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 Detective Shin

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Detective Shin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin - Page 2 EmptyAugust 23rd 2015, 11:10 am

Chapter 26

The next morning, Shin is sitting in front of Wuhai.

Shin: Last night, I was able to use Ten and Seiryoku correctly, for the most part.
Wuhai: Is that right? Then you are making fast progress. Most people arenít ready for practical application for at least a month.
Shin: Really? I thought I was doing poorly.
Wuhai: Itís the opposite. You have incredible learning capacity.
Shin: Thatís great to hear. Some serious shit is going on in my district. Ah-my bad, Shifu. My language is still sub-par haha.
Wuhai: Itís okay. Let us just get to practice so that you can go out on your patrol.

After they practice, Shin is eating a pork bun while walking in the streets of district 8. He is looking at his phone frequently and then looking up. With a closer look, we see a still image of the video he took with the drug dealerís image.

Shin: Nothing yet.

Just then, he spots something out of the corner of his eye. A (male) child drops to his knees and holds his head in pain.

Child: It hurts! My head!
Shin: The symptoms are kicking in this early for some children. Theyíll soon affect the adults then. Unfortunately, thereís nothing I can do.

Shin turns away from the kid and grimaces as he walks away, unable to come to his aid. After finishing his pork bun and a cold canned drink, he continues to scan around for a match to his picture.

Shin: (mumbling in Japanese) How hard can it be to find one person? (sarcastic) I mean, itís not like this country has a lot of people or anything. Ah, I could have gone to his house to tail him, but I have to keep an eye out for more potential dealers. I have him on lock already.

At that moment, a gunshot is heard. Shin moves toward the sound and sees a man in a ski-mask standing on top of a car with an automatic rifle. Shin is standing amidst a crowd of people.

Shin: Is this also a withdrawal symptom? Nah, heís probably just insane.

Shin goes to move, but then stops himself.

Shin: Thatís right. Iím not in my disguise. Shit. Where are those damn cops that are supposed to be on duty?!

One man steps up to him to try and pacify him, but gets shot in the head instantly. The crowd starts to panic and begin taking out their wallets.

Shin: I canít take this anymore! I have to do something! If I can just get a distractionÖthatís it!

Shin goes to his phone and texts someone very fast. After heís done, he puts his phone down on the ground and then is able to slip to the front of the crowd. In his right hand, he starts to charge up his spirit gun.

Shin: Címon, címon, címon.

A few moments later, his ringtone goes off. This instantly distracts everyone, including the gunman. At that moment, Shin fires off a small spirit gun, which knocks the gun out of his hands and far away.

Man: Huh?
Shin: Everyone! He dropped his gun!

They all turn back to see the man unarmed and swarm him. They eventually pull him off the car and restrain him. Shin walks up to his phone, which is ringing for a second time. Some people are still crowded around it.

Shin: Hehe. So thatís where I left it. I sure am clumsy.

He takes his phone and answers it.

Shin: Arigato, Ming.

He immediately hangs up and starts walking away.

Shin: That didnít get me any closer to finding any information, but I couldnít just sit there and do nothing. I guess this ringtone came in handy for at least one thing.

Shin then senses a presence. He looks to his left to see the half-demon in dark green garb. Sheís looking at him.

Shin: You.
Woman: So thatís what you look like under the mask. Not bad.
Shin: You saw?
Woman: That was impressive. Youíre no demon. And yetÖ
Shin: No, Iím not. Are you willing to share some information with me yet?
Woman: I duuunnoooo. What are you willing to give me in return?
Shin: Come with me.

He points to the nearest alleyway.

Woman: Woah. Papa told me never to follow strange men into-

While sheís speaking, Shin looks around him to make sure no one is looking and then grabs her and disappears. They appear in that alley and then he puts her down.

Shin: *Smirks* You were saying?
Woman: How rude!
Shin: I have a lock on one of the drug dealers. Will that suffice if I show you where he lives?
Woman: HmmÖthat is good! What is it you want to know?
Shin: Iíd like to know why youíre after these guys.
Woman: If youíre really that interested, Iíll tell you. But first-
Shin: My information is of more importance. You go first.
Woman: Fine! So, anyway, their boss is responsible for myÖ.my mamaís death.
Shin: Was she a demon?
Woman: Yes. The boss and mama had a falling out. They were from the same clan. After that, papa was forced to work for them. Heís stuck in this drug business and he canít get out!
Shin: I see. He wouldnít happen to be this man, would he?

Shin shows her the picture.

Woman: No, thatís not him.
Shin: So your motiveÖitís revenge. I can sympathize.
Woman: You can?
Shin: Yes.
Woman: Why is that?
Shin: Iíll tell you why, if you tell me what the boss looks like. Judging by your story, you should have seen him at least once.
Woman: Yes! Iíll never forget that stupid face of his!

The woman describes the boss and then Shin consequently tells her about Juste.

Woman: Wow.
Shin: So, if weíre still playing this game, are you willing to exchange your name for mine?
Woman: I suppose so. You donít seem so scary anymore, mister.
Shin: Sorry. You caught me on an off day the last time.
Woman: I am Xio (Pronounced Shee-Oh) Hao (How).
Shin: Shin Yakamoru, Spirit Detective.
Xio: That was spirit energy after all then! HowÖ
Shin: I donít quite understand it either.
Xio: Now, your information, please!
Shin: I canít right now. Iím on patrol. Oh, I should mention that Iím an undercover cop. Meet me here later tonight and Iíll show you. 11PM.
Xio: You got it! Iíll kill you if you donít show up!
Shin: You have my word.

Shin walks away and walks among the people again. He starts to see more and more withdrawal symptoms occurring to people of all ages.

Shin: I know they said that they would be starting the plan tomorrow, but you would think that theyíd try to build a little bit of a reputation today.

Hours pass with nothing. Shin eats lunch and just after, he continues his patrol.

Shin: I donít sense Xio around. Unless sheís hiding her presence, sheís not tailing me. I need to keep an eye on her. Thereís something fishy about that girl.

There is now a woman who is hunched over a guardrail and puking into the river. She is yelling in pain in between.

Shin: Thatís a charming sight.

Just then, a man approaches her. This piques Shinís interest.

Shin: Unless that guyís into some real nasty shit, I might have found someone worth tailing.

We cannot make out what they are talking about, because Shin is too far away. But Shin notices him slip the woman two pills. Shin gets closer without looking too suspicious.

Woman: Free?
Man: Yes, maíam. Iíll be selling some tomorrow. If they work for you, come find me.
Shin: Yes!

After that quick transaction, the man starts to move. Shin tails behind him a safe distance.

Shin: This makes sense. They obviously waited till the afternoon when peopleís patience for this pain has worn very thin. Theyíre giving out free samples to build a bigger customer base. Those drugs are guaranteed to work, because theyíre the exact drugs that these people are dependent on. This plan is genius. Too bad for them, itíll collapse on them when all is said and done.

Shin follows this man all day, where he does much of the same thing that he did to the woman from before. At the end of the day, he meets someone who gives him a large crate that he carries away. He eventually goes back to his home, which is an apartment and brings the crate in. We see Shin standing on the building above.

Shin: Perfect. Iíve found two dealers. Now, how to attack this? Hmm, Iíd better go meet up with Xio first.

He goes to the alleyway at about 11pm and then waits. In only minutes, Xio arrives.

Shin: Yo.
Xio: Hey! You came after all.
Shin: Are you ready?
Xio: Yeah.

She follows Shin to the first dealerís home.

Xio: Wow, you are good. How did you find it?
Shin: I haveÖconnections in low places.
Xio: Sounds shady.
Shin: Itís not as bad as it sounds. So listen, now that you have your information, would you like to work with me?
Xio: What do you mean?
Shin: Our interests align. If you help me out, we can get to the heart of things quicker.
Xio: Are you sure?
Shin: I have a plan.
Xio: Tell me then!
Shin: Are you saying yes then?
Xio: Yes, damn it!
Shin: Can you break in this manís house silently?
Xio: No, Iím not THAT good.
Shin: But you can break in?
Xio: Yes.
Shin: Good. Then what I want you to do is to wait for him to leave and then steal his crate full of drugs. Bring them to me.
Xio: You! You just want the stuff for yourself!
Shin: Listen. The sooner he runs out of drugs, heíll have to re-supply. Meaning that-
Xio: Oooh ooh! I get it now!
Shin: You donít have to be so loud, you know. It is nighttime.
Xio: Sorry. So you want me to tail the guy to when he re-supplies so that I can then tail whoever gives him the stuff.
Shin: Exactly. I have another place that I want you to pilfer from. But Iíll take care of everything else on that end after youíve done that.
Xio: So, then what after that?
Shin: We can try to get ourselves up the corporate chain till we can find the boss. If it doesnít work out as simple as that, I have another plan to draw him out.

Meanwhile, Koenma and Juste are watching this conversation.

Juste: I donít think it will be so simple. Shin knows that. What is his back up plan?
Koenma: I have no idea. But I have to say that Iím impressed at his detective work so far.
Juste: Shin has always been very intelligent. He would have been easily accepted to the best university in Japan had you not interfered.
Koenma: You know why I did that.
Juste: Yes.
Koenma: Yusuke was a delinquent who never showed up to school in the first place. Itís not like he was lacking in free time to do his spirit detective work.
Juste: Yusuke the slacker and delinquent, and yet he became the greatest detective. Whereas Shin is the exact opposite to him. He will rise to greatness through hard work and diligence.

Shin: So, youíre in?
Xio: Papa told me not to trust strangers, but I feel like I can trust you for some reason. You seem very dependable.
Shin: Good. Iím going to help you get your revenge, and youíll help me in my detective work. Itís a win-win.
Xio: Just one question, mister Shin.
Shin: Yes?
Xio: Youíre not after my body or anything like that?
Shin: Is that what youíre used to with the men that your father is forced to work for?

Xio silently nods.

Shin: Iím sorry. No, I donít have any interest. I believe in saving myself for someone that I love.
Xio: Thatís pretty rare these days.
Shin: Iím old fashioned, yeah, but itís something I decided for myself. I wonít blame anyone else for not following my principles.
Xio: Have you found that person already?
Shin: Afraid not. Now if youíll excuse me, I have someone else to speak to.

Shin disappears.

Xio: HeÖdoesnít want me just for my body? There are still men out there like that? Papa, hold on. I think I can trust this one.

We now go back to Japan, earlier in the day. We are taken to a ring where two people are boxing. There is a VIP box area above where there are a few people. Among them we recognize as an older Kuwabara. His hair is the same, but he is wearing glasses now and has a business suit and tie on. Someone approaches him.

Man: Mr. President, some drunken idiot is here to speak to you. He says itís extremely important.
Kuwabara: What does he want?
Man: We canít understand everything he was saying, but one word he saidÖhe said ďSuichiĒ. You know a Suichi, donít you?
Kuwabara: What?! Take me to this man immediately!

Kuwabara exits the building to see Dean stumbling around.

Kuwabara: You, kid. Youíre the one who mentioned something about Suichi?
Dean: AhÖyeah. Professor sent me. He wantsÖagh just a minute.

Dean slumps against the nearest wall, but just then, Kurama appears behind him.

Kurama: Hello, Kuwabara. Iím afraid he came here without me.
Kuwabara: Whatís all this about, Kurama?
Kurama: Ah, well, this man. He was one of my students and now heís developed a strong sense of spiritual awareness. Heís eerily similar to you in that regard.
Kuwabara: You want me to train him, is that it?
Dean: Yes, sir. Iím okay now. Really.

Deanís expression turns serious.

Dean: I need to help Shin out. He needs me.
Kuwabara: Who is Shin?
Kurama: I should explain the situation to you. Is this a bad time?
Kuwabara: No, I can step away.
Kurama: Good. Because I brought even more company.
???1: Shit, this is why you brought us?
???2: This better be good, Kurama.

Both Yusuke and Hiei step out from the shadows.

Team Urameshi reunitesÖbut for what purpose?
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Detective Shin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin - Page 2 EmptyAugust 24th 2015, 1:34 pm

Chapter 27

It is later that night, and the four from Team Urameshi are sitting at a table.

Kurama: So thatís basically whatís happening, Kuwabara.
Kuwabara: So this Shin guy, heís off training in China.
Hiei: So then, why have you called me here if youíre just telling Kuwabara whatís happening? I already know all this.
Kurama: Hiei, can you tell us whatís happening with the search for the soul stealer?
Hiei: The coward hides himself well. He knows he canít defeat me.
Yusuke: Well, shorty, youíre the only one out of us that has kept up with the training.
Hiei: Obviously, Yusuke. I am the ruler of demons now.
Kurama: Shin and Endull, as you know, are being trained up to be able to deal with his threats. But I donít feel that itís enough. There may be a time when we all must fight again. But thatís not all. They need some reliable allies as well. Drago seems worthy, but Dean is lacking. He has strong potential though. Thatís why you are the best choice, Kuwabara.
Kuwabara: Why not Urameshi?
Yusuke: Werenít you listening with that thick head of yours? That guy most resembles you. I already trained Shin.
Kurama: That training seems to have paid off, Yusuke.
Yusuke: No kidding. He learned the shotgun that fast. But Kurama, do you know why his energy is red?
Kurama: No. No one seems to know. But one thing is for sure: heís not like you.
Yusuke: Good. We canít have that happen again.
Kuwabara: Iíll train the kid. If he wants to protect his friend, I understand too well.
Kurama: Thank you, Kuwabara. Now, our next topic of interestÖ

We switch back to Shin, who is speaking to the chief shortly after meeting with Xio.

Chief: You found not one, but two drug dealers? How the fuck did you do that?!
Shin: You want the truth? One of them I found on patrol the normal way. But the first one I found about using a prostitute.
Chief: Too much information. What you do in your private life is your business.
Shin: No, not like that. I mean, I had her gather information while she worked. I haveÖcertain leverage on her.
Chief: I see. What are you going to do now?
Shin: Iím going to see if I canít sabotage the operation. That should bring the supplier out of hiding. After that, I have careful measures planned out. The only thing I ask of you is to leave this to me.
Chief: Leave it to you? Why should I? Youíve done a great job, but youíre still relatively new here. You need back up.
Shin: The fewer people involved in this mess the better. If we send too many people, weíll scare them again and theyíll go back into hiding. My plan is to tickle them just enough that theyíll be apprehensive, but not fearful.
Chief: It sounds like you have things sorted out then.
Shin: So, no one will interfere until I call for help?
Chief: Yes. This is not normal procedure, but neither is this case. Sometimes unorthodox methods are necessary.
Shin: Thank you, Chief.
Chief: Iím a former drug addict, Shin. I know what itís like to be stuck in that kind of situation. You need to help these people.
Shin: You have my word.

The next morning, Shin is back in his disguise and patrolling. Many people seem normal today, while others are still in pain.

Woman: Hey, you havenít gotten the pill yet?
Man: What pill? AGH MY FUCKING HEAD!
Woman: Theyíre selling this miracle pill all over the place. It cured my headache in 30 minutes.
Man: Really? I gotta go get me some of that.
Shin: Word of mouth is a powerful thing, especially when people are desperate.

After a few minutes, he sees Ming looking around. When she spots him, she runs up to him.

Shin: Whatís wrong?
Ming: Some assholes took my corner. So this is what they meant?
Shin: Yes.
Ming: By the way, what was that about yesterday? I got so excited because you wanted me to call you.
Shin: Oh, that. Yeah, I needed a quick distraction. You saved many innocent lives.
Ming: I did? Oh. Well, I guess I can forgive you then.
Shin: Anyway, do you have any more information for me?
Ming: Nothing, sorry.
Shin: Thatís okay. I think I have just about all I need.

Shin pulls his phone and goes to something. He shows it to Ming.

Shin: This is the recording I took of you before.

He deletes it in front of her.

Shin: Iím releasing you from that.
Ming: Thank you. But why now?
Shin: I trust you not to rat my powers out. I knew that our leverage was equal the second you saw them.
Ming: I wonít say a word. Just so thatís clear, come to this address tonight. Youíll understand why.

Shin receives a text from her after she types in on her phone.

Shin: I see. If I have time, I will drop by.
Female Voice: And just who is this?
Shin: ! That voice.

Xio approaches them. The two girls immediately start to size each other up.

Xio: SheísÖthose are huge! I canít compete with those assets!
Ming: Sheís small and petite. Is that the type of girl he goes for?!
Shin: Xio, what are you doing here?
Xio: Looking for you, thatís what!
Shin: Ah, did you do what I asked?
Xio: You bet! You know, itís not easy to find you when youíre suppressingÖ*Pauses*
Shin: Itís alright. She knows about me. Thatís my bad for not giving you my number.
Xio: Itís Ďkay kay. Just give it to me now.

He verbalizes the number to her.

Ming: Arenít you going to introduce us to each other?
Xio: Yeah, Shin!
Shin: Itís Amitay, damn it! And okay. Ming, this is Xio. Sheís working with me on this case. Xio, this is Ming. She has gathered information for me, some info that has been very helpful to you. Anyway, Ming, letís go back to those assholes that stole your corner.
Ming: They set up a cart and everything. I tried to tell themÖ
Shin: Did they hurt you?
Ming: A little.
Shin: I see. Do you want that corner back?
Ming: Youíre not going toÖ

Shin starts to walk away. The two girls follow him.

Ming: Why are you doing this?
Shin: Weíre no longer in business, but weíre friends still. I wonít let that slide.

They make it to the corner where Ming usually works. There are two men in business suits sitting at a cart with pills on it. There is a short line of people waiting to buy.

Shin: Did you hurt this lady?
Man 1: Fuck off. I donít have time to deal with you.
Shin: Answer me, you prick.
Man 1: Why do you care about that woman anyway? Sheís a whore! Scum!
Man 2: Oy, donít you know who he is?

Shin punches the first man straight down into the ground, smashing his chair from the impact as well.

Shin: Prostitutes are still humanÖ..even if they are the most likely to start a zombie apocalypse. Move your stand across the street. Youíre interrupting commerce.
Man 2: Yes, Mr. Amitay, sir.

The other man moves the cart while the other is out cold still. Ming resumes her work while Shin and Xio walk away.

Xio: That was nice of you.
Shin: Yeah.
Xio: What did you mean by ďmost likely to start a zombie apocalypseĒ?
Shin: When youíre olderÖ
Xio: Hey, Iíll have you know Iím 18. I might look younger, but Iím not.
Shin: Oh, how Ďbout that? So, where are the crates?
Xio: I brought them back to my place. Itís not far.

Shin is on a rooftop a bit later and then Xio brings him the two crates. Shin opens them to see most of the drugs in them.

Shin: That looks about right based on how much they took out for the day. Good work.
Xio: Thanks. What will you do with them?
Shin: Iím keeping them out of circulation for now. When all is said and done, the police will do what they want with them.
Xio: And may I ask why I specifically had to do the pilfering?
Shin: I would have reluctantly done it myself if you hadnít come along. But ultimately both of my personas could be compromised if I was caught. My identity as Amitay is a hero, not a thief. And if I were identified, the police force would receive a lot of fire. I canít let them know what Iím up to just yet.
Xio: I see. But what about MY reputation?
Shin: Iím sure you would have objected if it were that important to you.
Xio: Yeah, youíre right.
Shin: In either case, Iím going to take these back immediately. Itís important that I get back to the streets to try and prevent as much crime as possible.
Xio: Right.
Shin: You need some more rest, right? Go ahead. I got it from here. But once the night starts, Iíll need you to keep watch over the first location in case he moves to his supplier.
Xio: Got it.

Later that night, Shin is walking without his disguise.

Shin: The two of them. When they first saw each other, they had a look of jealousy. How do I handle this situation? Best-case scenario they both fall in love with each other. Now thatís something Iíd like to watch.

Shin reaches into his pocket and realizes something is in there.

Shin: Oh, my PH tester. This thing must have been through the washer. I wonder if it still works.
GPS: Arriving at destination on right.
Shin: This must be it.

He arrives at a small town house. He looks for a specific number above the door, finds it and then knocks on it.

Shin: If this is her house, then I understand what she meant. If she betrayed me, I now know where she lives. Thatís pretty raw.

Ming answers the door and then giggles.

Ming: Hey, stud. Come on in.
Shin: I canít stay long.
Ming: Thatís fine.

He enters the house, which is very neat with relatively low-grade furniture that is well kept. Another girl comes to greet him. She looks younger than Ming, but resembles her greatly.

Ming: Shin, this is my little sister, Min.
Min: Pleasure to meet you, Shin.
Shin: Hello.
Ming: Anyway, what I have to give you is right in this room over here.

She leads him to a door and then opens it. He walks in and then she closes the door behind her. The light flicks on to see that it is a bedroom.

Shin: Oh, I donít know if I like where this is going.
Ming: Thank you for earlier, Shin. You made me feel special. No one else would do that for someone like me.
Shin: Let me ask you a question. Do you support yourself and your sister with what you make from that job?
Ming: Yes. Min works part time, but itís only enough to pay for some of her small expenses.
Shin: Then I donít care what you do. Take pride in your job.
Ming: But, donít you always make fun of me for it?
Shin: I like to rattle everyone. True, itís not my first choice for a job, but thereís nothing wrong with it if it puts food on the table.
Ming: I see. Youíre right. So right.

Her face is turning redder by the second.

Shin: Uh oh. Maybe I went too far.
Ming: I canít take it anymore!

She flips the light switch off and then Shin receives a push. He lands on her bed, though does not seem to be resisting at all. He then feels her weight come on top of him. Shin illuminates the area by concentrating spirit energy in one hand.

Ming: YouíreÖnot resisting at all? Why?
Shin: What are you going to do?
Ming: Well, you know.
Shin: Do whatever you want to me. Itís my fault for teasing you. Have your reward. I wonít resist.

Ming contemplates for a few seconds.

Ming: Okay then. Itadakimasu!
Shin: Woah, shit. I wasnít actually serious!

Shin breaks free of her grasp instantly and stands up.

Shin: You were supposed to say, (high pitched girly imitation) ďI wonít do it. You have to be willingĒ or some shit like that. Have some shame, girl.
Ming: Sorry. I donít know what came over me.
Shin: Luckily, it wasnít me.

Shin finds the light switch.

Shin: Hmm, but while weíre here like this, we can play a game.

He pulls out his PH tester.

Shin: Go ahead and put this in there instead. Then science can finally know: Is it an acid or a base?
Ming: No man has ever accepted me like that before. Everyone looks at me the same. But youíre different. No one treats me like Iím human. Thatís why when you stood up for me earlierÖ
Shin: I understand. Well, maybe I donít. Do you have any friends at all?
Ming: The concept of friendÖI donít really understand it, Iím afraid. Iím an object, good for only one thing. But maybe I do now. It made me so happy, the things you did and said today.
Shin: What about Min?
Ming: Sheís different. But sheís all Iíve ever had for years. Our parents left us when I was only 16. Iíve been taking care of her ever since. I was sold into sex slavery by them for four long years before they decided that it wasnít making them enough money.
Shin: So ever since, you couldnít get another job, thanks to your work history. My god.
Ming: Shin? Iím sorry. Iím gushing out all of this now after I just tried to take you for myself. Youíre still only just 18. Is this hard to hear?
Shin: A little, but I can handle it. Iíve experienced my own shit. My brother was murdered right in front of my eyes and his fiancť committed suicide shortly after. And I was powerless to do a thing. And I killed all those innocent women.

Ming is now lying on her bed, exhausted.

Shin: Iíll just leave now. You look exhausted beyond belief.
Ming: Yeah. I just need-

She falls asleep. He looks at her for a few seconds and then takes a huge sigh of relief.

Shin: (Whispering) That was fucking close. I nearly lost control there. Curse you, teenage hormones.

He leaves the room and quietly closes the door.

Shin: Sheís sleeping now.
Min: Okay, thatís good. She needs her rest.
Shin: How much rest does she get every day?
Min: 3 hours usually. 4 if sheís lucky.
Shin: I thought so. Sheís a tough lady.
Min: She talks about you a lot. It made it seem like you are a couple. Do you love her?
Shin: Iím afraid not. Persistence unfortunately does not change a manís heart.
Min: Thatís a shame. You see, a prostituteís bed is sacred. Of any man she sleeps with, if she willingly takes one back to her own, that means something.
Shin: Thatís quite profound. Well, nothing happened in the end.
Min: I see.
Shin: I have to get going now. I have to get back to my work.
Min: Okay. Nice meeting you.
Shin: Likewise.

Shin leaves and goes to the second dealerís stakeout location. He is contemplating while watching.

Shin: My view on things have changed somewhat since coming to China. I used to see all prostitutes the same way Ming described. But Iíve come to learn better. But unfortunately, I donít love her. I canít compromise myself for her. Thatís the sad fact. But to be honest, if I did fall in love with a woman, it wouldnít be bad if it was someone like her.

Just then, he starts bursting out laughing.

Shin: A prostituteís bed is sacred? What a weird conversation.

Shin has another lesson on human life and how precious it can be. But his mind has to be focused, as the mission is heating up quickly. Itís rapidly reaching its climax!
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Chapter 28

Shin is still on his stakeout. It is late at night. He receives a text from Xio. The following is conversation by texting.

Xio: NEthing on ur end
Shin: No, nothing. You?
Xio: no smh im bored
Shin: Yeah, same.
Xio: so who was tht ming grl? Is she bae
Shin: What the fuck is ďbaeĒ?
Xio: bby gurl n shit like that
Shin: No.
Xio: o
Xio: so wut u doin
Shin: Same thing youíre doing. oh wait gotta go
Xio: rly

Shin sees the drug dealer come out of his apartment.

Shin: Perfect. Lead me right to your buddy.

The man is religiously checking all around him every ten or so steps, making the trip tediously long. Shin is staying on the rooftops, out of sight.

Shin: (Texting) This guy is so fucking sloooooooooow!!!!
Xio: u following him
Shin: Yeah. Expect movement on your end soon.
Xio: k

Eventually, he meets up with another male. Shin gets close enough to hear what theyíre saying. He is on top of a roof just above where the two are standing, but he is not in their view.

Man 2: Were you followed?
Man 1: No.
Man 2: So some thief broke in?
Man 1: Yeah, some fuckhead.
Man 2: Do you think itís a coincidence that the day you have all the good shit you get robbed?
Man 1: Definitely not.
Man 2: Our shipment from Hong Kong doesnít come in by boat till Monday around this time. Make it last.

The second man gives the first another crate of drugs.

Man 1: Thank you.
Shin: Yes, thank you for all that detail, jackass.

As they part ways, Shin now starts tailing the supplier.

Shin: (Texting) I just found a goldmine so to speak.
Xio: following him brb

After the man leads Shin back to his own apartment, Shin cackles to himself.

Shin: This plan is going perfectly.

He starts traveling by rooftop while texting.

Shin: (Text) Raise your demon energy for a brief second.

About a minute later, he feels her presence and then finds her.

Shin: How did it go?
Xio: Good. I now know where his supplier lives. You did the same?
Shin: Yes, but not just that. I just learned about a large shipment thatís coming in on Monday at this time.
Xio: Seriously?
Shin: Thatís it. Thatís exactly what I needed and that guy gave it up like an idiot.
Xio: You really think the boss will come out of hiding just like that?
Shin: Iíll force him out one way or another. Three days will pass and theyíll need that shipment. But when that fails, theyíll be in serious trouble.
Xio: I see. So what do you want me to do?
Shin: Today we will find out where the suppliers go and get what information we can. After that, you can just simply rest until the time comes to strike.
Xio: Great. So you donít want me to take more drugs yet?
Shin: Weíll let them think it was just a fluke, a coincidence. But theyíll finally understand when itís too late.
Xio: Hey, the sun will be up in an hour. Wanna wait here and watch it?
Shin: Sure.

They sit down on the current rooftop.

Shin: By the way, why do you text like a 12 year old?
Xio: Itís easier.
Shin: Ugh.

Eventually the sun rises and they watch in awe.

Xio: You sure youíre not too old to be hanging with me like this?
Shin: How old do you think I am anyway?
Xio: Youíre an officer right? You gotta be at least 25.
Shin: Iím the same age as you, more or less.
Xio: What?!
Shin: Iíll be 19 in three months.
Xio: Wow. Youíre only a month older than me.
Shin: And by the way, Iím not really an official officer. My badge is just for formality. Iím actually off the books.
Xio: How does that work?
Shin: *Shrug* Dunno.

Shin stands up and stretches while yawning simultaneously.

Shin: Iím tired as fuck. Good thing Iím off the next two daysÖsort of.
Xio: Iím gonna go to sleep too.
Shin: Well, good night. Thanks for your help again.

Shin jumps away.

Xio: Idiot, thatís my line.

Later that day, Shin is at the police station without his disguise. He is speaking to the chief.

Chief: I need a progress report.
Shin: Everything is going well. Today is Friday, yes? I believe that by the end of Monday we should be in very good shape?
Chief: And why is that?
Shin: Because by Monday, they wonít have anymore drugs to sell and the boss will be forced out of hiding to deal with the situation himself. Letís just say thereís a very important reason that heíll have to show himself.
Chief: I see. I can see that you donít want to tell me specifics. Youíre doing something illegal, arenít you?
Shin: Thatís what it takes to get rid of them.
Chief: Iím not opposed to breaking the law, but you canít let anyone find out that itís coming from one of its enforcers.
Shin: You have my word. Iíve taken precautions to ensure that doesnít happen.
Chief: Good. Iím taking a huge gamble with you, and if you fail, itíll be my head.
Shin: I understand.

Shin leaves and then camps out above the supplierís apartment. After about an hour, he leaves and Shin starts following.

Shin: Where will you go this time?

After following him, he joins up with another man and all of the sudden, Xio lands on the rooftop where Shin is.

Shin: (Whispering) That your target with mine?
Xio: (Whispering) Yes.

They converse in front of a large garage type of building. After doing so, they leave.

Xio: Are you wondering whatís in this garage?
Shin: Hell yeah I am. I wonder if thereís a side or back entrance.

They search the area but find nothing.

