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 Dragon Soul Special: History of Ramsey

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Special: History of Ramsey   October 27th 2013, 3:50 pm

Dragon Soul
History of Ramsey

The following takes place after the battle of White House.  It tells a tale of the great man known as Ramsey.  What kind of person is he?  How did he acquire his powers?  What lays hidden in his past, and can Mara really trust him?  Find out in the first ever Dragon Soul special. Warning!!!!! Don't read till after reading chapters 1-43!

Opening Theme:

We come into view of Ramsey’s mansion.  It is a bright spring morning.  It has been one month since the Battle of White House, and we see a car pulling into the property.  It rolls up to the house and stops in front of it.  Then out of the driver’s side door comes out Mara.  She gets out of the car and goes around to the front passenger door and opens it.  She seems to be helping someone get out, and we soon find out that it’s Ramsey.

Ramsey: I can’t believe it.  After all that time helping you around in your wheelchair, I would have never expected you to be helping me walk.
Mara: Yeah well the phoenix soul gave me a new body.  I look better than I have ever been, and I am even much stronger.  Most importantly, I can walk again.  Now let’s go inside the house.
Ramsey: All right.

They go into the house, and they spend the day relaxing.  Later that evening, they have a very romantic dinner.  Mara seems nervous though.  Ramsey begins to notice this.

Ramsey: What’s wrong Mara?  You have been very quiet tonight, and I even think your being very nervous.
Mara: It’s nothing.
Ramsey: Come on, Mara!  You can tell me anything, or ask me any question.
Mara: Well I want to know more about you.

Ramsey is quiet for a little bit.

Ramsey: Your wondering about how I was able to do all that stuff in the fight.  Well it is a very long and painful story.
Mara: I wouldn’t want to bring up any painful memories.
Ramsey: No!  You deserve to know the truth.  It started when I was young.  My mom died when I was four years old, so I was raised by my military crazed father.

We are now moving into Ramsey’s past.  We see a young Ramsey crying in front of a coffin, and a tall man in a military uniform is standing next to him.  It seems to be the funeral of Ramsey’s mother.  The man tries to comfort Ramsey.

????: Don’t worry son!  I am still here for you.
Ramsey: Why did she have to die?  Why?
Father: It was her time.  He stands up.  Begins to talk in a commander’s tone.  Attention!  From now on, Ramsey, you will spend every day toughening yourself up to be the ultimate soldier.  I feel that you’re destined for great things.
Ramsey: He didn’t know how right he was in saying that, but my life only got worse from then on.  We moved onto the base where my dad was stationed.  I spent the next six years in military training day care.  It was hell on earth.  It would have continued until I was 13, but something very strange happened that would change my life forever.  It started like any other day.

We come into view of a military base.  The sun is just barely peeking out over the horizon.  A loud bugle is being sounded off over the entire base.  All the young trainees get out of bed, and get dressed.  They start with morning workouts.  They jog, do push-ups, and do chin-ups.  While watching them, we see one boy who is very noticeable weaker than the other boys.  He falls down on the ground.  The commanding officer goes over to him.

Commander: Get up maggot!  I don’t care who you are and where you are from, because everyone must do the training.  Now get up Ramsey!

He gets up and we can now get a clear look at his face.

Ramsey: I’m sorry.  I just didn’t get any sleep last night.
Commander: Why would that be?

Ramsey is nervous about telling him the truth.  Then he looks over at the other boys.  The boys gives him an evil look.  Ramsey quickly turns his head back to the commander.

Ramsey: I just couldn’t get to sleep.
Commander: Get a move on!

Ramsey is forced to train harder and longer than any of the other boys.  It is now lunch time, and all the boys are in the dining hall.  Ramsey is in line getting his food.  He gets his food and goes to find a seat.  There aren’t any seats, so he goes outside.  He sits behind the dining hall on the ground.

Ramsey: Why did my father have to send me to this camp?  I haven’t left this place for years.  I haven’t even seen my dad in a year.

Just then, a messenger comes to Ramsey, and hands him a letter.  He opens it, and his face turns white.

Ramsey: It can’t be.  It says that my dad has been killed in combat.

Ramsey begins to cry.  The messenger finishes reading the letter.

Messenger: This also said that your father’s final wish was that your guardian is the United States government, and that you are to remain in military training for life.
Ramsey: What!?  That bastard!  I can’t believe he is forcing me to do this military crap.  Can this day get any worse?
Ramsey: If only I knew how worse it was going to get.  That day changed my life forever.  The kids who bullied me found out, and they bullied me even harder.  Then one day they pushed me too far.

