers and I are travelers and we need a place to stay. Do you know of any Inn around here?
Vender: Yes, there is one right over there *Points to his left*. Just go down a block and you're there.
Naith: Thank you, sir.
Lei: (Whispering) Naith, what about food?
Naith: (Whispering) I think this is the wrong side of town for that.
Lei: Yeah, hopefully X and Claudius find that on their side.
Knosse: Let's go to the Inn and check it out.

And so they take their leave and follow the vender's directions. Sure enough, they find an Inn.

Naith: Wait inside. I will speak to the Inn keeper.
Lei: Very well.

Naith enters the Inn through double two way doors. There an Inn keeper is drinking from a large mug.

Naith: Excuse me.
Inn Keeper: Oh good afternoon.
Naith: How many rooms are open?
Inn Keeper: I have four. Three are one bed rooms and the other is a two bed room.
Naith: Thanks. Save those rooms. I will be back with my company.
Inn Keeper: For four rooms it will be 1,000 silver per night.
Naith: Ok.

Naith turns and walks out of the Inn.

Naith: We have four rooms. That means two of us are going to have to stay in one room.
Lei: Ok. We'll discuss that later. Meanwhile, It's time to go back.
Knosse: I just know they're going to volunteer me for staying with someone. I won't stay with another man in the same room.

We now wind the clock back to where the group separates.

Claudius: GO!

Claudius quickly runs to the left and signals X to follow. X quickly catches up and slows down so that he and Claudius run around the same speed.

X: Let's hope the others have some good luck.
Claudius: Let's hope WE have good luck.
X: Right.

They abruptly stop after seeing a man lying against a building. He is bleeding and looks dead. Claudius and X go up to him.

Claudius: Sir, are you ok?
X: Does he look ok?!
Claudius: I'm just making sure.

The man looks up at them weakly.

Man: ...water.
X: Here.

X Pulls out a water canister from his satchel and pours some water into the man's mouth.

Man: Thank you.
Claudius: Who did this to you?
Man: A man who said he was in the Myjuto Forces.
X: *looks at Claudius* ...
Claudius: I know. This isn't good. How long ago did this happen?
Man: Not long. He went that way *Points*.
Claudius: X, we have to go after him.
X: I know. We can't have one of them in this town.
Claudius: Good thing we went this way. We were trained for this kind of stuff.
X: I have an idea. Sir, wait here. We'll be back for you.
Man: Thank you.

X whispers into Claudius' ear and Claudius smiles.

Claudius: That sounds fun. Just like the old days.
X: You bet.

Meanwhile, we see a white cloaked man walking down an alley way. But all of the sudden he stops and a whip wraps around his neck.

X: Nice job, Claudius.

Claudius, who is on the nearby roof, has his whip dangled down and strangling the cloaked man. X appears out of the shadows and approaches the man. He takes off the man's hood to reveal a young man.

X: What rank are you?
Man: captain...please...let me....go.
X: I don't think so.

X stabs the man in the chest with one of his daggers and the man lets out a yell which is interrupted when X puts his hand over the man's mouth.

X: Shhhhh Shhhh Shhhh

In eventuality, the man dies and X signals for Claudius to jump down.

X: You know what to do.
Claudius: Yeah.

Claudius takes the man's body to the side where the ocean is, ties a nearby heavy stone to his foot and throws him into the ocean, making him sink.

Claudius: Well that was fun.
X: Yeah. Haha. Just like old times.

The two of them go back to the man's position and help him up. They also help him walk into the main town.

Claudius: Hey, sir. Can you help us with something?
Man: Certainly.
Claudius: We're looking for a few things. Is there much food around here?
Man: Oh yes. The market district for food is right here, in fact.
X: What about a place to stay?
Man: Oh, that is on the other side of town.
X: Looks like that part is up to Naith's group
Claudius: Thanks. I have one more question. Have you heard of a man named Hirai?
Man: No, I haven't.
Claudius: Then have you seen any strangers around lately besides that white cloaked man?
Man: I'm afraid not. Sorry.
X: No no, you've been a great help to us.
Man: And I owe you my life. Thank you. You can leave me here. I'll be fine from now on.
Claudius: Alright. Take care.

The two of them leave the market district and go back to where the ocean is.

Claudius: We did a good thing.
X: And we had fun doing it.
Claudius: Yeah. Sort of makes me miss the mercenary HQ and all our missions.
X: Me too. We'll get back to Drek soon. Just you wait.
Claudius: Yeah. Well, let's get back. We might be a little early, but we've accomplished our mission.
X: Right.

The two of them walk back to the rendezvous spot while talking about the old days the entire way. They are the first to arrive. Soon after, Naith is seen with Lei and Knosse far behind him.

Claudius: Ah, there they are.
X: Hey, guys.
Naith: *Stops* Hi.
Lei and Knosse: WAIT FOR US!

Lei and Knosse stop once they reach the group and start breathing heavy.

X: What's your report?
Lei: *huff* Well, we found an Inn plus some trade places.
Claudius: Perfect, because we found food.
Knosse: Two people have to stay in one room. And it's not me.
Naith: ............I'm not staying in a room with another man.
Lei: Well, I guess I get the last one bed room.
X: No no no.
Claudius: Yeah...um, I don't think you want me in a 2 bed room. Trust me.
X: We'll do Rock, Paper Scissors?
Lei: Ok.

They go a round and Lei loses. The next round X loses.

X: Damn.
Lei: Shit.
Claudius: Fuck yeah!

The gang has found a spot to stay AND food to eat while they stay. Now all they need are money and jobs. Will they be able to accomplish these? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 45: Finding Jobs in Neese

Naith, Lei and Knosse lead X and Claudius to where the Inn is. They enter and the Inn keeper is still there.

Inn Keeper: Welcome back. I see you brought your friends with you.
Naith: 1,000 Silver, right?
Inn Keeper: Per night, yes.
X: I totally forgot about money. I think we have to camp out tonight.
Naith: Here.
X: Huh?

Naith hands the Inn keeper some silver.

Inn Keeper: This is only enough for one room.
Naith: I'll be staying here tonight.
X/Claudius/Lei/Knosse: 0_0
Naith: What? You didn't bring any silver?

The rest of the group remains silent.

Naith: *sigh* Oh well. See you guys later.

Naith walks up a flight of steps with the Inn keeper. The group still remains silent and just walks out of the Inn.

