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 Detective Shin

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Strider Zero
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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptySeptember 16th 2009, 9:36 pm

Chapter 1

It is close to noon. The sky is clear and the sun is shining brightly. We see a school come into view where many bikes, cars and motorcycles are parked outside. Inside, all the halls are empty. At a huge auditorium of the school, there lies everyone. The seats are all filled and a man at the podium calms down the crowd.

Administrator: Thank you for coming, and welcome to this year's Senior graduation ceremony.

And thus, the graduation commences. Awards were given out. We skip over to the last award.

Administrator: The last award is the Physical Education award. It may not have anything to do with academics, but it is worth something...I guess. Anyway, the winner goes to...Shin Yakamoru!

The audience applauses as a man stands up ( https://i.servimg.com/u/f62/12/92/01/09/shin_y13.png with matching greyish white long sweat pants). He walks to the front and accepts the award. The Administrator next to him looks at him in slight disgust. Shin smiles at the admin and as he turns around, he puts his right arm behind his back and gives the speaker the middle finger.

Time passes. Everyone is eating at the school cafeteria. We see Shin. He sits down at a table, and around ten ladies (some younger, some same age and some older) quickly sit at the same table and start talking.

Shin: Well hello, ladies. Glad you could keep me company.
Girl 1: Hey, Shin! Our administrator really hates you doesn't he?
Shin: Yeah. I could see the disgust in his eyes when he handed me the gym award.
Girl 2: How could someone hate you? You're so cute.
Shin: A lot of people hate me. It's just how things are.
Girl 3: I don't hate you!
Girl 4: I don't either!
Shin: Thanks. I guess it paid to sit with girls during lunch. Hey, can you save my seat? I have to go to the bathroom.

Shin walks out of the cafeteria. He starts to walk around a few halls when the administrator is leaning, waiting for him. When he sees Shin, he immediately gets off the wall and starts to walk toward Shin.

Shin: You...what are you doing here?
Administrator: I have a score to settle with you.
Shin: I'm finally out of your hair and you want to beat me up?
Administrator: You put me through hell, and now you're going to pay for it.
Shin: You put me through hell too, you sorry ass punk.

Immediately the Admin punches Shin in the side of the face. Shin doesn't move and looks right back at him.

Administrator: Learn some respect!
Shin: Oh, I apologize. I meant to say cock sucking zebra fucker.

The admin punches Shin again. Shin only looks back with a smile on his face as a small drop of blood runs from the side of his mouth. Pissed, the admin punches Shin an additional three more times to the face. When Shin looks back, a little more blood is running down.

Shin: Is it my turn yet?
Administrator: You little!

The admin goes to punch him again, but Shin grabs his hand. With Shin's free hand, he reaches into his pocket. He pulls out a small handgun and holds it up to the admin's chest.

Administrator: You wouldn't...
Shin: Wouldn't I? Why don't you try me.

Shin loads the gun and gets ready to shoot it. He releases the admin's hand and backs up. He puts both hands on the gun and aims it right at the admin. Suddenly, a red aura starts to form around the tip of the gun. It quickly shoots out in a small red ball of aura. Shin looks confused as well as the admin. The red aura ball directly hits him and he falls down, dead.

Shin: I...actually killed him. But what the hell was that, coming out of the gun?

Suddenly, a small creature with horns pops out of the admin's mouth. Shin steps back in shock.

Shin: What the hell is that thing?!
Voice: It's a demon.
Shin: Huh?!

Shin turns around to see a teenager with a pacifier in his mouth ( https://2img.net/h/i149.photobucket.com/albums/s76/tinkerbellXsora/teenkoenma.jpg ).

Shin: Who are you?
???: That's an interesting power you have.
Shin: Nice answer. Now who are you?
???: I am Koenma. And that creature is a demon.
Shin: A...demon? That doesn't make much sense. But Koenma dude, we have to get out of here quick. Someone might see this and arrest us.
Koenma: Very well.

Koenma walks over to the demon and steps on it. It fades away quickly. He snaps his fingers and they both teleport away. They appear in an office-like room and Koenma sits at a desk. Shin looks around everywhere in confusion.

Shin: Uh...where the hell are we?
Koenma: We're in Spirit World. Welcome to my office.
Shin: Listen, I can't just disappear. They'll suspect me right away.
Koenma: Do not worry about the situation. You won't be caught. Provided you heed my instruction.
Shin: Huh?
Koenma: I am one of the main overseers of Spirit World. People go here when they die.
Shin: Wait, am I dead?
Koenma: No. I just brought you here. Now listen, what you did back there was use spirit energy.
Shin: Spirit energy?
Koenma: The energy of those with spirit awareness. I can explain in full detail later.
Shin: So what do you want with me?
Koenma: You have turned the appropriate age recently. You are to be the next Spirit Detective.
Shin: Spirit Detective? What the...
Koenma: You work for me and destroy demons much like that one that possessed your victim.
Shin: I knew there was something crazy about that dude.
Koenma: Listen to me. I would have picked someone else for Spirit Detective, but he was shot three years ago.
Shin: Wait, you can't mean...
???: Yes...me.

Shin turns around to see someone that looks almost identical to Shin only shorter hair. Shin immediately drops to his knees.

Shin: JusteÖbrotherÖitís youÖ
Juste: Hello, Shin.

Misty eyed, Juste puts his arms out. Shin springs to his feet to quickly embrace his brother. Shin immediately breaks down into cascading tears.

Juste: I know. These past three years have been hard on you. Iím so sorry.

After a minute, Shin has regained his composure.

Shin: How is this even possible?
Koenma: Didnít you hear me? This is where people go when they die.
Shin: I canít believe it.

He takes a closer look at Juste.

Shin: You still look the exact same as you did three years ago.
Juste: Yes. My spirit hasnít aged it seems. We are physically the same age now.

Shin pulls out the gun that he shot the admin with.

Shin: This gun...
Juste: Ah, that was the gun that killed me, wasn't it?
Shin: Yes. I vowed to kill the one that did this to you.
Koenma: You know, Shin. Juste's killer is still out there.
Shin: You know where this guy is?!
Koenma: Not exactly. If you become a spirit detective, you will find him.
Juste: I was watching you, Shin. Even though you didnít purposely kill him, you aimed that gun at him like you were ready to.
Shin: I...
Juste: Please. Don't become like my killer.
Shin: Iím sorry. I let my anger get the best of me again.

Just grabs Shin by the shoulders gently.

Juste: Become a Spirit Detective, Shin. Avenge me and bring justice to the Spirit World. This is something only you can do.
Shin: Y..yes. *turns around* I will do it, Koenma. Give me two days to sort things out.
Koenma: You have till then. When the time comes, thereís a certain professor that I want you to go to.
Shin: You canít meanÖProfessor Suichi. He was the only one who spoke of things like this in the past.
Koenma: *smiles* The very one. Now go.

Shin looks at Juste and smiles. They both give a thumbs up to each other at the same time. Koenma snaps and Shin teleports away.

Koenma: I'm sorry it couldn't have been you, Juste. You had the better spirit awareness.
Juste: I know. Shin has never let me down before, though. Heíll be the one to save us all.

Shin appears in the seat he was sitting at before he got up to go to the bathroom.

Shin: Well, that was weird.
Girl 1: What was weird?
Shin: What's going on? Wasn't I just at the bathroom?
Girl 4: Uh...you've been sitting here this entire time.
Shin: I've been sitting here? No, I'm sure I wasn't. My eyes still feel heavy from sobbing. Is this what Koenma meant? Oh, silly me. I guess I was just day dreaming.

Suddenly, a man comes bursting through the door that Shin went through to go to the bathroom.

Man: Quick! Somebody call the ambulance! The Administrator has been killed!

Shin, the soon to be detective, has murdered a man. It seems Koenma has taken necessary steps to cover up for Shin. How will Shin live with this new challenge in his life? The story is about to begin on Detective Shin!!!

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Strider Zero
Strider Zero

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptySeptember 16th 2009, 9:37 pm

Chapter 2

Opening Theme:

Lunch has passed and everyone is forced to leave the building minus a few staff members and police to investigate the death of the Administrator. Shin walks over to a Silver motorcycle with red flames.

Shin: Hmm...this was Juste's motorcycle. I've kept it in perfect condition.

Shin takes off on the motorcycle and heads down the road. He starts to drift off in his thoughts about his brother.

[Flashback - 4 years ago]

Shin and Juste are outside a medium sized house. Juste lifts up a cover to reveal his new Motorcycle.

Juste: Take a look, Shin. Mom and Dad got me this for my birthday.
Shin: That's sick, bro. We gotta try this out.
Juste: Alright. Let's roll.

Shin and Juste go for a ride on the new motorcycle. Afterwards they lean outside their house laughing.

Shin: Man. That bike handles amazing.
Juste: It sure does. Hey, listen. If I ever go away, I want you to keep this baby in mint condition.
Shin: You got it! Soon enough, I'll be old enough to drive and I'll be riding it.
Juste: Yeah.

The two brothers give each other a thumbs up at the exact same time.

[End Flashback]

Shin: Man. I didn't think I'd get to see Juste so soon. He still remembers our signature. The thumbs up.

Shin pulls over outside a local strip club. He walks in and looks around. He walks up to a man ( http://i27.tinypic.com/nbqirs.png ) and sits down next to him.

Shin: I knew I'd find you here, Dean.
Dean: Hey. Congratulations on getting through school.
Shin: Thanks, man. You hear about the admin?
Dean: Nah, what happened?
Shin: He was killed during lunch. (To a staff member) Hey, I'll have a beer.
Dean: Really? That guy pissed off plenty of people.
Shin: Juste came home one day, complaining that you two got in trouble with him for no reason.
Dean: Yeah. Since we were in the same class, he accused us of doing something we didn't do.
Shin: That's right. You're 21 now, huh? Time flies. Say, you had Professor Suichi didn't you?
Dean: Yeah. He was a great teacher.
Shin: Agreed. He's the only one to ever get my attention.

An attendant comes with a beer and Shin takes it and starts drinking.

Dean: Welcome to the legal side of drinking, Shin.
Shin: This stuff tastes like piss. How do you drink it so much?
Dean: Hey, at this point, everything tastes like piss to me.

Shin and Dean start laughing together. Soon after, Shin promptly leaves without telling him his experience with Koenma and Juste. Shin goes home on the motorcycle, which takes around five minutes. When he gets home, his parents are sitting down on a couch and quickly spring up to greet Shin. His dad has short brown hair (like Juste) and has white pajamas on. His mom has long blonde hair and has jeans and a blue shirt on.

Neo (Shin's dad): Congratulations, son!
Jaide (Shin's mom): Welcome home!
Shin: Thanks, Mom and Dad.
Neo: You're home a little late. You run into some trouble?
Shin: Nah. I went to go see Dean for a little bit.
Jaide: You went to the strip club, didn't you? You have the smell of whore on you.
Shin: >_< Yes, I went there. Not for sexual reasons though. I knew I'd find Dean there.
Neo: Now now, Shin. You're old enough to make a few peaks at older women.

Jaide immediately smacks Neo over the side of the head. Neo gives a small chuckle as he rubs his head in pain.

Shin: Well, I'm going to take a nap. See you.

Shin goes up to his room. It's filled with pictures of him and Juste together doing many things. In the back is a wanted sign. Shin walks up to it and brings out his gun again.

Shin: You. I have to look at your face every day I wake up. I swear I won't rip this picture off my wall till you are dead.

He lies down on his bed and starts to think about what transpired that day. He had killed a man, met up with his brother again, and got a Spirit Detective job. And now he should see his Professor, Suichi. He falls into a deep sleep and naps for close to six hours. After, he stays up all night thinking about things. When morning hits, he goes over to the school on his motorcycle.

Shin: If I am correct, Professor Suichi should be here since the rest of high school hasn't graduated yet. Wait, is that security at the door? Shit!

He goes up to the door but the security stops him.

Security Guard: Sorry, but no admittance right now.
Shin: I'm here to see Professor Suichi. Is he in?
Security Guard: Yes. He is in his room filing some papers.
Shin: You must let me through. This is important business.
Security Guard: Fine, but a guard goes with you.

The guard waves another guard over and Shin brings him to a science room. He opens the door and the guard stays outside the door.

Shin: Professor Suichi?
???: Yes, I'm here.

Shin looks over to see Professor Suichi ( http://www.freewebs.com/cutieness/kurama.jpg ) pop up from behind his desk.

Suichi: Yes, I was just grabbing a paper that I dropped. Well hello, Shin.
Shin: Hey. I gotta talk to you, man.
Suichi: What is it?
Shin: Yesterday, I was approached by this dude. He called himself Koenma.
Suichi: Koenma?! You don't mean...
Shin: Yeah, the Spirit World overseer guy. I remember you talked a bit about that stuff a while ago.
Suichi: Yes. I told you about the legendary Team Urameshi.
Shin: A spirit detective, a demon, a run away demon and a guy with great spirit awareness, and an old woman.
Suichi: Correct. So what did Koenma say?
Shin: He took me to his office and offered me the job of Spirit Detective.
Suichi: Spirit Detective, huh? That means you have spirit awareness.
Shin: Apparently. I saw Juste up there too. He had the awareness too.
Suichi: Remarkable. I had no idea the two of you had it. Did you accept?
Shin: I did. Tomorrow, I'm supposed to come here and that's when I'll start.
Suichi: Great. I'll see you tomorrow then.

The very next day, Shin goes back to Suichi's room. He expected Shin and wore a different outfit ( https://2img.net/h/i211.photobucket.com/albums/bb159/LakuriSyaoran/Hakusho10.jpg ).

Shin: Hey. What's up with the school outfit?
Suichi: I wore this back in my fighting days.
Shin: Fighting days?!
Voice: Kurama was an excellent fighter back then.

Koenma appears in the room suddenly. Shin looks confused.

Shin: Kur...ama?
Koenma: That would be Mr. "Suichi" here. His real name is Kurama.
Kurama: Yes, indeed. My demon name, at least.
Shin: D D D D DEMON?!!!!
Kurama: I am truly a demon. I could tell you the whole story another time.
Koenma: The run away demon in his story.
Shin: WAIT A SECOND! You were in Team urameshi?
Kurama: Well, yes. I did aid Spirit Detective Yusuke Urameshi for a while.
Koenma: Yusuke Urameshi, the best Spirit Detective there was. Too bad he was fired after a certain incident.
Shin: I can't fucking believe this. I'm totally out of the loop on this.
Kurama: Koenma. If it would be alright. I'd like to aid Shin on his first mission.
Koenma: Yes, that is ok. Shin has some learning to do first, before he goes on his mission though.
Kurama: Certainly. Call me when he is ready.
Koenma: Are you ready to begin, Shin?
Shin: I am. Let's go.

Koenma snaps his fingers and they teleport. They appear in Koenma's office again where Juste is waiting.

Juste: Hey.
Shin: Hey, bro.
Koenma: Welcome, Detective Shin.

Shin has now become a Spirit Detective. He has some things to learn before he can go out and do his job. How will that go? Find out next on Detective Shin!!!

Ending Theme:

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptySeptember 20th 2009, 11:14 pm

Chapter 3

Shin, Juste and Koenma walk into a dark room together. It is pitch black. Shin sits down on the floor and Juste sits down next to him.

Koenma: Close your eyes, Shin. I am about to teach you all about spirit energy.
Juste: Listen carefully, brother.
Shin: Right.

Shin closes his eyes as Koenma asked. Koenma starts to pace around the two in a circle.

Koenma: Within all of us lies some kind of energy. Some stronger than others. Most people will never gain enough energy to bring it out and use it for anything. Juste and you have a rare gift of strong spirit energy.

Shin: What do you mean by spirit energy? You spoke of energy and now spirit energy.
Koenma: I was getting to that.
Juste: Go on.
Koenma: There are two kinds of energy of this kind. spirit energy and demon energy. You both have Spirit energy. Only those of apparition blood possess demon energy. The only difference between you two is that Juste has been training with me for three years.

Shin: I don't get it. You rule spirit world and shit. Why can't you just revive Juste and make him a spirit detective?
Koenma: I need Juste here. It has been foretold of a dark day when the Kekai Barrier is going to open.
Shin: What happens when it opens?
Koenma: Tons of demons will come to this world and destroy it. I did have power saved up to seal the barrier a while ago, but I had to use it around 38 years ago.
Juste: When that day comes, I will be needed to help fend off the demons. I've already reached the power equivalent to a higher B class demon.
Koenma: There will be S rank all over, however.
Shin: That's rough. So you keep Juste here to train him for that day?
Koenma: Precisely. If he's caught up in the world's affairs, he won't have the proper training.
Shin: I see.
Koenma: Moving on, now that you know what spirit energy is, it's time to test it out.
Shin: Cool.
Koenma: Stand up. I will show you how to do the spirit gun.

Koenma stops pacing around. Shin stands up. Suddenly, a light shines so that Shin and Koenma are visible.

Koenma: Now. I want you to place your hands like this.

Koenma puts his hands together in a position like a gun. Shin mimics the hand position perfectly.

Koenma: Now I want you to point it at that wall over there. *points to a wall away from him*

Shin does as ordered. He points it at a nearby wall.

Koenma: Now focus. Feel the energy flowing through you and bring it to your fingers.
Shin: Alright.

Shin starts to focus. All of the sudden red aura starts to appear very faintly around Shin's index fingers.

Shin: Woah. Way cool.
Koenma: Don't lose focus. Now focus on releasing that energy and yell out "Spirit Gun!"
Shin: Alright....Spirit Gun!!!!

As Shin yells out, the small aura releases as a small red beam toward the wall. On impact, an explosion sound is heard.

Shin: I did it...whew. That is tiring.
Koenma: Unfortunately, you can only use it once every 24 hours right now.
Shin: Really? What a suck fest!
Juste: You'll get better at it. Say, Koenma, why is his aura red and not blue?
Koenma: I'm not sure. It can't be demon energy, so I guess it's just a weird quirk.
Shin: So, what's next?
Koenma: It's time to test your strength.

A light comes down and hits Juste so he is now visible. He then stands up and faces toward Shin.

Shin: Wait wait wait...I have to fight you?
Juste: Yep.
Shin: That's not fair! Can I fight Professor Suichi instead?
Koenma: Bad idea.
Shin: What?
Koenma: Although not at his best, Kurama can take down Juste easily.
Shin: WHAT?!
Koenma: Surprising? Oh well. Let's get to it.

Koenma snaps and they teleport into a room that is completely white. Koenma snaps again and he teleports away, leaving Shin and Juste there in the white room.

Shin: Alright. Let's do this.
Juste: Yes. Smile

Shin runs toward his brother and goes for a punch. Without flinching, Juste easily puts his hand up and blocks Shin's punch. Shin follows up with multiple punches, which are also easily blocked. Juste pushes Shin back a little.

Juste: So you're a little stronger than I was 3 years ago. But you're not as fast.
Shin: I play football now and lifted a lot of weights over the years. I guess I should work on my speed more.
Juste: Indeed. Now let's see if you can dodge me.

Juste makes a quick dash to Shin. Shin loses track of his movements and it seems like he disappeared. Juste re-appears in front of him and says "boo!" and punches him in the stomach. Shin goes down.

Shin: What the hell was that?
Juste: Let's hope you learn to get that fast. I bet you couldn't even see me at one point.
Shin: You're right. Holy shit.
Juste: Well here I come!
Shin: Wait wait, time out!

Juste pays no attention to Shin's beg and kicks him in the face. While on the ground, Shin starts laughing. Each second he laughs harder.

Juste: What's so funny?
Shin: I just find this so hilarious. I'll look back at this moment when I'm kicking your ass in the near future.
Juste: Hahaha. We'll see. Now get up.

Juste helps Shin up and they give each other the signature thumbs up. Suddenly, they both teleport away. They end up in Koenma's office while Koenma is sitting in his chair.

Koenma: Looks like you need a lot of work.
Shin: Hey, you too. *points at his pacifier*
Juste: Laughing
Koenma: Please, none of those jokes. The last spirit detective wouldn't shut up about it for a while.
Shin: Alright alright. So I got some work to do. Just bring me over every day at this time for a week so I can train then.
Koenma: Deal.

Shin has learned the meaning of spirit energy. He now must train to be physically able to handle his new job. It's going to get heated soon, so don't turn away from Detective Shin!!!

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Quote : The closer you get to something, the tougher it is to see it.
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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptyMarch 1st 2010, 12:57 am

Chapter 4

A week of hard training has passed. It is early in the morning and Shin is still sleeping. Jaide and Neo are sitting on a couch talking.

Neo: Man. Even I don't know what it's like to lose a brother.
Jaide: And Shin doesn't know what it's like to lose a son.
Neo: I know, but...
Jaide: But what?
Neo: I feel like he has taken this whole thing personally.
Jaide: You don't think...?
Neo: Have you seen his room lately? I think he's plotting revenge.
Jaide: We don't even know where that guy is. He disappeared.
Neo: Yeah. You know what. Shin is old enough to make his own decisions about his life.
Jaide: You don't mean he should get revenge?
Neo: Let him do what he thinks is right. Either way, we need to support him.

Two hours pass and Jaide knocks on Shin's door.

Jaide: Shin. You got football today.
Shin: *mumble*
Jaide: Get up now!
Shin: Get out.
Jaide: That's it!

Jaide opens the door violently and marches to Shin. She starts to smack him.


Shin gets up and places his hands in his spirit gun position.

Jaide: Uh...huh?
Shin: I don't want to waste this already.
Jaide: Waste what?
Shin: Oh, never mind. Get the fuck out of my room now.
Jaide: What did you just say? *raises hand*
Shin: I said funnel cake.
Jaide: That's what I thought.

Jaide walks out of Shins room.

Shin: Bitch!
Jaide: Oh you!

Shin slams the door before Jaide can get through. He starts to howl with laughter as his mother struggles to even get the door one inch in her favor. She eventually goes away and Shin changes into football clothes. He heads downstairs where Neo and Jaide are eating and there is food at an empty seat beside Neo. Shin sits down at the chair next to his dad.

Neo: Good morning, son.
Shin: Hey, dad.
Neo: You hear anything about the administrator's death?
Shin: Naw. I think he probably shot himself.
Jaide: Well I have to go to the bathroom so don't bother me. *leaves*
Shin: Yo, dad. Why did you marry a woman that is legally bipolar?
Neo: Son, there was something in her that made my heart melt.
Shin: Oh really?
Neo: No. You remember when you walked in on us when you were young?
Shin: Yeah.
Neo: You missed the best part. Bahahaha.
Shin: I see. No wonder you and Dean get along so well.
Neo: What you see in Dean for the most part was how I was.
Shin: You got drunk a lot?
Neo: Well no.
Shin: Then you weren't like Dean is now.

They both laugh together. After a little while of chatting, Jaide comes back and Shin finishes up breakfast. He puts his football gear on ( http://texasscribbler.com/images/TCU_Pro_Combat_UNIFORM_Masked_hiRes1.JPG ) and hops on the motorcycle. He reaches the football field in about five minutes and goes up to the coach. The game has nearly ended.

Coach: Ah, Shin. Ready to be the back up today?
Shin: I'll have you know I'm way better than the starter. Just give me the ball and I'll fuck them up.
Coach: Watch your mouth, boy.
Shin: Whatever. Call a timeout and put me in.

The coach signals to the referee to call a timeout. The team huddles up except Shin.

Coach: Alright. We're gonna toss it to cocky Shin and watch him get pummeled.
Team: 1 2 3 Team!

The team gets in a basic position. As the quarterback snaps the ball, he tosses the ball backwards to Shin. As soon as he catches the ball, he darts right for the line. He moves so fast that he slips by five people untouched. Five more players come up to Shin and try to tackle him but he rams into all five and blows them away. He then darts for the endzone in which no one can catch up to him.

Referee: Touchdown!
Coach: Son of a bitch. That man must start from now on.

Shin walks over and sits on the bench. The coach sits down next to him with a shy face.

Coach: Uh uh uh...Sorry about what I said. I want you start from now on.
Shin: I knew you would see things my way. *pats coach on the shoulder*

The game ends soon after the touchdown with Shin's team winning. Just as Shin is about to leave, two guys with football gear of the same team as Shin who are significantly bigger approach him.

Shin: Can I help you boys?
Boy 1: You really upstaged us today punk.
Boy 2: Yeah, we're not gonna let that go.
Shin: Ha. Ok.
Boy 1: We're gonna rearrange your face!

Both boys punch at Shin. Shin blocks both punches. One with each hand. He starts to squeeze and both guys start to kneel down in pain. Shin then kicks the first guy away around five feet and punches the second in the face which knocks him out.

Shin: I'm loving these training results. I feel like a super human now.
Voice: You aren't too far off, Detective.

Koenma appears next to Shin instantly and Shin flinches in surprise.

Shin: Woah! Wait you can read minds?
Koenma: Only those who work for me.
Shin: Can you hear me now?
Koenma: Yes I can hear you now.
Shin: What the...are you Verizon Wireless or something?
Koenma: Not exactly. Come with me.
Shin: Ok.

Koenma snaps and they both teleport back to Koenma's office.

