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 Mystical Orbs.

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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   June 1st 2010, 3:49 pm

Chapter 126.

We begin with a overlook of Jet and Sly. Sly takes a step forward, arriving behind Jet within an instant, unleashing a electrical stream. Jet's body merely separates into shadows, reforming elsewhere in the room as the electrical steam continues on to crash into a wall at the end of the room.

Jet: Heh, not that easy to catch a shadow is it sly?

Jet waves his left hand and darkness begins to surround Sly, as Jet opens a portal below Sly, we begin to see electricity getting sucked in. Sly quickly avoids before his entire body is pulled in. Sly's electricity then starts to somewhat die down, as if losing power, though Sly maintains his form.

Sly: What the..?
Jet: Wondering why your powers just weaken?
Sly: You... I see, you used the gravity trick to slow the movement of electrons, there by weakening my powers.
Jet: That I did. Not to brag here, but you can't win Sly.

Meanwhile the group had finally gotten past most soldiers and have met up and started storming the base. Along route, Tanya and several others find Jay, Korzan, Yoda, and Sandra. With Yoda and Sandra down, Tanya stops and begins healing them. Troy stops as well.

Tanya: What happened to these two?
Korzan: Jet happened. *glances around* Wasn't there another one of you?
Troy: Katy yes, she's missing.
Jay: Missing?
Troy: From what we gathered from Yamairo, she was hurt. Yamairo froze her, getting Tanya as soon as both groups got together.
Tanya: When we got back, she was gone.
Korzan: How does someone frozen disappear?
Troy: Your guess is as good as mine.

Yoda and Sandra begin to stand after getting healed, with a flick of his finger, Yoda uses telekinesis to slam Sandra against the wall hard, knocking her back out.

Troy: What was...

Yoda then slams Troy back, pinning him up with telekinesis.

Yoda: Stay out of the way boy. Alright, that's target one. Take her and go Korzan, I'll get Jet in a bit.
Korzan: You can't beat him.
Yoda: That's why I'm taking Jay to see the old man.
Tanya: Hey, we didn't agree to you taking our friends.

Yoda slams Tanya though a wall with his powers.

Yoda: Shut up and heal yourself girl. Jay is the only person capable of rivaling Jet.
Jay: And Sly?
Yoda: Sly can't win, sorry. Even if his powers was mastered, he's simply a lower class elemental. You and Jet however, you could say your both top tier.

Korzan picks up Sandra, Yoda closes his eyes and grabs Jay, then all four vanish. Troy is dropped to his feet, and Tanya is seen coming back through the hole in the wall.

Tanya: Did he say Sly? I thought Sly died?
Shin: He did.
Cloyd: Shin, if your here, who teleported them?
Shin: Wasn't me.
Tanya: And where?
Troy: ... And what the hell is a elemental?
Tanya: I think he was talking about powers that revolve around planetary elements, at least, that's what it sounded like.
Troy: So... Katy, Jay, Jet, Yamairo...
Tanya: You Troy, and Sly to.

Meanwhile Yoda and the others have arrived back to the rocky area, where the guy in the throne is still partly hidden by shadows.

...: Why have you called to come back with your mission only half completed?
Jay: Who...

Jay is suddenly caught by an invisible force, unable to move. Jay starts to gather light in his hand, but it suddenly fades away.

Jay: What the... I can't use my powers...
...: I have many powers boy. Now I'll add yours to my collection.
Yoda: Wait!! Jet is being... troublesome to say the least. I want you to awaken the kids powers.
...: Hmm, fine.
Jay: Huh? Your making me stronger?
...: I'll get your powers later. Trust me, no matter how strong you become, you won't beat me.

Jay is dropped to the ground, then unexpectedly his mind is flooded with new information on how to use his powers.

...: This time, finish your mission.

Yoda, Jay, and Korzan are all sent back to the spot they disappeared from.

...: Now then, your mine Sandra. Twisted Evil

Tanya and the others are surprised by Yoda, Jay's, and Korzan sudden arrival.

Troy: Where's Sandra?
Yoda: But this time, she's a part of him now.
Troy: What do you mean... a part of him?
Yoda: You'll find out later.

Jay stands up, looking at his hands.

Jay: Wow... this is awesome!!
Troy: What's awesome?

With that Jay disappears in a flash of light.

Troy: ... What the fuck!! just happened?
Korzan: Your friend has awakened.

