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 Dragon Soul Movie 1

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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Movie 1   January 1st 2015, 6:22 pm

Dragon Soul
Ashgate, the Eternal Prison Part 1

The following takes place after the attack on the UN.  What is up with this prison?  Why was Mara brought here?  How will she get back, and what will become of earth while she is gone?  Find out on the first Dragon Soul movie! Warning!!! Don’t read till you read up to chapter 50!

Opening Theme:

We see Mara flying away from Ramsey’s mansion.

Mara: That bitch!  He doesn’t understand that I need more intense training if I am going to beat the tiger team.  I don’t have much time till the opening ceremonies.  I know that he knows, so why has he been holding me back?  I will just have to do this on my own.

We skip ahead one week.  We come into view of a land filled with snow.  Some penguins walk by and jump into the water.  A blizzard moves in covering the land.  We get an aerial view of the blizzard, and there seems to be a spot in the middle where it isn’t snowing.  We move in on the clear spot.  In the spot there seems to be great pressure, and a person standing in the middle.  It looks to be Mara.  She is doing some intense training in intense gravity.  After a few minutes, she stops to take a break.  She walks away from the field and out into the storm.  She continues walking until she reaches a cave.  She walks in, and starts a fire.  She gets changed, and sits by the fire.

Mara: I have been training for a whole week now, but I am still not strong enough!  After I have some lunch, I will go back to training.

She makes some food, and has lunch.  After that, she puts out the fire.  She drinks some water before going back out in to the storm.  By the time she gets back to the field, the storm stops and we can now see the sky.  In the sky, we can see an aurora borealis.

Mara: The sky is beautiful isn’t it, Aurora?

She stares off into the sky.  She sits in the middle of the field and mediates.  Then we peer into her mind.  She is floating in space and in front of her in Aurora.

Aurora: (yawns) Why did you have to wake me?  Just because I’m dead doesn’t mean that I don’t sleep.  So what do you want now?
Mara: You don’t have to be so grumpy!  I need advice.  How can I beat the tiger warrior?

Aurora stops what she was doing and looks at Mara with a concerned look.

Aurora: So it has begun?
Mara: Yes!
Aurora: I don’t know how I can help.
Mara: You have fought with him before.
Aurora: Wrong!  I trained with his predecessor, and I ran away from him.  I had to fight off an entire army by myself and that army included the evil soul warriors.  I barely made it out alive.  The tiger warrior was chasing me, but with his ship and not his body.  I don’t know how he fights.
Mara: Don’t tell me you don’t remember the tiger warrior’s powers?
Aurora: I do, but something seems to be interfering with my connection between my soul and you.

Just then she disappears and the space in Mara’s mind disappears.  Mara wakes up and she is surrounded by a sort of blinding dark light.  Then everything goes black.  She wakes up and she is having trouble seeing.  She tries to get her bearings, but she is very groggy.  Some slight noise can be heard around her, but she can’t make it out.  The people are transporting her down a hallway to what looks to be a jail cell.  They throw her in the cell, and lock the cell.  She manages to barely make it to the bed before passing out.  A few days go by before she wakes up.  It takes a few moments before she realizes that she is in a jail cell.  She is still very groggy.

Mara: Where am I?
Cellmate: You’re in Ashgate prison!
Mara: Why am I in prison?
Cellmate: How the fuck should I know?  Just so you know breakfast is in ten minutes.
Mara: Thanks.

Mara gets out of bed, and tries her best to somewhat get ready for the day.  Unfortunately, there isn’t much that she can do since she is in prison.  She takes a moment to assess her situation.  She is wearing an orange jumpsuit, a plain white beater, and the underwear she had being wearing when she was taken.  She gets slightly creped out at the thought of someone else changing and touching her.  Her cell has a bunk bed, a toilet, a sink, and a mirror.  Her cellmate just looks like some random thug.  They leave to go to the mess hall for breakfast.  Mara walks by a bunch of other cells with varying stereotyped prisoners.  Then she passes by some cells that seem to be holding the less rough criminals.  She notices that they are all female.

Mara: This must be an all-female prison.
Cellmate: Wrong, this is just the women’s side.  This prison has two sides, one male and one female.  There are only two places that the two sides can meet.  They are the mess hall for meals, and the yard for exercise/outdoor time.
Mara: I guess that makes sense.

After a few minutes, they finally get to the mess hall.  Mara’s cellmate wanders off somewhere leaving her alone.  Mara gets her food and looks for a table to sit at.  She looks around and notices that even in a prison there are clicks just like a high school.  Then she gets to one side of the mess hall which seems to have a very different feeling to it.  The people on this side seem more like the typical good guys/girls.  This confuses her very much.

Mara: How come these people look like they don’t belong here?

She looks around and she notices some of the good guy looking prisoners.  Some are wearing shackles while the others are not.  Of the ones that are wearing the shackles, there is a green alien with pointed ears and antenna on his head.  Sitting next to him a somewhat humanoid being, and it has cat like eyes, shark like teeth, and large clawed paws instead of hands.  At another table, a girl with pink hair and a diamond on her forehead is sitting with a man with long red hair who seems to be holding a rose.

Mara: These people here sure are strange.

She sits down, and eats her lunch.  Just then a fight breaks out between a man with black hair, black piercing eyes, burns and a strange circle like scar on his hand, and a toned man with spikey black hair, dark blue eyes.  This second man takes his shirt off and reveals a strange tattoo on his right peck.  They seem to be arguing over what is better fire or ice.  Two people walk straight through the fight.  It is a bald man with arrow tattoos who seems to be helping a blind girl walk across the hall to the table.  Mara continues to try and eat, but she feels very sick to her stomach.  She decides to not eat.  She tries to walk back to her cell, but she is very tired.

Mara: I have no idea how long I was out, but somehow I’m still tired.

Mara tries heading towards the exit, but she keeps getting block by guys hitting on her.  She tries to push them out of the way, but she is too tired.  The men grab her and take her into the boiler room.  The men pin her to a boiler, while the leader slowly approaches her.

Leader: You seem like a very sexy newcomer.  I am going to show you why I’m the boss here.

He gently touches her on the face.  This disgusts Mara, but the guy forcefully kisses her on the lips.  He creepily feels her up and down her body.

Leader: I can tell that you have a great figure under those prison clothes.  I think that we should take a closer look.

He begins to unzip her jumpsuit.  He creepily feels her body as he removes her jumpsuit.  Next he takes off her white beater.

Leader: This is going to be fun.
Mara: You won’t get away with this!
Leader: Just watch me!  I think it’s time for that underwear to come off!
Mara: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!

He prepares to remove her underwear when a gust of wind blasts the random men away leaving the leader behind.

Leader: What was that?
????:  That was me!

A woman steps out from the shadows.  She has the prison clothes on, and has long black hair that’s in a ponytail.

Leader: Who are you?
????: My name is Avatar D. Zephyria, and I’m going to be Queen of the Pirates!
Leader: Why would a pirate want to help this girl?
Zephyria: Because you shouldn’t take advantage of people when they are sick, and you shouldn’t harm girls.  Plus we heroes need to stay together.
Leader: What’s that supposed to mean?
Zephyria: It means let her go or I will have to hurt you.
Leader: I’d like to see you try.
Zephyria: Gladly!

She makes some strange movements.  Then the steam from the boilers seems to be moving with her movements.

