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 Fighters Abroad Movie 2

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PostSubject: Fighters Abroad Movie 2   May 5th 2014, 12:50 pm

Fighters Abroad Movie 02: The Origins of the Myjuto Forces Part 1

Attention all readers. Knowledge up to Chapter 149 is required to fully appreciate the information and the story presented in this special. All of this is canon information and reading this is vital to the main story. Enjoy.

Helena has a cup for each of the Fighters Abroad members on a table and is pouring tea into each cup. She has each cup on a tray and picks it up. She brings it over to the group, who takes a cup one by one, each thanking her for the tea. When she herself sits down, we can see that her hands are trembling just a little.

Conrad: Itís not going to be easy telling us this, is it?
Helena: No.
Conrad: I understand, you love your child. Thereís nothing wrong with that.

Helena stays silent for a few moments.

Helena: Iíve told you briefly about the Foundation. But you see, Zerin had been away. Ento and Shim were with him, of course. What they were doing, I can only imagine. But they came back to Ivan about five years ago.

[Ivan Port Ė Five Years Ago]

A mid-sized ship docks at the port and we see Zerin, Ento and Shim on it. Zerin doesnít have any facial hair. They are all wearing green cloaks like this ( http://i59.tinypic.com/6enbjs.jpg ) with khaki colored long pants. Zerin noticeably has a sword hilt popping up from his back.

Shim: Home at last.
Ento: Brother, has it been a year? It has felt like much longer.
Zerin: I know. Letís go back to Helvetica. Mother will certainly throw a feast for our return.

As they step out of the ship and onto the docks, three soldiers in thick steel armor stop them.

Soldier: Halt! State your purpose!
Shim: Who are you and under what authority do you stop us?
Soldier: You donít know who we are? Then you are travelers? Travelers are not allowed here.
Ento: Actually, weíre residents of Ivan. Now tell us who you are. Weíre a bit impatient today.
Soldier: We hold the authority of the Foundation of Ivan. Now you will all be taken into custody for further questioning.
Ento: Why youÖ!

Zerin puts his hand in front of Ento to stop him.

Zerin: Stop.
Ento: Brother?
Zerin: You were about to attack these people, right?
Ento: Ö
Zerin: You left your weapon in Neese, remember?
Ento: *sulks* You donít have to remind me. Not like I need a weapon to take these jokes out.
Zerin: We canít be reckless, Ento. *Smirk* No, I will take care of this myself.

This surprises both Shim and Ento.

Shim: You mean youíre actually getting involved?
Zerin: They caught me in a good mood.

Zerin puts his hand on his sword hilt. The soldiers react to it and ready their spears. When they jab at him, he easily dodges them and moves behind them. He then starts to draw his sword slowly. When he draws it completely, we see a large claymore ( http://previewcf.turbosquid.com/Preview/Content_2009_07_13__23_51_28/claymore.jpgA80DB898-E081-227F-DA2961121417A80C.jpgLarger.jpg only a little wider). He points it towards them with one hand.

Soldier: You plan to fight all three of us one handing that huge weapon? Please, youíll never even touch the surface of our armor.

Zerin quickly moves towards them, surprising them. He swings the sword sideways with one hand as fast as if someone was wielding a knife. There is a pause and then the armor that they were wearing is cleaved in two and all three of them have been bisected by this one swing.

Zerin: Letís go.
Ento: Right. Shim, can you lend me one of your swords?
Shim: Forget it.
Ento: Damn. Guess Iíll have to take one of these meanwhile.

Ento grabs one of the spears that the soldiers dropped. He twirls it a few times.

Ento: Itís definitely made in mass production. Itís easy to use, but not bad in quality.
Shim: Just what is this ďFoundation of IvanĒ anyway?
Zerin: I donít know, but weíre going to find out one way or another.
Ento: Guys, please donít ignore me. *sulks*
Shim: Look alive, Ento. I hope you didnít forget your skills in Neese too.
Ento: If I did, itís to help you catch up to me, Shim.
Zerin: There will be time to argue strength later. Right nowÖ

When we zoom out, there are soldiers wearing the same armor that have swarmed the area.

Zerin: We have to clear the docks.

Shim reaches to her sides and takes out two Egyptian style swords ( http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m10p75RKUV1rrjmgoo1_1280.jpg )

Zerin: Letís clear in one minute. Is that reasonable?
Ento: You are too generous, brother.
Shim: We could do it in half the time if you had your proper weapon.
Ento: Enough with the weapon. I get it, Iím a forgetful guy when it comes to weapons. I forge them myself, so I donít care anyway. Iíll just make another one. Or did you two forget who forged your weapons?
Shim: Heh. You have a point there.
Zerin: The clock is ticking.

They all ready their weapons and at the same time, they all rush forward with blinding speed. They crash into the crowd of soldiers and they just keep falling rapidly. We canít even get a proper read on what is happening. But before we know it, every last soldier is dead.

Shim: How was that?
Zerin: 45 seconds. Not bad.

Ento picks up some of their spears and a chest plate.

Ento: This will do just fine for my new weapon. †I think Iíll make a curved sword this time. By the wayÖwhere are all the people?
Shim: This mystery keeps getting deeper.
Zerin: We lingered too long. Let us go and make sure our home is okay.
Ento and Shim: Right.

When they make their way back to their home city of Helvetica, there is a guard in similar armor guarding the entrance.

Zerin: Damn these people.
Ento: We have to free our home from these people.
Zerin: We have to find out whatís going on first. Ento, go back to the last town and go forge your weapon. Shim, I want you to have eyes on everything that is going on here. Iím going to Mother and Father to make sure they are safe.

Shim and Zerin infiltrate by climbing over the wall where it is partially falling apart. Zerin is seen dropping down and we follow him to his house. He enters hastily and sees Helena sitting on the chair that she is currently sitting on during narration.

Helena: Zerin?!
Zerin: Thank God youíre safe.

Helena stands up and they hug. Helena starts to sob with happiness. After just a minute, Zerin wastes no time getting straight to the point.

Zerin: What is going on here? What is this Foundation?
Helena: Itís awful, Zerin! They have taken over this entire continent!
Zerin: What?! How could we have not heard about this?
Helena: I donít know.

Helena goes on to explain how there are many people forced into slavery in major cities and other towns.

Zerin: FatherÖwas he one of the ones who perished?
Helena: Iím sorry, Zerin. He did.

He balls up his fist and we see him grind his teeth in anger.

Zerin: This worldÖit hasnít changed at all since then.
Helena: ZerinÖ
Zerin: But I will change it. This world will one day be under my rule. And we will make Neese and Drek suffer for all the things theyíve put us through.

After a moment of silence, he looks at Helena.

Zerin: Your arm, let me see it.
Helena: You can tell just by looking at it?
Zerin: Is it broken?
Helena: It was. But Iím okay now, really.
Zerin: No, youíre not. Youíve become malnourished as well. Now is not the time to put up a front. Iím going to make everything better. Are you done working for the day?
Helena: Yes. Why?
Zerin: You can sleep in tomorrow. *smiles* I have a feeling there will be a lot of people calling in sick.

Later that night, we see Zerin leaned up against the outside wall. He is resting, but he is still awake. He hears some footsteps and opens his eyes to see Ento walking towards him.

Zerin: Did you complete your new weapon?
Ento: You bet.
Zerin: Let me see.

Ento pulls out his new blade ( http://www.wetanz.com/assets/Uploads/Telmarine-Falchion.jpg ). He tosses it to Zerin, who examines it closely.

Zerin: Youíve improved quite a bit, it seems. This blade seems flawless. It is the sharpest blade Iíve seen you make.
Ento: Thanks. Iíll polish up your blade as soon as this is over.
Zerin: Deal.
Ento: What about Mother and Father? Are they okay?
Zerin: Things arenít good. Mother is not healthy andÖ
Ento: *Saddened* Dad didnít make it, huh? Who are these bastards?!
Zerin: Theyíve taken over the continent it seems.
Ento: That ends now.
Zerin: Yes. We will strike tomorrow morning.
Ento: Why? We can strike now and get it over with!
Zerin: I understand your anger, brother. And Iím sure even in our conditions we could take out every single one of them. But the time is not correct. Night has already fallen and many of the civilians are in their homes and some already sleeping.
Ento: So you want to make this a public display then.
Zerin: Precisely. I have some choice words that everyone needs to hear. We will show the Foundation no mercy; mark my words, brother.

