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 Fighters Abroad

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 12th 2010, 8:59 pm

Chapter 51: A Pirate's Oath

Fighters Abroad, with its newest member, heads over to the dock. They see a dead Myjuto soldier with a slash across his chest.

Lei: Looks like Claudius didn't get captured without a fight.
X: He probably charged Jen's ship and killed anyone in his way.
Lance: Unfortunate. I've heard they take prisoners like him all the way to Ivan.
Knosse: Ivan?! The third continent?!
Lance: Yes. The Myjuto's main prison lies at the heart of the continent. It is surrounded by mountains.
Naith: Seems inconvenient for a location.
X: I agree. It's probably not guarded well compared to Sarzo.
Lance: So, are we going there next?
X: As much as I'd love to, we can't afford a direct route there.
Lei: Agreed. We will have quite the journey before we get there.
Knosse: Are we staying at the Inn tonight?
X: We payed for it so we may as well. Lance will take Claudius' room.

The group goes to the Inn and explain that Lance takes Claudius' room. Once upstairs...

X: This is your room, Lance.
Lance: Much obliged.

We skip over to the next day where Fighters Abroad is at their usual hang out spot at the Inn.

Lei: So this is the last time we'll see this Inn for a while, huh?
Knosse: I guess so.
X: I'll partially miss it.
Naith: Where are we off to now?
Knosse: We are going to my underground storage place recently built.
Lei: There we can discuss what we're doing next.
Inn Keeper: So, you guys are leaving then?
X: Yes. Thank you for letting us stay here.
Inn Keeper: You come any time now.
Lei: Thank you. We will.

With that, they leave and reach the outside of town. From there, they follow Knosse till they reach a spot that looks ordinary.

Knosse: Here we are.
Lei: Uh...what?
Knosse: Here, I'll show you.

Knosse reaches to the grass and opens up a small hole which he puts his hand through. He grabs something that opens up a large portion of the ground.

Knosse: To the Knosse Cave!

The group travels down a flight of steps as the cave gets darker and darker until they see a light at the end. When they reach it, they see a wide open space of rocky ground with a vault in the back. A person is in the corner in a crouching position ( http://www.wallpaperbase.com/wallpapers/movie/batman/batman_6.jpg ).

Knosse: NO! This is MY cave you bastard!
Batman: I am the night, I am vengeance, I am...
Knosse: I don't give a shit who you are. Get the fuck out of my cave!

Knosse takes out his revolver and shoots repeatedly at Batman who is forced to exit the cave.

Knosse: Ok, now we're set to discuss whatever.
Lei: I think we should settle a bit first.

Knosse closes the exit and lights a few candles around the cave. Lance and Naith are seen sparring while Lei, Knosse and X are chatting while sitting in a circle.

[Sarzo - castle]

In a room inside the castle, Jiron and Nero are resting on chairs.

Jiron: So Claudius was captured by Jen. I see a promotion for her in the near future.
Nero: Yes. She certainly must have been excellent to capture someone that you claim to be good.
Jiron: Claudius took down Officer Tibi while dealing with battle injuries.
Nero: My goodness. Tibi was a strong one too. You just had to go ahead and kill her.
Jiron: Sympathy will get you nowhere. Break whatever feelings you had for her.
Nero: I guess you really are as cold as they say.
Jiron: Going back on topic, having Claudius out of the way is to our advantage.
Nero: Yes. I think Kyle can take them on now.
Jiron: Kyle is indeed strong. I wonder who is stronger? Kyle or Claudius?

[Knosse Cave]

Lance: I can see that you are a better swordsman than I, sir Naith.
Naith: Your blade work needs polishing, but you're not bad.
Lance: My problem is that I haven't worked on my sword too much since I've handled just about every weapon.
Naith: I see. I will help you while I'm here.
X: Hey, Lance, could you come over here?

Lance and Naith both join X, Lei and Knosse in the sitting circle.

Lei: We'd like to hear your story and more about the Kairo family.
Lance: Yes, of course. As you probably know, the Kairo family has been marked as the best pirate regime of all time. It runs in our blood to be above and beyond every pirate out there. At a young age, we are taught all there is to know about top quality piracy. Unlike the other pirates, though, we are well mannered and keep ourselves in good condition. We rarely drink alcohol. That said, the Kairos are usually rejected in many crews. Hence, why I kept my real identity a secret from Kroke.

X: Interesting.
Knosse: That's awesome.
Lei: So, then can you tell us about you more?
Lance: Certainly. As a Kairo child, I was born into a fairly rich family. My father was my idol.

[Pirate Ship - Nine Years Ago]

Narrator Lance: When I was only 12 years old, I started my real training in combat.

A much younger version of Lance is seen. He is wearing light blue royal like clothes. He is holding a rapier. Facing him is someone that looks a lot like the current Lance only a little older. He too is holding a rapier.

Lance: I'm ready, father.
Terrence: Alright, son. Let's see what you got.

Lance swings his rapier around like crazy and Terrence dodges very easily. He then wacks Lance in the face with his rapier which knocks him down.

Narrator Lance: He was rough on me, but that made me even better as a fighter and a pirate. I started to learn some tactics on the sea and how to fight ship to ship.

We skip over six years. Lance is now 18 and his father looks around the same. They are on the same ship, facing each other.

Terrence: You've grown, Lance. You're ready to become a true pirate.
Lance: Thank you, sir.
Terrence: As a Kairo, you must be the best you can be.
Lance: I know. I will. I'll become the best pirate ever!
Terrence: I'll hold you to that. If you become anything less than the best pirate ever, you'll regret it.
Lance: *nods*


Lance: As rough as he may have been, he was always very kind to me. My mother was also the same way. My brother has always been at my side and we've had very little problems.
X: I see you were raised well.
Lance: Indeed. It wasn't long after that when I found Captain Kroke. My skills put me at his right hand within a month. I knew one day that I had to take over his crew.
Naith: And yesterday was the day.
Lance: Correct, my friend. I would not allow Kroke to join the Myjuto Forces or even be at their mercy.
Lei: And so we now are here. So where next?
Naith: There is a small city east of here.
Lance: Tyr, right?
Naith: Right.
X: Wait, so you know this area too, Lance?
Lance: I've been around the world once on Kroke's ship. I've passed through Tyr for supplies.
Lei: That means we have a permanent navigator on this team.
X: Hey, Lei. I think it's time to pay the restaurant a visit.
Lei: You're right. We also have to drop by the cargo place.
X: Then let's head out now.

X and Lei head outside and go towards town.

Lance: So how long till we leave?
Naith: When they get back.
Knosse: We can't stay any longer?
Naith: We have to keep moving. The Myjuto could be on our tail by tomorrow.
Lance: I agree. From what that girl told us, we don't have long.
Knosse: Alright. Hey, Lance. I'm a fan of the Kairos.
Lance: Glad to hear.
Naith: So that promise you made...
Lance: I still fully intend to carry it out. I'm going to be the best pirate there ever was!

We've learned quite a few things about our new friend. Now, the group must leave town immediately. They are headed for a small city named Tyr. What awaits them there? Next on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 21st 2010, 6:00 pm

Chapter 52: Leaving Neese Harbor

A couple minutes later...

Lance: Ah, I just realized. I have some business to take care of in the town before we leave.
Knosse: Ok.
Naith: Try to be quick.
Lance: Will do.

Lance leaves as well. He goes back into town and into a bar where all of Kroke's pirates are waiting for him.

Lance: Attention!
Pirates: Captain?
Lance: I'm going to be leaving here. I want you all to stay here or nearbye while I'm gone. I want you all to survive until I get back. That is all.
Pirates: *Salutes* Captain!

With that, Lance leaves the bar and heads back to Knosse's cave. X and Lei have already come back by the time Lance arrives.

Lance: Are we all ready?
X: Yes. It's time to go.
Knosse: To Tyr!
Lei: Lead the way, Naith.
Naith: Sure.

The group takes one final look at the town which is in plain view. They then turn around and follow Naith away from Neese Harbor.

[Sarzo - Throne Room]

We see the throne room yet again with the silhouetted figure on the throne with the white cloaked man at his side. In front of the throne is another white cloaked man knelt down.

Figure: You've done well, Kyle.
Kyle: (Male voice) Thank you, sir. Drek is now ours.
Cloak 1: You've shown considerable strength. You are far stronger than your sister.
Kyle: That Claudius. I'll kill him for what he's done!
Figure: He is being held at our main prison as we speak.
Kyle: With all due respect, sir, you have to let me kill him.
Figure: You may not.
Kyle: I don't understand. Why is he wanted alive?
Cloak 1: That is not for you to question. Know where you stand. Rank five, not the king.
Kyle: Yes, of course. I apologize for being rude.
Figure: No, it's ok. Claudius is to be tortured for a couple months and then publicly excecuted.
Kyle: What?
Figure: He will be a symbol for those who stand against us. Nothing will stop us from taking what is ours.
Kyle: Very clever, sir. I couldn't have thought of a better plan.
Figure: You have thus far been loyal and an excellent fighter. If this keeps up, I will let you do the honors of severing Claudius' head.
Kyle: It would be of the highest honor.
Figure: Very well, you may go. I'd like to speak with you later.

Kyle exits the room, leaving the cloaked man and the figure alone.

Cloak 1: Any news from Shim?
Figure: Her reports haven't been very detailed yet. Jiron has mainly been here with Nero.
Cloak 1: Do you think he suspects her?
Figure: Jiron is one that no one understands. I can't say either way.
Cloak 1: With all due respect, why did you recruit him?
Figure: His power is almost unrivaled. Imagine if he were on the other side.
Cloak 1: I would have personally taken him down then. You know that the two of us have no equal.
Figure: That is true. Send for Jiron. I want to speak with him alone.
Cloak 1: Very well. I will get him.

We now see a small arena inside the castle. Jiron is there with a fully armed Myjuto soldier (minus weapon). The soldier is on one knee and holding his chest as Jiron stands next to him laughing. At the soldier's chest, the armor is cracked.

Jiron: Well, soldier? Is that it?
Soldier: How...you punched right through my armor.
Jiron: Fool! you expected otherwise? You'd better wise up and learn how not to rely on your armor.
Nero: Solid advise. Perhaps you'd like to go a round against me, Jiron?
Jiron: It's a bad matchup, Nero. Your tricks won't work on me.
Nero: You might be surprised. What do you say?
Jiron: Hahahaha. I say bring it on! But if you are bleeding profusely on the arena, don't expect me to help you.
Nero: I seriously doubt that will happen.

Just then, the cloaked man enters the room.

Cloak 1: Jiron, the king wants you.
Jiron: Grrr...things were about to get interesting, too.
Nero: I'll await your return.

Jiron quickly exits the room in slight disappointment.

Cloak 1: Perhaps you'd like to go a round with me instead. Ento, ranked first in the Myjuto Forces.
Nero: You? Gladly. I always wanted to see how strong our top ranked fighter is.

Meanwhile, Jiron reaches the throne room. He enters and approaches the still silhouetted king.

Jiron: Fucking bastard. I should kill him right here right now! You called, sir?
King: You are doing little good here. As a high ranked officer, you should be doing more.
Jiron: What the fuck is he blabbing about now?! What do you suggest?
King: I want you to go east into Neese and maintain troops there. Our situation over there isn't the best.
Jiron: No shit! There's no good officers in Neese! So Neese is our next target?
King: Yes.
Jiron: Why not send Kyle over there like before?
King: He is busy maintaining the situations over in Drek. I need you in Neese.
Jiron: And what of our situation in Ivan?
King: Jen and Jimbo have a pretty good handle on it.
Jiron: What the fuck kind of name is Jimbo? Alright then. About Fighters Abroad...
King: They must be in Neese somewhere. We only found Claudius, but the rest of them have to be there.
Jiron: So you want me to take them out, is that it?
King: That is precisely what I want. You have failed to eliminate them many times, so failure this time won't be tolerated. While keeping everything under control, you must find out where the rest of the pitiful group is and kill every single one.
Jiron: I merely have let them live. They are no threat to me. I wouldn't consider that a failure. Besides, you can't afford to lose me right now. If Claudius somehow escapes the prison, Kyle, Nero and your trusted assistants are the only ones that can stop him.
King: You'd rank him that high?
Jiron: Yes. At full strength, Claudius would make quick work of Tibi.
King: Officer Tibi was stronger than most. We must then make sure he doesn't escape.
Jiron: Anyway, with your permission, I'll leave for Neese tomorrow morning.
King: Very well. You may leave.
Jiron: Thank you, sir.

Jiron quickly exits the room and heads back to the arena room. On his way, Ento passes him and mutters something that Jiron doesn't care to understand. When Jiron enters the room, he sees Nero laying flat on the arena (face up). Jiron goes up to him and sits next to him.

Jiron: What happened?
Nero: That man. He's too good. I couldn't even land a single hit on him.
Jiron: Even you? I may have underestimated Ento. Nero is a tough one, but at this point, I can't even gauge Ento's power.

[Neese - Grassland]

A day has now passed since they left Neese Harbor.

The group is traveling across a large open area of grass land. The grass is fairly tall, reaching up to everyone's ankles. Naith and Lance are in front, neither saying much. Lei and Knosse are a bit behind the two quietly muttering to each other while X trails a bit behind everyone with his head slightly down. By his facial expression, we can see that his mind is somewhere else but he is conscious enough to follow everyone.

Lance: Tyr is close now. Less than a day away.
Naith: Correct.
Knosse: Sweet.
Lei: Cool.
Knosse: Hey, X. You haven't said one word since we left. Are you ok?
X: .....hmm? Oh yes, I'm fine.
Lei: It's Claudius, isn't it?
X: It's nothing. Let's keep moving.

We've certainly seen a little behind the scenes action with the Myjuto Forces. Meanwhile the group gets closer and closer to Tyr. X has started the isolation process. What is behind all of it? Many things are coming soon so keep reading Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 24th 2010, 8:43 pm

Chapter 53: Tyr, the City of Mythology

The group is still traveling on grassland. They have grown partially weary and stop at night.

X: So Naith, do you think you can start a fire for us with your zippo?
Naith: ...um, I don't really use it for starting camp fires.
Lance: It's ok. I have a lighter.
Lei: Seriously?
Lance: Yeah.

The group gathers fire wood and arrange it. Lance pulls out a generic lighter and starts the camp fire. They all sit around the camp fire talking.

Lei: So, Lance. How come you have a lighter with you?
Lance: I'll show you.

Lance reaches into his pocket and pulls out a cigarette. He lights it and begins smoking.

Knosse: Oh, so you smoke.
Lance: Yeah. It's a bad habit of mine, but I can't help it.
Naith: Have you tried quitting?
Lance: Yes, twice. Does it bother you if I smoke?
Naith: Not at all.
Lei: It's fine with me.
Knosse: Nope. Not outside at least.
X: It's cool.
Lance: So I've sat around telling my story to you guys. I want to hear from you more.
Lei: I guess that seems fair. I'll start then. I used to work for a group called SHAC. It stands for Support and Help Across the Continent. I was a strategist and a support fighter. I was taught by Master Hirai.
Knosse: So that's how you learned some kickass strategy.
Lei: Correct. I was chosen as SHAC's ambassador for fighting the Myjuto Forces when they first appeared. They got to me and my village first, though.
X: Honson...
Naith: Hmmm that place.
Lei: So who's next? Knosse, how about you?
Knosse: To be completely honest, I can't remember a lot.
Lance: What do you mean by that?
Knosse: I woke up one day in the middle of nowhere. Only thing I remembered was my skills and my name.
Lance: That's pretty harsh. What about you, X?
X: I was raised up in the Revume Clan of assasins. My father is the leader of it. Life was always high standard in the clan, even though we were taught to be cold blooded killers. Believe it or not, my skills as an assassin were sub par compared to most of the clan. My technique was never too great, but my fighting skills were above average at least. I once had a girlfriend, you know. We were together for years until a fellow clansman killed her. So I took my revenge and killed her assailent. Unfortunately, the counsel didn't see eye to eye with me, and blamed me for both deaths. And so I was banished. That is when I took on the name X. It symbolizes two slashes crossing each other, marking two important deaths that changed my life...and my name.
Lei: Wow, X. I never knew.
Knosse: So what was your original name?
X: It is of no importance. I will go by X the rest of my life. Even if I rejoin the Revume.
Lei: Is that possible?
X: Not according to the counsel, but I will find a way to get back.
Naith: Interesting story.
Knosse: What about you, Naith?
Naith: I'd...rather not say.
Lei: Why?
Naith: Don't take offense. I'm not ready to tell you yet.
X: That's fine. You can tell us when you are ready.

The group continues to tell stories about their past. Whether serious, sad or plain silly. They eventually get tired, put the fire out and fall asleep. The next morning, we see Lei wake up. He looks around to see X who is staring at the horizon. Lei promptly sits next to him.

X: Ah, Lei. Good morning.
Lei: Good morning.
X: Today, we reach Tyr.
Lei: Yes. Listen, I know something is bugging you. What is it?
X: It's something I was about to tell Claudius before he got captured.
Lei: So you two talked before they came?
X: Yes. Since this journey began. They'res really been one hero that has saved everything.
Lei: What do you mean?
X: Do you recall Orzu?
Lei: Yeah. Claudius paralyzed him with his sword.
X: And Tibi?
Lei: Claudius defeated her when she was trying to kill you. Ah, I see.
X: I stupidly lost to Orzu and I failed to defeat Jiron at the Warrior's Battleground.
Lei: So you're saying that without Claudius, we wouldn't have done what he have?
X: Sort of. It's complicated. He and Naith also saved me from certain death previously.
Lei: And so you feel inferior to Claudius. Is that it?
X: Yes. I wanted to get it off my chest to him, but we just ran out of time. *Shakes head*
Lei: I see. To be honest, now that you put it that way, I want to agree with you.
X: Why do you say?
Lei: When I first met you two, neither of you were a match for me. But somehow, he found a way to pass us.
X: When we fought him at Neese Harbor, it was almost like we were fighting Jiron.
Lei: Well, I wouldn't go that far. Jiron kicked all three of our asses at once and defeated master.
X: Yeah, you're right. I wonder if master is in Tyr.
Lei: I've been thinking about the possibility.
X: Let's hope.
Lei: One thing. Shed your feelings of inferiority. They will only lead to trouble.
X: I will try. Thanks, Lei. Please keep what I told you to yourself.
Lei: I will. Say, while we're up, do you want to train a little?
X: Sounds good.

An hour later Lance wakes up and sees X and Lei training still. He approaches the two.

Lance: I say. The two of you are showing spectacular skill.
X: You know it.
Lei: You look pretty good yourself, Lance.
Lance: *scratches head* Well, I may not be as good a swordsman as Naith, but I make up for that with other stuff.
X: Well we're glad to have you along.

Lance joins them in a battle royale. After they finish, they walk back to where the fire was to see Naith sitting up with his sheathed sword next to him. X goes up to him.

X: Naith, how long have you been up?
Naith: I was the first one up.
X: I didn't notice him when I woke up. I wonder why? How much did you hear?
Naith: All of it. Don't worry, I won't say a thing.
X: Thank you.
Lei: Hey, X. You think it's time to get Knosse up?
X: Nah, let him sleep for a little longer.
Naith: The citizens of Tyr worship a mythology, you know.
X: What?
Naith: The city is named after the god, Tyr.
X: Ah, right. One of the sons of Odin. I read about mythology a long time ago.
Naith: The people may be a little off base. Be careful.
X: Will do.

Another hour passes and the group awakes Knosse.

Knosse: Hey, I was having a good dream!
Lei: It's time to go.
Lance: So what was it about?
Knosse: It was a great dream about.......well nevermind. I'll be ready shortly.

Shortly afterwards, the group grabs their stuff and begins traveling again.

[Sarzo - Throne Room]

Jiron is in front of the King yet again with Ento (still cloaked) at his side.

Jiron: Is everything ready?
King: Yes. You may leave for Neese now.
Jiron: I just have one question, sir. Will Shim be following me there as well?
Ento: ! You...
Jiron: She is a top spy indeed, but no one keeps tabs on me without me knowing it. Well mostly.
King: Does it bother you?
Jiron: Not really. I'm not doing anything wrong, so I welcome it. You're all wasting your energy on it.
King: Very well. She will stop following you.
Ento: Sir...
King: I have no reason to doubt him. That will be all, Jiron.
Jiron: Thank you. I'll leave now.

Jiron exits the throne room. A minute later, Shim walks in.

King: You aren't doing your job properly, Shim.
Shim: So he knows then?
Ento: He made a mockery of you in front of the king.
King: I want you to still follow him. Keep your distance this time.
Ento: Oh, I see. Very good, sir.
Shim: As you wish.

[Neese - Tyr Gates]

The group is now outside a large gate with two guards with spears. They walk up to the guards.

Guard 1: State your business.
Lei: We'd like to pass through this city and spend some time here.
Guard 2: Travelers?
Naith: Yes. Is that a problem?
Guard 2: No. You may pass.