Leader: What’s going on?
Zephyria: I do agree with one of your ideas.
Leader: What’s that?
Zephyria: You definitely need to let off some steam.

Just as she says this, she moves again which seems to send the hot steam at him.  This blasts him across the room into another boiler.  He is screaming in pain from all of the burns that he now has.

Leader: You are going to regret this!  I’m going to report you to the guards.
Zephyria: I’d like to see you try.

Zephyria makes some more moves, and she now seems to be manipulating the ground.  She raises the ground and throws a chunk of it at the leader.  This knocks him out.  She goes over to him and compresses the steam into water.  Then she uses the water to completely heal all of his burns.  Next she does something to his head.  She comes back and picks up Mara’s clothes and hands them to her.

Zephyria: Here you go.
Mara: Thanks.  Why did you help me?
Zephyria: I already said so.
Mara: What did you mean by it?
Zephyria: First get dressed then we can talk some more.

Mara gets dressed.  They head back to the mess hall.  They take a seat in a remote part of the room.

Zephyria: Eat.
Mara: I feel sick to my stomach, and for some reason I’m really tired.
Zephyria: That because you didn’t get the first week meal.  It is designed for new prisoners during their first week.
Mara: Why are there special meals?
Zephyria: Because anybody that comes here get inter travel disease.
Mara: What is that?
Zephyria: It’s an illness that you get when you travel between dimensions.
Mara: Excuse me!
Zephyria: Sorry, I forgot to tell you.  This is Ashgate, the eternal prison, and it is located in a pocket dimension that is in-between dimensions.
Mara: What the fuck!?  How could this have happened?
Zephyria: This prison is designed to hold some of the worst criminals that have the ability to do great damage to their dimension.  It is done to prevent the dimensions from falling into the hands of evil, or at worse the destruction of the whole dimension.
Mara: Then why am I here?  I’m a good person who is trying to save the world, not destroy it.
Zephyria: That is where the issue comes in.  I have been trying to figure that out.
Mara: Oh, I almost forgot!  What did you do to those guys?
Zephyria: I will tell you that later.  First eat something.

They eat their breakfast.  Now they head outside for yard time.  They sit in a remote part of the yard.  Mara and Zephyria begin talking.

Mara: So tell me more.
Zephyria: Well I used my powers to stop them.  I have the ability to bend the elements to my will.  As for their leader, you probably want to know what I did to his head and why I healed him.
Mara: Yeah
Zephyria: It was a technique that I learned from my ship’s doctor.  By putting pressure at strategic places, you can selectively erase memory.  Then I used my waterbending to heal his wounds. I can’t have people knowing about my powers.
Mara: You got rid of all the evidence, but why the need to hide it.
Zephyria: Well it just like any other prison.  If you showcase a weapon they get rid of it.  I’m sure you have noticed that some prisoners are wearing shackles.  Well they are made of a special metal that is collected in the inter-dimensional sea mines.
Mara: Inter-dimensional sea mines?

Mara is seen to be very confused.

Zephyria: That’s very complicated.  All you need to know is that the metal’s properties cancel out any powers or abilities that you have.  They don’t want people trying to break out.  Now during your first week the sickness will cause you to have fatigue and nausea.  The disease takes a month to get over.  Now the final symptom is the loss of your abilities and powers which lasts the whole month.  Now after being here for a month, they will check you for powers.  The tests are actually tricks.  They put you into situations on a constant basis in order to find out if you have powers.  Once they find out about them, they put those shackles on you so you can’t use them.  Now there are some people who are so strong that even after putting shackles on them, they are too strong to let roam around the prison.
Mara: What do they do with them?
Zephyria: They are put in special cells made completely out of inter-dimensional sea prism stone, or IDSPS, for short.  Now these are also good candidates for allies.
Mara: What do you mean?
Zephyria: Well if we ever plan to escape, we will need allies.  I think that I have talked your ear off today.  Let’s try to enjoy the rest of this day.

They decide to shoot some hoops.  Then the duo spends the day hanging out.  At the end of the day, they are seen walking back to the girls’ side of the prison.  A few days go by, when we see our duo playing ping pong in the yard.  They seem to be having a good time when a fight breaks out.  The one person is a man with short black hair that forms a short of M, and has intimidating sharp grey eyes.  The other seems to be a female with long black hair, pale skin, crimson lips, shining black eyes, and is fringed by long eyelashes.  They seem to be arguing over personal space.  They are about to really get into it when a teenager that looks like this, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-JP7uUit-lm0/TrIRdb712VI/AAAAAAAAAcE/56kXCbfn2Co/s1600/tommy9.jpg, gets between them.  He somehow gets them to stop.  The female then proceeds to walk over to our duo.

????: Is this the new recruit that you told me about?
Zephyria: Yes she is.
Mara: What do you mean new recruit?
????: We have been slowly gathering allies to help us fight.  We try to find them before their first month is over.
Mara: Why?
Zephyria: Because then we can help you conceal your powers once they return.  Then we will be able to train in secret.
????: I think it’s time to show her our secret training room.

They lead her down into a hidden area of the prison.  The place is filled with people who are training, eating, drinking, and generally having fun.

Mara: Where are we?
????: We are in an area in-between the underground levels 5 and 6.  Welcome to level 5.5, the Prisoner’s Secret Flower Garden.
Mara: Who came up with that name?
Zephyria: I borrowed it.
Mara: It’s hot down here, so I think I am going to get a little more comfortable.

Mara unzips her jumpsuit and lets the top down and wraps it around her waist.  Then she removes her beater, revealing her sports bra that she is wearing.  The unnamed female starts to blush.

????: Please cover yourself!
Mara: What’s your problem?  You shy around other women’s bodies.
Zephyria: Maybe, I should introduce our friend here.  I would like to introduce you to Kirigaya Kazuto aka Kirito, male.
Mara: Wait, that’s a dude!  You must be joking.
Kirito: No, we are not.  I did my hero work in virtual online games.
Mara: So you really aren’t a real hero?
Kirito: Maybe I should go into more detail.

He proceeds to explain his whole story.

Mara: So you are stuck like that?
Kirito: Yeah, I can’t do much without my weapons, but I am still training this body to get ready for battle.  With you being added to the group, we now have six generals.
Mara: Who are the others?
Zephyria: I and Kirito are two. Then there’s the ice maker wizard, Gray Fullbuster and earth bender, Toph.  The final one is actually three.  The kid’s name is Death the Kid and his two pistols are named Liz and Patty.
Mara: I’m confused.
Kirito: Liz and Patty are two humans that transform into pistols.  Those three are located in special cells while Toph has those shackles on her.
Mara: Can’t you remove them?
Zephyria: No because then they might found out about our plans.  In the meantime, her friend Tenzin is helping her get around.
Mara: Why?
Zephyria: Because she is blind.  Normally she can see with earth bending, but for the meantime she can’t.
Mara: I guess that makes sense.  I am guessing that you can’t make a move till you find out more.
Kirito: You guessed right.  Let’s show you around.

End of Part 1
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

Male Number of posts : 507
Age : 25
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Quote : Mugen Kugi Punch!!!!- Toriko
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Movie 1   January 1st 2015, 8:49 pm

Dragon Soul
Movie 1
Ashgate, The Eternal Prison Part 2
We skip ahead a month.  Mara and Zephyria are seen coming down from the main prison to level 5.5, and seem to be having a serious discussion.

