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 Fighters Abroad

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 21st 2010, 4:52 pm

Chapter 76: Morra vs X and Lance vs Bato

Some time after Age vs Hiiro, the fighters are in their respective pairs. They are conversing.

X: Looks like we have tough fights ahead for us.
Hiiro: Yeah. You fight Lance if both of you win.
X: I know. Knosse has to fight that Celo guy, who looks very good.
Hiiro: I saw Rex fight first hand. He must be tough to be able to take down Rex like that.

Lance: Vex, who is your next match?
Vex: I believe it is Kirk. I believe that is the man over with Nagato and Lei.
Lance: Oh, right. You think he's tough?
Vex: I hope he is.

Lei: You fight Vex next, Kirk. He's good.
Kirk: I'll be careful.
Nagato: You'll do fine, Kirk.
Kirk: Thanks.

Vex: Hmm, isn't that your friend over there?
Lance: What friend?

Hiiro: Oh, it's her.
Knight: The winner is Tonka.

Tonka is seen walking off the arena unscathed. She looks at Lance angrily.

Lance: Oh no. She's still here.
Vex: Girl trouble?
Lance: It's not like that. Well actually, it totally is like that.
Vex: Hahahaha.
Knight: Next is Morra vs Leo.

X: Morra? Where have I heard that name before?
Hiiro: Something wrong?
X: No. I'm fine.

X enters the ring. When Morra enters the ring, X all of the sudden gasps when he sees her appearance.

[Kroke's Pirate Ship - Unknown Time]

X and Claudius are talking below deck on Kroke's pirate ship.

Claudius: We might run into my ex in Neese.
X: Seriously?
Claudius: Take a look.

Claudius takes out a photo from his coat. He shows X a photo of him and Morra together with Claudius' arm around her shoulder (Refer back to chapter 26 for her appearance).

Claudius: Her name is Morra.
X: I see. You've never told me any of this before.
Claudius: I suppose I trust you now more than I did back then. Anyway, she ran off with her new man and they both moved to Neese. If we meet, things are going to get ugly. Just thought I'd warn you ahead of time.


X: Of course! But why here? I have to fight Claudius' ex girlfriend?! What the hell?
Morra: You're him.
X: Scuse me?
Morra: You're that man's new partner.
X: So you've heard of me.
Morra: Indeed. I'm sure he's told you about me too. Before I left Drek, I heard about you. And the wanted poster confirmed my suspicions that you're both here.
X: If you're looking for Claudius, he's not here.
Morra: Good. When you see him, tell him that I'm doing much better off without him.
X: ...rrrrrrr...you!
Morra: Hmm?
X: You have no idea how it feels to be abandoned, do you?!
Morra: Would you know either?
X: Like I said before, you have no idea! Claudius is still scarred from what happened back then! Let me tell you something. When you cross my brother, you cross both of us!
Knight: Begin.
X: And would you like to know what those two crosses make?
Morra: Indulge me.
X: AN X!

While yelling intensely, X takes out his daggers and charges with incredible speed towards Morra. Morra takes out a long Katana ( http://www.japanese-samurai-swords.net/store/images/T/japanese-swords-samurai-ryumon-phoenix-katana.jpg ) and blocks an incoming attack from X. Morra slashes with great precision at X and cuts his arm. X does a backflip kick, but Morra dodges it. Morra slashes again but misses as X side steps and kicks her in the side of the face and then uppercuts her in the jaw which sends her to the ground.

X: How about that?
Morra: Not bad *stands up*. You're the opposite of him. I bet he told you I was weak.
X: Yes, that's right.
Morra: He was right. I've improved greatly, though. You won't win.
X: He's improved greatly too. And so have I. If you can't beat me, there's no way in hell you'd beat him.

Morra readies her Katana and X readies his daggers. They both charge at each other and clash. X takes the next step and kicks her leg. Morra kicks back with her other leg and X is sent to the floor. He quickly recovers and throws one of his daggers. Morra blocks it up with her katana. X charges and then jumps up into the air and grabs his dagger. He then throws both daggers quickly. She blocks both and then dodges an incoming air kick from X. As X hits the floor, he immediately springs forward and goes to tackle her. Morra braces herself and catches X. X fails to overpower her and he is kneed in the face and then slashed across the face. X falls down.

Morra: Ha.

X gets up with blood running down his face.

Morra: Back for more?
X: I'm not done.

X charges and cross slashes. Morra blocks, but X pushes forward and jumps up and kicks her in the face. He then follows up by punching her twice, but Morra fends him off and cuts him across the chest twice. Surprisingly, X springs forward and gives Morra a hard punch to the face which sends her to the floor. More blood runs down X's face and he can barely see in front of him. Morra gets up.

Morra: Time for you to lose.
X: That's my line!

Both of them charge at each other. They cross each other and both attack with their weapons. Blood appears on both of their torsos. An x of blood appears on Morra's chest and a slash across X's stomach is seen. X drops to his knees with his eyes completely white. He is heard growling with his teeth grit, keeping himself up. Morra is also seen falling to her knees, but she falls down all the way, unconscious.

Knight: The winner is Leo.

A second later, X lets out a "hah!" and falls down, unconscious as well. A bunch of medical knights gather around and cart them away.

Vex: Is he going to be ok?
Lance: Yes. I'm sure he's been through worse.
Knight: Next is Joshua vs Bato.
Lance: Looks like it's my turn.
Vex: Go get him.

Lance enters the ring and so does another man. He has black pants and a long brown overcoat. He has brownish redish hair that spikes out in all directions. He has two swords on his back that cross to make an x.

Lance: Good luck.
Bato: You too, I suppose.
Knight: Begin.

Bato takes out his two swords to reveal that they are straight swords ( http://www.taichilink.co.uk/images/double_straight_sword_large.jpg ). Lance takes out his cutlass and readies himself. They walk towards each other in a defensive position. Lance takes the first move and lunges. Bato blocks and slashes with one of his swords. Lance dodges and slashes himself. Bato clashes it with his other sword. Bato swings with his other sword, but Lance pulls out one of his axes and blocks it. Lance kicks, but Bato quickly jumps back to avoid it.

Lance: You have quick reflexes. Impressive.

Lance puts away his axe and charges at Bato. He puts him on the defensive by slashing over and over. Bato pushes Lance back.

Lance: I can't find a weak spot. He has superior defenses. This could be a long fight.

Lance sheathes his sword and then takes out his axes. He twirls them around a bit and then charges. While running, he twirls them even more. When he reaches Bato, he cross chops and then kicks forward. Bato takes a step back and blocks the cross chop. The kick also misses him. Bato now burst into attack as he rapidly slashes. Lance is quickly put on the defensive and gets caught off guard when he is slashed on his shoulder. Lance quickly hacks upwards, which breaks Bato's line of attack and then he kicks Bato to the floor. He gets up quickly and takes a defensive stance.

Lance: I should be more careful. My best time to attack is when he is attacking. Wait, what is going on?

Lance sees Bato, who is breathing somewhat heavy.

Lance: I see.
Bato: Huh?
Lance: You tried to end this quickly because you can't fight very long. Is that it?
Bato: ...*gulp*

Lance charges and puts Bato on the defensive. He rapidly hacks at Bato, who blocks each one. Finally, Bato slashes and cuts Lance on the stomach. Lance steps back in pain.

Lance: Maybe I got a little too cocky there.

Bato charges for Lance and slashes. Lance dodges and goes for a kick. Bato dodges and kicks Lance. Lance is kicked, but grabs his foot. He kicks Bato in the stomach twice and then hacks his leg, cutting it ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHVE-dCIXP0 ). Lance lets go of Bato and smiles at him.

Vex: He's good. Here, I thought Lance was going to lose.

Lance puts his axes away and takes his cutlass out again. He slashes over and over at Bato, who is blocking each barely. Lance is able to get a kick in, which trips Bato up and he falls to the floor (due to his leg being hurt). Bato gets up and throws one of his swords at Lance. Lance dodges it with ease and then charges at Bato. Bato blocks twice but Lance slices hard and knocks Bato's sword out of his hand. Bato kicks Lance, which pushes him back, but Lance sheathes his sword and charges at him. He punches at Bato, but Bato dodges. Lance predicts a punch from Bato and dodges it. He then punches Bato hard in the temple which sends him to the floor.

Bato: I concede.
Knight: Joshua is the winner. *Theme stops*
Lance: Good match.

Lance helps Bato up, who is disoriented from the punch to the temple.

Lance: You look familar. Do you have a sibling?
Bato: ...One. I haven't seen her in a while though.
Lance: I see.

Both exit the ring and Bato walks away somewhere while Lance rejoins Vex. A medical knight follows him.

Vex: Good show. I like your style a lot.
Lance: Thank you, Vex. Oh...

Lance notices the medical knight and allows him to patch Lance up a bit.

Lance: Thanks. That will be all, sir.
Knight: No problem.

The knight walks away.

Lance: So your match is soon, right?
Vex: Yeah. Don't miss it.
Lance: I won't.

Just then, Lei and Knosse walk up to them.

Lance: Hey, guys.
Lei: We're going to check on X. You in?
Lance: No. It would look too suspicious. I'll stick around to watch Vex's match.
Lei: Alright.
Knosse: We're leaving as soon as we get X back. See you tomorrow.
Lance: Likewise. Give him my regards.

Both of them leave. We now see a patched up Bato exiting the stadium. A familiar girl follows him.

Bato: ...
Tina: Brother!
Bato: ...Tina. Is that you?
Tina: It is! Come with me.

Bato reluctantly follows her out of the stadium.

It seems that Bato has ties to the Myjuto forces as well. Lance and X have made it through to the next round. Vex's match is next on our list and don't forget about our friend, Naith. Next time on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 25th 2010, 3:15 pm

Chapter 77: Shopping with Nataley

We are now looking back at Naith's Workshop. In the basement area, Nataley is putting on shoes. She heads upstairs and outside to see Naith. He is practicing with his sword when he sees Nataley. He quickly slashes twice into the air and sheaths it.

Naith: What is it?
Nataley: It's time to go shopping again. I think you should go with me.
Naith: Say what now?
Nataley: C'mon. Let's go shopping.
Naith: Uh...ok.

The two of them travel together away from the workshop and go into a small city.

Naith: What do we need?
Nataley: Food and I'm getting some new clothes to wear outside the house.
Naith: Oh, ok.
Nataley: I'm going to need your opinion when I try things on.
Naith: Just like old times. Is that it?
Nataley: Yeah. Let's go.

Nataley pulls Naith by the hand and they go to a different area. There are clothes everywhere and people around looking.

Nataley: Over here!

She grabs a bunch of clothes and brings Naith over to a small room. Naith sits down.

Naith: You are going to try it on now?
Nataley: Of course.

Nataley strips right in front of Naith, showing nothing but her lingerie.

Naith: Hmm...
Nataley: What is it?
Naith: You've grown.

Nataley blushes and covers her chest area up with her arms. Naith laughs at her. She puts on a white dress.

Naith: It's ok. I never figured you'd wear many dresses.
Nataley: You're right.

Next, she puts on tight jeans and a cowgirl themed outfit.

Naith: What is this, I don't even...
Nataley: A little too provocative? I see.

Third, she puts on an outfit very similar to her original one.

Naith: It's good. Definitely.
Nataley: Wait, isn't this the same outfit?
Naith: Damn, better think of something quick. You're fine just the way you are.
Nataley: Awe...thanks.

After shopping, the two of them are sitting at a table with food. They are eating.

Nataley: So the shopping didn't go so well. Oh well.
Naith: Hmm?

Naith peers over to see bags full of clothes.

Naith: Just how much did she buy?
Nataley: This food is pretty good. We should eat here more often.
Naith: Yes. It is quite tasty.

After eating, Nateley drags Naith to the marketplaces (while Naith is carrying all the bags of clothes).

Nataley: We'll need food for this whole week.
Naith: Alright. Let's split this up then.
Nataley: Good thinking.

Nataley goes to the area with all the vegetables and Naith goes more towards the meat area. Naith picks out some meat and pays for it. All of the sudden, he hears a scream.

Naith: What?!

Naith leaves his bags and charges to where Nataley is. There, two bandits have her held hostage.

Naith: Let her go. Now!
Bandit 1: A million silver for her.
Naith: Grrrr. Fine.
Nataley: Don't do it!
Bandit 2: Great.
Naith: This is all I have for now.

Naith puts a ton of silver into a bag and throws it up in the air at them. One of the bandits goes to catch it, when Naith brings his hand to his side. He quickly dashes while unsheathing his sword and slashing three times. He stops behind the first bandit who is holding Nataley ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LS4xOZWmJR4 ). As Naith sheaths his sword, two cut marks appear on the bandit who catches the silver and one on the one that had Nataley. They both fall down, dead.

Naith: Hmph.
Nataley: That was great, Naith. I didn't realize how good you've gotten.
Naith: You're safe now. I'm glad. Come, the bags.

Naith puts his hand behind Nataley, almost guiding her, and leads her to the bags. *Theme stops* The two of them finish their shopping and head back to the workshop.

Naith: Are you ok?
Nataley: Yes. I knew you would save me.
Naith: Your scream said otherwise.
Nataley: Hey, they got me off guard.
Naith: Right... *Smiles*
Nataley: Hey, what are you smiling for?
Naith: Oh nothing.
Nataley: So how long has it been since we made that sword?
Naith: Eight years. Damn...
Nataley: Naith!
Naith: Sorry. I forgot you don't like those words.
Nataley: Please, don't start thinking about that incident.
Naith: How can I not? I was...careless.
Nataley: I know. But look how careful you've become.
Naith: Yes. You're right.
Nataley: You need to visit that place again. You haven't been there in eight years.
Naith: I can't. Not yet.
Nataley: When you're ready, let me go with you.
Naith: ...
Nataley: Enough of this. Let's go eat dinner.
Naith: Alright.

The screen fades to black. Going back to the contest of champions, Vex and Kirk are in the arena. Vex has his sword up to Kirk, who is breathing heavy. Vex, on the other hand, is fine.

Kirk: You. I've given you no trouble at all.
Vex: Sad, isn't it? I was hoping for a better challenge.
Kirk: I'm not about to give up now.
Vex: That's the spirit.

Vex pulls back, giving Kirk room to catch his breath. He then charges at Vex. Vex swings his sword and Kirk ducks under it. Kirk goes for an uppercut, but Vex dodges it and punches Kirk in the face. Kirk is pushed back a bit. Kirk starts rapidly punching and manages to give Vex a hard punch to the face. Vex stumbles and gets punched again in the stomach. Vex slashes and cuts Kirk on the arm. He then kicks him back which sends him to the floor. He is now breathing very heavily now.

Vex: Can you continue?
Kirk: No. I concede the match.
Knight: Vex is the winner.

Lance: Poor Kirk. He took quite the beating out there.

Vex exits and goes to Lance.

Vex: How was I?
Lance: Good. You'd put up a good fight against me.
Vex: I'd do better than that.
Lance: Don't push it.
Vex: Hey, let's go hang out for a while.
Lance: Alright. Sure.

Just then, Tonka joins them.

Tonka: Can I come?
Lance: Were you stalking us this whole time?
Tonka: Maybe.
Lance: And you're not angry at me for no reason anymore?
Tonka: Nope.
Vex: May as well let her come.
Lance: Alright. Just no funny business till later.
Tonka: Hee hee. I promise.
Vex: Alright. Let's go have some fun.

Vex has defeated Kirk apparently without any trouble. We've also seen more of Naith and his mention of a certain incident that happened eight years ago. What is this dark secret that these two hold? The next round is also going to begin of the contest next on Fighters Abroad!

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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 29th 2010, 10:37 pm

Chapter 78: Knosse vs Celo

The next morning, everyone is present at the stadium. Rex and Knosse are conversing.

Rex: So you're going against Celo, huh?
Knosse: Yeah. What's his weakness?
Rex: How should I know? I lost.
Knosse: Oh balls. This is going to be tough.
Knight: The next round is set to begin now. Nitsumaronozakiwo against Celo.

Knosse enters the arena and so does Celo.

X: For once, we have the disadvantage.
Hiiro: You think so?
X: Yes. He's good, but Celo has the clear advantage.

Kirk: Will your friend be ok?
Lei: I hope so. I expect him to do well.

Vex: This should be a good one.
Lance: Agreed.

Knosse: Uh...hey.
Celo: Another gunner. I've beaten your kind left and right.
Knosse: High time you lost to one then.
Celo: Don't make me laugh.
Knosse: You don't stand a hell of a chance against the great Nitsumaronozakiwo!

Rex: Looks like his mood made a nice rebound.
Knight: Begin.

Knosse stands completely still to begin. Celo draws his katana and readies it. Knosse stands his ground still, which confuses Celo. Celo charges at Knosse and when he reaches, he slashes. Knosse back jumps and immediately shoots twice while pulling out one revolver. Celo catches this and cuts through both bullets. As Celo goes for Knosse again, he throws his revolver at Celo's head. Celo looks at it and goes to cut it but he gets shot in the foot as Knosse takes his other one out and shoots. Celo stumbles and gets hit by the thrown revolver on the forehead. Knosse shoots rapidly at Celo who gets hit on the head many times, stumbling more. Suddenly, Knosse rushes forward and pulls out his knife. He goes to stab Celo, who is falling. Celo quickly cuts Knosse's arm and as he lands, does a backwards somersault to get back on his feet.

Knosse: Damn.
Celo: I dare say you actually caught me off guard. I forgot you have two like Rex. It won't happen again.

X: Bad mistake, Knosse.
Hiiro: He used his knife early, huh?
X: He showed his surprise attack too early.
Hiiro: He tried to end the fight quickly. That might cost him the fight.

Celo: Hahaha. You're quite the clever fighter. I'll enjoy beating you.
Knosse: Just try it!

Knosse picks up his other revolver. He twirls both and starts shooting. Celo dodges each bullet and reaches Knosse again. Knosse dodges a slash and then another. He shoots twice, but misses as Celo has moved quickly away and slashes Knosse twice on his chest. He kicks Knosse down, but Knosse manages to throw a bomb down at Celo's feet before he hits the ground. The bomb explodes and slightly injures Knosse himself. As the dust clears, Celo is a bit harmed but nothing too serious. Knosse gets up.

Knosse: This isn't over yet.
Celo: Not quite, but it will be soon.
Knosse: He's right. I need to end this soon or I'll bleed unconscious.

Celo charges for Knosse. Knosse shoots rapidly, but to no avail. Celo reaches Knosse again after blocking and cuts Knosse cross the chest again. Knosse is able to shoot Celo twice, but it doesn't bother him too much. Knosse throws down a bomb, which they both evade. When the dust clears, Knosse is on his knees far away from Celo.

Knosse: Shit. I'm finished.
Celo: It's time to end this!

Celo charges quickly towards Knosse. As he gets closer and closer, Knosse pulls out a bomb and stands up. He throws it straight for Celo.

Celo: Ha!

Celo jumps back to dodge the explosion that occurs. Dust completely covers the two fighters, but we can see Knosse who has dropped to his knees again. As the dust clears, he looks over to Celo. He is seen impaled with countless bullets in his stomach and bullets all around him. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o0mwKC-Dkwc ) Celo is in massive pain.

Celo: What?!
Knosse: Meet my newest gadget. The shrapnel bomb!

X: What the...

Lei: I don't believe it.

Knosse: Now, time for you to be finished.

Knosse starts rapidly shooting at Celo who drops to his knees as well. Knosse gradually stands up and stops shooting. He charges for Celo. Celo reaches for his sword but it is stepped on by Knosse. Knosse uppercuts Celo with his revolver which knocks him out cold as his head hits the floor.

Knight: Nitsumaronozakiwo is the winner.
Knosse: Oh hell yeah.

X: Great job.

Lei: He did awesome.

Lance: He's got some good potential.

*Theme stops* Knosse is attended to by the medical knights right away as he is escorted off the arena.

[Knosse's Apartment - Last Night]

Knosse is seen messing around with one of his bombs.

Knosse: Hmmm...This should do. The shrapnel bomb. If I'm to beat this swordmaster guy, I'll probably need this.


X: Haha. Looks like I underestimated that guy.
Hiiro: You did. I guess it's my turn to fight.
X: Right...

Kirk: I guess you know it's your turn.
Lei: Yeah. Wish me luck.

Knosse has barely beaten Celo with his newest deadly weapon, the shrapnel bomb. The next fight is Lei against Hiiro. This fight is going to be good so don't miss it on Fighters Abroad!

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Quote : This one is for me, Bison! HADOUKEN!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   November 30th 2010, 11:29 pm

Chapter 79: Lei vs Hiiro

Vex: So who wins this one?
Lance: This is a tough one. I say Lei, though.
Vex: Why's that?
Lance: He seems like he has the advantage.
Vex: I might just agree with you.

X: You ready to fight Lei?
Hiiro: I suppose I am. I know he's a tough fighter, so this should be a good fight.
X: I'd like to see a good fight.

Kirk: Feeling up to the challenge?
Lei: I think so.
Knight: Next is Marco vs Hiiro.

Lei and Hiiro exchange a glance at each other and enter the ring near the same time. When they get in their respective positions, Hiiro starts twirling his staff and readies it.

Hiiro: I've had no competition this entire contest. Please give me a fight to enjoy.
Lei: You don't have to worry about that. Just no hard feelings if you lose.
Hiiro: None. The same goes for you, though.
Lei: Very well.
Knight: Begin.

Lei and Hiiro both get into a defensive stance. The intense aura that comes off the two of them is felt throughout the stadium as it goes dead silent. Finally, after about ten seconds of dead silence, the two of them charge at each other. Hiiro jabs with his pole, but Lei sidesteps. Lei flips and kicks downwards at Hiiro but he manages to dodge it. Hiiro then whacks Lei on the side with the poll which sends him back a bit. He regains his footing quick and readies himself again. Hiiro twirls his pole around again and spins it around and attacks. Lei slides under the attack and then gives Hiiro a rising palm strike to his chest. As he stumbles backwards, Hiiro receives a roundhouse kick to the face from Lei which sends him to the floor.

Lei: Good enough for you yet?
Hiiro: I believe so. This is the first time I've been sent to the floor at all.

Hiiro gets back up without his pole.

Hiiro: You are quite skilled. You won't win, however.
Lei: You keep telling yourself that.

Lei rushes for Hiiro. He goes for a punch, but Hiiro dodges it and kicks for Lei. Lei dodges and punches Hiiro on the side of the face. Hiiro retaliates with a punch to Lei's face which sends him back. Hiiro takes a very peculiar stance.

Lei: You're...trained in martial arts.
Hiiro: Yes. I've trained in the Bojutsu dojo as well as the Kyushin Ryu.
Lei: Those are quite the credentials you have then. Let's see how well you learned the Kyushin Ryu.

Lei charges for Hiiro. Hiiro follows suit and they clash fists. Lei goes to punch Hiiro, but he dodges and goes for a palm strike. Lei dodges and throws another punch. Hiiro grabs Lei's fist and throws him over his shoulder. Lei surprisingly lands on his feet and throws Hiiro over his shoulder. Hiiro hits the ground, but not before pulling Lei down and slamming him down with his legs. The two of them roll and get up.

Hiiro: Not bad.
Lei: You too.

X: This fight is intense.
Knosse: Yeah. I hope Lei can win though.
X: He seems fine.

Vex: I have a prediction on the winner.
Lance: Who?
Vex: I'm not telling. I want to see if you're thinking the same thing at the end.
Lance: I have a prediction too. I guess we'll see.

All of the sudden, the crowd cheers loud for the two of them. Lei and Hiiro look around.

Hiiro: Looks like they love us.
Lei: Yep. Let's give them the fight they want.
Hiiro: Agreed.

