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 If pokemon were real...

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Ponky Poo
Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: If pokemon were real...   January 5th 2010, 7:41 pm

1. You get to leave home and travel the world.
2. Do you see any ugly girls in the pokemon world? If they look like that at TEN...
3. You can pwn people with your Plant-Dinosaur, Dragon, or Giant Turtle.
4. You are unsupervised most of the time. Plenty of things to do.
5. I wonder what Rare-Candies and RageCandyBars taste like...
6. You get money pwning n00bs. How awesome is that?

1. You leave home at 10 (while that beats school, still) and are alone with no-one but your pokemon to talk to. You might have a few companions, but you are usually S.O.L.
2. Would YOU like to get your car shat on by a bird thats as tall as it? This is why they usually use bikes.
3. Of course you would feel bad about eating a burger while training a tauros. You contemplate being a vegan but remember grass types...
4. Ratatta are the size of sewer rats on steroids. The bugs are bigger. You think mosquitoes are bad? Try being stung by a fucking Beedrill.
5. Gingivitis sys hi! Seriously, you think they'd brush their teeth on their own? Or bathe for that matter?
6. No interwebz in the woods guys.
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Second of the Ring
Second of the Ring

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PostSubject: Re: If pokemon were real...   January 20th 2010, 11:08 pm

LOL! I'll join this topic!

Anway the pro's are better then the con's!

You get companion's. You can befriend other pokemon trainers, and be their friends. That's a pretty sweet deal! You can stop by in villages, and you get free food and stuff. Or no you don't. As for cars, you see that happening in the games or the Anime? No the pokemon are intelligent, so they might be potty trained.

As for burgers, and what-not who cares. As for my bugs there not out as much, only in certain area's. As for cleanliness got me there! Very Happy

And you can still use the internet, if you have electric pokemon.
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Strider Zero

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PostSubject: Re: If pokemon were real...   January 21st 2010, 12:47 am

Why pay for Spirit Airlines, I got a fucking Pidgeot!
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PostSubject: Re: If pokemon were real...   

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If pokemon were real...
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