Shin: So what's up?
Koenma: I must warn you not to take your powers lightly.
Shin: What do you mean?
Koenma: Twice you used your powers, or at least threatened to.
Shin: Oh, you mean when I was pissed at my mom?
Koenma: That and how you just beat those two punks.
Shin: Ok. So it wasn't ok?
Koenma: Earlier is a no. However, those punks had it coming to them.
Shin: Alright. So when is my first assignment?
Koenma: Tomorrow. I am sending Kurama to pick you up from your house and bring you to the checkpoint.
Shin: Got it. So what is the mission?
Koenma: I'll tell you everything tomorrow.
Shin: Coolness. Hey, I'm supposed to meet Dean somewhere. Can I go?
Koenma: Yes.

Koenma snaps and teleports Shin away. Shin lands back where he was before. He gets on his motorcycle and goes to his house where he quickly changes clothes to his normal outfit (as seen in Chapter 1) and goes over to an italian restaurant where Dean is waiting at a nice looking table.

Shin: Hey, Dean.
Dean: Yo Shin. Whats up buddy?
Shin: Kicking ass. You?
Dean: Getting drunk.
Shin: No shit. So let me fill you in on what's been going on lately.

Shin fills Dean in over lunch about his experience with Juste, Koenma and Kurama.

Dean: I see. You aint shittin me?
Shin: Aint shittin ya.
Waitor: The bill, sir.
Dean: Here you go, buddy.
Shin: Wait, you invited me here so that you could get a free lunch?
Dean: Well, sort of. *scratches head and smiles*

Shin has dramatically increased his power and speed from a week of training. We have clearly seen this during Shin's morning. Now his first assignment is coming up and it's going to be soon so stay tuned to Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptyMarch 15th 2010, 10:44 pm

Chapter 5

We last saw Shin's strength and speed demonstrated in his every day situations. It is now the next day and Shin is just waking up. Meanwhile in Spirit World we see Koenma and Juste in Koenma's office talking.

Koenma: Today is the day.
Juste: My little brother starts his first mission, huh?
Koenma: Yes. Though he isn't alone. Kurama is going with him.
Juste: I still can't get my head around the fact that the professor is a demon.
Koenma: He was born into a human family, but he incarnated into his mother's stomach as a demon.
Juste: That's nuts.
Voice: Koenma, sir!

A blue ogre ( https://2img.net/h/i207.photobucket.com/albums/bb177/kuramas_foxy_rose/IMVU%20groups/GEORGEtheblueogreYYH.jpg ) walks in Koenma's office.

Koenma: Ogre! What is it now?
George: Koenma, sir. Those demons are beginning to move toward the city!
Koenma: That isn't good. We'll have to continue our conversation later, Juste.
Juste: Right.

Koenma snaps and teleports away from his office. Juste turns to George.

George: Need something, sir?
Juste: Get me a glass of milk.
George: We don't have milk here.
Juste: Did you not hear me? I want a cup of tea!
George: Yes, sir!

Koenma arrives outside of Shin's house. He takes his pacifier out of his mouth and puts it in his pocket. He then knocks on the door and Jaide answers.

Jaide: Uh, hello. Can I help you?
Koenma: Yes. Is Shin home?
Jaide: He's taking a shower right now but he'll be out soon. Come on in.

Jaide escorts Koenma to a nearby couch and he sits down. After a few minutes of silence, Jaide hears the water turn off from the shower and heads to the base of the steps leading to the second floor.

Jaide: SHIN YOU GOT COMPANY! He'll be down soon.
Koenma: Thank you, Mrs. Yakamoru.
Jaide: No problem. Say, what is your name?
Koenma: You can call me Koenma. That's what everyone calls me.
Jaide: Alright then.

Around ten minutes later, Shin comes down and an awkward pause occurs when he sees Koenma.

Shin: .......
Koenma: Hey, Shin.
Shin: What's up?
Koenma: We'd better go now.
Jaide: Where you guys going?
Shin: Bowling.
Jaide: Oh ok. Don't be gone too long, Shin.
Shin: Alright. See ya.

Shin and Koenma go outside and Shin takes a sigh of relief.

Koenma: You catch on pretty quick.
Shin: I figured you wouldn't tell my mom what's really going on.
Koenma: True. Now here is your mission. You are familiar with Hiro City?
Shin: Yes. I used to go there often.
Koenma: Good. Because a swarm of demons are heading into the city for some reason. Your mission is to exterminate all demons and the leader. Kurama will be your aid, but you must rely on your own skills for the most part. Good luck.

Shin: Alright. I'm off to get Professor Suichi.

With that, Koenma teleports away and Shin quickly gets on his motorcycle. He quickly motors to his school and heads to Kurama's classroom where he is already in his battle outfit.

Kurama: I suspect you are ready to begin the mission?
Shin: Yes. I see you're on top of things, professor.
Kurama: Yes, well naturally I always prepare ahead of time.
Shin: Alright then. Let's roll. To Hiro City! I'll tell you what you need to know on the way.

Both go outside and hop on the motorcycle. As Shin takes Kurama to Hiro City, he fills Kurama in on what Koenma told him about the mission.

Kurama: I see. Just be careful since this is your first time.
Shin: Don't worry, professor. I'll be fine.

They arrive in a total urban city which is crowded beyond compare. Shin parks the motorcycle on the outskirts of the city and they hop off.

Shin: This might not be a good place to fight demons.
Kurama: Well at least people without the awareness won't see them.
Shin: Ah, good.
Kurama: Judging by what Koenma said, they haven't made their move on the city yet.
Shin: That's good to hear. They're probably on the other side of the city though.
Kurama: We have to move fast then.

Shin and Kurama begin to move through the city at a running pace. They move through whatever crowd they come across. As they make it through the middle of the city, Kurama stops and Shin also stops.

Shin: What is it?
Kurama: Take a look. There are a few scouts.

Kurama points in the direction of three red demons that are human size and have horns on them.

Shin: I see. Let's take care of them then.
Kurama: Let me handle them.

Shin and Kurama move up to the demons where they snarl at both of them. Kurama pulls a rose out of his hair.

Kurama: Stand back.
Shin: A rose? What are you going to do with that? Choke them with good smell?
Kurama: Rose whip!

Kurama moves the rose and it suddenly turns into a whip of thorns ( http://images.wikia.com/yuyuhakusho/images/f/f9/Kurama%3B_Rose_Whip.jpg ). He whips and cuts all three demons in half at the same time.

Shin: Woah! Cool whip.
Kurama: Never underestimate your opponent. That could get you killed.
Shin: Got it.

The two continue on their way through the city. They reach the other end of the city in 5 minutes of running. They suddenly see in their sights a number of demons blocking the exit of the city. They stop where they are and face them.

Kurama: How many times can you use your Spirit Gun?
Shin: Just once for now.
Kurama: That's fine. We're going to crash into those demons head on.
Shin: It would help to have a weapon, wouldn't it?
Kurama: Yes, I suppose it would.
Shin: There's a weapon shop near here by coincidence. I know how to use an axe.
Kurama: Go, then. I will hold them off if they attack.

Shin runs to the side of the road to start to search a building complex for the weapon shop. Meanwhile, the demons are at a stand still as they stare down Kurama.

Kurama: Why have you not attacked me?
Demon: You crazy? We all know who you are.
Kurama: Very well. That bodes well for Shin.

We now see Shin who has found the weapon shop. He goes inside to see 2 demons with a man who is on the floor dead. Shin looks on the wall to see a battleaxe mounted. He dashes for it but one of the demons gets in his way.

Shin: Out of my way!

Shin punches the demon in the face, which knocks it against the wall which knocks loose the axe. Shin catches it and chops the demon which makes it disappear. The other demon then jumps at Shin, but he swings the axe which chops the demon in half and it also disappears. Shin quickly runs out of the shop and makes his way back to Kurama. When he reaches him, nothing has changed except that Kurama is sitting down.

Shin: Professor?
Kurama: Well done. Now are you ready to attack?
Shin: Yes. But, why haven't they attacked?
Kurama: They know who I am.
Shin: Well it's good I have you on my side then.

Shin and Kurama charge straight at the demons.

The first mission has begun for Shin. As Shin and Kurama charge at the demons, who knows what can happen in this battle. Next time on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptySeptember 17th 2010, 6:42 pm

Chapter 6

Shin and Kurama charge at the demon hoard head on. Shin attacks with his axe and chops through three demons. Kurama whips and takes out fifteen demons. With only ten demons left, Kurama steps back and watches Shin.

Shin: You want some? Let's go!

A demon lunges at Shin and gets chopped. The rest of the demons surround Shin. As he looks around, they all come at him at the same time. Shin chops through one demon but he gets kicked and the rest dogpile on top of him. Kurama gets ready to whip when the dog pile slightly breaks as Shin breaks through and does a spin with his axe (Kind of like Link) and it takes care of the rest of the demons save for one. The last demon goes to punch Shin, but he catches the punch and cracks the bones in its hand. He then shoves the axe into its face and it dies.

Shin: *sigh* Man, that wasn't exactly easy.
Kurama: You did well, Shin. Now, I'm sure we're not finished.
Shin: Seriously? Damn.
Kurama: The leader is probably somewhere around here. I can smell more demonic presence.
Shin: Wait, you can actually do that?
Kurama: It's an acquired thing that a demon learns.
Shin: Well shit. So where is this smell coming from?
Kurama: Straight ahead. The demons must have blocked the road to him.
Shin: Then let's finish this.

Shin and Kurama move quickly outside the city and find a rock demon about 20 feet tall (About two stories in a building) with large eyes standing in front of him with two demons with swords next to him. They are in a plains area.

Rock Demon: (Very very deep male voice) So you think you can defeat us?
Shin: What...the...hell?!
Rock Demon: I asked you a question, human.
Shin: Yes, but...what the fuck are you? Why the hell are you here? And how do you go to the bathroom?
Kurama: ...
Rock Demon: I don't believe you are at liberty to ask me whatever you want.
Shin: Ah, so Rocky wants to get all legal on me and shit. Mother fucker, please.
Rock Demon: I've had enough!

The demon swings its arm at Shin, but he ducks under.

Shin: Woah, man. You certainly have a rocky temper going on here. You're just like my mother.

Kurama walks to the side and sits down, watching. The rock demon starts to swing its arms at Shin as a means to hit him. Shin is able to dodge both arms and gets against the demon's foot. He takes his axe and strikes his foot only to leave a small crack. The demon lifts his foot and attempts to kick Shin. Shin braces on and the demon flings him far away. Shin hits the ground hard and skids about ten feet (after being launched like twenty feet). Shin struggles to get up.

Shin: Woah. That was nuts. Let's do it again.

Shin charges at the rock demon and starts hacking away at its foot, putting crack after crack into it. The same thing happens, though, and Shin gets sent back again. Shin gets up and charges back over but before he gets there, the demon catches him off guard and grabs him. He begins smothering him with his two huge hands. Shin struggles to push it away but can't.

Shin: Is this...it?
Rock Demon: HAHAHAHA! Not so smug now!
Kurama: You have the power, Shin. Now do it.
Shin: Is this...no. It can't be. NO WAAAAAY! *Click Here*

Shin grits his teeth and begins to seriously push as he gets angrier and angrier until he pushes the demon's hands far enough to slip out. He hits the ground hard but rolls out of it and starts hacking frantically at the demon's foot. The demon tries to kick Shin, but he dodges the kick and then uppercut hacks into the bottom of the foot which finally cracks it. The demon starts leaning to that side to keep himself balanced as Shin jumps on its knee and grabs its hand. The two demons go after Shin, but they are suddenly caught by the rose whip.

Kurama: No way you're getting him. Go, Shin!

Shin climbs on the demon's hand and hacks into the demon's chest and sticks his axe in it. He climbs on the axe and jumps up and climbs on its head. He then gets his spirit gun position and aims it downwards.

Kurama: Now, Shin!
Shin: SPIRIT GUN!!!!!!!!!!

Shin's spirit gun comes out and covers most of the demon's head and pierces through. The demon's eyes go white as it falls over. Shin jumps off at the right time and lands on the ground. *Theme stops* Kurama promptly tightens his grip on the whip and the demons vanish.

Kurama: You did it.
Shin: Yeah...hahaha...agh.

Shin starts falling over but Kurama supports him and puts away his whip. He helps Shin walk as they talk.

Shin: That guy got me a bit better than I thought.
Kurama: You still won, and your mission is now complete. Well done.
Shin: What rank was that?
Kurama: I'd say a D rank demon.
Shin: What? Well shit. I have a long way to go.
Kurama: Yes. You'll get better though.

As they reach town, Koenma is waiting for them.

Koenma: Your mission is complete, Shin. Come with me.
Shin: Alright.

Koenma snaps and teleports the three of them to his office. He sits down while Kurama is still helping Shin walk.

Koenma: First, to attend to your wounds.

Koenma points his hands toward Shin and a small beam hits him and all of the sudden, Shin's bruises and such heal. Shin starts walking on his own.

Shin: Awesome.
Kurama: I didn't know you could do all this, Koenma.
Koenma: These past years have taught me a lot. I've started to learn all sorts of new tricks.
Shin: So what do you need me here for?
Koenma: I need to show you something, but you must promise me not to laugh.
Shin: Sure, what's up?
Koenma: Well, this form I'm in now. I can't stay like this forever.
Shin: So you really don't look like that?
Koenma: No. Here.

Smoke engulfs Koenma as a poof sound is heard. When the smoke clears, we see Koenma in his baby form ( http://illiweb.com/fa/pbucket.gif ).

Shin: I see. So that's what the pacifier is for. I totally understand.
Koenma: I'm glad you're not one of those...

Shin turns around while Koenma is speaking and he hunches over holding his mouth. He starts snickering.

Koenma: *Sigh* Alright. Get it over with.

Shin howls with laughter as he falls on the floor. Kurama just looks at him. After a minute of laughing, Shin stands up and looks at Koenma seriously.

Shin: Sorry about that.
Koenma: It's okay. Now, I want you to go home and relax for a while. You will have your next assignment soon.
Shin: Cool.
Koenma: That is all.
Shin: Where is Juste?
Koenma: Not sure. You can see him next time.
Shin: ....Ok.

Koenma snaps and teleports the three of them to where Shin parked his motorcycle. Koenma then waves and teleports away.

Shin: We'd better go.
Kurama: Yes. I have some work to do.

Shin drives Kurama back to the school and then goes home.

Shin has finished his mission and can now relax. He still has a long way to go before he gets as strong as Juste though. What is Shin's next assignment going to be? Next time on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptyApril 26th 2011, 7:29 pm

Chapter 7

The next day, Shin has just awoken at around 4:00 PM. It is seen that he is wearing teddy bear pajamas.

Shin: Man, I slept good. What time is it? *Looks* 4PM? Wow.

Shin goes downstairs and sees a posted note at the dinner table.

Shin: Shin, your mom and I went out for ramen. See you soon. Dad. What the hell, man. They better bring me something back.

Just then, someone knocks on his door.

Shin: Fuck, who is it now?

He answers the door to see Kurama.

Kurama: Good afternoon.
Shin: Proffesor. What are you doing here?
Kurama: Do you mind if I come in?
Shin: Nah, come on in.

Shin brings Kurama to the couch and they sit down.

Shin: So, what's up?
Kurama: ...Your pajamas.
Shin: Oh, haha. They're really comfortable.
Kurama: Yes, anyway. I have a friend who's son is about the same age as you.
Shin: Yeah, so?
Kurama: He is starting to go on missions like you. Perhaps you'd like to meet him?
Shin: Why not. I have nothing else to do right now.
Kurama: Come with me then. But, please change first.
Shin: Fine.

Shin changes into his normal outfit and then heads outside where Kurama is waiting for him.

Shin: So where are we going?
Kurama: I had asked them to meet us at the school.
Shin: Alright. Off we go then.

Shin takes Kurama on his motorcycle.

Shin: So you walked all the way over here? What the hell, Professor.
Kurama: That's my choice method of transportation.
Shin: Yeah? Well this is mine.

Shin speeds up very quickly. In about a minute's time, they reach the school. Shin parks the motorcycle.

Kurama: They should be at the entrance.
Shin: Alright.

The two of them go to the entrance to see a man ( http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_T66bnTBBpGs/SYhiZAj0YsI/AAAAAAAAAEA/JhDflwlkBs8/s400/YuYuHakusho-Hiei.jpg ) standing there alone.

Kurama: Hiei...
Hiei: You're late, Kurama.
Shin: This short guy is the professor's friend, huh? Wait, I recognize that name.
Kurama: I'm sorry, Hiei. Where is your son?
Hiei: He got bored of waiting.
Shin: Excuse me. You're one of the four people in Team Urameshi right?
Hiei: That was a long time ago. Who is this person, Kurama?
Kurama: This is Shin. The new spirit detective.
Hiei: I see Koenma is grasping at airs, picking him as one.
Shin: Why you...
Kurama: Don't say anything, Shin. You don't want to anger the King of the Demons.
Shin: What?!
Hiei: ...Endull, come here.

As Hiei says these words, a man drops down from the building ( http://i52.tinypic.com/11j8301.png with the cloak stretching all the way down ). He stands next to Hiei.

Endull: So, you're finally here. I was about to leave.
Kurama: Hello, Endull. You're looking well.
Hiei: Say hello to Shin. You two may end up being mission partners.
Endull: ...Are you strong, Shin?
Shin: Hello to you too, buddy. You might say that.
Endull: Let's fight then.
Shin: Sure, if you want to lose.

Endull takes off his cloak to show his red short sleeve muscle shirt and black pants. Shin takes the first move by charging at Endull. He throws a punch, but Endull dodges it. Endull then moves very quickly behind Shin and punches him in the back. Shin flies forward and does a hand stand to keep himself up. He gets back on his feet.

Shin: He's fast. Real fast. He's probably not as strong as I am, though.

Endull moves quickly to Shin and punches. Shin is able to barely dodge this. Shin punches but it is dodged by Endull. Endull then throws his own punch. This time Shin catches the fist and then uppercuts Endull in the jaw. Endull is sent back a bit, but he backflips and lands on his feet. Shin smiles at Endull.

Shin: Gotcha.
Endull: Hah. Not a bad punch.

Endull speeds towards Shin. He roundhouse kicks at Shin, which is blocked. As soon as it is blocked, Endull moves behind Shin quickly and kicks him to the ground. Shin gets back and readies himself.

Kurama: That's enough for today.
Endull: Fine.
Shin: You're good, Endull. I look forward to doing some missions with you.
Endull: As long as you don't slow me down, same to you.

Endull puts his cloak back on.

Hiei: It's time, Endull. We must return.
Endull: Right.

The two of them jump on top of the school roof and jump away quickly.

Kurama: At least the difference isn't staggering.
Shin: I agree. Even I could tell it was a losing fight on my end. But I didn't do bad.
Voice: Not bad at all.

Next to Shin and Kurama appears Koenma (In his teen form).

Shin: Oh hey. What's up?
Koenma: Your next mission is up.
Shin: Cool. What is it?
Koenma: In Hiro City there was a demon spotted that will cause problems if not dealt with soon.
Shin: So you want Endull and me to take this bastard out?
Koenma: Correct. You won't have Kurama with you this time, so rely on your own skills and your partner.
Shin: Got it. When do we start?
Koenma: Tomorrow. I will give you briefings tomorrow morning so be ready.
Shin: Ok. See you tomorrow.

Shin leaves and goes home on the motorcycle. When he goes into his house, his parents are back.

Neo: Hey, you're up.
Shin: You mean you never bothered to check?
Jaide: Nope.
Shin: ...I could have been dead and you wouldn't know. Did you bring back some ramen for me?
Neo: We did. Come eat.
Shin: Fuck yes!
Jaide: Watch your mouth, kid!
Shin: Grrrrr...

Shin has met Endull, his new partner. After sparring for their first time meeting, they now have a mission together. What kind of demon are they taking on? Find out next time on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptyMay 10th 2011, 11:08 pm

Chapter 8

Early the next morning, Shin is woken up abruptly with a loud thump that goes through the house. Outside his room, there is a hallway that has another two doors next to Shin's. On the other end of that hallway is the set of stairs that leads down. On the other end, Neo is seen slumped against the wall with a punch mark on his face. Jaide is standing in front of him, angry.

Neo: What the hell?
Jaide: You forgot our anniversary AGAIN!
Neo: That's not till next month!
Jaide: ....Oh yeah.

Jaide walks away with a smile on her face, acting like nothing happened. Not long after, Shin comes out of his room and sees Neo still slumped against the wall.

Shin: Let me guess. Mom.
Neo: Yeah.
Shin: What else is new?

Shin helps his dad up.

Shin: What the hell did you do this time?
Neo: Nothing...this time.

The two of them go downstairs. They make soup and eat together.

Neo: So what's up for today?
Shin: I'm going out again. I want this to be a fun summer before college starts.
Neo: There's a letter for you, actually. From your first choice college.
Shin: Seriously? Shit, I gotta see this.

Neo points Shin to an envelope and he grabs it. He opens it.

Neo: Well?
Shin: ...Rejected. The bastards, of all the nerve.
Neo: I'm sorry. Maybe your second choice.
Shin: ...Yeah.

After Shin finishes his soup he gets ready.

Shin: See ya, dad.
Neo: Be safe and smart, Shin.
Shin: You know me.

Shin opens the front door and exits his house as soon as he does this, he sees Koenma right in front of him. Shin flinches in surprise.

Shin: Do you have to scare the shit out of me when you appear?
Koenma: I get a certain level of enjoyment out of it.
Shin: Fine. So let's hear it.
Koenma: Come with me.

The two of them begin to walk along the sidewalk.

Shin: So what's the mission about again?
Koenma: There's a demon in Hiro City. This one isn't like the rock demon you fought.
Shin: So it's not that hard?
Koenma: No.
Shin: *sigh* Awesome.
Koenma: It's twice as hard. Except it's in the form of a human.
Shin: ....Great.
Koenma: This is why you have Endull. The two of you will learn to work as a team in this mission.
Shin: Got it.
Koenma: One other thing. This demon has an uncanny ability to heal. Like last time, you'll need to finish it with the spirit gun.
Shin: Ok. So if we can damage him enough that I can shoot it, he's toast. Piece of cake.
Koenma: This demon is hiding among the civilians, so this is a dangerous mission. You need to draw it away from them as best as you can.
Shin: I'll keep that in mind.
Koenma: Meet Endull at the school. Be careful.

Koenma snaps and teleports away. Shin turns around and goes back. He takes the motorcycle to the school. He waits for about a minute until Endull arrives.

Shin: Good morning.
Endull: Are you ready?
Shin: Yes. You?
Endull: Yeah, let's go then.
Shin: Hop on. I'll take you to Hiro City.
Endull: A motorcycle, huh?
Shin: Never rode on one before, eh? C'mon, it'll be fun.

Endull gets on the motorcycle and Shin speeds through the city and makes it to Hiro City fast.

Endull: That was quick transportation.
Shin: That's a motorcycle for you. Ok, so do you know everything about the mission?
Endull: I do. We need to find out who this demon is.
Shin: Intel, huh? Alright. Let's do it.
Endull: Once we find the demon, I'll take care of it from there. You'll only slow me down.
Shin: We'll see.

The two of them go into the crowd of people walking around. Shin taps a man on the shoulder.

Shin: Hey, have you seen anything weird in this city lately?
Man: Uh......no?
Shin: Have you seen a guy that looks like......Endull, what does he look like?
Endull: ...
Shin: They didn't tell you either?
Endull: They left out one of the most important details. Why?
Shin: Beats the hell out of me. So how are we going to find this guy?
Endull: That's the tough part.

Shin and Endull walk away from the man and go to a nearby building to sit against it.

Shin: So...what now?
Endull: We don't know what he looks like, so I'm not sure.
Voice: I'll tell you.

Shin looks to his other side and sees Koenma sitting right next to him. He flinches in shock.

Shin: I told you not to do that! What the hell, man?!
Koenma: Sorry.
Endull: Tell us what he looks like.
Koenma: I don't care for your tone, Endull.
Endull: ...What was that?
Koenma: You're speaking to one of the highest in power in the spirit world.
Endull: When I have a mission, I expect it to be well detailed. It's your fault.
Shin: He's got a point, man. We could have wandered this city for days.
Koenma: Ok ok. Well anyway...

Koenma gives a description of the demon. After he does...

Endull: Is that all?
Koenma: Yes. I'll be going now.
Shin: See ya later, baby face.
Koenma: ...

Koenma teleports away. Shin begins to chuckle to himself.

Endull: Let's go. We wasted time with these pathetic details.
Shin: I agree. Let's find this bastard and kill him.

Shin and Endull begin to run through the city at a medium pace. They look around while running, seeing if anyone matches the description they were given. Too no avail, however. They stop in the middle of the city.

Shin: We're getting nowhere fast.
Endull: ...You're right.
Shin: You're a demon, right. Where would a demon hide among others?
Endull: What are you trying to say? Not all demons are alike, you know.
Shin: True. Shit. Ok, how about we split up?
Endull: That would double our probability to find him.
Shin: But it would more than halve our power.
Endull: I'll take care of the demon if I find him. If you find him, channel your spirit energy.
Shin: Why is that?
Endull: I'll be able to sense it and I'll move to your position and take care of him.
Shin: Fat chance, Endull. For this, we'll have to work together as a team.
Endull: Don't argue with me. This will go a lot quicker.
Shin: And what if the demon is too powerful for you? Koenma picked the two of us for a reason.
Endull: He won't win.

Endull quickly speeds off to the right. Shin shrugs his shoulders and runs to the left. He heads down an alleyway.

Shin: I just hope I find the demon. Endull's good, but I think we'll need to double team this one.

