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 Detective Shin Holiday Specials

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Detective Shin Holiday Specials Empty
PostSubject: Detective Shin Holiday Specials   Detective Shin Holiday Specials EmptyDecember 25th 2014, 2:00 am

Detective Shin Christmas Special

Note to the readers: Knowledge up till chapter 16 will be used for this special, but the chapter is non-canonical. Enjoy.

It is the morning of the 24th of December. Shin wakes up and sits on his bed.

Shin: It will be my third Christmas without Juste. Another bittersweet holiday…

He goes downstairs and eats breakfast with his parents. Afterwards, he goes out for a ride on the motorcycle. He passes by the school and glances at it briefly. Just then, there is a beeping noise heard, like something coming from a pager. He pulls over at the side of the road and answers a razor cell phone.

Shin: What is it? You have a mission for me?
Koenma’s Voice: Yeah, we have trouble. There is a demon in your town that has been codenamed “The Grinch”.
Shin: Really? (Sarcastic) That’s fucking original.
Koenma: Joke all you want, this demon is trying to steal presents from the house at midnight and eliminate Santa once and for all.
Shin: You mean Santa exists in this special? Is he from Spirit World?
Koenma: No, he’s just some fat guy with a lot of money and a lot of time.
Shin: Ooooh.
Konema: I’m sending Endull and Drago to help you. Find this demon and destroy it.
Shin: Got it. One more thing.
Koenma: What is it?
Shin: Why the fuck did you give me a razor? These shits have been outdated for years. But you know, I kind of like it.

Koenma hangs up on Shin.

Shin: Brings back memories.

A few hours later, Endull and Drago are with Shin at the school.

Shin: What’s up, guys?
Endull: Do you know the meaning behind this Grinch thing?
Drago: It’s a classic story about a strange creature that tried to steal Christmas.
Endull: I see. Sounds riveting.
Shin: It’s overrated.
Drago: So, what’s our plan of attack?
Shin: It stands to reason that this demon will be concealing its presence if its M.O is theft and assassination.
Endull: This place isn’t very big, but it is big enough to be tough to find one demon.
Shin: I think it will be easier to find Santa than the Grinch.
Endull: Yes. We can tail Santa and ambush him.
Drago: I don’t think we’re supposed to kill him.
Shin: No, but tailing him is a good idea. We will be able to attack the Grinch if he finds Santa.
Endull: What about the presents?
Shin: It can’t be helped. We’ll have to risk losing some of them.
Drago: So it’s decided then. What now? We have many hours of daylight left.
Shin: Let’s go get some food. I know a place.

They go to the restaurant where Dean works. Dean comes up to them.

Dean: So you added one more to the party, huh?
Shin: Yeah.
Dean: When can I join?

Don’t you ever speak of that again, Dean.

Shin: Just get us some curry.
Dean: Got it.

They eat lunch and go to a convenience store.

Drago: Why are we here?
Shin: I have to pick up something for my family.

Christmas music is playing over the radio.

Endull: You humans listen to this drivel everywhere you go?
Shin: You know, I can’t wait for it to stop.
Drago: Sounds like you hate Christmas, Shin.
Shin: I don’t hate it, but the music is tiring. It’s too much.

Shin picks up some basic things like eggs, flour, etc. He brings them home, where Endull and Drago wait outside. They are sitting down, when Shin’s door busts open and Shin flies backwards out the door and hits the ground hard. Both of their eyes are widened with surprise.

Shin: I was just kidding, you bitch!
Jaide’s Voice: And who are THESE people?
Shin: They’re a biker gang I got involved with. They’re cool.
Jaide’s Voice: YOU DID WHAT?!
Shin: IT’S A FUCKING JOKE! C’mon, guys. Let’s get the fuck out of here.

Shin flips her the middle finger and leaves with them. Jaide turns around to see the couch, where Neo is slowly peering his head above to see if everything is over.

Jaide: (Cheerfully) Now, who wants to bake cookies? I dooooo!
Neo: As long as I don’t end up through a wall this time if they don’t come out perfect.

Later that night, the three are sitting on a rooftop. It is snowing lightly and a harvest moon is out.

