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 Dragon Blast

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast - Page 4 EmptyJuly 19th 2009, 6:49 pm

Dragon Blast Episode 73: A Fork in the Road of Fate

Chou: Alright, gang. We're going back to the crater to help Baal.
Kai: I thought he wanted us to stay away.
Chou: Don't worry. I have a plan.
Kimarous: Another plan?
Red: You're on fire.
Chou: Yes. It will involve us splitting into two groups. I suggest Kai and Red go together.
Kimarous: So you and I are together?
Chou: Yeah. Now we need Kai and Red to stay out of the crater and protect the Dragon Balls.
Red: Ok. That's a good idea.
Kai: If Baal is at all doing well, you and Kima should be able to finish him off.
Kimarous: Yeah.
Chou: Alright, now let's execute this plan!
Kai: Uh, Chou, we're not near the crater yet.
Chou: Oh...

They continue to fly along until the crater is in sight. They see something different this time though. A huge chunk of rock in the crater has been destroyed.

Red: Damn. They must have been fighting hard.
Kimarous: Whatever the case, Chou let's go!
Chou: Right!

Chou and Kimarous fly fast right into the crater. There is no figure in sight, however.

Chou: BAAL!
Kimarous: BAAL!

It's no use. There is no reply. X is not in sight either. They fly out of the crater over to Kai and Red.

Red: Where is he?
Kimarous: He's not there.
Chou: Neither is X.
Kai: Well then we don't know who exactly won that fight then.
Kimarous: Whoever won the fight must have fled.
Chou: Shit! Either way we're screwed.
Red: We can still look for the Dragon Balls though.
Kai: True, if Baal is dead, we can wish him back with Zero.
Chou: Good thinking, Kai.
Kimarous: So we don't look for Baal and continue our Dragon Ball quest?
Chou: Yeah. Hey Red, any readings?
Red: *checks the Dragon Radar* A faint reading. It's a bit West from here.
Kai: Good think we came back here or it would have been a hassle to get there from that city.
Chou: Alright then. It's time to go get that fourth Dragon Ball!

They start to head West to follow the reading from the radar. Everything goes black.

[Other world]

Zero is training on King Kai's little planet. He's in the middle of sparring with another Saiyan who is dead and training.

Zero: So how long ago did you die?
Saiyan: Just a day ago, actually. You?
Zero: I died a little a month ago. Well you ready to go?
Saiyan: Yeah.

They both ascend to SSJ and clash fists. Zero appears to have the upper hand and kicks the Saiyan. He then rushes in and starts to punch and kick him all over and smashes him into the ground.

Zero: Game over.
King Kai: Good.
Saiyan: *get up* Wow. You come from a powerful world.
Zero: Thanks. So what was this about Baal now?
King Kai: He might have died and could be coming here.
Zero: You aren't going to bother to check? >_<
King Kai: No. Now...try ascending again.
Zero: Alright...here goes nothing!

[Back to the gang]

The gang is still flying West to get the fourth Dragon Ball. Suddenly they see four people with black long leather coats on turned around. There's a japanese symbol on the back of each jacket. They turn around and the gang (minus Red) looks surprised.

Chou: Oh no...
Kage: In the name of the Black Mavericks, stop this instant.
Kai: Oh man.
Kimarous: Not these people.
Red: Who are they?
Chou: You see that dude in the middle that looks kind of weird? That's Chulance.
Chulance: HEY!
Morgan: What are you four doing here?
Red: We're on our own business. Get out of our way.
Rachel: Fat chance. You'll have to fight your way through.
Chou: You didn't get enough from back at Pizza Jet?
Rachel: Tsk Tsk Tsk, Chou. You should have learned to never underestimate us. We were holding back that whole time.
Kimarous: Something tells me they're going to ascend.

Kimarous' instincts are usually right. All four start to power up. Kage's aura changes to red as he powers up. Chulance transforms to SSJ. Morgan and Rachel receive a gold aura around them without their hair changing from brown.

Rachel: I think the odds are fair. 4 on 4. Right, Jill?
Chou: Oh the reference! *Facepalm*
Red: Who's Jill?
Chou: I'll take Chulance. Red takes Rachel, Kai takes Morgan, and Kimarous gets Kage. Sound good?
Kai: Fine with me.
Red: Sure.
Kimarous: Good.
Kage: I still want my revenge from first we met.
Kimarous: What did I do?
Kage: You knocked me away while I attacked you guys and saved the damn day.
Kimarous: Oh ^__^
Morgan: Enough of this! LETS GO!!!

It's Mavericks vs Heroes again only this time it's more even and unrestrained. How will each fight go? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!

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Strider Zero

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast - Page 4 EmptyNovember 18th 2009, 11:27 pm

Dragon Blast Episode 74: Mavericks vs Heroes 2

(Take note that all battles occur at the same time)

[Kimarous' viewpoint]

Kimarous: You ready, Kage?
Kage: Hold on just a moment. How about we fight down on the ground with no distractions?
Kimarous: Yeah, that's fine.

Kimarous and Kage land on the ground. The terrain is grassy with no mountains or rocks. A slight breeze blows by. Kimarous goes MSJ. In an instant, both disappear together. Suddenly, after about ten seconds, Kage appears and flies back into the ground from being hit. He quickly gets up for Kimarous to appear in front of him and kick him upwards. Kimarous flies up to attack but Kage recovers and catches him by surprise. He kicks Kimarous in the gut and throws him away back down to the ground. He follows up with a few ki blasts that Kimarous barely deflects with his hand while on the ground. Before Kimarous gets up, Kage rushes right in and kicks him while down. He starts to slide on the ground but quickly does a backroll and gets up.

Kimarous: Good, you got better.
Kage: You too. I was only toying with you though.
Kimarous: As was I Smile
Kage: I figured as much. No way you would be that weak.
Kimarous: You're right. No way I can be weaker...THAN YOU!

Kimarous powers up and quickly rushes in to punch Kage and successfully does in the face. Kage returns the favor by punching Kimarous in the face as well. Neither of them get pushed back. They both clash hands and try to push each other back. Neither of them can push the other back. They both dash back and dash forward again. They go fist for fist for about twenty seconds. Kimarous breaks it by kicking Kage away. Kage quickly dashes back to Kimarous and goes for a punch. Kimarous side steps it and punches Kage in the stomach making him flinch. He then takes the opportunity to punch Kage five times and then smashes him with both fists right through the ground. Kimarous shoots a medium sized Ki blast into the hole that Kage created on impact. Kage just appears behind him though and shoots ten Ki blasts, catching Kimarous unguarded. Kimarous falls down but gets up after a few seconds. Without hesitation, he goes in for a punch but Kage dodges. Kage goes for a kick but Kimarous dodges. They both start to attack
each other, each evading the other's attack.

Finally, Kage breaks the cycle and shoots a few Ki blasts, which Kimarous deflects. Kimarous kicks Kage in the stomach. Kage punches Kimarous in the face. They then start to exchange punches to the face. After a while of exchanging hits, they both dash back and start to breath heavily.

Kimarous: *pant* That's it. This has gone on far too long.
Kage: *pant* I agree. Let's end it. *pant*

Kimarous starts to power up massively. Kage does too. Kage stops powering up a bit before Kimarous does and rushes to hit him. Kimarous explodes with power and goes extreemly fast and punches Kage in the gut. Kage is stunned. Kimarous explodes his aura and starts punching and kicking Kage hard. Each time, Kage is stunned even more. After countless smashing, Kimarous places his hands together and unleashes a large Ki wave that sends Kage flying past Kimarous' sight. Kimarous reverts to base and takes a sigh of relief.

[Chou's viewpoint]

Chou and Chulance are facing each other with rage in their eyes. Chulance looks a little more pissed than Chou does.

Chulance: This fight won't be like last time.
Chou: I beg to differ.
Chulance: No, this fight won't be like last time.
Chou: I think you just said that.
Chulance: You are wrong.
Chou: >_< Why do I even bother? Let's just get this over with.
Chulance: You are a fanboy.
Chou: Huh?
Chulance: You can't admit that I'm right.
Chou: That's it.

Chou dashes straight toward Chulance. Chulance is being too hot headed to notice and gets hit straight on. He flies back. Chulance quickly recovers and makes a dash for Chou. Chou takes it head on as he dashes in to collide with Chulance. As they collide, Chulance is pushed back and Chou slightly moved. Chou rushes after Chulance again and knocks him away.

[Kai's viewpoint]

Kai and Morgan stay in the air like Chou and Chulance. Without saying a word, they go at each other. Kai ascends and everything goes black. All of the sudden everything goes back to normal while Morgan and Chulance are on the ground unconscious.

Kai: That was a fight?
Chou: Man, these recurring fight scenes are getting boring. They all suck.
Kai: You're telling me this? We're getting no action with these people.
Chou: We really should move on. I wonder how Red is doing.

[Red's Viewpoint]

Red and Rachel are facing each other on the ground like Kimarous and Kage did. Red starts to stare at her.

Rachel: What is it?
Red: Hmmm...You're hot.
Rachel: What?! That is so insulting!
Red: Where the hell do you come from?
Rachel: Do you know Zero?
Red: Not technically but he's my cousin. Why?
Rachel: He is the man I am going to marry. So you stay out of my way.
Red: I see. So this is what they were talking about. This crazy bitch wants Zero but he doesn't return the feelings.
Rachel: Enough talk. Let's fight. I grow tired of hearing your insolent voice.

Rachel runs fast towards Red. Red's face turns from a slightly amused look to a serious one as he gets ready to fight Zero's rival. Rachel disappears and goes behind Red swiftly. Red sees it fast enough and blocks an incoming punch. He starts powering up with a fire-like aura around him just to hold off the punch. Even then he still struggles. Rachel then powers up herself and breaks Red's guard. She breaks free of his hand and punches him in the face, knocking him to the ground. Red gets up fairly quickly and goes to punch Rachel. She stands firm and lets him punch her in the gut. It has a small effect but not enough to make her lose balance.

She laughs consequently and kicks Red away. As he flies away, he makes a fire cloud appear and it stops him. He then rides it in fast at Rachel. As he approaches her, He creates a flaming boomberang in his hands and throws it straight at her. She braces herself for impact as Red zips past her. He then turns around and creates a flaming bow and arrow and shoots it at her from the other side. The flaming boomerang hits and she fends it off with energy and looks behind her to see a flaming arrow hit her in the shoulder. She rips it out but her hand catches on fire. She powers up massively and releases the fire from her. She doesn't notice though that Red was moving in fast.

Red: I got you now. Combustion Blast!

In an instant, a massive explosion arises and directly hits Rachel. It makes everything in a small radius completely invisible (So much dust you can't see a thing BUT dust). When the dust clears, there is no trace found of Rachel.

Red: I won. Wow. I just killed a hot girl...damn.

Suddenly, a ki blast hits Red and he is startled. He looks behind him to see Rachel floating there with tattered clothes and some blood.

Rachel: You can't get rid of me that fast, you punk.
Red: Oh shit.

Rachel quickly dashes into Red and punches him in the gut hard. Red tries to return the favor but Rachel dodges and gives a hard kick to the face. Red staggers but punches again and misses. He starts to punch rapidly but keeps on missing. Rachel finally punches him again in the face, making him bleed. She then gathers a large ki ball and fires a direct hit right to him. He falls on the ground scarred. Rachel begins to charge up a large Ki blast when Chou, Kimarous and Kai surround Rachel and land on the ground aiming Ki blasts at her.

Chou: Don't take another step.
Kai: You make one move and you're dead.
Kimarous: Don't think we won't blow your head off.
Red: Guys...I got this. Don't step in.
Rachel: Fine. I will let you pass. *stops energy flow*
Chou: Thank you. I didn't think I had to kill you for you to listen to reason.
Rachel: Eh, you won't get away next time. I'll make sure of it.

Rachel flies off in the direction that Kimarous knocked away Kage. Morgan and Chulance quickly spring into the air and follow.

Chou: Looks like they stopped us for a bit. But we're back on our way.
Kai: Red, can you stand?
Red: Yeah. I'll be fine.
Kimarous: Good. Now let's go get that next Dragon Ball.

Kimarous helps Red up and they all fly off.

