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 Dragon Blast Holiday Special

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Strider Zero
Strider Zero

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Dragon Blast Holiday Special Empty
PostSubject: Dragon Blast Holiday Special   Dragon Blast Holiday Special EmptyDecember 27th 2009, 3:29 pm

Dragon Blast Holiday Special

Attention Dragon Blast readers, this is an alternate reality and has nothing to do with the main story.

It is currently snowing. Kai and Chou are hanging with Zero at his house.

Kai: So what should we do first?
Chou: Let's make hot snow women.
Zero: 0_o
Chou: What?
Zero: Nothing. Why don't we just throw snow balls at people that walk by?
Kai: Sounds like fun.
Chou: Oh alright.

Zero, Kai and Chou go outside and start to throw snow balls at people that walk by. Meanwhile, Kimarous and Raisin are currently outside their house.

Raisin: Kima, shovel the sidewalk for me, will you?
Kimarous: Stand back.

Kimarous starts to power up and makes a path where no snow is.

Raisin: Nice work.
Kimarous: Yes, now let's go sledding!

Baal is in his house, playing Tekken with a bunch of blankets hurled around him.

Baal: I hate the snow. It's too damn cold when it snows.

Back to Chou, Kai and Zero...

Zero: I just had the best idea ever. Let's go drag Baal out in the snow.
Kai: Oh my goodness! That's a great idea!
voice: Where do you think you're going?
Zero: Oh no...

Rachel drops down right next to Zero.

Zero: You...ugh...Merry christmas yourself.
Rachel: Come spend it with me.
Zero: No, I think I'll puke in the nearest trash can instead.
Rachel: Fine then. I'll beat you into spending your christmas with me.
Zero: Hmph.
Kai: Beat her, Zero.
Chou: Yeah!
Zero: Alright.

Zero and Rachel face each other. All of the sudden they both pick up snow and start to make snow balls. They throw them at each other and hit.

Zero: I need a snow fort.
Rachel: I know. I'll build a wall to stop his attacks.

They both drop to the ground and start to build a wall of snow. They move fast with it and build it tall and wide. The walls stretch way above their heads and much longer than their widthspan. Zero sneers and turns around with a snow ball. Rachel starts to throw snow balls to Zero's fort but is not able to hit him. All of the sudden, a yellow snow ball comes flying into Rachel's territory and lands right on her head.

Rachel: ...Is this what I think it is?
Chou: Oh my...HAHAHAHA!
Kai: Laughing
Zero: Hehehehe. Freshly flavored.
Rachel: That is disgusting!

Rachel begins to throw a ton of snow balls. She can't seem to hit Zero though. So she goes over to his fort and knocks it down with her fist.

Zero: Oh shit, no fair!
Rachel: Hehehe

Zero disappears. Rachel looks around everywhere for him and then Zero appears behind her and punches her in the back. Her face gets burried in the snow from the impact.

Chou: What was that for?
Zero: She cheated first. Let's go get Baal now.
Kai: Right.

The trio flies off and a minute later, Rachel gets up.


Over at Tyran's house, Red is under 3 blankets while Tyran is just sitting there looking at him.

Tyran: Is the snow that bad?
Red: I can't stand it.
Tyran: I know our family's trademark is fire, but come on.
Red: I don't care.
Tyran: That's it. We're going outside. I'm gonna show you our family's trademark move.
Red: Wait, nooooooooo.

Tyran drags Red outside and throws the blankets aside. Red is currently in 2 sweatshirts, a coat and 3 sweat pants (And his hat, of course). He starts to shiver.

Tyran: You are such a baby! Now look at this. Pyrochenesis!

Tyran blows fire out of his mouth and makes all snow that it passes melt.

Red: That's cool and all, but I have my own moveset of fire moves. Didn't you read my bio?
Tyran: But no moves from your mouth.

Red creates a fire bow and arrow and shoots it into Tyran's ass.