They both hear someone step on the top of the wall and look up to see Shim. She drops down next to them.

Shim: All activity has ceased in the city.
Zerin: Thank you. That will be all.
Shim: Whatís the plan?
Ento: We will attack tomorrow morning.
Shim: I see. You have a good reason for that, right?
Zerin: Yes. Letís get some sleep now. We have traveled far and sleep wasnít great for any of us while at sea.

They all slump up against the wall and sleep. Early next morning, they are seen walking side by side to the front entrance. Sure enough, there is another guard.

Guard: Halt! What business do you have with this city?
Zerin: We have come to reclaim this city. No amount of soldiers you may have will stop us. And we are beyond negotiations. Every single one of you bastards will die within this hour.
Guard: With only three of you? You wonít make it two minutes with the amount of people we have here occupying Helvetica.
Ento: Brother, may I?
Zerin: Yes. You may initiate the flames of war, Ento.

Ento pulls out his new sword.

Shim: Oh? Is that your new blade?
Ento: Yeah. Letís try it out on this guy.
Guard: Need backup!
Ento: Too late!

Ento charges too quickly and stabs clean through the steel armor and makes a clean exit.

Ento: Oh yeah, this will do just fine.

The other two draw their swords. The guard falls and dies as Ento pulls the sword out of his body.

Zerin: Donít stop until every one of them is dead! Protect all civilians as well. You guys know what to do.
Ento and Shim: Yeah!

They charge through the entrance and separate. Shim takes the right side of the city, Ento the left and Zerin the middle. We follow Shim first. Some soldiers blockade the way, but she easily swipes both of her swords and cleaves all of their heads off in one motion. She spots some soldiers whipping civilians and heads straight for them. They turn around, but canít react in time for Shim to cut through them quickly.

Woman: Shim?
Shim: Youíre all safe now. Come to the marketplace in an hour.

Shim keeps on running. We quickly switch to Ento. He is passing a few civilians and then stops.

Ento: Come to the marketplace in an hour, this city will be free!

He keeps running when a soldier tries to get in front of him. He quickly slices through him and bisects him. He stops in front of Helenaís house and opens the door.

Ento: Mother?!
Helena: Ento!
Ento: I donít have much time. But come to the marketplace in an hour. Stay here until then. We have some unfinished business with this Foundation.
Helena: Thank you, Ento.

He quickly closes the door and keeps moving. But eight soldiers who had caught up while he talked to Helena quickly surround him.

Soldier: You have nowhere to run.
Ento: Donít mistake this for anything else than slaughter! All of you bastards will pay for what youíve done!

Ento mercilessly cuts each soldier down while casually dodging each of their spears and swords.

Ento: I have never been injured in battle. I donít plan on breaking that streak here.

Meanwhile, Zerin has made it to the large fountain. It doesnít have the statues of course. Soldiers swarm the area and surround him.

Soldier: He is wielding a great sword. Once he swings, heíll be open for attack.

The soldiers all go after him at the same time, but Zerin does a 360 spin to cut through the entire front row of soldiers. One from the second row thrusts a spear. Zerin cuts through it with his sword and then swings the opposite way to kill a soldier who was about to attack. The remaining ten or so back off a little.

Soldier: How can he swing such a huge sword around so quickly?!
Zerin: We humans have the capacity for the greatest of feats, or the vilest of deeds. That is quite evident with our clashing, is it not?

They start to run away in the same direction.

Zerin: As if you can escape from me.

Zerin out speeds them and cuts through all of them with one swing. Some of the civilians begin to come out.

Man: Itís himÖhas he come to save us? Or kill us himself?
Zerin: The marketplace in one hour. Your fate will be decided there. Until then, I must go.

About an hour passes and we go to Shim again, who is closing in on the marketplace. The civilians have gathered, but there are three soldiers that are trying to break up the crowd.

Shim: Oh no you donít!

Shim blitzes forward and just as she reaches one of the soldiers, she cuts through him. At the same time, we see that Ento and Zerin have also arrived and cut the other two.

Ento: Looks like we all made it at exactly the same time.
Shim: Not a second too late.
Zerin: The time is now.
Shim: Zerin?

Zerin finds an ox cart nearby and stands on top of it. He has his sword in hand still. The civilians all turn to him and look. Some begin whispering about him, knowing who he is. Some look at him with shame. He puts his hand out and everyone quiets down. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9z8t6k3liU )

Zerin: People of HelveticaÖof my homeland. You once shunned me, regarded me as less than human. You drove me away from your stores, and you even attacked me at times. But that is all in the past. You have all experienced the same pain that I have felt. You and IÖwe are not so different anymore. Because I understand your pain and you understand mine, we now have a common goal. This Foundation of Ivan has overstayed its welcome in this continent. We will crush them without mercy! What happened in the past will stay in the past! I hold nothing against you, my people! All our sins towards each other mean nothing now. This city has a long history of violence towards each other. That stops now! We must all band together and destroy the real enemy. We cannot stop until every last one of them has been ground to dust. Will you fight for Ivan? What say you?!

Almost immediately the people begin cheering loudly. *Theme Stops* We see some people crying out of sheer happiness. Zerin raises his blade high into the air. Shim and Ento are seen smiling. Helena is seen among the crowd with a tear of happiness in her eye.

Zerin: Now! That establishment they have built on the hill. Let us destroy it and rebuild one as a symbol of our freedom!
Crowd: YEAH!!!!!

The crowd begins to move with Zerin towards the north part of the city. Ento and Shim stay behind to where some of the older civilians, including Helena, have also stayed behind.

Ento: Mother!
Helena: Ento! Shim!

They meet up and Ento hugs his mother. Following that, Shim gives her a hug as well.

Shim: Youíre free now. Everything is going to be okay.

Sometime later, we see Zerin looking at the sight of a building being dismantled. He is later joined by Shim, Ento and Helena.

Zerin: This is just the beginning.
Ento: Weíre with you all the way.
Helena: Well, to celebrate your return, I will make a feast for dinner.
Zerin: I canít wait to taste your cooking again after so long.

End Part I
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad Movie 2   May 5th 2014, 12:51 pm

Fighters Abroad Movie 02: The Origins of the Myjuto Forces Part 2

The four of them are now at the house, sitting at a dinner table. They have all cleaned their plates.

Zerin: Just like old times. That was delicious, Mother. Thank you.
Helena: Youíre welcome.
Shim: Now, letís break out the wine.
Zerin: Wine? We havenít had any since we finished our training.
Ento: Itís all right, bro. One glass wonít hurt us. Itís not like we have any vow to keep.
Zerin: Youíre right. It is a special occasion. Letís drink tonight.

The next morning, they are sitting around the same table with a map of Ivan on it.

Ento: So which area do we take first?
Shim: We need to build strong allies. Kaiten is a good starting point.
Zerin: We need to take the West while they are still unaware. If we can take back the port and any remaining areas there, we control the ocean and then we donít run the risk of being flanked from there.
Ento: With the three of us aiding this cityís militia, we can take it without Kaitenís help. But there will be a lot of casualties.

Just then, a knock on the door is heard. Shim answers.

Shim: What news?
Man: Kaiten is under siege!
Ento: Looks like we found our answer.
Zerin: Right. Weíll take the West after we help out. Ento, ready a squad of 20 riders. We ride for Kaiten in one hour.
Ento: Understood.

Ento leaves.

Zerin: We will be back, Mother.
Helena: I know you will. Go, save Ivan.

Zerin nods confidently and also leaves. Shim follows. We switch to Kaiten where their fighters are engaging in battle with the Foundation. Toketsu is leading. Some of the soldiers have broken through and are heading towards some civilians. We see in particular a younger Tokumo and his mother.