Zephyria: I can’t wait to see your fire in action.  I was the only free fire user in our group for a while.  There are others now, but they can’t be generals at this time.
Mara: Who are they?
Zephyria: The one is named Roy Mustang.  I believe you saw him on your first day fighting Gray.
Mara: Those idiots!  I was hoping they were going to turn out to be someone else.
Zephyria: The other is locked up in one of the special cells.  His name is Starjun.  I find him to be more of an anti-hero type, but he wants to get out of here just as much as we do.
Mara: Why don’t you show me the list of whom else is in these special cells?

Zephyria hands her the list.  The names appear as so: Starjun, Death the kid, Liz and Patty Thompson, Kiyomasa Senji/Crow, Sesshomaru, Kenpachi Zaraki, and Gerlo.  Then Mara is handed a list of other notable members.  The names appear as so: Zephyria, Piccolo, Roy Mustang, Sakura, Viral, Kurama, Gray Fullbuster, Kyoya Hibari, Toph Beifong, Tenzin, Tommy Oliver, and Kirito.

Mara: These people sound good, but can they deliver?
Zephyria: Trust me, they can.  Now let’s do some training.
Mara: First, tell me something.  How is all this training going to help if I miss my chance to save my world?
Zephyria: That’s an easy one.  When you leave here you will return to the exact moment that you were taken.
Mara: How is that possible?  How do you even know this?
Zephyria: Well that is part of what I have learned during my time here.
Mara: How long have you been here?
Zephyria: I would say about 19 months.  Now let’s begin.

We skip ahead 4 ½ months.  Mara is seen training with Zephyria.  They stop to take a break.

Mara: Have our guys got any more info on the strange behavior of the guards?
Zephyria: Apparently they seem to be working on a secret project for the warden.
Mara: What about the warden have we learned anything about him?
Zephyria: No, we can’t get any of our guys near enough to find anything out.  All we know is that he never comes out of his office.
Mara: Let’s head up for lunch before they get suspicious of us.

They head upstairs.  They are sitting at a table eating lunch with some of the other generals.

Mara: How are things progressing with your shackle removal, Toph?
Toph: I have nearly finished training Zephyria on how to do it.  I just need to know when we will make our move.  I hate not being able to see.
Kirito: Don’t worry about it.  I got some good news.
Zephyria: What?
Kirito: Gray was able to create an ice clone of one of the guards.  It took time to get it to look just right and for him to be able to move it around.  He found out the location of the portal out of this dimension.  It’s located in the warden’s office.
Toph: But how are we going to get in there?
Mara: A riot!
Zephyria: Exactly!  In two weeks we are going to start a massive riot.  We will then have only three minutes to release all the prisoners from their shackles and all the ones from the special cells.  This will give us the forces we need to over throw the warden and the guards.
Mara: Are they really that weak?  I thought that they would be strong.
Toph: You would think that, but they can’t really take a hit.  I miss being able to pound on people with my earth bending.  It was always so much fun.
Mara: Are we sure about that?
Toph: Yes, beating up people is tons of fun.
Mara: I meant about their weakness.
Kirito: Yes, we have been observing all of the various attempts at fighting the system that have gone on in here.  That’s why are plans have yet to be discovered.  We took what we have learned and used it to our advantage.
Mara: Speaking of intel, where is Gray?

Just then Gray comes running into the mess hall.  He runs over to their table.  He is out of breath.  After a few seconds, he is ready to talk.

Gray: You have got to see what I found out.  I can’t show you here.  It would be too dangerous.

They all calmly head for level 5.5.  They have gathered in the main board room that has a big monitor in it.

Zephyria: What was so important that you had to rush us down here?
Gray: I downloaded the footage to the monitor.  Now we all come from places that have a wide variety of creatures, but even I didn’t think that this was possible.  I didn’t think that he existed.
Mara: Who?
Gray: You are just going to have to see it to believe it.

He pushes a button.  A video starts on the screen.  It appears to be security footage from outside the warden’s office.

Zephyria: Wait you were able to get a camera outside his office.
Gray: That’s not the surprising part!

They continue to watch the footage.  Nothing seems to be happening until the door opens.  This surprises everyone due to the fact that it is believed that no one leaves or enters the office.  A man is seen walking out.  He turns around and talks to someone.  From what they can hear it sounds like the man is talking to the warden.  The man opens the door more and we get a slightly better look at the warden.  Everyone’s faces turn to shock(except Toph).  The warden looks to be a monstrous creature.  It has horns, sharp claws, a tail, and its body is heavily covered in fur.  It has red eyes and sharp teeth.

Mara: No way!  I thought that he was a myth.
Toph: Hello!  I can’t see!  What is it?
Zephyria: It’s....It’s…..It’s
Toph: Just spit it out already, Twinkle Toes!

Just then the door is completely opened.  We now get to completely see the warden, http://www.bromart.com/images/Brom_Krampus.jpg .

Toph: Can someone please tell me what it is?
Kirito: It’s a Krampus!
Toph: Wait what!?  I thought that was just a story to scare kids into being good.
Gray: I didn’t believe it for myself, but it’s as plain as day.  The warden of Ashgate is the infamous Krampus!
Mara: I thought he was supposed to only take bad children away in order to punish them.  Then he would return them, so what’s this all about.
Kirito: I think that I might know.  I have looked into the prison’s records, and have found a sudden influx of prisoners dating back about 2years ago.
Zephyria: That’s shortly before I was brought here.
Kirito: Yes, and that’s around the time that hero and anti-hero types were beginning to show up at the prison.
Mara: That’s odd.
Zephyria: I want you to check on any prisoners that came just before this change.  There might be one of them behind this.  We need to find out what’s going on as soon as possible.  Everyone else, start making preparations for the riot.  We only got two weeks till then.
Everyone: Roger!

We skip ahead one week.  We are in the confines of level 5.5.  Everyone seems to be rushing to get ready for the riot.  We are at the training field, where Mara, Zephyria, and Toph are present.  Just then the ground shakes and many boulders protrude from the ground.

Toph: You did it!  You finally did it!

We look to see what happened.  It looks as if Zephyria has just removed Toph’s shackles.  Toph is running amok through level 5.5 with great joy.

Toph: Oh, it feels so good to be able to earthbend again.  It also feels good to see again.  Thanks a lot Twinkle Toes!
Zephyria: Can you stop calling me that?
Toph: Nope!
Mara: So how does this help us get the element of surprise?
Zephyria: Because I have found a way to make a weakened version of the stone.  I will make shackles out of them and put them on Toph.  It will look like she is still incapacitated but she will only be slightly weakened.  When we start the riot she will be able to free herself.  Now we will both work hard to master bending this stone to help our cause.
Toph: Then we will give the special shackles to all our comrades so till we can get to them they will still be able to defend themselves.
Mara: Things seem to be going well, but it can’t be that easy.
Zephyria: It won’t be.  With the new Intel, we have learned that the warden has five powerful assistant wardens.  That means that each general will have a target to take out.
Mara: I will take on the warden.
Toph: No, I will.
Zephyria: We will take out the assistant wardens, and then we will all take on the warden.  We don’t know how strong he is.  Now let’s stop worrying about this and get back to training.
Toph: Whatever!
Mara: I will not let this go.  There is just something so fishy about the warden and for some reason it seems like I know why.  I just haven’t been able to pinpoint it yet.