Shin passes through the alleyway and reaches a large vacant parking lot. It is enclosed by barbed wire fencing. In the lot, there are two figures. One is turned around and the other is dead on the ground. As this one turns to Shin, we can see his appearance. He is a light skinned man with brown spiky hair and red eyes. He is wearing an army camo shirt and camo cargo pants. He stands around 6"5 and is built in his arms and upper body.

Shin: That matches the description. This is definitely the guy.

Shin hops over the fence and faces the man.

Shin: You there.
Man: You saw nothing, you hear me. This man, I didn't kill him.
Shin: Like hell you didn't. Nice eyes, by the way.
Man: Huh?! No, you can see.
Shin: See what? You have red eyes, clear as day.
Man: You have spirit awareness. Only those with it can see my true eye color.
Shin: That's wierd. But yeah, you're right. So, prepare to die and stuff.
Demon: I see. You've been sent to kill me, right? I won't let you, sorry kid.

Shin puts his hand up and it glows red for a second. He then clenches his fists.

Shin: I'll have to hold this guy off till Endull comes.

The demon charges at Shin. He punches, but Shin dodges it. He then punches the demon in the face which makes him stumble back. Shin then punches him again in the face, which makes him stumble back farther. Shin chases and goes for another punch, but the demon catches his fist and throws him over his shoulder. Shin is smashed into the ground.

Shin: This is gonna suck.
Demon: Hehehehehehe.

The demon raises his foot and then brings it down on Shin.

Shin has found the demon. He called for Endull's backup without much hesitation, but he must hold his own until Endull arrives. Is this duo strong enough to take down the demon? Next on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 9

Shin: This is gonna suck.
Demon: Hehehehehehe.

The demon raises his foot and then brings it down on Shin. He stomps hard on Shin's chest. Shin grunts in pain and then puts his hands on the demon's boot and attempts to push it off. He gains a little ground when he suddenly kicks up with his left leg to kick the demon in the hamstring. He is able to throw the demon off him and get up.

Shin: What the fuck are you doing here in this city?
Demon: Look at the mouth on you. You know what I'm here for.
Shin: No...that's why I asked you, dumb ass.
Demon: Did you not just see me kill this guy?
Shin: Actually, I didn't. So you're here to kill random humans?
Demon: My appetite craves for them.
Shin: You sick bastard. I'll tear you a new one!

Shin charges for the demon and punches at him. The demon dodges and makes a punch of his own. Shin back hands the punch and then punches him square in the face. The demon stumbles back and shows that there is a bit of blood on his mouth. The blood immediately stops and the wound heals.

Shin: Man, I already forgot about that.

The demon laughs at Shin and walks towards him. Shin stands in a boxer like stance and then jabs forward. The demon grabs Shin and pulls him in. He then punches Shin in the gut and kicks him down.

Shin: Why can't I have that regeneration power? Damn it.

The demon kicks Shin while he's down twice and then Shin musters the strength to dodge roll out of the way. He stands up and holds his ribs with one hand as that is where he was kicked.

Shin: Crap. What am I going to do?

The demon starts laughing even harder at Shin, when all of the sudden he is pierced from behind and a short sword ( http://images1.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20120113181327/zombie/images/4/4b/Shortsword.gif ) is run through his chest from behind.

Demon: W-what? *cough*

As the sword is removed from his body, Endull is shown behind him.

Shin: Endull. Right on time.
Endull: Heh. Nice job not dying.

The demon's wound closes up as it completely heals within seconds. He wipes some blood off his mouth and laughs again.

Endull: Man, I already forgot about that.
Shin: You too?!
Endull: How am I supposed to take out this guy?

The demon quickly rushes towards Endull and punches at him. Endull easily dodges and slashes. The demon gets cut across the chest but he fights through the pain and punches Endull in the face. Endull stumbles back and throws off his cloak.

Endull: You've angered me now.

Endull charges with impressive speed and starts cutting up the demon and then kicks him back.

Endull: Let's see you regenerate when I take off your head.

He quickly jumps up to slice but the demon grabs his sword arm. He headbutts Endull and throws him straight to the ground. As the wounds quickly heal, he goes to stomp on Endull. He is quickly taken by surprise as Shin grabs him from behind and puts him in a choke hold with his right arm. He starts pulling him back when the demon elbows Shin in the stomach and then kicks him away. Endull stands up and faces the demon.

Endull: I don't need your help.
Shin: Like hell you don't. I just saved your ass.
Endull: Who saved who?
Shin: Fair point, but c'mon. Let's take down this asshat together.
Endull: ...fine. Just don't get in my way.
Shin: I wouldn't dream of it. *Smiles*

The demon looks on both sides of him and then charges for Shin first. He punches for Shin, but it is dodged. Shin spreads his arms and makes a clapping motion, smacking both sides of the demon's head.

Shin: Endull! Batter up!

Shin kicks the demon backwards and Endull comes up to him from behind. He slices him around 10 times and then punches him back towards Shin. Shin's right hand glows red as he punches the demon in the forehead. He is sent back and to the ground. Endull jumps up into the air and slams down his sword right through the demon's head.

Endull: Did we get him?
Shin: I don't know. You definitely got his brain.

The demon looks motionless for a second but then unsticks the sword out of his head. The wound heals nigh immediately.

Shin: What the hell!
Endull: How do we take him out?
Shin: Start thinking.

The two of them remain silent for about five seconds.

Endull: ...I got nothing.
Shin: You only thought for five seconds!
Endull: What do you think?
Shin: Ah! I almost forgot.
Endull: What is it?
Shin: His weakness is spirit energy. I noticed when I punched him while encasing my hand in spirit energy, that it did a little more than I was expecting.
Endull: Spirit energy? That looked like demon energy to me.
Shin: Juste said the same thing. Koenma said it was spirit energy, but it's somehow different.
Endull: Whatever it is, you need to hit it with spirit energy.
Shin: I need to be able to him with my Spirit Gun. Think you can keep him busy long enough?
Endull: Don't insult me.
Shin: Sorry. Ready?
Endull: That's twice in a row.
Shin: Shit, do you take everything personally?
Endull: That last one was a joke.
Shin: Oh snap.

The demon promptly gets up and cracks his neck a bit after his wounds have healed.

Demon: I'm done playing around. You two are dead.
Shin: Get bent.
Demon: That's it!

The demon rushes for the two of them. Shin and Endull split apart and go on both sides of the demon again. He spin kicks, but both duck under it. Shin then punches the demon twice in the ribs.

Shin: Let's see how you like it, ass hole!

Endull then takes the opportunity to kick the demon back towards the fence. The demon stumbles for only a split second and then punches Endull in the stomach. Endull retaliates with three quick punches to the stomach and then a high jump to the face.

Endull: Shin, my sword!

Shin picks up Endull's sword which was near and throws it to him. Endull catches the sword and rams it into the demon's stomach again. He drives the demon back to the fence and makes the sword go through it. Shin immediately prepares his Spirit Gun hand sign. The spirit energy begins to form around his fingertips as he charges it up.

Shin: Get ready to get out of the way!
Endull: Got it.
Demon: It's...not that easy!

The demon punches Endull in the face multiple times but Endull does not let go of the sword. He repeatedly keeps punching him.


As the spirit gun releases (Which is slightly larger than it was the last time he used it), it heads right for Endull and the demon. Just before it reaches them, Endull pulls away with his sword and kicks the demon farther into the fence. The spirit gun connects right on target and overtakes the demon, destroying him and part of the fence. When everything clears, the two of them breath heavy with a sigh of relief.

Shin: Haha, we did it.
Endull: Yeah. Heh.

Shin puts out his fist to Endull.

Shin: Brofist?
Endull: Are you challenging me to a fight?
Shin: No no, it's a sign of two people who are cool with each other.
Endull: ...I'm not doing it.
Shin: What? Why? We were pretty kickass together.
Endull: ...Well yeah, but...
Shin: Oh, come on. Just bump knuckles with mine.
Endull: You humans make no sense.
Shin: How about a hand shake instead?
Endull: Fine.

Endull and Shin shake hands there and then sit down in exhaustion.

Shin: Shit, that took a lot out of me.
Endull: I hear that to humans, that kind of talk is generally frowned upon.
Shin: To hell with that. But yeah, I do have some sort of problem. I can keep it in when I need to at least.
Endull: Demons don't really care.
Shin: More power to you then. Maybe I should move to Demon World.
Voice: Well done, you two.
Shin: Ah, Koenma.

Koenma appears before the two.

Koenma: That was some solid teamwork. Kurama's suggestion may pay off in the future.
Shin: Cut the shit and heal us already.
Koenma: Do not forget who you are talking to.
Shin: Oh yeah. Sorry about that. Please cut the shit and heal us already?
Koenma: *Sigh* Alright.

Koenma heals Shin and Endull.

Koenma: Take a few days off. Your next mission will be then.
Shin: Got it. You know where to find me.
Koenma: That goes for you as well, Endull.
Endull: Alright.
Koenma: See you then.
Shin: Wait. Can I see my brother then?
Koenma: Yeah, that's fine.

Koenma disappears and the two partners get up.

Endull: What did you mean by that last part?
Shin: I'll explain on the way.

Shin takes Endull on his motorcycle again. This time, he makes an unexpected stop at the local strip club.

Endull: Wait, this isn't that place.
Shin: I want you to meet someone.

The two go inside the strip club. They find Dean in his usual spot.

Shin: Yo, Dean.
Dean: What's up buddy? Who's your friend?
Endull: Hi there.
Shin: He's my new partner in Spirit Detective shit.
Dean: Alright! Well sit down and have a beer and we'll talk.

The three of them talk for a little while and after they leave...

Endull: What kind of place was that. They were all practically naked.
Shin: You mean they don't have that shit in Demon World?
Endull: Nope.
Shin: Sucks for you.
Endull: It seems your friend has spirit awareness.
Shin: Really? How do you know?
Endull: Humans can't see me in this state unless I want them to. Your friend saw me anyway.
Shin: Interesting. Well, let's go.

Shin and Endull ride away into the distance.

The first mission together was a success. They seem to naturally work together well. Shin now has a few days off before his next mission. Next time on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 10

It's late at night. Shin is sleeping on his bed. We delve into his mind to go into his dream.

[Flashback - 3 Years Ago]

Note: Although we are heading into this through Shin's dream, some aspects will deviate from his dream as they are events that actually happened during the time.

We are taken to the Yakamoru's house. At the dining table, there is Shin, Juste, Neo and Jaide eating breakfast early in the morning. Shin's appearance is a bit younger and Neo and Jaide look more or less the same. Juste is wearing the same outfit as current Shin. Shin is wearing his normal sweat pants but a black T Shirt.

Neo: What is the plan for today, Juste?
Juste: The two of us are going to do quite a bit today. Isn't that right, Shin?
Shin: Hell yeah!
Jaide: That doesn't answer your father's question.
Juste: Well,if you must know, bowling, tennis, hang out with Dean, that stuff.
Jaide: Alright, sweety. Have fun.
Neo: Just be back before 9. We need to have a talk then, Juste.
Juste: Sounds like a plan.

After they finish eating, Shin and Juste go outside.

Juste: You ready to go, brother?
Shin: You bet. Say, why the heck does Mom never flip out on you for no reason like Dad and I?
Juste: I don't know. Maybe because I'm her favorite in the family.

Juste bumps Shin on the shoulder with his fist.

Shin: Well you can have her. Hahaha.

The two of them go on the motorcycle and Juste drives them to a bowling alley.

Shin: Ready to get your ass kicked?
Juste: A wise man once said that when preparing to win, you must also prepare to lose.
Shin: Who the hell said that?
Juste: Your older brother, dip shit.
Shin: Wise ass! Just watch!

Shin takes a bowling ball and rolls it down the alley. As it gets near the pins, it defects into the gutter.

Juste: So you still play with bumpers, huh?
Shin: *Face turns red* Ah shit! My hand slipped.

Shin's second roll isn't much better. It barely scratches the far left pin and takes it out solely.

Juste: You played too much with Dean. His art of the drunken bowling might have gotten to you.
Shin: Yeah, looks like it. Keep smiling, ass hole. When you gutter ball, I'll laugh in your face.

Juste takes a bowling ball and rolls it off to the side. As it nears the pins, it curves in and takes out all the pins for a strike.

Shin: Fuck you.

The same concept goes on for a couple rounds until round 5.

Shin: This time for sure.

Shin rolls the ball right down the middle and gets a strike.

Shin: YEAH!
Juste: That's it. You're getting it.

In a couple hours, the bowling ends. The two stand outside the building.

Juste: Good stuff. You started getting better. I'm hoping we can improve more next time.
Shin: Yeah, thanks.

The two give each other the thumbs up. Later that day, the two of them go to the strip club where Dean is in his usual spot.

Dean: Well, if it isn't my favorite brothers.
Juste: Hey, Dean. How's it hanging?
Dean: If I wasn't so buzzed, I think I'd get up and give you a big bear hug.
Juste: I think I'll skip this time anyway.
Dean: Shin, man. You look like hell.
Shin: Well, ya know...
Dean: Juste, you go too hard on the kid. He obviously can't compare to our sports skills.
Juste: Please. Don't put me on your level. If anything, you drag Shin down with your drunken sports.
Dean: As if I could play any other way.
Shin: So what college are you looking at, Dean?
Dean: College? Are you shitting me?
Juste: You're not saying this again...man, you have so much more potential.
Dean: Whatchu mean, man?
Juste: Despite your habits, you're a good man, Dean. Even scumbags have made it through college.
Shin: He's right. Make a nice life for yourself.
Dean: In case you haven't noticed, I'm making a damn good life for myself, thank you very much.

Dean starts laughing hard. Juste rolls his eyes. An hour or two later, the three of them stand outside the club.

Dean: Juste, come over tomorrow. Let's hang out again.
Juste: Sure. You're on.

Dean leaves and the brothers get on the motorcycle. Juste drives them to a store. As they get off and go towards the store. As they approach, a man steps in front of both of them. He is a tall light skinned man with a brown snow cap and brown sweater with black jeans. He is wearing gloves and has a handgun pointed at the two of them.

Juste: Easy. What do you want?
Man: Give me your wallets!
Shin: Alright. Calm down.
Man: I said give them to me!

Juste and Shin both pull out their wallets and as Juste hands his to the man, he shoots Juste in the chest. Juste stumbles back and hunches over in massive pain.

Shin: JUSTE!

Shin quickly punches the man in the face but gets shot in the left arm in the process. Shin falls in pain, covering his left arm. All of the sudden, Juste punches the man in the face and then knees him in the stomach. He then uppercuts him in the face to send him to the floor. Juste then collapses from the pain of being shot through the heart.*Click Here* Shin inches over to Juste, who is facing him.

Juste: Shin...
Shin: No, you can't.

Tears fall from Shin's face uncontrollably.

Juste: (Speaking with pain in his voice) I'm sorry. I'm not able to protect you anymore, Shin. You have to be strong.
Shin: I...
Juste: Promise me.
Shin: Yes...I promise brother.
Juste: Good. Thank you. See you later.

Juste finds the strength to raise his arm to give him a thumbs up. Shin reluctantly does the same with his right arm. With that, Juste dies and Shin puts his head down over his dead brother's body. Meanwhile, the murderer is just getting up and running away from the scene. *Theme stops*

We now switch to Spirit World a few minutes earlier. Koenma is in his office and George is talking to him.

Koenma: Ogre, this is not the time. I...

Just then, Koenma hears the shots and turns to his T.V screen.

Koenma: Oh no! Not him! Juste...
George: Sir? Was that the next prospect for Spirit Detective.
Koenma: Yes. Damn!

A few days pass and the setting changes. It is a rainy day and many people are gathered in a graveyard. Among them are Shin, Neo, Jaide, Dean and Kurama. Everyone is in black attire. *Click Here* People begin to walk up to the casket and put things near it and say farewell. Kurama goes up as one of the first. He pays his respects and walks away. Dean walks up to the casket and unravels a copy of an acceptance letter to college.

Dean: I did it. You were right, Juste. For you, I'll make something of myself. It's a promise.

Dean walks away, sobbing as pictures of Juste's smiling face appears into his head. Many people go up and then Neo and Jaide go up together. As they get to the casket, Jaide drops to her knees and cries over it. Neo gets on his knees as well, hugging Jaide, trying his very best to console her as tears fall from his eyes like a cascade. Shin turns his head as he can not even watch this sight. Instead, he turns his attention to a woman about his height. She has long brown hair. She is standing next to him with her hands covering her face.

Shin: Anna, I'm sorry. You are still always welcome in our house. You were so good to my brother. He never spoke a bad word about you.
Anna: Thank you, Shin. That means so much to me. But the man I love is gone. Juste, why?

Eventually, Shin goes up to the casket while he is crying.

Shin: Why? Juste did nothing wrong. No one hated him. No one could say a bad thing about him. And yet, it came to this. Why do the good suffer and die like this? It all happened so suddenly, but now you're gone. You always had my back. You were the best brother anyone could ever ask for! I will be strong for you, brother. I made a vow to you!

Shin drops to his knees and punches the ground hard with his right arm. He covers his face in agony as the screen fades to black *Theme stops*

Koenma's Voice: He was our greatest chance at another Spirit Detective. And yet, one remains, who can take his place.

[End Flashback]

Shin wakes up from his dream in a cold sweat and tears on his face. He places his right hand on his left arm where he took the gun shot three years ago. It is now morning.

Shin: This dream again. Only, it really happened. Three years ago. That Anna girl. Juste's lover. I remember that she committed suicide a few days after Juste's funeral.

Shin looks over at the wanted poster with the murderer on it. Shin looks at it with anger.

Shin: And you! Somehow they never caught you. But I will have my revenge on you yet. You'll wish you never met us that day!

The memories of Juste's death haunt Shin to this day. As Shin vowed his brother that he would be strong, so he is. And so he is becoming even stronger through being a Spirit Detective. Shin's next mission is next on Detective Shin!!!

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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 11

Later that day, Shin is now on the road, on his motorcycle. He stops at a small restaurant. He walks inside and a hostess comes to greet him.

Hostess: Hello, Shin.
Shin: Hey, Laura. Is Dean done his shift?
Hostess: Almost. You can go take a seat at the usual spot and heíll be right over.
Shin: Thanks.

Shin heads over to a booth in the corner and waits. A waiter brings him a soda.

Shin: Thanks. You know me well.

About ten minutes later, Dean joins Shin with two plates of food.

Dean: Here you go.
Shin: Thanks. I hope you didnít cook this yourself.
Dean: Hey, fuck you, man. I put a lot of heart into it.
Shin: Iím flattered, but I donít love you that way, jackass.
Dean: Shut up and eat.

Shin takes a bite of curry.

Shin: Damn, thatís pretty good. I see the head chef taught you a few things.
Dean: Yeah. So what did you want to talk about? You seemed kinda bummed over the phone.
Shin: Itís about AnnaÖ
Dean: Anna?
Shin: Yeah.
Dean: She committed suicide, didnít she?
Shin: A few days after Juste died. I wonderÖdid she really put everything she had into that relationship?
Dean: Itís a complicated thing. Not that I would know anything about love. But you and I could both tell that she really loved him.
Shin: Thatís true. Itís just scary to think about; if you love someone that much, and they can be gone in an instant.
Dean: Anna was kind, but she was the type that got obsessed over everything she could get a hold of. For that, she got rejected a lot.
Shin: Juste knew that, and still accepted her. I guess that makes sense.

They stay quiet for a few seconds as they continue eating.

Dean: So, whatís up with that Endull guy?
Shin: Heís an odd one; Iíll give him that.
Dean: He seemsÖdifferent.
Shin: Different how?
Dean: Like his presence, almost not human.
Shin: Heh. Do you have high ďparanormal sensesĒ?
Dean: You can make fun of me all you want, but itís true.
Shin: He really does have spirit awareness. Maybe I should tell him. In some way, youíre correct.
Dean: What do you mean.
Shin: Maybe Iíll tell you another time.

Shin finishes up eating and Dean does as well.

Shin: Alright, Iím gonna get out of here. Thanks again.

Shin leaves. Dean takes a sip of beer and shakes his head.

Dean: He canít be straight with me about the demon business, huh? PfftÖheís just like his brother.
Koenmaís Voice: How long have you known?
Dean: From the beginning.

Two days pass and it is morning. At Shinís house, a thump is heard outside his window. Shin slowly opens his eyes and looks towards his window to see it open and Endull is standing on the sill, crouched down. This startles Shin for a second.

Shin: Jeez! You nearly gave me a fucking heart attack.
Endull: Good morning.
Shin: What the hell are you doing here and how did you find this place?
Endull: Itís simple. I tracked your spirit energy signal. And you know we have a mission today.
Shin: Alright alright. Just get the fuck out of here while I get ready.
Endull: Just donít fall back to sleep.

Endull drops down outside the house.

Shin: Yeah, as if I could fall back to sleep after you scared the shit out of me.

Shin gets ready and heads downstairs. His parents are not around, so he leaves a note simply stating ďIím out, will be back tonight. ~ShinĒ. He grabs a protein shake in a can from the fridge and a protein bar from a cabinet and then goes outside.

Shin: Endull, where did you go?
Endull: Up here.

Endull drops down from the roof and lands next to him.

Endull: Ready?
Shin: Yeah. Where are we going?
Endull: I donít know. Isnít Koenma supposed to contact us?
Shin: Yeah, where the hell is he?
Endull: *Shrug *
Shin: Letís just take a walk or something while weíre waiting.

As they begin walking, Shin shakes up the can and opens it and starts drinking.

Endull: What is that?
Shin: Itís a protein shake. Sort of like a breakfast thing.
Endull: Surely you humans canít live on that little food.
Shin: This is a little different. Iíd rather not explain the science behind it, or rather I have no idea of it. Ask the professor or something.
Endull: Fine, as you wish.
Shin: Do you want any of this bar?
Endull: I suppose.

Shin opens the protein bar and breaks a bit off and tosses it to Endull. He eats it.

Endull: Itís oddÖ
Shin: True, it doesnít take that good. But itís healthy.
Endull: Does it make you stronger?
Shin: UhÖit doesnít really work like that. But never mind that.

Some of the people that theyíre passing are looking at Shin weird. From their perspective, it looks like Shin is talking to himself.

Shin: Shit, why havenít you gone public yet?
Endull: Iíd rather not.
Shin: Theyíre looking at me funnyÖ
Endull: Who cares?

After the food is finished, Shin is on his last sip of the shake when Koenma appears out of nowhere. Shin starts to choke on the liquid.

Endull: Itís about time. Youíre late.
Koenma: Yeah, well, paperwork sucks.

Shin takes a deep breath after finally swallowing the drink.

Shin: Damn it, Koenma!
Koenma: If youíre done messing around, we can get to business.
Shin: Why you-!
Endull: (Cutting him off) Whatís our mission?
Koenma: There is another powerful demon that has finally surfaced nearby. You wonít have to travel as far, but he is more powerful than the last one.
Shin: Where is he?
Koenma: I could tell youÖbut it would be better training if you figured it out on your own.
Shin: Hey, tell us you piece of-

Koenma teleports away before Shin can finish his sentence.

Shin: Shit. Hey, wait, canít you sense where the demon is like you found me?
Endull: You mean you canít?
Shin: No.
Endull: I see. Iíll see if I can. Spirit Energy is slightly easier to sense than Demon Energy for me.

Endull sits in the middle of the street that theyíre in and concentrates with his eyes closed. Just as he sits down, a car comes zipping by and runs him over. Shin runs over to check on him.

Endull: ThatÖhurt.
Shin: Thatís what you get for not letting yourself be seen by normal humans.
Endull: Shut up.

Shin extends his hand and Endull smacks it away and gets up. He brushes himself off. Meanwhile, in the car, a little girl speaks to her mother.

Girl: Mommy, you just ran over a man!
Mom: Donít be silly, deer.

Endull: I will pay that foul beast back for that later.

Endull sits on the sidewalk this time and then concentrates. After about fifteen seconds, he opens his eyes.

Endull: I think I found him. Itís feint, but itís definitely from a demon.
Shin: Letís go then. Which direction?
Endull: West.
Shin: Near the grocery store, huh? Okay, follow me.

They start to jog, with Endull lagging slightly behind.

Endull: By the way, I picked up a few more signals.
Shin: You did?
Endull: There are more signals made of Spirit Energy in the area.
Shin: Dean, the guy you met, is probably one of them. Are they high?
Endull: No, yours was the strongest in the vicinity. Thatís how I was able to find you easily. But something concerns me.
Shin: What is it?
Endull: There are some that had traces of both Demon and Spirit Energy.
Shin: What?
Endull: You should be careful. Weíre not the only ones around here with powers.
Shin: Noted. Is there any way I can hide my Spirit Energy?
Endull: Yes. You should ask Koenma after we finish the mission.

They make it to a large grocery store.

Shin: Alright, Endull, where is that signal now? Endull?

He turns to see Endull staring in a different direction. He sees the car that ran him over.

Shin: Oh no.
Endull: I hope you didnít think you had lost me. For now you will suffer the consequences.

Endull slashes the car and cuts it open. The windows are broken on the passenger side and the metal frame between the front and back seats is cut open. Endull sheaths his sword and walks towards Shin.

Endull: HmphÖthe creatures in this world are too easy.
Shin: If I tell him that it was a person that actually ran him over, he might kill them tooÖ Uh, yeah, I know what you mean. Letís get out of here though.