It seems that the Mavericks have slowed down the gang a bit. But now that they are out of the way, they have a set path to the next Dragon Ball. What else could impede their path to reviving Zero? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Dragon Blast - Page 4 Empty
PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast - Page 4 EmptyDecember 21st 2009, 4:43 pm

Dragon Blast Episode 75: The Fourth Dragon Ball Spotted

The gang is in the air conversing. They are passing mountainous terrain.

Kimarous: So guys, you know Brawl of the Best 2 is in a few weeks.
Chou: It is? I hope Baal can make it. He is the reigning champ.
Red: Baal? The reigning champ?
Kimarous: Yeah. Surprisingly, he was second in power to me at the time. Though he tricked me and won.
Kai: Looks like you should win this one, Chou.
Chou: Yeah. Maybe. Hey, Red, how close are we to the Dragon Ball?
Red: Hmm...not too far away now. Maybe about 10 minutes of flying.
Kimarous: Good. Then we're close.
Kai: I can't wait to get all 7.
Kimarous: Just don't forget that the last one we will need to get is in Syro's custody.
Chou: That should be the hardest one to get.
Red: Yeah.
Kai: Definitely.


Syro is seen playing with his Seven-star Dragon Ball (Not a sexual connotation). He has his feet relaxed on a desk and he's laughing.

Syro: They may have got away for now, but they can not escape me. I have this!

He pulls out a scouter ( http://www.tmnttoys.com/reviews/dbz/frieza/4721.jpg ) and sticks it on his head and presses the red button. A bunch of numbers pop up on the green screen. As the numbers go across the screen, Syro smiles a little more by each second.

Syro: Hahaha. I can pin point exactly where they are! Which gives me an idea. Twisted Evil

[Back to the heroes]

A few minutes have passed. Red is looking at the radar constantly to see how close they are.

Red: Not too long from now.
Chou: Good. We're going to need Zero to beat Syro. I'm sure he's much stronger than all of us.
Kai: I agree. Syro seemed even more powerful than Justin. And he was a handfull.
Kimarous: We got lucky beating him. If only Zygon would have killed Justin for us...
Chou: Zygon had a hard life, Kimarous. He lost his whole family and was a sand monster for two hundred years.
Kai: But why would that stop him from helping us?
Chou: He said he does not belong in this world and shouldn't get involved anymore. That's his choice.
Kai: I suppose.
Red: We're here. Down there.

They look down to see a sandy village. The Dragon Ball is not in sight but the reading on the radar is going off on a frequent beep.

Red: It's definitely in this city.
Kai: Let's get that Dragon Ball.
Chou: Right. Let's split up and find that ball.
Kimarous: Raise your power level when you find it.
Chou: Good idea. Let's move out!

They all split up into different sections of the village and dart into their respective areas.

[Chou's viewpoint]

Chou is going up and down alleys between buildings. He sees a figure that is cloaked in a brown cloak. He approaches him cautiously and taps him on the shoulder. The figure turns around.

Chou: Excuse me. Can you help me out?
???: (man's voice) Would you be looking for this?

The cloaked figure reaches into his cloak and pulls out the 6 star dragon ball.

Chou: What the...who are you?
???: It's impolite to ask such a thing.

The cloaked man raises his hands. Blue aura comes out of his hands and suddenly Chou is lifted off the ground and flung out into the middle of the village. Chou gets up and powers up to SSJ. The cloaked man comes out into the open and starts to laugh.

???: You changed your hair, eh? What will that do?
Chou: I'll kick your ass like this. Just you wait.
???: Come at me then. I can sense that you are no match for me.

Chou quickly rushes to the cloaked man but he raises his hands and brings out the blue aura. It stops Chou in his tracks and flings him backward. Chou quickly gets up and fires two energy blasts. Just before they hit the cloaked person, the blue aura makes them fling right back at Chou. He dodges his own blasts easily.

Chou: So, you can deflect whatever you want. But I bet you have to see your target to deflect it!

He quickly disappears. The cloaked person steps back as if in surprise. Suddenly Chou appears behind him but is in the air and gets flung by the aura again.

Chou: What the hell? So this guy has an aura that is almost like a forcefield?
???: I told you that you were no match.
Chou: Stop hiding behind that forcefield and fight me.
???: I'm much stronger without it. If you can't get by this, you won't beat me.

Out of nowhere, Kai gets real close to the cloaked man but gets deflected after going in for a kick.

Kai: What the...
Chou: He has a forcefield that I can't even get past.
Kai: Why are you fighting this guy?
Chou: He has the 6 star Dragon Ball and won't give it up.
???: You will never get it.
Voice: ZORON!!!!

All of the sudden, a slash appears in front of the cloaked person and the blue aura breaks. The head of the cloak also tears off, revealing a young man with green hair.

Chou: The aura, it broke.
Kai: He looks like...
Voice: Me.

Kai looks next to him and there stands Zygon. He has his sword out and pointing to the green haired man.

Zygon: I found you, Zoron. *Click here*

Zygon has appeared and found Zoron again. The battle between them is coming up and you don't want to miss it. Don't forget that Zoron has the fourth Dragon Ball. Who will win the Dragon Ball? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!

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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Blast   Dragon Blast - Page 4 EmptyDecember 25th 2009, 12:59 am

Dragon Blast Episode 76: Zygon vs Zoron

Last time on Dragon Blast

Voice: ZORON!!!!

All of the sudden, a slash appears in front of the cloaked person and the blue aura breaks. The head of the cloak also tears off, revealing a young man with green hair.

Chou: The aura, it broke.
Kai: He looks like...
Voice: Me.

Kai looks next to him and there stands Zygon. He has his sword out and pointing to the green haired man.

Zygon: I found you, Zoron. *Click here*

Looks like Zygon has found his son, Zoron, again. This town is not big enough for the two of them, so only one will emerge victorious.

Zoron: Zygon. I'm surprised to see you.
Zygon: I was on your tail for a few days now. It was a mistake to come out in the open like that.
Zoron: I see. Looks like I'm going to have to kill my own father here.
Chou: F Father?
Zygon: This is the guy, Chou. The one that turned me into the sand monster.
Chou: Your own son?
Zygon: You bet. He's not my son anymore though. He took my wife and my other son from me. He also took me for a time. He pretended to hang himself with a cheap clone trick and then got me to become his protector and said he would erase my memory. He lied about everything and I was forced to suffer until you saved me, Chou. Zoron, YOU WILL PAY!!!!!!!!!!!! *theme stops*

Zygon quickly disappears and in an instant he is behind Zoron. Another slash appears and breaks the blue aura again. He turns around and punches Zoron in the back which sends him flying. He flies by Kai and hits a nearby building. Zoron gets up after a few seconds. Then he starts laughing.

Zoron: You really think it's that simple? What about the way you alienated me? You treated Ziron a lot better than me. So did my mother.
Zygon: You know that isn't true. Your mother may have, but I never had a favorite. I didn't show Ziron how to fight like I did you. I showed Ziron other things.
Zoron: Better things.
Zygon: Bull shit! Fighting was and is my best art.
Zoron: Let's see how well you taught me, then.

Zoron raises his hands and his blue aura returns and returns even larger than before. He starts to yell as his aura increases dramatically. He then puts his hands to his sides and starts to power up just like a Saiyan would.

Chou: Wow. His power level is increasing.
Kai: It's huge.
Chou: It's...bigger than mine.

Just then Kimarous and Red land next to Chou and Kai.

Kimarous: What is this power?
Red: It's rising rapidly.

Zoron's aura explodes and darkness covers the entire village abruptly. Zoron slowly ascends into the air. *Click here*

Zygon: So be it.

Zygon also ascends into the air. The gang flies up and away from the two and watch from a distance. Zygon yells and makes a quick burst of energy come out. He then readies his sword. In an instant, Zoron flies right toward Zygon. Zygon takes his sword and holds it in a defensive stance. Zoron then disappears. Zygon starts to look to the left and to the right slightly before slashing to his right. A slash mark appears in mid air where he slashed and Zoron appears at the spot. He flies back from the impact. After a few seconds, Zoron spreads his arms out wide and stops his progress. He grits his teeth and flies again to Zygon. He stops midway and places his arms in front of him. 6 dark blue bubbles come out of his hands and start to go to Zygon.

Zygon: What kind of magic is this?
Zoron: I've learned a lot of stuff while you were a sand monster. I learned things far beyond your reach.
Zygon: You sold yourself to magic. I can see it has already taken you.

Before he says anything else, the bubbles have surrounded Zygon. Zoron closes his hands and the bubbles go after Zygon at separate times. Zygon goes to slash one of them but the it somehow dodges Zygon's slash.

Zygon: What the...
Zoron: These bubbles are sensitive to any kind of contact unless they make it themselves on their target.
Zygon: So they will dodge nomatter how fast.

The bubbles start to go after Zygon. He dodges them with ease as they keep going after him. He flies in such a way to make them hit each other, but the bubbles evade each other.

Zoron: Did I mention that they will never hit each other?
Zygon: Damn. Oh well, I guess you leave me no choice.

The bubbles all go after Zygon again. Zygon disappears, however. Zoron looks surprised and then sees his father right in front of him. He quickly punches Zoron in the face, sending him back far away.

Zygon: Now let's see if those bubbles stop going after me.

The bubbles do not stop going after him. They continue as they originally did before Zygon's punch. Zygon keeps on dodging and starts to fly away from the bubbles. As he starts to fly away, Zygon looks back after sensing a yellow ki blast coming right toward him. He easily dodges but looks forward to see that Zoron has warped in front of him. Zoron grabs Zygon while off guard and punches him in the stomach. Zygon looks into his eyes and his face becomes filled with disgust.

Zygon: Your eyes aren't even the same color as they were. I can see that you are an empty shell now. I will free you from your internal battle.
Zoron: Now you care about my so called problems?
Zygon: I always did. You failed to see it.
Zoron: Bah!

Zoron throws Zygon right into the incoming bubbles and a huge explosion occurs. *theme stops* Zoron covers his face with his arm as dust overtakes him.

Chou: Zygon...
Kai: He's not dead.
Kimarous: Yeah, I can still sense his energy.
Red: He is stronger than Zoron. I think he is holding back, though.

Just then, Zoron is thrown out of the dust and is sent to the ground. In the middle of the dust cloud, Zygon emerges as he creates wind that starts to blow all the dust away (With his sword now sheathed). Within a matter of seconds, the entire dust cloud is scattered. Zoron busts out of the ground and heads right to Zygon and they start to go fist for fist. Zoron breaks it by moving forward and punching. Zygon side steps, but Zoron places his hands right to Zygon's face and shoots a dark aura blast. Zygon is pushed back a few meters and then charges to Zoron. Zoron does the same. Both fists meet and a shockwave occurs that pushes the gang back far.

Chou: Woah.
Kai: What power. Both of these guys are a lot stronger than Justin. I've never seen a fight between such powerful people before.

After the fist clash, the two green haired warriors separate.

Zygon: When this is all over, I hope we can all be a family together in the other world.
Zoron: You will see Ziron soon, don't worry. But you can leave me out.
Zygon: I don't intend to die just yet.
Zoron: How can you tell the outcome of this battle so soon? You haven't done a lot of damage to me yet.
Zygon: Because, I've been using 20 percent of my power this whole time. If I push it up any more, you will be no challenge.
Zoron: Ha! Nice trick. I don't think you are able of going that high.

Zoron disappears and then Zygon does also. They re-appear, clash fists, then disappear again. This goes on for about a minute and then the chain is broken by Zygon punching Zoron in the face.

Zoron: Cmon, old man. Raise your power.
Zygon: You don't want me to.
Zoron: But I do. I will beat you at your best.
Zygon: *sigh* Fine then. I will go up to 25 percent.

Zygon yells for a second and a burst of gold aura appears around him.

Zygon: There. You will be no match for me now.
Zoron: We'll see.

Zoron charges at Zygon and tries to punch him. Zygon moves his head slightly and dodges the punch. Zoron looks a bit surprised and starts to rapidly punch. Zygon keeps dodging every single punch Zoron makes and then punches Zoron in the gut. Blood comes out of Zoron's mouth as he hunches over. Zygon kicks him away and he goes flying out of sight.

Kai: Wow. I don't believe how much power he gained with only 5 percent.

Zygon puts his left hand up and Zoron appears there and punches to have it blocked by Zygon's hand.

Zoron: What?! How did you...
Zygon: Your moves are like slow motion to me now. There is no challenge in this anymore.
Zoron: This is impossible. Why don't I have this power?!
Zygon: ...You didn't ask nicely.