They go off to train.  We now skip ahead another week to the morning of the planned riot.  We look through the prison as we see the various prisoners go through the normal morning routine.  We move down the prison to a seemingly unknown level.  It is very dark but there is a small amount of light shining on a sign.  We take a closer look and see that it says level six.  We pan out and the little bit of light allows us to see that there are eight cells on this level that seem to be made out of a strange stone.  We get a close up of one of the cells.  We can’t see inside due to the darkness, but the person inside steps forward and we can slightly see the person’s eyes.  They are yellow with no pupils.  The person laughs, and suddenly something seems to be opening on the forehead.  It looks to be a third eye.

????: The day has finally come to return to the gourmet world.  I’m sure that HE’S waiting for me there.

We change our view to that of the mess hall.  In it we can see Mara and the others sitting around a table eating their breakfast.

Zephyria: Remember that we must time our actions perfectly in order for this to work.  They will be letting us into the yard in one hour.  You all have till then to be in position.
Everyone: Right!

Everyone finishes their breakfast, and then heads off to their positions.  Mara and Zephyria are the only ones who head to the yard.  They head over to the side wear the criminals hang out.  We see that Zephyria is looking at her watch.  She looks up at Mara.

Zephyria: It’s time.
Mara: Got it.  Let’s do this.

Zephyria then looks around for the strongest looking criminal around.  She spots her target, and she begins to discreetly bend his shackles off.  At the same time, Mara walks over to him and bumps into one of the guys that are standing near him.  This causes that guy to bump into the guy that Zephyria was targeting.  The guy gets mad and pushes the other guy.  He then notices that his shackles have been removed.  He then proceeds to use his powers on the other guy.  Just then a bunch of other guys start using powers.  Before you know it, there is a full blow prison yard brawl.  The guards start rushing into the fray and then an alarm sounds that can be heard all around the prison which alerts all of the guards and prisoners.  The prisoners start to riot all over the place.  We see a group heading down some stairs.  They include Kirito, Toph, and Gray who are leading some others.  They seem to be heading towards the bottom of the prison.

Gray: Are you sure this level six is that easy to get into?
Toph: Don’t worry about it.  If it’s made of stone or metal, I can bend it to my will.
Kirito: We have to hurry!  The alarm has sounded which means that we have less than three minutes till they quell the riot.

They reach the end of the stairs.  It seems to be a dead end.  Toph spits in each of her hands then rubs them together.  She places them on the wall, and she proceeds to break the wall down.  This reveals a secret staircase leading down.

Toph: I told you that I could do it.
Kirito: Let’s keep moving.  We only got two minutes left!

They rush down the stairs.  Then they get to level six.  It’s very dark with some small lights hanging from the ceiling.  It’s very hard to see anything.

Gray: Toph, can you lead us to the control room?
Toph: No sweat!

She stops on the ground.  This causes a shockwave to be sent all across the floor.  Toph uses it to locate the control room.  They rush towards it.  She busts open the door which Gray follows up with freezing all the guards.  Kirito goes over to the control board.

Kirito: Now to find the lights.

After searching for a few seconds, he finds the button that activates the lights of the floor.  Level six is now brightly lit.  This gives us the ability to see the whole layout of the floor.  The eight cells are in the center of floor with a wall surrounding the perimeter.  Then there are wide trench around the wall separating it from the patrolling walkways of the guards.  Kirito then deactivates the walls around the cells.  He lowers the bridge so they can get to the cells.  Gray and Toph head to the cells to free everyone.  Kirito heads over to a door in the control room that is marked “Personnel Belongings”.  He goes in and starts looking for everyone’s gear.  We now look at the cells.  Everyone has been freed and has just finished putting their gear on.  Everyone lines up which gives us a chance to get a full look at them, http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130926163301/toriko/images/f/f0/Starjun_US.png , http://fc09.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/099/b/3/welcome_to_the_dwma_ri_ch_1__starting_the_mission_by_jean_d_harding-d610qc1.jpg , http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs71/i/2011/296/5/d/deadman_crow_wallpaper_by_mangaka_roach-d4dp0e3.jpg , http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/it/1/13/Tokijin.jpg , http://tiviseries.mobi/wp-content/uploads/bleach-kenpachi-zaraki-7.jpg , http://oi25.tinypic.com/24lmn0p.jpg  .

Toph: I do admit that they do look like one powerful group.
Gerlo: Hey Blind Bitch!  Why don’t you tell our friends here that I don’t take orders from nobody?
Toph: What was that?  I’m the world’s greatest earth bender and I will kick your ass anytime anywhere!
Gerlo: Bring it on!

Kirito pulls out his twin swords, http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs70/i/2013/009/c/9/sword_art_online___elucidator_and_dark_repulser_by_hairokabrera-d5qz4r9.jpg .

Kirito: If you want to fight anyone, then start fighting the guards.  The riot is bigger than normal so we probably had five minutes instead of three.  We don’t know how long it will be before they realize you guys have escaped.  Now that we are all free and equipped, let’s go up and cause some trouble.  Then will kick the warden and assist warden’s collective asses.  Then we can all leave here and return to our lives.
Gerlo: Fine!  Just don’t get in my way.
Starjun: I just want to fry some guards.
Crow: The thought of getting to slice people up makes me so happy.
Sesshomaru: I will kill anyone who gets in my way.
Patty: Hey you look like a dog.
Liz: Patty, don’t anger the demon.
Kid: Please stop arguing over such trivial matters.  What we really need to address is the fact that you guys aren’t in perfect symmetry.  I mean even your boobs are different sizes.

Kid grabs their boobs.  Liz punches him in the face.

Liz: Well sorry for having smaller breasts than my sister.
Gray: Let’s just focus here people.
Kirito: Now, Charge!

They all burst through the ceiling to the higher levels of the prison.  We change our view to the yard where we see Mara and Zephyria.  They are watching as the guards finish breaking up the riot.

Mara: I hope they had enough time.
Zephyria: Well I tried to make the riot as big as possible.

Just then a big explosion is heard.  It makes the ground shake.  Another explosion destroys a chunk of the yard which creates a big hole in the ground.  Out from the ground comes the group from level six.

Kirito: CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mara: Well I guess it’s time to start the fun.

Everyone starts powering up.  They start destroying what’s left of the yard.

Zephyria: That should get their attention.

An alarm goes off, and many guards start swarming the prisoners.  An army of guards now stands in front of the resistance.

Mara: So fearless leader what’s the plan?
Zephyria: We stick to the pan.  The generals will move ahead to face the assistant wardens and the warden while the others take on the guards.
Kenpachi: How come I have to take on these weaklings?
Zephyria: Because I have been here long enough to learn many things.  They include some basic knowledge of the assistant wardens’ powers.  The generals that I have picked have abilities that will help counter the abilities of the assistant wardens.  You non generals have abilities that will make it best for taking on the massive army of guards.  Now do your job!