They go behind the store lean against the wall.

Shin: Where is he?
Endull: Hold on. ÖWeíre in the right direction. Heís extremely close. !
Shin: What is it?
Endull: He sensed us. Heís coming directly for us.
Shin: Good. Iím tired of waiting. !

Both of them look up where a red demon with horns and scales on his body and arms drops down towards them. They jump away to avoid it, in separate directions.

Shin: How did I sense that just now?
Endull: What is your purpose for being here?

The demon does not respond, but drools venom.

Endull: One of those, huh? I thought my father had you all executed. I guess Iíll finish the job.

Endull charges and slashes with his sword. The scales stop the sword.

Endull: What?

The demon opens its mouth and Endullís face looks more serious. He dodges out of the way before the demon shoots out venom from its mouth.

Shin: What the hell was that?!
Endull: These kinds of demons shoot poison that will destroy you in minutes. Donít let any of it touch you.
Shin: GreatÖ

Shin charges while its back is still turned and punches with energy in his hand. The demon turns around and blocks with its body, which takes the brunt of the punch. The energy dispels and the demon only slides back a bit. It opens its mouth and Shin dodges out of the way.

Shin: Thatís one hard body. Those scalesÖwhat the hell is up with them?
Endull: Itís difficult to hurt them.
Shin: How do we beat them? Wait, I have an idea.

Shin gets in close and waits for the demon to open its mouth. Just as it shoots the venom, Shin quickly fires off a Spirit Gun, which overpowers the venom and goes straight into its mouth. His head explodes open and Endull and Shin avoid the venom that excretes from it.

Shin: That did it!

Suddenly, the demon continues to move.

Endull: It can still live without its head.
Shin: Damn it!
Endull: Hold him off for a second.
Shin: Hold him what?

The demon comes charging for Shin and swipes with claws repeatedly. Shin keeps dodging.

Shin: I canít use Spirit Gun anymore, so Iím fucked out here.

Shin gets kicked to the ground. Just as the demon raises its claws again, Endull lands on its shoulders. He shoves his sword into where his head used to be and puts Demon Energy into it.

Endull: His weakness is his heart. But itís very difficult to do this, because of the scales.

Endull jumps off the demon to show that his sword has an aura that extends the bladeís reach a little. The demon falls down and dies.

Shin: Nice one.
Endull: It would have been tricky to do that if he still had his head.

Suddenly, the two of them are teleported to Koenmaís office.

Koenma: Nice job, you two. Youíre getting stronger by the minute.
Shin: YeahÖthanks.
Justeís Voice: Nicely done.

Shin turns to see Juste.

Shin: Bro.
Juste: Youíve improved quite a bit.
Shin: JusteÖI need to talk to you. Itís important.
Juste: Sure, come with me.

Meanwhile, back in the world of the living, the little girl and her mom find their car in its current state.

Girl: Mommy! Your car!
Mom: Who could have done this?
Girl: You shouldnít have ran over that man earlier!
Mom: I told you, I didnít run over anyone! Youíre grounded!

They have completed their mission with more efficacy than last time. But what is it that Shin needs to speak about with Juste? Find out next time!
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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 12

Shin and Juste go off into another room. They both sit on the floor, Indian style.

Juste: Itís been a while since weíve been able to talk like this.
Shin: Yes.
Juste: How are mom and dad doing?
Shin: Theyíre okay. Mom is still shaken up, you can tell. Canít you see what weíre doing?
Juste: Koenma does, yes. I spend the majority of my time alone, though.
Shin: I see. Have you made many friends here?
Juste: Not really. So, what was it you needed?
Shin: I need you to teach me how to detect Spirit Energy and Demon Energy properly. I caught a glimpse of it in the battle we just had, but I canít control it.

In Shinís mind, we replay the part where he sensed the demon from above him and dodge the attack.

Juste: Getting right to the training, huh?
Shin: Endull said something strange. He said that Iím not alone with the special powers. And weíre not talking about Dean.
Juste: Dean? You mean he has spirit awareness?
Shin: Yes. I donít know if he knows it, though. In any case, can you teach me?
Juste: Sure. This wonít take long. Close your eyes and focus your energy. You can do that much, yes?
Shin: Yes.

Meanwhile, Endull is still in Koenmaís office.

Endull: I donít like this.
Koenma: What?
Endull: There are multiple powerful signals in that area. But surely you already knew that.
Koenma: Ö
Endull: Why havenít you said anything? Thereís no one with Spirit Energy stronger than Shin, but thatís not the only type of signal I found when I searched down there.
Koenma: I know.
Endull: Why havenít you told us about them?
Koenma: Listen. Do you want to get yourselves killed before you become strong enough to handle them?
Endull: So itís true then. Some of them ARE suppressing their energy to look weaker.
Koenma: The place has become attractive for strong demons. Why do you think we put you two on missions now, of all times? True, Juste could handle them, but we would gain nothing from it. However, if we can get you and Shin up to speed, it will be worth it in the long run.
Endull: I see. Follow in my fatherís footsteps; thatís what you want to say, right?
Koenma: Hiei was a great asset to us when he was doing missions. You have a similar potential, and likewise Shin has it too. I wonderÖ
Endull: What?
Koenma: You seem awfully concerned for his safety.
Endull: Donít be ridiculous. Iím trying not to get killed before I become an S class demon.

Some time has passed, and Shin and Juste are still training.

Shin: I think I get it. I can sense things back at home already.
Juste: Iíd expect so. This is a basic technique and you already have the talent and experience for it.
Shin: WaitÖIím sensing a spike in Demon Energy.
Juste: I sense it too. Ö!
Shin: Itís powerful! But is it friendly orÖ.

Just then, Endull opens the door.

Endull: Shin...
Shin: You sensed it too?
Endull: Yes.
Shin: We have to go.
Endull: ÖKoenma has already assigned us to do it.
Shin: One more thing, Juste.
Juste: What is it?
Shin: *Stands up * AnnaÖdid you really love her?
Juste: Yes, I did. Itís unfortunate with what happened to her.
Shin: Is she here?
Juste: No.
Shin: What?!
Juste: Go, I will explain another time.
Shin: ÖOkay.

Shin leaves the room with Endull and they are both transported back to earth.

Endull: Heís close.
Shin: Yeah.
Endull: You can sense him too?
Shin: Juste helped me learn quickly. But I have to focus my energy actively in order to do it.
Endull: In that case, let me direct. To the left.

They look to their left to see an alleyway. They go into it and travel down the long alley. They reach a three-way intersection within the alley and they see a grim sight. There is a lot of demon blood spewed everywhere and standing in the middle is a man standing around 6í1 with this appearance with black jeans. He is swinging around a kusari gama. He turns to Shin and Endull.

Shin: What theÖ
Endull: Identify yourself.
???: You have strong energy. Have you come for me then?

Both Shin and Endull remain silent, even though he didnít answer Endullís demand.

???: Iíll take your silence as a tacit concession.
Shin: What the fuck is he talking about?
Endull: I donít know. Only one way to find out.
Shin: RightÖ

This mysterious demon holds his kusari gama steady now. Endull is the first one to charge. He slashes at the demon, but he blocks with one of his gama. He slices towards Endull with the other near his midsection. Endull caves his body in in order to narrowly dodge the edge. Shin now has leaped forward towards the demon. Endull gets out of the way and Shin strikes with energy in his fist. The demon blocks it with his hand and he starts to get pushed back. After sliding back a few feet, they stop completely.

Shin: Damn! He stopped my punch entirely.

This demon now slashes at Shin, but he ducks under it. He immediately follows up with a hard kick straight to Shinís jaw, which sends him to the ground. As Shin slides on the ground, he is able to propel himself into a backwards roll onto his feet. He stands up slowly. The demon splits his Kusari Gama in half (there is a piece in the middle that allows it to be split and put back together) and blocks behind his back to block an incoming strike from Endull. He makes a 180-degree spin kick, which Endull dodges with ease. With both fighters standing on opposite sides of him, he turns sideways in order to focus his attention on both of them at once. He spins each gama.

Shin: Youíre good, Iíll give you that. But now we have you right where we want you.
???: Drago. My name is Drago Hyubusshi.
Endull: Why now?
Drago: You have proven yourself worthy to know my name. You two are obviously different from the others.
Shin: ? He must mean the different people from Spirit World. But something is off.
Endull: So, my father must have wanted to assassinate you then. But you must have escaped their clutches, until now that is.

As Drago focuses his attention slightly more on Endull, Shin makes a one-handed spirit gun. His energy does not glow very bright.

Shin: Shit. Thatís right. I used my spirit gun earlier on today. My energy hasnít had time to fully recover.
Drago: This doesnít look good. I donít want to, but Iíll have to useÖ WaitÖ
Shin: What is it?
Drago: Not you.
Shin: Okay thenÖ
Endull: Speak.
Drago: You said your father. Explain.
Endull: Ö
Drago: Now that I look at you, you possess a resemblance to King Hiei. Is that who you mean?
Endull: ÖYes. What is it to you?
Drago: I see.

Drago spins his Kusari Gama a few more times and then swiftly re-attaches them by slamming the pieces into each other in the middle. He folds them and then holsters them at his side.

Shin: What?
Drago: It seems we had a misunderstanding. You see, I am being hunted by a syndicate of demons, currently residing in this area. I thought you were with them.
Endull: What syndicate?
Drago: They call themselves the Kenbushin Clan. Have either of you heard of them?
Endull: No. I havenít.
Shin: Neither have I.
Drago: Unfortunately, they donít have any trademark that they go by, and that makes them all the more dangerous.
Shin: I see. So thereís nothing to distinguish them like normal Yakuza around here. So you never know who is an enemy.
Endull: Shin, what do you mean?
Shin: Simply put, Yakuza are crime syndicates that exist here in Japan. Usually, when they fight you can see a tattoo that is specially designed for their particular group.
Endull: Ah, those do exist in the Demon world.
Drago: Yes.

Drago goes to the third opening in the alleyway.

Shin: Leaving already?
Drago: Weíll meet again. Iím sure of it. Goodbye.

Drago walks till he is out of sight. A few seconds later, Shin and Endull breathe a sigh of relief.

Shin: That was kind of scary.
Endull: Heís strong. Stronger than either of us. Damn.
Shin: As long as we donít piss him off, weíre good, right?
Endull: Thatís not good enough. The next time we meet, we need to be able to defeat him if he turns on us.
Shin: YeahÖyouíre right.
Endull: I must return to my father.
Shin: Right.

Not long after, Endull departs. Koenma appears to Shin a few seconds later.

Shin: What is it?
Koenma: While Endull goes back home, I have something for you.
Shin: A job?
Koenma: Not exactly. Take this.

Koenma hands Shin a piece of paper. It has an address on it.

Shin: Who lives here?
Koenma: Someone you need to speak to. Letís leave it at that.
Shin: Oh fine. Be all fucking mysterious. I donít need this.

Shin walks away angry from Koenma.

Koenma: If anyone can help him, itís youÖ

The next day, Shin has traveled on his motorcycle to this address. He arrives at a house that is in more of the quaint part of town. The house is relatively small, but has a lot of forest behind it. When Shin reads the last name on the mailbox, he is taken back in total shock.

Shin: What?! You have got to be kidding me! I see now, Koenma. I know exactly why Iím here. Alright, fine. Time to meet the master himself. Yusuke Urameshi.

What is this strange turn of events that leads Shin to the residence of the last true Spirit Detective?!
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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 13

Shin heads over to the door and knocks on it. As he waits, he begins to look a bit nervous.

Shin: What the hell do I say to this guy?

Not much longer than ten seconds pass and the door opens. Shin sees Keiko in from of him (Picture her with around 40 years of aging, although she still looks young for her age).

Keiko: Hello, can I help you?
Shin: Uh, hi. Is Yusuke Urameshi here?
Keiko: Yes, heís home.
Yusukeís Voice: (Somewhat hard to hear) Is it another ass wipe door-to-door peddler again?
Keiko: Iím not sure. What business do you have with Yusuke?
Shin: My name is Shin Yakamoru andÖ
Yusukeís Voice: WaitÖ

A few seconds later, Yusuke shows up and opens the door more (Once again, picture him more aged). He is wearing a similar outfit, but his shirt hangs off like coat tails and is longer.

Yusuke: I sense some spirit energy from you, although itís not much.

Yusukeís words slightly irritate Shin.

Shin: YeahÖwell, itís nice to meet you, sir. Iíve heard all about your ventures as a spirit detective.
Yusuke: You know about that, huh? Who spilled the beans? I should smack him one for that.
Shin: Professor Suichi, or Kurama as you know him.
Yusuke: Kurama, huh? I see. Come on in.

Yusuke and Keiko let Shin into their house. Inside the house looks a lot roomier than it looked outside. They have nice furniture and a nice fireplace in the living room. Shin sits on a soft recliner chair. Yusuke sits down on a two-seat couch while Keiko goes into the kitchen, which is just behind.

Yusuke: So has Koenma hired you as a spirit detective?
Shin: Yes. I assume that is why I am here.
Yusuke: What? So let me guess. Koenma sent you here without telling you anything.
Shin: Thatís much better than a guess.
Yusuke: In truth, I had a feeling someone like you were coming. The toddler sent me a letter. I havenít opened it yet, but now I have a good idea why.

Yusuke pulls out the letter and opens it. He reads it quietly for a few seconds.

Yusuke: I see. Do you have any idea why youíre here, Shin?
Shin: I bet he wants you to train me. Is that it?
Yusuke: Bingo.
Shin: Shit, why couldnít he just tell me that from the start?! Itís not like I couldnít see the writing on the wall!
Yusuke: Hey, calm down.

Yusuke turns the letter over to see writing on the back. It reads: P.S, if you call me toddler in front of Shin, youíll regret it.

Yusuke: Who does that thumb-sucking jackass think he is, threatening me?!
Shin: I like this guy already. To be serious, I need someone to train me. I know my brother is strong, but there has never been a spirit detective as strong as you. Please help me.
Yusuke: I just have one question. What is your motivation for becoming a spirit detective?
Shin: ÖRevenge.
Yusuke: I see. You got some fire, kid. Letís see what you got.

Shinís face lights up instantly.

Shin: You mean it? Alright!

Yusuke leads them out back to a large grass yard.

Yusuke: How many times can you use your spirit gun per day?
Shin: Only once for now.
Yusuke: So youíre still a beginner. Not a problem. Give me everything you got. Focus your spirit energy into your fist and give me your hardest punch.
Shin: Right.

Shin does as Yusuke asks and charges at him. He punches Yusuke in the chest, but it does nothing to him. Yusuke doesnít even budge. Shin is shocked.

Shin: You didnít even flinch!
Yusuke: Dumbass, werenít you the one that said that I was the strongest spirit detective?
Shin: Heh.
Yusuke: Now, give me your best spirit gun.
Shin: Sure.

Shin jumps back a little and focuses his energy. Yusuke notices the red energy around his fingertip and is taken back a little bit.

Yusuke: This is not demon energy. Then whyÖ

Shin unleashes his spirit gun straight for Yusuke. †Yusuke puts up his hand and blocks it with ease. He lets it keep pushing against him as he analyzes the strength. After a few seconds, he crushes it in his hand and the spirit energy disperses.

Shin: I see. So this is the legendary Yusuke Urameshi that I heard so much about.
Yusuke: Not bad for a starting point. Letís eat lunch and then weíll get to training.

We move forward in time a week. We follow Endull, who is practicing with his sword in solitude. He is sweating a little bit. Hiei comes into the dark room that Endull is in.

Hiei: Endull.
Endull: What is it?
Hiei: Koenma has called for you.
Endull: Who cares? Iím doing something more important right now. Training for the crazy assignments he sends me on.
Hiei: I wasnít asking, brat.

In an instant, Hiei appears next to Endull and grabs him by his shirt. He then drags Endull out of the room. They go into a much brighter room. Hiei drops Endull and then sits down on a chair. Koenma (in baby form) is standing next to Endull.

Koenma: Yo.
Endull: What do you want?
Koenma: I have a new mission for you.
Endull: Hoping to kill me off this time?
Koenma: Last time was a mistake; Iím willing to admit.
Endull: Why donít you just call for Shin?
Koenma: ShinísÖbusy at the moment. Heíll catch up with you if he can. Right now thereís a syndicate that is making their move in the human world. Iím sure you remember the name Kenbushin.
Endull: ! Thatís the Yakuza that demon spoke of.
Koenma: Yes. Chances are youíll run into that Drago again.
Endull: So you want me to eliminate them, is that it?
Koenma: Thatís exactly right. They wonít be easy to find, but thatís why I have this for you. I would give this to Shin, but as I said, heís not available just yet.

Koenma hands Endull the spirit detective spyglass.

Endull: What is this thing?
Hiei: It can detect demons, even if they hide their energy. Yusuke once used one of those.
Koenma: Correct. So, are you in?
Endull: Yeah, Iím in. I donít need Shin anyway. Iíve gotten much stronger since last week. Iíll kill Drago too if he gets in my way.
Koenma: Good luck to you then.

Koenma teleports away. Endull turns to Hiei.

Endull: If I come back successful, will you then acknowledge me as a great demon?
Hiei: You are strong, but donít let that get in the way of learning. You still have a long way to go before you make it as one of the greats.
Endull: Hmph. What the hell do you know, anyway?
Hiei: Iíve done far too much for you to receive such poor respect. Donít jump ahead of yourself, Endull. You will have your time. You are my kid, after all.
Endull: Hah. Maybe sooner than you think. Later.

Endull leaves the room and not long after preparing, he sets out for the human world.

Shin has been training with Yusuke for a week now, but is his training complete? Endull sets out by himself to complete a new mission. Will he be up to the task of destroying the syndicate by himself?

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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 14

Endull is now in the human world. He is roaming through the streets while visible to humans.

Endull: Where should I start?

Endull stops in the middle of the street as many people pass by him both ways. He looks through the spyglass and finds no results. He then keeps walking. After a few minutes of walking, he stops.

Endull: This presenceÖis it one of them?

He turns to see a Korean style Barbeque restaurant and walks inside it. He sees Drago sitting down at one of the tables. Drago also notices Endull. Endull sits down across from Drago at the same table.

Drago: So youíre back.
Endull: I am. Are you still being hunted?
Drago: Yes.
Endull: Then why are you casually hanging here?
Drago: They donít attack out in the open like this. Itís not their M.O.
Endull: I see. So the Kenbushin are careful with how they reveal themselves. Good to know.
Drago: Why is that? Are they pursuing you as well?
Endull: Itís the opposite.
Drago: So you came to a Korean Barbeque hoping theyíd be eating so youíd kill them quickly, huh?
Endull: ÖWhat? I came in here because I sensed your demonic energy signal.
Drago: Oh, that makes sense.
Endull: Ah, I almost forgot.

Endull puts the spyglass up to his right eye and spots horns on someone in the back of the room.

Drago: Whatís that thing?
Endull: Iíll tell you later.

Someone comes over with a bunch of meat and places it on the mini grill between them. When it cooks, the two of them eat straight from the grill.

Endull: Iíve never seen this style of cooking before.
Drago: Korean BBQ is fantastic.
Endull: I wish we had more good things like this back at home.
Drago: I like it better here in the human world. Iím just glad that we have open access to be able to go to this world so long as weíre deemed good.
Endull: My father spent a lot of time here with a spirit detective. That probably influenced his decision to modify the Kekkai. And yetÖsome undesirable demons find a way to slip through. We still have not found the cause.
Drago: Iím sure theyíll find it.

They finish eating, around the same time that the demon does. Just as Drago is about to get up, Endull puts his hand on his shoulder to stop him.

Drago: What is it?
Endull: Just wait.

The demon in disguise gets up after a few seconds and walks out of the restaurant. The two of them also get up.

Endull: We canít let that one get away.
Drago: Is heÖ
Endull: Iím going.

As Endull exits the restaurant, Drago naturally follows.

Drago: So, weíre tailing him?
Endull: Silence, you fool. Also, hide your energy as best as you can if you plan to follow along.
Drago: Sure.

They tail behind the demon by about 10 yards (about 9.1 meters). After a minute or two, the demon breaks to the right and runs into an alley.

Endull: Shit.

Endull disappears, which surprises Drago. The demon is now hopping from rooftop to rooftop and is transformed back into his true form. Heís a red demon with horns. Endull appears on one of the rooftops and starts chasing him. He doesnít appear to be gaining any type of ground on him.

Endull: So youíre pretty fast for a demon your size.

The demon jumps down from a rooftop and into a construction site, which was just ahead. The demon does a few stunts to maneuver past and through the machinery. Endull does the same to follow suit. While he is still inside the middle of the construction, the demon has made it through and makes a mad dash off into the distance where he meets some grassy terrain.

Demon: Ha! Got rid of him. ...What?!

Standing in front of him is Endull smiling with his sword drawn. *Click Here*

Endull: Your speed isnít bad, but itís not even close to being on my level.
Demon: How! I was outrunning you before!
Endull: I let you outrun me, to lead you to an open area where I can destroy you.
Demon: Damn!
Endull: You are from the Kenbushin clan, are you not? You donít possess the mark of approval to be here in the human world.

Without answering, the demon prepares his claws for battle and a few backup demons surround Endull.

Demon: It is YOU who have walked into MY trap! NOW DI-

Before he can finish his sentence, Endull has plunged his sword into his stomach. He rips the sword out and focuses on the other three. He dodges a punch from one of them and quickly cuts the demonís head off. He avoids another punch and slices twice at the next demonís chest. He quickly throws his sword at the last one and it pierces through his neck. Endull puts his foot on the demons chest and pulls the sword out while pushing the demon with his foot to the ground. *Theme stops*

Endull: It doesnít look like I was able to get any information.

Endull focuses for a few seconds.

Endull: Drago isnít coming. He must have went his own way.

Meanwhile, Drago is walking through the streets still.

Drago: He sure has gotten a lot faster. I see he has improved over the last week.

Drago keeps walking and casually looks around. Meanwhile, in a nearby building, we hear some male voices.

Voice 1: Division 1 has been beaten. By one person.
Voice 2: This is most troubling. What are we going to do, boss?
Voice 3: Weíre clearly being hunted. That Drago, he must have spilled the beans to one of Koenmaís men. Letís use that against him.
Voice 2: What do you suggest?
Voice 3: Heh. Did you have to ask?

To be continuedÖ

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Chapter 15

Endull has made his way back into town. About an hour has passed, with everything going quiet again.

Endull: Everything has gone quiet. Have they gone back into hiding?

All of the sudden, he senses something wrong and hides behind the nearest building. He peers over into the streets and sees Drago. Drago looks both ways and then runs into an alleyway. Endull has made his way up to the rooftops again and tails him. A human gets in Dragoís way accidentally, and gets impaled by his hand. Drago brushes the dead human aside and exits the alleyway via another exit. Before Endull can follow him, he is immediately attacked from behind by two demons.

Endull: Damn!

He is able to dodge the attack and then quickly cut through them both.

Endull: He got away. I canít sense his energy nearby anymore. Was that really Drago?

Meanwhile, Drago is walking through the streets and not much longer, we see Endull join him.

Drago: Ah, youíre back.
Endull: I took care of them quickly.
Drago: Good. Were you able to get any information out of them?
Endull: No, unfortunately.
Drago: Thatís okay. Weíll have many more opportunities.

Dragoís eyes shift in such a way that it looks like he notices something and then ducks almost a split second before Endull pulls out his sword and slashes horizontally at him. The blade passes over Drago and he takes out his Kusari Gama and slashes as he gets up. Endull dodges backwards.

Drago: I had a bad feeling, and theyíre usually correct.

Endull says no more and charges straight for Drago. He takes note of the speed at which he is being charged. He blocks an incoming attack with one half of his gama and then separates the other with his free hand. He attacks, but Endull steps back to avoid it.

Drago: So tell me, when did Endull get slower?
Endull: What?
Drago: Youíre not him. You must be from the Kenbushin Clan. I witnessed Endullís increase in speed not long ago. Unfortunately for you, youíre not fast enough to compete with that.

Endull (?) runs away immediately and jumps up onto the rooftops. He briefly evades Dragoís sight. When Drago jumps up to the rooftops, Endull (?) surprises him by kicking him straight off. They both land on the ground.

Drago: What was that? You bet it all on that?
Endull: I donít know who you are or what you want, but I will stop you right here.
Drago: Donít pull that. I already exposed your secret.
Endull: ?!
Drago: Wait, donít tell meÖ
Endull: Here I come!

Endull charges with great speed and makes a small cut on Dragoís arm as he passes by him. Drago looks surprised.

Drago: I see.
Endull: Show me what youíre made of, demon.
Drago: I understand.

They both charge and start clashing their weapons against each other. Meanwhile, we see another Drago and Endull on a nearby rooftop.

Drago (?): They fell right into our trap.
Endull (?): When they least expect it, weíll strike.

Minutes go by and the two warriors begin to pant.

Drago (?): Itís time to attack!

The two doppelgangers go straight for Drago and Endull from the rooftops. Drago and Endull both smile and stop panting and they both disappear the next second. They appear behind the two doppelgangers and sheath their weapons. As they do that, major cuts appear across their chests and they both make a poof. When the smoke clears, we can see that theyíre both bats with gremlin-like faces.

Bat 1: How...
Drago: We knew your plan from the start. It wasnít hard.
Endull: I was watching your fight with Drago. You must not have noticed me. I took that opportunity to switch myself with the fake me in order to talk to Drago.