Tokumo: I want to fight, Mother. Let me go!
Hana: I canít! Youíre not a full fledged fighter yet!

A soldier comes charging for them.

Tokumo: Get behind me.

He steps further in front of his mother to meet the soldier. He shoves his lance at him, but Tokumo sidesteps and then kicks it straight out of his hand. He stands still for a few seconds and then palm strikes the soldier, blowing him back far away.

Hana: YouÖthat was the Sekiha Hako. You can use that already? And so quickly!
Tokumo: Donít underestimate me. As the next head of this city, I have become stronger than my father. Itís not safe here. Letís get you back inside.

Back to the main battle, the Kaiten warriors are holding off the soldiers.

Toketsu: Why are they attacking so fiercely all of the sudden?! Weíve been fighting for nearly a day now. Will we be able to hold up?

A horn then blows from behind Kaitenís walls. Helveticaís militia has arrived. Ento, Zerin and Shim get off their horse while the other soldiers stay on theirs.

Zerin: Letís clear out the soldiers from this city! Do not harm anyone from Kaiten!

The three of them charge first followed by the rest of the riders. They crash into the swarm of Foundation soldiers and begin to ravage their numbers until the three make it through the lines and into Kaiten.

Toketsu: Who are you?
Zerin: We are here to change Ivanís fate.
Toketsu: Well, if weíre on the same side, then that works for me.
Zerin: Right. Now letís finish this battle.

With forces attacking the Foundation soldiers on both sides, they quickly crumble and get crushed entirely. After the battle, Zerin is conversing with Toketsu more.

Toketsu: I see. So they wanted to take us for an advantageous location and so that we would not ally.
Zerin: That seems like the case. Whoever is behind this is a good tactician.
Toketsu: But how did you know we were being attacked?
Zerin: Apparently we received a pigeon carrying a letter.
Toketsu: We donít have any of those here.
Zerin: What? Then who could haveÖ?
Toketsu: Thatís not important right now. Whatís important is that you came to our aid.
Zerin: Will you fight for us? We have to take back Ivan, and we could use your help.
Toketsu: Of course. You have my word. Say, have you been here before? You look familiar.
Zerin: We were here a few years ago.
Toketsu: We?

Zerin points over to Ento and Shim, where they are arguing over something, even though we canít make out what theyíre saying.

Toketsu: Ah. You three. You trained here for a month if Iím not mistaken.
Zerin: You have good memory, despite not seeing us much yourself.

Tokumo and Hana run up to Toketsu.

Toketsu: You did well to protect your mother.
Tokumo: Thank you, Father.
Zerin: The child prodigy of this city. Looks like youíve grown up a bit.
Tokumo: Yeah, and Iíve become even stronger.
Zerin: I can tell just by looking at you.
Toketsu: Meet me at my dojo. We will discuss business there.
Zerin: Right.

Toketsu walks away and Hana follows him.

Zerin: I have a proposition for you, Tokumo.
Tokumo: What is it?
Zerin: We will win this war, there is no doubt about it. But it wonít end there. I am putting together a special task force called the Myjuto Forces. They will deal with the real issue behind this war. I would like you to join in three years when we strike.
Tokumo: Iím sorry. My place is here with Kaiten. I am to be the next head and I wonít run from it.
Zerin: So young and with such a sense of loyalty. I see. I will trouble you no further.
Tokumo: BesidesÖyou donít really need anyoneís help. You three can take on an entire army if you wanted, am I right?
Zerin: *Chuckles* Who knows? We havenít tried it yet.

Zerin walks away. The scene switches to a military base. There are soldiers lined up on two sides of a carpet and then one soldier with a message. He hands it to one of two people sitting side by side. When we get a closer look at them, they are recognizable as Mahko and Zakrah (Reference: Movie 1: Part 3).

Mahko: Kaitenís siege failed.
Zakrah: We outnumbered them and had the superior weaponry. Could they have gotten backup from Helvetica?
Mahko: How could they know so quickly? I thought we had cut off their communications.
Zakrah: Öit must be him. The Shadow of Ivan.
Mahko: Are you saying that he has chosen their rebel faction over ours?
Zakrah: Itís impossible to know that manís intentions.
Mahko: Damn. Send word to Jironís family. We need his help to deal with this. Iíd rather not associate with him, but we have no idea who weíre dealing with. We need to know why we were so utterly overpowered.

Back in Kaiten, half of their warriors are now armed with some of the Foundation armor and their weapons. The others are unarmed. Toketsu is with the armored and Tokumo is with the unarmed.

Toketsu: While I am gone, I leave you in charge, Tokumo.
Tokumo: I will keep this city safe. You have my word.
Toketsu: I have seen your skills. You are even stronger than myself; there is no one better suited to this task. Farewell.

The armored half leaves the city. Inside the city, a young (12 years of age at this point) Hayato runs up to see them off.

Hayato: Sensei, why are they leaving?
Tokumo: Theyíre fighting so that we wonít have to anymore.

Outside the cityÖ

Warrior: What now, Master Toketsu?
Toketsu: We have orders to blockade the port. The Helvetica army is going ahead to attack.

Back at Ivan Port, there are more soldiers occupying after all of them were killed earlier. Some civilians are there now, but are being detained inside buildings. Suddenly a bunch of arrows rain down on the soldiers and kill many of them. Just as they ready their weapons, many rebel soldiers begin pouring out from beside the buildings and surround the remaining soldiers. They execute them. We see many of remaining soldiers leave the port. The civilians start to come out. The soldiers step aside as Zerin groups the civilians and speaks to them.

Zerin: People of Ivan Port, you have been under oppression. You know how it feels to be treated as less than human! Now fight with us, and we will show them the same!

The civilians start to cheer loudly. Among the crowd, we notice Kyoku.

Ento: Short and sweet. Youíre getting more effective at these speeches.
Zerin: Iíve had practice.
Shim: Come; letís go take a walk. They can handle getting armed without us.

The three of them go off together, when a deep male voice calls to them from the shadows.

Voice: You sure have started a war for the ages.
Shim: Show yourself.

The man comes out, cloaked in black.

Ento: What do you want with us?
Man: You seek information, do you not?
Zerin: What information, exactly?
Man: There are all kinds of information, sir. Info on someone, something, or perhaps when someone is attacked.
Zerin: Are you saying it was you who informed us about Kaiten?
Man: I am.
Ento: Who are you then? And why did you help us?
Man: I am the Shadow of Ivan. But you may call me Drake.
Ento: DrakeÖis that your real name?
Drake: Perceptive of you. No, itís not.
Zerin: The Shadow of Ivan. Iíve heard about you.
Drake: Oh?
Zerin: Youíre the information specialist that sides with the deeper pockets. We have our own specialist in that field.
Drake: Shim, youÖ
Shim: I also know your real name. But that isnít important now. Why are you siding with us if we donít have more money than the Foundation?
Drake: Right now you donít. But you will. You have much larger ambitions than they. Mahko and Zakrah only seek one continent. But youÖ
Zerin: Silence! How do you know about that?
Shim: Clearly, thereís someone who rivals even my own skills in gathering information.
Drake: I will join you. As long as you are willing to pay after this war is over.
Zerin: We will. You have my word.

About a day has passed and word reaches the Foundation HQ.

Mahko: Theyíre seriously declaring war then.
Zakrah: Very well. I will ready all soldiers. We will meet them head on and crush them.
Mahko: Any word on Jiron?
Zakrah: Nothing. We are still trying to reach him.
Mahko: We need to get whoever we can to eliminate them internally.
Zakrah: Iím with you there. But for now we need to focus our military attention to stop them from taking more territory.
Mahko: That will be our next objective then.

A few days go by, and we find Zerin outside Helvetica. He has made a tent for himself and he is sitting in a chair inside a tent. A soldier quickly lowers his head with respect and then speaks.