With Sly, we see his form weakening, Jet's now relentless attacks taking it's toll.

Jet: We may have different elements, but the principle is the same as your girlfriend. You can only take so much damage. Now Sly, do you know how to get back to human form, or will you simply fade away to nothing. Let's find out.

Just then the entire room is enveloped in a bright light, all traces of darkness is erased, causing Jet to retake his human form or risk getting destroyed as well.

Jet: You...
Jay: Hello again, Jet.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   June 6th 2010, 3:35 pm

Chapter 127.

We start with Jet, Jay, and Sly. Without Jet's powers of darkness effecting him, Sly's electric form has once again become more lively as electricity now flows more freely. This however, can barely been seen due to the immense light emitting from Jay.

Jet: You...
Jay: Hello again, Jet.

In the blink of an eye Jet's body becomes sliced open, cuts forming all over his body as if struck by multiple blades.

Jay: Enough of this Jet, I'm taking you down right here, right now. Sly, you leave, now.
Sly: Wait, you'll need...
Jay: Thanks for your concern, but I'll be fine.

Jay faces Jet, who grins and chuckles slightly.

Jet: I see, this is Yoda's doing isn't it, he took you to him. Fine then.

Jet now begins to gather darkness back into the room. The darkness flows towards Jet in streams, Jet is quickly able to retake his shadow form, and in a explosive release of power, the room half fills with darkness. The fighting area, now half as dark as the darkest of nights, the other half so bright, so flowing with light, you have to cover your eyes to merely look in it's direction. The two powers split the area in perfect half, forming a straight line the full way down the center where the two powers clash.

Jay: Sly, go, now!!
Sly: Right, you better win Jay.
Jay: Count on it.

Sly leaves the area quickly, disappearing in a streak of bright blue light.

Jay: Lets start.
Jet: Lets.

The two powers still clashing against one another, fighting for dominance, both Jay and Jet begin to release more of there power, each letting out a load DBZ style war cry. A massive explosion occurs completely annihilating the area they once stood. As the explosion cloud starts to subside, we see no more then flashes of light and darkness moving across the area at intense speeds.

Deep within the base, we find Yamairo, Arnold, Julie, Raz, Chulance and Kathy. They come to a sudden stop as even the whole lower level of the complex rattles from the explosion triggered seconds ago.

Yamairo: What the hell was that?
Chulance: It's... Jet.
Julie: Jet, how do you know that?
Chulance: I... I actually don't know... I just... do.
Julie: Maybe it has something to do with mimicking Jet's powers?
Chulance: I guess.
Raz: Just what the hell is Jet doing, destroying the place?
Chulance: I have no idea, but it's him for sure.

Suddenly a strong, strange wind blows past the group. The focus of the winds picks up Kathy, carrying her back, slamming her to a wall with intense force. Surprised by this, Raz barely notices in time a orb of water heading straight at his head, Raz speedily ducks to the side as the blast fly's by.

Raz: The hell!?

Water particles then starts forming, shaping into a human figure. As it begins taking a human form, we recognize this figure as Katy.

Yamairo: What...
Raz: The...
Julie: Hell...

Katy, free from the ice, no longer injured, stands before the group, a evilish smirk on her face. Her orb, glowing brightly revealing it's active.

Katy: Well now.
Raz: Katy, what the hell, you could of taken my head off with that attack!!
Katy: Well, that was sorta the idea.
Raz: Huh, why!?
Katy: You people broke into this military complex, took the lives of countless soldiers, released powerful and dangerous prisoners, and caused millions in damages. This insanity has to stop, and you are to be killed.
Raz: You people? Katy, have you gone mental, your one of us? Wh...

Before Raz could finish what he was saying, he finds himself bound in place, unable to move his body.

Katy: Do you have any idea how much water the human body contains? *grin* I can control your body just like a puppet, make you do whatever I want. Or maybe, I'll just rip you apart.
Chulance: No!!

As Chulance is about to move, Katy simply waves her right hand, causing a strong wind to blow Chulance back.

Julie: What... that's not your power?
Katy: Not my natural power, no, but surely you haven't forgotten the powers granted to me by the orb? And now, I finally understand. I understand it all, and I'll use every ability, to take you people down.

In a save room, watching the events via camera are the president, Kimarous, several highly ranked soldiers, scientist and strangely enough, a child. This kid is a boy, looking around ten or so years old.

