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 Crossover Special: The Avengers

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Strider Zero
Strider Zero

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Crossover Special: The Avengers Empty
PostSubject: Crossover Special: The Avengers   Crossover Special: The Avengers EmptyMay 9th 2015, 5:48 pm

Strider Zero Crossover Special: The Avengers Part 1

The knowledge required to appreciate this story without spoilers:

-Detective Shin: Read through chapter 16
-Dragon Blast: Virtually nothing, as long as you under Dragon Ball Z concepts. But it would be helpful for character purposes for a few chapters.
-A Tale of Iron: Read through chapter 21
-The Legend of Badass Zelda: First few chapters to get the idea.

???: I donít understand! Where did I go wrong? I had one of the strongest warriors at my fingertips. And yet they still managed to defeat me.
???2: But youíre not dead yet. I saved you, for this purpose.

The first figure becomes revealed to be Hamas (Tale of Iron).

Hamas: Where am I?
???: This is neither the Iron Kingdom or the Red Kingdom. You are far from home.

The environment becomes revealed to us to look like this. Hamas is standing on what appears to be an invisible ground.

???: You thought you had power? You havenít even scratched the surface.
Hamas: Who are you?
???: Who I am isnít important.
Hamas: You mean, the author is too lazy to think of someone else as a villain?
???: Ö

Fucking shit, you found me out, Hamas.

???: Fear not, author. I will alleviate you of your writerís laziness.

You will?

???: Nope.

Truly a villain, you are. Trolling even the author. Wait, how does that even work?

???: Regardless, Hamas, I will give you what you need to succeed. In return, you will destroy the multi-verse I so vehemently hate.
Hamas: Deal.

Breaking away from this, we go to the grorious country of Nippon, ahem, I mean Japan. It is a dark, cloudy day. People are running away in terror. There are some goblins attacking with rusty weapons. Behind them all is Jahten (Tale of Iron). One girl trips while running and before a goblin is able to kill her, the goblin is sent flying. Standing in front of the girl is Shin.

Shin: These arenít like any demon Iíve seen. Iíd better kill them quickly. SHOT-GUN!

He charges up and releases his shotgun to take out all the goblins. Jahten is now the only one standing. He takes out his war hammer and readies it.

Shin: You know, the Renaissance Fair is about a few countries East.
Jahten: I donít understand.
Shin: You mean you didnít come from some Western country? Right now you bleed medieval England or something.

Jahten, frustrated at Shinís words and his lack of understanding, charges at him. He starts swinging his hammer, to which Shin starts dodging. Due to using shotgun earlier, he starts stammering with low stamina. Shin is able to use his superior speed to land a quick punch to Jahtenís breastplate, which sends him flying back, but without much damage. He starts panting as the goblins start standing up, reforming.

Shin: I was sure I killed them.
Jahten: Hah, you have no idea what youíre up against, do you?
Shin: Someone whoís going through a D&D phase?
Jahten: Get him!

The goblins seem to be following his orders and all go after him. Just then, an orb of light crashes into the crowd of goblins and explodes. They disintegrate in a large flash of light. They do not regenerate this time. Aerona joins Shin.

Aerona: Are you okay?
Shin: Where the fuck did you freaks come from? Is the circus in town?
Aerona: You want to talk about freaks? That was some odd power you have yourself. I was observing you just now.
Shin: Why the fuck didnít you help?
Aerona: You have quite the mouth on you.
Shin: Donít dodge the question.
Aerona: First, letís take out Jahten. Hmm, wait. That wonít work.
Shin: Are you saying he will also revive?
Aerona: This is obviously the work of a powerful necromancer. I knew one back in the Red Kingdom, but heís dead.
Shin: Yep, definitely a bunch of people playing D&D. Iím just going to wake up tomorrow and go on a regular mission with regular EndullÖwait scratch that. This isnít really much farther out of the ordinary, now that you mention it.
Aerona: Are you alright?
Shin: Yeah, Iíll manage. So, what can we do?
Aerona: Well, we need to find the necromancer and kill him.
Shin: Itís not him?
Aerona: No. He died quite some time ago. We need to make a tactical retreat.
Shin: I donít like it, but we have no other choice.
Aerona: Weíll take him out once and then go. Leave this to me, so you can save your stamina.
Shin: Roger.

Aerona activates his dark armor and charges at Jahten. Jahten is barely able to react from that far away and blocks the halberd with his war hammer. Upon blocking the strike, Aerona disappears and reappears behind him and then beheads him with a quick strike from the halberd. At that point, he and Shin run away. Jahten reforms.

Jahten: What was that power? Iíve never seen him use that before.

They stop on top of a rooftop somewhere. Aerona deactivates his dark armor.

Shin: That was pretty cool, dude. Is that some kind of demon energy?
Aerona: I know not what you mean. It was magic, of course.
Shin: Magic? Pffft we all know that doesnít exist.
Aerona: You are strange indeed.
Shin: Says the guy walking around in armor. Weíre in the 21st century, not medieval Britain.
Aerona: We must come from different worlds. Itís the only explanation.
Shin: Whatever the case, we need backup if there are more like him.

Meanwhile, on the other side of town, we see Zero (Dragon Blast) on the ground, visibly concerned.

Zero: I thought I sensed a source of energy.

He flies straight up into the air to look around.

Zero: Iíve never seen this place before.

Just then, he senses another bunch of entities around. From ground level, we see Zelda (Legend of Badass Zelda version, not the canon version) in her Sheik outfit but without the mask and her hair in the ponytail like usual. She is battling against vampires.

Zelda: Whereíd all these fucking things come from?! Hell, where did I come from?!

One vampire swipes at Zelda, and she dodges. She lands a hard, magic infused kick to its jaw, temporarily killing it. It comes back to life shortly after.

Zelda: What the fuck?!

Just then, Zero lands next to her.

Zelda: This day keeps getting weirder.
Zero: Holy shit! Are you Zelda?!
Zelda: Yeah! You know me?
Zero: Big fan.
Zelda: Look, dude, I got a problem here. If youíre here for something suggestive, youíll have to wait and then pay at least 1500 rupees a night.
Zero: Stand back.