Soldier: Sir, we have readied every available fighter west of Kaiten.
Zerin: Very good.
Soldier: SirÖwhen we liberated Martin Luther King Village, they refused to join. They said they were tired of fighting and just wanted peace among their village.
Zerin: That is acceptable. They suffered heavy slavery and they deserve the rest. But we cannot guarantee their safety if they are attacked. Iím sure they understand this, however.
Soldier: That is all the news I have.
Zerin: Very well. You may leave. Thank you.
Soldier: Yes, sir!

The soldier leaves, and Shim enters just after.

Zerin: What news?
Shim: The Foundation is mobilizing all their troops to meet us head on. Or so the shadow says.
Zerin: I trust his intel. If he knows as much as he claims, then he knows not to mess with us. I wonder, did he bring any info on any local brothels?
Shim: None, fortunately. You donít need one of those.
Zerin: I disagree, Shim. If I canít be with my love, there are alternatives. Wouldnít you agree?
Shim: ZerinÖyou knowÖ
Zerin: I do, and we will speak of it no more. But you do have a point. That time could be better spent sparring. Draw your weapons, Shim.
Shim: Will you draw yours?
Zerin: Weíve been over this. You have to actually force me to draw one. If you can force my life into danger, I will draw.
Shim: I donít enjoy being screwed with!

Shim draws her swords and charges at Zerin just as he stands up. With incredible speed, she begins slashing rapidly. Also with incredible speed, we see Zerin dodge each one precisely. Zerin punches quickly, but Shim avoids it narrowly. She jumps back and waits.

Zerin: You have improved; Iíll give you that. ButÖ

Shim charges again, but with even more blinding speed than before. Just before she attacks, Zerin grabs her hand and flips her backwards. She lands on her feet, but Zerin lands a hard kick to her stomach. This sends her flying outside the tent and tumbling backwards. She finally stops and lies face up where her head is now between Entoís feet, looking straight up.

Ento: I can give you the exact measurements if you want.
Shim: Real funny.
Ento: You lost again, huh?
Shim: YeahÖ

Ento helps her up and then heads into the tent himself while Shim dusts herself off and goes elsewhere.

Ento: Was that appropriate here?
Zerin: Do you disapprove?
Ento: No, but you did manage to embarrass ShimÖprobably.
Zerin: Sheís tougher than letting a public spar loss get to her.
Ento: True, but she did tense. Did you bring that up again?
Zerin: I donít know why I do, but I do. One of my only weaknesses.
Ento: Right. Anyway, weíve armed everyone with the Foundation armor and weapons we could gather from our past victories.
Zerin: Great. Thanks for your help.
Ento: You seem overly troubled. Come, letís spar. Shim may go down quickly, but when itís me you donít know if youíll win or not.
Zerin: Yes, it has been a while anyway. Youíre the best, you know that?
Ento: Itís what brothers are for.

They start fighting hand to hand, all with precise and quick movements. The scene cuts away from them and then jumps a few hours in time to a larger tent. There is a map placed on a large table. Zerin, Ento and Shim are looking at it. Toketsu is there as well and a few other resident leaders.

Zerin: Right, letís begin then. We need to take the offensive if we are to succeed.
Toketsu: We are outnumbered and we are less trained than the enemy. My men can use weapons but are not accustomed to them as much as conventional martial arts.
Zerin: I assure you, I am aware of this, Master Toketsu. We will find ways to circumvent these weaknesses.
Ivan Port Leader: What do you suggest, General?
Ento: We will not fight conventional warfare obviously.
Ivan Port Leader: I did not ask you, Captain Ento. Unless you have suddenly become the General.
Zerin: Silence. We will not have any badmouthing in this council. And I wonít forgive anyone that slanders my brother any further. Are we clear?
Ivan Port Leader: Yes, sir. Forgive me.
Zerin: Moving onÖCaptain Shim, what do you have to say on this matter?
Shim: We donít have the resources for explosive traps, but we can improvise. If we fight, we will fight dirty. I know some of you have honor codes, but for the people of Ivan we will have to temporarily compromise them.
Zerin: Yes. I believe that is what Captain Ento was inferring as well. Is anyone against such methods?

No one speaks up.

Zerin: Very well. That is settled. Now, where do we strike first? Lieutenant Toketsu?

Toketsu: Kine is an advantageous place to start I think. It will cut off communication lines if we break their forces into two sections. From there, it will be a three-pronged battle. With their numbers split, we have a better chance of our traps working.
Ivan Port Leader: Aye.
Zerin: A solid plan. Who to take up Kine then?
Ento: Brother, please allow me to take Kine!
Zerin: Is there something in there that piques your interest?
Shim: I agree with allowing Ento into Kine.
Zerin: Shim obviously knows something I donít. Very well.
Ento: Kine is small. I can take it with ten men guaranteed.
Village Leader: Are you mad?
Ento: Youíre right. In truth, Lieutenant, I can probably take it by myself if I really needed to. But to maintain it, we need our central forces there.
Zerin: Actually, Captain, I have something else in mind. As soon as youíve taken Kine, you need to evacuate all civilians out of there. I want their central forces to come to Kine and give chase.
Toketsu: You would have us fight within the mountains as cover.
Zerin: You are very wise and perceptive.
Toketsu: Still, wonít we be overrun?
Zerin: Yes, however I have a plan. *looks at the Ivan Port leader and the other village leader* I need people like you with good leadership skills.

After the meeting, it is nighttime. Ento and Zerin are walking together.

Zerin: So why the interest in Kine?
Ento: He is there, brother. My blood brother.
Zerin: How do you knowÖah. Shim found out for you. It all makes sense now why she backed you up back there.
Ento: Yeah, I owe her one.
Zerin: How do you plan to attack?
Ento: Iím going to infiltrate by myself and then at night I will slaughter them all. Then as you ordered, I will pull all of the citizens out by daybreak.
Zerin: Good.
Voice: So what do you plan to do once youíve done that?

They turn their heads to see Drake.

Zerin: Youíre just the one I wanted to see. I have an important job for you.
Drake: And what is that?
Zerin: I want strong fighters. The strongest you can find in this entire encampment. Surely with your information you can acquire that much.
Drake: It will be done.
Zerin: Also, I will need at least two of them to be archers.
Drake: You bring the gold and you will have your elite fighters.
Zerin: Thatís all. Leave us.

They continue walking as Drake leaves.

Zerin: What do you plan to do with your relative?
Ento: If heís strong, Iíll try to recruit him.
Zerin: Well, good luck. My plan is riding on your success.
Ento: Thatís exactly why your plan will succeed. I am going now. I wonít require any soldiers.
Zerin: Wait.
Ento: What is it?
Zerin: It might help to grab your weapon first.
Ento: Ack! Donít tell Shim that I almost forgot again.
Zerin: Sure. Goodbye, Brother.
Ento: See you soon.

After Ento leaves, Zerin goes over to another tent to see Shim sitting outside it.

Shim: Evening.
Zerin: Can I come in?
Shim: Yeah.

Zerin and Shim go into her tent. She sits down on a piece of bedding while Zerin remains standing.

Zerin: Listen, I am sorry about earlier today. I didnít mean to lash out against you.
Shim: No worries.
Zerin: I canít help the way I feel, but that isnít an excuse to take it out on you.

Shim stands up and quickly embraces him.

Shim: Iím so sorry. I wish I could return your feelings. I really do.
Zerin: You have nothing to apologize for.

After Zerin retreats from her arms, he turns to leave.

Zerin: Goodnight, Shim.
Shim: Zerin?
Zerin: Yeah?
Shim: Thank you.
Zerin: Thank Ento when he gets back. Itís been a while since Iíve lost to him. I guess I still have more training to do.

The next day, we see that Ento has entered Kine inconspicuously.

Ento: Iím tired as hell. I need to work on my stamina, it seems.

He looks around town and finds the inn (the same one that Fighters Abroad stays at in the future). He pays for a room for the day.

Ento: Guess it canít be helped. There are too many soldiers running around town. I canít kill them all just yet. But I have to find my brother.