Kimarous: And you wanted to destroy the orbs, now do you believe me.
President: What a mess, I didn't think we'd be forced to use him already.
Kimarous: What is this child's power anyway, some sort of mind control.
President: So at last, you got a question.
General: Sir, he is quite young, can he handle this type of job.
President: It was all he was designed for, raised for. He should be fine.
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Beast King

Male Number of posts : 4865
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Name : Justin Lynch.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   June 27th 2010, 8:21 pm

Chapter 128.

The chapter starts off with a explosion of bright light, spreading out like a dome the light tears up the entire area as well as rocks the entire base. When the explosion subsides, Jay in his light form starts rapidly shooting light blast all around him. Each blast hits and destroys a shadowy clone of Jet. As a blast is about to hit the real Jet, Jet swipes his left hand cross ways then downwards, leaving two dark lines in a plus symbol sign shape. From the center a black portal opens up, quickly expanding until reaching the outer tips of the plus symbol. A strong force then pulls Jay's light blast into the portal, and it disappears.

Jay: What the... it can't be...
Jet: *smirk* I told you before, you and your friends could never truly defeat me. Black Hole... *smirk*
Jay: O.o... crap...
Jet: Full Effect!!!

The suction into the portal now becomes much more intense, excess light from Jay gets pulled forward into the black hole, ruined remains on the ground lift up, also getting sucked into the hole.

Jet: Black Hole, two percent increase.

The hole now doubles in size, the power so great the very Earth below starts to crack up, getting pulled into the hole. Jay himself now has to struggle to stop himself from getting absorbed.

Jay: This is... only two percent...
Jet: At full power, I can create a full size black hole, capable of swallowing this entire Earth, or the sun itself.
Jay: If you do that... you'll die to...
Jet: Darkness cannot die Jay. Light can be extinguished, but darkness is forever.
Jay: Maybe... but your... NOT!!!

Jay lets out a roar, focusing hard his body glows brighter then it already is.

Jay: Solar...
Jet: What are you up to?
Jay: *grin* Absorb this, Flare!!
Jet: Wha...

In a instant the entire are is involved in a astonishing bright light. Viewing from outer space, we see a bright light shine from where Jay was. On the other side of the planet, a light is seen shooting out through space. Viewing Jay once again, we see he has dropped to the ground, which is now level, with zero remains of the top section of the government base left. The ground itself is torched black as far as the the eye can see, and in the middle is a massive tunnel drilled through the Earth.

Jay: Lucky Jet was positioned where he was. I was able to miss the base lower levels, as well as the Earth's core. He wasn't expecting that one... but the bastard survived, I know he did.

Seconds before, inside the remaining lower levels of the base, as Jay's attack passed, the entire thing suddenly shakes hard, as if getting struck by a massive earthquake. Distracted by this, Katy fails to notice Chulance quickly returning on the counter attack. Chulance fly at Katy, punching her in the face. In that very instant, before she can even think about reacting, a clone of Chulance strikes her down to the ground. Chulance makes a blast of darkness erupt under Katy, sending her into the sky where the clone teleports behind her, firing a purple energy blast. The blast however passes through Katy, who had regained her senses enough to take her water form. The blast heads towards Chulance, who absorbs it.

Katy: Bad move.
Chulance: Shit, blasting her skywards gave her time to recover... I should of kept the combo tighter...

The clone teleports to grab the orb, but his hand passes through it.

Chu clone: What!?
Katy: You can only steal away a orb from one who does not understand it's power.
Chulance: What do you mean, I got Jet's orb.
Katy: No Chulance. *grin* You don't.
Chulance: Huh?

Chulance reaches down by his waist to grab the orb, upon touching it, it shifts into shadows and disappears.

Chulance: But... how...
Katy: Obvious, is it not?
Julie: Jet could of taken it anytime he wanted, the bastard was just messing with us.
Katy: Now.

Katy turns around giving the Chulance clone a palm thrust to the chest, as blood explodes out it's back, the clone is destroyed and disappears into dust. Katy then turns back to the group, and a simply swipe of her hand creates a strong wind that blows everybody back against the walls. Think vines then break through the walls, wrapping around each group member by the wist and ankles, pinning them in place. Suddenly a voice speaks up, we look over to Yamairo who is pinned to the wall as well.

Yamairo: Despite how powerful you think you are Katy, we'll defeat you.
Chulance: Hey, your suppose to sit in the back, be quite, and get forgotten about!
Yamairo: Yeah, well screw you man. If Justin would write more then a chapter a month, he'd remember where all his characters are.
Katy: Right... I'll kill the insane one first.
Yamairo: Just try it.