Flashback to when Endull moves quickly to cut Drago. Just as heís about to cut himÖ

Endull: The fakes are probably watching.

Drago: That level of speed confirmed whom it was. You can copy appearances, but not power. If that was the case, you would have ganged up on us from the start and killed us individually.
Endull: We werenít fighting for real back there. We were just waiting till you showed yourselves.
Bat 2: Damn!

The bats fall down, being too hurt from their injuries. They consequently die.

Endull: That was weird.
Drago: Too weird.
Endull: Iím impressed though. You kept up quite well. Here I had figured you as a dumbass.
Drago: Whatís that supposed to mean?
Endull: Nothing. Forget it. Letís keep moving.

Meanwhile, we get a glimpse of Shin training with Yusuke. Shin is visibly worn and is on one knee. Yusuke doesnít even have one scratch on him.

Yusuke: Not bad, kid. Just resist this and Iíll let you go.

Yusuke casually shoots a Spirit Gun at Shin. He catches it and the struggle begins. It begins to push Shin back. Finally, Shin lets out all of his energy at once and disperses the Spirit Gun with his own energy. He falls down on both knees this time and hunches over.

Yusuke: A week ago, that would have killed you.
Shin: Thank you, Mr. Urameshi. I can now go and help Endull.
Yusuke: Not yet.
Shin: You saidÖ
Yusuke: Donít get impatient, you little bastard. I still have to heal you with my Spirit Wave.
Shin: Right. You gotta teach me that technique one of these days.

We then switch scenes again to a ordinary looking hallway of a building. A man is leaning up against the wall at the very end, with a Game Boy Advance SP in his hand. He has short dark brown hair and red eyes. He is wearing a black T-shirt and black pants. Another man walks up to him.

Man 1: (The one described above) Report.
Man 2: It looks like the twins got taken out, sir.
Boss: Thatís unfortunate.
Demon: Our next move, sir?
Boss: What do you think would be the most logical approach?
Demon: UmmÖwe send our next weakest guy one by one until they reach you?
Boss: Idiot! Thatís exactly what a clichť villain would do. Have you ever played the game Fire Emblem? Iím playing this right now, very interesting game. The point is, that the weaker guys let the hero level up and get strong enough to take on the main boss. Weíre not going to let that happen.
Demon: SoÖwhat do we do?
Boss: Isnít it obvious? We gang up on them all at once. Duh.
Demon: Thatís brilliant, sir. Iíll ready our clan.
Boss: Very good. This is for you, Ephidel.

A full scale battle is about to ensue!!
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Chapter 16

Koenma is still seen with Hiei in Demon World. They are both sitting down at a table.

Koenma: Do you think Endull is ready for this?
Hiei: Youíre the one who sent him on this mission.
Konema: Well?
Hiei: Yes. Heíll complete it without fail.
Koenma: Glad to hear you say that, Hiei. I also have faith in Endull. Hopefully Shin will be able to help out in the end.
Hiei: The new detective, huh? What do you make of him?
Koenma: Shin has a lot of potential. Though while he does not possess as much raw talent as Yusuke, heís not a slacker like Yusuke was. But I was surprised at one thing.
Hiei: Whatís that?
Koenma: He has learned how to manipulate his spirit energy very quickly. Heís the opposite of Juste, who had the raw power but had more trouble with his manipulation.
Hiei: I see. He should be a good partner for Endull.
Koenma: They complement each other very well in battle already. When that time comes, they will be vital to our success.
Hiei: Thatís if they are powerful enough in time.

Endull and Drago are in a market street. They are both sipping cold drinks of some sort in a can.

Drago: Itís been a few hours, but no sign of them. Did you check these people?
Endull: They all check out okay. Wait.
Drago: I sensed it too.

They both react at the same time, sensing another presence. Then, another. Yet another. They keep sensing one after another continuously.

Drago: These numbers!
Endull: Weíre being surrounded. There are probably a hundred of them.
Drago: Thereís a gap in their numbers to the east.
Endull: Itís obviously a trap, but we have to spring it.
Drago: Right. We canít fight here with all these innocent people.
Endull: I donít care, but my father would kill me if I let these people die.

They quickly move away from the area. While they are travelingÖ

Endull: We were right; theyíre following us.
Drago: This situation doesnít look good.

They make it out of the town and end up in rocky terrain. The boss shows up not long after.

Endull: You made it here first. Does that make you the boss of the clan?
Boss: Yes. Normally I wouldnít show up like this, but you have proven too strong to let my underlings take on one at a time.

The rest of the clan arrives. Just as Endull guessed, there are around 100 demons not including the boss.

Boss: You see, you ran into my trap by leaving the town. Weíd like to continue in secrecy, but we canít do that while causing chaos.
Drago: Itís not much of a trap if we also wanted to avoid that.
Boss: Well, you have a point there. Nonetheless, what you did works in our favor.

The boss starts running towards them. Endull draws his sword and Drago his gama. Drago attacks first by attacking with his right hand. The boss avoids the slice and then avoids one from Endullís sword. He kicks at Drago, who blocks. Surprisingly, the kick still sends him sliding back pretty far. He then punches for Endull, who dodges it. He rapidly stabs at the boss, who avoids each stab. When Endull stops attacking, the boss kicks at him. Endull jumps to the side to avoid the kick. The boss then notices Drago throw the right kusarigama at him. It just barely misses him and passes by.

Boss: Heh, nice aim.

He is then surprised when he sees the chain move around him. He looks to see that Endull caught the half that Drago threw. Endull throws it back at Drago, which causes the chain to wrap around the bossí body, restraining him along with his arms.

Boss: Thatís what you were aiming for from the start?
Drago: Yep. Nice catch, Endull.
Endull: You die now.

Endull slashes at him at his neck. When the sword connects, it stops. The boss smiles at him.

Endull: What? Your bodyÖ
Boss: Hah. Gotcha.

Endull retreats just as the boss breaks free of the chain. Drago pulls his other half of the gama back into his right hand.

Boss: I think Iíve learned enough of your abilities.

He immediately backs away from Endull and Drago. He joins a crowd of his underlings. Endull takes out the spyglass and looks at the boss. He can see that he has scales covering his body.

Endull: Another one of those types of demons. Just like the one Shin and I fought last week. But this one is clearly different.
Boss: You know about my type, do you? I used to be the leader of them before we were killed. Only a few of us survived.
Endull: It doesnít matter. You will die here.
Boss: Unlikely. Your blade canít cut me. Now go, Kenbushin clan!

All of the demons charge at Endull and Drago.

Endull: Oh boy.

Endull and Drago start cutting through demons quickly with their weapons. We see them evading many attacks from demons around them. Suddenly, the boss comes through and attacks. Endull slashes once again at the boss, not realizing that it was him that had come in. His sword breaks in half and he jumps away from the action. Drago does much the same. Drago claps his hands together and Endull holds his sword arm with his other hand.

Endull: Iíll have to use that.
Drago: No choice. Iíll have toÖ

At that moment, they both sense something. The boss does as well. Endull smiles.

Endull: It took you long enough.

Shin appears just in front of Endull and Drago. *Click Here* His shirt is now slightly different. It has the same design, except that the bottom is longer now and hangs off like coat tails. His sleeves are also bigger, where they hang down a little. Shin has his arms crossed.

Shin: Sorry about that.
Endull: Donít apologize. Just help out here.
Shin: Yeah. Just stand back. Iíll make up for everything in an instant.
Endull: Huh?
Drago: This one is completely different from the last time. He has gotten faster and I can feel that his power has increased. But most of all, his spirit energy is completely calm. When I met him, it was in disarray. Has his manipulation improved this much?
Boss: You must be the new spirit detective.
Shin: Thatís right. Sorry to make you wait for me, but now you can die in peace.
Boss: Cocky shit. Get them!

The demons begin charging again. Endull and Drago step up one step when Shin puts out his left arm to stop them.

Shin: I said stand back. You donít want to get caught up in this attack.

Shinís right hand is encased with spirit energy. It begins building up more and more.

Shin: SpiriiiiiitÖ..

Shin punches his hand forward.


Shotgun unleashes as many tiny spirit bullets spray out from his fist. They take out demon after demon. Demons drop like flies until the attack subsides and only the boss remains. He is in complete shock. Endull and Drago are as well.

Boss: HowÖyou killed them all.
Shin: Thatís right, fuckwad! And now Iím coming for you!

Shin starts stumbling but then stands strong.

Shin: Damn. That takes a lot out of me.
Boss: Here I come!

The boss charges at Shin and throws a punch. Shin dodges and lands a spirit energy induced punch to his chest. It pushes the boss back, but does not do much visible damage.

Shin: So your body is pretty tough.
Endull: Leave this to me.

Endull dashes over to the boss and goes to stab with his broken sword.

Boss: I told you, you canít cut me with that blade!
Endull: The hell I canít!

Endull lunges the blade directly at the boss. When the sword connects, the blade immediately is encased in black flame and the black flame goes straight through his chest and out of his back.

Endull: Sword of the Darkness Flame! *Theme Stops*
Boss: That attackÖI should have known.

The boss stumbles back and then drops to one knee.

Shin: Woah.
Endull: Youíre not the only one who learned something new over the past week.
Drago: They both grew so quickly. Amazing.

Drago walks up to the boss.

Drago: The Kenbushin clan is no more.
Boss: Yeah, I guess youíre right. Damn.

The boss dies there and falls flat on his face.

Endull: What were you doing this past week to learn that?
Shin: I was training with Yusuke Urameshi.
Drago: THE Yusuke Urameshi?
Shin: Yeah.
Endull: I see.
Shin: But it seems like I need more training. I have something else I need to work on now.

Shin turns to Drago.

Shin: Thanks. I guess we misjudged you.
Drago: Donít worry about it. Should you guys need help in the future, give me a call.
Shin: Will do.

Some time passes and Shin is approached by Koenma in the same spot. Everyone else has left.

Koenma: You can use the shotgun now, huh?
Shin: Yeah, but I can only use it once and I canít use a spirit gun after that.
Koenma: Thatís okay. You will be able to use it more in time.
Shin: But now I have other things to worry about. Iím taking a trip to China.
Koenma: China? Why?
Shin: When I was training under Yusuke, he pointed out one glaring flaw in my fighting.

Flash back to sometime during last week.

Yusuke: Down the road, power and speed will not be able to win every battle. Iíll be blunt; your fighting ability is bad. In a battle where both fighters are equal in power, skill will determine the winner.
Shin: I see. So what did you do?
Yusuke: I learned how to fight naturally from all my scraps on the streets and in school. But you, I guess you havenít fought much before you became a detective.
Shin: No.
Yusuke: I see. For now, we need to work on your power, but you will need to work on learning how to properly fight soon.
Shin: Got it.

Back to the present.

Shin: Iím going to train in Chinese martial arts. I feel like that style suits me best.
Koenma: Okay then. I will suspend your missions here and reassign you to things happening in China. Coincidentally, things have been popping up there. You can go rest now. I will take care of things here.
Shin: Alright, cool. Later.

Shin walks away from the scene.

The Kenbushin clan is no more, thanks to the efforts of Shin, Endull and Drago. With this matter being settled, Shin gains another ally in Drago. But Shinís training is not finished yet, as he must learn how to properly fight. Itís the beginning of a new saga for Shin!
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Chapter 17

A week has passed. We can see Shin packing things from his room. Jaide walks in.

Jaide: Are you almost finished?
Shin: Yes. Just a few more things.
Jaide: And youíre absolutely sure about this?
Shin: Yeah. All the colleges I applied to rejected me and I canít find work here right now. Thereís nothing for me here.
Jaide: I donít understand why. Your grades werenít bad at all.
Shin: Iím not sure, Mom. But there isnít anything I can do about it now.
Jaide: Alright then. I will see you downstairs.
Shin: Okay.

They (and Neo as well) eat breakfast and Shin leaves for now. He travels on his motorcycle to the restaurant where Dean works. He gets there around the same time as Dean and stops him just before walking in.

Dean: Shin, you made it.
Shin: Yeah. I wanted to say goodbye before I left for China.
Dean: Yeah, well come back soon, okay?
Shin: I will. When I come back, hopefully your cooking will have gotten better.
Dean: Hah. It will be better. Thatís not the only thing that will be better about me.
Shin: Oh? Do you mean youíll break that drinking habit of yours?
Dean: Hell no! I mean Iíll be able to fight.
Shin: !
Dean: Iíve been aware of this stuff longer than you have, Shin. Your brother was starting to see his powers surface before he died. I witnessed it, though he didnít realize I did.
Shin: So youíve known all this time.
Dean: Of course.
Shin: Iím sorry if I couldnít be up front and honest with you. I thought you thought I was going crazy when I told you the story after my graduation.
Dean: Donít worry about it. I know why you and Juste did.
Shin: So you say youíll be able to fight when I get back, huh?
Dean: Yeah, but I was wondering if you knew who I could talk to.
Shin: Talk to Professor Suichi. Iím sure heíll know someone who can help you.
Dean: Thanks, Shin.
Shin: Alright, buddy. Iím off.
Dean: See ya, Shin.

Shin goes back home and carries his things to the front door. Neo is in front of him.

Neo: Are you going to be all right out there by yourself?
Shin: Yeah, no sweat, Dad.
Neo: Good. Iíll miss having you around, Son.
Shin: Iíll miss you too, Dad.
Jaideís Voice: You wonít miss me?!
Shin: ÖIíll miss half of you.
Shin: Youíre the disgusting one! I meant your personality, dumbass!
Jaideís Voice: Iím gonna beat the shit out of you!
Neo: Some things wonít ever change.

Jaide calms down quickly and both parents give Shin a hug and kiss goodbye. After Shin leaves the house, he sees that Kurama is waiting for him with a black car with tinted windows. The driverís seat window is rolled down.

Shin: Professor.
Kurama: You werenít thinking of carrying all those bags by yourself, were you?
Shin: I can kill demons. Iím pretty sure I can carry a few bags. But I suppose this will be easier.

Shin puts his bags in the trunk and then sits in the back seat and then notices that Endull is also in the car.

Shin: The fuck?
Endull: Youíre here too, Shin?
Dragoís Voice: Heís just playing it cool. He came here to see you off too.

Drago is in the passenger seat in the front.

Endull: Be quiet, you.
Shin: You came too, Drago? Wow.
Kurama: Are you clipped in, Shin?
Shin: If I die, Iíll just go to Spirit World, so Iím good.
Kurama: Clip in, Shin.
Shin: Alright! Alright! Just donít hit me with that rose whip of yours.

Kurama drives them to the airport. He drops the other three off at the entrance.

Kurama: This is where I leave. Shin, be careful in China. Remember everything that we have taught you up to this point.
Shin: Thank you, Professor Suichi. I wonít forget. Iíll see you soon.

Kurama drives away.

Shin: You know, I bet he could travel around the world faster than a jet fighter, and yet he resorts to using a car. What the fuck?
Drago: If he were to be spotted, that would cause problems.
Endull: We should keep moving. You donít have much time.
Shin: Actually, I made plenty of time, so weíre okay.

Shin buys the airplane ticket and then sits in a waiting area between Endull and Drago.

Shin: Can humans see you right now, Endull?
Endull: Yes.
Shin: Good, because otherwise Iíd look like I was talking to myself again.
Drago: So what are you hoping to learn again in China?
Shin: A new fighting style. I need to be proficient in hand to hand if I want to beat people around the same strength as me.
Drago: That makes sense. Weíll be training as well and await your return.
Endull: Weíll need to, since Koenma insists on sending us on dangerous missions.
Shin: Youíre still mad about that, huh? Iíve gotten over it.
Endull: Iím not really mad anymore, but it is something we have to remember.
Shin: True.

Time passes and it is finally time for Shin to leave.

Shin: Okay, well thatís my queue. Iíll see you guys in a few months.
Drago: Bye.
Endull: Come back stronger, Shin.
Shin: You too. Later.

Shin gets on the airplane and takes the trip to China.

Shin: I hope my Chinese is good enough to communicate well enough.

After they land, Shin picks up his bags and leaves the airport. He goes to a run down neighborhood and goes to a particular apartment complex. A man walks up to him a minute later. Note, while Shin speaks to a Chinese person, he is speaking in broken Chinese and is speaking slower than usual. However, just like usual, everything has already been translated in English for you.

Man: Are you Shin Yakamoru?
Shin: Yes. You are Mr. Wong? Though I wonder how many Wongs there are in ChinaÖ
Man: Yes. Here is your key.

He hands Shin a house key.

Shin: You got the money okay?
Man: Yes.
Shin: Okay, good.
Man: For a Japanese man, you understand Chinese very well.
Shin: Thank you. I learned it in high school.
Man: Very good. Welcome to Shanghai. I will be leaving you to your apartment now.

The man leaves and Shin opens his apartment. Itís a small, one room apartment with a small bathroom, small kitchen space and bed. There is a little room for living space.

Shin: This will do fine. I wonít be home much anyway. Now to go get myself a job. And I know just where to go.

Shin goes into the city where all the stores and attractions are. It is now nighttime and the city is lit up.

Shin: This place certainly is beautiful at night. There arenít many Japanese places like this anymore.

He looks around till he finds a police officer. Shin approaches him.

Shin: Excuse me, officer.
Officer: What do you want, Jap?
Shin: I want to join the police force here. I just came from Japan and am looking for work.
Officer: Police? You?! Itís not that simple to be a police officer!
Shin: I understand, but I can prove to you that I am good for the department.
Officer: How?
Shin: Let me patrol with you and Iíll show you.
Officer: ÖFine. But if I see that youíre up to no good, youíll be put in prison.
Shin: Certainly.

Shin follows the officer around while heís walking. All of the sudden, a man steals a womanís purse and starts running.

Officer: There! After him!
Shin: Got it.

Shin takes off at an impressive speed. While he is not using his full speed, he is running at a speed that men would deem almost impossible. He quickly catches up to the thief and grabs him. He picks him up and slams him into the ground. The cop cuffs him just after.

Officer: Iíve never seen someone run that fast. And you manhandled him like it was nothing. You clearly have experience.
Shin: I have something like that.

After some time passes, Shin has reached the outskirts of the city and enters a dojo.

Shin: This should be the one that I read about online.

He sees a man sitting on the wooden floor. He is wearing a purple Chinese martial arts outfit. He is bald except that he wears a thin ponytail from one spot on his head. He stands up and approaches Shin.

Master: Hello. Have you come to train in my martial arts?
Shin: I have. My name is Shin Yakamoru and I come from Japan.
Master: I see. Well, then. If you have the money ready, letís get started.
Shin: I do. Letís begin.

After Shin hands him some money, they sit across from each other.

Shin: So, Sensei, what do I call you?
Master: Sensei?
Shin: (In Japanese) Ah, shit. (Chinese) I mean, Shifu (the Chinese word for teacher).
Master: I am called Wuhai.
Shin: Master Wuhai. Got it.
Wuhai: We will start by seeing what fighting you do know.

They stand up and square off. Wuhai takes a stance where his right foot is back a little and his left is forward. Both of his hands are slightly cupped, and his left is out in front while his right is at his side. Shin takes no stance.

Wuhai: Whenever you are ready, child.
Shin: All right then.

Shin charges in, holding back his full speed again, and starts to unleash a fury of punches. Wuhai is able to elegantly dodge each punch and then lands a chop to Shinís shoulder. He then steps on Shinís foot with one foot and uses it to vault over Shin and land behind him. He then palm strikes Shin in the back and high kicks him in the head. Shin stumbles forward, but then catches himself.

Wuhai: I see. So you are without form. We have much to work on, but you are holding back.
Shin: What?

As Shin turns around, Wuhaiís hand starts glowing with spirit energy.

Shin: You can use that?
Wuhai: Indeed, and I can sense that you have it too. Show me your power, Shin.
Shin: Fine.

Shin appears behind Wuhai in an instant, surprising him.

Wuhai: You had this much power? Why have you come to me?
Shin: I need to learn a proper fighting technique.
Wuhai: I see. What are your intentions, Shin?
Shin: I work for Spirit World and I fight off demons. Is that good enough?
Wuhai: Yes, that will do. I do not know of this Spirit World, but Iím sure youíll tell me in time. Come back tomorrow, and we will begin your lessons.
Shin: Thank you, Shifu.

Shin is transitioning into his temporary life in China. He has done a lot of good in just a few short hours in Shanghai. He has found a dojo to train, found a job and has found his apartment. His new routine begins next on Detective Shin!
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Chapter 18

It is nighttime. Shin is standing on the rooftop of the apartment complex. Heís staring at the sky.

Shin: Itís only been a day, but Iím already beginning to miss Japan. I wonder what Juste is doing in Spirit World, anyway? He said he spends most of his time alone and that Anna isnít there. Next time Iím going to get a straight answer out of him. Oh well, nowís not the time for this.

His right hand starts glowing. He then shoots a shotgun into the sky. The amount of bullets hasnít increased since he last used it, but the bullets themselves seem to be slightly larger.

Shin: Not much progress. But Yusuke did say it would take some time to develop.

He then readies his spirit gun, but it dissipates before being able to be shot.

Shin: I still canít use spirit gun after shotgun then. Likewise, I can only use three spirit guns at one time until my energy returns. If I can at least up that number to five, Iíll feel a lot better about returning. I canít just come home with new skill after all.

The next day, Shin and Wuhai have begun the training. Wuhai is going through some of the basic flow of his martial arts through different forms.

Shin: Youíre using a tiger style, arenít you?
Wuhai: Correct. The tiger makes up most of what you will be learning.
Shin: I see.
Wuhai: Now, you try. Follow my movements.

Wuhai does a series of movements that involve a lot of different hand positions and stances. Shin tries to follow, but he is clunky in movement.

Wuhai: You certainly arenít light on your feet.
Shin: Yeah, I play American Football. I was always very heavy-footed.
Wuhai: Weíll have to curb those habits.

After a few hours, they finish up. They sit across from each other on a mat.

Wuhai: So tell me, Shin. Have you begun looking for work here?
Shin: I got a job as a cop. I kinda used my spirit detective training to get it.
Wuhai: Hahaha, I see. You are resourceful. This martial arts style will suit you very well, Shin.
Shin: You think so?
Wuhai: Iím sure that once youíve mastered it, you will be adapting it to fit your needs as a fighter.
Shin: I see.
Wuhai: Tell me about this Spirit World now.
Shin: Where to begin?

Shin talks a little about what itís like there and some of the challenges he faced.

Wuhai: That is unfortunate about your brother. Pain is something that we all must experience. But it can make you stronger.
Shin: Iíve heard that one beforeÖ
Wuhai: I mean that in a literal sense.
Shin: Explain.
Wuhai: Have you ever noticed that you can be temporarily stronger when you let your emotions go?
Shin: Yes.
Wuhai: That is because you are channeling your emotions into energy. Your bodyís energy reacts to your emotions. If you are downtrodden, you will be weaker naturally.
Shin: I get it. So are you telling me to use my brotherís death every time I fight?
Wuhai: Yes and no. As you are now, simply getting angry wonít solve anything. If you simply fought angry, you would forget the reason why you came to me in the first place. You will learn how to fight carrying your brotherís emotions in time. But first, you need the discipline to be able to control it.
Shin: HmmmÖI think youíre right about that. If I lost control during a fight, if the power difference was still close enough, I could be out-skilled or outwitted. Thatís precisely why I came to learn your martial arts. If I lose a fight, I want it to be because I simply wasnít powerful enough.
Wuhai: The tiger fighting style is fierce, but controlled and disciplined. It best suits people who have gone through terrible loss.

Later that night, Shin is on top of the apartment building again. He is contemplating the things Wuhai said to him when Koenma appears next to him.

Shin: Koenma.
Koenma: Come with me, Shin.
Shin: Okay.
Koenma: Heís being awfully cooperative. Did that Wuhai strike a chord with him?

Shin is taken to Spirit World where he sees Juste.

Shin: This is the first time youíve called me here.
Juste: We need to talk.

They go off on their own into Justeís room.

Shin: Were you listening this morning?
Juste: You can tell?
Shin: It seems obvious.
Juste: Koenma thought it was best to show me.
Shin: Yeah? And what do you think?
Juste: What your sensei says is correct. Use me as motivation for getting stronger. Listen, Shin. I know your motive for becoming a detective is for revenge.
Shin: Are you going to try to stop me?
Juste: No. If you want revenge, there should be nothing in your way. I know what Iíve said in front of Koenma, but in truth, I want you to kill the one that shot me. We may be able to see each other often again, but think of all the time we lost. And I canít even return to Mom and Dad. Just thinking about it all enrages me.
Shin: Yeah, I know.
Juste: Now, I will tell you about Anna.
Shin: You knew I was going to ask about that next, didnít you?
Juste: Annaís soul is trapped. She is currently not residing in any world.
Shin: How is that even possible?
Juste: Three years ago, a new demon surfaced. I donít know how, but it has been able to steal the souls of the recently departed. And it started with Anna and many others that died at that time.
Shin: Then, how are you here?
Juste: Something happened that caused this demon to appear. It must have been waiting for the right livestock to start its harvest.
Shin: JusteÖ
Juste: I know, it hurts just thinking about how low it treats human lives. It must have sensed that a powerful energy source disappeared from Human World.
Shin: You.
Juste: Exactly. In a way, you can say that my death may have caused this.
Shin: And youíre saying that this thing is still around?
Juste: Thatís one of the reasons why you and Endull are being brought up with difficult tasks. This demon is very powerful and we havenít been able to capture it.
Shin: Even you?
Juste: I havenít met it yet, but Koenma believes that I would lose as I am now. I have been training, however.
Shin: I see. So weíre extra manpower if we can get up to speed.
Juste: If we are able to destroy the demon, theoretically all the souls it harvested should be released. That means that Anna will be able to come to Spirit World and rest.