Hiiro is the one to charge this time. He goes to kick Lei but Lei dodges. They both kick and kick each other in the face. As they both stumble back, Lei charges and palm strikes Hiiro. Hiiro retaliates with a punch to his stomach. Lei reprisals with an uppercut and Hiiro kicks Lei back. Hiiro walks back a bit and picks up his staff.

Hiiro: This is my specialty though. Bojutsu.

Hiiro spins his staff around very quickly. He walks towards Lei, who holds a defensive stance. When Hiiro gets close enough, he breaks his spin by whacking right for Lei. Lei blocks to his left to fend it off and goes for a kick. Hiiro steps back to evade and then pushes his pole into Lei's stomach which makes him hunch over. Hiiro then spins his staff around quickly and uppercuts with it to Lei's jaw which sends him to the floor. Lei gets up after a few seconds.

Lei: Well that hurt.
Hiiro: Good. I'm glad that didn't knock you out.
Lei: Not when this fight has gone so well. Hell no.

Lei quickly charges and punches Hiiro in the face. Hiiro stumbles but regains his footing and spins around his staff again. He misses Lei when he tries to whack him and Lei gives him a hard kick to the stomach. Hiiro manages to whack Lei on the side and stun him for a second. They both stand, almost exhausted.

X: They're really going at it. It's hard to tell who the winner will be.
Knosse: Yeah.

Both of them catch their breath and ready themselves. Lei takes the first move and goes for a kick. Hiiro blocks it and strikes Lei in the face with his staff. Lei stumbles backwards when Hiiro hits him on the side of the neck hard with the staff again. Lei turns around, stunned. Hiiro runs towards Lei and grabs a hold of him. He quickly jumps onto his back and kicks off it backwards and throws his staff straight at his back. Lei receives the shot and immediately falls down in pain. The staff flips back to Hiiro after the hit. As Lei hits the floor, his face shows that he has blacked out temporarily.

Knight: The winner is Hiiro.
Knosse: No! Damn it!
X: Shit. Not Lei...

Lei regains consciousness after a couple seconds. He is helped up by Hiiro.

Hiiro: That was some fight.
Lei: Yeah...damn. I can't believe I lost.
Hiiro: Allow me to re-introduce myself to you.
Lei: Huh?
Hiiro: The name is Hiiro. Ranked seventh in the Myjuto Forces.
Lei: What?!
Hiiro: Fighters Abroad, huh? It's a pleasure to be able to fight with the notorious mercenary group.

X: His face. Lei must know.
Knosse: Know what?
X: That Hiiro is ranked in the Myjuto Forces.
Knosse: He's what?!
X: I did my research. I didn't know he was this good, though.
Knosse: Should we kill him?
X: As far as we've seen, he's honorable enough. Don't do anything to him.
Knosse: Fat chance. He is my next opponent.
X: Ah, I almost forgot.

Hiiro and Lei exit the arena. Hiiro joins Knosse and X while Lei joins Vex and Lance.

X: Hiiro.
Hiiro: Hey, you were right. Your friend is awesome.
X: You told him, didn't you?
Hiiro: So you've done your research.
X: That is what I just got done telling Knosse a minute ago.
Knosse: So you're a Myjuto.
Hiiro: That is right.
X: And how come you haven't targeted us yet?
Hiiro: Why would I? This is no place for uncivilized fighting.
Knosse: I bet you were ordered to kill us if you found us.
Hiiro: True, I was. My superior officer told me that if I were to come in contact, that I was to kill you.
X: Then why haven't you?
Hiiro: Our sides does not change the fact that we are friends. Right?
X: Hmmm...Yeah, it would be ignorant otherwise.
Hiiro: See? I have no reason to fight you guys to the death at this point in time.
X: I see. How nice of you. But I'll be watching you. Don't make that mistake or you're the one to die.

Lance: Lei, you should probably rest.
Lei: Yeah. I took a couple hard shots.
Vex: A couple?
Lei: Yeah, look I'm pretty bummed about this. I lost to a Myjuto.
Lance: So it seems.
Vex: You'll get over it.
Lei: I guess you're right. See you guys later.

Lei leaves the area and goes inside the stadium.

Vex: So, your prediction. Did you predict the winner?
Lance: Unfortunately, I did. You?
Vex: Yes. You could see the advantage switch halfway through.
Lance: Before he picked his staff up again? Yeah, I could tell.
Vex: Hah. Good eye.
Lance: Yeah. Poor Lei.

In an unfortunate twist of events, Lei has lost to Hiiro. What's even worse is that Hiiro is revealed to be the inside man of the Myjuto Forces. Ranked seventh to be exact. Moving on, X and Lance are about to go at it in the arena soon so don't miss that fight on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   December 1st 2010, 11:34 pm

Chapter 80: A bitter matchup. X vs Lance

Vex: So you fight X soon, then?
Lance: Yes. A match I'm certainly not looking forward to.
Vex: Hahaha. I look forward to seeing it.
Lance: You just want to see a good fight, huh?
Vex: You got it.

X: Knosse, let's go see Lei.
Knosse: You think he wants to see us?
X: Yes. He will need to.
Knosse: Alright then.
Hiiro: Don't be late for your match, X.
X: I won't.

X and Knosse head inside the stadium and find Lei reclining against a wall.

Lei: Hey, guys.
X: Are you alright?
Lei: Yeah, I'm fine. Still, I can't believe Hiiro is a Myjuto.
Knosse: I'm as surprised as you are. X apparently knew.
Lei: You did? How come you didn't say anything?
X: It was better to keep things silent. If he wanted to keep his title on the down low, he could have easily revealed who we are and we'd be chased off instantly by Myjuto soldiers.
Knosse: Oh, I see.
Lei: That does make sense.
X: It's a shame. I was going to bring up the possibility of him joining us before I found out a couple days ago.
Knosse: How did you find out?
X: I poked around after hearing a couple things about a Myjuto insider.
Lei: Hmm. Good work. Still, we can ask Vex to join and maybe Rex or Nagato.
Knosse: Good idea. We need a chick in our group.
X: It's up to them. We'll bring it up to them. I know Lance would like it if Vex joined.
Lei: Come to think of it, they've been hanging around each other a lot.
X: They've become fast and good friends. Vex is a good guy.
Knosse: Hey, X, I think it's almost time for your match.
X: You're right. Man, of all the people left to face.
Lei: Lance, huh. I'll have to watch this. I'll be right there.
X: Alright. Knosse, you coming?
Knosse: I'll stay with Lei. You go.
X: Ok then. See you guys soon, win or lose.

X goes back to the arena area. There he sees Vex and Lance looking at him. X joins them.

Vex: I hope you're ready, X.
X: I am. How about you, Lance?
Lance: Yes. As ready as I'll get.
X: So listen, we were talking it over inside.
Lance: Yeah?
X: Vex, we'd like you to join Fighters Abroad when this contest is over.
Vex: Truly? I'd be honored. I do have matters to attend to before I join, though.
Lance: That's fine. This is awesome.
Vex: Yes. After I do some business when this is over, I'll come join you.
Knight: Next is Leo vs Joshua.
Lance: ...
X: ...
Vex: ...You guys ok?
X: Let's do this.

The two of them silently enter the ring. They take their positions.

X: Listen. I have one thing to say before we start.
Lance: What is that?
X: If you can't prove yourself, our plan will change.
Lance: You refer to before we started this whole thing?
X: Yes. I'll just as quickly abandon the plan if you're not worthy.
Lance: I see. I'll just have to prove myself then.
Knight: You may begin.
X: Should we fight with no weapons?
Lance: Sounds fine to me.
X: Let's start then.

X starts by running towards Lance quickly. When he gets close, he springs forward and punches. Lance ducks under this and uppercut punches X in the stomach, which keeps him suspended in the air. Lance makes a quick jab with his other fist and then pushes X off onto the floor. X gets up.

Lance: I've seen that move so many times this contest. Try something new.
X: So I'm too predictable. That's what "he" always told me.

Both charge at each other. Lance goes for a punch, but X dodges easily and kicks Lance on his side. Lance retaliates by punching X but misses. X proceeds to punch Lance twice in the stomach and then uppercuts him in the jaw and then kicks him back. Lance hits the floor and gets up quickly with his hat fallen off.

Lance: Much better.
X: So you're gonna push me too, huh?
Lance: That's how friends do it, buddy.
X: That's true.

Lance picks up his hat and throws it to Vex who catches it.

Lance: Now that my hat's out of the way...
X: Let's continue.

X runs towards Lance. Lance goes for a punch, but it is blocked. X kicks Lance, but it doesn't do much. Lance kicks X, but it is blocked. X punches Lance in the face and Lance retaliates with the same. Both jump back and rush for each other. X does a sliding kick which trips Lance. Lance does a front flip and lands on his hands which allows him to propel himself back up without hitting the floor. X is already charging again, but Lance does a quick roundhouse kick that catches X off guard. He gets kicked in the face and gets pushed back a bit. Lance follows up with a punch but X ducks under and gives Lance a jump kick. While jump kicking, he pushes off Lance and sends him to the floor. Lance gets up after a second.

X: Not bad. You actually have to make me try.
Lance: Are you alright, X? You seem off.
X: Lei lost, Lance. We have a strong Myjuto officer on the opposite end waiting for one of us.
Lance: Right.
X: I don't expect Knosse to be able to take Hiiro down, so it's up to us. We have to win.
Lance: I didn't realize how much this meant to you. I see now.
X: Good. Now let's end this fight.
Lance: Yes, let's.

Both fighters charge at each other. X gets the first shot in by punching Lance in the face. Lance knees X in the stomach and punches him in the face. X retaliates by punching Lance three times. Lance reprisals with another punch. X dodges this one and kicks Lance in the stomach. X then drop kicks Lance and leans back so that he does a handstand. He goes backwards and lands on his feet and then springs forward, giving Lance a hard punch to the stomach. Lance stumbles and then dodges another punch and gives X a hard punch to the face. X and Lance both punch and clash fists. Lance grabs hold of X's fist and pulls him into a punch which sends X back a bit. X kicks Lance away.

X: Damn. Nice shot. Now time to finish this.

X charges quickly while Lance goes for a punch. X lets down his guard and gets punched. He hits the floor and his eyes go white.

Knight: The winner is Joshua.
Lance: X?

Lance goes up to X, who gets up quickly after making his eyes go normal again.

X: Good job. You may not be quite as good as me, but you have what it takes. Go get him.
Lance: Wait, did you fake that unconscious look?
X: You bet. Pretty good, huh?
Lance: Could have fooled me.

Lance and X shakes hands and put their other hands up. The crowd cheers for both of them as they exit the arena.

Vex: Quite the show, you two.
X: Thanks. How did you like my act?
Vex: Life like. You'll have to do that more often to trick opponents.
Lance: Hahahaha. Hey, Vex. You want to hang out again after your match?
Vex: Sure. Should we bring Tonka along?
Lance: Screw her. She cramped our style yesterday.
Vex: She sort of did, didn't she? I actually enjoyed having her around, though.
Lance: True enough. We'll bring her along.
Vex: Would you like to join us, X?
X: I'd love to, but now that I'm out of the tournament, I have a new job.
Lance: What's that?
X: Oh, I can't tell you yet.
Lance: Very well. I'll see you tomorrow then.
X: Alright.

X leaves and goes over to where Lei and Knosse are.

Lei: I'm impressed, X.
X: You are?
Lei: You improved greatly over these two months.
Knosse: I thought you were going to win, actually. I forgot about the plan.
X: Yeah, well, I have good faith that Lance can do the job. He might be the perfect matchup against Hiiro.

X has fulfilled the plan and allowed Lance to advance. The next round is going to begin next and it's about to get even more heated so don't miss it on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 81: Knosse vs Hiiro

The next day, we see Knosse outside the apartment complex. Lei is seen walking up to him.

Lei: Knosse.
Knosse: Oh, hey.
Lei: I wanted to wish you luck before you fight Hiiro.
Knosse: You're not going to be there?
Lei: I wish I could, but X needs to talk to me for a while. It'll be just you and Lance today.
Knosse: Alright. I'll see you later tonight then.
Lei: Watch out. Hiiro can space himself with you. Your guns are your best weapons for him.
Knosse: Gotcha. Thanks.

With that, Knosse begins his journey for the stadium. As Lei goes back to his apartment, Lance comes out of his.

Lei: Morning.
Lance: Hey, Lei. Is Knosse up?
Lei: He just left.
Lance: He's good. I'll be off too, then.
Lei: If Knosse doesn't make it back a winner, you at least have to win.
Lance: I know. I won't fail.

Lance leaves as well. He catches up to Knosse in due time.

Knosse: So you came.
Lance: Yeah. So is the great Nitsumaronozakiwo up to the challenge?
Knosse: You bet he is...I mean you bet I am.
Lance: Good.

They eventually reach the stadium. As they go to the ring, Hiiro is already there waiting for them.

Hiiro: Good morning.
Lance: Hello, Hiiro.
Knosse: Uh, hi.
Hiiro: I hope you're ready, Knosse.
Knosse: The great Nitsumaronozakiwo is always ready! *Points at Hiiro* You are already defeated!
Knight: Now that our contestants are here, let's begin. Nitsumaronozakiwo vs Hiiro.
Lance: Good luck, you two.

Both fighters enter the arena. As they do, Vex walks up to Lance.

Vex: Welcome.
Lance: Hey.
Vex: It seems you have a tough opponent next.
Lance: Who?
Vex: Wouldn't you rather be surprised?
Lance: Yes, actually.
Voice: You too, Vex.
Vex: Hmm?

Just then, Rex joins them.

Vex: Ah, Rex.
Rex: Your next match is against one of my former team mates.
Vex: Oh really?
Rex: Indeed. You've seen Julius and Celo, but there's one more person that was in my squad. You fight him.
Lance: That should be fun to watch.
Rex: You don't exactly have an easy match either, Lance. Vex is right.
Lance: We'll just have to wait and see.

Knight: Begin.

Knosse and Hiiro remain silent towards each other. Knosse starts the match by throwing two bombs in Hiiro's direction. Hiiro takes his staff out and whacks the bombs away. Just as they soar away, Knosse shoots them with his revolvers, exploding them right next to Hiiro. Knosse goes directly into the smoke that emerges. As the smoke clears from Hiiro's area, he is hardly harmed. Hiiro looks around but gets shot in the face twice. Hiiro rushes into the cover of smoke and begins swinging his staff. Knosse quickly jumps out of the cover and throws another bomb into the smoke, exploding it into more smoke.

Lance: This is a good strategy by Knosse.
Vex: If he keeps Hiiro in the dark long enough, he has a shot of winning.

Knosse rushes into the smokes cover again. A sound is heard as they both emerge from the smoke. Knosse has been whacked on the back and Hiiro has been stabbed in the side. Knosse shoots through the smoke and hits Hiiro in the back a couple times. Hiiro quickly turns around and twirls his staff around which blocks the remaining bullets. Hiiro throws his staff straight through the smoke and hits Knosse in the chest. He is pushed back and knocked on his butt. The staff drops next to him and Knosse picks it up. He rushes into the smokes cover, but gets punched out of it immediately as Hiiro has already gone in there. Knosse throws the staff into the smoke and starts shooting again. He then throws another bomb into the smoke which starts to clear. Knosse then throws another bomb which explode and shoots tons of bullets into the smoke.

Lance: The shrapnel bomb. I wonder if it worked.

As the smoke clears, we bullets scattered throughout the area and Hiiro is standing there with torn clothes and he is breathing heavy.

Hiiro: Not bad, Knosse. You almost won.

Hiiro takes his staff and readies it. Knosse begins shooting again, but Hiiro deflects the bullets by spinning his staff. Hiiro comes closer and closer to Knosse when he throws another bomb. Hiiro shoves his staff lenth wise straight for the bomb and knocks it back at Knosse. Due to how close they are, Knosse is forced to dodge it. The bomb lands outside the arena and explodes a ton of sand all around. Hiiro quickly charges for Knosse and shoves his pole into Knosse's stomach. Knosse hunches over in pain and Hiiro whacks Knosse on the side of the head which sends him to the floor. Knosse gets up, while gritting his teeth.

Hiiro: You put up such a good fight. It's over now.
Knosse: Never!

Knosse dodges an incoming smack from Hiiro's staff. He then shoots Hiiro in the face twice and then throws his gun to Hiiro's foot which stuns him for a second. Knosse then rushes in and stabs Hiiro in the stomach. Hiiro hunches over in massive pain while dropping his staff. He grabs Knosse's hand that stabbed him. He twists Knosse's wrist and kicks him in the stomach. He then punches Knosse in the face and backs up. Hiiro is in massive pain as he leaves the knife in his stomach. Knosse is stumbling and grabs his revolver with one hand as his other hand hurts too much to move. Hiiro grabs his staff and readies it.

Lance: I can't believe Hiiro is still up. I've never seen someone stay up from such a beating.

Knosse begins shooting with one hand at Hiiro. He is able to block most bullets but gets hit in the face by others. Hiiro slowly moves towards Knosse blocking bullets. Knosse throws his other gun at Hiiro, but he blocks it. Hiiro raises his staff high and whacks Knosse hard on the forehead. Knosse drops to his knees as Hiiro whacks him in the temple with the staff. Knosse instantly blacks out. Hiiro also drops to his knees and rips the knife out of his stomach. He throws it aside and puts one hand over his stomach.

Knight: The winner is Hiiro. Great, now I don't have to say Nitsumaronozomo anymore.

The medics take Hiiro away and treat his wounds. Meanwhile, Knosse regains consciousness as that happens.

Knosse: Shit, I think I lost.

Knosse helps himself up and looks around.

Knosse: Oh balls.
Lance: Over here.

Knosse joins Lance, Rex and Vex.

Lance: You did great.
Vex: I would say you put up the best fight yet out of his victims.
Knosse: That doesn't mean shit. Man. It's up to you, Lance.
Lance: Yeah. I know.

After another match concludes, Lance's name is called.

Knight: Next is Tonka vs Joshua.
Lance: Hah. Figures.
Rex: You beat her once, right? Let's see it again.
Lance: Ah, that's right. You and Hiiro were there when I did. Alright. It's time for a rematch.

Knosse has also fallen victim to Hiiro's staff, but not before putting his mark on Hiiro. The rematch between Lance and Tonka is about to commence. Don't miss it next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 82: Tonka vs Lance - The Rematch

Knight: Next is Tonka vs Joshua.
Lance: Hah. Figures.
Rex: You beat her once, right? Let's see it again.
Lance: Ah, that's right. You and Hiiro were there when I did. Alright. It's time for a rematch.

Lance takes his hat off, gives to it to Vex and enters the ring. Sure enough, Tonka enters around the same time (With identical pants to her old ones that got cut up). They get to their respective spot.

Lance: We meet again in the ring it seems.
Tonka: I've been waiting for this fight. Revenge will be mine.
Lance: Haha. Well let's feel lucky. We're the only two people to fight twice in this contest.
Tonka: I won't take this opportunity lightly. My weights are off.
Lance: Smart girl. Well no hard feelings whoever wins. We'll make up later.
Tonka: I fully agree. That way when I take you down, you'll be my bitch.
Lance: So that's how it is? Good. The loser is the other's bitch.
Knight: You may begin.
Lance: Are you ready?
Tonka: Of course. You?
Lance: I've been ready.
Tonka: Then let's stop standing around talking and fight!

Tonka begins to charge for Lance. Lance takes a defensive stance and awaits her. Tonka reaches Lance quickly and kicks. Lance blocks but gets pushed back. Tonka keeps attacking with kicks. Lance keeps blocking but gets pushed back each time. Finally, Lance dodges a kick and goes for a punch. Tonka dodges the punch and kicks Lance on the side. He stumbles and then gets high kicked in the face which sends him to the floor. Lance gets up.

Lance: She's significantly faster without those weights and she's very strong.

Lance readies himself again and charges at Tonka. Tonka kicks at Lance, but he dodges. She high kicks again, but Lance ducks under and grabs her leg from under. He flips her backwards, but she does a full flip and lands on her feet, only to be kicked in the stomach by Lance. Tonka is pushed back but regains her footing quickly. She quickly does a sliding kick, which Lance jumps over. As he jumps over, Tonka launches her legs up and grabs Lance in mid air. She pushes down and slams Lance down to the floor. She leans forward to get punched in the face as Lance quickly recovers. Tonka is sent tumbling back as Lance gets up. Tonka gets up shortly after.

Tonka: I guess I remembered you weaker than that.
Lance: You overestimate yourself.
Tonka: How did you beat me the first time?
Lance: You were overconfident. And let's be honest who the better fighter is.
Tonka: I think you're the one that overestimates yourself.
Lance: We'll see.

Vex: Well I can't quite understand what they're saying, but I think it's intense.
Rex: So who wins?
Knosse: Lance does.
Rex: Why do you say?
Knosse: Because Tonka is a woman.
Vex: Hahaha.
Knosse: I'm telling you guys. She will be making him a sandwich before long.
Vex: Why so sexist?
Knosse: I dunno.

Knosse then brings his hands up to reveal a sandwich in his hands. He takes a bite of it.

Vex: Uh, Knosse?
Knosse: Yeah?
Vex: Where did you get that sandwich?
Knosse: ...I...don't know.

Meanwhile, Lance and Tonka are punching and kicking at each other. They keep dodging each other's attack. Finally, Lance is able to land a punch to the side of Tonka's face. Tonka stumbles as Lance goes for another kick. Tonka catches this kick and kicks Lance in the stomach while letting go. Lance falls to the floor, but rolls back up quickly. Tonka charges again and goes for a kick. Lance sidesteps and kicks Tonka in the shin. Tonka retaliates by kicking his side and they both step back.

Lance: Ready to give up?
Tonka: Not a chance in hell. You look pretty beat up, though.
Lance: I won't give up if you won't. Don't we make the cutest couple?
Tonka: We do. Except we're not a couple.
Lance: True. We're beating the shit out of each other.
Tonka: It's pretty fun kicking you. You don't quit after the first couple shots.
Lance: While I'm usually averse to fighting women, you're asking for it.

With that, the two of them charge for each other. Lance goes for a punch and collides with a kick from Tonka. They both recoil. Tonka goes for a kick, but Lance predicts it and pushes it to the side, distorting balance for Tonka. Lance gives Tonka a hard kick to the stomach and then a sweep kick to trip her to the floor. Tonka lands on her hands and feet to break the fall and launches herself back up. She goes for a punch surprisingly and gets Lance in the stomach. Lance retaliates by punching her in the face which sends her back. Lance dodges two more kicks and kicks Tonka back. Tonka rushes back in and kicks again. Lance sidesteps, but Tonka does a twirl kick and kicks Lance down to the floor. She then jumps over to him and begins to get near him when he sticks his foot up and implants it right in Tonka's face in mid air. He then pushes her off and she lands on the floor, battered. She quickly grabs Lance's legs, however and begins pulling him towards her.

Vex: So that's her strategy. I thought it was odd that she opened herself up.
Rex: What?
Vex: She's trying to pin him, of course.

As Tonka pulls Lance towards herself, Lance struggles but can't break free. She quickly springs forward and goes to pin Lance. Lance rolls to the side to barely avoid it, and Tonka's face hits the floor hard. Lance gets up.

Lance: She went for the kill, but it was too risky. Now she's lost.
Knight: The winner is Joshua.
Lance: Really? I don't think she's unconscious yet, but there's no way she'd win at her state.

Tonka lifts her head up slowly, bleeding at the mouth a bit.

Tonka: Ouch, my head. Look what you made me do.
Lance: Come here. You're bleeding.

Lance helps Tonka up as blood runs down her mouth a bit. Lance leans in and kisses her for a second around the mouth as the crowd goes wild. He is now shown to have blood on his mouth.

Tonka: Lance, I...

Lance puts his hand up signaling for her to stop. He merely smiles at her and walks away. He joins Knosse, Vex and Rex.