Zygon punches Zoron in the gut again and again and again. He then takes his sword from his sheath and then slices him ten times in an instant. Zoron falls to the ground slowly. Zygon lands shortly after Zoron hits.

Zygon: I'm afraid this is it.
Zoron: Ugh. I don't...this magic...it still couldn't win.
Zygon: You chose a long line of wrong choices, Zoron. I knew that you were practicing dark magic when you said you just wanted to be alone. I never should have let you take that path. You didn't accept my training and looked for your training in the dark arts. My way would have been stronger, but you were different. You were very independent minded and I let you fall into horrible things. I'm sorry it had to be this way.

Zoron: ...Dad
Zygon: Son...goodbye.

Zygon places his hand in front of Zoron and looks away as he shoots a blast that completely overtakes Zoron and destroys him. As the blast ends, tears start to run down Zygon's face as he gets on his knees.

Chou: Zygon...
Kai: That must be hard for him.
Kimarous: We should wait for him to come to us.
Red: Yeah.

The gang lands on the ground. A little time passes and Zygon walks up to them with a smile on his face.

Zygon: Are you guys alright?
Chou: We're fine. Are you ok?
Zygon: Yes. My tears were not of sorrow, but of joy. I have freed my son.
Kai: You think he'll be back to normal in the other world?
Zygon: That is my belief. Your friend is over there, isn't he?
Kimarous: Yes. I guess he can tell us if he's alright over there.
Zygon: That would be appreciated. For now I'll stick with you guys till I get the answer.
Red: Hey, there's the Dragon Ball over there.

Red walks over to the fourth Dragon Ball that lays on the ground. He picks it up and shows it to Chou.

Chou: Good eye. Now we have four of seven Dragon Balls.
Kai: Awesome. Only two more and then it's time to fight Syro again.
Kimarous: That will be the hardest to get. I think.

All of the sudden it starts to snow. The gang and Zygon looks up in surprise. They then start to head back to the town.

Zygon has released Zoron from his evil ways and sent him to the other world. But only three Dragon Balls remain. The search continues, next time on Dragon Blast!!!

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Dragon Blast Episode 77: Off for the Next Dragon Ball

The gang along with Zygon have now reached the town again. They are in a bar, sitting down together at a table. Kai and Chou have beer while Red has hot sauce, and Kimarous has chocolate milk. Zygon has water.

Kai: So what kind of bar sells milk?
Kimarous: Hey, it's chocolate.
Chou: Water, Zygon?
Zygon: I never aquired the taste to anything else, really. So, what's up with the hot sauce, new guy?
Red: My name is Red and I like hot sauce.
Zygon: Are you some kind of pyromaniac?
Red: I'm a Saiyan, but some of my genes got scrambled up. I have fire manipulation.
Zygon: I see.
Chou: So, Zygon. Tell us your story.
Kai: Yeah.
Zygon: Alright then.


Zygon: Back then I was considered the most powerful fighter in the world.

Zygon is seen slashing multiple fighters at once and then sheaths his sword after they all fall to the ground and die.

Zygon: I got my wife and kids not long after I gained that title. I thought that I had it all.
Chou: But Zoron...he ruined that. Didn't he?
Zygon: Yes. I started to train him when he was young. My other son, Ziron, I didn't really train because my wife wanted him to be more scholarly.

Zygon is now seen with a very young Zoron. Zoron has a white T shirt and black sweatpants. He is holding a sword, slashing at Zygon.

FB Zygon: Keep that up, Zoron. You're doing good.
FB Zoron: I'm gonna be a strong fighter like you one day!

Zygon: A few years later, he wasn't satisfied with the training I was giving him. So he quit. He started to practice magic.

FB Zygon: Listen, Zoron. If you want to be strong, you should train with me. The older you get, the better I train you.
FB Zoron: No, daddy. I don't want to play your stupid games.

[End Flashback]

Zygon: That's when it happened. Only two years later, Zoron destroyed my life.
Chou: ...
Kai: ...
Zygon: He only wanted to be strong like me. But he didn't have the patience to wait for it.
Kimarous: That is quite a story.
Voice: Hey, guys.
Red: *gets out of his chair quickly* What the...
Chou: Zero?
Zero's voice: Hey, Chou. Listen, go outside so I can talk to you guys in private.

They all go to the door, but Red stays back. He drops to the floor and curls up almost in a ball.

Kimarous: What's wrong with you?
Red: Hate...snow. I'll be in here. Tell Zero I said hi.
Zero's Voice: I can hear you fine. Can't wait to meet you, Red.

The gang minus Red and Zygon go outside in the snow. No one is around.

Zero's Voice: Good job. Now you wanted to know about that Zoron guy right?
Zygon: Yeah.
Zero's Voice: Well I just met the guy. He's pretty nice, actually. No! You can't have my steak!
Zygon: That means he has been purified by the other world. Thank you, Zero.
Zero's Voice: No problem. Now I gotta go. King Kai's monkey is trying to steal my steak. YOU BASTARD!! *voice fades away*

Chou: Alright. Looks like Zoron is safe again.
Kai: I have a good idea. We have two wishes right? Why don't we wish back Zero and Zoron?
Kimarous: That's a good idea.
Zygon: You'd do that for me?
Kimarous: Ah shit, guys. What about Baal?
Kai: Oh...we forgot to ask about Baal!
Chou: Agh. Ah well, we'll find out eventually. Let's just go get that next ball.

They all go inside while Red is still in his curled up state. As they come in, he un-curls and gets up.

Red: So, it's time for the next Dragon Ball?
Chou: Yes. Let's see the radar.

Red pulls out the radar and shows it to Chou. Two beeping points appear on the screen.

Chou: Great. Two more pretty close.
Kai: Let's do this.
Zygon: I will see you later.
Kimarous: What will you do now?
Zygon: Travel around. See some places. Do some things. You know.
Red: No.
Chou: Alright then, Zygon. Bye.

The gang flies off while Zygon watches them fade away into the sky.

Zygon: Those guys really are something.

Zygon has told some of his past and has found out that Zoron is ok. The next two Dragon Balls are on the radar and it's time to go get them. Will they succeed in their journey? Will Bubbles, King Kai's monkey, steal Zero steak? Find out next time on Dra...Well maybe not the monkey part but Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 78: Double Dragon Ball Gambit

The gang is flying, directed by the radar.

Kai: Are we almost there?
Red: Yeah. Getting close.
Kimarous: Only two more.
Chou: Stay strong, team. We'll have Zero back in no time.

As they fly off, the radar begins beeping again.

Red: The signal is getting stronger. Let's land down there *Points*.
Chou: Alright. Let's do it.

They all quickly land. This area is rocky but there aren't any cliffs. Red looks slightly surprised.

Red: Uh, guys...
Kai: What is it?
Red: I'm seeing two Dragon Balls next to each other now.
Kimarous: What? That means someone must have found the other one.
Chou: Could it be Syro?
Kai: Keep your guard up. I'm not sensing anything.

The four of them follow the signal. Soon, the signal begins moving towards them.

Red: Get ready.

Just then, a figure appears and is revealed to be X.

Kai: Not him!
X: Hello, Saiyans. It seems you've lied to me.
Kimarous: ...
X: So that wasn't Zero.
Chou: HELLO?! That is what we were telling you before, you idiot!
X: No matter. I disposed of that imposter. Now it's time I killed all you!

Chou and Kai assend into SSJ and charge first towards X. He evades an incoming punch from Chou and blocks a punch from Kai. X uppercuts Kai upwards and follows up with a punch that makes him fly further up. Just then, Kimarous (Who is in Mega Saiyan form) goes for a kick. X blocks the kick but gets hit from behind as Chou punches him. Kimarous gets out of the way as X is sent back towards Red. Red concentrates energy and then engulfs X in flame. After a few seconds, X bursts out and punches Red away. Chou goes for another punch but X disappears. He reappears in front of Kimarous and blows him away with a kick to his face.

X: Weakling Saiyans.
Chou: Damn you.

Just then, X flies straight up and timingly kicks downwards as Kai falls right into it and gets kicked right into the ground. X stays hovering as Red comes back and rejoins Chou. Kimarous also comes back.

X: You are all going to die, and then I will find Zero and kill him as well.

Chou nods his head towards Kimarous and Red. At the same time, the three of them shoot large blasts towards X. X disappears and reappears in front of Chou. Expecting this, Chou punches X right in the gut. This pushes him back a bit. Chou follows up and dashes towards him. X blocks an incoming punch and punches him away. Suddenly, Kai appears in front of X and attempts a kick. X simply grabs his foot. Kai then blasts X in the face, which puts scratches on him. X punches Kai in the face three times and then puts energy into a punch that sends Kai way out of sight.

Kimarous: Kai!

Kimarous starts to rapidly punch and kick at X. X is able to dodge all the hits, but gets a flaming arrow in his back. X quickly pulls it out and begins dodging Kimarous again. X disappears and reappears behind Kimarous as an arrow nearly hits him. The arrow in X's hand, he jabs right into Kimarous' back and then energy punches him out of sight.

Red: Damn!
X: Your turn.

Red's aura begins burning bright as he starts powering up. X dashes towards him, but Red releases what looks like a fire hookshot. This grabs X by the chest and yanks him toward Red. Red then creates a fire sword and stabs X through the chest. X hunches over in pain and coughs up blood. Suddenly, he begins yelling and the sword and hookshot shatter from his body. X now has a hole in his stomach and blood from his mouth. In anger, X grits his teeth as a black aura surrounds his entire body. Red shoots a flame blast at X, but he punches right through it and in an instant, smashes Red in the face with his knee. Red flies back and X chases and kicks Red in the stomach, kicking him straight down into the ground. He then goes for another punch but he receives a kick to his side which makes him tumble over. X recovers quickly to see that it is Chou who attacked him.

Chou: I'm not quite done with you yet.
X: So you're the first to die out of the group. Good.
Chou: You obviously don't know how strong I really am.
X: (Touching his scouter) You obviously don't know what this is.
Chou: A scouter? How's that going to help you see my true power?
X: I see your point. Fine then. Let's see how strong you are.

Chou concentrates his energy and then his aura explodes. X's scouter begins going wild and it breaks from the process.

X: What the...
Chou: Now witness the true power of a Super Saiyan!

Chou immediately disappears. X focuses on his surroundings. He looks to his left and puts his guard up quickly to block a kick from Chou. Chou pushes back X from the impact and disappears again. X disappears as well. They both reappear and clash fists. A shockwave of energy ripples around as they back up off each other. Both of them dash at each other and begin going fist for fist. Chou breaks it by punching X in the face and kicking him to the ground. He shoots a blast, but X recovers quick enough to dodge it. X quickly launches himself into the air and kicks Chou in the stomach. Chou retaliates with a punch to X's face. X retaliates and puts energy into a punch to Chou's stomach, which makes Chou hunch over in pain. X goes for another punch, but Chou disappears. X disappears also. We see them reappear and disappear again. They keep up this up until Chou punches X downwards. X lands on his feet and Chou also lands on the ground.

Chou: How do you like that?
X: I do say. You increased your power significantly. You provided an excellent warm up.
Chou: Warm up?
X: Hahaha. Yes, a warm up. You think you're the first strong Super Saiyan to face me?
Chou: ....

X grits his teeth again and the black aura surrounds his body again. X yells out and his aura explodes. Chou starts getting pushed back.

Chou: What power!

During his power up, the wound X received from Red is healed by the black aura. As he stops powering up, he wipes the blood from his mouth off.

X: Now it's my turn!

X rushes to Chou so quickly that Chou can not react in time. He punches Chou in the gut which blows him back far. Chou stops himself in mid air and charges back for X. When he reaches, he begins rapidly punching and kicking but he can not hit X. X dodges every single punch and kick. X breaks the routine by kneeing Chou in the face which knocks him off his feet. Chou hits the ground and holds his face in pain.

X: Get up!
Chou: ...Go to hell!

To be continued.
Looks like the gang is having trouble fighting X. Can Chou defeat X? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!

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Episode 79: Double Dragon Ball Gambit Part 2

We last left off with Chou on the ground holding his face in pain.

X: Get up!
Chou: ...Go to hell!

As Chou gets up, X rushes and punches Chou in the face, sending him further back. Chou is reluctant to get up, but does. He stands still as X walks towards him.