Zero disappears and in a blur, destroys all the vampires in one fell swoop, before returning back to Zeldaís side. She drops her jaw. They are starting to reform slowly.

Zelda: Scratch that.
Zero: Oh wait, I remember this place now.
Zelda: You do? Where the hell are we?
Zero: This is Shinís worldÖI think.
Zelda: Shin?
Zero: Come with me.
Zelda: No no no waiiit!

At this time, Zero grabs her and starts flying at impressive speed.

Zelda: If itís money thatís the issue, Iíll let you off once for free! Just put me down!
Zero: Oh, Iím not interested in that. But I do know a guy who would probably be. Oh, I think I found him.

Zero spots Shin and lands next to him and Aerona. He puts down Zelda, and she starts stumbling around, motion sick.

Shin: Oh fuck, not you again.
Zero: Hey, you owe me for that favor I did you in your last special.
Shin: Never speak of that again.
Aerona: This gets weirder by the second. Who are you all, and where is this?

At this moment, Zelda is puking over the side of the rooftop. We hear a disgruntled man below.

Zelda: Sorry.
Shin: I guess I should start. You all are in Japan, assumedly in my world. My name is Shin Yakamoru, Spirit Detective.
Aerona: I wonder who could have sent us here. My name is Aerona. I was a royal knight and personal guard to the queen of the Iron Kingdom.
Zero: Iím Zero, Iím a Saiyan.
Zelda: Iím Princess ZeldaÖand I donít feel so good.
Aerona: Anyway, we have a problem. We need to find the necromancer in order to stop these undead from reforming every time. If he or she comes from my world, I donít know who it is.
Zelda: Aerona, you said your name was? You look way cooler than all the knights at Hyrule. Would you consider changing countries to serve?
Aerona: I canít simply abandon my country. But if I canít get back, then Iíll consider it.
Zero: I know how you feel. I have a bunch of friendsÖand enemiesÖto get back to.
Shin: Letís focus.
Zero: SoÖwhat do we do?

They all shrug their shoulders. It becomes awkwardly quiet.

Zelda: Shit. The fuck are we going to do, guys?
Shin: This fucking sucks.

The two of them are hunched over, next to each other, cursing up a storm quietly.

Aerona: Is it me or are they basically the same person?
Zero: Itís probably not you.

Hey! There are key differences between them.

Shin: Ah! I should ask Koenma about it. But I havenít heard anything from him in a while. Zero, can you sense whatís going on?
Zero: Yeah.
Shin: I thought you could only sense Ki signals.
Zero: Energy equalization.
Shin: Good point. I guess thatís why you all can see my spirit energy.
Zero: There are energy signals all around the city. Itís hard to decipher what exactly is happening or who is where. Wait, something is coming towards us.
Shin: Yeah, I can sense as much.
Aerona: What is that?

The ground starts shaking in short bursts, rhythmically.

Aerona: Are those, footsteps?

They look below the building to see King Dodongo coming up on them.

Zelda: I killed that fucker! I guess this necromancer is raising the dead.
Aerona: Thatís what a necromancer does.
Zelda: Shut up!
Zero: Hey, wait. I see someone riding that thing.
Zelda: Heh.
Zero: Really?
Zelda: Canít help it.

Standing on Dodongoís back is Hamas.

Aerona: Itís Hamas.

Aerona jumps down and lands on King Dodongoís back. The other three follow suit.

Aerona: Your eyes arenít darkened. Does that mean you survived?
Hamas: Indeed.
Aerona: We saw you die.
Hamas: I thought myself dead too. Unfortunately for you, I was saved, and I now have an army much stronger than before.

Shin charges at Hamas and punches at him. He lands a punch to the face, but his body disappears in a puff of smoke.

Shin: What the hell was that?

Hamas appears behind them.

Hamas: Did you think Iíd meet you in person? Iím merely projecting myself through another body. I came to see who had responded to my zombies attacking. Here I find many of you from multiple worlds.
Shin: You were after me, werenít you?
Hamas: Yes. I did not expect the other three to appear at this time. It is no matter. You cannot hold under the forces I hold. Observe.

Four people appear on Dodongoís back that have the exact same appearance. They all look like this. Their eyes are all darkened.

Zero: Is that Falkner from Pokemon?
Shin: Looks like him, but they look like lifeless dolls or something.
Hamas: Youíre on the right track. But youíll find that they are very different from each other. I call them Elfas.
Elfa 1: (monotone) Soru.

The elfa disappears and reappears in front of them. Shin stands in front of him in order to block.

Elfa 1: Shigan.

He stabs with his finger and pokes a hole in Shinís arm.

Shin: Shit! That hurt.
Elfa 1: Kami-e.

Shin goes to retaliate with a punch, but the Elfa dodges smoothly. Another Elfa comes in to attack. Zelda intercepts this one and goes to attack.

Elfa 2: Rasengan.

Elfa 2 forms a sphere of energy in his hand and goes to slam it into Zelda. She dodges and then kicks him in the chest. His body disappears, showing a log.

Zelda: What?!

Elfa 2 appears behind her and has his right arm encased with blue lightning. Aerona steps in and hacks him with his halberd. The elfa ducks under it and then Aerona receives a zap of energy, which sends him off King Dodongoís back. We see the next elfa (or Elfa 3) with his finger out.

Elfa 3: Hadou 33: Soukatsui.

Zero grabs Aerona mid air and then brings him to a rooftop. The last elfa appears on that rooftop and clangs his hands together, with a fork and knife visual appearing from his hands. Zero puts down Aerona.

Zero: Iíll handle this one.

Elfa 3 appears behind them and materializes a katana. Aerona blocks the weapon with his own.

Aerona: Unfortunately for you, I have plenty of experience against katanas.

The elfa runs his hand over the katana to reveal this.

Aerona: Shoulda kept my mouth shutÖ

Meanwhile, Elfa 4 springs his open hand forward and a fork-shaped beam is sent to Zero. He dodges it when a thin, vertical beam comes his way just after. He is able to sidestep that as well. He then dashes in and starts punching. Elfa 4 is able to dodge each and then blocks the last. He winds back with his fist and then drives it into Zeroís stomach.