Shin: This is incredibly rare for a harvest moon to be on Christmas.
Drago: What time is it?
Shin: 11:41.
Drago: It’s not Christmas yet, then.
Shin: No, but it’s not like the moon is going to change at midnight.
Drago: True.
Endull: Quiet. We need to be able to hear if someone comes.

They wait patiently without much banter. They wait about five minutes when they hear some wind blowing their way. Shin looks up to see Santa and his sleigh riding through the air above them.

Shin: He sure starts early.
Drago: He probably has to in order to deliver to everyone.

The three of them sense something faint and then get off the roof. A demon is jumping from rooftop to rooftop. He is green, but does not look anything like the real Grinch. As he passes, we see that Shin, Endull and Drago were hanging from the roof and climb up.

Drago: That must be him.
Endull: After him!

They immediately give chase and the demon notices them. As they start gaining ground on him, two more green demons come from the sides and distract them. Shin jumps on one of their heads and vaults forward while Endull and Drago stay behind.

Shin: Give it up! We’re onto your scheme!
Demon: Hell no! Not before I ruin Christmas for all you damn humans!
Shin: You’ll regret admitting that.

Shin doesn’t seem to be gaining any distance on the demon now and they’re moving at about even speed.

Shin: Shit, he must be fast to be keeping up with this speed.

They both notice Santa drop down on one rooftop and go down into a chimney with some presents. The demon stops at the chimney and waits for Santa to come up. When Santa does, he yells out in terror and covers his face with his arms. The sleigh with reindeer gets scared off and they fly high in the air. The demon swipes at him with his claws, but gets intercepted immediately when Shin lands a strong punch to his face, sending him to another rooftop.

Santa: I think I just shit myself!
Shin: Stay here. I’ll protect you.
Santa: Fuck that! I’m running for my life!

Santa starts running around, jumping from rooftop to rooftop. The demon gives chase and so does Shin. After about three houses, Santa stops and starts breathing heavy and hunches over.

Shin: If you’re about to throw up milk and cookies, do it elsewhere.
Santa: That settles it. After this Christmas, I’m working out more.
Shin: A respectable decision. Now, don’t run this time.

The demon lands on the same rooftop as the other two.

Shin: Stand back. This could get ugly.
Santa: Yeah, you take care of this, kid. Fucking hell.
Shin: Well, what do you know? Saint Nick has just as bad a mouth as I do. That’s reassuring.

Meanwhile, Endull and Drago are faced off against the other two.

Endull: These demons are clearly skilled, but they’re nothing we can’t handle.
Drago: Agreed.

Endull starts circling around his opponent with incredible speed, leaving afterimages. He quickly bisects the demon and sees that Drago has also defeated his enemy.

Endull: Or not…

The demons disappear and become energy. They fly away.

Drago: I see. So that was actually a part of the original’s energy.
Endull: So, I guess it’s up to Shin. Why did we even come along on this mission if he could handle it?
Drago: *Shrug*

Meanwhile, the original begins powering up with his energy returning.

Shin: That’s not good.
Demon: Prepare to die, detective!

The demon starts swiping rapidly with his claws. Shin narrowly dodges each swipe and then lands an energy-enhanced punch to his gut. This sends the demon flying to the next rooftop again.

Shin: Demons roasting over an open beating.
Santa: That doesn’t make any sense.
Shin: Everyone’s a critic.

The demon attacks again, but this time Shin lands multiple punches and then punches him straight into the ground.

Shin: You better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I’m fucking telling you why! Shin Yakamoru’s going to town…on this demon.
Santa: No, just no.
Shin: Shut the fuck up, Santa! Or do you want me to jingle your bells?! Wait, that sounded wrong.
Demon: Stop screwing around!
Shin: Hold on, I got a good one.

Shin squeezes the demon’s nose really hard, making it swell up and turn redish.

Shin: Grinchy the red-nosed demon…had a very fucked up nose.
Santa: Okay, even I have to admit that one was clever.

The demon starts powering up more.

Demon: ENOUGH!!
Shin: All right, I guess it is time to stop messing with him.

Shin also starts powering up, which scares the demon, seeing as his power clearly surpasses his own. As the building starts to shake, Santa begins running again. The demon goes past Shin and goes straight for Santa.