We come into view of the training base.  Ramsey is on the track doing laps.  He finishes, and he takes a break on a bench.  A couple of the boys approach Ramsey.

Boy 1: Ramsey!  How does it feel to be a dad less weak loser?
Ramsey: Please stop!  Why can’t you guys leave me alone?
Boy 2: I think you need to be put in your place!

The boys start beating up Ramsey.  He tries to run, but they manage to surround him.

Boy 3: Now we have you!
Boy 4: There isn’t anywhere for you to go!  Let’s get him!

The boys close in around Ramsey.  Ramsey is getting more and more desperate.  He tries to run, but he doesn’t have anywhere to go.  He prays for his life, and then he makes one last attempt to run.  This time he tries to jump over them.  Just then he jumps as high as he can, but somehow he keeps going higher and higher.  He seems to be jumping in mid-air.   He goes higher and higher until he reaches the top of the nearest tree.  The boys run screaming.

Ramsey: What!?  How did I just do that?  Will it work again?

He jumps off the tree, and he tries to jump in mid-air.  He successfully pushes off the air and starts jumping around the air.  The boys return with the commanding officer.  His face is that of shock.

Commander: What the hell is going on?  How is that even possible?  I’m going to have to send word to the general.
Ramsey: My life changed.  I was sent off to a special training camp for the gifted.  The training was very hard, and I learned even more about my powers.  Then when I was sixteen, I was approached by a strange man.

We change our view to a secret training facility.  Ramsey is alone in the training room.  He is lifting weights.

Ramsey: I am so tired of this training.  All they have me do is train.  I can’t have any contact with the outside world.  The last three years have felt more like prison.
????: Are you ready for more?
Ramsey: Who’s there?

A strange man wearing a black suit appears.

????: My name is agent Ramsbottom.  I work for the government.
Ramsey: You here to tell me to keep up the training, and one day it will mean something.  If so, then I don’t want to hear it.  All you government types are the same.
Ramsbottom: I work for a secret government organization who oversees a special ops team.
Ramsey: Let me guess.  You’re here to tell me that once I have finished my training and have mastered my powers that I will be able to join your special ops team.
Ramsbottom: You’re half right.  If you wouldn’t mind, I would like a demonstration of your powers.
Ramsey: Fine!  It’s not like I had anything better to do.  Try to hit me!

Ramsbottom tries to hit Ramsey, but he is dodging him like paper in the wind.

Ramsbottom: What was that?
Ramsey: I call it my Paper Arts.  Now pick up that gun and fire it at me.

Ramsbottom reluctantly picks up the gun and begins to fire.  Ramsey just sits there, and takes the bullets.  Ramsbottom picks up a bigger gun and tries to hit Ramsey with it, but Ramsey dodges with incredible speed.  Then he jumps into the air.  Ramsbottom tries to hit him, but he starts jumping in mid-air.  He appears to be walking on air.  Ramsbottom is shocked at what Ramsey is doing.

Ramsbottom: That was amazing!  What were those powers?
Ramsey: The first power is called iron body, and it makes my body as hard as iron.  Then I use my shave power which allows me to move at great speed.  Then I used my moonwalk to literally walk in mid-air.  Now for the last three we will move to the target range.

They head over to the range where many targets are set up.  They stop at set of three dummies.  One is made of steel, the other is concrete, and the last is made of a material that simulates the human body.  Ramsey goes over to the life like dummy, and he makes a few quick jabs.  This leaves finger size holes all over the body.  Then he goes over to the concrete dummy.  He does a quick kick in front of the dummy which doesn’t hit it.  All of a sudden a blade of air forms where he had struck and hits the dummy.  This slices the dummy in half.  Finally he goes over to the steel one.  He forms two fists, and he puts them together.  He goes to strike the dummy, but stops just short.  When this happens a blast of pressure hits the dummy leaving a huge hole in the dummy.

Ramsbottom: That was amazing!  What do you call those?
Ramsey: First was the Finger Pistol.  I use that instead of a gun.  Then there was the Tempest Kick.  I use that instead of a sword.  If you’re wondering, the last one is used instead of a cannon.  I call it the Six King Pistol.  That is the most powerful, because it uses the other six powers together to form one devastating attack.
Ramsbottom: I have seen enough!  You’re hired!
Ramsey: What!?
Ramsbottom: I came here to recruit you for my special ops team.
Ramsey: If you haven’t heard, I don’t take orders from anyone.
Ramsbottom: Don’t worry!  You will be the leader of the team, and the only person you report to is me.  This team has been around for a long time.  You would form the ninth generation of this team.
Ramsey: What is this team called?
Ramsbottom: Cipher Pol no. 9, or CP9 for short.
Ramsey: Well I guess it’s better than being stuck in here.  We have a deal.
Ramsbottom: Great!