Lei: And after all we've been through...
X: He goes and just ditches us in the middle of our opperation.
Claudius: It's ok. We just have to get 800 silver by tonight so that we can stay in the Inn.
Knosse: Don't forget about food.
Claudius: Shit. You're right. We'll need an extra 100 silver so that the four of us can eat.
Knosse: Well, it's a good thing we're surrounded by water around here. We can fish for food instead.
X: Good thinking.
Claudius: Follow me. I think I saw a cargo area close by. We might be able to help for big silver.

The group follows Claudius to the edge of the town to a spot where ships are coming in and going out loading and unloading cargo.

Claudius: If I can get a good job here, I will be able to support the five of us per night.
Lei: I'll go with you. If you get a job, I'll be able to come back and tell everyone.
X: Good idea.

Claudius puts his arms inside his cloak for a bit and then pulls out his trench coat and gives it to X. He and Lei then go into the cargo area and find a man who seems to be directing everything.

Claudius: *takes off hood part* Excuse me, sir.
Man: What is it? I'm on a busy schedual.
Claudius: For the price of 1,000 silver per day, I can help your cargo business.
Man: That's not exactly cheap. My best man can lift 280lbs.
Claudius: I can lift over 300lbs.
Man: What?! I just happen to have a 300lbs box over there *points to it*. Carry it to me and you got a deal.

Claudius takes off his cloak and goes around 4 meters and grabs the box. He lifts it with practical ease and brings it to the man.

Man: My goodness. You definitely have the job for 1,000 silver a day. How long will you work.
Claudius: I'll work eight hours. Good?
Man: Perfect. Welcome.

Claudius places the box on top of another and shakes the man's hand.

Claudius: Lei, tell the others that we're set. Now you guys need to find jobs and get food for tonight. I won't be back till late.
Lei: Alright. See you later.

Lei leaves the cargo area and tells X and Knosse that Claudius is working there now.

X: So where to now?
Lei: Well we might want to find a good place to cook for money.
Knosse: I guess I'll just tag along.
X: To the market district.

Knosse and Lei both follow X to the Market district. They spot a bar and go into it.

X: It looks like food is served here.
Lei: Perfect. Knosse, you can wait outside.
Knosse: Alright.

X and Lei go to the front where a bartender is.

Lei: Can we speak to management?
Bar tender: You got a problem with our food?
X: No, it's not like that. We want to work here as cooks. *Both take off their hoods*
Bar tender: Well I am the owner. I want you to go back and see how well you do.

The two of them go into the kitchen after the owner writes a letter and gives it to Lei. The head chef comes up to them and Lei gives him the letter.

Head Chef: I see. (To X) What's wrong with your mouth?
X: I burned it in an accident. I'd prefer to not show it to the public.
Head Chef: Good man. Anyway, let's get you started. If you do everything I say and do it well, you will work here.
Lei: Alright. Thanks.

Checking in with Naith, he's in a fairly small room with enough space for the bed, a bathroom (small extra room) and around 4 meters of extra space. Naith is sitting on his bed relaxing with his hat next to him.

Naith: Hmmm...perhaps I shouldn't have just left them. Nah.

Back outside to Knosse, he has walked away from the restaurant and gone to the ocean area (the same place that X and Claudius found the injured man). He pulls out his gun and a bomb. He then bends down and gazes into the water. He notices some fish.

Knosse: Perfect. Now let's see if this works.

Knosse hurls the bomb into the ocean and shoots it the instant it hits the ocean. It explodes underwater, not making much noise. Five fish come up dead.

Knoose: Yes! Dinner!

Back to the kitchen...

Head Chef: You two are hired. You will start tomorrow afternoon.
X and Lei: Thank you.

The two of them put their hoods back on and go outside and see Knosse with a spear in his hand with five fish on it.

Knosse: Hey, I got dinner.
Lei: Nice work.
X: Yeah, but where did you get the spear?
Knosse: I...don't know.

Time passes and the three of them are at the very outside of the city. There lies grassland in front of them with a forest in the back.

Lei: We need to cut one of these trees down to make a fire.
X: I got this. Claudius gave me his sword when he gave me his coat.

X pulls out Claudius' short sword and goes up to one of the trees. He concentrates on one spot and takes one swift swing which cuts through the tree. The tree falls toward X, but he's able to get out of the way with ease. With the help of Knosse's gunpowder, they are able to get a fire going. They then cook the five fish which were previously gutted and all by X. They each eat 1 fish.

Lei: You know, this is the first time in a while we've been able to sit around and relax in one spot like this.
X: True. And that was when we in mercenary HQ before the Warrior's Battleground.
Knosse: Before I joined the group.
X: We'll be in this town for some time now. We may as well enjoy.
Knosse: Tomorrow we get new clothes right?
Lei: Some of us will. Claudius doesn't really need it. X and I will get new clothes tomorrow.
X: Right. Knosse, you're fine for now.
Knosse: Cool.

After they are done talking, they put out the fire. It is now night time. They head back to the Inn where Claudius is waiting for them.

X: You're back earlier than expected.
Claudius: I got off a few hours early today. Tomorrow I'll have to make up for it though.
Knosse: Here, two fish for you.
Claudius: Oh, thanks. I'm really hungry after all that work.

Claudius eats the fish on the spot quickly. They then go into the Inn and Claudius gives the Inn Keeper 800 silver and they all go upstairs to the rooms. The first three rooms are filled and the next four are open. The Inn Keeper shows Lei and X to the first one open (which is to the left of Naith's room). To the left is Knosse's room and all the way to the left is Claudius' room. Claudius leaves the Inn quickly leaving X and Lei puzzled. He comes back in quickly, only this time he is with a blond haired girl and slowly brings her to his room.

X: (Whispering) Claudius. What the fuck are you doing?
Claudius: Shhhhhh.

Claudius takes the girl into his room.

Lei: Wow.
X: I know. Lucky bastard.

So the job hunts were successful. The Fighters have a new temporary life until they make their journey back to Drek. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? Keep reading Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 46: Getting Adjusted

The next morning comes quickly. Naith is seen walking out of his room. He looks around until the blond haired girl from the night before quietly exits Claudius' room and walks past Naith. He looks a bit surprised. After a few more hours Lei, Knosse and X wake up as well and find Naith relaxing near the entrance of the Inn.

Naith: So you made it.
Knosse: Yes, no thanks to you.
X: We got the necessary jobs to keep us going at this point.
Naith: Good. I will help you guys from now on. I'll fish so that you don't have to buy much food.
X: Much appreciated.
Lei: I guess Claudius is still sleeping.
Naith: I'll be back.