Vex: Smooth, man.
Knosse: Damn it. You are SOOOO lucky!
Lance: When this contest is over, I'll teach you my techniques.
Rex: I thought you wanted nothing to do with her, though.
Lance: I'm a sucker for the ladies, I guess you can say.
Knosse: Oh, here you go.

Knosse hands Lance a cloth which he uses to wipe the blood off his mouth.

Lance: Thanks. Hey, Knosse, where did you get this cloth from?
Knosse: From Vex, why?
Lance: Just curious.
Knosse: Are you implying that I pulled this out of thin air?
Knight: Next is Vex vs Derrick.

Lance has won against Tonka with an odd method. Vex's next match is against Rex's former squad member. Is this man as powerful as he says? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 83: Vex vs Derrick

Knight: Next is Vex vs Derrick.
Lance: Well Vex, it looks like it's time to see you in action again.
Vex: Heh. I guess so.

Vex walks to the arena and jumps in. Another man comes in. He is a tall man around 6"2 who is light skinned. He has short black spiky hair and a black beard that does not hang off. He is wearing a sleeveless brown shirt and brown pants. He's wearing brown combat boots. He has an athletic build. In his hand is a long spear ( http://images.knifecenter.com/knifecenter/coldsteel/images/95boa.jpg ).

Vex: Well, hello.
Derrick: I see you're a friend of shooter.
Vex: I suppose. You're one of his old team mates, right?
Derrick: Yes. It is unfortunate that he and Celo could not make it this far.
Vex: Hah, yeah. Now let's make this a good fight.
Knight: Begin.

Vex draws his sword. Derrick twirls his spear around and readies himself. They inch towards each other slowly. They meet at the middle and Derrick takes the first move by lunging his spear at Vex. Vex easily brushes it to the side with his sword and then slashes at Derrick. Derrick blocks with the shaft of the spear and Vex stands back.

Vex: Your spear is misleading. I thought it was wood on the shaft.
Derrick: Most do.

Without any more speaking, Derrick does another lunge which is dodged by Vex. Vex dashes out of his dodge right at Derrick. He catches him off guard and smacks him in the face by the handle of his sword. Derrick stumbles backwards and Vex slashes at him. Derrick is able to block the attack and parry it. Vex steps back and avoids a swing from the spear. Vex then parries another attack from Derrick. He rushes forward from the parry and punches Derrick in the stomach. Derrick hunches over but pushes Vex off him and hits him with the shaft side of the spear. They both back up.

Rex: Vex is doing well.
Lance: You think?
Rex: Derrick usually has his opponents on the ground dead by now. He is said to be the only one to ever rival the Dark Knight of Zetsu, Julius.
Knosse: Wow, so he's strong and stuff.
Rex: I've sparred with him many times. I've lost more than I've won, that's for sure.
Knosse: Hmm...
Lance: Look. Hiiro's back.

Hiiro walks towards them. He is tied up with bandages around his stomach.

Hiiro: Hey, guys.
Lance: Welcome back.
Hiiro: It was truly an honor to fight you again Knosse.
Knosse: Hmph...wait what? Did you say again?
Hiiro: You mean you don't remember me? I thought you were just playing dumb.
Knosse: Nope. I have no idea who you were before this.
Hiiro: Come with me. I think we need to talk in private about this.
Knosse: ....
Lance: Go on, Knosse. You'll be fine.
Knosse: OK.

Knosse and Hiiro walk over where there isn't a crowd. Meanwhile, Vex and Derrick are clashing weapons over and over. Vex shoves Derrick back and takes a defensive stance. Derrick rushes forward and spin attacks at Vex. Vex ducks under it and uppercuts Derrick in the jaw which sends him to the floor. Derrick gets up.

Derrick: You are one heck of a fighter, Vex.
Vex: Thanks. You're not so bad yourself.
Derrick: Even if I lose, I'll try my best to rival your skill.
Vex: I'd be honored. But you haven't lost yet.
Derrick: Indeed. And since I haven't lost, I'll keep trying till I win or get knocked out.
Vex: I like your attitude. Come then.

Derrick charges for Vex and lunges his spear at him. Vex dodges to his left and slashes horizontally. This cuts Derrick across the chest. Derrick attacks again and again as Vex dodges each attack. Vex seizes the opportunity that arises to punch Derrick in the face. Derrick is, once again, sent to the floor. Derrick is slow to get up but still manages to do so. He lifts his spear and begins attacking again. Vex is able to dodge each attack again. Finally, Derrick is able to pierce Vex on his side. Vex recoils in pain and rubs his side as blood comes out. Derrick goes to attack again, but Vex parries and knocks the spear out of Derrick's hands. He now holds him at bay with his sword.

Vex: Give up now. You don't want to get seriously hurt.
Derrick: What did I say before?
Vex: There's bravery and then there's foolishness. You've clearly lost.

Derrick does not heed Vex's words and charges forth at him. Vex reluctantly swings his sword diagonally across Derrick's chest which sends him to the floor unconscious with a big slash across his chest.

Knight: The winner is Vex.

Vex exits the arena as the medical knights go to the unconscious Derrick.

Vex: Well that was ugly.
Lance: Yeah, but well done.
Vex: Where's Knosse?
Lance: He's over there talking to Hiiro *Points*.
Vex: I see.

Vex takes out a cloth that he puts around his waist to stop the blood flow of the pierce he suffered. Later that day, we see Knosse, Lance and Vex who are eating roast pork sandwiches at the food place. They are talking and laughing. Later that night, Lance is outside his apartment. A figure appears to approach him and it is revealed to be Tonka.

Lance: So you made it.
Tonka: Yes, I'm here.
Lance: Are you ok?
Tonka: Yeah, thanks. Let's do this heehee.
Lance: I was waiting for that.

Tonka and Lance enter his appartment. Meanwhile, Knosse is reclining on his bed wide awake.

Knosse: Is it possible...what Hiiro said? I just don't know.

[Earlier today]

As Hiiro takes Knosse aside where there is no one, Hiiro smiles at him.

Hiiro: I'm surprised to see you alive after all that happened.
Knosse: What is that supposed to mean?
Hiiro: You really don't remember? Man, Ento must have really went all out on you.
Knosse: Please just explain to me what you know about me.
Hiiro: Up until about a year ago, you were my team mate.
Knosse: You mean...
Hiiro: Yes. Knosse, ranked eighth in the Myjuto Forces.
Knosse: I gotta be honest. I don't buy that.
Hiiro: I figured you wouldn't. You see, you were one of our top officers until you betrayed us. They sent Ento, ranked first in the Myjtuo Forces, to kill you. He had told everyone that you were dead after that. My guesses is that he thrashed you so hard, that you lost your memory.
Knosse: I woke up one day about a year ago. I was in the Oasis Village, inside a man's house. I was bandaged all over. The only thing I could remember was my name and my abilities.
Hiiro: For what it's worth, I am glad to see you alive. We always got along very well.


Knosse: Knosse, ranked eighth in the Myjuto Forces. I wonder if there is any truth to this story.

As Vex has defeated Derrick, we have uncovered a very interesting tale about Knosse. According to Hiiro, he was a Myjuto officer. Is Hiiro telling the truth? The Semi-finals are coming up soon but not before checking in with our old pal, Naith. What encounter will he face this time? Next chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 84: Old Memories Surface

Our viewpoint switches back to Naith, who is training outside again during the morning. He digs his katana into sand and flings a bunch of it up in the air. As the sand comes down, Naith cuts very quickly, moving in a circular motion as he keeps cutting. Finally, he cuts through the pile of sand that comes down and dashes through it. As Naith sheaths his sword, there isn't one grain of sand on him or his sword. After sheathing his sword, he goes inside and drinks some water. A minute after this, Nataley comes from downstairs.

Nataley: Good morning, Naith.
Naith: Hello. Did you sleep well last night?
Nataley: I did. Thank you for asking.
Naith: Is today the day to go into town again?
Nataley: Yes. I was hoping you would come along again.
Naith: Sure. Let's have breakfast first.
Nataley: Alright.

The two of them eat breakfast together and then go back into town.

Naith: What do we need today?
Nataley: Food as usual. That's about it.
Naith: This time, you stay close to me.
Nataley: Yes. I will.

The two of them begin walking. They turn a corner in a street for Naith to bump into a person. They both step back after bumping. This man is light skinned and in his 50's presumably. He is wearing a suit of some sort and has greyish hair.

Nataley: I'm so sorry. We were just....Naith.
Naith: I know.
Man: You...
Naith: Gary.
Gary: It really is you. Wait, did you call him Naith?
Nataley: Yes, Gary. Hello, it's been a year or two.
Gary: Hi there, Nataley.
Naith: ...
Gary: Naith...so you are alive.
Naith: ...I am.
Gary: Come with me. We must talk.
Naith: I'll pass.
Nataley: What he means is, that we'd be glad to.
Naith: Is that what that means these days?
Gary: Don't be a stranger. Come with me.
Naith: Fine.
Nataley: Yay!

The three of them begin to walk and talk. Naith, not saying much. They all sit down at a table and begin talking more.

Gary: The last time I saw you, Naith, was when you were 18.
Naith: Yeah.
Gary: I don't suppose you've visited your parents' graves, have you?
Naith: .......
Gary: I see.
Nataley: He'll go when he's ready, Gary.
Gary: I respect that.
Naith: Thank you. How is your family doing?
Gary: Well five years ago, my wife died of a disease.
Naith: I'm sorry.
Gary: Luis and Shawn are doing well though. They're about the same age as you, I think.
Naith: They were good friends of mine, growing up.
Nataley: Luis always picked on me. I think Shawn kinda liked me.
Naith: That's because Luis was the one that liked you.
Nataley: Really?
Naith: Yep.
Gary: Haha. Yes, it's true, Nataley.
Nataley: I had no idea.
Gary: (Whispering to Naith) Women sometimes are so dense it's funny.
Naith: (Whispering back) Yeah, I know what you mean.

The two of them start chuckling.

Nataley: Hey! What did you two say?
Gary: (Trying to imitate Naith's voice) That's none of your concern.
Naith: Sorry, but that was bad.
Gary: Didn't hurt to try.
Nataley: Let me try. (Also trying to imitate Naith's voice) Hmph. I'll pass.
Gary: Haha. That was worse.
Naith: ...(Imitating Knosse's voice semi-well) Oh balls.

After talking a bit more, the three of them stand up.

Nataley: Well we have to get some food.
Gary: Allow me to come with you.
Naith: Alright.

They walk to the market, but there are bandits around the area with people at gunpoint.

Bandit 1: Everyone on the floor now!
Naith: To the right, guys.

Naith pushes the two of them aside out of bandit sight.

Gary: Will you be ok?
Nataley: You must not remember Naith's most distinguished skill.

Naith stands out in front of the bandits. There are about five of them. They all point their guns at him.

Naith: Will you guys ever quit?
Bandit 1: You must be brave, taking on us.
Bandit 2: Let's show him what happens when someone takes on the Masto Bandits.
Naith: Just like this morning, Naith.

All five bandits begin shooting their TMPs at Naith. Naith quickly unsheathes his sword and twirls it around to deflect all bullets being shot at him. Naith moves closer and closer as they keep shooting. Finally, they stop to reload. Naith quickly rushes for the bandit to his far left. As that bandit reloads quickly, he gets a shot off at Naith, but Naith side steps it and slashes through him.

Naith: One down.

The rest of the bandits begin shooting again. Naith runs quickly toward the second bandit, avoiding most bullets and blocking others. He reaches the second one and cuts him down. The other three are to his right and they need to reload again. Naith quickly rushes for them and cuts two out of the three down. The last bandit is out of ammo and Naith grabs him and shoves him against the nearest wall, holding him up.

Naith: Who are you working for?
Bandit 1: We're with the Masto Bandits.
Naith: And what do you want with this place?
Bandit: Just the money and food.
Naith: Well you tell your leader that we are not amused and that you should relocate.
Bandit: Will do. Just let me go!
Naith: Fine.

Naith unhands the bandit and leads him out of town. Gary and Nataley naturally follow.

Naith: Go. Get out of here.

Naith shoves the bandit forward and he leaves.

Gary: Great work, Naith.
Nataley: Yeah, you made quick work of them.
Naith: Of course. They were just bandits.
Nataley: Well, we better go get our food shopping done.
Naith: Yes, I almost forgot.

Nataley and Naith get their food shopping done while Gary accompanies them. Afterwards, they go outside of town.

Gary: I guess this is where we separate.
Naith: Yes, it seems so.
Nataley: It was good seeing you again, Gary.
Gary: You too, Nataley. You two come visit us sometime. I'm sure the boys want to see you, especially, Naith.
Naith: We'll see.
Gary: Goodbye...Nathen.

With that, Gary walks back into town as Naith and Nataley exit. They go back to the workshop. Inside...

Nataley: It was nice seeing him again.
Naith: Yes. It was.
Nataley: Maybe we can visit Luis and Shawn another day.
Naith: I don't know. Maybe.
Nataley: Poor Naith. He's constantly reminded of what happened all those years ago. I bet today was hard for him.
Naith: Let's go eat dinner, Nataley.
Nataley: Of course.
Naith: I wonder if they would be happy seeing me or not.

[Lance's Apartment]

The next day after Lance defeated Tonka, Lance is in his apartment sitting on the couch.

Lance: My opponent today will be my toughest match yet perhaps. My opponent...is Vex.

More memories have arisen from Naith's past. An old friend of his has showed up in an unexpected turn of events. We still don't know everything about his past just yet, but it's going to get interesting. Next, Lance has to face his good friend, Vex, in the Contest of Champions in order to reach the finals. The semi-finals have begun so don't miss it next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 85: Brothers at Heart Fight! - Lance vs Vex

Lance exits his apartment and sees X outside the complex. He approaches X.

Lance: Hey. I haven't seen you in a couple days.
X: Oh, hey. You're doing well. Keep it up.
Lance: Thanks. Looks like I have to fight Vex today.
X: Is that so? That's unfortunate. He's very good.
Lance: I know. Do you think I can win?
X: I think you can. You need to take down Hiiro in the finals.
Lance: So you heard about Knosse losing.
X: I did. I heard Knosse put up a great fight too. That's good for you.
Lance: Why do you suppose?
X: Knosse is getting unpredictable, but you have three weapons on you that you can fight well with.
Lance: That's true.
X: Go win today. Vex is a good guy, but he can't fight our battles for us.
Lance: I agree. Very well. I must be off, so farewell.
X: See you soon.

Lance walks away and goes to the stadium. Meanwhile, X goes back to the complex to see that Lance left his door open.

X: Hmmm, I'd better close it just in case.

X goes to close the door when he notices out of the corner of his eye Tonka, who is still sleeping and is barely covered.

X: Oh, you bastard. You had a girl up here this whole time?

X keeps watch over her as she rolls over a little bit. She starts wiggling herself out of the sheets while still asleep.

X: Come on come on come on...

Suddenly, she stops and gets further into the sheets.

X: Damn it! *covers mouth in shock*

Tonka quickly wakes up and X shuts the door fast before she sees him. She looks around and then sits up. From X's point of view, we can see him carving a small hole in Lance's wall with his dagger. Tonka doesn't notice and begins to get up. Again, from X's point of view, he is looking through the hole he created, laughing and smiling. After about fifteen seconds of this, Lei comes out of his apartment, X quickly covers up the hole by putting his back to it.

X: Good morning, Lei.

Lance has now reached the stadium about an hour later. There he finds Hiiro exiting the arena.

Lance: So you won?
Hiiro: Of course.
Lance: That means I have to win, so I can face you.
Hiiro: That would be my pleasure.
Knight: Next is Joshua vs Vex.
Lance: Looks like it's my turn.

Lance walks by Rex, Celo and Derrick, who are together talking. Lance nods his head towards the three of them and they nod back. He eventually enters the arena and awaits Vex. About a half minute later, Vex comes into view from the entrance to go inside. He slowly walks towards the ring and enters.

Lance: You made it. I was starting to get worried.
Vex: How could I miss our fight? This has to be the most exciting fight of the contest.
Lance: I couldn't agree more. I'm glad we're on the same page.
Vex: Indeed.

Vex draws his sword and points it towards Lance. Lance does the same with his cutlass. The tips of their swords meet. Over by Rex, Celo and Derrick, Julius appears and stands next to them.

Julius: Well well. I see we're all together again.
Celo: Hello, Julius.
Derrick: You're here in time to see quite the fight.
Julius: So I've heard.
Rex: Vex toppled over Derrick, but Lance has shown himself very worthy of fighting him.
Julius: Is this true, Derrick?
Derrick: Sadly, yes. He's an incredible fighter.
Julius: I'd say this is the match I should have watched after all.

Knight: Begin.( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WhXlLwH3gs )
Vex: Don't hold back now.
Lance: I'd be mad not to.

With that, the two of them retreat their swords and take a step back. They both move in a circle, each having their sword pointed out. Finally, they both rush at each other at the same time and clash blades. They push off each other and Lance goes for a slash. Vex dodges it and slashes himself. Lance parries the attack and kicks Vex in the stomach. Vex is pushed back a bit and then slashes twice. Lance dodges both and then slashes at Vex. Vex blocks this and shoves Lance back. Vex spins his sword and then gives a quick hard slash at Lance but it is dodged. Lance slashes horizontally but Vex ducks under and goes for a kick. Lance is able to step back and dodge it.

Vex: He spaces himself properly so he can react a lot quicker. A good strategy with that weapon.

Vex charges at Lance and slashes. Lances blocks and slashes for Vex. Vex blocks and they both dash and slash, crossing each other. They both receive a cut across their chest. They turn to each other.

Vex: Well look at you.
Lance: You underestimated me, didn't you?
Vex: Maybe a bit.

They both charge at each other again and clash blades. They retreat and begin fencing at each other. Neither one can penetrate, however, and they keep clashing their swords. Finally, Lance is able to cut Vex on the leg a bit and he steps back. Lance swings his sword and gets into a defensive stance. Vex stands there for a second and then swings low at Lance. Lance jump kicks for Vex but Vex dodges it. When Lance lands, Vex quickly rushes forth and punches Lance in the stomach which pushes him back. Lance charges back into the fight and slashes. Vex parries the slash and gets another punch to Lance's stomach. He then cuts Lance across the chest which makes Lance recoil himself. Vex charges again and slashes, but Lance parries and shoves Vex back.

Vex: This is invigorating, my brother. How I wished to fight someone of your level for a long time.
Lance: I'm glad to help satisfy your taste for fighting.
Vex: Indeed you have.
Lance: It's funny. I can tell you're really trying, but you've been smiling this whole time.
Vex: So you noticed. Remember what I told you. No matter what, I'll always smile till I die.
Lance: And even now, as you're partly cut up. *Smiles* I can understand why you like it so much.
Vex: Now you're getting into the spirit. If you don't have fun fighting, there is no point.
Lance: Maybe not for you. Hahaha. Now let's go!

Lance charges for Vex and slashes at him. Vex dodges it and kicks Lance in the stomach. Lance retaliates quickly by uppercutting Vex which sends him to the floor. Vex gets up quickly and creates distance as Lance has also backed off. *Theme stops*

Vex: I certainly didn't expect that. You recovered quickly.
Lance: Indeed you didn't. Hehe.
Vex: Hey, are you trying to mimic me?
Lance: Maybe.
Vex: Well at least you have the right attitude. We're here beating each other up, and we can only laugh.
Lance: Hahahaha.
Vex: Hahaha.

Rex: I don't believe it. They're having the time of their life inflicting pain to each other.
Celo: We'd normally call that sadistic.
Derrick: You guys don't understand the communication of fighting. The spirit of this fight is overwhelming.
Julius: I can't fully understand it myself, but I am enjoying the fight. I'm glad I came.
Rex: You came...heh.
Julius: Is that the appropriate joke to make to your king?
Rex: What...I...
Julius: I was kidding.
Celo: Shut up guys. Shit's starting again.

Both Lance and Vex point their swords towards each other again.

Vex: This is our last stand against each other.
Lance: No more breaks.
Vex: One of us remains standing.
Lance: The other hits the floor.
Vex: I like where this is going. So whoever hits first loses?
Lance: Yeah.
Vex: Funny, I was going to say the same thing. Let's do it.
Lance: No matter who wins, we're still cool.
Vex: Yeah.
Both: GO!

At their yelling, they charge towards each other and clash blades. They push against each other, trying to gain ground. Vex manages to shove Lance back and slashes for him. Lance blocks it and goes for a kick. Vex dodges and punches Lance in the face. Lance stumbles but regains himself in time to block another strike. Lance manages to get a shot on Vex when he surprise slashes at his arm. Vex slashes and knocks Lances sword out of his hand, but Lance punches Vex's sword out of his hand. Vex immediately punches Lance. Lance retailiates with a punch of his own. They keep exchanging punches for a whole minute, neither going down. Finally, Vex punches Lance hard which gets him off his rocker. Lance quickly bends down and picks up his sword. Vex does the same. They both charge for each other and cross each other, slashing once again. In dramatic slow motion, slash marks appear on both fighters chests, but one of them goes down. Lance drops to his knees and puts his hands down on the floor.

Lance: Agh. I almost had it. You win.
Knight: Is that a forfeit?
Lance: No. We made a deal, remember?
Knight: Right. Vex is the winner.
Vex: You fought well.
Lance: You are clearly better though. I could tell you had the advantage the entire time.
Vex: Maybe so, but that didn't stop you from almost winning.

Vex extends his hand and helps Lance up and when he does so, they shakes hands as the crowd cheers for both of them. Lance picks his sword up and sheaths it and Vex puts his back on his back. Medical knights follow the two of them off the arena. They walk up to Hiiro.

Hiiro: That was the best fight we've had here.
Vex: Yes. And tomorrow it's your turn to tango with me in the finals.
Medical Knight: Actually, nothing is going on tomorrow. The next day is the finals.
Vex: Could have fooled me.
Hiiro: We might have both showed up tomorrow.
Lance: Well I wanted to fight you Hiiro, but I think Vex is definitely more worthy of that challenge.
Hiiro: So it appears. I will await your challenge, Vex.
Vex: It'll be there with me.

After the medical knights clean up Lance and Vex, Vex pulls Lance aside.

Vex: Say, I've been thinking about the offer made to me a couple days ago.
Lance: The offer?
Vex: Yes. I've decided.
Lance: Oh, right. Your answer?
Vex: I've decided to accept your offer. I'll join Fighters Abroad.
Lance: We would be more than honored. Welcome aboard, bro.

The two of them shakes hands and laugh together.

In another twist of events, Lance has lost to Vex. However, Fighters Abroad has picked up a streak of luck with Vex's answer being yes to joining. We have a new member in the main group, folks. The final match of this contest is next. Who will win the contest? The conclusion to it is next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 86: The Winner of the Contest - Hiiro vs Vex

The same day, Lance and Vex have journied back to the apartment complex. There X and Lei are outside. They approach each other.

X: So who won?
Lance: He did.
Lei: Damn. No offense.
Vex: It's ok, guys.
Lance: Vex has decided to join Fighters Abroad. We have a backup plan.
X: Seriously? Awesome. Welcome, Vex.
Lei: Cool stuff.
Vex: Thanks. Everything I needed to take care of by myself is finished. Well, almost everything.
Lance: I have a question, Vex. Won't your friends and family be worried about you?
Vex: I have neither. My brother died of a disease as I said before and the rest of my family followed suit. Well, I do have one brother, but he's very distant.
X: Wow. I had no idea. And your friends?
Vex: I never had friends growing up. Most people were afraid of me even though I fended off bandits.
Lei: How could anyone be afraid of you? You're always smiling.
Vex: Well yeah, but most people thought they were next and so on and so forth.
Lance: Well then it seems like Fighters Abroad is perfect for you.
Vex: It is. I'm glad to have had this opportunity.
X: Get Knosse up. We're gonna party in honor of our newest member.
Lei: I'm on it.