Gerlo takes his sword and rushes through a pack of guards.  He quickly slices their heads off.  Then he runs over to some more guards and slices their bodies in half.  He rushes through the soldiers very quickly and disappears into the distance.  Crow cuts up his arms.  He uses the blood that comes out to make blades.  With similar bloodlust to that of Gerlo, Crow rushes through the crowd slicing as he goes.  Kenpachi pulls out his sword and swings it once.  This creates a shockwave that destroys tons of guards.  He runs off into the fray.  Sesshomaru pulls out his Bakusaiga and then he slices one guard’s arm off.  He then pushes him into some other guards.  Then guards keep getting cut as if the blade is still cutting them from that first slice and it seems that the effects can move from person to person through touch.  Sesshomaru wanders off somewhere unknown.  Starjun steps up to the crowd.  He engulfs his arm in fire, and he proceeds to throw the flames at the army.  This burns up all the guards in the immediate area.  He pulls out his Burner Knife and charges off.

End of Part 2

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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Movie 1   January 1st 2015, 9:15 pm

Dragon Soul
Movie 1
Ashgate, The Eternal Prison Part 3

We see Liz and Patty turn into guns and are grabbed by Kid.  The generals proceed to head toward the warden’s office.  They are running through the prison and they are about to get through the entrance when the ground lifts up blocking their way.  Out of the ground pops out a humanoid lizard creature and it appears to be female.

????: I won’t let you guys pass.  I see that you guys did have powers after all.
Toph: Watch out she is an earth bender like me.
Zephyria: Then you must be Reptilea Terraa?
Reptilea: You have learned much.  Yes, that’s me.  You might know my name, but that doesn’t mean you can win.
Toph: Guys, I’ll take this one.  You guy move on and finish this.
Reptilea: Like I would let that happen!

Reptilea sends some boulders at the group.  Toph bends them away.  She then busts open the wall which allows the group to move on.

Reptilea: Fine!  If you want to fight me so bad, then come and get some.
Toph: I’ve been itching for a fight.  Now let me so you the true might of the best earth bender ever!

They both begin tossing rocks at one another.  We then change our view to the rest of the group.  They have moved on ahead.  Mara is at the front of the group.

Zephyria: I’ve never seen you this excited before.
Mara: The prospect of getting out of here will do that to a person.
Gray: Watch Out!

He stops the group before they go over a bridge that has been destroyed.  They look down below and see pillars of ice.

Zephyria: Ice pillars!  Then Lupine Freezer must be here.
????: You are correct!

The ice rises up.  Standing on it is a humanoid dog creature with white fur.

Gray: I will handle him.  This was his doing.  You guys move on.
Zephyria: Be careful.
Gray: Got it!
Lupine: So you think that you can beat me?  I would love to see you try.

Gray takes off his shirt.

Gray: It’s about to get chilly in here.

Gray creates an ice cannon which he fires at Lupine.  Lupine counters with a wall of ice.  They each make ice swords and charge at one another.  We change our view to the rest of the group which has moved on.  They seem to be heading down a forgotten hallway.  It isn’t well lit and is very dirty.

Kid: Doesn’t this prison believe in being clean.  It’s already bad enough that they aren’t symmetrical.  Everything should be aesthetically pleasing.
????: Yeah, but don’t you only have three stripes on one side.

Just then Kid falls onto his knees in shame.

Kid: I’m an abomination.  I’m filthy and dirty!
Mara: What are you talking about?
Kid: I’m asymmetrical garbage!
Zephyria: We didn’t say anything to you.
Kid: Yes you did!
Mara: No, we didn’t!
Kid: Then who did?
????: I did!

The group then turns around.  Standing behind them is an insect creature.  It has features of different insects with some human features.  Kid stands in horror at the sight of this hideous creature.

Mara: Who are you?

The creature pulls out a gun and starts firing it at the group.  Zephyria blasts the energy bullets away with wind.

Zephyria: Well I guess you are Amber Ray, the best sharpshooter among all the assist wardens.
Amber: Yes, that would be me.  I am here to stop you.
Mara: We will stop you.
Amber: Yeah right.

Amber Ray raises its gun and is about to fire when the gun is shot out of its hands.  We look over to see what happened.  Kid is seen wielding his guns, Patty and Liz.  He has a look of great anger on his face.

Amber: Now what could I have done to anger you so?  There is no way that you care for these women that much.
Kid: Shut the fuck up, you garbage.  You are the ugliest unsymmetrical thing that I have ever seen.  I will do whatever it takes to wipe your existence from this universe.  You guys go on ahead.
Zephyria: Be careful!
Mara: Let’s go!

Mara and Zephyria move on ahead.  Kid and Amber start taking shots at each other.  We change our view to Mara and Zephyria.  They are heading down a hallway when Kirito shows up from a side hall.

Mara: Where did you go?
Kirito: I got separated from you guys back at the battle of the earth benders.  It took a while, but I finally caught back up.  I guess the others found their opponents.
Zephyria: Yeah, which leaves us with two assistant wardens left to take down; now let’s keep moving!

We change our view to the massive battle that is going on in the courtyard.  There is a crowd of guards surrounding Roy Mustang.  He then starts snapping his fingers very quickly, and the guards start bursting into flames.  Nearby we see Kurama whipping some guards with his rose whip, while Sakura is seen punching several guards into the ground.  A few guards are seen nearby being blown away by wind which seems to be coming from Tenzin.  Tommy Oliver gears up into his green ranger outfit and starts taking down some guards with his dragon dagger.  Viral is seen running by slicing up guards with his sword.  We move our view over a couple yards to Piccolo who is seen blasting through several guards with a drill like energy attack.  A short distance away is Kyoya Hibari who is knocking down guards with tonfas covered in purple flames.  The guards seem to be dropping like flies.  We change our view back to the trio of heroes heading towards the warden.

Kirito: We need to be careful, because we are almost at the administration wing.
Mara: We are going to kick some major ass!
Zephyria: Watch out!

Just then a giant black sword is seen swinging down on them.  The group swiftly dodges it.  The group looks over to see who was wielding the sword.  It looks like a humanoid female cat with black fur and white skin.  Her sword looks like this, http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20140613030537/lookout/images/5/5f/Black_Sword_by_DarkXStrike.jpg ,but ten feet long.

????: You people think that I am the type of girl who would just like you waltz by then you are totally wrong.  I am the queen of felines and a master swordswoman.
Zephyria: So you have appeared, Ebony Rapier?
Ebony: I heard that you have found out about us.
Mara: What a strange name!
Zephyria: She got it for her mastery of the giant black rapier, Devil’s Rapier.
Mara: How can she use such a sword let alone use it as a rapier?
Ebony: That’s just how strong I am!  None of you will get by me!

Kirito steps forward with his swords drawn.

Kirito: I will take her.
Ebony: You might look feminine, but I know that you are a man.  You have two swords, but that won’t help you win.
Kirito: Well let’s find out!

Kirito charges at Ebony.  The two clash swords, which allow the other two to sneak on by.  We follow Zephyria and Mara as they move on through the prison.  They turn down a hallway which leads them to a large room.  They get halfway through the room when a large gust of wind blows them back.

Mara: What was that?
Zephyria: It was him.

Mara looks up to see who he was talking about.  Above them is a human/bird hybrid.  He gently lowers down to the ground.  He snickers ever so lightly.

Zephyria: So the final assistant warden has shown himself.  It’s nice to finally meet the strongest of all the assistant wardens, Falcon Monsoon.
Falcon: Flattery won’t help you.  Now be gone!

With a wave of his hand, he creates a huge gust of wind.  This blows at our heroes, but this time they are ready for it.  They dodge it.