Juste then suddenly flairs up his spirit energy and the room starts shaking. Shin is shocked by the power and starts to back away from his brother.

Juste: I donít care if itís you. I wonít forgive anyone that eavesdrops on our alone time.

On the other side of the door, Koenma is sweating and leaves the area. Juste calms down.

Koenma: That JusteÖthat energy had killing intent behind it.
Shin: Did he hear everything?
Juste: No, fortunately.
Shin: Your senses are very sharp, Brother. Even with all my training, I couldnít sense him at all until he let his guard down.
Juste: You are progressing at a fast rate, Shin. In only a short time, you learned the shotgun and can control your spirit energy much better than I could at that point in my training.
Shin: Are you saying that I can become even better than you?
Juste: Now now. I didnít say that. *Smirk*
Shin: I guess this will be just like old times. Only this time I wonít let Dean bring me down with his drunken sports.
Juste: Good.
Shin: I have one more thing to ask you about. Dean recently told me that your powers begun to surface shortly before you died. Is this true?
Juste: Ah, so Dean really did know all along. His spirit awareness must be very good. Even you didnít notice. Yes, I realized I had this power one day when I was letting off steam on a punching bag, and the thing busted open.
Shin: I see. So anger awakened both of our powers, huh?
Juste: Unfortunately, I couldnít control it, and I couldnít use it when I got shot.
Shin: Shit.
Juste: Shin, Iím leaving Dean to you. He needs someone to smack him around once in a while. Can you do that in my stead?
Shin: Donít worry. Iíve been doing that all along.
Juste: I see. Good work. Weíll talk more another time. For now, you have things to focus on.
Shin: Yeah.
Juste: Koenma has his mission for you, so talk to him before you go back to China. Not that you could get out of here without him anyway.
Shin: Alright. See you, bro.

Shin leaves and goes to Koenma. His face is slightly different, however. Shinís face has dropped a little, and he seems downtrodden.

Koenma: Are you ready for your mission?
Shin: Sorry, can this wait till tomorrow?
Koenma: I suppose. How do I even respond to that face?

Shin is sent back. He is back to the top of the building. A few seconds pass and then Shin drops to his knees with tears already running down his face. The scene fades to black and we are taken to the next morning. Shin wakes up early, while the sun is still coming up.

Shin: (Groggy) Shit. Why do they want me in this fucking early?

He reaches into his fridge, which is empty.

Shin: Ah, thatís right. I still havenít gone to the market. Iíve been going out to eat since I got here. So this is what living alone feels like.

He starts up some green tea from Japan and drinks that for the time being.

Shin: This place is so much different from JapanÖfeels good to have something from home.

After having some tea, Shin goes straight to the police station. There the police chief greets him. He is wearing an open gray overcoat over the uniform. He has short, spiky black hair.

Shin: Chief-donoÖnice to meet you.
Chief: DonoÖ?
Shin: ShitÖnever mind that. Japanese honorifics are hard to get rid of.
Chief: It is okay. Chinese honorifics are difficult to learn, I imagine.
Shin: Youíre very kind to show me mercy.
Chief: Shin, you will be assigned as undercover patrol. After hearing about your skills, you are best suited to the streets. Do you have a map of Shanghai?
Shin: Yes, sir.
Chief: Do you have it with you?
Shin: Yes.

Shin has a backpack on and he takes it off. He unzips it and pulls out a map. The chief points to a general area that he is to cover.

Chief: This is close to the slums, where there is a high crime rate. Are you okay with this?
Shin: Yes.
Chief: Good. Then get to work.

The chief gives Shin a badge. Shin leaves the station and heads on his undercover patrol. Shinís badge is residing in his backpack at the moment.

Shin: While Iím out here, I might as well get something to eat.

When he reaches his area, we can see that it is mostly a lower class area, with some poor people roaming the streets. Nevertheless, there is a food stand around. Shin goes up to it and looks at the short menu list.

Shin: (Japanese) The fuck does this say? Oh! (Chinese) One beef rice bowl, please. (Japanese) Now how much in Yuan is Yen again?

Shin pays for the food and starts eating it while leaning against the stand. He is also surveying the area at the same time. Just then, someone bumps into him. This man is scruffy looking with wild hair. Shin grabs him by the back of the shirt.

Shin: If you just took my wallet, Iím going to kick your ass.

The man holds up Shinís wallet.

Shin: How clichť. Letís take this over there.
Man: Why would I fucking do that?
Shin: Because if you donít, Iíll break your face in front of all these people.

They go into a secluded alleyway. Shin puts his bowl down gently and then takes the tiger stance.

Shin: Letís see how much I learned so far.

The man charges and throws a punch and Shin dodges. Shin tries to throw a punch with the flow that he was shown yesterday, but itís very clunky and has poor form. The man easily dodges it and palm strikes Shin. It does no damage to him and the man steps on Shinís foot, which does very little. He then karate chops Shinís neck, but Shin catches his hand before itís able to do anything.

Shin: Itís no good. Iím still not able to do any kind of skilled fighting. Iíll have to use a little power.

Shin keeps a grip on the manís hand and then with his free hand punches the man in the face. He goes flying back at incredible speed and blows through the concrete wall at the end. When Shin goes up to see, he sees that the man has gone through three concrete walls.

Shin: Oops. Too much power.

He picks up his bowl and continues eating as he walks away from the alley.

Shin: You know, this isnít so bad. Genuine Chinese cuisine is something else.

Shin is going through a lot of emotional developments and is also learning to adapt to Chinese culture. It seems his fighting skills are still off, so he has a little ways to go. More developments next time!
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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 19

Shin has finished his food, and is now standing in Spirit World briefly again. He is in front of Koenma.

Shin: Sorry about last night. Itís complicated.
Koenma: Itís okay. Anyway, letís brief you in on your mission.
Shin: Shoot.
Koenma: There is a drug ring that is run by a demon in China. I want you to find this demon and eliminate him.
Shin: You donít know where to find him?
Koenma: He hides his presence extremely well and he doesnít reveal himself much. This drug ring is obscenely rich and so he has countless men under his belt. Only few of them are demon, however. So as far as power goes, this shouldnít be an issue.
Shin: But this is also a good time to train up my fighting ability and use them as guinea pigs.
Koenma: Yes, exactly. If anything, you shouldnít use too much power against his men. If the demon senses your power, he may run or just go into hiding, making finding him impossible in Shanghai. This will also test your ingenuity. If you can outsmart a Chinese mafia gang, you will be a detective in the truest sense.
Shin: Got it. This should prove to be fun. I have to get back to my job now. Is there anything else?
Koenma: Endull gave you the spyglass, right?
Shin: Yes.
Koenma: Then that is all.
Shin: Cool.

Shin is sent back. Time passes and he is observing the streets carefully. He is standing on the corner of where two streets intersect. All of the sudden, some loosely dressed woman start standing next to him. One of them approaches closer. She has heels on and an outfit similar to this.

Shin: Oh?
Woman: Which one of us do you want?
Shin: Huh? HmmÖwait is this legal?

A couple men come up to the corner and start taking women away by the hand.

Shin: Ooooh, I get it. Iíve never seen corner prostitutes before. Weíre not even in the red light districtÖright?
Woman: You new here, Japanese kid? How about it, stud? I hear people over there do some weird things.
Shin: You donít know the half of it, woman. Trust me, you donít even want to go there. ButÖperhaps you can be of some use to me.

Shin reaches into his pants pocket, seemingly reaching for something. After a few seconds, he stops.

Woman: Are you even interested?
Shin: Iím 13, lady. Thatís illegal.
Woman: Really? You look like youíre 18 at least.
Shin: Sorry.
Woman: Itís okay. As long as you look that old and no one tells the cops.
Shin: Really?
Woman: Yeah. Some of our girls like them a bit young.
Shin: Oh, well, in that caseÖyouíre under arrest, bitch.
Woman: Huh?!

Shin pulls out his phone from his pocket to show that he has been recording the conversation from ďAre you even interested?Ē. She turns to run, but Shin grabs her arm and restrains her from behind.

Shin: This positionÖwell regardless, youíre in big trouble, missy.
Woman: Please! Mercy!
Shin: Sure thing. But you have to give me something in return.
Woman: Oh? So you are a bad boy after all.
Shin: Thatís not exactly what I have in mind. I do have some dignity after all, and I bet you got all kinds of shit packed in there waiting to give some unsuspecting victims. What I want is something different.
Woman: Iím listening.
Shin: You continue your days as normal, but thereís something you need to do for me. When you please the men around here, you get them to talk. When theyíre happy, they like to talk about themselves. If thereís any drug information that falls into your lap, you give it directly to me and me only.
Woman: I see.
Shin: If youíre good, Iíll pay you here and there. I may be holding this over your head, but I am generous.
Woman: Iíll do it.
Shin: Good.

Shin releases the woman and then briefly shows his badge to her to confirm the fact that he is indeed working with the police.

Shin: As far as everyone else is concerned, Iím just a regular customer of yours.
Male Voice: Hey! You!

A man walks up to Shin.

Man: How dare you treat a woman like that!
Shin: She likes it a bit rough now and then. Right?
Woman: Right. Everythingís okay, sir.
Man: OhÖokay then.

He walks away.

Shin: Okay, so you know what your job is, yes?
Woman: Yes. By the way, how old are you really?
Shin: 18, almost 19.
Woman: I thought so.

Shin leaves the street. He starts mumbling to himself as he keeps walking.

Shin: She was pretty good though. Nice ass. (Japanese) Too bad sheís probably seen more wangs than people in China with that last name.

Many hours pass without any crime and Shin has started to doze off while leaning up against a building when his phone rings, and his ringtone is the first opening to ďAttack on TitanĒ. People all around him start to immediately turn their gaze to Shin as he answers. Meanwhile, even as the song stops, people all around keep singing it.

Shin: Yeah?
Chiefís Voice: Howís it going over there?
Shin: Okay. Not much to report, sir.

At this point, there are literally dozens of people around Shin singing.

Shin: Hang on. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

They stop singing temporarily.

Shin: Sorry about that, Chief. Fanboys.
Chief: Anyway, keep it up out there. Report if you find anything overly suspicious.
Shin: I will, sir.

He hangs up and the crowd of people is staring at Shin.

Shin: Seriously, guys? Itís not that amazing. I just like the song, is all.

He walks away again and grabs food for lunch. He has Chinese rice balls.

Shin: I can get used to this type of food. NowÖletís have a quick look.

He takes out the spyglass and scans around. No one pops up as a demon.

Shin: Okay, this area checks out for now. HmmÖ

Shin suddenly spots two men robbing a woman of her purse and a piece of jewelry wristwatch. Shin quickly stuffs the last bite in his mouth and runs after them.

Shin: (Muffled) Hey, you! Stop!

The men look at Shin and run away. They split up in the alleyways.

Shin: Bastards. Iíll teach them.

He rushes into the alleyway and then when out of sight, ups his speed to catch up with the one with the jewelry. He quickly knocks him out by landing a strike to the back of his neck. He then speeds away to find the other one. He lowers speed just enough to seem normal enough when the thief looks back at Shin. Shin catches up quick enough and grabs the man by his neck. He slams the man into the wall and takes the purse back. A few minutes pass and the two thieves are tied together. There is a sign attached to the rope that says, ďDo not feed trollsĒ.

Man 1: Whatís that for, you damn jap?!
Man 2: Yeah, whatís your fucking problem?!
Shin: Thatís it.

A minute later, now there is writing on both of their foreheads. The first one says, ďPitcherĒ and the second says, ďCatcherĒ.

Shin: HmmÖmaybe Iíve been hanging around this place too long. Oh well.

The woman comes by and Shin hands her the purse and jewelry back.

Shin: I caught them for you, maíam. Do you want a swing?
Woman: Thatís alright. It seems like you gave them quite a beating already. Psyche!

She kicks them both in the face once. Some blood runs on her red high-heeled shoes. She takes one off and licks the blood off. She then looks down on them with a twisted, evil face.

Woman: How dare you touch my things, you cockroaches.
Shin: What the actual fuck is going on in this district?

Shin walks away to leave the woman to her business with the two thieves. Later that day, Shin is at Wuhaiís dojo. They are sitting down, conversing.

Wuhai: So, how do you like your beat?
Shin: I have to be honest. The place I was assignedÖI donít think the terminology would be appropriate for this dojo.
Wuhai: Speak freely, child.
Shin: Very well. If I had to describe it, that place almost seems like a horse and a zebra jacked off each other into the water supply and then proceeded to shit in it and then injected it directly into everyoneís bodies with an IV, forced them to piss it out and then drink it again.
Wuhai: ÖOkay, maybe that was a bit harsh.
Shin: Hey, I said almost.

They go through their training routine and then Shin is back on the streets for his job. The sun is starting to set at this point. He passes by the one corner on his way back and the woman is there again.

Shin: Hey. Anything?
Woman: No, nothing.
Shin: Itís cool. It will take a while.
Woman: You know, your broken Chinese is actually pretty cute.
Shin: Oh not this again.
Woman: My name is Ming Xiao. I donít believe I gave you my name before.
Shin: (Unenthusiastically) Cool.
Ming: Oh, youíre no fun.
Shin: Trust me, Ming. I am plenty fun.

He winks at her and then walks away. Ming swoons for a second.

Shin: My god, Iím starting to turn into my dad. Speaking of, I’m sure things have gotten quiet back at home.

Shin walks into a department store with many appliances.

Shin: Excuse me. Do you guys have any PH measurers around?
Clerk: Why, yes we do. Right this way.

The clerk gets a small device that measures the PH of liquids. Shin buys it and puts it in his pocket for the time being. He goes to patrol the streets some more when he gets another call.

Shin: Sir?
Chief: Thatís enough for today. Have you rounded up any criminals?
Shin: Two, sir. Iíll bring them to the station.
Chief: Good. Thatíll be all.

After they hang up, there is another large crowd around Shin.

Shin: Is this going to happen every time my phone rings? I guess I should change my ringtone.

Shin goes up to a store just next to the alleyway where the criminals are still tied up.

Shin: May I use your bathroom real quick?
Employee: Yes. Itís in the back.

He goes into the bathroom and opens the faucet. He takes a very small courtesy cup and fills it with water. He takes the PH measurer and dips it in, holding it there until there is a beep. When he takes it out, the reading is 3.

Shin: Waddya know? The water supply actually IS fucked. From memory of Professor Suichiís science classes, the PH of water should normally be somewhere in the 6-8 range. Is this what is making everyone act so batshit? I think Iíll keep this under the cap from the department until I have more proof of this theory.

After some time passes, we see Shin holding the two criminals. One per arm. He throws them down at an officers feet. They are noticeably much more beaten up than before.

Officer: What did these guys do?
Shin: I witnessed them steal a womanís possessions.
Officer: Donít you think you went a bit far with them?
Shin: Oh, the woman decided to have a bit of revenge with them. I only did what I needed to stop them.
Officer: Oh, very good. You may go. Iíll have them incarcerated.

Shin leaves and goes back into his district to pass by it to get home. He stops at a restaurant.

Shin: Time to get some authentic chow mein.

Shin is waiting on a bench inside the restaurant to be seated. There is a man sitting next to him. The man turns to Shin.

Shin: Iíll bet you do. Iím gonna have to deal with this shit for a while. Fuck my life.

Shinís new mission has been revealed, but he doesnít seem to be making any progress yet. He has made some interesting acquaintances in his district, and it appears that the whole place is going crazy. What is going on in this district?
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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 20

Later that night, Shin is on the outskirts of Shanghai. He is on a building in what appears to be a slum.

Shin: This should be far enough. I just hope I didnít tip the demon off by training at home.

He starts powering up and starts charging up a spirit gun. He fires it off at an angle upwards. With his left hand, he keeps it out in the direction of the blast. As the distance from Shin gets larger, he moves that hand to his left and the spirit gun explodes. Shin seems disappointed.

Shin: My control isnít good enough for that yet it seems. Letís try something else then.

He sits down on the building and closes his eyes.

Shin: Letís see if anyone around is emanating demon energy.

Shin concentrates on sensing. We can see an overhead view of the area and then we see a visual of his sensing range with radio waves coming from Shin as the epicenter. His range is going about a one-mile radius in each direction.

Shin: Nothing. I could expand my field, but that would waste energy. I need it for more data tonight.

Next, Shin stands up and then crouches down. We see spirit energy emanating from his feet and then he makes a leap. He travels roughly 100 meters in around one second and lands on the nearest building.

Shin: Good. At this rate, I can outpace most cars and I can jump long distances. Iíll just run a few more diagnostics and call it a night. Today has been long as hell.

The next morning, Shin is at Wuhaiís dojo again.

Wuhai: Letís have you master the stances today.
Shin: Yes, Shifu.
Wuhai: This first one is straightforward.

He places his feet shoulder length apart and both hands have the fingers curled up like a tiger about to claw up something or someone. He places both hands at his side and bends his knees slightly.

Wuhai: Can you guess what this stance is for?
Shin: You look like youíre ready to pounce on something, like a tiger. So Iím guessing itís an offensive stance?
Wuhai: Correct. The tiger can be defensive, but the martial art primarily relies on offense. This stance has many options. You can attack from the left, from the right, or you can spring forward and launch a frontal attack. It is the most effective stance on slower opponents where you can quickly counterattack.
Shin: I see. What is this stance called?
Wuhai: I number them, but if it makes it easier for you to name them, you may. This is stance 1.
Shin: Okay.
Wuhai: Now, you.

Shin stands side by side with Wuhai and emulates the stance.

Wuhai: Bend your knees a little more. You are a little taller, so you want to be slightly lower.
Shin: So the key is balance in this case.
Wuhai: You are very smart, Shin. Yes.
Shin: Thank you, Shifu.

Shin adjusts his body a little as per Wuhaiís instruction.

Wuhai: Very good. Now, hold that for a few minutes. Make your body remember.

After a few minutes, Shin gets out of the stance and relaxes himself.

Wuhai: Good. Here is the second stance.

Wuhai turns his body to the side. With his left hand (which is facing Shin), he puts it out front with his hand flat. His right hand is not far behind, in the tiger hand position. His knees are slightly bent again.

Wuhai: This is our defensive stance, or stance 2. My left hand is flat so that it can be more flexible. It can do what I need it to. My right hand is for counter attack, but this position is optimal for fast attacks when you face an opponent that you cannot get a solid counter hit on.
Shin: So, if stance 1 is good for slower opponents, stance 2 is good for faster opponents.
Wuhai: Correct.
Shin: This looks like the stance you took against me when we first met. But your left hand also held the tiger position.
Wuhai: That is not one of the four stances, but I did not want to show you the true stance if you did not decide to stay.
Shin: Smart.
Wuhai: This stance also takes of advantage of the fact that you are turned. You are a smaller target this way. I donít need to tell you why that is a good thing.
Shin: Of course not.
Wuhai: Your turn.

Shin emulates the same position. With a little more instruction, he gets it right and holds it for a few minutes like the first.

Shin: I think Iíll call stance 1 Daichi and stance 2 Ten.
Wuhai: What do those two mean in Japanese?
Shin: Daichi means ďearthĒ as in the ground below us. Ten means ďskyĒ or ďheavensĒ, as in the air above.
Wuhai: Ah. I heard that Japan is fascinated with these two terms.
Shin: It appears all the time in our mythology. You can say that, yes. Not that I believe in any of that, now that I know the truth.
Wuhai: On to stance 3. This one is the hardest to master.

This stance is unlike the other two. Wuhai is standing at an angle towards Shin. While facing Shin, his left (front) foot is to the left while his right (back) foot is to the right. Wuhaiís hands are both in the tiger position again and they are both at their respective side, raised slightly.

Shin: Iíve never seen anything like that.
Wuhai: This stance is not meant for offense or defense. This stance optimizes one tactic: running. In some fights, it is better to observe first and then strike or defend. And sometimes, it is better not to fight at all. From this stance, you can dodge in any particular way you want. The stance does not favor left, right, forward or backwards. And the stance does not give away any kind of tendency. If you can learn to use both feet equally, this stance is completely unpredictable.
Shin: Awesome. I guess itís my turn.

Shin uses Wuhaiís placement as a model, but it takes him a good minute to get the position exactly right.

Shin: Unless I can switch stances instantly, it wonít even be practical.
Wuhai: Yes. You will be able to do so under my training. You must also practice on your own, however.
Shin: Yeah.
Wuhai: After holding that stance for a few minutes, we will move to the last one.

Finally, after a few minutes, Wuhai moves onto the last stance. He is once again standing at a bit of an angle towards Shin. His back foot is in line with his body, but his front foot is slightly to the left. His right hand is cupped and behind his body. His left hand is also cupped and raised up in front of him similar to the Ten stance.

Shin: I can guess what this one is, but go ahead.
Wuhai: Stance 4 is your finishing stance. Of all the stances, it has the most power. You step with your left foot, twist your body to step with your right and step into your finishing strike. This attack will be slower than Stance 1ís attacks and more vulnerable to counterattack. But if you land the hit, it will pay off the most.
Shin: My favorite stance of the four, of course.

Shin emulates the stance and holds it. Just before relaxingÖ

Shin: This will be named Seiryoku, or power. Stance 3 I will call Seishin, or spirit.
Wuhai: Interesting name choices.
Shin: Stance 3 is meant for observing, yes. But if you wish to tire out your opponent, it can be good for breaking someoneís spirit, or will to continue fighting. Stance 4 is a bit self-explanatory.
Wuhai: Indeed.
Shin: So, we have Daichi, Ten, Seishin, Seiryoku. And these four stances are the basis for the tiger style that you teach?
Wuhai: Precisely. Before you can begin learning how to fight properly with the style, these four stances must be natural to you as any other stance.

Shin relaxes his stance and they sit down on mats.

Shin: I think I get it. So stances are the foundation of martial arts.
Wuhai: One of them. There are many core parts of learning martial arts. Discipline is another. This is something you seem to already possess.
Shin: As far as I can remember, Iíve always been a hard worker. Things didnít always come as natural to me as they did to my brother. So I always made sure I worked twice as hard to catch up with him.
Wuhai: You are a very talented young man, Shin. Your hard work truly brings it out. Iím sure there are many things you are better at than your brother.
Shin: There are, luckily.
Wuhai: Letís take five minutes and then we will practice switching from stance to stance.
Shin: Yes, Shifu.

Sometime after the session and lunch, Shin is back on the job on the streets.

Shin: Hopefully today isnít quite as weird as yesterday.

Within only a few minutes, a crime is seen on the street. A woman is seen slitting a manís throat with a knife in the middle of a street.

Shin: Son of a bitch!

Shin slips into the alleyway across the street from where the woman runs.

Shin: I canít keep letting people see me chase after criminals. I have to make this more discreet.

While everyoneís attention is fixated on the woman fleeing into an alleyway, Shin leaps from above across the street and out of sight into the alleyway. He easily catches up to the woman and blocks her way.

Woman: Out of my way, jackass.
Shin: Why did you kill that man?
Woman: My husband was cheating on me.
Shin: Youíre sick and twisted. Couldnít you have just smacked him a few times?
Woman: Enough! Out of my way!

Shin takes the Ten stance, though he has to adjust himself for a few seconds.

Shin: Fuck, not ready yet.

The woman charges at him with the knife. He is able to avoid the incoming slice with pure speed and then grabs her arms. He cuffs her quickly and then pushes her to the floor.

Shin: Funny, youíre the person Iíve gone the easiest on and you performed the most heinous crime of them. I guess I was raised right then.

Just then, a figure descends from above towards Shin. He senses it and dodges just in time. A man stands in front of him.

Shin: Whatís your beef?
Man: I hate Japanese people!
Shin: Okay.

The man punches Shin in the chest, but it doesnít hurt him at all. Shin lightly strikes the man and he blows through the wall behind him.

Shin: Too much power again. Iím not used to this kind of fighting.

Just then, he notices someone behind him. Itís Ming Xiao. She is stunned.

Shin: HehÖIím guessing you saw that.
Ming: You just sent that guy flying through the wall with one hit.
Shin: You know, now that you mention it, I have won a few weight lifting contests back in Japan. Wait, were you following me?
Ming: Maaaaybee?
Shin: I thought I heard the smell of fish wafting through the air a bit ago.

Shin picks up the woman from the ground and puts her over his right shoulder.

Shin: Iíd better take this one to the slammer.
Woman: Put me down!
Shin: Donít talk about yourself like youíre a sick animal. Does China even use lethal injection?
Woman: Thatís not what I meant!

He keeps walking as he mocks the murderous woman.

Shin: Hey, I have an idea. Letís play a game. Itís called, ďLetís go to jailĒ
Woman: I donít want to play!
Shin: Thatís the spirit.

Ming is still shocked at what she saw while he walks away.

Ming: Too cool.

Back at the station, he has the woman over his shoulder still. He throws her at the officerís feet again.

Shin: Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect 200.
Officer: The chief wants to see you, new guy.
Shin: Oh, very good. Thank you.

He meets up with the chief in his office.