X: See, now this is no fun. Where's your strength now?
Chou: *pant* Just you wait.

Chou quickly dashes towards X. He goes for a punch, but X easily dodges. X punches Chou in the gut extremely hard which makes Chou hunch over in the air, coughing up blood. X energy punches Chou in the face which sends him sliding across the ground. Chou starts laughing as he coughs up more blood.

X: What's so funny?
Chou: You...dug your own...grave.
X: How?!
Chou: You'll see. *Cough*

Chou reaches into his pocket and pulls out a senzu bean. X looks a bit confused as Chou eats it.

X: Is that what I think it is? Wait, no!

X quickly charges for Chou, who gets up quickly and powers up. X stops for a second to see Chou's wounds heal gradually. Chou powers up even more.

X: I see. You wanted me to pound you to a pulp so you could increase your power significantly.
Chou: It worked too. There's no way you will beat me now.
X: Let's test your new strength then.

X and Chou charge for each other. They collide fists and Chou disappears afterwards. X ducks as Chou comes into view and does a kick for his head. X turns around and uppercuts Chou in the stomach which sends him up in the air. X disappears. Chou stops himself in mid air and waits. He shoots a blast above him, which hits the appearing X. X is blown back but then rushes back for Chou. Chou shoots another blast at X. X puts energy into both fists and puts his hands in front of him. Chou's blast is then reflected and sent right back to him. Chou dodges it and it hits the ground. The blast explodes the entire area around the two of them. When the light and dust clear, the entire area is devastated.

Chou: Damn it.
X: I wonder if your friend survived that blast.
Chou: Red! Shit!
X: You'd better worry about fighting me instead.
Chou: He's right. Man, he's tough. He's used to Saiyans, so I'm sure he has plenty of counter techniques like the one he just used on me.

X rushes straight downwards towards Chou. Chou evades an incoming kick and uses both hands to blast X away. X recovers himself and disappears. Chou disappears as well. Signs of clashes are seen across the air as barely anything is seen. Finally the two of them appear as X punches Chou in the face which sends him back. X chases him and smashes him downwards towards the ground. Chou flips and lands on his feet and shoots a big blast at X. X puts energy into his right hand. He punches into the blast and it surrounds his hand as he rushes down right for Chou.

Chou: Oh shit!

Chou flies up in the air and away from the ground as X barely misses the punch. As he begins to give chase, Chou shoots a quick energy ball towards X's hand and explodes the blast in mid air. The entire area explodes again as light covers everything. When everything is visible again, Chou and X are unharmed, facing each other in the air.

Chou: You're certainly stronger than I thought.
X: That bean gave you a good boost, but not enough to defeat me.

X powers up a bit as a bit more dark aura surrounds him.

X: It's time I finish you!
Chou: Dream on or get real you shit.

X dashes quickly to Chou and punches. Chou side steps and punches X in the stomach. X retaliates with an energy punch to Chou's face and then he smashes Chou downwards. As Chou falls fast, X appears following him and energy smashes him down even faster. Chou goes through the ground deep. X lands, looking around.

X: So you're back.

Just then, Kimarous and Kai appear next to each other.

Kai: What the hell happened here?
Kimarous: A big battle. That's for sure.
X: Your friend just took a big beating. What makes you think you'll stand a chance?
Kai: Chou must have lost. We're in trouble.
Kimarous: We have to try.

At that moment, Chou bursts out of the ground with an unconscious Red on his shoulder. He places Red down on the ground.

Chou: I'm not down yet.
X: So I see. That changes nothing.
Chou: *Grunt* Man, he keeps putting out more power. I'm sure that isn't his full power either. How can we beat him?
X: You don't stand a hell of a chance against me!!!! Hahaha! ...What?

At his saying "What?" a big bright bolt of light appears out of nowhere and stops in front of X. As the light fades, the figure becomes clear.

Kai: Baal!

Baal is seen in his Super Saiyan state with a stern look towards X. He turns to Kai.

Baal: Hello, Kai.
X: No! I killed you back at the falls!
Baal: Almost killed me I think you mean. And that will be your undoing.
X: Impossible. How could I have been careless? It's no matter, you're finished now.
Baal: *Click Here* *Smiles* Like hell I am. You cocky bastard.

*skip to 30 seconds of the theme* Baal puts his fists to his side and tilts his head slightly downwards. His face becomes very serious and he yells out. He begins powering up and continues. His hair begins to change as it starts to get even spikier than before. Electricity surrounds Baal as he keeps powering up. He then lets out a huge yell as his aura explodes, which pushes everyone back. After he calms down, we see his hair has become spikier, his aura has become thicker gold and he is more muscular. Electricity surrounds his aura.

X: What is this?!
Baal: *Smiles* Well it seems you haven't seen this yet. A Super Saiyan 2!
Chou: No way. He has ascended into the next level.
Kai: Awesome.
X: How could you get that upgrade? You're just a weak Saiyan!
Baal: I was. But now you're the weak one here. I'm going to kick your ass now.
X: Agh! *Theme stops*

X quickly goes to punch Baal, but Baal grabs his hand. Baal then punches X hard in the face which sends him flying back to the ground. X gets up angry. Baal simply keeps his cocky smile up. X grits his teeth and powers up, making his dark aura increase significantly.

X: This is my full power! You will not win!
Baal: I disagree, my angry friend.

X angrily charges for Baal. Baal avoids a couple punches but gets punched in the face. Baal retaliates quickly with a punch to X's stomach. He then kicks X away. X recovers quickly and charges again. Baal disappears when X punches. X also disappears. X is seen again after a second from getting hit in the air. X quickly is hit again, but Baal is still not seen. X recovers but gets smashed downwards by Baal, who now comes into view. X recovers again and lands on his feet. His fists both become empowered with Ki. He rushes back up into the air. He collides fists with Baal and they both recoil. X energy punches Baal in the stomach and then in the face which sends Baal back a bit. X goes for another one but gets kicked in the face by Baal. Baal then gives X a hard punch to the gut which makes him fall slowly.

Baal: Ready for my new move? Back up everyone!

Everyone gets out of the way as Baal directed. Baal begins charging up Ki in his left hand.


Baal punches forward with his charged fist and out of nowhere countless large beam drills form and are sent in X's direction. One in particular hits X in the chest and drills him all the way into the ground. It now keeps X against the ground with blood everywhere and X in massive pain. All the other drills disappear after sticking in the ground frivolously. Baal descends down near him.

Baal: That's game.
X: Agh. You got me.
Baal: What do you want with Zero?
X: I was instructed by my master to seek and destroy him. Agh.
Baal: Your master?
X: I am the sole survivor of my Saiyan killing group. They were killed by one man.
Baal: Was that Zero?
X: No. I do not know who it was though.

X powers up enough to make the drill disappear. He is barely able to stand. The rest of the group joins.

X: I'll find Zero one day and defeat him. Just you wait.

X flies away slowly. Chou steps forward but Baal stops him.

Baal: Let him go. He's pathetic now compared to us.
Chou: Alright. Hey, look.

At Chou's feet is X's two Dragon Balls. He picks them both up.

Kai: Awesome. Only one more to go!
Chou: Hell yeah.
Kimarous: We'll have Zero back in no time.
Baal: Sweet. So you guys got more while I was gone.
Chou: Speaking of that. What the hell happened with you two?
Baal: It's a long story. Well, it goes like this...

In a streak of luck, Baal arrived on the scene just in time as a Super Saiyan 2. He has defeated X and they have collected two more Dragon Balls. Baal is now going to explain his story of how he transformed next. What else awaits our heroes? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 80: The Last Dragon Ball is Near!

Chou: Speaking of that. What the hell happened with you two?
Baal: It's a long story. Well, it goes like this...

[Flashback - Days Ago at the crater]

Down inside the crater, Baal is breathing heavy and bleeding in the air. X is unharmed. Baal reverts from SSJ to his base form and begins falling. X closes in on him and energy punches him extremely hard. The impact sends Baal into the side of the crater and through it.

X: He's dead. He must be.

Suddenly an enormous Ki blast comes out from the crater right to X. X simply knocks it back at him and it explodes. X promptly leaves.

Narrator Baal: To him, there was no way I could have survived that. He was almost right.

We now see Baal lying down with his clothes torn. He is bloody all over and barely clinging to life (He is in SSJ form though now). Suddenly he hears a voice.

Voice: Is that it, Baal?
Baal: You....Ze...ro.
Zero's Voice: You're too weak. I guess I can't depend on you. I'll see you soon.
Baal: You...bastard.
Zero's Voice: Don't even start with me. You'll never be as good as the others.
Baal: No...! Urrrrg.

Baal stands on his feet. He can see the silhouette of Zero. All of the sudden, he becomes very angry and yells out. His aura explodes as he transforms.

[End Flashback]

Chou: So you heard him talk to you?
Baal: I did. In the end, it's what saved me.

Baal reverts from SSJ2 to his normal form. Everyone else follows suit.

Kai: You can formally thank him once we get him back.
Kimarous: With your help, we have a chance against Syro now.
Baal: What?
Kimarous: Oh, long story.

Just then, Red wakes up.

Red: Ow, my head. *Looks up* Baal, what are you doing here?
Baal: Saving your ass, that's what.
Red: Oh, thanks for that. Where's that other guy?
Chou: We won, thanks to Baal.
Red: Sweet. So how many Dragon Balls do we have?
Kai: Six. We need one more.

Kai helps Red up. They take a look at the radar.

Chou: Seems the last ball is near us.
Kai: I wonder how the radar isn't totally wrecked.
Kimarous: ...Hmm.
Baal: I have no idea either.
Red: How should I know?
Chou: Anyway, Syro's ball isn't far. We should go take it from him after we heal.

Later that day, the five of them have just ate at a restaurant. They now fly up into the air.

Chou: Ok. We need to find Syro and take his Dragon Ball. Where to find him?
Red: He isn't far. He's moving just outside the town we're in.
Kai: Let's do this.

The five of them head outside of the town they were just in. The radar shows them getting closer and closer. All of the sudden, they see Syro standing below them. They are at grassy terrain. They fly down near him.

Syro: Indeed, you spotted me.
Chou: Hand over your Dragon Ball.
Syro: What makes you think I have it?
Kai: Just a hunch.
Syro: Don't you remember what I told you when I first met you?
Baal: Yes, we do.
Syro: You did not heed my word, and for that you will all die.

Syro turns towards them and powers up in an instant. He transforms into SSJ. Chou looks at everyone and nods. Everyone (except Red) also transforms (Baal to SSJ). Baal and Chou step forward.

Chou: He's not going full power, so try not to exhaust too much power.
Baal: Alright.
Syro: You two are first? Let's go.

In an instant, the three of them dash towards each other in a burst of energy.

The battle is on for the final Dragon Ball. The winner takes all. Who will be the victor? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 81: Syro Fights for the Dragon Balls. Winner Takes All

Chou: He's not going full power, so try not to exhaust too much power.
Baal: Alright.
Syro: You two are first? Let's go.

In an instant, the three of them dash towards each other in a burst of energy. As Syro readies himself for their attack, Baal dashes to his right and Chou to his left. Syro braces himself as they attack him from both sides. Baal goes for a kick but Syro ducks under. Chou uppercuts Syro after his duck. Syro then extends his hands out to both of them and releases energy which sends them both back. Baal and Chou both land on their feet and charge again. Syro barely hovers above ground and flies backwards and the two give chase. Syro suddenly bursts forward and punches Baal away. Chou rapidly punches at Syro but misses each time. Syro then punches Chou in the face and then knee strikes him to the ground.

Syro: Weaklings.
Baal: That's it, you're dead.

Baal charges back towards Syro and they go fist for fist. After a half minute of fist for fist, Baal breaks it by dodging a punch and he punches Syro in the face. Syro retaliates with a punch but Baal dodges it. Suddenly, Chou races forth and knocks Syro back and off his feet to the ground.

Chou: Are you alright, Baal?
Baal: I'm fine.
Syro: You guys are so dead!
Chou: Not a chance.

Syro yells out and powers up. He transforms into a Super Saiyan 2.

Chou: Oh...shit.
Baal: Looks like I have to take it from here.
Chou: Get him.
Baal: I will.

Baal also transforms into a Super Saiyan 2. Syro seems a bit surprised.

Syro: So you can transform that far as well.
Baal: You bet.