Shin: Shit.
Xio: So the only way is through the front door.
Shin: Yeah. The loud ass front door.
Xio: What do we do?
Shin: Fuck it. Letís open it. Weíre in the middle of nowhere anyway.

Shin grabs a lever at the bottom and forces the garage door upwards just enough that they can get through. The inside of the building is stashed with two-dozen crates. Xio whistles in admiration. All of the sudden, a man come out from a back door.

Man: Hey! What are you doing here?!
Shin: ĎScuse me sir. We were looking to buy this property.
Man: I aintí the owner.
Shin: Oh, donít be embarrassed. Itís a beautiful place. Itís just, this place is so secluded.

Shin approaches him and puts his hand in front of his face sideways like he is trying to hide what heís saying from Xio.

Shin: We can get as freaky as we want in here without the neighbors yelling at us.
Man: Heh. I know what you mean. My girlfriend is a moaner; that she is.
Shin: Anyway, sorry for trespassing. We didnít know if it was inhabited or not.
Man: Okay. Say, does your head hurt at all?
Shin: No, why?
Man: Thereís a strange epidemic of headaches going around. Be careful.
Shin: Got it. Youíre not half bad, mister.

They leave.

Xio: That was fast thinking.
Shin: It was also quite close. But at least we know whatís going on in there.
Xio: Do you think we need to do anymore spying?
Shin: No, I think weíre set. I think we also know where the boat will be. The water is right here.
Xio: Great.
Shin: Have you been able to locate your dad yet?
Xio: No. The last time I saw him was a month ago. He must have been turned into a full time slave.
Shin: Damn. They had slaves at the last place I busted, but they were all women.

Shin starts to sweat profusely after he says that.

Xio: Whatís wrong?
Shin: If her father was a slave there, he would have been killedÖby me! Thank the heavens that wasnít the case.
Xio: Shin?
Shin: Iím okay. Itís nothing. So, what now? I have nothing to do.
Xio: Letís go shopping!
Shin: Shopping? Nah, Iíll pass.
Xio: Oh címon!

She grabs Shin by the wrist and starts to pull him.

Shin: Alright alright!

Just then, his phone rings.

Shin: Ah, itís my dad. Iím going to take this.
Xio: Okay.
Shin: Hey.
Neo: Hey, Shin. How you doing?
Shin: Much better. Thanks.
Neo: Thatís good. Your mother has been worrying about y-
Jaide: (in the background) ARE YOU TALKING TO SHIN?!
Neo: Heís fine.
Jaide: Oh. Good.
Shin: Yeah, things have been looking more up.
Neo: Thatís good. Thatís the Shin we raised.
Shin: Thanks again for your call the other day. It helped a lot.
Neo: Glad we can still be parents long distance.
Shin: Yeah. Iím surprised she didnít call me earlier on your phoneÖconsidering that I blocked her number.
Neo: Iíve been able to keep her pacified as of recently.
Shin: Oh god. I better not come home to another bun in the oven.
Neo: No, you donít have to worry about that.
Shin: Good, because if you have another kid, Iím moving out permanently. Though that might be exactly what she wants.
Neo: Donít say that. Anyway, Dean checked in to see if you were home yet. He seems worried about you as well.
Shin: I see. Well, that canít be helped. I told him Iíd be gone for a while, but he was drunk each time I told him.
Neo: Ah, that makes sense. Well, I should probably go. You donít mind if I call you once every few days do you?
Shin: Not at all.
Neo: And Shin, are you going to be alright on Tuesday by yourself?
Shin: ÖIíll be fine. Later.
Neo: Bye.

They hang up.

Xio: I overheard. Whatís Tuesday?
Shin: My brotherís birthday.
Xio: OhÖso how about that shopping trip now?

Shin disappears without another word.

Xio: Really?! That prick!
Shin: Iím a what now?

The picture zooms out to see Shin right behind her.

Shin: It was a joke.
Xio: Hehe. Oopsie.
Shin: Letís just go.

They go into a shopping district and start looking around.

Shin: So, if you couldnít see my movements back there, that means that speed-wise, youíre not quite up to part with me.
Xio: Hey, shut up! You were really close to me, so you evaded my line of sight quicker.
Shin: Hmm, I can accept that for now. Weíll have to race it out later.
Xio: Deal.

Xio grabs Shin by the hand.

Shin: What? If we walk like thisÖ
Man: Whatís that Japanese adult doing with that poor 16 year old?
Woman: I hear Japanese people are super perverts.

Shin smiles at the man and woman.

Shin: (In Japanese while smiling) You two can go fuck each other till you both get aids.
Woman: What a nice boy.
Xio: Hey, letís go into that store!

She pulls on his hand and pulls him into a clothing store.

Shin: Shit, youíre gonna tear my hand off.
Floor Assistant Female: Watch your mouth, sir.
Shin: Sorry.

Xio immediately starts to weave in and out of the aisles of clothing, grabbing things seemingly at random like a tornado blowing through a market.

Xio: I like this! Ooh, thatís cute! So not my style. Ooh!
Shin: Holy sh-ÖdaÖman this is difficult keeping my mouth in check.

After gathering as much clothes as her arms can hold, she storms into a changing room. Shin stands outside, waiting.

Shin: You know, in these situations, the man usually peeks or the woman pulls the man into the changing room.

Shin smirks and the female floor assistant notices it.

Woman: Donít even think about it!
Shin: I wasnít gonna-
Woman: I saw that look. Honestly, all you men are the same.
Shin: I thought about it just as a practical jokeÖ Just like all women are crazy, right? Hmm, though now that I get a better look at youÖ

Shin approaches her and puts his hand under her chin and gazes into her eyes. She starts to become red in the face and then backs up from him.

Woman: What an asshole, but man heís cute. GODS heís cute! W-w-whatÖjust what are you doing, sir?
Shin: Shopping of course. This is a store, is it not? Whatís the matter? Is there something in my eyes?

Eventually, the woman leaves, being flustered too much by him.

Shin: That worked out as well as I hoped. Iím evil.

Eventually, they leave with Xio buying nothing.

Shin: Do girls generally enjoy just trying shit on without buying it?
Xio: Pretty much. I took a bunch of pics while I was in there.
Shin: Thatís actually kind of genius.
Xio: Wanna see them?
Shin: Maybe later. So, are you done shopping?
Xio: Yeah.
Shin: So essentially, you just wanted to have a free photoshoot.
Xio: No! I wanted to buy some of it, but I decided it wasnít for me. And Iím hurting for cash these days hehe.
Shin: I understand. Howís the food in this district?
Xio: Great!
Shin: Alright then. Iíll buy you dinner.
Xio: Really?
Shin: You said you donít have much money, right? Donít worry about it.
Xio: Thank you!

They go to a Japanese restaurant.

Xio: I love the food here.
Shin: I hope itís genuine. Iíll be able to tell, of course.

They are seated at a hibachi grill where a chef promptly brings out a cart of food shortly after ordering.

Chef: Konichiwa
Shin: (Japanese) Okinawan accent, no?
Chef: (Japanese) And I see youíre a mainlander.
Shin: (Japanese) Itís good to see another Japanese person.

Meanwhile, there is a young American couple sitting next to it.

American Male: (English) Dude, theyíre speaking Japanese.
American Female: (English) Fucking awesome. Konichiwa-desu!
Shin: This is hello? The fuck?
American Male: Japan is so kawaii-desu.
Shin: Iíve heard of this phenomenon before. Westerners think theyíre Japanese and worship us for some reason. (Engrish) EhÖAmericans? FansÖ of anime?
American Female: YES! WE RUV ANIME!
Shin: AhÖOraOraOra?

All of the sudden, the ringtone goes off. Shin checks his phone, but nothing. It is actually the American maleís phone going off.

Shin: (Engrish) YouÖhasÖsameÖuh sameÖ.*points to his phone*

The chef cooks for them and they eat.

Shin: Not bad. (Japanese) Brings me back to my school trip to the island. Your cooking is genuine.
Chef: (Japanese) Thatís kind of you to say.
Xio: So it checks out okay.
Shin: Could you understand what we said?
Xio: (Japanese) My papa is half-Japanese. I never told you Iím bi-lingual like you?
Shin: (Engrish) Hory shet!

After they finishÖ

Shin and Xio: Gouchisousama deshita.
American Male: (English) Did you hear that? Just like Toriko.
Shin: I only understood one word of that, and I have a good idea of what he saidÖ
Chef: (Japanese) Come again soon.
Shin: (Japanese) Anything for a fellow countryman.

They leave shortly after paying.

Xio: Now, how could you tell the difference in the accent?
Shin: Itís not something you can pick up easily unless you hear it all the time. Iíd imagine itís not different from how Chinese works.
Xio: I see. He only said konichiwa and you knew he was from Okinawa though.
Shin: Islanders always have an interesting way of saying hello. But you wouldnít detect it unless you live in Japan long enough.
Xio: Hmm. Okay. By the way, has your Chinese always been this good?
Shin: When I came here, it wasnít great. But I practiced a lot. Itís still a little broken, but people understand me.
Xio: You should be a linguist?
Shin: A what?
Xio: Language student.
Shin: Oh (Japanese) a linguist.
Xio: I donít know the Japanese word for it haha.
Shin: Shit. Oh well. You ready to burn these calories off?
Xio: Yeah.

They find a straight road that is uninhabited at the moment. There is a rock for a marker about 400 meters away. Shin and Xio are lined up next to each other, stretching

Shin: You ready?
Xio: To win? Yeah!

Shin tosses a pebble up in the air in front of them and then they both ready themselves. They watch intently as it falls. When it touches the ground, they both take off. The following sequence only occurred over the course of about 4 seconds, but is slowed down enough for us to see. Xio starts off with the slight lead, but we see Shin focus more spirit energy to his feet to gain some speed. After catching up, they are dead even until they both cross the marker at exactly the same time.

Shin: Youíve got to be kidding me.
Xio: We tied. Looks like your theory was wrong.
Shin: Naturally, sheís faster. I had to use more power in order to increase my speed, which would drain my stamina faster. Yeah, well Iím wrong from time to time. I have a demon friend named Endull that moves faster that both of us.
Xio: Really?
Shin: Yeah. Heís crazy fast. Anyway, Iím gonna go home. Later.
Xio: Wait.
Shin: What is it?
Xio: Thanks for hanging out with me today.
Shin: Sure.

He leaves.

Xio: You have no idea.

To be continuedÖ
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Chapter 29

Two days have passed and Shin is on patrol in disguise.

Shin: Ah, back to the normal shit before tonight. Yesterday was nice though. I didnít do anything all day.

There doesnít appear to be any crime anywhere in the district.

Shin: Thereís going to be a big fallout here unfortunately. After they run out of drugs, these people wonít have anything to fall back on. The question is, do we raid the garage too? No, I donít think so. I think after the ship, my plan will have all the pieces in place. Then I can finally move my queen.

He moves to Mingís corner. She is not present at the moment, but there are other girls.

Shin: I see. So sheís off working. I wanted to apologize to her once more before this all goes down. If things turn south, I could end up dead. If the boss killed Xioís mother, then he must be powerful. If heís more powerful than the Kenbushin Clanís leader, then I could be in trouble.

He leaves and goes back on patrol. While walking the streets, he finds a couple arguing in the middle of the street.

Male: You think you can just fuck my best friend AND take my house? Doesnít work like that, bitch!
Female: Youíre never home! Youíre always at bars when youíre not at work! How do I know youíre not cheating on me?!
Shin: Is everything okay here?
Male: Sheís cheating on me!
Female: He deserved to be cheated on!
Shin: Are you guys married?
Male: Not for long! But I want my house back!
Shin: Wait wait wait. She kicked you out of your own home after cheating on you? What the actual fuck, lady?
Female: Itís my home. I take care of it, so itís mine.
Male: I pay the fucking mortgage, itís mine.
Shin: If youíre married, the house is both of yours. You canít just kick each other out. I mean, you can, but thatís fucked up.
Female: He hits me!
Male: WHAT?! Then she fucks all my friends I bet!
Shin: Oh boy. Stop making up shit about each other. Dude, there are some corner prostitutes not far from here. Go have yourself a good time and forget this ever happened. And spend some time with your lady. And lady, let this man back in and stop cheating on him. Shit.

They contemplate what Shin says for about two seconds and then punch each other in the face simultaneously. Shin picks them both up, one hand for each, by the shirt.

Shin: You just earned yourself a one-way trip to the police station. Last time I ever get involved in a marriage argument. Except when it involves my dad being smashed through a wall.

Some random girl approaches them.

Girl: Why are you arresting the woman? She did nothing wrong!
Shin: Did you not just see her throw a punch?
Girl: You should NEVER hit a girl!
Shin: You want equal rights? Take equal lefts. Of course, I donít make it a habit to hit women.
Girl: How rude! Iíll report you to the police!
Shin: Go ahead. While youíre at it, maybe you can get a couple yuan out of one of them to call someone who actually cares.
Girl: Everyone, look! Heís assaulting that woman!
Male Voice: Shut the fuck up, ya pussy!
Female Voice: You give feminism a bad name!
Shin: See, that was the voice of reason. So kindly go fuck off and have fun shooting your male cardboard cutouts.

Shin takes the couple to the police station and then heads back.

Shin: Shit, that was rough.

Later that night, he is speaking with the chief out of his disguise.

Shin: Not much happened today, sir. Just a couple that assaulted each other at the exact same time.
Chief: Weird. So, any update on that other thing?
Shin: Not yet. I promise Iíll have a solid update within the next few days.
Chief: Okay. You may go.

Shin leaves and sits on top of his apartment building. He texts Xio.

Shin: You may meet me whenever you want. Just let me know when you need me to raise my energy.
Xio: yea soon

Shin practices his martial arts for about half an hour when he senses her energy being raised just slightly. He does the same and she is able to find him. She has some black clothing in her hands.

Xio: I kinda figured youíd be here.
Shin: Oh? How?
Xio: A few weeks ago, I felt something strong coming from here.
Shin: Ah, yes. I used one of my most powerful techniques up here to see how far my stamina had come.
Xio: Anyway, I have these for us. Theyíre cloaks.
Shin: Perfect.

When the time comes, they put on the cloaks and head out to the garage.

Xio: Itís about 1:55. It should be here at any time now.
Shin: Look. There are some people coming out of the garage.

Four people have stepped out. Shin and Xio quickly speed over to them and knock them out. They then hide the bodies.

Shin: Good. Everythingís going good, and I think I see the boat.

A ship is coming their way. After a few minutes, it reaches the shore and docks. A dwarf comes out and walks onto solid ground.

Dwarf: Where the fuck are they? Oy! Get out here!

A few men also step out.

Dwarf: Useless people, weíll have to load it ourselves.

Just then, Shin and Xio jump out of hiding. The men pull out pistols, but they are able to quickly take them out before they can shoot.

Dwarf: What?!

Xio goes to kick him.

Shin: Wait wait wait!
Xio: What?
Shin: Grab him for a second.

Xio grabs the dwarf and holds him up.

Shin: (Deepens voice) Give us the Halfling, she-elf!
Xio: Can we be serious?!
Shin: Sorry.

Xio knocks him out and throws him aside.

Shin: That was smooth as fuck. Now, letís check the goods.

They go onto the ship to see hundreds of crates.

Shin: Fucking jackpot.
Xio: You really canít contain your language, can you?
Shin: Nope.

They leave the ship temporarily. They approach a cargo truck.

Shin: I am SOOOO glad they have this thing here. Unfortunately, we need a key. Letís check the four from before for it.

After checking them, one of them has the right key to the truck.

Shin: Once you help me load this truck, you can go get some sleep.
Xio: Got it.

After they load the truck with all of the cratesÖ

Xio: Youíre sure you wonít need my help from here?
Shin: Iím sure. I know what Iím doing. Itís gonna be a long for me either way.

After she leaves, he drives the truck.

Shin: This is so different from my bike. I miss that thing.

Eventually, he arrives at another garage. He gets out and manually opens it and then drives the truck through. After a short tunnel, the room he reaches is familiar to us. Itís the room where the drugs were being dumped into the water supply.

Shin: I have to thank them for this building. They just up and abandoned it.

He parks the truck in the room and gets out. He starts laughing maniacally.

Shin: Everything has fallen right into place. I am a genius! An absolute. FUCKING. GENIUS! Ah, but maybe I shouldnít get so cocky yet. Perhaps thereís an oversight in my plan. For example, Xio. If she tailed me, I couldnít sense her, and this location would be given away. I still canít trust her to simply steal all the goods before the time is right. For now, letís go home and sleep on it. Iíll be back later to check on everything.

The next morning, we are taken to an apartment room.

Male Voice: What the fuck do you mean our shipment was raided?!
Male Voice 2: (Coming from a speaker of some sort) Sir, someone or something knocked us out and when we came to, the ship was docked but nothing was on it.
Male Voice: FUCK! FUCK! NO! Who could haveÖletís not go there yet. Iím coming.
Male Voice 2: Yes, boss.

We finally see the bossí appearance as the camera pans to him. He appears to be a middle-aged man with black hair slicked back and a mustache. He is wearing a business suit outfit. After hanging up his phone, his eyes glow red for a few seconds as he teems with anger.

Boss: Is it that Amitay demon? Was this the demonís plan all along? To take all the goods for himself?

His eyes go back to normal as he regains his composure. He opens the door to go outside at the same time the door to his left opens up. The person to his left is Shin.

Shin: Oh, hello. So there is someone living there.
Boss: You must be new here.
Shin: Yes, sir. I just moved in a few weeks ago.
Boss: I see. Iím normally not awake in the morning.
Shin: That makes sense.

They start to walk together.

Shin: It seems weíre heading in a similar direction.
Boss: Yes.
Shin: Ah, where are my manners? Iím Shin Yakamoru.
Boss: Zheng you can call me. You are Japanese, no?
Shin: Yeah.
Zheng: I see.
Shin: Well, this is where I have to change direction.
Zheng: Thatís a shame. Well, maybe weíll talk another time.
Shin: You got it, Mr. Zheng.

Shin turns right at a street as Zheng keeps walking.

Both: What a nice guy.

Shin goes to Wuhaiís dojo.

Wuhai: Hello, Shin.
Shin: Hello, Master.
Wuhai: Are you ready for todayís practice?
Shin: You bet.

After practiceÖ

Shin: It seems everything is coming together nicely for me.
Wuhai: You mean in your pursuit?
Shin: Yes.
Wuhai: Well, thatís good.
Shin: Iím going to drive these drug dealers out of district 8.
Wuhai: Then what, Shin? Iím curious.
Shin: Iíve decided to turn over the drugs to the police and the medical field to try and do what they will with it.
Wuhai: Do you think theyíll make the right decisions?
Shin: Itís difficult to say. I know the police chief wants nothing to do with the business. As bad it sounds, Iím here for the demon running this business. What happens after is not why I was assigned to this place.
Wuhai: I thought you felt sympathy for the people.
Shin: I do. But I canít cure their drug dependency with my power. Itís out of my hands.
Wuhai: I see. I donít dislike your answer. I was merely questioning you as a means to see how well thought out your plans are.
Shin: The fallout that follows this wonít be easy, but it is necessary. The people have been going mad from those drugs.
Wuhai: To re-forge a broken blade, one must melt it down before building it back up.
Shin: I understand.
Wuhai: You may not be around long enough to see it, but I promise what youíre doing for them will be a long-term improvement. Keep that in mind.
Shin: Yes. Then I guessÖitís time to initiate the final step of my plan.

Just what does Shin have in store for the drug ring?!
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Chapter 30

Later that day, at the garage, the boss is questioning the various people from the incident with the ship.

Zheng: So you said you saw two people in cloaks.
Dwarf: Yes. One of them had a male voice and the other female.
Zheng: Iím curious if you can tell me anything else.
Dwarf: They were almost inhuman with how they moved. They moved faster than my men could shoot them.
Zheng: I see. Amitay was likely one of them. But who was the female? Was it that womanís daughter? Itís a distinct possibility.

Just then, a paper airplane flies their way and falls in the water. One of the subordinates picks it up where it is barely legible.

Man: Itís for you.
Zheng: Give me that.

He reads it.

Zheng: So that was his plan this whole time. Heís no hero. Heís just looking for a way to get rich.

It reads: For the bossís eyes only, wherever he may be.

If youíre reading this, it means that youíre running low on drugs. But I have a large supply of them. If you wish to purchase them, come to the place where you once dumped drugs into the water. Come alone. We both know ordinary people wonít be able to take me on. Once I have my money, you will be able to continue on in your business.

Zheng: That bastard. Heís a demon alright. Iíll be back soon. Keep guard over this area.

He leaves the area. We pan out to see Shin and Xio standing on a nearby building.

Xio: Just what did you write?
Shin: Thatís irrelevant. You have your lead. Heís going to go back to his business and then will most definitely leave to go where I want him to. Youíll be free to search his HQ for your father.
Xio: Understood. By the way, nice throw. You nearly destroyed the only piece of paper you had.
Shin: I know I know. My bad.
Xio: Gotta go.

Xio leaves and Shin does as well. Xio follows Zheng back to a large building complex.

Xio: You were here this whole time?

Meanwhile, with Shin, he is traveling until he reaches the garage. Just then, he turns his head to see Ming walking his way.

Shin: You.
Ming: What are you doing here?
Shin: Well, I guess this is on the way to her house. Iím about to do something dangerous. You should leave here immediately.
Ming: I see.
Shin: I wanted to apologize to you once more before this, and as fate would have it, here you are. I understand that I was a tease to you, and for that I am sorry.
Ming: And Iím sorry for being too forward.
Shin: Cool. If I make it through this, Iíd be willing to hang out as friends if youíre okay with that.
Ming: Yeah. And you can bring your girlfriend with you too.
Shin: Ah, sheís not my girlfriend.
Ming: Really? Oh. Well then, screw what I said! I ainít giving up on you just yet.
Shin: Fair enough.

As they part ways, Shin goes into the garage and makes his way to the room with the truck still parked in it. As expected, it is left untouched with all the cargo still inside.

Shin: Perfect. Just according to keikaku! (Translator note: keikaku means plan)

As Shin gains a menacing look on his face, the picture zooms out and it goes dead quiet with the mostly empty room.

Shin: Iím bored.

He sits on the hood of the truck and starts playing a game on his phone when he hears something coming from the corridor. Immediately, he puts his phone down and stands dramatically in the middle of the room. After waiting a few seconds, a mouse comes through.

Shin: *Sigh* False alarm.

He goes back to playing on his phone.

Shin: Why am I being so dramatic? Because I want to, damn it. I want to make it look like I knew the exact moment he would show up. Thatíll really piss him off. Ooooor heíll think nothing of it. Fuck it, Iím doing it. Hmm, was he actually there at the garage though? Xioís actions made it seem like he was. I couldnít get a good look at who was there.

Just then, his phone rings.

Shin: This is a number I donít recognize. Hello?
Endull: Shin. This device seems to be working properly.
Shin: Oh, itís just you, Endull.
Endull: When are you coming back?
Shin: You miss me already? Itís only been a few weeks.
Endull: Donít be ridiculous.
Shin: Once Iíve gained a certain mastery of my martial arts training, Iíll be back. By the way, whose phone are you using?
Endull: Dragoís. I must say, this device is fascinating.
Shin: Drago is there with you? He must have gotten my number from someone else... Are you training together?
Endull: Thatís right. When you come back, Iím going to kick your ass.
Shin: Weíll see about that. Wait, why did you call me in the first place?
Endull: Drago was telling me about how this ďphoneĒ works and I decided to test it out for myself.
Shin: Right.

Shin hears footsteps coming from afar.

Shin: Oh, gotta go.
Endull: Wait!
Shin: What is it?
Endull: WellÖthat isÖ
Shin: Sorry, I really have to go!
Endull: Donít you run away from me, Shin!

Shin hangs up and looks over to see three people standing before him. The two on the sides are wearing suits and the one in the middle is Zheng. Shin puts his phone down and looks at them.

Shin: My ex. Bitch is crazy.

Going to Endull and DragoÖ

Endull: Shin! Shin! Answer me, damn it!
Drago: He hung up.
Endull: What does that mean?
Drago: He canít hear you, basically. Youíre no longer connected.
Endull: Oh.
Drago: So you really were worried about him after all.
Endull: I could care less about the bastard.

Flashback to a few minutes ago.

Endull: So what is this phone thing?
Drago: Basically you call someone from far away and talk to them.
Endull: You can do that? Can I try it out?
Drago: Sure. Who do you want to call?
Endull: How to I talk to Shin?

Back to presentÖ

Drago: No hesitation. He wanted to talk to Shin. Heís too obvious.

Switching back, Shin and Zheng take a long and hard look at each other.

Both: EHHHHHHH?!!!
Shin: Youíre kidding me right now. No wait, Iím not going to be fucking stupid this time.

Shin takes out the spyglass and looks at them. All three of them are demons.

Shin: Ohhhh, three for the price of one.
Zheng: You mean to tell me that my greatest enemy was right next door to me this whole time?
Shin: I guess so. So youíre the boss then.
Zheng: I am. And Iím guessing youíre Amitay. Your accent and tone are slightly different, but I can pick it up now that I know.
Shin: Yes.
Zheng: Where are my drugs?
Shin: Theyíre right there in the truck.
Zheng: What are you planning to do with all the money?
Shin: Who knows? Whatís important is that I can get it. You see, the police has been on to you for a while.
Zheng: Youíre with the police?

Shin shows him the badge.

Shin: Of course. With this transaction, weíll be ignoring your crimes. Iím sure you understand.
Zheng: The damned police. This was your plan this whole time.
Shin: You got it. This plan of yours will grow our economy. But the department needs a lot of money to run as well. Weíre short on funds. I assume you have a tablet that can transfer money.
Zheng: What makes you think I wonít just kill you here and just take the drugs?
Shin: Because the police have you surrounded. There are more like me out there. You think youíre the only powerful one around here?
Zheng: I canít tell if heís bluffing. Letís try to press him.

He nods to the other two and they step out front.

Zheng: Iím calling your bluff.
Shin: Fair enough.

Shin disappears and reappears in front of them both and punches them in the face with spirit energy around his fists. Theyíre both knocked out.

Shin: You have one more chance.
Zheng: Now that I see his power in person... Very well. I will sign over that money. How much are we talking?
Shin: Youíre selling each bag of pills for roughly 200 Yuan, yes? Give me half of that.
Zheng: What?
Shin: As I said, the economy is dependent on your business. We donít want you going out just yet. Weíre looking at about 6.4 million Yuan.
Zheng: Fine.
Shin: Youíll do it?
Zheng: Not much choice. We have much more money that that, you know.
Shin: I figured as much. This is just a drop in the bucket for you, yes?
Zheng: It is. Kid, your police can have it. Weíll remember this though. Put in the account number.

Shin does so on his tablet. Zheng accepts the transfer.

Zheng: Itís done.
Shin: Yes? I appreciate it.
Zheng: Donít get chummy with me, kid.
Shin: I wonít. Besides, you donít even realize what you just did.
Zheng: What? Oh, I see. That was your account, wasnít it?
Shin: Yes, yes it was.
Zheng: Youíre not with the police then.
Shin: Actually, I am, but this was my idea to lure you out.
Zheng: You sneaky bastard.
Shin: One more thing. Iím not after you just because Iím with them. I came to kill you because youíre a demon.
Zheng: Oh? I thought that might be the case. Youíre a rogue demon then. In exchange for your freedom, you hunt other demons.
Shin: Something like that. I simply chose the optimal outcome of how to kill you.
Zheng: Well, youíve done well so far. But youíve made one mistake. No doubt youíre working with that brat whose mother I killed. You should realize how much power I have.
Shin: I considered it. Worst-case scenario, my family inherits a fortune.
Zheng: Only, I know your name. Iíll hunt down your family as well.
Shin: You think you can? I have friends there that could destroy all of China without even trying. But, while Iím here, I might as well win!

We go back to Xio, who is looking at the building complex.

Xio: Hold on, papa. Iím coming!

Xioís mission begins, next time on Detective Shin!
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Chapter 31

We start off by seeing Xio scanning the building.

Xio: Itís so big. Where do I even start? With the boss gone, I could just bust in the front door, I suppose.

She goes to the front door and goes through. There lies a large open room with a female receptionist.

Receptionist: Hello, how can I help you?
Xio: Iím looking for jobs. Is there anything you might have for me?
Receptionist: Well, you have to fill out the application online and then weíll get to you if we have an opening.
Xio: Typical. Is there a manager I can speak to?
Receptionist: Iím afraid theyíre all out.
Xio: ÖWhat if I told you that Iím a 30 year old with 10 years office experience?
Receptionist: Really now? In that caseÖ

Xio grabs her from behind her desk and drags her out.

Xio: Whereís the nearest elevator?
Receptionist: RAPE! RAPE!

Xio knocks the receptionist out and throws her aside. A few men come out from various rooms. Xio fastens on gloves that resemble cat claws except that the claws are knives about that length. She assumes what appears to be a feral stance, with her crouched down and her claws at the ready.

Man 1: You! What are you doing here?!
Xio: Iím going to bring you down and find my papa!
Man 2: She knows about that! Get her!

They all pull out guns, but Xio speeds over to them. She swipes at them to cut them deep before they can shoot her.

Xio: I have to find an elevator or something.

After searching, she finds a staircase.

Xio: Good enough.

She jumps on the railing and then jumps above onto the railing of each floor until she reaches the eighth.

Xio: Iíll check here.

She opens the door to see a large cubical room.

Xio: Nope.

Xio closes the door and continues up a couple more floors till she reaches the 10th. Itís the same as before. She then reaches the top, which is the 15th floor. She opens the door to see a fancy looking room. Upon closer look, it appears to be Zhengís office.

Xio: Woah. Check this room out.

Upon searching the room, she looks at Zhengís desk and sits in his chair, which is a large recliner that you would normally see in a living room.

Xio: So comfy. No, wait, I should go.

About five seconds pass.

Xio: ÖI canít get up. Itís too comfy!

Her hand slips and accidentally hits a switch on the chair that starts to make the back vibrate.

Xio: (Vibrating voice) Aaaaaaaaah this is the best chair ever. I wonder if I can get one.