Naith gets up and walks upstairs and when he gets near his room, Claudius is seen walking out of his room. Naith now looks even more surprised than before.

Naith: Did you...?
Claudius: Oh, you saw her, huh?
Naith: Forget I asked.

Naith goes back to his room and Claudius heads downstairs to see the rest of the group relaxing in the same spot that Naith was.

Knosse: Good morning.
Claudius: Hey guys.
X: (Angst tone) Get much sleep last night?
Claudius: Nope, haha. Now that you mention it, I think I'm gonna get another hour of sleep before work.

Claudius goes back to his room. Shortly after Naith comes back. After an hour passes, Claudius rushes out the door.

Naith: So, Knosse. You don't have a job?
Knosse: Nope.
Naith: Since you really don't need to watch the place, you can fish with me today.
Knosse: Ok.
X: That spot you found was gold, Knosse.
Knosse: I know. Looks like everything has fallen into place for us so far.
Lei: I know what you mean. Hopefully this streak keeps up.

After a little more time of talking, X and Lei take their leave of the Inn to go to their job. Knosse and Naith remain for some time, chilling out and talking about a few small things.

Knosse: So why don't you join Fighters Abroad? We pretty much all consider you a part of the team.
Naith: I can't do that. I have my own duties to attend to.
Knosse: What duties?
Naith: I'd...rather not talk about it now.
Knosse: Fine. So, what now?
Naith: We can fish a little later. We could spar a while.
Knosse: A fight, huh? It's been quite some time since I fought last.
Naith: Is that a yes?
Knosse: You bet it is!

The two of them go outside and find an open area on a docking area. The area is a narrow rectangular edge of a dock with water on three of the four sides. Naith takes off his hat and coat and sticks them aside (As to not get them wet). He also lays his Katana aside and brings out a wooden sword roughly the same size.

Knosse: A wooden sword?
Naith: You don't want to get cut in half, do you?
Knosse: I guess you're right.
Naith: Your gun is fine, just don't use any bombs.
Knosse: That's fair. You ready?
Naith: Yes.
Knosse: Then let's go.

Knosse opens up by shooting a bunch of bullets at Naith. Naith is able to parry most of them but gets hit by two and steps back. He then quickly dashes right for Knosse and swings his sword. Knosse takes a hit on the shoulder and recoils. He then quickly brings out a knife from his side and tries to stab Naith. Naith notices this and grabs Knosse's forearm which stops him.

Naith: Are you trying to kill me?
Knosse: Well...no.
Naith: ...

Knosse drops the knife and Naith lets go of his arm. They both take a step back. Naith takes the opportunity to repeat his dash and swing. This time, Knosse side steps and knees Naith in the stomach. Naith quickly hits Knosse on the side with the sword and knocks him to the side which makes him stumble against the edge. Naith regains balance and goes to knock Knosse.

Knosse: Kamikaze ending!

Knosse takes a noise bomb from his satchel and throws it straight down. The impact of the explosion sends them both sending backwards into the water. When they both emerge from the water they quickly climb back onto deck.

Naith: What was that about?
Knosse: Couldn't let you win like that again. So I tied it for us.
Naith: You weren't suppose to use any bombs.
Knosse: Oh...right. Oh well.

Within a matter of a minute, many people come to the dock where they are at.

Person 1: What was that noise? Did you two do that?
Knosse: It was just a firework test. Everything is fine, people.

The people scatter gradually. Eventually the two dry off and Naith takes his stuff. They go over to an area with some excess lumber. Out of this, Naith carves a long spear to catch fish with.

Knosse: Where is my spear?
Naith: Aren't you supposed to have one?
Knosse: Oh c'mon. I can't just make spears appear out of thin air.

Oh really? I mean Naith carves another spear for Knosse. They then go to the spot that Knosse was at before. They are able to spear a couple of fish.

Naith: That should do for the two of us for lunch.
Knosse: Yes, let's eat.

And so the two of them eat in the same manner that X, Lei and Knosse did the day before. Checking in on X and Lei, they are working hard in the kitchen. With a packed house of customers, everyone is running around the kitchen at insane rates. After everything calms down, X and Lei go on a break and start eating soup.

X: That was one busy ass day.
Lei: Yeah. Tiring. I wonder how the others are doing?
X: I'm sure they're fine.
Lei: After we're done our soup, we should probably check on Naith and Knosse and see if dinner is ready.
X: Agreed. This won't hold me over either.

So they finish their soup fairly quickly and go outside. It is now well into the afternoon. They see Claudius outside, waiting for them.

Claudius: Hey, guys. Ready for dinner?
X and Lei: You bet!

The three of them go to the now deemed "camp site" where Naith and Knosse are cooking massive amounts of fish on an open camp fire.

Claudius: Is everything ready?
Naith: It is.
Knosse: You guys are just in time.
X: Great. Let's eat.
Lei: I'm starving. For a food place, they sure don't let us eat much.

Each of them grabs a couple fish each and eat to contentment.

Claudius: You should have been at my work today. There were a few fights between workers.
X: Did you get in any of them.
Claudius: Of course. The last one. There was a big five way brawl. Of course, I won.
Lei: Wouldn't expect any less. Well X and I put some rat poisoning in someone's food.
X: He was being an ass hole. He sent his food back twice just because.
Knosse: Enough rat poison to kill him?
Lei: Nah, but he sure as heck will be sick tomorrow. Actually....

[An unknown place]

Man: Oooooh my stomache!

[Back to the group]

Knosse: Naith and I sparred today. We ended up tying.
Claudius: Oh really?
Naith: He cheated and used a bomb when he wasn't supposed to.
X: Looks like we all are starting to get adjusted to our jobs and all.
Claudius: Agreed. This is pretty good. Let's keep this up, guys.
Knosse: Alright.
Naith: Cool.
X: Fighters Abroad owns! No matter where we are.

It seems that Fighters Abroad is adjusting to Neese better than expected. What awaits tomorrow's adventure? Keep reading Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 47: The Gold Mine

The next morning, everyone wakes up around the same time. They hang out in the same area as the day before.

Claudius: Good morning, everyone.
X: Good morning.
Knosse: Hey.
Lei: Hi guys.
Naith: ...yo.

The lot of them talk for a little while as they eat breakfast. In due time, Claudius leaves for work and then X and Lei follow suit a bit after. Naith and Knosse are hanging out, once again by themselves.

Knosse: So I hope we get a good catch today.
Naith: Sorry, but I'm going alone today.
Knosse: What? Why?