Elfa 4: 20 fold Kugi Punch.

Zero feels the first punch and then another and then another. He gets hit with 20 separate punches and then stands strong.

Zero: Heh. Someone actually worth trying on, eh?

Shin and Zeldaís fights have also moved away from King Dodongo and onto separate rooftops.

Elfa 1: Rankyaku.

He kicks horizontally and a beam trail follows. Shin jumps over it and then they get involved with some close quarters combat. Shin dodges a Shigan and then goes for a punch. The elfaís arm turns black and blocks the punch.

Elfa 1: Busoshoku Haki.

His entire body goes black and they continue fighting hand to hand. Shin goes for yet another punch.

Elfa 1: Tekkai.

Shinís punch is completely stopped when hitting his stomach. The elfa then is able to land a counter punch to Shinís face, knocking him back a little. Meanwhile, Elfa 2 breathes in and launches a giant fireball at Zelda. She uses Nayruís Love to block it clean. The elfa then appears behind her and uses another Rasengan. Zelda throws a few senbon, which are deflected by the Rasengan. She is able to dodge the attack at the last second and then land a kick to his torso. He is sent back to the ground, dispelling the Rasengan.

Zelda: Looks like that one wasnít a trick.

At that second, Shin and Elfa 1ís fight has moved to the same rooftop. Elfa 1 and 2 move to get next to each other. Shin and Zelda naturally do the same. Elfa 2 starts weaving hand signs and then Elfa 1 moves to attack. Shin and Zelda attack in tandem and punch straight through Elfa 1, killing him. Then, all of the sudden, Elfa 1 is behind then, poking holes in both of their backs. Elfa 2 is also in front of them and slams them both with Rasengan, knocking them back. They are barely conscious right now.

Shin: WhatÖwas that?

At the same time, Zero has Elfa 4 on the defensive and then lands a strong punch to knock him back off the building. While heís flying away, he creates a large energy ball in both hands.

Zero: Finish Buster!

He throws the ball overhand like one throws in a penalty throw in soccer/football. It connects with Elfa 4 and then explodes. Then, Zero senses something and gets out of the way of an energy beam.

Elfa 3: Hadou 4: Byakurai.

Aerona is on the ground, next to him. Elfa 3 extends his sword and Zero bats it away.

Zero: Pyrokinesis!

He launches flame forth from his mouth like a flamethrower. Elfa 3 disappears and reappears behind Zero. Before he can swing his sword, Zero quickly turns and punches him in the gut. Before he can follow up, he senses something and dodges a Rankyaku. Elfa 1 and 2 have arrived. Elfa 4 is also back, but severely scarred.

Zero: Shit. I canít take them all. I guess weíll have to retreat again. No choice. Kaio-Ken!

Zero has a burst of red energy. He blitzes Elfa 1 and breaks through his defenses with a punch. He then rushes for Aerona and picks him and flies off. He lands next to Zelda and Shin and deactivates his Kaio-Ken.

Aerona: HereÖlet me help.

He encases Zelda and Shin with light and their injuries heal. Aerona promptly faints. Zelda and Shin get up and they run away while Zero flies with Aerona.

Hamas: They may have escaped now, but it matters not. Weíll get them.

Part 1 End
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Strider Zero
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Crossover Special: The Avengers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crossover Special: The Avengers   Crossover Special: The Avengers EmptyMay 9th 2015, 5:49 pm

Strider Zero Writing Special: The Avengers Part 2

Aerona has come to and the four of them are sitting on the outskirts of the city around a campfire. It is nighttime. Zero is currently suppressing his energy and Shin is doing the same.

Aerona: Who knew he could get his hands on that kind power?
Zero: How did you two manage to get yourselves beaten?
Shin: I think it was an illusion that struck us.
Zelda: I thought the same after thinking about it. We both clearly punched that thing and then that thing was behind us and the other was right in front of us. It was like what we perceived as reality was broken in an instant.
Shin: I couldnít have said it better.
Aerona: I guess I couldnít keep up with my opponent. He was just too powerful.
Zero: The one I fought was very powerful as well. To be able to survive my Finish Buster like that.
Aerona: I think they were different from the zombies too.
Voice: Thatís correct.

Someone joins them at the fire. He looks like a cross between these two.

Zero: You, I recognize you.
Strider Zero: Indeed. It has been a while since I appeared in this form.
Shin: Who is this circus reject?
Strider Zero: I am the one who brought you all here.
Aerona: For what purpose?
Strider Zero: To stop Hamas and to stop him.
Aerona: So someone really did save Hamas and this same person is giving him this power.
Strider Zero: Correct.
Zelda: Then spill it, jackass. Whose ass do we have to kick?
Strider Zero: I donít know. Iíve never seen his face, nor do I know his name.
Zero: How can that be?
Strider Zero: That doesnít matter. Listen to me. My multi-verse is at stake here. Do you want more Detective Shin? Part 2 of Iron?

Shin and Aerona nod ďyesĒ.

Strider Zero: Then youíll stop Hamas at all costs! I chose you four for a reason. You can do it!

He disappears into the night. The four of them contemplate what was just told to them.

Shin: But what can we do against that? Zero here was the only one that was able to stand up to them, but even you canít take on that entire army.
Zero: Youíre right.
Aerona: But weíre not alone. We have each other.
Zelda: Really? Thatís the best you can come up with?
Shin: Our powers, they donít exactly pair up well, do they?
Zero: Now hold on. Aerona, you have healing powers, right?
Aerona: Yeah. I can use light magic for healing and other light concussive purposes. I can also use dark magic as well as my knight skills and weaponry.
Zelda: I have light arrows, so they could help, I suppose. I have Dinís fire, it burns shit. Nayruís Love, it blocks shit. Faroreís Wind, it teleports me. I can also use some concussive magic and the likes.
Zero: I have fire as well. You see? We can find some similarities in our abilities.
Shin: We all have a way to use our energy offensively.
Zelda: I guess we can mesh somehow.
Zero: So, Aerona, whatís it like in your world?
Aerona: War, thatís what itís like. My kingdom, the Iron Kingdom, has been fighting non-stop for the past century with the Red Kingdom, all for territorial bullshit on the continent of Jovah.
Shin and Zelda: Who the fuck named your countries?