Shin: No you don’t! This time I’ll finish you off! *Click Here*

He builds major spirit energy in his hand.


He unleashes the shotgun at the demon, riddling him with spirit bullet holes. He lies on the roof, ready to die.

Demon: I guess…I couldn’t ruin Christmas.

Just then, a bell rings, indicating that it is midnight. *Theme Stops* The demon dies.

Shin: Merry Christmas…bitch!

Just then, he notices that Santa is behind the demon, also riddled with bullet holes.

Shin: OH SHIT!
Santa: You dumb fuck…

Santa dies there. The atmosphere falls dead quiet for about ten seconds when Shin finally speaks up.

Shin: (Singing) Siiiiiilent Niiiiiight…

Endull and Drago arrive on scene.

Endull: Did you seriously kill Santa?
Shin: Yeah, my bad.
Drago: Well, I guess it’s our duty to deliver the presents tonight. Shin, I’m afraid you’ll have to be the new Santa.
Shin: Yeah, no. This isn’t The Santa Clause starring Tim Allen. But yeah, I suppose I owe him that much to deliver the presents this year. But we can’t possibly deliver to ALL over the world tonight.
Male Voice: It seems you need some help.
Shin: Oh no.

When the man appears in front of Shin, he recognizes the person as Zero from Dragon Blast.

Shin: What the fuck are you doing in this special?
Zero: We gave you assholes a cameo in our holiday special all those years ago. It’s time you repaid the favor.
Shin: Fine.
Zero: You killed Santa?
Shin: Yeah, it was an accident though. You don’t seem surprised.
Zero: Yeah, Baal killed the Santa in our world. The writer seems to love killing Santa by now.
Shin: Sounds rough. So, you’ll help?
Zero: Hell yeah. Dragon Ball based characters can deliver presents much faster than Yu Yu Hakusho. Can you do this town, Shin?
Shin: Yeah, we can handle that.
Zero: Good. Alright, guys! Let’s go!

Kai, Chou, Baal, Kimarous, Zygon, Tyran and Red from Dragon Blast appear behind Zero. They catch the sleigh in the air and discard all of the presents from the town. They then take the sleigh and disappear in a flash.

Drago: Well, that was handy.
Endull: I’ll say. You knew those guys?
Shin: From another universe. Long story. Let’s go deliver presents.

With the help of Drago and Endull, they are able successfully hand out each present in a matter of hours. Shin sits on top of his own roof at around 4AM with presents for him and his parents.

Shin: I’ll wait, I suppose.

The next morning, Shin sits with his parents at their living room. They each have their presents in hand.

Neo: Jaide, why don’t you go first?

She opens up her gift with a letter attached.

Jaide: A letter from Santa?

It reads “Jaide Yakamoru…I was truly stumped with you. You were clearly on my naughty list, but according to my research, your husband likes that sometimes. So I figured I’d give you good stuff. ~Santa”

Shin: (Muttering) I think I’m actually glad I killed that bastard.
Neo: What was that, son?
Shin: Nothing. So what’s in the box?
Jaide: Two things. One is a new pill. It’s called Zexilixanizo and it apparently levels off mood swings.
Neo: (Under his breath) Thank you, Santa.
Jaide: The other is…a muzzle?
Shin: What the fuck?
Neo: You don’t want to know.
Shin: Oh God.
Neo: Let’s see what I got.

Neo got two things as well. He got a box of candy and a small pamphlet about how to stand up to an overbearing moody wife.

Jaide: What’s that book about?
Neo: Oh, nothing, just some recipe for something.
Shin: Nice. So what did I get?

Shin opens his present and there’s a letter and a Japanese to Chinese and vice versa dictionary. The letter reads, “You might have a shit mouth, but so do I so it’s cool, Shin. Thank you for your hard work as a spirit detective! Here’s a little money for you. I know it’s not much, but it’s just a token of appreciation. The world needs you, Shin.” Inside the letter is a little over 30,000 Yen (close to 250 U.S Dollars).

Shin: Damn, Santa’s generous. Or should I say was generous. Oops.

After spending some time, Shin goes to the door.

Jaide: Where are you going, Shin?
Shin: I just have one thing to do. I won’t be long.
Jaide: Okay.