Lei knocks on Knosse's apartment door.

Lei: Knosse!
Knosse: (groaning) What?
Lei: Party time!

From Knosse's point of view, he springs out of bed and gets ready. He comes out with a party hat on.

Knosse: It's time to party!
Lei: Hey, Knosse. Where did you get that hat?
Knosse: I...got it yesterday at a local shop.
Lei: Hmmm...ok.

The next day, during the evening, we follow Hiiro who is walking near the apartment complex. He suddenly stops as he is confronted.

Hiiro: Hi there.
X: So what would you be doing here at this time of night?
Hiiro: Just strolling around.
X: Is that right? I just have one question for you. Who is your commanding officer?
Hiiro: So you wish to know, huh? It's Jiron, of course.
X: Jiron?! He's here?!
Hiiro: He is. Just outside of Zetsu.
X: Of all the people...
Hiiro: I know you suspect me, but honestly I'm not doing anything bad.
X: Indeed not.

X takes out his daggers and points one at Hiiro.

X: I'm sorry it has to be this way. Just think of it as practice for tomorrow. Unless, of course, you don't win.
Hiiro: So be it.

X charges as the screen fades out to black.

[Outside of Zetsu - Myjuto Camp]

We check back in the emcampment of Jiron's forces. Inside Jiron's tent are a few guards and another spy.

Spy: Sir, we've been informed that Hiiro is at the finals.
Jiron: Good. Any word on Fighters Abroad?
Spy: No, sir. We haven't been able to come in direct contact with Hiiro.
Jiron: And why not?
Spy: Someone has been spying on Hiiro and is taking out our spies.
Jiron: Sounds like one of them to me. What the hell are they doing in Zetsu?
Spy: Sir?
Jiron: Good work. You may go.
Spy: Thank you. Good night sir.

The spy leaves the tent.

Jiron: If Hiiro is not back in two days, I will march into Zetsu myself and see what's going on.


The next morning, we now follow Vex who is at the stadium. He goes up to a knight.

Vex: So when Hiiro gets here, we'll start?
Knight: That is correct.
Vex: Very good. Thanks.

About a half hour later, Hiiro enters the stadium and goes over to the arena.

Vex: Welcome.
Hiiro: Good, we're both here. I guess that means we can do this.
Knight: We can. There is a small crowd but we need to get this done.

Just then, the members of Fighters Abroad enter the stadium side by side. Vex and Hiiro both notice this and turn towards them.

Hiiro: Looks like I brought the peanut gallery.
Vex: Good effort.

The four of them go near the arena.

Lance: Vex, win this.
Vex: You got it.

Vex and Hiiro enter the ring. Hiiro takes out his pole and Vex takes out his sword.

Knight: The winner of this match is the champion and will gain an audience with the king of Zetsu.
Vex: You ready to start this?
Hiiro: As ready as ever. You?
Vex: Let's do it.
Knight: Begin! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOk7lki3GP0 )

Vex spins his sword around and Hiiro twirls his staff around. They both take a ready stance. *Theme stops*

X: This is definitely a tough match. Lance, you said you came somewhat close to Vex?
Lance: Yes.
X: Well I fought Hiiro last night.
Lei: You did what?!
X: Needless to say, I didn't win that fight.

*Theme starts again* Hiiro takes the initiative and charges for Vex. He lunges his pole at Vex, but it is blocked by the flat side of Vex's sword. Vex stands rather calm while Hiiro retracts his pole. Vex suddenly charges and slashes twice. Hiiro is able to block both and then goes for a kick. Vex dodges the kick and goes for a punch. Hiiro dodges the punch and grabs Vex's fist. He flips Vex over his shoulder and slams him into the arena. As soon as Vex hits, he takes hold of Hiiro's arms. He pulls himself up with Hiiro's support and pulls Hiiro straight down into a knee shot to his face. Hiiro stumbles back, covering his face. He regains himself after two seconds to see that Vex has also regained himself.

Hiiro: Excellent move.
Vex: Thanks.

Hiiro twirls his pole around and charges. He goes for a whack but it is reflected by Vex. Vex does a horizontal slash, but Hiiro dodges by jumping back a bit. They then clash weapons and then retract again. Hiiro gets a whack in to Vex's left side which catches him by surprise and sends him to the floor. Vex gets up quickly and charges. Hiiro swings low with his staff and trips up Vex. As Vex falls, he throws his sword up, does a handstand and kicks back up. Hiiro goes for another smack, but Vex does a front flip over it and catches his sword in mid air. He comes down hard on Hiiro, who tries to block it. His staff is cut clean down the middle into two. Vex then kicks Hiiro to the floor. *Theme stops*

X: Wow. Did you see that?
Lance: Way to go, Vex.
Lei: He hasn't won just yet. Don't forget, Hiiro can fight well hand to hand.

Hiiro: That was something. *Stands up* I've only come across this once in my lifetime.
Vex: Oh?
Hiiro: When I was saved by Jiron, I was trained by him partially. He broke my staff before with his scythe.
Vex: So you were saved by this man? X had told me a lot about him yesterday.
Hiiro: Jiron...he rescued me from a bunch of mercenaries when I was a young boy.
Vex: And that is why you affiliate with the Myjuto Forces.
Hiiro: Correct. I'm sorry it has turned out this way. Now let us continue this fight. I may not be able to fight with a long pole, but I have two mid ranged ones now and I can fight hand to hand. Can you handle all that?
Vex: Sure.
Hiiro: You're pretty arrogant for being humble.
Vex: Hah. When did I say I was humble?

Vex spins his sword and charges for Hiiro. Hiiro spins both halves of the staff around with his hands and as Vex slashes, he blocks with one of them. He then smacks Vex in the stomach with the other. Vex backs up to evade a kick. Hiiro twirls the staff pieces again and goes for an attack. It is blocked by Vex's sword and Hiiro swings his other half. Vex sidesteps it and goes for a kick. Hiiro dodges it and whacks his leg with a pole. Vex retracts it and slashes. Hiiro evades it by jumping back a little. Hiiro begins chuckling.

Lance: Hiiro has the advantage now. What the hell happened?
X: He's good.

Hiiro: Well now, Mr. Vex. I think I'm about to wrap this match up.
Vex: Really? I guess it's time I reveal my little secret then.
Hiiro: Huh?
Vex: You see, there's only one of something that I've been using this whole time, and that other one is your loss.
Hiiro: What could it be? Hmmm...ah! No way.
Vex: See it yet?

Lance: His eye. He's only been fighting with one eye since half his hair has covered it.

Vex: You two are very perceptive. Yes, my eye.

Vex pushes his half of hair that is down to the side to reveal his other eye. He starts winking a bit with the eye to adjust.

Vex: Hmm, now that's a lot more clear.
Hiiro: You fool. If you haven't been using that eye this whole tournament, it won't do you any good.
Vex: Wrong.
Hiiro: What?
Vex: You see, every day, I've been switching eyes. None of you managed to notice that my hair was opposite each day.
Hiiro: No way.
Vex: You see, this eye is the eye I used against Lance. And if I remember correctly, I won that one.
Hiiro: Rrrrr.
Vex: Ready, Hiiro?
Hiiro: Yeah. Let's see if your eye will really help.

Hiiro is the one to charge this time. He quickly rushes towards Vex and attacks with his staffs. Vex dodges to his right and slashes. Hiiro dodges and steps back. He throws one of his staffs at Vex and rushes towards him. Vex catches it with one hand and throws it back to Hiiro suddenly, which hits him in the stomach. Hiiro fights the pain and grabs it. As he looks up, Vex is near and slashes him across the stomach. Hiiro quickly uppercuts Vex in the jaw with his staff which sends Vex to the floor. Vex gets up and slashes again. Hiiro dodges it and hits Vex again with his staff. Vex recovers quickly and grabs Hiiro. He throws him to the ground. Hiiro gets up quickly and goes for another strike. Vex dodges and punches Hiiro in the face.

Hiiro: I'm not going down just yet!
Vex: I realize that. I watched Knosse stab you right in the stomach. I'd be an idiot to think I've won.

Hiiro charges in anger. He attacks quickly but Vex evades it. Hiiro stays on the attack, but Vex blocks each shot. Vex finally parries forward and slashes at Hiiro across the chest again. Hiiro stumbles but rushes forward to attack blindly. Vex slashes Hiiro across the chest a third time and uppercuts him very hard in the jaw which sends him to the floor (with his staffs dropped).

Vex: Stay down. That's enough.
Hiiro: Never!

Hiiro sits up and eventually stands up. He readies himself. Vex charges for him and slashes again. Hiiro dodges this and punches Vex in the face. He does so again. Vex goes for a punch, but Hiiro blocks it and punches Vex in the stomach. He keeps punching Vex in the stomach making him hunch over more. He then gives Vex a very hard punch to the gut which makes Vex hunch over. He coughs up blood and Hiiro goes to punch him again. Vex gets punched but quickly uppercuts Hiiro again very hard. This knocks Hiiro off his feet and Vex grabs the back of Hiiro's head and smashes his face down straight into the arena. He kicks Hiiro to see him unconscious.

Vex: Whew.
Knight: The winner of the Contest of Champions is Vex! ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OLw1y31nRl0s )

The crowd goes wild for him as he raises his hand in victory.

Lance: He did it!

The four of them go to Vex and pull him aside. X tells Lance something and Lance tells Vex.

X: Ok, we ready?
Lance and Vex: Yeah.
X: All in guys. 1, 2, 3...

In a long hard battle, Vex is the contest's winner. The groups celebrates now but what awaits them now that Vex has won? Next time on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 87: A Celebration - Welcome to Fighters Abroad, Vex

About a minute later, Hiiro helps himself up with medical knights surrounding him. They patch him up a bit. Afterwards, he approaches Fighters Abroad.

Vex: You're awake.
Hiiro: I forgot how it feels to be knocked out cold. I'm not too fond of it.
Vex: Haha. You did well.
Hiiro: Vex, you are something.
Lance: You're not bad yourself, Hiiro.
X: I knew who was going to win after last night.
Hiiro: Our duel was quite the good one, X.
Lei: You said you didn't win though, X.
X: I didn't. I didn't lose either.
Hiiro: He matched me perfectly.
Lei: Is that right?
Knosse: How did you get that good?
X: Determination with a side of discipline.

Just then a man goes over to Hiiro.

Hiiro: Ah, you.
Man: He is expecting you.
Hiiro: Ever the impatient one, huh? Very well. I'll take my leave when I am able to gather my things.
Man: Very good, sir...er...
Hiiro: It's ok. They know.
Man: Oh. You were suppose to be secretive about this.
Hiiro: They're just people. Right?
X: Yep, just people.
Man: Very good. I'll report to Jiron immediately.
Hiiro: Good work, soldier.

The man leaves.

Knosse: Jiron?!
Hiiro: He's my commanding officer.
Lei: How unfortunate for us.
Vex: Is he strong?
X: Vex, you are an incredible fighter, but Jiron is better.
Vex: Really? That's strong alright.
Lance: I think you guys are over exaggerating.
Hiiro: They aren't. Jiron has knocked me out with one punch.
Knosse: That's insane!
Hiiro: Well then, I'll be leaving for now. Hopefully, I'll get to see you guys again before I leave Zetsu.

Hiiro also leaves, around the same time, a bunch of familiar faces crowd around the group. They are Tonka, Nagato, Celo, Derrick, Rex and Kirk.

Lance: Hey guys.
Nagato: Did I just miss Hiiro?
Lei: I'm afraid you did.
Nagato: Darn.
Knosse: So what the hell are you guys doing here?
Rex: Well we thought we'd celebrate with you guys.
Lei: Celebrate?
Celo: You guys ARE going to celebrate, right?
Lance: Well, we kind of celebrated before this. But what the hell, you in guys?
Lei: I'm up for it.
Vex: Let's do it.
Knosse: Hell fucking yeah!
Vex: Hey, where's X?

By the entrance of the stadium, X is leaned up against the nearest wall. He watches as Morra and another man begin to exit. The other man has long black hair and glasses on. He is light skinned with a grey shirt and black pants.

X: So you decided to stick around?
Morra: I wanted to see who the winner would be. Why do you care?
X: Just curious.
Man: Hey, you're the guy that knocked her out of the contest.
X: That's right.
Morra: Rafiel, don't be bothered by him.
Rafiel: ...fine.
Morra: Indulge me with this question...where is Claudius right now?
X: Let's just say he's sight seeing over in Ivan.
Morra: Hmmm. (Her voice softens up a bit) I am glad to know that he is alive and well. You make sure he finds himself a good girl.
X: *Eyes slighty widen*
Morra: I may have been cold with him, but he's not a bad person. I know that now.
Rafiel: Morra...
Morra: Sorry, I let the nostalgia get to me again. Let's move on. Goodbye.
X: Farewell. Did she just open up to me? I think deep down, she still loves Claudius.

Lance approaches X as Morra and Rafiel leave the stadium.

Lance: Hey, why did you ditch us like that?
X: Oh, sorry. I was a bit curious, that's all.
Lance: Who was that woman?
X: That was Claudius' ex girlfriend from a long time ago.
Lance: Well Claudius has good taste in women.
X Hahaha. I'm beginning to think you've replaced him as our womenizer for the time being.
Lance: Indeed I have. So are you up for more partying? Everyone seems willing.
X: Of course. Oh, and Lance. No one else needs to know who that girl was.
Lance: Gotcha. I'll stay silent for you.
X: Thanks, buddy. Now let's party.

Later that day, everyone is at the upper decks of the stadium. Tonka, Celo, Lance, Vex and X are conversing. Lei, Kirk, Rex, Derrick and Nagato are also conversing. Knosse is bridged between the two groups dropping in on both conversations.

Vex: So Celo, tells us about your sword technique. It was interesting to watch.
Celo: It's a family line technique. As such, my father taught me how to use it.
X: Awesome. My main technique is from the Revume Clan of Assassins. We weren't trained like you, Celo.
Celo: How so?
X: We were assigned specific trainers. My father...couldn't be bothered to take it upon himself.
Lance: How unfortunate.
X: About six years ago, my father lost his two favorite sons in an accident. He was left with just me.
Lance: So you weren't an only child?
X: No. My older brothers were always great to me...but they were the favorites. They died in an explosion.
Vex: You got along with your brothers though. My only brother despised me.
Tonka: I have two rough older brothers. That's why I can fight.
Lance: Hah. I would have never guessed.
Tonka: My brothers used to mess with me, until I got stronger than them.
Celo: That's funny. I'm an only child, so I wouldn't know any of this.
Lance: Being a brother has its ups and downs. I know with James and I, we've been fairly good to each other.
Vex: Ah, the infamous Hook. Hahaha.
Lance: Haha, yeah.

Rex: Ok, so I have a good one. How would you react if your parents walked in on you having sex with a prostitute?
Derrick: That's hardly a good question, Rex.
Rex: Answer the question, Derrick.
Derrick: They'd probably kill me.
Lei: Who the heck knows? I know master, at least, would give me a thumbs up and then whack me with his stick.
Kirk: My parents wouldn't care.
Nagato: I refuse to answer the question!
Rex: C'mon now, Nagato.
Nagato: I guess if they were still alive, they'd beat me for it.
Rex: Next question.
Lei: Hey, wait. You didn't answer the question.
Rex: ...
Derrick: You made poor Nagato answer the question, now you answer it!
Rex: They probably expect it by now. I used to be in the military and was a freelance cop.
Lei: Really?
Rex: Yep.
Lei: Hey, let's get some sandwiches.
Knosse: Hell yes!
Lei: Were you eavesdropping on us?
Knosse: A little bit?
Lei: Hey, where did you get that cool chair?
Knosse: I...got it from over there *points*.
Lei: Heck. I should have gotten one.

Lance: Hey, I think I heard someone say sandwich. You know what that means.
X: Let's do it.
Vex: Sure. C'mon, guys.

Both groups get up at the same time.

X: Wow. Well we can't all get in line at the same time. That'd be crazy.
Lance: Let's have two people go.
Lei: I vote Knosse.
Knosse: Awe. Why me?
Lei: Because you aren't doing anything useful at the moment.
Knosse: Oh balls.
Lance: Hey, don't worry about it. I'll go instead of Knosse.
X: I'll go too.
Knosse: Thanks guys.
X: But you can come along and help carry everything.
Knosse: Damn.

The three of them go over to the sandwich spot. Lance approaches.

Lance: Hey, man.
Chef: Yo, good seeing you again. What'll you have?
Lance: We'll need ten roast pork sandwiches.
Chef: Damn, man. You gonna eat them all?
Lance: I have a party of people.
Chef: Alright.

The chef yells in the back and Lance goes over to X and Knosse.

Lance: So, X. I hate to ask, but you said your brothers died in an explosion.
X: Our clan had begun to tamper with gunpowder. I don't need to tell you the dangers.
Knosse: Nope. I know first hand.
Lance: Right. Continue.
X: We had a huge stash of gunpowder in a tent. My brothers were in charge of the tent.
Lance: So it went wrong, huh?
X: It was instantaneous. I watched them enter the tent, and not a minute later, the entire thing went up in flames. I was caught in the fire as well.

X, for the first time, removes the bandages that cover his mouth. His mouth is charred black and so is his chin.

Knosse: So that's why you wear that.
X: That day, I was caught on fire. Most of me was ok, but my mouth and chin were especially caught on fire. Back then, I had traces of a mustache and beard which made things much worse for me.
Lance: I see.
X: My father lost whatever kindness he had that day. To this day, I still hate him.
Lance: That's horrible.
X: I hope you guys will be there when I go back into my clan. I'm going to kick his ass hard.
Chef: Your orders.
Lance: Ah.

Lance goes over to see a stack of the sandwiches wrapped.

Knosse: I have an idea.

Back where the group is, they see the three of them head back. Knosse is carrying the sandwiches in a big bag.

Vex: Welcome back.
Lei: Hey, Knosse. Where did you get that bag?
Knosse: Damn it, Lei. Would you stop asking me where I get my stuff?!
Lance: Let's eat.

They all eat their sandwiches. Afterwards, X stands up in the midst of them as he raises up a glass of whisky.

X: Today, we celebrate the addition of one more Fighters Abroad member. To Vex.
All: To Vex.

The rest of them raise glasses of whisky and down it. They clap afterwards.

Celo: Hey, should Nagato be drinking?
Nagato: Knosse told me this was apple juice. What the heck?!
Knosse: Hehe.

Knosse is hit over the head by a chair which is done by Nagato.

Knosse: Oh balls.

Everyone bursts into laughter as they celebrate the rest of the day.

Vex has been formally added into Fighters Abroad. They have celebrated with talk of all sorts. Sad, lighthearted and even serious. Where is Fighters Abroad's direction from here? Next chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 88: Time of Planning

Later that night, Fighters Abroad is outside the stadium. Everyone else has left. They are taking a stroll and stop in front of a small house.

Vex: Well, this is my place.
Lance: Really? Cool.
Vex: Yep. This is it.
X: I didn't know you could live here in Tyranny.
Vex: Sure. You just have to know where to look.
Lei: So then, tomorrow is the day you get your audience with Julius.
Knosse: You better be careful with him.
Vex: I'll keep my distance. Haha. Well, I'd better get some sleep.
X: Good night.
Lance: See you tomorrow.
Vex: Yeah. Stop by tomorrow morning, Lance. We'll have breakfast together.
Lance: Sounds good.
Knosse: Can I come?
Vex: No.
Knosse: Awe.

Vex enters his house and the rest of the group walks away. The next morning, we follow X. He has just gotten out of bed and eaten breakfast. He opens the door and goes outside. He jumps onto the rail at the edge and drops down a couple floors to get to Lance's room. He peers through the hole he had previously made.

X: Hell yeah. She's in there.

Not long after, he hears running behind him and turns around. He sees Lance waving to him and he quickly goes to him.

X: What is it?
Lance: Vex is gone. Look at this paper.

It reads We've taken your friend, Fighters Abroad. He is scheduled for execution in two days for treason against the Zetsu government. ~Julius, King of Zetsu

X: No way. How could they have taken him of all people?
Lance: I did a little detective work over at his house. It appears that there was a visitor last night.
X: A visitor?
Lance: Probably a Zetsu knight. Vex had taken wine from this visitor and I checked the wine and it was definitely drugged.
X: Damn it! They drugged him and took him away when he fell unconscious!
Lance: We're going to get him back.
X: We are. We're going to come up with a plan and take him back tomorrow. Come with me.

X takes Lance to his apartment. They both go inside and X takes him to the back of it where there are floor plans nailed to the wall.

Lance: Floor plans?
X: This is the castle's structure.
Lance: Where did you get this?
X: I stole it from a guard a couple days ago.
Lance: So you've been snooping around the castle since you got knocked out of the contest.
X: That's correct. I had a feeling Julius would try to pull a fast one on us somehow.
Lance: Something bugs me. How did he know about our group and name?
X: That is beyond me. I assume he has better spies and such than we first thought.
Lance: So we're going to study this and come up with a plan?
X: Exactly. I've been running a few scenarios through my mind as we've been speaking. Here we go.

A bit later that day, Lei and Knosse are chilling at Lei's apartment.

Lei: To be frank, I can't wait to get out of here.
Knosse: Really?
Lei: Yeah. We've been here a little over two months now. It's about time we go get Claudius back.
Knosse: Oh yeah. I forgot about him.
Lei: >_<
Knosse: What? Sorry, but I can't just remember everyone all the time.
Lei: Whatever. Let's eat some lunch.
Knosse: What do you have in mind?
Lei: Soup.
Knosse: I guess that works.

After they eat lunch, the two of them head outside for some air.

Lei: You think the others are up?
Knosse: Well Lance is probably with Vex having fun. Bastard didn't invite me.
Lei: I'm sure X is awake and active somewhere.

Just then, Tonka comes out of Lance's apartment.

Knosse: Again?
Tonka: ...Hey guys.
Lei: Hey, Tonka. Have you seen Lance or X?
Tonka: Yeah. You guys should go up to X's apartment. The two of them have been planning for hours.
Lei: What for?
Tonka: ...You should go up there yourself.
Knosse: What could it be?
Lei: I don't know, but let's hurry.

The two of them quickly move to the top floor. Lei knocks on X's door. X answers.

Lei: What's going on?
X: Come in. We'll brief you two on what's happening.

They follow X in and sit down on the couch where Lance is standing next to. He has a serious face on. X stands in front of them.

X: We'll make this short and we'll get to the point.
Lance: Vex has been arrested for treason. He was drugged and taken away.
X: So we've came up with a plan to get him back.
Knosse and Lei: They did what?!
Lance: I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. Don't worry. We won't let them steal one of us that easy.
Lei: Just the four of us storming the castle?
X: Not exactly. Lance...
Lance: Ok.

Lance leaves the room. We see him signal to Tonka and she joins them.

Knosse: Oh, now we're definitely going to win. (Under his breath) Idiots.
Lei: *Punches Knosse*
Knosse: What was that for?
Lei: Because you called us idiots.
Knosse: No, I called THEM idiots. They're crazy, dude.

Just then, Sanjuku, Kirk, Nagato, Bato and Deka enter.

Lance: We've recruited some help in infiltrating.
X: I think they will do us good justice.
Kirk: We're here to help.
Nagato: We'll help you get Vex back.
Sanjuku: I don't know who this guy is, but I was promised money.
Deka: Uh, yeah, me too.
Bato: I have no idea why I'm here.
Lei: Well I'm thoroughly convinced. Knosse, let's do this.
Knosse: Yeah, I'm in. Nine people is a lot better.
X: We're going to win. I know we can.
Lance: He wouldn't give up on us, so I won't either.

Lance, X, Knosse and Lei put their hands in a pile and raise them up.

X, Knosse, Lei, Lance: FIGHTERS ABROAD!