They look at each other briefly.

Aerona: I was on a quest to slay a dragon. My friends need me and here I am fighting for another world. So, whoís next?
Zero: My world isnít always at war, mind you, but we have a situation of our own. My friends, Kai and Chou, have been training somewhere. Weíve been trying to train to defeat a certain entity named Richter. What is his villainous plot? I donít even know. I was taken here while training in the arctic.
Zelda: Iíve been trying to save the sages of Hyrule and destroy Ganon once and for all. The usual hero, Link, was defeated in an ambush. I wanted to show Hyrule who it is they serve and will soon call queen.
Shin: Iím a spirit detective. My brother died was supposed to have that position, but he died a few years agoÖrather he was killed before he was able to use his power. So that title recently fell to me. I hunt down demons that threaten our society.

They sit in silence for a few meaningful moments to process the different worlds and stories.

Shin: I guess we should come up with a strategy. We have to face them one way or another.
Zelda: If we can find this Hamas asshole, I can use Faroreís Wind in conjunction with Zeroís sensing.
Aerona: First we have to deal with beating those things. What do we know about our opponents?
Shin: The one I fought used hardening as well as some other interesting techniques.
Zero: I recognize that power. The Rokushiki and Haki are not to be taken lightly. Every one of those powers we faced were taken straight from popular Manga. That illusion you two saw was most likely Genjutsu.
Shin: Yes. It said Rasengan at one point. Now that you mention itÖI do recognize that.
Aerona: Youíll have to fill me in, because Iím confused.
Zelda: Yeah, same here.
Zero: Mine used a fork, knife and kugi punch. The power scale of that one is great. Leave that one to me. But Iím worried about the last. Though not as powerful, it is very versatile with Kidou and a Shikai.
Aerona: Then letís try something different against them.
Zelda: It seems to me that you have the most knowledge about the ways of war, so how about you try organizing the tactics for approaching them?
Aerona: Right. So from a power standpoint, I seem to be the weakest and Zero the strongest. Zelda and Shin, you two are somewhere in the middle. In terms of power, the one that fought Zero was the most powerful, with the one that fought Zelda being the weakest. However, utility wise, that very same one was the downfall of us the first time. We need to get rid of him first. Thatís where my different approach comes in.

The next morning, our heroes have rested up and are walking side by side into the city. The four elfas drop from the sky and land in front of them, also lined up. Hamas is behind them.

Zero: Am I to assume that is a Shadow Clone of you?
Hamas: HohÖso you found out about that power, huh?
Aerona: Answer the question, Hamas.
Hamas: Yes.
Zero: If thatís the case, then we have a ticket waiting for us.
Shin: Right.
Hamas: Enough of this. Kill them.
Shin: Bring it on, you Goth bastard!

The first to attack is Elfa 4, who uses his leg to create a flying knife. All four of them are able to jump over it. Elfa 2 then starts to weave hand signs.

Zero: There!

Zero reacts instantly and blitzes him and knocks him away with a punch.

Zero: The rest is up to you there!
Shin: Right!

Shin charges off in the direction that it was knocked away from. Elfa 1 then uses Soru and tries cutting Shin off, but Zelda intercepts Elfa 1 and kicks it away.

Zelda: Youíre fighting me.

Meanwhile, Zero is left with Elfa 3 and 4.

Zero: Just as planned.
Hamas: Wait a second. Where didÖ

As Shin reaches Elfa 2, it has regained its footing and is ready to fight again. Just then, it senses something and dodges out of the way of a sneak attack from behind. Aerona is behind him.

Aerona: Impressive senses.
Shin: We didnít count on that sneak attack working anyway.
Aerona: Right.

Hamas then is witness to what happened, since he can see over where Elfa 2 is.

Hamas: I get it. You purposely stacked the matchups the way you wanted. Are you sure you can handle the 2 vs 1?
Zero: You donít have to worry about me. You obviously have no idea which power system I come from.

Zero starts powering up. At this time, Elfa 3 activates Shikai and extends its sword. Zero dodges and then dodges a flying fork. Meanwhile, Zelda and Elfa 1 are dodging each otherís punches and kicks. Elfa 1 is already fully coated in Busoshoku Haki. Zelda then jumps back and throws Dinís Fire at it. It explodes and burns it a little, but the damage is negligible. The elfa charges in at Zelda just as she lands, but she acts Nayruís Love to block the incoming Shigan. Switching to the last battle, Shin is keeping Elfa 2 on the defensive with multiple punches and kicks while Aerona is following up on them with his halberd. The elfa is able to dodge each of them, even if narrowly. It uses a Shadow Clone to distract Aerona while the main one then goes after Shin.

Aerona: Perfect.
Shin: We were hoping youíd do that.

Aerona activates dark magic (not the dark armor though) and catches the Shadow Clone off guard, killing it with one swing of his weapon. He quickly dispels the dark magic.

Shin: You just cut your stamina in half.

It then weaves a few hand seals when Aerona attacks from behind. Elfa 2 jumps away.

Aerona: We wonít let you cast illusions, or any complicated spells from here on.
Elfa 2: Multi-Shadow Clone Jutsu.

It creates about 30 clones.
Aerona: Looks like you have no choice.
Shin: Right. Just clean up after me.

Shin unleashes his shotgun, which takes out all of the clones.

Aerona: Now, letís see who will run out of stamina first.

Aerona charges in and starts to attack. Elfa 2 takes a martial arts stance and attacks as well. Aerona stops his attack and takes out his shield. He blocks the incoming punch and then shield bashes the elfa. He then goes for a slash with the halberd, but Elfa 2 uses Rasengan to blow the halberd out of his hand. It then does the same to Aeronaís shield. It tries to form another Rasengan, but canít. Aerona punches the elfa in the face and then puts up his fists.

Aerona: Weíll settle this man toÖthing.