After Shin leaves, Neo and Jaide look at each other.

Neo: Hehe, he’s gone. We got lucky.

As Shin walks outside, Koenma appears to him.

Koenma: Merry Christmas, Shin.
Shin: To you too. So, can I see him now?
Koenma: Yes. Right this way.

Koenma teleports them to his office.

Juste’s voice: Merry Christmas, brother.

Shin starts to tear up as he turns around to see his brother smiling at him.

Shin: (Choked up) I always wanted to spend another holiday with you, brother. I’m sorry it had to end up this way.
Juste: Shin…

They walk towards each other and hug.

Juste: I’m sorry it had to be this way too.

After they spend some time together in Spirit World, they face each other.

Shin: I should get going. I don’t want to spend too much time here and I should get back to Mom and Dad. I just hope they’re not doing something stupid.
Juste: Yeah, I hear you. See you soon, Shin.

Shin looks over to see the dead Santa Claus running at him.

Juste: You did what?
Shin: No time to explain. Later, Juste!

They give a thumbs up towards each other and Shin runs away while Santa gives chase.

Shin: Thanks for the money, dick weed!
Shin: I like my ass the way it is; untouched by men. Especially old, chubby fucks like you!

Koenma returns Shin to the human world. Spirit Santa is now huffing and puffing for air. Shin returns to his home and stops just before opening his door. He turns to the camera and speaks.

Shin: Merry Christmas, everyone, and have a happy new year.

Shin opens the door and goes back inside his home.

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Detective Shin Holiday Specials Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin Holiday Specials   Detective Shin Holiday Specials EmptyFebruary 14th 2016, 12:30 pm

Detective Shin Valentine’s Day Special

Knowledge up to Chapter 39 is preferable to understand everything that occurs in this special. As always, this is non-canon. Enjoy.

It is February 14, in the middle of the day. Shin is walking around with Dean next to him.

Dean: So, are you doing anything special for Valentine’s Day?
Shin: No? Why would I?
Dean: Just curious.
Shin: How about you?
Dean: I don’t have a girl.
Shin: And I do?
Dean: More than one.
Shin: What?

In front of them, we see Xio, Ming and Vora (Vance’s subordinate from Ch 39). They all have their arms crossed.

Shin: (To Ming) Aren’t you supposed to be in China?
Ming: I came all this way to see you, hot stuff.
Xio: So, are you going to take me out, Shin?
Vora: How about it, stud? Want to have some fun?
Shin: (To Vora) Do I even know you?
Vora: You’re about to know me very well.
Shin: Hmm…what about that place over there?

Shin points and they all look to see nothing in particular. They turn back and Shin is gone. Dean flinches a few seconds later after realizing that he’s gone.

Xio: Aww!

Shin ends up by the high school. He takes a deep breath.

Shin: That’s a lot of responsibility I just ducked. What time is it?

He checks his phone to see that it’s 3:05PM.

Shin: Ah, shit.

All of the sudden, a swarm of high school girls charge towards Shin.

Shin: Ahhhh!!!

He disappears and reappears on top of the school building.

Shin: How did they know I would be right there?
Female Voice: They can sense your presence.

He turns around to see another high school girl with black hair that covers her face. She approaches him and hands him a letter.

Girl: Senpai…please accept this.
Shin: A letter?

He opens it and it reads more of like a contract than an actual letter.

Shin: What the fuck is this?
Girl: Please sign this so that we can be together forever.
Shin: The fuck?! Wait a second, is this a pentagram on the bottom? You know, I happen to know the prince of demons. I could hook you up with him instead.

The girl reveals her face to see that she has very gothic style make up. On closer inspection, she has spiked wristbands and there are tattoos of various metal bands.

Shin: Did…you spend too much time in America?
Girl: Maybe.
Shin: Weird. I’m leaving now.

He jumps off the rooftop and goes home for the time being. Only Jaide seems to be home. She turns to him and for a second, it seems like she is limping. But on a second glance, she is actually just staggering in her walk.