Eventually, she forces herself up and stretches. She then notices a ruby sitting on a stand meant to hold it up on his desk.

Xio: Oh, hello there. Whatís that? You want me to take you? Well, only if you insist.

She stuffs the ruby in her pocket and cackles to herself. It is then that the sunlight comes in and reflects off his gold plated desk and many gold-framed paintings. Her attention is diverted all over the room.

Xio: Shiny stuff! My one weakness! Well, that and comfortable chairs, apparently. This room is going to be the end of me!

Xio notices a bookcase on the west side of the room.

Xio: I wonder if there are records. Maybe this can give me some information.

She takes a random book at eye level and then all of the sudden, there is a shine in that spot.

Xio: More shiny stuff! Hey, wait.

She moves the bookcase to see an elevator hidden behind.

Xio: A hidden passage behind the bookcase. How clichť. My weakness to shiny things came in handy for once!

Inside the elevator are the buttons L and 2-15, but then below it is a button for ď-1Ē.

Xio: AHA! So there is an underground floor! That must be where theyíre holding all the slaves!

She presses the button and the elevator starts going down. On the screen, it shows the integers get smaller and smaller till it hits L and keeps going. It eventually reaches -1 and stops.

Xio: This is it.

Sweat starts to run down her face. The elevator opening felt like a full minute to her, though it only was a few seconds before it began to open its jaws. Once it opens completely, there is a man with a clipboard there to receive who he thinks is Zheng. At his surprise, he flinches, and in that instant, he is taken down. She then takes the opportunity to view her surroundings. This room she has stepped in looks like a warehouse room with many slaves carrying drug crates all around the room.

Xio: Papa! Where are you?!

All the slaves in the room look at her and three men in suits look at her as well. They approach her.

Man 1: What are you doing down here, girl?!
Xio: Where is my papa!
Man 2: You better get out of here, before you get hurt.
Xio: If you wonít answer me, then Iíll go through you too!

Just then, Xio realizes something at the same time the three men do.

Xio: Youíre all demons?
Man 3: And you smell of half-demon.
Xio: Iím getting close then!

The three of them instantly buff up, destroying their suits. They revert to blue demons with horns. Xio charges at the one on the left and swipes at it. It manages to scratch him across the torso, but he was able to avoid most of the damage. Just then, another one is behind Xio and punches. She avoids it, but the third is able to follow where she dodges and kicks her away. She lands on all fours to break her fall.

Xio: Theyíre no joke.

Xio stands up and then disappears. She reappears behind one of them and digs her claws into the back of his neck. The second demon comes up behind Xio, but she gets behind him as well as he punches. The third demon gets behind Xio, but she then waits as both punch at her from a pincer formation. She dodges out of the way and they both stop their punches to avoid hitting each other.

Man 1: Where did she go?

They then hear a scratch from above and look to see that she dug her claws in the ceiling. She drops down on them and lands on their shoulders, one foot on one demonís shoulder and the other on the second demonís shoulder. She then slams her claws into their heads, killing them both. She takes a deep breath and then presses on.

Xio: There has to be another floor below this. If I can just findÖthere!

She finds a staircase at the end of the room that leads down. She slides down the handrail and lands at the bottom of the stairs. She looks around to see a similar room to before with more slaves. Just then, she notices someone.

Xio: Papa!

She runs over to a middle-aged man with grayish black hair that is messed up, but manages to be slicked back. He has an uneven, unkempt silver mustache and stubble over his face. His clothes have been torn in seemingly random places and where his skin is exposed, there are bruises.

Papa: XioÖ

The sight of his daughter immediately makes him tear up.

Xio: Itís okay. Iím taking you home.
Papa: No! Get away!
Xio: !

Behind her is another figure holding a long sword up. This figure swings downwards at Xio, who turns around quickly and blocks the sword with both claws at the same time. The figure steps back to where we can now see the appearance. It is a man also wearing a suit who seems to be in his mid-30s. He has shoulder length black hair and red eyes.

Xio: Itís you. Jiang, if I recall.
Jiang: So you do remember me. When I felt those three get killed above, I thought someone like Amitay had come. But it was just you. You made a mistake coming here.
Xio: Weíll see.
Papa: Stop, Xio! You canít beat him! HeÖ
Xio: I know. Heís beaten Mama before.
Jiang: If you know, then why fight? You, a half demon, will lose as well.
Xio: Until recently, maybe I wouldnít fight you. But Iíve learned better. Itís all thanks to him.
Jiang: Suit yourself!

They charge at each other and clash weapons briefly. Xio then disappears and then starts circling Jiang. We can see Jiang following the movements with his eyes and then pinpoints where she attacks. He is able to block the claw attack with ease and then pushes her back. While she is off balance, he attacks her with a diagonal slash. She is able to duck in the correct direction to avoid it and then she puts one hand on the ground and uses that hand as a stand to do a spin kick low to the ground. Jiang jumps over and then prepares his next slash. This time, Xio quickly switches hands and puts that one on the ground to allow her to kick straight up at him. The kick connects around his chest and pushes him back. She gets up and takes her feral stance.

Jiang: Not bad.
Xio: So what if Iím half-demon?

Flash back to just before Shin throws the paper airplane at the docks.

Shin: So what if youíre half-demon?
Xio: Half-demon means I only inherited half the power of my mother.
Shin: But youíve worked twice as hard to gain that power, so whatís the problem?
Xio: ÖI donítÖ
Shin: My Shifu had a lot of things to say to me when I first got here. One of the things I learned from him was that your emotions affect your performance and energy. In my case, I had my own problems holding me back. What you have holding you back is fear.
Xio: Youíre right. Iíve always been afraid of the boss and what heís capable of. Iíve always been afraid since Iím only half-demon.
Shin: I didnít know your mother, so I canít say this for sure. But I believe if youíve reached her level in power, the key to surpassing herÖ

Back to presentÖ

Xio: Who said that half-demons couldnít be stronger than full blooded ones? The key to surpassing MamaÖ

We then hear Shinís voice in her head alongside of her own voice.

Xio and Shin: Is to press on to tomorrow without fear.
Xio: I wonít lose this fight!

Xio charges with exceptional speed and attacks. Jiang blocks, but notices that he is getting pushed back a little.

Jiang: Did she suddenly boost her power a little?

Jiang puts more force into his block and shoves her away. He then counterattacks with three slashes. Xio narrowly avoids the first two and then disappears to counter the third. Jiang instinctively turns around, but she appears above him at that instant. Jiang is caught off guard and gets clawed all down his back, ripping his suit with it. He was narrowly able to avoid fatal damage to his head.

Papa: XioÖ
Jiang: She is definitely stronger than her mother. I donít know how, but this little girl has become strong!

Xio charges at him, with his back turned, but suddenly Jiang does a 180-degree slash, which knocks one of her gloves straight off and pushes her back.

Jiang: Donít get so full of yourself, girl! Iím second only to the boss in strength! Donít take me lightly!
Xio: Heís pissed!

Jiang charges and rapidly slashes at her. It is becoming increasingly more difficult to dodge.

Xio: Iím in trouble here!

She takes a slash mark to the face while still dodging the attacks. Another appears on her left arm, where she is missing a glove.

Jiang: Die!!!

Just then, a crate hits him from behind. It was Xioís father who threw it. This attack did negligible damage to Jiang and only distracted him for a second. However Xio took full advantage of this second. Like an animal that instinctively reacts to an opening to catch its prey, Xioís body reacted in that second and before either of them can process what happened, Xioís right claw has slashed Jiangís throat. Jiang drops to the floor and Xio pants heavily and realizes what she just did.

Xio: IÖwon?

She looks at Jiang, who quickly dies after suffering a fatal strike. Because his throat was so badly damaged, he could not even utter any final words.

Papa: Xio!
Xio: Papa!

The two of them embrace. After a few seconds, they stop and assess the situation.

Xio: Letís get you out of here before any more come. I donít know if I can fight off anyone else if theyíre even close to Jiangís power.
Papa: Yes.

She takes one last look at Jiang.

Xio: I wasnít able to win on my own, but I proved myself today. One day Iíll be stronger than him and Zheng.

They leave and all of the other slaves follow. They find a staircase on the -1 floor that leads to the lobby through a secret door. Luckily, there isnít anyone else there to stop them.

Xio: Get as far away from this place as you can.
Papa: Where are you going?
Xio: I have some business to take care of.

The slaves all leave the building and run away. Xioís father stays within a relative distance where he can see the building. After a few minutes, he sees a window break from the top floor. When we get a closer look, we see Xio flying out of the window with the recliner strapped to her back.

Xio: No way am I leaving this thing behind!

She lands on the next buildingís rooftop, which isnít many stories lower than the highest floor of Zhengís office. Some time passes and Xioís father is up there with her. She is getting the massage from the chair.

Papa: You mean you went back to get a chair? Really?
Xio: Itís soooooo comfortable.
Papa: *Facepalm* Anyway, what are we doing here? Where is Zheng?
Xio: Right about now, heís facing Shin.
Papa: Who is Shin? Is he that Amitay guy weíve been hearing about?
Xio: Yeah. Iím leaving our revenge to him. Iím not strong enough to do it, but if itís him, heíll win.

We switch over to Shin and Zheng. Zheng is cracking his knuckles. Shin hops up and down a few times and then takes the Ten stance.

Shin: (Japanese) Bring it!

The fated battle between Shin and Zheng has arrived!
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Chapter 32

Zheng finishes cracking his knuckles and then charges straight at Shin. He throws a punch, but Shin redirects it with his left hand. With his right hand, he strikes Zheng in the stomach, sending him flying back into the wall.

Shin: Itís not over already, is it?

Zheng gets up quickly.

Zheng: You brat.
Shin: Donít tell me that was your best.

Shin switches to Seishin stance fluidly. Zheng charges at him again and starts to attack. Shin is dodging each attack.

Shin: His speed is comparable to mine, but nothing I canít handle.

Shin eventually stops dodging and then blocks one of his punches.

Shin: His strength is lacking compared to mine. Skill is minimal.

He switches to Daichi after jumping back. As Zheng gets close, Shin launches a double palm strike, which Zheng is able to dodge. He then counters with a high kick. Shin ducks under the kick while also moving his position to being squared off with him. Shin then palm strikes Zheng quickly in the sternum, which stuns him for a second. Shin follows up with a chop to Zhengís throat and then spin kicks him to the side of the head, which sends him back into the wall, breaking it. Zhengís body is held up by the broken wall, like hanging over a fence.

Shin: I should kill him now.

Zheng gets up to see Shin charging up his spirit gun. He immediately reverts to his demon form. He bulks up into a large red demon. Shin stops his spirit gun.

Shin: Too late I guess. I shouldnít be hasty to fire that off yet. Can you speak yet?
Zheng: Donít get so full of yourself!

Zhengís voice has deepened to sound more monstrous.

Shin: Hey, neighbor. Your body is blushing. Donít tell me youíve already fallen for me.
Zheng: Shut up, you Japanese fucker!
Shin: Fine fine. Iíll be serious for once. Because, you know, you also made me angry.

Before Shin can take a stance, Zheng disappears. He reappears in front of Shin and punches. Shin blocks, but is sent sliding back a few feet. He is surprised.

Shin: His speed and strength have increased significantly. Heís good.

Zheng goes on the attack again and Shin is dodging each attack narrowly.

Shin: I canít power up or gain any real momentum with him constantly pressuring me. I have to do something about this and quickly.

While he is dodging, he suddenly yells out in anger and manages to push Zheng back enough that Shin can jump back for a little more distance. Shin recalls a conversation with Wuhai.

Wuhai: Have you ever noticed that you can be temporarily stronger when you let your emotions go?
Shin: Yes.
Wuhai: That is because you are channeling your emotions into energy. Your bodyís energy reacts to your emotions. If you are downtrodden, you will be weaker naturally.

Shin: That doesnít just apply to thinking about my brother to gain power. I donít have to focus to spike my power for a short burst.

Shin focuses his spirit energy.

Zheng: What are you?
Shin: Iím a spirit detective.

Zheng charges at Shin and punches at him. Shin redirects it with his left hand and then spin kicks him in the face. He readies himself again with the Ten stance. Zheng charges right back in and goes to grab Shin, but takes a straight punch to the face. Zheng counters by punching Shin in the face. Both slide back from each other. Zheng disappears and then reappears behind Shin. Shin is able to turn around and block the incoming punch with his arms crossed. Zheng follows up by kicking high in the air. Shin moves under it and palm strikes him in the chest and then follows up with a kick to Zhengís shin. This throws Zheng off balance. Shin grapples Zheng and throws him over his shoulder and slams him into the ground. He then follows up by punching him in the face, which cracks the ground below Zheng. Shin starts to charge up his spirit energy, but Zheng releases a wave of energy that knocks Shin back.

Shin: Shit. I canít seem to finish him. No homo.

Zheng stands up, bloodied in the face.

Zheng: You piece of shit! Iíll end you!
Shin: Thatís it. Get angry. Iím going to break your rhythm.

Zheng speeds over to Shin, but he easily follows his movements and blocks his punch with ease. Zheng is shocked.

Zheng: How?! Before you were having more trouble.
Shin: I was. But youíve already begun slowing down. You canít beat me anymore.

Zheng attacks with his other fist, but Shin is able to block it with his own. He then bends both of Zhengís wrists backwards while pushing him back. Zheng head-butts in retaliation, which pushes Shin back a bit. He tries to keep pushing, but Shin comes back stronger and forces Zheng onto his knees. He then kicks Zheng in the jaw, sending him to the floor.

Shin: There. That should settle you down.
Zheng: Why? Why canít I win?
Shin: Why should I tell you? If you canít recognize your own weaknesses, you donít deserve to be told the answer in a battle of life or death. I can see it. His movements are wasted when heís flustered. His body and mind are not in unison. That in turn makes him slightly slower. Not to mention my blow to his shin must have done something to his mobility.
Zheng: No! I refuse to accept this! Youíre just some snot-nosed kid who is high off the fact that you were able to take advantage of me! FUCK YOU!!!!

Zheng releases an enormous amount of energy and sends it directly at Shin. Shin puts both hands out to stop it, but starts getting pushed back.

Shin: He still had this much power?!

Shin is now against the wall being pushed against it. He is struggling against the wave of energy.

Zheng: Perish!
Shin: Fuck that!

Shin yells out and is able to dispel the energy while pushing outwards with his hands. Zheng stares in shock. Shin breaths heavy for a few seconds. Zheng is on his knees.

Zheng: I put all my energy into that attack.
Shin: Then itís my victory, dick weed.
Zheng: I guess so. Seeing you reminds me of myself when I was younger. You see, I wasnít always like this. When I was just a kid-

Shin immediately punches him at the top of his head, sending him face first into the floor.

Shin: I donít give a shit about your backstory. Weíre on opposite sides. I donít have time to start feeling sympathy for my enemies. I donít care what tragic thing happened in your past. Weíve all been through our own shit. That doesnít justify what youíre doing now.

Zheng lifts his head up.

Zheng: Youíre right. I respect that mentality. Youíre no ordinary young man.
Shin: And I respect your plans. They were very cunning. Out of respect for one another, letís finish this battle.
Zheng: Yeah.

Shin stands back a few yards away from Zheng as he forces himself to his feet. He takes the Seiryoku stance.

Zheng: If I die, itís better that I go out fighting. I donít regret anything Iíve done. Everything I did was for personal gain. Everyone is the same in that aspect. I just had the ambition to take it much farther than most people.

Zheng suddenly starts to run at Shin, albeit slowly. He starts yelling out.

Shin: Demon Zheng, I acknowledge your last words!

Shin takes a step forward and then uppercuts him in the gut. This punch sends Zheng up to the ceiling. This clash makes a mark in the ceiling, which keeps him suspended for a second. Shin is seen charging up his spirit gun while aiming it upwards.

Shin: Spirit gun!!!!

Shin launches his spirit gun, which completely covers Zhengís body and blows him through the ceiling. His body is seen disintegrating in it. We see the spirit gun travel up into the air. Xio and her father take note of this.

Papa: What is that?!
Xio: Thatís Shinís energy. He did it.

The energy dissipates and then we go back to Shin. He stands in the middle of the room, silent for a few seconds.

Shin: I donít disagree with those words. Itís a shame it had to come from someone like him. Well, my job isnít quite done yet. I have one more thing to do before I turn this over to the police.

Shin gets in the truck and drives it outside. He unloads the drugs and then goes over to the truck itself. He opens the fuel tank, to where gasoline starts to pour out. He starts the truckís engine and puts it in drive. As it starts to coast forward, Shin goes behind the truck and shoves it forward with his foot, giving it a lot more momentum.

Shin: Alright, this is gonna be pretty cool.

Shin waits for about 30 seconds and then takes out a match. He drops it onto the start of the gasoline trail, which catches fire and quickly makes its way inside. Shin turns around and makes really slow steps, as if mirroring how one would dramatically walk away from an explosion.

Shin: Michael Bay would be proud.

As Shin keeps walking, nothing happens. He turns around and throws his arms up in frustration. Suddenly, the building bursts and startles Shin.

Shin: I just wanted it to look cool at least. But no, I canít even get that. Fucking hell.

He dials a number and someone answers.

Shin: Chief? Yeah, the case is solved.
Chief: What do you mean the case is solved?!
Shin: Never mind that. Just get the fire department over here in District 8, please. Thereís a huge ass fire over here. The boss didnít want any loose ends, so he burned himself and nearly killed me too.
Chief: Iím coming over there right now! Stay there!
Shin: Understood.

As soon as he hangs up, he notices that he received a text.

Xio: u ok
Shin: Yeah. I won. Weíll talk soon.
Xio: k

In almost no time, the fire department and the police have swarmed the place. The chief is standing next to Shin where the drugs are.

Chief: Look at all this. What the fuck happened in there?
Shin: I was able to lure him out and before I could apprehend him, he blew up the place.
Chief: And how did you get the drugs to safety?
Shin: They were already out here. I donít know what he planned to do with them. I think he was starting to go insane.
Chief: I understand. How the hell did you pull all of this off anyway?
Shin: I have super powers, of course.
Chief: Yeah, sure you do. All right, wise ass. Go get some rest. Weíll take care of the rest here.
Shin: Will do.
Chief: And ShinÖgood work.
Shin: Thank you, sir.

Shinís mission has been completed. Shin has taken another step forward in realizing his full potential. He still has a long way to go, but for now, he can rest easy tonight.
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Chapter 33

Xio and her papa are seen celebrating on the rooftop. Xio is jumping up and down in excitement as her papa is on his knees, seemingly praising a deity above.

Papa: Itís finally over. That man is finally dead.
Xio: Yes! Mama, we did it!

After a few minutes, they both stop and turn around to see Shin standing there.

Xio: Shin! You did it!
Shin: It was nothing. The difficulty was more about finding him than defeating him.

Xio accosts Shin with a hug.

Shin: You alright? OhÖRight. Zheng was responsible for killing her mother.

After she lets go of him, her papa greets him. He extends his hand.

Papa: My name is Yamazaki. Yamazaki Hao.

They shake hands.

Shin: (Japanese) You have a Japanese name.
Yamazaki: (Japanese) My father named me. Anyway, thank you so much for everything.
Shin: No problem. So, whatís with the chair?
Xio: I stole it!
Shin: That figures. I guess he wonít need it if that was Zhengís.
Yamazaki: Iím impressed you were able to defeat him with such few injuries.
Shin: His power and speed were definitely impressive. If I had fought him before coming to China, I probably would have lost. But Iíve learned many valuable lessons since arriving. Yusuke, I understand what you meant now.
Yamazaki: Why donít we get off this roof? Iím starting to feel faint.
Shin: Yeah, you look malnourished. We need to feed you properly.
Xio: Papa! Donít die!
Shin: He wonít die. He just needs a good meal.

Xio carries her new recliner while Shin carries Yamazaki back to an apartment. Shin lays Yamazaki on a bed. Xio prepares some food for the three of them. Shin starts to help out.

Shin: So I assume everything went well on your end. You also seem in relatively good shape.
Xio: I couldnít defeat the second in command on my own. But I was able to confirm that I surpassed mama in power.
Shin: Thatís good at least.
Xio: But still, you were able to defeat the boss like it was nothing. I never knew there was that many more people stronger than him.
Shin: Thereís a whole world of strong people out there. Some that even I cannot beat as I am now.
Xio: I see.

As Yamazaki finally eats something decent, we can see tears coming from his face.

Yamazaki: I forgot how good food could taste.
Shin: Just how much did you go through down there?
Yamazaki: We were all forced to work all day. Our food was bare bones and it tasted awful.
Xio: Oh, papa.
Shin: That does sound horrific. Itís a good thing I showed up to Shanghai when I did.
Yamazaki: Just who are you, anyway?
Shin: Iím Shin Yakamoru, Spirit Detective. I basically go around hunting demons that are undesirable.
Yamazaki: You havenít come for Xio then?
Shin: Sheís not attacking humans or plotting anything, so no. From what I understand, her mother must have had approval to live in this world.
Yamazaki: Thatís right. So you donít just hunt all demons?
Shin: No. My partner is actually a demon. Heís apparently the prince of demons.
Xio: What?!
Shin: Yeah, shocking, right?

Just then, Shinís phone rings.

Shin: Speak of the demonÖhang on. *Answers* Yeah?
Endullís Voice: SHIN YOU BASTARD!
Shin: Shit, man. Whatís wrong?
Endull: How dare you ďhang upĒ on me!
Shin: Sorry, I had to fight my target.
Endull: What?! You found him? Did you win?
Shin: No, I lost and Iím dead. Sorry.
Endull: Wise ass.
Shin: Hehe.
Endull: So, youíre coming home then?
Shin: No.
Endull: No?
Shin: My skills are coming along well, but theyíre unfinished for now. I need more time.
Endull: Fine then. Goodbye.
Shin: That was sudden.
Endull: Drago! How do you turn this thing off?
Drago: (distant) Hit the ďend callĒ button on the screen.
Endull: That was going to be my first guess!

Suddenly, the call ends. Shin starts snickering.

Xio: So, youíre not leaving yet?
Shin: Nope. Until my martial arts training is done, Iím staying here.
Xio: Yay!
Shin: By the way, I need your help one more time.

With Xioís help, Shin is able to direct the police to Zhengís headquarters. We then skip over to see Shin and the police chief standing at his apartment. Wong, the apartment landlord, is also in the vicinity.

Chief: You mean to tell me he lived right next to you?
Shin: Yeah. Would you believe that?
Chief: Kick the door in.

Shin busts the door open and the chief goes in, pointing a handgun inside as he looks around.

Chief: Apartment is clear.
Wong: What is going to happen to that room, officer?
Chief: Weíre going to have a thorough examination and confiscate anything illegal or evidence-related. After we have concluded, you may do what you wish. Take any or all of his possessions, sell them, whatever.
Wong: I see. Thank you.

He leaves while Shin enters the apartment.

Chief: Close the door, Shin.
Shin: Yes, sir.

He does. While the chief does a preliminary examinationÖ

Chief: For the record, we seized control of Zhengís bank account.
Shin: Yeah?
Chief: It all makes sense how you were able to lure him out. He transferred a huge amount of money to you mere minutes before you called me. You stole his drugs and sold them back to him, didnít you?
Shin: You caught me.
Chief: Well, that transfer was completely legal, so thereís nothing we can do. Thereís no receipt or any memo of what the transfer was for, so we canít prove why he gave it to you. Besides, the amount of money we seized from him was so much more than what you received. We donít even know what to do with all the money we have, let alone what weíd do by taking that extra portion.
Shin: I get it. Thatís why I only took what I did. A manís gotta make a living. Hahaha.
Chief: Youíre something else, Shin.
Shin: So, have you thought about what to do about the drugs?
Chief: Weíve decided to donate them to our medical practitioners around the area. They are much better in the hands of professionals.
Shin: A wise decision.
Chief: Weíre also going to invest a large sum of money into detox programs for district 8 residents. I mean, the cost of it all is still just a drop in the bucket compared to all the money the department has now.
Shin: I see. It seems like everyone is going to win from this situation. But Iím surprised. I feel like most people would just pocket the money and run.
Chief: For one, it would be bad PR for us to simply let these people suffer. Iíd like to keep serving as police chief a little longer.
Shin: Youíre a good man, sir. I respect the hell out of that.
Chief: Iíve made a lot of poor choices in my life. Iíve learned that going down that road never leads to anything good. Now, come help me search the place, Mr. Super Detective.
Shin: Yes, sir.

Later that day, he is in Dr. Chenís office, having a checkup.

Chen: Your heart rate is perfect. Blood pressure is normal. Everything seems to be in good working condition.
Shin: Great.
Chen: You made a quick recovery from PTSD symptoms. How about mentally?
Shin: Not quite. That part of my trauma might take much longer to heal.
Chen: Thatís okay. Your health wonít be affected significantly by it anymore.
Shin: Thatís wonderful news.
Chen: By the way, your arms seemed to have sustained minor burns. Did that happen on the job?
Shin: Ah, yeah. It was when I blocked Zhengís wave of energy. Even though I managed to disperse it, it still caused me some problems. Did you hear about the building explosion in district 8? I got caught up in that.
Chen: I did hear about that on the local news. They didnít know who caused it. Iím guessing you know though.
Shin: Some maniac. But you canít tell anyone unless the police decide to release an official statement.
Chen: Sure.
Shin: If you do, well, I know where you live.
Chen: ÖYouíve been waiting to use that one, huh?
Shin: Yep. Oh, by the way, did you happen to know the guy on the other side of my apartment?
Chen: Yeah, why?
Shin: He died today apparently. Itís a shame. He was a nice guy.
Chen: Oh, is that so? That is sad news.

Later that night, we see Shin walking through the streets with a bag. He spots Ming on her usual corner and approaches her. She notices him and immediately hugs him. Shin reciprocates the hug.

Ming: Youíre alive after all.
Shin: How am I supposed to tease you if I die?

About fifteen seconds pass.

Shin: You can let go of me, you know.
Ming: I donít want to!
Shin: Do we have to go through this routine again? Though I donít have my PH tester this time.

Eventually, she does let go of him. Shin reaches into his bag and hands her a pork bun.

Shin: Since you wonít be chowing down on my buns, I figured Iíd give you an edible substitute.
Ming: Iíd rather have yours.
Shin: Eat that, you ungrateful hoe.
Ming: Fine.

She eats it. Shin eats one also.

Ming: Thanks. I was just about to get something to eat.
Shin: No problem. Here. Take the bag and whatís inside. You should be able to use it.
Ming: I donít know if I like the sound of that.

Shin hands her the bag and then starts to walk away. She looks inside to find an envelope. She opens it to find around 635,000 Yuan (close to 100,000 U.S Dollars) in a cheque and a note. It reads: Thanks for all your help. I pulled a few strings and your job record of prostitution has been erased. Now you can start to pursue what you really want to do, whatever that is. Use this money to do just that.

Ming covers her mouth and starts to tear up. She looks at Shin, who is still walking away.

Shin: And after all I said about being proud of her job, I went and did that. Oh well. As long as she understood the point.

Just then, he hears running behind him. He turns his head to see Ming sprinting straight at him.

Shin: Not good.

He starts running from her.

Ming: Come back! Let me thank you properly!
Shin: I canít stand the sight of a woman crying! Even if itís out of happiness, it looks so heartbreaking!
Ming: Deal with it! Iím gonna fuck your brains out!
Shin: I just gave you the chance to start a new life and your first reaction is to have sex with a teenage boy? What the fuck?
Ming: I just want one more!
Shin: I cleaned your record, not your nether regions! Iím still not hitting that!
Ming: Iíve been tested just recently! Iím clean!
Shin: Wait, really?

Shin stops and so does Ming.

Ming: Yeah.
Shin: Wow.
Ming: Soooooo?
Shin: I see. That changes everything.

Shin takes Ming into an empty alleyway.

Ming: Right here? You naught boy.
Shin: Oh, Iím not doing it. I just wanted to get into a place where no one would be looking.
Ming: What? Why?
Shin: Youíll see why in just a second. Anyway, Iím happy that youíre clean. Maybe you can find yourself a proper man soon. Later.

Shin disappears.

Ming: Oh. Thatís why. Damn it.

Shin reappears on a rooftop. He is surprised and looks behind him to see Xio.

Xio: And just what were you doing with her in that alleyway?!
Shin: The fuck?! You followed me, but not close enough to hear?
Xio: From what I saw, it looked like you accepted her love after she chased you long enough.
Shin: Just how long do you think it takes to do it? Seriously, we were in that alley for less than a minute.
Xio: What?
Shin: Oh, I get it. Youíre even more ignorant to that kind of stuff than me.
Xio: What did you say?!
Shin: Oh shit.

Shin starts running from her as well.

Xio: Unlike her, you canít get away from me!

Xio chases him across the rooftops. They are keeping an even pace. Shin is laughing. Meanwhile, Koenma and Juste are watching this unfold.

Koenma: Your brother is quite popular with the ladies.
Juste: Yeah. Heís just like me in that aspect.
Koenma: Anyway, his plan was genius. It was an overwhelming success.
Juste: Heís matured. I didnít think he was capable of this kind of intelligence. Youíd better be careful of him.
Koenma: Why?
Juste: If you donít hide enough from him, he may catch on to whatever you hide from me.
Koenma: I donít like what youíre implying.
Juste: Thereís plenty you donít tell any of us. I understand why. But if Shin smells something wrong, heíll chase it to the bitter end. Just donít make him an enemy, yes?
Koenma: It wonít come to that.
Juste: For example, how long before you tell him about whatís going on in Demon World?
Koenma: He doesnít need to know about that yet. Team Urameshi has already discussed the matter. Hiei can handle it for now.
Juste: Well, I already told him about the Soul Stealer. But you knew that already.
Koenma: Yes. I donít disagree with your decision to do that. Thereís nothing we can do about him just yet.
Juste: So then, Shin will still be in China for some time. What will happen in the meantime?
Koenma: Things have gone quiet in Japan for the time being. Things will likely go quiet for China as well. But in a few months there will be trouble. Whether or not Shin and Endull are ready, I donít know.
Juste: Weíll just have to trust that theyíll be ready.
Koenma: Yes.
Juste: Heís my brother after all. I know heíll succeed.