The two guards open the gate together and the group passes through. The city is is mainly made of stone. Stone houses, stone roads and stone walls surrounding the city. They see children playing on the roads and such.

Lance: Hmm, Tyr. It's been a while.
Knosse: This place looks boring.
X: (Whispering to Lei) You think Hirai could possibly be here?
Lei: (Whispering back) It's quite possible. This place seems quiet enough for him.
Naith: It's time to go. We should stay here for a little while so we should look for a place to hang around.

They go deeper into the city. Along the way, a man in a viking like hat greets them.

Knosse: Sweet hat.
Naith: What is it?
Man: Welcome, travelers. Have you come to pay your respects to Tyr?
X: Not really. We're just passing and stuff.
Man: You should visit our temple. It's in the heart of this city.
Knosse: Can I try on your hat?
Man: ...no.
Knosse: Awe cmon. Please?
Man: No.
Knosse: Damn. I'm not paying any respects to Tyr.
X: We'll be off now.

They leave the man and travel deeper into the city.

The group has reached Tyr. What is in store for them in this Mythological ridden city? Keep reading Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   August 27th 2010, 11:11 pm

Chapter 54: From Either Side

As the group gets deeper into the city, they find more and more viking like people until they reach the heart where a large temple is and many viking like people are gathered around it.

Knosse: What a freak show.
Lei: They must be paying tribute to Tyr.
Lance: We should get out of here.
Naith: Why?
Lance: If they see us as needless trespassers, they might arrest us for sacrilege.
X: How do you know all that?
Lance: I've had a run in with this city before. One of Kroke's men denounced the name of Tyr.
Lei: What happened to him?
Lance: He was going to be hanged. We had to sneak him out of the city.
Knosse: Sounds harsh. We should probably go.
Voice: Help!

A man walks toward the temple with an arrow in his stomach, bleeding to death. One viking (if you will) hurries over to him.

Man: The...army is here.
Viking: What army?

Before he can answer him, he dies. The group looks at one another and without a word, they all run in the direction that the man came from. It leads them to the other side of the city after minutes of running. They see many generic looking archers posted on top of the wall with their bows aimed straight at the group.

Knosse: Uh oh.
Naith: *Partially draws sword* Get ready.
Lance: *puts hands on his axe handles* Don't move, guys.

Suddenly a man in full armor enters the city via the gate (They are at the other side of town but the same type of gate is there).

Leader: This city is being claimed in the name of the Myjuto Forces.
X: Man, have I heard this before. Listen, buddy. Stop playing pretend and get the fuck out.
Lei: X, what was that for?
X: I am SOOOOO sick of you Myjuto bastards screwing things up!
Naith: Calm down.

All the archers now point at X, who brings his daggers out immediately.

Leader: I see. So you are Fighters Abroad. In that case, we'll take you out immediately! Fire!

The archer all aim at X and shoot at the same time. X quickly runs to his right to avoid all the arrows.

X: Dumb asses. They can't even aim as a team.

Through the gate busts in more soldiers. These ones are armored and have spears. Lance takes out his axes and twirls them both. Naith's sword remains partially drawn as he approaches the storming enemies. He reaches one first and slashes horizontally, taking out a soldier. He then sheaths his sword. Knosse begins to shoot at the archers and manages to knock a few off the wall. Suddenly, two more fall, as four cavaliers come in from the other side. The first looks like this ( http://i55.tinypic.com/24wv691.png ) who has a bow drawn and shoots at the archers. The second looks like this ( http://i45.tinypic.com/969nd1.png ) with matching armor leggings on a black horse. She has a lance out. The third is a girl cavalier that wields a lance also. The fourth is another girl cavalier that has a sword. They rush down at the soldiers (Minus the man who keeps shooting at the archers). The group follows suit as Lance charges head on and crosses his axes.

When he reaches his first opponent, he slides them outwards, which cuts the enemy in front. He then cuts two soldiers on his sides. Meanwhile, Lei is in front of Knosse, who is still shooting at the archers with his revolver. A few soldiers rush to Knosse, but Lei fends them off by kicking them. X runs straight for the wall, jumps on it and pushes himself up for a jump off the wall straight up. He is able to grab the ledge of the wall and climbs up. Since the archers are distracted, X quickly rushes into them and takes them out with his daggers one by one.

Back to Lance, we see him put his axes away and he grabs a spear from a soldier he recently killed. He twirls it around his body and begins piercing enemies all around him. Next to him the three women cavaliers go and start to kill soldier by soldier.

Lance: Good to have some backup, eh?
Cavalier 1: Um...um...um...yeah.
Cavalier 2: Calm yourself, Clarine. He's on our side.
Cavalier 3: Look out!

A soldier jumps up to attack Cavalier 2 but he gets hit by an arrow and flies back. The male cavalier appears next to them.

Cavalier 2: Thanks, Zouk. (Pronounced Zook)
Zouk: Watch your back, Rian.
Rian: Sorry
Lance: Hey, you four. My friend has taken out the archers. Let's charge in and take out the leader.
Zouk: Right.

The five of them blow through the storming soldiers and make it to the leader. There are now no more soldiers left to come into the city. The remaining soldiers are behind fighting. We see Naith who is cutting soldiers down as they get near him. Lei is still in front of Knosse but Knosse is now shooting soldiers since the archers have been eliminated. By the leader, Zouk shoots an arrow but it deflects off the armor.

Zouk: What?
Leader: So you've beaten most of my soldiers...but you'll never leave here alive!
X: Hiyaaaaaaaa!

X jumps down off the wall and slashes at the leader's back. His daggers merely deflect off the leader's armor as well. The leader backhands X in the face with iron gauntlets.

X: Oh not again...
Lance: I'll take him.

The leader takes out a spear and Lance keeps out the spear he had.

Knosse: Nice lance, Lance.

The two of them clash spears again and again. Lance gains the upper hand quickly and ends up splitting both spears in half. This pushes back the leader a bit and Lance pulls out his axes and cross chops right where the helmet meets the torso armor. This cuts the leader's neck partially open as blood squirts out from it. As the leader stumbles back, X approaches again and pushes him into the wall.

X: Where did you come from?
Leader: ....gah...Ivan.
X: Ivan?! So you have an outpost there too, huh?
Leader: ...you know....nothing...of our might.
X: Oh really?! How's this?

X grabs the nearest spear he sees, lifts up the leader's helmet slightly and shoves the spear right into his neck. X lets go of the leader and he dies instantly, slouching against the wall. Meanwhile, there are four soldiers left that appear in front of Naith. Clarine and Zouk rush in to take out two of them with lance and bow respectively, while Naith slashes through two of them at once. Soon after, they all group together.

Lei: Well that's over.
X: Yeah.
Lance: Thanks for helping us out back there.
Zouk: Don't mention it. It's what we do.
Rian: Yeah.
Clarine: Um....you're welcome.
Lei: What's wrong with her?
Zouk: She's very shy around men. You'll have to excuse her.
Lei: What about you?
Zouk: I'm her brother. Of course she isn't timid around me.
Cavalier 3: C'mon, Clarine. You have to get over it some time.
Clarine: But Natalie, I...
Natalie: *sigh* Save it. Anyway, thank you for helping us as well.
Lance: So you guys do this a lot?
Zouk: We travel together helping needy villages and cities. We got tipped off that Tyr was going to be attacked.
X: Come, we will talk about all this later. We gotta get out of this place.

The group and the four cavs leave the area and go deep into the city, leaving the area full of the dead soldiers.

X: So, the Myjuto Forces are attacking Neese now. From both continents moreover.
Lei: Who knew they could come at us from either side?

Tyr has been attacked and the fighters have learned a disturbing piece of information. Ivan hosts the Myjuto Forces more than they thought and are attacking Neese from both sides. After fending off the attack on Tyr, the fighters are eager to hear the story of this nomadic group that helped them. Their story is coming next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 55: The Nomad Group

We see the group inside a large building sitting in a big circle. Clarine is between Zouk and Rian with Natalie next to Rian and Knosse. Naith sits next to Zouk. They are all in chairs around a large circle table. People are bringing them food and drinks.

Lei: Man, the people here are generous.
Zouk: They are grateful for us saving the city.
Rian: So you guys are the Fighters Abroad group we heard about?
X: Yeah, that's us.
Knosse: We've gotten quite popular these days, haven't we? I wonder how they know so much.
Naith: The Warriors Battleground.
Knosse: What do you mean by that?
Naith: Do you remember everytime one of you won against a third party?
X: Naith is right. "Fighters Abroad owns this match!" is what we said. The info must be on our wanted posters.
Knosse: Oh yeah! That was pretty sweet.
Lei: As unsettling as that is, it's kind of cool.
Natalie: The wanted posters say that you are ruthless mercenaries that opposes the Myjuto Forces.
X: That is part true. Claudius and I are hired hands, and we certainly oppose them.
Zouk: Claudius?
X: He is part of the group. He is currently captured by them though.
Lei: We're going to Ivan to save him. But first we need to travel through these cities and villages.
Rian: Come to think of it, we did see a Claudius wanted poster. It was the only one that was wanted alive.
Clarine: Oh yeah! I threw that one at Zouk after cringing at the sketch of him.
Zouk: Hey, I still have it. Here you go.

Zouk pulls out the wanted poster with a sketch of Claudius that is accurate on some features but it makes him seem far older and angry.

X: That's not very good.
Lei: Claudius is only 20 and isn't too intense. This picture makes him look 35.
Naith: *Quietly chuckles* Hah.
Lance: This is going to give cities the wrong idea about us, don't you think?
Lei: So far, not exactly. People don't like the Myjuto Forces in general, so I think they get the picture.
Lance: You're right. And people who don't know who they are will just stare at the paper odd.
X: Don't forget that we have a bounty on our heads. Mercenaries will be after us and even vigilantes.
Naith: There isn't one for me, right?
Zouk: Your name is Naith, right? No, we only saw X, Lei, Knosse and Claudius.
Naith: Good.
Lance: So now on to the subject of the four of you.
Zouk: I do believe you wanted to know about us? Very well. Clarine?
Clarine: Yes?
Zouk: Would you like to explain?
Clarine: B b but...
Zouk: You're only refreshing me on the story. Right?
Clarine: Right. Ok, so it was just the two of us with our parents. We were living happily on the plains. But when we were only ten...

[Plains - 7 years ago]

A younger version of Clarine and Zouk are on their horses. They are outside surrounded by a bunch of small buildings. A voice calls out to them.

Female Voice: Go! Quickly!
Clarine: But mommy...
Male Voice: Both of you go! Everything will be alright!
Zouk: C'mon, sis. We have to do what they say.

The two of them ride away from the small town. While they are leaving they see pirates all over raiding house after house.


Clarine: Pirates...they killed everyone. Everyone except the two of us.
Lance: Pirates...Disgraces. I'd better not show my true colors to these people
Zouk: Luckily, we found a small village that let us live there. We lived there for four years. Clarine had to do most of the chores. Men often picked on her for that while I wasn't around, hence her timidness.
Clarine: When we left, we found a burned down village and also Rian and Natalie. We also found four weapons to use. I picked up a slim lance.
Zouk: I found a bow.
Rian: I picked up a spear.
Natalie: And I found a sword.
Zouk: Together, we vowed to save villages under attack.
Knosse: Cool story.
X: You two seem young. 18 on Zouk and 17 on Clarine I'd say.
Zouk: Actually we're twins. Both 17.
Rian: I'm 20 and Natalie is 19. You guys seem pretty young.
X: I'm 19 now like you, Natalie. Claudius is 20.
Lei: 17. Wooh.
Knosse: Yeah, I don't know. I lost count.
Lance: I'm actually 21. Looks like I take the cake unless Naith is older.
Knosse: What about me?
Lance: You couldn't possibly be older than 19.
Knosse: Oh balls...
Naith: .....what?
Lance: Oh never mind. He's not going to say.
Knosse: You don't have to be shy around us, Clarine. Naith is just shy around everyone.
Naith: What did you just say?
Knosse: You heard me!
Naith: I'll cut you in half.
Clarine: Um........I'll try.
Knosse: Here, I'll help you start.

Knosse gets out of his chair and goes over to Clarine and holds out his hand like he wants a handshake. Clarine slides her chair back a little and cringes. Knosse steps closer and closer until Clarine lets out a small scream that makes Knosse step back in surprise.

Zouk: We'll take it more slowly.
Lei: Knosse, it's ok. Just go with it.
Knosse: Fine. *Crosses his arms* I don't see why she can't even give me a handshake. *Sits down*
Lance: Let me try.

Lance gets out of his chair, goes near Clarine and crouches down to her level while she is sitting.

Lance: (Soft voice) Hello, my fair princess. I am at your service. *Takes off hat and puts head down*
Clarine: *Blushes* Hello.
Lance: *Soft glare* My name is Lance, much like your weapon. And just as such, use me however you wish.
Clarine: Oooh. Zouk, I like this one.
Zouk: Hahahahaha. HAHAHAHA! *Falls out of his chair*
X: Holy shit.
Lei: He's good.
Knosse: *Crosses arms again* I could do that if I wanted.

X and Lei start to laugh hard as well. Zouk, still on the floor, is also laughing hard. Naith allows himself a grin and starts laughing softly. Lance, however, keeps his smile and Clarine as such smiles back.

Lance: As you can see, not all men are as bad as you think, young maiden.
Clarine: I know...but I can't talk well around them.
Lance: Well, I say it's all in your head, miss.
Clarine: Really?
Lance: Yes. Just hear yourself now.
Zouk: *Gets up and sits down* He's right, Clarine. You just talked normal to him.

Clarine turns to hear Zouk and then turns back to see that Lance has already gone back to his position and has sat down (His hat still off).

Lance: So, how long are we staying in Tyr?
X: Naith, do you know the next place to stop?
Naith: Uwey.
X: Uwey? Where have I heard that before?
Lei: It sounds familiar...oh wait!

X and Lei both remember Hirai's letter.

Hey, boys. I've moved to Neese for the time being. Since Honson has burned down I had little food here so I had to relocate. Come visit me sometime. I've gone to the city of Uwey. (Pronounced You-way)Hirai.

X: That's right. Hirai must be there.
Lei: In that case, we shouldn't stay in Tyr long.
X: Yes, I agree.
Zouk: Is he another person in your group?
Lei: He is the Hero of Honson. Never heard of him?
Zouk: Afraid not.
X: He taught Claudius, Lei and myself a lot.
Lance: I'd love to meet this guy.
Naith: I want to meet him as well.
Clarine: Uh.....can w w we g g go with you?
Zouk: Clarine?
Clarine: Um, brother? We need to re-supply there and if the city is attacked, they can help.
Natalie: I agree with Clarine's plan.
Rian: Yes.
Zouk: Very well. Do you mind?
X: Not at all. Welcome aboard for the time being.

We've learned about the Nomad group formed by Clarine and Zouk. X and Lei have also remembered about Hirai being at Uwey. That is their next stop. Next, on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 56: Getting to Uwey

The group is at the edge of the city again. All the bodies are gone and such. It has been two days since the invasion attempt failed at Tyr. Many city dwellers are around the group.

Man: You really have to go?
Lei: Yes. Thank you for all your kindness.
Man: It was no trouble. You did save us from the Myjuto Forces.
Lance: Are you ready, nomads?
Zouk: Yes.
Naith: It's time to go.

With that, the citizens let them through and they pass through the gate and exit the city. As the group travels on, Zouk signals for Lance and he walks in the back of the group next to the mounted Zouk.

Lance: You wanted to talk to me?
Zouk: Yes. About the other day. Thank you.
Lance: What do you mean?
Zouk: Clarine hasn't talked normally to a man besides me in years.
Lance: Ah. Don't mention it.
Zouk: She seems to have taken a liking to you.
Lance: Oh?
Zouk: You may have fooled her for the time being, but I have a slightly better eye for spotting pirates.
Lance: So you know then.
Zouk: You may be nothing like a regular pirate, but it's obvious that you are one.
Lance: I can't argue with that. My name is Lance Kairo. My family was not responsible for what happened.
Zouk: Kairo, huh? Yes, I know without a doubt that they are not responsible. Clarine is not so forgiving, however.
Lance: So you want me to keep it a secret from her as long as I can?
Zouk: Yes. Maybe with your help she may overcome her shyness around men.
Lance: I will help as best I can. You're a good brother to her, Zouk.

Lance and Zouk part after that. Zouk joins Clarine and Lance goes next to X, Knosse and Lei.

Clarine: Were you just talking to that nice man?
Zouk: Yeah. His name is Lance, by the way.
Clarine: Lance...yes, I remember.
Rian: You should take him, Clarine.
Clarine: You think so?
Rian: Absolutely. I'll take that cutie over there. *Points to Naith*
Zouk: He doesn't look too interested. You never know, though.
Rian: What about you, Natalie?
Natalie: Hmm...I like Knosse and Lei. Oh, but X looks mysterious and kind of cute.
Zouk: You know, Natalie, it's girls like you that give men a heap of trouble.
Clarine: Zouk, that wasn't nice.

X: So which girls do you like?
Knosse: Clarine, definitely.
Lei: Yeah, but that's Lance's girl.
Lance: What? I didn't...
Lei: Rian seems like a decent person.
X: To me, they all kind of suck.
Lance: Now, that's a little unnecessary, don't you think?
X: Heh, I was kidding. But anyway, Rian seems to be eyeballing Naith.
Naith: *Hears convo* What? *Eyes slightly widen* She's pretty ugly. Maybe I should avoid her.

Naith quickly glances at Rian who is looking at him and smiling at him. He quickly turns away and keeps walking with a face of slight disgust. All of the sudden, he sees a figure standing in the distance. As the group gets closer, the figure becomes more visible. Soon enough, they all see a tall and sturdy man with a grey trench coat with a black jumpsuit underneath. He is light skinned and has a black crew cut hair style and a scar on his face that cuts goes across his left eye. He looks to be in his early 30's. Naith sees twin holsters for guns on his hips and a sword on his back and partially draws his sword as he stops in front of him.

Naith: What is it?
Man: I was wondering if one of you is someone I'm looking for.
Naith: Who are you?
Man: Call me Bullseye. I'm looking for a black cloaked man.
X: *Steps up* No. We have no one with black cloaks in our company.
Bullseye: Shame. Have you heard of the vigilante around here?
X: No, why?
Bullseye: As of the last couple of days, a man in a black cloak has been all over these parts. He's been taking down criminals left and right.
Lei: Then why are you looking for him?
Bullseye: Those criminals were my targets. He's cost me a lot of money. He's my next target.
X: So you're a mercenary then.
Bullseye: Bingo. You look like the type as well.
X: Got that right. Mercenary and assassin.
Bullseye: Hmmm. We share a same path then.
Knosse: And I see you are a fellow shooter.
Bullseye: Nothing beats two revolvers.

Bullseye pulls out two golden revolvers. Knosse steps up to him and pulls out his revolvers.

Bullseye: A pretender. Those guns are nothing compared to mine.
Knosse: Pretender?! I'll blow your fucking head off with these!
Lei: Knosse. That's enough.
Knosse: Alright.

They both put their revolvers away.

Bullseye: I'll be around for a little while. Let me know if you see this vigilante.
X: Will do. We'll be off now.

Bullseye steps aside and lets the group pass. After he is out of sight...

Knosse: I would have kicked his ass.
Lei: Will you stop saying that? It's been like ten times already.
Knosse: But I would have!
X: Why did he make unnecessary trouble like that though?
Lance: I don't know. But the good news is that we're almost there to Uwey.
Lei: Good.

Clarine: That man was scary.
Zouk: He looked rather serious.
Natalie: I dunno...
Zouk: Don't you start that bullshit on us again.
Clarine: Are we almost there?
Rian: I think so. Clarine, why don't you go ask Lance?
Clarine: Me? B b b but...
Rian: Do it.
Zouk: Yeah, why not?
Clarine: O o ok. Moonlight (Speaking to her horse), this way.

Clarine steers her horse, Moonlight, over to where Lance is.

Lance: We meet again, maiden.
Clarine: Yes. Um are we almost there?
Lance: Certainly.
Clarine: Thank you.
Knosse: Hey there, Clarine. Mind if I come up on your horse with you?
Clarine: Um um um eeek!

Clarine turns Moonlight around and she back kicks with one of her hooves, kicking Knosse in the stomach and sending him to the ground. Lei starts laughing as he helps Knosse up. As Clarine joins Zouk again, Lance and X follow up in laughing.

Five minutes later, they reach the city of Uwey which is made of stone like Tyr. Only this city has no walls. Without saying much, they enter the city to see a ton of people traveling back and forth between the streets.

Naith: It won't be safe for those horses. We must separate.
X: I agree. They have to re-supply anyway. We have to find Master Hirai.
Lei: Yes. That sounds like a plan.
Knosse: Hey, horse dudes. Go re-supply. We'll be in the city for a little while.
Zouk: Very well. We hope to see you again soon.