The elfa punches at Aeronaís face, but he ducks under it and then uppercuts. The elfa sidesteps and then kicks him in the back. The armor stops it and Aerona activates dark magic to quickly counter. He lands five consecutive punches and then one final uppercut to the jaw, sending it to the ground. He dispels the dark magic and then picks up his weapon and shield.

Shin: That was pretty badass; I have to admit.
Aerona: Thanks. Now, letís finish it off and then go help the others.

Around this time, Zelda and Elfa 1 are engaging in hand-to-hand combat again.

Zelda: Thatís it. Youíre pissing me off with this armor of yours.

White aura surrounds Zelda and she lands a solid kick to Elfa 1, which knocks it back and sends it to the ground. It gets up quickly and then performs a Rankyaku. Zelda dodges it and is in front of the elfa again. She lands another hard kick to knock it back even more. She catches the elfa mid-air with speed and rams its head into the ground and straddles it. But then, it has both fists in front of Zelda and releases a shockwave that blows her back and has her cough up blood. She quickly gains her footing and wipes the blood off her mouth.

Zelda: What the hell was that?

As the elfa gets up off the ground, we see Aerona and Shin join Zelda from behind. Aerona heals her briefly.

Zelda: Thanks. Now letís wax this dill hole.

Meanwhile, Zero is dodging attacks from both elfas, trying to find an opening. All of the sudden, Elfa 3 pulls back for a second.

Elfa 3: Bakudou 61: Rikujokoro.

Six planks of light energy surround Zeroís body and seemingly bind him. Elfa 4 takes advantage of this slight opening to charge in and use Kugi Punch. Zero powers up to the max and breaks the binding, but still gets hit.

Elfa 4: 30 fold Kugi Punch.

Zero takes the 30 shots and then we can see his angry expression. He flies up into the air.

Zero: Thatís the last time I take that attack.

He puts his two hands together to make a diamond shaped hole in between. Bluish-green Ki starts to appear in that hole.

Zero: Star Shot!

A bluish-green energy orb launches forth at Elfa 3.

Elfa 3: Bakudou 81: Danku.

A large translucent wall appears in front of Elfa 3, which blocks the Star Shot. The orb keeps grinding against the wall, however.

Hamas: What is happening?

The Star Shot breaks through and then rams into Elfa 3, which sends it flying. Oddly enough, the speed at which it get carried only increases and then explodes in the distance.

Zero: My Star Shot gets faster and more powerful the longer itís out by absorbing the energy of whatever resists it.
Hamas: To think you had a trick like that.
Zero: Now, for this one.

Elfa 4 charges at Zero as he lands on the ground. Zero shoots a small blast at it, which forces it to sidestep and lose momentum. At that moment, Zero dashes to it and lands a punch to its face, sending it crashing into the ground. As it stands up, it now sees that it is surrounded by all four of the heroes. Zelda shoots a light arrow straight at its head and then Aerona beheads it with the halberd.

Zero: You guys made it.
Hamas: I underestimated you four.
Zero: Now, where is your real body?

Zero focuses and finds a similar signal to the one standing in front of them.

Zero: You made a mistake appearing in front of us. You gave me a way to sense where you are.
Hamas: What?!
Shin: Where is he?
Zero: In that direction, about 30 miles.
Shin: That sounds like Tokyo. What the hell are you doing there?
Hamas: Wouldnít you like to know? Itís a shame you wonít make it there.

At that moment, eight more elfas appear from the sky.

Zelda: Oh come on!
Aerona: Sorry, guys. Itís my fault weíre having such bad luck.
Voice: Donít give up!

Behind our heroes, eight more figures appear. They all have the same appearance and their eyes are darkened the same as the elfas.

Hamas: Impossible!
Zero: Strider, is that you?
Strider Zeroís Voice: Hell yeah itís me. Theyíre not the only ones who can access this kind of technology. I call these kastras. Let them take care of things here. You get to Tokyo.
All Four: Yeah!

They leave as the eight elfas match up against the eight kastras.

Elfa 1: Fire Dragonís Roar.
Kastra 1: Fimbulvetr.

Elfa 2: Incursio.
Kastra 2: Power Change.

Elfa 3: Vongola Ring: Lightning.
Kastra 3: Dwell in my body: Baal.

Elfa 4: Berserker.
Kastra 4: Star Platinum.

Elfa 5: Soul.
Kastra 5: Spirit Form: into the sword.

Elfa 6: Alchemy time.
Kastra 6: Hatsu.

Elfa 7: Kamui Senketsu.
Kastra 7: Tessaiga.

Elfa 8: Shohoku, fight.
Kastra 8: Seirin, fight.

The eight pairs square off against each other as these words ring out. Elfa 1 shoots out a fire breath while Kastra 1 counters with an ice storm that cancels it out. Elfa 2 is surrounded by silver armor while Kastra 2 is surrounded by crimson armor. Elfa 3 holds up a ring which starts glowing green and Kastra 3 also has a ring glow but blue and materializes a sword with lightning on it. Kastro 4 has a blue spirit materialize behind it while Elfa 4 has a greyish bulky monster materialize behind it. Elfa 5 materializes a scythe that is glowing and Kastra 5 materializes a long sword that is also glowing. Elfa 6 claps its hands together while Kastra 6 starts glowing white with aura. Kastra 7 materializes a large great sword while Elfa 7 materializes a large blade in the shape of half a scissor. Meanwhile, Elfa and Kastra 8 are playing basketball nearby.

Hamas: Was that last one really necessary?

The other seven pairs begin clashing and then we switch to the four heroes, who are traveling to Tokyo.

Zero: Can you teleport us there, Zelda?
Zelda: Once we get close enough. Will we have enough stamina?
Zero: Donít worry about it. I have something called a senzu bean for each of us that will restore all our stamina.
Shin and Zelda: Bitchiní.

They look at each other once again and then focus back ahead.

Shin: I think Iím in love.
Aerona: Worry about all that shit after we save this Tokyo of yours.
Shin: Right.

After a few minutes of jumping from rooftop to rooftop, Zelda speaks up.

Zelda: Weíre close enough.

They stop, but Aerona trips from the sudden stop in momentum and faceplants into the building, which just so happened to have thumbtacks casually lying where his face lands.