With Shinís mission complete, he has decided to stay in Shanghai a little long to complete his martial arts training. Meanwhile, danger looms in the future. Just what is going on in Demon World? And why is trouble coming within the next few months? Thereís a lot to keep at the back of your minds. The China arc concludes next time on Detective Shin!
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Chapter 34

In the streets of district 8, there are two ski-masked men carrying moneybags in their arms, sprinting away from a bank.

Man: Someone stop them!

Just then, Shin steps in front of them, they charge at him, but he forces them both back with his hands.

Shin: Youíre both under arrest. Put the bags down nice and easy and your sentence wonít be as long.
Robber 1: Fuck you!

The first robber drops his bag to pull out a revolver. Shin moves in close and karate chops his hand away, forcing him to drop the gun. The robber then tries to punch Shin with his free hand, but he ducks under it. At that second, the second robber has also dropped his bag and has a knife pulled. He stabs at Shin at the same time that he ducks. He spins around the knife stab while in a ducking position and gradually stands himself straight up. The first robber then tries to kick Shin. Shin is able to take the Daichi stance immediately before the kick and then double tiger palm strikes him, sending him to the ground. Shin then instantly switches to Seiryoku and punches the second robber in the sternum before he can counter.

Shin: Was it really worth getting embarrassed in front of all these people? Fine by me.

He places both of them in cuffs and then picks up a walky-talky.

Shin: Officer Shin to dispatch. Both thieves are incapacitated. Send a car immediately please.
Male Voice: Understood. Sending the usual.
Shin: Great. Thanks.

While he waits for a police car, he sits on the sidewalk with both of them lying down next to him.

Shin: Hard to believe itís been three months since I fought Zheng and ditched the Amitay disguise. Iím still getting used to doing this police thing the normal-ish way. Well, my two weeks is up after today. I can take it easy tomorrow before I leave.

Earlier that morningÖ

Shin and Wuhai are practicing in the dojo. Wherever Wuhai attacks, Shin is able to successfully counter. Wuhai kicks high and Shin blocks with his own kick and then pushes Wuhai back while also turning him around by pushing his leg outwards. Wuhai then relaxes his stance, which Shin follows.

Wuhai: Very good. That ought to do it. You have completed your training.
Shin: You are sure?
Wuhai: You have gained a mastery over this art. From here on, you will have to develop your own unique moves to compliment the ones youíve learned here. You can switch stances instantly and you can use each stance effectively. Furthermore, you have the discipline to use my style to its utmost.
Shin: Itís all thanks to your teachings, Shifu.
Wuhai: And your hard work, Shin. Here. This may have this emblem.

Wuhai gives him a silver plaque with the Chinese character 虎 (This is the Chinese character for ďtigerĒ) embedded into it.

Shin: Itís awesome. Thank you, Shifu.
Wuhai: Thank you for being such a great student. And thanks to you, I have students again.
Shin: It was the least I could do. I used your martial arts on the streets the last three months. I figured Iíd at least tell people where I learned them if they asked.

They sit down on mats for one last time.

Wuhai: Remember, Shin. The tiger is fierce, but controlled. He does not boast of his strength like the lion. It simply does what it has to in order to survive and protect its family. Behind that fierce nature is a gentleness that seeks to nurture and protect. Do you understand why I am telling you this?
Shin: My fighting should be fierce, using the things that anger me as a medium. But this medium should not spill out into other areas, hence controlled. I may have lost my brother, but I still have a family to protect and I may have a future family to nurture and also protect. Using what happened to Juste as motivation to never let that happen again is my strength.
Wuhai: Well said. You understand your role in the universe quite well.
Shin: Before coming to China, I used to think that revenge was the only thing that needed to keep me going. While that still is in the forefront of my mind, I realize that there is much more worth living for. Three years ago, I thought that once I had killed that man that my life would also end. Before I was given a purpose as a detective, I had no reason to live beyond that single goal. I know now that I was wrong.
Wuhai: You will be 19 in a few days, and yet right now it sounds as if youíre about to turn 29. Iím proud of you. Donít lose sight of that wisdom. It will carry you very far in life.
Shin: I wonít. I promise.
Wuhai: Shin, I lost everyone to poverty and sickness. I made a lot of mistakes in my life. The martial arts you have mastered were born from those mistakes. I told you before about trial and error being the basis of this style. You will also make many mistakes in your life. But you have to make the best of them, like I did. Donít let those sacrifices go to waste.
Shin: I wonít.
Wuhai: Then I have nothing left to teach you. Stand, Shin.

They both stand up.

Wuhai: I officially declare you a master practitioner of the Wuhai Tiger style. You are no longer my student.
Shin: Thank you, Shifu.
Wuhai: Not Shifu, Wuhai.
Shin: Thanks, Wuhai.

Wuhai extends his hand and they shake hands. They then both clap their hands together and bow simultaneously.

It is later in the day and the cops have taken the two robbers into their car and drive away.

Shin: Well, thatís over. Iím nearly done my last shift.

He patrols the streets as he usually would. Some people casually nod at Shin as they pass him and he nods back. He bumps fists with a young man as they cross paths and then continue walking in opposite directions.

Shin: The usual suspects are out today. I recognize most of these people by face. MustÖresistÖstereotype jokes.

An older lady approaches Shin and he stops.

Shin: Yes, maíam?
Lady: Mr. cop, can I trouble you to help me get my cat down from that awning?

She points to an awning where a cat is peacefully sleeping on it.

Shin: He got out again, huh? Well, here I go.

Shin goes over to the awning and then points his finger at the cat. Spirit energy begins to gather in his finger. The cat immediately opens its eyes and gets scared off the awning. It lands on its feet and Shin picks it up.

Shin: Luckily for me, he developed spirit awareness somehow.
Lady: Thank you so much. Youíre such a nice Japanese man.
Shin: Did you really have to add my nationality? No problem.

He leaves and keeps going. At the end of the day, he reports back at the police station.

Chief: Your badge?
Shin: Here it is.

He turns in his badge to the chief.

Chief: Very good. Anything else to report since that thief incident earlier?
Shin: Nothing, sir.
Chief: I see. Well then, I guess then you are relieved of your duties. Thank you for your hard work these past three months.
Shin: Thank you for having me.
Chief: We deposited your last paycheck into your account earlier today. Not that you really need it or anything.
Shin: Hehe.

They shake hands.

Shin: Itís been a pleasure working with you.
Chief: Definitely. If you ever come back to China, stop by and visit.
Shin: Will do.

Shin leaves and then stretches outside.

Shin: All my responsibilities have been fulfilled. Now I can just chill.

The fallout that occurred after Zhengís defeat was great at first. Without their drugs, the people of district 8 became restless. However, it was thanks to the police department and their acquired money that they were able to fund a public program for detox. The public was informed that the water they were drinking was laced with drugs. They were also told that the man responsible made the explosion that occurred in district 8 that fateful day and that the hero Amitay had stopped him. But in the process, Amitay had also perished in that fire. Their attitudes towards the police changed drastically ever since then, and with Shin helping to aid the public directly, their popularity skyrocketed. Shinís role in China had come to an end, however.

The next day, we can see that Shin has packed most of his belongings.

Shin: My last full day in China. Iíd better make it count.

After breakfast, he is about to go outside when he stops himself.

Shin: Oh, right. I donít have to go to work or train at the dojo. I went into automatic mode.

He plops himself on his bed and turns the T.V on.

Shin: This is nice. I rarely had a chance to do this during the day while I was here.

Once it reaches noon, Shin stands up and stretches.

Shin: Well, I guess Iíd better go out and get some lunch. I finished up everything in the fridge this morning since I canít take it home with me.

He leaves home and walks along the streets of district 8.

Man: Good afternoon, officer.
Shin: Iím afraid Iím not an officer anymore, but good afternoon.

After lunch, he continues to walk. He is stopped by Ming. Sheís wearing long black pants and a purple top.

Ming: Hey, stud.
Shin: Yo. Howís the acting coming along?
Ming: Good. My coach tells me I might be able to audition for low budget films soon.
Shin: By low budget, you better not be talking about pornos.
Ming: Iíll only film a porno on one condition.
Shin: Yeah, no.
Ming: Then no, Iím not talking about them. *wink*
Shin: Good. If I find out otherwise, Iíll fly back over here just to kick your ass.
Ming: Maybe Iíll do one after all.
Shin: Sheís getting better at thisÖfuck. Wouldnít recommend it. All the guys there are tainted meat. Theyíre not as lucky as you.
Ming: So anyway, you have some time to kill before tonight, right? Letís go.
Shin: Go where?
Ming: I dunno.
Shin: Yeah, what the hell?

Just then, Xio joins them.

Shin: Where the fuck did you come from?
Xio: Can I come?!
Shin: Your stalking habits are troublesome. Itís not up to me.
Ming: *sigh* I suppose.
Shin: Would you consider filming one with Xio, Ming? I think you two would make a great duo.
Xio: Ooh, me in a movie? That sounds exciting!
Shin: Oh, it would be exciting all right.
Xio: ?
Ming: Letís just go.
Xio: Can we go shopping? I havenít picked out my dress for tonight.
Shin: Why do you need to buy a new dress? Donít you have a perfectly good one at home?
Ming: You donít understand women at all, do you?
Shin: Canít say that I do.

They go into a womenís clothing shop and both of them start to look at dresses.

Shin: Huh. Looks like neither of them had something picked out.

A male employee approaches Shin.

Worker: Hey, so which one are you into?
Shin: The fuck?
Worker: Theyíre not your siblings, are they? Iím sorry.
Shin: No no! Theyíre friends. Your question just took me off guard.
Worker: SoÖ?
Shin: Listen, a wise man once told me, ďThe tiger is fierce, but controlledĒ.
Worker: Ahhhhh I get it.
Shin: You do? Well, thatís good. You want one of them?
Worker: Sorry, Iím into men.
Shin: Oh. OH!
Worker: What?
Shin: You clever shit. You wanted to see if I was gay by asking if I liked either of them. You think because they took me shoppingÖ
Worker: Wow, youíre good.
Shin: Iím afraid Iím not a sword swallower.
Worker: Dayum. Thatís a shame.

He leaves Shin alone and walks away. Shin gets closer to the girls so that he can hear the conversation.

Xio: This one would look great on you!
Ming: I canít fit in that, you know. Thatís your size.
Xio: Oh, youíre right. Damn!
Ming: Why not this one for you?
Xio: Too flashy.
Shin: Jeez. This might take a while.

An hour has passed and Shin has fallen asleep while slumped up against the wall. Suddenly, both Ming and Xio approach him. He opens his eyes before they say anything.

Shin: Have you finished?
Xio: We both got what we wanted.
Shin: Thatís good.

He stands up.

Xio: Your awareness is really good, Shin.
Shin: Yeah. Itís a trick I picked up not long ago.

They leave the store.

Ming: So what now?
Shin: I donít know. I had planned to chill most of the day. Letís go back to my place I guess.
Ming: Shinís apartment. I get to inside?
Shin: Yeah.

They go back to Shinís apartment.

Ming: So this is where you live.
Shin: I figure itís no use hiding it any longer since Iím gonna be out of here soon.
Xio: So then, Zheng lived right there then.
Shin: Yeah.
Ming: Whoís that?
Shin: Someone you wouldnít want to meet.

Shin opens the door to his apartment and the two ladies immediately push him aside and run in.

Shin: Theyíre like fucking dogs! Female dogs to be exact. Otherwise known as bitches. Heh.
Ming: This is a great picture here of youÖwait. Thatís not you.

Shin closes the door and Ming holds up a small picture of Juste that is framed.

Shin: Thatís my brother.
Ming: OhÖyou looked almost identical.
Shin: Yeah, people who see that picture think we were twins.
Xio: Whereís all the food?
Shin: I ate it all, since I canít take it with me obviously.
Ming: This is the sacred bed of the hero Amitay!
Shin: Donít get any ideas. I have to sleep on it one more time.
Xio: Do you have Jetflix if weíre gonna chill here?
Shin: Yeah.

Xio puts on a horror film while all three of them sit on Shinís bed. Shin is in the middle of them and they are clinging to him.

Shin: Itís not that scary.
Ming: Yeah, itís not.
Shin: *Sigh*

After the movieÖ

Xio: We have to get ready in time for dinner. Can we use your bathroom?
Shin: Yeah.
Ming: If we all bathe individually, we might not make it in time.
Shin: Good idea. The two of you can bathe together.
Ming: Thatís not-
Xio: Iím sure itíll be fine. Iíll go in first.

Xio goes into the bathroom and Ming gets closer to Shin.

Ming: Hey. I just wanted to thank you again for everything youíve done for me.
Shin: Yeah.
Ming: I mean it. You gave me a new chance at life. Anyone else would have laughed it off that I wanted to be an actor.
Shin: Iím happy for you. You helped me get that money. Itís only right that I would give you a cut of it.

After Xio is done in the bathroom, she is wearing a black silk dress. Her hair is let down. Shin whistles jokingly.

Xio: You really like it?
Shin: Yeah.
Ming: M-My turn next!

She scurries into the bathroom. Xio gets closer to Shin.

Shin: Sheís sure jumpy.
Xio: Sheís excited to show you.
Shin: Sheís shown me enough.
Xio: Hey, listen. I just wanted to thank you for everything youíve done for me.
Shin: Theyíre in synch!
Xio: If it werenít for you, I donít know that I would have ever seen my papa again.
Shin: You helped me get that money. Itís only right that I wouldÖoh shit wait. I meanÖyou helped me lure out Zheng. Consider the opportunity my reward. Besides, it was you who rescued him.

About 30 minutes pass and the door opens.

Shin: Hey, that didnít take you too-

When Ming steps out, Shin immediately turns around.

Shin: What the fuck are you doing?!
Ming: Where are the clean towels?
Shin: There is a pull out drawer at the sink.
Ming: Oh okay.

She goes back into the bathroom.

Xio: TheyíreÖeven bigger than I thought. No fair!
Shin: Just wonderful. I bet she did that on purpose. Is that what a woman looks like? Holy shit!

Ten minutes later, the door opens again. Shin looks away again.

Shin: Xio, is it safe to look?
Xio: Yep.

Ming is wearing a white cotton dress and her hair is also let down.

Shin: Nice. My turn, I guess.

Shin goes in.

Ming: Now, itís time for us to get a peek.
Xio: Youíre bad, Ming. I like that about you!

Ming goes up to the door and turns it, but itís locked. She pulls hard on it.

Ming: Is this thing bolted shut? Xio, you can pull this door open, canít you?
Xio: Yeah. No problem.

She touches the handle and then instantly recoils her hand in pain.

Xio: He put spirit energy into the door?! Damn.
Ming: Can you kick it down?
Xio: It looks like he infused spirit energy into the door somehow. Itís a lot sturdier than it would be normally. Itíll repel me, a demon.
Ming: Damn it.
Shinís Voice: (Faint) Get rekít!

After Shin is finished, he has gone with a simple white dress shirt, black pants and a red tie.

Xio: Looking good!
Ming: I think heíd look better with it off.

Shin gives Ming the middle finger. They promptly leave Shinís apartment and stop by the dojo.

Shin: One sec.

He enters the dojo and a few minutes later, Wuhai is with him with similar attire, only a gold tie.

Shin: This was my martial arts instructor, Master Wuhai.
Wuhai: Pleasure to meet such lovely ladies.

They go to Xioís place where she gets Yamazaki, who once again is in similar attire but with a black tie.

Yamazaki: Is this everyone?
Shin: That depends. Hang on.

Shin dials his phone and then someone answers.

Shin: Hey, chief.
Chief: Shin? What do you need?
Shin: I was wondering if you were free. Iíd like to treat you to dinner.
Chief: I dunno. We have some things going on.
Shin: Too bad. My friends and I are going to Gui Hua Lou.
Chief: Iíll be right over!

They hang up.

Shin: Thatís what I thought.
Wuhai: Did you just casually invite the police chief of Shanghai out to dinner? And did I hear you say Gui Hua Lou?
Shin: Yep and yep.

They make it to the restaurant and the chief is promptly there at the same time. He was already wearing a suit and tie.

Shin: Glad you could make it.
Chief: You kidding? I never turn down an offer for this restaurant. Itís one of the most prestigious in Shanghai.
Shin: Chief, I want to introduce you to these people. This is my Shifu, Master Wuhai. These are my friends, Ming and Xio and this is Xioís father.
Chief: I recognize you, Xio. We met three months ago, I believe.
Shin: These people helped me solve that case. They all helped in their own way.
Chief: I see. So you really didnít do it alone.

They get in and get seated. On the left side, Xio, Shin and Ming are seated in that order. On the right, Yamazaki, the chief and Wuhai. They order their food and drinks.

Chief: So, you were the one who taught Shin his martial arts.
Wuhai: Yes.
Chief: You did well then. Iíve seen them in action and theyíre impressive.
Wuhai: Itís an honor to hear you say that.
Chief: Some of my men could stand to learn some basic martial arts from you, if youíd be willing to sign a contract with us to help train new recruits and the likes.
Wuhai: Iím sure that we could come to a reasonable agreement on that.
Shin: See that? You got more potential students again.

They get their drinks. All of them are alcoholic. Yamazaki taps on his glass and everyone stops to listen to him.

Yamazaki: This one is to Shin Yakamoru. Someone who was a stranger to all of us a few months ago, but has changed all of our lives for the better. And for paying for this awesome dinner. Ganbei!
All except Shin: Ganbei!
Shin: Kanpai.

After drinking, they go back into conversation.

Chief: You were enslaved in that syndicate?
Yamazaki: Yes. My ties with that man go way back to my wife, who used to know him.
Chief: I see. Iím glad we were able to help. They had to be stopped.
Xio: Thank you for everything you did, sir.

As everyone except for Shin is engaging in conversation, it seems to go quiet for him in his mind. He is scanning each of them, remembering the various times heís had with them.

Shin: All the people I care about in this city are here. Iím grateful to have met them. But all of this ends tomorrow. Iím going to miss them.

Suddenly, he is jerked back into reality when he hears his name.

Shin: Yeah?
Ming: Tell him about the time you knocked out one of the drug vendors.
Shin: Alright.

As he starts to tell the storyÖ

Shin: But for now, Iíll relish what time I have with them.

After dinner, they all stand outside.

Chief: Well, Iím out. I need to get back to the office to finish some paper work. Have a safe trip home, Shin.
Shin: See you and thank you for everything, chief.

He leaves as the rest of them keep walking. Once they reach a certain point in the cityÖ

Wuhai: Well, this is my stop. Iíll see you tomorrow, Shin.
Shin: Alright. See you.

Wuhai leaves. They then stop at Xioís apartment.

Yamazaki: Thanks again for dinner.
Shin: No problem.
Xio: See you later!

They go inside.

Ming: Well, Iíd better be off too.
Shin: Donít be ridiculous. Iíll walk you home. Itís getting late.
Ming: You sure?
Shin: Yeah.

They walk to Mingís home together. They stop just outside of her door.

Ming: Do youÖwant to come inside?
Shin: Iíd better not. I have some last minute packing to do before I go to sleep.
Ming: I seeÖ
Shin: Is there something wrong?
Ming: No. Itís just thatÖthis day has been amazing. I donít want it to end.
Shin: I know how you feel. Iím sorry. I wish I could-

Ming interrupts him by leaning in and kissing him abruptly. Shin receives the kiss, but does not reciprocate. She is teary eyed.

Ming: Iím sorry.
Shin: Itís okay. I know how you feel about me. But it would have never worked out between us.
Ming: I know.
Shin: Iíll see you tomorrow.
Ming: Yeah.

As Shin walks away, the scene fades to black. The next day, Shin is standing at the airport with some of his bags. Xio, Ming, Yamazaki and Wuhai are with him at the gate where non-passengers cannot cross. He has just finished giving out his individual goodbyes.

Shin: Okay, well then, Iím off. See ya.
All: Bye!

Shin leaves them and then makes his way to the plane. He sits down. His face seems downtrodden.

Shin: I didnít think leaving would be this hard. Shit. Once Iím home Iíll be fine though.

The flight attendant starts to go over flight procedures as Shin zones out. He puts his head against the window and looks out. The seat next to him becomes occupied while this is happening.

Shin: I wonder how I should shield myself from Mom when I get home. Iíve never been away from home this long. I donít know how sheíll react to seeing me again.
Voice: Is this seat taken?
Shin: Nah.

Shin glances over to see Xio sitting next to him.

Shin: Oh, hey Xio.

A few seconds pass.

Shin: Ö..XIO?!

The plane takes off.

ShinÖand Xio return to Japan next time!
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Chapter 35

Xio: Hey.
Shin: What are you doing?

A female flight attendant approaches Shin and Xio.

Attendant: Is everything okay here, sir?
Shin: Yeah, yeah. Sorry for yelling out like that. I got a bit surprised is all.
Attendant: Okay.

She leaves.

Shin: You want to start explaining?
Xio: Sorry, I couldnít tell you what I was planning; otherwise you might have tried to stop me.
Shin: Does your father know about this?
Xio: Yes, in fact, he encouraged me to go to Japan with you.
Shin: Why?
Xio: You helped me get stronger these last couple months and got revenge for me. I want to help you get yours.
Shin: I see. Well, you went through all this trouble. I might as well welcome you to the team.
Xio: Yay!
Shin: AndÖwhere exactly were you planning to stay? Did you find an apartment?
Xio: I figured Iíd just stay with you till I could find one.
Shin: *Sigh* You really didnít think this through.
Xio: You mean, I canít?
Shin: No, you can. Iím not just going to leave you to fend for yourself. Where is all your stuff? I didnít see you bring anything except a purse.
Xio: Papa said heíd send it immediately. I have money with me though.
Shin: Thatís good, I guess.

All dialogue from here on is switched to Japanese unless otherwise specified.

Shin: From now on, you need to speak Japanese. Are you okay with that?
Xio: Yeah. Iíve been brushing up on it.
Shin: Good.
Xio: You sound so much more comfortable. Though your Chinese got quite good.
Shin: What do you expect? This is my native language. Your Japanese is pretty good though.
Xio: Thanks.
Shin: Oh shit.
Xio: What?
Shin: What are they gonna think when I bring a young Chinese girl home? Theyíre definitely going to get the wrong idea. Iím fucked.
Xio: Canít you just explain?
Shin: You donítÖyou know what? Iíll just let you experience that for yourself.

After the plane lands in Japan, they get off. They stretch out.

Xio: So, who is picking you up? Your parents?
Shin: HmmÖcome to think of itÖI donít know.
Xio: Didnít you tell them you were coming home today?
Shin: Everyone knows. I guess weíll have to wait and see.

They walk about the airport, looking for someone recognizable. After a few minutes, Shin finds someone.

Shin: Wait, what? Mr. Urameshi?
Yusuke: Yo.
Shin: Are you here for me?
Yusuke: Yeah. Got a problem with that?
Shin: Hell no!
Xio: Wait, this is the legendary Yusuke Urameshi that you told me about?
Shin: Yes.
Yusuke: Whoís the girl? No one told me that anyone would be with you.
Shin: Weíre the same in that regard. This is my friend, Xio.
Yusuke: I see. Hey, Shin. Youíve gotten a lot stronger.
Shin: You can tell?
Yusuke: That was the main reason why I decided to be the one to pick you up. How about your fighting ability? I heard that you would be training in martial arts.
Shin: I mastered a style. I understand perfectly what you meant when you gave me that advice before. Thank you so much for that.
Yusuke: Good. Your energy seems to be in great balance. Youíve changed dramatically.
Shin: Yes, I have.
Yusuke: Well, letís not sit here with our thumb up our asses. Letís get out of here.

When they get into Yusukeís car, Shin is sandwiched between his entire collection of luggage while Xio is sitting in the front seat, comfortable.

Yusuke: So, whatís your story, girl? Did he put his hand up your skirt one too many times?
Xio: No!
Yusuke: And they tell me that youíre like me, Shin. Pfft, I used to touch Keiko all the time at your age.
Shin: Too much information.

They make it to Shinís house. They dump all the luggage and then Yusuke rolls down one window.

Shin: Thanks again, Mr. Urameshi.
Yusuke: Itís Yusuke, damn it. Later.

Yusuke drives away.

Shin: Alright. Time to face the music.
Xio: You make it seem like itís a bad thing that youíre home.
Shin: WellÖjust wait here.

He opens his door and walks in with two suitcases in his hands.

Jaideís Voice: SHINNNNN!!!!!!!!

She comes running full speed and accosts him with a hug. Shin hugs her back after dropping the suitcases.

Shin: Hey.
Jaide: I missed you so much!
Shin: I missed this half of you as I promised.

Neo also swings by and gives Shin a hug.

Shin: But you, on the other hand, I missed greatly.
Neo: Welcome home, Shin.
Shin: Thanks, Dad.
Neo: Letís get the rest of your stuff in.
Shin: YeahÖabout that. Iím afraid I brought back more than I thought I would.
Jaide: What do you mean?
Shin: WellÖ

He opens the door and they see Xio. Neoís face lights up immediately.

Neo: Oohhhh?!
Shin: Now now, donít get the wrong fucking idea!
Jaide: Sheís so pretty. Shin, you chose well.
Shin: I told you not to-

Both of his parents ignore Shin and approach Xio.

Neo: Well, hello there. Do you speak Japanese?
Xio: Yes! I am actually 25% Japanese. My name is Xio Hao. I feel like Iím talking to an older Shin. They look a lot alike, just like his brother.
Jaide: What a nice girl! Iím so glad Shin could bring home such a wonderful girlfriend.
Xio: Well, Iím not-
Jaide: Címon, Iíll show you around the house!

She pulls Xio by the arm and takes her inside the house. Neo pats Shin on the shoulder.

Neo: Iím proud of you, Son.
Shin: *Sigh* Thanks, Dad, but sheís not my girlfriend. She just needs a place to stay for a little while.
Neo: Itís okay. You donít have to hide it from me.
Shin: Iím just glad Ming didnít have the same idea as Xio. This could have been a lot worse.

Meanwhile, in Spirit World, Juste is hunched over, laughing his ass off. Back to Shin, he has moved all of his stuff back to his room. He takes a deep breath.

Shin: My room. Itís been a while.

He has a look at the wanted poster on the wall and his face becomes tenser.

Shin: Donít think Iíve forgotten about you.
Jaideís Voice: Shin! Time for dinner!
Shin: Okay! Juste, Iím getting closer to our goal.

He turns and goes downstairs. They all sit down at the dinner table and begin eating.

Neo: So, Shin. How about you tell us a little bit about Shanghai?
Shin: Well, the city was huge and the people varied. I was mostly in a slums district while working. The people thereÖwere strange to say the least.
Jaide: Did people offer you drugs and sex?
Shin: Heh. You donít know the half of it.
Jaide: So, when did you two meet?
Shin: About three months ago.
Neo: And how?
Xio: I needed help and I saw him doing police work, so I thought I could ask him.
Neo: Isnít that nice?
Jaide: Thatís our Shin.
Shin: The fuckÖ

After dinner, Shin takes Neo aside.

Shin: By the way, this might seem like a sudden question, but how much money is left on the mortgage?
Neo: That is sudden. Why do you ask?
Shin: Iím going to pay the rest of it.
Neo: Is that even possible?
Shin: I came into a fortune while I was on the job. I was able to coax a drug lord to give me a large sum of his money before he was taken down.
Neo: You mean you robbed him?
Shin: No no no. It was a business transaction. Well, it was more or less a trap, but yeah. Just donít tell Mom about this. Sheíll freak out if she finds out about how I got all the money.
Neo: Agreed.
Jaide: Hey! What are you two talking about?
Neo: Shinís going to pay off our mortgage, honey.
Jaide: What?!
Neo: He recently came into a lot of money while over at China.
Jaide: Oh, Shin! Our boy is all grown up!
Neo: She has a point. You really have matured.
Shin: Yeah. Well, just tell me how much it is and Iíll take care of it.

Later that night, Shin is unpacking.

Shin: Almost done.
Xioís Voice: Shin, can I come in?
Shin: Yeah.

She opens his door and enters.

Xio: Do you need any help?
Shin: That would be nice, if you can stand to help me finish. Itíll only take us twenty minutes between us both.
Xio: Sure!

They are able to make quick work of the rest of his unpacking.

Shin: Do you need anything? Justeís room should be still well equipped for guests.
Xio: About thatÖ

Earlier that nightÖ

Xio: So, is there a guest room that Iíll be staying in?
Neo: Guest room? Please, you donít have to be so formal. Shin has more than enough space.
Jaide: Thatís right. You just make yourself right at home in there with him.

Shin: I should have known that would be their answer. Hang on.

Shin leaves for a minute and comes back with a loose mattress, some covers and a pillow.

Shin: That should be okay, yes?
Xio: Perfect.

They get ready for bed and Shin lies down on his bed while Xio lies down on the mattress.

Shin: This is nostalgic. This bed feels just right.
Xio: Hey, Shin?
Shin: Yeah?
Xio: Iím glad I came to Japan.
Shin: Where did that come from?
Xio: Oh, nowhere. Good night.
Shin: ĎNight.

They fall asleep. Early next morning, Shin wakes up.

Shin: Hmm? Ah yeah, Iím home. WaitÖsomethingís wrong.

He opens his eyes all the way to see Xio right next to him, still asleep. This jerks him awake and he puts his hand over his mouth to stop himself from yelling.

Shin: WhatÖtheÖfuck?!

Shin lifts the covers up and then takes a sigh.

Shin: Our clothes are still on. Good. What the hell was she thinking?
Xio: (mumbling) PaÖpaÖ

There is a tear running down Xioís face.

Shin: Even though she said what she did, she must already miss Yamazaki and Shanghai.

Shin gets out of bed and takes another sigh of relief.

Shin: Looks like I dodged a bullet there. That seems to be a trend with these Chinese women.

He goes downstairs, where Jaide is cooking.