Without answering, Naith leaves instantly.

Knosse: Oh balls. What am I supposed to do now?
Inn Keeper: Hey, you.
Knosse: Me?
Inn Keeper: Yeah. I heard there's going to be a big expedition today.
Knosse: Hmmm. I should check that out.

Knosse grabs his gear and goes to the middle of the town. There a bunch of men with pick axes and helmets are crowded in a circle with one person in the middle. Knosse joins the crowd and nudges the guy next to him.

Knosse: Hey, what's this all about?
Man: Someone said they found a bit of gold in a cave somewhere. We're going to explore.
Knosse: Sweet. I'm definitely coming along for this.
Man: You'd better be careful. Rumor is that there are a monster and demon spirit in that cave.
Knosse: Really? That's crazy.

All of the sudden, the man in the middle begins to speak.

Leader: My good people. We will find the gold and make our town even greater!
All: YEAH!!!!!!
Knosse: (Mumbling to himself) I've heard better speaches from toast.

The leader pushes through the crowd and signals for everyone and they all follow him (Including Knosse). They all briskly walk to the cave outside of town. They all head inside (Some have torches) and when they reach a dead end, start to chip away at it with their pick axes. Knosse does the same.

Man: Wait a minute, how did you get that Pick and helmet?
Knosse: ....I don't know.

As they chip away, no gold seems to be coming up. They eventually hack away until they break the wall revealing another path.

Knosse: There must have been a collapse some years ago separating this cave.
Leader: Come! The gold must be waiting for us at the end!
All: YEAH!!!!!

Again, they briskly begin to walk down the new path set before them. All of the sudden the leader stops and looks at Knosse.

Leader: Wait a minute. I've never seen you before. Who are you?
Knosse: I'm um....well you see...
Leader: (Cutting off) You must be a spy from a different town! You must leave immediately. And tell your town to keep their noses out of our business.
Knosse: But I'm not...
Leader: (Cutting off) Remove him immediately!

Over by Claudius, he has just moved a piece of cargo and one of his co-workers comes up to him.

Man: Hey, Claudius. Did you hear about the gold expedition?
Claudius: No. So the town is searching for gold somewhere?
Man: In a cave just outside town.
Claudius: That sounds like fun.

Back to the cave, Knosse has been removed from the cave and sits outside alone.

Knosse: What a bunch of idiots. Oh balls, what to do now?

Knosse walks across the cave line thinking of what to do and all of the sudden sees something. He then smiles diabolically.

Knosse: That could work...hahahaha.

Now checking in on the expedition, they have reached yet another dead end. They begin to hack away at the new wall. This time, it takes around ten minutes to get through. A new path is revealed and the leader spurs them on.

Leader: We are almost there, men. Soon we will have what is rightfully ours!
All: YEAH!!!!!

So they go on but stop at the sight of two shadowy figures in the background. A voice is then heard. A voice that sounds like a monster. It grumbles, growls and howls. All the men are instantly frightened when another voice is heard. This one is a dark, deep maniac-like laugh.

Man 1: It's the demon spirit!
Man 2: And the monster as well!
Man 3: We have to turn back now!
Leader: Nonesense! We will take them down ourselves. CHARGE!

The leader charges in but no body else follows him. His figure shows up on the shadows as well and his voice begins to fade as some choking sounds are heard.

Leader: The demon spirit has me with its grip of death! HELP!

Again, no body helps him and they all stand frightened. Eventually, the leader's voice completely disappears.

Demon spirit: HAHAHAHAHAHA! ThAt iS a WaRnInG tO nEvEr MeSs WiTh Us AgAiN!
Monster: *Growls uncontrollably*

The leader is hurled in sight and he is unconscious. One of the men grabs him and everybody high tails it out of the cave. When everybody has left, the demon spirit and monster burst into laughter with very recognizable voices. Finally, we see who these two are.

Claudius: That was one amazing monster you played. Hahaha!
Knosse: You were great for the demon spirit too. That was a great Jiron impression.
Claudius: I've been practicing that one. Grip of death. He was too into his fantasy that he didn't notice my chain whip.
Knosse: I know. What a dumb ass.
Claudius: Hey, listen. My break is almost over so I have to get back to work. I'll see you tonight.
Knosse: Alright man. Thanks, again, for helping.

As Claudius walks away, he is heard mumbling "Grip of death" and then chuckles to himself. Meanwhile, Knosse keeps going down the path and sees a glow at the end of the cave. He reaches the glow to find mounds and mounds of gold.

Knosse: Jack. Fucking. POT!!!

Later that day, X and Lei get off work and Claudius accompanies them to the camp site where dinner was cooked by Naith and partly Knosse. They talk about the gold mine and how Knosse and Claudius tricked the men into thinking that the rumor existed.

X: Wow. That's great.
Lei: I would have loved to see that.
Naith: Can you really mimic Jiron?
Claudius: Yeah. Took me some time, but I think I got his laugh down pretty well.
Knosse: Nobody bring up the gold, nobody bring up the gold
Lei: So was there actually gold in that cave?
Knosse: Crap in a bucket! Uh.........no.
X: That's a shame. That would have made us rich.
Claudius: Oh well. That was still fun to mess with those guys.

The gang all laughs together as they eat dinner. Thus, ending a good day for Fighters Abroad.

Knosse has found a gold mine while having some fun. Why hasn't he told anyone about the gold? What on earth is he plotting? Next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 48: The Fight Club

The next morning is as per normal. The gang gets up and hangs out in their usual spot in the morning. Claudius leaves first, as per usual. He heads over to the cargo area where the boss is waiting for him.

Boss: Good morning, Claudius.
Claudius: Morning. What's the damage today?
Boss: We've got a nice load of cargo right now. I'm counting on you to lead this operation.
Claudius: Will do.
Boss: I will be back soon. I have few errands to run.

With that, the boss leaves the area, leaving Claudius in charge of the current job. He gathers a bunch of men who are muscular (most of them much more built than Claudius).

Claudius: Alright, guys. We have our work cut out for us. Let's get this done quick.
Man: Who made you in charge? You've only been here a couple days.
Claudius: Your boss did, Jim. For this job at least.
Jim: Bleh.
Claudius: Alright, let's get to work.

In front of them are tons of large wooden crates. They all disperse and start to move these crates. Some require two or more people to move. Each one Claudius moves, he does by himself however. Halfway through the moving, Claudius is interrupted by Jim.