With that, Fighters Abroad travels deeper into Uwey while the nomadic group remains. We follow the group as they are practically pushing their way through crowds of people. They get to an open place to sit and do so.

Lei: Man. I can't imagine why he would want to live here.
Naith: This place is giving me a headache with all the noise.
Knosse: Holy shit. You actually spoke a long sentence.
Naith: Not now, you.
Knosse: Ok, later then.
X: How the hell are we going to find him in all this chaos?
Lei: He wouldn't leave home too often I'd imagine. There has to be a house that only he'd pick.
X: Yes, I agree.
Lei: Actually, we're sitting against an ideal house now. Wouldn't you think?
X: ...Holy shit. Yeah. Let's knock on the door. If it's not Hirai, I say we act like we're door to door salesmen.
Knosse: Cool.

X and Lei stand up and go for the nearby door. Lei knocks on it and steps back next to X. As the door opens, a voice is heard.

Voice: So you've passed your next test.
X and Lei: Master?

The figure comes out to reveal Hirai. He smiles at X and Lei.

Lei: It's really you!
X: Master!
Hirai: Hello, boys. It's very good to see you. Where is Claudius?
X: ...He got captured by the Myjuto Forces in exchange for saving us.
Hirai: Sorry to hear. I was right about him then.
Lei: What do you mean?
Hirai: He isn't a senseless killer or hired hand. Neither are you, X.
X: Anyway, we have a couple companions that you have yet to meet.
Hirai: Come inside. It's rather noisy out here.

Hirai turns around and walks into his house slowly. Lei follows right behind him and X signals for the rest of the group to follow him.

The group has arrived in the city of Uwey and they have found Hirai. But news of a vigilante in a black cloak has stirred up anger in a mercenary and it seems that the situation may involve them sooner or later. What's next for the group? Find out next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 57: Sparring For Hirai

The group enters Hirai's new home. The inside is brick interior except the floor which is smooth stone. Inside contains wooden chairs in a circle, a fireplace and a small kitchen to the right. In the back lies other doors. Hirai sits down on one chair, and Lei and X sit on both sides of him. Knosse, Naith and Lance remain standing and approach Hirai.

Hirai: So these are the new recruits.
Knosse: My name is Knosse. What's up?
Hirai: Knosse...well met.
Naith: I'm Naith. I've heard much about you.
Hirai: Ah, pleasure to meet you as well.
Lance: I'm Lance.
Hirai: Your face. You are the son of Terrence Kairo?
Lance: Yes. You know him?
Hirai: Why yes. He's an old friend of mine. Is he still alive?
Lance: He is.
Hirai: Good. I'd like to see him again. Lei, X. How has your training been going?
X: Good.
Lei: It's been great. You should see how much we've improved.
Hirai: I should. So let's do it.
Lei: You mean...
Hirai: We're leaving. Let's go somewhere outside the city where it isn't crowded.
X: Awesome.

Hirai leads the group outside of the city. They arrive at an open field of grass land.

Hirai: Now, X, I want you to fight Lance. Lei, you fight Knosse. Naith, you may fight me if you wish.
Naith: No, I think I'll pass. In your current state, I don't know how well you can keep up with me.
Hirai: You are correct. It seems you have a good understanding of choosing your battles.

X and Lance face off as well as Lei and Knosse. X pulls out his daggers and Lance pulls out his axes. They start off by running towards each other. X quickly slashes and Lance manages to block in time. He shoves his axes forward which pushes X back a bit. He then hacks with one axe. X dodges it and then dodges the next axe strike from Lance. X takes the opportunity to kick Lance in the chest and then he goes for another slash. Lance, who appeared to have been off balance, catches X off guard by roundhouse kicking him in the face which makes X stumble. Lance then hacks at X for it to be blocked.

Hirai: Come, Naith. Sit across from me.
Naith: Ok.

Naith does as Hirai asks and they both sit down facing each other.

Hirai: You have the look of someone that has been through a lot. Would you like to share?
Naith: ....I...
Hirai: Hah. You don't have to say another word. Your eyes told me everything I want to know.
Naith: What?
Hirai: You've gone through far more trouble than you should have at your age. You may conceal who you are by lack of words, but your eyes can not lie.
Naith: That's...quite impressive.
Hirai: I'll assume you haven't said anything to any of them.
Naith: No, I haven't.
Hirai: I won't say anything either. But I think you should tell them if you do decide to permenantly join them.
Naith: So you read that from me too.
Hirai: Yes. You have a wavering spirit. You want to join them, but you don't want to at other times.
Naith: It's true.
Hirai: They will need you when the time comes.
Naith: The time when they go back into Sarzo?
Hirai: Precisely.
Naith: I...can't...
Hirai: Then don't.
Naith: Huh?
Hirai: If you can't join them, then don't. Something tells me that when the time comes, you will be able.
Naith: Very well.
Hirai: For now, let us observe.

They both turn towards the fighting. We now see Lei and Knosse's battle. Knosse is shooting at a regular pace. Lei stays in a defensive position and deflects mostly every bullet with his fist. Eventually, Lei charges at Knosse. Knosse stops shooting and dodges an incoming punch. He quickly takes out his knife with his free hand and slices at Lei. Lei is caught off guard and gets cut on the arm.

Lei: Forgot you had that knife. You hardly use it.
Knosse: That's the idea. Wink

Lei wipes the slight blood that comes out of his arm. He charges at Knosse again. Knosse slices with his knife, but Lei dodges it and palm strikes Knosse in the stomach and then follows up with a sweep kick. Knosse is swept right off the ground and hits it hard and makes him drop his knife. Lei goes to stomp on Knosse, but he dodge rolls it. He wacks Lei's ankle with his revolver which puts Lei slightly off balance. Knosse aims his revolver at Lei's face and rapidly fires which sends Lei to the ground eventually. Knosse grabs his knife and gets up. Lei gets up seconds after.

Lei: You've gotten much better since your fight with Naith.
Knosse: Yes. I've been working on it.

We now check in with X and Lance. X's daggers and Lance's axes are on the ground. X is rapidly punching at Lance who is guarding. Lance quickly parries one of the punches and goes for a punch of his own. X side steps it and punches Lance in the gut. Lance stumbles for a second but then retaliates quickly with a punch of his own to X's gut. They then both punch and clash fists. Lance pulls back and sweep kicks at X who jump kicks over it. Lance ducks under it limbo style and then does a backwards cartwheel to create some distance. X fortunately is next to his daggers and picks them up and charges. When he reaches, Lance brings out his cutlass and pushes X back. They then clash blades.

Switching to Lei and Knosse, Knosse is shooting again but Lei fights through the pain and goes for a punch. Knosse strafes to his left, but Lei also strafes in the same direction and kicks Knosse which sends him to the ground. Knosse gets back up quickly and starts shooting again. When Lei gets close, Knosse chucks his revolver at him and hits him in the chin, which stuns him for a second. Knosse then pulls out his knife and goes for a slice, but Lei regains his composure and grabs Knosse's hand as they both struggle.

Hirai: That is enough. Good work, all of you.
Lei: *releases Knosse's hand* Whew. That was very impressive, Knosse.
Knosse: *Puts away knife and revolver* Thanks. I was pretty much screwed if I didn't have some tricks.
X: You're very good, Lance. *Puts daggers away* Better than I originally gave you credit for.
Lance: The same could be said to you. *Sheaths sword*
Hirai: You all did well. Now let us return.

Lance picks up his axes and puts them away. After that, they all follow Hirai back to his home. Lei's cut is immediately treated and after Hirai sits in the same chair as before and X and Lei do the same. Lance, Knosse and Naith sit on the floor in front of him.

Hirai: Now then, Lance. You have a good mix of power, speed and skill. You have good tricks and are adept with both the sword and axe. However, you want to tip at least one aspect of your abilities a little higher than the others. X, you have incredible speed and have learned far better precision than when we first met. However, you lack power and should concentrate on getting hard hits in to compensate. Lei, your skill is quite impressive and you have a nice balance of speed and power. You fight honorably just as I trained you, but you must be aware of tricks and perks. You were caught off guard by two major sneak attacks from Knosse and that is something to work on. Knosse, you are a tricky one indeed. You have a good mastery with your revolver and carry good back up with you. Your bullets aren't very powerful, though, and they should be upgraded. You should also work on your durability. Naith, your speed is on par with X's and your skill with the sword is stunning. Your durability and raw strength aren't things to brag about, however.

Naith: But I...
Hirai: It's another one of those things I have. Our talk gave me a good sense of your strengths and weaknesses.
Naith: This guy is incredible. In mere minutes, he's learned more about me than this entire group combined knows about me.

All of the sudden, Knosse's stomach begins to growl.

Knosse: Well, damn. It's been a while since we've eaten.
Lei: Come to think of it, you're right.
Hirai: Then let's eat. We'll talk more later.
X: Just like old times...Only without Claudius...

With the group having a quick sparring match, Hirai has gauged them all. Even Naith, who didn't even fight. More from Hirai awaits next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 58: The Road to Neese Port

Hirai, with the help of X and Lei, has prepared soup for everyone. They all sit down at a large table and eat. While they are eating...

Lance: We should enjoy these parts while we can. Pretty soon, we will have to cross into very unstable territory.
Naith: Zetsu...
Lance: That is correct. We have to go through the Kingdom of Zetsu in order to reach Neese Port.
X: Zetsu? What's the deal with them?
Hirai: For the last two years, this kingdom has been under turmoil. Ever since its recent king took the throne.
Lei: Is he a bad king?
Lance: He was once a brave and heroic being. The best soldier in the kingdom.
Knosse: So then what happened to him?
Lance: In an attempt to stop a huge rebellion, he took the throne and stopped it. But something happened.
Hirai: His heart has become callous. He now only cares for his own desires.
X: So then, we have to pass through there?
Naith: Yes. It is a week's trip till we get there from here though.
Lance: We still have some cities to pass through before the long journey there.
Lei: Sounds potentially dangerous.
X: Yeah. Let's do it!
Knosse: Yeah! We'll take them down if they try to stop us.
Hirai: You must be careful. The king is not very kind and may deny you passage.
X: Then we'll bust through!
Hirai: It's not that simple. Zetsu is one of the most heavily guarded areas in the entire world.
Lei: And the Myjuto Forces haven't taken them over yet?
Hirai: They haven't been able to yet.
X: Wow. So attacking Zetsu would be doing them a favor huh?
Lance: We wouldn't want that. Nevertheless, we have to go through there.
Naith: Then let's go.
Lance: Yes, we can't stay long. We should get to Ivan as soon as possible.
Lei: Yes. If we are to see Claudius again, we should.
X: Lance, would you take Naith and Knosse with you to find the nomad group?
Lance: Sure. But why?
X: I'm sure they want to know where we are going. Also, give them my farewell.
Lei: And mine as well. X and I will stay a little longer while you do so.

Lance, Knosse and Naith leave Hirai's house and start searching. X and Lei help clean up and afterwards, the three of them sit in a triangle like formation with chairs.

Hirai: Now then. You two wanted to speak to me, is that right?
X: Yes.
Hirai: To be honest, I was hoping for this opportunity as well. So, it seems you have formed a group.
Lei: Indeed we have. We picked up Knosse at the Warrior's Battleground and Lance over at Neese Harbor.
Hirai: Have you a name for yourselves?
X: Fighters Abroad.
Hirai: Hah. I see you took my words to heart.
X: We have. And as a member of Fighters Abroad, Claudius can not be sent to his death.
Lei: I know it's dangerous in Zetsu, but we're going to cross no matter what.
Hirai: Very well.
Lei: Master...your chest. Has it recovered?

Hirai opens up his shirt to show the long scar across his chest.

X: It's still there, huh?
Hirai: A deep cut from that man will never heal. You must be aware.
Lei: Jiron...
X: That bastard. What I wouldn't give to have a rematch with him just to cut him down senselessly.
Hirai: Jiron is not an ordinary human. When I fought him, I could see so much in his eyes.
Lei: What do you mean?
Hirai: I saw pure hatred, madness, sadness, even gentleness. I saw depression and joy as well.
X: How is that even possible?
Hirai: I don't know. He has had a long internal battle and it is killing him.
Lei: So there is possibly good in him?
Hirai: That I also do not know. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vz1rdYJdInE ) But you must stop him at all costs. One twist of fate has bound you to him and the Myjuto Forces. I don't know if anyone can stop them anymore. Only you remain. Fate blows a strange wind in your direction. You will need Claudius to beat them. So go forth, Fighters Abroad, and save the world from this massive force.

X: Master...
Hirai: Long have I lived on this earth. Never have I seen such chaos in the world.
Lei: Then we will stop it.
Hirai: Yes. I know you will. *Theme stops*

We now see Lance, Knosse and Naith pushing through a big crowd outside. They find a market and find the nomads restocking on certain food. The three go up to them. Knosse sneaks up on Clarine and puts his hand on her shoulder.

Knosse: Hello.
Clarine: EEEK!

Clarine lets out a huge scream. A bunch of men start looking at Knosse with a mean look.

Knosse: What?! I'm no stalker.
Zouk: Hello, you three.
Lance: Hey, Zouk. X and Lei wanted us to find you guys.
Zouk: What for?
Lance: We're leaving soon towards Zetsu. What are your plans?
Natalie: We aren't going that way. Sorry.

Meanwhile, Naith is leaning against a nearby wall. Rian joins him.

Rian: Well hello.
Naith: Oh not this one. .....hi.
Rian: How are you?
Naith: Perhaps if I ignore her... ....
Rian: ?
Naith: ...
Rian: Fine, let's play that game. ....
Naith: ...
Rian: ...
Naith: ...
Rian: ......Ok, you win.

Zouk: So you're off to Zetsu then?
Lance: Yes. Sorry for the short notice.
Zouk: No, that's alright. We'll be heading North instead of East.
Natalie: Hi, Knosse.
Knosse: Hey. What's up?
Natalie: Not much.
Lance: Alright. Let's say our good byes, Knosse and Naith.
Knosse: See you, Natalie. You too, Zouk. Especially you, Clarine.
Clarine: Um um b b bye.
Lance: My fair princess, we will meet again.
Clarine: Heehee, yes.
Lance: Rian and Natalie, good bye as well.
Zouk: And you, Sir Lance. Stay safe.
Lance: Same to you.

Rian: Oh, I'll miss you, Naith.
Naith: Bye.

As Knosse follows Lance, Naith waves once and goes with Lance and Knosse. We switch back over to X, Lei and Hirai who are all standing up in the same room as before.

X: I guess this is good bye then. Word is that there are Myjuto coming. Stay safe.
Lei: Yes. If Jiron is near, he'll try to kill you if he finds you.
Hirai: Do not worry about me. Concentrate your efforts on getting Claudius back.
X: We will get him back.
Hirai: The two of you share a brotherly bond. He needs you as a brother just as much as you need him as one.
X: I agree.
Hirai: One more thing. Your troubles...they are needless. Get rid of them.
Lei: Farewell, Master.
Hirai: Stay well, Lei, and never forget. You are the only one in the world to be fully trained solely by me.
Lei: Those years have payed off more than I would have imagined. I'll be much stronger when next we meet.
Hirai: Good. Farewell both of you.
X and Lei: See you soon.

With that, X and Lei exit Hirai's house. Not long after, they see Lance, Knosse and Naith and they all regroup. They all push through the crowd as fast as possible and reach the other side of the city within twenty minutes. As they are exiting, they see a shadowy figure by the exit.

X: Is that a man with a black cloak?
Lance: Sure looks like it. He must be who Bullseye was looking for.

The black cloaked person notices the group and glances at them for a couple seconds before quickly jumping up onto a wall and then jumping straight onto a rooftop. It immediately jumps out of site.

Lei: That was weird.
Knosse: Yeah, but that was cool too.
Naith: Let's go.
Lance: He's right.

The group exits Uwey and continues on a path through plains. Meanwhile, Hirai is sitting in his chair, reclining on it with his head back. He has a smile on his face.

Hirai: Those boys are going to do it. I just know it.

The group has left Uwey and is headed for the Kingdom of Zetsu. A few more stops until they cross over. What will the next town have for them? Next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 59: On the Border of Zetsu

The group has left Uwey and now travels on a path through plains (Kind of like a dirt road). With Lance and Naith leading, the other three follow closely behind chatting.

Knosse: So, we're almost to Zetsu?
X: According to that map, we have two more stops before.
Lei: We'll need to be extra cautious then when we get there.
X: ...yeah. Master saw right through my guise. Perhaps I should have talked it out with him.
Lance: I believe we're almost at our next town.
Naith: You are correct.
Lance: So, tell me. Do you plan on leaving before we enter Zetsu?
Naith: ...
Lance: I figured. I don't blame you either.
Naith: Good.

They soon reach a small town that has a puritan style to it. As they enter, the cloaked person from before blocks their path.

Cloak: (deep male voice) You.
Lance: What do you want?
X: How the hell did you get here so fast?
Cloak: So you know who I am? I am the vigilante who has been taking out criminals in this area.
Lei: Why did you run from us earlier?
Vigilante: I found it necessary at the time. You looked like criminals.
Knosse: Wait, what?
Vigilante: After close observation, you are cleared of suspicion. I apologize.
X: It's OK. Good to know you're on our side.
Lei: Why not join us?
Vigilante: I'm afraid I can't. I have far too many targets on my hands. You are headed to Zetsu, right?
Lance: We are. What of it?
Vigilante: One of my targets is its king, Julius. If you need passage, I will help you.
X: Thank you, but what do you mean?
Vigilante: In two months, I will be coming after him. I could use your help.
X: Sorry, but we're on a time schedule. We need to get to Ivan as soon as we can.
Vigilante: I apologize. I didn't know. If you need passage, you'll need an audience with him, though. And that isn't easy, either.
Lei: What do you mean it isn't easy?
Vigilante: Julius avoids audiences almost altogether. There are ways of getting it, but he makes it tough.
X: I see. Thank you for the information.
Vigilante: It was no trouble. I must go now. Farewell.

Without letting them speak, the vigilante jumps onto a ledge and then onto a building and then runs away.

Knosse: Does he always leave on buildings?
Lei: Either way, it would be unwise to make him an enemy.
X: Yes. He seems like a reliable ally if we're up against a top class criminal.
Lance: In any case, we have to keep moving.
Naith: Let's go.

[Sarzo Castle - Unknown Room]

We see Nero in a room with another cloaked person. They are walking together and sit down on a couch and the cloaked person takes off his cloak completely to reveal a tall male with this appearance ( http://i53.tinypic.com/21e3ggm.png ) with black long pants and black gloves and boots. His arms and upper body are bulky.

Nero: Why did you take your whole cloak off, Kyle?
Kyle: I don't prefer to wear it often.
Nero: Only you and Jiron, man. You're the only two I see without them.
Kyle: Come to think of it, he never wears his white cloak, does he?
Nero: Nope. So how are you holding up?
Kyle: Not well. Every night, it's the same nightmare.
Nero: About Tibi?
Kyle: Yes. I'm often taken back to the past when we were younger. You...had a thing for her, didn't you?
Nero: Kind of.
Kyle: That Claudius. He'll pay for what he did to my dear sister.


We see Fighters Abroad, who are now outside of another town. This one is quite similar to the last.

Lance: We need to re-supply here and quick so we can move into Zetsu.
Naith: This is it.
X: What is it, Naith?
Naith: This is where we part ways.
Lei: Already?
Naith: Yes. Take care in Zetsu.
Knosse: We will. You stay alive.
Naith: I'll be fine. Go.
X: Thank you for your help, Naith. Until we meet again.

The four of them wave at Naith and head into town. We see Naith stand idly for a minute until they disappear out of sight.

Naith: Goodbye. We'll meet again.

With that, he starts walking West of the town and disappears out of sight after a while.

Meanwhile, the group is going through the town when they see a market. They stop and go to each part getting food and other things.

Lance: That should be good for quite some time.
Lei: Yeah.
???: (Female voice) Hel....

The group looks over to see a middle aged woman getting stabbed by a generic looking robber. She falls down, dead from the shock of the stab. The robber runs away with a purse in his hand.

X: Be right back.
Lei: Get him.

X immediately starts chasing after the robber. He quickly gets into sight and the robber notices X. He starts running faster and turns left into an alley. X follows. As he gets closer to catching him, the robber hops a fence with ease. X does the same and continues his pursuit. The robber quickly turns right out of the alley and turns into another alley. X follows him and gains tons of ground on him. Before the robber can escape the alleyway, he is grabbed by X and is thrown to the ground. The robber gets up quickly and goes to stab X, but X dodges it and knees him in the stomach and then takes the robbers knife. While the robber is hunched over, X shoves the knife into the back of his neck. He immediately dies as blood squirts all over. X is able to dodge the blood, fortunately.

X: That will teach you to kill and steal at the same time. Now to take that money that he robbed.

X takes the purse and empties it out to see a ton of silver.

X: Fuck yes!

After dropping the purse, X goes back to the group and shows them all the silver.