Shin: Good morning.
Jaide: Good morning, Shin. Did you two have a nice night?
Shin: Itís too early for that bullshit.
Jaide: Fine, you donít get breakfast then.
Shin: Fine by me. I planned on going to Hiroshi anyway to see Dean. I might as well get breakfast there.
Jaide: Sit your ass down. I have some eggs and rice for you.
Shin: Thatís what I thought.

After breakfast, Shin is about to go upstairs.

Jaide: Wait, Shin.
Shin: What is it?
Jaide: Come here, please.

Shin does so and Jaide buries her face into his shoulder while holding him tight.

Jaide: (Choked up) I was so worried about you. When you told us that something bad had happenedÖI didnít know what to do.
Shin: You actually helped me, you know. You were right. I donít give up when shit hits the fan.
Jaide: Thank you so much for paying the house off. You have no idea how much that means.
Shin: Am I having a normal conversation with her? Have things really changed that much? I know.

Shin goes upstairs into his room and sits on the loose mattress for a few minutes when Xio eventually wakes up. She takes a quick look around.

Xio: How did I get up here?
Shin: Very funny. You knew what you were doing.
Xio: I swear I didnít know.
Shin: You want me to believe that you sleepwalk? Do you know how rare that is?
Xio: We didnítÖ
Shin: No, weíre safe for now. Go ahead and wake up some more. Iím going to get ready. We have some people that you need to meet a little later.

Later that day, they leave the house and Shin unravels the cover off his motorcycle.

Xio: Cool!
Shin: Right? It was Justeís and now it has passed to me. You ready to go for a ride?
Xio: Hell yeah!

They get on and Shin starts to drive.

Shin: Man this takes me back. You all right back there?!
Xio: Yeah! Just fine! This feels great!

They make it to Hiroshi and Shin parks. Immediately, Dean rushes out of the restaurant.

Dean: You son of a bitch! I recognize that motor sound anywhere!
Shin: Come here, you beautiful bastard.

They bro hug. Just then, Shin seems surprised.

Shin: DeanÖyou, I sense spirit energy from you.
Dean: Heh. Iíll talk to you about that later. For now, come on in.
Shin: Wait, dumbass. This is my friend from China.
Xio: Hello. I am Xio.
Dean: Hey. Is sheÖ?
Shin: Sheís half-demon. Donít worry; sheís cool.

They go inside and have curry made for them.

Dean: Well?
Shin: Holy shit. Youíve outdone yourself.
Xio: It is quite good, Mr. Mist.
Dean: Just call me Dean.
Shin: Youíve been practicing for my return?
Dean: You know it. So, tell me about China.
Shin: There was a lot of alcohol, drugs and prostitution. You would have loved it.
Dean: Damn. I should have gone with you.
Shin: I mean, thereís plenty of that over here too though haha. But this place I was in ramped it up to 10.
Xio: Yeah, district 8 was very strange.
Dean: Sounds like a blast.
Shin: So letís talk about you. You took my advice, didnít you?
Dean: I did. The professor did have someone to help me. His name was Kuwabara.
Shin: I had a feeling he would send you there. Have you seen Juste yet?
Dean: Once. Koenma allowed me to see him for a few minutes.
Shin: Good. By the way, whereís Laura? Isnít she usually here at this time?
Dean: She quit. She got a better paying job.
Shin: Oh? Hehehe.
Dean: What is it?
Shin: Would you happen to have replaced her yet?
Dean: No, I donít think so at least.
Xio: Wait, you meanÖ
Shin: What if I told you there were a cute little Chinese girl that would be happy to fill that spot?
Xio: She would?
Shin: I think so, as long as she wants to stay where she is.
Xio: I guess she would thenÖ
Dean: Who are we talking about here?
Xio: Me!
Dean: I can get you an interview tomorrow probably. Stop by around the same time.
Shin: Thanks, man. Iíll buy you a drink sometime soon.
Dean: I always take payment in beer.

After they finish eating, Shin and Xio leave the restaurant.

Shin: At least this way you know you wonít run out of money if you find an apartment soon.
Xio: I guessÖ
Shin: Anyway, we have two more people for you to meet. Endull and Drago. Theyíre expecting us, so letís head out.

To be continuedÖ
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Chapter 36

Shin and Xio have traveled to Shinís old high school.

Shin: Alright. Here we are.
Xio: Is this a school?
Shin: Itís where I went for high school. This also happens to be our usual meeting place.
Xio: Where are they?
Shin: !

Shinís eyes widen as Endull appears behind him. He throws a punch, but Shin turns around to block it. Endull throws another punch. Shin shoves his hand in such a way that Endull starts to lose balance. Shin then drops to the ground and places one hand on the ground and does a 360-degree sweep kick as his hand rotates along with his body. Endull is able to regain his footing in time to jump over the sweep. Shin propels himself to his feet instantly to block Endullís ensuing kick. Endull then relaxes himself and takes a few steps back.

Endull: Not bad. It seems you did get a lot better.
Shin: That level of speed. I nearly didnít turn around in time. If I hadnít sensed you when I did, that could have ruined my day.
Xio: This is the guy he talked about who was even faster than us. Now I see it. Iíve never seen anything move like that.

Drago also appears to be walking towards them.

Drago: It was his idea. Sorry.
Shin: Drago. You seem well also.
Endull: Who is the half-demon?
Xio: You can tell?
Endull: Indeed.
Xio: My name is Xio Hao. Iím from Shanghai. My mama was a demon.
Shin: She has permission to be in this world, so donít worry about that part.
Endull: Are you strong, Xio Hao?
Xio: Strong? Yes. Do I think I could beat you in a fight after that? No, probably not. I almost couldnít follow your speed just then.
Drago: The fact that you could follow it at all means that youíre good. Shin, your senses have gotten much better to have seen that attack coming.
Endull: And what the hell was that move that you did to me?
Shin: I moved you past your center of gravity. Itís a trick I learned in Shanghai.
Drago: So, you increased the gravity on his body for a moment?
Shin: No. Forget it. So, how have things been here?
Endull: No worthy demons to mention. My concerns have been elsewhere.
Shin: What do you mean?
Endull: My father hasnít told me much yet, but thereís something going on in Demon World.
Drago: This is the first youíve mentioned this. Whatís going on?
Endull: Iím not sure, but I can tell that there is tension building there. I donít think demons are satisfied with my fatherís rule.
Xio: So you think there might be a civil war?
Endull: Itís a distinct possibility.
Shin: I wonder if that has to do with the soul-stealing demon.
Endull: What? Soul-stealing demon?
Shin: You donít know about that, huh?
Endull: Tell me what you know, Shin. This is important.

Shin tells him everything that Juste said regarding this demon.

Endull: I see. He could be involved, but I canít be sure right now until they start to tell us what is going on.
Shin: They seem to like holding back a lot of information from us.
Xio: Who is ďtheyĒ anyway?
Shin: Iím sure youíll meet Koenma and the others soon. Yusuke is part of ďtheyĒ.
Xio: So, Team Urameshi and the ones in Spirit World?
Shin: Yeah. Though, Endull, they were in our position once. I think they understand what needs to be done. Letís leave it to them for now. Itís our job to get stronger right now and take out the demons that we can.
Endull: Hmph. You donít have to tell me that.
Drago: So, what now?
Endull: Our fightís not finished, Shin. Letís keep going.
Shin: Not here! School is in session, you know.
Endull: Fine. You pick the spot.
Shin: Alright. Youíre on.

That night, Shin and Endull are collapsed on the ground, shirtless with scratches and cuts everywhere on their torsos. They are breathing heavy.

Drago: They literally fought till nighttime.
Xio: Iíve never seen anything like it.
Shin: I nearly had you. But I guess this fight is a draw.
Endull: You nearly had ME? Get off your high horse.
Shin: You got fucking lucky.
Endull: I say you got lucky.

They both stand up and brush themselves off.

Shin: You wanna fight about it, asshole?
Endull: Yeah. Letís keep going.
Xio: No!
Drago: Thatís enough. Iím getting hungry.
Xio: Me too!
Shin: Fine. Letís go get some food.
Endull: Very well.

Shin and Endull help each other along, while Drago and Xio walk ahead.

Shin: Low key though, I missed your stuck up ass. No homo.
Endull: Then you should have come home sooner.

Later, Shin and Xio are seen just outside his house. Shin is still slumped a bit while walking.

Shin: Alright, here comes the ďIím okayĒ act.

He opens the door and starts to walk straight. His parents greet him, and he starts to go up the stairs.

Neo: Where are you going?
Shin: Iím tired as fuck. Going upstairs to chill a bit before going to sleep.
Neo: AlrightÖ

Shin goes up and into his room and then collapses on his bed.

Shin: Itís a good thing I didnít take any shots to the face.

Meanwhile, Xio is still downstairs.

Neo: How are you liking Japan so far, Xio?
Xio: Itís different, but I like it. Shin managed to get me a job interview already.
Jaide: How did he do that?
Xio: Iíll probably be working at Hiroshi.
Neo: Oh! Doesnít Dean work there?
Jaide: DeanÖthat son of a bitch. You be careful of that man, Xio.
Xio: ÖWhy?

A few minutes later, Xio enters Shinís room.

Xio: Why didnít you tell me that Dean might try to hit on me a lot?
Shin: Oh, that? I thought you were used to getting hit on. You can kick his ass if you want.
Xio: For your information, I do not get flirted with a lot.
Shin: Really? That surprises me.
Xio: Why?
Shin: No reason.
Xio: Oh? You think Iím attractive, donít you?!
Shin: Just drop it.
Xio: Just admit it!
Shin: You heard what I said to Dean. I called you a cute little Chinese girl.
Xio: That sounds like something youíd call a little kid!
Shin: Okay.
Xio: Okay? I could kick your ass right now if I wanted to! You can do better than that!
Shin: Just wait till the morning when Iíve healed properly.
Xio: Donít dodge the subject. You thought people flirt with me all the time. If you donít think Iím attractive, then why did you think that?
Shin: I didnít say I didnít think that.
Xio: Another non-answer. Now I know why Ming got so frustrated with you.
Shin: She told you about all that? I bet she didnít tell you that she tried to rape me.
Xio: What?!
Shin: She tailored her story to make her seem like a poor victim of mean olí Shin. For the record, I apologized for all the teasing I did to her.
Xio: I guess youíre rightÖhey, wait! Youíre good at changing the subject!
Shin: Why do you want to know so badly, anyway?
Xio: I dunno, but answer.
Shin: Yes, I do.

Xio turns around and starts blushing.

Xio: What about me?
Shin: Hmm? I dunno, your hazel eyes are striking.

Meanwhile, Neo and Jaide are just outside of Shinís room, listening.

Xioís Voice: What else?
Shinís Voice: HmmÖI give up.
Xioís Voice: This isnít a quiz question!
Shinís Voice: Then stop acting like it is.
Neo: (Whispering) Damn it, Shin. Youíre never gonna tap that at this rate.
Jaide: (Whispering) Have faith, dear. He is our kid.

Shin notices the door move ever so slightly, as if something was pressed up against it. He rolls his eyes. He points to the door and then to his ear. Xio seems to understand and nods.

Shin: Though, you know, your ass is gigantic. You could stand to lose a few kilograms.

A groan of frustration is heard from the other side of the door.

Shin: But you know, thatís what I like about you. A little extra packaging never hurt anyone.
Xio: Really?
Shin: Yeah. I definitely donít get that from my dad. When my mom gained weight over the winter, he complained all day to me. He told me ďSon, if your bitch ever starts to pack it on, get rid of her before thereís a ring on her fingerĒ.

All of the sudden, there is a smack sound heard. Shin cannot contain it any further and starts to burst with laughter. Xio opens the door to see a hand mark on Neoís face.

Shin: You deserved that one, Dad.
Neo: Tell her that it was a lie, Shin!
Shin: Obviously it was. Thatís what you two get for eavesdropping on me. You know, weíre not actually a thing, right?
Jaide: What? Why didnít you tell us sooner?
Shin: I fucking tried!

A few minutes later, they have gotten ready for bed.

Shin: Hey.
Xio: Yeah?
Shin: Donít do it again.
Xio: Donít do what again?
Shin: You know what Iím talking about.

Shin starts charging up a spirit gun and then dispels it.

Xio: Alright! I donít see what the big deal is anyway.
Shin: So it was on purpose!
Xio: No!

They both lie down and turn the lights out.

Xio: Shin?
Shin: Yeah?
Xio: My butt isnít too big, is it?
Shin: Itís fine.
Xio: Fine as in okay, or fine as in nice?
Shin: ÖYes.

The next morning, Shin wakes up and stretches. He notices that Xio is on her own mattress this time.

Shin: I donít feel sore, actually. Iím surprised. I took more damage yesterday than the entire time I was in China.

Shin quietly leaves his room, but he is suddenly in Spirit World. Juste is in front of him while Koenma is behind him.

Shin: What?
Juste: I wanted to be the first like old times.
Shin: Brother.
Juste: Happy birthday, Shin.
Shin: Thanks, man.
Koenma: Yes, happy birthday.
Juste: Unfortunately, I couldnít get you a present.
Shin: Just seeing you again is enough. That was the only thing I ever wanted for three years.
Juste: How does it feel being home again?
Shin: Great. Itís almost surreal.
Juste: I saw a little of your conversations. You decided to pay off the house. That was good of you. Finances have had them in a bind for many years.
Shin: Yeah. By the way, KoenmaÖ
Koenma: Oh, you finally acknowledged me.
Shin: Do you have anything lined up for me?
Koenma: I do, but it can wait a few days. Donít worry about it for now.
Shin: If you say so. Juste, how is Dean coming along?
Juste: Sorry, but he told me to keep my mouth shut. He wants to surprise you.
Shin: Hah.

They spend a few more minutes together.

Shin: I guess Iíd better get going.

They give a thumbs up to each other and then Shin is sent back. He appears in his hallway upstairs. He goes downstairs where his parents greet him. He eats breakfast and then they hand him a wrapped box.

Shin: Oh? I wonder whatís in here.

He unwraps the gift. The writing on the box says ďGame Girl AdvanceĒ.

Shin: A Game Girl Advance? Just what I wanted. Thanks, you two. It even comes with the newest Fire Emblem.

An hour later, Xio comes down. Neo and Jaide greet her as well. She then hears a faint noise behind her and notices Shin. He is sitting on the couch, curled up and playing his new handheld system.

Xio: I didnít know he was a gamer. Good morning, Shin. Happy birthday.
Shin: (mumbling apathetically) Thanks.

She eats breakfast and then sits next to Shin, looking at him occasionally. He pays no mind to her. She silently pouts to herself.

Shin: Level up, motherfuckerÖ..fuck, horrible level up.

An hour passes and Shin is still playing. Xio has nodded off, but wakes again.

Xio: Damn it.
Shin: You know, the TV remote is there if you want to watch something.
Xio: Nice of you to notice me, senpai.
Shin: You wanna watch this instead?
Xio: Sure.

Shin scoots over and Xio watches him play.

Xio: Whatís that there?
Shin: The attack window. Iíll know if itís a good decision to attack or not.
Xio: Oh. Wow, you really destroyed the other guy. But that poor horse.

She looks at Shin briefly to see him almost transfixed on the game.

Xio: This is a different side of Shin. Behind all that maturity, thereís this. Itís kinda cute.

Later that night, Shin charges his system and then stretches.

Shin: Man, I needed this day.
Xio: I guess you didnít really have much time to relax in China, huh?
Shin: Between training, martial arts training and work, no. Well, time to bed.

Shin goes to sleep first and then Xio does about an hour later. Shin wakes up early in the morning.

Shin: My plan worked. Time to go to Hiro City where no one will bother me.

Shin opens his window and then slides out, but not before grabbing his Game Girl Advance. He manages to close the window before dropping to the ground. He then makes his way to Hiro City where he sits atop a tall building. The sun is still rising above the buildings. He turns on his system and starts playing.

Shin: Itís pretty nice out.

About 20 minutes pass and then Shin turns off the system and slowly puts it down. He stands up and then turns around.

Shin: Somethingís coming.

What rapidly approaches Shin?!
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Chapter 37

Shin waits as his look intensifies. Suddenly, a figure lands on the same rooftop. He gets a look at whom it is. It is a man whose face looks like this He has black long pants and black boots. He has three gold rings on his left hand on his ring, middle and pointer fingers.

Shin: And who are you?
???: (Deep voice) You sensed me coming. Not bad.
Shin: Iím not sure what you mean. You werenít exactly being discreet about showing power.
???: I mean simply the act of sensing passively is not something everyone possesses.
Shin: And Iíll bet you sensed me as well. Perhaps I used a bit too much power getting here quickly.

There is a silence for a few seconds. They both size each other up.

Shin: So then, answer my question.
???: I am Vance.
Shin: So I know your name. That still doesnít answer who you are. You know exactly what I mean. Why do you have both spirit and demon energy?
Vance: I donít need to answer that question.
Shin: Then how about you tell me why youíre about to attack me?
Vance: Do I need a reason?
Shin: !

Vance appears in front of Shin and throws a punch with his right hand. *Click Here* Shin dodges and then ends up where Vance was before he moved. He takes the Seishin stance.

Shin: Time out, asshole! You donít need a reason? Thatís horse shit.
Vance: Youíre quite vulgar.

Vance goes on the attack again. Shin continually dodges, but each attack becomes harder for him to dodge. Eventually, Vance lands a kick to Shinís ankle, which makes him stumble back. He then follows up with a hard punch to Shinís face. As Shin falls to the floor, he forces both hands onto the ground and handstand kicks with both feet. Vance sidesteps it, but Shin also propels himself upwards to his feet with the momentum of his kick. In one fluid motion, as Shin lands, he immediately sweep-kicks, knocking Vance off his feet. Just before Vance hits the ground, Shin punts Vance off the building. He goes flying through the air, over many tall buildings. Shin looks at him while using one hand as a visor.

Shin: And the field goal is good! Three points for me.

Vance spins in the air in order to land on a rooftop safely. He and Shin are about five buildings away. We see Vance power up with a purple aura. Shin also focuses his energy. All of the sudden, Vance disappears from in the distance and then instantly appears behind Shin. Shin ducks under a punch from behind and then spins around while flailing his fist. Vance ducks under this as well and then they both back up from each other. Shin takes the Ten stance.

Shin: This guy. Zheng wouldnít have lasted ten seconds against me the way I am now. For him to so easily recover from my attackÖ

Before he can contemplate any more, Vance goes on the attack yet again. Just before he attacks, Shin already counters with a palm strike to his chest. Vance takes the hit and then immediately attacks again with a punch. It hits Shin in the stomach. Shin counters with a punch of his own. Vance sidesteps and grabs Shinís wrist. Shin charges up a spirit gun in his other hand and fires off a small one. Vance lets go of Shinís wrist and dodges it. He punches Shin, which sends him flying off the building. Shin lands two buildings away on his feet and Vance appears in front of him. Shin retaliates with a punch of his own, surprising Vance. This punch sends him off the building and far away. This time Shin jumps after him and knocks him straight down between buildings. While in the air, Shin charges up.


Shin fires the blast straight down at the falling Vance. He catches the blast with one hand and sends it straight back at Shin.

Shin: What?!

Shin contorts his body in such a way that it misses him and explodes in the air above him.

Shin: I managed to dodge it, but now Iím off balance!

Meanwhile, Vance pushing the spirit gun made him fall down faster. He lands on the ground and then immediately jumps all the way up, landing on the building where Shin is about to land on. Purple energy appears in his right hand and he punches Shin in the back before he can land. Shin coughs up blood and then he is launched far away. About ten buildings later, he hits the concrete roof hard. Not long after, Vance lands on the same building. Shin propels himself to his feet quickly and takes the Ten stance. Vance goes on the attack once more, but Shin dodges a punch and in one fluid motion palm strikes Vance, making him slide back.

Vance: You are quite skilled. If it wasnít for that, youíd have been dead already.
Shin: I hate to admit it, but heís right.
Vance: It seems in order to definitively finish you off, Iím going to have to take things up just one notch.

Vance holds up his left hand and the ring around his pointer finger starts glowing.

Shin: So those rings arenít just for show.

Just then, both of them sense something and turn their heads at the same time.

Vance: Hmph. *Music Stops*

He jumps away from Shin and disappears out of sight. Not but a few seconds later, Endull appears next to Shin. Drago appears moments afterwards.

Endull: Who the hell was that?
Shin: I donít know. He wouldnít give me anything other than his name.
Drago: He had both spirit and demon energy. And his powerÖ
Shin: If you guys hadnít shown up when you did, I would be dead most likely. Do either of you know about rings that give you power?
Drago: That sounds familiar. I believe my people mentioned it to me before I left for this world.
Endull: Iím afraid I know nothing.
Shin: Iím sure weíll run into him again. If we do, maybe weíll get some more answers. Until thenÖ

Shin goes back to the building where his Game Girl Advance is and sits down next to it. He turns his game back on.

Endull: What are you doing?
Shin: Playing the latest Fire Emblem.
Drago: Playing video games? Really?

A few minutes later, both of them are sitting behind Shin, intently watching the game.

Drago: What an interesting concept.
Endull: Badass.
Shin: See?

Meanwhile, around this time, Xio wakes up and eventually goes downstairs.

Jaide: Is Shin still asleep?
Xio: No. You mean you didnít see him this morning?
Neo: No, we havenít. He must have gotten up real early.
Jaide: Where do you think he could be?!
Neo: Relax. Heís probably fine.

A few hours later, there is a knock on the door. Neo answers it to see Dean at the door.

Dean: Hey, Mr. Yakamoru.
Neo: Shinís not home right now, Dean. Sorry.
Dean: How about Xio? I kinda need to talk to her too.
Jaideís Voice: (From afar) You cannot talk to her!
Neo: Nah, itís okay. Come on in.

Dean comes in. Around this time, Shin also arrives home. Endull and Drago are still with him.

Shin: Iíll be back. Iím just gonna get Xio and then we can all go train.

Shin goes into his house to see Dean and Xio sitting on the couch.

Shin: Dean. Whatís up?
Dean: WellÖ
Xio: Dean got fired! Iím not gonna get that job now!
Dean: Oh címon. Have a heart, girl.
Shin: You got fired? Seriously?
Dean: Heh. A little too much booze here and there.
Shin: Oh for fuckís sake. Hang on, Iíll be right down.

He goes upstairs to put his handheld system away and then comes back down.

Shin: Letís get out of here.

Dean and Xio leave the house with Shin.

Endull: Heís tagging along too?
Shin: I guess so.
Drago: We havenít met, have we? Iím Drago Hyubusshi.
Dean: Iím Dean Mist.

Just then, Koenma appears before them.

Koenma: Good. The whole team is here.
Xio: Where did you come from?!
Shin: Iíll explain later.
Koenma: Letís go to Spirit World for a moment.

They are taken to Koenmaís office. Juste is also there.

Juste: Hello, you all.
Xio: Itís another Shin! Wait, I get it. Youíre Juste, arenít you?
Juste: Yes.

Dean immediately breaks into tears and starts groveling at Justeís feet.

Juste: Dean, whatís wrong?
Dean: I got fired, damn it! Please forgive me!
Juste: Let me guess; it was because of alcohol.
Dean: Iím sorry!
Juste: Get a hold of yourself, man. You still have college to go back to, right? You only have one year left.
Dean: *Sniff* Youíre right.
Endull: Why is he sniveling like that all of the sudden?
Shin: Juste was always the person to keep Dean on track. Even after all these years, he still goes into autopilot ďplease forgive meĒ mode.
Koenma: Enough of that. Listen to what I have to sayÖall of you.

Juste stands Dean up on his feet.

Koenma: It seems someone has started to move on Hanging Neck Island.
Endull: What? That place?
Shin: Does that mean anything to you, Endull?
Endull: Hanging Neck Island is where my father and Team Urameshi fought in the Dark Tournament. What could anybody be doing there?
Koenma: I believe whatever is over there may be trying to revive the Dark Tournament.
Shin: I thought the arena was destroyed.
Koenma: Only the arena where the finals were held was. The other arena still remains intact.
Endull: Why should we stop this Dark Tournament from being brought back?
Koenma: I fear it may be a method of smuggling and housing demons that are not allowed to be here. Your objective is clear. Get to Hanging Neck Island, find out who is there and eliminate any threats to the Human World. Is that understood, Shin?
Shin: Yes.
Koenma: This will be your first mission as a team.
Shin: Thatís true. Up until now it has just been Endull and me officially.
Drago: After today, I think itís safe to say that we should be moving as a team from here on anyway.
Xio: Today? What happened?
Shin: Iíll fill you in later. Very well. Weíll leave tomorrow.
Juste: Good luck, Shin.
Shin: Thanks bro.

They are sent back to Human World.

Shin: Dean, are you sure youíre up to this?
Dean: Absolutely. Itís not like I have anything else to do anyway now.

Shin stares at him sternly.

Dean: Hey, Iím not your little brother. Iíll worry about myself.
Shin: Alright then. Everyone, meet here at noon tomorrow.
Endull: I donít take orders from you.
Shin: Okay, then weíll just leave you behind.
Endull: What was that?
Shin: You heard me.
Endull: Fine, Iíll be here.

They leave one by one except for Shin and Xio. Shin is sitting on his bed, contemplating.

Xio: Whatís wrong? You seem worried.
Shin: If Vance is behind this, we could be in trouble.
Xio: Who?

Shin tells her what just happened.

Xio: You mean you actually lost a fight?
Shin: Not exactly, but I was on the fast track to losing.
Xio: But what were you doing out there anyway?
Shin: About thatÖ
Xio: Donít tell meÖ
Shin: I had a lapse in judgment, I admit.
Xio: Whatever.
Shin: Thatís not whatís important. I feel like these past 3 months meant nothing. I know itís not true, and yetÖ
Xio: I know.
Shin: Whatís more is that my spine nearly fractured today. I was fortunate enough, but I wonít be able to fight at 100% for a while. This situation is not good.
Xio: Anyway, I thought we were going to train today.
Shin: Itíll do us no good to train just before the mission. I think everyone understood that.
Xio: True.

Later that day, we see Endull standing behind Hiei, who is looking out a large window in a tall building.

Hiei: So, youíre going there.
Endull: Yes.
Hiei: Trying to revive the Dark TournamentÖwhat nonsense. Deal with whoever is foolish enough to try and hide this from me.
Endull: I will, Father.

There is a long silence.

Hiei: Is there something else you wanted to say?
Endull: Ö

Hiei turns around and they simply stare at each other for a few moments. Hiei nods and they sit down at a table together. A servant comes in a pours tea in two cups and they drink together silently. After they finish, Endull stands up.

Endull: If our situation changes, send a messenger.

He leaves the room. As he does, he passes two women. One is the servant from before. The other has long black hair and has a black dress on.

Servant: Are things bad between your son and husband?
Mother: Why do you ask?
Servant: They didnít say a word to each other for the entire time they shared tea. Somethingís wrong.
Mother: Is that what you got out of that exchange?
Servant: ?

The mother goes into the room with Hiei, who seems lost in thought.

Sadira: Honestly, you two are the same when it comes to personality.

We now switch to Dean, who is sitting upright on a bed, looking at the gibbous moon from a window.

Dean: Iím doing the right thing, Juste. Shin needs an older brother to rely on.

A new journey begins next time on Detective Shin!
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Chapter 38

It is the next day. Shin and company is walking towards a body of water. A boat is there and a sailor is there, standing in front of it.

Sailor: And which one of ya is Shin?
Shin: That would be me.

Shin hands the sailor some money and they all board the boat. The sailor starts up the engine and it takes off.

Drago: How did you find out about this?
Shin: WellÖ

The previous day, we see Shin speaking to Kurama at a cafť. They are both drinking hot beverages while sitting across from each other. It is closer to nighttime.

Kurama: Hanging Neck Island. Brings back memories.
Shin: How did you get there years ago?
Kurama: We traveled by boat, but it wasnít ordinary by any means.
Shin: What do you mean by that?
Kurama: I mean that you wonít be able to simply do what we did because the Dark Tournament was actually a thing back then. Youíll have to find someone who is willing to bring you to the island.
Shin: Is that all? That shouldnít be hard.
Kurama: How do you know?
Shin: Iím sure the call of money will be too much to resist.

Back to the presentÖ

Shin: So, yeah.
Drago: You were able to persuade this sailor with a lot of money? How did you get so much?
Shin: Since we have some time, I might as well tell you the story.

Shin tells Drago, Endull and Dean all about the strategy to end the drug ring in Shanghai.

Dean: When did you get so devious?
Shin: Iíve always been devious. Thatís the younger brotherís role.
Endull: I had no idea you were doing all that. You werenít just training and going after one demon.
Xio: We were both working very hard to try and take these guys down.
Shin: Thatís right. By the way, Endull.
Endull: What?
Shin: Your sword. Is that new? The guard looks different and itís a lot longer.
Endull: Oh, this?

Endull unsheathes his new sword.

Endull: Yes, I decided to use a different type of blade to suit my abilities better. My father always used a short sword, but it also had a tendency to break like mine did before you left.
Dean: Isnít that thinner than the old one? Wouldnít that be easier to break?
Shin: Not necessarily. If I recall, the reason the old one broke was because it tried to cut through the hard scales of that one demon. But cutting weapons are less likely to succeed than a thrusting weapon at getting through that kind of defense.
Endull: Yes.
Shin: But itís still steel, right?
Endull: Not exactly. This sword was forged from a new demon mixture known as sarconium. Itís more durable than human steel or even something like Dragoís weapons.
Drago: To be fair, my kusarigama was made from the demon alloy that was in common use many many years ago. Itís the same metal that Endullís previous sword and King Hieiís sword were made of.
Shin: In other words, itís like a demon version of a metal alloy. Interesting.
Endull: Demon metal also allows us to channel our energy through better than human metal would.
Shin: I see.
Xio: So then, are you saying that I should get my cat claws made of sarconium?
Drago: If you want the best results, yeah.
Shin: Hold on a second. Drago, you mentioned ďMany many years agoĒ. Just how old ARE you, anyway?
Drago: UhÖI kinda forget.
Dean: How do you forget your age?
Drago: Age doesnít really matter after a certain point where I was from. Well, it does, but you have to be really REALLY old in order for it to count.
Xio: Why did you come here to the human world?
Drago: My people sent me on a mission; though Iíve long forgotten what it was, Iím afraid. I was waiting for something while living amongst the humans and found that I quite enjoyed it. Before I knew it, I engrossed myself in your society with years passing. My perception of time is not very good.
Shin: Sounds rough. But arenít you a little too laid back about that?
Drago: Maybe so. But what will worrying about it do for me?
Shin: True.
Endull: You could go back to your homeland and explain the situation.
Drago: I canít face them. I chose this life. They likely sent another to complete the task by now anyway.