Yamairo starts shifting to his ice form, the cold quickly freezing the vines around him, allowing him to tug his limbs free, shattering the ice. Instead of making Katy worry though, she laughs instead.

Katy: *laughing* You think that, well defeat me. Tell me Yamairo, what is ice.
Yamairo: Frozen wa... ter... shit, you gotta be joking.
Katy: Sorry Yamairo.

With a mere look Yamairo's ice form starts cracking up, he quickly shifts back to normal before getting shattered, Yamairo then forms a ice spear in his left hand, throwing it at Katy. The ice converts into water and absorbed into Katy.

Yamairo: ...
Katy: Heh.

We look to see the familiar purple flames cover Julie, destroying the vines binding her as she takes her Psionic Rage state. Chulance uses the same energy as Julie, but only covers his fist and feet, enough to set him free.

Chulance: You won't defeat us all.

Still trapped on the wall.

Raz: ... Hey... what about me... Neutral

Julie creates dual energy blast, charging Katy firing the blast forward. Chulance creates a clone, both gathering darkness into their hands and teleporting to Katy, firing the blasts. Yamairo creates more ice spears, throwing them at Katy. The attacks converge, striking Katy with a explosion. Before the dust even settles a strong wind blows all three away in different directions.

Raz: ... Hello... Neutral
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   July 4th 2010, 3:25 pm

Chapter 129.

*We start with a view of outside the government base. Jay and Jet are nowhere to be seen, instead we see Yoda and Shin standing on the scorched land, by the massive hole through the Earth's crust.*

Shin: Wow.
Yoda: What the hell is Jay doing, he could of destroyed this planet with a attack that powerful, and in more ways then one. Lets hope he didn't cause any long term effects.

Inside the base we see rubble with a purple glow around it fly towards Katy. Katy deflects it with a water blast, then seemingly disappearing in a fine mist, she reforms behind Julie, a sinister grin as she starts manipulating Julie's body. Chulance teleports in behind Katy, but she sends him flying with a water blast. As she go's to finish Julie, Katy is suddenly frozen by Yamairo.

Yamairo: Finish it!!
Chulance: Kill her!?

The ice quickly gets converted into water through. Katy then blast a blast at both Yamairo and Chulance, Yamairo gets blasted back, but Chulance catches and absorbs the water.

Chulance: Shouldn't of used your natural ability to attack me.
Katy: No difference, you'll be dead long before you understand how to use that power.

A strong circling wind starts up in the area, acting like a tornado as it started pulling everything in. In the middle of the tornado, Katy creates many water droplets. As everybody is pulled in to the spinning winds, including Raz, Katy send the droplets forward, turning them to ice shards. These shards get sucked in by the winds, slicing and grinding away at Yamairo, Julie, and the rest.

Katy: You will fall to the power of the elements. *grin*

As the attack continues, we see electrical sparks spring from the ceiling above Katy, seconds after the roof seems to collapse as a large electrical bolt shoots straight down the middle of the tornado, narrowly missing Katy who just avoided the attack in time. Without focus, Katy's attack becomes unstable sending everybody who was trapped in it crashing into various objects or walls. As Katy is seen reforming out of the way of the attack, she hears electricity crackling behind her. Looking back, we see Sly is there.

Katy: Is that... Sly? No friggen way.
Sly: You better have a good reason for this Katy.

Katy turns around, seeing Sly who still in his electric transformed state. Sly steers down Katy who is still her water transformed state.

Sly: I'll have to finish this fast.
Katy: If you think you can.

Sly seeming disappears in a streak of light, a few sparks still crackle from the spot he left. He arrives in front of Katy shooting a electrical bolt. The bolt however passes through what would look like a rising mist in the spot Katy once was. A water blast then comes down at Sly from above, Sly looks up to Katy above him.

Sly: That's a new one.

Sly fires another electrical stream at Katy. The electricity flows towards Katy, then slows to a crawl when about a foot away from her. Loosing power the electricity dies before reaching Katy. A mere swipe of her hand and a strong wave of wind begins to tear up the entire area. Having recovered, Julie makes a barrier to protect the rest of the group. Sly fly's straight through the attack, firing a barrage of electrical bolts. He moves behind Katy quickly and fires more electrical bolts from behind. Shooting up into the sky, Sly raises his arms over his head, creating a super dense ball of electricity that he shoots downward towards Katy. Moving at a great speed, the ball leaves a steak of electricity behind it. Katy lets up her defense, going on the attack. Sly is not to be fooled by the same trick again though. He watching where the mist is going and shoots a bolt of electricity in that direction. Katy reforms, to get immediately struck by the attack. In a fully water state, the electricity surges throughout Katy's body doing massive damage, and causing her to pass out, reverting to normal.