Ento goes back out into town, making careful movements not to arouse suspicion. Suddenly, he spots Vex. He is talking with some of the villagers and laughing with them.

Ento: Thereís no doubt about it. Thatís him. Time to enact the plan.

He hands a slip of paper to someone close to Vex.

Ento: Please give this to that man with the sword over there. Thanks.

Later that day, he is waiting around the market. All of the sudden, his face becomes shocked as if he just rememberedÖor rather forgot something.

Ento: My sword. Itís at my room. Shit. I really have to shed that habit.

But there was no time, he spots Vex do as Ento instructed on the piece of paper. He takes the apple and gives the man a silver coin (Reference: Chapter 99). Ento follows suit.

Vex: So you're him.
Ento: My name is Ento.
Vex: I see. So you sent me the letter asking for mercenary help.
Ento: I did. You see, there is a group of bandits that I need help taking out.
Vex: I'm glad to be of help. Do you have any weapons on you?
Ento: Nope. Afraid not. Although I wish I didÖ
Vex: I have a spare short sword. Will that do?
Ento: Perfect.

End Part II
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad Movie 2   May 5th 2014, 12:51 pm

Fighters Abroad Movie 02: The Origins of the Myjuto Forces Part 3

After the quick skirmish, they are seen eating ramen at a bar.

Vex: Are you sure this is okay? You paid for my services already and now youíre treating me to ramen?
Ento: You made that sound dirty as hell.

Both chuckle.

Ento: So tell me about your family.
Vex: Why the interest? You arenít hitting on me, are you? I donít swing that way.
Ento: I do have a point. But a good storyteller always has the reader wanting more.
Vex: Fair enough.

Vex tells Ento the story about his family gaining illness and dying from it.

Ento: That is unfortunate. Iím sorry for making you tell me this. I did have a reason for asking, however.
Vex: Yeah?
Ento: You see, I was separated from my real parents at birth. But through my connections, I was able to track my family down to Kine.
Vex: What are you saying?
Ento: Well, it seems like you may have lost your family, but you still have one brother that is alive still.

Vex is shocked by Entoís words.

Vex: When I look at you, you canít be lying. We look almost identical. This is surreal.
Ento: I know.

After they talk moreÖ

Ento: Listen, I know that things have been bad here. But that is all going to end tonight.
Vex: ThenÖyou are with that rebel army?
Ento: Yeah. My brotherÖmy foster brother is the leader of it. Tonight I am going to slaughter every soldier but one. From there, we need to evacuate everyone when day breaks.
Vex: Iím sure you have a plan. I will help you in any way I can.
Ento: If itís just me, I can handle things. Are you sure youíre up to this?
Vex: Hah. Donít think youíre the only one who inherited fighting talent.
Ento: Excellent. Then letís prepare. And I wonít forget my weapon tonight.
Vex: You mean you had one and just forgot it?
Ento: Itís an annoying habit of mineÖI get made fun of all the time for it.
Vex: Hah. Sounds rough.

Later that night, Vex is standing in the street where they first met. He has Vexant drawn.

Entoís voice: Youíre on time.

Ento stands next to him with his recently forged sword.

Vex: Wow, thatís a great looking sword.
Ento: I forged it myself. Yours is pretty stellar as well. I can see how well crafted it is just by looking at it.
Vex: It serves me faithfully.

Vex and Ento stand side by side with their weapons in hand.

Ento: Are you ready?
Vex: Yeah. Letís kick some ass.

Just then, a soldier with a torch sees them.

Ento: Mine.
Soldier: Hey, why are youÖ

Before he can finish, Ento is running at him faster than he can draw his weapon. He gets cut down instantly.

Vex: So you were holding back before.
Ento: Yeah, sorry. Letís get going.
Vex: *Smirk* Heh.

As they head further, they see another soldier running towards them.

Soldier: Hey! You!
Vex: Mine.

Vex does a quick turnaround slash, which cleaves the armor and kills him.

Ento: You too, huh?
Vex: Yeah, sorry.
Ento: Was that supposed to be poetic justice?
Vex: Who knows? Hahaha!
Ento: Hahahaha!

They keep going until they reach what is the makeshift barracks for the soldiers.

Ento: (Whispering) We need one alive.
Vex: (Whispering) The one guarding the entrance should do. Leave it to me.
Ento: Okay.

Vex charges the guard and grabs him by the neck. He choke slams the guard into the ground and sees that he is unconscious after taking off the helm.

Ento: Nice work.
Vex: Thanks. Letís finish this then.

They stand in front of the front door and kick it open together. The soldiers who were sleeping are all alarmed. They all quickly jump out of their bunks where they are quickly being cut down by Ento and Vex. A few of them are able to grab their weapons, but they cannot defend in time. Within a minute, every soldier has been slaughtered.

Vex: We made quick work of them. Except he was clearly holding back some more. Just how good is Ento?
Ento: That should take care of them, right?
Vex: Yeah, only two guards patrol at night, so weíre good.

In almost no time, the sun starts to rise. We see Ento and Vex talking and laughing with the unconscious guard between them. Theyíre all leaning against a wall. Note: They are running on no sleep so they are not sound.

Vex: So, itís my turn then. What do you get when you cross a black guy and a yellow skin?
Ento: What?
Vex: Beer.
Ento: That made no sense.
Vex: I know.

They start laughing hysterically for some odd reason.

Ento: Why was that so funny?
Vex: I donít know. Your turn.
Ento: Right. What happens when you mix those dead guys in the barracks with their fighting skills?
Vex: Beer?
Ento: No. A little bitch.

They laugh even harder.

Vex: That one made a bit more sense. Hahaha.

The soldier starts to wake up.

Vex: Ah, good morning.
Ento: Donít worry, if your ass hurts itís only natural. But I assure you, we pulled out before anything got stuck in there.
Soldier: WHAT?!

Once again, they start laughing even harder.

Ento: Relax, buddy. We didnít do anything to you. Well, other than knock you unconscious.
Vex: Good times.
Soldier: What do you want from me?
Ento: All of your buddies are dead. Weíve taken this village. Go tell your boss that we wonít stop here and that we will keep taking more until you have been defeated entirely.

The soldier gets up and starts to run away. We see a ďkick meĒ piece of paper taped to his back though and Ento and Vex cover their mouths holding in their laughter.

Ento: Unfortunately, this isnít the time to be screwing around. We have to evacuate. Their central forces will be here by nightfall.
Vex: Right. Iíd better get going then. Iíll see you at the camp.
Ento: Vex.
Vex: Yeah?
Ento: Iím glad I met you.
Vex: The same. Weíll talk more later. When we have a bit more privacy.
Ento: Yeah.

Vex leaves.

Ento: Was this necessary? Youíre under Shimís orders, yeah?

A man comes out of hiding.

Ento: Yeah, I recognize you. Youíre one of her intel gatherers. I know, Iím moving it along. My job is done. Get out of here.

We switch scenes to a ring of mountains. In the middle is a new encampment. They are being led by the Ivan Port leader. We see him ordering things into place. A huge Ox Cart comes to his attention with numerous huge kegs.

Soldier: What do we do with this, sir?
Leader: Thatís the liquor that is being held for after our victory. We were under orders to place them strategically around the camps. Zerin plans to make a huge toast to our victory.
Soldier: Yes, sir.

Meanwhile, back at the main camps, Zerin is standing outside. There are a couple people standing side by side in front of him. The first is wearing this armor ( http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140331200124/darksouls/images/8/85/Falconer_Armor.png ) with tan leather pants and black boots. He has a bow strapped to his back. He has short spiky dark brown hair. Next to him, we see Elvan with a similar armor set but itís colored green and the shoulder armor is on the other shoulder.

Zerin: You are the archers I requested?
Elvan: Yes, General. I am Elvan and this is my friend.
???: You can call me Vayrth (Pronounced Vair-Th).
Zerin: Very good. And you?

He looks to the guy standing next to him, who is wearing short sleeve silver knight armor ( http://www.medievalcollectibles.com/images/Product/large/RT-109.png ) with silver leggings and gauntlets. He has a long spear with the edge looking like this ( http://www.swordsdirect.com/ellexdrow-spears.jpg ). He has shoulder length black hair.