Shin: Mom? You okay? Too much alcohol?
Jaide: Oh, Neo. You’ve been a bad boy. You’re gonna get it.
Shin: Uh…I’m not Dad…wait, what are you…

She puts one finger over Shin’s lips and gets extremely close to his face. His eyes widen and he runs upstairs as fast as he can. He huddles under the covers of his bed, seemingly scarred for life. He is heard muttering the words “It’s not canon.” over and over again.

Shin: This kind of bullshit would only happen in a non-canon special. I just have to make it past the next 1,453 words more or less, right? I’ll forget this ever happened.

Unfortunately for Shin, things were about to get worse…sort of. As he finally musters the strength to remove himself from his bed, he looks around. The coast is clear and he decides to go downstairs. Jaide is there, turned around at the sink.

Shin: Are you sober yet? If you call me “Neo” again, I’m firing a spirit gun in your general direction.

Jaide turns around, but Shin notices something quite different. Her face looks extremely masculine. He flinches at this and trips over the back of his couch, toppling backwards. He gets up and points at her.

Shin: What the fuck happened to your face?!
Jaide (?): (Manly voice) It’s not nice to make fun of a woman’s looks, Shin! It’s Valentine’s Day, come give your mother a big kiss.

Jaide (?) slowly approaches Shin and he starts charging up a spirit gun.


Neo arrives home and acts as if nothing is wrong.

Shin: Dad, what the fuck is wrong with your wife?
Neo: I don’t know what you mean.
Shin: Do you not see her face?
Neo: Well, you know what I always say. Cover the face, fuck the base.
Shin: Oh, thanks, Dad. That’s another mental scar.

Shin doesn’t shoot his spirit gun and instead just simply runs away from the house. After running far enough from his house, he stops.

Shin: I’ve been doing a lot of running today. Something tells me it’s not over.

Just then, Shin senses something and a figure appears in front of him. It is Xio with a manly face.

Shin: Nooooooo!!!!
Xio: (manly voice) Shin, did you forget that it’s Valentine’s Day?
Shin: No one will let me forget!
Xio: Shin, I never told you how I felt about you.

She (?) twiddles her thumbs and lightly kicks at the surface of the sidewalk. Shin floors her with a punch to the face.

Shin: Don’t ever do that again while you look like that!
Male Voice: That’s not nice!

He turns to see Ming with the same type of face.

Shin: Is that some new kind of STD?
Ming: Would you like to find out?
Shin: No, I wouldn’t!

Xio grabs his legs from the ground.

Xio: I’ve got a hold of him!
Shin: What are you…

Vora also appears, having that same face. She and Ming both tackle Shin in tandem and the three of them bring him to the ground.

Shin: AHHHHH!!!

Shin unleashes a wave of spirit energy, which blows them all back. He disappears from sight. Shin lands on top of a building, where he takes a big sigh.

Shin: They’re slightly more ravenous than usual.

At that moment, Endull appears next to Shin.

Shin: Oh thank fuck it’s you.
Endull: What’s going on here, Shin? All the girls look ugly.
Shin: I think we may be the only two that are still normal. Everyone else seems to just accept it.
Endull: My mother…she had one too many drinks with my father…she mistook me for him…
Shin: You too?!
Endull: I’m scarred for life.
Shin: So am I. Maybe the professor or Mr. Urameshi could help.

The two of them go to Yusuke’s home and Yusuke answers the door.

Yusuke: Oh, it’s you two. Come on in.

They enter his house and sit on his couch.

Yusuke: What’s up?
Shin: All the girls have suddenly turned ugly as fuck.
Endull: What do we do?
Yusuke: They don’t make ‘em like they used to, eh?
Shin: That’s not the issue.
Yusuke: Keiko’s fine. Hey, Keiko!

She comes into the room with the same manly face. They both cringe. Yusuke puts his hand up her skirt from behind.

Yusuke: Hey, nice skirt.
Keiko: (Masculine voice) YUSUKE YOU JERK!!

She smacks him in the face. Immediately, Shin and Endull run.

Endull: Kurama next?
Shin: Yeah. He should be at the school at this time.
Endull: Then we have no time to waste.

They make it to the high school.

Endull: Where would he be in the school?
Shin: Hmm, that depends on the time.

He checks his phone to see 3:05PM.

Shin: OH FUCK I FORGOT! Hey, wait…

Suddenly, an army of manly-faced high school girls comes rushing towards them.