After that, they break off and walk around different parts of the ship. Shin takes Dean aside.

Shin: Hey.
Dean: Whatís up, Shin?
Shin: We havenít really had much of a chance to talk alone since I got back. Sorry.
Dean: No problem, buddy.
Shin: Dean, I know youíre not my little brother. I know that you can take care of yourself. I just want you to know that if things become too much for you, itís okay for you to back off. I wonít hold it against you. You have a future to worry about.
Dean: I know. Juste told me the same thing when I saw him again for the first time after he died. You two are so protective.
Shin: After I lost Juste, I took that trait I guess. I donít want to lose anyone else that is precious to me. At least, I want to hold on to them as long as humanly possible.
Dean: I get it. But I know what Iím getting into. I made a promise to help you. I wasnít there to help my best friend in his time of need. I live with that guilt. No matter how many times I drink myself to sleep, I still wake up with the same feeling of emptiness.
Shin: DeanÖI had no idea.
Dean: But itís different now. I finally got to see him again. And now I have a chance to help you, the person he cared for the most in this world. This is the only choice for me.
Shin: I see. I wonít try to deter you anymore. Thanks, Mist-San.

Thereís a silence for a few seconds.

Shin: You know, you can be awfully deep when youíre sober. You should try it more often.
Dean: Ah, but something more common starts to lose its value.

They both start laughing. Meanwhile, Drago and Xio are conversing while Endull is by himself, looking out in the distance.

Xio: So then, are you saying that this Vance guy is like me?
Drago: Not exactly. If I had to describe your powers, theyíre more or less just like a demonís, but with a human element to it.
Xio: What do you mean a human element?
Drago: Sorry, I canít explain that. Itís just how it feels when you raise your energy levels. But the man who fought Shin was starkly different. He had demon energy, but also had spirit energy. Itís not something Iíve ever felt before.
Xio: But what about my human side? You mean I donít have spirit energy?
Drago: No. Put it this way. Imagine that demon energy is like coffee. Endull and I are like straight, black coffee, cup filled to the brim just as is. Meanwhile, Shin is hot cocoa.
Xio: (Muttering) He sure isÖ
Drago: You, on the other hand, are coffee but with a little cream in it, changing the taste ever so slightly. But Vance is like if you half-filled the cup with coffee and the other half with cocoa.
Xio: Ohhh! When you explain it like that, it makes sense.
Drago: The only question is, how is that even possible?
Endull: Itís not unheard of.

Endull joins them.

Drago: Itís not?
Endull: Yusuke Urameshi had the same thing, but he was never able to use both at the same time.
Drago: No?
Endull: This guy is different. He was clearly using both at the same time. Shin described him with a purple aura as well.
Xio: HmmmÖso the mystery continues.
Drago: I guess so.
Xio: Do you think he is the one behind this?
Endull: Unlikely. Why would he randomly attack Shin and then retreat all the way out here?

At this point, Shin and Dean also join the conversation.

Shin: Thatís not unsound logic, but we canít be too sure.
Xio: Shin, buy me some coffee!
Shin: Weíre out in the middle of nowhere.
Xio: I know, but Drago made me want some.
Shin: The sooner we finish the mission, the sooner we can go home and we can all get coffee.
Dean: Iíll settle with beer.
Shin: You always settle with beer.
Endull: I see it.

They all turn to the front of the boat and see that the island is visible in the distance. The sailor comes out from the captainís room.

Sailor: Itís almost time to weigh anchor. Get ready.
Shin: Thank you. ThoughÖ
Endull: If there were any time to attack us, it would be now, right?

The sailor reaches behind him and grabs a knife from his back pocket. He charges for them, but Dean steps into the way. He has a small wooden handle that he has gripped by both hands. He focuses and yellow energy comes out through the handle and makes a spirit battle-axe (double sided). Dean hacks through the knife and the sailor in one swing. The sailor disintegrates.

Shin: Dean, youíre a fucking Jedi! Only with a light axe!
Dean: Heheh. No, but it sure does look like it.
Xio: He was a demon. That was easy to see from the start. But why?
Shin: My guess is that he wanted to lead us out here. Meaning that this mission might be a trap. Come to think of it, it took quite a few phone calls to get someone willing to take us out here. He was very willing, even before I named a price.

Deanís spirit axe dissipates.

Shin: Though, Dean, Iím impressed. You gained enough control of your spirit energy to be able to form a weapon. I guess our axe lessons paid off too.
Dean: Yeah. That weeklong thing was fun too.

When they get close enough to the shore, they throw the anchor overboard.

Shin: Good thing they still have these things on some ships.

They all jump off the ship and land on the beach in tandem.

Shin: Be on your guard, all of you.

They can see the top of the arena building over top of the forest that lies before them.

Drago: At least itís close.
Shin: Endull.

Endull nods and they both sit down. They both close their eyes and focus.

Endull: There are weak signals coming from the arena.
Shin: One of them disappeared immediately. They were already suppressing their power, but one of them must have sensed that we found them.
Endull: So you can do this much as well now.
Shin: Once I learned how to sense, it all became very basic to me.

They both open their eyes.

Endull: They have someone very skilled at sensing. They must have felt us coming after we killed the sailor.
Xio: Then is there any point in waiting here? We know theyíre there, and they know weíre here.
Shin: They havenít moved either. This definitely feels like a trap.
Drago: Why would they set a trap all the way out here?
Shin: They must know about Mr. Urameshi and the professor. There is a chance that if they attacked us on our turf, they could always interfere.
Endull: But out here, that canít happen.
Xio: Just how much do they know about us?
Shin: It doesnít matter. I never counted on them to fight our battles. We need to be able to become stronger to be of use later on.

They walk through the forest until they get to the clearing where the entrance to the stadium is. Two red demons stand guard over the entrance. They both have large axes.

Endull: Where is your mark of approval?
Demon 1: Hahaha! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
Endull: Youíre here illegally then. Iíll dispose of you then.
Xio: Iíll do it.

Xio goes on ahead and puts on her claws. They raise their axes and swing at her at the same time. Xio disappears and then reappears behind them. Large claw slash marks appear on their faces and then blood sprays out, killing them both in one strike.

Xio: Compared to Jiang, you were nothing.
Dean: Did you see that? Cuz I didnít.
Shin: Of course we could. But I donít blame you. She has gotten quite fast lately.
Xio: I won our last five races in China. Donít you forget that.
Shin: Yeah yeah.

They regroup.

Drago: Ready?
Shin: Ready.
Endull: Then letís go.

Who awaits them inside the stadium?!
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Chapter 39

They all step through the entrance and make it into the arena portion of the stadium. There is one figure standing on the opposite side. It is a woman with a purple cotton dress with the slit open on one side. She has red high-heeled shoes as well. She has long red hair and red eyes. Dean whistles out of surprise.

Dean: Dayum!
Xio: Sheís not that pretty. Right, Shin?
Shin: UhhhhhÖ.
Woman: So, youíve come here to kill me. Is that right?
Endull: Where are the rest of your flunkies? We know there are more of you already.
Woman: So you really did sense us then. The master was right.
Shin: (lower) Master? Then sheís not the one in control here?

Another person comes out from inside the stadium and joins the woman. This person we recognize as Vance.

Shin: (muttering) Shit. So he was here after all.
Vance: We meet again, warrior.
Shin: Are you ready to answer my questions yet?
Vance: And why should I?
Shin: Fine then.
Vance: So those two yesterday were with you after all.
Endull: Show me your mark of approval, whatever you are.
Vance: I donít have one. What are you going to do about it?
Endull: Iím going to kill you here.
Shin: Wait, Endull.
Endull: (lower) If we all jump in right now, we have a chance of killing him before backup arrives.
Vance: If youíre all thinking of ganging up on us, itís moot. I have three more fighters ready to come out. You can sense for yourself.
Drago: Heís right.
Shin: Then what is it that you want from us? Why havenít you already attacked?
Vance: Since you found us, you must know why weíre here. So I propose we do this in a civilized manner. Have you heard the legends of the Dark Tournament?
Shin: Weíve heard a story or two.
Vance: You have five fighters and so do I. You see where Iím going?
Shin: You want us to compete like we would in the Dark Tournament, is that it? I see no reason to agree to that. You probably have a hidden advantage by drawing us into 1 on 1 fights.
Vance: If you manage to defeat us, we will clear out of this area. That means you donít necessarily have to kill us and we donít necessarily have to kill you.
Drago: I donít understand. Whatís in it for you?
Vance: My amusement, sir demon. We will win either way.
Shin: So the fact that you attacked me yesterday was to test whether or not it was worth leading us out here. And thatís why you were so eager to run if anyone else were to get close.
Endull: But you have no intention of letting us leave alive. And yet you want us to let you live should we win.
Xio: Youíre a sleaze ball!
Vance: Well, if you donít agree to my terms, weíll just attack you right here and now. Iím sure you can tell that my other three demons have already encircled you. We gained the position advantage as we have been speaking. You have five minutes to decide.

They huddle up together.

Shin: Heís smart. He thought of just about everything.
Drago: I vote that we agree to fight 1 on 1. I believe we have a better chance of winning in that format.
Dean: I dunno. Heís trying very hard to get us into this situation.
Endull: He obviously is up to something. Heís lying through his teeth.
Shin: Iím not so sure. Many things he did were deliberate, but this doesnít seem like it will gain him anything. We have yet to see his full power or even the power of his subordinates. We have a better chance of understanding our enemyís abilities if we observe each one carefully in a 1 on 1 environment. If worse comes to worse, we can just break our agreement and attack them all at once after we know their abilities.
Xio: Youíd really do that, Shin?
Shin: If it keeps us alive and is for the betterment of our worlds, then Iíll cheat.
Endull: Fine. Weíll go with that plan then.
Xio: Alright.
Dean: I trust you, Shin.
Drago: Okay then. We have decided.

They break away from the huddle.

Shin: Weíll agree to your terms. Name your rules.
Vance: We fight 1 on 1. Once you step into the ring, you cannot leave a fight or else you are disqualified. But on the other hand, you can fight more than one match in a row. If youíre down for ten seconds, you lose. If you die, you lose. If you lose consciousness, you lose. Weapons are allowed.
Shin: Thatís reasonable. Send out your first fighter.
Vance: Very well. Go.

The woman steps onto the ring.

Woman: Well, boys. Who wants to get up close and personal with me? *Wink*
Xio: None of them.

Xio quickly gets onto the ring as well.

Shin: Xio.
Xio: Sorry, Shin, but you boys might hold back against this woman. Iíll take her out.
Shin: Alright. Be careful. Just feeling her out right nowÖhehÖanyway sheís more powerful than Zheng.
Xio: I know.

Both girls come to the middle of the ring. Xio clangs her claws together.

Xio: You thought you would be able to seduce one of us. Unfortunately for you, Iím here.
Woman: Donít worry. Once I beat you, Iíll be able to sweep your entire team.
Xio: Thatís why I wonít lose.

Meanwhile, on the sidelinesÖ

Shin: *Deepens Voice* Sir demon, would you like to engage in singular combat? We ought to fight as proper gentlemen, even though I attacked your friend on top of a skyscraper out of nowhere.

The rest of them start chuckling. Even Xio covers her mouth to stop herself from laughing.

Vance: Very funny. Since we donít have a referee with us, the two combatants will both signal when they are ready and then the match will begin. Ten counts will be done by the same team as the person down.
Shin: That is fine.
Xio: Then Iím ready.
Woman: Then I am as well.

Xio immediately jumps forward and attacks with her claws. The woman sidesteps and then gains some distance from her.

Vance: Thatís the way, Vora.
Xio: Damn. She has the reach advantage, so I wanted to get in quickly.

Xio charges back in. Vora makes a horizontal kick, which stops Xioís momentum in order for her to avoid it. After the kick goes through, Xio gets back in and swipes with her right claw. Vora also sidesteps this, but Xio uses her momentum to spin around and slash with her left claw. Vorah jumps back a foot or two and then Xio stops herself while crouching down onto the floor. She then springs forward, but gets kicked in the face in the process. Xio flies back a few feet, but then spins in the air and lands on her feet and goes back into a crouching position.

Shin: Be patient, Xio. She has a strong defensive sense.
Xio: Right.
Vance: Youíre doing well. Just donít underestimate her offense.
Vora: I know.

Shin and Vance exchange glances from across the ring.

Endull: This is boring. They need to go all out.
Dean: Theyíre not?
Drago: This is a battle to draw each otherís abilities out. Neither of them wants to show all their cards right now.

They both stay still for a few moments.

Xio: Alright. Sheís not going to charge at me. I need to try that.

We see a split screen of whatís happening. On the right, we have a flashback of Xio training with Shin in China. Nothing is happening in the present, except Xio stands up and slowly approaches Vora. Note: The italics is the dialogue in the flashback portion.

Shin: How tall are you, anyway?
Xio: About 161.3 centimeters. (Around 5í3.5)
Shin: Youíre a bit below average height then.
Xio: You donít have to remind me!
Shin: That means your reach is limited. You will fight a lot of battles where your opponent wants to keep you out. Here, dodge this kick.

Both Shin and Vora are seen kicking at the same time. Xio dodges both kicks. In the present time, she stands just outside of Voraís kick range. In the flashback, she jumps back a lot further. Shin holds his leg straight out.

Shin: Somebody like me, who is closer to 178cm (about 5í10) will have a much longer reach. Now, stand just outside of my footís range.

In the flashback screen, Xio does, more so mirroring what she did in the present.

Shin: Get comfortable with this range. Study it. Memorize it. Once you realize your opponentís maximum range, you can stay just outside of it and wait for the right opportunity to strike. This is called spacing.

The flashback screen breaks and we stay completely in the present time. Xio gets in closer again and then barely dodges another kick.

Xio: I think I got her distance down. Her kick is almost as long as Shinís, but not quite.

Shin grins after he sees what she is doing.

Shin: Nice.
Dean: What is it, Shin?
Endull: Just watch the fight.

Xio disappears and reappears behind Vora. She is able to dodge another slash in time and then kicks once again. Xio slides out of range and slashes Voraís ankle simultaneously. Vora retracts her leg in pain and then Xio follows up by springing forward. Before she can slash again, Vora grabs her wrists and pushes her away.

Xio: This bitch is strong.
Vance: Are you okay?
Vora: Iím fine.

Voraís bleeding stops after just a few seconds.

Xio: What the fuck?! Donít tell me she has some sort of healing.
Vance: Vora, be careful. It seems the girl has figured out your range.
Dean: Oh, I get it!
Shin: Well, it worked for at least one surprise attack. Even if her bleeding stopped, it looks like she wonít be as mobile as before. This Vance guy is smart. Heís calmly assessing everything thatís going on just like me. I tried to shake him earlier with my impersonation of him, but he shrugged it off. This fucking guyÖ

Xio charges in again to keep attacking, but Vora seems to be able to avoid each attack still. She retaliates by kicking with the same leg yet again, but Xio slides out of range again. This time, Xio jumps forward and grabs onto Voraís torso with her legs, keeping her suspended in the air. She aims both of her claws straight at Voraís face, but she grabs Xioís wrists again. They begin struggling against each other, when Xio starts to lose.

Xio: Too strong. I canít get the final strike. Wait, thatís not all! My arms are becoming stiff!

Suddenly, ice crystals begin to form around her wrists and down her arms. This surprises everyone on Shinís team.

Shin: So she froze her blood earlier.
Endull: This match is over.

Eventually, Xioís arms become completely stiff and Vora lets go of them. She then unwraps Xioís legs from her body and then puts her outside the ring, also freezing her legs in the process. Xio cannot move from the ground. Shin begins counting.

Xio: IÖhave toÖget up.

She tries to move her legs and arms, but the movement is very minimal.

Shin: Ö10.
Xio: Damn it!
Vora: Hahahaha! Thatís what you get for trying to get in my way, bitch!

Just then, she turns around in surprise to see Endull already in the ring. He has his sword drawn already.

Endull: Enough of this nonsense. Letís go.
Vance: Do you want to continue, Vora?
Vora: Of course. Iíll take them all out just as I promised.

Vora opens the slit in her dress a little more and shows more skin to Endull.

Endull: Are you ready? I am.
Vora: Yeah.
Endull: Okay then.

Endull charges straight in and lunges with his blade. She dodges narrowly.

Vora: Whatís wrong with you?!
Endull: Whether youíre a woman, a man, my mother or father, I wonít hold back against anyone if they intend to kill me.

Vora shoots two balls of ice out of her hands, but Endull easily sidesteps them. He disappears and then reappears in front of her. He lunges his sword down at her right foot, but she steps back away from it. When her foot touches the ground, she suddenly stumbles back, losing her balance. *Click Here* She looks down to see that he cut the heel off her shoe.

Vance: Nooooo!!!!!

Endull closes in and grips his sword with both hands. He stabs Vora straight through her head and drives his sword straight down into the ring, cracking it slightly. He then quickly removes the sword and flings the blood off. Endull points his blade straight at Vance.

Vance: VoraÖ
Endull: You thought just because we are the good guys that we would show you mercy. But you will get none from me. Get in here, Vance. Iím going to riddle you with a thousand wounds.

Endull strikes!
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Chapter 40

Endull: Get in here, Vance. Iím going to riddle you with a thousand wounds.
Vance: Youíll have to make due, Iím afraid. Iíd love to destroy you right now.

Endull looks behind him to see someone else already in the ring. It is a man with long blond hair. He is covered by black iron armor up until his neck.

Shin: Hey, buddy. Youíre a few centuries too late.
Man: Quiet, you.
Shin: Are you mad that Endull foiled your plan?
Endull: So you saw it too.
Shin: Of course.
Vance: You bastards.
Drago: It was wise to kill the woman quickly.

Flashback to the end of the fight with Xio. We see Endull keeping a close eye on Vora, ready to strike at any point. When Shin reaches 10, he steps onto the ring immediately.

Shin: This new fighter was just a step too late to save the woman. If Endull hesitated, he would have made it on time and she would have been disqualified before we could finish her off.
Dean: Oh, I get it. Meanwhile you saved Xio with minimal injuries.
Shin: Exactly.
Man: You are King Hieiís son, are you not?
Endull: So you know me.
Man: My name is Veste (Vest-A). And I am-

Just then, he stops as he sees Vance glare at him.

Veste: I should stop there, I suppose.
Endull: You have a lot to hide. You and your master.

Veste draws a metal two-handed maul from his back. He has two sheathed blades on his sides as well.

Shin: Endull, he has a lot of equipment. That might be slowing him down quite a bit.
Endull: You donít need to be coaching me.
Shin: True. You got this.
Endull: Donít state the obvious.
Vance: I wouldnít be too sure. Veste here is my best.
Shin: Vance, Vora, Veste. Hey, fuckface. Why do all your names start with v?
Vance: Veste, heís fast. Keep on your guard.
Veste: Yes, sir.
Drago: Heís not giving into any of your taunts.
Shin: I know.
Dean: He seemed bothered by the womanís death though. You could push that.
Shin: No, I think Iíll pass on that. Iím not trying to get him too pissedÖyet. As long as things are going our way, I only want to rattle him a little.
Dean: Why? Youíll have to fight him anyway.
Shin: Heís stronger than me, Dean. If I can annoy him enough without pushing him over the edge, maybe I can turn things my way.
Drago: Youíve thought this through, huh?
Shin: Youíll come to find that I do that a lot when Iím backed up against a wall.
Veste: Iím ready.
Endull: As am I.

Endull remains at his spot, with his sword pointed outwards.

Vance: Perhaps itís time I bring the other two out. We lost our positional advantage now.

Meanwhile, Shin picks Xio up and holds her up.

Xio: Sorry, Shin. I messed up.
Shin: Donít worry about it. You gave Endull enough information to win the fight quickly.
Xio: I really thought she was a healer, so I wanted to strike before she had a chance to heal.
Drago: Bring her over here, Shin.

Shin does so. Drago puts his hand over Xioís legs and fire emits from his hand.

Shin: Woah. So youíre a fire apparition.
Drago: Yeah.

Eventually, Xio can move her legs again. Shin puts her down as Drago thaws her arms as well.

Drago: There.
Xio: Thank you, Drago.
Shin: In truth, Xio, itís good that you lost the way you did.
Xio: Why is that?
Shin: Youíre not really injured at all, and youíre not winded either. If things go south, we can rely on you.
Xio: I see. Yes, thatís true. I would have rather won, though.
Shin: Things are going just fine, I assure you. For now, at least. If Endull can take out this guy, then weíll be in great shape. ButÖ
Xio: But thereís still dealing with the blue haired guy, huh?
Drago: For now, letís just watch the match. Weíll worry about him later.

Meanwhile, in the ring, they have both remained in the same general area.

Veste: Whatís wrong? Arenít you goi-

In the middle of Vesteís sentence, Endull appears in front of him and thrusts with his blade. A piece of his armor chips off on the lower left part of his torso. Veste swings his maul and moves it very quickly. Endull dodges it and chips another part of his armor away, but on the opposite corner. Veste attacks again, but Endull moves out of his range to dodge it.

Endull: As I thought, you can swing that thing around quite well.
Veste: Thereís no fooling you then. Though, I never planned on using cheap tricks to win.
Endull: Good.

Veste begins to swing his maul around in a circular motion. The sheer pressure starts to make Endullís hair sway and his cloak to ruffle.

Shin: Thatís some serious strength there.

Endull moves behind Veste and slashes towards the back of his head. Veste uses the momentum of his weapon to spin around quickly and smack the blade away. It is launched out of Endullís hand and is flung towards Shin, who casually sidesteps it as it sticks in the ground where he was standing. Endull shakes his hand in pain. Veste swings at him again, but Endull back steps away from it.

Endull: Letís try this then.

Endullís fists become encased with ice. He charges in and then dodges another swing from Vesteís weapon. He then punches him in the chest with both fists, which shatters the ice. He retreats immediately.

Drago: That armor is hard indeed.
Shin: Endull, switch with me. This is a bad match up.
Endull: Be quiet.

Endull quickly retrieves his sword and steps back into the ring in less than a second.

Endull: Itís not over. Not even close.
Drago: Why isnít he using Sword of the Darkness Flame? That seems more ideal in this situation.
Shin: I think Endull is looking ahead. He doesnít want to show all his tricks to Vance. Heís not stupid though. If he has to, he will.
Dean: I canít believe this. Youíve been fighting on this level.

Meanwhile, on Vances side, the other two have joined him. The first is a red demon that resembles a standing boar. The second is a demon that looks human man, except with fox ears. He has long pink hair and wears a black robe. The others notice that they join. Immediately, Shin starts snickering. Dean follows about a second later.

Shin: His hair is fucking PINK!
Dean: It looks ridiculous.
Shin: Hey, did someone wash your hair with pepto bismol or something?
Endull: Would you two shut the fuck up?!
Shin: Relax, man. Focus on your match.
Endull: I will if you stay quiet.
Shin: Fine.
Endull: I guess Plan A will do for you, armored demon.
Veste: Plan A?

Endull charges in full speed and attacks multiple times with his sword. The strikes do very minimal damage to the armor and then Endull backs off.

Veste: Your plan is to just keep charging in and escaping? Then how about I come to you!

Veste runs to Endull and then smashes his maul down onto the ring, cracking it severely. Endull sidesteps the attack and then suddenly, Vesteís chest plate falls off. This surprises him. Not having enough time, he immediately jumps away before Endull can strike again, leaving his weapon behind.

Veste: What the hell just happened?
Vance: He cut the rings that connected the back and front of your plate armor. I didnít notice until it was too late though. He strikes earlier were odd. I was mistaken.

Endull steps between Veste and his weapon.

Endull: Youíre not getting this back. I promise you that.
Veste: Fine.

Veste draws his other two blades, which look like this.

Veste: Letís go.

Veste charges in again and begins slashing rapidly with both swords. Endull is keeping his distance while blocking each strike. Endull then counters with a thrust, which is sidestepped. Endull follows up with a retreating slash, which barely misses.

Drago: It seemed like Endull had the advantage, but now heís being pushed back.
Shin: Not necessarily. He has the range advantage now. It would be stupid to let Veste get too close while dual wielding weapons.
Xio: Spacing.
Shin: Yes, Xio. Veste knows that and is trying to counter it.

Veste keeps on the offense by trying to get as close as possible. Endull keeps retreating while also trying to get his own hits in. Endull gets close to the edge of the ring and then jumps over Veste. Suddenly, as Veste goes for another attack, Endull makes a thrust that cuts his right hand, making him drop his weapons. He then does the same to the other hand as Veste tries to recover.

Shin: Itís over.
Vance: Vig, get in there. Now!

The boar-looking demon steps into the ring. Just as he does, Endull slashes Vesteís throat.

Vig: No! You cheater!
Endull: Sorry, I didnít see you there.
Vance: You are disqualified. Veste was disqualified a full second before you attacked as Vig entered the ring before the match was over.
Endull: Damn you.
Shin: Itís okay, Endull.

Endull steps out of the ring reluctantly.

Shin: At the very least, you managed to take him out.
Endull: Yeah.
Vance: Choose your fighter.
Shin: Hold on, asshole. Itís not our fault you put Mr. Bacon in as quickly as you did. The rules never gave a time limit to how fast we had to pick a fighter.
Vance: ÖFair enough.
Xio: So, itís 2 to 2. We each have 3 people left.
Endull: We should attack now while we have the advantage. Theyíre all in plain sight now.
Shin: I say we keep going with this farce. Weíve been able to take advantage of the situation so far. If we can draw out the other two abilities, we can dispose of them quickly. Then we can all focus our efforts on taking out Vance.
Drago: Then you get in there, Shin. This demon seems to be the weakest of them. You can quickly win and then figure out the next oneís abilities.
Dean: Iíll do it.
Shin: What?
Dean: We need Shin at his best, even if we do outnumber them. If I can beat this one, itíll mean the end.
Endull: And if you lose? Thatís one less fighter we can use.
Dean: But of us, Iím the most expendable. I doubt I can do anything to that Vance guy if heís as strong as Shin says.
Shin: No, Dean. I believe in you. Youíre not expendable. Get in there and hand that ham his ass.
Dean: Thanks. Now, hand me my backpack.

Xio gives Dean his backpack from the ground. He takes out a giant bottle of Bacardi 151.

Shin: What the fuck are you doing?

Dean chugs the entire bottle.

Shin: Dean!
Dean: Ahh, that was good.

Dean steps into the ring. He has his spirit axe handle in his hand.

Vig: Finally.
Dean: Iím ready to go.
Vig: Iíve been ready!

Dean vs Vig, next time!
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Detective Shin - Page 2 Empty
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Chapter 41

Shin looks over to see that Vance is putting Veste on the ground next to him.

Shin: When did heÖit must have been while we were talking it over. Either way, he moved quickly.
Drago: Does that mean he stepped onto the ring?
Shin: We shouldnít press it. Itís not like it was against the rules between matches.
Drago: True. The rule was set in place in order to prevent double-teaming.
Xio: How are you feeling, Endull?
Endull: Iím fine.
Xio: You seem to be breathing heavy.
Shin: You did well. Catch your breath just incase.

Endull sits down.

Endull: Yeah. He was not someone we want to have to fight more than once.
Drago: You made good use of his lack of hand protection. Thatís something that even human fencers do.
Endull: Itís common sense, really. You attack whatís vulnerable.
Shin: Dean, how well can you sense?
Dean: Enough to know that this guy is no joke.
Shin: Good. Take this slowly. Gauge this guyís abilities and thenÖ
Dean: Yeah, I get it. Iíll take it real slow. Thatís exactly what I want.
Endull: Donít tell me heís one of those peopleÖ
Shin: What do you mean?
Vig: Enough talk. I want your blood. Master, my axe, please.

Vance picks up a large battle-axe from the ground and tosses it to him. Dean also makes his spirit axe.

Xio: So itís a battle of axes.

They both charge at each other and clash weapons. They push against each other, but Vig is clearly overpowering Dean.

Xio: Is that axe made out of sarconium?
Endull: Probably, considering Vesteís weapon was.
Shin: With enough spirit energy, the spirit axe could break though.
Drago: But Dean is only just starting out. Heís marginally weaker than the rest of us.

Dean slides to his left to escape the power struggle. Vig hacks at Dean, but he is able to parry the strike with one of his own. With each attack, Dean gets pushed back more and more. Vig makes a strong downwards chop, which completely disrupts the flow of spirit energy and dispels the axe. The handle is also sent flying out of Deanís hand to the edge of the ring. Vig swings again at Dean, but he ducks under it and grabs Vigís head and knees him in the jaw. He then uppercuts Vigís jaw and then gets low and grabs Vig by the waist.

Shin: What the fuck?

Dean is able to take Vig down and then punches him square in the face. Vig pushes Dean off with one hand, making him tumble a bit. They both stand up and Dean rushes him again. He puts his hands up in a boxer stance and throws a jab. It hits Vigís face, making his head rock back a tiny bit. He then goes for another uppercut, but Vig kicks Dean, which sends him to the floor. Dean scurries on all fours to grab his handle and then stands up. He activates his spirit axe again as Vig stands up as well.

Shin: Youíve been learning MMA, havenít you?

Three Months AgoÖ

Dean is seen with Kuwabara and they are watching a boxer fight a grappler.

Kuwabara: Iíll teach you how to control your spirit energy, sure, but itís useless if you canít fight as well. Urameshi gave the same advice to your friend. Only he was making it by on raw power till now. You donít even have that.
Dean: I get it, I suck.
Kuwabara: Listen, punk. Itís not about the negatives. Itís about telling you your weakness so that you can get stronger. What Iím going to do is teach you some basics and then have you fight every fighter I have enlisted here in this club. Youíre going to observe them and learn as much as you can.