Baal charges at Syro and throws a punch. Syro blocks the punch and goes for a punch of his own. Baal blocks the punch and uppercuts Syro in the face. This sends Syro upwards. Baal then dashes into the air and punches again. Syro quickly regains himself and the two of them go fist for fist in the air. After a couple seconds of that, Syro knocks Baal out of the air towards the ground. Baal charges again for Syro and shoots a blast with one hand. Syro reflects it back at him and Baal reflects it to the side. They meet again and clash fists. Baal goes to punch but Syro dodges and kicks Baal in the stomach. Baal recoils and shoots two blasts to Syro. Syro dodges both and then punches for Baal. Baal grabs Syro's hand and kicks him in the face. Baal then punches Syro twice in the stomach and then once in the face. This sends Syro back a bit.

Syro: Not bad, but you're still in the early stages of your transformation.
Baal: I'm still kicking your ass, so don't get so cocky.

Baal rushes forth and punches. Syro grabs Baal's fist and punches Baal hard in the face. Baal retreats and feels his face.

Baal: What? No, you raised your power.
Syro: You're naive to think that was all the power I had.

Syro disappears out of nowhere. Baal concentrates while looking around. Finally, he ducks to avoid a kick from Syro. Syro then follows up by smashing Baal over the head with his two fists clenched together. Baal flies towards the ground, but Syro chases and gets under him. Syro punches Baal straight up into the air. Baal stops himself and charges up with his right hand.

Syro: Try anything you want, it won't work.

After Baal charges up enough, he yells out.


Baal launched forward his drill assault. Syro begins charging something with his left hand.

Syro: Rocket Beam!

Syro shoots a red Ki blast that pierces through the drills that it comes in contact with. It hits Baal and explodes upon contact. All the drils in the air disappear as Baal falls from the sky. He reverts to normal form as he hits the ground.

Syro: Hahahaha.
Chou: Shit. This is not good.
Kai: What do we do?
Kimarous: Run!
Syro: Oh no you don't. Bullet Canon!

Syro puts his two fists together and charges up Ki for a second. As the group turns from Syro, he punches his fists forward and thousands of small Ki bullets launch toward them, piercing through all of them. They are all knocked unconscious except for Red, who has managed to dodge most of them by getting in the air quick enough. Syro quickly appears in front of Red and smashes him down with his fists, knocking him out. Everything goes black.

Some time later, everyone wakes around the same time.

Kimarous: We're...not dead?
Chou: That shot wasn't meant to kill us. Just temporarily put us out of commision.
Kai: Why the heck would he want to...the Dragon Balls!
Chou: They're gone!
Red: No way. That scumbag took them!
Baal: Damn it!
Chou: Well, team, mission failed. We lost them to someone else. Who knows what wish he will make.

The worst case scenario has happened to them. The Dragon Balls have been stolen! Syro now has all seven. How will they go on now? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 82: Rematch With Syro

Two months have passed since we last saw the gang. They are all outside Chou's house minus Red.

Chou: Alright. I think it's time.
Kai: We've gotten a lot stronger between then and now.
Kimarous: It's time for a little payback.
Baal: That bastard. We'll find him yet.
Chou: I can sense Red coming. Get ready.

Not long after, Red makes it to Chou's house on a cloud of fire.

Red: You guys ready?
Kai: Yeah, let's go.
Chou: Right.

The five of them take off in the air.

Chou: So what did Uncle Tyran say?
Red: Dad said that Syro is somewhere north from our spot.
Kai: His sensing powers are amazing. We have to trust him.
Red: So why didn't we bring him along? You know he'd kick Syro's ass.
Chou: Sorry, Red. This one is personal.
Kimarous: I agree.
Baal: Definitely.

All of the sudden, all five of them stop.

Chou: Looks like we all felt that one.
Kai: Two power levels?
Red: I don't like this.
Kimarous: Who could be with Syro?
Baal: I don't know, but it's strong. I'll kick his ass anyway.
Kimarous: Shit! They're coming this way.
Chou: Everyone, get ready.

They all descend to the ground and wait. In due time, two figures are seen flying towards them. When they finally reach the gang, they are very surprised to see the second person after Syro. It is none other than Justin.

Chou and Kai: Justin?!!!
Justin: We meet again, Saiyans.
Syro: So you do know them.
Justin: Thanks to one of them, you had to waste your wish on my resurrection.
Kimarous: So that's what you wished for.
Syro: It's no big deal. With no one to challenge us, a year of waiting is nothing.
Baal: That's what you think, asshole!
Chou: Actually, there are stronger beings out there than he realizes. Zygon is one of them. But these two could become very powerful if they're not dealt with quickly.

The gang looks around at each other and ascend. Baal goes SSJ2, Kai and Chou SSJ and Kimarous Mega Saiyan. Red powers up.

Justin: So it looks like you all got better since our last encounter.
Syro: They're still no match for either of us.
Justin: Let's show them.

Justin ascends to Great Saiyan and Syro goes SSJ2.

Chou: Baal, Kimarous and Red. Will you be alright going against Syro?
Baal: Yeah. We'll kill him for sure.
Kimarous: I'll try my best.
Red: Do I have to? Aww man.
Kai: So then you and me, Chou.
Chou: It's time for our rematch with Justin.

Justin charges in first. He dashes towards the group. All five of them charge and quickly blast for Justin. Justin dodges and goes to punch Kai. Kai is able to barely dodge it and Chou kicks Justin away. The two of them follow and face off against Justin.

Syro: So then you three against me.
Baal: Let's kick ass.

Baal charges for Syro. They clash fists and then go fist for fist. They suddenly stop as Baal grabs Syro's hands. Red and Kimarous then appear on both sides of him. Red stabs Syro with a fire sword and Kimarous uses an energy punch to Syro's side. Syro releases an energy wave from his body that blows the three away. Syro holds his sides in slight pain. The three charge back at him. Syro dodges an attack from Red and punches Kimarous in the gut. Baal then goes for a punch but it is sidestepped by Syro. He then kicks Baal away. Red slices twice with a fire sword, but both are dodged by Syro. Syro creates an encompassing blast over Red and blasts him with it.

Kimarous: Red, no!

Meanwhile, Kai and Chou are staring down Justin. They both suddenly charge forward at him. Justin blocks an incoming kick from Chou and then ducks under a kick from Kai. The two of them start to go fist for fist with Justin, unable to gain any ground on him. Justin breaks this and kicks Kai away. Justin punches for Chou, but he dodges it and punches Justin in the face. Justin recoils a little and laughs at Chou. He quickly punches Chou away near Kai.

Chou: Man, this guy is still too good.
Kai: We have to go full power. Maybe we'll stand a chance then.
Chou: Alright, let's do this.

Switching back to the other fight, Syro is laughing at the three others. Baal charges in angrily. He punches but it is blocked by Syro. Syro punches, but Baal sidesteps it. He then shoots a blast at Syro which blows him back a bit. Baal follows up by dashing and punching Syro farther back. He then charges up.


Baal unleashes his giga drill assault. Syro recovers and begins to avoid the drills. He then blasts through the rest of them. Baal is able to evade the rest of the blast that heads his way.

Baal: Damn it!
Syro: Haha. That same old move again?
Kimarous: Baal, what are we gonna do?
Baal: I don't know. No matter what I do, this guy has something stronger.

Syro suddenly appears behind both Kimarous and Baal. He chops both on the back of the neck, knocking them both out and making them revert to base.

Syro: That was too easy.

Syro looks over to the other fight to see it still going on. After a few seconds, he senses a power level and looks to his right and dodges a fireball. Red is seen with a very angry face.

Syro: So you survived my blast.
Red: I think it's time I showed off my new form. This will be the end of you.

What is this new form that Red has to show off? Red seems serious and confident in his ability. Can he really defeat Syro with his new power? Find out next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 83: The Last Stand Against Syro

Syro looks over to the other fight to see it still going on. After a few seconds, he senses a power level and looks to his right and dodges a fireball. Red is seen with a very angry face.

Syro: So you survived my blast.
Red: I think it's time I showed off my new form. This will be the end of you. *Points to him*
Syro: A new form? You haven't even transformed once. What makes you think you can stand a chance?
Red: You'll see.

Red powers up as fire aura surrounds him. All of the sudden his eyes turn white and the fire aura explodes around him. This aura intensifies and thickens as Red stands there. The ground around him begins to singe as he walks towards Syro. Both of them then fly up in the air simultaneously

Syro: That's it? You've wasted my time, kid.

Syro charges in quickly and punches Red. To his surprise, his punch phases through Red as if he were punching through fire. Red powers up as Syro's hand burns. He pulls his hand away quickly.

Syro: What the...?
Red: When I'm in this form, you can't hit me.
Syro: No way!
Red: Pyrochenesis!

Red shoots pyrochenesis out of his mouth and it encompasses Syro. Syro quickly flies up into the air, unharmed by it. Red flies up to meet him. Syro shoots a red Ki blast towards Red and it encompasses him. When the dust clears, Red is standing there unharmed.

Red: That all you got?
Syro: Damn!

Red creates a flaming hookshot and shoots it. Syro dodges it and Red creates two flaming boomerangs. He throws them and they both hit Syro. Red then shoots a huge flaming blast that engulfs Syro. When everything clears, Syro is seen with singed clothing.

Syro: You son of a bitch.
Red: I'll finish this with one shot!

Red charges up massively and puts all his energy into a giant flaming blast. It shoots out and completely overtakes Syro. The blast explodes and creates a bright light that encompasses the whole area. Finally, when everything becomes clear, there is nothing in front of Red and it seems as if Syro had simply disintegrated.

Red: I did it, I...

Red suddenly changes back to his normal form. He is shown being very fatigued. All of the sudden, Syro appears behind Red with a smile.

Syro: So you can only maintain that form for so long, huh?
Red: You...

Syro chops Red in the back of the neck, which sends Red straight down into the ground. Meanwhile, Justin punches Kai which sends him back. Chou punches twice, but Justin easily dodges them. Kai races back in and they both begin punching and kicking together. Justin is avoiding each one and then does an explosive wave that knocks them back.

Kai: Damn it! What do we do?
Chou: I don't know. It's not looking good.
Justin: Time for you to die!

Justin charges up a Ki blast. Just as he is about to release it, a figure appears in front of him and punches him in the gut, sending him far back. This familiar figure turns and looks to Kai and Chou and smiles.

Zero: Hey, guys.
Kai and Chou: ZERO! *Click Here*

Zero is seen in front of them. He is in Super Saiyan 2 mode and has a halo above his head.

Chou: Zero, you're Super Saiyan 2!

Zero makes a fist and puts it up to his chest.

Zero: Rest easy, buddies. I'll take care of this! (Song plays through the credits)

To be continued...
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Episode 84: The Last Stand Against Syro Part 2

Syro looks at Zero and grits his teeth.

Syro: You're the guy that took out Justin the first time, aren't you?
Zero: That would be me. I'm here to finish what I started.
Syro: Sorry to crush your dreams, but now that I'm here, you don't stand a chance.
Zero: You think so? Let's find out.

Zero and Syro both disappear. After a couple seconds, both reappear in the air and clash fists. Syro goes for a punch, but Zero sidesteps it. He then punches Syro square in the forehead. Syro recoils in pain and then shoots a Ki orb at Zero. Zero dodges and disappears. Syro looks around and then punches to his right. Zero appears and catches the fist. He then kicks Syro in the side, which sends him flying back. Zero chases and smashes Syro downwards with two fists clapsed. As Syro falls towards the ground, he recovers in time to land. Zero also lands.

Kai: He's doing it, Chou!
Chou: He got so strong in the other world.
Syro: This one is different. Much stronger than any of his friends.
Zero: Well?
Syro: I'll admit, you're strong. However, you'll see that I'm much stronger than Justin.
Zero: Is that right? I'm sure he told you how I kicked his ass in the other world.
Syro: He did. Still, you're nothing I can't handle.

Syro begins to power up. Zero takes a fighting stance. When Syro is finished powering up, he smiles at Zero.

Syro: Now you won't be able to win.
Zero: You're even more cocky than me. You got a serious problem, dude.

Syro rushes for Zero. Zero blocks an incoming punch and then punches. Syro blocks the punch and kicks. Zero sidesteps and punches again. Syro sidesteps the punch and both disappear. Noises of fighting are heard around the area, but nothing is seen. Finally, after a little while, Syro appears first flying straight down towards the ground. He smashes into it. Zero then appears in the air unharmed.