Claudius: What can I do for you?
Jim: Listen here and listen closely. The boss has taken a real liking to you. I don't like that.
Claudius: I'm sorry you feel that way.
Jim: I've been here for eight years. Longer than anyone else here. I'm also the strongest.
Claudius: ....go on...
Jim: I don't let anyone take my #1 spot. You little punk.
Claudius: You really don't want to cause trouble now. I need you not bloody and injured helping with the crates.
Jim: It's YOU who will be bloody and injured!

Jim, who is significantly taller and significantly more built, throws a punch at Claudius. Claudius dodges the punch and merely pushes Jim aside as a warning. Jim then grabs Claudius by the arm and pulls. Claudius gets slightly angry and grabs Jim's arm that has Claudius' other arm. He pulls and flips Jim right over his shoulder and slams him into an empty crate and breaks it open. This renders Jim unconscious. All of the sudden, the boss comes up to him.

Boss: What is the meaning of this?
Claudius: My apologies, sir. I...
Boss: What are you apologizing for? Jim is the one that needs to apologize when he wakes up.
Claudius: You saw the entire thing?
Boss: You bet I did. That crate is coming out of his pay check. Although I wish you could have left him in better shape.
Man: Dude that was awesome. You should join the fight club, Claudius.
Claudius: Fight club?
Man: Yeah dude. It's filled with people who have great strength. Here's a flyer.
Claudius: *takes flyer* Hmm...beat the champion and win 100,000 Silver. I can do with that.
Boss: Huh, it says there's a chance later tonight. Let's all go when we close down.
Claudius: Awesome.
Boss: Now get back to work.

Later that day, everyone except Knosse is at the camp site eating dinner when suddenly he comes along wearing a full suit.

Lei: Woah! Knosse, what the hell happened to you?
Knosse: Eh, decided to dress up for once.
X: Looks pretty badass. *Sigh*
Claudius: What's wrong, X?
X: Some idiot bought out the restaraunt Lei and I work at. We might get laid off.
Knosse: Funny how that works, huh?
Lei and X: *looks at Knosse* IT WAS YOU!
Knosse: What do you mean?
X: So there WAS gold in that cave, wasn't there?!
Lei: Where else did you get the silver to buy a suit or buy out a company?
Knosse: Oh balls. Looks like you got me. I've been buying out companies today.
Naith: Heh.
Knosse: I'm a corporal owner now. And don't worry, you won't lose your jobs.
Claudius: Oh shit, I almost forgot. The fight club.
X: Fight club?
Claudius: Come with me.

They put out the fire and follow Claudius to a small building. When they enter, they see seats all around the building and a ring in the middle. Claudius goes to the back and talks to a couple people. He comes back a few minutes later.

Claudius: Alright. I'm in.
Lei: What is this about?
Claudius: In ten minutes, I'll be fighting the champion of this town for 100,000 silver.
Knosse: That's like 10,000 gold. Wow, that's a lot.
Lei: How much gold do you have?
Knosse: Right now? By two days from now I'll have over 1,000,000 gold.
Naith: That's a lot of gold.
X: Hell, that's 10,000,000 silver!
Claudius: Yes, enough about that, you guys should get front row seats. This will be good.

Ten minutes from then, Claudius is seen in the ring with a 7 foot light skin man that is very built. He is shirtless and has long black shorts. He is bald.

Claudius: He's the same size as Nori. I wonder who's stronger.

All of the sudden, a man in pin stripes enters the ring. Claudius recognizes this man as the Warrior's Battleground announcer.

Announcer: Welcome to the Neese Harbor Fight Club! Today we have a good challenger to the champio...wait a minute. Don't I know you? Yeah, you're that Claudius guy from the Warrior's Battleground. The champion is done for.

There is a slight pause and it turns into an awkward moment of silence.

Champion: (Deep voice) Well?
Announcer: .....Oh, um sorry about that. Anyway, unlike the Warrior's Battleground, this is not a ring out match. If you are down for ten seconds, you are out. Even if you fall out of the ring, you are still in the fight. Now in this corner, we have the champion, Rick!

Applause is heard from the entire building.

Announcer: And now, our challenger. (Reading off a paper) Kirk, the bulldozer! Wait, what?

Applause is only heard from Fighters Abroad and the few co-workers of Claudius.

X: Kirk? Where the hell did he get that from?
Lei: Smart. He's not drawing any attention to his real name. Just in case a Myjuto is here.
Naith: Kirk the bulldozer. *chuckles*
Announcer: Get ready, and FIGHT!

The announcer steps back to the edge of the ring. Claudius slowly steps toward the middle with caution. The champion is not so cautious and runs right to Claudius. He takes the first opportunity to throw a punch. Claudius easily dodges the punch and remains on the defensive. He throws two more punches which Claudius dodges as well. This time, Claudius jumps forward and punches Rick right in the gut hard. Rick is stunned by this and backs up while hunched over. Claudius rushes forward and punches his gut again and then shoryukens (Not actually shoryuken but jump uppercut) him in the jaw which sends him to the floor. The announcer begins counting. "1", "2!" And then Rick gets up.

Rick: You fight well. But I'm way stronger.
Claudius: Dream on.

With that, Claudius rushes back in. This time, Rick is ready and dodges an incoming punch. He then socks Claudius right in the cheek which sends him back. Claudius keeps his footing, however, and does not fall. This time, they both punch at the same time and their fists meet. They both recoil their fists and step back. Rick wastes no time in going for another punch. Claudius catches his fist with his hand an pulls it toward him and pushes off his hand which sends him right into Rick. Claudius punches him there five times extremely hard and then leans back and gives an extra hard punch to him which sends him back flying. Before he gets too far, Claudius grabs his arm and yanks him right back. He then flips Rick over his shoulder and slams him hard into the ring which bounces him upwards off the ring. With Rick slightly in mid air, Claudius gives him a hard kick which sends him flying out of the ring, hitting the hard floor outside it. The crowd instantly cheers for Claudius as the announcer counts.

Announcer: "1", "2", "3", "4", "5", "6", "7!", "8!", "9!!!!" "10!!!!" You're out! And the winner is...Cla...Kirk!!!!!!!!

The crowd cheers very loudly "Kirk!". Even Fighters Abroad and Claudius' co-workers cheer the same thing. Claudius pumps his fist up in the air in victory.

Claudius: Yeah!