Shin: You okay, dude?
Aerona: Iíve been through worse, but Iíve certainly been better.

He stands up and gets the tacks out of his face.

Aerona: Iíll heal fast enough. Letís just go.
Zelda: Alright. Zero, lock onto some kind of energy signal there and Iíll teleport us.
Zero: Got it.

They all bunch up together and they all teleport away with Faroreís Wind.

Part 2 End
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Crossover Special: The Avengers Empty
PostSubject: Re: Crossover Special: The Avengers   Crossover Special: The Avengers EmptyMay 9th 2015, 5:49 pm

Strider Zero Writing Special: The Avengers Part 3

The battle is raging on, as the elfas and kastras have separated far apart. Elfa and Kastra 2 are fighting in their armor clad bodies. The elfa materializes a bisento and starts lunging rapidly at the kastra. Kastra 2 is able to dodge each and then gets some distance with some rocket propulsion on its feet. It then shoots out homing missiles from its hands, which turn to arm cannons. The elfa is able to split the missiles in half with the bisento. It then charges in and stabs through the kastra, but the kastra punches the elfa off and then throws the spear aside. It then charges up and launches a barrage of homing missiles everywhere. The elfa cannot dodge or block this many missiles and gets destroyed in the combined explosion.

Next is Elfa 1 vs. Kastra 1. They are fighting beside a river. Elfa 1 performs another Fire Dragon Roar, which is once again canceled out by a Fimbulvetr. Kastra 1 moves to put Elfa 1ís back to the river.

Kastra 1: Aircalibur.

A large gust of wind pushes Elfa 1 back towards the water, making it land in the water.

Kastra 1: Thunder.

A lightning bolt comes down and strikes Elfa 1, leaving it floating in the water. As Kastra 1 turns away, Elfa 1 appears behind it.

Elfa 1: Nakama power.
Kastra 1: Does not compute.

Elfa 1 overwhelms the kastra with a blast of fire, leaving it to burn on the ground. Just as the elfa turns around, the kastra puts its hand out.

Kastra 1: Nosferatu.

A dark magic hits the elfa and drains its energy and gives it to the kastra. It is able to stand and brush the fire off. It then uses Flux, which pulls the elfa into a hole of darkness. Meanwhile, pair 4 is letting their summoned creatures fight. The Star Platinum is punching at Berserker rapidly.

Star Platinum: Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora Ora!

Berserker is trying to fend off the punches, but eventually gets overwhelmed and gets Oraíd to death.

Kastra 4: Yare yare daze.

At this time, pair 3 is fighting on top of Shinís school, which is empty.

Elfa 3: Thunder set.

It shoots a strike of lightning, which does little damage to Kastra 3.

Kastra 3: Bararaq Saiqa.

It lifts up its sword and a giant lightning bolt comes down and hits the school. It explodes the school and everything in a small radius. The elfa is destroyed in the process.

Hamas: Damn. Theyíre so much stronger than my elfas.
Strider Zero: Your boss should have picked his anime and manga more wisely.

We can see that the other three battles have ended with the kastras winning each. The basketball match has also ended, with the kastra having scored significantly more. It has red sparks coming from its eyes.

Hamas: Iíll retreat from here and give my main body the energy and knowledge back.

The clone disappears in smoke. We then go to Tokyo where mass destruction is happening all over the city. The four appear and then Zero gives them all senzu beans to consume. He takes on as well.

Aerona: Trouble, already. And they brought you back too, huh?

Seijuro (Tale of Iron) is standing in front of them.

Zero: This is the signal I locked on to.
Seijuro: To think that this is the third time I will be meeting you, knight. Make no mistake. I wonít lose this time. You-

He is interrupted when Shin and Zelda kick him away in tandem.

Shin: Does he ever shut the fuck up?
Zelda: I know, right?
Aerona: Letís keep moving.

They start moving when Seijuro comes crashing back in, knocking Shin away with his whole body teeming with dark magic.

Zelda: Heís strong.
Aerona: Heís one of the strongest people in my world that I know of.
Seijuro: That was quite rude of you.
Shin: Damn.

Shin rejoins the group.

Zero: You canít possibly hope to stop all of us by yourself.
Seijuro: Who said I was by myself?

The building in front of them collapses and heads their way.

Aerona: You had to ask.

They all dodge out of the way in time to see that King Dodongo is there as well. Big Guns (Dragon Blast) is there as well.

Zero: Isnít that the eunuch that Kai killed?


Zero: Why is he even relevant in this?

*Shrug* Anyway, Kaya (Dragon Blast) is also present.

Zero: Better. Wait, sheís dead?

Kaiís story, bro.

Zero: Ohhh that makes sense.
Shin: Can you stop talking to the narrator long enough to get through these assholes?
Zero: Yeah, sorry. This is not going to be easyÖat all.

Kaya flies straight towards them. Zero retaliates and they start flying upwards while engaging in hand to hand combat. King Dodongo rolls straight at them like a boulder.

Zelda: Alright, letís combine powers to stop that thing!

Zelda uses Nayruís Love in front of her and Aerona enhances it with dark magic. This stops the oversized Dodongo and it uncurls. Shin jumps over them and then begins charging up.

Shin: Spirit Gun!

King Dodongo gets hit by the spirit gun and is destroyed. He starts reforming, but slowly. Seijuro is now behind Aerona and Zelda. Aerona turns around and grabs Seijuroís wrist.

Seijuro: Just like last timeÖ
Aerona: This time, Iím going all out, Seijuro!

He activates his dark armor and attacks with the halberd. Seijuro ducks under and kicks himself free of Aeronaís grip.

Zelda: Do you try making everything sound cool?
Aerona: Yeah.
Zelda: I guess that leaves me withÖ
Big Gun: Over here, lady!

Big Guns rams into Zelda from the side, doing some serious damage to her. Shin rushes over to her to make sure she is all right. She stands up, waving him off.

Zelda: Dragon Blast characters are too ridiculous in power.
Shin: Weíll take him togetherÖhopefully.
Zelda: Shin, if we make it through this, Iíll give you something special afterwards for free. Just donít leave me alone with this fucker.
Shin: Deal. This is non-canon, so I donít have to compromise my integrity in the main story. Great, now Iím breaking the fourth wall too.