Back to the presentÖ

Endull: You were doing better without that weapon. Canít you channel your energy another way?
Dean: Afraid not. Just with my punches and with this.
Endull: Oh boy.
Vig: You surprised me, human. I wonít fall for that again.

Dean keeps his distance and holds his axe at a defensive stance. Vig charges in and attacks, but Dean dodges it and backs away.

Vig: Donít you run from me!

He keeps on the offensive, but Dean keeps on avoiding a direct conflict. Finally, Dean holds his ground as Vig runs and performs a downward cut. Suddenly, Vig is parried and sent sliding back. Both groups react.

Shin: What isÖ
Vance: Vig, be careful. His energy is rising. He was holding back all this time.
Shin: Thatís not quite right. Itís more likeÖ
Dean: LeeeEEEeeets goooo. You waaaaanna fight meeee? EHHH?!!!
Endull: I knew it. The reason he drank that alcohol. Heís just like ChuÖthat bastard.
Shin: Whoís that?
Endull: Heís a demon in service to my father. His demon energy rises dramatically when he becomes drunk. Heís also quite the nuisanceÖ
Shin: Oh yeah, that sounds like Dean all right.
Xio: Shin, his power is comparable to Zhengís right now.
Shin: I know. Heíd have been a tough opponent for me three months ago. The question isÖis it enough for this fight?

Meanwhile, sometime the same day, we see Kurama and Kuwabara walking side by side along a street. They both have hot beverages in hand.

Kurama: And youíre sure Dean will be okay?
Kuwabara: Ah, heís fine. He might not be as strong as Shin, but he has a secret weapon.
Kurama: A secret weapon?
Kuwabara: At some point during his training, he went on break for about thirty minutes. When I told him that it was time to fight again, I found out that he snuck beer into the building. I thought it would be a hard lesson if he got the snot beat out of him, but his power suddenly increased drastically once the alcohol kicked in.
Kurama: Youíve got to be kidding me.
Kuwabara: I made sure he had something strong before he left. Hahahahaha!
Kurama: Thatís irresponsible, Kuwabara.

Deanís spirit axe becomes slightly larger and he charges after Vig, moving faster than he did before. He guards against Deanís attack and they struggle once again. This time itís more even. They break away and then Dean attacks again. Vig preemptively guards, but Deanís trajectory changes as his body slurs a little. Vig gets cut across the chest and then backs up.

Vig: What was that angle?
Vance: Stop underestimating him. Go all out now. Have you learned nothing from the previous battles?
Vig: Yes, boss.

He focuses his demon energy just as Dean goes on the offensive again. Vig shouts and attacks as well, pushing Dean back this time. Vig then attacks with a diagonally upward slash. Dean maneuvers around it and then shoulder tackles him. It doesnít move Vig at all, but then Dean follows up by kicking him in the shin. He then hacks at Vig, but he guards. The slash has an unusual arc again, however, and Vig gets cut on one arm.

Shin: All right, Dean!
Vance: Get ready to go in.
???: Yes, sir.

Vig overhears this and then bursts with energy and rams Dean. He topples over, but gets back on his feet quickly.

Dean: That wasnít niiiice.
Vig: THATíS IT!!!

Vig desperately charges at Dean and attacks again. Dean guards, but he gets the axe flung out of his hand again. Vig then slashes again. Dean dodges, but still retains a bad cut across his chest. He sits down forcibly after the cut and Vig holds up his axe. He brings it down, but Dean disappears from his sight. Vance is seen smiling.

Vance: You played right into my trap, Shin.

Shin is seen in the ring, holding Dean up. Vig turns around in surprise.

Vig: When did youÖ
Shin: Youíve done enough, Dean. Thanks.
Vance: Heh.
Xio: This is what he wanted? I guess he didnít want Shin going last.
Vance: Youíve allowed me to observe too much, spirit warrior. I had a feeling that youíd bring him out to fight our weakest in order to save you for last. But thatís where you went wrong.
Shin: Maybe so. I donít always do the right thing, but my body reacted this time. No use worrying about it now. I might not be able to get under your skin, but you sure as shit ainít getting under mine.

Shin walks Dean to the others and leaves him with them.

Shin: Stop his bleeding immediately. Iíll take care of things here for a while.

He turns to Vig menacingly. Vig growls at him.

Shin: How Ďbout it? You ready?
Vig: Bring it, human.
Shin: I will.
Vance: Get in the-

Shin is already in front of Vig before he realizes it and gives him one strong punch to the gut. He turns around and walks back over to the ground as he falls to the floor. Vig has fallen unconscious.

Vance: Not even gonna give us the chance, huh?
Shin: Nope. Get that oversized hot dog out of my sight and get in here, one of you.
Dean: My headÖShin? Did IÖwin?
Shin: Yeah. You did.
Xio: How are you sober already?
Drago: Perhaps using spirit energy can burn away intoxication.

Shin turns to see Vance and the other person conversing.

Shin: So let me guess; the last guyís name also starts with v. Maybe (English) vagina?
Xio: Whatís that?
Shin: (Chinese) Vagina.
Xio: Ohhh. How do you know that word in English?
Shin: Itís a long story. We had a teacher who liked cursing in English for some reason and that was a word that came with it, I guess.
Xio: That wasnít long at all.
Vance: Actually, his name is Vylkas.
Vylkas: Master, am I to be his next opponent?
Vance: Yes. I need you to at least weaken him. If you can win, thatís even better.
Vylkas: I see. Very well. Forsooth, I will do him in. All for you.
Vance: Thank you, Vylkas.

Vylkas steps into he ring. He walks very straight and upright and carries himself with much dignity.

Shin: I take it you have a bungee cord up your ass.
Vylkas: Forsooth, for my benevolent masterÖ
Shin: Forsooth, Iím going to kick your bubble gum haired ass if you donít stop talking like you came from Medieval England.

Suddenly, Vylkasís hair flairs up and turns red.


Vance facepalms. Shin starts clapping.

Shin: Now, thatís more like it.

Vylkas turns back to normal.

Vylkas: I lost my composure, master. I deeply apologize.
Vance: Itís okay. Just do what you have to.
Shin: (without turning) How is he?
Drago: Weíve managed to stop his bleeding. Heíll be fine. He amazingly had some first aid in his backpack.
Shin: Thatís because I put it there just in case. Now, I can fight without any worries.

Shin takes the Daichi stance.

Shin: Come at me whenever youíre ready.

Shin fights on, next time!
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Chapter 42

Vylkas takes a deep breath and then rushes at Shin. Shin blocks a punch and then Vylkas spin kicks. Shin is mesmerized by his hair flying near his face, but manages to easily block the kick as well.

Shin: Woah. Thatís really trippy. You know what this reminds me of? Big league chew. Any one of you ever try that shit?
Xio: Focus on the match, Shin.
Shin: I canít focus. Itís like my childhood just flashed in front of my face.
Vylkas: Are you done talking?
Shin: Iím never done talking, so long as thereís something I can make fun of.

Vylkas punches again, but Shin counters with a punch of his own. Vylkasí punch stops just short of Shin while Shinís punch connects to his jaw.

Vylkas: What theÖ
Shin: Your arm is shorter than mine. After figuring that out, I moved ever so slightly while I was talking to get just outside your range.
Vylkas: You figured that out after just one punch?
Shin: WaitÖwhy am I explaining myself? I just fell into a good guy trap. Oh well.
Vance: Donít underestimate his skill. Heís not just some random powerhouse.
Vylkas: Right.
Endull: I donít recall him being that good when we fought the other day. Donít tell me he held back his skill.
Shin: Ah, that? I wanted to see how strong you were, since youíre more about sword fighting than hand-to-hand.
Vylkas: Thatís enough talking.
Shin: Fine.

Shin appears in front of Vylkas and throws a palm strike. He is able to dodge and then high kicks. Shin ducks and moves under the kick. He then punches Vylkas in the side of the face, sending him to the floor of the ring.

Shin: Not bad so far, I guess.

Vylkas gets up immediately and his right hand becomes encased in demon energy. He punches for Shin, who back-steps out of the way, but a ball of energy emits from Vylkasí fist. Shin bats it back to him with a palm strike and Vylkas sidesteps it. The orb flies towards Vance, who also sidesteps it. It makes a small explosion behind him.

Shin: Guys, get ready for some dodging!

Both of Vylkasí fists get encased this time and he punches the orbs out one after another while rapidly punching at the air towards Shin. The orbs start to make irregular arcs while going towards him and begin to spread out around the ring, based on the angle of where he punches. Shin starts avoiding the ones that come towards him, but then others are there, waiting for him. He weaves in and out of the orbs, but they stop. They now surround Shin and Vylkas has his hand out.

Vylkas: You fell into my trap.

Vylkas closes his hand and they all collide where Shin is and explode on contact, causing the entire ring to smoke up. When it clears, Shin is standing in the same spot, completely unharmed. This surprises Vylkas.

Vylkas: How could you take all those explosion and be unharmed?!
Vance: He didnít. He jumped just before they all hit him.
Shin: Shut the fuck up over there!
Vance: As I recall, you were coaching earlier as well.

Vylkas starts up his barrage again. As they spread out, Shin starts charging up his spirit gun. He releases it quickly and it blows through all the orbs in front of him and Vylkas dodges it. Vance also dodges it as it goes out of the ring. The rest of the orbs explode.

Shin: It looks like if you want to control those energy balls, you have to stay still. I bet that takes an enormous amount of focus.

Vylkas gets ready to start up again.

Shin: I wouldnít do that again if I were you.
Vylkas: Oh? Why not?

Shin makes the spirit gun motion towards Vylkas.

Vance: Oh ho. He already figured out how to beat that as well.

Vylkas punches with both fists, but Shin releases a tiny spirit gun in the form of a small ball. It collides with one of the orbs just as it leaves his fist, exploding both right on him. Vylkasí robe is slightly tattered now and he his bleeding on his face.

Vylkas: YouÖ
Shin: Forsooth! I hath popped his demon balls right onto his face.

The group starts chuckling. Vylkas is shaking with anger.

Vance: Donít give into his taunts, damn it!

He charges right at Shin. Shin puts up one hand to block an incoming punch, but Vylkas reaches into his robe and pulls out a knife. He goes to stab Shin, but he uses his other hand to smack the knife out of Vylkasí hand. Shin then puts his finger up to Vylkasí head, but he gets out of the way quickly before Shin has a chance to use another spirit gun.

Shin: Big clothing is easy for concealing a weapon. That trick may have worked on me before I dealt with criminals on a daily basis for months.
Vylkas: YouÖ

Vylkasí hair changes like before.

Shin: There we go. Now the real battle can begin. Though it seems you didnít want this, Vance.

Vylkas is powering up.

Xio: His energy level is skyrocketing.

Shin looks at his bare wrist, as if checking the time.

Shin: Alright, thatís enough of that.

Shin appears in front of Vylkas and punches him straight out of the ring. He crashes into the stands.

Vance: OneÖtwoÖ

Vylkas appears behind Shin and punches. Shin dodges and then turns around and punches. Vylkas dodges the punch and then grabs his wrist. In his other hand, his demon energy gathers rapidly. Shin makes a karate chop and hits the underside of Vylkasí wrist. This makes him let go of Shinís hand. Vylkas then punches forward, but Shin ducks under it. The ball goes right past Vance and explodes at the stands. Vylkas keeps punching at an even faster rate than before. They are all going linearly, however. Shin disappears and all of them go straight for Vance. He disappears as well and then reappears next to the group, surprising them.

Endull: What the hell is your flunky doing?
Vance: Vylkas is attacking without any thought of consequence.

Vance goes back to his original spot. Meanwhile, Vylkas continues his assault by taking the fight to close quarters. He keeps punching as Shin dodges each one. Finally, Vylkas steps back and then releases a wave of energy that outlines his body towards Shin. Shin holds one hand out and a shield of spirit energy comes out to block it. The shield dispels, but Shin is left unharmed.

Shin: Thatís some serious power there.

Shin takes the Ten stance as Vylkas rushes in to attack again. He flails overhand with his right arm. Shin blocks it high and palm strikes Vylkas in the chest simultaneously. He slides back and then rushes straight back in. Shin dodges a kick, but then Vylkas sends a trail of energy with the arc of his kick. Shin jumps over it and Vylkas punches three times while he is in mid air. Three energy balls land and explode on Shin. Shin slides back and grunts.

Shin: You managed to get a hit on me. Not bad. If you could keep your cool, you would have been Vanceís best.
Shin: Thatís not exactly hard since Veste is dead.

Shin turns to Vance as Vylkas rushes Shin again. Without even looking at him, he is dodging each punch and kick. Shin maintains a focus on Vance.

Shin: (While dodging) I understand why you didnít want him to use thisÖyet. You were trying to stall me as much as possible to wear me out as much as possible. I figured I couldnít just flatten him right away, so Iíve paced myself. Even now, his durability is persistent.
Vance: What will you do then?
Shin: Iím about to end this fight. You made one mistake when you took Veste off the ring.

Shin jumps back and Vylkas follows. Shin takes hold of Vesteís maul, which was still lying there. He then channels some spirit energy through it and swings it extremely fast. It lands to the side of Vylkasí head. The cracking sound that is heard makes Xio shriek. The rest of them cringe. Vylkas flies out of the ring.

Shin: Oooh shit; that sounded horrible. Thatís gonna haunt my dreams for the next few days.
Vance: Damn you.
Shin: Sorry, but I think I shattered his skull. My bad.
Drago: He swung that thing effortlessly. Such strength.
Shin: You should not have brought him here. If he could learn to control that strength without losing his shit, he would have been a very powerful ally for you. Not that it matters. Because weíre going to put you under just as we did your people.
Vance: Youíre right. It was a mistake to bring him here. Like you, I also donít always make the correct decision. But like you said earlier, I canít worry about that decision.
Shin: I hate to admit it, but weíre the same in some ways. Only, you wonít tell me why weíre fighting. What is the difference between us? What is this all for? Youíre a human, right? Why are you trying to resurrect the Dark Tournament?
Vance: Human? Yes, I am. I have nothing personal against you, Shin. Itís true that we share some qualities. But that does not mean anything. You think because weíre both human that we should fight on the same side? Humans fight each other all the time.
Endull: Donít tell me that you want to get your hands on Chapter Black.
Vance: Hah, what would that accomplish? Pick up a history book and you can learn all about the vile things that humans have done. I do not seek such knowledge.
Shin: Then what the fuck is this all about?
Vance: I still see no point in telling you.

Vance steps onto the ring with his arms crossed.

Shin: So youíre telling me that this hidden reason is so strong that you canít back down, even after losing all your people?
Vance: Thatís correct.

Vance puts one fist up.

Vance: Ready yourself. Iím going to give back to you all the pain you inflicted on Vig and Vylkas.

To be continuedÖ
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Chapter 43

Shin: Very well, Vance. I will accept your challenge.
Endull: That bastard. Letís kill him right now. Heís of no use to us alive.

Drago pats Endull on the shoulder.

Drago: No, itís okay. This is going to work out just fine.

Suddenly, Vanceís eyes widen with surprise.

Vance: WhatÖwhat are you doing?
Shin: What am I doing?

Shin then realizes that Vance is not looking at him, but past him. He then hears a step sound. He turns around to see that Drago has just stepped onto the ring. Shinís surprise also mirrorís Vanceís.

Shin: Drago.
Drago: Thatís enough, Shin. Taking out two of them will suffice.
Shin: I can still fight.
Drago: You donít have to worry anymore. I know his power frightens you.
Vance: Itís too late. Heís already forced your disqualification.
Drago: (whispering) Rest, Shin. If he runs, weíre going to need you after this fight is over.
Shin: (whispering) I see. So that was your plan. Iíll leave it to you.

Shin leaves the ring and sits down next to Endull. He tosses the maul aside.

Endull: What is he doing?
Shin: Iím not entirely sure, but we need to be ready to deal with the situation at any moment.
Vance: I understand that you want him to rest. Youíre all going to attack me, yes? But why wait? What if I kill you right here? Then youíre another person short. The drunken fool canít fight in his condition. Youíre risking a lot.
Drago: It might look that way, but I assure you, this is the scenario that I wanted all along.
Vance: Youíre saying you wanted to be the one to fight me. But why? You might be stronger than the drunk and the girl, but in terms of the ambient power that you exude, itís weaker than both Shinís and Endullís. And it doesnít seem like youíre actively suppressing your power either.
Shin: Endull, you trained with Drago for the last few months. Do you know what he could be hiding?
Endull: No.
Vance: Well, Iím ready to fight. Are you?
Drago: I will be in just a moment. You will know when Iím ready. Before that, I have just one question for you.
Vance: Make it quick.

Drago claps his hands together. His pupils begin to thin out horizontally and stretch vertically. Drago smiles maniacally.

Drago: (dark voice) Youíre about to see a rare sight. Are you ready to see a power long considered ancient?

Immediately, smoke erupts from Drago and covers the entire ring. Suddenly, all that smoke is forcibly blown away and what we see is this form. *Click Here*

Vance: What?!
Endull: I donít believe it.
Shin: Drago is aÖdragon. Well, that makes too much sense.

Drago lets loose a fire breath that encompasses the entire ring in front of him. After it passes, Vance is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, he lands on the ring.

Shin: He took my idea of jumping. Bastard.

The ring on Vanceís index finger glows and then he appears in front of Drago. He lands a punch to his stomach and pushes him back a little bit, but not enough to really budge him.

Vance: Even with this ring, Iím still not doing much damage at all?!

Drago swipes at Vance with a claw, but he backs up out of the way to avoid it. The ring around his index finger stops glowing and the one around his ring finger glows. He launches forth a beam of ice from his right hand. Drago counters with a concentrated fire breath that struggles against the ice beam. The fire starts to overtake the ice when Vance puts his second hand into the mix and fires off a second ice beam. The fire is still overtaking his beam, however.

Vance: This canítÖbe happening!

Vance releases his beam and gets out of the way of the fireís path. He then takes two fingers and electricity begins to gather in them. He fires a bolt of electricity at Drago. It lands and shocks him, but does not seem to faze him much. Drago brings one claw straight down on Vance, but he is able to get out of the way in time. The blow smashes the ring in two. The ring finger ring stops glowing and the one on his middle finger does instead. He starts powering up.

Shin: His power is still rising?!
Xio: Iíve never seen anything like this.
Endull: To think he was one of them.

Drago swipes with his tail to stop Vance from powering up. Vance jumps over the tail and then concentrates his energy into both hands. He releases a purple energy beam at Drago. Drago jumps high into the air and spreads his wings. He begins to fly high into the air. The sun now blocks the view of him.

Vance: What is heÖ!

Suddenly, we see Drago drop in altitude rapidly while spinning.

Shin: Guys! We need to get out of here!

Shin grabs Dean and they immediately get out of the vicinity of the ring. Vance also jumps away from the ring as Drago crashes straight into it with all four limbs at the last second of his drop. The impact destroys the ring, sending rubble flying everywhere. The impact also sends a shockwave that blows everyone away.

Shin: Damn it, Drago!

Vance hits a wall and then stands up after falling.

Vance: This is too much. Iím getting out of here.

Vance disappears and reappears where Vesteís body is. He grabs Veste. Just then, Endull and Shin appear behind him.

Endull and Shin: No you donít!

Vanceís index ring glows and he quickly spin kicks, knocking both Shin and Endull away. Vance then jumps out of the arena in one bound. *Music Stops* After a few seconds, Dragoís body glows white and he immediately shrinks down to normal size. His kusarigama is on the ground and he picks it up.

Drago: Damn. He got away.
Shin: Holy fuckballs, Drago. Why didnít you tell us you were a fucking DRAGON?!
Drago: Hehe, well you would have found out when we fought the Kenbushin clan, but you showed up at just the right time.
Endull: Come to think of itÖ
Drago: And thereís a specific reason why I wasnít quite ready to reveal that yet.
Endull: Drago, you have no idea what your clan looks like now, do you?
Drago: No.
Endull: Iím not sure how to say this other than how it is. Theyíve been extinct for over a hundred years.
Drago: I thought as much. I thought it was odd that no one even tried looking for me after a while. But I was too afraid to find out. How did they go?
Endull: They tried to rebel against King Raizen.
Drago: The Dragon clan was peaceful for many years. But just before I left, things seemed to change. They wereÖdissatisfied with living isolated from everyone else. They wanted more land, more territory. I guess it finally became too much for them.
Xio: Thatís so sad.
Shin: Back to the matter at hand, Vance is gone. I can sense that he is already leaving the island. Thereís no chance of catching up now. It seems as though Veste is alive as well.
Drago: How is that possible?
Endull: I take the blame for that. My sword is not optimized for cutting, and I did not slash very hard. It must have not cut deep enough.
Shin: Thereís one other that is alive, but not for long.

They turn to Vig, who is still unconscious.

Endull: Thatís because you-
Dean: Itís okay. I know I didnít win. I appreciate you trying to make me feel better. But my mind was not entirely lost.
Shin: I see. My bad. Would you like to finish him off?
Dean: No, I donít deserve it.
Shin: Very well. Endull?
Endull: With pleasure.

Endull thrusts his sword through Vigís throat, ending his life.

Shin: IÖdonít suppose he would be edible if cooked?
Endull: Thatís deplorable, Shin.
Xio: Gross!
Shin: It was a joke!
Dean: Pair it with a good beer and Iím sure even he would taste all right. Gwahaha!
Shin: Youíd pair beer with beer.
Dean: Yeah, I would.

They leave the arena and go to the shore. They stare at the boat for a few seconds before looking at each other.

Xio: SoÖanyone know how to drive one of those things?

No one answers.

Shin: Hey, Drago. Can you fly us back?
Drago: Unfortunately, my wings are rusty. I havenít transformed in over a hundred years. I was barely able to fly as much as I did.
Shin: Shit. Wait, I know. Koenma can teleport us.
Endull: I donít think thatís how his warping ability works.
Shin: Really?
Dean: I could try it out.
Shin: Friends donít let friends drink and drive.
Dean: Do boat DUIs even exist?
Shin: I donít think I want to find out.
Endull: Perhaps I could try.
Shin: You mistook a car for a creature. Iím not entrusting a piece of human technology to you.
Xio: I donít even know how to drive a car.
Drago: I canít say Iím confident enough to know how to do it.
Shin: Fine. The responsibility is up to me. Everyone get on the fucking boat.

They all stand on the boat and pull up the anchor. Shin puts his foot up against it and pushes. The boat is sent skidding out to sea where it starts floating away. Shin bends down and jumps towards the boat. Unfortunately, he overshoots the boat and lands in the water in front of it. Eventually, he makes it back on board.

Shin: Damn it.
Endull: Nice job.
Shin: So I misjudged the distance. Big deal.

Shin goes inside the captainís room. Xio is with him. They look at all the buttons and levers.

Xio: Thatís really complicated!
Shin: Yeah. How hard can it be? So, this is the ignition.
Xio: How can you tell?
Shin: It says ďignitionĒ.

Shin pulls the lever and the motor kicks on.

Xio: Yay!
Shin: Now, letís see if we can give this fucker some gas.

After careful studyingÖ

Shin: I see. Here we go.

Suddenly, the boat begins speeding up at rapid speeds. Its front end starts to pop up into the air and we see Xio fly backwards and hit the wall in the back of the room.

Xio: Slow down!
Shin: Iím trying!

He manages to get the boat to a coasting motion again.

Xio: The others were outside. I hope theyíre okay.

They hear the sound of barfing in the distance.

Shin: Yeah, theyíre okay.

A few hours later, the boat is moving at a steady speed towards the dock where they initially left.

Xio: Oh thank the maker.

They throw down the anchor as soon as possible and are able to park the vehicle. They all get off the docks. Dean is holding his stomach while everyone else (sans Shin) looks sick in the face.

Shin: You know, I think I got the hang of it for the last 30 or so minutes.
Endull: Thatís two and a half hours too late.
Xio: I think we found a way to beat Vance easily.
Shin: Oh, quit your whining. I got us back, didnít I? Why donít you guys go on ahead? I need to find a safe place to put this thing in case we need it again. Anyone want to come with me?

They all immediately run away. Shin turns to get back on the boat, but stops. He turns around to see Koenma standing there.

Shin: I donít suppose youíre willing to go with me.
Koenma: Letís go.
Shin: Bitchiní.

Shin starts to drive it away.

Shin: So, howíd we do?
Koenma: You finished the task, at the very least. As for Vance getting away, that was unfortunate.
Shin: I was really hoping to be rid of him. Heís smart. I have a feeling heís going to be a problem down the road if he isnít put down.
Koenma: Youíre correct. The real reason Iím here is to tell you about the source of his power.
Shin: You mean his rings?
Koenma: Yes. I wasnít sure before his fight with Drago, but now Iím positive of what he is.

Koenma sheds light on the mysterious Vance?!
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Chapter 44

Shin parks the boat on what seems like a deserted island. Itís very tiny, not much larger than the boat itself.

Koenma: How did you find this place?
Shin: Juste and I used to paddle out here all the time. It was like a best kept secret for us. The boat will be safe here, as long as I place some kind of trap on it.
Koenma: I see.
Shin: So, go on. Letís hear about this mysterious asshole.
Koenma: Those rings are three of four that exist. They are rings of power that were forged by the dragons. It is said that once someone puts them on, they can never be taken off until death. How they ended up in the hands of a human, I donít know.
Shin: I see. So then, thatís why he has both types of energy. Those rings give him a form of demon energy.
Koenma: Yes.
Shin: But wait. That means that before he had those rings, he was like me. Why wasnít he considered for spirit detective?
Koenma: Thatís where things get complicated. I usually can detect people with high spirit awareness. But I had no idea he existed until recently. I donít know how.
Shin: Heís not willing to part with any information. Heís hostile and he sides with hostile demons. I wonder what humans did to him.
Konema: He said he wasnít interested in Chapter Black, right? There has to be something else.
Shin: You said there are four rings. Do you know where that last one is?
Koenma: No, but we are going to resume our search for it. We gave us a very long time ago looking for them. But now that we have confirmed three, we can be sure Vance is also looking for the fourth one.
Shin: The first ring gave him enhanced physical ability. The second seemed to give him enhanced energy and the other one gave him elemental powers. Do we know what the last one does?
Koenma: Nothing other than it is the most dangerous of them all.
Shin: One thing is clear then. I need to get even stronger. My time in China was good for my skill and it did increase my power. But now that Iím home with people around my power tier, I can increase my strength a lot quicker.
Koenma: Yes. You have the right idea.
Shin: By the way, how DOES your teleport power work?
Koenma: I can move between worlds freely so long as I have an anchor point.
Shin: Anchor point? You mean like a spirit energy signal?
Koenma: Yes. That anchor point is you, Shin. I can only use one person for it to work consistently.
Shin: So then, you canít just move anywhere.
Koenma: No.
Shin: Then what about when we first met?
Koenma: Oh, that. Yeah, I got in trouble for that one.
Shin: Trouble?
Koenma: With my father, of course.
Shin: I see. I guess you canít use that very often.
Koenma: Oh yeah. Thatís a stretch.
Shin: Well, Iíd better get back home before it gets dark.
Koenma: Yes. Keep at it, Shin. Youíre doing great.

Koenma warps away. Some time passes and we see Shin swimming to the dock where he let the others off. He climbs up and then stands up. All of the sudden, as he stands, there is a sharp pain.

Shin: My back! Iím just now getting the effects of overdoing it today? This is not good.

He starts to walk back home, slowly. Xio eventually finds him and joins him.

Xio: Youíre all wet. What happened? And why are you walking like that?
Shin: IÖneed to get home. My injury is more severe than I thought.

Shin falls on one knee.

Xio: Is it from your fight with Vance?
Shin: (In pain) Yes. He managed to nearly crack my spine. I thought I was okay, but now everything is catching up with me. Damn.

Xio picks Shin up.

Xio: Donít worry. This time Iíll help you.
Shin: XioÖthanks.

She carries him home. Just outside of the house, she puts him down.

Shin: I need you to distract them. No, wait. Theyíre not even home. That makes this easier.

Later that night, Shin is lying on his bed, face down.

Shin: Just when I thought I could train properly. This sucks.
Xio: What are you going to do?
Shin: I have my own way of training while I canít move much.
Xio: I see.

Shin sits up and props himself against the wall. He closes his eyes and focuses.

Xio: What are you doing?
Shin: Iím using my spirit energy to sense as far as I possibly can. Doing this may not increase my physical body, but it will help my spirit energyís power and stamina if I continue to do this while healing.
Xio: Oh, I get it.
Shin: No threats in the area. Thatís good at least. Now, time for sleep. Iíll continue this tomorrow.

The next day, the five of them are in Hiro City, on top of a skyscraper. Shin is sitting down, Indian style, with his eyes closed as before. The other four are sparring with each other, training.

Dean: Itís been four hours. He hasnít moved a muscle. Could he have fallen asleep?
Drago: Itís possible, but his focus is still there. I can sense a constant output of spirit energy from him. If he can manage to do that while sleeping, that would be impressive.
Endull: He should have told us he was injured before fighting the way he did.
Shin: Yes, it was my mistake. I didnít want to lose any morale for the team and so I toughed it out.
Xio: So youíre not sleeping after all.
Shin: No. Iím just losing focus because Iím getting hungry and I need to take a piss break. Wait.
Endull: What?
Shin: A demon just stepped into my range.
Endull: Where?
Shin: That way. *Points*

The four of them leave immediately.

Shin: HmmÖif I piss off this building, could it potentially kill someone?

Following the other four, they are at ground level. They face off against a red demon. Another one joins shortly after.

Drago: Two of them. We can gang up on them two vs one.
Xio and Dean: Wait.

Xio and Dean look at each other with the same realization.

Dean: Heh, so you feel the same as me.
Xio: Of course.
Endull: Ö
Dean: We lost our matches. We need to redeem ourselves.
Endull: Fine. If you die, itíll be none of my business.
Xio: Thatís fine.