Falcon: That was good, but I am only warming up.  You see I am not just a wind user.  I can control all forms of weather.  Now face my wrath.

He quickly creates a huge hurricane, and he then sends it straight at Mara.  She shoots at it with fire, but the hurricane blows away the fire.  The hurricane is about hit Mara, when is blown away by Zephyria’s wind.  Falcon seems very surprised.

Falcon: So I’m facing a fire user and a wind user.  That won’t be too hard to beat.
Zephyria: You’re wrong!  I’m Avatar D. Zephyria, and I’m going to be the Queen of the Pirates!  I have the immense power of the Avatar!  I can control all of the elements!  Now face MY WRATH!

Zephyria shoots out some wind at Falcon.  He easily dodges it, but he dodges right into a fire blast that was sent by Zephyria.  Falcon counters with a rainstorm that puts out the fire.  Zephyria then bends the water at Falcon.  He creates a thunder cloud that fries the water.  The lightning heads straight for Zephyria, but she bends the stone building to create a wall that blocks the lightning.  Unfortunately, another bolt of lightning is coming from behind.  Falcon begins to smile as the bolt hits her.

Falcon: I guess you weren’t as strong as you thought.

Just then the lightning is shot back at Falcon.

Falcon: How is that possible?
Zephyria: I told you that I am a bender of all the elements, and that includes lightning.  You won’t be able to win.  Anything that you can dish out I can take it and throw it back at you.  Also with the two of us here, that makes it twice as likely for you to lose.
Falcon: I only see one of you.
Zephyria: What do you mean?  She’s right over there.

Zephyria looks around for Mara, but she is nowhere to be found.

Zephyria: I can’t believe that she disobeyed me and went on ahead of me to take on the warden.  She doesn’t stand a chance.
Falcon: Don’t ignore me!

Falcon charges at Zephyria.  We now change our view to Mara who has moved on ahead.  She has finally made it to the administrative offices.  She follows the signs to a door that is marked “Warden’s Office”.

Mara: Now it’s time to end this and get back home.

She opens the door.  At first glance there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the room.  She looks at the desk.  There is a chair that has been turned around with its back facing Mara.  The chair is rocking slightly.

????: I’ve been expecting you.

The chair turns around to reveal the warden.  He has a big smirk on his face and has his hands folded in a way where each fingertip is touching the other like Mr. Burns.

Mara: How could you have known that I was the one to come here and not someone else?
????: Because something was different about you.
Mara: Well Mr. Warden, I gather you must know why I’m here.
Warden: Yes.  Stands up.  I am also prepared to deal with you and this little revolt of yours.  I have worked too hard and have gotten too close to achieving my goals to be stopped by a couple of self-pretentious hero types.
Mara: I’ll kick your ass and make you eat those words.

The Warden starts to laugh.  This goes on for a few minutes which only serve to make Mara angry.

Warden: I’ve never laughed so hard in my life.  This will only take a few minutes.  Today I’m feeling generous so I will let you get the first hit.
Mara: I will only need one hit.

Mara charges up.  Then she goes for the Warden with her fists clenched.  The warden easily dodges her attacks, and backs up into the hallway.  Mara keeps trying to hit him, but he just dodges.  Before you know it, they are in the lobby of the administrative offices.

Warden: I thought that you were going to be a challenge, but I guess I was wrong.  I should end this now.

The warden charges up his energy.  A black aura begins to surround him.  Then he rushes at Mara.  She dodges the hits, but for some reason she still is hit by some unknown impact.

Mara: How did you do that?  I dodged you and yet I still got hurt.
Warden: That was my darkness aura.  You may have dodged my fists, but you didn’t dodge my aura.  I, the mighty Krampus, am a master of darkness; the darkness is my ally and greatest weapon.  Now fall into my darkness forever!

He shoots his darkness at Mara.  She tries to dodge, but darkness pulls them in with great force.  The pull is like a black hole.  The darkness grabs hold of her and begins to crush her.  Mara is in great pain, and begins to scream.

Warden: Now that’s what I like to hear.  You are helpless in my power.  Now get swallowed by my darkness.

Just then the darkness completely engulfs Mara.  The Warden gives some hand motions that signal the darkness to finish her off.  The gravity of the darkness increases as the darkness gets smaller.

Warden: Take this, 100 TIMES GRAVITY CRUSH!

The darkness crushes Mara’s body.  When it does, flames spew out instead of blood.  This confuses the Warden.

Warden: What the hell is going on?  Where did she go?
Mara: I’m right here!

Warden turns around to see Mara standing behind him.  She is in her phoenix warrior mode, and as soon as the warden turns completely around she decks him in the face.  The warden is sent flying across the room and into the wall.  After a few seconds, he gets up and is seen to be very angry.

Mara: What?  Are you going to cry?  Did I give you a boo-boo?
Mara: Nag, Nag, Nag!  Just shut the hell up!

Mara quickly rushes to the Warden and punches him hard in the stomach.  This stops the Warden’s attack charging.  She then kicks him in the face with a roundhouse kick.

Mara: Are you calm yet?
Warden: How did you escape my darkness attack?  It crushes everything with 100X the gravity of earth.  Nobody can withstand that much force!
Mara: Well for starters you used that attack on my flame clone.
Warden: But how did you even escape that much gravity in the first place to have even left a clone behind?
Mara: Yes 100X gravity is a lot, but I have been training under 300X gravity for the last two months.  You don’t stand a chance.  I mean maybe you could stand a chance if you were at full power.
Warden: What do you mean full power?  I am at full power.
Mara: I know the truth about you.  You thought that because we were all from different dimensions that nobody would know your story.
Warden: I don’t know what you mean.
Mara: Ugh!  I guess I’m going to have to say it myself.  You aren’t the Krampus, or to be more correct you are controling him.  I know what you have done to him, Visser!

This makes the warden slightly nervous.

Warden: How do you know that name?
Mara: Because where I’m from you’re a character in a book.  I know that you are a part of a race of mind controlling alien slugs called Yeerks.
Visser: Then you should know that there is no way to remove me from the Krampus.  Thanks to this dimension’s properties, I never have to leave this body.  I have him completely under my control.
Mara: Then why can’t you use his full power.
Visser: I am!
Mara: You may have control of him, but you can’t sense energy, but I can.  With that ability, I can tell that the Krampus is holding back.  My guess is that before you took control of him, he put a block on his powers to limit what you could due.
Visser: That doesn’t mean that you will win.  Plus, you still can’t get me out.
Mara: Well I will show you what I have learned, and we can discover together if I can remove you.

They rush at each and begin to trade blows.
End of Part 3
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PostSubject: Dragon Soul Movie 1   January 1st 2015, 9:31 pm

Dragon Soul
Movie 1
Ashgate, The Eternal Prison Part 4
We change our view to the courtyard entrance to the prison where Toph and Reptilea are seen fighting.  The area is all torn up from their earthbending.

Reptilea: I do admit that you are good, but it’s time to end this with my best attack.

She lifts up several rocks and sharpens them.

Reptilea: Secret technique, Thousand Needles!

The attack heads towards Toph and seemingly hit.  The smoke clears to reveal Toph that is being protected by a wall of metal.

Reptilea: Where did that wall come from?
Toph: Your skills are nice, but you are only a novice.  I mean you haven’t even learned how to bend metal.
Reptilea: You can’t use earth bending to bend metal.