Tyran: Yeow! *takes arrow out and breaks it*
Red: Hehehehe.

Tyran's eyes turn green as the screen goes black and only the sound of pain is heard.

Chou, Kai and Zero have now arrived at Baal's house. They knock on the door and Baal answers after they wait for a minute.

Baal: Zero, good timing. Tekken, now! There's no way you can win this time!

One minute passes.

Chou: Zero, how many times did you win against Baal?
Zero: Only sixtee- *Baal punches Zero*
Baal: You cheat! I know you do!
Zero: Not quite.

All of the sudden, Santa Clause drops down Baal's chimney with a bag of stuff.

Baal: Son of a bitch! Another thief! GIGA DRILL BREAKER!!!!

Baal creates a huge drill in his hand and twirls around and busts the drill right into Santa Clause and it goes right through him and busts the chimney. The entire chimney collapses on the already screwed Santa. Baal breathes heavily.

Chou: Baal...You just killed Santa Clause!
Baal: *Pant* Huh? Oh shit.

Just then, Kimarous lands on the rubble of the chimney.

Kimarous: According to my tracking calculations, Santa should be here by...now...Baal you didn't.
Chou: He did.
Kimarous: I was so close to learning his secrets!
Zero: How did you plan to learn his secrets?

[Kimarous' mind]

Kimarous is seen in a dark room with a small light with Santa tied to a chair and Kimarous is beating the shit out of him.

[end daydream]

Kimarous: Don't worry about that one. Heh.
Zero: Did anyone else notice his day dream bubble?
Kai: Yeah. *backs away from Kimarous*
Chou: What did we come here to do now? Oh yeah, Baal, time to go out in the snow.
Baal: Oh hell no!
Zero: Oh hell yes!

Zero, Kai and Chou gang up on Baal and carry him outside and smash him into the snow.

Baal: C C C Cold.
Chou: That's what she said.

Baal gets up and his figure appears on the snow.

Zero: Oh look, it's a snow devil.

In an unknown place, Syro has his scouter on. Justin and Richter are with him.

Syro: Santa Clause's power level has vanished. He must be dead.
Justin: Well that's not good.
Richter: Damn it! I'm not going to get those socks I wanted.
Justin: 0_o
Richter: Hey, I'm cold blooded.

Days have now passed and it's New Years Eve. Kai is with Hayden and Chou is with 3 women while Zero is by himself. Morgan, Rachel and Chulance are all hanging together. The rest of people are just hanging at their places. Over at Chou's place...

Women 1: Come on, Chou.
Women 2: Yeah, come on.
Women 3: Let's play.
Chou: Oh yes. I will be there in a minute. It's the new year in a bit. Oh it's here now. 3, 2, 1, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Chou raises his hands and ki accidentally comes out of his hands and blows off his roof. The women all run away.


Everything goes black and the main cast of Dragon Blast piles up together.

Zero: Hey, readers. I hope you've enjoyed Dragon Blast thus far.
Chou: And I hope you enjoyed this Holliday special.
Kai: Now go eat some candy, watch some Anime, play some games...you know.
Baal: Do something destructive!
Kimarous: It's CONstructive!
Red: Have a blazing Christmas and New Year.
Zygon: May your days be many...but not as many as mine. You won't want to live that long.
Tyran: Have some fun with your break, you kids.
Syro: And all you adults, you got 1 day off but no more HAHAHAH!!!!
Rachel: Go spend time with your loved ones.
Morgan: What she said.
Chulance: Go order some Pizza. Go to Pizza Jet.
Sora: Go get some presents!
Narrator: Go read some books
Shin: Merry Christmas!
Zero: *Blasts Shin* You're not even in this fic! Ah what the hell, I guess Detective Shin can join too.

Shin (Who comes back to life), Juste Yakamoru and Dean Mist come in.