They leave to finalize the deal.

Ramsey: I was so glad to finally get out of that prison.  I spent the next three months collecting a team and training them for our first mission.  There were eight members which included our leader Ramsbottom.  We were sent on many missions that the U.S. government didn’t want on their hands.  The first year was a great success.  Then things got complicated.

We come into view of an island.  It seems to be very tropical and secluded.  As we move in, buildings begin to peak through the trees.  It seems that a whole base has been built on the island.  There doesn’t seem to be a lot of people on the island.  A woman can be seen doing some training outside.  She seems to really be working hard.  Ramsey is seen coming out from one of the buildings, and stops to watch the girl train.  Upon closer look, she is tall with green eyes and short brunette hair.  She seems very athletic and flexible.  She is wearing skin tight yoga pants, running shoes, and a sports bra.

????: Do you always have to watch me train?  I can’t believe that you don’t have anything else to do.
Ramsey: Your skills of perception are getting better.  I was trying not to be seen or heard.  Why do you always have to criticize your team leader, Emma?
Emma: Well, you always seem to be enjoying yourself instead of training or planning.  This team has been together for a year now, and I haven’t seen you do any training at all.  You haven’t even done much on the missions.  You are there one minute and gone the next.  We then don’t see you till the end of the mission.  I heard you had some special skills which made you perfect to lead this team.

Ramsey just walks over to a lounge chair and sits down.  He thinks for a second.

Ramsey: First of all, I do plenty.  I help to train everyone on this team.  Also, I make sure that our missions are even possible.  A lot of our missions were impossible, but thanks to my unique skills we have been able to complete them.  Some of those weren’t even possible for any of the previous generations.  I just hope you all appreciate what I do.
Emma: Well I just think that you should be more present.  As far as I know, I could be stronger than you.  I am the vice-captain after all.
Ramsey: Then let’s spar.
Emma: I won’t hold back, so don’t complain when I hurt you.
Ramsey: I won’t.

They go over to the sparing field.  They take their stances and begin to stare one another down.

Ramsey: Ladies first.
Emma: You don’t have to be so chivalrous; I can handle my own in a fight.

Emma charges at Ramsey and starts to throw punches.  Ramsey blocks them all.  This get Emma mad, so she starts mixing in some kicks.  Ramsey now starts using his paper arts ability to doge her attacks.  This freaks Emma out, but she keeps up her attacks.  Unfortunately, she can’t land a blow.  She is now tired and breathing heavy.

Emma: (heavy breathing) Why didn’t you attack me?
Ramsey: Well I wanted to give you a fair shot at me.  Now I must test your skills.

Ramsey starts attacking Emma.  She is having trouble dodging.  Emma gets hit, but she isn’t really hurt.

Emma: What was that?  You don’t even seem to be trying.
Ramsey: Well I didn’t want to hurt you.  If I were to go all out against you, then you would be in the hospital for months.
Emma: I don’t believe you!  Just come at me with all you got, because I am not afraid of you or anybody!
Ramsey: Remember that you asked for it.

Ramsey powers up and he charges at Emma with great speed.  Emma can’t even follow his movements.  Ramsey appears in front of Emma and he strikes at her.  Before he hits, he stops, and the force of the attack sends her flying.  The ground is ripped apart.  Emma gets up, and seems to have been extremely shaken up.

Emma: How the hell did that happen?  I was sent back by a shock wave, and it ripped up the whole arena.  You were even able to move faster than my eyes could follow.
Ramsey: I told you that I was good.
Emma: That was the best display of technology ever!
Ramsey: What do you mean?
Emma: There is no way that you could have moved that fast or have been that powerful.  You used some sort of weapon to create a shockwave, and a cloaking device to sneak up on me.

Just then the ground begins to crumble.  The hole in the ground is getting bigger, and is threatening to swallow both Ramsey and Emma.  They are standing on opposite sides of the hole.

Emma: What should we do?
Ramsey: We need to run in the opposite direction of the cracking.
Emma: That isn’t possible anymore.  The ground behind us has also fallen.  What now!?  I’m so scared!
Ramsey: I’ll come and get you!
Emma: How!?

The ground around Emma breaks and she falls.  As she falls, you can see that the bottom of the hole is covered in spiky rocks.  Emma is screaming as she falls, and she closes her eyes in order not to see her demise.  Just when she lost hope she feels arms grab her and lift her up.  Now it seems that she isn’t falling, so she opens her eyes.  She is above the ground overlooking the crater, and she is in the arms of Ramsey.

