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 Heroes Rebirth Profiles.

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PostSubject: Heroes Rebirth Profiles.   July 7th 2010, 6:03 pm

This is a topic solely for character profiles. It's purpose is so to have a place a place which to easily find and view profiles for future reference if needed.


Name: Gab Taylor.
Codename: Sylar.
Age: 25.
Gender: Male.

Appearance: http://sarparker.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/sylar-2.jpg

Powers: Intuitive Aptitude - He can instinctively understand and manipulate the workings of a complex system. For systems that he already understands (like watches), he can detect and identify flaws in the mechanism with only a cursory inspection.He uses this skill to analyze his victims brains and steal their powers. Sylar does not need to kill someone to gain their ability. However, a physical study of the victim's brain requires direct observation necessitating the removal of the upper part of the skull, so the victim soon dies of blood loss and trauma.

So far, he has used this ability to obtain the following powers.

Telekinesis - This ability allows Sylar to move various objects with his mind, usually using simple hand motions as a means to help his focus. By focusing the telekinetic force into a shape edge, he can create a telekinetic blade. This can be used for easy removal of the top of a victims skull.

Shattering - Sylar has gained the ability to shatter objects mentally. Again, simple movements are usually used to help focus the attack. (Example: Sylar can focus on a object, snap his fingers, and said object will shatter without any physical touch.)

Shape Shifting: This ability allows Sylar to take the physical shape of anybody he's seen.

Invisibility: By using this power, Sylar can render himself completely invisible to all others around him.

Illusion Casting: This ability allows Sylar to create vivid and realistic illusion to cast upon others.

Weapons: None.

Bio: (To come.)

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Rebirth Profiles.   July 7th 2010, 6:08 pm

Name: Colette Séguire
Codename: Anima
Age: 15
Height: 5'2
Weight: 103 Lbs
Occupation: Pet Shop worker
Race: White {French}

Appearance: Colette has long, wavy brown hair. She has deep blue eyes and pale-ish white skin. She wears blue jeans and a black jacket(with fake fur). Colette also wears black boots. She is skinny but strong. Portrait
Personality: Colette is an animal activist so she will not let animals get abused. She is usually extremely calm. She does not anger easily and she doesn't like to fight. She is willing to transform into animals to help out, mainly to get to know other animals better.
Known Relatives: Father(Alexander), mother(Marie)
Ability: Animal Morphing

Bio: Colette was born in Paris, France as an only child. Her parents bought her a pet hamster when she was 6. It lived for a few years and then suddenly died. When she turned 12, she became an animal activist because she saw her neighbors abusing their dogs by making them fight. She was always a vegetarian because she couldn't eat any meat during her whole life(it made her gag). She joined the MDD to keep herself and other agents from being tested on and killed after being saved herself.


MFUA2 Awards:
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Rebirth Profiles.   July 7th 2010, 6:27 pm

This is an altered version of his FA sheet.

Name: Jiron (Jie-Rone)
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Side: MDD
Style: Can use any style
Weapon(s): Scythe as the main weapon, Nun chucks and a crossbow as side weapons
Build: Huge muscles on the upper body, normal lower body
Personality: Power hungry, maniac-like, but logical when calm

Appearance: Blond hair that is split in the front, White long sleeve button up jacket, white pants, white gloves, light skin, brown wide maniac eyes.

Special moves:
- Reaper's delight: Dashes really fast and swings Scythe at multiple enemies (particularly at the head)
- Choke shot: Chokes with Nun chucks and sticks crossbow right at the enemy's back and shoot

Bio: Jiron studied almost every fighting style but was kicked out of every one because of his power hungry state. He was later partnered with Claudius in the group "Fighters Abroad" which took down the Myjuto Forces. He was invited to join the MDD around this time.

Name: Seto Slade
Codename: The Alchemist
Age: 29
Height: 6"3
Weight: 200lbs
Side: MDD (Leader)
Race: White (Mutant)
Appearance: Dirty blond hair in a rogue knot (slicked back, Shoulder length ponty tail), brown eyes, this outfit ( http://fireemblemblog.files.wordpress.com/2007/06/pent.jpg ) with white gloves that have transmutation circles on them.

Personality: Usually keeps calm but is serious most of the time. Friendly and optimistic, but also realistic. Does not usually like insubordination.

Ability: Alchemy. He can change the chemical makeup of just about anything by merely touching it and thinking in his head what he wants said object to change into. Can not create matter, so say if he wanted to make a spear out of a small 2 inch piece of wood, he couldn't. He'd need enough mass to change the wood into a spear.

-He is a strong as an average human.
-Fights with weapons he transmutates.
-He is as fast as an average human.

Bio: When Seto was a child, he was a wishful thinker. He never saw the world for what it was, but rather how it should be. His parents once told him that he could do just about anything if he put his mind into it. So he took the advice literally one night when he was using tools at the age of 17. He found that he had the wrong tools and wished that the tools would magically change into the right ones and thus his first witness to his power began. He found he could change his tools into the right ones. So he looked to change other things too. His parents quickly caught on and labeled him a mutant. As he got older, he began to mutate more things until finally a man from the company tried to take him.

He used his powers to fend off the company person and fled. It was then that he began to track down other mutants and befriend them. Ultimately, he founded the MDD and invited his mutant friends in. He even invited non-mutants that still opposed the company. He started the MDD at the age of 27. His skills have come along way since then.

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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Rebirth Profiles.   July 7th 2010, 9:33 pm

Also an altered sheet from Fighters

Name: Claudius
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Side: MDD
Weapons: Chain whip as main weapon, short sword as a side weapon.
Build: Halfway between built and skinny.
Personality: A woman lover, but fierce type of person. Will kill if needed.

Appearance: Long black hair, long black coat, red undershirt, black pants. light colored skin. Red gloves.

Special moves:

- wraps short sword on the end of the chain whip and whips
- Wraps chain around opponents neck and slashes with sword in other hand.
- Grabs opponent with whip and yanks toward him and then kicks or stabs.

Bio: Claudius was once a mercenary for the city Sarzo until he met his ex girlfriend on one of his paid missions. They dated for a year and then she tried to kill Claudius. Claudius defeated her in combat and dumped her. He then went back to his mercenary life until he was hired to take care of the Myjuto Forces. He, Jiron and the rest of Fighters Abroad took care of them and Claudius was recruited by the MDD.
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PostSubject: Re: Heroes Rebirth Profiles.   

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Heroes Rebirth Profiles.
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