Juste: A bunch of new faces. Ah well, Happy new year!
Dean: Go drink a lot!
Shin: *smacks Dean* Don't listen to him. Don't drink under age.
Zero: ...Yeah, well again, Happy Holidays all you people.

Everyone: HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!
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Strider Zero
Strider Zero

Male Number of posts : 9226
Location : McNeil Village
Quote : The closer you get to something, the tougher it is to see it.
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Dragon Blast Holiday Special Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast Holiday Special   Dragon Blast Holiday Special EmptyNovember 24th 2010, 2:10 am

Dragon Blast Episode Birthday

On an open field of grass, there stand Zero, Kai, Chou, Kimarous and Baal. Among them is another, who is a fusion of these two characters. https://i.servimg.com/u/f26/15/76/30/21/stride10.png

Strider Zero: Hey guys. It looks like we have a birthday today.
Zero: It's your birthday, you dumb ass. And why do you have a similar name to me?
Strider Zero: Shut up, you! I wrote your character and I control this fic.
Zero: Sorry.
Strider Zero: Great.
Baal: You know you're lonely when you dedicate a fic chapter to your own birthday.
Strider Zero: Ok, I have problems. Is that what you want to hear, Baal?
Baal: Yes. Indeed.
Kimarous: Well happy birthday, Strider.
Strider Zero: Thank you, Kimarous.
Kai: Happy birthday and all, but really. You need to continue this damn fic.
Chou: I'm with Kai. Where the hell have you been?
Strider Zero: That is NONE of your business! I'll continue eventually.
Baal: By eventually, you mean never, right?
Strider Zero: Hey, I sent out Episode 78 not long ago, didn't I?
Zero: Oh yes. As if one episode counts as much. C'mon, I wasn't even in it.
Strider Zero: You know as well as I do that you can't be in every episode.
Zero: Still, man. I'm collecting dust. We've been in business for like three years.
Baal: At least three years.
Chou: Dude, Fighters Abroad is going to pass us in chapters, and that's only been up about a year and a half!
Strider Zero: Yes yes, I know. Keep in mind that I helped Ryu do a good portion of that fic.
Kai: Why?! WE need you. Not him!
Zero: Don't forget about Detective Shin.
Strider Zero: I know. I'm sorry, you guys.
Zero: Come back to your friends!
Kai: Come back to your friends!
Chou: Come back to your friends!
Kimarous: Come back to your friends!
Baal: Come back to your friends!
Strider Zero: This is a DBZ fic! Not a One Piece fic! What the hell are you reciting "A-Z" for?
Kai: Hey, don't dodge the subject!
Kimarous: Be more consistent with us and we'll let this whole incident slide, yes?
Strider Zero: FINE FINE FINE! After the Christmas special, I'll come back.
Zero: Truly?
Strider Zero: It will be my New Years Resolution.
Kimarous: That's the spirit!
Kai: I like it.
Baal: Fuck yes!
Chou: You finally came to your senses.
Zero: My creator isn't a total dumbass after all.
Strider Zero: Watch it!
Zero: Of course, I never thought that in the first place. Oh, happy birthday, by the way.
All: Happy Birthday Strider Zero!!!!

Yes, happy birthday, Strider Zero. Have a good one from all your characters from your two fanfics. Wait, I'm the narrator. I'm referring to myself in the third person which usually makes me a villain. ...I need help.

Attention all you Dragon Blast readers. Grab your disposable sheets and underwear because Dragon Blast is coming back to you starting after New Years Day. Yes, that's right. We're back, baby! There will be a Holliday Special crossover with Detective Shin to wrap up this year. Next year, we're going to kick off with a Dragon Blast episode and continue it (With hopeful periodic Detective Shin chapters...with any luck).

Disclaimer: The writer of this is not liable nor responsible for anyone who has soiled themselves upon reading this announcement. Now enjoy this music as we celebrate my birthday. Hell yeah!

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Dragon Blast Holiday Special
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