Sly: Since when has she become this strong?

Sly lands down by the others, who are seemingly in awe at the sight before them.

Julie: Sly... it's you?
Sly: Yep. I'm back and stronger then ever.

Julie walks towards Sly, getting a strong shock when nearing him.

Julie: Ouch... hey, can you go back to normal?
Sly: I... actually don't know how. Razz
Julie: You, don't know how...
Sly: No idea. Razz
Raz: Isn't that dangerous. What happens when you run out of power?
Sly: I return to normal... I hope...
Julie: You hope...
Sly: Well, I either return to normal or disappear forever...
Julie: Idiot!!! Why are you so calm about this then?
Sly: Well, if these are going to be my last moments, why spend them worrying when I could be helping my friends. Besides, I'm fine right now, I have lots of power left. I'm the life action Energizer battery, I just keep going and going and going. Razz
Julie: *sigh* Fine. Lets just get what we came for, regroup with the others and get the hell outta this place.
Yamairo: No complaints there. This has been one hell of a crazy day.
Sly: You think this is crazy, wait till you hear about Jay and Jet.

Some minutes later, as they are walking along, with Chulance carrying Katy.

Raz: Your joking right?
Sly: No, I'm serious.
Julie: Pure light?
Sly: I think every element user has the power to not simply manipulate that element, but actually become it. Katy with water, Yamairo with ice, Jet with darkness, Jay with light, myself with electricity.
Raz: So there may be people in the world that can turn into sand, or wind?
Sly: Very well could be.
Julie: Actually... I think I killed the girl with wind powers. Good thing she didn't know about these powers, or I would of been the dead one...
Chulance: You know Raz, you can probably go get the rest. It's better if we stay together.
Raz: Will be back before you know it.

Raz then speeds of, disappearing out of view before the group can even look back.

Sly: So... anyone know where the hell this orb is? It's like this place go's on forever.
Yamairo: It has to end some time.
Sly: I guess...
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   August 13th 2010, 10:29 pm

Chapter 130.

As Sly, Yamairo, Julie, and Chulance carrying the now KO'd Katy continue to walk along. They pass through a door, leading into a maze. This room, looks like it's made with mirrors as the floor, roof, and walls all show reflections. The first thing everybody notices, is Sly. He is no longer composed of pure electricity, instead he is back in his normal body.

Yamairo: Sly...
Sly: *only now realizes* Huh, oh... it's me again.
Yamairo: Do I... hear a hint of sadness in your voice?
Sly: Heh, maybe. I was getting rather comfortable as a electric man. Smile

Julie slaps Sly across the back of the head.

Sly: Ouch... pain sucks... Sad
Julie: Idiot, you can't live as electricity forever. You yourself said you might of died when your power ran out.
Chulance: That aside, which way do we go?
Sly: We simply split up, then back track if we take the wrong path.

A voice of a young girl then speaks up.

Girl: I wouldn't do that.

The group looks in the direction of the voice to see what looks like a holograph of a young girl.

Girl: The maze is massive, and designed to trick you. You can get lost and never find your way out.
Sly: Who are you?
Girl: Follow me if you want to get through alive. I'll explain everything.

As the walk, they pass a camera. The camera displays nothing but a empty hallway on the display screen though.

Girl: Pass this maze is the main base floor of the entire complex, or the bottom floor if you would. This entire maze, as well as the floor it leads to are protected by a powerful ability suppressor. Your powers won't work from here on, so don't even bother trying.
Sly: But we took out the bases power source for this reason.
Girl: You did not take out the backup power though. There is always more then one. Disabling the base above does not disable the entire complex.

They continue to walk along, when Sly notices.

Sly: This entire place is made of mirrors, why don't you leave a reflection.
Girl: I am designed not to. Beyond this maze, you'll find your next orb, and a map leading to the remaining ones.
Julie: Why are you helping us?
Girl: You'll be able to escape via the escape pods, your friends will be waiting at the base of the mountain for you.