It seems the group is intent on getting their newest member back. X and Lance have devised such a plan. What exactly do they have planned for King Julius? Don't miss the next chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 89: Infiltrate Zetsu Castle!

It is the next day. We see the city of Tyranny. It is a very large city with standard stone and metal buildings. In the streets, it is almost quiet. Along one of the roads, there are four cloaked figures walking through the street. Three black cloaks and one white cloak. They are walking side by side. At a particular four way street, the white cloaked person turns to the right and departs from the other three. We follow the white cloaked person who exits the city from the gates. He takes off his hood to reveal Lance.

Lance: Ok, I'm almost there.

Lance heads farther outside town through grasslands and makes it to the foot of a mountain.

Lance: Oh jeez. It looked smaller from far away.

Following the other three, they have reached another four way street. The middle one goes up the middle, and the other two head left. The lone black cloaked person keeps on this trail until he reaches the castle. The castle is very large and tall. It is surrounded by a thick and tall wall that moves in a square around it. This wall's outside you can see into but the inside part is taller and there is a reinforcement wall surrounding the castle. To the left and right of the castle are two large sentry towers (something like this http://www.fotosearch.com/bthumb/STK/STK021/PCL11861.jpg ). The cloaked person heads to his left. He goes to the back of the sentry tower and starts climbing up the stone wall. At the top, he flips over the top and lands slightly inside. A knight turns around and draws a sword. He swings, but the man dodges. He grabs the knight and flips him over his shoulder. He takes the helmet off to see the knight unconscious. He also takes off his hood to reveal Lei.

Lei: Alright. That's done. Now to wait.

Lei spots the other two black cloaks running towards the nearby wall. They lean up against it. Lei nods his head to them and they nod back. After this he puts his hood back on. He quickly gets low and sits against the side of the tower that faces the castle so that he is unseen to guards that are walking around the wall. He pulls out a pair of binoculars and looks ahead towards a mountain.

Lei: Looks like he's not ready yet. Not surprised.

Lance is in the middle of climbing the mountain, climbing it with his axes. He still has his cloak on, but his hood and hat are off.

Lance: Of course I'm given the hardest job. Urg. I think I'm almost there.

After a little while of climbing he finally reaches the top.


Just then, Lance slips on some snow that makes him fall down. He digs his axes in the mountain and stops himself. He quickly climbs back up.


Lance pulls out a small telescope and sees Lei sitting there looking at his direction with binoculars. He sees Lei nod his head to Lance.

Lance: Alright. Here we go.

Lance puts away his axes and takes off his cloak to show that he has a backpack on. He takes out his paraglider and jumps off the mountain towards the castle. He glides all the way to the castle wall and drops down onto it. He breaks his slight fall with a roll. A guard hears the noise and heads in Lance's direction as he hides himself behind part of the wall (Like a jut out in a wall). As the guard gets close enough, Lance unsheathes his sword and cuts his head clean off. Lance checks around to see that there are no more guards around. Lance pulls a rope out of his backpack and lets it down over the edge. In time, the other two cloaked people climb up from the rope. They take off their hoods to show Knosse and Sanjuku. Lei also climbs up after another minute. The four of them go against the wall.

Lance: Ok. We need to take care of the rest of the guards on this wall. Knosse, did you silence that gun I gave you?
Knosse: Yes. It's ready.
Lance: Good. It's going to be a big help.
Lei: What do you want us to do?
Lance: You and Sanjuku stay tight. I brought him along for backup. Knosse. It's time.
Knosse: Alright. Leave it to me.

The four of them go towards the corner. Knosse turns the corner to see three guards. He pulls out a pirate pistol ( http://www.piratemerch.com/images/pirate_pistol_Image.jpg ). He shoots the first guard in the head which makes no sound other than a grunt. The second turns around and gets shot and the third as well.

Lance: Good work.
Knosse: Thanks. What now?
Lance: We wait.

Lance stairs up into the air and they wait for a minute when a rock flies above them and over the wall.

Lance: Let's move.

The four go alongside the side of the wall in which Knosse shot the guards. They reach the end and Knosse turns the corner to see one guard.

Knosse: Should I take him?
Lance: Let Sanjuku do it.
Sanjuku: Alright. I'm on it.

Sanjuku sneaks up on the guard and uses his swords to cut the guard's head off. The rest of them move to that wall now. Lance lets down the rope on this side of the wall. He then throws a rock of his own over the other sentry tower. They spot a black cloaked person jumping over this sentry tower's side and watch him climb down. As he does so, four white cloaked people climb up the rope and take off their hoods to reveal Kirk, Nagato, Tonka and Bato.

Lei: Good job guys.
Kirk: You guys were spot on.
Knosse: Where's X?
Lance: He's coming.

The black cloaked person who jumped from the sentry tower now climbs up the rope. He reveals himself to be X when he removes his hood.

X: Excellent work, team. We just have the final side to take care of.
Lance: Let's check it out.

X checks the other side to see four guards.

X: Knosse, get ready. We're going to take out these guards.
Lance: You should have one more rock on you.
X: I do. You too?
Lance: Yeah. Good.

X climbs up the tall part of the wall and looks over. He sees a ledge on the other side and no guards there.

X: It's clear. Lance and Sanjuku, you coming?
Lance: Alright.
Sanjuku: Yeah.
Lance: Knosse, look for the rock and then shoot the first guard. After that, hide yourself.
Knosse: Right.

The three of them climb over the wall and start to shimmy across the ledge. They get to a reasonable spot in the middle of the wall and X throws a rock in Knosse's direction. After a couple seconds, they hear a grunt from the shot. They immediately climb over the wall and attack the last three guards. X stabs the one to the left and covers his mouth, Sanjuku cuts off the middle guard's head and Lance does the same with his sword to the one on the right.

X: Sanjuku, get the rest of them.
Sanjuku: Alright.

Sanjuku signals for the rest to join them.

X: We are too good.
Lance: That we are. Everything went according to the plan so far.

The rest of them join.

X: Ok, we're going to climb down. Lance, the long rope.

Lance pulls a very very long rope out of his backpack and gives it to X.

X: Ok, let's do this.

X ties the rope around a jut out of the wall and lets it down which drops it mainly all the way to the ground. He goes first and starts to climb down.

Lance: Nagato, you go second. Then Tonka and then Bato and Kirk. Knosse and Lei will follow. I'll go last.
Nagato: Gotcha.

Nagato starts climbing down and at a reasonable distance, Tonka follows, etc. Finally after Kirk has gone a reasonable distance down, Lance climbs down himself. After Lance touches down on the ground, they head towards a window with metal bars around it.

X: You up for this?
Lance: I got it. Don't worry.

Lance pulls another rope out of his backpack. Only this one has a piece of metal on it.

Knosse: Just how much shit do you have in there?
Lance: A lot.

Lance throws it up to the window and it spins around the bars latching on.

Lance: We're clear.

Above that window are a set of windows evenly spread out.

Lance: You're up, X.
X: Right.

Lance gives X a bunch of those ropes and X climbs up the first one. As he reaches the top, he throws another rope up to latch onto the next window. He keeps this process up till he reaches the top window, which is glass. He slides the glass open and gets in. The rest of the team climbs up in the same order. After Lance climbs up and into the castle, they are near a big door.

X: According to the floor plans, we're going through here.
Lance: Let's do it.
Tonka: Be careful, Lance.

X and Lance go up to the door. Lei and Knosse get behind them. The rest of them line up in a random order. Just then, Deka climbs through the window and joins them.

Deka: Alright. My recon is over. We're clear.
X: Thanks, Deka. Line up. We're going in.
Lance: For Vex.

Lance and X kick the door open and the group storms into the room that ensues. The room is very large with two flights of steps and a ledge on each. There is a big red carpet leading to the throne where Julius is sitting. Around the room are countless knights and on the first ledge, Vex is on his knees. He is cuffed with his hands behind his back and his legs are bound by many ropes. A couple knights are around him with him at sword point.

Julius: Well isn't this a surprise? You managed to get past the guards.
Lance: We're just here for Vex. That's it.
Julius: It's not happening. He will be executed as planned. You are free to get passage.
X: What?
Julius: Your friend here asked for it, and so I did. But he stays.
Lei: What are we going to do?
Knosse: Man.
Lance: Vex is one of us. He goes with us as such. No exceptions.
Julius: I don't think you understand your situation.

Julius stands up and begins walking towards them. He stops around where Vex is.

X: (Whispering to Lance) I have a plan.
Lance: (Whispering to X) Good, what is it?
Julius: I wouldn't be whispering if I were you. Don't try to plan anything.
Vex: You guys. Don't waste your lives over me. Go, save your friend.
Lance: That's exactly what we're doing. Don't start that bullshit on me now.
Vex: Lance...
Julius: I see. So you guys have no intention of leaving with him then.
X: Yes. We're a team and we stick together.
Julius: So be it.

Julius unsheathes his sword and shoves it through Vex's stomach. Vex hunches forward in extreme pain, coughing up blood.


Julius removes his sword and stabs him again in the stomach. He then removes his sword and kicks Vex down the steps near him. X, Lance, Knosse and Lei crowd around Vex. The rest of the group gets in front of them to block any interruptions.

Julius: Let them have their moment of sentimental idiocy.

Lance: Vex, hang on.
Vex: (Very short breathed voice) Lance...my friend. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I8vtZiiHX4k )
Lance: I'm here.
X: His heart has been stabbed through. Shit.
Vex: I'm sorry guys. I...am unable to go with you to Ivan.
Lance: No...
Vex: (Smiling) Do not be so upset. AGGH! You have to go while you can.
Lei and Knosse: Vex...
Vex: My body...burn it and place it in an urn. When you get to the town of Kine, bury it there.
Lance: *tears begin falling down his face* You can't die yet.
Vex: My dear friend. My sword. It is at the house. Take it. Use it.
Lance: ...
Vex: I will always fight by your side this way. Never stop smiling. AGGH!
Lance: Vex...
Vex: Farewell...Fighters Abroad.

With that, Vex closes his eyes and breathes his last. The four of them hang their heads around him. After a half minute goes by, we can see Lance who's hair is down completely covering his eyes. *Theme stops* He grits his teeth in sheer anger as he is knelt down with two fists made on the floor. X stands up.

X: (With a very serious voice) Fighters Abroad. We have a new mission. Julius must die. Here and now.
Knosse: *stands up* Let's kill this bastard!
Lei: *stands up* I've had enough of these guys killing innocent people. I'm ready.
X: Lance? Are you with us?
Lance: (With a very deep intense voice) This man will not see the light of day. I WILL MAKE SURE OF IT!!

Lance stands up and pushes his hair aside, revealing his enraged face. As the rest of the team steps aside, Lance draws his swords towards Julius.

Lance: My friend is dead because of you. Prepare to meet with hell itself.

Vex...is dead. With fury in everyone's eyes, Fighters Abroad and their add ons are determined to kill King Julius. The fight between Zetsu and Fighters Abroad goes down next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 90: Julius and Knights vs Fighters Abroad - Revenge or Remorse!

Lance: Prepare to meet with hell itself.
Tonka: *puts hand on Lance's shoulder* I'll help you, Lance.
Kirk: I can't believe he's gone, but I'll fight for you guys.
Bato: I still don't know why I'm here, but now I'm a bit mad.
Nagato: Evil king! You don't deserve to live.
Deka: You would kill a man unarmed? How dishonorable.
Sanjuku: I'm with Deka.
X: Alright, team. Our mission, *Points to Julius* kill him and get out of here alive.
Lei: Everyone, don't fight alone. Pick someone to fight with.

Lei takes Sanjuku aside.

Lei: I'll take this guy here.
Tonka: I'll go with Lance.
X: Kirk, you're with me.
Bato: Deka, I guess you're with me.
Lei: Knosse, go with Nagato.
Knosse: Got it.

They divide as such and draw their weapons (Lance keeps his sword out).

Lance: Tonka, do you have your weights on?
Tonka: Yeah. I figured I'd need them against armor.
Lance: Great job.

Julius: Draw.

As Julius says this, every knight in the room draws their swords and Julius points his sword towards the group.

Julius: These men and women are all traitors. Leave none alive.

Lei: Knosse, care to start this off?
Knosse: Hell yeah I would.
Lei: You know what to do. You're on your own, buddy.
Knosse: I know. Stay alive.

Julius: Charge!

As many knights pile to the stairs and charge down, Knosse throws a bomb right to the stairs and scatters a considerable amount of knights. At the moment of the explosion, everyone takes off their cloak and throws it in front of them. A couple knights run into the cloaks and get cut down by whoever they get near. After that, Lance and Tonka charge forward. The smoke has cleared and the knights pile in again. Lance and Tonka slide over to the right side. As a group of knights go for them, X and Kirk bust up the middle and cut down a bunch of knights.

Knosse: Nagato, keep them away from me.
Nagato: Got it.

Knosse throws a bomb on the left side which explodes and scatters more knights. Deka and Bato charge up the left side after it explodes.

Lei: Let's go, Sanjuku.
Sanjuku: Right.

Lei and Sanjuku charge up the middle to help out X and Kirk. Lei quickly steals one of their swords and cuts him down with it. Sanjuku cuts two more knights down. Lei then throws the sword he got into another knight's stomach. Kirk has boxing gloves on and is punching guard's in the head, knocking them out one by one as X cuts through their armor with his daggers. Meanwhile, with Lance and Tonka, they are fending many knights off. Tonka is kicking knights and kicking them off the ledge near them. Lance is cutting through knights left and right with anger.

X: Kirk, help out Lei and Sanjuku! I'm going for Julius!
Kirk: Right!

Kirk rushes forward and barrels through two knights and X jumps on top of Kirk's head and jumps off, over the knights and he rushes forward to see Julius standing there with his sword pointed towards him.

X: We meet again.
Julius: I do believe you wanted to attack me the last time we met.
X: I might have. Now I am going to attack you for sure.
Julius: Come then.

X rushes forward and does a flip jump over Julius and attempts to tackle him. Julius stands strong from behind and shakes him off. X steps back and readies his daggers. Julius goes on the offense this time by swinging at him. X dodges each slash and uppercuts Julius's armored helmet. Julius stumbles backwards as X shakes his hand a bit. X rushes forward again and slashes at him. X's daggers recoil off the armor, not causing any harm.

X: Oh, not this shit again.

As X is caught off guard, Julius grabs X and knees him in the stomach. X breaks free but Julius grabs X's arm. He shoves an elbow into X's arm while holding it, and we hear a big cracking noise and X yells out in pain. Julius then punches X away and he hits the wall hard. Julius walks up to him.

Julius: And now it's your time to die.

Julius raises his sword and swings it down for it to be blocked by another sword. We see Lance bent down in front of X with his sword horizontally above him blocking the slash.

Lance: I don't think so!

Lance shoves Julius' sword away and grabs his head and smashes it into the wall. This makes a hole in the wall. Lance raises his sword but looks to his side and slashes that way to cut through a knight. Julius gets his head out of the wall and turns to Lance. Lance steps back and they point swords to each other.

Julius: Why should you care if I kill one man? You barely knew him.
Lance: I may have only known Vex for a short time, but he was a great man. He showed kindness, compassion, he fought incredibly. He never stopped smiling. Even now, he smiles. He taught me a valuable lesson that I will never forget. Vex will always have a place in Fighters Abroad and with me!
Julius: If you care that much for him, then die and be with him.
Lance: I can't abandon my friends or my dream. Nothing you could ever understand.
Julius: I grow tired of his idle chatter. Die!

Julius and Lance charge for each other and clash blades. They recoil off each other and wait. After a couple seconds, they clash blades again. Lance shoves Julius forward and slashes at him. Julius parries the attack and kicks Lance in the stomach which sends him to the floor. Lance rolls backwards and gets up. All of the sudden, an explosion occurs and everyone stops to look near the door. All of the sudden, Myjuto soldiers storm in.

Julius: What is this madness?!
Voice: We decided to crash the party. Sorry for interrupting.
Lance: That voice.

As the soldiers remain still with spears drawn, Hiiro enters, twirling his staff (Identical to the one that broke).

Lei: Hiiro.
Hiiro: Well look what we have here.
Lance: Hiiro. What are you doing here?
Hiiro: I'm here on strict orders that are not to be spoken of. Men, Zetsu is our enemy. Those against them are allies temporarily. Do not harm them.

Julius: Your objective still remains. Kill them all!

The fighting begins again as the Myjuto soldiers charge to the knights. As they clash, Hiiro runs and pole vaults over them, joining Lance and Julius.

Julius: You bastard. How dare you storm into MY castle!
Hiiro: Thank them for taking out the sentries and watchers. Otherwise we would have had some trouble getting in here.
Lance: Man am I glad you showed up.
Hiiro: Now hold up. I may be helping out, but I can't just let you walk away scott free.
Lance: So you're going to fight me as well, huh?
Hiiro: Correct. Gotta make it look like I did something right, huh?
Julius: A free for all then. Fine then.

All three fighters back up. They look to each other. Julius begins by charging to Lance. Lance blocks an incoming slash and Julius gets whacked in the side by Hiiro's pole. Julius stumbles back and Lance charges for Hiiro. He slashes at him but Hiiro blocks and kicks. Lance sidesteps and kicks Hiiro back. Lance then jumps back to evade a slash from Julius. Lance slashes twice at Julius and cuts him across his armor. Hiiro then whacks the back of his head with his pole. This sends Julius straight to Lance who grabs Julius and does a supplex on him. He gets up quickly and avoids a smack from Hiiro's pole. They clash weapons a couple times before they back up and stop.

Hiiro: What do you have to do with this man?
Lance: Just take a look over there. *Points*
Hiiro: *looks as directed* No. Vex!
Lance: Julius killed Vex unarmed. He must pay!
Hiiro: Yes. Let's kill him before we continue.

They turn around to see that Julius has gotten up. He has his sword ready.

Julius: You will not come into my castle without retribution!

Just then, the ceiling above the three of them breaks partially as a figure drops down from it to the floor in front of Julius. We recognize him as Bullseye.

Julius: Who are you?
Bullseye: I am Bullseye. Julius, King of Zetsu, you are my target. Prepare for your death.
Lance: It's you.
Bullseye: Hmph. I don't remember ever seeing you.
Lance: Whatever, jackass.
Julius: What is it with people and intruding today?!

At that moment, another figure drops from the ceiling. He is recognized as Hero.

Bullseye: No. How can you be alive?
Hero: I am alive as you can see.
Hiiro: Impossible. We performed autopsy on you. I'm sure of it. You have to be dead!
Hero: What you see before is the same Hero as usual. Julius, King of Zetsu, you are my target.
Bullseye: Fuck off. That's exactly what I said just a minute ago.
Hero: Thank you for giving me an easy pathway, Bullseye. I'll be taking him out now.
Bullseye: Like hell you will.

Bullseye takes out his revolver and shoots at Hero but he sidesteps. Hero rushes with great speed and slashes across Bullseye with his claws and kicks him away.

Hero: Now that he's out of the way...
Julius: AAAARG!

With great fury, Julius charges forward and slashes. Hero dodges this and slashes Julius across the chest with the claws. Hero then slashes many times, cutting Julius up like crazy. He then claw slashes Julius back and he trips onto his throne. Lance then rushes foward and with great force, lunges his sword through Julius' armor and his stomach.

Julius: You.......

Julius says no more as he hunches over, lifeless. Lance takes his sword back and sheathes it.

Lance: You have been avenged, Vex.
Hiiro: Cease this battle now!

The Myjuto soldiers stop fighting as everyone turns to see the lifeless king.

Hiiro: Your ruler is dead. You no longer have a reason to die.
Voice: I suspected this would happen.

In enters Derrick. Behind him are Rex and Celo.

Derrick: This whole castle is in an uproar. My goodness.
Celo: And now Julius is gone.
Rex: So I guess it's up to us to govern this kingdom for now.
Hiiro: Very well.

Hiiro turns to Lance.

Hiiro: Get out of here while you can. If you aren't gone in two days, you can consider yourself dead.
Lance: Got it.

Lance goes over to X, who is awake, but yet very quiet.

Lance: Let's go, X.
X: ...Yeah.

Lance helps him up, but X groans in pain from his arm.

X: My arm...it's broken.
Lance: We'll fix it later. We have to get out of here.
Lei: Are we leaving?
Lance: Yes. Come.
Hero: I will come with you.

As they begin to leave, Lance gives X to Lei and he goes over to Vex and carries him. They reach near the exit of the castle after a lot of walking when Knosse spots something out of the corner of his eye.

Knosse: I'll catch up to you guys. Just a moment.

Knosse runs over into a different room to find a flame thrower lying against a table.

Knosse: FUCK...YES!

Knosse takes the flame thrower and joins the group. Everyone exits the castle and goes to Vex's house, which is close by.

Back at the throne room, Hiiro takes off a gauntlet from Julius and feels around his wrist.

Rex: Well?
Hiiro: He's alive. Barely.
Celo: When he recovers, throw him in prison.

A long and very strange battle has just taken place and Fighters Abroad has seemingly taken revenge for their newest fallen member. Fighters Abroad is now forced to leave yet another place. What will come about within the next few days? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 91: Farewell Vex. Moving on with Anguish

Fighters Abroad is now at X's apartment. X is lying down on his bed while Hero is looking at his right arm. Lei, Lance and Knosse are sitting around. After a couple minutes, Hero turns to the other three.

Lei: How bad is he?
Hero: His right arm is definitely broken.
X: Damn it!
Knosse: Is that your good arm?
X: Yes. Unfortunately.
Lance: That isn't good.
Hero: Your best bet is to put it into a sling and splint.
Lei: What are we going to do now? Our best current fighter is crippled for the time being. Our numbers have drastically diminished.
Lance: It's up to us to do better.
Knosse: Oh balls.

Later that night, just outside the city, there are people gathered in a circle. They are the four Fighters Abroad members, Hiiro, Rex, Celo, Derrick, Tonka, Hero, Kirk, Deka, Sanjuku, Nagato and Bato. Even some knights are there. In the middle of the circle, Vex is lying on a stone tablet and his body is on fire. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7h7WzV0ZKQs ) Lance (Who does not have his hat on) is standing by himself.

X: Vex. I'm sorry. You just wanted friends, didn't you?
Lei: He was a strong fighter. A kind person as well. He will be missed.
Knosse: I'm glad to have been his friend.
Tonka: It wasn't long ago we hung out. Me, Lance and him. It seems so surreal that he's dead.
Hiiro: I only wish I had the chance to fight him one last time.

Lance: I only knew you for about a week, but it feels like we've known each other for so long. And now you're gone. I don't understand. But yet, I remember what you said to me.

Lance hears a part of a conversation in his head as though he were re-living it.

Vex: See how I always have a smile on my face? It reminds me never to lose my spirit.
Lance: Your resolve is admirable.
Vex: Never forget it. I've gone through so much, but I'll keep this smile as long as I live.
Lance: You and I are opposites in that field. I haven't gone through many troubles yet.
Vex: For your age, that is quite fortunate. How you react determines your growth.

Lance: I know I'm supposed to react a certain way to this, but...how can I?

Lance puts his head down as his hair covers his eyes. Still, we can see tears falling from his face even though we can't see his face.

Lance: Goodbye, bro. Goodbye.

We zoom in to Vex's face, which hasn't burned just yet. Even now, as he lies dead, his face maintains the smile he always had while he was living. The screen fades to black slowly at this scene. *Theme stops*

The next morning comes, and we follow Lei. He is outside, staring in the distance. Lance comes out shortly after.

Lei: Good morning, Lance.
Lance: Hey.
Lei: How are you holding up?
Lance: A bit better. I haven't gotten a ton of sleep, but I'll be ok.
Lei: Alright. Good.
Lance: I feel bad for X.
Lei: Yeah, I know. I bet he hasn't gotten much sleep either.
Voice: Nope.

Lei and Lance look above them to see X sitting on the rail above them. His arm is now in a sling.