Claudius has become the champion of the fight club and has won 100,000 silver along with it. Knosse has also bought out some companies. Could things go better for Fighters Abroad, or could they possibly worsen? Find out next time!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 7th 2010, 5:25 pm

Chapter 49: Double Ring Match

Three days pass and Fighters Abroad wakes up to a routine day. We once again follow Claudius on his way to work when he spots a young, slim lady with a white shirt and a short skirt. She has hazel eyes and hair between dark brown and black pinned back into a pony tail. Claudius immediately stops and heads over to this lady who is about average height.

Girl: Can I help you, sir?
Claudius: Yes, I couldn't help but notice you over here.
Girl: Is something wrong?
Claudius: Oh no. I just wanted to come over and say hi. You looked like you needed that. *wink*
Girl: Well thank you for that. My name is Tina. You?
Claudius: You can call me Kirk.
Tina: Nice to meet you, Kirk.
???: Tina!

Tina turns to see a man in silver armor beckon to her. She goes over to him.

Tina: Yes?
Man: Did you find any info?
Tina: Well, not really. We need to search a little longer.
Claudius: That armor. No. She can't be.
Man: Very well. Keep searching.

The man walks away and Tina returns to Claudius.

Tina: I'm sorry to bug you, but have you seen a man with brownish, redish spiky hair?
Claudius: I'm afraid I haven't. That man looking for him?
Tina: Not exactly. It's a man I'm looking for.
Claudius: Is this your boyfriend?
Tina: He's my brother. I haven't seen him in years, and I've been searching for him.
Claudius: Is that why you have alligned yourself with them?
Tina: I'm afraid it's my only option.
Claudius: You seem like a woman with good morals and standards. These guys aren't what you need.
Tina: I owe my life to them. A certain faction within the Myjuto Forces saved my life once.
Claudius: That's interesting. So you feel you owe them for saving you. I understand.
Tina: Thank you. It seems you have pretty good morals yourself.
Claudius: Thank you. Ah, it seems I'm going to be late for work.
Tina: I hope to meet you again soon.
Claudius: Likewise. Until next time.

Claudius turns and resumes his walk to his work.

Claudius: It's a shame. Poor girl. But to more important matters, they've almost found us. They're moving much faster than I expected. Wait a second, how the HELL did I get off topic with that girl? I was trying to hook up with her and we ended up talking about other things completely. Wait a minute, that's not important. We're being followed damn it! Man, I hate monologues in my mind.

Later that day at work, one of Claudius' co-workers approaches him.

Man: Hey, you hear about tonight?
Claudius: Hmm?
Man: Tonight is a team battle at the fight club.
Claudius: A team battle, huh?
Man: Two on two. If you have a fighting partner, you should definitely enter.
Claudius: Yes, I suppose I should. Thanks.

At night, the fighters are at the fight club after dinner. Claudius is in the ring by himself waiting for both his partner and his opponents. The announcer then enters the ring.

Announcer: Welcome everyone! Tonight we have a special two on two match. Right here we have Kirk the Bulldozer with one person taking on two opponents.
Claudius: Where is my partner?
Announcer: And here the challengers are now!

X and Lei enter the ring together and face Claudius with smiles on their faces.

X: Hey there, Kirk.
Claudius: Wait, YOU GUYS are my opponents? This'll be one hell of a show for sure.
Lei: It seems your partner isn't here. Maybe they chickened out.
Claudius: I highly doubt it. Until then, I'll have to fight by myself.
Announcer: Did you hear that, folks?! Kirk is willing to fight these two by himself until his partner arrives! Our challengers today are Leo the Terror (X) and Marco the Invincible (Lei). Get ready. AND FIGHT!

Claudius immediately puts his guard up as X speeds toward him. He is able to deflect X's punch and pushes him back. Lei immediately goes for a kick which is also blocked by Claudius. X then comes back and kicks Claudius in the stomach which pushes him back a bit. Lei then sweep kicks Claudius, tripping him. Claudius gets up instantly. Lei goes for another sweep kick but Claudius jumps over it and punches Lei which sends him back. X punches Claudius which barely moves him. He goes for another which is blocked by Claudius and Claudius grabs X's hand and throws him into Lei who was charging back. Lei dodges and X lands on the ring. Lei goes for a combo of kicks and punches and is able to successfully punch Claudius in the stomach but Claudius counters by kicking him away.

Claudius: Man...
X: We're just getting started.
Lei: You bet.
Claudius: I need to finish them quick if my partner won't show.

Claudius charges at them this time. X speeds to him and goes for a kick. Claudius anticipates this and grabs X's foot and flips him backwards, making him hit the floor hard. Lei then charges at Claudius and puts him on the defensive by punching and kicking all over. Claudius catches Lei's hand and is about to punch Lei when he receives a kick to the side from X which sends him to the floor. Claudius quickly gets back up and both X and Lei immediately rush in. X rapidly punches Claudius in the stomach and then Lei palm strikes him in the face which sends him back a bit. Struggling to gain his footing, Claudius can not counter and the two of them begin their offensive again. Claudius gets punched and kicked all over but manages to punch Lei away and kick X away. Claudius starts to breath heavy as they both get up and aren't breathing too heavy at all. They both laugh at Claudius as he grits his teeth in frustration.

Claudius: I'm finished. They're good as a team.
???: Sorry I'm late.
X: What?!

Just then, Naith jumps into the ring without his hat or coat. He gets beside Claudius.

Announcer: Well, ladies and gentlemen, Kirk's partner, Nate, has arrived!
Lei: Naith is our opponent?
X: This could be bad for us. We have to take out Claudius first and then Naith won't be a problem.
Lei: I agree.
Claudius: What the hell took you so long?
Naith: It doesn't matter. Let's do this.
Claudius: Alright. All I need are a few good punches on one of them and they're down.

Claudius smiles as he cracks his knuckles and stops breathing so heavy.

Lei: Oh...
X: Shit.

All four fighters charge in. Both X and Lei go to Claudius and go for an attack. Naith steps in and pushes Lei away and faces him. Meanwhile, X goes for a high kick to Claudius but he ducks and goes for a punch. X dodges and punches Claudius in the gut but Claudius manages to grab his hand. Claudius begins to chuckle as X's eyes grow wider. He pulls X towards him and lands a direct hard punch right to X's chest which makes him bend over in pain. Claudius leans back and palm strikes him in the face which sends X outside the ring, hitting the hard floor.