Knosse: Sweet.
X: The girl is dead, so I guess she won't be needing this.
Lance: We'll want to get out of here soon.
Lei: That would be best. We have all the supplies and food we need anyway.
X: Then let's go.

The group exits the town and stops outside.

X: This is it. Next stop, the Kingdom of Zetsu!

The four of them walk side by side as they head off into the distance. We now switch to Naith, who is still walking.

Naith: It's close. I'm almost home.

The fighters are now on their way to Zetsu. Many things await them there. Meanwhile, we learn that Naith is close to home. Don't miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 60: Entering Zetsu

A week has passed. Naith is seen walking until he reaches a small building in the middle of nowhere.

Naith: I'm back. It's been quite a while.

Naith goes up to the door and unlocks it with a key and opens it. As he walks inside, the screen fades to black.

We now take a look at the city of Tyr. There is a man with a pistol in his hand who is commanding a couple people with guns and hostages at their feet.

Man: I'm telling you now. Get us the money and you won't be killed.

All of the sudden, he is shot in the head and falls down, dead. Out walks Bullseye who has one of his revolvers out. He takes the second out and shoots the remaining criminals. Afterward, he puts his revolvers away.

Bullseye: Now, to wait.

Bullseye waits a couple minutes to find the vigilante descending from a nearby wall.

Vigilante: I see you have taken out the criminals here. Thank you.
Bullseye: I didn't take them for that.
Vigilante: What do you mean?
Bullseye: My beef is with you.
Vigilante: ?
Bullseye: I figured you'd come along knowing a criminal was here.
Vigilante: Please, I have no qualms with you.
Bullseye: You are stealing all my targets. So now my next target is you.
Vigilante: So be it.
Bullseye: What is your name?
Vigilante: Call me Hero. What about you?
Bullseye: Bullseye.
Hero: Let's go, then.

Hero reaches into his cloak with his right hand and pulls it out again with a set of claws on it now. ( http://static.gamesradar.com/images/mb/GamesRadar/us/Other/Features/Top%207/2008-02-06%20Assassins/Furniture/Vega--article_image.jpg ) Bullseye quickly pulls out his revolvers and shoots at him. Hero dodges to the right and runs straight towards him. Bullseye starts shooting rapidly at Hero, but he dodges every single bullet until he reaches him and then slashes with his claws. Bullseye dodges the slash and puts away his revolvers quickly. He then takes the sword from his back and unsheath slashes. Hero sidesteps and then slashes at Bullseye. Bullseye blocks the slash and pushes forward. He gains no ground and gets pushed back by Hero. Hero quickly kicks Bullseye which sends him sliding back a bit.

With one hand, he takes out a revolver and starts shooting again. Hero runs while evading the bullets. As he approaches the wall, he is still being shot at. Hero jumps at the wall and starts to run along the side of it for a bit before pushing off right towards Bullseye. He notices a couple bullets and slices through them with his claws and then lands in front of Bullseye. Bullseye slashes at Hero, but is blocked. Bullseye kicks Hero which pushes him back a foot and throws him off balance. Bullseye slashes again and tears a small corner in Hero's cloak as he gains his ground quick enough to dodge.

Bullseye: You coward. Stop being evasive and fight me.
Hero: Frankly, you won't keep up with me if I do.
Bullseye: I'll be the judge of that.

Hero quickly runs to Bullseye and slashes at him. Bullseye blocks the slash but then Hero punches him in the face with his other hand. Bullseye stands strong and reprisals with a punch of his own. Hero stands strong as well and punches yet again and then catches his gun arm in a slash. Hero kicks Bullseye in the stomach and then kicks him in the face which sends him to the ground.

Bullseye: Damn.
Hero: Give up?
Bullseye: No. You think that will keep me down?

Bullseye quickly shoots at Hero. Hero is caught off guard and gets hit in the chest. Hero puts his hand over his chest area. Bullseye gets up.

Bullseye: That's it for you. I've shot you in the heart.
Hero: ....curses.

Bullseye runs to Hero and goes to slash him but Hero places his claw hand up in time to block it. Weakened, Hero gets pushed back easily by Bullseye. Hero takes a slice to his claw arm and then one to his other arm. Hero is now hunched over coughing severely. Bullseye raises his sword and slashes straight down when he is suddenly stopped as Hero musters enough strength to swipe his claws right across his stomach very quickly. Bullseye drops his sword next to Hero as he walks backward as he is hunched over. Hero fights the pain and quickly runs over to Bullseye. He kicks him in the face three times quickly which sends him on the ground.

Hero: Gah...I've taken a lot of damage.
Bullseye: Ahhhh!
Hero: Please, do not come after me again. I don't want to hurt you any more.

Hero walks away as he approaches a wall, he climbs up slowly and goes over the wall. Not long after, Bullseye gets up in pain.

Bullseye: My wounds weren't that deep, then. Who is that man?
Man: Thank you for saving our city.
Bullseye: Hmph.

A couple men escort Bullseye and treat his wounds in a house.

Bullseye: Hero only has an hour at best. I shot him in the heart. No mistaking it.

The scene now switches to Fighters Abroad. They are walking side by side when they reach a gate with two guards. They approach them.

Guard 1: Halt! What business do you have?
Lance: We'd like passage through Zetsu.
Guard 2: By order of the king, no one is allowed into Zetsu unless they are citizens.
Lei: Is there no way for us to get in?
Guard 1: There is one way. In two months, there is a contest of champions being held.
X: Contest of champions?
Guard 2: The winner will receive an audience with the king and may get a wish.
Knosse: (Whispering) Then I think we have to live there for two months.
Lance: (Whispering) I suppose that's our only choice.
X: (Whispering) Right. (Normal voice) We will then become citizens of Zetsu.
Guard 1: Very well. Take this paper then.

The guard hands X a paper and they open the gate.

X: Alright, guys. Let's go.
Lance: Right. Into Zetsu.
Knosse: Yeah!
Lei: Living there for two months? Oh well.

The four of them walk through the gate and continue down their path.

Lance: We have officially entered the Kingdom of Zetsu.
Knosse: So why aren't we in a castle or a city or something?
Lance: The Kingdom of Zetsu has three main territories and two main landmarks.
X: Which are?
Lance: This is the first territory. Landscape. The first city of Zetsu is Umbrage. That is where we'll have to live. The second city is the capital, Tyranny. That is where we'll find King Julius.
Lei: Got it. So, we're going to Umbrage now?
Lance: That is correct.
X: How did you pass through here before, Lance?
Lance: The laws weren't like this back then. I had free passage.
Knosse: Why does this system have to be so strict?
Lance: I'm not sure. But I do know that we will get by it.

We now take a glance at Hero who is trudging through the plains, still very injured. Soon after, he collapses and lies on the plains, lifeless.

A lot has happened in such short time. However, the group now must go through the Kingdom of Zetsu and its trials. What exactly is the contest of champions? Only one way to find out. Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 61: The Contest of Champions?

The four fighters are seen walking along the continuous path with Lance leading and the other three trailing behind, chatting.

Knosse: So I wonder if the contest of champions will be like the warrior's battleground.
Lei: I've been thinking that as well.
X: It sounds exciting. If only Claudius were here, he'd be pumped for it.
Knosse: Yeah, but without him, we have a better shot.
Lei: That is true. I just hope Jiron doesn't show up.
X: That would ruin everything.
Lance: *turns head* Is he really all that strong? I mean, he can't take all of us, can he?
X: You have no idea, Lance. He took dozens of strong cuts from me and Naith and was perfectly fine.
Lance: Seriously?
Lei: It's true. Claudius, X and I triple teamed him before that and we could barely harm him.
Lance: That's pretty messed up.

After more walking, Lance sees a city in the distance.

Lance: Hey, guys. Over this hill is Umbrage.

X, Lei and Knosse go slightly uphill next to Lance and see the city just after they head downhill.

X: We made it. So far, so good.
Knosse: Yeah! We made it.
Lei: Come. Let's go settle in Zetsu.
Lance: Alright. Let's be cool, now. Don't forget that we're in dangerous territory.
X: Right. Then let's g...

X trips and rolls all the way down the hill. He lies at the bottom laughing.

X: You gotta try that!

Knosse follows along and rolls down the hill himself at high speeds.

Knosse: Yo, that was fun!
Lei: May as well, right?
Lance: Yeah, I suppose.
Lei: Want to race?
Lance: You bet.

At the same time, Lance and Lei roll down the hill. A couple things of Lance's fall out like his axes and his lighter. Lei gets to the bottom first because Lance slows himself down briefly to try to grab his stuff, but to no avail.

Lei: Hah! I won!
Lance: Damn. Nice job.

The four of them laugh together while all sitting in the grass. Eventually, Lance's posessions roll down and he puts them away. After a bit, they all get up and brush off dust from their pants and such.

X: So, I think that when we go into the contest, we need two designated winners.
Lei: What do you mean?
X: If shit comes down to it, we're going to move on at least two of us so we'll win.
Lei: True. Lance seems to be a great speaker, so I think he'll need to be one of them.
Lance: Yes. I have been quite the diplomat between pirate crews and such.
X: That means we need someone not as obvious as our second person.
Lei: Right. If I go, they'll think we're working together.
Knosse: I gets that means me. Woohoo.
X: I guess it does.
Lance: So how about a quick battle royale before entering?
Knosse: Let's do it.
X: I'm game.
Lei: Sure. If you hit the ground, you lose.

The four of them form a square. X is at the bottom left and to his right is Lance. In front of him is Lei and diagonally across in the upper right corner is Knosse. Lei makes the first move and goes for X. Lance also steps towards X and Knosse steps back. Lei goes for a kick and Lance goes for a punch. X is able to block both hits but gets hit by a bullet from Knosse. X recoils and Lei goes for another kick, but gets punched in the face by Lance. Lance then receives a kick from X and a couple bullets from Knosse. Lance turns around abruptly and charges for Knosse. He gets hit with a couple bullets but fights through and kicks Knosse back. X chases Lance and punches him in the back but then gets grabbed by Lei. Lei is about to throw X when X stomps on his foot and 360 spin low kicks Lei which trips him. As he falls, X hard kicks him away which sends him to the ground.

X: One down.

X sees Lance approaching him and spin kicks at him. Lance, however, predicts this and grabs his foot and flips him backwards which makes him hit the ground hard. Knosse is now shooting quickly at Lance who is fighting through the pain. Knosse throws his gun at Lance's foot which makes him stumble and then Knosse pushes him back, which makes him fall back. While Lance is falling back, he unsheaths his sword and sticks it in the ground which keeps him up (He is facing up with his body shaped like an upside down U). Knosse starts stomping on his chest which pushes him further down until Lance pushes himself up and grabs Knosse with his legs. He flips all the way around and slams him down to the ground hard while touching the ground himself at the exact same time.

Lei: So who won?
X: They tied.
Knosse: Ouch.
Lance: Almost had it.
Knosse: Well too bad!
X: Anyway, let's go check in.

The four of them go over to the main entrance to Umbrage. This city is very urban with advanced buildings and such. Two guards block their path.

Guard 1: What is your business?
X: Here. We have a paper to become citizens.
Guard 2: Very well.

The second guard puts two fingers in his mouth and whistles. A man comes along from the city.

Man: Yes?
Guard 2: Show these people to an open area to live in.
Man: Yes, sir.
Guard 1: Welcome.
Lance: Thank you.

The man signals for them to follow and they do so. He leads them into the city and starts showing them around.

Man: This is the market. *Points to the market*
X: It's a nice market.
Man: Yes and over here you'll see many restaurants.
Lei: Nice.
Man: Over there are the homes. Follow me and I will take you to a nice apartment complex for the four of you.

The fighters follow the man to a large complex with a five story building full of apartments. The building is as wide as ten normal size buildings put together.

Lei: That's huge!
Knosse: That's what she said.
Lei: ... *smack*
Knosse: Ouch!
Man: Anyway, here are four keys. You do have money, right?
X: Of course.

After paying the man, he gives them four keys. They go look for their respective apartments. They find Knosse's first which is on floor 1. Lei's is next, which is on the third floor. Lance's appartment is two to the right of Lei's. In eventuality, they find X's appartment which is the last appartment on the right at the top floor.

Here is a rough layout of the area. The guide to the picture is below.


K = Knosse
LE = Lei
LA = Lance
X = X
/ and \ = Stairs
Each box represents a room

The four stay outside for just a bit.

Lance: Ok, let's meet up tomorrow after we've gotten settled in. Right here.
X: Sounds good to me.
Lei: Alright.
Knosse: Cool. Let's do this.
X: Everyone in.

The four of them put their hands together.

X/Lei/Knosse/Lance: FIGHTERS ABROAD!

It seems our fighters have earned their way into Zetsu. It's only a matter of time before the contest of champions so don't miss the next Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 62: The Start of the Contest

Two months have gone by quickly for the fighters. We see X who is in his apartment. The apartment is a small room with a small kitchen, a couch and a bed. X's stuff is strewn all over the floor. He is sitting at his kitchen, where there is a table for three.

X: Today is the day. Let's hope our training has paid off.

X eats and afterward throws his black cloak on (The same one that they all used when they docked at Neese Harbor). He exits his apartment and jumps on the rail in front of him. He then does a backflip 360 and grabs onto the roof and climbs up onto it.

Lance's apartment is the same layout as X's. His belongings are in nice, organized piles. Lance is sitting on his couch with a cup of tea in his hand and his hat at his side. His weapons are to the side of the couch, leaned up against it.

Lance: I wonder how the boys are doing. They'll be alright, I think. Ah, that's right. Today is the contest. It will be interesting to truly fight with these people.

In due time, Lance finishes his tea and when he is ready, he equips his weapons, puts his hat on and then throws a white cloak on. When he leaves his apartment, he slowly goes to the bottom. X then calls down to him.

X: Hey, Lance!
Lance: Woah. X, what are you doing up there?
X: Waiting for you guys. Come join me.
Lance: Sure.

Lance takes the long haul up the stairs to the top floor. When he gets there, he takes off his sheath from his belt and raises the handle of his sword up to X who pulls him up to the roof with it.

Lance: Yeah, I'm not quite that athletic.
X: I've been working on it.
Lance: Quite impressive. So are you ready for today?
X: You bet. Are you?
Lance: Yes.
X: Good. We have no idea how strong these guys will be.

The scene now switches to Lei's apartment. Despite having the same blueprints, Lei's apartment is a little different. His bed and couch are pushed back to the back wall. Where the couch and bed should be, there is a dojo mat much like what his mat was at the Honson dojo. His belongings are much like Lance's in its prim organization. Lei is sitting on his mat drinking green tea, meditating. After quite some time, Lei throws on his black cloak (Much like X, the same cloak he used at Neese Harbor) and leaves his apartment. When he reaches the bottom of floor, Lance and X call out to him.

X: Hey, Lei!
Lance: Good morning!
Lei: Hey, guys. What are you doing up there?
X: Hanging out! Come on up!
Random Voice: HEY, We're trying to sleep here!
X: Go suck a dick!

Lei goes all the way up and is able to jump and climb up on the roof.

Lei: Made it.
Lance: Welcome.
X: Hey.

They begin to converse. Meanwhile, people come in and out of their apartments but no sign of Knosse.

Lance: So where's Knosse?
Lei: Probably still sleeping.
X: Yeah. That's probably it.
Lance: Is he always last to awake?
Lei: Yep.

After another half hour, Knosse awakes. His apartment is as messy as X's. He rushes in getting himself ready and then heads outside. Lei calls up to him.

Lei: Yo, Knosse!
Knosse: Hey. I'm ready now!
X: Alright. Let's go meet him down there.

Lei and X drop down to the top floor and go down the whole way. Lance is still at the top when they get to the bottom.

X: What are you waiting for?!
Lance: You guys to get down so I can show off my new gadget!

Lance throws his cloak up in the air off the building and then jumps off himself. As he starts falling, we notice him pull out a mini paraglider ( Kind of like this http://www.playstationnotebook.com/SC2/highroad3.jpg ) and it catches the wind. He floats down softly and the cloak falls right back on him in place gracefully.

Knosse: Cool!
Lance: Isn't it?
X: Yeah. That's awesome.
Lei: That will be effective.
Lance: Right. But enough about that.
X: Yes, let's head to the stadium.

In just a few hours, the four of them reach the stadium. It is a large one, four times the size of the coliseum from the Warrior's Battleground. They go inside to see the stadium absolutely filled with countless numbers of people. Most of them are wearing white or black cloaks. In the middle of the stadium is a sandy area much like the coliseum with a square concrete fighting arena in the middle.

Lei: Looks like we'll blend in.
X: As crazy as this might sound, we should separate for the time being.
Lance: I agree.
Knosse: I'm coming with you, Lance.
Lance: That's fine. Where should we meet?
X: You see that pole over there? *Points* There.
Lei: Alright.
X: Our mission is to find out as much as we can about this contest. Go.

With that, the fighters disperse. X goes to the left, Lei goes down the middle (going down steps) and Lance and Knosse go right.

Knosse: Let's try asking around the food area. I'm getting hungry.
Lance: Did you eat this morning?
Knosse: I rushed out the door because I figured I woke up late as usual.
Lance: *sigh* Oh well. To be honest, I didn't each much either.

The two of them go around, pushing through people, until they reach a spot where food is being sold.

Knosse: Yo, Lance. Look over there. *Points*
Lance: Roast pork sandwiches? Never had one of those.
Knosse: Me neither. Let's try it.
Lance: I guess it doesn't hurt.

Lance goes up to the counter.

Lance: Two roast pork sandwiches, please.
Man: Sure. That'll be 15 silver.
Lance: Alright. Here.

Lance pays the man and he yells the order to his chefs in the back.

Lance: So, what can you tell me about this contest?
Man: Well, there are hundreds of people signed up. So it starts with group preliminaries until we have down to 128 contestants. I think you know from there.
Lance: Yes. So what kind of people are signed up?
Man: All kinds. Killers, detectives, martial artists, all that and more.
Lance: Thank you very much.

A few minutes later, the man gives him the two sandwiches and Lance gives Knosse his.

Lance: I'm not feeling too good about eating this.
Knosse: I know what you mean. This probably isn't any good.
Lance: Ready? One...two...three!

They both take a bite out of it at the same time. After swallowing, they look at each other.

Lance: What the fuck did I just taste?
Knosse: I don't know, but...
Both: It'S SO GOOD!

They both start chomping down the sandwich and devour it within minutes.

Knosse: Oh no! It's all gone!
Lance: I know! Damn it all!

They both start crying on each other shoulder. After they finish, they head back and get to the pole. X and Lei are waiting for them. The three that have cloaks on take off their hoods.

X: Good. You made it.
Knosse: You too.
Lei: So it seems X found out a bit about the rules.
X: It isn't against the rules to kill, so make sure you don't lose to anyone other than us.
Lance: That's unfortunate.
X: Weapons are allowed, so hopefully you two brought them.
Lance: Yes, of course.
Knosse: Why wouldn't I?
X: Good. I have my daggers and my smoke bombs so we're good.
Lei: I found out that the Myjuto Forces have nothing to do with this contest, except that maybe one is here.
Knosse: Let's hope it's not Jiron.
Lance: We found out that there are hundreds of contestants, so we'll be doing preliminary cuts till there are 128 left.
Knosse: And we found an amazing new food!
Lance: Yes, it was rather incredible.
X: We'll check it out later then, right Lei?
Lei: Sure. You guys look odd. Were you...crying?
Lance: No, not really.
Knosse: Nope.
Lei: Alright, just making sure.

X, Lei and Lance put their hoods back on and then head towards the arena where there are tons of people crowding the arena and the sandy area. Suddenly, a man in white knight armor blows a loud vuvuzela that makes everyone stop their talking and look to him.

Knight: I'll be your announcer today. Everyone, you must find a doorway and enter it. Now!

Surrounding the contestants are large doorways.

X: Pick different doors. All of us.

All four point to a different door and disperse again. As they dogpile into the rooms, they get divided into about 8 groups. For now, we follow Lei. He is at the front of the room, where a large arena similar to the outside one is. Another white knight steps on the arena and begins speaking.

Knight: You will be given a number now. We will call you by number until we have enough to move on.

Another knight comes onto the arena with two huge filled bags. He gives one of them to the announcer knight and they launch orbs out of the bags and dump the entire bags out in the middle. Everyone picks up a number in a mad rush. Lei quickly catches one in mid air.

Lei: Number 30, huh? Not bad.

Looking at X...

X: I got number 48.

By Knosse...

Knosse: Oh balls. I got number 79.

At Lance's room...

Lance: Number 128. What are the odds?

Back to Lei...

Lei: This is it. Time to for these games to start!

The contest of champions has started. The preliminaries are up. How will Lei do in his matches? Stay tuned for Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 63: The Contest of Champions Preliminaries - Lei

Still focused on Lei, he is sitting down in front of the ring. Everyone eventually sits on the floor. The white knight before stays on the arena and starts talking.