Outside a massive beam of light erupts from the ground, souring high up into the sky. Emerging from the attack, Jay in his light form stands, overlooking his surrounds. From the newly made hole in the ground, streams of darkness shoot up wrapping around Jay. Jay tries to knock them away, but to no avail and they begin pulling him in. Jay starts to focus, and the scene becomes viewed from far away. In the far distance, we can see a very bright light, like a welders spark. This small light suddenly explodes, creating a huge dome of light that can be seen from space. With the view focusing back in on Jay, we see him land on the ground where a shadowy Jet is waiting for him.

Jet: Oh this truly is fun isn't it?
Jay: It'll only be fun for me when I destroy you.
Jet: *chuckle* You won't destroy me Jay. I'm the Joker to your Batman, we're destined to do this forever. Twisted Evil
Jay: We'll see.
Jet: Let me put it simply. To destroy you is to destroy all sources of light itself, same thing with myself and darkness. Either, will end all life on this planet. So get us to it, cause I'm sticking around.
Jay: Your bluffing.
Jet: You say that, but do you believe it?
Jay: Grr
Jet: We've already destroyed each others bodies more then once over the course of this battle. If it was that easy Jay, we'd both be dead. Yet, neither of us are even starting to tire.
Jay: So what are you saying, we're gods? You have no right to claim yourself as such.
Jet: Not a god, but a devil. Twisted Evil
Jay: Then allow me to banish you to hell.

Jay's hands glow brighter then the rest of his light body, signaling the attack being gathered.

Jet: By all means, give it your best shot.

In what seems like a flash of light, Jay's attack consumes the smiling Jet.
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Male Number of posts : 4865
Age : 30
Location : Newfoundland
Name : Justin Lynch.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   August 16th 2010, 9:38 pm

Chapter 131.

As Jay and Jet continue their battle, we switch scenes back to Sly's group. Upon reaching the end of the maze, they stop, the girl turning towards them.

Girl: This is where I leave you.
Julie: Wait... can't you at least tell us your name?
Girl: *giggles* Oh yeah, your friend Katy will be back to normal now.
Sly: How do you know...

Before Sly can finish the question, the girl fades away. In the control roof that protect thes president, Kimarous, and a few others. The kid smiles, though it go's unnoticed by the others there. A few seconds after the monitoring screens start to cut out, flicking between image and static.

President: What is happening?
Worker: We don't know sir, we'll try to fix it.

Just then all the screens bust out, glass shards digging into and slicing the personal. Electricity sparks from busted equipment, and Kimarous has already figured out what's going on. The kid takes the presidents hand, a light blue glow quickly covers his entire body, then quickly fades.

Kimarous: You sure about this boy?
Kid: I am.

The president then sudden walks towards the sparking, busted equipment. laying his hand on the metal control panel, electricity surges throughout his body and he falls to the ground, dead.

Kid: The next person to take over will be far better.
Kimarous: It won't matter who takes over unless all seven orbs are gathered.
Kid: They will be. You should leave this place Kiarmous.
Kimarous: And you?
Kid: I have something to finish up.

We switch to Raz who has gathered the rest of the group.

Raz: Alright, we have to catch up with Sly and the others.

As Raz turns around, the same holographic little girl that visited Sly's group appears in front of Raz.

Girl: Halt, do not follow Sly's group. To many of you will get caught. Sly, Julie and the rest will be safe, but you all must leave right now. Just teleport away from here. Wait for them at the mountains base.

Raz: What? We don't even know you? This could be a trick.
Girl: You must listen.

The girl fades, and a quick glow surrounds Shin. Seconds after the group are teleported to the base of the mountain.

Raz: What? Shin!!

The group looks back to see Shin knocked out.

Tanya: What... happened..?
Cloyd: ...
Raz: ...
Yoda: ...

Sly and the group has since started moving throughout the deepest section of the complex. Sly peaks around a corner. As the guard standing there turns away, Sly runs out from behind the corner. He rushes up, striking the guard in the back of the head with his elbow, knocking him out.

Sly: This would be much easier if I was still electro Sly.

Sly picks up the guards weapon, but it's finger print coded, making it useless to everyone except said guard who's knocked out.

Sly: No good. Guys, it's clear.

The others quickly catch up to Sly.