X: I haven't gotten any sleep.
Lei: Sorry to hear.
X: This damn arm has been bugging me all night.
Lance: That sucks, man.
X: So, we're leaving today, I suppose.
Lance: It seems that way, huh?
Lei: We have to keep our eyes ahead. On getting Claudius back.
X: You're right, Lei.
Lance: Hey, X. What say we go into town since we can't sleep.
X: I'm down with that.

X drops down next to the two of them.

X: You want to come along, Lei?
Lei: Nah. I'll stick around in case Knosse wakes up and panics thinking we left him.
X and Lance: >_> <_< Ok.

The two of them leave the area. We now switch to the edge of Zetsu. Hiiro is seen walking, about to exit the gates. He is suddenly grabbed from behind. He looks behind him to see Nagato.

Hiiro: You...Nagato.
Nagato: You're...a Myjuto?
Hiiro: I'm afraid so. I thought I saw you before a couple times. I didn't know it was actually you.
Nagato: Take me to your officer.
Hiiro: What? Why?
Nagato: I have to face him. I know he's the one I'm looking for.
Hiiro: *sigh* You'll get killed.
Nagato: No, I won't. Trust me.
Hiiro: Fine. Come with me.
Nagato: Thank you.
Hiiro: Let's hope Jiron isn't in the killing mood today. It's a rare time when he isn't, though.

Nagato follows Hiiro outside the gates of Zetsu. We now switch over to Lance and X. They are walking through the town of Umbrage, talking.

X: Pretty soon we'll have Claudius back and then you'll get to speak to him more.
Lance: Yep. I've always wanted to sit down and have a friendly conversation with him.
X: Hah, well you joined at the wrong time for that.
Lance: True. I'll be glad to get out of this kingdom.
X: Same here. So listen, Lance. I'm counting on you to step up your fighting game while I'm inactive.
Lance: I'm fully prepared. I made a vow last night. Just as I was about to leave the funeral.
X: You did?
Lance: Yeah.

[Vex's Funeral - Last Night]

Everyone has left except for Lance. Vex's body has been burned into ashes and placed in a blue urn, which is sitting where he was burned. Lance kneels down in front of it, with Vex's sword stuck in the ground in front of him. Lance places both hands on the sword.

Lance: I promise you, Vex. I will increase my skills immediately and become as strong as you as fast as I can. You won't be disappointed!


X: That's very admirable of you. Where is the sword, by the way?
Lance: I placed it with the urn. I also promised myself that I wouldn't use it until I left Zetsu.
X: It seems you're taking this pretty well.
Lance: Yes. Yesterday was not so good, but I'm starting to understand what he told me about hardships.
X: What was that?
Lance: He told me that if I react well to things like this, that things will go well.
X: Good advice. I usually don't take things well. You should have seen how many times I got close to going insane last night.
Lance: From your arm?
X: Yeah. I still can't believe that piece of shit broke my arm. When I heal, I'm upgrading my daggers.
Lance: That would be a great idea.
X: I'm tired of having a huge disadvantage against heavy armor. I'm useless now because of it.

Back at the apartment complex, Knosse is now awake and with Lei. The two are drinking hot tea at Lei's apartment.

Lei: I hope you're ready to leave.
Knosse: I packed last night. I had a feeling we were going to.
Lei: Good. We're going to leave when X and Lance are ready. They're in bad condition today.
Knosse: That sucks.
Lei: Indeed.

An hour later, Lei and Knosse look two doors down to Lance's apartment to see it open. They peer in to see both X and Lance asleep on opposite ends of the couch.

Lei: Thank goodness. They're getting some sleep.
Knosse: Can I draw on them?
Lei: This isn't the time.
Knosse: Awe...

Lei quietly shuts the door and Knosse notices the hole next to it.

Knosse: Looks like Lance had a peeping tom.
Lei: I wonder what kind of sicko would do something like that.

Fighters Abroad struggles to move on after a member's demise and the leader's injury. Lack of sleep has also troubled some of the members. Nonetheless, they will move out of Zetsu and move forward in their quest to save Claudius. Next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 92: Leaving Zetsu Behind

It is a bit later that day. Knosse and Lei are outside the complex. Knosse is on the ground and Lei helps him up.

Lei: That's all for today.
Knosse: Ok. Man, I suck at fighting without my stuff.
Lei: You'll learn in time. Come, let's go pack.
Knosse: Yeah.

The two of them go to their respective apartments. At Lei's apartment, most everything is organized and so his stuff is put away quickly. Knosse, however, takes forever to pack because his stuff is all over the place. After they pack, they meet outside.

Knosse: You think Lance and X are up?
Lei: Probably not. I guess we'll have to wait.

They wait for about an hour when Lance and X walk down the steps and outside the complex with their bags packed and Lance has his hat on for the first time since the contest. He also has Vex's sword strapped to his back.

Lei: Are you guys ready?
X: Yes.
Lance: I'm ready as well.
Knosse: So we're off then?
X: Yes. To Tyranny.

The four of them travel to Tyranny. They get near a gate when they are stopped. Tonka is shown to be blocking their path.

Lance: Tonka...
Tonka: You devil. You were going to leave without saying goodbye.
Lance: That's because I knew it was going to be hard for them.
Tonka: Well don't worry, because I brought company.

All the people that helped infiltrate the castle (Minus Nagato), including Rex, Celo and Derrick come out together.

X: You guys...
Kirk: We wanted to see you off.
Rex: As the new rulers of Zetsu, we order you four stay until then.
Lei: I suppose we can't argue with that.
Celo: You have a safe trip out now. We can't guarantee your safety outside Zetsu.
Sanjuku: You guys better get stronger. I will too to make sure we have good fights.
Deka: Visit us sometime if you're in the area, alright?
Derrick: On my honor, I will become strong enough to contend with Fighters Abroad.
Bato: See you guys later.

Tonka goes over to Lance and gives him a hug. Lance also hugs her back.

Lance: I'll miss you.
Tonka: I'd go with you, but I can't abandon my family here.
Lance: I'll be back. I promise.
Tonka: You will. If you die on me before I get to see you again, I'll never forgive you.
Lance: I wouldn't dream of it. Farewell.

With that, the two of them separate. The four fighters exit the gate of Zetsu, each raising one hand giving a thumbs up to their friends behind them.

[Outside of Zetsu - Myjuto Camp]

Outside Jiron's tent, Hiiro and Nagato are walking near. Myjuto soldiers are saluting to Hiiro as he approaches. Hiiro enters the tent and Jiron looks at him.

Jiron: You're back again. Report.
Hiiro: Sir, I will cover the report in just a minute. This girl...
Nagato: Are you the one with the scythe?!
Jiron: What of it, little girl?
Nagato: You burned down my village! You will die here!
Jiron: *Sigh*

Nagato charges quickly to Jiron with her tonfa out. Jiron stands up out of his seat and readies himself. Nagato slices quickly, but Jiron evades it. In blind fury, Nagato slashes rapidly at Jiron. Jiron dodges each slash and then grabs her arm. She struggles, but can't free herself. With Jiron's free hand, he punches Nagato in the stomach and she drops to the floor, unconscious.

Jiron: Why have you brought this girl to me, Hiiro?
Hiiro: She claims that you burned down her village, sir. I wonder if it's true.
Jiron: I've burned down a few villages. We'll wait and see.

When Nagato wakes up, she is tied to a chair. Jiron sits down next to her and Hiiro does as well.

Jiron: So tell me. What village of yours did I burn down?
Nagato: Does the village, Bakara sound familiar?!
Jiron: Bakara...yes. I visited maybe once. I didn't know it got burned down.
Hiiro: So you didn't do it, sir?
Jiron: No. I don't recall ever burning down that village.
Nagato: You lie!!
Jiron: Believe what you want, girl. What do you know, Hiiro?
Hiiro: She says a man with a black cloak and scythe was the one who did it.
Jiron: Black cloaks are very common, but a scythe you say? I'm curious now.
Hiiro: Sir?
Jiron: Get her out of my sights. She isn't worth killing. Besides, I have some research to do.

Hiiro unties Nagato and takes her away by the hand. He leads her outside the encampment.

Nagato: Hiiro, what are you doing with these people?
Hiiro: I owe my life to them. That is all.
Nagato: The Hiiro I knew two years ago would have never joined these people.
Hiiro: I'm still the same Hiiro. Don't you worry about that. Go, find your target. I'm certain Jiron did not destroy your village. If he had, he would have told you and then killed you.
Nagato: Ok. I believe you. I'll take my leave then.
Hiiro: I wish you well, Nagato.

[Zetsu Castle - Throne Room]

Rex, Celo and Derrick are each sitting on a chair. Derrick is in the middle on the original throne and the other two are sitting in a chair to the left and right of it. There are knights around.

Rex: Report.
Knight: Julius is in stable condition. He is being taken to prison as we speak.
Derrick: Excellent. Celo.
Celo: I know. I'll talk to him.

In the castle, there is a big black room. Cages are everywhere with tons of prisoners. Knights take Julius to an open cage and throw him in it. His armor is off and he has this appearance ( http://www.strongbodies.net/wp-content/uploads/300MoviePic.jpg ). Just then, Celo walks by Julius' cage and takes a chair to sit down in front of him.

Julius: Celo...help me.
Celo: I'm sorry, Julius. You need to sit here as long as you need to. That way you can re-think your life.
Julius: I did what I had to. Listen to me. I kept this kingdom safe!
Celo: You kept this kingdom safe from others, but in the end, we weren't safe from you.
Julius: This kingdom is going to fall unless you let me out of here.
Celo: What makes you say that?
Julius: People will hear of our weak defenses. They will stop at nothing to destroy us. To enslave us.
Celo: That's a risk we have to take. Rex, Derrick and I will run this kingdom far better than you.
Julius: Our team, remember our team. You were nothing without me.
Celo: And you were nothing without any of us. Until you become who you were back when we were a team, you'll sit in this prison for life if need be.

The screen fades to black with the two of them looking at each other.

Back to Jiron's tent, Hiiro is there talking to him.

Hiiro: So, you've seen Knosse, right?
Jiron: Yes. Why?
Hiiro: Haven't you said anything concerning his past?
Jiron: Why should I have?
Hiiro: He doesn't remember anything.
Jiron: I see. I thought Ento was lying when he said he had killed Knosse. I didn't realize that Knosse had actually fought him.
Hiiro: Indeed. It would be nice to have him back though.

Outside of Zetsu, Fighters Abroad is walking on a path. Knosse checks his bag to see a note attached to it. It reads Knosse, I know you don't believe me yet, but you will in time. Please stay alive for the time being. Hiiro.

Knosse: When did he put this on me? He's good.
X: So, Lance. How far are we from Neese Port?
Lance: With our current pace, we'll be there in a day. We can re-supply there.
Lei: I've been thinking about this and I have a question. How are we getting across without a ship?
X: That is true. We got lucky getting you and Kroke.
Lance: We're going to steal a ship from the port.
X: We're going to do what now?
Knosse: Sweeeeeet.
Lance: I wouldn't be much of a Kairo, much less of a pirate, if I didn't know how to steal ships.
Lei: We have no other choice, do we?
X: I guess not. Onward then. To Neese Port!

A lot has just transpired. Julius has been thrown into prison and he warns of impending danger. Jiron has shown that he, in fact, is not the destroyer of Nagato's town. A piece of Knosse's past still remains a mystery and Fighters Abroad moves on with the death of its newest member. They are now finally heading to Neese Port. X, the current leader of Fighters Abroad, is crippled and unable to fight. With this, Lance and Lei are forced to take over. Many things have changed over these two months. Things are getting interesting so keep updated with Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 93: The Masto Bandits Attack

We now switch back to Naith. He is sitting down with Nataley, eating with her.

Nataley: Are you ready to go into town again?
Naith: Yes.
Nataley: Today is going to be a bit different.
Naith: How so?
Nataley: I need you to go into town first to pick up some corn.
Naith: Ok. I'll go do it now.

Naith leaves as soon as he finishes his food. As he gets close enough to see the town, he can see that it is up in smoke.

Naith: Those bandits must have attacked again.

Naith quickly goes into town to see everyone dead. Bodies are strewn across the buildings (mostly men). Naith searches the town for any survivors and finds a small girl about age seven.

Girl: Mister!
Naith: Are you ok?
Girl: Where's my mommy?
Naith: ...
Girl: Please, mister, tell me. I miss her!
Naith: Her mother was likely killed. What do I tell her?
Male Voice: Don't worry, missy. We'll find her.
Naith: That voice. It sounds strangely familiar.
Male Voice 2: Well look who we found.

Naith turns to see two men standing at 6'0 each. The one on the left has this appearance ( http://i55.tinypic.com/28guhog.png with matching green long pants). He is carrying this sword ( http://i53.tinypic.com/14tmy9v.jpg ). The one on the right has this appearance ( http://i53.tinypic.com/m8fdcw.png with the same pants as the other). He carries this weapon ( http://i53.tinypic.com/xawfna.jpg ). ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FB42BK5fLjI )

Naith: You two...
Man 1: You remember us then.
Man 2: Well we certainly haven't forgotten you, Naith.
Naith: Luis (The one on the right) and Shawn (The one on the left). How could I forget you?
Luis: No one ever forgets us.
Shawn: That's right.
Naith: I think I'll leave now.
Luis: Oh no you don't. We came all this way to see you.
Naith: You...did? They're not angry at me?
Shawn: How have you been, Naith?
Naith: I'm doing ok. So did you really come this way to see me?
Luis: Nah, I was kidding.
Naith: ...
Shawn: We came to investigate what took place here.
Girl: Um...
Luis: I had a hunch we'd see you today. The old man told us how he saw you before.
Girl: Um...
Luis: We have too much to catch up on. So don't run away.

The girl kicks Luis in the shin hard and Luis hops in pain.

Luis: What the fuck was that for?!
Shawn: Calm down, bro. She's just a kid.
Girl: You said you'd help me find my mommy.
Luis: Right. *Points finger straight up into the air* Don't worry, kid. Your mom will be safe in my arms.

Shawn punches Luis in the head. Luis rubs his head.

Shawn: This is not the time to look for dates.
Luis: Nonsense, my dear brother. I am unfit to be single, and so I will strive for women wherever I am.
Shawn: I know, I know. You told me the same sentence about one hundred times.
Naith: They haven't changed much other than their appearance. *Theme stops*
Luis: Anyway, let's review what we know. Shawn.

Shawn pulls out a notebook and begins reading from it.

Shawn: Lack of females in this area suggest that the vast majority of them have been kidnapped.
Luis: I see. Continue.
Shawn: Causes of death have pointed to bandits. Some trained, some not.
Naith: I believe we are dealing with the Masto Bandits here.
Luis: We came to that conclusion as well.
Shawn: No, I came to that conclusion. You sat there with your thumb up your ass while I calculated.
Luis: Hey, that's your job. I'm the strong fighter of the two of us and you do most of the brain work.
Naith: What exactly do you two do?
Luis: Did you have to ask? We're detectives in this area.
Shawn: I believe we are going to have to deal with the whole lot of the bandits.
Naith: I can be of assistance, if you need me.
Luis: Hell yeah. You come with us.

Just then, around four men and two women approach them.

Luis: Survivors. Quick, let's interrogate them.

The oldest man steps forth to talk to them.

Man: You are survivors as well?
Shawn: No, sir. We are detectives. Here is another survivor in this girl, though.
Naith: Go to him.
Girl: Ok.

The girl does as told and joins the other survivors.

Shawn: Question for you, sir.
Man: What is it?
Shawn: Is this city lacking in women usually?
Man: No.
Shawn: Our suspicions were right, Luis.
Luis: That means we have a good amount of survivors held hostage.
Naith: Do you know where their hideout is, Luis?
Luis: No, unfortunately. We'll find out through solid detective work.
Shawn: Is the mayor alive?
Man: You're speaking to him.
Shawn: That is relieving. Mr. Mayor, we will find the hostages and get rid of these bandits.
Luis: *points finger straight up into the air* We will make it our top priority!
Naith: I have to go back before I can do anything with you guys.
Shawn: Go back where?
Luis: Back to Nataley, brother. Let's go!
Naith: I don't remember inviting you.
Luis: Oh, I know Nataley would gladly invite me in if she saw my ever so handsome face again.
Naith: .......
Shawn: Don't worry, I won't let him do anything stupid.
Naith: Fine. Come with me.

Naith leads Luis and Shawn to his workshop. He opens the door where Nataley is waiting for him.

Naith: We have guests.
Nataley: Oh?

Luis shoves Naith aside and bursts in. Shawn walks in behind him.

Luis: Nataley! How I wished to see your face again. It is I, the magnificent Luis!
Nataley: Hello. Oh, Shawn. You're here too. This is wonderful.

Luis curls up in a corner.

Luis: (To himself) Only hello? How could I be rejected so quickly?

Shawn hugs Nataley and Luis' jaw drops.

Naith: The bandits have attacked again. This time, most of the town is destroyed.
Nataley: Oh no! That's terrible.
Naith: That's why these two are here. We're going to track them down and take them out.
Nataley: Did you, by chance, get the corn?
Naith: We'll have to hold off on that until we get back. Sorry.
Nataley: I see.

Luis springs forward from curling up. He puts his finger straight up again.

Luis: Don't worry, Nataley! I will single handedly tear them apart and get your corn!
Shawn: So he says.
Naith: Stay here. You'll be safe in this workshop.
Nataley: Ok. I will.
Shawn: Alright. If we're ready, then let's go.
Luis: I'm not ready.
Shawn: Yes you are.
Luis: Damn you!

Naith, Luis and Shawn head outside.

Naith: What are we doing first?
Shawn: We must look for clues. They should lead us back to the bandits' hideout.
Luis: And then we'll smash them to bits and take back the ladies.
Naith: Alright. Let's go then.
Luis: Hey, I'm the leader here.
Naith: Oh...He is just how I remember him.
Luis: Alright, team. Let's go!

Naith has met up with two old friends from his past. These three are now on a mission to take down the Masto Bandits once and for all. The next part of this tale is coming next on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 94: To Find a Bandit's Hideout

Naith, Luis and Shawn have reached town again. They stay outside it for a moment.

Naith: What's first?
Shawn: Well our clear objective is to find the Masto Bandits' hideout.
Luis: Let's search the town and look for clues.
Naith: Clues?
Luis: Usually, there is something that will lead us to criminal's hideout.
Naith: People don't usually leave a calling card.
Shawn: *sigh* Just come with us. You'll see what we mean.

Naith follows Luis and Shawn into town.

Luis: Now where to look first?
Shawn: For starters, check for abnormalities in the ground.
Naith: Hmm?
Shawn: You see, bandits will naturally track whatever kind of soil or ground they reside to here.
Naith: I see. So you want to identify what type of ground the bandits were on.
Shawn: Exactly. We know this area pretty well and can tell where said ground is located.
Luis: I found a clue!

Shawn and Naith turn to look at Luis. He is at the side of a broken house with lady panties in his hands.

Naith: And how is that a clue?
Luis: You see, bandits love panties and...
Shawn: Don't say another word. Put them back.
Luis: But there's an actual clue on here.
Shawn: What?

Luis points to a girl buried in rubble. All we can see is her lifeless face. There is a bit of mud on it.

Shawn: Mud?
Luis: That's not all. These panties have some unspeakable stuff on it.
Naith: She was likely raped and killed by one of those bandits.
Shawn: I hear you. Great job, Luis. And here I was, thinking you were just...

Shawn stops speaking when he notices Luis about to sniff the panties. He looks at Shawn and then throws them behind him.

Luis: The poor lady.
Naith: So can we track them down?
Shawn: Not yet. We could walk around aimlessly for a full day and not find them still.
Luis: We'll keep looking for more clues, but I'm hungry.
Shawn: I suppose they won't mind if we "borrow" some food if one of the restaurants isn't smashed.

The three of them find a small market with food. They each take something and sit down at a table.

Luis: So what's up with this name shit, man? Our dad told us you like to be called Naith.
Naith: It's complicated.
Shawn: It's because of the past, isn't it? You ran from everything. Even who you were back then.
Naith: ...I'm sorry. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8NYCgJysFpY )
Luis: Listen, man. You have nothing to apologize for. We don't fault you for anything that happened.
Naith: You...don't?
Luis: No. The only thing was that we missed our old buddy.
Shawn: Our town has proclaimed you dead, but neither of us believed it for a second.
Naith: Back then, I thought it would have been better if that was actually true.
Luis: It wasn't long after you left that we became detectives. We found traces of your survival.
Shawn: We were going to try to find you, but it suddenly came to us. You didn't want to be found.
Naith: It's true. All that I had over eighteen years, gone in a mere few minutes.
Luis: But you kept two things. Your sword and Nataley. Interesting.
Naith: What?
Luis: She really cares for you. Back when we were younger, I liked her a lot. But it was you she would always run to in times of trouble. I know I'm not usually like this, but take her, Naith.
Naith: You really think?
Luis: I could see it all over her face today. Don't make her wait forever.
Shawn: *Theme stops* Ok, so let's get to business.
Naith: So far we have mud as a clue. Where else should we look?
Shawn: It's difficult to say. Hey, what's that?

Shawn points to a piece of paper blowing in the wind. Luis turns around and the piece of paper flies into his face. He takes it off his face and reads it. It reads If u want to c the gals agin, kum west of this town with 50 cheese gold

Shawn: What atrocious grammar.
Luis: I know. West should be capitalized.
Shawn: ...right.
Naith: So I guess we don't need any other clues.
Shawn: I guess not. Thanks to Luis, we know the area where they'll be.
Naith: What is cheese gold?
Luis: Cheese is just another term for thousand. They want 50,000 gold.
Naith: Ah. What an odd way of putting it.
Shawn: I have a plan. They'll get their 50,000 gold alright.
Luis: So we'll just give it to them?
Shawn: No, that would be too easy.
Luis: Spoken from a true detective. One after my own heart, continue.
Shawn: We need a distraction. That 50,000 should do the trick.
Naith: I see. Good plan. Let's do it.
Luis: Fuck YES! Naith is into it too.
Naith: I suppose I forgot how much I missed Shawn.
Luis: WHAT?! *curls up into a ball*
Naith: I was just kidding. You too.
Shawn: Hahaha. Well let's go talk to the mayor.

And so they go to the mayor where all the survivors are.

Mayor: You three. Have you found their hideout yet?
Shawn: We have, Mr. Mayor. We have a plan to root them out, but we need your help.
Mayor: What do you have in mind?

Luis and Shawn look at each other and start laughing.

Mayor: What? What is it?

The scene switches and the mayor is walking with the three in a large area of sand.

Mayor: This is crazy. Why me?
Luis: Because it would be silly if one of us were to do it.
Naith: Do it for your town. This will greatly help us help you.
Mayor: *sigh* Ok. But I'm not going to like this.

After a bit of walking...

Shawn: The hideout is just ahead according to what we know. Get ready.

The hideout of the Masto Bandits has been found. Shawn has a plan to get the hostages back and to end the Masto Bandits once and for all. Will they be successful? Next on Fighters Abroad.

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Chapter 95: Sneaking in the Bandits' Fortress

Luis, Naith and Shawn are lying down on their stomachs in sand. They are looking ahead at a medium sized fortress made of stone. There is mud surrounding the fortress. Behind them is the mayor, who is crouched down.

Naith: Ok. We have a nice visual.
Luis: Yes. I believe it's time.
Shawn: It is. Mayor, you know what to do.
Mayor: Yes...
Luis: Good luck.

The mayor begins to walk forward towards the fortress entrance.

Shawn: Remember, be quiet when you take out any bandit.
Luis: Yep.
Naith: How good are you two at fighting?
Luis: We're way good, bro. Well, Shawn's not as good as me, but he's still pretty good.
Shawn: Bandits are still no problem to me.
Naith: Good. Hopefully you won't slow me down.
Luis: I was going to say the same thing to you.
Naith: Hmph. Such conceit.
Shawn: I think it's time we go.
Naith and Luis: Right.