Knight: Alright. Here are the rules. You fight till you either give up, get knocked out or die. You may not exit the ring unless you are being knocked out of it. Any blatant help means disqualification. Now, let's get on with this. Number 1 against Number 128.

Two fierce looking warriors enter the ring and begin fighting on the knight's command. Lei watches with eagerness. Eventually, number 1 knocks out number 128.

Knight: Winner. Number 1. Next is Number 2 against Number 127.
Lei: This could be a while.

Lei takes a short nap. In his dream, we see him a little younger facing Hirai.

Hirai: Don't give up, Lei.
Lei: Yes, master.

Lei is punching and kicking over and over at Hirai but is blocked every time.

Hirai: You can't hit me like that.
Lei: Grrr.

After a while of punches and kicks in vain, he stops. He quickly wakes up from he dream when someone bumps into him by accident.

Lei: Gah. How long was I out for?
Knight: Next up is Number 29 against Number 100.
Lei: How convenient. I'm next.

Lei watches as Number 100 takes down Number 29, pinning him into submission.

Knight: Number 30 vs Number 99.

Lei: Yes! My turn.

Lei takes off his cloak and steps jumps into the arena to see his opponent already in there as well. He is a tall dark skinned man with a boxing outfit on.

Lei: Good luck to you.
Boxer: You too.

As the Knight waves his hand up, the boxer starts walking towards Lei. Lei readies himself as the boxer starts quick jabbing at him. Lei is able to dodge each jab and gives a light kick to his shin. The boxer steps back and starts punching more rapidly. Lei dodges most of the punches but has to block the last one. Lei starts getting pushed back when the boxer punches him in the stomach. Lei feels the pain as he slightly recoils. The boxer punches again, but Lei sidesteps it, grabs his hand and flips over him. Lei then back kicks him in the back and then 180 roundhouse kicks him in the back of the head quickly.

The boxer falls to the ground as the crowd starts cheering. He gets up and turns to Lei.

Boxer: That was quite a move.
Lei: Thank you. I'm from Drek and we have plenty of people like me back there.
Boxer: Drek, huh? I've always wanted to travel there. Enough talk though. Let's fight.

The boxer charges and begins rapidly punching again. Lei dodges and then blocks and then repeats the process. Lei gets punched twice and then punched hard. Lei recovers quickly, however, and punches the boxer in the face. He stumbles a bit when Lei kicks him three times which makes him stumble more. Finally, Lei rushes at him and does a combo of punches and kicks and finally palm strikes him which knocks him out of the arena. As he hits the floor hard, he mumbles something.

Boxer: I concede.
Knight: Winner. Number 30.
Lei: Good.

The crowd cheers as he jumps out and helps the boxer up. They shakes hands and many fighters look for high fives from Lei. He does so and sits down next to the boxer.

Boxer: You are impressive, Number 30. What is your name?
Lei: My name is Lei. What's yours?
Boxer: Kirk.
Lei: Kirk, huh?

Lei chuckles slightly as he recalls Claudius in the Fight Club.

Kirk: Something funny?
Lei: A good friend of mine went under the fake name of Kirk once.
Kirk: I heard about that. So you are a part of Fighters Abroad, is that it?
Lei: Word gets around fast these days it seems. Yes, although I'm not supposed to reveal myself yet.
Kirk: Your secret is safe with me.
Lei: Thank you.

Time passes and the second round begins. Lei and Kirk watch the fights until it is time for his fight again.

Knight: Number 100 against Number 30.
Kirk: Go get him, Lei.

Lei gives Kirk a thumbs up as he enters the ring. He waits for Number 100 who is a tall, bulky, light skinned male with nothing but shorts and shoes on.

Lei: Good luck to you.
Man: Yes. Let us fight well.
Knight: Begin.
Lei: He seems powerful. Judging from his previous fight, I'd say I should keep my distance until the right time.

The man runs to Lei and tries to grab him. Lei jumps back in order to evade. Lei then stafes to his left and side rolls to the back of him and kicks him in the heel. He then kicks in the back of the leg (the hinge that is on the other side where the Knee would be) which causes the man to go on one knee. Lei now jump kicks him in the back of the head, making his face hit the floor. He gets up and looks at Lei. He punches at him, but Lei dodges backwards more and more. Soon, Lei is at the edge of the arena and stops. He punched the man in the stomach but he fights through the pain and grabs Lei. He throws him to the floor and is about to get on top of him when Lei dodge rolls and sweep kicks at the man which trips the man and flips him forward (He was leaning that way). As the man gets up, he surprsingly grabs Lei again and pile drives him into the ring. Lei is slow to get up as the crowd is split between booing and cheering.

Man: That's game.
Lei: Not...yet.

Lei is still slow to get up but manages to do so. The crowd cheers for Lei as he regains his composure.

Lei: Sorry about that. Never got pile driven before.

Lei runs toward the man and starts to kick and punch all over. The man tries to grab Lei, but he can't get past all the punching and kicking. He gets knocked back further and further until at the edge of the arena, Lei backflip kicks him in the jaw and then jumps on his chest while grabbing his arms. He pushes off and back flips to safety while the man flies right off the arena. As he hits the floor, he is knocked out cold.

Knight: Number 30 is the winner by knockout. Next is Number 98 against 97.

The crowd cheers for Lei as he exits the arena. He gives Kirk a high five.

Kirk: Nice job.
Lei: Thanks. Only one more fight to go and I'm past the preliminaries.
Kirk: Right.

The two of them watch the rest of the fights. The final round of the preliminaries begins. Seven fights go by until...

Knight: Next is Number 30 against Number 98.
Kirk: Do your best.
Lei: Right.

Lei enters as well as a girl with a kimono and sword.

Lei: Good fortune to you.
Samurai: And to you as well.

They bow at each other and begin. The samurai girl slashes at Lei who ddoges it and goes to kick her. The girl dodges and slashes again. Lei rolls under the slash and uppercuts the girl in the stomach which gets her hunched over. She regains her footing and starts to slash repeatedly. Lei dodges every slash and punches her in the gut again. She hunches over when Lei kicks her in the face three times which knocks her out.

Knight: Winner. Number 30.

The crowd cheers as Lei bows in respect again. The rest of the fights play out. Here is how the bracket looks. http://i22.servimg.com/u/f22/12/92/01/09/tourna11.gif

Lei is then handed a number from the Knight.

Lei: So I'm number 12 now, huh? Alright then. I wonder how the others did.

Lei walks outside into the sandy area to find one other group done already.

Lei has passed the preliminary round. Lance is next on the list, but how will he do? Next, on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 64: The Contest of Champions Preliminaries - Lance Part 1

Focusing on Lance now, he is at his respective room in the front of the crowd at the ring. A white knight goes up to announce the start.

Knight: To begin, Number 1 will fight Number 128.
Lance: That would be me.

Lance jumps into the ring. His opponent enters not long after. He is a man with many scars and tattoos and is bald at an average build and height. In his hands is a shotgun.

Man: You ready for me, boy?
Lance: You look rather familiar.
Man: That's because I'm wanted all throughout these parts.
Lance: Interesting.
Knight: Begin.

The man shoots right away. Lance takes out his axes quickly and cross chops to block any incoming bullets. During his gun's recoil, Lance rushes him head on and punches him the face and then chops at him. The man is able to dodge it and shoots at Lance at point blank range. Lance is blown back from the impact and hits the floor hard. He gets up quickly and charges again. The man shoots again, but Lance cross chops again to block incoming bullets. This time, during the recoil, Lance chops the gun in half and then takes a hack at his knee. The man instantly drops to his other knee as Lance places his axes up to his neck diagonally.

Man: Don't do it!
Lance: I'll be collecting your bounty soon.

Lance slides his axes across each other which severs the man's head.

Lance: Do what you want with this man's body, but he's my bounty.
Knight: Yes, of course.

A couple knights with a medical emblem on their armor come in and place the man's severed body and head on a stretcher and take him out.

Man: We will now procede. Number 2 will fight Number 127.

Lance leaves the ring. He is greeted by a light skinned male with short, brown hair that is spiked. He has brown eyes that have a rather serious gaze to it. He wears a black T shirt with red lettering "Lethal like Hell" and black long pants and black boots. He also has black combat gloves and a black open vest. A sword is strapped to his back.

???: You made quick work out of him.
Lance: Sure did. It's my lucky day.
???: What's your name?
Lance: It's Lance.
???: I'm Rex. Rex Raver.
Lance: Nice to meet you, Rex.
Rex: You can call me shooter if you want. That's my nickname.
Lance: ...No, I think I'll stick with calling you Rex.
Rex: Awe.
Lance: So what number are you?
Rex: Number 62. I don't think we'll fight in the preliminaries.
Lance: No, I suppose not. You're at the very bottom of the bracket.
Rex: Really? Damn.
Lance: That only means you have plenty of resting time between fights.
Rex: Yeah, it does mean that. Nice.
Lance: I'm guessing you use guns as well?
Rex: Yeah!

Rex reaches into his vest and pulls out dual pistols.

Rex: See?
Lance: So you hide them in your vest. What else do you have in there?
Rex: Take a look.

He opens his vest to show a couple grenades.

Lance: Cool. You are kind of like a friend of mine. You'll meet him soon if you make it through.
Rex: I can't wait to meet him.

As time goes by, finally the final match comes up.

Knight: Number 62 will now fight Number 67.
Rex: Yes. My turn.
Lance: Good luck.

Rex eagerly gets in the arena and awaits his opponent. No one comes, however, and Rex starts to get frustrated.

Rex: What happens now?
Knight: You get a BYE. Number 67 is a no show and so you win by forfeit.
Rex: Take what you can get, right?

Rex exits slightly frustrated.

Lance: Maybe next time.
Knight: Now, on to round 2. Number 128 against Number 127.
Lance: My turn.

As Lance gets on the arena, he sees his opponent is a female. She seems like an average girl (about 5"6 with average size) with no weapons on her. She is wearing a short T shirt and long pants.

Lance: What is this?
Girl: Let's have a good fight.

As the knight signals to begin, the girl runs fast at Lance and starts to kick at him. Lance dodges every kick except the last one which kicks him hard in the stomach. She then kicks him in the face which makes him hit the floor (and makes his hat fall off). Lance gets up quickly.

Lance: This girl. She has legs of steel or something. I shouldn't be doing this but...

The girl starts to kick again and again when Lances takes out his sword and cuts her pants where her waist is. Her pants completely drop and both fighters stop fighting. Strewn across her legs are steel weights. The crowd starts cheering for the girl.

Lance: So you've built enough muscle in your legs to be able to fight normally with weights.
Girl: Why you...
Lance: My apologies. When this fight is over, I'll give you money to buy a new pair.

Lance sheaths his sword and throws his hat at Rex who catches it. The girl charges and begins kicking again. Lance is able to dodge most and then grabs her foot on the last kick. Lance flips her backwards, and she lands on her feet. As soon as she lands, she is kicked in the face by Lance and sent to the ground. The girl gets up and charges again. This time, Lance stomps on her foot and then kicks her in the shin where her her weights don't protect. She starts to stumble but high kicks Lance in the chest area which sends him back. Lance regains his footing and this time, he is the one charging. She goes to kick again, but Lance dodges it and kicks her other shin hard. Now she is stumbling altogether.

Girl: Agh...
Lance: It seems I've extracted your weak point.

The girl now starts charging toward Lance but she is now quite slow in doing so and her kicks are easily dodged. Lance punches her in the gut and she walks backward with trouble. All of the sudden, she leaps forward and clings to Lance, restraining his arms with his body. Lance can do nothing but struggle as he is tightly gripped. Suddenly, he pushes forward and falls down on top of her. She is heard letting out a sound of pain and releases her grip. Lance gets up and stomps on her shins again. When the girl gets up, she can not walk at all. The weights make her collapse on the floor, knocking her out (By her hitting her head on the floor).

Knight: The winner is Number 128. Next is Number 126 against Number 125.
Rex: Nice job.
Lance: Her weak point became evident as the match dragged on. Of course, if she had just taken off her weights, things would have gotten more interesting.
Rex: I see now. You attacked her base that way she wouldn't be able to support the weights any longer.
Lance: Precisely. If she had taken them off, she would have easily outsped me and I would have had a much tougher time.
Rex: Her fault. You also had your weapons to use.
Lance: I wasn't going to use them if she wasn't going to use any.
Rex: Those weights are weapons.
Lance: Yeah, they are, I guess.

Not long after, they see a guy that wins his next match with flying colors. He has this appearance ( https://2img.net/h/i221.photobucket.com/albums/dd50/BrownieBGG/kilik.jpg Split hair in the front).

Knight: Number 77 is the winner.

This man goes over to Lance and Rex.

Rex: Nice win.
???: Thank you. You seem like a friendly bunch.
Lance: Sure. What's your name?
???: My name is Hiiro (Pronounced Hero).
Lance: Hero?! So you're the vigilante?
Hiiro: No, no. You have it all wrong. Besides, I heard he's dead.
Lance: What?!
Hiiro: He and some mercenary supposedly took each other out.
Rex: That's sad.
Lance: Well anyway, I'm Lance.
Rex: I'm Rex Raver, but you can call me shooter.
Hiiro: Nice to meet you two.
Lance: Well, none of us have to fight each other, so this is a relief.
Hiiro: Right. Not yet, at least.

The three of them converse for quite some time.

Hiiro: Hey, Rex, I think your match is now.
Knight: Number 68 will fight Number 62.
Rex: Right on time, Hiiro. Time to fight.

Rex enters the ring, ready to fight.

One fight remains for Lance to get past the preliminaries. He has met two friendly people, Rex and Hiiro. The conclusion is next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 65: The Contest of Champions Preliminaries - Lance Part 2

Hiiro: Hey, Rex, I think your match is now.
Knight: Number 68 will fight Number 62.
Rex: Right on time, Hiiro. Time to fight.

Rex enters the ring, ready to fight. A man with shorts and a t shirt also enters. He has a longsword. Rex pulls out his longsword as well.

Rex: You ready?
Man: I'm going to kill you.
Rex: I don't think so.

As the knight signals to begin, the man charges at Rex and swings his sword at him. Rex blocks with his own sword and shoves him back. Rex then slashes at the man who dodges it. They clash blades and keep clashing for a couple times until Rex palm strikes the man chest which sends him back.

Man: Urgh!
Rex: Let's go!

In a fit of rage, the man starts attacking blindly. Rex is able to block, but eventually, his sword is knocked out of his hand.

Man: You're mine!

The man slashes horizontally at Rex. Rex does a backflip to evade and while he is in mid air he takes out his pistols and shoots at the man, hitting him with a couple bullets right in the head. As Rex hits the floor flat, he watches the man cover his head, trying to stop the blood flow but then passes out. A team of medical knights come and help him off the arena and stop the blood.

Knight: Number 62 is the winner. The next round will begin in two minutes.

Rex exits the arena and goes back over to Hiiro and Lance.

Hiiro: Excellent shots.
Lance: I agree.
Rex: Thanks. That's my specialty.
Hiiro: I never got a chance to see you yet, Lance.
Lance: I'm first up for the final round, so you'll see me shortly.
Knight: Number 128 will now fight Number 125
Rex: Or you'll see him now...
Lance: Right.

Lance jumps into the ring to find his opponent already there. It is a man with an eye patch and generic pirate clothing.

Lance: You...you're a pirate?
Pirate: Aye. Ya look like one too!
Lance: I am.
Pirate: Parley.
Lance: What do you want?
Pirate: I have yer lass, if ya want her alive.
Lance: What do you want for her?
Pirate: I want ya to throw the match.
Lance: Very well, but let's make this realistic, yeah?

The knight signals to begin. The pirate takes out a cutlass and Lance does the same. They start to fence with their swords and then clash blades. Not long after, Lance knocks the sword away from the pirate and keeps him at bay with his blade up to his neck.

Pirate: Ya must not want yer lass to live.
Lance: You dumb ass.

Lance brings his blade back to his shoulder and then backhand cross slashes the pirate, killing him.

Lance: I'm not traveling with any women at the moment.
Knight: Number 128 is the winner. You are past the preliminaries. Now, Number 6 against Number 8.
Lance: Thank you.

Lance exits the ring. He high fives Rex and Hiiro.

Rex: Nice work. You're pretty good with a sword.
Hiiro: Yes, you are.
Lance: Thank you as well. I guess you're up soon, Hiiro.
Hiiro: Yes. I am.

The three watch the medical staff take away the dead pirate. There is now blood strewn all over the arena from the killings that have taken place. Not long after, the girl from before comes up to Lance without her weights on. She is still not wearing any pants.

Lance: Ah, yes. I almost forgot. Here is fifty silver. You can get yourself some new pants with that.
Girl: Thanks. But I was hoping for a little more than just pants.
Lance: What do you have in mind?
Girl: Come with me. I'll show you.
Rex: Can I come?
Girl: No!
Rex: Damn.

The two leave.

Hiiro: What exactly is happening?
Rex: I think I know, but I don't want to say.
Hiiro: You think.....oh!
Rex: Exactly.
Hiiro: Lucky man.

Some more fights go on. Finally...

Knight: Number 80 against Number 77.
Hiiro: Wish me luck.
Rex: Go kick ass.

Hiiro pole vaults into the ring with his long staff. He is met by a man with a whip.

Hiiro: A whip, huh? Not my strong suit, but I'll be alright.
Knight: Begin.

Hiiro immediately jabs his pole at the man. The man dodges the pole and wraps his whip around it. He pulls Hiiro towards himself and whips him in the face. Hiiro stumbles but then whacks the man in the side of the head with the staff. The man hits the floor. He gets up soon after.

Hiiro: C'mon. *Beckons*

The man starts whipping rapidly but he can not hit Hiiro. Instead, he over pursues him and gets whacked in the stomach. Hiiro pushes his pole into the man's stomach and raises him up with it and then slams him down into the floor. He is knocked out.

Knight: Number 77 is the winner. Number 75 will now fight Number 55.

Hiiro takes a bow and regroups with Rex. They high five. During the next match, Lance comes back.

Lance: What did I miss?
Hiiro: You missed my fight.
Lance: Ah, sorry. I was a bit preoccupied.
Rex: (Smiling) So what was it that she wanted to show you?
Lance: Bitch tried to rape me.
Rex: How does that even work?
Lance: How should I know?
Rex: I don't know.
Hiiro: So, you managed to run away?
Lance: ...Who said I ran away?
Rex: Oh, nice. I didn't think you were the type.
Lance: Keep in mind, while I strive to keep propriety, I am still a pirate.
Hiiro: So where is she now?
Lance: Heh heh heh.

We see the girl half naked in an alley. Her hand are chained to a wall and a key is barely in leg reach. A bag with 50 silver in it is next to her. She is able to pick up the key with her feet and bring the key to her mouth and is able to unlock her right hand and then with her hand unlocks the second one.

Girl: Good thing I have long legs. Now, to take some revenge.

Back to Lance, Hiiro and Rex...

Rex: Seriously?
Lance: Yeah. Gave me enough time to get away without her following me.
Hiiro: But she knows you're here, right?
Lance: ...oh. Yeah, I should leave.
Rex: Awe, you're not going to watch my fight?
Lance: Sorry, but I can't. I'd rather not deal with her again.
Hiiro: I'll see you later. Hopefully we don't fight each other right away.
Lance: Yeah. I'd rather not either.
Rex: See you.

Lance goes over to the exit where a knight awaits.

Knight: Leaving?
Lance: Yes, I'd like to leave early. I'm Number 128, a finalist.
Knight: Very well. Here's your number.

The knight hands Lance a random orb.

Lance: 84. Alright. Thank you.

Lance exits the area to see that he is the very first fighter to finish. The crowd cheers for Lance slightly as he waves to everyone. Not long after, the rest of the group comes out and the girl approaches Lance. Lance starts to run away and as she gives chase, she is run over by a stampede of finalists. Rex and Hiiro are seen walking out together, both in high spirits and with numbers. After the hype dies down, another group comes out. Lance spots Lei in the midst of the crowd and they make their way to each other. They show their numbers.

(Here is the bracket of how Lance's section went down. http://i22.servimg.com/u/f22/12/92/01/09/tourna10.gif )

Lance: Hah. Looks like we're on opposite ends of the bracket.
Lei: Thankfully, yeah. Looks like no one else is finished.
Lance: Right. Let's hope X and Knosse are doing well.

Lance, Hiiro and Rex have moved on to the final rounds. Knosse is up next so don't miss it next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 66: The Contest of Champions Preliminaries - Knosse

Knosse: It's almost time for my fight.

Knosse is standing on edge, eager to fight. The first round has begun already and is in the middle of the bracket. The matches go fairly slowly and Knosse begins to get bored.

Knight: Number 50 versus Number 79.
Knosse: Woooooooh!

Knosse eagerly gets on the arena and waits for his opponent. A generic looking man enters. He has no weapons or anything. Knosse pulls out a handgun that is different from his revolvers.

Knosse: Ready?
Man: Yeah.
Knight: Begin.

Immediately, Knosse shoots with his handgun a couple times and the man is instantly shot down, dead.