Syro: What is this?! How?
Zero: You played a game of chance with me and lost.

Zero's words trigger a small flashback in Syro's memory. All we can hear are voices.

Syro's Voice: How?!
???: You played a game of chance with me and lost.

Syro: He's just like "him". Justin, your assistance!

Justin stands up and goes next to Syro.

Syro: He's stronger than I thought. Let's take him together.
Justin: My pleasure.

Zero readies himself as Justin and Syro charge for him. Zero blocks an incoming punch from Syro, but Justin gets through and punches him in the face. Zero recoils a bit when Syro also gets a punch to Zero's stomach. They both begin to pound on him when he shouts out.

Zero: Super Kaio-Ken!

Zero's aura explodes and it blows away both Syro and Justin. His aura dies down as he calms down.

Zero: I can only handle small bursts like that with Super Kaio-Ken. I'd better not overuse it.

Both charge back in and punch on both sides of Zero. He raises both hands and blocks both punch. He grabs both of their hands and smashes them into each other. He then kicks Syro away. Justin rushes and begins to rapidly punch. Zero is able to dodge each punch and then punches Justin in the side of the face. This sends him away.

Zero: Man, this is tougher than I thought.
Justin: C'mon, Syro. We got this battle!
Syro: Right.

Just then, Kimarous and Baal appear in front of Justin. Kimarous is in Mega Saiyan and Baal is in Super Saiyan 2.

Kimarous: We'll back you up, Zero.
Zero: Guys...
Baal: How the hell did you reach my level too?
Zero: I'll explain later. If you can hold off Justin long enough, I'll take out Syro.
Baal: Alright. You owe me one.
Zero: *thumbs up* Yeah.

Zero turns his head to Syro and smiles at him.

Zero: Ready?
Syro: Grrrr...I should have finished them when I had the chance.

In a fit of rage, Syro powers up to the max and yells out as he charges for Zero. He rapidly attacks him. Zero dodges most of the attacks with mid-difficulty. The last punch he blocks and punches Syro in the face. Zero punches Syro in the stomach again and he hunches over in pain. Just then, Zero receives a hard kick in the back by Justin, which makes him fly back. Baal and Kimarous are seen shoved aside in their normal form.

Baal: Sorry.
Syro: Alright, Justin. It's time to finish this.
Justin: Yeah.

Justin and Syro put their hands together and begin charging up at Zero.

Zero: Oh, so it's a blast duel you want? Fine!

Zero begins charging up and puts his hands at his side. Blue ki begins to form.

Zero: Time to try out my new attack. The big blue blast of epic epicness!

Both sides charge up quite a long time. They stand about 5 meters apart from each other.

Justin and Syro: Super Double Rocket Beam ATAAAAAAACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Both sides unleash their blast. Justin and Syro's blast is crimson red. Both beams clash and the struggle begins. The Rocket Beam begins to overtake Zero's blast. Zero starts to struggle. All of the sudden a fire ball hits Justin.

Justin: It's that fire guy.
Syro: Brush him off!

Justin powers up and blows Red away who was standing right behind Justin and Syro.

Zero: I have to use the Super Kaio-Ken again. Damn it!

At that moment, two figures step to the sides of Zero. On his left is Kai and on his right is Chou.

Kai: We'll help.
Chou: We've always stuck together through hardships. We're not about to let this one slide.
Zero: Alright! Combine your blast with mine!

Kai and Chou both ascend to Super Saiyan. They send all of their Ki into the blast and they push with Zero. All of the sudden, the blast begins to push back the Rocket Beam.

Syro: NOO!! Push harder!! We can't lose!!!!

As Syro looks at Zero, he sees a transparent figure behind him. This figure has a face almost identical to Zero's and is in Super Saiyan form.

Syro: Him!! He's just like him!!!! THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!
Zero: Let's finish them!

The three of their auras combine together and explode. The blast pushes back the rocket beam and completely overtakes it, Syro and Justin.


With that, both Justin and Syro disintegrate completely in the blast and the blast shoots straight out of the earth and explodes in space. Finally, as everything clears, the trio is knelt down in exhaustion.

Kai: It's over. This time for good.
Chou: Yeah.
Zero: Haha. We did it together.

Yes, that's right. Together, our heroes have defeated the earth's final threat. They can finally rest easy. But some questions still remain for the gang. To be continued next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 85: Temporary Goodbyes

As everyone comes together, they all look at Zero's halo.

Kai: So what's up with the halo?
Zero: Well that just means that I'm not exactly alive.
Chou: Wait, so that means you're still dead?
Zero: Yep.
Baal: Then how the hell did you get here?
Zero: I'll explain. You see King Kai made an exception for me. He said that if a world is in serious trouble, a strong person from the dead could be sent for a full day to try and stop it. I just happened to be picked for such an occasion.

Kimarous: That's funny, because it's not like Syro was unbeatable without you.
Zero: That's true. Uncle Tyran, Zygon and that Jayce guy could take him down.
Red: Um...Zero?
Zero: Ah, right. Red. The unknown cousin. Tyran did well to hide you from me.
Chou and Kai: ...Wow.
Zero: What?
Chou: You made a reference without getting cut off.
Kai: It must only work when you're dead.
Zero: Hahaha. Well it's nice to finally meet you, Red.
Red: Same to you.
Zero: Another reason I was chosen was because the whole Justin business was my assignment from King Kai.
Kimarous: What do you mean?
Zero: Well, I had to train to fight Justin in the other world and send him to hell.
Kai: So what happened?
Zero: I did just that, but before I killed him, he came back to life and teleported away. I imagine Syro wished him back to life.
Baal: That bastard.
Chou: So that means you only have a little bit of time left before you have to go back.
Zero: Yes, unfortunately.
Kimarous: We should go.

The gang flies back to Tyran's house.

Red: Well, this is where I get off.
Zero: I'm going to stay a minute and talk to Uncle Tyran.
Chou: We'll wait out here.

Red and Zero enter the house. Tyran comes to greet both and smiles when he sees Zero.

Zero: Hello, Uncle Tyran.
Tyran: Zero...look at you. You look more like me and your father.
Zero: Yeah.
Tyran: So I assume you're still dead with that halo?
Zero: I am. How did you know?
Tyran: It's a long story. I could sense your battle with Syro. Your power has indeed grown very large.

After a couple more minutes of chatter, Zero leaves.

Kimarous: Ready?
Zero: Yeah.

The gang takes off. They stop at Baal's house.

Baal: Before you leave, Tekken!
Zero: Ok ok. Let's see how good you've gotten.

Approximate 1 minute later...

Baal: FUCK!!!!
Zero: Well, at least you got a little better.
Baal: Fuck you!
Zero: *looks at Kai* At least some things never change. Hahaha.
Kai: Yeah. I know what you mean.

Not long after, Baal stays at his house while the other four fly over to Kimarous' house.

Kimarous: I'm home, Raisin.

Raisin enters the room.

Raisin: Welcome back. You guys look beat up. And what's that halo doing around Zero's head?
Zero: *sigh*

Kimarous explains the situation to Raisin.

Raisin: That's aweful.
Kimarous: It's alright.
Chou: That's right. In a years worth of time, we'll wish Zero back to life.
Kai: Right.
Raisin: That's wonderful!
Zero: Yes, it should be interesting.
Raisin: Why don't you three eat dinner here?
Chou and Kai: Awesome.

Zero, Kai and Chou stay over for dinner. They eat steak and lobster.

Zero: Holy shit, Raisin. You're incredible.
Kimarous: Hands off, buddy.
Zero: I didn't mean it like that.
Kimarous: Oh.
Kai: You forget who you're talking to, Kima. Laughing
Kimarous: True haha.
Zero: I meant that the food is sooooo much better than on King Kai's planet. He's a terrible cook and I'm not too great myself.

After dinner, the three say goodbye to Kimarous and Raisin. They fly off over to Zero's house.

Zero: Wow, my house. Haven't been here in a while.
Kai: Soon enough you'll be back in again.
Chou: We'll keep it in good condition. And have some awesome parties in his house. Hehehe.
Zero: Thanks, guys. I bet they're going to throw parties in my house while I'm gone.
Kai: No problem.

They enter the house to see a lot of dust and cob webs around.

Zero: Well shit.

The three of them stay at the house all night playing games, eating and laughing about the past. The next day, the three of them stand outside the house. A figure comes down next to Zero ( http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_tTo5PjuxOVk/TAE2LwjdLjI/AAAAAAAAAOs/EquUr1tiJig/s1600/1029110-fortuneteller_baba_super.png ).

Zero: Fortune Teller Baba.
Baba: Your time is up as I'm sure you know.
Zero: Yeah. Just a minute, please.

Zero turns to Kai and Chou.

Zero: Well, this is it for now.
Chou: See you in a year, buddy.
Kai: Have fun in the other world while you wait.
Zero: Alright, I will.

Zero sticks up both of his hands. With his left, he high fives Kai and with his right he high fives Chou simultaneously.

Baba: Alright, let's go.
Zero: Right.

Baba and Zero teleport out of sight.

Kai: Until then, Zero.

Zero is gone again, but the good news is that he can be back in around 10 months worth of time. Zero returns next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 86: Zero's Return

About a year has passed. Chou is seen flying by himself. He is in the mountains. He has the dragon radar in his hands.

Chou: Almost there.

Not long after, Chou drops down to the base of a mountain to see a Dragon Ball waiting there. It is the one star ball. He picks it up.

Chou: Finally. The last one.

Chou powers up a little bit. A minute later, Kai drops down next to him.

Kai: Awesome, Chou. That's the last one.
Chou: Time to get our buddy back.

The two are seen flying away together. Later on that day, we see Tyran, Red, Kimarous and Baal sitting outside Zero's house. In front of them are six of the Dragon Balls. They all of the sudden look up, sensing Kai and Chou's approach. Soon enough, they land next to the rest of them with the last Dragon Ball in Kai's hands.

Kimarous: You two did it!
Kai: *thumbs up* You bet we did.
Chou: Let's get Zero back.
Tyran: Allow me.
Chou: Tyran?
Tyran: You have no idea how this works, do you? There are certain words you must speak to activate the dragon.
Baal: Do it then.
Red: Go for it, Dad.

Kai places the last Dragon Ball next to the rest. Everyone stands up and stands back away from the Dragon Balls. Tyran steps up to them as they begin to glow.

Tyran: Eternal dragon, Shenron. I call upon you to rise once again!

The Dragon Balls glow even more and a bright light shoots straight up into the air as the horizon darkens. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jfdBFRuRzFc&feature=player_detailpage#t=15s ) A figure begins to appear in the sky and we see it is the great dragon, Shenron ( http://www.behindthevoiceactors.com/_img/chars/char_700.jpg ). With a very deep voice, Shenron speaks.

Shenron: You have awakened me from my slumber again. What is your wish?
Chou: Do it, Tyran. Wish for Zero to come back to life.
Tyran: Great dragon Shenron, bring my nephew, Zero, back to life!

Shenron's eyes glow for a couple seconds and then return to normal.

Shenron: Your wish has been granted. What is your second wish?
Chou: What kind of wish should we make?
Kimarous: If I remember correctly, I believe we promised Zygon something.
Kai: That's right. We need to wish Zoron back to life.
Chou: Tyran, wish Zoron, Zygon's son, back to life.
Tyran: Alright.
Shenron: I grow impatient. Name your second wish!
Tyran: My second wish is to bring Zygon's son, Zoron, back to life!

Shenron's eyes glow yet again and then return to normal.

Shenron: Your wish has been granted. That is all. I will return to my slumber again!

Shenron's eyes glow and his figure turns golden like Ki and dissipates. *Theme stops* The Dragon Balls suddenly lift up into the air and scatter across the sky. The sky returns to normal daylight.

Chou: We did it!
Kai: Yeah, but where are they?
Tyran: We must wait. They are still in the other world and must transport back to earth. From there, they'll need to find their way. For now, we wait.

Some time later, we see Zygon walking along in the sands where he was first transformed. A figure shows far away from him. He walks towards it as it becomes more and more clear that it is none other than Zoron.

Zygon: Zoron!
Zoron: Dad...Dad!

Zoron flies over to Zygon and gives him a hug. Tears begin to fall from Zygon's face.

