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 What will Spike TV replace TNAImpact Wrestling with?

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PostSubject: What will Spike TV replace TNAImpact Wrestling with?   August 30th 2014, 3:52 pm

So I've heard TNA's contact has come to a end with Spike TV. Spike extended their deal, but this doesn't mean they are keeping TNA, all it means was they are giving TNA time to shop around for a new network.

So when TNA officially stops airing on Spike TV, what will Spike fill that empty 2 hour time slot with? Will it be...

- 4 more episodes of Cops?
- 4 more episodes of A Thousand Ways To Die?
- 4 more episodes of Jail?
- 2 more episodes of Cops and 2 more episodes of Jail?
- Or will it actually be new programming filling it?

What do you think, when TNA is kicked to the curb, what will fill Spike's empty 2 hour time slot?
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What will Spike TV replace TNAImpact Wrestling with?
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