Big Guns mindlessly charges at Shin and Zelda. The two of them are barely able to dodge in opposite directions to avoid another body slam.

Shin: For a big guy, he moves fast!
Zelda: Letís pincer him!

Having dodges on opposite directions, they now can take advantage of a pincer strategy. Big Guns turns his attention to the last one who spoke, which was Zelda, so Shin attacks from behind. He lands a hard punch to Big Gunsí back, which doesnít move him, but shows a slight grimace to his face. Big Guns turns his head to Shinís position and Zelda appears above him and kicks his head in the direction it was turned to try to snap his neck. It almost succeeds, but he is able to turn his head back and catch Zelda mid-air with both hands. Shin rushes in and punches rapidly at his arms, trying to loosen his grip. Zelda is able to free her arms from his grip and then light Big Gunsí arms on fire with Dinís Fire. This finally forces him to let go of her.

Shin: Together now!

They both charge up a powerful punch and kick respectively and simultaneously strike Big Gunsí head, which finally sends him to the ground. The fire is spreading to the rest of his body, which is temporarily keeping him occupied. The two of them high five.

Both: Hell yeah!

Just then, Zero hits the ground next to them as Kaya descends to ground level. He gets up quickly.

Zero: Sheís stronger than I remember. Then again, it was always Kai who fought her. Looks like you two are doing well against Big Guns.
Shin: Weíre managing.

We now go to Aerona vs. Seijuro, which is not far away. Aerona is on the defensive with the inferior speed and is forced to dodge and block the punches from Seijuro. Aerona finds an opening to attack and makes a long diagonal sweep with his halberd. Seijuro is able to duck under it in the correct direction and then lands an uppercut to him, sending him sliding back to the other three. He quickly gets up.

Aerona: I canít ever get away from this bastard. Heís already broken one of my weapons in the past and almost destroyed my armor.
Shin: This doesnít look good.
Aerona: We have to combine our powers and work together. No more one on one fights.
Shin: Youíre late to that party.
Zero: Youíre right. We canít afford to do this any more. And right on timeÖ

King Dodongo is fully reformed and is rolling straight at them.

Zero: Save your energy. Let me handle this.

He punches at the behemoth and it knocks him away, barreling over many buildings in the process. At that moment, Seijuro appears to the side of Zero, ready to attack. Shin intercepts him and grabs Seijuroís hand.

Aerona: Zelda, use your light arrow on him!

She gets ready to do so when Kaya goes after Zelda. Zero uses a Finish Buster to intercept Kaya. Seijuro punches with his free hand and Shin ducks under it. Big Guns now is back in the fray and goes to body slam Zelda again. This time, Aerona leaps in front and focuses all his dark armor magic on his weapon, dispelling it everywhere else. He hacks straight into Big Guns, stopping his momentum. Zelda is then able to shoot a light arrow, which pierces Seijuroís torso and dispels the dark magic around him. It puts him on the ground, heavily stunned. They then focus on Big Guns, who is still recovering from having a major cut wound on the stomach. Zelda jumps over him and then wraps her chains around his neck and pulls him backwards. While sheís pulling, Zero puts his fist through where Aerona had injured him and then rips his hand out. Kaya comes back in and attacks Zero in this moment of vulnerability. Aerona steps in front of Zero and blocks with his shield, but he gets blown back and his shield is dented heavily. Zero takes advantage of this moment that Aerona gave him to fling the blood on his fist into Kayaís eyes. Shin then steps in and throws a punch to Kayaís gut. It does little damage and Kaya knees him in the stomach.

Shin: Itís up to you.
Kaya: !

As Shin falls to the ground, we can see behind him that Zero has already prepared his Star Shot. He unleashes it as Shin grabs her ankles at the last second to stop any momentum she might have gained. She gets slammed by the attack and gets sent far away before exploding. The four of them regroup.

Shin: We donít have much time. Where is Hamas?
Zero: Heís not far from here.

He points to the top of a large building.

Zero: Thereís an enormous amount of energy up there.
Shin: I can even sense as much.
Aerona: Whatever the case, letís get up there and stop this before these guys come back into action.

They leave the area and go to the large building.

Shin: Thatís too high for me to leap.
Zero: Well, I can fly up there, but you guys canít.
Shin: I guess we have no choice.

Next thing we see is the four of them inside an elevator. There is a faint elevator music playing.

Aerona: How does this contraption work?
Shin: Donít worry about it. Just press the highest number.
Zelda: 50, huh?
Zero: This could be a while.

The elevator goes up slowly and then stops around the 10th floor.

Aerona: Why have we stopped?

The door opens and some guy with a business suit gets on. He casually looks around and pays no mind and presses the 45th floor button.

Man: So, you here for vacation?
Shin: In a manner of speaking.
Man: Oh. Okay.
Shin: So whatís on the 45th floor that youíre going to?
Man: My booty call. Ah, but donít tell my wife.
Zelda: I left my booty call at Hyrule.
Shin: Isnít it the other way around?
Zelda: Oh yeah.

They eventually get to the 45th floor. The man gets off.

Man: Enjoy your vacation.

The door closes and they get to the top floor.

Aerona: Now, we just need to find some kind of staircase or-

Zero casually lifts his hand in the air and blows a hole in the ceiling. He glances at Aerona as if his face is saying, ďYou serious, bro?Ē.

Aerona: Or that can work too.

They make it to the roof thanks to the hole. In front of them is Hamas and he is wearing a mental gauntlet with a neon blue cube in hand.

Aerona: Hamas! Itís over!
Hamas: No, itís just-
Shin: Donít you dare finish that fucking sentence.
Hamas: Itís just beginning!
Zelda: Heís evil!
Aerona: Is that cube where youíre getting all this power? Before you ran out of stamina long before you could conjure this many and this powerful of zombies.
Hamas: Yes. The Tesseract gives me virtually unlimited energy.

The dark magic teeming from Hamas expands and covers the entire vicinity.

Zelda: What a powerful aura coming from him!
Aerona: We have to get that cube out of his hands!
Shin: Any ideas, genius?!