Endull: Shin, what do we do?!
Shin: Uhhh…I don’t know! SHOT-GUN!

Shin uses his spirit shotgun and the bullets go through each of them, killing them all.

Endull: That was a dangerous reflex.

Shin’ wrist is then grabbed. Behind him is Koenma in his teen form.

Koenma: Don’t say another word, Amitay.
Shin: This again?! I’m not in my disguise this time! And those are NOT human lives!

Endull reflexively cuts off Koenma’s arm and they both run away.

Shin: Talk about dangerous reflexes…
Endull: We need a plan c.

After they stop, they both breathe heavily.

Shin: What do we do? I’m out of ideas.
Endull: Same.
Female Voice: Maybe I can help.

Behind them is Drora (A Tale of Iron).

Shin: You mean it’s not Zero or Aerona this time?
Drora: Nope.
Endull: Hey, she actually looks like a woman.
Drora: Thanks. Though it’s because I’m from another story.
Shin: Forget that. You said you could help. What do we do?
Drora: This happened because you both were being stingy about Valentine’s Day. In order to reverse the effect, you have to be generous.
Shin: Okay? And what does that entail?
Drora: Hehe. Well…Shin, I’ll need you to sleep with me.

Shin crosses his arms and looks at her with disbelief.

Drora: All right all right! (Muttering) It was worth a shot. (Normal volume) Do you remember what you both did before everyone changed?
Shin: Well, I hid under my covers and said, “It’s not canon” over and over.
Endull: I did the same thing, actually.
Drora: You just have to do that again.
Shin: How does that work?
Drora: I dunno. I was just sent by a higher power to tell you that. I mean, Detective Shin’s story would plummet if things stay this way.
Shin: Thank you, random lady. By the way, are you the female version of cupid with that bow?
Drora: Nah, cupid shoots things and they fall in love. I just stab things and they die.
Shin: Good to know.

Shin and Endull go their separate ways. Following Shin, he goes home, where Jaide is waiting for him.

Shin: Not you again.
Jaide: Can I get a kiss, Shin?

Shin uppercuts her while hopping into the air. Her head sticks into the ceiling.

Shin: Sure you can!

He goes upstairs and goes under his covers.

Shin: It’s not canon, it’s not canon, it’s not fucking canon!

After a solid minute of chanting, he leaves his room and goes downstairs. Jaide is at the sink again.

Shin: Mm…mmom?

She turns around to see that her face is back to normal. She’s also sober again.

Jaide: What’s the matter, Shin?
Shin: Oh thank Strider Zero. You’re back to normal.
Jaide: Back? What did I do while I was drunk?

Shin slowly backs away, refusing to answer her. He strolls around town where Xio, Ming and Vora are waiting for him with their arms crossed. They are also back to normal. Shin takes a big sigh of relief.

Ming: There you are! You just ditched-

She is interrupted as Shin kisses her. She backs away, blushing.

Shin: It’s not canon!

Shin then kisses Xio. She does the same as Ming.

Shin: It’s not fucking canon!

He then gives a kiss to Vora.


His laugh is seemingly crazy and maniacal. He disappears.

Vora: I wonder what came over him. It’s only been a few hours.

A bit later, Shin and Endull are sitting on top of the same building that they were before.

Shin: So, everything’s fine with you now?
Endull: Yeah, thankfully.

Drago joins them not long after.

Drago: Hey guys, what’s up?
Shin: Have you seen anything strange, lately?
Drago: No, why?
Endull: No reason.
Xio’s Voice: Shinnnn!!

They look down to see the three girls waving at them.

Ming: I’m gonna go buy a pregnancy test. Will you be there with me?
Shin: You can’t get pregnant from a kiss, you dumb bitch! Yeah, things are definitely back to normal, all right. Wait, no they aren’t.

The three guys eventually drop down and join the girls. Dean also joins them for some reason.

Dean: So, what do we do now?
Shin: Want to go see Deadpool?

Everyone voices his or her approval.

Shin: All right then. Let’s go.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all those couples out there. If you’re single, just save your money on something more productive…like video games…or pizza…or both.
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Detective Shin Holiday Specials
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