Emma: I don’t know how he did it, but he rescued me.  You know from this angle he does look cute.
Ramsey: Are you okay?  I was so worried!
Emma: I fine thanks to you.

They stare at each other for little.  The tension becomes so great that they close in on each other and kiss.  The kiss is long with lots of tongue.

Ramsey: From then on in we began dating one another.  It was funny because that was the one and only day that we were alone on the island.  The others were out on a minor mission that didn’t require our help.  This relationship of ours made work much more complicated.  This went on for two years, but then the fateful day came.  I was preparing to set up the perfect day to propose to her, and something horrible happened.

We come into view of the island.  Ramsey is in a remote part of the island.  He seems to be preparing for a date with Emma.

Ramsey: Okay, everything is all set for her arrival.  Then after the date is over, I will ask her to marry me.  I think I hear her coming.  The team must have finished the mission early.  I had did my part, and then I rushed back to prepare this all for her.  Hello sweetie pie!

He turns to see Ramsbottom.

Ramsey: What are you doing here?
Ramsbottom: I came to tell you that the mission was failed.  The other members have been captured.  You must hurry to their location quick in order to rescue them.
Ramsey: I thought that if I took out that one facility that they would be okay.
Ramsbottom: Well that was only a setup by their organization.  Now hurry!

Ramsey doesn’t even give him time to see him off.  Ramsey is already gone.  He is using shave and moonwalk to quickly head to the organization’s base.  He arrives to their base in the desert.  There are many guards all over the place.  He charges in with great force which grabs the attention of all the soldiers.

Ramsey: I will destroy you all!  Now let me through!
Soldiers: Never!  Get him!

They start shooting at him, but he breaks through the crowd.  He makes it to the main building, and busts in through the front door.  The entire wall comes down as well.  In the building is a large group of soldiers who start firing their weapons.

Soldiers: Let’s get him!  Don’t forget to call for backup!

Ramsey tries to break through them, but there are too many.  More soldiers keep piling into the building.  Ramsey is eventually confronted by what looks to be the leader.

Ramsey: Are you the leader?
Big Soldier: I could be.
Ramsey: Tell me where my team is now!
Big Solider: You will have to beat me.
Ramsey: That won’t be hard.

He powers up, and then he starts to attack the big soldier with great force.  The soldier seems to be able to keep up with Ramsey.  The soldier starts hitting back, and Ramsey is over whelmed.  This doesn’t stop him from giving it his all.

Ramsey: How can you keep up with my speed and power?  I have powers that no human can match.
Big Soldier: I am just an experiment.  Your team has been taking out our people and associates for too long.  To stop you, we started to create a super soldier serum.  Now with its completion, we will be able to take over the world.
Ramsey: I will never let you do that.
Big Soldier: I would like to see you try.
Ramsey: SHAVE!

He disappears from sight and then appears behind the soldier.


Ramsey hits the soldier in the back with many hits.  Blood is now covering the back of the soldier.  Ramsey steps back to allow him to fall.  His eyes are shocked to see that the hits had barely broken the skin.

Ramsey: How did you survive my attack?
Big Soldier: My muscles have been genetically enhanced to be as hard as steel.
Ramsey: Then I will have to use my other techniques.  He powers up again.  TEMPEST KICK RAPID FIRE!

Ramsey flurry of kicks blast away at the soldier, but once again it doesn’t do much damage.

Big Soldier: I told you that it was useless.  You’re too weak to beat me.
Ramsey: I will show you that I’m not weak.  SIX KING PISTOL!

Ramsey’s attack hits with incredible force.  The soldier is sent flying.  Ramsey is very tired, but happy that he defeated the soldier.

Ramsey: That wasn’t so hard.  Now give me my friends.
????: Not so fast!

Ramsey turns around to see a whole group of super soldiers.

Super Soldier: He wasn’t the only one.  He was PX-10.  There are one thousand more where he came from.
Ramsey: Who are you?
Super Soldier: I am the original test subject who is the strongest.  I am PX-0.
Ramsey: Where is my team?
PX-0: They are right here.

Just then the floor opens up, and a cage comes out of the floor.  It is surrounded by more super soldiers.  Ramsey is horrified by the sight of what was inside.  The bodies of all of his team mates were bloody and unmoving.  He then notices that Emma isn’t in the cage.

Ramsey: What did you do to them, and where is Emma?
PX-0: We needed information out of them, so we tortured them.  When we mentioned that this was a trap for you, the girl went berserk.  Now we the members of the Pacifista division weren’t even challenged by her attempts to escape.
Ramsey: WHERE IS SHE!?