Sly: You know, maybe we should wake Katy. The orb might resist power negation.
Yamairo: All we got to go on is that little girls word. If your right, and she's still crazed, she'll murder our asses.
Sly: And I won't be able to stop her this time.
Chulance: Why am I the one stuck carrying her everywhere..?
Julie: Cause, you just are.
Sly: You have a point Yamairo, a good one. But what if we run into trouble down here? Chulance, lay her down.

Chulance does so, laying Katy on the floor.

Yamairo: You sure about this?
Sly: ... yes, we need the best chances we can get.

Meanwhile the kid in the control room looks on with a smile, he heads towards the back wall, opening a hidden passage.

Kid: My job here is done.

He enters the passage, and it closes behind him. Soon after he leaves, alarms and lights flare through the entire base. Sly and the others look around with shock at this turn of events.

Chulance: Shit, shit!!
Yamairo: Fuck!!
Sly: Not good...
Julie: You said it...
Yamairo: Hurry and wake her up.
Chulance: I'm with him.
Sly: I hope I can...
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   August 19th 2010, 2:55 pm

Chapter 132.

With alarms flaring, the group can hear the soldiers approach. Sly kneels down by Katy as Yamairo and Chulance get in positions. Julie runs to the other end of the hall, taking cover behind the wall.

Julie's viewpoint.

As the first of the approaching soldiers is about to come around the corner, Julie reveals herself taking him by surprise and giving him a crotch kick. As the soldier is about to fall forward, Julie catches him, and turns him around so he faces the on coming soldiers. Julie doesn't let the soldier drop the gun, and places her hand over his to take control of the weapon. The other soldiers stop upon seeing what has happened.

Chulance and Yamairo.

Same as Julie, Chulance and Yamairo are hidden around the corner, out of the soldiers view. They remain hidden on opposite sides of corridor. The first approaching soldier gets tripped by Chulance, causing him to stumble and smash into a near wall face first. Two soldiers come out with their weapons aimed at Chulance, unaware Yamairo is behind them. Yamairo smashes their heads together to knock them out, then Chulance uses one of the knocked out soldiers to be able to use the weapons.

Chulance: Where is the orb, tell me or your friends gets it.

Chulance threat works, and one of the soldiers reveals the orb is at the end of the hall, in a secured room. Chulance smirks.

Chulance: Yamairo, go for it, I got this.
Yamairo: You sure.
Chulance: If Sly wakes Katy, all the better, but we can't rely on it.
Yamairo: Just hold them at bay, that's all.

Yamairo takes off in a sprint towards the location given.


The soldier Julie hit has already recovered, but hasn't made his move yet. As Julie's focus is ever so slightly turned towards Sly to check on him, the soldier take advantage pulling his hand free from Julie. He then quickly elbows her in the ribs, and turns around hitting her with the butt end of his weapon to knock her out. Two soldiers go to restrain Julie as the rest of the troops swarm in. Chulance is unable to defend two separate directions at once, and gets hit with multiple electrical currents, taking him down.


Sly looks down at Katy, he smiles as he had since gotten her to wake.

Sly: Hey sleepy, how you feeling?
Katy: Sly... what..?
Sly: No time for that now, just...

At this point Sly's pupils shrink, as he falls forward, having been struck in the back of the head. He falls beside Katy, completely out.

Soldier: Back to sleep girl.

As the soldier is about to fire upon Katy, he freezes in place for a second before his body starts taking a strange, watery look. The next second, the soldiers body converts completely, and he collapses into a puddle on the floor. This display both shocks and terrified surrounding soldiers. Katy stands up, the orb active and glowing, she looks seriously at the soldiers.

Katy: Will you people just GIVE UP!!

She yells out, and all the soldiers feel something funny wrong with their bodies. They can only look on in fear as their bodies disappear into a cloud of water vapors. Katy relaxes as the orbs glow fades once again, all that remains of two troops of soldiers is moisture on the roof and walls, as well as a puddle on the floor. Katy go's to check on Sly when a electrical current hits her, this coming from a third troop sent in as back up, which Katy did not know about about.


A line of knocked out white coated workers are seen as Yamairo has found and entered the room containing the orb. He find his objective, and grabs it. Just as he took the orb in his hands, soldiers stormed the room, completely surrounding Yamairo.

Yamairo: Damn! This means the others was taken down...