Drago and Endull step back as Dean and Xio step forward. Shin reacts to this from afar. He smiles.

Shin: Those twoÖI donít have to worry about them. At their levelsÖ

We see Xio and Dean cutting through their respective demons. Both of them have the same facial expression. Their teeth are tightly grit and their eyes are intensified. Their losses flash in their minds and then shatter.

Dean and Xio: Iíll get stronger and stand beside those three.
Shin: The only question isÖwhat was the presence of those two for? It seemed deliberate. Were they scouts? I donít imagine Vance will show himself just yet if this is his doing. Thanks to Drago, he was forced to retreat from that territory. If I were in his shoesÖI would be trying to find a way to defeat the dragon form. But those demons arenít enough to coax him into transforming. HmmÖ

The four eventually return to Shin.

Shin: Dean. I have a new regiment for you. Itís clear what you lack right now.
Dean: Great. Letís begin then!
Shin: But firstÖ

Shinís holding his crotch.

Shin: I really have to piss. Can someone help me off this fucking building?

An hour later, the five of them are out in a field just outside the city. Shin is still sitting down.

Shin: Ah, now my stomach is full and my bladder is empty.
Dean: Letís train now, damn it! I want to get stronger.
Shin: Right. Well, weíre not going to be working so much on your strength. You can train that on your own time. Recall your battle with Vig and then remember what I did to him. What was the deciding difference between us?
Dean: Speed. He couldnít follow your movements at all.
Shin: Yes. But in a battle of speed, you two were nearly equal. I canít forcibly increase your own body speed. But what I can do is increase your reaction time to fighters much faster than you.
Dean: I see.
Shin: Your reaction time will also increase your movement efficiency, which is a temporary answer to your problem. You will have to get faster eventually, so youíll need to run or learn how to use your spirit energy to forcibly move quicker. But for now, while Iím here, weíre going to focus on reaction timing.
Endull: I see. He thought of an optimal training routine for Dean after seeing him fight once.
Dean: But, Shin. Youíre still injured. You canít fight for real.
Shin: Heh. I donít need to move to do this one. Itís time to play some baseball, Dean. Make your axe.

Dean does. He then realizes something.

Dean: Donít tell meÖ
Shin: Finally catching on? If you get it, get in the right stance.

Dean takes a batterís stance and holds his axe like a baseball bat. Shin puts out one finger and shoots a small bullet. It zips right past Dean before he has any time to react. He becomes surprised at this.

Shin: As for Xio, I leave her to you two. A demon will know best how to draw out a demonís full potential.
Endull: As if we have enough time to do that. We have to make ourselves stronger.
Shin: Iím sure you can find a way to do both, like I am doing.
Endull: Damn it, Shin.
Drago: Now now, Endull. Iím sure if Xioís potential is drawn out, we can train even more effectively. So in the long run, it may be beneficial to you.
Endull: Weíll see.

Shin shoots another one while Dean isnít paying attention. Once again, it goes by before he can react.

Shin: You also let your guard down too quickly. If youíre going to fight drunk, Iím going to force your body to remember it even if your mind is in the shitter.

Later that day, it is twilight and Dean is sweating. Shin is also sweating. He shoots a bullet. It zips by Dean, but he swings his axe a second after it passes him.

Dean: Damn.
Shin: Your reactions have improved at the very least. Weíre done.

Dean lowers his weapon when Shin shoots one more by Dean. Dean cannot react in time.

Dean: Shit!
Shin: Youíll get it. For now, rest. I can tell you are barely able to maintain that axe.

The spirit axe dissipates and Dean takes a deep breath. The other three approach Shin and Dean.

Shin: How did it go on your end?
Xio: Almost there.
Shin: By the way, Drago, we need to talk. It is probably best if you all listened to this as well.

They all sit down in a semi-circle. Shin tells them the information that Koenma gave. After Shin stops talking, Drago seems to have a headache.

Drago: ÖI remember.
Shin: I had a suspicion that you would.
Drago: The mission they gave me. It was to destroy those rings.
Endull: What? After they were the ones that made them?
Drago: They became weapons of war that were always sought after. Demons would kill each other to acquire them, since the demon energy attaches to whoever puts them on.
Xio: So, your clan regretted ever making them.
Drago: Shin, thanks to you, I remembered what it is that Iím supposed to do. It may be late, but I can still fulfill my clanís final wish.
Shin: Iíll do whatever I can to help you. BesidesÖ

The look on Shinís face changes. He smiles, but with a certain intensity.

Shin: I want to crush Vance with everything I have.
Dean: Well said.
Shin: We need to anticipate his next move. Drago, I have no doubts that Vance has no one else but you on his mind. He thinks like me, as far as I can tell. Heís probably agonizing, thinking of your weakness and a way to beat your dragon form.
Drago: Well, in that state, I become much slower. But my durability and power skyrocket. I suppose Iím also a bigger target and have more blind spots.
Shin: In other words, heís going to be thinking of how to increase his offense in order to break that durability.
Endull: But while heís thinking about how to beat Drago, weíll be thinking about how to beat him.
Shin: Drago, you gave us a lot of valuable data by forcing him to show a lot of his tricks. Letís get some sleep tonight and weíll think more tomorrow.

Some hours later, we see that Xio is asleep, but Shin is not in the room. He is out, walking, albeit slowly. He suddenly stops as he sees Yusuke in front of him.

Yusuke: Yo.
Shin: Mr. Urameshi.
Yusuke: Nice night.
Shin: Heh. Yeah.
Yusuke: Something tells me youíre not out here on some pleasure walk.
Shin: Iím not sure what that something is, but you should tell it to shut the fuck up.
Yusuke: Hah. Let me guess; you took a tough loss recently. You look injured.
Shin: Yes. After all my training in China, my first real fight back here and I realized how much power I still lack.
Yusuke: I see.
Shin: Did you ever have an enemy that you just felt so frustrated at your own weakness?
Yusuke: MmmÖwell, my fight against Toguro wasnít exactly a cakewalk. I learned a lot of hard lessons before I was strong enough to defeat him. Eh, but youíre different.
Shin: Hmm? How so?
Yusuke: I had to have people tell me what was wrong with me.

Yusuke hears Genkaiís voice calling him a slacker in his head.

Yusuke: Maybe it was my age or my ignorance. You think differently from me. I havenít known you long, but during the week that we trained, I saw something different in you. I gave you a direction, but you figured out the details yourself. You saw the shotgun twice and used your own failures in order to get it right without me having to tell you what you did wrong. I told you that you needed to learn how to fight and you decided exactly how to follow through on that.
Shin: Mr. UrameshiÖ
Yusuke: You should already know where Iím going with this, but Iíll say it anyway. You might not have the natural born power that I have, but you have the intelligence and tenacity to figure out how to rise to the next level. But beyond that, like me, you have a team that you can fall back on when youíre not strong enough.
Shin: ÖYouíre right. Thank you.
Yusuke: Damn it. If youíre going to try to be my replacement, at least be somewhat disrespectful to your elders.
Shin: And get the shit kicked out of me while Iím injured? Have you gone senile already?
Yusuke: There you go, you bastard!

They both start chuckling together.

Shin: I should get going. I have a lot of training to do.

Shin walks away. Yusuke grins.

Yusuke: The overgrown toddler picked the right guy for sure.

With Yusukeís pep talk, Shinís feelings no longer waver. The struggle for power continues!

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Chapter 45

The next morning comes and Xio wakes up to see that Shin is not there as usual. As she goes downstairs, heís not there either.

Xio: Not again.

The rest of the group makes it to the field to see that Shin is there already.

Xio: Shin, what time did you get here?
Shin: Hmm? Ah, good morning, you all.

Shin looks at them and we see that his eyes are droopy.

Drago: Have you been training all night?
Shin: Maaaaybe?
Endull: You bastard. Trying to get ahead of me, are you?
Shin: I couldnít sleep last night, so I decided to use my time wisely.
Xio: Thatís not the point. You wonít heal properly if you donít get rest.
Shin: I know that. What are you going to do, knock me out?
Xio: Maybe I should.
Shin: We have training to do. Dean needs me right now. Besides, even in my state, Iím more than capable of defending myself from you.
Xio: Grrr...say that again!
Drago: Now, now. Letís go, Xio. We have work to do.

Xio, Endull and Drago walk away nearby.

Xio: Whatís his problem anyway?
Endull: If you couldnít tell what he was doing, then maybe you donít deserve to know.
Drago: Endull, relax. He was egging you on, on purpose. He wants you to bring out your potential as a demon and so he was trying to motivate you.
Xio: UhÖthatís nice and all. But didnít you just ruin it by telling me?
Drago: HmmÖmaybe.
Endull: Youíre too laid back, Drago. Sheís not going to learn by being coddled.
Drago: You have a point.

Dean: Shin, Iím worried about you.
Shin: Worried?
Dean: I know itís you, and that youíre more reliable than I am. But not sleeping doesnít sound like you anymore.
Shin: Yeah, it doesnít. I got too excited, is all.
Dean: Excited?
Shin: Enough of this. We canít waste any time.

Dean makes his axe and stands in his batter position.

Shin: By the way, this shot is going to be different.
Dean: How so?
Shin: If you donít react to this oneÖyouíll die.
Dean: What?!

Shin aims his spirit gun right at Dean. This shot is larger than all of the ones the previous day. Suddenly, the ball curves away from his body and Dean swings just a fraction of a second late.

Shin: Strike!
Dean: I thought I was a goner.
Shin: That reaction was the best yet. Do you understand now?
Dean: Yes, I think so.
Shin: Swing as though your life depends on your reaction timing. Itís going to be ingrained into your muscles. Did you think I just spent the night doing nothing but training? I was also thinking about how to improve your training.
Dean: ShinÖIím sorry that I judged you. But donít ever joke around like that again!
Shin: My bad. It had to be done to make you understand, but I know it was a bit cruel.
Dean: Jeez, this is something Juste would do. Why did you both have to be so alike?
Shin: Did you say something?
Dean: Donít worry about it. Letís go.

A few hours pass and it is noon. Shin shoots a bullet and Dean is able to hack through it.

Shin: Thatís the second one so far. Nice job.
Dean: Iím doing it.
Shin: Time for a break.

Shin lies down and less than a minute later, he is snoring.

Dean: He was really tired, but he stuck through for me.

Koenma appears at this time.

Koenma: I see the training is going well, Dean.
Dean: Yes.
Koenma: Thatís good, because I have another mission ready. Iím going to get the others.

A minute later, the other three are lined up with Dean. They are a fair distance away from Shin.

Endull: Another mission, you say.
Koenma: You four will be going to Tokyo. There is a rising demon faction there and I fear theyíre getting out of hand. In the last few days, ten humans have been killed. Before that, there had been no casualties. I wanted to wait till Shin recovered, but this has now become urgent.
Drago: Are you saying that weíll be leaving Shin behind?
Koenma: Yes, I am. If he pushes his physical state too hard, he could do some permanent damage to his spine. I purposely waited till a moment like this to tell you this. You canít let him know where youíre going. If he finds out, he may try to interfere.
Dean: I think so as well. He works harder than anyone else, and itíll bother him too much if weíre out there and heís not.
Xio: Heíll find out eventually. His detective skills are amazing.
Koenma: Just do the best you can.
Endull: Very well. I accept this mission.
Koenma: Endull, Iím leaving you in charge.
Endull: As you should.
Koenma: Iíll let you know more tomorrow. You need to rest up before the mission. As a reference, each of these demons is stronger than Vanceís subordinates. Youíll need all your strength for this.
Endull: Understood.

An hour later, Shin wakes up.

Shin: Ahhh, I feel like shiiit!
Endull: We need to talk.
Shin: You got her pregnant already? How long was I asleep for?
Xio: Shut up, asshole. This is important.
Endull: Weíre going on a mission.
Shin: What? Already? Iím not sure Iím ready for that.
Drago: Yes, we know.
Shin: Hmm, I see. Youíre going without me.
Dean: Sorry.
Shin: Itís cool. Where ya going?
Xio: Itís a secret. We canít tell you.
Shin: I get it. Donít worry; I wonít pry. You donít want me knowing so that I donít try to get involved.
Xio: See? He already figured out almost everything and heís half asleep.
Shin: Koenma put you guys up to it, so Iíll trust him. And I know that if you guys get into hot water, thereís always that dragon form.
Drago: Koenma was wrong about you.
Shin: Not exactly. Itís good that you donít tell me where youíre going. Anyway, letís go get some fucking food.

Later that day, Shin is standing in front of Koenma and Juste in Spirit World.

Koenma: So, youíre not mad?
Shin: Nah. I have more training to do anyway.
Koenma: About that. I want you to keep as low of a profile as possible while your team isnít around to help you.
Shin: I see.
Juste: Spend some time with Mom and Dad. They probably need it.
Shin: Youíre right.
Juste: Youíre standing right now. Are you in pain?
Shin: A little. By the time they get back, I should be fine to go 100% again.
Juste: Good. I saw how you handled Deanís training. I donít disagree with your methods. He always needs a hard shove to do anything.
Shin: You got that right.
Juste: I am a bit worried about him. How much do you trust Endull to keep him safe?
Shin: Heís an asshole, but heíll get the job done. As long as Dean stays close to him and Drago, heíll be fine.
Juste: Iíll trust your judgment. By the way, did you control the spirit gun after it was released?
Shin: No, I put a spin on it as I released it.
Juste: Huh? You can do that?
Shin: Eh? You canít?
Juste: W-well I never said I couldnít. I just havenít tried it.
Shin: Try it.
Koenma: NOT in my office! Go to the training room!

They go into the training room that they sparred in at the beginning of Shinís training.

Shin: I just manipulated the energy as it was coming out. It should be pretty easy for you at your level.

Juste aims his spirit gun and shoots it. The blast does curve a bit and change trajectory.

Juste: Huh. Is this something you learned in China?
Shin: Yeah. Turns out spirit energy is pretty hard to control once itís out.
Juste: Amazing.
Shin: ButÖthis is just a temporary solution. The real work is still ahead of me.
Juste: Heh. Well, good luck with that.

Shin is back in the human world not long after. He is eating dinner with Xio and his parents.

Jaide: So, youíre going to Hokkaido for a job interview, huh? Very interesting.
Xio: Yes. I hope it goes well.
Neo: Will you be going too, Shin?
Shin: No. I have other plans.

Neo makes a face at Shin that looks strained.

Neo: Youíre missing your chance, Son!
Shin: I know exactly what youíre thinking with that face. Youíre trying to tell me that this is my chance to make a move on her.

Shin retorts also with a strained face.

Shin: Shut the fuck up.
Neo: That was the ďshut the fuck upĒ face.
Xio: What are you two doing?
Jaide: Men are so fucking stupid, trying to talk without words.
Shin: Itís called body language, you dumb bitch.
Jaide: What did you just call me?!

Jaide stands up and goes to slap Shin. This slap is in slow motion to Shin, but suddenly, he seems surprised.

Shin: Wait a second.

The slap leaves a small mark on his face.

Shin: I didnít notice it before, but I was keeping my sensing close to me without thinking about it. What I sensed just now was some latent energy from her.

Shin glares at Jaide for a fraction of a second but then his face turns to normal immediately.

Shin: No, I canít say anything. At that level, itís untrained and accidental. She likely doesnít know a thing. But I guess it does explain why Juste and I both had spirit awareness.
Xio: You messed up, Shin.
Shin: Yeah, looks like it.

After dinner, Xio is packing while the other three are still downstairs.

Shin: About when I said I have plans. Why donít we go to the school festival tomorrow?
Jaide: You mean, us?
Shin: Youíre the only ones here, right? Alumni get free entry and Iíll just pay for you two and everything we eat or buy there.
Neo: ShinÖweíd love to go.
Jaide: Yeah.
Shin: At the very least, the professor will be there. No way anyone would get away with attacking the place. Besides, I get to harass all the third years. Anyway, thatís what I wanted to tell you, so Iíll go help Xio pack.

Shin goes upstairs.

Neo: You donít have to hold back.
Jaide: *Sniff* You too.
Neo: *Sniff*

Xio: Hey, Shin.
Shin: You need help packing, right?
Xio: Nope, I already finished. It wonít be a long trip.
Shin: I see. So then, were you able to draw it out today?
Xio: Mhmm! Wanna see?
Shin: Yeah.

A few moments laterÖ

Shin: Nice. I knew it was a good idea to Endull and Drago in charge of that.
Xio: Mama didnít have anyone like that to help her. And besides, she wasnít focused on fighting.
Shin: With ďcomradesĒ like Zheng, I can see that.
Xio: Your posture looks better. Youíre not walking funny anymore.
Shin: Yeah, well, Iím trying to keep up appearances. I canít let them know Iím hurt. Though, yesterday I couldnít really do that.
Xio: Yeah. Tell me for real. Are you really okay with us going without you?
Shin: ÖNo. Iím not. Not at all.

Shin sits down on his bed.

Shin: I know it has to be done this way. But it sucks.
Xio: Youíre thinking about it too much. Just be honest with how you feel. You donít have to hide it.
Shin: Yeah. Well, this will give me some time to reflect instead of training.

Meanwhile, in Spirit WorldÖ

Juste: You could have had Yusuke heal him or you yourself could have done it.
Koenma: Yes. Iím just glad Yusuke went along with me on this one.
Juste: As I suspected. The reason for this wasnít because of his injury.
Koenma: Shin needs to learn how to rest. Most people need the motivation to work harder. Shin works too hard sometimes.
Juste: I canít argue there.
Koenma: Shin is a lot stronger than he thinks. He hasnít been at 100% in a very long time because he is always training.
Juste: When Shin recovers fully, heíll be pleasantly surprised at how strong he is. Thatíll make him see the results of resting. He canít argue with results. Thatís what youíre saying, ultimately.
Koenma: Correct.

The next day, Shin is still sleeping, but Xio is up.

Xio: Now thereís a rare sight. He didnít get any real sleep yesterday, so that makes sense.

She has breakfast with Shinís parents and then leaves the house.

Xio: Say goodbye to Shin for me.
Neo: You sure you donít want us to wake him?
Xio: No thanks. He needs the sleep.
Neo: Okay. You take care.

Xio waits outside for a few minutes when a van comes through. The back window rolls down and Dean sticks his head out.

Dean: Yoooo!
Xio: Hehe. Hello, Dean.

Xio gets in shotgun while Dean and Drago are in the middle row. Endull is in the back by himself. The person driving is a man wearing a business suit and sunglasses.

Driver: Good morning, miss.
Xio: Uh, hey. Who is this?
Drago: Apparently he works for Kazuma Kuwabara.
Xio: I see.
Dean: Itís time for a rooooooooad trip!
Xio: Heís already drunk?
Endull: This is a waste of time. Itíd be easier to simply run.
Drago: Dean canít do that yet. Besides, it could be worse. Shin could be driving us with his new boat.
Endull: Yes, that would be quite dangerous.

The driver changes gears and then drives off.

Leaving Shin, behind, the group sets off to another mission. How will they fare without him? The mission starts next time on Detective Shin!

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Detective Shin - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Detective Shin   Detective Shin - Page 2 EmptyJanuary 31st 2016, 7:46 pm

Chapter 46

Later that morning, Shin finally does wake up. He quickly realizes that Xio is gone.

Shin: Itís weird that itís not normal to wake up in my room alone.

With the others, they are still on the road.

Dean: Huh? Where am I?
Drago: Weíre going to Tokyo, remember?
Dean: Oh yeah.

They look behind them to see that Endull is sleeping.

Dean: I didnít know demons sleep.
Drago: ÖWhat do you think is different about us?
Dean: I dunno.
Xio: Would that mean I only half-sleep? Eh?
Dean: Forget I said anything.

They arrive in Tokyo. They are dropped off in the middle of the city.

Driver: When youíre ready to go home, Iíll be staying at this hotel behind us. Room 304

The picture goes to Endull, who has a pencil curly mustache drawn on his face.

Endull: Understood.

The driver represses a laugh and then walks away.

Drago: Where do we go from here, Endull?
Endull: Koenma said that humans are being taken right off the streets in this district. Theyíre being kidnapped and likely eaten. If we can find the kidnapping and follow it, itíll lead us to their base.
Dean: Weíre not going to save them from being kidnapped?
Endull: No. If we just kill one, the trail might go cold.
Dean: That solves the problem then, right?
Endull: No, it doesnít. Theyíre here without permission and so I need to eliminate them.
Drago: Now now, you two. Endull, we were not necessarily assigned to kill demons that are here illegally. But, Dean, just because someone is kidnapped doesnít make them automatically dead. We could always try to save the human after theyíve led us to their base.
Endull: The human is an unnecessary risk. Especially, since it could be a catalyst to reveal our powers to the public. The humanís life doesnít matter in the long run. If anything, it would be more advantageous if he or she dies.
Dean: Do you hear what youíre saying?!
Endull: Do you want to be groveling at Shinís brother again because you failed?
Xio: What would Shin do if he were here?
Endull: What would Shin do? Heís not here. He canít help us.
Xio: We dealt with a similar situation in China. The way that he operated didnít always benefit humans, but in the long run saved them all. I think Drago has the right idea here. If the human dies before they get to their base, then thatís an unfortunate sacrifice we have to accept.
Endull: I will agree to that if you all promise me that the mission comes before anything else. If you canít do that, Iíll consider you a liability and will kick you off this team. Koenma put me in charge and Iíll do things the way I see fit. If you donít like it, get the hell out.

They all take a pause.

Drago: Yes, I can agree with that.
Xio: Iím in.
Dean: ÖI donít like it, but Iím in as well.
Endull: Good. Now, we actually have to find this person. This district is small, so we can cover it with the people we have.

Meanwhile, Shin and his parents have made it to the school festival. A boy in a school uniform passes by them.

Boy: Yo, Shin. Youíre back.
Shin: Yo.
Girl: Ohmigosh! Itís Shin!
Girl 2: Shin?!

There is a hoard of girls in school uniforms staring. Shin gives them a wink and then all swoon in tandem.

Jaide: Maybe coming back was a bad idea, Shin. They all just want you for your body.
Neo: Thatís mah boy.
Shin: Heh. You sure you can talk, Mom?
Jaide: Oh, hey. Itís your teacher.
Shin: Which oneÖ? Oh, itís Professor Suichi! And heís withÖ
Yusuke: Hey, brat! So you came after all.
Hiei: Shin, itís been a while.
Kuwabara: Oh, so thatís Shin. Did you see what he just did to those poor girls?
Kurama: Mr. and Mrs. Yakamoru. Itís been a while. These are my best friends. This is Yusuke, Hiei and Kuwabara.
Shin: Kuwabara? WAIT A SECOND!

Shin takes a step back and points at them.

Shin: You fourÖno! Iím not worthy to see this sight!
Neo: You know these people already?
Jaide: Who are they?
Kurama: Anyway, they all came to see what the school festival was about.
Yusuke: We didnít have anything like that at my crappy ass school. Kids these days are spoiled rotten.
Jaide: Hey, honey. Thereís our neighbors. Letís go say hi.
Neo: Okay.

They walk away temporarily.

Shin: This is insane. Ah, right. Mr. Kuwabara, thank you for training Dean while I was gone.
Kuwabara: Hehe donít mention it.
Shin: And King HieiÖarenít you supposed to be guarding Demon World?
Hiei: I can go back whenever I want.
Shin: Really? Cool. I want to go to Demon World some time.
Hiei: Iím sure your detective work will eventually take you there.

Back to the group, they have split up. Drago and Xio are each on their own while Endull is with Dean.

Dean: Why did you go with me now?
Endull: Iím the only one who doesnít have a phone. And youíre the weakest one here.
Dean: *sigh* I guess I canít argue with that.

Dean gets a text from Xio.

Xio: u guys ok
Endull: What was that?
Dean: A text. See?
Endull: What? Thatís not how you spell ďyouĒ and ďokayĒ.
Dean: I guess she doesnít type properly. No time to question it. (Texting) Yes weíre fine.
Xio: i dont c NEthing yet

Switching to Xioís point of view, she is lying on top of a building, looking over. She is lightly kicking her legs in the air. Her phone rings and she picks it up.

Xio: What is it, Dean?
Endull: Be patient! Weíve only been at this for five minutes!
Xio: But Iím bored.

Endull hangs up on her. Switching to Drago, he is leaning against a wall, surveying as people walk by. He eventually sits down and falls asleep.

Endull: I canít sense Dragoís energy anymore. Donít tell me he fell asleep again.
Dean: Again?
Endull: He always nodded off in the middle of training. Donít ask me how.
Dean: Well, he technically is an old man.

The two of them search the streets, but with no luck. They eventually find Drago, who is still sleeping.

Endull: Damn it. Weíll have to-

Endull turns to see Dean going into a liquor store.


Drago slowly opens his eyes.

Drago: (Groggy) Oh, good morning.
Endull: Whereís your phone, damn it?
Drago: Here.

Drago hands Endull his phone, he immediately calls someone. Meanwhile, Shin is still speaking with Team Urameshi when his phone rings.

Shin: Itís Drago. This could be important. Yeah?
Kurama: Put it on speaker
Endull: Shin, why do our teammates suck so much?!
Hiei: Itís Endull.
Endull: Father? Shin, are you in Demon World?
Shin: No, Iíll explain later. Whatís going on?
Endull: Dragoís sleeping, Xioís bored and Deanís getting drunk again.
Drago: Hey, Iím awake now.
Shin: Heh. Donít worry so much. You know that theyíll all deliver when the time comes. Have faith in your team. Thatís what it means to be a leader.
Yusuke: What the hell would you know about being a leader? Donít get too full of yourself, kid.
Hiei: Not like you ever led anything, Yusuke.
Yusuke: What did you say, shorty?!
Hiei: Listen, Endull. Just do what you have to and the others will follow by example. If they donít, cut them off.
Endull: Yes. Thank you, Father.

Endull hangs up.

Kuwabara: He didnít even say goodbye. Did you teach him any manners?
Hiei: Watch it.

Endull tosses the phone at Drago, who catches it. He walks away.

Endull: Iíll do this myself. When youíre all ready to get serious, come find me.

Just then, Drago gets a text. Itís from Xio.

Xio: guys theres someone wt demon energy
Drago: Xio found someone.
Endull: Letís go.

Endull immediately runs away. Drago stretches and yawns as Dean runs out of the store.

Dean: Did you get that text?
Drago: Yeah.
Dean: Arenít you going to go with us?
Drago: YeahÖjust give me a second.

Dean runs away as well. On the rooftop where Xio is, Endull arrives first.

Endull: Where is he?
Xio: Down there.

Xio points down to see a man in a grey hoodie peering out from an alleyway.

Endull: Yeah, he has demon energy all right. And heís looking for trouble, clearly.
Xio: Where are the others?
Endull: Forget about them.

The other two eventually do arrive. They watch the man carefully.

Drago: Heís not doing anything yet.
Endull: What could he possiblyÖ!

Drago and Xio both react a fraction of a second later and turn. There are three cloaked figures in the air above them. Endull draws his sword and lunges at one of them. Xio, Drago and Dean all jump away. The sword thrust is dodged and the figure makes a bolt of lightning in its hands. Endull disappears and reappears behind the three of them. The one with lightning turns around and shoots the bolt. Endull dodges, but the bolt attracts to the sword and connects, running up Endullís arm and shocking him. He drops the sword and yells out in pain.

Xio: Endull!

Xio attacks next with her cat claws, but another one of them gets in the way. A barrier appears between them and repels her, pushing her back as soon as she touches it. The third cloaked figure starts charging up demon energy and releases it from its mouth. They are able to dodge out of the way in time. Dean makes his spirit axe, but the man in the hoodie grabs him from behind. This makes him lose control of his axe and it disappears.

Dean: Shit!

The man pulls a knife on Dean, but he head-butts backwards to stun the man. He turns and grapples the man. They now struggle with each other, trying to gain an advantage. Drago appears behind this man and swings with his kusarigama. Simultaneously, one of the cloaked figures is behind Drago. Drago stops his attack and gets out of the way. Xio attacks this same cloaked person, but gets repelled again. The figures and the man in the hoodie all bunch up at that time. The group also bunches up. Endull has his sword back, but he is clearly in pain.

Hoodie: Weíve never seen you around.
Cloak 1: (female voice) Just what are you doing here?
Endull: Thatís none of your business.
Cloak 2: (female voice) Considering you were watching our man hereÖ
Cloak 3: (female voice) Iíd say itís definitely our business.
Drago: Well, when a demon is being shady like that, itís hard not to take interest.
Endull: Enough of this nonsense. Show me your mark of approval, or weíll attack you right here and now.

They donít respond to Endullís demand. Instead, they run. The group is about to go after them, but Endull puts his arm out to stop them.

Endull: Wait.
Xio: Why are you stopping us?
Endull: Now that weíve identified our targets, weíll let them run back to their hideout.
Drago: How are we supposed to tail them if they hide their demon energy?

Flashback to the day before. Shin is speaking to Endull alone.

Shin: Iím trusting you with leading this team.
Endull: Please. Iíll lead the team regardless of whether youíre present.
Shin: Here. This might be useful based on the nature of the mission.

Shin hands him the detective watch.

Shin: I havenít really gotten a chance to use it yet, but Koenma told me how it works.

In the present time, Endull rolls up his sleeve to show that heís wearing the watch. It beeps in the direction that they ran.

Endull: This will trace the presence of a demon that has been identified by the watch. In other words, there has to be contact. When I was attacked, it was on this arm, and so the demon energy could be picked up.
Dean: Wow, neat watch.
Drago: But why didnít we try to end the fight right here?
Endull: If there are more of them, we need to know where their hideout is.
Drago: I see. Good thinking.
Xio: Iím hungry.
Drago: We could stand to eat, I suppose.
Endull: Very well. Theyíre not going anywhere.

About an hour later, they sit on a rooftop.

Drago: So, how do we do this?

They are all looking at a brick warehouse.

Endull: Hang on.

Endull focuses on sensing.

Endull: I can sense five.
Dean: So there were more of them.
Endull: Theyíre currently spread out. While we have the advantage, we need to gang up on them. Letís go.

Endullís plan of ambush begins next time!
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Detective Shin
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