PX-0 points at the floor.  Emma comes out of the ground.  She is tied to a pole, and is also very bloody.  She wakes up, and she sees Ramsey’s horrified face.

Emma: (weak voice) I’m sorry, but I failed to complete the mission.  I wasn’t even able to protect the others, and now they are dead.
Ramsey: Don’t talk!  Save your strength!  I will come, and get you!
PX-0: I’d love to see you try.

Ramsey powers up to his max, and makes a huge charge for Emma.  He is being blocked by the other Pacifistas.  He tries to break through, but he can only knock back a few.  He keeps getting closer, and is about to reach her.  Then PX-0 rips her from the pole and holds her in his hands.

PX-0: So close, but I won’t let you get her that easily.  Now hold him down, because I would like you to see this.

The other Pacifistas work together to hold Ramsey down and they position his head to face Emma and PX-0.  PX-0 holds her in the air by her neck.  Emma turns to Ramsey with tears in her eyes.

Emma: I love you.

Just then PX-0 puts his fist through Emma’s body.  She twitches for a couple of seconds, and then her body goes limp.  PX-0 removes his hand from her body and then he throws it in front of Ramsey.  He is crying very hard, but at the same time he is getting very angry.

PX-0: That was so anti-climactic.  I thought that at the sight of your dead girlfriend’s body you would at least yell at me.  I guess that I was wrong.  Please dispose of the trash.  The boss wants this sight cleaned up quick.

The Pacifistas get ready to strike when there is a sudden burst of energy coming from Ramsey.  This pushes all the Pacifistas off him and sends them flying.

PX-0: What the hell is this?

Ramsey’s body seems to be going through a transformation.

PX-0: What have we unleashed?

We change our view to the outside.  We are looking at the base from a sky view.  Then all the sudden there is a huge explosion.  The base is completely destroyed.  We see what looks like a hulking dark blue monster.  It seems to be leaving the site with the bodies of the dead CP9.  We change our view to the CP9 headquarters.  Ramsbottom is pacing back and forth on the island.  Then a huge monster falls from the sky.  This creates a huge dust cloud.  Ramsbottom only get a brief look at the monster before it begins to transform.  It turns into Ramsey.  Ramsbottom is confused, but then he sees the dead bodies of the other team members.  Ramsey falls onto his knees and begins to cry a lot.

Ramsey: That was the worst day of my life.  All my friends and the love of my life had been killed.  There wasn’t anything that I could do.  For the next few months, I had trouble controlling my anger, and I kept transforming into the beast.  The government dubbed it, the Angel of Death.  I decide to retire from work, bought a house on the outskirts of Vegas.  I had the graves of my friends and Emma moved onto this estate.

We change our view to the present.  Mara and Ramsey are in the far back of the property.  They are in front of some grave stones.

Mara: They just let you leave.
Ramsey: No.  There were some conditions.  First, I had to wear special bracelets that would suppress the beast.  Also, I had to promise not to reveal anything from my time in the service of the government which included my powers.  If I did this they would pay me a lot of money for the rest of my life.
Mara: So that explains why you have so much money, and why you had to lie to me about your life before.
Ramsey: I decided to be a physical therapist to help people.  I was able to use my powers to help people heal.  I thought that I had left the life of action for good, but just when I thought I was out you pulled me back in.
Mara: I didn’t mean to.
Ramsey: Don’t worry about it.  I think that it was fate.  Everything that has happened has made me who I am today.  I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  Now let’s get back to training.
Mara: Okay.

Mara runs back to the house.  Ramsey just stands there staring at the grave stones.  He goes over to the big one in the middle, and he leaves a bouquet of flowers.  He then walks away.  We look at the stone, and we see a name on it.  It says here lies Emma the love of my life.  We change our view to outer space.  There is a space craft heading towards earth.  A mysterious dark figure is seen from inside.

????: Sir, we were able to confirm the deaths of both Werner and Lucius.  Should we begin our descent on earth?

He seems to be talking to an even larger dark figure.

????: Yes!  Contact the invasion force and tell them to be on standby.  I want them to be ready for the attack on earth.
Minion: Yes sir!

The large dark figure begins to laugh at the thought of invading earth.  We now go to black, and this song is heard,

Ramsey has had a very hard life.  So many people have died, and betrayed him.  He has many scars on his heart, and he doesn’t know if they can be healed.  Mara does plan to try.  Will she be able to heal Ramsey’s heart?  Who was the mysterious dark figure, and What are his plans?  Will Mara be able to stop him?  Find out next time on the arc 3 premiere of Dragon Soul.
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Dragon Soul Special: History of Ramsey
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