Knosse: What the hell? You were supposed to put up a figh...wait, I'm talking to a dead guy. Not cool. Wait, now I'm talking to myself. Look what that bastard made me do.
Knight: Would you get out of the arena already?
Knosse: Oh, yeah. Sorry.

Knosse exits the ring. Not long after, a girl comes up to him. She has this appearance ( http://i53.tinypic.com/muv391.jpg about 4"9 in height).

Girl: You shouldn't kill needlessly.
Knosse: Who are you?
Girl: I'm Nagato. You?
Knosse: The name is Knosse. She's not half bad looking. She must be way too young, though.
Nagato: Why did you kill him?
Knosse: He didn't put up a fight. I can't be bothered to mess around in this tournament.
Nagato: I see. Just please do not kill any more unless the person is truly evil.
Knosse: So you're good then, right?
Nagato: Yes. I'm looking for a man. He has a scythe and black cloak.
Knosse: Scythe, huh? I know a man with a scythe, but he doesn't wear a black cloak.
Nagato: Is he near?
Knosse: Nah. He's in Drek as far as I know.
Nagato: Curses.
Knosse: Why are you looking for him?
Nagato: He burned down my village. Unfortunately, I only caught his cloak and scythe from behind.
Knosse: That certainly sounds like him. The man you're most likely looking for is ranked third in the Myjuto Forces.
Nagato: There of all places...
Knosse: I know. So, what number are you?
Nagato: 9.
Knosse: Cool. We're on opposite sides of the bracket.

Knosse and Nagato continue talking for quite some time. Soon, the second round begins, Nagato wins her next match by forfeit and Knosse's number is called not long after.

Knight: Number 49 vs Number 79.
Knosse: Alright. Time to kick ass and take names...and I'm all out of names.
Nagato: Good luck...and don't kill anyone.

Knosse gets into the ring to find a man in this appearance ( http://karatekidoutfit.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/61900-cobra-kai-adult-gi.jpg ).

Knosse: A Kung Fu man?
Man: Yes. I am trained in the martial arts. Prepare.
Knosse: I'm always ready. Let's see how he is compared to Lei.
Knight: Start.

Knosse begins by pulling out a gun and shooting it. The man dodges the bullet and charges for Knosse. He reaches him and goes for a palm strike. Knosse dodges it and whacks his hand with his handgun. This makes the man pull his hand back when Knosse kicks the man back. The man retaliates and begins to kick and punch. Knosse is able to dodge most but gets kicked in the stomach. The man tries to punch Knosse while he's hunched over, but Knosse falls on his back and kicks up kicking the man in the jaw. Knosse does a backward somersault and gets up.

Man: You are quite skilled. You may not be a martial artist, but you understand my moves well. How?
Knosse: My best friend is a master of Kung Fu.
Man: Let's see how well he taught you how to fight one.

The man does a flip and goes to kick Knosse. Knosse gets kicked in the face and falls down. He gets up quickly and the man follows up by punching at him. Knosse sidestep and puts his gun to the side of the man's head. The man takes the gun and twists it away, but Knosse takes out his other gun with his other hand and points it at the man. He is not in range to grab this.

Knosse: You don't have a death wish, do you?
Man: Cool it. Don't shoot.
Knosse: Just don't try anything funny.

The man quickly kicks Knosse in the stomach and Knosse shoots and hits the man in the arm. Knosse takes the hit well but the man falls on the ground in major pain.

Knosse: You should have given up.

He points the gun to the man's head now.

Nagato: No!
Knosse: I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Man: I...surrender.
Knosse: Great.
Knight: Number 79 is the winner.

Knosse puts his handguns away and exits the ring.

Nagato: You weren't going to kill him, were you?
Knosse: Who knows? I may have.
Nagato: Why would you do such a thing?
Knosse: You are young. I can tell. How old are you?
Nagato: ...15.
Knosse: As I thought. You have much to learn and are too young to truly understand fighting to its full extent.
Nagato: But killing should only be a last resort.
Knosse: I guess if you're with a happy bunch of heroes. Me, I hang out with mercenaries. This is how we are.
Nagato: I'm sorry...
Knosse: Still, I beat a fucking Kung Fu guy! Wait till Lei hears this!
Nagato: Lei? Lei Feing?
Knosse: Yeah. Do you know him?
Nagato: I met him once. He saved me.

[Honson - 4 Years Ago]

Nagato as a younger kid is seen walking through Honson with her hand over her stomach. She approaches a dojo and enters it. Inside, we see Hirai and Lei.

Nagato: Help...please.
Lei: Master, look.
Hirai: I see, Lei. Take care of her.
Lei: But our training...
Hirai: It can wait. Never hesitate to help someone out.
Lei: Yes, master. I'd be glad to help.

Lei, who looks slightly younger, goes over to Nagato.

Lei: What do you need?
Nagato: So...hungry. Need...food and water.
Lei: Very well. Come this way.

Lei takes Nagato with him to a table with food and water. She eats a ton and drinks a lot.

Lei: What are you doing here?
Nagato: I am a traveler now. My village was burned down by a man with a black cloak and a scythe.
Lei: Truly?
Nagato: Yes. I am looking to kill this man.
Lei: I wish you good luck, then.


Knosse: So Lei helped you out there. That is definitely the same Lei.
Nagato: Is he here?
Knosse: You bet. He's with my group.
Nagato: I'd very much like to see him.
Knosse: When this is all over, sure.

The next round starts soon after.

Knight: Number 9 against Number 118.

Nagato jumps into the ring to be met by a girl that is also short (but a little taller than Nagato) and small body size. They begin immediately after the knight signals. The two begin exchanging punches and kicks, neither able to really damage the other. Finally, the girl takes out a small blade and Nagato takes out her tonfa blades. They clash blades over and over until Nagato knocks the blade out of the girls hand and she surrenders. Nagato high fives Knosse upon her victory. A couple matches later...

Knight: I have been informed that Number 77 has dropped out of the contest. Therefor, Number 79 wins by default.
Knosse: Awe.

Knosse is handed a number by another Knight.

Knosse: Number 3. Sweet.
Nagato: I'm Number 9 again. What luck.
Knosse: Come on. Let's blow this place.
Nagato: Blow this place up?! But why?
Knosse: No, I mean get out of here.

Knosse and Nagato walk out together and find that they are the sixth group finished. Only two groups remain. They go into the crowd and lose each other in the midst.

Knosse: Shit. Oh well, she knows where she's going. I have to regroup with the others.

Knosse searches for a long time until he sees Lei and Lance.

Knosse: Hey, guys. Number 3.
Lance: I'm 84.
Lei: I'm Number 12.
Knosse: Oh balls. Lei, we're close together.
Lei: Relax. It won't be till quarterfinals anyway.
Knosse: Any word on X?
Lance: He must not be done or he can't find us.
Lei: He'll be alright. If Knosse made it, X will.
Knosse: Hey! For your information, I beat a Kung Fu person.
Lei: Did you now? Well done.
Knosse: Oh, that reminds me. I have a friend that apparently knows you. I sort of lost her, though.
Lei: It's alright. We'll meet in eventuality.
Lance: After this preliminary is over, let's go get some roast pork sandwiches. I'm hungry again.
Knosse: Me too. You in, Lei?
Lei: Why not?
Knosse: Sweet.

Here is the bracket for Knosse's prelminaries. ( http://i25.servimg.com/u/f25/14/75/97/39/tourna10.gif )

Knosse has made it past the preliminaries and is ready to go to the final rounds. X is the last to go. Will he make it as well? Find out next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 67: The Contest of Champions Preliminaries - X

X sits by the edge of the ring and awaits the knight to announce the beginning. When it does begin, X watches every fight very closely, studying them. Soon comes his turn to fight.

Knight: Number 48 vs Number 81.
X: Yes. Time to own.

X enters and awaits his opponent. A male with tonfa blades enters as well. He has a black muscle shirt and jeans.

X: Nice weapons.
Man: Thanks. Where are yours?

X quickly takes out his daggers.

Man: I see. Nice daggers.
Knight: Begin.

The man takes first initiative. He attacks with his blades but he is blocked by X. X raises his daggers and kicks the man in the stomach. He takes this opportunity to move in and he gives the man a cut on the arm as he tries to escape his slashing. X sheaths his daggers and runs toward the man. He swings his tonfa, but X slides under him and trips him by grabbing his ankles and shoving them. As the man falls backward, X springs to his feet, giving a spin shoryuken like motion to the back of the man's head which sends him foward face down on the arena. The crowd likes this and gives cheers.

X: Is that all?

The man rises to his feet. He turns to show a bloody face. He wipes some off and charges to X. He keeps swinging over and over but X dodges each swing with ease. X finally finds an opening and punches him in the stomach. The man stumbles and X punches him again and again. He then high kicks the man in the chin which sends him to the floor, unconscious.

Knight: Number 48 is the winner.
X: Sorry it had to be this way.

X exits and sits down. Another person approaches X and sits down next to him. This man has half a dark green long sleeve shirt that covers his right side and goes diagonally across his body. He is built on the upper body. He is wearing dark green long Gi pants. He has this style of hair ( http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/phoenixwright/ohtoru.png that is black instead of brown ). He also has black combat boots and gloves. Strapped to his back is a sword ( https://2img.net/h/i717.photobucket.com/albums/ww173/AnkhChild/coolsword.jpg This sword is longer and thicker than the average sword).

X: Can I help you?
???: A hired hand. Are you not?
X: Why do you ask?
???: We are easy to spot, friend.
X: So you're a mercenary as well?
???: Yes. My name is Vex.
X: Vex, huh? You can call me X.
Vex: X...nice name. You fought well in there.
X: Thank you. I saw your battle earlier. Number 42, right?
Vex: You pay attention well. I have a question for you.
X: Fire away.
Vex: Do you know about how corrupt King Julius is?
X: I've heard a story or two.
Vex: I've been hired to assassinate him. Would you be interested in helping?
X: I'll think about it. We need right of passage to get past this area.
Vex: Who's we?
X: My group and I.
Vex: You have a group of mercenaries?! What a treat.
X: Well currently, I'm the only true mercenary of the group. My colleague is in Ivan.
Vex: Let me guess. You are Fighters Abroad.
X: Yes. Please keep that on the down low, though.
Vex: No problem.

Vex smiles at X and puts his hand out signaling for a hand shake and X shakes his hand.

Vex: Your clothes are different than I've seen.
X: They are Revume clothes. Ever heard of them?
Vex: No. Where is that located?
X: Drek. About a day's travel from Sarzo.
Vex: So you came from Drek. I'm an Ivan native myself.
X: Interesting. A lot of mountain bandits over there, right?
Vex: I guess you could say that.

Vex goes on to tell about his life back in Ivan where he was trained to fend off mountain bandits and made a living out of it.

Vex: I came here not too long ago to offer my services here temporarily.
X: There is another mercenary around. His name is Bullseye. Be careful if you see him.
Vex: Alright.
Knight: Number 88 vs Number 42.
Vex: Hah. Looks like the time flew.
X: Good luck.

Vex climbs into the ring. As he stands up, we get a better view of his height (which is slightly above average). His opponent is a man with a normal looking sword. Vex maintains a smile.

Vex: Ready to fight?
Knight: Begin.

The man charges at Vex and slashes at him. Vex is able to quickly bring his sword out and block the attack (He is using his right arm which is the arm with the long sleeve). Vex takes a step back and starts to attack with his sword. The man blocks each hit when Vex rushes right towards him and collides with him which sends the man to the floor. He gets up quickly and attacks Vex with his sword. Vex sidesteps and cuts the man's arm off. He screams in agony and gives up.

Knight: Number 42 wins.

Vex exits the ring and goes over to X.

X: So why'd you cut his arm off?
Vex: He was listening to our conversation. I saw him give me a bad look as if he wanted to kill me.
X: I guess that is understandable.

Not long after, X's number is called.

Knight: Number 82 vs Number 48.

Just as X gets ready to enter the arena, a bomb goes off in the crowd of warriors and explodes a great portion of them. X turns around to see a bunch of fighters attacking other fighters. X takes out his daggers and readies them. Vex quickly takes out his sword and goes over to X immediately.

Vex: Back to back?
X: Good idea. Looks like we have some insurgents.

Vex and X go back to back. They both take a defensive stance. A figure quickly rushes for Vex but gets cut down by him instantly. A bunch of knights break into the mass chaos and begin to separate everything. One by one fighters fall. Some knights even get killed. Vex spots a man that is directing people.

Vex: X, over there.
X: So that's the leader of things, huh?
Vex: Let's get him. We take him out, we take out the insurgency.

The two of them run over to him, breaking through any kind of interference. This man is shirtless with tattoos all over. He is carrying a mace with him.

X: That's enough!
Man: Shit. I've been found. You won't get in the way of
X: He's mine, Vex. I need you to cover me.
Vex: Sure.

X quickly charges at the leader. He throws one of his daggers at him but he deflects it back at him with the mace. X catches the dagger and jump kicks him in the face. The leader stumbles but swings his mace at X. X dodges it and stabs the man in the stomach with both daggers.

Meanwhile, Vex is cutting down warrior by warrior as they try to defend their leader. They all watch as their leader dies from being stabbed, and run away. A bomb goes off and makes an exit where the remaining insurgents escape. Bodies are strewn all over the floor now. One knight takes the stage.

Knight: It seems less than what we need have survived. We'll have to pull from random wild cards from other sections to complete our bracket. As for now, every one of you take a new number.

Vex and X get numbers.

Vex: 75.
X: Number 86. Not bad.
Vex: Let's get out of here. You have a group to find, don't you?
X: Yeah. I do. I'll introduce you.
Vex: That would be cool.

The two of them leave the area to find that they are the last group to finish due to the insurgency.

X: Stay close. We could get lost in this crowd.

They push through the crowd to find the group. X spots Lance's sword sticking straight up in the air and follows it. X and Vex manage to push through to them.

X: Hey, guys.
Lei: Alright. You're still in one piece.
X: Of course. Hey, this is my friend, Vex.
Vex: Hi.
Lance: Hello.
Knosse: So what number do you two have?
X: 86 and Vex has 75.
Lance: Looks like the three of us are fairly close. I'm 84.
Lei: Hey, let's all go back to the apartments now. The next round isn't till tomorrow.
Lance: Good idea. Vex, you're welcome to come back with us to the apartments.
Vex: I'd love to. Is it really alright if I hang out with the famous Fighters Abroad?
X: You're cool, Vex. You can certainly hang with us.
Vex: Awesome.
Knosse: Wait, we have to get some pork sandwiches!
Lance: I almost forgot.
X: I guess it's time we try it, eh Lei?
Lei: Yeah. Let's see how good it is.

Minutes later, Knosse and Lance are gulping down two roast pork sandwiches. Vex is nonchalantly eating one with his eyes closed.

Vex: These were originated in Ivan. One of my favorites.
X: Ready, Lei?
Lei: You bet.

They count to three and take a bite (X being off screen) at the same time. After chewing it, they look at each other.

X: Best...
Lei: Sandwich...
Both: EVER!
Lance: We told them.
Knosse: Say, X. How do you eat, anyway?
X: ...
Vex: Hahaha.

After finishing their sandwiches, they all head back to the apartment complex. Here is X's bracket. ( http://i25.servimg.com/u/f25/14/75/97/39/tourna12.gif )

All four have made it past the prelminary rounds. X has made a good friend in Vex who could potentially become a recruit for the group. The next round begins next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 68: Notorious Pirate and Famous Defender

Back at the apartment complex, we take a look at Vex and Lance. They are in Lance's apartment, sitting across from each other drinking tea.

Vex: So you're a Kairo then.
Lance: Yes. I'm sure you've heard of us?
Vex: I'm a fan of your brother.
Lance: Hmmm. So you recognize him as James Kairo?
Vex: Yeah. I met him once. His nickname has pretty much taken over.
Lance: It's true. He didn't intend for it. The nickname stuck and everyone has forgotten he's a Kairo.
Vex: Haha. Captain James "Hook" Kairo. How did he get the name, anyway?
Lance: It was that damned Peter. Peter Pan.
Vex: I heard about him.
Lance: He cut off my brother's hand in the middle of battle and fed it to a crocodile.
Vex: So how did he survive?
Lance: Luckily I stepped in.

[Pirate Ship - 2 Years ago]

Two people are clashing swords. One of them has this appearance ( http://t0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:za70ojxbqAKsVM:http://slytherins.com/fan/hook/hookmn.png&t=1 ) and the other has this appearance ( http://cachens.corbis.com/CorbisImage/thumb/21/46/38/21463843/42-21463843.jpg ). They are clashing blades over and over until the green man in tights pulls a knife on the other and stabs him. He then gets the opportunity to cut the man's hand off (the one that has the sword).

Peter: You've lost, Hook. Give up.

Peter tosses the cut hand aside into the ocean where a crocodile eats it. As soon as that happens, a blade is held up to Peter Pan's neck.

Peter: Who?

He turns his head to see Lance.

Lance: What business do you have that you might harm my brother?
Peter: This man is evil. He has killed countless innocent people!
Lance: And where is your evidence for that claim?
Peter: They all said...
Lance: Out of my sight. If you come near again, you'll be killed.

[A month later]

Hook now has a hook on his hand. He and Lance sail to the shore where Peter is waiting for them.

Peter: So you've come for me.
Hook: I think it's time we settled this feud.
Peter: Lance, I thought you were better than to help an evil person.
Lance: He is not evil. He is missunderstood. You will pay dearly for that mistake.

Peter draws his blade. Hook does the same. They clash blades again. As the fighting goes on, a person ( http://24.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_kr4307errH1qa264ao1_500.jpg ) sees that Hook has the upper hand. He draws a sword and rushes to help but Lance stands in front of him with his cutlass out.

Peter: Rufio, no!
Rufio: Die, you!
Lance: Don't make me kill you, child.

Rufio swings at Lance multiple times in a fit of anger, but Lance quickly parries and knocks the sword out of his hand. He keeps him at bay with his cutlass up to his neck. Meanwhile, Peter is struggling to fight and over pursues Hook and gets stabbed by him. Peter Pan instantly dies after Hook cross cuts his face with his hook as Lance looks away as he pushes his sword further into Rufio.


Lance: He was only a teenager, and I didn't want to kill him.
Vex: You did what you thought you had to, right?
Lance: Yes. Resistance was likely and I didn't need to torture him.
Vex: I see. So Captain Hook is more notorious than you at the moment.
Lance: He does have more glamor for now.
Vex: Who's the better pirate?
Lance: I'd argue myself but I'm sure James would say the same for himself.
Vex: Do you get along?
Lance: We do.
Vex: That's a privilege. My brother and I never got along.
Lance: Is he here as well?
Vex: He's dead. Died of disease. I regret a lot that I never said to him.
Lance: I'm sorry.
Vex: It's alright. See how I always have a smile on my face? It reminds me never to lose my spirit.
Lance: Your resolve is admirable.
Vex: Never forget it. I've gone through so much, but I'll keep this smile as long as I live.
Lance: You and I are opposites in that field. I haven't gone through many troubles yet.
Vex: For your age, that is quite fortunate. How you react determines your growth.
Lance: I see. Thank you for the words of wisdom.
Vex: Don't mention it. You're pretty cool, man. I'll tell you a bit of what I do.

[Hills - Unknown Time]

Vex is at the bottom of a hill where a bunch of mountain bandits are up it. Behind him is a village.

Vex: You may not raid on this village anymore.
Bandit: It's him. The bandit hunter. Let's get him!

About four bandits run down the hill to attack with axes. Vex brings out his sword and slashes through two of them. The third one tries to attack but he is blocked and then stabbed. The last one is quickly taken out within a matter of seconds.


Lance: A bandit hunter?
Vex: I started hunting notorious bandits and made a living off it.
Lance: Why are you here, then?
Vex: I've heard that there are quite a few bandits in this area. I figured I'd join the contest meanwhile.
Lance: Very well. Where are you staying?
Vex: Right outside the stadium.
Lance: Oh, cool.
Vex: Speaking of, I'd better head back and get some shut eye.
Lance: Yes. Adequate rest will do you good tomorrow.

The two walk outside to see that it is dark out.

Lance: Wow. Who knew?
Vex: We didn't even realize that the candles were our only source of light.
Lance: We talked for hours, I suppose.
Vex: Yeah. Haha.

They both walk down the stairs and out of the complex.

Vex: It was nice chatting. I'll see you tomorrow morning.
Lance: Have a good night.

They shake hands and Vex leaves. As Lance heads back, he is followed by a figure. As he reaches his room, he turns around and looks unsurprised at the figure.

Lance: Did you really think you were being stealthy, Tonka?

In the dim light, we can see that it's the girl from before that fought Lance with the weights.

Tonka: I wanted you to notice me.
Lance: What do you want?
Tonka: Revenge. You know, I was picked to be in the next round.
Lance: Great. Now get in there.

Lance opens the door and shoves her in. He looks behind and smiles as he walks into his appartment and shuts the door.