Toph smirks.  She starts to bend the metal wall and creates a suit of armor out of it.  Reptilea looks surprised.

Toph: Time to end this!

She starts running at Reptilea.  She combines her natural speed with her bending to heavily increase her speed to the point where her armor catches on fire.  She then puts her fist forward.

Toph: I guess I should call this my HOT IRON FIST!

Her attack makes contact with Reptilea’s stomach and goes through it.  It leaves a gaping hole in Reptilea’s abdomen.  Reptilea looks at the hole in shock, and then looks at Toph.

Reptilea: I guess there was much for me to learn.  I must admit it.  You are the greatest earthbender of all time across any and all universes.

She falls down and dies.  Toph removes the armor and sits down.  She looks very tired.

Toph: I guess that I should catch up with the others.

We change our view to Gray who still fighting Lupine.  Shards of ice are flying everywhere.  They seem to have switched to a long distance fight.  Gray is shooting ice arrows at Lupine who blocks with an ice shield.  He counters with ice shuriken.  Gray dodges some of them, but gets sliced by others.  This knocks him down.  Lupine takes advantage of this and attacks with an ice cannonball as big as a boulder.  It squashes Gray.  Lupine goes in to check his handy work.

Lupine: I knew that you were weak.

He moves the boulder to see the damage.  An ice statue of Gray is seen crumbled up into pieces.  Lupine quickly searches for Gray, but it is too late.  Gray is already behind him with ice blades jutting back from his forearms.


Gray uses the blades to quickly slash Lupine seven times.  Lupine is bleeding heavily and is very hurt, but he uses his ice to seal the wounds up.

Gray: I will not be beaten by anyone in a battle of ice magic.  Now taste my WRATH!

A tattoo appears on his right arm.

Gray: ICE DEVIL’S RAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A beam of ice bursts out from Gray’s mouth.  It completely engulfs Lupine.  After the smoke clears, we see that a heavily damaged Lupine is completely incased in ice.  Gray falls to his knees out of exhaustion.

Gray: I told you that I was better, but I guess you’re the cool one now.

We change our view to a dirty hallway.  Kid is seen running around shooting at Amber.

Kid: I will eliminate you.

Amber shots at Kid.  Kid easily dodges.  Then one of Amber’s bullets hits Kid’s hair which takes out a big chunk of it.  Kid stares at the huge missing piece of hair.  This makes him very upset.

Amber: Awe!  Are you going to cry?

Kid’s face becomes that of great anger.  His power is rising very quickly.  He quickly shoots several shots at Amber’s legs.  She dodges all but one.  It hits her left leg which makes her slow down a lot.  He then quickly fires at her right leg.  Now she is immobilized.

Kid: Time to make you pay!

His energy surges causing Liz and Patty to turn into cannons.  He prepares to fire, when the three lines on his head connect causing his power to sky rocket.  Liz and Patty turn into giant cannons made of gold which are supported on the ground by two stands that are shaped like grim reaper masks.


Two large beams fire from the cannons, a green bean from the left and a pinkish beam from the right.  The two beams swirl around each other and combine.

Amber: I guess I have lost this battle.  I will gladly welcome death especially since the grim reaper is already here.

The beam completely vaporizes Amber.  After the blast is done, Kid falls down out of exhaustion; then Liz and Patty return to their human forms.

Liz: You did well Kid.  Now let’s meet up with the others.
Patty: Hey I found something shiny.

Patty is seen holding a shiny blue crystal with strange markings on it.  She puts it in her pocket, and they head off carrying Kid.  We change our view to Kirito who is still locked in a deadly sword fight with Ebony.  He is having trouble getting any shots in because he can’t get past her ten foot long sword.

Ebony: Your skills are good and you are fast, but that won’t help you get close enough to me to land any sort of hit.
Kirito: Let’s see about that!

Kirito parries her sword away and runs at her, but she quickly swings her sword back.  Kirito then runs sideways hiding behind a pillar.  She destroys the pillar, but he isn’t there.  She looks around for him, but he has already snuck up behind her.  He is about to strike when her sword transforms and becomes smaller.  She then uses it to block his attack.  It is not only shorter, but it also looks slightly different.  It now looks like this, http://img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20130503092747/creative-weaponry/images/9/9d/Black_sword-1-.jpg .

Kirito: How did you do that?
Ebony: This is the true form of the Devil’s Rapier!  Now I guess it’s time to end this.

She starts quickly attacking with many thrusts.  Kirito is only able to barely put up a defense.  She manages to land a hit which puts him off balance.  She follows this up with a kick to the stomach which sends him into the wall.

Ebony: You aren’t strong enough to beat me.  Just lay there and die.
Kirito: I guess it’s time for my ace in the hole, Dual Wielding!
Ebony: But you already have been using two swords.
Kirito: (smirks) I was alternating which hand was using sword wielding.  Now I will use my best skill with my best swords.

His black sword goes away and he pulls out a new sword that is golden, http://www.swordsaxe.com/images/products/detail/SwordArtOnlineHolySwordExcaliburKiritoSAOAnime.jpg .  He begins to engage Ebony.  This time he has the upper hand while she is only able to defend.  He then knocks her sword out of her hands and sends it flying far away.  He points both swords at her neck.

Kirito: This is my victory!  Now stand down!
Ebony: How?
Kirito: Don’t worry about it.  Just stand down!
Ebony: NEVER!

She pulls out her claws and tries to slice Kirito with them.  He counters easily and slices her several times with his swords.  They stand opposite each other with their back to one another.  Then blood spews out from cuts all over her body.  She falls down to the ground.  Kirito puts his swords away.  He is about to move on when he notices something on the ground near Ebony and picks it up.  We can’t quite make out what it is due to the dust in the air.  He pockets it and moves on.  We change our view to Zephyria who is still having a battle of nature with Falcon.  There are flames everywhere while a great wind is seemingly blowing in all kinds of directions.  The room looks like a war zone.  Falcon throws a twister at Zephyria, but she just counters with an earth wall to slow it down then she blasts it back with airbending.  This speeds up the tornado in the process.  Falcon counters with another tornado.  The two collide and blow the roof of the whole building.

Falcon: We seem to be evenly matched.
Zephyria: For now!
Falcon: What does that mean?
Zephyria: I can’t be held up by you much longer.  If I don’t go and help Mara, she might really get hurt.
Falcon: Time to bring my A game.

Falcon creates a giant tornado followed by giant hurricanes and blizzards.  He then forces all of them together to create an ultra-storm and sends it at Zephyria.

Falcon: NOW DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just then we see her eyes glow and she quickly dispels the storm like it was nothing.

Falcon: How!?
Zephyria: I told you that I have the power of the Avatar.  This is my most powerful ability, the Avatar State!  Now feel the force of all the elements.

She bends some metal and creates some shackles to bind Falcon to the ground.  Then she begins to collect every element that she can bend and bends them around her.  Then her body becomes completely black.  The blackness spreads to the elements.

Falcon: What the hell is that!?
Zephyria: It’s my new ultimate technique!  It combines all the elements with my Avatar State, and full body armament haki.  I call it “Mother Nature’s Rage”.  Now GOODBYE!