???: I am Aimuro (Aye-Mure-oh).
Zerin: You three are the best that the shadow could find, I take it.
Vayrth: Yes, sir.
Zerin: Well, thatís unfortunate that he only found three. But you will do. Iím sure you will do your job in this war, but I have other plans for you.
Elvan: What is that, sir?
Zerin: My future ambitions lie deeper than liberating Ivan. I am creating a task force for three years from now. I would like you three to join.
Aimuro: If I can be of service, I will.
Elvan: Iím in.
Vayrth: Yeah, why not?
Zerin: That also goes for you, Drake.

Drake appears from the shadows.

Drake: You are good, General.
Zerin: I could use your skills in the Myjuto Forces.
Drake: I will follow you anywhere, so long as you provide the gold.
Zerin: Good to hear. Now then, Elvan, Varyth. I have a task for you. You will be the key to tonightís victory.

A little later in the day, Zerin and Shim are making their rounds around the camps.

Shim: Everything seems to be going without a hiccup.
Zerin: Of course. This plan wonít fail, assuming Ento has done his job properly. And Iím sure he did.
Shim: From what Drake has told us, the Foundation leaders are smart but theyíre also arrogant. They wonít miss their chance to ambush us in the mountains.
Zerin: Yeah, and that is where their downfall will be.
Shim: Right.
Voice: Yooooo!

They look over to see Ento.

Ento: *Pant* I finally made it back.
Shim: You look like hell. But you didnít forget your weapon this time.
Zerin: Welcome back, Brother.
Ento: Yeah, thanks. *Pant* Everything went according to plan.
Zerin: Great work. You can rest now.
Ento: Oh, thank goodness.

Ento passes out on the spot. Shim catches him and hands him over to Zerin.

Zerin: Poor guy, I donít think heís had an ounce of sleep since he left.
Shim: He looked happy though. I think he met his brother.
Zerin: Iím sure weíll hear all about that later. First, I gotta get him back to his tent.

The scene switches over to Mahko and Zakrah. Jiron is seen standing in front of him. He is wearing a black suit with his scythe strapped to his back.

Jiron: You called for my services?
Mahko: Itís about time. We couldnít let this opportunity of you being in Ivan go to waste.
Jiron: So you plan to use me against the rebel faction?
Mahko: Precisely. But first, do you have information on them?
Jiron: I do, actually *smirk*. Youíre giving chase to them right now arenít you? Theyíre all holed up in the mountains. They plan to fight there as defense.
Zakrah: They think they can defend against our numbers? As if they really have any idea. Weíre going.
Mahko: Yeah. How about you fight for us?
Jiron: Sure. I love a good fight. HAHAHAHAHA!

That night, we see Ento start to awaken in his tent. When he becomes conscious enough, he looks over to see Zerin sitting against his sword, which is stuck in the ground.

Ento: Hey.
Zerin: Good evening.
Ento: I saw himÖmy biological brother.
Zerin: Did you now?
Ento: We laughed and talked all night after we killed all of them. ItÖwas nice.
Zerin: Glad to hear it. So, did you recruit him?
Ento: I havenít brought it up to him yet. But we will have time.
Zerin: Okay.
Ento: Isnít it about time for the plan to start?
Zerin: Yeah. Would you like to come along?
Ento: Yeah.

Zerin helps Ento up. The scene switches to the encampment within the ring of mountains. There are torches lit. The army is ready for battle.

Leader: We only need to hold off until the main forces get here! Letís do this, men!
Soldiers: Yeah!

Soldiers begin to pour down the mountains from the Foundation and just like that, the battle has begun. Arrows fly from the camps to the mountains, picking off many.

Leader: Fire at will!

As the archers keep picking off soldiers, more and more keep pouring in. There seems like an endless amount of soldiers that keep coming and coming.

Leader: This is no good! Where is the army?!

The soldiers have reached the camps and they begin to slaughter some of their ranks. Just then, a horn blows.

Leader: Itís them! Zerin! Theyíre here! Push them away from the camps!

Just then, he sees a Foundation soldier get cut down next to him, which knocks him into one of the kegs. Some of it spills over.

Leader: What?! This isnít alcohol. ItísÖoil. Oh no! Get away from the camps!

At the top of the mountain, we see Zerin with Elvan and Vayrth. All three of them have bows drawn with a fire arrow.

Zerin: ReadyÖ.andÖ.fire.

They shoot all three of their arrows and they rain down.

Leader: Weíve been trickedÖDAAAAAAAAAAAAAMN!!!!!

The arrows land on different kegs of oil and a great explosion is seen that engulfs the entire encampment. The heat can even be felt from on top of the mountains.

Zerin: I will not be stopped. Not now, not ever. Even if I have to sacrifice 200 soldiers, it was so that we would save us from losing more. Do you disagree, Brother?
Ento: Of course not. We just basically crushed their numbers with minimal sacrifice.
Toketsu: Is that how you see it?!
Zerin: Are you angry with me, Master Toketsu?
Toketsu: They were our comrades! Even if we did not see eye to eye, they fought for the same freedom that you fight for!
Zerin: Freedom is a tricky thing. Lives must be sacrificed either way. We would have lost far more soldiers fighting them head on, or even with the plan we laid out in the war council. There were more soldiers down there than we anticipated. We even could have been wiped out completely. Are you okay with that? Dying because we werenít willing to take drastic measures? Then what? The people of Ivan stay in slavery and our lives were for naught? The 200 men that sacrificed their lives tonight will be honored forever.
Toketsu: ÖYouíre not wrong. But it just doesnít feel right.
Zerin: I understand. You are free to withdraw your men if you want. We will not pursue you.
Toketsu: No. I will honor their sacrifices as well. By helping to win.

A few days later, Mahko and Zakrah are both visibly frustrated.

Zakrah: If Fort Yazaki falls, this war is over. And theyíre right on its doorstep.
Mahko: I donít believe it. How could we have been so naÔve? We had no idea who we were dealing with.
???: Zerin has become cold hearted, it appears.
Zakrah: What did you say?

Standing in front of them is a middle-aged man. He is wearing a red Gi ( http://www.karatemart.com/images/products/main/lightweight-exhibition-uniform.jpg ).

Zakrah: You are a new recruit, are you not? What are you doing here?
???: I will do my best to stop them.
Zakrah: I donít know what youíre blabbing about, but if you think you can defeat them, then I will send you to Fort Yazaki along with Lord Terraharu.

After this mysterious man leaves, Mahko and Zakrah are alone.

Mahko: This seems like a lost cause. Be ready to go back to Neese.
Zakrah: I know. We still at least have our backup plan.

The screen goes to black and then we head to Zerin, who is talking to Shim.

Zerin: Youíre sure then?
Shim: Yes, theyíve beefed up security on Fort Yazaki. But if we can take it, this war will be over for all intents and purposes. Ever since the mountain fire, weíve won battle after battle thanks to the morale boost.
Zerin: Good work.
Shim: AlsoÖ
Zerin: Yes? Whatís wrong?
Shim: HE is there at Fort Yazaki.
Zerin: So he joined their side then. I wonder why. We will have to kill him if he gets in our way. You know that.
Shim: I do. I am prepared.
Zerin: Good. Letís head there then. To Fort Yazaki!

End Part III
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PostSubject: Re: Fighters Abroad Movie 2   May 5th 2014, 12:52 pm

Fighters Abroad Movie 02: The Origins of the Myjuto Forces Part 4

The rebel military is marching towards Fort Yazaki. It is in clear sight. It is an old structure and is a large stone fort.

Zerin: Stop.
Ento: Company, halt!

The army stops.

Shim: Heís here.

There is one man standing in front of the fort. We recognize him as the man with the red Gi. The wind blows dramatically against him as he meets eyes with Zerin, Ento and Shim. The three of them go on ahead and meet him.