Shin: Chief, you wanted to see me?
Chief: Yes, Shin. You have done well on your first two days. I believe your undercover role is beneficial to that district.
Shin: Thank you, sir.
Chief: Iím sure by now youíve noticed something off about it.
Shin: Yes.
Chief: Any ideas as to whatís happening?
Shin: I have a theory, but I need more evidence.
Chief: I trust you with this for one simple reason. Youíre an outsider.
Shin: I get it. You suspect the same thing I do about drugs.
Chief: The drug ring has a vice grip on that district. Itís not a stretch to think that is the root problem. Our past cops assigned there didnít get anywhere on the case. I suspect that some of my own are involved in this mess.
Shin: Then it is true. I only heard rumors yesterday about a drug ring.
Chief: You said you came here directly from Japan, right?
Shin: Yes, sir. Jobs were scarce in my area, and Iíve always wanted to visit China for an extended period of time.
Chief: Then you would have no involvement with this ring. I was right to accept you into this force. When they told me about how you possessed these abilities, I knew you would be good for the job.
Shin: Iíll do everything I can to aid you.
Chief: Thank you, Shin. Weíll stay in touch.
Shin: Yes.

Afterwards, Shin is standing outside the station, making a phone call.

Shin: Professor Suichi? Itís Shin.
Kurama: Shin, how are things going over there?
Shin: Interesting to say the least. I called to ask you about something.
Kurama: What is it?
Shin: This one district of Shanghai has crazy people all over. I was joking with someone about the water supply being screwed, but then out of curiosity, I checked it. The tap water had a PH of 3.
Kurama: Thatís awful. You definitely shouldnít be drinking that.
Shin: I figured. The normal PH should be 6-8 right?
Kurama: Well, 6.5-8.5 to be exact, but close enough.
Shin: If people were dumping, say some kind of acidic drug in the water supply, do you think that would cause a PH of 3?
Kurama: That sounds like a good guess. Would you like me to experiment for you?
Shin: If you can.
Kurama: Anything for science, Shin.
Shin: Youíre the best, professor. Iíll call you back in a few days to check on your progress. Is that okay?
Kurama: Certainly.
Shin: Thanks. Talk to you later.

To be continued!
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Detective Shin Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin EmptyApril 28th 2015, 7:34 pm

Chapter 21

A week has passed. Shin is eating at a noodle stand with stools, but he has a mask ( http://api.ning.com/files/VcHCniKE-ebRGgWUaiJy*40mLnWJ5qGspIFGrqce*7N57FqLd8QS5ZVhb8tKoRj-7Iz9inVeQ4vwOmpJiRPmNEXvc9odHhu9/RevanFoundryMaskedNew01.jpg only the mask cuts off just below the nose so his mouth isnít covered) on. He is also wearing a cloak like this ( http://www.yourdressmaker.com/shop/images/Ritual_Cloak_aufm_03.jpg ) Ming Xiao is sitting next to him, eating as well.

Shin: So what can you tell me?
Ming: Nothing, unfortunately. I wish I could be more help.
Shin: Itís okay. If I start to cause more disruption, theyíll start talking. Iím sure of it.
Ming: I see.
Chef: So, whatís with the mask?
Shin: Sorry, itís classified.
Chef: I get it. I donít want no trouble, ya hear?
Shin: Of course.
Chef: But man, howíd you pick up a girl like this wearing that?
Shin: I have my ways.
Chef: Your techniques arenít classified, are they?
Shin: Here.

Shin starts whispering in his ear. Ming looks curious.

Chef: Thatís brilliant. How did you come across this?
Shin: My dad. His lectures went on long, but it seems to have come in handy.

Shinís phone goes off.

Shin: The fuck? I put it on vibrate and itís still playing. One sec.

Shin steps away for a few seconds and answers the phone.

Shin: Professor?
Kurama: I did all the testing and it seems your theory seems likely.
Shin: I knew it.
Kurama: What will you do now?
Shin: I have an idea. If I trace the water flow, I might find something interesting.
Kurama: Good idea. It will be difficult if the district is big, but you can handle it.
Shin: Yes. Thanks for everything.
Kurama: If you need anything else, let me know.
Shin: I will. Later.

They hang up and Shin returns to the stand, but not before pushing through a group of people that huddled around Shin.

Shin: Seriously, who would have guessed that Shingeki no Kyojin would have blown up here too?
Ming: Itís awesome!
Shin: Anyway, keep doing what youíre doing. It will work eventually.
Ming: Okay. How about you stop by and I give you something for free?
Shin: You mean Syphilis? No thanks.

The chef starts cackling. Ming slumps over and sighs.

Ming: No one ever refused me before when I gave a free one. Youíre not gay by chance?
Shin: No, I just donít prefer to screw around.
Ming: Youíre such a kid.
Shin: Uhhhh no. (Japanese) Why the fuck does everyone think fucking each other is the only thing that makes someone an adult?
Chef: I get it. Youíre from Japan. I could tell from your accent that you were a foreigner.
Shin: Shit. I guess thatís out of the bag. Either way, I should be going. Gochisousama deshita.

Note: Gochisousama Deshita is the phrase in Japan used to say thanks for the meal after eating. It is the opposite end of what is commonly known as Itadakimasu.

Shin pays for both of their noodle bowls and walks away. Ming follows him.

Shin: Why are you still following me?
Ming: Iím interested in where youíre going.
Shin: I have an important mission to do.
Ming: Thatís exactly why Iím following you.
Shin: Unless you have any idea of the layout of the water system here, youíll slow me down.
Ming: IÖ.yeah no.
Shin: Okay, see ya.

Shin starts running at a human speed and Ming starts catching up after a few seconds. Shin gets surprised.

Shin: (Japanese) I guess those legs arenít just for show, huh? Iíll have to up my speed. (Chinese) Do you run track, Miss Xiao?
Ming: I gotta stay in shape for my customers, sweety.
Shin: Good for you. By the way, donít drink the water around here. Thatís a free tip for you.

Shin starts running even faster to about as fast as when he first showed off his speed to the police. Now he is outrunning Ming with ease.

Ming: No way.

Shin turns into an alley and by the Ming makes it there, he is completely gone. As the picture zooms out, Shin is on the rooftop above her.

Shin: Donít lose your lunch now. I paid decent money for that.

She looks up, but he is gone again. Shin is in the air, having jumped across the street. He jumps again out of sight. Shin makes it to a lake.

Shin: All right. Now weíre getting somewhere.

He goes up to the lake and puts one finger in. By doing so, he can feel the slight direction of movement of the water.

Shin: Got it.

He follows the opposite direction until he reaches an impasse thanks to some water leading from small drain.

Shin: The water is definitely coming from here. The only question is: is this where the drugs are being dumped. Furthermore, I still havenít answered why they are even dumping in the first place. It seems counterproductive to a company to dump product, right?

Shin bends and then jumps up high to look down for another water source close by. There is nothing in sight. He lands shortly after finishing his quick survey.

Shin: I need to drop by the police station to see if maybe they have any kind of schematics. If not, Iím doing this the old fashioned way. But right now, Iím on my shift.

He goes back into town with his disguise still on. People look at him oddly.

Shin: Oh címon. Itís not like you guys are any less weird.

One man comes up to him, drooling.

Shin: The fuck?
Man: Is that a Darth Revan mask?
Shin: Yeah, man. I got it custom made.
Man: I LOVE Star Wars Expanded Universe!
Shin: Too bad itís no longer canon. By the way, why are you drooling?
Man: Because I loooooove Revan.
Shin: Creepy.

Shin walks away from him and keeps watch of the district. There are no crimes occurring at the moment.

Shin: Iím not going to say itÖbecause the second I do thereís going to be a crime. HmmÖletís try it out. Huh, no crimes today.

Sure enough, he witnesses a store robbery where a man in a mask is running out of a store with a bag of money after breaking through the glass.

Shin: The power of suggestion!

Shin catches up with the man in no time and shoves his face into the ground, knocking him out. People around him clap.

Woman: The masked man has saved the store!
Shin: All in a minuteís workÖI guess.
Woman: What do we call you, brave hero?
Shin: I guess I can be called a Strider since Iím Japanese and kinda like a ninja, warrior dude. What name though?
Man: He has a mask on like that guy from Code Geass so maybe Zero?
Shin: Strider Zero? Nah, that sounds stupid. Aerona maybe? No. Serka? Jiron? Hmm, thatís it.
Woman: Please answer us, hero.
Shin: I am Amitay (Ah-Mih-Tay), asskicker of evil!

The crowd starts cheering when Shinís phone rings again. They start cheering even louder.

Shin: FUCK! I, the great Amitay, must answer his phone.

Shin disappears, amazing the crowd. Shin is now on his phone on top of a building, with the thief gripped by the back of his shirt.

Shin: Chief?
Chief: Shin, how are things today?
Shin: I just stopped a thief, but otherwise quiet.
Chief: Good. Bring him to the station. We have something to discuss.
Shin: Yes, I have something to talk about to you as well. Iíll be right over.

Shin brings the criminal to the station with his disguise on. The police seem confused when he throws him down at an officerís feet, but the chief takes him into his office.

Officer 1: Who was that?
Officer 2: No idea. The chief seems to know him.
Chief: I see the disguise finally got ready today. Tell me again why you needed it?
Shin: If people keep seeing my face doing what I do, theyíll know Iím with the police. Then the jig is up.
Chief: Besides, if we keep your identity a secret from the rest of the department, you can move more freely to expose any traitors.
Shin: Good point.
Chief: So, have you any leads?
Shin: I have a pretty strong lead, actually. Would you happen to have any schematics for the waterways in that district?
Chief: The waterways? What in theÖoh! I never even thought of that.
Shin: It started as a joke, but started to make more and more sense the more I thought about it. What does everyone have to do in order to live?
Chief: Drink water or eat!
Shin: It would be too difficult to lace every market with drugs. The only other thing that made sense was the water. I even had my theory tested by a very smart professor back in Japan. With the right kind of acidic drugs, the water turns into a PH of 3. When I tested the tap water in a few random stores, guess what the PH of it was?
Chief: 3. I might not know much about science, but that canít be good.
Shin: Itís not. The water is laced with drugs. Itís making everyone go mental.
Chief: Do you have any idea why?
Shin: Not a clue. Youíve been in this business a while. What is your guess, sir?
Chief: In my experience, involuntary drugging is usually linked with persuasion orÖwait!
Shin: What is it?
Chief: Dependency.
Shin: Oh, I get it! You get everyone to ingest enough drugs for enough times so that when you remove it, they all crave it. Then they just come right through and reveal a drug that alleviates the pain.
Chief: And then theyíre permanently hooked. They would make a fortune off the district. They wouldnít even need to expand.
Shin: Thatís absolutely genius. I never would have come up with such a plan.
Chief: Thatís kind of ingenuity I look for in this force, Shin. It might have started off as a joke, but you still had to think outside the box for that.
Shin: Thank you, sir. Now, back to the original question, if you donít mind.
Chief: Iím afraid there arenít any more remaining blueprints for how the waterways work.
Shin: I see. I found a lake, and I think Iím going to bust into the structure itís coming from.
Chief: How do you plan on doing that?
Shin: Just leave all the details to me.
Chief: Alright. Call for backup if you need it.
Shin: Right.
Chief: Get back to the streets, Shin. You can check it out later tonight if you please.
Shin: Yes, sir.

Shin leaves the police station. He returns to the streets in the district heís assigned to. People immediately start to crowd around him.

Shin: What? My phone didnít even go off this time.
Man: Are you Amitay?
Shin: Oh, yeah thatís me. Would you guys mind letting me watch the area for crime?
Man: Yes, sir!

They leave Shin alone for the time being while he surveys the area.

Shin: Come to think about it, it is a bit warm in this getup.

The rest of the day goes on without any problems. Shin is back at the lake and is standing on a concrete structure where the water is coming from a small drain.

Shin: Okay, open up.

He puts his fist through the concrete and opens up a hole in the top. He drops down to see the water running about ankle deep through a cylindrical concrete tube. Shin has to crouch slightly to fit in it.

Shin: Alright. Letís check the PH.

He does and it still reads at 3.

Shin: Good. The trail is hot. Letís just see whatís at the end of this tunnel.

To be continued!
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Detective Shin Empty
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Chapter 22

Shin is currently trudging through the concrete tunnel slowly.

Shin: My backÖI think itís going to snap from being bent like this. Wait, I think I see a light.

He makes it to the end, where there is a small waterfall from above. In front of him is a metal grate that Shin is able to simply push open. He dives through the hole and finds himself in a lit room. It is very large. He looks above him to see a machine pouring a fine powder into the tunnel.

Shin: They must have grinded the drugs into a fine enough powder that it would mix with the water and not leave any residue.
Male Voice: Hey! Who are you?!

When Shin gets up, he cracks his back and then looks at who is speaking. There are many men in business suits with many loosely dressed women in chains, carrying large bags.

Shin: Slaves, huh?

One man steps up in front of the rest.

Man: I asked you, who are you?!
Shin: I am Amitay, and Iím here to put a stop to this. Are you the one in charge of the drugs here?
Man: I am.
Shin: Good, then that saves me the trouble of looking for you.

At that moment, the man grabs one of the women and puts her in front as a shield.

Shin: What are you doing?
Leader: If you plan on killing me, youíll have to kill this woman first.

Many of the men follow suit by taking women hostage. Three men come up to Shin with knives in hand.

Leader: Kill him.

Shin takes the Seishin stance quickly. They start attacking, but Shin starts dodging their attacks. After doing this for about ten seconds, he switches to Ten, but it takes him two seconds to do.

Shin: Shit. Not quite ready.

Shinís movements are clunky as he dodges one attack and tries counterattacking. The one he aims for dodges a punch.

Shin: Iím not ready yet. Damn it. Fine.

Shin suddenly ups his speed and blows one guy back about twenty feet casually with a punch. The other two become surprised and scared simultaneously and then they also get attacked and knocked out.

Leader: What the hell?!
Shin: Give it up. You canít beat me, no matter how many people you send after me.
Leader: Donít take another step. I will kill her.
Shin: Damn it. What do I do? Do I complete my mission here and now, or allow them to escape? If I take out one, the rest will get killed. And thereís no guarantee there arenít more hiding in wait or traps set for intruders.

Shin contemplates for a while and the leader starts laughing.

Leader: I canít see your face, but I can tell that you are agonizing here. Thereís only one choice here, masked man.

We can see Shin grit his teeth in anger.

Shin: What do I do?!
Leader: You donít have the guts!
Shin: I hate people like you, who take advantage of the weak!

In his mind, Shin recalls the man who shot Juste. He remembers that he held them at gunpoint for their money. Shin yells out in anger and fires off his shotgun at them, sending spirit bullets through everyone in the room. *Click Here* There are blood-curdling screams from the women. They all fall down, dead. Shin starts to pant in anger and then calms down. After a few seconds of processing what just happened, he realizes what he just did. He takes out his spyglass and looks at everyone. None of them were demons, including the ďleaderĒ.

Shin: No, that canít be. I forgot that the leader was supposed to be a demon. I didnít even bother to look. What the hell have I just done?! I just killed innocent women just to take down some lackeys!

Shin gets on his knees and hunches over.

Shin: I let my anger get the best of me. Iím no hero.

In the background, Shin can hear the ambient noise of the machine dumping the drugs. He turns to it with anger and shoots a small spirit gun at it, destroying it. He is about to take his mask off, but stops. He had the presence of mind in that second to keep it on. Shin looks around for a security camera and finds one in the corner near where the machine was. He walks up to it.

Shin: You who leads this; I will make you suffer! You can count on it! Iím going to-

At that moment, someone grabs Shinís hand and it is shown to be Koenma in his older form. Shin stops speaking. *Music Stops*

Koenma: AmitayÖcome with me. Donít say another word.

A bit of time passes and Shin is in Spirit World with his mask and hood off. He is in front of Koenma and Juste is standing behind Shin.

Koenma: Detective Shin, you disappoint me.
Shin: Ö
Koenma: You killed innocent people and you didnít even think to check if he was the one.
Juste: If he was the one, would he be here right now?
Koenma: Ö
Juste: BrotherÖregardless of the situation, you did a bad thing. We donít kill civilians.
Shin: What would you have done, Juste?
Juste: Ö
Koenma: You should have attacked the supposed leader from behind and try to save as many as possible. If they decided to kill the hostages, itís not on your hands.
Shin: Whatís the fucking difference?! I know I could have saved one of them, I acknowledge that! But who cares who pulled the trigger? The fact is that I couldnít save them!
Koenma: The worst part of this is that the trail to the demon is going to go even colder. Heís going into hiding because of that stunt you pulled.
Shin: The trail isnít cold just yet. Iíll make up for it somehow. For now, I need some time to reflect. Send me back.
Juste: Shin.
Shin: Yeah?
Juste: Donít beat yourself up too hard over this. I donít know that I could have made the same choice you made. I might have frozen in your position. At least you made a decision.
Shin: Thanks, bro. Iíll try.

After Shin is sent back, Koenma sits down and grunts in anger.

Juste: Iím proud that you held back.
Koenma: Yeah, well I canít very well get rid of him, can I?!
Juste: No, you canít. The second you do, you have me to answer to.
Koenma: Thatís not exactly what I had in mind, but yes thereís that too. The truth is that we need Shin as much as I need you here training.
Juste: Yeah. Iíd better get back to that.

Back at the police station, Shin is out of his disguise and just outside as the chief is leaving.

Shin: Chief.
Chief: Whatís wrong, Shin? You look like something went horribly wrong.
Shin: I have good news and bad news Iím afraid. I was able to find a hideout and was able to destroy the machine that was dumping the drugs.
Chief: What is the bad news?
Shin: A number of innocents were killed in the process.
Chief: What?
Shin: It was unavoidable. They were crazy and killed them immediately upon seeing me. I wasnít able to bring them down quick enough.
Chief: I see. You did what you had to then. We will investigate tomorrow. For now, get some sleep if you can. Youíre off tomorrow so clear your head before you come back.
Shin: Yes, sir.

That night, Shin is sitting atop the apartment building he lives at. He has the security camera in his hand. He plays back the moment when he shot forth his shotgun and then the moment when he spoke directly to the camera.

Shin: Look at my face. I was completely consumed. I had little attachment to this case. The real problem was the trigger it had on my past memories and feelings.

He then thinks back to the conversation with Wuhai.

Shin: I get it. So are you telling me to use my brotherís death every time I fight?
Wuhai: Yes and no. As you are now, simply getting angry wonít solve anything. If you simply fought angry, you would forget the reason why you came to me in the first place. You will learn how to fight carrying your brotherís emotions in time. But first, you need the discipline to be able to control it.
Shin: HmmmÖI think youíre right about that. If I lost control during a fight, if the power difference was still close enough, I could be out-skilled or outwitted. Thatís precisely why I came to learn your martial arts. If I lose a fight, I want it to be because I simply wasnít powerful enough.
Wuhai: The tiger fighting style is fierce, but controlled and disciplined. It best suits people who have gone through terrible loss.

Shin: Itís clear that I simply fought angry, with no control. I guess my discipline isnít as good as I thought. HmmÖnow that I think about it, I did use a spirit gun after shotgun, didnít I? Thatís proof that Iím at least getting better at controlling the amount of energy I release.

The camera doesnít pick up the video, but the audio of the womenís screams from being pierced by spirit bullets is heard. The more he hears them from playback, the angrier he becomes. He eventually turns the recording off and curls into a ball, putting his head between his knees.

Shin: Iíve never killed an innocent before. This is far too much for me to handle.

Morning eventually hits and Shin is still sitting on the rooftop. There are clear signs of major fatigue on his face. When the morning light strikes his face, he finally heads inside to brew some green tea. He pours the cup and carries it to a table. He drops the cup, however, but is able to swiftly grab it out of the air before it hits the floor.

Shin: That was close.

He looks at his hand to see that it is shaking slightly.

Shin: Damn it. Iíve never felt like this before. I need to take a walk.

After finishing his tea, he heads out and walks through a different district of Shanghai than the usual. He accidentally finds himself in the actual red light district.

Shin: OhÖI guess Iíd better get out of here.

At that time, he starts to hear some girls yelling out for help as there are men who are taking them behind an alley. They start screaming, and Shinís eyes widen and the screams from before start to come back. He backs up and then runs away. As he heads back, the screams keep continuing in his head. Eventually, he makes it back to his apartment and starts stumbling around as they still continue.

Shin: STOP!!!

As the voices eventually stop, Shin is seen sitting on his bed, under his covers, curled up in a ball against the wall.

Shin: What the fuck am I going to do?

Just then, someone knocks on the door. Shin reluctantly answers it to see a middle-aged man who is wearing a white dress shirt and black dress pants.

Man: Are you okay? You look awful.
Shin: Yeah, rough night. Sorry for the noise.
Man: Iím a doctor. Do you want me to give you a check up?
Shin: That would be great.
Doctor: Good. Iím heading to work now. Do you want to walk with me?
Shin: Sure.

Shin walks with the doctor to his clinic and sits on a table. He checks many different things, like blood pressure, heart rate, etc.

Doctor: Have you recently encountered some form of trauma?
Shin: Yes.
Doctor: I have seen this kind of result many times. This is a clear sign of PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.
Shin: I see.
Doctor: Do you mind if I ask what you do?
Shin: Iím a cop. Yes, it happened on the job. I canít say any more than that.
Doctor: Youíre only 18. It is natural that such traumatizing events that happen on the force can have added impact to someone so young. How did they let you on?
Shin: Long story. The short of it is that Iím pretty good at what I do.
Doctor: For now, you need to get some rest. Your body is still in a state of shock and if you donít sleep, itíll only worsen. I can give you something that will kick in 30 minutes from the time you take it. It should give you enough time to walk back to your apartment and get ready to sleep.
Shin: Yeah, do so. I canít seem to sleep as is.
Doctor: Okay. Iím Doctor Chen, by the way. I live next door to you.
Shin: Shin Yakamoru.
Chen: When youíve gotten some rest, come back and fill out some paperwork for me. Iím making an exception for you for emergency purposes, you know.
Shin: I appreciate it, Doctor Chen.

Shin goes back to his apartment after receiving some kind of medication and then sits on his bed. About 30 minutes have passed since receiving it. The rest of his speaking is in Japanese.

Shin: What do I do? Iím supposed to protect people, and here I am doing just the opposite. I couldnít even help those poor women earlier.

He lies down, noting that the medication is kicking in.

Shin: Iíll have to try and make up for everything soon.

He falls asleep.

When everything seemed to be going Shinís way, he made one mistake that has caused a breakdown. How will Shin handle this PTSD? How will his job and training be affected? The struggle continues next time on Detective Shin.
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Chapter 23

When Shin finally wakes, it is near pitch black in the room. He makes his hand glow red with energy while he searches for his light. After he turns it on, he dispels the energy and then rubs his face.

Shin: What the hell time is it?

He looks at the nearest device that can tell time to see that itís a little past 10PM.

Shin: Shit. I literally slept all day. I feel a little better, but I can tell that Iím not quite right.

He cooks something small for himself as a breakfast. Afterwards, he stretches a little and stands in the middle of his room with the most space.

Shin: I got nothing to do for a while. I might as well practice switching my stances.

The next morning, Shin is out in his disguise at the crack of dawn. He meets with the police chief outside the station.

Chief: Good morning.
Shin: ĎMorning, Chief.
Chief: How are you feeling?
Shin: A little better, sir. How did the investigation go?
Chief: Nothing turned up as a lead, but we managed to confiscate a large amount of drugs. Unfortunately, not enough to confirm that we solved the problem. And at the very least, the dumping has stoppedÖor so we hope.
Shin: This will accelerate the dependency plan if our theory is right.
Chief: Yes, that is true. That could be a good or bad thing, depending on what happens.
Shin: Iíll keep a watchful eye on the district. These drug dealers might lead us to the actual leader.
Chief: Yes. Just be careful with how you tail them, yes? You stick out in that disguise.
Shin: Right.
Chief: Iím counting on you.

Shin heads to his beat and starts surveying the streets as usual. People stop by to say hello to him here and there, but he doesnít seem to be responding cheerfully.

Man: Hello, masked hero.
Shin: Yeah.
Man: Rough morning?
Shin: You can say that.

About an hour goes by without any incidents. Suddenly, Shin senses something.

Shin: WhatÖoh, itís just you. When did she get there? My senses have dulled considerably. Come on out, Ms. Xiao.

Ming steps out from the corner of an alleyway behind Shin. She walks up next to him. Shin is not looking at her while speaking.

Shin: You arenít bad at hiding yourself; Iíll give you that.
Ming: Morning, stud.
Shin: Youíre up awfully early, miss.
Ming: I didnít have any clients last night, so I got to sleep normal hours for once.
Shin: Good. So why are you following me again?
Ming: Youíre too interesting. And I have nothing better to do.
Shin: I see.
Ming: Whatís the matter? Usually youíre ripping into me by now.
Shin: I donít feel like it today. Sorry.
Ming: Why donít you tell me over lunch?
Shin: No thanks, Ms. Xiao.
Ming: Please, let me help you.

As Shin slowly turns his head to her, she steps back. From her perspective, she can feel cold eyes staring through the mask straight at her. When her face starts to drop in fear, Shin grits his teeth out of frustration and looks the other way.

Shin: Sorry. Iím not myself right now. Please leave, before you get involved in something that will harm you.
Ming: I get it. Iíll be back another day.

She leaves Shin, and he seems frustrated again.