Zoron: I'm so sorry, Dad. My power, I couldn't control it.
Zygon: It's OK, my boy. You're safe now.

Zygon looks up into the sky.

Zygon: Thank you, boys. For everything.

Over at Zero's house, everyone is still sitting there. They are talking, when footsteps are heard from afar. Everyone looks to see a figure walking towards them. Their faces brighten as they can guess at who it is. Finally, Zero comes into plain view with a smile on his face ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ls0IE8uPp4g ).

All: Zero!
Zero: Through and through, my friends.

All of them run up to see him. Kai and Chou give him high fives first. Zero then shakes Kimarous' hand. He gives a fist bump to Baal and hugs Tyran. He waves to Red afterwards.

Baal: Took you long enough.
Zero: Well excuse me for trying to make a dramatic entrance. Hahaha.
Chou: The important thing is that you're back. And a lot has changed in the last 10 months, buddy.
Zero: What do you mean?
Kai: Come with us. *Theme stops*

Kai and Chou lead Zero to Kai's house. Inside are Hayden and Telara. Each of them are sitting in a chair with a baby in their arms.

Zero: Well it's about damn time you had that baby, Hayden. But wait, the other one is yours, Chou?
Chou: Yep.
Telara: Hey, nice to meet you.
Zero: (Whispering to Chou) Does this mean you'll stop having sex with other women?
Chou: (Whispering back) I'll think about it.
Zero: (Whispering) I thought you said a lot changed.
Hayden: Welcome back, Zero.
Zero: Thanks a lot. These two kids will hopefully become best friends as they grow up.
Kai: And if something happens to both of us, you'll be stuck with both of them.
Zero: Is that right? I'm sure Uncle Zero could be a great single father.
Chou: Yeah, as long as they don't pick up your metrosexuality.
Zero: Hey! Better with nobody than with everybody.

All three of them begin to laugh at each other. After a couple more minutes, the renewed trio heads outside. Tyran walks up to him.

Tyran: Hey, Zero. You have a letter that is dated for today.
Zero: Really? Who would want to send me that?

Zero opens the letter and reads it. It reads Welcome back, Zero. I await your arrival to my home. You are welcome to bring your two friends. ~Jayce The rest of the letter shows directions and coordinates on how to get there.

Zero: Jayce, huh?
Tyran: ...It's time, isn't it?
Chou: Wow. So we can come too, huh?
Kai: Sounds like fun. We'll stop by tomorrow so we can all go together.
Zero: Right.

Zero and Zoron have returned back to the land of the living. It is a joyous day back on earth. But now this mysterious Jayce has sent Zero a letter. Throughout the story we've heard about him but know practically nothing. This mysterious man somehow knows of Zero's return and anticipated it with the letter. Answers to questions you may have been asking for a long time are going to be answered next on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 87: The Mysterious Jayce - Zero's Internal Battle

The next morning we see Zero awake and ready. He has just finished a bowl of soup and is sitting down.

Zero: Today is the moment of truth. Jayce...is it the same one?

Zero gets up and goes outside. Less than a minute later, Kai and Chou show up.

Zero: Hey, guys.
Chou: You ready to go?
Zero: Yeah. Let's roll.

The three of them fly off. Zero takes the lead as he had studied the coodinates the previous day.

Kai: So what do you think he's like?
Chou: I don't know. He saved our asses before though so he can't be bad.
Kai: True. I guess we'll have to see.
Zero: We're almost there.

After a few minutes of flying, they are in the desert. They see a house in the middle of it. They fly down towards it.

Zero: This has to be it.
Chou: Let's do this.

Kai goes up to the door and knocks. He takes a step back and waits till the door opens. Standing in front of them is a man with brown spiky hair. His entire face is covered by bandages. He is wearing full Saiyan armor ( http://blog.media-freaks.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/07/fun-games-for-kids4.jpg ).

Zero: Uh...Jayce?
Jayce: Yes, come inside.

They do as Jayce says and go inside the house. It is a well kept place with a couch in the middle of the living room with a TV.

Kai: How the hell do you get TV here?
Jayce: ...Don't worry about it. Please, sit. There are things I must speak to you about.
Chou: Alright...

Zero, Kai and Chou sit down on the couch while Jayce remains standing.

Zero: We never got a chance to thank you for saving us from Richter.
Jayce: I happened to be in the area so I thought I'd help out.
Kai: Well thank you for that.
Jayce: Moving on, I'd like to welcome you back to the land of the living, Zero.
Zero: Thanks. But...how did you know?
Jayce: I can sense many things. Your death was one of them. Then I sensed your energy come back.
Chou: But how could you have predicted the exact date?
Zero: Yeah, that's true. You dated the letter perfectly.
Jayce: Let's say I've kept watch over you the last year.
Chou: That's creepy, man. .
Kaio: Just who the hell are you, anyway? Why do you care about us so much?
Zero: I think I finally understand.

Zero stands up and looks at Jayce straight in the eyes.

Chou: Zero, what is it? You know who he is?
Zero: It really is you, isn't it? Jayce....there's only one man I've ever known with that name.
Jayce: ...
Zero: (Angrily) You can take off the bandages now. It's been about 20 years, hasn't it? Dad!
Jayce: *sigh* There's no fooling you anymore, is there, my boy.

Jayce unwraps his bandages to reveal a face that looks like an older version of Zero. Zero's eyes widen and he grits his teeth.

Jayce: It has been too long, since I revealed my face to anyone. Least of all my son.
Zero: ...Dad. I can't believe it's really you.

Zero suddenly ascends to Super Saiyan 2 and punches Jayce square in the face. This sends him through the door and into the sand outside. Zero appears in front of Jayce and Chou and Kai follow outside.

Zero: You show your face now after 20 years?!

Jayce stands up. He looks at Zero.

Zero: After all this time, I thought you were dead!
Jayce: The difficulty of circumstance changes everything, doesn't it?
Zero: I don't want to hear your excuses!

Zero goes for another punch. Suddenly, Jayce also ascends to Super Saiyan 2 and blocks the punch with ease.

Jayce: Just listen to me. I will explain everything.
Zero: Fine.

Both of them revert to their base.

Chou: This is really his father. As long as we've known Zero, we've never seen him.
Kai: I know. Now that I'm seeing him, it's so weird.
Jayce: When you were still a baby, I was being targeted by a Saiyan hunting syndicate. They were strong, stronger than me even.
Chou: That's the same group X is from.
Zero: So what?
Jayce: They were going to target you and your mother had I stayed. I couldn't let that happen.
Zero: But you just disappeared! You couldn't even say goodbye?
Jayce: That isn't true. I gave your mother a letter to give to you when you were old enough. She tore it up on sight and told me that it would have been better off if I were dead.
Zero: What about now? What's holding you back?
Jayce: Nothing. You see, a little over a year ago, I attained a great power. Something not even my brother has reached.
Zero: A great power?
Jayce: Just watch.

Jayce ascends back to Super Saiyan 2. He looks at Kai and Chou.

Jayce: You'll want to observe carefully too. For in time, you all will learn to gain this power.

Jayce puts his hands to his sides and takes a deep breath. All of the sudden, the ground begins to shake as he powers up. He grits his teeth and starts to yell out. His aura gets thicker and thicker.

Zero: What is this power?! Could it be the next level?

Jayce yells out as his aura explodes. Zero, Kai and Chou get blown away from the intensity of this aura. A blinding light also encompasses them. When everything dies down, the three of them get up and rub their eyes. When they look at Jayce, they all gasp in shock. His hair is now very long in the back ( http://images4.fanpop.com/image/photos/21900000/goku-ssj3-dragon-ball-z-21952845-1280-1024.png ). He has also become bulkier.

Chou: Holy shit!
Kai: That's fucking crazy, man!
Zero: I don't believe it.
Jayce: When I gained this power, the leader of the syndicate no longer had any power over me. For years, I had been running and hiding. But finally, I was the stronger one. I made my house here and let them pursue me. It was then that I fought and defeated them all. Only one survived out of them.
Kai: That must have been X. I see, that's why he was after Zero.
Chou: They must have known that Zero was your son. So that was one way of getting back at you.
Jayce: That would be the case.
Zero: Unfortunately for him, I was already dead.
Chou: And besides, Baal took care of him.
Kai: Hold on a minute. This aura seems familiar. You sensed Zero's death, right?
Jayce: That is correct.
Kai: Chou, remember that power we felt coming back to earth?
Chou: Yeah. That was you, wasn't it? We had thought it was the enemy.
Jayce: When I sensed that your Ki had completely faded, I could not handle it. All I had to do was think about you as a baby and it sent me over the deep end. That's when I found it. The power of the Super Saiyan 3.
Zero: ...So my death caused you to gain that power?
Jayce: Yes. Shortly after your friends went on the hunt for the dragon balls, I appeared to my brother.

[1 year ago]

Jayce knocks on Tyran's door. Tyran answers it and see Jayce. Tears begin to fall from his face as he immediately hugs Jayce.

Tyran: Jayce...brother!
Jayce: Tyran. It's finally over. I'm free again.
Tyran: I'm so glad. So glad you're alive.


Jayce: I told my brother everything before I left 20 years ago. He thought I had died out here and so I needed to return to him.
Zero: So that's how you knew when I was coming back. Through Uncle Tyran!
Chou: Wasn't he the one that gave you the letter?
Zero: Come to think of it, yeah.
Jayce: I wrote that letter some time ago. I instructed Tyran to date it on the right day for me.

Jayce reverts back to base again. He walks back up to Zero.

Jayce: Now do you understand?
Zero: Yes. I can't forgive you completely for this, but...
Jayce: But...?
Zero: I'm glad you're alive. Thank you.
Jayce: No...thank you. Without your sacrifice, I might have died as well.
Zero: Well then I guess we're even. Heh.
Jayce: You really have grown, Zero. I'm proud of you.
Zero: There's something else I need to ask you. Syro, you knew him, didn't you?
Jayce: Before you were born, Syro was my nemesis. His quest for power drove him mad and I fought and defeated him. Justin was a close friend of his. I can only surmise he brought Syro back with the Dragon Balls.
Zero: I see.
Jayce: Come, let's go inside. We will speak more over some food and drink.

Zero's long lost father is alive and is the famous Jayce. Emotions run high for Zero and Tyran. It seems now everyone can live in peace. Don't miss the conclusion of our story next time on Dragon Blast!!!
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Episode 88: Epilogue

Two days have passed. Kai wakes up early in the morning before Hayden and the baby. He sits on his couch while drinking coffee.

Kai: Today's the party. Can't wait.

Over at the black tower, inside the room where Zero, Kai and Chou first met Richter, there are tables and chair set up. Zero sits on the big chair where Richter used to sit.

Zero: This party is going to rock.

We now go to Tyran's house where Tyran and Red are getting ready.

Tyran: Are you ready?
Red: Yeah. I'll race you there.
Tyran: You're not ready to take on me yet. Sorry.
Red: Bullshit I'm not. Let's go.
Tyran: Alright...if you say so.

About an hour later, Kimarous and Baal arrived at the party first.

Zero: Hey, guys. Welcome.
Kimarous: Hey, Zero.
Baal: What's up?
Zero: You guys are the first besides me.
Baal: So is it true about your pops?
Zero: Yeah. I'll tell you all about it.

Not long after, Chou, Telara and their baby show up.

Chou: I'm here for the party.
Zero: Ah, Chou. Great. Have you seen Kai?
Chou: No, but he's never far behind.
Zero: True enough. I'm gonna go pick up the pizza a while.
Chou: You can't mean...
Zero: Yeah, Pizza Jet. I'll be back soon.
Chou: I'd go with you, but I be Chu is there.
Kimarous: Haha. No one blames you, Chou.

Zero flies out the window and off into the distance. Less than a minute after, Tyran flies into the window.

Tyran: Hey.
Chou: Tyran. Awesome, you're here.
Baal: Where's Red?
Tyran: *smiles* Oh, he's coming.

Outside the black tower, a few minutes later, Kai, Hayden and their baby are walking along to get inside. They look up and see Red zooming past them. He flies through the window.

Red: *Pant* Made it.
Tyran: About time.
Red: Bah, I went easy on you.
The rest: Riiiiight.

Zero has now arrived at Pizza Jet. He walks in and he takes a step back in shock. In front of him are none other than the Black Mavericks. Rachel stands up and looks at Zero with puppy dog eyes.