At the same time, Naith goes for a punch but Lei dodges. He quickly does another punch but Lei catches his fist and kicks him in the stomach which pushes Naith back a bit. Lei then goes for a sweep kick but is interrupted half way by Naith's kick to his other leg. Lei stumbles and Naith gives Lei a punch to the face which makes him stumble. Naith goes for another punch but Lei quickly recovers and flip kicks backwards, which catches Naith off guard and gets kicked in the chin. They both put up their guard after, neither making a move. All of the sudden, Lei receives a kick to the side from Claudius and is sent to the floor. Lei gets up after a second and looks around to see X out of the ring not moving.

Lei: Well this isn't good.
Claudius: Didn't you know? X has become rather predictable these days.
Naith: Now feel the pain of being double teamed.
Lei: Uh oh.

Lei puts up his fists in a guard position. Claudius begins to walk toward Lei and Naith rushes straight in and begins punching rapidly. Lei counters by also punching rapidly and meeting every punch that Naith throws with his own. Suddenly, Claudius reaches Lei and grabs him, turns him around and puts him in a full nelson. Naith starts punching him in the stomach as Lei struggles, finally after a few punches, Lei kicks backwards, kicking Claudius in the nuts and breaks free of his hold. Claudius bends down in pain and Lei goes to kick Claudius in the face but Naith steps in and throws him away. They begin punching at each other again, meeting fist for fist. Lei then is able to successfuly sweep kick Naith and trip him. He tries to stomp on him but fails as Claudius rams into him and pushes him to the floor. Claudius is still partially bent over in pain but is able to stand. Lei gets up and is breathing heavy and is in pain. Claudius limps over to Lei while Naith stands still.

In a spurt of energy, Claudius leaps forward and punches while Naith quickly speed runs to Lei. Lei is able to dodge Claudius but gets punched in the face by Naith. Claudius regains his footing and lands a direct punch to Lei's check like he did with X. He yells "Finish him!" and Naith does a spin roundhouse kick to send Lei out of the ring and he hits the floor hard. The announcer counts to ten thus naming Claudius and Naith the winner. They immediately go over to check on them. X has just gotten up and Lei is helped up by Naith. X and Claudius use each other for support as the crowd goes wild for all four of them.

A great battle has been fought between these four warriors. Now that that has been settled, what will happen next. You don't want to miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 50: Plus and Minus One - An All Out Confrontation!

One week has passed since the double ring fight. We focus in on Claudius who is hanging out with X near the docks. It is close to noon.

X: Ironic that both of us got off work today.
Claudius: Yeah. We have enough money for tonight anyway.
X: I've been meaning to sit down and talk with you about something.
Claudius: Oh? Alright then.

The two of them sit down right where they are.

Claudius: So what's on your mind?
X: Claudius. Do you remember why all this has happened?
Claudius: Yes. Don't worry. I know. I'm hired to do this job.
X: Feels like so long ago when this began.
Claudius: Well, it's been over a year.
X: Yeah. We've met so many awesome people since then.
Claudius: It's easy to forget that it was just the two of us a year ago.
X: Indeed...huh?
Claudius: You see it too? Could it be?

X and Claudius look to see a familiar ship coming in along with dozens following. The first one docks ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MDTbv8SgnHs ). A familiar women gets off and begins yelling.

Jen: Fighters Abroad! You will reveal yourselves and surrender now or all these people will die!
Claudius: Shit. This isn't good. X, we have to warn the others. We'll finish this talk later.
X: Agreed. I'll get Lei and Naith. You have to find Knosse.
Claudius: I will. Let's move!

They both disperse in different directions. We focus on X to see him run at a great speed towards the restaraunt. When he reaches it, he sees Naith outside fishing.

X: Naith, we have trouble. The Myjuto...
Naith: Do they know we're here?
X: They're threatening to kill everyone if we don't show ourselves.
Naith: So what now?
X: I'm going to get Lei and Claudius is getting Knosse. We need to plan things out. Now.
Naith: Yes. We can't have innocent people dying now.

X quickly enters the restaraunt and goes to the kitchen. He beckons for Lei who sees him and follows him out of the bar where Naith is now standing up waiting for them.

Lei: What is going on?
X: The Myjuto. They found us.
Naith: We need a battle plan.
X: We need to join up with Claudius and Knosse.

Meanwhile, Myjuto soldiers from other ships begin to pour out into the streets of Neese Harbor. We then check back on the three fighters who are all running together to find Claudius and Knosse. They have reached the other side of town. They soon see Knosse in his original outfit. He waves to the three of them and they go over to him.

X: Knosse. We have trouble.
Knosse: I know. That's why I'm here.
Lei: Where is Claudius?
X: I thought he was suppose to find you.
Knosse: He did. I'm afraid I have bad news. Claudius...he... *Theme stops*

By the dock, Claudius is now seen with his trench coat back on and his whip and short sword out. He reveals himself from a building and slashes a nearbye Myjuto soldier. Many soldiers hear the yell of the dead one and all rush towards Claudius. He spins his chain whip around and knocks away any soldier that gets in his way. He quickly rushes over to Jen's ship and twirls his whip again. Many soldiers block his path, but he cross whips and cross slashes his way through them all and gets onto Jen's ship. Jen seems surprised, yet pleased. Claudius looks around to see close to 50 soldiers with bows pointed at him all on the ship. Claudius places the tip of his sword to his own chest and looks at Jen sternly.

[Neese Harbor - Five Minutes Ago]

Claudius is without his coat and whip. He is running when he sees Knosse in his suit outfit.

Claudius: Knosse! Glad I found you.
Knosse: What's happening here?
Claudius: The Myjuto Forces found us. Looks like our cover is blown.
Knosse: What are we going to do?
Claudius: I have a plan. I saw one of the soldiers holding up wanted signs. You all are wanted dead, but I'm wanted alive. I'm going to turn myself in for the exchange of them leaving this town alone and you will all be safe. Listen to me, Knosse. You must find the others and tell them what I just told you. You have to leave this town within the next couple of days. I don't trust them. We don't have much time. Also, tell X that I'm sorry.

Claudius runs away before Knosse has a chance to speak.

Knosse: Oh balls...Claudius...


Knosse: I'm sorry.
Lei: What on earth is he thinking?
Naith: He's trying to save us.
X: I know, but...
Naith: He's made his mind up. Come. Let us go outside of town and seek shelter there.
Knosse: I have a cave where I store all my business stuff. It's right out of town.
Lei: Let's go there then. We'll talk there.
X: ...We'll finish that talk later then.

The four of them quickly exit town. However, they see familiar faces blocking their path.

