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 Fire Emblem 7 - The Heroes Challenge

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PostSubject: Fire Emblem 7 - The Heroes Challenge   April 10th 2017, 11:56 pm

Will be doing a LHM -> EHM run using only characters that show up in Fire Emblem Heroes (which means no Pent feelsbadman ). I will likely be streaming it. This is what the challenge will look like.

Lyn solo till Florina. Get Serra a few chapters later. Matthew next chapter. Lucius in Ch 8. Finish LHM with those five characters.

EHM will have Eliwood, Rebecca, Bartre, Hector, Serra, Matthew, Priscilla, Lyn, Florina, Raven, Priscilla, Ninian, Hawkeye, Karel, Nino and Jaffar.

I suspect the real challenge for me will be not using Pent.

Anyway, I'll post updates on whether or not I'll stream or just record the footage.

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Fire Emblem 7 - The Heroes Challenge
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