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 Dynasty Warriors spin offs I want

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Dynasty Warriors spin offs I want Empty
PostSubject: Dynasty Warriors spin offs I want   Dynasty Warriors spin offs I want EmptyJuly 19th 2018, 10:57 pm

When I got fire emblem warriors and Hyrule Warriors I was amazed at the nice combinations with the franchises so it got me thinking here are some warriors spin offs I want

Arthur Warriors based on the legend of King Arthur
Warcraft warriors based on Warcraft
League of legends warriors based on lol
Warhammer Warriors based on warhammer
Gothic warriors based on the gothic series
Witcher warriors based on the Witcher series
Diablo warriors based on diablo
Game of thrones warriors based on got
And finally
Lotr Warriors based on lord of the rings

What do you want to be a warriors game let me know
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Dynasty Warriors spin offs I want
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