By the entrance, the mayor has come up to the front where a drawbridge has just lowered for him. He has a bag with gold inside in his hand. Around five bandits come out. Each are wearing brown scuffed up shirts and brown bandanas with some sort of tattered pants each. One, in particular, is more muscular than the others.

Bandit 1: You got the cheese?
Mayor: Um...y y yes.
Bandit 1: Then hand it over, punk.
Mayor: O o ok.

The bandit that was just talking nods his head to the muscular one. He goes to the mayor and takes the bag and throws it to one of the other bandits. He then begins running his fingers through the mayor's hair.

Muscular Bandit: Can I play with this one a little longer?
Mayor: 0_0 Oh no. Someone help me.

At the right side of the fortress are the three fighters against the wall. They are climbing the stone wall slowly. They make it up the wall and hop over to see that there is virtually nothing to catch them. They fall all the way, but draw their swords. They stick them into the ground that awaits them and they tumble into the actuall building wall and hit their heads.

Shawn: Well that sucked.
Luis: Big time.
Naith: I guess we should have been more careful.
Shawn: Now if this is a typical fortress, there should be a cellar in the back. Be careful.

The three of them quietly move to the back of the fortress. As Shawn suspected, a cellar door lies ahead.

Luis: Good call, bro.
Naith: Let's go.

Luis slowly opens up the cellar door and they head into it. It is very dark and almost impossible to see.

Luis: (Whispering) What are we going to do?
Naith: (Whispering) Stay close. We don't want to get separated here.

The three of them move around slowly. They bump into a few things but they feel a flight of steps and head up it. Naith feels a door in front of him.

Naith: I feel a door. Let's do this.

Naith opens the door slowly. He peers in to see one candle lit in the middle of a small room. This room has a bunch of axes and swords. The three of them head in.

Shawn: Interesting. Their weaponry is so heavily unguarded. This might be too easy.
Naith: Don't let your guard down.
Luis: Shhh. I hear someone coming. Hide.

Luis and Shawn go to the door in front of them and hide to the side of it. Luis to the left and Shawn to the right. Naith simply goes back through the door they came in and shuts it quietly. From his viewpoint, he is crouched down at the bottom looking through the opening. The other door quickly opens abruptly and smashes into Luis. In walks a generic looking bandit. He looks to his left and walks towards an axe. He goes to pick it up when he notices Shawn to his left. He is about to yell when Luis is seen grabbing him from behind, strangling him with his arm. The two struggle as Luis backs into a wall and keeps a tight grip. He releases the man's throat but covers his mouth and holds his sword up to his neck.

Luis: I'm going to let go of your mouth, and you're not going to speak until I tell you. Or you die.

Luis does so and the bandit remains silent.

Shawn: Good work, bro. That was a close one.
Luis: Now you're going to answer all our questions.
Shawn: Where are you hiding the hostages?
Bandit: We have them top floor. The boss wants to play with them a little.
Luis: That fiend!
Shawn: Oh, like you're any different. Anyway, let's take care of this guy.
Luis: Yes, let's.
Bandit: What are you going to do to me?

Luis and Shawn say nothing as they forcibly lead the bandit into the cellar in which they came from. From the dark cellar, a loud scream is heard. A couple seconds later, the two of them emerge back into the weapon room. Naith is already back in there, waiting for them.

Shawn: Let's move. We don't want to endanger the mayor much longer.
Naith: Right.

Naith opens up the next door and they quickly go through. They are led to a big room with a flight of steps next to them. In front of them are about ten bandits. Both groups stare at each other.

Luis: So much for the stealth opperation. Let's kick some ass.
Shawn: Right. You ready, Naith?
Naith: Yeah.
Bandit 1: Hey, what are you doing here?!
Bandit 2: Let's get them!

All three draw their swords against the bandits. Shawn raises his sword above his head and points it towards the bandits with one hand. Luis does the same thing, only his sword is about eye level. The bandits all have axes in hand and readied.

Naith: Fight us.
Bandit: What are you all waiting for? Let's take them down!

The bandits all rush for Luis, Naith and Shawn. In unison, the three of them dash and slash past the bandits. One bandit falls and the three turn around and back up a bit. The bandits rush again and the three of them separate. Three bandits go to each fighter. By Naith, he is seen blocking two of the axes and then does a backwards dodge roll to avoid the third one. He twirls his katana and quickly slashes at one of them, killing him. The remaining two bandits hack at Naith, but he dodges to the side and cuts through both.

By Luis, he is blocking each one as they hack and slash at him. They back him up to a corner of the room and all hack at the same time. He manages to dodge to the side and the axes go into the wall. Luis slashes across two bandits' backs, killing them. The third gets his axe out quickly and blocks and incoming slice from Luis. The bandit hacks at Luis, but he parries it and kicks the bandit into the wall and stabs him through the chest and the wall.

Shawn has killed two bandits already and he is crossing weapons with the third bandit. The bandit gets a kick to Shawn and Shawn falls. The bandit hacks at Shawn, but he side rolls and kicks the bandit in the side of the ankle. Shawn then stabs the bandit through the stomach while leaning up. Afterwards, he gets up and joins Naith and Luis who look at the flight of steps.

Naith: Let's move on.
Shawn: I believe there are three floors, so there will be another flight of steps after this.
Luis: We'll find it. Let's move out team.

Naith, Luis and Shawn have made it into the bandit hideout. They managed to get by a group of bandits but many more await them. The fate of many women are at stake and it's up to these three to save them. Can they defeat what lies ahead? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   March 11th 2011, 1:12 am

Chapter 96: Old Friends Unite - Detectives vs Masto Bandits

Naith, Luis and Shawn head up the ensuing stair case. As they reach the top, to their left is a long corridor and to their right is a door.

Shawn: Let's see what's behind that door.

The three of them go up to the door. Luis shakes the handle on it.

Luis: Damn. Locked. I'm sure one of the bandits has the key. Or it's in a treasure chest somewhere.

Without speaking, Naith unsheathes his katana and slashes twice at the door and sheaths it. The handle pops off the door and the door creaks open a bit.

Naith: There's your key.
Shawn: Nice.

Naith opens the door more to see a woman tied to a chair and a gag in her mouth. They take it out and untie her. She begins coughing.

Shawn: Is everything ok?
Woman: Yes. But the rest, I don't know where they are.
Luis: We'll get them. Stay in this room for now. You'll be safer in here than with us.

The woman begins to sob out of nowhere.

Shawn: What is it?
Woman: (While sobbing, struggling to speak) I was forced here so long. It was horrible!

The woman embraces Luis and buries her face in Luis' armor. Luis embraces her back and holds her head with one hand.

Luis: They'll pay for what they did to you. Don't worry about it.
Naith: Luis, we need to get moving if we're to get the mayor in time.
Luis: You're right. Shawn, can you stay behind for a minute and find this lady some food and water?
Shawn: Luis...
Luis: She probably hasn't eaten or drank in quite some time.
Shawn: Well there seems to be food right here.

Shawn reaches to a shelf in this room where there is a jar of pickles.

Shawn: The juices in this jar should suffice for now.

The woman detaches herself from Luis and turns to Shawn. She takes the jar of pickles from him.

Woman: *sniff* Thank you. Who are you?
Luis: We're detectives. It's what we do.
Shawn: We'll be back for you. Just please stay here.

The three of them exit the room and begin to walk down the long corridor that lies ahead.

Naith: Well now, Luis. I wouldn't have expected such chivalry from you.
Shawn: Luis and I goof around quite a bit, but we take our job very seriously.
Luis: That's right.
Naith: I take it back. Maybe you two have changed a little.
Luis: We used to goof off all the time, I know.
Shawn: Wouldn't you know it, we turned from the most hated people in our hometown to the most loved.
Naith: They consider you two heroes back there?
Luis: Something like that. *smiles*
Shawn: Something sparked five years ago. When Mom died...we realized just how much importance we lost sight of.
Naith: Your mother...I still remember her. Despite all the mischief you two caused, she never raised her voice to you.
Luis: No, but Pops always did. They were opposites in their tempers.
Naith: ...How long is this corridor going to last?
Shawn: I've been wondering the same thing. It's almost like...

All of the sudden, the three of them react at the same time as spikes come out of the ground on both sides of them. Luis jumps forward and gets past it, but Shawn and Naith get trapped between. The spikes go all the way up to the ceiling.

Shawn: Drat!
Luis: What do we do?
Naith: Stand back, both of you.

Naith slashes three times with his sword at the spikes in front. As he sheaths his sword, he notices that his slashes have done no more than scratches.

Luis: That's tough metal.
Shawn: I have an idea. Luis, go on ahead. Be careful.
Luis: Alright. Don't take forever.

Luis walks ahead. Naith turns to Shawn.

Naith: What do you have in mind?
Shawn: Draw your sword.

Naith does so and Shawn does the same.

Shawn: Now all you have to do is follow suit.

Shawn turns to the left and shoves his sword in the wall. Naith does the same and Shawn begins to carve a line down to the floor. Naith does the same thing. They then meet swords as they carve up in an arch towards each other. They remove their swords.

Shawn: Alright. Let's see how the exterior looks.

Shawn punches the wall and nothing happens to it. He shakes his hand in slight pain.

Naith: Hehe.
Shawn: I'll get it this time. Shit.

Shawn punches again and the area that had been carved out flies out and hits the ground. Shawn looks up to see the top of the hideout right above him with a flat top.

Shawn: Well, I was wrong about there being three stories. We're in luck.
Naith: What is it?
Shawn: The top of the hideout.

Shawn sticks his sword in the wall above and climbs up with it a bit. He is able to reach the top and climbs up. He reaches his arms down and grabs Naith and pulls him up.

Naith: Good work.
Shawn: Thank you. Now let's get moving.

They move across the top of the building till they reach a big metal vent. Smoke is coming out of it.

Naith: Oh no.
Shawn: It's the only way. Yahoo!

Shawn quickly slides himself in. Meanwhile, Luis has reached the end of the corridor. In front of him is a door.

Luis: Here goes nothing.

Luis opens the door.

Luis: (While opening it slowly) Hot women hot women hot women Oh fuck it.

He kicks the door wide open and draws his sword to see three women in a corner with nothing but lingerie. Three shirtless bandits are walking towards them when they turn around to see Luis.

Luis: You guys like fisting? How bout I put my fist in each of your faces?!
Bandit: Get him!

The three bandits grab axes from the wall and charge for Luis. One of them hacks with their axe, but Luis dodges and punches him in the face. He then slashes across his chest, killing him and then evades the the other two's attacks. Luis then slices through both of them at once and then punches each in the face individually.

Luis: I guess they didn't like that too much. Well, hello, ladies.

All of the sudden, noises are heard and Luis looks to the top left corner of the room where there is a big vent. Out rolls Shawn and then Naith after a couple seconds. They are covered by soot.

Luis: Welcome back.
Shawn: That was awesome. We gotta do that again, Naith.
Naith: *cough* That was less than sanitary.
Luis: Glad you could make it. Let's get moving.
Naith: What about those girls in the corner?
Luis: They seem frozen in shock. Leave them for now. And they look hot in that spot anyway.
Shawn: Agreed. On both parts. Let's go.

The three of them go to the next door ahead. Shawn opens it quickly and they head through. They all stop abruptly and draw their swords as they see tons of bandits in the room all armed. A bunch of women are around the room with chains and the big bandit has the mayor with him. One bandit in particular has spiky purple hair and a tattoo over his right eye. This one speaks up.

Bandit: And what would you three be doing in my hideout?
Luis: We're here to take back what you stole! Surrender the women and the money now!
Bandit Leader: And what do you expect to accomplish with just the three of you?
Shawn: Don't underestimate us.

The leader signals for the bandits to approach them. They all ready their axes.

Luis: All together now.
Shawn: Right.
Naith: Yes. Let's take them all down. Leave none alive.

At once, the three of them dash quickly and slash multiple times. They keep slashing as they run through the crowd of bandits quickly. The leader backs up as they approach him. They stop after they have passed each bandit. They all sheath their weapons at the same times and every single bandit in the room (besides the leader and muscular one) falls. The leader is completely shocked by this.

Bandit Leader: How is this possible? My men!
Luis: Give it up. You're obviously beaten.
Bandit Leader: I don't think so. I'm dead one way or another unless you three die here and now.
Shawn: And how do you intend to kill us?
Bandit Leader: I still draw breath and does my trusted companion.
Muscular Bandit: You want me to take care of them?
Bandit Leader: We'll take them together.
Luis: Shawn, we'll take the big one. Naith, can you handle the leader?
Naith: You insult me, friend. I'll take him.

Naith approaches the leader.

Bandit Leader: So, big shot, you think you can beat me?
Naith: Yes.
Bandit Leader: Well, aren't you cocky?
Naith: You'll see that my skills more than make up for my attitude.

Meanwhile, Luis and Shawn have squared off against the muscular bandit.

Muscular Bandit: Well aren't you two cute? A shame I have to kill you.
Shawn: Ditto. Luis...
Luis: Bro form A.

At the sound of Luis' words, the two of them begin to move in strange ways. Luis (Who is on the right) raises his right hand up high as if he were going to karate chop something. He spreads his feet far apart as well. Shawn puts his left foot forward and his left fist forward. With their free hands, they do a fist bump.

Luis and Shawn: Double trouble brother atttaaaaaaaaaack!

With that, they both rush forward towards the bandit. The bandit punches for them, but they side step in their respective directions. Luis grabs his hand with his right hand and Shawn jumps up. Luis launches Shawn forward with his left arm and Shawn gives a hard kick to the bandit's face. This makes the bandit stumble backwards. Luis quickly rushes in and gives two hard punches. He backs off as Shawn steps next to him. They then both punch the bandit together in the stomach which sends him to the floor. The bandit gets up slowly and starts to punch at the two of them. They are able to dodge each punch and Luis gets behind him. He jumps up and begins choking the bandit from behind. He pulls his head down, giving his stomach an arc in the front. Shawn starts rapidly punching his tight stomach, which makes him convulse on each punch. Finally, Luis slams the bandit's head down into the floor. This knocks the bandit out. The two of them high five.

During this, Naith is dodging punches from the leader. Naith finally gets a punch to the leader's stomach. He then punches him back. The leader goes to punch Naith and Naith unsheaths his sword and cuts around his arm. A blade flies off his arm as a hidden blade is revealed. Naith then quickly cuts the leader twice across the chest in which he dies quickly.

Naith: That's it. We've won.
Luis: Good work. We're the best.
Shawn: Hah, yeah.

Just then, the muscular bandit appears to be standing behind Luis and Shawn.

Naith: Look out!

The muscular bandit punches for Luis, but he turns around quick enough and dodges the punch. The two of them punch and kick the bandit back farther and farther until they kick him together out of the remote window.

Shawn: Now it's finally over.
Naith: Yeah.
Luis: Let's get the women and money and get the hell out of here.

And so they free all the captive women and collect the gold that was stolen from the town. They return to the town. There, the mayor speaks to them.

Mayor: We can't thank you enough.
Shawn: It was nothing.
Luis: It was our duty to do this for you.

After speaking to the mayor, the three of them go to the edge of town.

Naith: Well, I guess this is it.
Luis: Visit us soon. I had fun.
Shawn: I'm with him. Don't disappear on us again.
Naith: I won't. So what are you two doing now?
Luis: We have dates. Some of the women we saved are single and willing if you know what I mean.
Shawn: T'will be a night to remember. Hahaha.
Naith: Hah. Well, see you guys.

Naith smiles at the two of them and heads off to his workshop. As he is about to go in, he stops and thinks as he stares at the horizon.

Naith: Those guys. I never realized how much I actually missed them. Maybe there is still hope for me after all. Even after everything that I've done.

Naith enters his workshop as the screen fades to black.

The Masto Bandits have fallen and the town has been given back what could be returned. Naith has gone through an emotional breathrough it seems, being more open and cheerful around his old friends. But still something lurks and haunts him from his past. Only time can tell what exactly has haunted Naith for these past eight years. Moving on, Fighters Abroad approaches Neese Port to go to Ivan. What awaits them there? Next on Fighters Abroad!
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Chapter 97: Stealing a Ship - Fighters Abroad's Spirits Lift

We switch back to Fighters Abroad. It is night time. They are walking side by side, save for Lance whom they are following.

Lei: Lance, how far are we from the port?
Lance: Twenty minutes at best. Let's camp out for now.
Knosse: Ok.

They set up a campfire. They all sit around it.

Knosse: So how are we going to steal a ship?
Lance: It shouldn't be too hard. I've done it plenty of times.
Lei: What do we have to do?
Lance: Nothing difficult.
Lei: Then why are we making a big deal out of this?
Lance: Because this will be a lot of fun. *Smiles*
Knosse: What do you think, X? ....X?

X is lying down, asleep already.

Knosse: Buzz kill.

The next morning, the four of them are standing with Neese Port in sight. It is similar in look to Neese Harbor, except without the buildings. This are is mostly dock and a few buildings. Lance is looking through binoculars.

Lance: Perfect. I found a great boat for us.
Knosse: Lemme see.

Lance hands Knosse the binoculars and he looks through. Through his point of view, he sees a very small boat floating at the dock.

Knosse: Are you serious, Lance? That is way too small.
Lance: What are you talking about? It's a great boat.
Knosse: Only one person could fit in there.
Lance: Huh? Let me see.

Lance takes back the binoculars. He looks through and starts laughing. He gives Knosse the binoculars back and points him to the small boat's right. Knosse then sees a huge ship even larger than Kroke's ship.

Knosse: Holy balls! That's huge!
Lei: We certainly have our sights set pretty high.
Lance: Of course. We deserve nothing less.
X: What do I need to do?
Lance: Well...

Minutes pass and Knosse is walking to the port. He sees a lot of security people. They are helping people move cargo, helping dock ships, and other work. Knosse reaches to his back and pulls out his flamethrower.

Knosse: Time to start.

Knosse begins to laugh like an absolute maniac very loudly. He points his flamethrower up into the air and begins flaring off fire. The security notices this and about ten of them run towards Knosse.

Knosse: HAHAHA Catch me if you can suckers!

Knosse begins running away. As a couple security people remain, X walks up to them. He has his left arm holding his sling arm in pain.

X: Help. That maniac. I think he broke my arm again.
Security 1: Let's get him to the infermary.

The rest of the security guards take X over to a tent and take him inside it. Meanwhile, we get a close up of the ocean. Lance's hat is seen floating on it. The hat hits the boat and Lance emerges.

Lance: That hurt. I knew I should have come up for air a little while back.

Lance climbs up the side of the ship and peeps his head up over the side to see two fishermen.

Lance: I was hoping they would be pirates. Oh well.

Lance quickly launches himself over the side onto the ship. Both fishermen notice him.

Fisherman 1: Hey, what are you doing?!
Lance: Taking this ship, of course.
Fisherman 2: Pirate scum! We can take the likes of you!

As he says this, Lance decks this fisherman by punching him in the face. The other one punches Lance in the face, but Lance retaliates with a punch to the stomach. He then drops his elbow on the side of the fisherman's head, hitting him in the temple and knocking him out.

Lance: Sorry about that. We need this ship more than you.

Lance throws the two of them overboard. He looks out to see Knosse running around in circles while the security chases him. He starts laughing.

Lance: Alright, Lei. You're up.

Lance looks to his front left and throws a rock near a small building. He then goes below deck.

By Knosse, he is now running near the building where the rock was thrown. As the security chases him, out springs Lei from behind the building. He immediately knocks out one security by punching him in the face. Knosse then turns around and puts his flamethrower away. He pulls out his revolvers and begins to pelt them all with bullets. This allows Lei to easily knock each one out. After they all get knocked out, Lei and Knosse group up.

Lei: Good job.
Knosse: You too.
Lei: Right, now let's get to the ship.

They head to the ship to see a wooden plank lowered for them. They go up it quickly. Lance is there waiting for him.

Lance: Alright. Great job guys.

By X, he is sitting down on a bench inside the tent while the security checks out his arm.

Security Person: You should be ok in about a month I'd say.
X: Thanks.

All of the sudden, a noise is head from the top of the tent as it appears like something hit it.

Security Person: What was that?
X: I'll check it out. Wait here.

X steps out and smiles as he looks at the boat. He sees everyone waving at him. X dashes off with great speed towards the ship. He reaches the ship and dashes up the plank. He high fives Lei with his left hand ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8kl6i9yxPQ ) and Lei removes the plank.

Lance: Alright! Let's set sail!

Knosse raises the anchor with a pulley and the ship moves off the dock. Many people crowding around the town bunch up near the ship and begin murmuring among themselves. A few security begin hopping up and down out of anger. In the crowd, we can see Hero in his cloak waving to Fighters Abroad. They see him and give a nod back. As they leave the shore, Hero turns around and walks through the crowd, walking away. Soon, the ship gets out of sight for the dock.

Knosse: That was great!
Lance: I told you. Haha.
Lei: Now we're off to Ivan.
X: Yeah. We're coming, Claudius. Just hold on!
Lance: Alright. Lei, I need you at the rudder and keep it steady.
Lei: Alright.

Lei runs quickly to a door just below the deck where Lance is steering the ship. He opens it and holds the rudder steady.

Lance: Knosse, you're our lookout person for now. Head up there.
Knosse: Ok.

Knosse begins climbing up to the top.

X: What do you need me to do?
Lance: Keep a steady eye out for rocks and sand bars that might be hidden.
X: Got it.
Lance: Alright! We're setting sail. To Ivan!

The current song plays out until the end as the ship is seen sailing ahead into the ocean.

Fighters Abroad has stolen a big ship and is now taking it to Ivan. The journey will take some time, however, so stick with us on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 98: Adjusting to the New Ship

Season 3 Opening Theme:

Two days have passed. We go to the ship early in the morning. Lei is in a large kitchen preparing a lot of food. Knosse walks in after a couple of minutes.

Knosse: Is everything ready?
Lei: Pretty much. I'm just putting the finishing touches on breakfast.
Knosse: Sweet. I'm hungry as heck.
Lei: Could you walk a bowl of soup over to Lance a while?
Knosse: Yeah, sure.

Lei hands Knosse a bowl of soup and he goes outside with it. There Lance is controlling the helm of the ship with a cigarette in his mouth.

Knosse: Hey, Lance. I brought you some soup.
Lance: Thanks, Knosse. I'll take that off your hands.

Lance takes the bowl in one hand and begins to sip from it after taking his cigarette out of his mouth and throwing it over the side of the ship.

Lance: It's good. Tell Lei I said thanks.
Knosse: Will do. Hey, I haven't seen you smoke in a while.
Lance: I mostly smoked in my room in Zetsu. It made me feel more at home.
Knosse: Oh. Cool. Well, I'm gonna go eat now.

Knosse walks away and goes back into the kitchen. Food has been spread out for him to eat. He sits down at a table with Lei and they start eating.

Knosse: Where's X at?
Lei: *Sigh* The usual. He doesn't come out of his cabin very often.
Knosse: He should be resting, though.
Lei: I don't think that's the case here.

Meanwhile, in X's cabin, X is lying on his bed awake. He is staring at the ceiling with his hands tucked behind his head and his feet propped up. In his mind, he is re-living the moment that Julius breaks his arm over and over. He sits up and punches his bed in anger.

X: I need to get up. Maybe some food will take my mind off everything.

X exits his cabin and goes above deck. He sees Lance (who is still sipping his soup bit by bit).

Lance: Morning.
X: Hey. What's up?
Lance: Lei has made breakfast, if you want to eat now.
X: Thanks. I will.

X goes into the kitchen where Knosse and Lei have just finished their food.

Lei: Hey. We have plenty of food for you.
X: Thanks, Lei.