Shin: Iím here to protect, not hurt. Even if it was for an instant, I thought about seriously hurting her. Get it under control, you asshole!

Just then, he notices something across the street. There is a young woman wearing an outfit like this ( http://trends4ever.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/short-stylish-chinese-dress-for-beautiful-girls.jpg ) but in dark green. She has long hair in a ponytail. She seems to be staring straight at Shin. Then at that moment, Shin realizes that he is exuding some spirit energy and then quells it.

Shin: This woman saw it.

He pulls out the spyglass and looks at her to see one half of her head with a horn.

Shin: A half-demon?

The woman has a basic idea of what Shin is doing across the street and starts running. Shin immediately gives chase through the alleyways. He goes on top of the buildings to locate her. She is moving quickly, but Shin is moving faster, having no obstacles above the buildings. He is able to locate her and cut off her route by jumping in front of her.

Woman: (Hyper tone) Oh no! You caught me!
Shin: What are you doing?
Woman: Well, gee, mister. I saw your demon energy, so I looked over at you. Itís rare that you see something like that around here.
Shin: And you, youíre a demon?
Woman: Thatís half-demon!
Shin: You wouldnít happen to be the leader of this drug ring?
Woman: Oh hell no! Iím trying to find them and take them down!
Shin: You what?
Woman: Well, I guess thatís all Iíll say now. You seem scary, mister, so Iíll leave you alone if youíll let me go.
Shin: Just who are you?
Woman: Papa told me not to tell personal information to strangers.

She pulls down one bottom eyelid and gives Shin a mocking tongue. She then jumps up on top of the buildings and runs. Shin does not give chase this time.

Shin: A half demon, huh? That bitch wasnít worth my breath for now. But if she gets in my way, sheíll regret it. Great, now Iím starting to sound like Endull.

Meanwhile, Endull and Drago are sparring without weapons when Endull sneezes.

Drago: You okay?
Endull: YeahÖIím sure it was nothing.

Later that day, Shin is out of his disguise temporarily to go to Doctor Chenís clinic. He fills out all the paperwork as a new patient. He catches the doctor coming out of an appointment.

Chen: Ah, Shin. How did yesterday go?
Shin: The medicine you gave me worked really well.
Chen: Would you like more of it?
Shin: No, I donít want to become dependent on it. Speaking of, this might sound weird, but itís important. If anyone comes to you from District 8 with some water, donít drink it.
Chen: That does sound weird. Is there something wrong with that water?
Shin: I canít say too much, but there is, and some people might want to use that to their advantage.
Chen: Okay. Thanks, Shin.
Shin: Here.

Shin hands Chen some money and then leaves. He gets back into his disguise and heads back.

Shin: That womanÖif she is truly looking for the same thing I am, then that means that the trail most likely is cold at the moment. I canít help but be curious as to what is going on there.

He is then witness to another crime where another woman has killed a man, but this time by a gunshot. Shin easily catches up with her, and the woman tries to shoot him. Shin sidesteps the bullet and grabs her wrist. He is about to punch her with his free wrist when she starts screaming. Shin stumbles back and releases her, letting her run away. He has both hands on his head as he is triggered of his trauma again. People around him are speaking to him with concerned faces, but he canít even hear them. The only thing he hears is the screams of women. He eventually comes to his senses to hear everyone around him.

Shin: Quiet!
Man: Mr. Amitay, go after her!
Shin: Yes.

Shin darts off at impressive speed and when he is out of sight, he jumps high into the air to find her. He cannot, however, and gives up.

Shin: (Japanese) Damn it damn it damn it. DAMN IT!

He puts his fist through the street, leaving a large pothole.


In Spirit World, Juste is watching along with Koenma.

Juste: ShinÖ
Koenma: You donít have to watch anymore if you donít want to.
Juste: My brother needs me, and Iím not there to help him.
Koenma: Should I bring him here?
Juste: If he gets too out of hand, yes.
Koenma: What was it that you were just saying?
Juste: When we were younger, Shin always relied on me when he got himself into an emotional bind. As much as I want to help him, it is probably better that he sort things out himself.
Koenma: Yes. That would be for the best.

The next day comes and Shin is at Wuhaiís dojo. Before they even startÖ

Wuhai: Shin, there something different about your countenance today.
Shin: You can tell, huh?
Wuhai: Did something awful happen?
Shin: Yes.
Wuhai: You are out of balance; that is for sure. Without your emotion in check, you will not be able to master my martial arts.
Shin: I figured as much.
Wuhai: Sit. Let us talk.

They sit down on a mat. Shin tells him about everything leading up to the point of the incident.

Shin: It was then that they killed the women in front of my eyes. I tried to save them, but I failed.
Wuhai: I see.
Shin: Now, when I hear any kind of scream from a woman, I get these uncontrollable voices in my head from back then.
Wuhai: That does sound severe. You are young, but youíve been given such a heavy responsibility. To fail at such a level is heartbreaking, Iím sure.
Shin: I donít know how Yusuke did it. He was even younger than me when he became a detective.
Wuhai: Still, to think that they were dumping drugs in the water to make District 8 dependent on them. For you to figure that out is extremely impressive.
Shin: I appreciate it, but I had a lot of help from the chief.
Wuhai: Donít downplay your role in that. While martial arts are about humility, they are also about confidence. There is a fine line where the two donít clash. You must be confident in your abilities, but not arrogant.
Shin: Yes, youíre right.
Wuhai: This is why I have been encouraging you to stop always comparing yourself to your brother. You are not him. You have different strengths and weaknesses than him.
Shin: Yes, Shifu.

Shin thinks back to the conversation with his brother.

Juste: Donít beat yourself up too hard over this. I donít know that I could have made the same choice you made. I might have frozen in your position. At least you made a decision.
Shin: You are very wise, Shifu. Where does the source of this wisdom come from?
Wuhai: Learning the hard way, same as you. My style of martial arts was built from the ground up. I lost many fights seeing what worked and what didnít and eventually refined my style after studying at other dojos.
Shin: We seem to be very alike then. Trial and error has always been my primary way of learning. The only problem is that error as a spirit detective is not acceptable.
Wuhai: Yes, indeed. But as a human, you have to learn to accept colossal failure as well.

Shin stands up.

Shin: Thank you, Shifu. This talk has helped.
Wuhai: Where are you going? We still have training to do.
Shin: Shit, right.

Later that night, Shin is sitting on the rooftop of the apartment building again. He is reflecting on Wuhaiís words.

Shin: In the end, I couldnít tell him the truth. It might have been easier to get over if it happened as I told him. But I was the one who caused those screams. Well, I guess I have to get better soon. Soon, the waterís PH will go back to normal and then the plan will be in action. I have to be ready.

To be continuedÖ
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Chapter 24

The next day, Shin has decided to stay home altogether. Heís on the phone with the chief.

Shin: Yeah, Iíll make sure nothing happens.
Chief: Good. Keep a watchful eye today.
Shin: Right.

They hang up and Shin turns on the TV. This was one of the first times heís ever done that since moving to China.

Shin: Sorry, Chief. Iím sure things will be fine without me.

Just then, someone knocks on Shinís door. He answers it to see Koenma at the door.

Shin: Oh, hey.
Koenma: May I come in?
Shin: Yeah.

Shin goes back to sitting on his bed and Koenma sits next to him.

Shin: Sorry, itís a bit small in here.
Koenma: No, itís fine. I came here to talk to you a little.
Shin: What about?
Koenma: Iím sorry that I was too harsh with you the other day.
Shin: You have nothing to apologize for. You have every right to be angry with me. Human life is precious to me, and yet I took it away so easily. That frightens me.
Koenma: I can understand that. Previous spirit detectives have done similar things, but they were with bad intentions. Hell, Sensui once tried to exterminate the whole human race.
Shin: He was the former spirit detective that Yusuke stopped, right?
Koenma: Yes. To think I put my trust in him and he stabbed me in the back. In truth, the other day it brought up memories of Shinobu. The anger I felt was not completely directed at you. Please understand that.
Shin: I get it. That makes sense. When I used my shotgun, it wasnít completely because of that drug dealer. It brought memories up about Justeís murder, and I lost control. I never want that to happen again.
Koenma: I see.

After a few minutes go by, Koenma stands up and heads for the door. Shin sees him out.

Koenma: Come back to us soon, Shin.
Shin: Iíll try.

Koenma leaves and then Shin sits back down, watching TV. Itís some sappy soap opera.

Shin: Itís obvious the bitch is cheating.

Just then, his phone rings.

Shin: The fuck? I thought I changed my ringtone. Oh well-

He stops when he sees the caller ID. He picks the phone up. Meanwhile, at District 8, a herd of demons abruptly burst into the streets, attacking people before they even realize what is happening. People are running for their lives from what appears to be human, but we know is most definitely not.

Back at Shinís apartmentÖ

Shin: Dad?
Neo: Hey, Shin.
Shin: Whatís up?
Neo: Nothing in particular. It has been a while. I figured I would give you a call.
Shin: Yeah, thanks for the space.
Neo: You donít sound okay. Did something happen?
Shin: You can say that.
Neo: What happened?
Shin: I canít say too much, but some lives were lost while I was working. I couldnít protect them in the end.
Neo: My God. No wonder.
Jaide: Whatís wrong, dear?
Neo: Itís Shin. He had a very unpleasant experience recently.
Jaide: Give me the phone.
Neo: No wai-
Jaide: Shin? Are you okay?!
Shin: I think so.
Jaide: What happened?!
Neo: He said people died while he was working.
Jaide: Shit. That must have been hell.
Shin: I donít really feel like talking about it. Sorry.
Jaide: Listen, kid. This isnít like you!
Shin: Here we go with the mood swings.
Jaide: Youíre my kid, Shin! When life fucks you, fuck it back!

Jaideís crude words resonate with Shin, making his face change with his eyes widened with surprise.

Neo: Yeah, I got the phone back. Sorry about that.
Shin: YeahÖ
Neo: But sheís right, you know. Shin, when you have a problem, you fix it. Since this is your emotional state, itís not something you can fix easy. But youíre not someone who gives up. You work harder than anyone to get past whatever is in your way.

Shin is in tears at these words.

Shin: Thanks.
Neo: Donít forget who you are. And if you need emotional support, give me a call, okay?
Shin: Okay, Dad. Tell Mom I said thanks too.
Neo: I will.
Shin: Bye.

Shin hangs up and then puts his hands over his face. He then uncovers them, like a proverbial light bulb went on.

Shin: Seid ihr das Essen? Nein, wir sind der Jaeger. Are we the prey? No, we are the hunters.

Note: Those words are the opening lyrics to his ringtone and its English translation, though obviously Shin has translated it in his head to Japanese.

After about a minute, he wipes his face and then his face becomes serious.

Shin: Thatís right. And like hell Iím going to give up now. *Click Here*

We see Shin pick up his disguise, draped over the dining tableís chair. He is seen throwing the cloak on and then holding the mask when he gets on top of the building. He then senses something wrong.

Shin: Somethingís going on in District 8.

Shin puts on the mask and dramatically turns towards the districtís direction.

Shin: Itís fuckiní show time!

He bends his knees and then makes a huge leap off the building. At this time, no one has died, but many people are injured. The demons are gathered together, laughing at the terror they are causing. They then sense something as Shinís figure is approaching them from a distance. People see him coming up the street.

Man: Itís Amitay!
Woman: Heís here to save us!

Shin confronts the demons, and they all look interested in Shin. There are about ten of them.

Shin: I canít use my shotgun here. No matter. There arenít any hostages this time. I can go nuts. I donít care if my strength is discovered here. I WILL PROTECT THESE PEOPLE!

Before any of them can even react, Shin is behind the very back demon. He charges his punch with spirit energy and slams him in the face, killing him. The next one comes up, but Shin puts his fist through the demonís stomach and then rips it out quickly. As two more rush towards him, he takes the Daichi stance and punches both simultaneously. Another goes after him, but he quickly appears behind the demon. He chops it in the back of the neck and then lands a hard kick to anotherís stomach.

Man: Heís like a superhero!

Shin gains some distance from the last four. He quickly takes one more breather and then gets ready again. At that moment, we can see him appear and disappear to each of the four and then ends up at his previous spot. The second he turns away from them to look at the people, the last four demons drop dead. They all dissipate. *Music Stops*

Shin: They had human forms, but hadnít possessed humans. Similar to Endull and Drago then.

The people start crowding around Shin.

Man 1: Amitay! Our hero!
Woman 1: He has saved us all!
Man 2: You saved me!

The cheers start getting louder and louder. A single tear is seen running down from Shinís mask. He is smiling.

Shin: These very people that I judged as crazyÖeach and every one of them is a human life that deserves to be lived. I canít just sit back and do nothing. I must be the light that leads them through these dark times.

Shin puts both of his hands up to signal that they allow him to speak. They slowly quiet down.

Shin: My people, you have all been attacked by a force by which you donít understand. Fear not, because I will be the one to drive that force away for good.
Man 1: What was that power you displayed just now? You moved faster than I could see.
Shin: I have trained long and hard for this moment. The moment when I can protect people from evil threats.

A young boy comes up to Shin.

Boy: Mr. Amitay, will I ever be as strong as you?
Shin: You can. But you need the right desire. You have to want to protect the people you love most.

Meanwhile, Juste and Koenma are watching this on the monitor.

Koenma: Heís back to the Shin we know.
Juste: No, thatís not quite right. Heís a little different. His aura is different.
Koenma: HmmÖyouíre right. His newfound appreciate for life has changed him to be moreÖtranquil.

Shin: All I have to say isÖfuck yeah Iím back!

Koenma: Scratch thatÖ

Later that day, Shin approaches Ming Xiao on her corner.

Ming: Oh! Youíre coming to visit me now, Mr. Hero?
Shin: I apologize for the way I acted the other day.
Ming: Heh, apology accepted, but on one condition.
Shin: Iím not into buying expired goods. I hear thereís a recall on them anyway.
Ming: But Iím not sellingÖhey!
Shin: Just kidding. Whatís your condition?
Ming: Buy me dinner.
Shin: I think thatís reasonable.
Ming: Oh, and you have to be in your normal clothes. I wanna see your face.
Shin: If my face is the only thing you want to see, then we have a deal.

Shin dramatically turns around and walks away as the back of his cloak flutters in the wind.

Ming: Expired goods, huh? Looks like heís gotten better.

That night, Shin is sitting on the apartment building as usual.

Shin: I still feel bad, but I can tell that the worst is behind me. I have good influences to help me when I stumble.

Koenma appears behind him. Shin turns his head to look at him.

Shin: Are you mad that I showed some of my power in public like that?
Koenma: You did what you had to. You chose correctly this time. You chose to value human life over anything else. To that end, I approve.
Shin: I see. Thanks. So why have you come?
Koenma: Your brother wants to see you.
Shin: Yeah?

Shin is taken to Spirit World and he goes to Justeís room. Juste is standing there, smiling at Shin.

Juste: To think my little brother has grown up enough to not have to rely on me.
Shin: Is that why you never said anything the last few days?
Juste: Yes. I know it was hard for you, and that your trials arenít exactly over. But I needed to know that you could be okay without me. When we were younger-
Shin: I know. How do you think Iím still alive today, even after losing the person closest to me?
Juste: Youíre right. I didnít even think of that.
Shin: I havenít been able to rely on you the last three years. At some point I had to stop relying on you for support.
Juste: I was not watching the entire time. What was it that set you straight?
Shin: Our parents. Both of them, for once.
Juste: Good to see they are still acting like parents to you.
Shin: Do you know what Mom said to me? She said, ďWhen life fucks you, fuck it backĒ. Hahahaha!
Juste: Hahahahahaha! I guess you know where your incessant cursing came from.
Shin: Itís just a good thing I didnít inherit her bipolar disorder.

They laugh together for a good minute.

Juste: Itís about time for you to get going. You have much to do yet in China, brother.
Shin: Right.

They give each other the thumbs up and Shin leaves the room.

Shin has learned a valuable lesson through his trials. Though he is not completely better, he has made giant progress this day. While Shin recovers, he has a mission still on his hands. Is there anything Shin can do to uncover the demon that has presumptively gone into hiding?
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Chapter 25

The next day, Shin is having a checkup with Dr. Chen.

Chen: Your heart rate and blood pressure arenít quite normal yet, but itís a lot better than the first visit.
Shin: Ah, thatís good to hear.
Chen: Generally, your health has drastically improved, though you still need some more time to recover. Have you had any triggers lately?
Shin: Not recently. Though admittedly, I havenít been able to test it in a few days.
Chen: I see. I would be on the lookout for that.
Shin: Got it.
Chen: How many hours of sleep did you get last night?
Shin: Six, about two hours off my normal schedule.
Chen: Thatís important, of course. At your age, eight is ideal.
Shin: Right. And about payment, if you can put all the visits together on one bill, I will pay you as soon as I get paid, which is in two days.
Chen: Normally, I wouldnít be able to accept that, but I know where you live. Hahaha.
Shin: Heh. Whatíll you do, inject my ass with some crazy mutation? Make me a test experiment?
Chen: Maybe.
Shin: Well, Iíll be sure not to cross you.

After the visit ends, Shin changes into the disguise and patrols District 8. Nothing seems to be going on as of now. A few people greet him here and there and thank him again for yesterdayís events.

Shin: This would be a good time to check out the crime scene real quick.

Shin goes back to the place where the drug dumping occurred.

Shin: If I can pick up any residual demon energy, I MIGHT be able to get some kind of clue.

He scours the area, while actively sensing. Thereís nothing there that even suggests demon energy was ever present.

Shin: This demon likely wasnít here for a month or longer. Thereís literally nothing. He was very cautious to begin with. I canít imagine what heís doing now that he found me out. Thereís just one more thing I need to check before getting back to my rounds.

He leaves and goes into a random store, goes into the bathroom and checks the PH of the sink water.

Shin: The water is basically back to normal. That means that tomorrow, everyone who actively ingests the water here will be experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Most of them will probably have bad headaches that they canít get rid of. Iíd better talk to the chief about this.

Later that day, Shin is in the chiefís office.

Chief: So, how is the investigation going?
Shin: No leads, but I think their plan is about to kick in.
Chief: So the water should be fine now then.
Shin: Yes. So you know what that means for the citizens.
Chief: Shin, here are your orders for tomorrow. You are to be out of your disguise tomorrow and blend in District 8. Iím going to have an extra pair of officers doing your normal job. You look for drug activity and tail whoever is engaging. Do you understand?
Shin: Yes, sir.
Chief: Good. By the way, you sound better.
Shin: I am getting better, sir. Thank you.
Chief: This is where it counts, Shin. If you succeed here, you get a pay raise.
Shin: Thank you, sir. I wonít fail.

After finishing up in the office, Shin is back on the streets. While up against a building, he senses Ming behind him.

Shin: Whatís up?
Ming: I have a lead!
Shin: You what?!

Shin takes Ming into the nearest alleyway. He checks all around him to make sure no one is listening.

Shin: Tell me everything.
Ming: There was someone last night who talked about a masked man who destroyed their drug factory.
Shin: He divulged that explicit of information?
Ming: He was very drunk and seemed to be able to tell me everything when pleased.
Shin: Go on.
Ming: He said something about selling ďthe good shitĒ two days from now.
Shin: The wheels are finally turning. We were right all along.
Ming: I followed him back to his place. I have the address for you. Itís saved on my phone.
Shin: Youíre amazing.
Ming: *Blush* You really think so?

Shin hands her a wad of cash.

Shin: I told you that Iím generous.
Ming: What is your number?

Shin gives it to her.

Ming: Iím going to text it to you.

His ringtone goes off instead.

Ming: Oops, I accidentally called.
Shin: Shit!

Shin grabs Ming and jumps away from the scene, just as people start to crowd the alley. Theyíre standing on top of a building and Shin is still carrying her. She is blushing even harder now. He takes note and puts her down on her feet.

Ming: You certainly know how to sweep a girl off her feet.
Shin: I even deleted the fucking file off my phone. Why wonít it go away?
Ming: Okay, I just texted you instead.

He gets the text this time. He reads it.

Shin: Solid. Iíll look it up to find it.
Ming: That was some jump.
Shin: Yeah, well you already saw my power before. Figured Iíd allow you to see that as well.
Ming: Just who are you, anyway?
Shin: Maybe one day Iíll tell you. For now, just know that I am not an ordinary human.
Ming: I can tell that much!
Shin: Anyway, keep it up and youíll get much more money from me. If my plan works the way it played out in my head, I might end up rich through the process of this whole debacle.
Ming: Can you at least tell me what is going on?
Shin: Have you been drinking the water around here?
Ming: No, Iíve been doing bottled or outside the district like you told me to.
Shin: Then youíre safe. Up until today, there were drugs polluting the water supply. I would wait just one more day until you start drinking the water here again. When I checked the PH it wasnít quite normal yet, but it will be by tomorrow.
Ming: Okay, good.
Shin: Thanks again.
Ming: UmÖI canít get down by myself. Can you carry me down?
Shin: I suppose.

Shin scoops her and holds her like a basket. With both of his arms occupied, she steals his mask off his face and his hood falls off just as he jumps off the building. We see it from her perspective in slow motion with Shinís hair fluttering marvelously in the wind with his currently stoic face. Ming is seen red in the face by the time Shin touches down on the ground in an alleyway. He puts her down and takes the mask back and fastens it back on with the hood.

Shin: What was that about?
Ming: IíllÖpay you to come back with me tonight.
Shin: Oh, really? I thought it was supposed to be the other way around.
Ming: Wait, what am I saying?

She turns around from Shin, twiddling her thumbs as she starts muttering to herself. While sheís doing that, Shin disappears. She doesnít even notice, as she is completely perplexed by her array of emotions.

Ming: What Iím trying to say isÖI meanÖthat is to sayÖ

She finally turns around to see that heís not there.

Ming: (Whining tone) Hahhhhhhhhh. He left.

Shin is back on patrol. He is smiling.

Shin: Dad, did you see that? A prostitute was willing to pay me for sex. Hahahaha! Iíll have to tell him when I get homeÖah, but Mom shouldnít be around to hear that.

With no crimes going on, Shin decides to trace the address on his phoneís GPS. Itís an apartment in a small complex. He camps out above the building.

Shin: I should have gotten a security camera fromÖoh wait!

He pulls out the camera he took from the factory.

Shin: I knew it would come in handy today.

He sets up the camera up high from an abandoned balcony just across the way from the apartment where the person lives. We can see Shin lying down (think like a sniper), looking at the camera to make sure the angle is right.

Shin: This is perfect.

He leaves the camera there and then goes back to his job. He picks it up later that night and starts reviewing the tapes. Someone is seen exiting the apartment in question, and he gets a good look at the man.

Shin: This guy wonít exactly be easy to find on the streets. All you Chinese people look the same. At least I know he has round glasses. (Sarcastic tone) That should at least narrow it down to about ten million. I have one more thing to do here and Iím done.

He heads back through the district one more time before going home. He sees a robber in the night, stealing a womanís purse.

Shin: Finally, some action.

The woman screams for the man, and all of the sudden, Shin starts to hear the screams in his head again.

Shin: AHHH! No! I wonít let this beat me!

Shin forces himself after the thief and corners him in an alleyway. The voices have subsided for now.

Shin: That was less intense and lasted less time than usual.
Thief: Shit, itís that hero.
Shin: Give the purse back, jackass.
Thief: Fuck off.
Shin: Itís on.

He cracks his knuckles and takes the Ten stance. The man comes at Shin with a knife, but Shin steps on his foot with his left foot and uses it to vault over the man. He turns around and the thief also turns around. He tries to stab Shin, but he smoothly dodges to his left and then follows up by using his momentum to bring his body down a little while making his hands make a crescent moon shaped movement into a double palm strike, which knocks the man back. This evade and counter was fluid and did not use any of Shinís strength as a spirit detective.

Shin: I did it. It actually worked. Letís keep going.

The thief recovers and goes to stab Shin again. He keeps his Ten stance and then spin dodges behind the man and then kicks out of his spin to send him to the ground. The thief is slow to get up, but does. Shin switches to Seiryoku. The transition isnít entirely fluid, but enough to be somewhat practical. He goes for one last stab, but Shin attacks with a hard punch using Seiryokuís stance motion. He lands it to the thiefís face, which knocks him out and puts him on the ground. He puts the man in cuffs, just as the woman comes running.

Woman: Thank you, Mr. Amitay!

He gives the woman her purse.

Shin: No problem, maíam. You shouldnít be out alone this late.
Woman: Iíll be more careful.

He takes the criminal back to the precinct and then leaves.

Shin: It really fucking worked. Iím really starting to get the hang of this tiger style. I canít wait to tell Shifu.

Later on, he is sitting on his bed.

Shin: If this battle of wits is a game of chess, then I believe the game has been going as the following. The fact that I took out the factory was more or less like taking out a bishop or knight. But on the flipside, now that the demon knows about my power is like me losing one of them as well. But little do they know that Ming is one of my rooks, and her information as well as the fact that I have one of the dealers figured out is a rook that might as well have been taken out. This plan of theirs is their queen. Itís only a matter of time before I move my own queen. But for now, Iíll be happy using my other pieces to get the positional advantage.

There are different scenarios in his head playing out on a chessboard. We are not entirely sure what these scenarios mean in application terms, however.

Shin: Iíd better not think too much about it now. I need to get some sleep.

The oppositionís queenÖis about to move!
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