???: Look at you three. Itís been a long time.
Ento: Yeah, Master Baltain (Ball-Tay-n).
Baltain: To think weíd meet under these circumstances.
Zerin: Why have you joined their side then? Why didnít you join us?
Baltain: If it was just freeing Ivan, I would have. But I know better than that, Zerin. I donít agree with the Foundation of Ivan either. But I came to stop you from your ambitions after this war is over.
Zerin: Hah. Ahahahahaha!
Ento: BrotherÖ
Zerin: So you knew about that, did you? Thatís too bad. But donít think you can defeat us anymore. Shim, would you like to demonstrate?
Shim: Yes. Draw your weapon, Master.
Baltain: I will not. You know my policy.
Shim: Right. I have to actually make you draw it first. Zerin picked that annoying habit up from you.

Shim steps forward, they both ready themselves. Shim makes the first move and charges. She throws a punch, but Baltain dodges. He goes for a palm strike, but Shim grabs his arm and flips him. Before he hits the ground, he touches it with his other hand. He uses it as leverage to kick. Shim dodges and lets go of his arm. Shim sweep kicks, but Baltain is able to get back to his feet just in time to avoid it. Baltain now goes on the offensive and throws a couple punches. Shim casually blocks each one and then gives him a swift punch to his jaw. This sends him sliding back.

Shim: Will you draw it?
Baltain: Iím not done yet. Donít underestimate me!

Baltain attacks again. He sweep kicks, but Shim jumps over it. She kicks while in mid air but Baltain sidesteps it. He uses this opportunity to get close and attack while she lands.

Baltain: Predictable. This is just like old tiÖ

He gets kneed in the stomach and then punched in the face. As he retreats back in pain, Shim gives him a hard kick to his ribs, which sends him crashing into the ground.

Shim: Let me guess, you thought this was like old times. You wanted to use the time that I took landing and being off balance to strike. Do you think I would let a weakness like that go unattended over the years?
Baltain: Your land wasnít perfect, but it was still much better than before.
Shim: Idiot. Youíd need reflexes and speed comparable to mine to land an attack.
Baltain: Speed, huh?

Baltain gets up.

Baltain: Iíll show you speed!

Baltain charges with great speed. Shim is not phased at all by this. She counters by charging with significantly greater speed and landing a knee to his jaw. He is sent back to the ground.

Shim: Draw your weapon. I will defeat you at your strongest.
Baltain: To think that you would be the one to bloom as the strongest of my students?
Shim: What are you talking about? I still havenít beaten Zerin once.

Baltain is shocked.

Ento: Hey, you havenít beaten me in years either.
Shim: Shut it!

Baltain draws a long sword and sticks it in the ground to help him up.

Baltain: I will go all out then. Iím sorry, Shim. But you have to die here.
Shim: I donít have to do anything. You are no longer our sensei.
Baltain: Then draw!
Shim: I will extend the same ďcourtesyĒ to you. If you can make me draw it, I will. Hey, Zerin. I see the appeal.
Zerin: Focus.
Shim: Yeah.

Baltain charges again. He swings with his sword multiple times, but Shim avoids them all. He goes for an overhand slash, but Shim grabs his hand. She knees his arm to make him drop the sword. She then punches him in the gut and kicks him to the ground.

Shim: Thatís game.
Baltain: I knewÖ
Shim: ?
Baltain: I knew I had no chance of winning before I came here. You three always had this potential visible. ButÖI couldnít leave you to do what you wanted without trying. Sometimes I regret training you in the first place. Had I knownÖ

Zerinís face saddens. He walks up towards him and grabs the sword he dropped. He extends his hand to help Baltain up.

Zerin: This fight is over.
Baltain: Yes. Yes it is.

Baltain takes Zerins hand and he is helped up. Zerin embraces Baltain with his left arm.

Zerin: SenseiÖthank you. For everything.

With his right hand, he stabs Baltain through the heart with his own long sword. Shim and Entoís faces both become saddened as well.

Zerin: I canít go back. Not now.
Baltain: ZerinÖ

When Zerin removes the sword, Baltain drops to the ground and dies shortly thereafter. Zerin sticks the long sword in the ground next to him.

Zerin: We will bury him after this battle is over. Ready my armor.
Ento: RightÖ

They bring Zerin the same armor he wears in present times, except he also has a helm ( http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4MUf6T4VzPw/SlNXDkYCH3I/AAAAAAAAKK0/htTNQpYmqT8/s1600-h/final-fantasy-drachen-armet-papercraft.jpg only darker in color) that he puts on.

Zerin: Men, surround this fort. Anyone who tries to escape, kill them on sight.
Ento: So it will be just the three of us in there, huh?
Zerin: No, just me.

The army murmurs among themselves in shock.

Shim: Are you sure about this?
Zerin: Positive.
Ento: Silence! You heard your general!
Zerin: Elvan and Drake, you will lead the north wall. Aimuro and Vayrth, the east wall. Shim, the west wall. Finally, Ento, you cover this main entrance. The south wall. No one gets in or out. Understood?
Ento: Yeah.
Zerin: Should I fall, Ento will execute his role as General perfectly.

The army surrounds the fort. We see at the top of the fort a man with gold armor ( http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091219052052/monsterhunter/images/9/97/GoldRathianBlade.png the one on the left). A soldier speaks to him.

Soldier: Lord Terraharu, what are they doing?
Terraharu: I do not knowÖwait. Look.

They see Zerin approach the huge gate by himself.

Terraharu: Is he mad? The leader is coming in all by himself? Shoot him down!

Some archers on the wall fire their arrows, but they bounce off Zerinís armor.

Terraharu: Get fire on those arrows!

The archers do as he says and fire them at Zerin. He nonchalantly sidesteps each arrow that threatens him. As he keeps walking towards the gate, Terraharu starts to get apprehensive.

Terraharu: What the hell? Who is this guy?

Zerin makes it to the large gate. He finally draws his sword.

Zerin: Let the Foundation of Ivan fall now.

He slashes once at the gate and creates a big horizontal hole. He slashes vertically twice to make a makeshift door. He kicks it down and a bunch of soldiers rush out of the hole to meet him with their spears. He casually slashes through them with one huge slash arc. More come pouring out from the square hole, but they get pushed back and then cut through. Zerin makes it past the gate and then looks inside to see that he is inside a courtyard. He is quickly surrounded by many soldiers.

Zerin: Very good. You are a quick response team.

They rush him with spears, but his armor stops all of them. With one swing, Zerin takes out many soldiers in front of him. He does a turnaround slash to do the same behind him. He keeps swinging in large swings to take out waves of soldiers with each cut. The soldiers who are left retreat.

Zerin: Damn. Maybe I should have taken my armor off to make me have to dodge more. Ah well.

Zerin finds the steps. As he starts going up then, we see the floor of the courtyard to be piled with waves of people that were just cut down. A couple soldiers try to barricade Zerin from getting up the steps, but they get stabbed and pushed aside. He makes his way up to the top. At the top he sees Terraharu with two archers.

Terraharu: Aim for his face.

They both shoot at the same time. Zerin grabs both arrows with one hand and then throws them aside. Zerin glares at Terraharu with his crimson eyes.

Terraharu: Are you some kind of demon?
Zerin: No, but I might as well be.

Zerin starts running with a lot of speed. Terraharu jumps to the side but he keeps going so that he can slash through both archers.

Terraharu: What was that? Iíve never seen anyone move that fast in heavy armor.
Zerin: You move pretty well yourself in that. So youíre the Gold Knight, huh? They say youíre the best fighter in the entire Foundation. Of course, they didnít know that Baltain was among your ranks.
Terraharu: That means that Master Baltain has been defeated then.
Zerin: My old sensei was skilled and powerful. But he had no idea the depths of how powerful his students have become. And for that, he paid with his life.
Terraharu: YouÖ
Zerin: I will test you, Gold Knight. Show me how powerful you are.

Terraharu draws his sword ( http://www.spirithalloween.com/images/spirit/products/interactivezoom/processed/01193044.interactive.a.jpg but a longer blade). They charge at each other and clash blades. When they retract them, Terraharu slides back a little bit.