Lei: You guys...what are you doing here?
Kroke: We have a bone to pick with ya.
Lei: What do you mean?
Naith: *Partially draws sword* He wants to fight.
Kroke: Ya have some price on yer heads. We'll be collectin' that money.
Lei: X...
X: You think nothing more than how to get more money. You're an ass hole, you know that?
Kroke: I think it's time ya die.
???: I don't think so.
Kroke: What?!

Kroke looks at one of his pirates ( http://i55.tinypic.com/wv8qx2.png (top is long sleeve) with tan long pirate pants and pirate boots) who has his sword ( http://historyshop.piratemerch.com/images/Pirate_Civil_War_1840_Non-Commissioned_Sword.jpg ) drawn. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHVE-dCIXP0 )

Kroke: Lance?! What the hell are ya doin?!
Lance: I'll be taking over your pirate crew now. I challenge you to a duel.
Kroke: You scum!

Kroke draws his blade which is similar to Lance's. They clash blades and push off each other. Kroke then goes for a down slash but Lance easily parries it. Lance then goes on the offensive by slashing repeatedly at Kroke. Kroke defends each stroke except the last which Lance knocks the sword out of Kroke's hand. Almost an instant later, Lance lunges his sword right into Kroke's stomach.

Lance: And that's the game.
Kroke: You......I...can't believe this....mutiny.

Lance removes his sword from Kroke's body and he falls down dead. He takes a piece of cloth from Kroke's persona and wipes his sword clean of his blood.

Lance: I am the captain of this crew now. You will all listen to my orders.
Pirate 1: But why would we listen to ya?
Lance: Perhaps you don't realize who I am. My name is Lance Kairo.
Pirate 2: Kairo?! No! Lance, we never knew...
Lance: And that's because I never told any of you of my last name.
X: (Whispering) Kairo? Is that name of any significance to any of you?
Knosse: (Whispering) The Kairos are world famous pirates. The best of the best.

Lance approaches the group and smiles at them. *Theme stops*

Lei: You're that pirate that was with Claudius on the ship.
Lance: Yes. I'm sorry for my late captain's insolance. The pirate crew is now on your side.
Knosse: Sweet.
X: So, Lance. Why are you doing all this?
Lance: I'll tell you. It happened before you guys left the ship.

[Kroke's ship - Two Weeks Ago]

X: Here we go. You ready?
Claudius: Yes. You go on ahead. I have a few matters I have to take care of before we leave the ship.
X: Will you be on time to get off?
Claudius: I will. Just don't leave without me if I'm a little late.
X: Alright. See you then.
Claudius: *salutes* Right.

X goes above deck while Claudius remains behind. He sits down on one of the seats and waits for about a minute before the door opens. We now see Lance come below deck and sit next to Claudius.

Claudius: Lance, I have something to discuss with you.
Lance: What is it?
Claudius: I saw the way you handled yourself in battle the other day. You were excellent.
Lance: I am a part of the Kairo family. We pride ourselves in our skill.
Claudius: I want to ask you to join us. We need people on our side and you would be a great addition.
Lance: I...don't know what to say.
Claudius: That's why I'm giving you some time to answer. We'll be in town for quite a while.
Lance: I will think about it.
Claudius: Thank you. Oh, and tell the captain we said good bye and thank you.
Lance: Will do.

Claudius and Lance stand up and shake hands.


X: Claudius...
Lance: Now that you know, my answer to his question is yes. I will join you.
Lei: I'm all for it.
Knosse: Sweet! We have a Kairo coming with us.
X: If Claudius has faith in you, then I will gladly vote yes. Welcome to Fighter Abroad, Lance.
Lance: Thank you. I will do my best.
Naith: I'd like to see your blade work a little later.
Lance: Ah, right. My fellow blade user. For you, certainly.
X: So is that your only weapon?
Lance: Not exactly. Take a look at these.

Lance sheaths his sword (Sheath is on a belt to his side) and brings out two small battle axes ( http://historyshop.piratemerch.com/images/battle_ax_548_2_.jpg with a much shorter handle) from his side also (He has a small axe sheath on both sides of his belt.

Lei: Axes, huh? That's pretty handy.
Lance: It helps. I also use pretty much any weapon I can find if I don't have these axes and my sword.
X: Alright then. We'd better get out of here quick before...
???: Stop right there!

Around thirty Myjuto soldiers appear coming out of the town.

Soldier: Men, kill them all!
Lance: Pirates, attack!
X: Fighters Abroad, attack!

As the soldier exit the city, The four fighters, Lance and his nine pirates charge at them. X and Naith reach them first and begin to cut up plenty of soldiers that come their way. Lance and Lei reach next. Lance keeps his axes out and begins to fend off many soldiers by hacking and blocking. Lei sweep kicks one of the soldiers and kicks him into another soldier, making them both fall down. Another soldier goes to attack him but Lei dodges and palm strikes him away. Knosse and three pirates stay back and shoot soldiers. The other six pirates have blades and fight the soldiers head on. While this battle goes on, a girl voice shouts "STOP!". Everyone stops immediately and looks at who is yelling.

Tina: Myjuto soldiers. You will stop this instant!
Soldier: Tina?! What are you doing here?
Tina: By the orders of Jen, ranked 12 in the Myjuto Forces, you are to return to your ships immediately.

The soldiers quickly back off and retreat. Tina stays behind and goes up to X.

Tina: So...Kirk was really Claudius, the man we've been looking for.
X: How did you...
Tina: I talked to him a week ago. I can tell he is a good man. He is under Jen's custody now, though.
X: I figured as much.
Tina: Go. I will not tell Jen where you are so you have a couple days to escape this place before more soldiers come for you. Good day.

Tina turns around and goes back to the dock.

X: ...
Lei: It seems we have to travel again.
Knosse: I'm up for it. All that business stuff was pretty boring anyway.
Lance: I have a feeling I'm going to like this group.
Naith: You probably will.

We now see Jen's ship which is now leaving the harbor. Claudius still has his sword up to his chest and once all the ships have left and they are out of range, Claudius willingly hands over his weapons and is tied up and put in a small metal prison below deck. Tina comes to visit him.

Tina: I'm sorry, Kir...Claudius.
Claudius: It's ok. They've escaped and that's all that counts. Thank you.
Tina: For what?
Claudius: Keeping me company. I'm counting on you, X, to lead Fighters Abroad. Don't fuck this up.

Claudius has been captured and Lance has joined Fighters Abroad. So much has happened. Now the group must leave Neese Harbor. A whole new adventure awaits them on Fighters Abroad!

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