She sends the attack at Falcon who is unable to dodge.  After the smoke clears, we can see Falcon’s body was ripped to shreds with pieces of it all over the place.  Zephyria powers down and is seen to be at the center of the room.  She sees something on the ground that is catching some light.  She picks it up and it’s another blue crystal with strange markings.  Then some people come through the dust cloud.  It’s Toph, Gray, Kid, Liz, Patty, and Kirito.

Zephyria: I see that you guys have made it.
Toph: We kicked butt and took names.
Kirito: Hey, Zephyria, have you seen anything like this?

He holds up a blue crystal just like Zephyria’s.

Patty: You guys found one as well.

The others each are holding a similar crystal.

Zephyria: I don’t know what they are.

Just then a bright light begins to shine.  They look to see what it is.

Liz: What’s that light?
Zephyria: I don’t know, but that is coming from the lobby of the administrative offices.

Just then a large black aura that rivals the light appears.  The light and the dark appear to collide which causes a big explosion that destroys half the prison.  We quickly get views from various different people from across the prison as they look on in shock.  The explosion engulfs the generals and everything goes black.  We take you back five minutes ago in the administrative offices’ lobby.  Mara and Visser are engulfed in their respective auras and are trading blows.  The room is being destroyed left and right as their punches collide.

Visser: I will never concede to you.  I will not only rule this world, but all worlds.
Mara: I can’t let you do that.  There are too many people counting on me to give up now.

Mara sends several flames bursts at Visser, but he easily dodges them.  She using this to her advantage and proceeds to back him into a corner.  She then creates a huge wall of flames in front of Visser.  Then while he is trapped for a few seconds, she builds up flames in each of her hands.  Then she combines then and shoots it at Visser.  He blocks with a powerful wall of darkness.  He bursts forward and rams into Mara.  This knocks her onto the ground.  She is hurt badly, but is slowly getting up.

Visser: Can’t you just stay down?
Mara: Never!

Just then the roof is blown off.

Mara: What was that?
Visser: That must have been Falcon because he is the only one capable of doing this.

The sun starts to come out as the clouds have now all been blown away.  Mara stares at it and begins to concentrate.  Her wounds begin to heal slightly.  Her body begins to glow.

Visser: What’s going on?
Mara: I’m collecting the power of the sun to heal some of my minor wounds and to power up for my final attack.

She gets in fighting stance with her hand pointed towards Visser.  She opens her hand and sunlight begins to collect in it.  It keeps getting brighter and brighter to the point of almost blinding them.  She looks over a sees a big black explosion nearby.

Mara: That’s Zephyria’s new move.  She must be done her fight.  I will end this before she even gets here.  It’s ready!

The sun light has finished colleting in her hand.  It is in the form of a sphere.  She holds it up and closes her hand to form a fist.  This causes the sphere to break and the energy surrounds her fist.  The light gets even brighter.

Mara: With this technique, I will end your reign of terror!
Visser: Not if I end you first.

He creates a black cloud of energy and compresses it down to a sphere.  He also crushes it which produces a similar effect to Mara’s, but with darkness.  We pan out slightly to see the massive light and dark auras that is surrounding these attacks.

Visser: Time to end this with my secret technique, 200X GRAVITY DARKNESS PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!
Mara: I have channeled the full force of the sun in the palm of my hand, and I won’t lose to the darkness.  Here is my new technique, SOLAR PHOENIX PUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The two warriors close in on each other.  Just as they are about to collide, we fade to black.  Then an explosion is seen as we quickly pan out to see the full range of the blast.  There is tons of smoke blocking our view of the two combatants.  After a few seconds the dust begins to settle.  Once we get a view of the two, we see that Mara has put her hand through Visser’s chest.  Visser looks at the wound.

Visser: This can’t be!  You out beat my attack to strike this blow, but it doesn’t matter because I’m immortal.

Just then his whole body catches on fire.

Visser: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! What’s going on?
Mara: The attack moved at such great speed that the friction has caused all your cells to catch fire.  This will destroy you down to every last cell.
Visser: But I’m immortal!
Mara: Only the Warden is immortal.  We are just have eternal youth and are protected from any disease.  Also thanks to you being connected to the warden’s cells, your cells will catch fire, but yours won’t survive.
Visser: NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get an internal view of the Warden’s head where we can see the slug like alien known as Visser who is burning away to nothingness.  Mara falls back onto the ground out of exhaustion.  This effectively removes her hand out from the Warden’s body.  Some time passes by before we see all the generals arrive in the room.  They help Mara get up.

Zephyria: That was so reckless of you.
Mara: I know, but I still need to prove my power.
Toph: How did you beat an immortal being?
Mara: I just killed the mortal being that was controlling him.

Before they can enjoy their victory, their allies all show up.  They are being followed by a horde of guards.

Zephyria: We don’t have the time to deal with them.  We have to get to the portal out of here now before it closes.  Once it does it won’t open for another 1000 years.  If that happens, all our worlds will begin to move on without us.  This is because when the portal closes our connections to our worlds will be severed.

They all move quickly to the warden’s office where the portal is.  They make sure that the others get out first.  Now it’s only Mara, Zephyria, and Kirito.

Zephyria: Kirito, you go through next.
Kirito: I will miss you both.
Mara: We’ve got to go the guards are almost here.
Zephyria: We can’t let them get into the portal or they will cause the portal to collapse killing everyone inside.
Kirito: That means one of us will have to stay behind to hold them off.
Mara: None of us can sacrifice our lives in our worlds to do such a task.
????: (booming, gruff voice) I will do it!

Just then a large man with an axe appears before them.

Zephyria: Who are you?

Mara just looks stunned.

Zephyria: Mara. Do you know this guy?
Mara: He is only a video game character where I’m from, but where he’s from he is a legend.  He is the all mighty, GREIL OF THE GREIL MERCENARIES!
Kirito: Your point?!
Mara: He has more than enough power to hold them off.
Greil: I will try to hold them off for as long as I can, but that crazy slug took most off my power away.  He put them into crystals and gave them to his assist wardens in order to power them up.
Zephyria: So that’s what these are!

She holds up all the crystals that they collected.  She then hands them to Greil.  He then proceeds to absorb their power.  This returns Greil to normal.

Greil: Thanks!  Now the real assist warden will stop them.
Mara: What!?
Greil: After I was defeated by the black knight, the Krampus brought me here.  He returned my body to its prime and made me his assistant warden.  Now go before the portal closes.
Mara: We can’t express our gratitude enough for what you are doing.
Greil: Don’t worry about it.  It’s my job.

Mara hugs him.  Then she and the others go into the portal.  They say their goodbyes to each other before heading home.  Mara pops back out into the cold tundra that she was at before all this started.  She goes over to her little hut.  She makes a pile of ice and writes on it.

Mara: I have one week left until the opening ceremonies of the Olympics.  I must make sure that I am ready and can handle these new powers in my own world.  I must make sure that I get there in time.

She walks away to continue training.  We close in on the ice, and it reads “This is a memorial for the greatest hero across all universes, Greil.”  We pan out as we see Mara training.

Ending theme:

Mara’s adventure in Ashgate is over now.  The epic journey has taught her many things as well as made her stronger.  Now it’s time to take her new skills to the Olympics to stop the Tiger Team’s plans.  Stay tuned to find out what happens next on Dragon Soul.

*This movie is dedicated to the memory of the Greil to Strider’s Ike, Strider’s dad.  May he rest in peace.*
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