The next morning, the four fighters are outside.

X: Are we ready to go?
Lei: I'm ready.
Lance: Certainly.
Knosse: Yep.
X: Great. Let's go then.

Just then, Tonka comes out of Lance's apartment with sheets covering her.

Tonka: Lance! You got some clothes I can borrow?
Lance: What happened to that money I gave you yesterday?
Tonka: Oh! Thanks! I'll just wear some of your clothes until I get new ones.
Knosse: Awe, no fair!
Lance: You gotta learn to roll with your streak of luck, friend.
Knosse: I don't have luck with that!
Lei: He's right, Lance. Hahaha.
X: Haha.

The four of them laugh it off as they head towards Tyranny, where the stadium is.

We've seen a bit more of Lance and a little from Vex. Also, the next round begins next chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 69: The Contest of Champions - The First Round

The four fighters have gone back to the stadium and are in the arena area. It is crowded in the middle so they are sticking close.

Lei: Man, this is annoying.
Knosse: How much longer?
X: (Arms crossed) Patience, guys.

X suddenly gets bumped by someone.

X: Mother fucker! Now it's on!

X grabs the figure that bumped into him and is about to punch him when a knight goes onto the arena. This one looks different from the others. He is 6'9 and has this appearance ( http://www.picturesofknights.net/italian-knight-armor.jpg minus the sword and has black gauntlets ). This knight now raises his sword ( http://www.lynchs.com/images/1849.jpg ). X lets go of the man and looks.

Knosse: That's a different kind of knight, I guess.
Lance: No. That's King Julius.
X: The king is here?
Julius: Greetings, fellow warriors. Today starts a contest to see who the strongest in Zetsu is. I wish you all good luck so let this contest begin!

With that, the entire audience applauds very loudly. Julius exits the arena and a white knight enters.

Knight: Behind me you all will see a large bracket. You will write your name next to the number you have been given. Do this in an orderly fashion.

Little by little the people go over and write their names next to their numbers. Lance spots Hiiro and goes over to him after writing their names.

Hiiro: Oh, Lance. Hey.
Lance: Well met. Did you get enough sleep last night?
Hiiro: I did. I'm all ready for this. How about you?
Lance: Not too much sleep,
Hiiro: So have you seen Rex today?
Lance: Nope.

Over by Knosse and Lei, they have found Nagato.

Knosse: Nagato.
Nagato: Hello, Knosse. Wait, Lei?!
Lei: Hmmm...I seem to remember you vaguely.

Nagato pulls on Lei and drags him away from Knosse with eagerness.

Knosse: 0_0 What the hell, Lei? Oh wait, she's pretty young. Oh wait, he's pretty young. Agh, I'm talking to myself again.

Meanwhile, as Julius exits the arena area, he is obstructed by X who greets him.

X: So, you're the king.
Julius: What can I do for you?
X: I'd like to ask for passage through Zetsu.
Julius: You and your friends? Yes, I know about them.
X: I see.
Julius: Try winning the contest. Then talk to me about passage.
X: ...

X takes out his daggers and holds one towards Julius. A couple knights come over with swords drawn.

Knight: Is he giving you trouble, sir?
Julius: ...
X: I'm not.

X puts away his daggers and steps aside, letting Julius go. The knights follow the king to a higher level of the stadium. Just then, Vex goes over to X.

Vex: I really thought you were going to do it.
X: I thought about it.
Vex: I would have. That bastard deserves to die.
X: That's pretty harsh. Good morning, nonetheless.
Vex: How are you?
X: A little tense. You?
Vex: Excited for the start of this.

Knight: Alright. Now that every name is written, we can begin. The first match is Deka vs Trey.

X finds Knosse and regroups with him. Eventually Lei and Nagato regroup as well and Lance joins too without Hiiro.

X: Looks like we found some friends each.
Lance: Yes. I don't know where Hiiro went, but he's here somewhere.
Nagato: Hiiro?! He's here?
Lance: You know him?
Nagato: Yes, I traveled with him before.
Vex: Hello, guys.

Vex joins them.

Lei: Hey.
Vex: What's up, guys?
Lance: Good morning, Vex.
Vex: Yo, bro.
Knosse: Oh shit, looks like my match is starting soon.
X: It is. The second match is going on right now.
Vex: So who are you? (Talking to Nagato)
Nagato: I'm Nagato.
Vex: Friends with someone here?
Nagato: Lei and Knosse. How about you?
Vex: X and Lance. Nice to meet you.
Nagato: You too.

Knight: Next is Jack vs .........Nitsumaronozakiwo?
Knosse: That would be me.
X: (Whispering) What on earth?
Knosse: (Whispering) Well if you have stage names, I'd better have one too.
X: That's a little over the top, don't you think?
Knosse: ......no.

Knosse enters the ring and a man with two swords enters as well. Knosse takes out his guns and twirls them.

Knight: Begin.

Knosse immediately starts shooting at the man. Jack is able to block each bullet and then swings for Knosse's head. Knosse dodges and then dodges again. He gets a shot to Jack's knee which cripples him for the time being. Knosse takes this opportunity to throw a bomb directly at him and jumps out of the way upon explosion. When the smoke clears, Jack is on the floor, knocked out.

Knight: The winner. Nitsu....Nitsumaronozomo.
Knosse: Nitsumaronozakiwo. Get it right!
Knight: Right, sorry. Who the hell named you that anyway?
Knosse: My mom.

Knosse exits the ring and gives the gang high fives.

Lei: Good way to start off this contest.
Knosse: Thanks.
X: Lance, you need a stage name too.
Lance: Already covered. It's Joshua.
Vex: Joshua? You could have been more creative than that.
Lance: Spur of the moment. What can you do? Better than Knosse's stage name.
Vex: I won't even try to pronounce that.

Four more matches go by until...

Knight: Next is Rex vs Gien.

The contest has begun and Knosse has started off with an early win. Rex is next, so don't miss it on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 70: Rex vs Gien and Naith's Workshop

[??? - 2 Months Ago]

Naith: I'm back. It's been quite a while.

Naith goes up to the door and unlocks it with a key and opens it. As he walks inside, we see the interior of this small building. It is mainly stone built. There are a couple chairs around and a kitchen. In the back, there is a bed and a set of steps that lead down. Naith takes off his hat (Keeping his bandana on) and coat and places them on one of the chairs. He carries his sheath and sword with him and goes down the flight of steps. These steps lead him underground into what looks like a blacksmithing area. The area is made of grey concrete. There are many blacksmith tools lying around with equipment around as well. In the back wall, there is another bed. Someone is in it, but the figure is not clearly seen. Naith quietly puts his sheathed sword on an anvil and goes back upstairs. He then sits on a chair next to his coat and hat.

Naith: She moved her bed away. I wonder why.
???: (Girl voice) Naith...

Naith turns around to see a light skinned girl with long brown hair to about her elbows. She has white pants that are scrunched up to her calves. She also has a skinny white short sleeve top. She stands about 5"5 and looks to be in her young 20s.

Naith: Nataley.
Nataley: You're home. I'm so glad.

Nataley rubs her eyes in exhaustion and goes over to Naith who stands up.

Naith: Did I wake you? I'm sorry.
Nataley: No, it's ok. I overslept.
Naith: Overslept? You look like you haven't gotten much sleep at all.
Nataley: I'm fine. Really.
Naith: She was up all night, I bet. Worrying about me.
Nataley: Can I get you something?
Naith: No, I can get everything myself, but thanks.

Naith goes into the kitchen and gets himself a drink of water and he gets a separate one for Nataley. They sit together at a table in the kitchen.

Naith: I see you moved your bed. Why?
Nataley: It's more convenient down there. I hope you don't mind.
Naith: No. If that is what you want, it's fine by me.
Nataley: Great.
Naith: Have you visited your family since I left?
Nataley: A few times.
Naith: Good. Don't feel like you have to stay here all the time.
Nataley: Oh, I know that, silly. I enjoy staying in my best friend's house, taking care of it.

Not long after, they go down into the blacksmith area. Nataley takes Naith's sword and unsheaths it.

Nataley: Hmmm...you haven't gone too overboard with it. How many times did you use the fire technique?
Naith: Once.
Nataley: This won't take long to restore it back to 100%.
Naith: Great.

Naith goes over to Nataley's bed and watches. While Nataley begins to hammer the sword she turns to Naith.

Nataley: Did you visit anyone while you were gone?
Naith: As if I have anyone to visit...
Nataley: ...
Naith: Please, don't be like that. What happened, happened.
Nataley: I know...but...you...
Naith: I'm not alone. You're still here for me. I also met this interesting group.
Nataley: A group?
Naith: They call themselves "Fighters Abroad". They're a band of mercenaries.
Nataley: Really?
Naith: They treated me like I was one of them. I'm glad to have met them.
Nataley: I'd like to meet them. Where are they now?
Naith: On their way to Ivan. We'll meet again, though. If they can survive, that is.


We now head back to the Contest of Champions. The group looks around for Rex when he suddenly runs from the side and jumps into the ring. He stands eager. He waits until a silver armor clad person steps into the ring not long after. He has a full suit of armor (minus a shield).

Rex: So you're Gien?
Gien: Yes. Ready?
Rex: You bet.
Knight: Begin.

Rex starts immediately by taking out both pistols and shooting. The bullets barely leave a scratch in the armor and Gien charges for Rex. Rex shoots a couple more times and puts his pistols away. He barely dodges and incoming punch by Gien and slashes with his sword. The slash cuts the armor a little bit but Gien punches Rex back. Rex slashes again but Gien is able to dodge it. Rex repeats and Gien grabs his sword. He yanks Rex towards him and punches him to the floor.

Lance: Don't give up, Rex!
Rex: I'm fine. Thanks for the concern.
Gien: Get up.

Gien, who holds Rex's sword, uses it to slash at Rex. He is able to barrel roll out of the way. Rex reaches into his vest and throws a flash bang right at Gien and it explodes on him. As it blinds him, Rex takes the opportunity and shoots the sword out of Gien's hand and then proceeds to tackle him. He rolls over Gien and grabs his sword. He slashes downwards at Gien's head but is stopped by his gauntlets. Rex pulls back and shoots with one pistol at his helmet. The bullets barely scratch again. Gien quickly gets up and charges for Rex. Rex dodges an incoming punch and then slashes Gien's side. He gets cut and recoils from it. Rex goes to slash again but Gien dodges and punches Rex to the floor again.

Rex: Damn.
Gien: Done yet?
Rex: Nope.

Rex gets up quickly and slashes again. Gien dodges but Rex then hits the cut side of Gien and damages him further. He slashes that area a couple time and Gien punches Rex back. Rex takes one of his pistols and shoots rapidly at that area which makes Gien fall down in massive pain as blood gushes out of that area.

Knight: Gien is unable to continue.
Gien: No! Let me fight!
Knight: Medical team, assist him. Rex is the winner.
Gien: NO!

The medical knight grab him and carry him off forcefully. Rex exits the arena and sits down near it.

Knight: Next is Nagato vs Nisha.

Lei: Go win, Nagato.
Nagato: I will, Lei.

Naith has shown a slightly different side as he is more relaxed around his best friend, Nataley. We've seen a little more of his story as well. Rex has won his match against Gien and now it is Nagato's turn to fight. Does she have what it takes to win? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 71: The End of Round One - Part 1

Nagato is in the arena waiting and is met by a girl who is around 5"6. She has short brown hair and is in a black girl jumpsuit.

Nagato: Good luck.
Nisha: Whatever.
Lance: Nagato has a significant size disadvantage.
Knosse: She's pretty acrobatic and fast. She'll be ok.
Lei: Let's hope so.
Vex: Nisha has no weapons on her.
X: Vex, why the smile?
Vex: I'm always smiling. Haven't you noticed?
X: I guess not.
Knight: Begin.

Nisha charges for Nagato to begin. She tries a palm strike, but Nagato dodges. She kicks Nisha in the side and kicks her in the stomach. Nisha stumbles for a second but regains her composure in time to dodge Nagato's third kick. Nisha grabs Nagato's leg and pulls her towards herself. She palm strikes Nagato in the face which sends her to the floor.

Nagato: Ouch.
Knosse: Get up and kick that bitch's ass now!
Nisha: You, Nitsu faggot. Shut it.
Knosse: You have angered the great Nitsumaronozakiwo!
X: *Puts hand on Knosse's shoulder* You'll get your chance.
Vex: Haha. Your friend is a riot, Lance.
Lance: He certainly is. He definitely adds the most life to our group.

Nagato gets up and looks serious. She takes out her tonfa and holds them up.

Nisha: Oooh I'm so scared. Can you even swing them properly, little girl?
Nagato: Why don't you stand still and find out?

Nagato rushes and slashes at Nisha. She dodges but gets kicked in the face. Nisha retaliates with a kick to Nagato's stomach which makes her stumble. Nisha charges and goes for another kick but Nagato quickly slashes one of her blades and cuts Nisha's arm. Nisha backs up and gets kicks twice and then cut across the stomach which makes her fall.

Nisha: Ah...I'm finished.
Nagato: Serves you right.

Nagato turns around and starts to walk away.

Knight: The winner is Nagat-

Just then, Nisha springs up and punches Nagato in the back. She stumbles when Nisha grabs Nagato and wrestles away one of her blades. She stabs her in the side and then jump tackles her to the floor, knocking her out.

Knight: ...Nisha is the winner.
Knosse: No! That's cheating!
Knight: She was not knocked out. The rules have not been broken.
Nisha: And now for the kill.

Still on top of the unconscious Nagato, Nisha raises the stolen blade and sends it straight down to Nagato's back. Before it reaches, Nisha receives a hard kick to the back which makes her fly off and tumbling across the arena. She looks up at the one who attacked her.

Nisha: What was that for?
Lei: You have beaten her. There is no room here for dishonerable people.
Knosse: L...Marco! Kick her ass!
Lei: I certainly will.
Knight: You will be disqualified, sir. You are not to interfere with matches.
Lei: You ended the match. So technically, all I did was save a friend.
Knight: Yes, you are correct. My apologies. But you both must back down.
Nisha: Fine. I'll be waiting for you.
Lei: Just you wait. You have nothing on me.
Nagato: *grunts in pain*

As Nisha exits the arena, Lei goes to Nagato.

Lei: You'll be alright.
Nagato: Th...Thanks.
Lei: Mark my words, she will fall before me.

With that, Lei also exits the arena and the medical knights treat her on the sidelines.

Vex: That was something, huh?
Knosse: Lei, you better kick her ass hard.
Lei: You don't have to worry about that.
X: Looks like the next fight is starting. Wake me when it's my turn.
Lance: Yes, same here.

X and Lance go over to a nearby wall and prop themselves up against it. Lance takes off his hat and puts it over his face while X merely closes his eyes.

[Neese - Encampment]

Out in a big set of plains there are countless large tents placed all around. Myjuto soldiers are everywhere running back and forth and one soldier in particular is carrying a scroll and enter the largest tent of them all. Inside are many soldiers and a large seat which is being sat on by a very familar person.

Messenger: Sir, we've received information about the contest.
Jiron: Elaborate.
Messenger: Our officer is in place and is in the bracket.
Jiron: Excellent. My plan has gone all according to how I want so far. I wonder if they are there, in Zetsu.
Messenger: Uh, no word on Fighters Abroad, sir.
Jiron: Fine. Can this guy read my mind?
Messenger: Yes.

All the soldiers look at the messenger confused as Jiron looks puzzled himself.

Jiron: Come with me. Someone of your abilities will be useful to me.
Messenger: Yes, sir.

Jiron takes the messenger outside.

Messenger: Sir, why are you thinking about chocolate ice cream? Whatever that is.

Jiron quickly unsheaths his scythe and cuts the messenger clean in half. All the soldiers outside look at Jiron.

Jiron: He was a traitor. Spying on us for Fighters Abroad. That was a close one.
Soldier: Would you like me to get you something?
Jiron: Since you asked, do you mind bending over?
Soldier: ...sir?
Jiron: Go ahead, bend over.
Soldier: ....
Jiron: Do it!

The soldier bends over reluctantly. Jiron karate chops his back which makes it crack a little.

Soldier: What the...
Jiron: Your back looked out. I fixed it for you.
Soldier: Thank you sir. Sorry I doubted you.
Jiron: What did you think I meant?
Soldier: Oh...nothing.
Jiron: Good. Now get me a frappuccino.
Soldier: Sir, they haven't been invented yet.
Jiron: Are you going to stand there with a dick up your ass or are you going to get me a frappuccino?
Soldier: Yes sir! I mean no sir! I mean, I'll get it right away!
Jiron: Useless, all of them.

Round One will be coming to a close soon. Nagato has lost after a cheap shot and we now learn that there is an inside man participating in the contest. How will Round One end? Keep reading Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 72: The End of Round One - Part 2

X falls into a deep sleep as he lay against the stadium. Both he and Lance ignore the intense sound of the crowd and sleep through it. X is now dreaming. He is standing in a sandy area with stone buildings everywhere. There are people with similar clothes to him. X is currently in handcuffs and is taken before many people who are in high seats. X, in particular, looks to the middle one who has striking amount of muscles and looks very similar to X.

Counselman 1: Now, then. You are being tried of double homicide.
Counselman 2: What do you have to say for yourself, Troy?
Troy: (This is X) I have committed no crime. I've only served justice today.
???: (Very deep voice) What justice could there possibly be in killing two just like that?
Troy: You should know, father. I would never kill her.
Counselman 3: Do not be persuaded by your son, Roy. We have clear evidence that he has committed double homicide.
Roy: ...Troy.
Troy: What is it?
Roy: Under these circumstances, I can not believe you.
Troy: Shut your mouth! You've never believed me. Ever.
Counselman 1: You are not to talk to the leader like that.
Troy: You have no clear evidence that I killed both my girlfriend and that ass hole.
Counselman 3: You would say that he killed her and you took revenge? Is that it?
Troy: Isn't that what I told the guards earlier? This trial is rigged, father. Open your eyes!
Roy: ...
Counselman 1: As of now, you are exiled from the Revume Clan.
Troy: .......
Counselman 1: I assume your father can escort you out.
Roy: I will.

Roy takes him by hand and begins escorted him away from the hideout. Troy breaks his hand free.

Roy: Please, Troy...
Troy: That is not my name.
Roy: Oh?
Troy: As of now, my name is X.
Roy: So be it, X.
X: What I never understood is why you've never supported me as a fighter instead.
Roy: Come.

Roy stops X. Time goes by and we see X on the ground in pain with Roy standing without even a scratch on him.

Roy: You see now. In the realm of fighting, you aren't very strong.
X: I...will be back. When I get strong enough, I'll challenge you.

Roy ignores these words and walks away, muttering something. The screen fades to black and now X is seen being whipped by Claudius. X falls to the ground.

X: I give.
Claudius: What's wrong, X?
X: Next time.
Claudius: That is 50 times you've said that. C'mon, you can't beat me the way you are. Get up and fight me again!
X: I'm finished, Claudius. You're too strong.
Claudius: If you want to be my partner, you're going to have to get better than that. I have terrible endurance and look how I'm handling myself.

X gets up slowly and tries to punch Claudius but Claudius punches X in the face hard which knocks him out. At that moment, X awakens.

X: Grrrrrrr. Those memories again.
Lance: I see you're awake as well.
X: Agh. How long was I out?
Lance: A while. I was only asleep for a little bit and that was a little while ago.
X: Run that by me again.
Lance: Nevermind. So what memories were you dreaming about?
X: Bad memories. I'd rather not say.
Lance: Alright then. Your match is going to start soon, so you should get ready.
X: Will do.

X and Lance regroup with the rest.

X: From here on, we should separate.
Lance: Right. They don't want to know that we're working together.
Lei: Very well.
Knosse: Pick a buddy to stick with.
X: Good idea.
Vex: I'll go with Lance.
Knosse: I can take Rex.
X: Lei?
Lei: When Nagato gets better, I'll stick with her.
X: Where's that dude, Hiiro?
Lance: Over there, X. *points*
X: Alright. I'll hang with him.
Knight: Sanjuku vs Leo.
X: Or I'll go fight. Hah.

X jumps into the arena and waits for his opponent. A man with brown hair that is combed back and black Gi pants and shirt enters. He has two swords ( http://www.safari-guide.co.uk/blog/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Scimitar-blade1.jpg ) in his hand.

X: Ready?
Sanjuku: On my honor, I will win.
Knight: You may commence.

X and Sanjuku charge towards each other. Sanjuku attacks with one of his swords. X ducks under and goes for a punch. Sanjuku dodges and swings with his other sword. X takes out one of his daggers and blocks the attack. X takes out his other dagger and goes to stab him. He is blocked this time and shoved back. Sanjuku puts X on the defensive by slashing at him over and over. X is able to dodge every slash and kicks Sanjuku in the stomach which pushes him back.

X: He's good. This should be a good fight.
Sanjuku: You fight well. Let's continue.