Rachel: Zero...you're alive?
Zero: *sigh* Yeah, I'm back.

She immediately runs over and hugs him. Zero surprisingly takes it and smiles.

Zero: You know, I kind of missed being obsessed over.
Rachel: Great! Because I made a pizza model of you and then ate it yesterday!
Zero: OK, scratch that.

Rachel continues with the hug for over thirty seconds.

Zero: OK, you can stop now.
Kage: Hey, Zero. Welcome back.
Zero: Thanks, Kage. Good seeing you again.
Morgan: Yeah, I guess welcome back.
Zero: Hahaha. You haven't changed. Seriously, Rachel, you can stop now.

Zero pushes her off with one hand. Chulance comes to the front counter and looks at Zero.

Zero: Chulance, What's up?
Chulance: Who are you?
Zero: Forget it. Just give me my pizza.
Chulance: Oh, it's you, Zero. I thought you were dead.
Zero: I got wished back to life with the Dragon Balls. Where the hell have you been?
Chulance: Here, of course. Oh, here are your pizzas.

Chulance hands Zero a dozen pizzas.

Zero: Thanks. I'll be going off now.
Kage: Hey, wait a minute. All those pizzas? You must be having a party or something!
Zero: Well...hehe.
Rachel: Good eye, Kage. Certainly worthy of a Black Maverick!
Zero: Black what now?
Morgan: We're a group. The four of us.
Zero: I see.

We skip a bit of time. Zero is back in the Black Tower. The Mavericks are behind Zero.

Zero: Yeah, I kinda have some guests.

Chou immediately sees Chulance and Chulance looks back at him. Fire appears in both of their eyes.

Chou: That limp dick fucker is here?
Chulance: Shut up, Chou! I'm way better than you!
Chou: Fuck that. Let's go a round.
Kai: Not now, Chou. Not in front of the kids.
Chou: Alright. You're lucky, Chuckloth.

Zero looks and sees Telara and her baby. His face turns into a maniacle face as he snickers. He goes over to Chou.

Zero: (Whispering) Chou, can I borrow Telara and Blaire really quick?
Chou: (Whispering) Sure.
Zero: (Whispering) Thanks, pal. Watch this.

Zero goes over to Telara and whispers in her ear. She starts to snicker and she comes along with Zero carrying their baby.

Zero: So, Rachel. I almost forgot to tell you. You haven't met my son yet.
Rachel: Your....SON?!
Zero: Oh yeah. What do you think?
Rachel: I can't...you didn't...I...

Rachel begins to cry on the spot. Zero begins to laugh extremely hard. Kai and Chou also laugh hard.

Zero: Relax, it was a joke. That's actually Chou's son.
Rachel: *sniff* Really?
Zero: Yeah.

Rachel powers up into her Super Saiyan state.

Zero: Oho, so you have some watered down version of Super Saiyan, do you?
Rachel: Yeah? And what do you have?

Zero instantly powers up into Super Saiyan 2 which makes Rachel fall on her ass.

Rachel: Wow. You're so cool.
Zero: I know.

Just then, Jayce flies into the room. Everyone immediately senses his Ki and turns towards him. Everything goes silent.

Jayce: Um...I wanted to stop by to say hi.
Zero: ...
Jayce: Zero?
Zero: You idiot. I didn't invite you for nothing, dad. Stay and have fun.
Jayce: *Smiles* I will. Thanks.

Tyran and Red immediately go up to Jayce. The brothers hug and then Tyran pushes Red forward.

Tyran: Meet Uncle Jayce, Red.
Red: Uh, hey.
Jayce: Good to meet you.

Rachel walks up to Jayce.

Rachel: Hi, you're Zero's dad? Why don't you tell him he should go out with me?
Jayce: Sorry, but he's my son. Which means he inherited good taste.
Rachel: I can't believe he said that! Morgan, did you hear what he said about you?
Kage: He was talking about you, you dumb broad.
Red: I'll go out with you instead.
Rachel: Fuck off.
Tyran: Reminds me of the old days, eh brother?
Jayce: Yeah. Like father like son.
Tyran: Please, I was the lady killer back then.
Jayce: That's why you're still single, right? Say, how did you have Red anyway?
Tyran: ...It's a long story.
Red: Dad? Is there something you need to tell me?
Tyran: You were legit. I swear!
Jayce: Speaking of, Zero.
Zero: Yeah. Let's go.

The two of them fly out of the tower.

Red: Where are they going?
Tyran: I think I know.

In the air, Jayce is following Zero. After a bit of flying, Zero lands on the ground in a graveyard. Jayce lands as well. They go over to a gravestone that says "Karia".

Jayce: This is it, huh?
Zero: Yeah. Mom died peacefully.
Jayce: Her power got so low in her last days that I could no longer sense her Ki signal. I had no idea.
Zero: Even the day she died, she still thought of you. I could see it in her eyes.
Jayce: It's because you look almost identical to how I looked at your age.
Zero: It wasn't just that. She was devastated when you left. She couldn't even be bothered to hide her sadness for a full year. She never recovered.
Jayce: I know. If you don't mind, I want to be alone here for a little while.
Zero: Alright. I'm going back.

Zero flies off.

Jayce: Oh, Karia...I'm so sorry.

Back at the party, everyone is conversing when two more figures appear at the Black Tower. These are Zygon and Zoron.

Chou: Zygon.
Zygon: Hello, everyone.
Kai: Glad you could join us. You too, Zoron.
Zoron: Thanks.

Baal, Kimarous, Kai and Chou are eating together.

Baal: So I got him real good. I'm getting so good at Tekken.
Kimarous, Kai and Chou: Riiiiight.
Baal: It's true! And I don't cheat like Zero does.

Just then, Zero appears behind Baal.

Zero: You were saying?
Baal: You're a cheat! I finally can beat you now!
Zero: I'll take you up on that challenge later.
Kimarous: Eat some pizza, Zero. You're one of the only ones that hasn't eaten yet.
Zero: I know, and I bought the damn food.

Zero sits down and begins to eat.

Kai: You know, I'm going to miss our adventures. We had some great times out there.
Chou: Yeah. Like that time we fought in the Brawl of the Best.
Kimarous: And what about Zeknon?
Baal: Good shit man. And remember when I kicked X's ass in Super Saiyan 2? Hell yeah.
Zero: And what about all our academy days? I kinda miss that too.
Kai: We certainly had some great times over the years.
Chou: We'll be there if the earth is in trouble again. Nothing can beat us.
Kimarous: I agree. We need to protect our future generation. *Looks at the babies*
Baal: Hey, Zero. Why don't you teach us that blast you used against Syro and Justin?
Zero: Oh my big blue blast of epic epicness?
Kai: Is that really its name?
Zero: Well the original name was Kameha something, but I couldn't memorize it so I gave it my own name. I'll teach it to you sometime.
Chou: Awesome. And then maybe one of us will surpass you.
Zero: Fat chance.
Kai: Haha.

Later that day, the whole party has moved outside. The sun is setting and the horizon is an orangish color. In the back are Hayden, Telara and the Black Mavericks. In front of them are Tyran, Jayce and Red. Standing close to them are Baal, Zygon and Kimarous. Up front is our trio, Zero, Kai and Chou. Everyone is staring off into the distance.

Kai: What an incredible sunset.
Chou: Yeah. One of the best we've ever had.
Zero: A perfect ending to such a great day.
Chou: It's sad. This marks the end of our journey. I almost don't want it to end.
Kai: All great things must come to an end. We have a family to take care of now.
Zero: One thing I know for sure. We'll always have each other to rely on.
Chou: We've made new friends and new memories.
Kai: We've gone through so much in the past two years.
Zero: A new journey begins in our lives. We went through all the rest together. Let's keep it that way.
Chou: Yeah.
Kai: Yeah.
Zero: Till the end of our ages, nothing will ever stop us from being best of friends and family. So let's cherish our time together as friends and warriors!
Zero, Kai, Chou: Yeah!

The three of them double high five each other in a triangle and they all smile. They then turn back towards the sunset as it fades away from the sky. The screen also fades away till black.

Character Credits:

Zero: Strider Zero
Chou: Chou
Kai: Kaio
Kaya: Kaio
Morgan: Strider Zero
Rachel: Strider Zero
Big Guns: Strider Zero
Chulance: Chulance
Richter: Richter
Sora: Sora
Hayden: Kaio
Saiyans in Academy: Strider Zero
Ice Monsters: Strider Zero
Zygon: Roy Mustang
Zoron: Roy Mustang
Ziron: Roy Mustang
Zygon's Wife: Roy Mustang
Kimarous: Kimarous
Raisin: Kimarous
Baal: Baal
Kage: Easyfan
Merchant: Resident Evil 4 crossovered by Strider Zero
Angie: Strider Zero
Metalhead: Strider Zero
Zero's Mom: Strider Zero
Messengers: Strider Zero
Torn: CSS
Ime: Justinlynch3
Justin: Justinlynch3
King Kai: Dragon Ball Z crossovered by Strider Zero
Tyran: Ryu
Red: EpicSilver
Syro: Ryu
Telara: Strider Zero
X: Roy Mustang
Jayce: Strider Zero

Thank you to everyone who submitted any of these characters. Special thanks to Akira Toriyama for making the Dragon Ball series.

- Zero lived on in peace as a single man. He was named the Godfather of both Kai and Chou's children. He would often be referred to as Uncle Zero. Zero patched things up with his father in time and they often visited each other over the years. Zero eventually obtained Super Saiyan 3 like Jayce and never lost his strength, even at the end of his days.

- Kai went on to be a successful father to his child. He also made a great husband to Hayden. Kai helped his son train and employed Zero and Chou as help. He would become an excellent role model for all Saiyans who wished to have a long a peaceful life with a family.

- Chou never really did stop eyeballing women, but Telara got used to it eventually. Chou's son and Kai's son became best friends and trained together under the instruction of the legendary trio. Chou's friendship with Kai and Zero never dwindled even at the end of his days.

- Kimarous lived a long and prosperous life with Raisin as his partner. He would outlive her due to his Saiyan heritage, but he stayed strong through the tough times. Zero would often visit when he could sense Kimarous in need of a friend. Kimarous always stayed of kind heart and keen intellect.

- Baal eventually settled down and got married. His wife died quickly, as he accidentally killed her out of rage. Baal moved past the sadness and rage, but it was difficult. Baal never could defeat Zero in Tekken and so he eventually switched to Street Fighter. He remained badass all his life.

- Zygon lived another 20 years and died peacefully. He spent the rest of his days with his son, Zoron. He would be given a very honorable funeral ceremony for his almost unrivaled strength in battle.

- Tyran tried to re-build the Saiyan Academy, but failed due to lack of interest. Instead, Tyran decided to live a quiet life and watch the next generation grow up. He and Jayce often hung out as brothers and best friends.

- Red settled down with a woman after years of looking. Despite the usual tension between him and his father, Red came to respect Tyran more and often asked him for advice. He trained a bit on the side too to keep up with his friends.

- Rachel never got over Zero, but she did settle with another man. She never lost touch with the other Mavericks. In the latter years of her life, she and Zero became good friends, though their rivalry never ended.

- Morgan lived for another 40 years and then died of an unknown virus. She was grieved by the rest of the Black Mavericks. In her last days, her feelings for Zero resurfaced but she died peacefully.

- Kage trained to get stronger and eventually became the strongest Maverick. He would live the rest of his life looking for worthy opponents and training youth.

- Chulance underwent psychological therapy for whatever reason. Somehow, it made him a more easygoing person. But even still, his hatred for Chou never stopped.

- Jayce moved closer to Zero and Tyran. He spent the rest of his years trying to make up for the time he had lost with his family. He and Tyran grew old together and died close together. When he finally died, he did so knowing he had made up for everything.

- Sora moved away and was forgotten by many. He eventually came back in the latter part of his life and was only recognized by Zero, Kai and Chou.

- Torn was killed by a villain who would surface 10 years after the defeat of Syro. This villain was stopped and Torn would be avenged by Kage and Zero teaming up.

- X eventually found Zero a year after his return. He was easily defeated by Zero's Super Saiyan 2 state. He gave up on revenge shortly after and lived a quiet life.

- Zero, Kai and Chou's friendship only strengthened over the years they lived. They would never forget the adventures they had over the years and the great times they had.

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