X begins to eat as the other two hang around.

Knosse: How about we have another hand to hand lesson today?
Lei: Sure. As soon as X finishes, we'll start sparring.

After X finishes his food, the three of them go out to the deck. They find an open space. Lance drops the anchor and they come to a stop.

Lance: It's fishing time.
Lei: OK. Let's do this quick sparring match first.
Knosse: Ready, Lei?
Lei: You know it.

Knosse charges for Lei and throws a punch. Lei easily catches his fist.

Lei: C'mon. Throw a punch with a purpose and not just to punch.
Knosse: I did. I wanted to punch you in the face.
Lei: *Sigh* That's not what I meant.

Lei quickly trips Knosse with a quick foot motion. Knosse gets up and holds his fists in a boxing like position. Lei puts up his guard and they stare each other down. All of the sudden, Lei throws a back hand and hits Knosse in the forehead. Knosse grabs Lei's arm with both of his hands.

Knosse: Ha! Gotcha!

Knosse pulls on Lei's arm, but he turns and punches Knosse in the side of the face with his other fist. Knosse hits the deck.

Lei: A nice move, but you had no idea how to run with it. What if I had a knife in that hand?
Knosse: I see. Damn it.
Lei: This style doesn't suit you, it seems. We'll have to find a more suitable art to teach you.
Knosse: Oh balls.
Lance: Haha. Maybe grappling is the right one. That can easily string into gun shots.
X: That would make sense.

A couple minutes later, Lance throws two fishing nets overboard.

Lance: Lei, do you want to watch the other one?
Lei: Sure.
Lance: Knosse, I need you to watch my net for just a minute.

Knosse does so as Lance leaves. A minute later, he comes back with multiple ropes and some metal hooks. He sets up a pulley system on each of the nets and ties them to the mast.

Lance: That should take care of the weight problem if we get a bit enough catch in one net.
X: Good thinking.

After a couple minutes...

Lance: OK, let's see what we got.

Lance and Lei pull up their nets. In each are a good amount of fish.

Knosse: Yay, more food.

Later that night, the four of them are sitting on deck, staring at the stars. Each of them are eating some fish cooked by Lei.

Lance: You know, my dad used to take me out at night like this to see the stars out in the middle of the ocean.
Lei: It's quite a view from out here. Almost breath taking.
Knosse: Yeah.
X: It's odd. We have no idea what stars really are. No one does. I wonder, will humanity ever get that far?
Lei: It's possible. Not in our lifetime, though.
Lance: Science is greedy. Always looking for more. Me, I'm content with what science we have.
Knosse: Why's that?
Lance: The pirate's life doesn't care about these new inventions unless they help our ships or firepower.
Knosse: I like having new things. That's just me.
X: I'm more of an old school person myself.
Lei: There are certainly dangers to new science. But think of all the diseases we can wipe out.
Lance: That's true. Vex's family died of a disease that spread around. Maybe science can get rid of that.

After they finish eating and talking, they each head back to their respective cabin and sleep.

It is taking some time to re-adjust to the ship life and adjust to the new ship. However, Fighters Abroad is not held back by this as they have their own resident pirate with them. Their adventures on the sea continue next (Well maybe not next) on Fighters Abroad!

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Chapter 99: Brothers Connected by Fate

[Sarzo - Throne Room]

In the throne room sits the leader of the Myjuto Forces, Sarzo's current "King". His figure is still sillouhetted. In front of him are three cloaked people bowed before him.

All three: Sir!

We can recognize each voice as Ento, Kyle and Nero in that order from left to right facing away from the king.

King: I have new orders for you. Things have begun to change in different continents.
Ento: What would you have us do?
King: Kyle, I need you to go to Ivan with Ento.
Kyle: Ivan? Me?
King: I have reason to believe the mercenary group is moving into the continent.
Kyle: I see. So you want me to intercept them. Then why do I need Ento to come with me?
King: You've never been to Ivan, correct?
Kyle: That is correct, sir.
King: Ento knows the area very well.
Ento: I was born there. Same with his majesty.
Kyle: You were born in Ivan as well?
King: Indeed I was.
Nero: What do you need from me, sir?
King: Information.
Nero: Well, you've come to the right person.
King: Dr. Conrad. He has been secured in the prison, am I correct?
Nero: You are. What about him?
King: He's a dangerous enemy. I need to know about him.
Nero: Dr. Conrad...he's one of two true genius in the world. He had been developing technology.
King: Have you secured that technology?
Nero: Unfortunately, when we arrested him, we couldn't find anything.
King: I see. Thank you. Now, back to business. Kyle, your first mission in Ivan is this.
Kyle: Yes?
King: I want you to personally excecute Claudius.
Kyle: Thank you! I will avenge my sister then.
King: If something should go wrong on your missions, I want you to come back. Ento, you must stay in Ivan either way.
Ento: What about Neese?
King: Shim and Jiron have that under control. Besides, Hiiro is there as well.
Ento: Very good. Nothing can stop us now.
King: You three can go now.
All three: Yes sir!

The three of them exit the throne room and go into a lounge room. The three of them take their hoods off. Ento has medium length black that is spiked back. He has a young light skinned face with brown eyes.

Kyle: I was surprised to hear that the two of you were born in Ivan.
Ento: Not just the two of us. Shim too.
Nero: Truly?
Ento: Zerin and I...are adopted brothers.
Kyle and Nero: WHAT?!
Ento: I was told that my parents couldn't take care of me and had to give me up for adoption.
Kyle: So the king's family took you in.
Ento: Correct. Shim was a childhood friend of ours.
Kyle: Shim never told me any of that.
Ento: It's all true.
Nero: Do you know anything about your real family?
Ento: I heard things. Like they're all dead except for one who was last spotted nearby Neese. Last I heard at least.
Kyle: That is unfortunate.
Nero: If you'll excuse me. I'll be right back.

Nero leaves the room, putting his hood back on.

Ento: Care to do some practice?
Kyle: Sure. Now that I know you weren't picked for your skills as number 1.
Ento: Hah. You're funny.

The two of them go to the arena room and go into one of the open arenas. A couple soldiers who were training before stop and look to the two of them.

Kyle: I'll make it easy on you and I won't use my weapon.
Ento: You'll need it against me. Either way, I'd rather this be a hand to hand practice.
Kyle: Fine then. As a bonus, neither of us takes off our cloaks.
Ento: Fun. Let's do it.

Kyle charges at Ento. He throws a punch, which is blocked by Ento's hand. Kyle throws a couple more punches, each which are dodged by Ento. Ento punches Kyle in the stomach quickly and retracts his hand. Kyle gets pushed back by this.

Kyle: What was that? That felt like two punches.
Ento: That's because it was two punches.
Kyle: ! That's impossible.

Ento runs to Kyle with incredible speed. He stops in front of Kyle and dashes to his right to avoid a punch from Kyle.

Ento: We'll make a deal. If you can land one punch on me, I'll buy us pizza. If not, you buy it.
Kyle: Fine. You shouldn't get so cocky though.
Ento: With my skills, I have the right. *Smiles*
Kyle: We'll see.

Both fighters run towards each other. Kyle jump kicks, but Ento ducks under it. Kyle throws a punch, and Ento block. Ento then punches Kyle in the face. He then backs up and readies himself. Kyle also readies himself. They both slowly walk towards each other. As they finally get close enough, Ento punches. Kyle is able to dodge this one and punches himself. Ento diverts the punch with two fingers and punches Kyle in the stomach three times quickly. He then uppercuts Kyle, which sends him to the floor.

Ento: Is that it? Your form is excellent, no doubt. But at your level of speed, you'll never hit me.
Kyle: I underestimated this man severely. He's so fast, but he hits just like me.
Ento: Well?
Kyle: I'm not done.

Kyle stands up and wipes blood off his mouth. He readies himself once again. Ento charges quickly. Kyle punches for Ento, but it is dodged. Ento throws a punch, but Kyle sidesteps and grabs his arm. This shocks Ento. Kyle consequently punches Ento in the face hard. This sends him to the floor instantly and tumbling across the arena. Ento stands up after a second.

Ento: Your punch well matches your description. You're known for your uncanny strength.

Ento wipes some blood off his mouth.

Ento: That was quite a hit. No time wasted either.
Kyle: Like I said before, you shouldn't get so cocky. You started getting predictable.
Ento: I did, didn't I? Well, a deal is a deal. Although, if this were a real fight, I'd have been more careful.
Kyle: I would hope, for your sake, that you would.

Back at the lounge room, Nero has re-entered.

Nero: ...I left for the bathroom only a couple minutes and they're gone. Damn young people.

A little bit later, Ento is seen entering the throne room. He smiles at King Zerin.

Zerin: Ento, you're back.
Ento: This doesn't feel right. Going back home without you.
Zerin: I'd like to go as well, believe me. Duty calls, however.
Ento: I know, brother.
Zerin: News has come from Hiiro. He spotted your biological brother.
Ento: He did?
Zerin: He defeated Hiiro in combat, it seems.
Ento: Ha. That would be someone from my family.
Zerin: ...He's also dead.
Ento: ...
Zerin: Vex, I believe his name was?
Ento: That would be it. My alleged twin brother.
Zerin: You met him once as adults, right?
Ento: Yes.

[Ivan - Unknown market - Unknown Time]

Narrator Ento: I had intel that he was at this market on a mission.

Vex is seen walking along a marketplace with his usual smiling self. He stops at a spot where there is a basket of apples. He picks up one, gives a silver coin to the man with the basket and takes a bite of the apple. Not long after, Ento walks up next to him and does the same thing.

Vex: So you're him.
Ento: My name is Ento.
Vex: I see. So you sent me the letter asking for mercenary help.
Ento: I did. You see, there is a group of bandits that I need help taking out.
Vex: I'm glad to be of help. Do you have any weapons on you?
Ento: Nope. Afraid not.
Vex: I have a spare short sword. Will that do?
Ento: Perfect.

Narrator Ento: Of course, I didn't really need any help. I just wanted a chance to fight beside him.

The two of them go to an open area where bandits are headed. There are about ten bandits.

Vex: This won't be hard.
Ento: I agree.

Vex draws his sword (the one currently with Lance) and Ento draws a short sword. They charge for the bandits and slash through four of them. Two each. They go back to back and fend off the other bandits. Finally, Ento cuts through two more and dashes with great speed to another. He stabs this bandits. Meanwhile, Vex cuts off the head of the last one.

Vex: You handled yourself extremely well. There's no way you needed my help.
Ento: I figured I'd get some help anyway. You never know.
Vex: I gotcha. Well good work.
Ento: You know, you look a lot like me.
Vex: I thought the same thing. Too bad my family is gone.
Ento: That's unfortunate. Why don't you tell me about it over ramen?
Vex: Alright. Sounds cool.


Ento: He told me everything that day.
Zerin: Is that right? Did he ever know it was you?
Ento: I told him afterwards. He was relieved to know there was one still alive.
Zerin: And that was it?
Ento: Yes. Unfortunately, we had to go our separate ways. I had hoped to see him again.
Zerin: That's very unfortunate.
Ento: Well, I have to get going now. I promised Kyle and Nero I'd be somewhere.
Zerin: Very well. Have a good night, brother.
Ento: Yeah. You too.

Ento exits the throne room.

Well, it seems a lot has been revealed to us. It turns out the late Vex is actually the twin brother of Ento, ranked first in the Myjuto Forces. And that's not all. Ento is also the adopted brother of King Zerin of Sarzo. It seems that Myjuto's ranked first has a lot to him. These are things you may want to keep in the back of your head, readers. As we prepare to go back to Fighters Abroad, they are approaching Ivan quickly. Stay tuned for the 100th chapter of Fighters Abroad!
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad   April 25th 2011, 3:34 pm

Chapter 100: X and Claudius - The Inseparable

It is early in the morning. Fighters Abroad is eating breakfast together.

Lance: We're almost to Ivan. Just one more full day at this speed.
Lei: That's a relief. I can't wait to get off this ship.
X: Yeah, me too.
Knosse: I suppose me as well.
X: Lance, do you know where the prison is?
Lance: I know it's somewhere in the middle of Ivan.
Lei: The middle? Why would they spread themselves out so thin?
Knosse: The cocky bastards.
X: Well either way it's better for us.

When they finish eating breakfast, they go outside. Knosse and Lei start stretching before facing off. Lance and X are walking together towards the fishing pulley system.

Lance: I'm interested. In your clan, what kind of practical skills did they teach you?
X: Not many. Most of our learning was elementary stuff. They wanted to teach us more of assassin techniques and the likes. My time in the Sarzo Mercenaries taught me more of that stuff.
Lance: Really now?
X: Yeah. When Claudius and I were out on missions, I learned how to cook and other useful things.
Lance: Nice. My parents basically taught me about survival since we're pirates and we have to know this kind of stuff.
X: You definitely seem handy in a lot of things. Your parents did a great job.
Lance: Thanks. Hey, you seem a bit lightheaded. Are you alright?
X: Yeah, I'm ok. Just kind of out of it.

All of the sudden, X puts his good hand on his chest where his heart is located. He starts to breath heavy for a couple seconds before going unconscious and falling to the floor.

Lance: X!

In the middle of hand to hand training between Lei and Knosse, they hear Lance and turn to the unconscious X. They run over to him. Lance puts two fingers on X's wrist.

Lance: He has a pulse. It's normal too.
Lei: Then why did he pass out?
Lance: I'm not sure. Let's get him to his cabin quickly. He probably needs to sleep it off.

We now switch to X, who is having a dream a couple seconds after falling unconscious. He is in a completely white area. He looks around to see nothing around and walks for a bit until he sees a figure moving towards him from a far.

X: No way. It can't be. Claudius!

Claudius comes into view, smiling at X.

Claudius: Hey there.
X: It's been a while. How are you?
Claudius: Well, considering I'm in prison, not amazing. You don't look so great yourself *Points to X's arm*
X: It got broken during a big fight. I'm still kicking myself for it.
Claudius: Is that right? Tell me everything. I'm interested in hearing.

All of the sudden, two chairs appear next to the two.

X: Woah. How did that happen?
Claudius: I'm not sure either.

The two sit down across from each other.

X: So ever since you left, we had to get out of the harbor.
Claudius: Well I'm glad my plan worked. You should have seen how many of them were there. We wouldn't have survived.
X: We got Lance in our group because of it.
Claudius: Ha. So he joined. Good. How has he been doing as a part of the group?
X: He's great. You did a good job scouting.
Claudius: You know it. So continue.
X: We had to go through a couple cities. But we found Master Hirai.
Claudius: Oh yeah? I'm jealous now.
X: Naith left the group not long after.
Claudius: Hahaha. That's just like him too. I'm sure he'll turn up sometime sooner or later.
X: Well after that, we had to go into the Kingdom of Zetsu for two months to get passage. We had to take place in a contest.
Claudius: Sounds like a lot of fun.
X: We met some friends and enemies there. For instance, I saw Morra there.
Claudius: Morra? You have to be kidding me.
X: I had to fight her in the contest.
Claudius: You kicked her ass, right?
X: Well I won, but she got a lot better.
Claudius: Wow. When I kicked her ass, she wasn't very good at all.
X: So anyway, we met another guy named Vex. He became a good friend of ours, especially Lance.
Claudius: Hmm...go on.
X: He actually joined Fighters Abroad too.
Claudius: Awesome.
X: We also ran into a Myjuto. Hiiro, ranked seventh.
Claudius: Haven't heard of him yet. What's his specialty?
X: He's an excellent staff user. He also knows hand to hand well. He beat Lei and Knosse.
Claudius: Truly now? That's one dangerous man.
X: So Vex got to the finals of the contest with Hiiro. Vex ended up winning.
Claudius: He must be a strong one.
X: He was better than all of us. Well, maybe not you.
Claudius: Maybe? I'm impressed.
X: Unfortunately though, Vex was killed in Zetsu by its king.
Claudius: ...I wanted to meet him too. Damn it.
X: We ended up fighting the king's forces. I ended up fighting the king myself. That's when I got my arm broken.
Claudius: Was he that good?
X: He was skilled, but his armor was too thick for my daggers and so he got me off guard.
Claudius: Damn. Sounds like a tough time for you.
X: Lance came in time and with the help of some other people, he killed the king of Zetsu.
Claudius: I had heard about a fiasco in Zetsu from some of the guards. Figures it was us.
X: Haha yeah. So we had to leave Zetsu behind now that we could get through. And so we stole a ship and here we are.
Claudius: Here? Where's that?
X: We're on our way to Ivan, of course. We'll be there in a day. We're coming for you.
Claudius: Oh? I see. Miss me too much?
X: Something like that.

The two of them laugh together at each other.

Claudius: I'm really glad that we could see each other again. Even if it is only in my dream.
X: Yeah. Wait, what did he just say? In "my" dream?
Claudius: I guess it's time to see how strong you've gotten over the past two or so months.
X: You want me to fight you like this?
Claudius: This is a dream, isn't it? Focus and see if you can restore your arm.
X: Alright.

X stands up, closes his eyes and his sling busts apart. He starts to move his arm around and then punches air with it.

X: You're right. Wow. It feels great.
Claudius: Glad to have helped. Now are you ready?

Claudius stands up as well. They move away from the chairs and face off.

X: Has your time in prison made you soft?
Claudius: Not likely, buddy.

( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsddt1QXgt0 ) Claudius dashes towards X and punches. X dodges this punch and punches Claudius twice in the chest. He then goes for a roundhouse kick, but that is dodged by Claudius. Claudius then palm strikes X which sends him sliding back far. X struggles but is able to regain his footing. X charges with a lot of speed. He jumps over Claudius and then punches. Claudius karate chops sideways to block the punch. He then makes a punch of his own, which is dodged by X. X gives Claudius three quick punches which makes him recoil back a bit.

Claudius: Not bad. You improved a lot.
X: You haven't improved at all.
Claudius: Or maybe I'm only able to be as good as you remember me.
X: That very well could be.

X charges again towards Claudius. Claudius takes a ready stance and then gives a kick. X slides under the kick and then gives a rising punch. Claudius dodges this and buries his palm into X's stomach. He then slams X down into the ground. X sweep kicks off the ground, but Claudius jumps over it. X then does another rising punch which catches Claudius in the air. He is hit in the jaw and is sent to the floor. Claudius rolls back and gets up quickly. They both walk towards each other slowly. When they reach each other, X is the first to strike. He punches forward, but Claudius grabs his arm. Claudius gives X a hard punch in the stomach which makes him hunch over in pain. Claudius then kicks X to the ground. *Theme stops*

Claudius: And just like that you went back to the old predictable X.
X: You always get me in that spot. Damn it.
Claudius: For a minute there, you had me guessing. At least you're working on it.
X: Thanks.

Claudius helps X up.

X: How come I can't ever win?
Claudius: You can.
X: We've sparred so many times, Claudius. I've never won.
Claudius: True, I have won every time. That doesn't mean you can't win, though.
X: You're better. You've always been. I couldn't measure up to you as a leader. I'm sorry.
Claudius: X, you are not me. You are your own person.
X: I know, but I've always had to be second in everything.
Claudius: What do you mean?
X: With Orzu, what happened? I got my ass kicked and you beat him.
Claudius: You loosened him up for me though. You had the advantage until he threw sand into your eyes.
X: That's not the point.
Claudius: I see.
X: In the Warrior's Battleground, who beat Tibi? You did.
Claudius: This is true. So what?
X: I was helpless. I was stuck in the medical room.
Claudius: So you want to say I'm a hero and you're nothing?
X: That's how I feel. Even when you weren't here, everyone else had to save me. When it wasn't you, it was Lance.
Claudius: Get your head out of your past, X.
X: What?
Claudius: You can't keep this up. Let me tell you something. In Sarzo, when we faced off against Jiron.
X: Yeah?
Claudius: If you hadn't been persistent and followed me, I would have been dead. Remember that.
X: ...I guess that's true.
Claudius: If you weren't there to help me with Orzu, I might have died. Remember, I had stepped on a shuriken, so I was temporarily unable to fight.
X: Ok...but if you weren't there, I would have died as well.
Claudius: So what? That just proves that we need each other. It's not just a one sided thing as you say.
X: How so?
Claudius: You have in your head that the measure of success is by how many villains you personally defeat.
X: ...
Claudius: Why do you think we're in a group? We need each other to survive this. On many of those missions we went on as mercenaries, I needed you to complete the assignment.
X: You always acted cocky like you didn't need my help.
Claudius: That was the old me. Truth is, I needed you more than you know. It's our unbreakable friendship that keeps me training harder and harder.
X: Claudius...you really mean that?
Claudius: You know it. You have your own strengths, X. Your speed is almost unmatched. You have much better stealth than I could ever have.
X: That's true. But you're so strong and level headed.
Claudius: That's why we work so well together. We have vastly different strengths. Listen to me carefully. You need to shed this inferiority mentality.
X: Master told me the same thing...
Claudius: Then listen to him. And listen to me. When I met you, there was no one you could trust because everyone had betrayed you. But it's not like that anymore. You have a whole team to trust and rely on.
X: You're right. It's hard, but I will try.
Claudius: That's the X I know. When next we meet, I hope you've become your own person and come out of my shadow.
X: Yeah. Me too.

The two of them begin fading.

Claudius: Looks like our time is up.
X: Yeah.
Claudius: It's been great, buddy.
X: Definitely. We're coming for you, Claudius. Sit tight. For once, I'm going to save you!
Claudius: I can't wait. See you soon.

The two of them high five and clasp hands. In due time, the two of them fade away.

Suddenly, we switch back to real time where X is lying asleep in his cabin. All of the sudden, the boat rocks and X flies off his bed and wakes up as he hits the floor.

X: What the...The boat is rocking like crazy. There must be a storm.

X goes above deck to see everyone doing different things to keep the ship stable during a big storm.

X: My team needs help. I'll start here, Claudius.

X runs over to Lance who is controlling the helm, trying to keep a straight course.

X: What can I do to help?
Lance: Great, you're up. The part of the mast is stuck up there.

Lance points about twelve feet up on the support beam where part of the mast is wrapped around the beam.

Lance: None of us can get high enough in this storm. We need someone fast enough who can run up the beam for a second and be able to jump up and grab the mast.
X: I'm on it.
Lance: Are you feeling up to it?
X: I'm feeling fine. My arm won't get in the way either.

X gets a reasonable distance away from the support beam. He then charges at it with great speed. He jumps up and takes a couple quick steps up the support beam and jumps off. He is able to grab the part of the mast and free it from the beam. All of the sudden, the ship starts moving faster and more smoothly through the storm as this part catches wind. X drops down and goes back to Lance.

Lance: You did it. Great job, X. Just help Lei with the rudder in the back and we're set.
X: Got it.

Not long after, the ship makes it safely out of the storm. The whole gang now rests along the side of the ship, exhausted.

Knosse: *sigh* That was crazy.
Lance: We couldn't have done this well without X's help.
X: Heh, it was my pleasure. Sorry I was asleep that long.
Lei: It's no trouble. You came through for us in the end, and that's all that counts.

A little later, land is in sight.

Lance: That's it. We've reached Ivan. Let's go.
X: Alright. Here we come, Claudius!

X has reunited with Claudius, if only in a dream. But was it more than a dream? We may never know. Anyway, with X's mending ego, he and the rest of Fighters Abroad are arriving at Ivan. The adventure continues in Ivan next on Fighters Abroad!

And now a word from Ryu...oh that's me.

When this fanfiction first started, I had the support of many of you. Saiyaman, Silver, Zero, AZX and Justin especially out of everyone. To you five, thank you for reading so faithfully and catching up when needing to. You've stuck with me to 100 Chapters and have seen this fiction jump to many heights, including winning the Best Fanfiction award on Mystic of 2010. Thank you to everyone who has read faithfully and I hope that you have enjoyed this piece of work so far.

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