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 Digimon Adventure Zero Three ~ The Fanfic

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PostSubject: Digimon Adventure Zero Three ~ The Fanfic   July 30th 2009, 1:48 am

Chapter One: DIGIDESTINED!?!?!

There is a clear view of a beach. Many teenagers, plus one kid clearly younger, are enjoying their break from their adventure. One girl is deep in thought, away from the others. As the view of her gets clearer, we can tell that she is only 13 years old. She is 5'2" and has long, blond hair with pink highlights. She has hazel eyes. She is wearing black jeans, a pink T-Shirt and brown shoes. The teenager finally speaks. "My name is Jessica Tastara, but my friends call me Jesse. You might be wondering where we are. We are in the Digital World this is how it all started..."

(This will be the opening theme for this season:)

"It was only three months ago when five of us got a phone call from this person named Willis. We met at his house in Chicago. That is where we are from." The camera switches to a view of a two-story farm house. We did not know each other, with the exceptions being Ukir and Xias. "So what are we doing here?" A boy that looks to be 14, 5'10, has silver hair, silver eyes, and silver clothes asks. That is Silver Revlis. We do not know his real first name but, that is fine. He is the smartest person in our group. "I need to know so I can get back to fixing my mom's computer." Silver said. Willis, a clearly older boy - at the age of 16, 6'1, has blond hair, blue eyes and is wearing blue shorts, a red unbuttoned T-Shirt over a white long-sleeve shirt, and red shoes responds. "I got a message from Andromon saying that you five are the new Digidestined. I had you all here to explain what is happening."

According to Willis, Andromon is an extremely intelligent Digimon. Digimon are these creatures that live in the world which we are currently in.

Willis continues. "A Digidestined is a person who has seen a Digimon in his or her life and is chosen to save the Digital World. It is currently in deep trouble. I am supposed to lead this group to destroying the new evil." A young boy, that is apparently 7 years old, decided to speak up. He is 4'9, wears a black short-sleeve leather jacket, white shoes, and has long blue hair. "That sounds like a lot of work. Why was I chosen?"

That is Ukir Aros. He is the little brother of Xias Aros. He can be extremely childlike but, what do you expect?

An older boy, at the age of 14 decided to answer Ukir's question. He is 5'4, has sky-blue hair and wears a black long-sleeve leather coat, white pants, and kamina glasses that cover his eyes. "Little bro, I will tell you when you are older. Just don't ask that again and don't ask about our parents."

His name is Xias Aros. He can be extremely mean to everybody at once, but he can also be courageous and protect everybody.

There are also two more girls. They have not been asking any questions. One of them looks serious and friendly at the same time. She is 16 years old, 5'11, has long black hair in a ponytail and wears a Japanese schoolgirl outfit. Her name is Keras Ryoh. She is normally very talkative, but it took her a long time to take in the fact that she is a Digidestined. She didn't even know what a Digimon really is at the time. The other girl is 15 years-old, and she is purposely staying quiet. She is 6'2, has long blond hair, and wears a red T-Shirt with white short shorts. She is Kirinu Azumoshi. She doesn't talk very much and when she talks, it is usually boring. She can sometimes by hyper. Willis broke the silence. "If there are no more questions, then I have two things to give to you." Nobody asked anymore questions so Willis got a box from in his closet. "This box contains two extremely important items for each of you. That means that there are ten in total. Do not lose them." Willis opened the box and gave everybody a personalized D-3 and D-Terminal. "The D-3 will show it's use later. As for the D-Terminal, it has E-mail and many other functions. We will use them to communicate." That is what happened three months ago. Just yesterday, we were at Summer Camp together when a strange white light engulfed us and brought us here.

The view goes back to Jesse on the beach. She gets up and walks over to the rest of the kids and sits on a rock near the fire. Most of them were asleep for the night and Willis was the only other one awake. "Willis, I can see that everybody else already has a Digimon. Where is my Digimon?" Just when Jesse asked that question, a Gostumon ran up. "I finally found you!" Gostumon said with excitement in his voice.

How will the Digidestined handle the pressure? Where was Gostumon when every other Digimon found his or her partner earlier? Why was Gotsumon late? What will happen during the night?

Find out next time on Digimon Adventure Zero Three!

(This will be the ending theme for this season:)


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Digimon Adventure Zero Three ~ The Fanfic
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