Zerin: Oh? So you werenít thrown off balance? Was it because of how heavy your armor is? Either way, you ARE good.
Terraharu: Praising me already? Donít get so lackadaisical.

Terraharu goes on the offensive by slashing many times. Zerin blocks each and then pushes him back after defending the last slash. Zerin slash quickly and pushes him back even more when it is blocked.

Zerin: That weapon of yours, it is well made.

They clash blades again and push against each other.

Terraharu: This is bad.

Zerin forces the sword out of his hands and then slashes upwards to knock off his helmet. After his helmet hits the ground, he looks straight at Zerin. He has long brown hair and green eyes. He has a scar across the upper part of his nose.

Zerin: I see. So thatís what you look like under the helm.
Terraharu: Are you screwing with me?
Zerin: There is a point to all this, I promise.

Zerin takes off his helmet and lays it down on the floor. He sheaths his sword as well.

Zerin: Now, shall we continue?

Terraharu immediately goes for his sword, but Zerin intercepts him. He throws a punch at Zerinís face, but he blocks with one hand. With his other hand, he punches Terraharu in the chest plate (he has gauntlets on). This sends him sliding back.

Terraharu: Such powerÖand that speed too.
Zerin: You know, I like you. You are a genuinely good fighter. You cannot defeat me, but I will let you live.
Terraharu: What?!
Zerin: If you look at your helm, itís cut. You know what that means, donít you? I can cut your armor. You are outmatched in skill, speed and power. Donít fight it.
Terraharu: Why would you let me live?
Zerin: Join me. Fuck the Foundation. They are so short-sighted. Why have just Ivan when you can haveÖthe entire world.
Terraharu: Never!

Terraharu charges at Zerin once more, however this time Zerin grabs his head with a gauntlet and forces him to his knees. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9z8t6k3liU )

Zerin: No, my will is absolute. Now, pledge yourself to me.
Terraharu: IÖ.I pledge to follow you.
Zerin: Good. Now thenÖ

Zerin peers over to see Ento. He nods at Ento and then takes a step back.

Zerin: My brothers! Today we have taken Fort Yazaki! Let this be a testament that Ivan is as good as free! Now, we ride north to finish this!

The soldiers from all sides of the fort being to cheer louder and louder. Zerin turns to Terraharu.

Zerin: For now, you will be under custody. But as soon as this is over, I will release you. You have my word.
Terraharu: Thank you, sir.

Zerin raises his sword in the air and the soldiers outside the fort raise their weapons as well. *Theme stops* The scene cuts to after everything has settled down. Next to the fort, Zerin, Ento and Shim have made a makeshift grave for their former master.

Ento: He knew that he was going to die here. And on the flipside, we also knew that he would never join our cause. Was it always bound to be this way?
Shim: I suppose so.
Zerin: He will always be a part of our cause. He is the one who set the groundwork for our training. Never forget that.
Ento: Youíre right. I guess in a way, he helped us more.

Meanwhile, Mahko and Zakrah receive word that Fort Yazaki has fallen. Jiron is standing in front of them with a few Foundation soldiers.

Mahko: Where have you been?! We needed you at Fort Yazaki! You gave us the wrong information and you disappeared during the incident at the mountains!
Jiron: *Smirk* Ah yes, I do remember something like that.
Zakrah: What is the meaning of this?! We paid you your money ahead of time!
Jiron: Hah.
Mahko: Donít tell meÖ

Jiron takes out his scythe and cuts down two soldiers near him. He twirls it around and kills the remaining soldier when he attacks.

Jiron: Someone else has deeper connections than you do, it seems.
Mahko: You were hired by the enemy even before us?
Jiron: Thatís right. And I was also told to bring you two before them alive. If you donít put up a fight, I wonít hurt you too much.
Zakrah: Damn! We know we canít beat him, Mahko.
Mahko: I know.
Jiron: Now, let me set something straight here. This war is over. Heh, as if we could even call this a war. This was a straight massacre. But I heard a nasty rumor that you two are going to start another war in Neese. Answer me truthfully, is this true?

They stay silent in fear for a couple seconds.

Zakrah: Y-yes. It is true.
Jiron: I see. Well then, youíd better get out of here.
Mahko: ! What?
Jiron: I am not bound in loyalty to anyone. Go. I look forward to observing another war and hope it isnít a massacre like this time. You can use the weather as cover. The clouds look like itís going to rain hard.
Zakrah: We wonít forget this, Jiron.
Jiron: Youíd better not. Youíre now in my debt.

Eventually, it does start to rain and Zerin makes it to this place with a small unit of soldiers.

Zerin: Well done, Jiron. Now, where are the leaders?
Jiron: Iím afraid they got away. They snuck out after they heard of the fortís fall. It may be impossible to follow them now in this weather.
Zerin: ÖThat is a shame. But at least we took out their army. They have no power in Ivan anymore. Youíve done your part. Take as much gold and possessions as you can find here. Weíve only pillaged just enough to meet other obligations.
Jiron: Good. When the Myjuto Forces are ready, let me know.
Zerin: Right. See you in three years.

Jiron laughs as usual while walking away from Zerin. In another section of the building, Ento and Vex are sitting at a table.

Ento: I never had a chance to properly thank you for everything.
Vex: That isnít necessary. It was good fun; unlike anything Iíve had in a while. So maybe I should thank you
Ento: Is that so? You should join us, Vex. I will introduce you to my foster family. Iím sure they will accept you as another brother.
Vex: Well that does sound appealing.
Ento: My brother is putting together another military force. We are going to destroy all of our enemies. You could be an officer.
Vex: And who are all of your enemies.
Ento: The ones who started this. The Neese and Drek governments.
Vex: I see. Iím afraid Iíll have to decline that offer.
Ento: Why?
Vex: That type of thing just isnít for me. Sorry.
Ento: Very well.

Shim opens a door near them. She has a double take when she sees Vexís face near Entoís.

Shim: Itís time, Ento. Weíre leaving.
Ento: Right, thanks. Well, I guess itís time for me to go.
Vex: Yeah. Farewell, Brother.
Ento: Till next time, Brother.

Ento leaves the room. Little did he know that it would be the last time he would see Vex alive.

Shim: So that was him.
Ento: Yeah. It was.
Vex: If we meet again, it will most likely be as enemies. I only hope that day doesnít come.

The screen fades to black. Sarzo now is in sight and it appears as though the mercenaries are starting an initiation. We see Claudius (without his trench coat). He is standing alone in front of the leader.

Leader: You will follow our code?
Claudius: I swear it, like my father before me.
Leader: Then you are now one of us.
Claudius: Thank you.

The mercenaries scatter as the initiation is now over. The leader approaches Claudius.

Leader: You hear the shit thatís been going on over in Ivan.
Claudius: Why should I care about that? My territory is right here.
Leader: Jeez. Ainít you a fuckiní stiff.
Claudius: So when do I get my first mission?

The scene cuts to Zerin, Shim and Ento sitting around a table. They have a pendant around their necks signifying that they are regarded as heroes.

Ento: These are pretty nice, donít you think?
Shim: Lucky for you, theyíre not weapons, otherwise youíd just forget them somewhere.
Ento: Hey, shut up!
Zerin: Enough. We may have taken Ivan back, but this is only the tip of the iceberg. We have a long road ahead of us. We will encounter stronger enemies, tougher challenges. The entire world will be completely shaken and changed forever. But we will prevail, because we are together. When the three of us fight together, there isnít a single force that can defeat us. We might be pitted against the world, but they will not take us down. MyÖno, OUR will is absolute.

Shim and Ento smile and then nod in agreement. Ento puts his fist in the middle of the table and then Zerin and Shim bump fists with him at the same time.

Note: Not everything we saw in this flashback was told because they were simply told Helenaís perspective of the fight. We saw the overall big picture for story purposes.

Now that Fighters Abroad has heard the story, they understand who theyíre up against a little more. What will be their response? The story continues next!
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