Zero starts by shooting his Finish Buster at Hamas. With the energy of the Tesseract, he is able to deflect the blast with his free hand.

Zero: If he can do that, my Star Shot wonít work either.
Aerona: I think I might have something. Heís holding that cube with that gauntlet. Iím under the assumption that it is special and that he canít hold it otherwise.
Shin: Right. That means his left side is vulnerable.
Aerona: Exactly. Zelda, we need to combine our light powers to stand a chance at cutting through this thick dark aura.
Zelda: Got it.
Hamas: I donít know what youíre planning, but I will not allow you to simply do as you please!

He puts his right hand out and unleashes a constant wave of dark energy, which is pushing them back. Aerona starts putting out some light magic to counteract it. He is covering the four of them in a sphere of light, in order to keep them afloat on the platform. Zelda focuses on creating a light arrow and then fires it off. It pierces through the dark just a few feet before dispelling.

Zelda: Damn!
Aerona: This darkness is too much!
Zero: Donít you dare give up!
Shin: Zero, letís combine our blasts as well!
Zero: Yeah!

Zero charges up a massive amount of Ki at his side as Shin charges up his spirit gun.

Zero: HAAAAA!!!

They shoot their concussive blasts together and they get a little further, but ultimately dispel.

Zero: Damn it!
Shin: One more time! All together now!
Aerona: Iíll have to drop this barrier!
Shin: Itís okay! If this attack fails, we all die anyway!

Zelda starts glowing with the white aura as she readies her light arrow. Aerona is still maintaining the light, but is also charging his energy at the same time. Zero charges once again and Shin does the same.

Zero: Kaio-Ken!

He starts emanating with the red aura and they all yell together and shoot. Aerona drops his barrier, forcing all his light into a beam that combines with Zeldaís light arrow. The four blasts combine and head straight for Hamas. He is forced to dodge, completely dispelling the wave of dark energy coming at them.

Aerona: Now!

Zero shoots another Finish Buster, which Hamas deflects with his hand again. At that moment, Zelda grabs him from behind and Shin from the front. Aerona appears, surrounded by dark magic and hacks straight down.

Hamas: No!!!!!!

Aerona cuts Hamasí arm clean off, forcing the Tesseract to drop to the floor, still on top of the gauntlet. Hamas stumbles backwards towards the edge of the roof.

Hamas: Even if you manage to defeat me, look at all the destruction that was caused.

We pan out to see most of Tokyo destroyed by Hamas and his army.

Hamas: Do you think you can save the world?
Shin: No. But even if we canít protect the earth, you can be damn well sure weíll avenge it.
Hamas: So you say. Those are just empty words, boy. You have no idea what youíre going up against.

Just then, Seijuro appears in front of Hamas.

Seijuro: Letís go.

He grabs Hamas and leaps off the building.

Aerona: No! He canít be allowed to get away!

As Seijuro descends, something starts moving with him. Itís Zero flying parallel with him.

Zero: Where did you think you were going?
Hamas: Not you again!
Zero: So, Seijuro, can you control yourself in the air like me?

He grabs Seijuro and flies above the building and then drops him to fall again. He flies downwards with them again. He looks at his wrist like heís checking a watch.

Zero: Want to go again?
Hamas: Stop fucking with us!!!
Zero: Fine.

He flies into them again but only takes Hamas, leaving Seijuro to fall all the way to the ground. He puts Hamas down next to the others.

Zero: Would you like to perform an execution?
Aerona: Why not?

They put Hamas kneeling down, with his head hanging over the edge of the building. Zelda and Shin have a hold of him. Aerona has his halberd ready.

Aerona: I, Aerona, first of his name, sentence you to die. The one who passes the sentence should swing the swordÖor halberd. If you have any last words, now is the time.
Hamas: An Ice and Fire reference? Really?

Aerona brings down the weapon, beheading Hamas and sending his head down to the ground.

Shin: Itís all over now.

Some time passes and the four of them are standing outside Shinís house. Zero and Aerona are shaking hands while Shin and Zelda are passionately making out in the background.

Zero: It was a pleasure knowing you. Youíre a far more accurate representation of the author, though to be fair I was never really intended that way.
Aerona: UhÖyeah, same I guess. Those powers of yours are too haxed.

Shin and Zelda stop their love session.

Shin: Will I ever see you again?
Zelda: If fate allows it.

The four of them huddle up. Strider Zero appears to them and they line up.

Strider Zero: You all did splendidly, but the battle is not over. I will send you back to your worlds so that you can get stronger.
Aerona: What do you mean itís not over?
Strider Zero: You didnít retrieve the gauntlet or the Tesseract, did you?

The four of their faces immediately drop.

Shin: We forgot. Shit.
Strider Zero: Hamas was only the beginning. The one behind him did grab the gauntlet and cube back. That would have been very valuable to us.
Zero: Itís fine. The next time weíre back, we are sure to be strong enough.
Strider Zero: I only hope so. Say your farewells. I will send each of you back individually.
Shin: Wait, does that mean this isnít my world?
Strider Zero: Itís a similar one, but no. Hamas made a mistake coming to this one, thinking you were in it.
Shin: OhÖcool.

They say their final farewells to each other.

Zero: So, weíre a group now, right? What do we name ourselves?
Aerona: What Shin said was curious. We donít have to protect every world if we canít. But we can avenge them.
Zelda: So, The Avengers then?

They all nod in agreement. Zero puts his hand in the middle.

Shin: No.
Zero: If weíre a group, we gotta do this right.
Aerona: Heh, why not?

Aerona puts his hand in the middle as well. Shin and Zelda shrug and do so reluctantly.

Zero: On three. One, two, threeÖ

Meanwhile, at the environment where the story began, there is a floating rock chair. We are seeing only the back of it and the gauntlet on an arm to the left.

???: I should have known better than to entrust one of their villains with this task. The idea of necromancy was too good to pass up. But Hamas failed. Iíll have to try something different next time. Then, I will crush them. I will crush everything under my foot.

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Crossover Special: The Avengers Empty
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Crossover Special: The Avengers
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