Powerless, the situation seemed hopeless as the men raised their weapons. As desperation builds, we slowly see a thin layer if ice starting to spread out, covering the orb. The ice covers the orb quickly, and as the soldiers take fire, Yamairo braces for the impact. To Yamairo's surprise, no attack comes. Yamairo looks in aw, the soldiers all frozen in place, as if they was flash frozen. The attacks, simply gone. Not blocked, just gone, as if they was never fired to begin with. The ice surrounding the orb which Yamairo holds is also gone. Whatever had happened, happened so fast, in so short a time, it's as if nothing took place at all, yet the effect of whatever it was still remained.

Yamairo: Did I... no, it's impossible... my power has nothing to do with that... why would I be the one..?

Yamairo puts his shock aside after a few seconds.

Yamairo: I have to get the others. Figure this out later.

Yamairo then runs off, back to Sly's location.
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PostSubject: Re: Mystical Orbs.   September 14th 2010, 3:56 pm

Chapter 133.

Checking in with Yamairo, we see him surrounded by soldiers. They all ready to fire their guns, taking aim then shooting. Before Yamairo can get hit, everything stops. The orb Yamairo holds is completely covered by a layer of ice, his eyes are covered by a white glaze, pupils no longer visible. The attacks fired all seem to retreat back into their weapons, and the soldiers fingers all lift from their triggers. Yamairo looks to his right, the room then begins to cool rapidly. In a instant, the entire room, and everything within freezes. The ice around the orb starts cracking, as the orbs glow shines though. Seconds after the ice shatters, falling to the ground, and Yamairo's eyes return to normal. Yamairo wakes up in a shock, for he was sure he was about to be captured. In the blink of an eye however, all the soldiers was defeated. Yamairo looks at the orb in his hand.

Yamairo: Did I... no, it's impossible... my power has nothing to do with that... why would I be the one..?

Yamairo puts his shock aside after a few seconds.

Yamairo: I have to get the others. Figure this out later.

Yamairo then runs off, back to Sly's location. He gets there just as a soldier was lifting up Katy. Taking ice form, Yamairo delivers a knock out blow to the soldier, placing his left hand on the floor, ice spreads out in all directions and the soldiers are all frozen in place. Yamairo returns to normal, gathering the group.

Yamairo: Guys, we gotta go!

After some minutes, Yamairo gets the full group to awaken. Katy the weakest one to stand on her feet.

Sly: You seriously don't react well to electricity do you?
Katy: What the hell do you think!? Of course not.
Yamairo: I got the orb, we should go.
Katy: I can, help with that.
Julie: How?
Katy: I've learned much about my ability's, that the one good benefit of this whole thing.
Chulance: You retained knowledge you obtained through mind control?
Katy: It wasn't mind control, wasn't telepathy, wasn't puppet control. It was, something else.
Sly: What?
Katy: I... don't know.

Before they can move, a blast of light shoots straight down through the entire base, make a perfect hole the full way down and missing the group by inches. After the explosion, the alarms soon change and a voice speaks through the base by intercom says "self destruction in 10... 9... 8..."

Sly: Shit, he must of hit the second power core.
"6... 5..."
Katy: Lets get out of here!
"3... 2... 1...

Hitting zero, the group is consumed by a bright light. Overlooking from a base of the volcano, Raz and the others look up in shock as the entire top of the volcano is vaporized in a huge explosion. In a flash of light, Jay appears by the group.

Jay: He got away... hey, everyone ok?

Jay remains silent, noticing the full group isn't there, he looks back towards the explosion with worry. Behind the group, water vapors begin gathering in the air. Before long, a "cloud" of such forms, from this "cloud" of water vapors, Katy's group reforms. The group remains silent, Sly steps forward, looking down with a saddened face.

Sly: So... who'd we lose?

Raz and the others are quick to turn around, seemingly overjoyed.

Raz: Sly!!

Sly smiles, and the entire team regroups.

Sly: Sorry if we scared you guys.
Raz: How did you get out?
Sly: Thank Katy for that one. Is everyone else ok.
Cloyd: Good as can be.
Tanya: Fine.
Raz: Yep.

Some of the group sits down to rest, others remain standing.

Jay: You know, this wasn't a attack on a corrupt mayor of a stolen city, we just attacked, destroyed, stole from, and brought down the main government complex... this makes us criminals. Moving around in public well be hard to do now.
Sly: Your right, renting places to stay is out, we'll have to be careful getting supplies... it's going to be rough from here on out.

When they look around, Shin, Kathy, and Arnold are gone, as well as Yoda and Korzan.

Sly: Looks like it's just us again.
Raz: I have a feeling they'll return.
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Mystical Orbs.
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