X puts up his guard as Sanjuku charges at him again. Sanjuku does a horizontal slash, but X jumps up onto his sword and quickly backflip kicks off it, sending Sanjuku to the ground after being kicked in the jaw.

Lei: That was an excellent move.
???: I agree.

Just then, Kirk joins him.

Lei: Kirk. What are you doing here?
Kirk: I got chosen in the wild card. Lucky for me.
Lei: Great.
Kirk: Is that your friend in there?
Lei: Yeah, it is.

Sanjuku: That was quite the move there.
X: Thank you.
Sanjuku: I'm not about to give up now, though.

Sanjuku gets up and puts up his guard. X is the one charging this time. With great speed, he dashes past Sanjuku and back kicks Sanjuku. He is hit and turns around while slashing. X is cut on the leg while Sanjuku gets kicked away. Sanjuku throws one of his scimitars at X. X kicks the handle, which makes the sword fly up. He then jumps into the air and front flip kicks it downwards right towards Sanjuku. Sanjuku jumps in the air and catches his scimitar and throws it immediately at the still airborn X. X pushes his stomach sideways for it to barely graze him. X then receives a cut down by his leg as he finds that Sanjuku has thrown his second scimitar. X falls to the floor. Sanjuku quickly grabs his scimitars which aren't far.

Sanjuku: That was a good move, but you lost your focus in the midst. That's it for you.
X: Agh.
Sanjuku: Announce me the winner, Knight.
Knight: He isn't unconscious or has given up.
Sanjuku: He's in no condition to fight, sir.
Knight: Oh?
Sanjuku: Yes, he's...what?!

X is standing on his feet with his guard up.

X: Don't think this is over yet!
Sanjuku: You are resilient, I'll give you that. But you're foolish.
X: Then come and get this fool! You're in for a big surprise!

Lei: That's the X we know and love.

Knosse: Watch this, Rex.

Lance: Observe, Vex. You want to see X when he gets fired up.
Vex: I'm intrigued.

Sanjuku quickly charges once more as X stands his ground with fire in his eyes. From X's viewpoint, Sanjuku's appearance changes to his father's appearance in his mind. This makes X look angrier. As Sanjuku closes in, X yells out very loud.


X charges forward with incredible speed and X cross slashes in his X attack form. Sanjuku swings as well, but totally misses as X goes by him too fast. A large x of blood appears on Sanjuku's chest and he falls down, unconscious.

Knight: The winner is Leo.
X: *sigh* I win. Awesome.

X goes near Hiiro.

Hiiro: Well done.
X: Thanks.
Hiiro: Behind you.
X: Huh?

A medical knight is behind X. He turns around and is slightly startled by this.

X: Uh, yes?
Medical Knight: Let me treat your wounds quickly.
X: Oh, thanks.

The knight patches up X's cuts and wounds.

X: Thanks, man.
Knight: Good day.
X: Hey, Hiiro. I'm going to leave early. See you tomorrow.
Hiiro: Alright. I'll tell everyone.
X: That would be great. Bye.

With that, X exits the stadium. Later that night, he is in his room by himself.

X: Father, just you wait. I'll kick your ass so hard, you'll forget how I used to be.

X has won his match against Sanjuku. The next round is about to start so be sure to read the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 15th 2010, 12:02 am

Chapter 73: An All Out Rebellion - The Contest is Cut

The next day, we see Lei who has just exited his apartment. When he gets to the bottom, he sees Lance already out front.

Lei: Hey.
Lance: Good morning.
Lei: I was just about to head over. You want to go with me?
Lance: Certainly. That was my intent as well.

They begin to walk.

Lei: I'm surprised X didn't watch either of our fights yesterday.
Lance: Well I didn't catch your fight either. Haha. I conked out.
Lei: I know, but he left without even bothering to watch yours.
Lance: Are you concerned?
Lei: A little. It's not something you'd really understand.
Lance: Why's that?
Lei: You haven't been around X that long.
Lance: True. I've been with you guys around three months, but I'm still not in the loop of everything.
Lei: Speaking of loop, did you see Vex's fight yesterday?
Lance: Yes. He demolished his opponent without any trouble.
Lei: And Hiiro. He looks tough as well.
Lance: I know. I've seen him fight.
Lei: Looks like we actually have competition this time around.
Lance: Oh, you refer to the Warrior's Battleground?
Lei: There weren't many strong opponents there other than those who beat us.
Lance: Who were they?
Lei: Well, X knocked me out even though we tied. Naith got Knosse out, Jiron got X and Naith out.
Lance: Claudius?
Lei: Well, he never lost. He kind of forfeited his winning match to save X from a Myjuto officer.
Lance: That man is remarkable. The first time I saw him in action was when we were below deck fighting.
Lei: When we took out those pirates?
Lance: Yes. He showed skill with the cannons and then how he managed to sink the opposing ship.
Lei: Yeah.

They continue. Eventually, they reach the stadium and once they reach the middle, they see Knosse already there and fired up.

Lei: Knosse. Who would have known you'd be up this early?
Knosse: Yeah. I've already won, too.
Lance: Well done. So where are we in the bracket?
Knosse: It's Lei's turn next, actually.
Lei: Cool.
Knosse: Rex also got by, but so did Nisha.
Lei: Good. I want to face her one on one. If I win, then the next round I do.

Lei goes near the arena. Lance and Knosse talk during this.

Lance: How was your opponent?
Knosse: He was tough, but nothing I couldn't handle.
Knight: Next is Linma vs Marco.
Lei: Ok. Time to own.

Lei climbs into the ring. He waits for about a minute and no one shows.

Lei: Hmm?
Knight: If he will not show, then Marco is the winner.
Lei: Alright.

Suddenly, an explosion is heard from outside the stadium. Four more explosions go off simultaneously in the audience. Lei looks around. Suddenly, the crowd of warriors turns into chaos as they begin fighting each other. Lance and Knosse quickly jump into the ring and ready their weapons.

Knosse: What is going on?
Lance: I heard this happened to Vex and X in the preliminaries.
Lei: Knosse, is X here?
Knosse: No. I didn't see him at least.
Lei: Knights!
Knight: No time to talk.
Lei: Fight with us!

Without responding a bunch of knights bust into the crowd of warriors and begin fighting.

Lance: Damn. We're going to need back up if we get attacked by a mob.
Voice: We'll be your backup.

Vex, Hiiro and Rex climb into the ring and join the other three.

Lance: Right on time, guys.
Hiiro: Let's stop this rebellion quick.
Vex: This one is worse than last time.
Rex: You guys ready?
Knosse: Let's do it.

The six of them stand their guard on the ring. A big pile of warriors move towards the ring as Knosse and Rex start shooting people. As they pile in, Vex and Lance start cutting through warriors with their respective swords. Hiiro and Lei stick together as Hiiro wacks people all around while Lei fends off rushing enemies. Knosse takes out two bombs and Rex takes out a flash bang.

Knosse: Ready?
Rex: You know it.

Rex throws his flash bang forward into a big clump which separates them into two groups. Knosse thows one bomb in each group which explodes most of them. Vex cuts through a couple people to see that there is an opening on his side.

Vex: This way, guys!

The six of them escape the mass fighting. Vex spots the one directing everything. He looks fairly similar to the leader before.

Vex: Over there. The leader.
Rex: I'll take him!
Lance: Wait, Rex!

Suddenly another mass of fighters clumps in where the group is. Rex barely escapes it and rushes towards the leader.

Rex: It's over!
Leader: Prepare to die.

The leader takes out a mace like the other one. Rex pulls his sword out and readies himself. They begin clashing weapons. The leader pushes Rex back and kicks him down. He goes to smash Rex with his mace, but misses as Rex rolls to the side and gets up. The leader swings his mace a couple more times but misses and he receives a cut on his chest by Rex.

Rex: Die!
Leader: You first!

They clash weapons again and again. Neither can seem to overpower the other this time as they struggle. They both punch at each other and hit each other in the face and they both back up off each other.

Leader: You think you can stop us?!
Rex: We have to stop you. So we will.
Leader: I think not!

As soon as he says that, his eyes widen as he is seen being stabbed from behind through the back. A sword comes out of his chest and as the blade withdraws, the leader dies. Rex looks to see King Julius.

Rex: King Julius!
Julius: Rex. Shooter. It has been a while.
Rex: Good to see you, sir.
Julius: Come now. Don't be so formal. We were on the same squad at one point, right?
Rex: Y...yes.
Julius: How has my old war buddy been doing lately?
Rex: Alright. Look, I've been meaning to talk to you about all these corrupt accusations.
Julius: ...
Rex: You were never like this before you killed King Ganef.
Julius: Times have changed, Rex. It's good to see you again, though. Good day.
Rex: ...See ya.

Julius turns around and exits the stadium alone. Rex turns to see the fighting which has come to a halt minus two ruffians duking it out.

Man 1: The rebellion is still on as long as I'm here!
Man 2: Idiot! It's over! Don't you see?
???: You're right. It is over.

The first man is stabbed in the neck from behind and then his head is cut off. The man dies and the assailent is revealed to be Vex.

Vex: Well now, I think it's officially over.
Lance: Good work. Looks like Rex stopped the leader.

Hiiro: Good show, Lei. You showed skill.
Lei: You too. There are few good staff users around these days.

Knosse: Awe man. I have no one to compliment. Hey, Knosse, you were amazing! ...Talking to myself again.

Rex joins Lance and Vex.

Vex: Solid, Rex.
Rex: Thanks. Hehe.

Meanwhile, outside the stadium, we see X entering.

X: Man, I'm siked for this next round! Can't wait to kick some ass.

X enters and sees tons of bodies all over the arena area.

X: Well shit.

Eventually, the six fighters regroup and X joins them.

X: What happened here?
Vex: Another rebellion.
X: Jeez. You think they would give up.
Knight: Listen up, everyone.

The remaining warriors turn to the Knight who is on the arena.

Knight: Everyone, you may come back tomorrow for the start of Round 3. Round 2 has been bypassed.
X: Man, I just got here too. What the hell?
Lance: Well look on the bright side. We can always get some sandwiches.
Knosse: Hell yeah!
X: I'm in.

The seven of them go over to the roast pork place and get sandwiches.

Knosse: I really should stop talking to myself.
Lei: You mean like right now?
Knosse: ...Oh balls.

With a rebellion in place, the second round has been nullified. Round 3 starts next on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 17th 2010, 9:56 pm

Chapter 74: Deka vs Knosse and Celo vs Rex

The next day, Fighters Abroad is in the stadium ready to go. They head towards a line of people and they get in it. A knight begins speaking from the arena.

Knight: We are down to 30 people. We won't be pulling any more wild cards, so two of you will receive a free pass to the next round. We will begin with Deka vs Nitsu.

Knosse: That's Nitsumaronozakiwo!
Knight: You mind if I call you Nitsu?
Knosse: Yes. Call me by my full name.
Knight: Fine. Nitsumaronozakiwo.
Knosse: Thanks.

Knosse steps into the arena. Another steps away from the line and enters the arena as well. It is a man with a tattered brown short sleeveless shirt and brown tattered pants. He has light brown hair and brown eyes. He has two sets of nunchucks in his hands.

Deka: Good luck.
Knosse: You too.
Knight: Begin.

Deka immediately charges for Knosse. Knosse takes out his revolvers and shoots. Deka is caught off guard and gets knocked back. He gets back on his feet quickly and dodges more incoming shots. He reaches Knosse and begins to attack with the nunchucks. Knosse dodges the first one but gets hit by the second whack. Deka goes for another whack but Knosse jumps back to evade it. He takes out a bomb and throws it down at Deka's feet. It explodes as Knosse takes a couple steps back. When the smoke clears, Deka is seen with his shirt more tattered.

Deka: That was quite the blast. Lucky I got back in time or else I'd be done for.

Knosse starts shooting again. Deka is able to dodge the bullets and he reaches Knosse again. Deka receives a punch from Knosse but Deka isn't phased much. He starts whacking Knosse in the face and chest over and over with the nunchucks. On Deka's last hit, he winds up, but he misses as Knosse dodges and he smacks Deka in the face with his gun. Deka quickly hits Knosse hard in the face with his nunchucks. As Deka backs up in pain, Knosse falls down. Deka uncovers his face to show a bloody mouth. He quickly charges to the fallen Knosse and leans down and starts senselessly beating him with the nunchucks.

Lei: Damn. C'mon, Knosse.
X: This battle is over.

As he is getting beat, he just lays there. Finally, Knosse musters enough strength to put his legs up and grab Deka by the side. Deka notices this and whacks Knosse's legs and he goes back to the same position. When Deka turns to smack Knosse, both his revolvers are pointed to Deka's head. Knosse pulls the trigger and begins shooting him senselessly in the head. Eventually, Deka falls back and his head hits the floor hard. He is unconscious.

Knight: Nitsumaronozakiwo is the winner.
X: What did I tell you?

Knosse gets up while injured. He exits the arena and sits on the side.

Knight: Next is Celo against Rex.

Rex enters the ring. A man also enters. He has long green hair with black eyes. He's wearing this outfit ( http://www.animecosplaystore.com/product_images/h/696/Avatar_Sokka_cosplay_C00204_01__71284_zoom.jpg only it's black ). To his side is a sheathed katana ( http://quizilla.teennick.com/user_images/K/KO/KOH/Kohutsky/1140556801_katana.jpg ).

Rex: Celo...
Celo: Rex. Good to see you. Where have you been? We never see you anymore.
Rex: I've been training independently. Good to see you too.
Celo: You better give me hell in this fight. I will not forgive a quick knock out on you.
Rex: Ha! You're one to talk. This won't take long.

Lei: They seem to know each other.
X: I think Rex has been a Zetsu resident for quite some time.

Meanwhile, Lance is sitting by Knosse.

Lance: How do you feel?
Knosse: Not too bad.
Lance: You'll want to watch this fight well. You're against the winner.

Knight: Begin.

Celo draws his katana with one hand and takes a ready stance. Rex also draws his sword. The two step closer and closer until they both clash their swords. Celo pushes Rex back and slashes three times quickly. Rex blocks two of them and evades the third slash. Rex then slashes himself, but Celo dodges and kicks Rex in the stomach which creates a bit of distance between them.

Celo: You always were the weakest of our squad.
Rex: I disagree. I'd say you were.
Celo: Let's put our theories to the test.

Lei: He only uses one hand when he fights with his sword.
X: It's remarkable.

Celo charges at Rex. Rex defends a slash from Celo and they end up clashing swords over and over. After many clashes, Celo knocks Rex's sword out of his hand and cuts Rex across the chest.

Celo: Get serious. You aren't nearly as good with a sword as me. You're going to have to use your guns.
Rex: You were warned.

Rex pulls out his pistols and loads them.

Celo: Finally, I get to test my sword against a sharp shooter such as yourself.
Rex: You'll be disappointed at how weak you are compared to me.

Rex starts shooting rapidly at Celo. Celo is able to block each bullet and then he charges at Rex. As he charges, Rex reaches into his vest and throws a flash back down at Celo. Celo is instantly blinded and covers his eyes. Rex points and begins shooting. Celo gets hit over and over but eventually starts blocking them blind. Celo puts his guard up with his eyes still closed. Rex grabs his sword and charges for Celo. He slashes at Celo, but he dodges it and slashes himself. He surprisingly hits Rex in the stomach, which makes Rex get on his knees. Celo then kicks Rex in the face which sends him to the floor. Rex backwards somersaults to his feet and starts rapidly shooting at Celo. Celo blocks each bullet and chases after Rex. Celo reflects one bullet back at Rex which causes him to dodge and lose balance. Rex gets cut again by a horizontal slice and then Celo opens one eye at Rex and then slashes three more times across his chest. Rex drops to his knees and hunches over in pain.

Celo: Well?
Rex: You......win.
Knight: The winner is the reigning champion, Celo.

Knosse: That...is not good.
Lance: Celo barely got harmed from him. Rex is very skilled too.
Knosse: This is going to be a tough ass match against him.
Lance: Yes.

Lei: Rex...
X: Celo is a tough one. If I heard right, I think the knight said he's the reigning champion.
Lei: You heard right. Looks like we have another tough opponent here.

Knight: Up next is Nisha vs Lei.
X: It's time.
Lei: Yes. I'm going to avenge the death of Nagato.
X: She isn't dead, Lei.
Lei: Oh yeah. Well I'm going to avenge the injury of Nagato.

Knosse has made it through to the next round, but Rex is now out. Next up is Lei, the honorable fighter, against Nisha, the dishonorable fighter. Next on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 19th 2010, 8:24 pm

Chapter 75: Lei vs Nisha

Lance: Looks like your friend's bane is about to get her ass handed to her.
Knosse: Yeah. I can't wait for this.

Hiiro: Hey.
X: Oh, Hiiro. How goes it?
Hiiro: Your friend is going for revenge, right?
X: Yeah.
Hiiro: This should be interesting.

Lei steps into the ring. Nisha also enters and they stare at each other.

Lei: You're finished.
Nisha: I hate heroic people like you. I'll have fun beating the punk right off you.
Lei: You don't have a shot in hell of beating me.
Nisha: That's what I was going to say.
Knight: You may begin.
Lei: Time to pay up!

Lei charges at Nisha. She holds her ground. As he reaches her, he unexpectedly sweep kicks her which trips her to the floor hard. The crowd cheers for Lei.

Nisha: I see you have the crowd on your side.

Nisha quickly grapples Lei's legs with her own while still on the floor. Lei stands, unworried. Nisha looks surprised that he isn't struggling.

Nisha: What is this?
Lei: You're an idiot, you know that.

Lei merely falls forward whilst bending his knees. Nisha gets double kneed in the gut and he is released. Lei jumps off and beckons for her to get up. She does so and looks angry.

Nisha: That's it!

Nisha charges for Lei this time. She starts rapidly kicking. Lei avoids each kick and punches Nisha in the face. Nisha retaliates by kicking Lei in the stomach which pushes him back a bit. Lei front flips and kicks while in mid air. Nisha is able to grab Lei's foot but Lei leans forward and grabs her upside down from behind. Nisha leans back and lands on Lei. Lei pushes her off kicks her in the face while on the floor. They both get up quickly.

Lei: Let's go.

Lei and Nisha charge for each other. Nisha misses on a kick and pays for it by getting punched in the gut. Lei then kicks her, which sends her to the floor again.

Nisha: I gi-

Nisha is cut off when Lei stomps on her mouth. He pulls her off the floor and punches her in the face while holding her up. Nisha is sent back to the floor. Lei does the same thing again.

Knosse: Wow. He won't let her give up until he's beaten her enough.
Lance: She deserves it. Give her hell, Lei.

Nisha is about to scream but is punched in the face again by Lei. She is about to fall to the floor when Lei grabs her and kicks her even further. She remains on her feet.

Nisha: I GIVE UP!!!

At the same second she screams, Lei uppercuts her in the jaw which sends her out of the ring and knocks her out.

Knight: The winner is Marco.

Lei exits the arena to see Nagato in a different outfit ( http://i55.tinypic.com/1zwya7b.png which is a blue long cloak ). Lei goes up to her.

Lei: Did you watch that whole match?
Nagato: I did, Lei. Good job.
Lei: I have avenged you.
Nagato: Indeed you have. She is an evil person, and needed to be punished.

Just then, Hiiro walks up to the two of them.

Hiiro: Don't celebrate just yet.
Lei: Why's that?
Knight: Next is Age vs Hiiro.
Hiiro: Be right back.

Hiiro enters the arena and so does a man with a hand axe.

Hiiro: A hand axe, huh?
Age: You won't survive this.
Knight: Begin.

Age throws his hand axe at Hiiro. He simply whacks it aside with his staff.

Hiiro: So, I'm guessing the last guy you fought couldn't dodge or block your axe.
Age: No way...how did you block it?!
Hiiro: You're in way over your head.

Hiiro charges and whacks Age on the side of the head and then rams his pole into Age's stomach which pushes him back. Hiiro picks up the axe and throws it near Age.

Hiiro: This would be too easy otherwise. Pick it up and let's fight.

Age does so and charges at Hiiro. He dodges an incoming whack from the poll and hacks at Hiiro. Hiiro blocks and kicks Age in the face. He then whacks Age on the top of the head with his poll which makes him fall to the floor face down.

Hiiro: C'mon. Get up.

Hiiro turns Age right side up to see him unconscious.

Hiiro: *Sigh*
Knight: Hiiro is the winner.

Hiiro exits and goes over to Lance and Knosse.

Lance: Jeez, Hiiro.
Hiiro: *sigh* Not much competition so far for me.
Knosse: Next round you'll get it.
Hiiro: Oh?
Lance: He's right. You fight Lei.
Hiiro: Yes. I hope he puts up a good fight.
Knosse: He'll do more than that. Lei's taking this tournament if I lose.

X: Lei.
Lei: What's up?
X: Good work. Fighters Abroad owns this match.

Lei has served justice for Nagato. Hiiro has also passed himself to the next round. X's turn is next on Fighters Abroad!
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